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REShow: Sylvester Stallone - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 15, 2022 3:08 pm

REShow: Sylvester Stallone - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 15, 2022 3:08 pm

Rich breaks down the NFL landscape after ten weeks and says why half the league has a legit chance to win the Super Bowl, and in special Tuesday version of ‘Overreaction Monday’ weighs in on the Colts, Giants, Bills, Tua’s MVP chances, and if the Seahawks bubble is about to burst.

Three-time Academy Award nominee Sylvester Stallone and Rich discuss his new Paramount+ series ‘Tulsa King,’ reveals the origins story behind ‘Rocky’ and says if the Oscar-winning film is a sports movie or a love story, and more.

Rich reacts to Jeff Saturday winning his NFL head coaching debut with the Colts and weighs in on the Raiders’ implosion after having great expectations coming into the season.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Drop a beat. Yes, this is music singing John Denver as one. This is awesome.

This is literally hot. Listen to this. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long.

Still to come. Three-time Academy Award nominee Sylvester Stallone from the new film Devotion, actor Glenn Powell. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show on the air here on a Tuesday right in the middle of the month of November. I am back from Germany.

Words I've never said. And thrilled to have Sylvester Stallone on this program. He's going to join us in about 20 minutes time. The actor Glenn Powell from the movie Hidden Figures and Top Gun Maverick and his new movie Devotion. He's going to be joining us in studio hour number three.

And I am already doing ab work in advance of that. That's how we got everything set up here on this program. I can't wait to tell you some stories before Glenn joins us in studio about my time in Germany. Haven't gotten too deep into what happened with the Raiders and the Colts just yet.

We'll do that later on in the program. Having seen the Buccaneers up close and personal, folks. Are they back? They looked like a terrific football team. They looked like the team that can stop the run and can run on you. And Tom Brady's got weapons galore.

That's what it looked like to me. And the Seattle Seahawks coming in. I really believe that they would win that game and they've got a lot of belief in that locker room.

Despite how they played on Sunday. The Minnesota Vikings beat the Buffalo Bills. The Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys. The Washington Commanders beat the Philadelphia Eagles. And those are just three games that tell me something about this league through 10 weeks. And 10 weeks ago, after the Buffalo Bills beat the Los Angeles Rams in so far, just up the 405 from the Rich Eisen Show studio. I thought to myself, well, my preseason beliefs about the Buffalo Bills just got crystallized.

I don't think there's anybody that can compete with them. Of course, that was back in the day when I really thought the Raiders could win the AFC West. So, what I could see in this league after 10 weeks. Even though you could say the fact that the Chiefs sitting here in the AFC West ruling that roost considerably after the 49ers took care of the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday Night Football. That the Chiefs look like the team from last year more than anybody else in the AFC.

Anybody else. Performing from year to year in the manner that folks didn't think they could because Tyreek Hill left. Outside of that, this whole damn league is so unpredictable right now. The whole thing is up in the air. If you name half the league, you could make a really good case that they could win the Super Bowl.

If you think that's a little too much, then let's go down to a third of it. The Bills can win the Super Bowl. The Dolphins can win the Super Bowl. I still think the Bengals can come out of nowhere. There's always a team that can go from 5 and 4 or 5 and 5 or 4 and 5 and 6 and 4, what have you. Win it all. You could say the Eagles can win the Super Bowl, the 49ers can win the Super Bowl, the Bucks can win the Super Bowl, the Vikings sure can win the Super Bowl.

The Titans is when you begin to get in that gray area. The Ravens can win the Super Bowl. I mean my Jets still need to prove a few things. The Giants are definitely the most overlooked 7 and 2 team I can remember, but they're 7 and 2. The Giants are in second place and so are the Jets entering week 11. I actually like the Giants better than Jets, Patriots, Titans, just because of the stability of quarterback.

Nathan Jones has been really good this year. The Titans are just that team that always beats you when you think that they have no shot. They're really tough and Derrick Henry is a huge x-factor. Even though he hardly did a darn thing against the Broncos. And they're really well coached.

Mike Vrabel is really good. Seahawks can win the Super Bowl. You can say, oh you say everything that you want man. Say everything that you want. Say it all.

They can. Say it all. They're 6 and 4. I like them better than Titans, Jets, Patriots.

I like them better than the Bengals too actually. This thing is wide open. This thing is wide open. The year the Giants won the Super Bowl, either one of those years, in week 11, are you saying the Giants win the Super Bowl?

You make that noise too? I don't know. Cowboys can win the Super Bowl. Hey, it's week 11 and this thing is wide open.

Cowboys, good defense, good run game. And I thought the Bills would be that dominant team, start to finish, good luck trying to beat them. Injuries happen to everybody and Josh Allen is being way too careless.

I think he's again, as I said at the time of the show, doing too much. This is maybe their middle of the season swoon. Just like the Rams had last year. Just like the Bucks had.

I mean, it was funny. I forget who said this in our meetings with the Bucks. Somebody said, we were 5 and 5 the year that we won the Super Bowl, so we could be 5 and 5 with a win this week. And then we all kind of looked again in the room with each other. Me, Kurt, and the whole crew, we looked at each other. We were like, were they 5 and 5?

We looked it up. They were 7 and 5. They were 7 and 5, yeah.

After they lost in D.C. So they weren't 5 and 5. They were actually 7 and 3. Lost 2 in a row. Including one to Kansas City to go to 7 and 5. And that was when Rome was like, I don't know, maybe they're going to be back here together. And they were.

In Raymond James. And that's why you can't sit here and say a 6 and 4 team has got no shot. Or a 4, 5, and 1 team.

Oh man, the Colts. So, that's the way I'm looking at this league. It's wide open. And I had the Bills over the Bucks. Still in play. Still in play. Better than my Raiders pick.

844-204-rich number to dial here on the program. I didn't get a shot at this on Monday. You did it with Kirk Morrison. I'm like, what are you doing? It was Monday.

Rich, we had to give the people what they wanted, though. Whether you're here or not. No, I'm here and I want to overreact to stuff. The disrespect is real.

The ship still has to sail, whether the captain's here or not. Let's do overreaction Tuesday. Let's go. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. Overreaction. Can we calm down? Tuesday. What a drop. Christopher, what do you got? We got a five-pack, Rich. Let's just start with it.

We hit on this yesterday, but I want to hit on it right now as well. Hey, look. Jeff Saturday can coach, man. What about Jeff Saturday and Matt Ryan?

The Colts are making the playoffs. As I said in hour one. And as I said last week when Saturday took the job. And I said the first thing he needs to tell Jim Mercy is we're playing Matt Ryan. And you're like, absolutely. And I'm like, well, everything I'm hearing is that if he gets hurt, they're on the hook for a ton of money next year. And they're never going to do that. And that's why they benched him in the first place that this season's over. We need to see what's going on with the kid.

I have no idea. There should be a 30 for 30 on why Sam Ellinger started and how Frank Reich ate it. And so did the offensive coordinator in between both of those headlines. But the most it doesn't matter. In my estimation, in the long run.

Obviously, if they win it, it's significant. But Saturday is already made the most significant contribution to the Colts this year was going into Jim or say, I'm assuming and saying, hey, you hired me. You took me from my house. OK, you took me from upset.

OK, right. I'm no longer getting up anymore. You know, whenever they call me on whatever, you know, of their NFL shows, you took me from the sideline of high school football coaching. And I'm now the face of, you know, overprivileged. I'm getting hammered by, you know, Joe Thomas and Bill Cower.

This is in advance. He just did. He knew he was in the crosshairs. And he said, you want to win giving that Ryan back whatever the reason why Matt Ryan is benched. That's done. I spoke to the guys in the locker room.

I spoke to Matt. He's ready. Like, you got to give it to me.

And so, yeah, I mean, he can he can look the you know, his boss in the face and tell him what he needs. And then the guys obviously follow him and believe in him and have no choice. But right now, it's about all those guys in the locker room.

It's not about Saturday anymore. It's about those guys in the locker room. And he's he's empowering him. Certainly helps to have Jonathan Taylor back healthy and Matt Ryan running free for thirty nine yards on the third floor. That was insane. So that was that's my take on that. What else, Chris?

OK, Rich, you just mentioned them a minute ago. The NFC East is insane. But the Giants are the most complete team in the NFC.

Now that's the Philadelphia Eagles. Come on now, baby. Come on. Come on. I love Saquon. I think he should finish top five MVP voting.

You know, I think he should be in this conversation. And I love their coach, but I don't know a single single. And I like their defense.

They're complete. They don't need superstars, Rich. I would take the Eagles wide receiving corps over the Giants wide receiving corps. I take the Cowboys receiving corps with C.D. Lamb over the Giants receiving corps. Yeah, I'm not going to go complete team.

Daniel, I would I would take Jalen Hurts over Danny Dimes. I think fill it up. Don't let's not take the cheese from one Monday night football loss. He just shows you you can't play 17 in the segment. I got it.

So I'm not going over reacts and overreaction. What else are the bills? We still like the bills, right? You're not quitting the bills. I'm not quitting the bills. They're going to have to go on the road wild card weekend. Oh, my gosh.

I don't know, man. The bills have already beaten Miami. No, they lost to Miami. No, they they lost to Baltimore. They beat Baltimore by bad. That's right. They they they lost to Miami on the road. That's right.

And the Jets and the way. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Road game. No playoff games.

Buffalo. I I'm OK. I'm not going to I'm not going to. I'm not going to deny that's a possibility. I don't want to say they missed the playoffs, but I'm not going to miss the playoffs.

What do you mean? You just said it's week 11. Anything could happen. They're not going to miss the playoffs. They have to go to Keenum. Buffalo is going to have Cleveland at home next. They're at Detroit on Thanksgiving. Then there's that game in New England on Thursday night to kick off week 13.

But that's a full complement of rest. They're home for the Jets. And I think they're going to have some business for them right there. And then there's that that all important game against Miami in week 15 is going to be cold.

Yeah. They're not missing the playoffs, but I think it's entirely possible that they they have to go on the road. I mean, they have lost the Jets.

Jets might sweep them. Saying I'm just saying, OK, what else? That's that's totally in the realm.

That's not an overreaction. Let's stay in the AFC East. Man, this is crazy. Two is the MVP right now. Two is the MVP. Now, the MVP through 10 weeks is Patrick Mahomes. I would give him the trophy right. Patrick Mahomes. I would give Mahomes the award right now. Those guys are 1-2 in Vegas right now. Two is now number two. Pass Josh Allen. I'm just so glad that I called him elite three weeks ago.

I don't know about you, but that looked like money. Damn straight. Damn straight. And I just hopefully he'll get saltier and saltier. Now, then, can you put up the schedule?

Because, again, while calling him elite three weeks ago, we pegged this three weeks ago as well. It is the from here on out that where the rubber meets the road. Yes, they have a game against Houston coming off their by. But it's after that three in a row on the road.

I guess they're going to be hanging out here on the West Coast. I imagine they're not going to go fly back to Miami in between the game at San Francisco and then up the road here against the Chargers and so far. And then they're at Buffalo three in a row on the road. The home game against Green Bay on Christmas Day is no longer the homecoming.

Anyone would think after we saw the Packers wake up at New England, their home for the Jets, which, by the way, again, the Jets could sweep them, too. So it's that it's a six game stretch. It's that six game stretch. If they go four and two and two is just still lighten it up, then you have to really consider him as the most valuable player.

Because all twelve wins will be twelve and five. But there's still Mahomes playing like Mahomes, man. And I can't wait for Henry Winkler to see him in person this coming Sunday night.

It's going to be great. We're making dreams come true for the Fonz, bro. And we are. Hey, yeah, we are right. All right.

Last one. Rich, you just saw them play in person. And you know, that's why you just saw them play in person, Rich. Sorry to say the Seahawks have begun to turn back.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. They just ran into a really good veteran team that got hot in the final 44 seconds of their game against the Rams and brought it to Germany with them. I'm not going to say that yet. The Seahawks are going to be fine. They have to beat the 49ers when they see him on that Thursday night to kick off week 15, because way back in week two, when Trey Lance broke his leg to end his season, it was against Seattle. And Jimmy G got that dub for them in week two. So it's all going to come down to that game. And Seattle is still a really talented young team that bounced around. They have a really good energy to them. They just ran into a Tampa team that is playing really good football right now after they're by their home for Vegas.

Come on, man. They're at the Rams, home for Carolina. I think they're going to get a nice head of steam into that home game in San Francisco. And it's their last three games at Kansas City, home for the Jets, home for the Rams. You know, I think the U-Haul might be backed up for the Rams in the week 18 game.

I like Seattle. So I'm not ready to throw them aside like you are right now. Overreaction Tuesday, baby. Well done. You're back. Outstanding. We're back. You know what?

I feel like I'm in the alleyway just chasing a rooster. So what's that? Is that it? That's it. That's it.

He's going to be a dangerous man. Is he overplaying that drop these days? A little bit. A little bit. It's just like every time we do a segment, we hear that. Yeah, a little bit.

Never say never, but never. Okay, that's evergreen. Now you're back. Now you're back, Mike. I'm sorry. It's okay. It's okay. We give you full rain to drop whatever, you know, drop you want to drop. Am I reading this right? That's always a good one.

That's the one. That meant nothing right there. I mean, absolutely.

I was apropos of nothing. I don't know what the hell that meant. I'm reading the room. We're ODing right now. We're overdropping. We're overdropping. I'm overdropping. Sylvester Stallone, baby.

Let's do it. I mean, first of all, where you had a joke about a chicken in the alleyway and it was funny. It was about to make it. I know.

And then he dropped dead on you. I don't know. I don't know. You're going to eat lightning and crap thunder. Well, the man is in Tulsa King now, and I cannot wait to play this interview for you.

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Shop now at Before I left for Germany, I mean, this is one of the last things I did before leaving Germany. It was the last thing you did. Interviewing Sylvester Stallone. Come on now. Here it is. Brought to you by our friends at Audible. Joining me here on the Rich Eisen Show is none other than the great Sylvester Stallone, whose new show, Tulsa King, is now available on Paramount Plus.

It premiered this past Sunday, and new episodes will drop weekly every single Sunday. How are you, sir? I'm very good. You know, it's nice to be able to talk about something that you don't have to lie about. It's pretty good.

It's really good. And is that your show or sports or what are we not lying about? On this particular date, it's the show. It's the show.

Tulsa King. Terrific. And so why this show and why now?

It's fine. You know, it's very hard, Rich, to find anything unusual, but, you know, you've been around as long as I have. I mean, my guide, to come up with a unique idea.

So they took actually a variation of an idea. Fish out of water, mafioso gang guy who really went to jail, kept his mouth shut for twenty five years, expected to be rewarded, and instead he's chastised. He's punished. He's sent into exile in Tulsa, where they basically expect him to disappear. But instead, he's his name is the general. He's an organizer.

He's not a thug. And he starts building this whole infrastructure with cowboys, Indians, you know, guys where he flip flopped, legions. I mean, this whole, I'd say, booyah base of humanity, and he eventually built a new family there. And it has a lot of comic overtones.

How do you start over at 76 years old, a stranger to a strange land? So the audience travels with him and sees the entire show unveiled before their very eyes. Well, I got to tell you, I was going to bring up the comedic aspect of it because I did find myself laughing out loud at some of your lines in the opening episode and how you handled your business in this episode. And and I'll be honest as well. I know Terence Winters is behind this, along with Taylor Sheridan. There is there is some Tony Soprano sort of humor that I'm seeing in this thing here.

I think you have to I was very fearful that they wanted to have actually the original concept. He was kind of a thug. He was out there and just kick butt.

And I know that's not the way it would work. He would last about an hour before these cowboys took him somewhere and hung them. He has to be an organizer. He's a charmer. He he ingratiates himself to people. And before you know it, he's in their lives and they're actually doing better. That's the whole point. He's not taking from them.

He's saying, look, let me show you how to really run this business. And it's working out. Like I said, I really enjoyed the first episode and I'm looking forward to so much more. Sylvester Stallone and Tulsa King here on the Rich Eisen Show. And we'll circle back to it before we finish up. But I'm talking to you for me, having been a fan of yours for so long is it's pretty cool, man.

I'll be very honest. And and obviously the movie Rocky for a show like mine is directly up the alley of the sports slash pop culture. And so is it true that this film was based off of a Muhammad Ali fight with Chuck Wepner? Is that how you you first it first came to you an idea there, Sylvester?

Let me be totally transparent, as they say. Rocky Marciano was the basis for the film, but considering the majority of people don't unless you're really a fan of boxing, he quit in nineteen fifty three, fifty four. So when I went to pitch it to the studio, I said, Rocky Marciano, they go, who? So just as fate would have it, they had the Ali Wepner fight. Perhaps two or three months before, and they made a big deal of the fact that someone stepped on someone's toe and he fell down. But it looks like the underdog knocked him down.

So right away, they gave credence and validity that the underdog can for a moment have this bright, shining, you know, unexpected like, well, I don't know, it's just a magical era. Like he was now part of something. He's part of legend like Chuck Wepner. You just remember that that's that's what he takes away.

But he can live off of that and for the rest of his life. But the real thing was Marciano because we're the same size. I mean, the fact that he had a sixty eight inch reach was unbelievable. And he was that kind of fighter, like a Rocky fighter. He wasn't flash. He wasn't big. He was underwhelming. That's what made him so unique. And he started fighting at twenty two years old.

It's unbelievable. So what caused you as a guy and you'd getting started out in a career like, you know, I'm going to sit down and write this and make this and make it sort of a mission for you. Like what what caused you to come up with this concept of Rocky? So I thought that I was very, very frustrated, like most people are with their lives, because I think the the the concept of actually going all the way and becoming a champion is a rare one as it's not really validated by much success. Most people, all they want is an opportunity to take a shot at the golden ring.

And if they fail, they say, well, at least I tried. I had that moment. But when I get, you know, receive that moment, you're not afforded that privilege of competing and showing what you have. You live a very frustrated life. And that's the way I was living one as an actor. I was not being taken seriously or as a writer, as anything else.

And I thought, well, no one really cares about how to work actor. But boxing, the sport itself is such a metaphor for life because it really is about getting up, taking the beating, going forward, overcoming your fears, this and that. So I use that metaphor and the embodiment of Rocky to basically tell everyone's story. So I'll ask you the same question I asked Carl Weathers a couple of years ago. Is Rocky a sports movie in your estimation? No, no, not even close. And I used to get so upset when I say, oh, it's like Hoosiers.

I said, no, it's not like Hoosiers or anything else. It's a love story about a broken down, unexciting fighter who's actually lost more than he's won. The whole point is once you find a goal or an object and ideal to fight for, like a family, for example, you fight much harder than you would if you're doing it on your own. You realize you have all these other people dependent on you. So until he finds love, he goes, wow. And then all of a sudden everyone barnacles on him. They realize their entire lives are now joined together.

And this fellow here is going to give some creeds and value to their very existence. So that's what the whole thing was about without Adrian. There's no Rocky period.

It's interesting. Carl said the same thing that it's a love story, but he said it's a love story between Rocky and Apollo Creed was his answer on that one. I think Carl was drinking that day. No, I guess he was talking about the whole arc, obviously, of your characters, right?

But yeah, I mean, I like Carl's cologne and everything, but we're not having a love story. It was just an answer again that it is not a sports movie, you know, no, no, no, no. It's probably six and a half minutes of actual boxing. Yeah.

Does he train? But the sports are completely secondary. It's not about winning. Okay, we're going to pull together.

It's not remember the Titans at all. Matter of fact, he doesn't even care if he wins. He just wants to go the distance.

That's it. His goal, which I think all people, you know, subjectively have, I just want to make it through my life, take care of my kids, pay my taxes, go on a few vacations and say, yeah, I did it. I ended up on my feet and that's what the objective in the message was. Do you got a good Burgess Meredith story, how he got involved? What's your favorite one? I did Burgess, first of all, the director was asking all these people to read Burgess Meredith had been acting for 40 years and my original choice was Lee J. Cobb and he came in and he goes, Oh, I can't wait to do this thing. I go, really?

Oh, fantastic. Then the director goes, well, you need to audition. He goes, excuse me, Lee J. Cobb on the waterfront. And the only one who did it was because everyone else was insulted.

Like how dare you? We've done 110 films, all these other actors, but Burgess stepped up and he did it and he had been nominated, which the year before, I mean, he's really an accomplished actor, but the worst thing was he finally gets the part. And I tell him in a perfect world Burgess, but if we get to chapter three, you have to pass away.

What? He goes, well, I said, you're telling me you're going to hire me, but I'm going to die later on. I go, that's the joke, unfortunately, because I have to carry the torch on and you're going to be a dramatic lever to promote, to, to push the story much more emotional direction. He goes, I refuse to die. And he goes, and he said, I'm leaving early today because I have a dog food commercial to do. And that way I'm not gonna, I'm not going to stick around and die. I'd say, you're not leaving to do your dog food commercial and you're going to, sorry, you're taking a 10 count. You're out, pal, but he did not want to die.

That's it. You have to, he goes, put me in a wheelchair, put me in a coma. I said, I'm sorry. And you know, the truth is I wish I had really, I wish I could, yes, cause I can never replace it. If you saw, I kept bringing them back as a ghost and everything else. Yeah.

I really wish I'd kept them around and just had them kind of like that, an invalid, but he's still in the game. And I think that would have also, you know, brought another aspect to the audience. I said, wow. Okay.

So you've lost this use of this, but you're still providing knowledge and support. Well, I, and it's really amazing what it has become and what it means for the city of Philadelphia and sports world as well. I mean, the NFL had a draft there a few years ago on the steps of the art museum. They had to move your statue, right? I mean, they moved it, but they, but it was the most, I'm telling you, Sylvester, it was the most visited spot of the entire NFL draft people going up to that statue. And then obviously Philadelphia Eagles game starts and you've riled up crowds there as well. Did you ever think that, you know, part of the Philadelphia sports scene forever, literally that that was made as a proper Rocky three, even though it was made by a very, very respected sculptor sports sculptor, Robert Schoenberg, but did I ever think it was going to be a flash point or some tourist attraction never, but the mere fact that they took the statue and put it at the bottom of the steps off to the side, I think it's perfect because Rocky, he does, he's his kind of character belongs at the bottom of the steps, you know, that kind of thing.

It's more inspirational down there than at the top. And the Eagles are undefeated in the NFL season about this, you know, I'm afraid to go to one of their games because I went to one of their games. I went to the first game, but I guess it was the new, the new stadium. I was there that night. And you were right. We were in the town, people going crazy. I was there that night and they lost.

And I know they blame me. So I know I'm telling you Tampa Bay was Rocky, Rocky got knocked out. I said, I'm never going back ever to a game when they're really undefeated.

Like if there were a one in nine, I'm there. Well, that's the Rocky story, right? I mean, that's the Rocky story, right? That's the comeback. I'm not jinxing anybody. That's the comeback. So again, Tulsa King, it premiered this past Sunday.

New episodes drop weekly on Sundays exclusively on Paramount Plus. It is just a, it's a great show, a red hot, obviously showrunner and writer as well. So congratulations on that moving forward. Thank you.

Thank you very much. All right, before I let you go, we had Martin Kove, the actor here to know Cobra Kai the other day. And I asked him, tell me your favorite Sylvester Stallone story. And he told a story about your politeness in an Acapulco disco led to a fistfight that had nothing to do with you. Do you want to tell your end of that story, Sylvester?

No, I don't. But I'll tell you, Martin Kove was such a gutsy guy. He's the first actor I met. Standing on a street corner, there's a fellow walking around supposedly in a Viking helmet dragging on a giant guy, a Viking, they used to call him Moondog. And I walked up and there I see this other guy going, hey, how you doing? How you doing? What do you think about this jerk here?

I go, yeah, let's check. And we started talking about Moondog and little did I know that he would become a lifelong friend. Yep. And he told a story and it was, it was quite an interesting one. So I just figured you'd give your, your, your end of it had nothing to do with you, he said. So you're, you know, very good.

Sylvester Stallone. Thank you for the time. If you're ever here, you know, in LA, want to come in and chat some more, I would love to go over your career a little bit more and congrats on Tulsa King. Anytime. My pleasure.

That's Sylvester Stallone, Tulsa King. Check it out on Paramount Plus, which you can see right here on Roku and also the author of Sly Moves and the host of the Sylvester Stallone podcast on Audible. And today's interview is sponsored by Audible. Audible is where you'll find the best stories on sports and entertainment. It's the home of storytelling, listening to audio books, originals, and podcasts, including this one, The Rich Eisen Show.

Sign up for free at, for a free 30 day trial at 844-204-RICH is the number to dial. When we come back, the most surprising win of week number 10, I know what the poll results said. I have no earthly idea what is the matter with those listeners and viewers of this particular audience, but we're talking about that. When we come back, I can't believe this happened. When we return The World Tournament of Soccer kicks off next week in Qatar, and to make sure you're up to speed, we present Qatar Kickaround. All this week, the Kickaround guys are providing a primer of episodes for those watching their very first World Tournament or anybody who just wants to learn more and group previews all the way from A through H and predicting how they'll turn out. Will the U.S. even get out of their group? Will we get a surprise first time winner or will we get the storybook ending of Messi finally lifting the trophy?

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Yeah, man. I mean, Joe Thomas, after getting out of his lederhosen that he wore to the Hofbrauhaus on Thursday night, he went all in on it on Friday's game day, I mean, a good morning football. I mean, Bill Cowher on Sunday on CBS. Has he stopped crying yet? He was really- He was passionate. Well, I mean, he was the, he was the chin. He was getting it done, man. Yeah. He was all in on how this is an affront to coaching. What are you, to disgrace the profession?

Is that what he called it? And again, I understand why there are many coaches who feel like this is a rare opportunity for any human being to get, let alone a white guy who'd never done it before at any level above high school. And that's part of the reason why I totally feel for Jeff Saturday, because what's he supposed to do?

Tell Jim or say no? And then you hear that he turned down opportunities to join the staff as an assistant. And then he says yes to the head coaching job. And that is, again, another affront to many coaches because, oh, so you don't want to grind it out.

You just want to go, don't pass, go directly to head coach. And honestly, what are you, what's the guy supposed to do? No? Don't want to do it? I guess what? Dwight Franey came on this show and spoke to Tom Pelosero. I saw that video that he basically said he would have turned it down. So what he said?

He would have hung up the phone. Yeah. I don't know about that. But he said, I know, I'm just saying, I don't know if, but again, maybe he doesn't want to coach though. Maybe he has no desire to coach.

Yeah. I mean, Reggie Wayne's out there grinding. Dwight probably doesn't want to do that, but I'll tell you what, man, what he did clearly all week long is he identified a kid on the staff that had never called a play before who Frank Reich thought the world of, Parks Frazier, 30 years old and said, you're calling, you're calling plays. And he must have like tapped every single guy on the shoulder and had a conversation with him or brought in a sensibility and an energy with these guys were saying that caused him to buy in. Now it helps to have a running back like Jonathan Taylor healthy.

It does. And it certainly helped that again, I still don't understand how Matt Ryan goes from benched in mothballs. I mean, we had Zach Kiefer of The Athletic coming on saying he costs so much money next year if he gets hurt this year and to the point where the Colts will never play him again and somehow some way Jeff Saturday, like screw it, whatever, whatever impediment there was to Matt Ryan ever suiting up for the Colts again, poof went away.

And to that I say, kudos to him, kudos to him. Now the NFL is a week to week league and the stuff that we talk about here and we buy in and overreact and say, this is now the way it's going to be because it was that way once in one week. We say that a lot because it's fun. And the Indianapolis Colts next up, they have a particularly good team that is particularly ornery because they just lost for the first time all year. The Colts next game is the Philadelphia Eagles at home before there's a Monday night game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and then a game at the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night if it stays that way before a bye week, late bye week and then at Minnesota home for the Chargers on a Monday night at the Giants on a new year's day and then home for Houston to wrap things up. So there's a lot of games that they're going to have to, you know, buy in. Matt Ryan's going to have to stay upright and things are going to have to go their way and Jeff Saturday may have to make some decisions on when to challenge and when to call time outs that did not crop up in this week.

And I say this with the ultimate of wishing I didn't have to. But they played a team that is in total complete apparent disarray. This says it all. In this paragraph from an ESPN story I tweeted it out because it is so remarkable and I have to read it verbatim because this describes the Las Vegas Raiders in a complete nutshell their last three weeks and this is a team that as we all know started 0-3, rebounded and then has totally devolved again. Another three game losing streak. Here you go. The Raiders got off to an 0-3 start and after winning two of three they have lost their past three games in dispiriting fashion getting shut out by the Saints and former coach Dennis Allen blowing a 17-0 lead their third such defeat of the season to the Jacksonville Jaguars and then the loss Sunday to the Colts.

Here you go. Indianapolis had a coach who had never coached above the high school level in Jeff Saturday, an offensive coordinator who had never called plays in the NFL before in Parks Frazier and a 37-year-old quarterback who had been benched earlier this season in Matt Ryan. Does that say it all or what? You can't make this up.

You can't make up what I just read. Now I don't know what the hell's happening there and you gotta wonder what the hell's happening there. Derek Carr could not have been more emotional after losing this game and why not?

Because they just lost to a team that fired its coach hired somebody that has turned the entire NFL upside down about it everybody's twisted sideways a kid who had never called a single play before in his life at the NFL level calling the plays and Matt Ryan who is an iron deer on the front lawn down four on a third down runs untouched 39 yards. It's like where's anybody to chase this guy down? He looked like me running the 40. We should time that out.

Who was faster? Oh somebody already did that. Oh really? Yes. But it's not a straight line. He beat me. 40 yards is 40 yards.

But it's still it's just like where's the defense? This was Derek Carr after the game. I love Josh. I love the Carr. I love our coaches. You've had nothing but success. You know way more success than I've ever had. You know and you know I'm sorry Derek to finish that sorry for being emotional I'm just pissed off about some of the things you know that a lot of us try and do just to practice what we put our bodies through just to sleep at night but for that to be the result of all that effort pisses me off this is a lot of guys off it's hard knowing what some guys are doing like I said just to practice but they're putting in their body just to sleep at night like just so we can be there for each other and I wish everybody in that room felt the same way about this place and as a leader that pisses me off man I'm being honest man that's the part it's the thing that I it hits me so hard this is the guy who last year led the team when John Gruden got fired out of the blue and when Henry Ruggs killed somebody in a car accident drunk driving and he was the one who held things together with Rich Passaccio the interim head coach and for whatever reason the owner of the team decides to let's just blow it up and start new and Josh McDaniels has to be the one to to be the guy on the seat because it's on his watch that things have devolved I mean I know Mark Davis the owner gave him a vote of confidence saying Rome wasn't built in a day but Rome was on its way to being built last year you had the Coliseum you know the forum to use a Vegas phrase you know you had a it was going in the direction and now it's totally devolved and Josh Jacobs is having a hell of a year I have no idea what's going on there and I thought this team had all the makings to win the division and they have fallen apart and they have broken Derek Carr this is the guy who is just like I am the emotional rock climb on my back and now they're two and seven week ten and he's saying this easily the most disappointing team in the NFL clubhouse leader I'm gonna see him on on Christmas Eve against the Steelers I have no idea what they're gonna look like on that day but right now man I feel for Derek Carr that's for damn sure Glenn Powell coming up an hour number three I know that again the owner is just like vote of confidence he gave them a vote of confidence by giving him the whole shooting match I know you're sitting there saying you know pull the trigger because I want to get the Patriots would have a new offensive coordinator within the week no we can we're in the playoffs right now let's go you'll offset some of that Kraft will offset some of those dollars to Mark Davis I will donate some I'm sure Josh McDaniels doesn't want that I don't know what the hell happened I honestly the hell going on get it and Devante Adams also said that he likes Josh McDaniels that they've both fronted their comments with don't take this as blaming the coach but if there's some guys on the team that aren't buying in then the coach needs to reach them because you know what Jeff Saturday did in five days in five days he did yeah everybody buying in in five days and it's been nine weeks of games and the people in Vegas aren't completely bought in I don't get it and you look ahead to week 11 it's a loser leaves town match Denver and light Vegas play each other dude two disappointing teams I think both ships have sailed there both ships have sailed there I I don't I don't understand how the hell that happened because there's a lot of talented guys in that room and winners in that room they won last year and now they cannot I mean they have the same number of losses now as they did all last year shrug emoji it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting Ramit Sadie talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen.
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