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REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 15, 2022 3:06 pm

REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 15, 2022 3:06 pm

Rich previews the 49ers and Seahawks on Thursday Night Football and says why rookie QB Brock Purdy has a chance to cement his legend by taking the Niners to the Super Bowl.

Pro Football Hall of Famer/NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner and Rich preview the Browns vs Ravens Saturday Week 15 AFC North showdown that they’ll be calling together, explains why Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins and Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills’ offenses have struggled of late, say why Jalen Hurts and the Eagles has the better offense than Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, and offers up his obscure-QB-thrust-into-the-spotlight advice for 49ers rookie Brock Purdy.

Former Knicks fan Rich says he might be turning into current Knicks fan again as long as despised team owner James Dolan stays out of the spotlight.

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Be 21. Next time podcast, Bo Money Jones, Phil's linebacker Von Miller, plus your phone calls and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Ah yes, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. We have got a fun Thursday program in store for you.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial all three hours. We've got lots of time to talk as we've got three guests and we've got a future Hall of Famer on this program. Kurt Warner is first up in less than 20 minutes time. I'm going to see him this weekend in a booth in Cleveland, Ohio. And the two of us are going to sit there and we're going to look at an elf on the field and it's going to be amazing and it's going to be a great week 15 game.

We've also got ourselves in the middle of that triple header. That's a great game with Kurt Warner. Can't wait to be out there with him. Von Miller is on the air on our program calling in at hour number three. He's back with the Buffalo Bills, working out with the team and just hanging out with them and rehabbing with the team right now. As we all know, he's out for the season with a knee injury.

In the meantime, he's doing what a lot of, I guess, politicians are doing these days, which is podcasting. And Von is right in the middle of a conversation leading up to week number 15, which is Micah Parsons kind of showing a little bit of the back of the hand to Jalen Hurts. He said it on Von's podcast called essentially Jalen Hurts a system quarterback. Can't wait to chat with Von Miller coming up an hour number three as his Buffalo Bills are welcoming in the Miami Dolphins in that triple header.

That's going to be great. Bomani Jones right in the middle of the program. 844-204, Rich, you throughout this entire show. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. How are you? Hey, Rich. What's up? Good to see you, DJ Mikey D's and D's Nuts. How are you, TJ Jefferson? What's going on?

I'm good, man. Isn't technically everyone like a system quarterback if you're running a system? I guess so, if you really want to be philosophical about that sort of thing. That's the guy with the leaf blower. He's a system leaf blower. Don't even get me started.

He waited till 859 to turn on the leaf blower. If you're watching if you're watching on the Roku channel, you're watching some foliage getting blown around like seriously, like like like we're in like we're in apocalypse now. Like we're deep in the jungle. Like it's literally there's like one shrub behind me here.

And look, we're not knocking anybody trying to do their job. But literally, we sat here for one hour and did nothing. And then at 859 in like 40 seconds, we've got ourselves a fun show here on the Roku channel for free. All Roku devices have the Roku channel for free. We also have got the ability to be seen for free on the Roku app, which is on every mobile device.

Samsung Smart TV is also Amazon Fire TV, the Roku channel dot com. We say hello to everybody listening on our terrestrial radio network, as well as Odyssey, Sirius XM and more. We're I'm so excited to not only be in Cleveland and calling a football game with Kurt Warner, Browns, Ravens. I'm so fired up for that. And then week 15 just in general fires me up because now is when the rubber meets the road for sure. Now is when we're going to see teams get eliminated. Now is we're going to see teams dig themselves out of the hole that they've dug themselves. Now we're going to see teams that have started well, swooned, try and put their foot in the ground and go on a run. Now we're seeing teams that start well, have swooned and potentially fall off the map. Now we're going to see whether a team that is at the top of the flowchart can continue to stay there. Now we're going to find a team that we thought could be at the top of the flowchart that is not make their way up over the final four games of the regular season.

We're all confused still. It's an 18-week season, 17-game regular season. Back in the day, the last four meant it was the final four of the season. Now it's the final four weeks of the season. Everybody's done with their bye weeks. Everybody's back. No more bye weeks.

And here we go. And tonight is a perfect kickoff for it. Now is a perfect time to put the 49ers and the Seahawks right there on Amazon Prime. You can watch the game on Roku if you're out there watching it. You can watch it right here. So just keep keep your television on.

Just switch from Channel 210 on the Roku channel to the Amazon Prime app and let's roll. Because tonight the NFC West can be clinched. It can be clinched not by the defending world champs. The Los Angeles Rams are playing the final game of this weekend against the Green Bay Packers. When the schedule came out, it was all looking like this was a marquee event. Instead, we're seeing the defending Super Bowl champs with Baker Mayfield go against the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers and the defending world champs are sitting there at four and nine and the Green Bay Packers at five and eight coming off of a late bye.

Sean McVeigh slated to be on tomorrow's program. And so, no, it's the Seattle Seahawks hosting the San Francisco 49ers because the Arizona Cardinals, as we all know, a complete loss season. Kyler Murray, non contact injury, blows out his ACL just this past week. And this team has only four wins.

The general manager, Steve come taking an indefinite leave of absence for personal health reasons. These are the last two teams standing. The Seattle Seahawks, who nobody thought coming into the season had a shot at the division.

Nobody. We were all talking about how they were going to be watching Russell Wilson cook elsewhere. And their plan post Russell Wilson was a whole mishmash of who knows what. But Geno Smith put his foot in the ground and said, don't call it a comeback. OK, don't call it a comeback. And that team went and hit Munich at six and three.

And now, unfortunately, they're seven and six. They have hit that midseason swoon I was talking about after a terrific start. And tonight is when they in front of their home fans and their 12s can show up on national television. If I'm not mistaken, for the first time since that week, one Monday night football contest against Russell Wilson and show everybody what they're made of. Preventing San Francisco from clinching the division, which, yes, they can do tonight with a win with Brock Purdy at quarterback. And this is, again, why I love the NFL. It is a narrative generating machine, as I always say.

It just keeps on churning out stories that you didn't see coming. And it is also the possibility of you can't make this up and the possibility of careers coming out of nowhere and taken off like a rocket ship. And I know this may come across as an overreaction because the kids only had one career start and three plus quarters before that in an emergency role. But Brock Purdy is on a launching pad, folks. He has positioned himself on a launching pad because the pad is made of an organization with a championship defense and an offense that has playmakers all around him.

And the guy at Mission Control is a coach who knows how to position his players and knows how to get his players ready and play the system that he has in store and in mind. It's all there. Everything's there. The teammates are there. The situation is there.

The setup is there. The Super Bowl is within reach for the San Francisco 49ers organization if Brock Purdy can take him there. And I can't get enough of stories like this. Kid at Iowa State sitting around first night of the draft, figuring out second night of the draft. He's not hearing his name either.

All day Saturday, I'm sitting there in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Blue Man Group showing up, all sorts of crazy stuff's happening. We're not paying attention to fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh round picks, pick by pick anymore. That's not the way we cover the draft.

Saturday, it's a good time. And just for you-know-whats and giggles, we throw it to the podium for the final pick in the draft. No idea that the name Brock Purdy, a kid who was at the combine, that was being lost amongst so many different quarterbacks being thrown about. So many different guys that were being talked about. Brock Purdy's name gets mentioned.

We think nothing of it. And here we are in week 15 and this kid, if he wins tonight, he clinches, helps clinch a division title and a home game for the San Francisco 49ers. That will happen four weeks from now, assuming Deebo Samuel back healthy and a team that can stroll in Washington, the same Seattle Seahawks, the New York Giants, the Detroit Lions.

Yes. You want to talk about possibilities in week 15 that are in the ether in this you can't make it up league? Yes, the Detroit Lions. It could possibly be, possibly be, maybe, just maybe the Dallas Cowboys. But that would mean the 49ers show up as the fourth seed, which won't happen, or the Cowboys show up as the sixth seed, which I don't think is going to happen either.

But you can never say never. But it's the commanders, the Giants, the Seahawks, the Lions. That's who's showing up for Brock Purdy's first career playoff start. Can win that one. Win that one. Win that one and maybe wind up in Minnesota. Can they win that one?

Maybe they stay put and Minnesota comes there if they catch Minnesota. They win that one. I mean, we can't say at all that Brock Purdy can't do this. That's true. We cannot sit here and say, forget it. Guy has no chance.

He can't do it because that's the beauty of the NFL. And tonight, tonight, that carriage rides in to a crazy ass spot. I have been in Seattle for Thursday night football games numerous times for NFL Network.

Numerous. I saw a rain monsoon hit that stadium pregame so hard that the field bubbled up. That was when Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers strolled in there to take on Mike Holmgren.

That's how long ago it was. And Alex Smith surprised everybody by beating the Seahawks that night. And we were all surprised to see the field bubble up. Like, what the hell's going on? Fans show up there and it feels like you're on a different planet. So, yes, Brock Purdy can get thrown off his game tonight. He's also banged up.

It's a short week. I will proffer to say, no matter what spots in the Big 12 he showed up to play on the road for Iowa State, he's never heard a crowd or played in front of a crowd like the one he's playing in front of tonight. And it is, like I said, a moon community, like you're in a different, like when you stroll in there and at night in Seattle, crazy things happen. You feel like you're no longer on, you feel untethered.

You really do if you're a member of the opposition. So if he does it tonight, you can be rest assured he can do it the rest of the way. And that's what's at stake tonight. The Seahawks can say, yeah, that early season start is real. We're making the playoffs. We might show up in San Francisco.

We might show up in Minnesota. Yeah, this is real. Geno's for real.

We're cooking. Don't call it a comeback. They write him off. He ain't write back, though. And then Sanford, that's one of the lines of the year.

They wrote him off and he didn't write back. One of the lines of the year, TJ. And then you got the San Francisco 49ers with Brock Purdy and he can go in and say, yeah, you think I can't do it outside of the warm embrace of the Niners faithful in Santa Clara in the field of jeans? You don't think I could do this on the road? You think I'm gonna get thrown off my game because I'm just off of the Mr.

Irrelevant turnip truck? Well, it's going to be the Usher, Jif, TJ. You watch. That's what I can't wait to see tonight. That's what's on the line and perfect guy to talk about that and so much more is Kurt Warner, a guy who took a magic carpet ride all the way to Canton, Ohio. And speaking of Ohio, I'll be seeing him in Cleveland in the booth. He and I are calling that game. We'll talk about that.

Tua Tungovailoa and more. Kurt Warner kicking us off here on this Friday edition, Thursday edition. Pardon me. The rich eyes. This is it. The putt to win the tournament. If you sink it, the championship is yours.

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Don't wait. Unlock your potential inside a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. This man will be to my right in the booth as we call the Browns and the Ravens on top of a large elf on NFL Network right in the middle of a triple header. Browns hosting the Ravens. Joining me here to talk about it is a man who's bust is down the road in Canton from Cleveland, Ohio.

He is on the Mercedes Benz Van's phone line. My pro football Hall of Fame friend, Kurt Warner. How you doing, Kurt? I'm doing good, man. I'm excited about this weekend. Me too.

Me too. You know, there's so many different ways to look at this game, Kurt, from obviously the standpoint of who's starting at quarterback for both teams and the running attack and the defense that the Ravens have. But I'm just going to go straight to the question everyone wants an answer to, which is are you packing that shiny coat for the game, Kurt?

Are you packing the shiny coat? I'm going to tell people that they've got to pay attention. They've got to watch it from Saturday and see. We've got two games these next couple weeks.

You and I in the booth. That's true. There's a pretty good chance that the shiny coat makes an appearance at some point, but I'm not going to reveal a win. So it's like an NBA player. It doesn't go back to back games is what you're saying right now?

Like an NBA superstar? No. Go back to that? If it makes an appearance this week and gets the love that it deserves, then maybe it comes back for the next week.

I didn't know the shiny puffy coat needed load management. Cold is cold, man. I mean, like, let's go.

Like, this is it. That is true. That is true.

Cold is cold. Okay. All right. By the way, as you know, I definitely appreciate you using anything to get anybody to watch this game with interest. So I'm excited about that. I'm excited about being there with you. Anybody who's going to be tuning in, tune in for that.

Then let's just jump into this. It looks like we might get Snoop Huntley here. I mean, what are you seeing out of this Ravens offense, regardless of who's at the controls of it, Kurt?

Well, you know, a couple things. I mean, they're still able to run the football. JK Dobbins coming back last week, you know, to full force. It's huge for them because he's that big playmaker and they got a couple big plays from him.

So it still runs through that power run game. You know, the difference obviously is that Lamar Jackson is Lamar Jackson. You know, he is a different beast. And so, you know, whether you're the Ravens offense and what you can do with him back there, whether that's, you know, in the play action game or whether that's in the quarterback run game is going to be different. And so then you have Cleveland on the other side that when you have to prepare for Lamar Jackson, you got to prepare a little bit differently.

You got to be a little more tentative if you're a Miles Garrett. Maybe not so much if Huntley is in there. And so change is the complexion of that part of it. I think they play a little bit more spread conventional pass game with Huntley in there as opposed to Lamar Jackson. And so that's another little twist that the Cleveland has to be ready for. So those are a couple different changes, but it's still going to be about that power running game. And you're going to have to slow that down or stop that and then force it into the hands of Huntley.

You know, if you're Cleveland, if you want to win this game. And then what are you seeing in the first two games of Watson's return after a 700 day layoff? What do you look at?

What are you seeing on that film? It's been shaky as I think we all expected it to. I mean, I think we would have been more amazed had he come out and not shown any signs of rust. The first game was a real struggle.

Didn't look like his feet were underneath him. Looked like the game was going fast. You know, skipping a lot of balls into his receivers.

Just things that you expect when you get back out there the first time. I mean, even if you play the game, sometimes the game can speed up for you on different Sundays. And you got to work to slow that down. And it just looked like it was going real fast for him. Last week was better. You know, he was more settled in. You know, still not the Deshaun Watson that we saw in Houston and not the big playmaker. He looks like a guy that right now is more comfortable trying to get out of the pocket. And not that he hasn't always been that way. But I think it lends itself to time off.

Let me just kind of run around and be an athlete because that's some place that I'm always comfortable in. He's still getting accustomed to what they're doing in the dropback game. And it lends itself to an interesting question that he played a lot in Houston in shotgun. And we know that Cleveland is built off of the run game. And again, the power run game, extra tight ends, Nick Chubb downhill as opposed to as much in the shotgun. And so that's an interesting dynamic to pay attention to that we're going to be paying attention to on Saturday. You know, you're trying to build an offense around your quarterback. But at the same time, you've got an offense that's built around Nick Chubb and running the football. And trying to mesh those two things and balance those two things is an interesting dynamic that Kevin's a fan.

You've got to deal with. Kurt Warner and I are going to be in the booth. 4.30 Eastern on NFL Network. The middle game of the NFL Network triple header for week number 15. And we'll get to the kickoff of week 15 in a moment. But let's talk about that night game.

You want to chime in on the Tua conversation Dujour? That the last two games have either exposed him or the running attack has not been supporting him enough. I'm hearing so much about the last two games of the Miami Dolphins.

And I'd love to get your sense on it right now. Well, the first thing, Rich, is that, you know, every good offense, this happens to them. Is that, you know, you have a good offense and you do certain things. Like every offense does certain things really well. I mean, I remember watching a mic'd up of Bill Belichick when we were playing them with the greatest show on turf. And he was yelling at his DBs, take away the big end.

Just take away the big end. And they forced him to do something else because that was the staple of our offense. And so with this Miami team, they love to throw inside the numbers. They love the timing, skinny pose, you know, wrap in routes. And that's what Tua does well. That's what this offense has built around off of the play action. So they've been doing that extremely well all year long. Well, eventually defenses are smart enough to go, okay, we've got to take that away. You know, we've got to stop that and figure out how to do it.

And not always as easy to do it as understanding how to do it. But, you know, the last couple weeks they played against a good defense in San Francisco. And then I love the plan that the Chargers had.

And that's basically what they said. If we are going to take away the timing and we're going to take away the middle of the field, now show me you can beat me other ways. And that's what great offenses and great quarterbacks have to do. You have to adjust.

You have to evolve. And you have to show that that's not all we can do. You know, I can do more than throw the big end.

You know, so if you want to take it away, we've got other answers. And that to me is where Miami is right now. Mike McDaniel in that offense, show me you can do something else.

And two are the same way. It's been a great year for Tua. But if you want to be a great quarterback in this league, you've got to be able to balance out some of those struggles when people take away your strengths.

Can you still win football games? And that is the real question for Tua and this Miami team. And it's really going to define Tua moving forward. You know, nothing wrong with what he's done up to this point because he's played the game the way that was in front of him. But now they're going to have to adjust and we're going to see who Tua is as a complete quarterback, which is what we all want to see anyways.

And what they're going to have to know if they're going to be a team that can, you know, can battle in that division for years to come. So you're saying he sees the ability to do that. We just need to see it. The question is, is what then? Or he doesn't have that ability? I'm trying to figure out what he's saying. I mean, that's exactly it.

It's does he or doesn't he? You know, I mean, everybody's big knock on Tua was arm strength. And so, you know, it lends itself to, oh, okay, he's playing inside the numbers. Okay, guys, the longest throw in football is going to be the one outside the numbers, right?

Over defenders, you know, where you have to use a bigger arm. And so those are the questions that he can just go out and answer. You know, I mean, we can all speculate all we want until he's got to show that he can do it. And he shows that he can do it consistently.

We're still going to have those questions. But yeah, that's what it comes down to is show me you can evolve. Show me you can do the other things, the things that people aren't taking away. And you can be that every down great quarterback that we can expect to win for us no matter what a defense does. And, you know, again, I keep thinking about this line over the last several minutes that you just gave us that analysis about how defensive coordinators and defenses are onto, if you will, what Mike McDaniel and the Dolphins do well and do best and like to do and are trying to prevent it is a fellow Hall of Famer of yours, Kurt Warner. Rod Woodson once told me the greatest adaptable organism in the NFL is a defense. And you give a defensive coordinator time to look at film. They'll suss it out and you're going to have to.

You're going to have to adjust. Is that what's happening to the Bills offense? Because the first six weeks they were on tilt.

They were leaving opponents not only in the losing column, but just in a fetal position. You know, and we're not seeing that. I'm wondering if Allen's banged up or something. What do you think, Kurt?

Well, you know, I don't know if it's as much. You know, there's a book out because Josh Allen's really good and can do a lot of different things. You know, Stephon Diggs is really good. And he's hard to take out of a game because they do so many things with him. But here's what I think sometimes happens is that, you know, all of us, I think everybody on our network, right, game day pick the Bills to win the Super Bowl. And so they come into the season and everybody looks up at them like, oh my gosh, this is the giant. You know, this is the team to beat this year. And then when a team, you know, kind of knocks them down a little bit or finds a way to beat them and, you know, kind of the old analogy, oh, you know, the giant can bleed. Like, they're not invincible. And I think that's what we've seen a little bit with this Buffalo Bills offense is that teams, you know, came in thinking, oh my gosh, they're going to be so hard to stop the unicorn or quarterback.

And now they've seen that they can a little bit. Stephon Diggs is great. The more I watch some of their secondary receivers, the more I ask the question, how good are they? You know, can they dominate a game if Stephon Diggs is taken out of it? Can they make those tough plays, which you watched the game last week. They didn't make those tough plays last week.

And so now you're saying to yourself, well, yes, they've got some good pieces, but are they great across the board offensively? I've seen Josh Allen get a little impatient at times, especially in the red zone. Instead of staying in the pocket and reading things, it's almost like he wants to buy a second and then run out of the pocket and try to create.

And as he's done that, he's made more mistakes in those creative situations than he did in the past. And so I think that's what we're seeing is that, you know, not only the opponents, but the bills, too, going in. This isn't as easy as it was earlier. This isn't as easy as we thought it was going to be. And they're pressing a little bit. And you put those two things together and you don't have this vaunted giant that everybody says, oh, my gosh, they're invincible. Now it's like they're good and they've still got some great pieces, but they're not invincible.

We can do some things and we can have some success against them if we take advantage of the opportunities they give us. Kurt Warner here on The Rich Eisen Show. And in your QB Confidential, where people can check out your opinions on what you're seeing on film and your advice for everybody as well.

And of course, there's your YouTube site for it as well. Which is the most indefensible offense that you're seeing? Which is the one that gives the most problems? And you say, well, this one is going to win more than most when the chips are down.

Which one? I mean, yeah, I think there's two components. I mean, I think the first answer always comes to you because I always think about the quarterback and I say, well, you know, maybe, you know, maybe it's the Chiefs because Patrick is so good. And even when he doesn't play great on schedule, he's so good off schedule that he makes it at times indefensible. But if I'm picking an offense right now, I'm picking the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jalen Hurts is playing great. They've got weapons on the outside. If you want to try to stop the run game, which is really, really hard because their quarterback is really good at it.

The RPO game that's attached to it. They've got so many different dynamics. But if you want to try to take that away, then they've got two guys on the outside that can beat you at any given moment and go for home runs.

And that's what makes it so hard. It's not just, oh, we'll take away the run and then they can throw it. But, you know, they still may work the ball to the field. They are a big play team that are extremely efficient because their quarterback is dealing the football in whatever facet. In the run game, he's making the right decisions. He's making big plays. In the RPO game, making right decisions, getting the ball to the right guy. And then he's throwing the ball extremely well down the field and reading the field in the dropback game. You put all that together, you know, where the Chiefs don't really have that run game. They don't have that aspect. That, to me, is what makes it so hard because they can beat you so many different ways. They don't have to throw for 300 yards, you know, to put up 40 points. You know, they can have two guys go for 150.

I mean, it's just, it's really, really hard to stop. And specifically because their quarterback, as I said last week on game day, has been the most consistent quarterback in the National Football League from week one to now. And, you know, Micah Parsons on Von Miller's podcast. I got Von on the back end of the show. I'm sure you heard his comments that it's the system and the team.

He called Jalen Hurts essentially assistant quarterback. I mean, I love Micah's fire, but I don't see that. I just don't see it. Well, here's the thing, Rich, and I've said this for years. I mean, I've got the same people comments for years. It's like, well, anybody could have done what I did, you know, the players I had around me, you know, and maybe so.

But the bottom line is other people didn't. And, you know, it's kind of the same thing with Jalen Hurts. It's like it's easy to say, oh, geez, it's the system around him.

Everything's going well, but nobody else has done this. I mean, he's doing it and playing at an MVP level every single week. And it's not just because of the system. It's not just because, you know, he closes his eyes and throws the ball in guys' big plays. He's playing great football. And so that's the thing to me is everybody's a system quarterback.

I say this all the time. You know, maybe a guy like a Mahomes or Allen gives you a little bit more outside of the typical system that fits their strengths. But the system in Philly is perfect for Jalen Hurts.

Duh. That's what you want to do as a coach. It's built around your quarterback. Your quarterback can do a whole bunch of things, build around him. So, yeah, the system helps him because they've built the right system. But the quarterback makes it go and drives the engine. So to sit back, if you watch any film at all and say this system is making Jalen Hurts really good, you can't do it.

Like, I'd love to sit down with Micah and all respect to him and go, show me. Show me where you think this system, you know, is making him an MVP candidate. And I'll show you just as many throws where you go, how many guys in the league are making that?

How many guys in the league are doing that? And so, you know, again, all due respect, I understand, you know, that's kind of what defenders want to say or fans of other teams want to say is, oh, he's not that good. He's just a system. But, you know, that to me is part of the game and he's playing in a perfect system and he's got players around him. But he's playing really, really good football. Kurt Warner here on the Rich Eisen Show. And as we wrap up our conversation here before we head off to Cleveland for the Saturday game, we're calling together.

One of the reasons why I want to have you on is to ask for help. Do you know somebody who played college ball in the state of Iowa and fell down virtually everybody's draft boards? Where's number 13 or war number 13 and immediately got thrust in the national spotlight because he's suddenly starting when nobody expected him to start at quarterback and then thrived. Do you know anybody about that? Sounds familiar.

Sounds like a familiar path. What advice would you have for Brock Purdy right now or have you reached out to him? Have you connected with him?

Have you done anything with that? I actually have connected with him through a friend of mine that I actually played with. His son played with Brock Purdy and asked if I would just, you know, reach out to him, you know, last week. So I don't know if, you know, what got back to Brock or not, but we've actually stayed in touch. I followed him because of those things you're talking about, especially because he's a, you know, an Arizona boy. So, you know, he played high school in Arizona and then, you know, played at Iowa State.

So I followed him and been a fan of his and we've met over the years. You know, but, you know, what I would say is simply what people told me when I got into that situation is you don't have to go out and be somebody else. You know, when I took over in St. Louis, you know, Trent Green was tearing it up in preseason.

I mean, he was the reason that we were so confident because he was playing great. And their point was, hey, you've got good players around you. Just be you. Just play your game. Do what you do well because we're good enough around you to be successful. And that freed me up to have the confidence to just play the game and play the way that I did.

And, you know, for me, it was attacking down the field and not worrying about making a mistake or whatever. Just play and do what you've always done. And that would be my same advice to Brock Purdy and very much what he did last week is just be Brock Purdy. Play your game. You're not in a situation where they're expecting you to throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns every week.

They're not going to ask you to drop back 35, 40 times. So play the game. Settle in and know, hey, if a play's not there, we can punt. You know, those kinds of things are part of being confident at the position that you don't have to prove something to everybody with every single throw. And I thought he did a great job of that last week, making the plays that were there. He did some really good things of moving and it gets pressure. But if they get that kind of performance, just making those kinds of throws every week with the talent they've got around them, I think they've got a chance, kind of like our team in 99, to make a run and to compete in the NFC and maybe for a Super Bowl championship because they're that good.

And he played really, really solid football last week. Now, you know, because in 99, there weren't mobile devices that would put, you know, opinions and videos. There was nothing back then, Kurt, where you would trend. You definitely would have trended, you know, if there was Twitter at the time and shows like this one didn't exist. It was just basically ESPN and some sports talk. But did you like what advice would you have for him, you know, to keep his head screwed on straight?

I mean, the amount of people who are no doubt knocking on his door right now must be through the roof compared to two weeks ago, you know? Yeah. I mean, the advice I would always give, and I think it applies no matter what era it is, just be realistic about who you are and where you're at. And so there are going to be articles out there that, you know, for whatever reason, knock you down. And I think sometimes there can be value in those articles when you read them and go, oh, you know what, that makes sense. And then there's other times you can read it and go, that's just ridiculous. That doesn't make sense.

They don't know what they're talking about. And vice versa, you know, with really good articles, you know, where somebody, oh, man, he's great. And you look at it and go, oh, that's not really accurate either. So I think having a realistic viewpoint of who you are and how you're playing and then using everything, you know, to kind of, you know, to push in those chips to become better at what you do.

You know, I always use the example is that a lot of people ask me why I wore gloves at the end of my career. And it all started because, you know, I read a couple articles that said, you know, Kurt's not the same player because he had a bunch of hand injuries and he couldn't control the ball the way that he did early in his career. Now, I practiced every day and I threw the ball and I'm thinking, you know, there's no way. I mean, like, I'm throwing the ball as well as I ever have.

That's not realistic. But there was always something in the back of my mind that said, but what if? You know, what if there is something that, you know, maybe I'm fumbling the ball a little bit more in the pocket because I don't have the arm strength or the hand strength that I used to have.

What if? And that was really why I went on the quest to put on gloves, is to go, well, if there's some truth to that, what could I possibly do to counter that? And for me, it was, let's just try gloves.

And so as long as I can throw the football the way I always did. And if there is some kind of, you know, something that it gives me an advantage with or, you know, mentally, whatever that is, try it. And that's really what pushed me on that path to wear gloves the last three years of my career.

And I don't know to this day if it helped or not. But what I know is that I took that information and said, you know, I can understand why people are saying that and there may be some truth to it. Let me attack that and see what I can do for it. And so I think that to me is very, very important for every player. It's not just to shun everything that, you know, I want to say critiques you. But, you know, every, you know, analyst that talks about this is what they do well, this is what they need to improve on. Listen to those things. Take what you know is true and apply it to your game.

And I believe that's how we all get better. Well, I think if he continues doing what he's doing, Kurt, we need to start a 13 club to counter Michael's ADA club. Oh, I like it. Seriously. I like it.

There's a number of guys out there. We could do that. You know, Brockman, you wore 13?

I wore 13 in high school, Kurt. There you go. Oh, all right. All right. We got people in the club already.

No, he's not in the club. What? Oh, come on. It just doesn't matter any level. I mean, Irv makes 88. I got to understand how good he was. Like, isn't that what the ADA club is like? Good performers in that number.

So I don't think it really matters what level you play at. Thank you, Kurt. However, I did throw three picks in the playoff game that we lost. No.

I threw three picks numerous times. Don't worry about it. Hey!

Okay. You're too nice, Kurt. I don't think he should be in the club, but it's okay. Seriously, the football 101 segment you do with Irv, because he's 88, you're 13. Football 101. Let's get more 13s in there.

I like it. Do you know why Purdie... We're going to have to start applying that. I wonder why Purdie wears 13. I don't know how... Yeah, I don't know. I haven't heard a story behind that, so I don't know.

Well, if he keeps playing, we're going to find out. Kurt, thanks for the call. Travel's safe.

Look forward to all of it. Oh, yeah. One last thing for you before I let you go. I'm sorry. We saw this card the other day that you popped out there on Twitter, where you have all your notes on this card about bails early a lot, and then the last one, what are we doing?

And I pointed out that's you putting yourself in this... It's a quarterback club. You're saying, what are we doing?

You're rooting for this person. Do we ever put a name to this tweet, Kurt? We did not. We did not. I like to keep those notes specific to me. You got all the haters out there. But I will tell you that it wasn't specific.

It was specific to a team, but that's not rare. That what are we doing can be twofold. What is the quarterback doing here? What are we doing? Or it could be, what are we doing as a team? What is this play?

What's going on here? And the quarterback has no chance in that situation. So I'm not even sure which team that was. I know it was.

That leader threw out the notes for sure. Hey, I got a single guess. Was it Mac Jones in the Pats?

Because what are we doing is what I scream every Sunday. Yep. That's on the notes sometimes in the Pats. That's for sure. That's for sure. He will not confirm or deny either way. But it's funny watching the Patriots with Cooper, who you played catch with many times.

My 11-year-old is a diehard Patriot fan. He said the other night watching the Monday night game, third quarter, he goes, oh, man, not another screen pass. Come on. That's what he screamed at the screen. You know? Yeah. Yeah. They're working through some things offensively. Yeah.

He just used better language than Mac Jones. I mean, you know, that's your similar. Forget the quick game.

Let's throw the ball. Yes. I think that's exactly what Cooper was saying right there. So yeah, I mean, it's a work in progress there, for sure. But I mean, the amazing thing is they're in the playoffs right now.

So with that work in progress, if they can get a little bit better along the way, you never know, because their defense is really, really good. to get more of Kurt's musings. Of course, there's his YouTube page for that, at Kurt13water on Twitter. I am so fired up to call a game, the two of us, Kurt, not going to lie. I'm very excited, this is the first two man booth I've ever worked in my career. Oh, really?

Yeah. Because it's the four of us. And then the one time I didn't deal with the four of us, it was me, Nate Burleson and, and Joe Thomas. That was the last time I called a Deshaun Watson game. I called him Winston for an entire quarter. And I looked down at my phone and Susie's like, what the hell is your problem?

And I called her up in a commercial break and she told me I was doing something wrong. So I get, I promise. We'll take care of that this week. I will be on the same page. I'm excited as well. Me too.

I look forward to it. Kurt, travel well. All right, buddy. That's Kurt Warner. Check out Kurt and I in the booth on Saturday on NFL Network, 4.30 Eastern in the middle of a triple header for Ravens at Browns. And you can listen to Kurt call Monday Night Football and so many other NFL games in the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show, a personal sports confession. Oh yeah.

I don't know if the, uh, the fantasy church can be open for this confessional, but it's coming up. 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. We've been on the Roku channel since September, right? We come on the air and some people might still be new to us. And if you are, um, we've been on the air here for eight plus years and there's something here called the Dolan Wormhole where I despise the owner of the New York Knickerbockers so much. Um, I swore off the Knicks when he threw Charles Oakley out of Madison Square Garden and let him stay in jail overnight.

I just, I didn't mention him, just me seeing him just puts me in such a rage. I can't get out of it, the gravitational pull. Didn't we have also Neil deGrasse Tyson come on and say that it's technically not a word like he scientifically said, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm off, right? Technically it should be a black hole. That's what he said. Black hole. Okay. That's what he said. Yeah. The wormhole he pushed back on us.

Cause when you go into a black hole, you don't ever come back and we're pro science here on the show. Absolutely. But I just still can't, it's, it sounds better. It does. It flows better. And he might be the only person that will pick that knit. He didn't really poo poo it.

He was just like, you know, actually just so you know, he just couldn't, you can't, a man of his stature just couldn't let it lie, but he didn't, you know, mock you for being wrong. I will say this though. I am finding myself watching more and more New York Knickerbocker games. I really liked this team. I really like them. Okay. They're a likable bunch.

All right. It's fun to watch them play basketball. Still jarring to see Julius Randall wearing Bernard King's number. Did he have the worst ISO possession end of game of all time yesterday?

After LeBron against your Celtics the other night? I mean, he literally stood at the top for like 20 seconds and then threw up an air ball on the baseball. If I had to guess, the Bulls had a foul to give and I thought he was waiting for that foul to be given.

Ah, well. It never arrived. He took a bad shot.

Yeah, it was terrible. To the point where it didn't touch the rim and it gave the Bulls seven tenths of a second with which to advance the ball and win the game. Almost cost them. But they went over time and Jalen Brunson, man, what is he doing in New York except becoming a superstar?

He's nice. You guys all poo-pooed that signing. Who did? I didn't.

Well, the majority of people kind of scoffed. Why is Jalen Brunson getting like nine figures of contract? Well, he's showing up. And by the way, when you see the game time decision stuff, normally that means the guy's not playing. He's game time decision and he balled out. R.J. Barrett fouls out. They still won the game.

Yeah, 30 and 7 last night. I like the coach too. Did you see Tibbs showing up to bark about an official's interpretation of the replay? When the ref is trying to get the- The ref is at camera trying to do his job to explain to the folks on a national ESPN television audience what's going on. He comes up and barks in the middle of it. Tibbs head just pops into the side of the screen.

You saw that, right? And the ref looks at him. By the way, he looks like Rodney Dangerfield, doesn't he? Doesn't he have a very Rodney Dangerfield sort of look at him? Hey, Nick's not getting any respect over here.

I tell you, I'm all right now, but last week I was in rough shoes. Nice shot you got there. You get it with a free bowl of soup. I mean, I'm- Hey, Wang, this club is restricted. As long as he's- Dolan just stays out of camera.

Can you stay out of camera? Probably not. He owns the team. On the road though. I didn't see him on the road. He doesn't travel on the road because he doesn't get those seats- He doesn't get those seats underneath the basket. Well, he's got band practice. He can't go. Yeah.

He could be that too. We're band camp. Is he in band camp?

One time at band camp, the schmecke- I'm like, I'm not going to go there. He needs appropriate companionship as well. Nick's have won five in a row and it's fun to watch. They're fun to watch. There you go. I'm just saying. You're pulling me back in a little bit.

It's fun to watch. Hour two coming up. I got excited with the music. I'm mad about something right now. You just hit the wrong music. It's okay, Mike.

We're not perfect. I started the first hour wrong. You ended it.

It's not great. I noticed you did something in fantasy basketball. It just really just now annoyed me. What did it annoy you? Uh-oh.

What did you hit? I was going to pick up Steven Adams yesterday. But here's the deal. Weren't you? The site wouldn't let me drop- The guy wanted to drop because he had just- So you really have to wait until the next day? You got to wait until the next day. Yeah. That's so stupid.

What do you mean? If the game's already over- Talk to the commissioner who loves our site. If the game's over, then the guy's already played- This man puts the exclamation point in Yahoo.

He loves it so much. And he was on my bench anyway. Was it like he was at my start, Mike? You should be able to make a move for the next day during the previous day. So then you can't- No, why? I don't know. I mean, you should. Yeah.

You're not giving me a reason. I mean, it would be different if the guy was trying to drop in my lineup that day, right? It's like, no, you can't drop. And the other site that we used to be on that he didn't like, you could drop somebody who's currently playing for the next day as he's playing. We can't do that in this site.

We can't do that here, though. I just realized it was the second time I tried to- So I tried to get Steven Adams last night, because once again, I couldn't. Wait until the next day. I wake up earlier than you because I have smaller children and two dogs. I don't sleep, though, so I should've- Okay, very good. Well, you slept on this one. I did, man. Sorry, guys. Crap.

But I thought, you're not supposed to pick things, you're supposed to like the team you drafted. I've got 70 transactions now- That is insane, by the way. Well, look- I'm retroactively putting in a rule. You pay a dollar for each transaction- I'm happy to pay it. Winner gets the pot. Winner gets the pot.

Great. I'll take the pot. Who owns the money, though?

It's called an investment. You're hanging out with some friends and putting back a few drinks. A few becomes a few too many. As the evening comes to an end and people start to head out, you think of calling for a ride. Nah. You live nearby. You can make it home, okay?

It's no big deal. What are the odds you'll get pulled over anyway? And even so, what's the worst that could happen? Your insurance goes up, you lose your license, you lose your job, you total your car, you kill someone? Everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk.

The results are tragic and often deadly. However, that still doesn't stop everyone from getting behind the wheel while under the influence. That's why police officers are out there right now looking for impaired drivers on our roads to save lives. So if you think you're okay to drive after a few drinks, think again. Play it safe and plan ahead to get a ride. It only takes one mistake to change your life or someone else's forever. Drive sober or get pulled over. Made for by NHTSA.
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