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REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 12, 2022 3:08 pm

REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 12, 2022 3:08 pm

The guys workshop a way for soccer to end its maddening tradition of not knowing exactly how much extra time has been allotted to the end of halves, and break down the Dallas Cowboys head-scratching squeaker of a win over the 1-win Houston Texans and if that was a bad omen for Dallas’ Super Bowl hopes. 

In ‘Overreaction Monday’ Rich weighs in on Brock Purdy’s 49ers future, the Dolphins’ and Lions’ playoff hopes, if he’s concerned by the Cowboys’ lackluster Week 14, and if the NFC is the Eagles’ to lose.

Rich reacts to Russell Wilson leaving the Broncos loss to the Chiefs with a concussion and wonders why Kansas City is so averse to running the football more, and debates if Brock Purdy could win NFL Rookie of the Year honors with just a handful of games on his resumé.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Rock Purdy. They have a chance to game play. Of course.

And how about this? Rock Purdy's first career start will be against Tom Brady. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Purdy back. Pumps now going to throw for the end zone wide open. Landed on you. Touchdown! Today's guests, two-time Super Bowl champion and host of the Greenlight Podcast, Chris Long.

Plus your phone calls, overreaction Monday and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on the program. And we're going to take your phone calls shortly on this program. We've got Chris Long, our usual Monday guest, the two-time Super Bowl champ to chop it up with him. The it being the weekend in sports, certainly in the NFL.

He will be joining us in hour number three of this program. And overreaction Monday is when Chris Brockman gives me all sorts of items to overreact to from the weekend. Narratives. You're a narrative generating machine for overreaction Monday.

I am. Like last week, I said the Dolphins were only going to win one of their final five games. And you guys laughed at me. Because they played six more.

No, they had five games left last week. And I said they would go one and four, and you guys laughed. I don't think I laughed. I did. Because I didn't remember him saying that.

I might be wrong. Well, sometimes your overreactions are targeted. That's the name of the segment. Good to see you over there, Mike Del Tufo. How you doing? Are you awake over there? Are you sending birthday wishes to Bob Barker?

I'm hanging out. Did you tweet Bob Barker? Did you tweet him? No, I don't tweet Bob Barker. Come on. Bob Barker just got out of Twitter.

He doesn't have Twitter. He's 99. Definitely not.

I don't live to be 99. Yes. I do. Yep. Yep.

Sure do. OK. Good to see you over at the T.J. Jefferson. How are you?

I'm great. You know, you guys mentioned that Herbert passed to Mike Williams. There was another one, and he threw the Keenan Allen.

Oh, yes. Where he put that ball in the spot, and then they both turned and pointed at each other. Yeah, they gave each other the U of the Man point. I can't believe you threw that. They gave each other the U of the Man point. Whoa, you threw it. Whoa, I caught it.

I know. Yeah, that was awesome. And then on the weekend, watched the quarterfinals of the World Cup. Exciting soccer Saturday, man.

Yeah, it was. Harry Kane is going to be thinking about that for the rest of his life. I mean, that was a clear foul. The ref, who should never go to England at all.

They are very, very angry with him. He should just stay on the other side of the tunnel, I guess. It was a clear foul, gave England a well-deserved penalty kick, and Harry Kane didn't even put it on the frame. It was seven minutes left, and he had one earlier in the match. He did. An equalizer, and he went to the same spot. He was going top left, and the goalie kind of made the move, and he was like, oh, I got to go a little higher. Missed it. Air mail.

All he had to do is, he clearly isn't taking this program. Right down the middle. Down the middle. Down the middle. That's it. Down the middle.

Down the middle works every time. A bad, a bad, bad quarterfinal for those who speak Portuguese. Portugal. Brazil.

That's the through line right there. So, Morocco's taking on France, right? Morocco.

Amazing. Morocco. First African country to ever make it this far. There's a little bit of colonialism at this, too, right? Didn't the French, isn't that French Morocco? I don't know, right?

I don't know. I missed that part of the Crosby, Hope Crosby on the road to Morocco. I don't think that's what it was about. You guys see the Moroccan fans just take over Times Square after that game? It was unbelievable.

It's great. Also, yes, colonialism. There you go.

The French conquest of Morocco began in 1907. There you go. It continued until 1934, Mike. There you go. See?

These World Cup fans, man, are so passionate. I love it. It's awesome. It's amazing.

By the way. I wish we cared as much. Like, we love football. But people crying?

Well, the Cowboys fans were crying last year in the playoffs. That was a whole different situation, though, man. What?

That's an unnecessary strain. No, it's not. It really was. What's the most famous crying fan that you can remember in the last year in America? That poor woman, they shot her crying over the loss to San Francisco. I'm trying to give the World Cup fans love, and he's trying to pick cowboys up.

What's wrong? He's trying to pick cowboys up. No, I'm not. I'm talking facts. But the Cowboys had nothing to do with it. You just pulled a Del Tufo right now. You brought something up.

It didn't have anything to do with what we were talking about. That was the Michigan man crying. That was a bad one.

Yeah, the Michigan kid was pretty famous. Absolutely. No, he wasn't crying. He was shocked. The Michigan State game. Yeah, yeah.

That guy's pretty. You're happy now. No, I was very unhappy at that night, but I'm very happy now. Michigan State is not even going to a bowl game.

Not even bowl eligible. Yeah. We were unhappy on Friday, the three of us. Why? Because you made your opinion. Oh, yeah.

Because Brockman. No, you were wrong, Mike. We had a great bet going. We had a nice little single game. I don't care about that bet. We had a single game parlay. Whatever. We were sad.

Argentina, Croatia, and then Morocco, France. By the way, the next two days will be on the air during those games. That's right. Tomorrow and Wednesday. Let's go. So if you want to follow the game, tune in to the Rich Eisen Show on the Roku channel. We're here. And we're here. And are you here? Because you have to be here.

I am rich. All week, baby. All week.

All week. Excellent. Because we need you. Because you are the Rich Eisen Show extra time expert. I'm pretty good. I mean, I- Stoppage time expert, okay? I've gone to school for- You know. You know.

I've taken classes online. Because that's the one aspect. This is the one aspect of soccer, football.

I still can't get around. Because we can't, as American sports fans, NFL, we assume, loving sports fans. We cannot look at these flopping World Cup players and say, weak, soft. When we're now seeing NFL teams being fined for flopping themselves to make sure that, you know, they're not going to get flagged for too many men on the field.

Or that hit on Herbert last night that was just a regular normal sack. We're getting to that. Jesus. We're getting to that.

Okay. So we can't sit here and- But we do know last night when the Dolphins were down 10. We do know, again, perfect example, when Baker Mayfield was trying to come back on the Raiders and Brady on the Saints a few days before that. We knew how much time was left in the contest.

Yes. I still can't figure out, like, total arbitrary like this one dude standing there who were all upset about his adjudication of the match. Sometimes it's a yellow, sometimes it's nothing, sometimes it's play on.

But his hair is still perfect because the pomade is incredible. That person is just like, probably 90 more seconds left. You know what? I'll let this set piece go. After that, I got to blow the whistle on you. Like seriously.

England and France had 10 minutes of extra time. You know what? Because you know what? I was looking at him. 10 minutes. That was crazy. Ish.

Ish. That was crazy. Because right before the 10, if there's a corner kick, got to let you have that. Got to let you have that. I'm not going to blow the game right here when you got a set piece opportunity. I'm going to let you have, you can have your set piece and then I got to blow the whistle on you.

It's sort of like Goodfellas. Now I got to turn my back on you. Here's your money.

Here's your set piece. It may not be as much as you want, but now I got to turn my back on you. That's the way it is. And it's just, I can't wrap my arms around that.

Can't wrap my arms. That's it. That's it. That's it.

They always let the play go down. That's the funniest part. I'll let it go, but after that it's too much and I got to stop you. All right. Let's go to the phone lines here on the Rich Ising Show. All rise, Terzo and Iowa, as first up as always on this Monday program. What's up, Terzo? What's up, guys, man? I don't get the extra time either, Rich.

You know, I love watching soccer, especially World Cup, but the arbitration of that by the ref, it's just ridiculous. Yeah, ish. I think you got, I know you've been waiting four years for this opportunity, but you got one to maybe three minutes left. I'll let you know when I know. You know, honestly, it's kind of, I know the entire country is on the edge of their seat and the whole world is watching, but two to four minutes, maybe five, maybe, I'll let you know. It's just like, okay. Really? Yeah, we were taking bets at car holes on the over-unders on how long it would be.

What's you got on your mind, Terzo? Oh, man, it was fun watching Brock Purdy yesterday. I had a lot of Iowa State fans actually rooting with me, so that's kind of one of the first times I've had more than just myself rooting for the Niners. It was tough watching Deebo get hurt. It seems like every week I'm kind of having to hold my breath for these injuries, man.

It just seems like we're losing good player after good player each week and it's getting hard to watch. You know what? I don't know how many more carts they can handle. Although it does appear the good news about Deebo, it's the dreaded high ankle sprain. That's a four to six-weaker. It's five weeks until their first playoff game.

Maybe we see them back, but I'll tell you what, that cart better not come for Purdy because as much as I've always enjoyed watching Josh Johnson come in off the bench, that guy may be waiting for his greatest opportunity. Maybe that's the story. It's not Mr. Irrelevant, if you will. It's a guy who's played for 20,000 teams in three different leagues having his Super Bowl shot.

Maybe that's it, but I would proper say you don't want to see it. I think he's been on the 49ers three times now. Unbelievable. Terzo, thanks for the call. At least you got a team that looks really good otherwise. I have a rule change proposal. For soccer? No, for the NFL.

Okay. Much like soccer, what if if you get the ball back and with a chance to tie, they just let you play out the drive, like we turn the clock off and you just got to play your drive until maybe you score. Nah, I hate it. That's essentially what soccer does. How about this? How about this though? How about this?

Because it's terrible. How about we fix soccer? Arias Consulting, here we go. I got it. Does soccer need fixed?

Yes, it does. Okay. Because everybody thinks it is fixed. See, if there's an easy fix, it may need to be fixed. Because honestly, it's just like, I know you've been waiting your entire lifetime, players. I know countries, you've been waiting four years for this opportunity, but you got two, maybe four minutes left. I'll let you know.

There's an easy fix. I'll let you know. I'll let you know. I'll wave it off when it's time, unless right before it's time, about to wave it off, there's a foul or there's a corner. I'll let that go.

And then I'll blow the whistle. It's just totally arbitrary. Here's how it works. No, no, no. I got it, Mike. No.

Please. It's called RES Consulting. It's not called MDT Consulting. Let me have it. I'm part of the team though. All right, mate. I know you're the extra time expert. Yes.

How about this? When there is a guy down and that's when the extra time starts to accrue or this whole business, the VAR extra time's being used, the carding off, the guy gets stretchered off, when the ref determines that there is now extra time that's going to be needed, he points at a designated extra time individual like you, Mike. Yes. Has a hand on a... You know, not a hand on a stopwatch. We need to see it. There is a display.

Yes. That runs, that starts running up one, two, three seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and then when it's time to play on again, it stops. So everybody knows throughout the entire half how much extra time is being accrued. And then when it's time for the extra time to start, you count it down. You count it down and everybody knows how much time is left and it's stopped.

You stop it when somebody's pulling some sort of garbage. So you know how much time is left, done. You're welcome, FIFA.

You're welcome. I am FIFA. I am soccer fans. I am timers, okay? Come on, you get another sponsor that sponsors the extra time. So it counts up throughout the half and then it counts down when it's time to start.

Your thoughts? I think it's the greatest invention since the spray, since the foam spray. The disappearing foam spray. The disappearing foam spray. Yeah, the DFS, disappearing foam spray.

They haven't used a lot of the actual, like that. You're welcome. RES, by the way, if this gets adopted, you know what that means? RES Consulting International. Oh yeah. An international conglomerate. Can I move to the end?

And we can literally just like bill FIFA for whatever, you know, because they're on the take, so like we can just like totally charge extra time. What else do you need? What else do you want? You want a car? Yeah.

Oh yeah. I want a car. Courtesy car. I want a courtesy car.

Maybe a house somewhere. I just want one of those soccer ball cars. Oh yeah.

I really want one of those. Just the little ones? Yeah. They drive the ball out.

They don't use those for the World Cup though. You want a little ball cart, huh? This is your World Cup analysis. Jimmy in San Antonio. What's up, Jimmy? Hey. What's up, Jimmy?

What's going on with this world cup? You guys. What?

You're so far off about REF Consulting International is the FTX, the crypto. No, it's not going to work. What are you talking about? Why? Jimmy. Why do you got Jimmy?

Why? Jimmy, we already have a track record here, my man. Jimmy, the idea is barely off the ground here.

Barely off the ground. I'm feeling good about it. Okay. I know.

And you felt good about the Miami Giannis thing. I know. I know. I know. I know. I know. I know.

Okay, I know, and you felt good about the Miami Giannis thing, but listen to that. Wow. That was three years ago, Jimmy. You get time off when a goal is scored. Yeah. Time off when someone's injured. Yeah.

Time off for substitution. Yes. And it just adds up, and it's usually about three to five minutes. See, we can't have usually it's about. No. That's the problem. We need to know exactly to the second how much is left.

Rich, you got about 10 seconds, or you got about three seconds in the summary. Yeah. Because this sport and the most popular sport in the world does not need fixing.

Sure it does. Y'all just need to get used to it and watch it more. How can I get used to a car that isn't right? Come on. I have mixed probably less 25, 30 soccer matches. Jimmy, he's mixed a lot.

They're arbitrary. I'm telling you, it's nuts, the extra time. He can't handle it. It's literally spinning a wheel, Jimmy. It's difficult for him even to mix it. Yeah. That's how upset he gets about it. He's like, I want to go to the bathroom. I'm like, done. The match is over.

He can't even go to the bathroom when he's mixing. I'm waiting. It could be 10 minutes. It could be 10. Exactly. And then also, Jimmy, I'm trying to record this and the DVR goes at extra time. Yeah. Do I have 15 minutes? Do I have half an hour? Yeah. You know how much time is it? I don't know. Yeah, the DVR needs to know down to the second how much extra time. An hour, I guess. Come on, Jimmy.

These first world problems, you guys. Thank you, Jimmy. I appreciate it. Jimmy. Pour one out, Jimmy.

True, though. I like Jimmy, man. Well, I love Jimmy, but I think Jimmy's wrong. We're on the right side of this.

He's not on the... This is the way it's been done since Braveheart first blew up a ball. Braveheart.

You know, I mean, like, we can improve things here. Back then, they used to keep the time by the sun. That's right. Yeah. Even at 10 o'clock. That's right.

And when Longshank said it was over, it was over. For many. All right.

And more ways than one. Hold. What do you mean hold? I got a corner. Oh, okay. I don't have to hold.

It's a breakaway. The corner. R.I.P. 1.

Okay. R.I.P. 1. R.I.P. 1.

Spoiler alert. What do I mean? Hold. I got a corner. It's been several centuries.

Like 400 years. Okay. He been dead. Awful. Let's take a break here. Overreaction Monday.

He did. Overreaction Monday. We're fixing soccer, people. What's Right with Nick Wright is a rapidly growing podcast from the Fox Sports Podcast Network. You may know Nick Wright from co-hosting FS1's First Things First. This podcast gives Nick a chance to develop, deep dive, and defend his sharpest opinions. During the show, Nick faces off against a ticking clock, a team of producers, and even his own family to try and get his points across. New episodes drop Monday, Thursday, and Friday wherever you get your podcasts.

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So now's the time to discover what it is that moves you most. Don't wait. Lock your potential inside a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. On one hand where I give you what you're looking for, which is an attaboy, TJ, your Dallas Cowboys yesterday, man, your Dallas Cowboys yesterday showed up and said, we've got nine wins. We deserve a 10th. That's the way they played yesterday. Pretty much. That's exactly how they showed up against the Houston Texans yesterday. Pretty much.

Okay. We just took the Indianapolis Colts apart in the third quarter alone. Do we even have to play today? You should just give us the 10th win.

Why wouldn't you feel that way? That's the way they played, man. They muffed a punt up seven nothing and then the roof caved in. And you, sir, as a Dallas Cowboy fan are lucky that they somehow some way on a five yard line with three up three with mere minutes to go didn't pop one in.

That's one way to look at it. But Dak did it. Dak did it.

Dak went the whole length of the field and Zeke scored it. But man, that's exactly what that game of what the Cowboys put on the field at home against a one win team. That was swapping out quarterbacks, right?

Isn't that the phrase that if you've got two quarterbacks in the NFL, you've got none. We're sitting there watching this game yesterday at the NFL network, we're like, boy, Davis Mills can move. And then somebody in the room goes, that was Jeff Driscoll.

Wow, Driscoll could really sling it. No, that was, that was Davis Mills. Really? I will say this. What the hell was, hold on a second. One last thing. Sorry. Uh, NFL network researcher, uh, it's, he's, it's a Dante's Inferno.

Dante comes up with all of these great phrases and, and, and, uh, that's his name and phrase Inferno is his last name is, uh, Dante. But he, he, he said yesterday in the middle of our, our, um, our hangout yesterday, um, that Amari Rogers had more receiving yards yesterday with Driscoll and with Davis Mills, both of them, he had more receiving yards with both of them more than in any game he ever had with Aaron Rogers, dude, the way that they were playing yesterday is exactly why people think that no matter how the Cowboys look in this regular season, when it comes to the playoffs, they are going to blow it. Okay. Now that was the same answer Josh Allen got gave yesterday when he was asked by a reporter, well, you know, something along the lines of like the offense, isn't really clicking on all cylinders.

It doesn't look like it's, it's working very well. He goes, okay. Okay.

Like what's your question? I'm telling you yesterday is exactly why everybody's wondering what ticks inside a Dallas Cowboy that makes them follow up the complete dismantling of a lesser opponent with an even lesser opponent than their lesser opponent they dismantled. And they almost lose that game. How the hell does that happen? Fact, especially when Pollard scores twice.

Okay. And Zeke scores once. How the hell does that happen? How do they just sit back there and be picked apart by Jeff Driscoll and Davis Mills and Amari Rogers? Come on, man. You kind of left Chris Moore out. He's the one who, he's the one who had the big day.

Not Amari necessarily. I appreciate you saying that. But here's one way to look at it, right? Yeah. You can say that like, yeah, we barely beat a one win team, which by the way, that did not look like a one win team yesterday, the way they were playing.

Because of the way you were playing. But here's the other thing, like, and you know, I always say this about Facebook. I say, you go on Facebook and you have an on this day thing, and I told you like how many years that I've had something negative to say about the Cowboys, right? Fact of the matter is, in years gone past, that was a game that the Cowboys would have lost that game, right?

To me, I want to look at the positive. Look at what the defense did. Those guys could have just wrapped it up.

They could have sent in. They made incredible defensive plays and then they still had to go 98 yards to win the game. And then you look at the standings and then there's no pictures on it? Right at points by who you beat or how you beat them, it's like, did you get the win to get that win? This team would have lost this game in years past.

It wasn't even a bit of a thing. And for them to come back and win this game, have a big defensive shutdown on this team who was at the goal line. We shouldn't have won that game. But the defense came up.

Tank Lawrence came up. Michael Parsons didn't have his best game with 98 yards when he won the game. I totally, everything you just said is 100% spot on. We can nitpick and go, well, they didn't do this right.

I'm telling you. We lost the left tackle, we lost our tackle, okay. TJ, like you have every right as a Cowboy fan to push back in the manner in which you've said it, done. And you are absolutely right in everything that you just said. Fact of the matter is, you know, you know what the way that this season ended, the way the last 25 seasons have ended.

You know. Yeah, we would have lost this game. And I said this to Michael Irvin yesterday on Game Day Morning, that this is the first time in the 11 plus years that I've done this show with him that I truly do believe this Dallas Cowboys team, offense, defense, special teams, has what it takes to actually win the Super Bowl in that year.

Not only because of how good they are, but nobody else is totally running away with it. And they have now two games coming up for them to shut everyone up who is going to be just yip yappering as much as they rightfully should too. Coming off of that yesterday, they got two games, one against Jacksonville, okay. Played great yesterday.

They sure did. And Doug Peterson knows what it's like to go against this team and beat them. He knows how to beat the Dallas Cowboys.

He knows what to do. Different team. Understood. Different team. But he's... He didn't have to deal with number 11, I don't think. It's not his first rodeo against the Dallas Cowboys as, say, would have been Urban Meyer.

Okay. So you got that one where everybody's talking up the Jaguars and there's going to be a lot of trap game talk. I mean, you want to hear those two words, trap game. The two words you're going to be hearing a lot this week are Brock Purdy and trap game.

This is a trap game. You're right about that. Brock Purdy leading up to that Thursday night in Seattle and Dallas going against Jacksonville before they take on Philadelphia at home. These next two games can just basically say, that Houston thing was an outlier.

Everyone has them. That was ours. And we won it. But. There's no but. Oh, okay. There's no but.

I don't know. It felt like you were butting there. There's no but. You guys won. Your team won.

That's it. And they showed up thinking they should have gotten that win without playing. That's the way they played.

And it gives a lot of people pause. Like how do you dismantle the Colts and not say we're going to do the same thing to this team right here and instead make mistakes everywhere and looked like they were sleepwalking in the exact same way that they were against San Francisco last year in the playoffs. Head in the clouds. How much time's left? What do we got to do?

We got to give the ball to who? Well, this isn't soccer. We know how much time. No, I know. I know. I know.

844-204 Rich number to dial. It's a Monday, folks. It's a Monday. It's about that time. It is indeed. Wow.

Brockman going Lizzo on us. Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage. This place sucks.

Overreaction. Mondays. All right.

I guess if it's time to start, it must be thick 30. Go for it. Hey. It is. It is. We're here all week.

Is that the clock? You started the show with it, Rich, so let's just go there. My man, Brock Purdy, 49ers starting quarterback in 2023. I said it in the crystal ball, didn't I?

Well, you said if they win the Super Bowl. I'm just coming out and saying it right now. Right now, it's an overreaction, sure. Right now it is, but what he looks like is somebody who's been there forever. He's been there.

That's what he looks like. I mean somebody who's getting first team reps for one whole week for the first time, period, for him? I mean, do you think he got first team reps at all during training camp? No.

Absolutely not. I mean, not all week. But Fred Warner pointed out that he played against the number one defense every week on scout team. So that helped. It prepared him, right? I don't know. This is truly set up to be one of the greatest NFL stories ever.

It is. The first Mr. Irrelevant to ever start a game. Look, and you know I love the Mr. Irrelevant group and people.

I've known them for a very long time. It was born out of the mind of a fellow named Paul Salado who played in the NFL and wanted to honor the last pick in the draft with the term Mr. Irrelevant and give them a parade and a banquet. They called it the Lowesman Trophy because it's the opposite of the Heisman Trophy. But Brock Purdy might just mothball the whole concept, like calling this guy a Mr.

Irrelevant is, he's the most relevant version of it ever. He's the only quarterback to beat Tom Brady in his first career start. But to call him next year's starter already is an overreaction right now.

What do you got? Based on last night's game, and I kind of hinted at this last week, but the Dolphins are going to miss the playoffs. That's an overreaction too. Take a look at the AFC standings right now. You would have to have them win only one more time or essentially lose out, and you said last week that the Dolphins are going to win one of their last five games.

I just find that hard to believe. I think they're way too damn talented. They clearly can't be in a two team race for one last spot. They can't be having all the chairs removed with one last spot and have them dance around that chair with the Chargers now. If they do lose to the Jets, they would get swept in the season series by the Jets.

That would be a problem for them. Those are the teams that are right below them in the playoff standings, and they've already beaten the Patriots back in week one, so that's a good thing for them. They got to game up on everyone else for the second to last spot right now. They would have to fall off a cliff and have the Chargers and the Jets and the Patriots all be in there in a big mosh pit for two spots. I just don't feel it right now. I see the Dolphins making it.

I'd say it's an overreaction to say they're absolutely not making it right now. Let's say the Chargers are in, and it's between Miami, the Jets, Pats, and Jaguars. Who do you have the most confidence in? Well obviously, the team with the best defense out of all of them is the Jets, if Quinnen Williams doesn't hobble off in the middle of the wintry mix of a game that they need them in, desperately, to sweep somebody. And then Mike White day to day right now.

What else, Chris? With injuries. All right, we kind of like this team.

They're super fun. We love Man Campbell. The Lions are going to make the playoffs. It's still two. If they had won Thanksgiving, they were only lost in the last, what, five?

That was huge. They had it right there. I mean, they had the bills right where they want them.

Yeah, but they're six and seven. The Seahawks are kind of a sinking ship, and how much confidence do you really have in the Giants and Commanders? Well the Giants and the Commanders play each other on Sunday night, and I would say that someone's going to lose that game, but they've already tied. What if they tied again? Then they would have two ties.

How's that? I don't even know what the math would be like. I think two ties equal a win. Because one equals a win? I think so. Or a loss.

They cancel each other out? No. Yeah, man, the Seahawks are suddenly falling fast. The Lions make the playoffs? You can't say they can't. They're in it.

They're better than the Giants now. Kornacki was doing the whole vision board, Mike, with all the percentages and stuff, so I didn't see what the Lions were. I feel like they were about 14% or something like that. No, they were 21%.

Oh, they were? I saw that last night. He said they tripled their chances.

They were 7% making the playoffs going into yesterday, not 21%. What else you got over there, Chris? What else?

Okay, we just kind of mentioned it, but let's just hit on it again. The Cowboys losing to whoever wins the NFC South. We can't safely say it's the Bucks now. Just feels like inevitable in the playoffs, right?

It just feels inevitable. They're going to be big favorites. Okay, they're going to go into Tampa or Carolina, and they're going to be touchdown plus favorites, and they're just going to do what they did yesterday, and then Sam Darnold is going to hit DJ Moore for a 38-yard touchdown. What if DJ Moore didn't take his helmet off in that loss to the Falcons? Oh, jeez.

Wow. Then they would be in first place right now. That's an overreaction. I think the Cowboys are a much better team than anybody in that division, and it'll be nail-biting time. I mean, what are the odds that the Cowboys will put their fans in a rocking chair on that day and just own it from the start? I'll say that's an overreaction and then ask you, which NFC South team do you have the best confidence in to make your prophecy come true? Oh, well, Rich, here we go.

Let's just go to our next overreaction because the winner, week 17, I'm looking into the crystal ball, and I'm looking ahead to week 17, winner of Bucks Panthers in week 17 is going to win the South. I think so. Yes. I think you're right.

What do you think, Atlanta with Desmond Ritter is going to come out? Eh, probably not. Maybe.

I don't know. Brock Purdie's doing it? If Brock Purdie's doing it, Desmond Ritter sure can. But I'll just say here, I mean, the NFC South- It is just hot garbage. Yeah. Bucks are taking on Cincinnati Panthers against Pittsburgh. I mean, is that a, dare I say, wittable game right there for them?

Yeah. Are they going to be favored over the Steelers? I mean, Trubisky was throwing interceptions all over the Ravens' side of the field. I mean, the Steelers could have won that game going away yesterday. As Oregon's Anthony Brown showed up in that game. Carolina's a two and a half point favorite over Pittsburgh.

Jeez. So I think you're right. Week 17, that's it. Sam Darnold. Week 17. His revenge game against Tom Brady, I don't know why. What if Carolina sweeps him?

That's it? Steve Wilks could be another interim coach of the year like Bruce Arians was. What else, Chris?

All right, last one, kind of light this week. I can't get enough of the Eagles and I can't get enough of Jalen Hurts. I feel like they are a lock to win the NFC and go to the Super Bowl.

I can't call them a lock to win the NFC. I just can't. How do you stop that offense? I don't know. Miles Sanders looks like- The Washington Commander showed how to do it, didn't he?

Like Tony Dorsey. The Washington Commander showed how to do it. When a game like that happens, the Washington Commander's game happens or the Indianapolis Colts game happens, and it's in any given Sunday proposition. You would likely to be correct, but to proclaim it right now entering week 15, I can't do it. I just can't. And I won't. I won't.

I won't. You never know, his team catches any sort of fire and can- I can't sit here and say it. I mean, the Philadelphia Eagles are dominant. They look dominant. They could beat you with 400 yards passing, beat you with 400 yards rushing, and their quarterback could be the one who provides both.

You know what I mean? So I can't sit here and say anything other than they are the favorite in the NFC, if not the entire NFL. We can have an argument about that. Their next game, Philadelphia, how about this? At Chicago. I mean, they come off a buy, the Bears, and shock them. Would that shock you if Justin Fields plays one of the games of his life?

Yes, it would absolutely shock you. Come on, man. Come on. What do you mean, come on, man?

You say it's not- The Eagles are averaging almost 45 points a game the last three weeks. I get it. I get it. I get it.

I'm not ready to do it yet. Also, just like mad shout out to Philly and what Nick Styriani done, the hype train heading into this season for Philly was pretty hot, pretty running fast, and they've really lived up to all of that expectation. We all picked the Eagles to win the division, except TJ. Really?

They've really lived up to it. Did you pick Philly to win the division? Yeah. You were on, I think you were on vacation. So we had a guest host.

We had a guest host. Oh, you picked Philly to win the division? Well, I said that they were going to be the top 10 teams in the league, and I left Dallas out, suggesting that- Who did you have winning the NFC East?

Philly. Okay, very good. You picked it right. They're awesome.

That's overreaction Monday, everybody. Well done, sir. Thank you.

You can listen to the NFL on the NFL app, on the Odyssey app, on via Westwood One Station streams, or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports, sponsored by AutoZone. Oh, I've got one more, actually. Oh, what is that? Whoa. I do actually have one more. Can we get one more? All right, we'll get one more. I've got one. I've got an overreaction of my own. Oh, let's do it. Born out of, nope. We're going to take a break.

We're going to do it when we come back. Born out of Cooper, my 11-year-old, asked me a question last night that sounds like an overreaction, and it may not be. It involves Brock Purdy. No.

Oh. Yeah, baby. Can't get enough of Brock Purdy.

You're going to love this conversation we're going to have when we come back. Back here on our terrestrial radio outfit, talking on our Roku just moments ago about how Mahomes was throwing interceptions to keep the game alive for Denver, and Denver, to its credit, with Russ finding Jerry Jeudy in the end zone three times, turned two of the interceptions into touchdowns. And they didn't settle for field goals. They went for touchdowns and made it a game, and I just keep wondering to myself, yet again, here I am giving my two unsolicited cents to a guy who's going to the Hall of Fame with a future Hall of Fame quarterback, which we all know Mahomes is, why don't they just don't, are they just steadfast against running the football two, three, four times in a row? I mean, is that, I mean, that's all we hear about anybody who has a Chiefs game, national television or regional, will tell you every time Isaiah Pacheco, their seventh round pick out of Rutgers, carries a football, you will hear from an announcer, boy, they just love him there. They love him. They love him.

They sing their praises. He's, he's, he's got a motor. That's all he does.

You know, you hear that story. Andy Reid says, well, I'll have what he's having. Cause he comes in and he's nonstop. Well, why don't they use it? Why?

I just, for the life of me, do not understand. Like let him, like if Mahomes is throwing a couple of interceptions, it's fine. It's fine. If they just decide to run it for two times and then give Mahomes a third and makeable. Am I wrong?

Tell me I'm wrong. It's Mahomes and all, you know, you got him. But if he's off a little, then if we're trying to force it, you've got a kid who's, did you see how they ice the game man?

That's Kyle Brent material. Yeah. Big time.

I mean, he literally ran with a wall. So why not give him one time, maybe just pilot it. You know, you pilot a show pilot in the next four weeks, you're going to win the division anyway.

Like four or five carries right in a row. Try that in the same way that Keith Olbermann once told me, do an entire segment on a sports center without making a joke. Then do it two times, then do it three times, then you have an entire show where you don't make a joke and then do that for an entire week.

And then you're halfway home to how you should do sports center. You know, I appreciate that, but there were too many of them. He was right. I needed, I needed that advice.

Just pilot it, pilot it, see how it goes. Do one series where you run it, him. It's not just that, it doesn't have to be him, McKinnon, right? They have, they got Melvin Gordon, they dressed him, they got him. When you get Clyde Edwards-Hilaire back, try it out. It's kind of the same questions I have about the Chargers too, like what was the stat last night? 79% of their red zone plays are passes.

What are we doing? You're in the red zone, pound the ball and get in the end zone. You don't have to settle for so many field goals or think about how many to go for it or not. It's just under the category of Titans taking Derrick Henry off the field on third down. Oh, seriously. Because, you know, he doesn't run as many, Hilliard's a better route runner. You hear that?

It's like, what? You need five yards. If you're, if it's third and six, let's take Derrick Henry off the field.

Really? Because you, you give him one touch, he can get you 66. Right. Also, Rich, you know, so why, like, I know he can't play every snap because he's, you know, he takes the beating, but what are we doing? You don't have to give him the ball. The fact that he's on the field is going to put eyes on him.

Enough. It's the same reason why Reggie Bush wasn't on the field at the end against Texas. Why wasn't he there?

Oh, that's right. I mean, like, just get him out there, just get people thinking. You're going to have to pay attention to him. All right. But anyway, 844-204-rich number to dial here on the program. Chris.

Rich. You were in the parenting father-son relationship with your, with Cage, who's turning three in... In February.

You were in the phase of, when it's time for him to go to sleep, you put him down and you get the hell out of there and seal it off hermetically to make sure he goes to sleep. I'm doing my best. A lot of times it ends up with me singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, but yes, I understand. You know how it works. Absolutely. Okay. With Coop, Eleven... Past that singing point?

No. Yeah, we are. We're past the singing point. It's lights go out, lights go out, and you have a little conversation. You talk about things.

Oh, good. And he, you know, on a Sunday, it's like, what happened during the day, fantasy points, this sort of thing and that sort of thing. He asked me a question last night that hit, it was like, okay, that's a good question. It is a good question. And it's an overreaction Monday statement, a question he asked.

Okay. It was a question, not a statement, but he asked me, Dad, can Brock Purdy be Rookie of the Year? And I'm like, oh, wow. Yeah, he can. I mean, he's a rookie. This is his rookie year. Can he be Rookie of the Year? And I thought to myself, there's no rules against how many games you have to start, right?

It's not like baseball. To be Rookie of the Year, it actually caused me to get up out of bed, go into the other room to get my phone and email NFL Network about, I asked, NFL Network research. Yeah, because I'm looking at the list now of the last, you know, past Rookie of the Years. And I feel like a lot of these guys played the full season. Well, I asked, I asked, what is the fewest amount of starts by an eventual Rookie of the Year winner, offensive Rookie of the Year winner? And because in all honesty, like name me, who would be like season ends today, who's the Rookie of the Year?

Season ends today. Is it Kenneth Walker? It's kind of a toss up. Kenneth Walker, but then he got a late start too, but he has actually had kind of a slow last few weeks since he's been injured. Garret Wilson, Jet Garret Wilson, Chris Alave, Garret Wilson, offensive Rookie of the Year.

We're talking offensive. It feels like it's kind of a three horse race. I mean, I can tell you what Vegas thinks. Well, what if Brock Purdy wins out? And it's already Purdy Mania right now. It is Purdy Mania. It's Purdy Mania.

Like to the point where, I mean, we even used it moments ago on our graphics. We went Curb Your Enthusiasm, Purdy, Purdy good, you know, but the puns are already like, you know, when, when, when every single update person is now like, this is a Purdy good throw, boy, everything's looking Purdy in Sanford. Like we get it.

It could be, it could, the puns are already off the charts. I think we coined Purdy Mania to me after Trey Lance broke his ankle. Brock Purdy to me.

I love that. Remember that was weeks ago. So here we go. The fewest starts by a quarterback who won Offensive Rookie of the Year, 12. Buffalo's Dennis Shaw in 1970. What?

Hold on a minute. He set an NFL rookie record with 2,507 passing yards. However, and with 10 touchdowns, however, he threw 20 interceptions and was three, eight and one that season and won it.

Twenty picks? That's the fewest number. Vince Young and Ben Roethlisberger when they won Rookie of the Year, Offensive Rookie of the Year, obviously they started 13 games. Alvin Kamara had the fewest for a non quarterback, just three starts, but he played in all 16 when Ingram was starting. Tony Dorsett had four starts in 77. Miami's Troy Stratford had just five starts in the strike short in 87 year. They're the only players to start five or fewer games and win Offensive Rookie of the Year.

He's going to talk Defensive Rookie of the Year, T. Sizzle had only one start in 2003, but he played in all 16 and had 12 sacks for the 03 Ravens with an interception and four fumble recoveries. But Brock Purdy, if he wins out and Purdy mania goes crazy and he wins in places like Seattle, and finishes out. Brock Purdy is on the board now, he's 25 to 1. You got me thinking.

Well, it's not me, it's Coop. Garrett Wilson is your favorite in Vegas, he's plus 175. Christian Watson, we forgot about him. He's 3 to 1 with Kenneth Walker, 3 to 1. With all due respect, like the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers who have a Super Bowl team that he keeps on the tracks and brings him to the playoff station as the NFC West winners?

Rich? I mean, is this an overreaction? I'm making the call. I'm in on this. You got to give a, I mean, I mean, does the NFL have a problem if I say give a cut to my 11 year old?

I mean, I wasn't even thinking this. Does Coop want 10%? He'll just win our fantasy league instead. He probably will. I like it. I like where Coop's head's at. This is what he said to me, dad, can he win rookie of the year?

And I'm like. 5 and 0. If he's 5 and 0. Even 4 and 1.

I want to see 5 and 0. He's got a shot, man. You can't say that because no one's run away with it. It's not like, oh, well, he can't because someone else has been doing it since week one is totally running away with it. You know, I mean, Garrett Wilson could wind up with a 1,000 yard season very easily. He's been nice.

Certainly lately when his quarterback has found him more often than not. But there you go. There's an overreaction question from Cooper Eisen. Wild. Chris Long coming up. Yeah, I'm into this Brock Purdie rookie of the year bet. What if Purdie wins in Seattle? How about that?

What if Brock Purdie... I can see that. Hold on a minute.

The... Look at these. Here's the last games. It's against Geno in Seattle.

Okay. Purdie versus Heineke. Hey, man, that could be a playoff matchup. It could be.

It could be. Purdie v Carr and then Purdie v Kyler. He wins those four, which are four winnable games if everyone else stays healthy and there are no more friggin' carts for the 49ers. Come on, now. Purdie standing in there in Las Vegas, Nevada.

By the way, you want to talk about a test of wills. You want to talk... And the security departments of both teams will be very tight. Las Vegas, Nevada, that game is after New Year's Eve. Oh. Yeah. Jan won.

Las Vegas, Nevada. Here we go. He's standing in there. There's Crosby. There's Chandler Jones coming at him, and he's standing in there and he's finding everyone for a win.

And then completes the sweep of the Arizona Cardinals. 25 to 1? Is that what he is right now? Yeah.

25 to 1. I'm on board for this. You guys want in? Definitely not. I don't know what you're talking about. You definitely not? No one's running away with it. No. Good value, guys. Thank you for the value. Hey, if somebody who threw 20 interceptions and once finished 3, 8, and 1 off of 12 starts won this award, Brock Purdy can win it off of 5.
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