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REShow: Josh Gad - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 28, 2022 3:47 pm

REShow: Josh Gad - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 28, 2022 3:47 pm

Rich breaks down the top NFL Week 8 games including Cardinals vs Vikings, Packers vs Bills, Patriots vs Jets, Giants vs Seahawk, Rams vs 49ers, and Bengals vs Browns. 

Actor Josh Gad joins Rich in-studio to discuss his beloved Miami Dolphins, the return of his HBO comedy ‘Avenue 5,’ ‘The Book of Mormon,’ discusses Del Tufo’s obsession with his Olaf character from ‘Frozen’ and much more.

Chris Brockman reveals his ‘Sneaky Good Games’ for NFL Week 8 featuring the Broncos vs Jaguars, Bears vs Cowboys, Cardinals vs Vikings and Rams vs 49ers.

Rich wraps up the hour getting one last bit of trash talk in before Saturday’s Michigan-Michigan State showdown. 

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Tom Brady. He's never ever ever ever ever. Ben, a starting quarterback.

Two games under $500 on a season. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. How is that possible?

I mean 20 years. It is remarkable. Earlier on the show. Three time pro bowler Joe Hayden. Actor and Bears fan Ashton Kutcher. Coming up from HBO's Avenue 5. Actor Josh Gag. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes, hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We've already had a ton of fun with first hour in studio guest Joe Hayden.

Ashton Kutcher called in in hour number two. He loves his Bears. T.J. Jefferson loves his Dallas Cowboys. And the two of them are watching the game together because they've been BFFs for a long time. It was a fun conversation.

He screamed Eberflux at the top of his lungs. We also had a great rousing edition of T.J. Jefferson's fantasy advice from his pulpit. And Rich Brockman gave us some great what's more likely either or. Gotta choose one sports talk radio put me in a box type of what's more likely conundrums. It's in the box. If you missed any of it, we're going to re-air as soon as this hour is over on Channel 210 on the Roku Channel. There's also the Roku Channel's Rich Eisen Show experience page.

That's a video on demand service. There's also our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen show for most of the videos from today's show. There's our Twitter account at Rich Eisen show.

That's still up. And we appreciate a follow there. We appreciate a follow everywhere. And there's our podcast all three hours. You can listen to it on the came to this podcast network where all podcasts are acquired. We say hello to our Sirius and XM audiences, our Odyssey audiences.

And of course, we love our terrestrial radio affiliate network that we've built up quite frankly from scratch from the beginning of 2020 to right now. Josh Gad is in our green room. I love this guy. I'm such a huge fan of his work. I saw him on Broadway so many years ago in the book of Mormon, just dynamite and and so many great movies and so many great TV shows, including the one that he's on right now. Avenue five available on HBO Max as well as on HBO every single Monday night, 10 Eastern time in the middle of season two.

Hilarious show, fun stuff. And he'll be out here to talk about it. He loves his Miami Dolphins. The Heat lost in Golden State last night. And Jimmy Butler had a great game, which is all I care about because he's on my fantasy team, by the way, honest, just absolutely pounding into submission. T.J. Jeffers.

Can I call a timeout about something? Basketball Diaries, T.V.D. Don't don't don't ask him for any help because he's getting beaten by the I just have a question for him. Who won the Super Bowl last year? Who won the Super Bowl last year? Yeah, who won the Super Bowl? The Rams. The Rams.

Okay. Who won the NBA championship last year? The Warriors. Who won the World Series last year?

The Braves. Okay. Let me ask you a question. In any of those instances, did those championship teams turn around and have the number one draft pick in their draft the following year? No. Okay.

So how does this guy, who is our champion, because I know because he's told us all year, how does he end up getting the first draft pick? Like there's that's called random. But come on, man. Since we brought this up, in hindsight, we probably should have done like a reverse order. Yeah. That's a surge.

Will you let me finish? Not a reverse order. I'm just saying we probably should have like drew out draw names and it was that that could have been the random instead of having the computer do it.

Yeah. Because you've got the guy who apparently random. I'm just saying no.

Well, not, not random as random. Then no, it wasn't suggested. So we didn't do it. I'm just saying I do it next year. And I'm happy as a two-time champ next year to let you guys, you got the first check. Like who won the World Series last year? Who won the Super Bowl last year? Who won the NBA last year?

Who, who not only won the fantasy league in the NBA, but predicted, no, I was going to win the NBA. That would be giving you props for something. And that was what I was trying to do last night. One of the things that I wanted to say, I'm just pointing. Rich chilled the envelope. He did something. He did some envelope. That's right.

He was greasing palms over at Yahoo man. The second to last. I mean, I would have rigged it for myself, but somehow it's not right. I'm saying I would have rigged. You know what?

You know what? Draft better and have your team play better. I can't control soft tissue muscle.

All right. I can't control ligaments. I can't control ligaments. He says, I mean, that's true.

I can't control ligaments. I pray for them. Fantastic.

So if you're on hold stand hold, we're going to have they'll take your phone calls before the end of the, uh, end of the show. Uh, Chris Brockman is going to, um, give you some gambling advice. Last year, last week, huh?

Yeah. Week eight began last night with the Buccaneers and the Ravens haven't had it. The Ravens through like crazy in the first half. And then in the second half, uh, ran like crazy.

And the bucks are being driven crazy by just a constant barrage of their own, you know, shot foot mistakes and their own, um, inability to stop the run and run the football. And now they are three and five Tom Brady in the game on back to back snaps, tied Ben Roethlisberger for the most sacked quarterback in the history of the NFL, and then surpassed him for the most sack quarterback in the NFL. My colleagues at the NFL network, um, they're the outstanding research group, which you can follow at NFL research on Twitter. They, uh, they, they have the list of the individuals who have sacked Brady the most.

You will never guess who is sacked to Tom Brady the most. You will never guess, which is by the way, a terrible thing to bring up on a live television radio broadcast. Well, can I get a, can I get a hand?

Yes. Uh, it is a Buffalo bill, a Buffalo bill. You'll never guess.

How about that? The team, then he's owned the most in his tenure with the Patriots. You'll never guess. Oh, um, you'll never guess.

Yeah. Mario Williams, Mario Williams, you say, and die hard Buffalo bill fan, coordinating producer of the rich eyes and show. Mike Hoskins just chose Jerry Hughes.

You're both wrong. Aaron Shobell. Oh, I knew that. Nice.

Sacked him 12 times. Aaron Shobell has bagged Brady 12 times, half sack more than hall of famer, Jason Taylor. Wow. How about them apples? How's that for a nice little, I was going to say like Justin Tucker. No, no, no, no, no, no. There we have it. Aaron Shobell. How about that?

But at any rate, that's how week eight began. Um, and so, um, let's go to Adam in North Dakota to talk a little bit about it right here on the rich. What's up, Adam?

Hey, Rich, how are you doing today? What's going on, sir? You know, uh, watching Tampa a few times this year, I don't get to watch them every game being up here in North Dakota, but they just look, there's no spark.

There's no fire. Even last night I saw it and they go three and out and they just hang their head, walk off the field and accept it. The Ravens score a touchdown and they just hang their head. They walk off the field and accept it. It's like the team just, I don't think they accept it. Let me just say this because, because I know it's going to start getting some blowback on Todd Bowles who just stands there and doesn't have any sort of emotional reaction and people view that as indifference. It is not.

Okay. And, and they're not accepting it. Uh, what, what it does look like as a body language of a team that knows they're a little bit outmatched right now. And that's gotta be changed. And the way to do it is run the ball. That's how you switch it. That's how you switch it.

That's how you get some swagger. That's how you start imposing will. They can't stop the run and they can't run it.

And that's been their problem. And I hope you don't mind me asking you this, Adam, because part of me thinks that this has never happened in the history of the great state of North Dakota. Can you just scream the word Eberfluis at the top of your lungs while you're driving around in North Dakota and see if it works for even a fan, not of the bears to see if it makes you feel better. Would you mind doing that, Adam? I can't, if I can get one more thing and really quick afterwards. Why don't you get that one quick thing?

Go first front load the one more thing afterwards. Go for it. Okay. So to cheer me up this weekend in Vegas is the US hockey hall of fame game. My University of North Dakota Fighting Zoo are playing the Arizona State.

Okay. Where are they? The Sun Devils. I don't even know. Four years ago we played our biggest rival, U of M Golden Goofers, beat them.

I think four to one wasn't a team where it is this weekend. I was at an arena attached to a casino and we actually drank them out of beer twice. Fantastic. Impressive achievement. No one can ever take that away from me. Check it out. No one can ever take that away from you, man.

Now do what we, now don't give us what we've asked for. If you don't mind, go for it. First ever North Dakota Eber Flus.

Go for it. Eber Flus. Well done. Thank you, sir. How does it feel? Feel better? That feels a little better. There you go. I'll send you on your day, sir. You're welcome is basically what I'm saying. I think everyone should do it.

We should make every day. I don't know. It's sort of like a, it's sort of like a football meditation.

Uh, okay. So week eight began with the Bucks and the Ravens. What about the rest of week eight?

You might ask. What about the rest of week eight? There's a schedule up there on the screen. Once again, multiple windows of football. One in the morning at crack of dawn in the East coast with a London game.

And then you got early game seven, one o'clock. You got four late, a Sunday night football. My gosh, four glorious windows of professional football coming up in the weekend and hit NFL films, music, please, to get me in the mood. Top five games of week. Number eight, number five coming off a bye. Let's just assume your cowboys do take care of the bears.

Okay. Let's just assume the Packers run into a buzz song. Western New York on Sunday night football board of the Minnesota Vikings have an opportunity to get a nice stranglehold on this division, but who's coming in, but K one and D hop coming off of that win on Thursday night.

One team coming off a full buy one team coming off a mini buy. This is going to be a fun one. Cardinals at Vikings Cardinals need it.

They are right in the thick. They could have a nice piece of first place by the end of the weekend if they win this one or the Vikings can have a huge chunk of the NFC North lead already in their back pocket through week eight. Huge game.

Number four on the list is that aforementioned Sunday night or let's see it. Let's see it. Let's see Rogers and Allen go at it. Let's see if the Packers defense can keep the Packers in this, in this thing. Let's see if we can simplify things for Green Bay and roll AJ Dylan downhill and run the ball and commit to it.

Allen Lazard might doesn't look like he's playing. What are we going to do? Throw it a bunch of kids. So we're just going to do this. We're going to go into Buffalo, New York and wing it around.

It's a bunch of kids when the bills are coming for your soul. And this is the next one. Another pelt on the wall. Josh Allen's already got a Rams pelt on the wall. A Titans pelt. He's pelted Pittsburgh. He put the Kansas City pelt on the wall. He's coming off a buy and he wants to put Aaron Rodgers pelt on the wall. Put that next year on your bookshelf on Pat's show next Tuesday, right?

That's what he's thinking. So here we go. Number three on the list. Yeah, baby.

Oh yeah. Let's go. J E T S. Jets, Jets, Jets. Bring it on. Mack Jones. Bring it on.

Bailey zappy. If you dare, bring it on. Remondre. Bring it on. Bring it on. Whatever the hell the plan was last week, take it. And it's going to be plan J E T S. It's time. I don't care that we don't have our best running back receiver or offensive lineman.

All right, I care. But here it comes. This is another moment.

Put the cards on our table. Can't wait. This is going to be a fun one or does Bill just come in and do it again?

Cause that's all he does. And jet week. This is huge.

Can we have a change of this guard too? Oh my goodness. Gracious. Jets go to six and two to send the Patriots back to New England three and five. Number two on this list. Hey man, it's the only game with both teams have a winning record coming in. Yeah, right. The Giants against the NFC West leading Seahawks, Pete Carroll's chomp and gum and Brian day ball is coming in.

You could make the case. These are your front runners for coach of the year right now through seven weeks. I think so.

Right then and there, man. I know Siri on, he's got a six and oh team and obviously Kevin O'Connell is doing what he's doing in Minnesota, but I can't wait for this one. Geno. We all know had a couple of starts for the giants.

One that broke up Eli's start streak. Yes. He's going to exercise the Ben Macadou ghosts. Write that one down. Ben Macadou.

Ben Macadou. Exorcism is a great fantasy team name. At any rate, this is a fun game.

Daniel Jones, Geno Smith. This is a huge one. It really is for both teams and I can't wait for it late window. And the number one is the Donny Brook. These teams do not like each other.

Haymakers get thrown. Christian McCaffrey is thrown into the mix. The Rams, one of them, the Niners got them. Rams have Aaron Donald right there in the middle.

Bring it on 23. You know, and this is a game that the Niners now need. If they sweep the Rams and get to four and four and send the Rams to three and four, that is a huge blow to the Rams chances of winning this division. If not to maybe make the playoffs or the Rams come off there by they've got Brian Allen back under center. Well, he's the center and he is also getting the Rams are getting Van Jefferson back.

Let's go. Is Deebo playing or not? This is a huge one. I love it when these two teams play each other.

They do not like each other. A rematch of the NFC Championship game in the NFC Championship game building from last year. Do you think we need one more? I will give you one more.

All right, we'll get one more. And the Monday Nighter. Monday Nighter, Jamar Chase.

We didn't talk about this because this happened after hours yesterday. Jamar Chase might be out for four weeks and the Browns need it. They are desperate. Two and five. They're going to go two and six. They got three more games to go after that without Deshaun Watson. And you got to sit here and think if the Browns go two and six, do they trade away Kareem Hunt?

Do you make decisions to become sellers? And then, of course, the Bengals need to keep pace with the team they've lost to. Already the Baltimore Ravens.

I'm looking forward to that one. Those are my top games. Those are my top games for week number eight. And you can listen to Bengals and Browns on Westwood One. Actually, every single Westwood One NFL broadcast streams live for free this NFL season. Mondays, Thursday, Sunday nights, Thanksgiving, and Christmas triple headers.

The international series in every postseason game. One of my favorite people. Are you ready for Josh Gann to come out here? I'm ready.

Come on, people. He's got all his Olaf gear ready. Not weird at all. Not weird. Josh Gadd's coming out here in studio when we come back.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. Josh Gadd and Josh Gadd is here on the Rich Asjars terrestrial radio audience just returned Avenue 5. We just saw a clip of Avenue 5 that airs Mondays 10 Eastern on HBO available to stream on HBO Max and again I'm appreciative of you being here because if I'm not mistaken were you have you been living in New Zealand the last several weeks and months? Well you are mistaken. I've been in Australia. It's the same thing.

You got to get a new fact checker here on The Eysen Show. To be fair, I did take my family to New Zealand. Lovely country. Lovely.

But then I shot for three months in Australia. Okay. Yeah. So you just returned though correct?

Just three days but four days ago. Okay so I am correct in that fact. You're correct that I was somewhere else on earth yes.

That is accurate. Okay so that was part of the setup to were you able to follow the dynamic first seven weeks of the Miami Dolphins season from from Australia? Rich it was okay let me explain the process of watching my Miami Dolphins in Australia. Yes. One, it means waking up at three o'clock in the morning which I did every Sunday. Fantastic. Two, it means that I have to illegally download whatever application Australia has to watch football. Okay.

I'm sorry Australia and New Zealand and then. By proxy. Yeah by proxy and then three it means that I had to watch two get concussed twice and then watch two other quarterbacks start and watch my Dolphins go from once again being the great hope to a a a a much much more regular occurrence in my life which is being the Miami Dolphins that I've grown up with. I know you weren't terribly happy about Brian Flores getting fired.

I remember what you were talking about it at the time but Mike McDaniel has. Phenomenal. He is.

Phenomenal. And he's got like comedic chops too. He's really funny.

He is. He's really funny and what I love about him is he he he does I mean like his players say it the guy's got steel balls like he goes out there and he'll just make calls not all of them I love last week there was that bizarre decision to go for it on fourth and three and you know at the same time if they get the first down or they get a touchdown we're all saying guy's a an offensive genius right and we won the game so I can't complain but it's a very different thing from seeing the traditional sort of conservative approach that Miami Dolphins have always taken. No question and and and there I I don't think um there's any doubt that it's the perfect marriage of a head coach and a system to what Tua can do and bring out the greatness that we saw in Alabama in a guy who isn't six foot three isn't six foot four isn't somebody that's just gonna stand in the pocket like Justin Herbert say or you know uh burrow and just you know sling it around he's got a different skill set and the coach totally knows what to do with it. The the criticism of Flores and I think it's I think it's a fair criticism at this point is that he was never truly behind Tua and to see someone embrace Tua now and to see someone who plays two Tua strings who's obviously given to all the weapons he needs I think that there's still questions about our O-line although they've been playing really solid especially when Armstead's in there there's definitely to me more upside in this kid than there is downside I would like to see him learn how to slide. I think we've seen the repercussions of of uh head trauma and I and I think that like that's the the grave concern for Dolphins fans is can he stay healthy can he get through a season and remain healthy because he's a supernova talent I really believe that. Yeah and Tyree Kill and obviously Jalen Waddle and everything together they they they can put points on the board there's no doubt so so you're sitting in Australia watching them against the the Ravens and that fourth quarter just comes out of nowhere and it was it was shocking just how great they looked in those. It was shocking and what was so upsetting about that game was I could not find it in Australia so I'm sitting there at four o'clock in the morning refreshing the ESPN app just constantly literally watching like 1970s football it was just like watching it on an Atari and I I was so depressed that I couldn't actually see it because I could not believe what I was reading. I went through that with March Madness with Michigan in the final four a few years ago in Europe and I thought you what I did I love how you say 1970s like Telestar Pong yeah well I was thinking of eight men out you know where you're sitting there and they have this board on the sky like okay so you know Buck Owens runs to second steal second and there's Arnold Rothstein like damn it you know like it's it yes it was so that was a tough one to miss I did get to watch the Bills game that was a true joy especially because I got to watch it with two Bills fans in Australia in Australia my assistant Taylor and her dad who was there are both die-hard Bills fans so that was great to be able to rub salt in in an open room like this spite man Josh Gad here on the Rich Eisen show so you one of the things you you said sitting down other than lamenting the fact that Ashton Kutcher didn't have to be here to make his appearance was you said Henry Winkler you saw his appearance here on the program or saw the fact that Patrick Mahomes has in fact bestowed upon him the I was very jealous so do you is there something I can do for you that now that Patrick Mahomes has invited Henry Winkler to his suite for a game yeah I mean what can I do for you any sort of financial transaction I would welcome okay great okay uh you know Marino like my I have you met him before I have okay but but I doubt he knows who I am I doubt he remembers well because he's damn Marino okay so just like whatever plea you can make what can we do here I don't I don't know that he celebrates Passover anything but like if he can like just invite me over and just like we can just play him with the marinos with the marinos sounds so good we could do a youtube series on that I think we could do a youtube series on the program with the bridge you've seen outside listen to me please for him is a it's a it's a festival it's more than holiday it's a the marinos will know what guaranteed but all you gotta do is just have look you've got a 56 year old man who's brought an Olaf gear right here I mean Marino's gotta he's gotta know what's going on right you know what it doesn't even have to be poor him it could just be like a Wednesday night in Miami okay it can be poor him if that's what Dan wants honestly I'm on it okay thank you I'm definitely on it thank you I appreciate it because Henry Winkler is a wonderful human being and so are you so we'll fix it I love you thank you taking dreams come true here that's what we try to do so Avenue 5 is airing Mondays at 10 eastern time and it just seems like the scripts for this show when you get them in your hands I would just imagine it's like unwrapping a piece of candy right that's sort of I honestly I I've said before that I've I've I've had an opportunity now to work with some of the greatest minds in the history of satire Trey Amat obviously Book of Mormon John Stewart when I was a correspondent on The Daily Show and I would have to add Armando Iannucci to that list of icons that I've been fortunate enough to work with and learn from Armando of course created The Thick of It and he created Veep Death of Stalin which is an incredible movie and he brings that same satirical brilliance to Avenue 5 but this time it's more of an indictment about what makes us human than it is a space show like it happens to take place in space but it's about the breakdown of society in a bubble and it you know I think it started off almost as a social commentary on the response to Brexit and off of that it was fascinating watching the show during Covid during the pandemic somehow become an indictment of the response to that virus and some of the negligible response to that virus for instance there's a great episode where in season one a bunch of people start like voluntarily walking out of an airlock because they don't actually believe we're in space and even after people see them freeze and die they're like well that's just special effects and continue to do that and so Armando has found this way to brilliantly sort of keep the show topical even though it's set in the future and you Laurie also had some time on Veep as well one of the greatest one of the greatest actors of all time but also one of the greatest comedic minds he's funny he's so funny he's so brilliant and the two of us like cannot keep a straight face when we're in a scene together okay then how does that work I mean we laugh that's what not keeping a straight face means I mean it works like just normal people laughing um no we we we get lectured uh a lot about the financial repercussions of not being able to get the scene done because we're ruining take after take but it's I mean it stands for the entire cast Rebecca front Zach Woods who's one of the most brilliant improvisers ever Andy Buckley um it just Susie Nakamura the list goes on and on and and and everybody it just brings her a game it's a it's a wonderful show in season two premiered earlier uh in the month Monday nights 10 eastern time on HBO available to stream on HBO max as well I don't believe I've asked this of you before but I but I told you uh seeing you on Broadway in Book of Mormon was incredible I mean just honestly it was one of the most dynamic nights uh I remember seeing anything on Broadway you were great in it and just I'm just wondering how many times did it take to describe to you what was being placed in front of you by the creators of South Park which I'm sure you were a fan of before you know when you got the script for that or the idea three years before the show opened yes I get a phone call from uh Bobby Lopez he's a guy who wrote uh co-wrote Avenue Q the musical with the puppets on Broadway that was a huge hit and he goes the guys from South Park and I are working on this new musical it's called the Book of Mormon and we'd love for you to be in it now I was thinking at the time oh they want me to play like Cartman and it's sort of the send up of the Mormon uh episode that they did of South Park yes not knowing anything and then I get sent the songs and I get sent and I listen to them in the first one hello my name and I'm like oh my god this is incredible second one two by two I'm like it's brilliant then it gets a Hasadiga evil why and I call up my agent and I go I can't do this and he goes why he goes I'll be shot I will be killed because this is so it's one thing doing this with the animated characters it's another with like living people in front of other living in front of other living people so I decided to just take the chance we did a workshop of it it was one act they weren't sure if they wanted to make it a movie or broadway show and I remember white knuckling it when we got to that number and being like this is going to be such a crazy social experiment and the audience went oh and then they they started laughing they just like they understood we were all in and they were invited to go all in with us and it's a testament to Trey and Matt they they they don't pull punches they they truly just commit and when they commit you feel like you have to commit as well um and that ride was was one of the great rides but it it certainly didn't start with oh boy this is going to be a giant success it was in my mind going to run for like two months and be something people talked about how long were you on broadway with that a year and a half damn yeah year and a half I remember when nfl network first came on the air and they had well you'd appreciate both of the people that they were just commercials of them sitting down and talking about their love of football as well as just some funny lines written for him Trey Parker and Matt Stone did one and Don Shuler did another one oh my god that's right up your alley that's Josh Gad's alley right there that can you do invite me to well no Don's dead yes never mind don't invite me to Don I can get you Mike Shuler you want to do it perfect I can maybe work on that one yeah I feel like Winkler gets the better situation right yeah weekly finds out it's Patrick Mahoney senior good picture in his own right not the homes that he's in love with yeah but no I but I remember team America too I I saw that the other day it kind of stands up even though it's it's I broke up with a girl because I went to go see um your audience at home is like there's no way he broke up with her uh but I broke up with a girl because we went to go see South Park the movie and she was so disgusted and insulted by it and I was like we can't be together I was like this is no this won't work I have to deal breaker I was I was one of the only times it was one of the only times in my life where I remember falling out of my seat laughing it was this the skeet Ulrich poster on the wall and Saddam Hussein like the devil is like hey yeah and I was just like I I cannot I cannot do this I I am this is the funniest thing I've ever seen and you're like we can't we can't we can't be together we don't we might mesh in other ways but this is a way that this is a sense of humor thing yeah this is it's off it's off oh my gosh so now I'm sure you've met many like what's the oldest Olaf fan you've met in your in your co-worker Mike Del Tufo Mike it's you know I I told you I've met people in their 90s who love Olaf I mean I think a great character I think oh well thank you he's like a character that anyone can like relate to because he's just like you're just I know those characters he everybody just loves because everybody loves warm hugs who doesn't like warm hugs right well yeah I mean I think that there are definitely people who don't like warm hugs for starters my ex-wife has been on twitter there are definitely some people who don't but yes what what I think the thing that people respond to in Olaf is that sense of childlike wonderment is something we all have in us right it's like yes we're very cynical but we all sort of have that thing that we hang on to where it's it can it can be football it can be whatever it is there's still those moments in life where we're full of wonder and we're just like wow I can't believe somebody could do that I can't believe someone can achieve that I can't believe that thing exists and I think that that's represented in that character so how many items do you have at home do you keep one in your car and I told you I have four you have one but I have the Olaf and jimmy cricket I keep in my cup holders okay and jimmy cricket jimmy cricket well now I don't feel as special mike like it's an either or situation yeah jimmy's gotta go jimmy's got jimmy's gotta gotta go I don't have dan marino and patrick my home's sitting you know bobbleheads in my house I thought you're gonna go jay fiedler yeah yeah put him with him by the way he wouldn't know what it is you can have bob greasy with damn greasy with saint jrosenfeld a lot of jewish quarterbacks i'm done i'm out i'm out i don't take cold pepper i don't think no everybody's giving me them as gifts the olafs yes all right i'll save you one or like a three and a half foot one that's like this that my niece got because they know i just like the car your niece is but your niece is buying you olafs yeah that's a very confusing sentence but i love it i'm gonna sign that yeah would you mind actually if one thing that he wouldn't go i know i'm gonna let him hear the snoop one well i mean he it can inspire him but mike is uh a dj by trade as well and you've got your friday night music shows are you doing one tonight no okay well you should have said you were doing tonight rich okay so anyway so he does a friday night music show and he's had certain celebrities who come in here and who go ahead do it go go go drop the one that you do is your boy big snoop do double g coming at you live from los angeles and my dj dj mikey d d is in these nuts now that's what he does wow is there not asking you to do that verbatim can you do one as olaf would you mind doing that this is olaf welcome you on a mikey show and a voice by josh gadd that's gadd with the d as in d's nuts how about that i love it gotta take it mike i gotta take it thank you where you can get all wheels no brakes yeah disney's gonna love that i like warm nuts doesn't have the same ring to it not a trademark that i think oh my god just doesn't have the same ring to it are you worried about my heat by the way no i'm not worried about your heat what do you mean you what why are you worried about it i'm worried about larry's getting older every time he takes it he can't play anymore i don't i would disagree with that i like your coach man i think he is nails nails nails and jimmy butler looked terrific last night jimmy looks terrific bam is great tyler hero you know what i feel about him is great in the paint outside of the paint it gets a little hairy and it's also our small ball is just it's it's tough to watch right now like well defensively who's gonna beat him i mean i mean you have to feel they're gonna be in the mix already have beat them out of 16 so again when it's all said no i think it could be in the mix here i think they could be in the next six season's young yeah they can beat them out of six they can beat the next potentially so they've got they're not as bad as the lakers and that's all you should know what was that that i just saw that tweet lebron's tweet about what sort of he tweeted something from the other day i think that was basically like at what point do you well i forget what it was but it was we could look it up something side it was a side i sort of tweet what do you got chris you're looking at king james here i'm looking i don't really oh maybe it was maybe he deleted it i don't know maybe he deleted it but it was sort of like it seemed to be a loaded statement about the front office and i was like is lebron gonna i demand a trade he's i i can't imagine i think he likes being out here big time i can't imagine but it is one of those things where you watch them and you're wondering outside anthony davis who are these people yeah and how did this is what you came up with you you you went back to the laboratory after not making the playing game and this is what you've been working on the last what options do they have i guess the option is to do whatever you need to do and attach whatever draft choices you need to do to get russ elsewhere and and then go to work there aren't many teams raising their hands for russell i don't know somebody might so he's coming off the bench tonight first time ever who is russ is coming off the bench even if anthony davis and lebron don't play looks like those guys are going to play uh okay there you go what was your saying he's coming off the bench so there you go yeah do you feel better than he's like you're i'm not a laker fan i'm saying that but your heat could be the lakers is what his point is right my heat could be the lakers it's it's not like there's a lot to write home about again about a two-win streak this season okay it's still early avenue five five i've got it avenue five airs monday's at 10 p.m eastern on hbo and available on hbo max i was wondering is there anything else we need to promote what else you got going on you've got central park central park is still on your kids love it kids love it adults love it it's a great animated show on apple it's terrific beautiful music it is great music uh and uh stanley tucci and scott stanley tucci from his italian cooking show on cnn that's my we watched that too oh god he's so good okay he he honestly is just one of the most talented individuals alive i love there's nothing he can't do i'm convinced of that same thing are you i'm not just saying that because you've been told that i'm the stanley tucci of my generation you are except i shoot in new zealand more no you don't i made i made a mistake you know i'm from new york you know what i mean it's just like this new york and then there's the rest of the world it's going to be like hey how's your family back in new jersey that's it might as well be new zealand how do i care that's that's the way i look at the world are there any more frozens any more frozen we'll see well do you want me to give you guys the inside scoop on the ison show that would be oh yes people have done that before should i people have done that i'm going to keep it nebulous for now okay very good but that's the most i've ever said about it okay so there you go very good and look for josh gad's voice on uh dj mikey d's thank you josh you got it thank you who was better me or me or snoop dog i like to hear these nuts thank you actually yeah because we don't know my answer might explain that from snoop from you it's kind of it's kind of it's kind of yeah you don't expect olaf to say these nuts no and by the way he never will again because after today i'll never be able to voice a cease and desist letter might be coming yeah i'm going to be moving permanently in new zealand these are on line one uh at josh gad on twitter and on instagram i follow him you should as well uh let's make this more of a regular currency i'll be here next friday very good josh gad everybody love you bud does your any perspirant keep you dry all day dove men plus care dry spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection let me repeat that 48 hours of sweat and odor protection use it and don't even think about it also dove men dry spray contains doves unique one quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin try dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry clean feel all day influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katie perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen if you're looking to buy a new home navy 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go to john in colorado been hanging on for a while what's up john hey rich how's it going what's going on uh not much uh so i'm calling in i'm a commander fan um barely you made a comment on uh you know what is it called on Sunday morning okay michael ervin about how the afc does not have a commander's right yes that's true remember that yeah i did i did say that because he said the nfc uses the toughest division in football and i said the afc east doesn't have a commander's that is correct i said those words yes sir i'm going to put my my waiting fandom aside really quick for the state of the nfc east and agree with mike lervin um so believe the records outside the division the nfc east is actually 16 and 3 and the afc east is 14 and eight so you feel like the nfc east is beating some of that okay but also you know we're one easily yard against it tightens for oh we're losing john and cara look i i appreciate the call john um i i with all due respect uh i would take a patriots coached uh a team by bella check over uh the commanders despite ron Rivera's coach of the year resumes i would take uh uh the patriots over the commanders right now in a game it's what i would do i'd take the jets over the giants i'd take the dolphins over the cowboys and i'd take the bills over the eagles i'm really going for it right you would take the jets over the giants no uh well i don't know we'll see how by the way that would be a great year if those two displayed each other yeah it's only once out every four years it's a better quarterback play that's all i was probably so probably so although i think he's probably better than mag jones at this point that would be a great i i again i'd take the east over uh anything else yeah all right let's get to chris brockman making you some money going out the door yeah let's do it nbc news emeritus uh tom brokaw please hit it here's chris brockman with sneaky good games contests likely to surprise you with their heretofore undisclosed competitive five four and oh last week what are you doing oh guys well done 15 10 and one overall we're having a good year so far i'm looking at two dogs and two totals rich you talked me into it i'm taking denver let's ride over in london plus two and a half that's going to be a low scoring close game i'm riding with mr kutcher plus 10 i think justin fields plays really well and this is a close game maybe seven points or so but i like the bears to cover minnesota arizona is gonna be a wild game a lot of points gonna be over there and san francisco's defense does not look good uh they are not fully healthy ram's coming off of bye i like a lot of points it's so fine and i just wanted to be known i didn't say denver's winning this game i just said that this is russell wilson showing up and playing in a game where he had every excuse built in not to play against the jaguars because oh my hamstring hurts and everybody says he does things only to look good so uh that's what i said and pointed out that i was gaping for not picking denver i'm taking jacksonville in this game so great we need one more for you i hope it's just by one point he doesn't have any i don't have any more i mean look if it's 14 13 yes that's it that's it anyway denver covers two and a half there you go all right sneaky good games i want to thank josh gad that was a lot of fun um i also want to thank um ashton kutcher for calling in that was a lot of fun appreciate you arranging that tj have a good time in the barn we will and i want to thank joe hayden he might not but i want to thank joe hayden for coming in so that to play us out i mean i was oh my god was that staying to play us out i was so i've still plan to do stuff mike just wants to get out of here and go to his friday night music show to play his new josh gad drop exactly rich see you got josh gad's last moment ever is olaf because he said the words warm nuts these nuts okay thanks that's it for us we'll wrap up the show on the roku channel don't miss the way i do that next it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit saiti talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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