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REShow: Jeff Passan/Brian Dawkins - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 27, 2022 3:11 pm

REShow: Jeff Passan/Brian Dawkins - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 27, 2022 3:11 pm

ESPN MLB Insider Jeff Passan and Rich discuss Yankees OF Aaron Judge’s decision making process as he heads into free agency this offseason, how the Yankees must address their roster to compete with the Houston Astros and other up-and-coming AL teams like the Mariners and Guardians in 2023, and if the Phillies have a chance to upset the Astros in the World Series.

Rich reacts to the 6-0 Philadelphia Eagles trading for Chicago Bears edge rusher Robert Quinn.

Hall of Fame DB Brian Dawkins tells Rich what the Eagles landing edge rusher Robert Quinn means for Philly’s Super Bowl hopes, how QB Jalen Hurts’ mental toughness is setting the tone in the Eagles’ locker room, and weighs in on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers publicly calling out his young teammates.

Rich comments on the Lakers dropping to 0-4 on the season and ponders if LeBron has any shot of winning with the non-descript roster surrounding him on the floor, and reacts to Bill Belichick’s latest press conference addressing questions about his ambiguous starting QB situation.

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Try Dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Matt Ryan, what do you think he's thinking about right now? Live from The Rich Eisen Show's studio in Los Angeles. But the major thing is the Indianapolis Colts now have a new starting quarterback.

I unfortunately think it's unfair to Matt because I don't think he was playing so bad that it was vengeful. Earlier on the show, Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett. Still to come ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passen. Pro Football Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins. New York Times best-selling author Jeff Perlman. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Now our number two The Rich Eisen show on the air. We're going to chat with Tyler Lockett of the Seattle Seahawks. The New York Giants have made a trade. They traded away their first round draft selection from 2021.

The wide receiver Caderius Tony. Just when you thought the Giants needed him to get back on the field and use his is all world as it appears when he's healthy talent. They trade him to Kansas City on a bye week. So the trade deadline is Tuesday and that's an interesting backstop to the week eight that begins tonight. It it's if a team wins and you feel like you've got a shot this week maybe you hold on to somebody. If you lose and you figure out I got to start providing for the future you trade the guy away or it doesn't matter if you win or lose you're still trading the guy away just like the Bears just did with Robert Quinn. We will hit that in that conversation and that trade with Brian Dawkins the Hall of Fame defensive back from mostly the Eagles. Obviously Broncos fans will also claim him. I have nightmares about him.

I'm sure you do. B-Doc is on this program in the middle of this hour. Jeff Perlman the author of this tremendous new book that I am in the middle of reading The Last Folk Year of the Life and Myth of Bo Jackson. He's coming in here in the studio. He's also the guy who brought us winning time not one but two books on the Lakers who are 0 and 4 to start the season. We'll hit that in this hour and also with Jeff when he joins us.

But right now we get set for the World Series and also as a backdrop to this World Series the team that did not make it. The New York Yankees got swept by the American League champion Houston Astros who host the Philadelphia Phillies tomorrow night in game one and joining us on the way to Houston is a man a man who well he wrecked my club with this piece that came out yesterday because he followed Aaron Judge around throughout the home run chase in September and he also had some thoughts on the upcoming free agency of the man who just set the American League record for single season in home runs and that Aaron Judge piece is available on ESPN Plus joining us from I guess an airport on the way to the World Series from ESPN MLB insider on the Mercedes Benz Vance phone liner friend Jeff Passon. How you doing Jeff? I am Dandy Rich how are you? Okay great so when uh when you called in from Toronto and you're talking about Aaron Judge's uh historic home run I had no idea you were following him around.

No clue look at you. I was chasing him a little kind of creepy. So there were a couple chases going on there are a couple chases going on one of Maris and you of him so um what did you what did you glean from your your hanging out or being around Aaron Judge during that time Jeff? You know I think he's I think he's still a mystery to a lot of people and nobody in the Yankees organization really has a great sense of what he's going to do which honestly is about the best position that you could put yourself in when it comes to free agency. Now maybe that changes when you put your expectations out there and maybe you want a number that is so astronomical that it's laughable and that there's festering ill will that the organization may not know about uh or that there are you know hard feelings still from the contract offer that came back in April. But I think in the end what Aaron Judge understand is that uh the uh cost and the pain of paying him what he is going to want is less than the pain of losing him.

There's no question. And and and when you look at it that way uh the Yankees are in a bit of a damn that they do damn that they don't uh but if they don't uh they're a lot more damned. Well the question is is will he give them the chance to be uh damned either way that the the idea around him uh being such a mystery is that maybe deep down he harbors a desire to go back to California and play for the Giants and it won't even matter how much money the Yankees throw at him especially since Jeff your quote that you put in your piece that certainly caught my eye was surrounding uh the moment when Brian Cashman let loose the details of the contract that Judge turned down and uh you you quoted him telling Anthony Rizzo a teammate who talked about it with him afterwards quote you don't think I'm worth more end quote so what what about that possibility? That was a great story that was a great story wasn't it? Oh yeah you got you got you had me at hello with that one that literally calls me to text you in the middle of my show to say I need you on my show tomorrow that's exactly what happened so yeah I you know I I think that I think that that is natural for any high achieving person right uh you want to know that your contributions are appreciated you want to to feel loved and I think for the most part Aaron Judge feels pretty loved as a Yankee he understands that uh if he's not performing there are certain standards that the fans have and those standards do not change over time Derek Jeter got booed and Derek Jeter is the most unimpeachable Yankee you know since what the 50s like since Mickey Manple since Yogi Berra I mean he he is everything to that organization and fans still booed him so I don't think that getting sued necessarily bothers him I think he understands that there are many benefits to being a New York Yankee and that the detriment that you have are outweighed by those benefits but this is a value proposition Rich um you add up all of that great stuff that being a Yankee is along with uh the bad stuff uh and you add up the great stuff that comes with if you're a Dodger being on an extremely successful team and if you're a giant being on a team that's got a ton of money to spend and is an hour and a half from the the small town you grew up in and a net and a pod or a mariner you can you can look at all these different places and in the end I really do wonders money is going to be a tiebreaker because money connotes value right money says this is how much we value you we can say it all we want with our words but we're going to show you instead of tell you okay so it's going to come down to who pays him the most is what you're saying uh or that's your general sentiment I don't know if it's going to come down to that because I think there's certainly scenarios rich in which he finds comfort in a place or with a theme that may not be willing to pay him the most but I think that the discount money is being an enormous factor here would just be ignoring human nature and ignoring uh the idea of achievement and wanting people to recognize that achievement uh in as many ways as they can including the most tangible which is how am I going to compensate you for your achievement so what do you think the timeline is on this once the world series is over um or or has it started have the Yankees already reached out to him or the Yankees are still trying to figure out who's doing the reaching out I'll be honest I don't have a I don't have a great sense on the timeline at this point you know I I look in the past at big three agencies I look at Bryce Harper and Manny Machado they didn't sign till February I look at Corey Seeger he signed in November um the the market has not established itself at this point yet um I I could see him wanting to get something done quickly because Aaron Judge is a very process-oriented guy and somebody who's pretty meticulous of his routine and wanting to get that established earlier rather than later is is always a good thing but there's also a scenario in which the market is not what he's looking for and uh he he runs the risk and is willing to absorb the risk of letting it play out in hopes of getting what he thinks is right there so what do you thought it's on the market Mets Red Sox Dodgers will they be involved you think in this uh I think I don't know that the Mets are going to be involved uh that that's not clear at this point uh I do think the Dodgers will be involved and I think a lot of the Red Sox depends on what happens uh with Raphael Devers because I don't I don't see them um extending Raphael Devers and signing Aaron Judge um so if a Devers contract comes through then I think they're probably out of the running for Judge but if one doesn't then they'd be foolish not to at least think choir and uh see if they can tell them I'm going to Boston because you want to talk about a coup oh my goodness can you imagine Aaron Judge with the Red Sox well I mean you would be derelict of duty if you represent Aaron Judge and don't get the Red Sox involved and in the most public manner possible I mean that that would be honestly that that's I mean what is that straight out of the Scott Boris playbook I mean so you know put it all together um it's going to be a monster story in baseball certainly because it involves Judge the Yankees and then also Jeff Passen here on the Rich Eisen Show part of the reason why I wanted to talk Judge with you is not only your remarkable piece uh with ESPN plus and so much more is is the the fact that the Yankees got swept by the the American League champion Houston Astros and one would think one would think that in order for the Yankees to finally get past the team that uh Bob Costas called the Yankees daddy I mean even Costas is getting in on that sort of um language right so you'd have to have Judge there you'd have to right I mean and so my sense is like how does the ALCS inform Judge and the Yankees and and and how they can put together a team to get past Houston for a change you think uh you know it's it this is where it gets kind of problematic for the Yankees right um they have not shown a willingness to go payroll wise where they have gone in the path into the extremely high 200s um and I you know I like three years ago I would have bet every dollar I had that if a team was going to exceed 300 million dollars uh it was going to be the Yankees or the Dodgers and here it's the Mets so uh not only are the Yankees being out spent these days they're being out spent by the other team in their city um so when you look at what their payroll commitments are for the future it's around 200 million dollars for next year and boy oh boy um 200 million dollars you add another 40 for Judge and then you gotta add a whole lot more on top of that because the team you put together frankly just isn't good enough not good enough to beat the Astros and you can make an argument that it might not have been good enough to beat the Mariners um there's a wild thing to say but I was you know I was talking with Lance McCullers uh after the Astros won the ALTS in a pretty stunning sweep again well no it's not stunning uh convincing sweep against the Yankees and he was talking about how he thought nobody else would have eaten Seattle and maybe that's you know maybe that's just the Astros way of popping themselves up but I think in a series between Seattle and the Yankees uh it certainly is not going definitively in the Yankees favor I mean Cleveland Cleveland took them to five games and I think Seattle was a was a markedly better team especially for the playoffs than Cleveland no I could you just named uh many teams all of them who put the ball and play more than the Yankees yeah I mean they they they are like that proverbial uh basketball team that shoots threes to win that uh sure they can they can win a lot and they can blow you out and they can come from behind but if the shots aren't dropping they lose and that's about it for the Yankees like if the if the ball's not leaving the yard they lose period end of story and and when you go against teams like the Astros or guardians or uh if they did have to face the Mariners that you know they are some good pitchers everybody comes out throwing a hundred out of the pen now they'll strike you out they'll strike you out so if you that's it in this day and age yeah I mean listen let's not discount that the Yankees this year lost Michael King lost Chad Green lost Scott Afros those are three really good bullpen arms and that their bullpen was as thin as it was in the playoffs in large part due to those injuries that they didn't have DJ Lemayhew that they didn't have Andrew Benton Tandy two guys who would have been part of that everyday lineup than Shreika did um that being said if you put those five guys back on the New York Yankees I still don't think they beat the Astros I agree maybe it's more competitive maybe it's a more competitive series at that point but they're not better than the Astros I mean they you know they really have to think about what they want to be and and part of me wonders so hey this is you know I'm thinking three steps ahead here but um if Aaron Judge leaves does that force the Yankees to go out and give up everything they can to get Shohei Otani for one year how about both can I get both can I get both can I get resounding judge and they give up everything they want for Otani and then that's the one one of the ways that they they do this and and maybe they get some players like the Guardians have get some guy like Steve Kwan to battle lead off on a team like this you know what I mean like get get get guys who get on base and don't strike out and see what happens after that and don't trade for Josh Donaldson and IKF and try and get your own Jeremy Pena I mean look I could go on and on about the Yankees and and in the couple minutes I have left for it with you Jeff Passen I'd be remiss you know certainly I'm there there might be some Phillies and Astros fans screaming at their radio or at their Roku and saying what about the World Series so uh what are you what about the freaking World Series go for it I give you the floor how do you see this playing out Jeff um the Houston Astros are one of the best teams I've been doing this 20 years now uh they're one of the best teams I've ever seen that preventing runs it's a weird way to to look at things right we normally talk about it through pitching or through fielding now the the Astros are just a run prevention machine and in the playoffs they haven't hit all that well frankly but they've hit enough and and what really impresses me about them uh is you know we talk about playoff experience and I part of me wants to discount it right because these are all professional athletes these are all guys who have climbed the ladder wherever they've been whether it's in high school and college whether it's among fierce competition down in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela whether it's in Japan whatever it is they are all incredible competitors but uh there's just a certain calmness that the Astros have in close games and and it's it's a rational confidence you know we have those irrational confidence guys who think they're better than they are and go and do wild things and chuck up 30 foot like heat checks no the the Astros confidence is completely rational because they know that they're really damn good they've been here they've done this and it's you know it's almost like walking for them it's almost like breathing for them they just they succeed without thinking about it uh the the Phillies on the other hand you know this is Bryce Harper's first time in the world series this is Reese Hopkins' first time in the world series J.T. Reel-Mutio's first time in the world series Aaron Nolus' first time in the world series Zach Wheeler's first time in the world series we you know we can go on and on about the incredible litany of players top end talent that the Philadelphia Phillies have um and listen I buy into the idea that there are teams of destiny I don't mean it like it's preordained that this team's gonna come out of nowhere to me a team of destiny uh is a team that gets hot as can be and just rides that way and and I never like betting against teams like that because it feels like they just have this snowball that's been rolling down a mountain and and as an avalanche and uh it's gonna be impossible to stop all right so crystal ball it but the ash what do you got crystal balling what do you got for me uh the the Astros are uh that giant torch that will melt the snowball and uh I've got them in six um listen I can I can equivocate here by saying I see a path for the Phillies to win and I do uh I think they need to score early in games and really try and wear out that deep bullpen uh I think they need to win three out of the four starts made by Aaron Noah and Zach Wheeler and I think they need to significantly limit defensive miscues because that is an area in which they struggle if they can do all those things they can meet the Astros but I think uh you know I think the odd makers have it right the Astros are pretty strong favorites at this point because whether it's through the 106 win regular season or their you know fourth world series in the last six years after six consecutive american league championships like or uh ALCS appearances they've earned the right to get the respect that they have jeff passen appreciate the time let's talk after the series and when the uh the hot stove begins heating up really appreciate it brother travel safe thanks rich great talking about the right back at you at jeff passing on twitter follow him he's a must follow and obviously check out his story on aaron judge which is the biggest story in baseball once the world series is over along with what might happen with otani right here on the rich isen show and meanwhile back at the football ranch in philadelphia the eagles made a big trade yesterday and when it's all said and done by the trade deadline on tuesday meet this may be the biggest trade that's that's uh that's made in the nfl in 2022 quite frankly even though the giants and chiefs just made an interesting one moments ago we'll discuss that brian dawkins of the eagles will uh will chime in on robert quinn being a new member of the philadelphia eagles that's next your phone calls as well at 844-204-rich number to dial 2000 2008 2022 when it comes to the economy those are some scary years dot com crash housing crash and the roller coaster we're kind of going through right now one thing is certain it's a dangerous time to not know your numbers but over 31 000 businesses have the confidence and clarity they need because they rely 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have a lasting effect and also have shown how um it's kind of a copycat league kind of a copycat league not just when x's and o's work but if it works in the front office if it works in the front office um now not everything is repeatable for instance the um the bucks pushed the button on brady that worked rams pushed the button on stafford that worked how many times did the colts try to push the button on a one-shot veteran quarterback deal yeah multiple times didn't work over has it worked can't say it won't work since worked and then another uh way of doing business is to just f all them picks right that's the whole concept of less need draft picks we don't need no stinking draft picks even though he does keep some one would think for second and third days and we've seen that work out so the 49ers are like we don't have a first round pick next year so let's just trade away second third and fourth round picks next year too let's get christian mccaffrey and prevent him from going to the rams which is prepared to f more pitch that's one way to do it so you've seen that as a copycat another copycat is what the rams did last year in effing the picks or a pick they went and they got von miller for their defensive line and at the time i'll be honest did anybody sit around and think you know what the rams need is more pass rush with aaron donnell up front you know what they need they need more pass rush and i guess it's one of those things where can't have enough pass rush can't have enough pass rush and we saw von miller eventually work his way into that mix for the rams and proved to be a highly valuable commodity in making their run to the super bowl and winning it with matthew stafford in his first shot with the rams so what did we see yesterday first thing i thought of was that von miller trade when you saw a team at six and oh already with brandon graham balling out and jordan davis and fletcher cox on that defensive line and the defense is balling out in philadelphia what did they do more pass rush and they got a guy who had 18 and a half sacks last year they flipped a four for robert quinn and add him to the defensive line and now he's coming to this team with the philadelphia eagles coming off of a bye week as the lone remaining undefeated team in the nfl i love this move fourth round pick bringing robert quinn and the bears paying seven million of his salary which i imagine upped the draft choice that they received from philadelphia they're paying most of his salary so philly's getting them on like a veteran minimum all it is is a fourth round pick and i made sure i made a note of this so let me i bookmarked it yesterday so let me get this right even after that trade and also aj brown right and also jordan davis trading to to go get him and get a better draft pick on on draft day eagles still have six round six picks in next year's draft including two in the first round theirs and the new orleans saints and the new orleans saints one currently is fourth overall holly roseman holy crap what a move they still have six next year two firsts including a top five and their six and oh and they just added robert quinn for hardly a dollar and a cent and all it is is the fourth round pick holy cow that's the way you win championships that's the way you're aggressive well done and i'm sure everyone in philadelphia getting ready for the world series is like this is the way it goes around these parts now we won't talk about what happened in toronto last night on the hardwood we'll leave that for another time it's a long season look all i'm saying is what a hell of a move and a hell of a time in philadelphia right now and joining us from philly on the mercedes ben's vance phone line is a hall of famer who knows all about trying to win championships in philadelphia he's none other than the great brian dawkins how you doing brian i'm absolutely blessed brother absolutely blessed i know you are and i love chatting with you let's just jump right into it and the acquisition of robert quinn by the eagles means what for you wow yeah depth number one depth rotation depth right another playmaker as a defensive position so another game changer not just a playmaker but a game changer and then me because i love it is competition in the room and the more competition in the room the better results you'll get from the room and i love that i love that they're bringing this individual in to now challenge bg to see who can get the most sacks or challenge you shouldn't say like that for me in a room when you have that healthy competition it really brings out the best in your team and you know the uh general sense i have um it's similar to what many in in the media are saying is this is reminiscent of the ram's acquiring von miller last year and we saw what happened there do you think there are similar dna in that move in this move brian i kind of felt the same thing that there are kind of pushing not i won't say all the chips to the middle table like but like they're in that they're all in into making this run this year and and seeing if that depth and the offensive line the way they're playing the growth and dealing hurts and additions at the receiver position all of those things to see if this is the year that the eagles bring a rank something uh back this way well i mean you know what a championship team in that town looks like do you think this is one brian uh listen for me can they win the next game that'll always be the way that that's not the way it works brian that's maybe in the world of football players my mind works because i understand once you start looking too far ahead and start looking at the schedule hey we can beat that team you can be that team yeah now you're you've lost some focus on the team that you're about to play and you're probably gonna lose well i mean the way i see it because i'm not allowed to do the game by game stuff certainly sitting in a chair like this uh doing a show like this is it looks to me that jail and hurts has become the rock star that everybody thought that you know or hoped that he could be not a lot of people thought that he would be um on par with say uh lamar jackson right so quickly in his in his um tenure right now on par with a superb quarterback like justin herbert or joe burrow right i mean there are mvp talks for him and rightfully so here and i feel like he's got that mindset that you just mentioned too to go in that locker room and say we're not we're not anywhere where we need to be yet and lead on that front and then and then walk it on the field or run it right throw it absolutely and for me that was one of the things that when i first started hearing about the eg was picking up zealot hurts and i kind of looked back over his story even before he touched the field i was impressed by the way he handled himself in college very impressed by the ability for him to stay the type of teammate that we he was in alabama even though he you know somebody replaced him to then go to another team oklahoma to have six earn the right to be the quarterback first of all and then have the success there to be second in the race for the Heisman and then you come to the philadelphia egos and go right into a competition with with carston winch but the whole time he keeps saying the right thing keeps saying not just the right thing but things that are personable to him in a way that makes sense to him and he constantly does get better so he's one of those instances i just mentioned he kept getting better so to me that tells me that he's a mentally tough dude that can focus on the things that needs to be focused on get rid of the negative things and get better at the things that he sees that he needs to get better in and he's done that even this year his deep ball is improved his accuracy is improved his anticipation is improved all of the things that were knocks on him last year he's improved those things so that again that means is you have a mentally tough young man that looks to improve brian dawkins hall of famer here on the rich eisen show and we'll get to uh the uh health conversation that you're here to have courtesy of novo nor disc right here on the rich eisen show but i do in the couple minutes i have with you left i don't know how it uh locked in you are and what arin rogers has been saying about his situation in green bay but he was talking about the mistakes that are being made on the field about 20 of mistakes on the field talking about players need to maybe hold themselves more accountable and potentially play guys who are waiting in the wings and sitting down guys who are not performing very well um and uh and sort of the waves that have been called uh caused by by him being so honest an assessment of his teammates and a little bit of himself as well what do you think about those comments brian dawkins so the first thing and i have not heard any of that so i can't speak too too much on that yeah the first part of what you just said the last part of what you said should have been the first part of what you said meaning that you said a little bit accountability for himself i don't know if it's true or not i'm just using your words but yes sir so for me it's our major accountability first me and then we could speak about my teammates that's just the way that i have i'm not again i don't know the conversation i don't know how would he really meant by the things that he's meaning but from my vantage point as a leader i always wanted to call out the things that i was doing wrong first and then we can talk about the things that we collectively need to do together that's how i always try to do it and then uh and then i guess yeah he he definitely holds himself accountable but he is talking about uh the team as a whole um on behalf of trying to win i think that might have been a more artful way of saying it brian but again there's just different ways of handling and and i'm not saying how he did how he's doing what he's doing is the wrong way to do it i'm just saying it's not the way that i would have done it i i'm i'm someone who likes to do things behind closed doors and we can do things face to face team like type type stuff instead of media i don't i i never did any messaging to any of my teammates other than to appreciate them other than to congratulate them in the media right everything that i wanted to have conversation around with my teammates it was between me and them and we would have a little small team setting or defensive setting whatever the case and then we can have some deeper conversations so tell me about tackle your health what what do you want people to know about uh this program courtesy of novo nordisk what do you want to folks to know about here brian yeah first of all i'm very appreciative of norvo nordisk and the eagles coming together and allowing me to be a part of this to kind of share my story when it comes to tackling your health and the first word that you see in there is tackle so that means that there's something as a player that means that i'm preparing ahead of time to about the team that i'm about to face in order to tackle the person that i'm going to be going against that week and so when i think about this subject matter of your health that means that we need to do a better job of looking back in our past to see those individuals in our past that may have give you some red flags of by whether it be type 2 diabetes uh whether it be obesity um or you know the the consequences of uh cardiovascular disease of understanding the importance of then having a game plan ahead of time before you get into any of those situations and me personally the reason why i'm so passionate about this because my mom has diabetes diabetes and she's had a couple of strokes because of it and so if we can do things on the front end to help people begin to do things differently sometimes there's small things you do in your life small adjustments and the way that i say that is small hinges swing big doors so sometimes you make a small adjustment in your life and how you're doing things and all of a sudden your health benefits your mental clarity benefits everything begins to benefit because you make a small adjustment and those small adjustments oftentimes can come from those health professionals that can give you that game plan and so you know i believe that we need to do a better job of looking out for ourselves because ultimately you know we want to be around i want to be around for my great great grant for my grandkids i want to hopefully be around for my great great grandkids if i can and the only way that i can have that is by me doing what i'm doing right now i have a plan for my life i've gone i get blood drawn i get my levels checked on a consistent basis and so that i can make sure that i'm doing everything that i'm supposed to do you know movement wise exercise hydration all of those things so that i can be around i can be around love it man slash tackle dash your dash health for for more and get a simple five question assessment to figure out what your plan is brian i appreciate the time always love connecting with you let's do this more often and uh i appreciate your your sense of the philadelphiaegals taking it one game in time and remaining undefeated did i get that right appreciate you brother did i get that right at the very end you know okay very good take care of yourself brian dawkins you be well all right rich be blessed brother you're right back at you at brian dawkins on twitter right here on the rich isen show i think you missed the tweak at the end there i think it was the i think such a be doc only knows one speed yeah he's locked in um okay when we come back uh what's up with the lakers lakers lakers lakers oh and four um we got some bill bella check press conference moment yeah we do plural yeah we do we do do bill speaking about his quarterbacks plural or maybe it's only one that's coming up next on the rich isen show zappy days influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katie perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen eight four four two oh four rich number two down here on the program around so i'll be honest man i'm shooting you straight man i watched the lakers and the nuggets last night um part of the reason is i had two nuggets going against tj jefferson's uh tbd the basketball diaries back-to-back jonas i had uh yokich and i had i picked up uh kcp nice former laker who shouldn't be a former laker no they need him i i'm watching this laker team russ is out so you can't blame him i mean only you can blame him he's not playing you should be playing and when he's playing he don't be shooting and when he's shooting you know he should be passing and when he's passing you should be benched it's just the guy can't he's playing for everything right now yeah i mean you look at ESPN that's the guy that they they think he should be traded and for what who do you think is coming back who do you think is gonna walk through the door and i'm watching the lakers and i'm thinking to myself who the hell are these people playing with lebron and anthony davis who are they who are they whose man this is i know they're nba players and i but seriously like is this locker this is all you came up with in the offseason this is your answer that's that's what i i'm thinking of it's like you had all this time you know all this time to get ready for the test and this is this is what you got yeah i'm wondering what lebron's thinking he's only four they're oh and four knock knock and they're not anything close knock knock meaning what knock knock who's there owen oh and who oh and four says the clipper fan they're shooting something like 21 from three oh for the season you gotta figure that's gonna change unless unless unless my question is not a rhetorical one who are who are they playing who's he playing with he was fine with this he sat around all summer or is he just tapped out sorry they're 22 percent three i'm serious when i say tapped out is it just like he likes where he's living his his next his next world is set up or he's waiting for brawny to get to the league so he can just play but it doesn't matter to him that he's his best result might be the play in oh there i would think they'll be very lucky if they make the play in i'm i could not be more serious and i never thought this about lebron is he just content probably not he can't be he he signed off on the westbrook deal they said i would we will make it work is it true westbrook brought a spot across the street from i saw that yeah across the street are we are we are we now getting our nba news from zillow is there a woj bomb on zillow like is there a woj for zillow yes there's some great zill bomb a dirty the dirt the dirt it's good um just add houses on instagram yeah i don't know i mean it's it's uh look i'm taking great joy in it i'm making money off of this how much have you made now i need i needed so i said i'm only betting larry bird bets but i'm up uh 72 dollars okay games very good very very good and by the way i was looking at their schedule like from now until the end of november like there's really only about five winnable games like i don't know they just got to shoot better and and i don't know but doesn't seem like the answer to their problem is is more reps with russ because they only had a quarter of the season last year had the three big three healthy at the same time but just look at their roster who would be a rotational guy on any other team lebron got hammered uh on uh with a no-call he got hammered no call last night darvin ham walked onto the floor to argue with the refs begging to get ejected he walked onto the floor yeah got teed up by the way the refs waited for the nuggets to complete their their wide open transition layup first man i'm serious who are these guys now then this is good stuff today's bill bella check press conference moment and again bless this man supposedly doesn't want to give you any information and has the reputation of not wanting to talk to the media he talks to the media more than any nfl head coach i believe bar none so so matt jones bill bella check says was able to take the full complement of snaps he's fully loaded and ready to go for sunday he said so the media wanted to hear the words mac is the starter out of his mouth and he just won't just say it do it that's today's bill bella check press conference moment today's bill bella check press conference moment i would prefer to win so that's the plan for him to start sunday that's what i just said just get the full load okay i just didn't know fully available i know sometimes it's going out for me um when it comes to the plans moving forward i mean is he i just like that i just that's where we're at okay so like don't get me i kind of want to go through a lot of hypotheticals you know that's not where we're at we're getting ready for the jets that's where we're at period so you can't save further i can't give you know like you're in a bunch of hypothetical situations and i don't know what those hypotheticals are so we're not going to get into that so try not to ask i put that a couple but is it it's hypothetical like here we are today we're practicing for the jets it's thursday getting ready for the jets like that's where we are so anything that happens beyond that i mean it's not current i think i get into it as helpful as i can be i mean come on wait wait wait wait wait there's more because now he won't say who's the starter moving forward right they bless the hard-working press in that room tried to use the why max now to see if we can find out if it's mac later is it mac now because he's healthy enough now whereas he couldn't have gone the full game last week or is it zappy's monday night performance after getting those touchdowns roll tape is the decision to make mac the quarterback first sunday is that fully related to max health yeah he's yes he's ready to play he's ready to play last week just then feel is the full game this week is a different situation and that's it we'll take it from there i just i guess was curious did bailey's playing on sunday anything to do with no that's it so we'll take it from here okay take it from here don't keep trying to trap me into stuff down the future because i i can't like today's today i'm not trying to try to just you know just wonder about the decision-making process because you know bailey played well for two games and he played a lot the other night so just curious if monday had anything to do with the decision yeah well we started the game the way we wanted to start it last week and and we talked about the way it ended up so this week's different weeks different situation that could be a quarterback we'll be our quarterback but just against the gents right jeff proman's coming up um i'm wondering who's gonna crack first well it ain't gonna be bill no no you're not iron wall why won't bill just say max our guy moving forward because he needs to see it no he doesn't have to do this right see no no no press conferences no no i don't think so no he enjoys this right he likes to enjoy this yeah of course that's amazing he has to do no no well i thought listen la floor did his yesterday yeah tomlin does once a week bellacek does multiple press conferences that's what tj is saying he doesn't have to do that so when i'm watching this i'm thinking all he's got to do is say max our starting quarterback we drafted him last year but there he won't do it is it just because he's obstinate that's what i'm saying or is he doing it and this is what lends the questioning to not that's why the media won't break either media's not going to break either is is he just needing to see more he saw enough out of zappy to say kid needs some time throwing him in the middle of a game on a monday night against the bears when they're rolling might not be smart enough but i'm worried but why does bill need to build in wiggle room he'll just do whatever he wants to do anyway and not explain it so none of this makes sense but the only thing i can definitely say is man is it entertaining it's so good it's really good oh it's so good hour three with jeff proman coming up it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit saiti talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save it but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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