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REShow: Budda Baker - Hour 1 (12-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 9, 2022 3:16 pm

REShow: Budda Baker - Hour 1 (12-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 9, 2022 3:16 pm

Rich reacts to Baker Mayfield’s improbable comeback win over the Raiders on Thursday Night Football after being on the Rams for all of two days, and weighs in on yet another big lead blown by Josh McDaniels’ silver & black.

Cardinals All-Pro S Budda Baker tells Rich what his mindset is riding the up and down rollercoaster of the Arizona’s disappointing season, why embattled Cards QB Kyler Murray is “a true professional” and has earned his respect, and what challenges await facing Bill Belichick and the Patriots on Monday Night Football.

Rich and the guys react live to Brazil’s shocking exit from the World Cup in penalty kicks at the hands of Croatia.

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The is a way you can also watch us for free every single day. Good to see you over there, Christopher Brockman. How are you brother? DJ Mikey Diaz. Good to see you.

TJ Jefferson, like the candle, sir. Good to see you over there. It's lit, Rich. And you know, yesterday you said the internet was free and I gotta be honest, by the amount of times that Spectrum has called me saying that my bill's two days late, I'm here to tell you it ain't free.

Good to know. We're free on the internet. That's what I'm saying. Good to see you over there, TJ. TJ is going to have fantasy advice. Chris Brockman's going to give me some either or's for what's more likely on this playoff, pardon me, on this big sports weekend coming up as we're leading up to the playoffs. And I gotta tell you, what's more likely, I will do my best to tell you what is more likely in a sport that once again proves you can't predict a damn thing.

You can't see anything coming. The NFL, as I've said over and over again, so fortunate to be involved in the National Football League as it has started its ascendancy and seems to keep on climbing up and reaching heights that you couldn't see coming from many moons ago. But it is the greatest narrative generating machine in the history of sports and you could even say pop culture.

You can't make stuff up. And the perfect example is what we saw last night on Thursday Night Football that can be summed up with a very simple phrase. What the hell was that? The hell was that?

I have no idea. Because you saw a defending Super Bowl champ come in with six straight losses. I mean the Rams situation has deteriorated so greatly that their Super Bowl MVP has been out for a month. He's not coming back this year one would assume. The greatest defensive player this league has arguably, and I will argue that Aaron Donald is that, he was out again. He's hurt. Matthew Stafford has had two concussions. It's now called a spinal cord contusion.

I mean that's just for starters. An offensive line that had potentially its best player sitting on the Amazon Prime set last night. It was banged up all year long. Part of the reason why Stafford is all banged up might be the fact that he was banged up coming into the season but also he was sacked nine times in the beginning in the first Thursday night of the season. That was Thursday night number one. Banner raised, rings on the fingers and then Thursday night to kick off week 14. 13 weeks later we saw a Rams team limp in so badly.

How badly? That the Amazon Prime broadcast, if you saw, set up the Rams sequel season of following up a Super Bowl championship with the worst movie sequels of all time. They compared the Rams current team to Caddyshack 2. Oh that's pretty funny. Did you see that last night? I did not.

That is great though. Caddyshack, you had a good song. Caddyshack 2.

Bad sequel. That good opening song. I'm not saying, there is a Kenny Loggins on this team. Bobby Wagner is a great Kenny Loggins that's still playing and singing for this team but nobody saw coming certainly in week number one that Baker Mayfield would be the starting quarterback of this team on this Thursday night after arriving in Los Angeles to become a Ram at seven o'clock Tuesday night before the Thursday night. He said Baker Mayfield that he hopped on a plane prior to it be or he hopped on a plane on a reservation that he made prior to getting the official word that the Rams had put a claim in for him. Yeah he was speaking it into existence. He's like I'm just gonna get the plane ticket I'm out of here and due to his asking sometimes you don't I always say if not me who and if not now when that's the mantra of this show that's why we're in year nine right now an eight year anniversary we just celebrated I say that to you guys all the time if not me who if not now when meaning if you're not gonna try and speak it into existence and make it happen then who will and if not now when are you gonna do it so Baker Mayfield telling Steve Wilkes the interim head coach in Carolina you're gonna make me the number three quarterback just get me out of here and Steve Wilkes is like okay we oblige and the Rams are like okay we'll take you and then he shows up okay what do you got for me well here's a playbook that you can start studying on the plane ride okay and then you show up well what else can I do well you can just go on an immersive study here okay and then you can get 20 walk through snaps prior to the game okay we'll still start the other guy okay we'll put you in the game okay and then he starts throwing darts I mean his first snap a 21-yard strike down the field might have been the best pass of Rams quarterbacks thrown in a month it was nice it was one of those oh that's right that's what can be done here in this offense but still you know you saw things like him turning the wrong way I mean things that you would expect of somebody who just started getting in the playbook 48 hours before but this is still Baker Mayfield and we love crapping on the guy in in this world not here we don't usually traffic in that but sports fans I would say like crapping on the guy and you know he invites it sometimes with his sometimes with his statements personality and things of that nature I always loved he had me at hello when he planted the flag in Columbus but that's just me and and and then what he did in that Rose Bowl I saw back in the day against Georgia I mean the guy can sling it he can throw it and he became the first overall choice in the draft which it can be a blessing and a curse and for him it was a little bit of both a little bit of both but he came back from a 13-point deficit in his debut for the Browns and now he came back from a 13-point deficit in his debut for the Rams he is the first such quarterback to ever do that that was what Amazon Prime put up on the screen as he emerged victorious in a game in which he was down by 13 points with four minutes to go and was down by six points with a minute and change to go 98 yards in front of him and no timeouts in his pocket and he starts leading the team down the field with some help we'll get to that in a second and I don't mean Van Jefferson catching a touchdown pass but you have to give it up to the guy just when you think he doesn't have it anymore he proves to you he's still got it and he still has it the question is can he do it for a team at some point over an 18-game regular season but that's not the conversation to be had today what he showed is his trademark moxie and what he showed was he can still sling it and he can ball when the chips are down and that was an unbelievable comeback win for a team in Los Angeles that really needed it they really could use it and they got it Baker freaking Mayfield is really really good at putting his you-know-what's on the table and measuring it against yours that's that's what he does really really well and he showed it again last night congrats to Baker Mayfield and now the next two Rams games are on national television so just when you thought the Rams were like done grabbing your attention how does next Monday night against the Green Bay Packers sound to you game got a lot more interesting how does that Christmas Day game against the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson sound to you now last year Baker went into Green Bay and damn near pulled one off on the Packers if you remember that one the Packers if you remember that one but just when you think Baker Mayfield can't do it anymore and doesn't have it he showed that and who knows what the future is in Los Angeles they don't care right now they've got a few games left and they just want to win them all and see what happens in this crazy mixed up NFL world also just super eerie rich talking the last two football games we saw kind of ended in the exact same way Saints had a 16-3 lead kick a field goal to start the fourth quarter and then Tom Brady goes touchdown touchdown last second to win the game and then last night exact same thing Raiders kick a field goal to start the fourth quarter go up 16 to 3 Rams touchdown touchdown no time left game over this league man this league now if I had told you if I had told you what if I told you that there would be a team that would lose a 13-point lead and lose a game against somebody that had no business doing what they were doing in a game against them had no business doing what they were doing in a game against them because they were just new on the scene and it's damn near unprecedented like you've never heard it before like say somebody who was six days removed from being a television analyst and a high school coach being the new coach of a team on an interim basis after a shocking firing led to his hiring if I had told you a team would lose against a quarterback that was thrown into a game after just arriving two days prior learning one of the more one would think complicated offensive playbooks in the NFL if I had told you name me that team that needed the win to continue its comeback you would have said the Las Vegas Raiders yeah there's only one blindfolded you would have said the Las Vegas Raiders backs I don't know what to make of it they have the best receiver in football as was proven last night with a one-handed grab over Jalen Ramsey while Ramsey was fouling him to start the game and Devante Adams gets just seven targets in the game two in the second half they have arguably the best running back in the game Josh Jacobs led the NFL and rushing coming into Thursday night they have arguably the best pass rusher in the game and I know what I'm saying when I'm talking about the NFL and the in the game two in the second half they have arguably the best running back in the game Josh Jacobs led the NFL and rushing coming into Thursday night they have arguably the best pass rusher in the game and I know what I'm saying when I'm talking about pass rushers you have to include Max Crosby in the A++ elite category of pass rushers they also have on the opposite side of him a guy who's got a hall of fame resume who came up with a forced fumble fumble recovery last night they have that guy and they've got a quarterback who's really good and can really lead his team and they have a coach who is such an offensive genius that you could see what happens when he leaves the team that he was coordinating the offense for this is exactly why what I just said I chose the Raiders to win the AFC West this year and if you look at their eight losses six of them are now the following a week two home loss to Arizona oh with the crazy Kyler Murray stuff at the end right Arizona they led by 20 points 20 to nothing at the half 20 nothing at halftime they lost then in week five in Kansas City after being up 17 nothing in the second quarter oh I was Mahomes and everything like that sure 17 nothing you're up lost that one week nine up 13 in Jacksonville up 20 to 7 in the second quarter and then comes last night up 13 minutes with four minutes to go I'll do you one better up by six with a minute and a half to go after the punter comes up with the most remarkable punt to pin the Rams on their own two-yard line without any timeouts it was so amazing the Raiders who were down the field to try and down the ball just kept letting it roll to its natural resting place on the two-yard line and were celebrating it by doing the gritty around the football because they knew Baker Mayfield had no timeouts left and had no knowledge of the playbook prior to 48 hours before at 98 yards and they had a pass rush that was so dominant they were being held on every single damn play yeah and the refs watched Max Crosby get taken down to the ground as if WWE was in the building last night or AEW to be fair and balanced not the NFL we're here for both but the refs sure saw Jerry Tillery's brain fart of slapping the ball out of Baker Mayfield's hands while he was trying to get it I imagine back to the official to plant the ball as fast as possible because we saw all the respect in last year's Dallas Cowboys playoff loss that's how you have to get the ball spotted when you have no timeouts left and the time and the clock is ticking against you like Mona Lisa Vito okay so you've got to get this ball down and Jerry Tillery slaps the ball out of his hands what the hell are you thinking just like watching Deion Sanders just like watching Deion Sanders back in the day watch football with us watching somebody doing something stupid if I was if I was Josh McDaniels I would have cut him on the spot I would have told him you must still have your belongings in this building where the Chargers let you go from a couple weeks ago go pick those up and go Uber your ass home I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry for talking so plainly but as you know I do have a lot of skin in this game I do have a lot of skin in this game and then to watch Mayfield march down the field and play press man coverage I'm not an all 22 guy I'm not an Exynos guy but this is the coverage you play when you look at the quarterback and say you you make the throw and you look at the wide receiver say you beat the coverage and it's fine and dandy to puff your chest out and play that way but not when you have the clock and the scoreboard in your favor and you have to be smarter than this and make sure that anything that's thrown is thrown to the middle and you defend significantly everything on the edges look the Raiders also jumped off sides on a fourth and three on a punt when the Rams are punting and basically waving a white flag the interception at the end of the first half Derek Carr got bumped as he threw it it was a terrible looking throw and you have to sit here and think okay you want to jam just get the three and get the hell out of here keep building your lead for crying out loud just hand it off to Josh Jacobs the dude is killing it unless it's third and one how many times did they run this Mac Hollins end around for a first down where was that on like third down I don't know but that couldn't be stopped it's all second guessing it's all second guessing that doesn't need to be second guessed because the sixth of the eighth loss was against Jeff Saturday in his first game as the interim head coach when he was just thrown into the mix Frank Wright gets fired the whole Colts building had to be shocked about that and then in comes a guy who's never coached at the collegiate or professional level before yeah he's Jeff Saturday he's Mr Indianapolis Colts everybody's got his jersey on up there in the stands in Indianapolis but as the head coach and you're gonna have as the play caller a guy who's never done it either and you're gonna start Matt Ryan after being benched out of the blue and he's gonna run for 40 damn yards and a third down against you I mean this is unbelievable just if the Raiders protected any of these leads and won any of these two games either of them let's just say both of them let's say they did all of this and finished strong and didn't shoot themselves in the foot or slap footballs away or or suddenly go into a tortoise shell on offense when you need to be aggressive and then go overly aggressive like your Greg Williams hopped up on caffeine on defense when you should be more conservative at the end of the game five and eight five and eight five and eight turns into 11 and two five and eight turns into 11 and two yeah the Raiders should be five seed at worst what was I thinking every time I think I'm out they pull me back in but now again but you were on it it's like it's like a bad beat when you when you gamble rich you were on the right side they put me back in I don't know I mean they got the Patriots the following week then the Christmas day game that I'm Christmas Eve game I'm calling in Pittsburgh who the hell knows man but I can't believe what I saw last night I just don't I can't believe it sorry Raiders fans eight four four two oh four riches eight four four two oh four riches the number to dial here on the program Buddha Baker is going to join us he's playing against the Patriots next DK Metcalf we have not spoken to him all year long lots to talk about with him about scoring the game-winning touchdown in SoFi stadium against these Rams who just bounced back from that last second loss taking on Bobby Wagner who by the way made that stop on third and one against Josh Jacobs to get the ball back to Baker Mayfield and have a shot at having that comeback and we also haven't spoken to DK Metcalf since he took that cart I believe right to go a potty are you gonna try to the potty cart are you gonna work that question in rich I intend to Odell Beckham Jr spoke on Amazon Prime's The Shop simulcast last night talking and made a fascinating comment about his free agency tour what's more likely fantasy advice sneaky good games and you at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show all pro safety Buddha Baker from the Arizona Cardinals how are you Buddha hey I'm doing great how about yourself I am doing well I really appreciate you calling in because you know I know this season is not going the way that you had envisioned walk me through your mindset right now as you get set to take on the Patriots Monday Night Football Buddha yeah mindset for me personally you know we got five opportunities to make the best out of it you know what I mean and then it all starts with week one game one which right now is the Patriots on Monday night so um just worrying about the Patriots trying to get a w like you said season hasn't gone the way that you know we wanted the way I wanted personally and you know it's just the steps to get another w so right now I'm in that process well I know and I I could see how you take the the loss or losses Buddha and we all saw it on on the hard knocks that is going on right now the unprecedented hard knocks of following you during a playing season where you spoke to the team after losing at home can you um you know give me a little bit more insight on on on when you address the team and and how you let it all pour out of your system and why yeah I mean um you know it's like it's kind of early in the season uh playing a really good team in the Philadelphia Eagles I believe it was and you know just a game that got ahead of us and you know they they beat us and uh you know me personally that was just some raw emotion that you saw that you know I didn't really know the cameras are on but just raw emotion that you know I was expressing to my team to my teammates that man we should have got that one and we gotta we gotta work harder each and every week um you know like I said earlier on and you know after that I I see you know the season hasn't still gone the way we wanted to but at the end of the day it's uh you know control you can control and you know I can control giving them my all every single play every single snap and um you know try to lead by example but also try to you know help guys out as well and all the little things possible to to help us possibly get a win so you know that was just some raw emotion that you saw from me and uh yeah no I and and it was really um I'll be honest inspiring to see that you know and I know that that's not what you you know that's not the way that you'd want to inspire based on the you know the the source material being a loss but but when the cameras were turned off how how did your teammates take that oh man I mean all the guys definitely respected it and definitely you know um of course wanting to to win that game as well and you know guys were kind of just disappointed in each other and disappointed in themselves that you know we let a game go by and um you know since then of course you know we've we've had some losses had a win had some losses but at the end of the day we're just trying to take it one day at a time now um what's what's in the past is in the past and now we can only worry about the present and the future and the future is five more weeks left um five more opportunities left to play this game and uh we got to make the best out of it buddha baker arizona cardinal safety here on the rich isin show and well you know while we are in the present part of the present is a comment made by a former teammate of yours and patrick peterson about kylar murray and him being more about himself is there anything you you want to chime in on that front buddha baker yeah i mean you know right now in the present like you said you know p2 he's not with us anymore and he's been with the vikings for two years now so you know um you know he he doesn't really have you know much to say about the cardinals because he hasn't been in the locker room and uh for me i can just say that you know k1 has grown so much he's a great player of course but also a guy who's you know of course talking to guys um on the field he he demands excellence if he messes up he wants to run it back if if a player messes up he wants to run it back as well and just a true professional that of course is angry about us not winning games as well but and is a true winner so a guy who just comes into work each and every day and wants to be great and wants to you know have his teammates trust him and we trust him as well so you know just a guy an all-around great dude and a guy that you know you can text and he'll respond to you you can you know talk to him in the locker room uh asking him about you know offensive strategies and what does he see and things like that and um just a guy who's all around great dude so peterson is uh mistaken in saying that that's what you're saying i mean you know that p2 is my guy you know so i definitely you know that's that's my friend as well and uh you know i know you know emotions get the best of us sometimes and you know just a guy that you know of course um i feel like just a little bit of the emotions got the best of them buddha baker arizona cardinal safety here on the rich eisen show the challenge of taking on the patriots um there's so much conversation buddha about the patriots offense and who's coordinating it and their lack of experience and coordinating it and how the offense has been simplified there and potentially easier to decipher what are you seeing on film getting ready for this game so far i see an offense who you know has a great quarterback who can uh you know be that general and lead his team to wins i see a second year running back in number 38 who's a big guy and a guy who can make you know they throw it to him and the receiving and he also rushes a you know top target in rushing of course and then also top target in receiving so you know we know that it's all going to be about stopping that run game first and foremost and getting them to pass the ball and um you know their offense works well for them you know like he said they they kind of have a different thing each and every week for a certain team so with us we're kind of we kind of don't really know exactly what that different thing is going to be but we know it's a team that can run the ball and also you know has those great quick game you know passes uh you know number 16 gets a lot of those targets as well and um just a team that we know that we're going to have to stop the run stop the screen game stop the quick game and uh get them to hopefully throw those you know longer intermediate throws and get time for our d-line to rush the qv yeah 38's uh a large individual he causes business decisions to be made on the spot does he not buddha oh yeah most definitely man i'm watching film and i'm seeing guys you know shy away from contact i'm seeing them break tackles on linebackers d-line of course db's as well so you know a full team effort you have to do in order to stop this guy because rarely he gets tackled by the first guy so um you know guys are going to have to rally to the ball we always talk about it all 11 to the ball to get this guy down because you know like he said you know he's causing guys to make business decisions yeah i could see that i could definitely see remandre stevenson is people have turned it down but buddha baker you don't turn that down right you'll go right you'll take him out right oh yeah no i don't turn nothing down i'm definitely gonna you know go all 190 pounds of me is gonna go pull it is that soaking wet buddha is that soaking what buck 90 190 right now soaking wet baby so uh not without not with the pads on you know i might be 195 with the pad okay good good good coming downhill you know a little bit of force behind it too no question about that you know of course speed velocity you know in science class you know about velocity so the faster i go you know the the better chance that i get on taking him down because like you said he's about 240 if i'm going full speed he's going full speed at 240 you might he might smack me so i gotta go a little bit more faster do you do you ever have you ever crossed paths with bella check you strike me as a player that he would adore to talk to and oh man one time one time our uh maybe was it two three years ago um you know our team was kind of hit by a lot of injuries so we had a lot of guys playing different positions so i kind of had to be that safety shield always in the post trying to direct guys on what to do so i wasn't able to play you know my game but you know of course this year i'm definitely excited to go against you know one of the golden coaches and coaching and bill belly check yeah again like i said you'd be the type of player that i think he would uh appreciate you know just chopping it up with but you've never spoken to him you've never crossed paths with with bill yeah um i've only spoken to him of course in the you know in the combine with all the meetings and stuff so um you know i spoke to him then and you know uh we kind of talked about high school and stuff like that uh he kind he reminds me of my high school coach back in the day butch gontrop kind of the same mentality same you know never smiling nothing's ever good enough you know that's that's what i grew up on so just seeing him how's the way he coaches from afar you know i'm i kind of just know like how it how it is the tough love the tough love so before i let you go buddha baker normally four and eight in previous years meant that the the team needs to finish strong to just get to 500 you can finish with a winning record and then obviously let the chips fall where they may in terms of where tiebreakers are to make the playoffs is that is that your focus you guys talking about that oh yeah right now of course of course you know um of course we always talk about one week at a time like he said we're four and eight right now we understand we got to take it one week at a time but if we can get these four wins you know uh who knows what could happen so our mentality our main goal is taking it of course one week at a time but you know try to get try to win out like you said you know we're four and eight let's try to win out and uh see see where that takes us buddha baker thanks for the time man i always appreciate um chopping it up with you and and just uh hearing your voice and seeing you know your positivity and and just your passion is just uh it's second to none man so i appreciate the time thank you thank you i appreciate that man hey let's get you running the four eight four nine next year man well um any any tips on that buddha i'm i'm wide open i'm all about to start in the in the shin angles you know you got to have that that nice shin angle right before the start so you can get off shin angle is what matters what do you mean the shin angle what do you mean the shin angle you kind of want it like a sprinter stance you know so as you're doing as you're getting into your stance you want both of your shins kind of kind of in that 45 degree angle um to in order to help you take off in that in that 40 you know i'm 53 years old though buddha right i mean i don't know if my shins have angles like that to be very honest with you i don't know a little bit you know a little yoga pilates okay you'll get there okay thank you i'm writing it all down i'm taking copious notes thanks for the time buddha baker you're the man thank you you got it at buddha baker three on twitter and instagram the arizona cardinals three-time all pro safety getting set to take on the new england patriots on monday night football on westwood one right here on the rich isin show i don't have the heart or didn't have the heart to tell buddha baker i um i already do pilates and great winsor choza pilates studio here in los angeles and uh don't have the shin angles and it's got nothing to do with uh with with the instructors it's got to do it's operator error yeah yep yep i wrote that down though shin angles baker's shinning i need better shin angles all right well it's gonna be all about the shin angles and everything else right now is there's a penalty kick between croatia and brassila oh my gosh what a thrill glad you guys kept your composure as croatia with the equalizer with about three minutes to go in um extra time well and well i well it's not extra the stoppage time is this extra times that we call it extra time stoppage time is the injury that's what i get penalty kicks we're going to take a break come back all our phone lines are lit i absolutely love that you can listen to the nfl by the way in the nfl app on the odyssey app on via westwood one station streams or by simply asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial call us we're taking phone calls and we come back don't go anywhere mike florio pro football talk hour number two rich eyes and show we're watching penalty kicks between croatia and brazil and croatia is up four to two they're up four to two right now if brazil misses this penalty kick then the favorites in the remaining field of the 2022 world cup will be out oh baby and out of respect to the people on the phone lines waiting to talk i i know you guys will go crazy you can't handle your business we're gonna wait till this ends we're gonna wait till this ends i might as well get some business in here yeah i'm gonna walk over here with you there go tj can't see it come on this is like what i did for the price is right when you're on the price is right over there there is no popcorn machine on the line here like tj's price is right this is much bigger all of brazil holding its breath needing this penalty kick and wow sorry oh they just got waxed thank you and see oh all right guys compose yourself brazil is out wow croatia moves on because brazil just hit the post on a penalty kick and it's over we all good yeah we're all good you know who's not good you know who's not good all of brazil all of brazil and anybody who roots for brazil they are freaking out how did this happen it was one nil with two minutes to go in extra time and then they turned it over croatia on on a transition nothing's more exciting than transition game in soccer because you're running half a football field to transition unreal and a croatian shot went off of the leg of a brazilian defender to tie the game at one and then they win it in penalty kicks holy crap let's go to the phone lines henry in bloomington indiana you're here on the rich eyes and show what's up henry hey guys can you hear me we can hear you henry how are you guys doing today great what's on your mind henry yeah so you know i'm watching the game last night and that was absolutely impossible what baker mayfield did and i wake up and i still think i'm in shock but you know who else is waking up today asking himself a big question john lynch is waking up and asking why didn't i put in a claim for baker mayfield well to be honest with you henry uh even if he had the rams the rams were higher than the niners in the waiver wire order they would never have gotten them i think that's right i think that's right but you gotta try if you're john lynch right you have to try i i guess you know um and thank you for the call henry i appreciate it sounds like a very sunny day there in bloomington indiana very sunny man henry no need to try when you knew you weren't gonna get hey man it's a brock purdy world right now it's a it's it's this is it they are in on him and they hope that purdy goes on a run similar to the opposing quarterback when he first started in the nfl and got his first consecutive starts in the nfl way back 22 years ago how about brock purdy v tom brady is uh is the first match up for brock purdy brock purdy's a favorite in that game i would say the 49ers are a favorite in that game well that's how you see that is going to be a dynamite football game i know who i'm taking in the game oh i know who i'm taking the game too i think san francisco wins this they're a better team no chance tom brady's not losing to brock purdy okay okay okay the 49ers are gonna be particularly ready for the buccaneers on the defensive side of the football brock purdy all he's got to do is he's got to give him two touchdowns two that's it the way that the bucks the way that the bucks have been playing it doesn't matter the bucks can play their best game of the year i saw it with my own two eyes in germany and that's the only time that team's shown up in that manner all year long it would be wild if they show up that way in santa clara that would be unreal eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the rich eyes and show jared and colorado springs colorado you're here on the show what's up jared hey rich what's going on big Raiders fan here i really appreciated your support this year but uh i wanted to give you my theory on how to beat the las vegas raid okay basically you let them get a lead on you doesn't matter how big uh and then just watch them turn into a giant explosive device on their own side out of the field can't even manage to put together more than 10 pass at them in the entire second half i i'm i i i don't blame you for feeling this way jared i'm with you i see it i i saw a team that added devante adams and chandler jones to a team that that that won its last four games i mean thanks for the call you you look at a team that finishes strong the year before usually they bring that momentum into the following season but that momentum involved a head coach that had his finger on the pulse of things and instead they went with a head coach who was going to change everything and it seemed to finally sink in the last three weeks i i know kyle brent our friend from good morning football said that the raiders should have been forced to walk back to las vegas pretty good and um i cannot imagine how that might have been look i've been on many flights from vegas back to los angeles that felt like it was six hours long because i just lost significantly in that town i remember that those feelings your shirt whatever that is it was exactly that feeling i cannot imagine what it must have been like in that locker room last night and then on the bus ride to the airport and then the flight back to las vegas holy crap talk about i guess if you're talking about uh explosive devices right um like our caller just did perfect name for the video of the 2022 las vegas raiders the hurt locker just put on that suit kathy in philadelphia you're here on the rich eisenhower what's up kathy hey fellas how's it going what's on your mind kathy um well first happy kristmika in case i don't speak to you before then oh congrats on having trey turner under your tree thank you you're welcome yes um do i actually have a start bench cut for your rich okay um for value added to the rich eisen show hold on a second we've got uh let's see if we can get production value for you wait a minute this sounds like uh that what we were talking about today and we don't okay we'll see i don't know we've got about two minutes left in this segment go ahead and hit it go ahead hit it start start bench sit down and be quiet or cut all right kathy the floor is yours what do you got okay okay here we go jerry jones audio drops mike tomlin one-liners bill belicheck press conference moment okay i am i am cutting mike tomlin's wow i am benching jerry jones's uh sound drops and then a bill belicheck press conference moment it might be recency bias but i just can't get enough of them and i have just been told we have one for later in his response to vance joseph's uh assessment of the offensive play calling that he is going to have to defend now i understand mike that you love you would go you would start the jerry jones stuff you're crazy yeah and then you'd bench the mike tomlin and then you'd cut the uh you'd cut the bell belicheck press conference moment because all you have to do is just press one button for that the other ones you are in control of when that happens kathy thanks for the call greatly appreciate it that's where i would go never say never but never it's great i understand that but the bill belicheck press conference moment you can't i tell you when that's going to happen the other ones you have control mike true trust me i deal with children all the time and i know when they like having control it's the truth i speak truth by a child rich do you think baker bought that ticket after seeing us the day before saying that he was going to get no the spice so i think that's why he was like you know that sounds good hell of a spite store i'm just saying hell of a spice store he saw that and then he bought the ticket because because last night the ram sure had the beans they sure had the beans mike florio of pro football talk on the latest of what's going on with john gruden in the nfl coming up
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