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REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 31, 2022 3:08 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 31, 2022 3:08 pm

Rich recaps the 49ers’ latest regular-season beatdown of the Rams explaining why Christian McCaffrey makes the Niners true Super Bowl contenders, and weighs in on why many people are still not convinced the Jalen Hurts and the unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles can sustain their success.

Rich reacts to the big day by Dallas Cowboys RB Tony Pollard who carried the load with Ezekiel Elliott out with a knee injury.

Rich offers up some “time to grow up” advice for Jets QB Zach Wilson after his 3-interception day in a Week 8 loss to Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots, and reacts to Nets G Kyrie Irving defending his promotion of an antisemitic film on his social media platforms.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Try Dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Tyler Lockett. What did you know about Geno Smith in this offense that the rest of the league is learned? Gonna throw deep. Got a man in the corner. He didn't lock it. Touchdown.

Stay home. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We knew what Geno could do.

I mean, you know, it was mostly a lot of people on the outside who didn't know what Geno could be able to do. Today's guest, host of the Greenlight Podcast, two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long, author of the new book, A Pill of Memoir, Jamel Hill, plus your phone calls, overreaction Monday, and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Happy Halloween one and all. If you are listening on the radio, the folks at Roku can see I am dressed as the host of the Rich Eisen Show. And that's a costume I've been I've been I've been cultivating for quite some time. I was really thinking about it.

So here I am. I'm wearing a very what I think festive fall quarter zip right here on this this Halloween Monday on this program. Chris Brockman, I believe you must be wearing a costume right now, right? Is that what you got going on? You got a costume going on?

Sure, Rich. I got a little Magnum PI vibe. Is that what it is? Yeah, I think so. I thought when you walked in that you got you have a like a Hawaii.

I thought it was like an Andy Reid look you got going on. It's actually pretty good, too. I would take that. Okay. And now I'm just beginning to see that. Is that a mustache you've got rocking? Well, that's a hot.

That's not a spot this morning. Okay. Yeah, why not?

I mean, whatever. All you need is a Detroit Tigers hat and it's a spitting image. I'm in. Do we got one of those? I don't know. I don't think so.

How are you? Mike Del Tufo is dressed as somebody who gets free stuff for a living. Yep. Free hat. Very good. That's your costume. And TJ Jefferson is dressed as somebody who's part of the set just fell completely apart during the open.

That's fine. You know, because like we always do at this time, a lot of people didn't believe in the Cowboys, but you know what God did. I mean, I'm loving that. Another Jimmy Johnson dropped Monday onto the pie week. Guys were on to the bye week. Play a real team. He said, says the guy who lost to that team last Monday.

I was about to say, so what does that say for him? We won yesterday. Yes, you did against the Jets. Yeah. But here's the team I'd like to start to talk about and we'll talk about Jets Patriots and my two cents on it. Um, no, we'll do that later on with Jamel Hill and hour number three when she comes in.

No, no, no, no, no. Just cause she's a Michigan state Spartan. That doesn't, that's not why she's on the show today.

She's got a new book called uphill a memoir. She's coming into promoted and this was booked well before, uh, Michigan, uh, spanked pure coincidence. Michigan state.

Can I ask you a question though? I'm not talking about what they apparently did to Michigan players in the tunnel. Had the score of the game been different? She would have still been here. We would have, we would have kept everything. I rolled the dice and I just had a feeling that the game was a somewhat, uh, the odds were in my favor.

True that. So, um, I want to talk about the trade that occurred a couple of Thursday nights ago. Now when a trade hits, you think, how's it going to affect not only the team that, uh, the player departed from, but obviously the player, the team that the player is acquired by. And then you hear that, uh, the team that acquired the player, uh, when you hear that, um, there was another team in on it and you're wondering, okay, how's that going to affect things? Very few instances.

Can you see how it affects things within two games? And it was apparently for the Carolina Panthers down to the 49ers or the Rams to say yes to their offers for Christian McCaffrey. They said yes to the 49ers and thus said no to the Rams. And even John Lynch said, and also Kyle Shanahan said, you know what? It's good that not only we get them, but we kept them from our, um, in division rival and Christian McCaffrey shows back up and so far because his last game as a Panther was against the Rams and so far. And he, he looked like this with the Panthers when he was against the Rams and so far that day.

And he hasn't looked this way for the Panthers in three years. Quite frankly, Christian McCaffrey that showed up with the San Francisco 49ers in so far on Sunday is this Christian McCaffrey that we saw coming off the campus at Stanford and made him the consensus number overall pick in your fantasy leagues. That's the Christian McCaffrey who showed up as the old 49er prospector yesterday.

And did he mind for gold or what? He struck it. Apparently Kyle Shanahan walking around the halls of the 49ers facility in Santa Clara last week just asked out loud amongst the coaching staff. Does anybody know if Christian McCaffrey can throw the ball?

Yes. And by the night's end, the tight ends coach sent footage of McCaffrey winging it for Stanford. Lo and behold, that's how the halfback option wound up in the playbook for the 49ers and Shanahan hit that button on Sunday. And sure enough, it was a beautiful strike for Christian McCaffrey finding Brandon Ayuk. And then later on Christian McCaffrey winds up in the end zone not as a running back, but as a receiver. Now when Christian McCaffrey was at the 2017 NFL scouting combine and I'm in the booth, and I believe this was still Mayox administration with the NFL network. And Daniel Jeremiah was also part of the broadcast. We were marveling about how the best prospect running routes as a receiver at the combine turned out to be running back. His name was Christian McCaffrey.

We're like, oh, okay. So he could do that too, huh? Now, of course, everybody watched Pac-10, I believe after dark knew all about McCaffrey and Stanford. And then McCaffrey runs one in later on, becomes the first player since Ladanian Tomlinson back in 2005 to hit for the trifecta.

That is correct. A passing touchdown, a rushing touchdown, and a receiving touchdown all in the same game week six 2005. But Ladanian Tomlinson did not have 94 yards rushing like Christian McCaffrey. As a matter of fact, McCaffrey became the first player in the Super Bowl ever to have 30 or more rushing yards and the trifecta of rushing, receiving and running touchdowns.

So he set the part new. Somebody needs to do that and also run the ball for 95 yards or more in order to knock McCaffrey out of the playbook. And that's what McCaffrey looks like in his first full week of practice with the San Francisco 49ers and Kittles scored two. So you had Ayuk scoring, you had Kittles scoring, you had McCaffrey scoring two different ways and throwing one to Ayuk for a third way. And the most frightening thing about it here on this Halloween is Deebo Samuel wasn't even active. Yeah, right. They didn't even have him out there.

So and they didn't have use check too. You heard he needed surgery on his finger, right? Now, and then they showed him on the sideline. He is the full on cast and sling. So he really jacked up his hand, but when he comes back, you're going to have a full back and complete side end. You're going to have a running back who can play wide receiver. You got a wide receiver could play running back and you've got to run him back and complete not only wide receiver, but quarterback. And by the way, running back.

That's the most frightening thing about it. And for the 49ers, they go into the building where the Rams knocked him out of the playoffs last year and then went to the Superbowl and won it in the year after that. They just get back right on their regular season horse, sweeping the Rams again. And now who'd have thunk it that week two game in which Trey Lance got carted off suffering a season ending injury. Who would have thought that game might mean the most down the line for the NFC West because it was in that game. The Niners lost Lance and put Garoppolo in, but they beat the Seahawks on that day and Seattle's the team that they're looking up at because guess what? Pete Carroll's remade the Seahawks again. Joke all you want.

Joke all you want. They're coming for Arizona next. And they beat Arizona. They go six and three. They're going to fly off to Germany as a six and three team taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who take on the Rams next. And the Rams do not look anything like the team that they had last year at all.

It's a, it's the Cooper cup show. They can't run it worth a lick. Alan Robinson did have his best game as a Ram, but he, you know, got in the face of the defender who had, he had a very, you know, violent tussle with on the ground and taunted him right in his face and gave him a first down line, staring him right in the face. I hate the taunting rule. I think it's stupid, but it is what it is.

You know what it is. You can't stare down a guy and celebrate in the direction of somebody. And he was literally face to face with him.

I mean, you get it, you get a little bit of Higbee in you. I mean, van Jefferson just finally showed up, but it's Stafford going back there and getting his ass whipped. The line is not anything close to what it was in the last few years. They're banged up. I'm concerned about the Rams and next week's Rams bucks game is for which team from that dynamite divisional playoff wants to go back to the playoffs this year. Zero.

I don't know, man. The winner of that game, uh, Rams win that they're foreign for which ain't bad. The bucks when it they're foreign five might be in first place in that division that had the game of the day Falcons and the Panthers. But I look at that and I see what the 49ers did yesterday with McCaffrey and without Deebo and without Arik Armstead on defense, they're still banged up. They're still without some star players on defense and they just put the bang thing on the Rams right after halftime. And offensively McCaffrey looks as spry as it's 2018 all over again, 2019 all over again. They, you know, Niners could trade Jeff Wilson tomorrow, get something back, get some more of their draft picks back that they coughed up for McCaffrey, get something.

I don't know. Trade deadlines tomorrow. And the Rams have put their hand on the table after the chiefs went in and smacked them around. One other thing I want to jump out at right here. Not a lot of people are going to be talking about this because of it's interesting. You talk about East coast bias, but that's kind of missing for some reason.

The Philadelphia Eagles, they're the lone remaining undefeated team in the NFL. And I still feel some people don't think they can do it. And again, I think it's because some people believe for whatever reason, for whatever reason, Jalen hurts is going to turn into a pumpkin at some point. I don't believe that at all. That's a rock star on our screen right there on the Roku channel.

And number one, that's a rock star. Everybody keeps on thinking. I think it has more to do with their schedule. I think it also has to do with the way this guy was born into football and the national consciousness passed over for two. Then he had to go to Oklahoma.

Then he was the second round pick that a lot of people are wondering why you're taking him. And then he finally, Carson Wentz couldn't have looked worse and they kept on watching him get sacked, throwing picks, fumbling because he's holding onto the ball and still wouldn't hand things off to Jalen hurts. And they're finally like, all right, we'll do it. And then they still pulled him in the last game of Doug Peterson's stand stint there. Last year, they scratched their way to the playoffs before they got bounced by Brady in the box.

I don't know. You could also say it's their schedule, Chris. I get it. You know, they did spank the Vikings on Monday night football. They didn't. They did go to Arizona and come out with the win. Arizona is a much better team on the road. You could see it there that year, so you could say that they had that advantage. They beat Dallas when Dak wasn't there. Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I mean, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Jacksonville. And those people are only going to get more full-throated when they treat the Texans on Thursday night like Derek Henry did because they're going to run all over them or AJ Brown is now. And that's the thing that I take out of this is that AJ Brown, that's the special ingredient here. Okay. That's another thing too. Oh, you're, you're top wide receivers, a guy that, you know, the Titans coughed up and they, they could use receivers like AJ Brown would think.

I don't know. I don't know what it is or it's such a Dallas centric division. People are just always thinking Dallas is going to pull it off, not Philly.

I might be misreading it. There might be more people that believe in the loan remaining undefeated team. I think they're going to be eight and no in three days.

I mean, they could be 15 and oh, they're going to have a little mini buy before taking on a Monday night football game. It's supposed to have been the Carson Wentz homecoming, but here comes Heineke, the Heineke magic that we saw uncorked in the last seconds in Indianapolis. Philadelphia is at Indianapolis. They got green bay on a Sunday night at home. Man, Philadelphia and Tennessee in week 13, that's going to be delicious.

That seems to be just your regular Sunday afternoon affair. And whoever has that, maybe that's a Fox or a CBS game. I hope for their sake that they went ahead and protected that game because Indianapolis at Dallas appears to be your week 13 game. And there's many people who love to see the Sam Ellinger return to Texas. I would think that would be flexed out for Derek Henry and Philadelphia going on. Maybe if Philadelphia is undefeated.

That smells of flex. And I don't think CBS or Fox back in week three or four would have protected that one. But just throwing that all out there. The Lakers won for the first time. The difference between two, one and five teams. We'll talk about it. Lakers, one and five nets, one and five. The postgame press conference for the one and five Lakers had no mention of anti-Semitism or Alex Jones.

Ah, the nets one did. We'll talk Kyrie a little bit on this program. We'll have also overreaction Monday.

Let's do it. We got that. Chris Long is going to join us on so many other subject matters. Jamel Hill will be here.

She's got her new book, Uphill, A Memoir. It'll be fantastic talking about this book and a little bit of college football. Ohio State's got a playmaker, a game wrecker, who single-handedly took care of Penn State. We'll discuss that. A huge college football game set up for next weekend. We'll discuss that. When we come back, somebody's got to tap Jerry Jones on the shoulder and tell him he's got a playmaker that needs to see the field more. That's next right here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Don't go anywhere. 844-204 Rich.

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Unlock your potential inside a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Oh, here you go. Whenever you look at me, I know something's coming. No. Okay.

No. I just want to say this. What I'm about, what I'm about to say is not bias against the Ohio State University. That's how I take it. It is not at all.

It is not at all. Okay. For instance, I can talk positively about Buckeyes. I can.

Garrett Wilson yesterday for the Jets, he sparked, he flashed. It was exciting. I loved it. Well, that's different. I loved it. That's true. No, no, no.

I loved it. I can also say against your Justin Fields to me right now, right now, right here and now, October 31st of 2022, right now, the most developed and clear biggest upside, I can't believe I'm saying this quarterback of the 2021 draft class right now. Yeah. Yes, sir.

And then only one of them got a win yesterday. I know, dude, I just see what I'm seeing. I see what I see. And I love what I'm seeing out of him. I love what I'm seeing out of him more than what I'm seeing out of Zach Wilson. Trevor Lawrence yesterday at a game with a terrible pick that was, and I know this is like maybe snapshot week to week stuff. I, I'd like what I'm seeing out of, out of Justin Fields.

JT Tui Molowow. One of the greatest defensive performances you will see in college football. Just took over. Ever. In the second.

Ever. He puts the wow in Tui Molowow. Nice.

Thank you. He wrecked the game against Penn State. That was the, that Harold Club buffet was all set up in state college. And he wrecked it.

He wrecked it. A game wrecker game changer. And I, I just want to say this, for the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, let's have a plan. I think we'll have a plan. We'll have a plan for that kid. Let's no tight ends, no tight ends near him. Grown ass men who are corn fed and at least 325 pounds better be standing in front of him with an ability to move laterally. Otherwise they're going to be thrown out of the club, the Harold Club. Okay.

So I can do this and I've meant every word I just said. So what I'm about to say is not meant in any way, shape, or form to be Buckeye bias, but somebody in the Cowboys organization has got a tap Zeke on the shoulder. I don't know what that is. It's Jerry. Cause I don't know if Jerry wants to do it.

Somebody's maybe Stephen Jones got to tap Jerry on the shoulder and Jerry's got to tap Zeke on the shoulder and say, your touches are cut. You're not cut. We're going to need you. Oh, we need you. We need you.

We're going to need you a lot. We're inspired by your eating and your ability to pass block and your ability to punch the ball in the end zone. We love your red zone abilities, but the days of you getting 25 touches and we're riding you to victory or over or over say it in whatever way that you can say where he's not offended. Cause this is Tony Pollard time and they were forced to go to Tony Pollard time this week in a way that we haven't seen in a while. Like Zeke hasn't answered the bell before, but Tony Pollard hasn't rung it like this when Zeke couldn't answer the bell.

And you might be able to pick a game log here and there and go, Rich, what are you talking about? Fine, dude, he passes the eye test. You have to think. And it's interesting that the three faces we have on our game board on the Roku channel for our radio audience is Dak Prescott, Tony Pollard, and Micah Parsons. Cause Micah is that game wrecker and game changer and home run hitter on defense. Not the only one either.

And Dak Prescott. Okay. This is what we're talking about, right?

21 to 27. He runs one in, you're not winging it all over the place. 250 yards. That's all we need.

That's all we need. And then there'll be times where he's got to go 300, 400 yards and he can do it. I mean, you could just see the difference with him running this offense and Cooper Rush running the offense like you would for any top notch quarterback and his backup. That was always my point.

No doubt. My point the entire time has always been more Pollard, please. You have been, I hate it. I hate to admit it. You have been Pollard.

Thank you. Disgust me to say it. More Pollard, please. This kid from Memphis. Rich, did you hear his quote before the game? Which was? Well, someone asked him like, it looks like Zeke's going to be out.

How do you feel about having to have more of the load? And he was like, if you call it, I'mma haul it. And I'm like, that's, that's, that's Pollard Transpo. That's, that's, that's a song.

You call it, we'll haul it. Because in the same way, in the same way where the eye test, where you could see the difference between Dak quarterbacking it and Cooper Rush quarterbacking it. It's so stupid that I even have to say it, but it's the truth because for a month we were talking about, really?

Do we need Dak back? That was a conversation in so many parts of the NFL media. And when we, it was a filler. And when we had our conversations about that, that was just a tweak you and your direction. TJ, you were kind of believing it, Chris.

You could come out and say it, come out and say it. It's okay. Until he fell into the situation himself. Until he got zappied.

And then it wasn't funny anymore. Except that I was promoting zappied, but that's fine. Okay. Tony Paul. It's the same way you could see the difference in that you could see the difference in Pollard running the offense as the lead back and Zeke.

Come on. And I know it's heresy to say it cause Zeke is one of the big three when Cooper was there and Dak was ascending. And every penny that he got from Jerry, I think at the time he totally deserved. He should have pulled the move that he did to go off to Cabo and wait to get paid.

He deserved it, but this is a different time. 9.4 yards per rush on Sunday. 14 of a buck 31. And here's the thing in his time since coming off the camp, campus at Memphis, when he gets 15 or more touches, the Cowboys are 8 and 0 averaging, wait for it, 42.9 points per game. He is a home run hitter. And when Dak is having issues connecting with CD lamb and we're seeing a lot of hinder shots, shots, you got to push the ball down the field and CD lamb did catch a touchdown yesterday. But when you got to push it and you need that big chunk play and you need to tell the Bears when they're beginning to feel themselves, not today. And you can't always get that Micah Parsons fumble return because not all quarterbacks will be athletic enough to jump over him instead of being able to just touch him down. That's what Justin Fields was too athletic for his own good yesterday. You need Tony Pollard. That's what I'm saying.

More Pollard please. And I know he can't, nobody's in the league of pass protecting like Zeke at the running back position. Nobody. He's one of one.

He is a unicorn. He is great at it. And Cowboys fans remember one year, right? Where Romo wasn't protected by one of his backs in front of him and he got blown up. I, I totally get it, but I, I trust Mike McCarthy to know this and to be able to, you gotta get Pollard 15 touches a game or bust or bust.

He's a playmaker. You got one and it's so rare in this league, the Jets just lost theirs. Could have used Breeze Hall yesterday when things got slogging down and the Bella check way against the Jets roosted again.

Could have used Breeze Hall. You got your playmaker in this day and age. You gotta ride them. My two cents on the Cowboys. I don't hate those two. So who are now, by the way, in second place, in second place, and they hit their buy and they're going to come back and they're going to be nice and healthy and they're at green Bay, which is not nearly as scary now.

Ah, you should be. Cause you know, they're an easy place to play, but problem is they're going to be two back of the Eagles, two and a half back. And you know what?

That's not that great of a problem. Let them go into the playoffs. If they need be as the wildcard as a team, you don't want to face the proverbial team.

You don't want to face and let them go on the road and be that, you know, band together in the hotel rooms and on the plane rides. Let them be that team for change. Dallas Dallas would be like an eight point favorite at Atlanta. If the playoffs come on or at Tampa, if they wind up winning that division. Come on, look out.

I wouldn't mind starting the place on the road. I'm serious being the fifth try is being the fifth year. Totally fine. And I love Micah Parsons sitting by saying six and two is okay.

Rather be eight. No, I love the attitude, man. I love that guy, man. He's amazing.

He's another unicorn. You got a whole bunch of playmakers. There's one that you're not playing enough.

Oh, you know, like it's not playing enough. Great problem to have. I'll take that. True. You know, certainly. Because I'd rather have my playmaker back.

He's going to, he's having ACL surgery. That's awful too, man. 8 4 4 2 0 4. Rich number to dial. Terzo all rise.

Let's take his phone call. Terzo and Iowa. What's up, Terzo? Yo, what up, Rich? Hey, man.

First off, I was about ready to call in Friday whenever you pick the Rams to beat the Niners. So that was lovely. Oh, you know what? I'm not going to. No, no, no. Terzo. I digress. I digress.

Terzo. Look, man, I, I believe what I believe and I go down with ships, um, to my, you know, a detriment, but I, I see what I, what I believed and I, I believe in the Rams. I mean, I just know their system. I know their organization. I know their coach. I know their GM and I just believe in them and, and, um, thought that their center coming back and, and, uh, Van Jefferson coming back would actually have led to a different result. And they did lead at halftime.

Second half, they got spanked and their, their, their, their, their seasons might now go in totally different paths. And I tip my cap to you. I tip my cap to you. And you've been, you've been on, you've been, you've been loyal with the Niners all year long. You've been saying that you, you've followed them.

So it kind of caught me off guard on Friday. You know, just, you know, but, but, you know, I still, I still love him. Let's go.

Let's go jets. J ETS, you know, but Brockman, but Brockman, I got to call you out. You want to fire my coach still, or, or, or, or, or do I win the best or do I win the best, uh, fan costume, uh, your fan costume was pretty fantastic. I still don't think, what was it for those who might not have seen, what, what was your fan costume? Were you Shannon?

Uh, so yeah, no, no, no. I got to throw a shout out to my man, Jose in, in Espana who built me a full on movie quality Deadpool suit. Ah, pretty good. Damn.

He tweeted us a photo. Okay. Very good. But yeah, I mean, thanks for the call, Terzo.

I greatly appreciate it. You want to, you want to answer his question? You want to bounce Kyle Shanahan?

Yeah. He's not a good coach. I mean, come on. Like he's not a good coach. He's beaten. He's beaten the Rams over and over. And so in order to win a division, you've got to, okay, you can say that you just did. Um, so you can, you've got to beat the best team in your division or your arrival in your division, or one of the best teams in your division perennially in order to win your division. And they have now swept the Rams.

That's done. The other team that could be potentially dangerous to your threat to win the division is a team you've already beaten, but Seattle, I think is a different team. By the way, that game, let's see, when is that game? Oh, baby.

That's a Thursday night football game in week 15. I'll admit that he's a good coach when his career record is over 500 and they win a super bowl. Okay. That might happen this year. And then I will admit it. Until then, I'm standing by my stance. And so you're also willing to stick with Bill Belichick too, right?

Well, you trust him again. Uh, okay. Jets aren't that good. So like, that's not, that's not that great of a win yesterday.

You can't just dispatch them like that. You can't just say that your quarterback is holding your quarterback. Your quarterback isn't good.

You could say that the rest of your team is, has a lot of talent and Salah is a good coach. Your quarterback is really not good. He is definitely not ready for prime time. Yeah.

I think Orlowski said today, he needs to grow up, whatever that may mean. Let me just say this. I, and it's unfortunate for, for Zach Wilson, but this is life in the big city. Yeah. This is life in the big city.

You're not in Utah anymore. And whatever's going on in his skull about thinking about what he thinks he needs to do in order to be successful, he needs to take that and throw that script out too. Okay. Because what he's got is an incredible arm. I mean, that first touchdown pass that he threw to put the jets up. Oh my gosh. In the corner of the end zone.

Rifle. I mean, in a small, like three inch by three inch window. I thought that was really good coverage and like bullet. Yeah, it was, it was great. And in the first half of that game, what he was doing was hitting his back foot and getting rid of it.

It's just that when his first read is covered, he's lost in space. You heard that from Kurt Warner on this show last week. And you know what the Patriots started to do in the second half of that game? They were going to Garrett Wilson and knocking him on his ass.

As soon as he got off the line of sprints, Matthew Judon did it on one play. So it's just like, Oh, I don't have my first option. Where am I going now? I know what I'll do. I'll just keep running and running and running around and I'll try and make a play and force it in somewhere. And instead of throwing it out of bounds, I'll just throw it right to Devin McCordie. That's what I'll do. Jason McCordie, by the way, doing a great job. And on Westwood one, but I'll just throw it to Devin McCordie. That's all I'll do.

And it's not acceptable anymore. And you could sit here and say, well, it's just year two, year two, year two, rest of the team's kind of taken steps, steps forward. Rest of the team's kind of taken steps forward quite a bit and have created the bones of a possible playoff campaign this year, head of schedule, head of schedule. And so it's time for him to hit his back foot and make his damn throw and sit in the film room a little bit more, if that's what's necessary and learn where options two and three are.

Cause they're going to be there too. Elijah Moore, who was so damn good. Man, you see his quote after the game. He's like, somebody asked him, God bless him in the New York media, asked him what his chemistry with the quarterback is. And he's like, I don't know. I'm not getting the ball. I don't play zero.

I don't, I don't get the ball. So I don't know is a straight up honest. And answer is a guy who just got benched for whatever reason for whatever mutiny he might've had on the Zach Wilson bounty. He just got suspended for, that's the best thing he could say without creating any more waves and saying what he needs to say. Well done, Elijah Moore.

I believe you. Cause it's now on the quarterback. It's flat out on him. And at a time when they needed him the most, because Breece Hall is gone, who's going to fill the playmaking void? Maybe he thinks he's got, he's got to be the one to do it. And I'm saying to him, he has to be, but the way you do it, Zach, is to know the playbook, know where your receivers are going to be, trust the system, hit your back foot and use your remarkable talents to zip the ball in there.

And if it's not there, know where option two is and option three is, and you'll find them because you're pretty slippery yourself. And let's go and play football because the jets can do it this year. And unfortunately, he can't just sit back and the jets are not in the position to just let him cook in the oven and marinate because they can do it this year. Problem is here comes the other bill. Belichick just showed him, you're not ready yet.

Just showed him along with the rest of the Patriots, you can't do it yet. The way you're coming to work and trying to do it. I think Daniel Jeremiah said it best. 80% of his plays are trying to be a creator and 20% are the ones just trying to follow the system. And he needs to flip that. He comes to the mindset of, I've got to create.

No, you've got to complete. The problem is, is after one bill, the Belichick bill came to town and showed him he can't do it yet the way that he's operating in his current operating system. Here comes the other bill in the division from Buffalo. My goodness gracious. All right. And by the way, five and four going to the bye week, I would have totally signed for that in the beginning of the season. So I do want to just say that.

Absolutely. But that was terribly disappointing. The coach says to the fan base, show up early, don't miss anything. And then a terrible mistake on defense. Didn't have to call it, but he did shove Matt Jones late, wiped out a pick six that would have made it 17, three jets right before the half. Totally changed the game. And in the third quarter, Belichick came out and the rest, I mean, the players came out as Belichick said, it's the players who win games and totally changed the tenor of that game in the third quarter, just kept hitting them in the mouth. And Zach Wilson kept making the mistakes. And that's all she wrote.

You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by Autozone. Okay. Let's take a break. More of your phone calls.

844-204 Rich, number to dial. Chris Long coming up. Most entertaining game of the day. Let's hit that as well before Chris Long joins us.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. Back here on the Rich Eisenshow 844204 Rich, number to dial. Difference between one and five basketball teams. Let's hit it. Hit it.

One and five Lakers. Got to be honest with you. We had on the Rich Eisenshow Twitter account. I don't know if we have a check mark. We're definitely on a paying $20 a month for it.

What's a Twitter account? Nice. There's that one too. I had all set up a shot of Westbrook next to Lebron. Zero next to six being that would have been their record.

But no, no, no, no. Westbrook comes off the bench, 18 points. He gets to get you a nice little finish. LeBron and AD were playing a nice two man game. Austin Reeves is making threes. That's what we're talking about. Darvin Ham selling.

They're buying really like your fans are all fired up. One in five. That's one one in five team. Then he got another one in five team in Brooklyn. They just lost to an Indianapolis right at home.

Four to one of five. Steve Nash coach says it can't get any worse, right? That's what he literally said. Can't get disaster. Can't get any worse. Oh yeah, it can.

Yeah, it can. Because you got Kyrie Irving on your team and he's spending time away from the basketball arena, putting on his Twitter account, just the cover of a book with a link to the Amazon page of a book filled with antisemitic tropes. Trust me. I know what an antisemitic trope looks like and what they sound like and what they feel like when it lands on you.

It stinks. Certainly when somebody's got four plus million followers to get that link to see what is this book about? Let me see. This is after him putting on his Instagram account of a link from Alex Jones in the 90s, talking about Cabals in the world that are trying to kill us by creating plagues and things like that at any rate. So after the loss, he was asked about this. Both of these subject matters. We're going to play all two minutes for you because I've never really heard an exchange like this. Between media and all world, all star, terrific basketball player, terrific athlete.

Go for it. Kyrie, while we're on the topic of promotion, why did you decide to promote something that Alex Jones said? That was a few weeks ago. I do not stand with Alex Jones' position, narrative, court case that he had with Sandy Hook or any of the kids that felt like they had to relive trauma or parents that had to relive trauma or to be dismissive to all the lives that were lost during that tragic event. My post was a post from Alex Jones that he did in the early 90s or late 90s about secret societies in America of a cults and it's true. So I wasn't identifying with anything of being a campaignist for Alex Jones or anything. I'm just there to post and it's funny and it's actually hilarious because out of all the things I posted that day, that was the most post that everyone chose to see.

It just goes back to the way our world is and works. I'm not here to complain about it. I just exist. And to follow up on the promotion of the movie and the book, can you please stop calling her a promotion? What am I promoting? I'm not promoting it. I'm not promoting it. You put it out on your platform, but I'm promoting it.

Do you see me doing, do you see me in front of the title? We're going to say that you are promoting it just like you put things out there, right? Yeah, but I put things out there for a living, right?

Right. But my stuff is not filled with anti-Semitic. Let's move on.

Don't dehumanize me up here. I'm not, I'm not doing that. I can post whatever I want. So say that and shut it down and move on to the next question recovery. You have to understand that I don't have to understand anything from you. It's not me. Nothing.

It's no people that you're making up bro. Move on. But by posting them on next question, any questions, do you guys have any more questions? And they're going to say, you guys have any more questions? This is going to be a clip.

This is going to be a clip that he's going to marvel at. Is this any more questions? But you're not answering the question. There's another answer in your question. Oh my God.

Let's make another Instagram clip so we could be famous again. Next question. All right. So maybe, um, needs to hear it from me. I was Nick Friedel, by the way, of ESPN going back and forth.

Good job by Nick. You're dehumanizing me, Kyrie. I'm a Jewish man. Okay. Descendant of people who died in gas chambers and got incinerated by Nazis. You're dehumanizing me by putting on your platform a book and a movie that is filled with antisemitic tropes that are designed or eventually lead to the dehumanization of me and my children and my ancestors who died because they were Jewish. It's not funny.

It's not hilarious. And I can't believe I got to tell someone from Duke who clearly is smart enough to know. Yeah. I mean, you're not promoting it with like a tour. It's not like a book tour or a movie tour, but when you put it in front of 4 million people who might not have already heard about it or know about it, you're promoting it. You're promoting it. You're giving it your platform.

The same thing. And when you give it your platform, you may not agree with all of the other things that the person who created a book or movie or a theory that you say is true. True.

You are now owning all of that person's opinions. And yeah, it's offensive. It's offensive. And it's also really scary because it's normalized by somebody who puts a ball through a hoop and is very famous for it and generationally rich for it. And you have a platform because of it and it's normalized.

And that on top of seeing Kanye was right about the Jews being beamed on a stadium in Jacksonville and on a building in Jacksonville. And I'm seeing it all over overpasses across the country. It's damn frightening. And I'd like you to help and do something about it. That's what I sit around and think about when I see that. Yeah. It's frightening, man. It's scary. Put it all together.

I'm not saying he can help cure it, but. And then, you know, just the basketball sense of it, you got to sit here and wonder are the Nets trying to win basketball games. Trying to win basketball games. Um, does this help?

Does it hinder? Can you keep this sort of stuff out of your locker room that this is what's being discussed with your star point guard? Well, by the way, is lighting it up this year. This week, the main story was he passed to Ben Simmons and you could hear him scream, you know, microphones picked up him saying, shoot it.

Right. Then he said, after the game, you know, hey, everybody back off. Let him let him be hasn't played in two years. Well, I guess in real time he was saying what the rest of the fans were thinking. One in five, two different one in five teams that have a lot of fans hoping for championships this year. It seems like maybe you get a glimpse into why Kevin Durant wanted to trade. You think?

I don't know. That's that team is a total conundrum. They had no choice, but to run it back. And so far, running back is one in five with all of this part of the conversation.

We're back with our number two, Chris Long talking football and overreaction Monday and more. It could be information to change your life forever. Or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting. Rameet Sadie talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But OK, so once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something you should know wherever you listen.
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