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REShow: Jemele Hill - Hour 3

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October 31, 2022 3:19 pm

REShow: Jemele Hill - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 31, 2022 3:19 pm

Rich and the guys ponder the possibility of Deion Sanders jumping ship from Jackson State to take the suddenly vacant head coaching job at Auburn.

Jemele Hill joins Rich in-studio to discuss her new ‘Uphill’ autobiography that digs deep into her “heavy” upbringing, weighs in (as a Michigan State alumna) on the MSU-Michigan rivalry and the ugly post-game incident that led to the suspension of several Spartans players, and says he she’s transitioned from covering sports to broader topics as her career moves forward.

Rich recaps the NFL’s Week 8 with a special Halloween look at Sunday’s “scariest” storylines including Christian McCaffrey and the 49ers, Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles, Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans, and Tony Pollard and the Dallas Cowboys.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Tyler Lockett. What did you know about Geno Smith and this offense that the rest of the league is learned? Gonna throw deep.

Got a man in the corner. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We knew what Geno could do.

I mean, you know, it was mostly a lot of people on the outside who didn't know what Geno could be able to do. Earlier on the show, host of the Greenlight podcast, Chris Long. Coming up, author of the new book, uphill a memoir, Jamel Hill.

Plus your phone calls over reaction Monday and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

If you missed anything from the first couple of hours, whether it's our can't miss opinions and takes and thoughts on week number eight and the rest of what went down over the sports weekend or Chris Long in his usual Monday spot or overreaction Monday, if you miss any of the first two hours, don't worry. Right here on the Roku channel, channel two 10, we rear. Also there's the Rich Eisen Show collection, a video on demand service.

So you can watch us on demand again or just watch us reared. Also you can check us out on our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen show. Most of the show is posted there. There's also our podcast. You can listen to all three hours whenever you're done. Well, please.

It's your right in the sports and entertainment content viewing and listening nation. It's all there for you. And we say hello to our terrestrial radio listeners, those listening to us on Sirius XM and Odyssey. Thrilled to have you here on this program.

844204 Rich is the number to dial. Jamel Hill is here today and excited to have her here. A terrific new memoir called uphill and it's available or all books are sold the new book available right now where you get your book. She's on a book tour. And I, you know, hope a, when she goes on to her book tour in the same way that Jeff Perlman, who was our last author here in studio, he's got this new great book on Bo Jackson. He went on a book tour, went to Auburn and their coach just got fired.

So hopefully, you know, she doesn't have the, the Perlman in her as she goes about her book tours. Auburn just fired their coach, huh? They did after a nine and 12 record in less than two years. How about them apples, huh?

He's owed $15 million. Is that so? Yeah. So I'm already seeing on, uh, on Twitter right now, after, uh, what's that Brian Carson just, I know, just got fired. Um, I'm already hearing Dion's name mentioned. Did you see, did you see a game day went to Jackson state?

It was awesome. And, uh, and see it saw, you know, Stephen A went in as the guest picker and, um, Stephen A and, and Dion shared a moment in the, uh, the green room trailer, you know, um, RV that they had. And all I could think to myself was, and Dion put out a photograph of him in the tunnel, we're seeing everything in front of him say caption this without, without curse words he said.

Um, and cause, you know, Dion does not curse anymore. I don't know if he did back in the day, but at any rate, um, I learned the word Dern from him. Dern. Yes. That's his. So, um, that's his Dern way of talking.

All I thought to myself is what he has built. It's on believable, but I, not surprising. No, not surprising.

And I don't know. Would it surprise me if he took a job elsewhere right now? Maybe I think he wants to see what he's doing for remember when he was with us not that long ago, he said, if he did take a big job like that, QB is coming with him. But also he also pointed out like, why is it fine for my name to get mentioned in so-called bigger schools and bigger programs, but it's not fine for my kids to be mentioned in bigger awards right now. Why is that?

Oh, I'm fine to so-called step up, but my kids aren't allowed to step up to be thrown into the Heisman conversation, even though Shador, his actual kid is putting up Heisman like numbers. I just saw that this weekend. I'm like, you go prime.

Love to see it. You go on with yourself. Dion saying he's on 60 minutes the other day. I mean, I've told you, I've told you guys a story before, but you know, mid nineties, I'm in Pittsburgh working at Footlocker one afternoon. Nobody's in the store and I'm just kind of hanging out and I see this person walking down the street and I was like, that can't be it is. And Dion came in the Footlocker and it was just like, what was he doing there?

Braves were playing the part. So, you know, he had the afternoon and he was just taking a walk around downtown by himself and buying shoes by, I don't know. I can't remember if he actually bought anything, but he came in, we chopped it up for a minute. Were you wearing the referee shirt?

Of course, man. Do you have a photograph of that? No, I didn't. I really take, you know, this is back in the day when you needed an actual camera. Yeah, you had to have one of those click zit, zit, zit type thing.

He didn't have that. But yeah, that was, cause you know, like I said, I was a Florida state fan because of picking up Sports Illustrated once. I was like, who is this guy? I can't believe that he, he is out 100% most famous guy I've ever walked through an airport. You said that before.

Yeah. And everybody comes up to him. When I say everybody, I'm talking about everybody, you name it, age, different, complete walks of life. Everybody. Prom was different, man. Everybody comes up to him and talks to him.

And he's, he was great to everybody unless you're like coming up to him and asking him for an autograph with something that, you know, he's, he could smell out somebody trying to make a dime off of his autograph. Like, like nobody I've ever seen. And then have I told this story about what we're in Chicago together?

I think I have where we're in Chicago on a Thursday night. It's freezing. And I got no headgear.

I got nothing on. And I'm a bald man. This just in proud bald man.

And he is right. And this is way back when Dion was a bald man. You were bald. Okay.

You were bald. Okay. So he says to me, you can't do that. Like it's going to be cold. Like you need, you need some, you know, something I'm like, I get it. I get it. And he's like, let's go shopping.

And we go, I think into the water tower or something like that. Real fancy store. He's showing me how these, these hats to me that are way out of my price range. I mean, way out.

And they're fedoras. And I'm like, Dion, like, I can't do this. I'm not, I can't pull this off.

This is your 19 or early 2000 price range, not the 2022. Stop it. Stop it.

What's the matter with you? So yeah, I'm like, I can't do this. He's like, you gotta do it.

You gotta do it. So I bought a fedora. That was your first rakish hat, bro.

It was my first rakish hat. Yes. And I rocked it on NFL network. And I, thankfully, I think this was pre-Twitter. It would not have been, the mentions would have been trash and garbage, but my texts, my, my, you know, my poker buddies were sending me pictures of inspector gadget. Yeah.

You know, if you remember, if you remember the Coen brothers movie, Miller's crossing, like that sort of stuff. They were just hating on your hat. And Dion was like, you look good. And I'm like, if Dion thinks I look good, then I am good. And no matter what the poker guys say, if Prime told you, if Prime took you and you pick out that. Dion may have told me I would look good in the moment, but I'm still hearing it over a decade later.

Is it jealousy, Rich? Yeah. Because I think I did look good in the fedora. You don't have a picture of it? There's not, I don't even know where the fedora is now, either. Susie probably chucked it. By the way, it might be in the studio somewhere. It might be the culprit. It might be gone.

All right. Let's go to the phone lines. Jeff in Detroit. One of our favorites is here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Jeff? You know, it's funny, thank you for coming to me so quick.

I'm sitting here thinking Prime is pretty much set up for man of the year. After this, one person is doing so much. And you think about it.

How many people would just say, okay, I'm gonna go to this school and learn, help them learn how to become famous, how to get in the spotlight, how to get, you know, people to come in and work together, you know, bringing people together. That's a hard task. And this man has done it for real.

This man has really done it. About the weekend, man, Michigan is a beautiful place. We have some great sports here this weekend. But I mean, my goodness, the U of M game was great. The aftermath though, was just horrible.

It really and truly was. And my thinking is, you know, with Mel Tucker, if he goes ahead, he could suspend half the team. Will they look at them funny or, you know, maybe give them an out because now it's like, you had these players, you know, pretty much out of control. And I have a question for you. Okay.

I'm wondering. I'm not gonna talk about the Detroit Lions anymore after this. Don't say that. Don't say that. How dare you?

How dare you? How do you one day? It's one day it will turn, sir. You know, they win.

I'm not gonna talk about the lines because I'm finding myself. My NFL fandom is coming back. I'm upset because the Jets lost the Patriots. I'm happy that TJ, uh, squad looks like a squad.

You know what I'm saying? I'm happy for my friends in NFL and I'm enjoying the games. You know, I really am enjoying the games, which leads me to wonder which one before you more, because you guys actually were talking about it, which one is like, I mean, totally unexpected. How good Seattle is doing or how bad Green Bay is doing, especially with the division pretty much wide open other than, uh, Kirk because it's usually, I mean, come on, man.

I will say this, Jeffrey, I am definitely more surprised by Seattle Green Bay. Um, we were wondering what, what, what, what are they going to do without Devontae Adams? And, you know, and when it's so thin and you lose, um, Randall Cobb to a cart and Alan Lazard to a sling, uh, with a shoulder, then you're, you're in trouble.

You're in trouble. And, um, so three and five to me while surprising, cause it is a team quarterback by Aaron Rogers, what, uh, what's gone on with the Seahawks is definitely more surprising. And I will say this to you cause I love you, man. Um, you know, if you're not rooting for the lines, don't, don't look in my direction. The Jets will look at TJ's direction, you know, I can't talk about them until they win. It's just like, I just, I, I, I get so emotional about them.

You know, is that, that's my squad. And we hear the same thing every year. And it's, it's like you're right there. It's like Lucy with the football.

You go to kicking him right on your back. And every time it was so close. I hear you. And yesterday, yesterday, I thought, you know, being up big, but thanks to the call, uh, Jeff, you'd be well. I mean, that's the issue when you're playing Miami and two is active.

They could put points up in a hurry. Waddling Hill. Not fair.

It appears right now. By the way, Waddles touchdown celebration might be the best of them. You like it.

He's waddling. I mean, how can you beat that? Did you see, did you see Patrick Peterson's celebration in the end zone celebrating with all of the Vikings after they turned the Cardinals over, he started playing, oh, he put on, uh, headphones, a headset and started playing, you know, a video game. Well, the new Call of Duty got released on Thursday. That's not what it's for, sir. It's this guy. That's what I'm saying.

Call of duty. And then he did, and then he did a yoga pose. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Hey, now kind of balled out though.

Yes. I'll tell you that. Oh, he hops balling out, man.

That team and JJ Wadd balled out too. Just had a baby last week. So that was, you know, that was big for, he did Joe in North Carolina. We'll take your call and then bring Jamel Hill out here on the Rich Eisen show. Let's go.

Take your call. What's up, Joseph? Hey, Richard, how are you doing today? I'm doing great.

What's on your mind? Well, first I just wanted to address, uh, TJ and TJ, you are right that the waddle is the best, uh, touchdown dance there is. So kudos to you for getting that right. And if I'm not mistaken, if I'm holding on a second, before you go on, if I'm not mistaken, is that, is that what, what Paul Pierce's celebration would have been if he didn't have the wheelchair? I don't think he would have even been able to waddle. He just wouldn't have released it.

Lamar, Lamar was doing another in Cleveland a couple of years ago. I didn't mean to go lowest common denominator. I didn't mean to go LCD on your Joe.

Continue on your thoughts. Sorry, Joe. But I agree, Joe. That's all right.

And, uh, next thing is dang it. Brockman. I had these nice DVR stats and pass rating for two and you completely undercut me. Oh, okay.

Sorry, homie. Uh, but my question to you, rich is, is what would it take for two to be in the national conversation as a good quarterback? Because in looking over it, he is in games that he, his last 14 games, he's 12 and two, but 12 and one in games that he finishes. And when you look at guy like Josh Allen, um, from the regular season to now he's 10 and three, if you include the postseason 12 and four, but two is number one in QBR, number one in passing rating, Tyrese on pace for 2000 yards.

But what would it actually take for him to get on the board for everybody talking about him as a good quarterback instead of everybody looking at him like he's just some trashy short guy and he can't do anything. He's got a five game stretch. How about this? He's got a five game stretch.

How about that for an answer for you? A five game stretch coming up later in the year. Mr. Hoskins, if you have the dolphins schedule, put it up because as you were going through all that, Joe, I was looking at my color coded schedule here and here it is weeks 13 through 17. He has got a games at San Francisco. Okay. Against his old McDaniel McDaniel's old team at the Chargers. Okay. Versus Herbert. That's the guy he's been pegged to as he's not as good as then they're at Buffalo freezing week 15.

Okay. That could be on a Saturday night too. Then he's on Christmas day. The whole country pulls up a chair and watches him take on green Bay at home on Christmas day. And then they're at new England on New Year's day. That's it. And then home against the jets.

How about the last six games? He starts doing that. And then he goes to the playoffs and then we start talking about him that way.

I think we he's, he's, he's growing in that direction and he stays healthy. We got to see it. Thanks for the call, Joe. I appreciate it. How's that for an answer?

I gave him actual dates. Let's see what he does there. I don't know about you, but that looked like money and you know, salty too. I'm waiting for it. And we're seeing it a little bit, right?

We're seeing it. Stay healthy too. I'm just healthy, man.

I'm team tour. You are, huh? Yeah.

Because they're not playing in the Dallas Cowboys, aren't they? All right. They gotta play us. Take a break. I've got a book here.

It's called uphill and it's a memoir of Jamel Hill and she's here and this is going to be great. Mike, can you play Tupac? Don't make enemies with me when Jamel. Okay. I don't know if we have the rights. Don't break up the fight, but we'll finish up with the top five scariest story storylines in week eight as well. Don't go anywhere.

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You can sign up right now at Always a pleasure though, as I've been texting you since yesterday. This was a setup. Like you put this in the universe. How can we, you know, I saw, hold on a minute. I saw that you're on a tour for your book. Uh, I am always up for being supportive for whatever you want to promote or whatever's going on. I reached out to you knowing that you had based on your schedule, a two-day window to be in Los Angeles, California, if I'm not mistaken. And you said Monday works best. And I said, okay.

And it's funny, right around third quarter of Saturday night's game between our alma mater's Michigan to Michigan state, you say, uh, something along the lines, it's sort of like some hazard light went on in your world that you were appearing on this program after all this, accusing me of being a setup artist. The timing really works out very well for you. It could have worked out well for you. I guess you're right. It could have happened in the opposite. Then it would have been you who would have been questioning.

Why did I invite her on this show? But then there's a beat down. Well, to technically how you want to see this, there's the game down and then it beat up. And so I was just like, wow, it's one thing. If we, you know, catch one by a Michigan, which I think most Michigan state fans have to say they totally expected. Yes. Then the other additional extracurricular activity occurs.

Obviously a post game fight in the locker room or the locker room area in the tunnel. And now I'm just like, wow, not one of my better timed to come on this program. I have to say that, but it don't worry. I'm not going to do anything untoward on the subject matter. I'm not saying that. No, no.

And again, I'd rather talk about uphill, which is a story about the third quarter and fourth quarter of Saturday's games. Exactly. Well, since I, I mean, there is a photograph of you that I have in my phone.

It's saved forever. You in a Michigan state shirt and Jersey smoking a cigar outside that you would post all the time after Michigan state beat Michigan. The last two years I've been able to post that.

And then before that, quite a bit. Yeah. So I know, listen, sometimes you're the hammer. Sometimes you're the nail today.

I'm the nail. It's okay. And I know that it just, you know, give me your two cents on what the rivalry means so people can kind of understand it since that is out there right now and being discussed nationally right now. I know a lot of people are looking at this. And if this is their first impression of Michigan state, or this is a relatively new impression, as you know, rich, and I don't think I'm overstating it. I do think between the two schools, the rivalry does mean more to us, right? I don't, I think the rivalry means something to Michigan, but obviously, because of Ohio State's presence, you know, there's, there's some, there's a debate there about it for you all. And which is ironic, because all that does is irritate Michigan state fans, right more, we want to be the most, the one you hate the most at Ohio State, right?

We're 60 something miles apart. But in real, real life stuff, though, where a lot of these players who faced each other on Saturday know each other from grade school, they're from the Detroit area. They have played against each other. It's like, of course, I don't condone what happened. And the players were suspended the university acting swiftly, as they should, an investigation will take place. But this is sort of not surprising. There has been, there's always this underlying bubble of hatred between the two schools. And especially as you know, when we beat you all, and especially the consistency in which we beat you in the last 10 to 12 years, then we are insufferable. That's just what it is.

Like we are much more insufferable in this. And because of that, especially after last year, the last two years in which Mel Tucker has won, that I knew coming into this game that if we don't win, if Michigan gets the opportunity, they are going to bury us prove a point, which you did with the physical nature of, you know, the running game and throw it deep with three minutes to go. Listen, if I'm you, I would do the same thing. I would do this. You texted me like I would put 50 on you guys.

I would try to, I'm clouded, totally clouded. So I didn't take that personally at all. But again, you have to remember a lot of these players, they have played football against each other in high school, close proximity. We know what proximity breeds, the nature of the rivalry. That tunnel was the right recipe for something to go down, especially because the other element we don't know is I want to know why the two Michigan players were isolated and there.

I definitely want to know what happened. And, and, and, you know, Harbaugh just said today, he thinks criminal charges are coming, which is serious business. It is serious business. I hate that it gets to that because, you know, there's a part of me that thinks, does it really have to get to that? I understand it was serious.

I get that. I don't want to belie the seriousness of it, but you could easily see something happen, happening like that between Michigan, Ohio State. There have been near almost fights a lot of times in these types of games. It's just, you didn't see it the way that we all saw it on, on Saturday night. So not a good look for the university. I do think some of y'all as a Michigan fans, I'll put a little too much on it, a little too much hot sauce, a little too much spiciness.

On what? Well, it's just on the post game stuff you're talking about. No, I mean, as in some of the language to describe what happened is, again, this isn't a heated rivalry. And any university tends to do this with their rivals.

They try to clutch the pearls a little tighter and ask like, Oh, we could never. And I was like, and I say this, liking him, having defended, defended him. I was like, you know, y'all did have a coach slap somebody. I mean, this, this year.

All right. So it's like, are you talking about the hockey, the hockey coach? You're talking about your basketball coach.

Yeah, that did happen. So I'm just saying that sometimes in heated moments, things go down. So let's not get all holier than now on me right now.

Like y'all didn't have some moments to, we both, both universities have. It is what it is. Okay. All right.

Jamel Hill here on the Rich Eisen show. Let us talk about your book and why now it seems like you still have a lot of your story to go in your career. All right. You know, you're on the Rich Eisen show. You got to tell the truth. Yes.

Thank you. The money is initially what I'm just keeping it real. I got to keep it a buck. I got to keep it a full buck. So I guess a pillar that you're looking at the Benjamin. So this is what happened.

The stack. I always wanted to be an author, but I wanted to be want to be, let me not say that in the past tense, a fiction author. Yes. And I never imagined wanting to write about myself in my story. Not that I didn't think I was compelling or interesting, but it was just never something that I ever really had a true desire to do. So in 2019, my literary agent SCAA told me that there's a tremendous amount of interest in the publishing world in your story. And I'm like, really?

Okay. I know I've been in the headlines and I know for why. So I sort of get it from a curiosity standpoint. And the book went to auction. I mean, it just is like I wrote a book proposal and went to auction.

I was very surprised that it did go to auction, even though he told me it was. And then he told me, Hey, if you really want to make your path in the publishing world, this is a good way to start. And once I sort of accepted that I have to write about myself, then me, you know, just my journalistic kind of mentality is that I'm leaving every play on the field. And I know, like you said, I have a lot of life to live, but the life I have lived is, I think, pretty compelling. And it goes really far beyond ESPN. ESPN is the least part of these chapters that I write about. And so then it became a mission to own the narrative and also write about my life growing up in Detroit and my story and the most transparent, honest, vulnerable, raw way that I could.

Okay. So what do you want folks to know about the uphill portion of this? So the uphill portion, I've told a lot of people read it starts up kind of heavy, you know, very heavy, gets lighter as you go through. But, you know, both of my parents are recovering addicts. And so I grew up witnessing a lot of things I shouldn't. There's a very, there's a very dark history of sexual abuse in my family. And so these are things I write about very honestly. Some other things, you know, happen to me personally, I write about having an abortion, I write about the fact that, you know, somebody tried to rape me when I was a preteen, like all these other things. So it's very heavy, tough subjects, but I think it's important to deal with these topics. And I also think for families who most of us come from very complicated dynamics, we don't always talk about them, but there's a layer of shame that are sometimes around these topics. And I thought it was very important for me to do what I could to take the shame off of it. Why did you turn to sports?

I mean, what was, where did that turn come from? I mean, we just heard your background, your upbringing. Was it, was it a, I guess, a safe world in your mind? It was, I mean, people ask me, when did you fall in love with sports? I'm like, I don't know, because I've never not loved sports. I've always been drawn to it.

And the origination is being a tomboy. Like I loved playing sports growing up in the neighborhood. I played fast pitch, softball in high school and middle school and, you know, was on traveling teams and that kind of thing. So I was pretty knee deep into just the competitive aspect of sports.

And that naturally bled over and to a love of all different sports. The first team I ever loved with it was the Detroit Tigers. They won when I was, when I was eight years old in the eighties, 84, I could still name that whole starting lineup. You know, like, I love that team so much. And then of course, you know, growing up in the cities, you know, Pistons, Red Wings, never liked Alliance was not my, you know, well, I mean, Barry Sanders arrived in the early late eighties, early nineties, early nineties.

But you're talking, cause I was in just to date myself in college from 86 to 90, uh, in Michigan at, in Ann Arbor. And that was Tigers were killing it. The Red Wings were killing it. The Pistons were on the verge of doing the bad boy.

I mean, I hated my horn and the Lambier hated them. What? I'm a Nick fan. Well, yeah, that makes sense. I remember, I remember when the Knicks went in with Bernard King in Joe Louis arena.

Okay. Like I was there as a Nick fan in New York, and then I go to Michigan and man, I hated the, how are you surprised that would hate the bad boys? Yeah, you're right. I mean, I thought that being at Michigan might've definitely to a little bit, absolutely not know what was happening because they got really good and they were man, then you were really suffering. It was, it was, you know, to, but, but that was the ascension of the destroyed the Detroit sports world for sure.

Yeah. And so all of those things put me into sports. And as you know, this rich is that, um, growing up, if you really wanted to follow your favorite sports themes, you read the newspaper. And so I started reading the free press and the news and I realized that, oh, people actually write about sports for a living.

This is fascinating. And I was already a voracious reader. I love to write. I was terrible at math. I had all the recipe for being a journalist.

Okay. And then in high school, I joined my high school newspaper staff. And at the time, the way it works for Detroit public high schools is the free press put a special insert inside the paper once a month that had all the high school newspapers in them. So you had to go to the free press to put together the paper. So the first time I walked into a newsroom, I was hooked. I was very fortunate that I figured out my life's work in 10th grade, right?

Never done anything since that was different. I've been a paid journalist since I was 16 years old. Cause I worked at the free press in high school and then went to Michigan state for the state news and for the journalism program, nasty little secret. I was a Michigan fan when I went to Michigan state. Well, I know you got the smarts in your Jamel.

No, it's just that it was the fab five and it was, you know, it was a whole, you couldn't even resist that. I know. Cause Chris Weber's mother taught at my high school.

I went to Mumford. Did you see C web went back for the first time this past week? I heard that. I heard that, which is great because I do think, um, I was really glad when him and Jalen, when that fence mended because I think it's still in the process, don't it is, but it's better than it was. No question.

Right. I think there's progress been made. Maybe I won't go as far as to say the fence has been totally mended, but I've told them both this individually. Like you guys are very important to the history and legacy of the city of Detroit. I love you both. I know you have things you need to talk about and work out, but it does us no good, you know, to, to quote Jay Z, you know, it's, it's no good when the family feuds like not for the city of Detroit. You guys are too important for that. So they know I feel about that.

What do they say to you when you say that I've gotten positive responses from both. Um, I think it's just a matter of just overcoming, you know, certain baggage and certain things. And I always feel like when you're in that situation, it doesn't do you any good to relitigate the past. You have to start from where the point you are forward. Like, what do we have in common now?

And we can't go back and change anything, anything that was said to go back and say, when you said this or that you said that that's not going to work. You have a more important mission than that. And the mission is this city loves you both. We would love to see you united.

You guys are both. You have done amazing things for the city. So imagine what that, you know, could do together. And I hope to one day, much like we saw magic and Isaiah have that conversation on NBA TV. I hope we see that conversation soon. That would be amazing.

I think it would be. And you know, they're there. They mean so much. Obviously you can speak specifically about what they mean to the city of Detroit.

I'm just talking about pop culture, what they mean to the sport of basketball and just seeing what they have inspired and who they have inspired and how at the time they were viewed as thugs and what they were wearing. And now we had TJ's brought it up every single time when Jalen and C-Web and Juwan Howard have been on the show about how the shorts size are now creeping back up. It's just like, you know, it's like John Stockton won the battle. It's like, you want it. Fat Five didn't get called all those names just to have five. You know what I'm saying? Now all the players wear hoochie daddy shorts.

It's like, what are we doing? I thought we agreed. That was not the case.

That's what they said here. Also, Richard Jamel mentioned Mumford. That's where Jerry Bruckheimer. Do you know how many times I've had to tell people Mumford's a real high school. And when Axel Foley wore the t-shirt, people assumed it was fictional. I was like, no, Jerry Bruckheimer went to my high school.

That's why he got the Mumford mention in there. Maybe you should be in the remake of Beverly Hills coming today, right? I'm there. We can make dreams come true around here. So uphill a memoir, again, where all books are sold. I mean, are you comfortable now being somebody who talks about the world and life and society and you're, you know, my Northwestern professor always called the sports world, the toy department.

You're kind of out of the toy department now. Jamel, are you comfortable in that role? It's interesting because when I talk to younger sports journalists and try to get them to understand how it was characterized, you know, when we were kind of cutting our teeth in this business, it's true. I don't know if it can be called that anymore because we see the collision.

It's always been there, but I think the collision is more talked about and written about now between sports, politics, race, gender, all of these things, culture. And I'm comfortable, always will be comfortable in that lane. I think because of the incidents I've been known for that people put me in another lane. So people have caught me an activist. I'm like, I'm not an activist. I know activists who are on the front lines, who are marching, protesting, gathering city officials, making proposals.

I am not that. I am happy to amplify their work. I'm happy to do what I can to be just a servant and being a citizen in this country because there are very important issues that are on the table.

Everybody, please go vote. And so because of that, I don't mind being in those lanes, but I think sports is still a great lens to see these very important issues because think about it, Rich. As a society, we still remain very segregated.

We don't worship together. Most of us have our communities and friends typically among racial and social economic backgrounds are about the same. The one thing that we do together is sports. We sports together. And that's why I think sports has a special opportunity to get people to open up their minds, to engage in different issues. And I know there's going to be a loud and active crowd to say, I watch sports.

I don't watch it for that. You mean to tell me you weren't inspired by Muhammad Ali or John Carlos and Tommy Smith or even Colin Kaepernick or LeBron or Serena who have often used their platform to speak to other issues. Of course you were.

And the reason you listened is because you enjoyed and loved their talent. So because of that, I will always write and talk about sports because of its unique ability to unify. Well, and you're so spot on when you talk about how sports and society is mixing and how main, I guess, topics of conversation about politics and the world and how we deal with each other, it happens all the time. And I'm not comfortable talking about it here. I do. I do when I speak from the gut and speak from the heart. I mean, I did that in hour number one with what Kyrie Irving put on his Twitter account. And I, you know, and how he said that he's not, he's not promoting a book that talks about tropes of antisemitism.

And I've, I felt I was offended. I'm frightened, actually. I'm frightened because I saw beamed on the side of the stadium in the world's largest cocktail party in Jacksonville. Conrae is, Conrae is right about the Jews.

And then somebody ran and put that on a building in Jacksonville. And the normalization of that sort of stuff that I hope isn't happening becomes normalized when somebody who we're rooting for, because he's so terrific at basketball and gives him a platform of four and a half million says, I'm not promoting it. Yes, you are. Right. And listen, and kudos to Nick Friedale, who I know for challenging him on what he was saying, you know, in full disclosure, I actually, Kyrie and I have done some social justice stuff together. I like him. I think he means well. But when he first posted the Alex Jones video, I sent him a direct message then.

And I was like, listen, when you take somebody like that, who has caused so much pain to a number of families who lost their kids and one of the most horrific acts of gun violence we've ever seen in this country. I don't care what point that he's making. I don't care if me and Alex Jones agree that the sky is blue. I will never say out of my mouth. I agree with something that Alex Jones says. And he had a very polite response back. I didn't want to go back and forth in that manner.

I'm hoping at some point, I'd love to have a face to face conversation with him, because I do think that he is better than what he's shown. I don't blame you for feeling that. And I've tried to explain this to people. The one thing you don't want to do is have talking points that are similar to some of the worst people in history. The reason why this language is bad when you try to paint Jewish people this way is because that's the exact reason Hitler used to justify exterminating millions of Jews, that they're collectively deceptive and that they're working together. And there's a conspiracy going there. And they're trying to keep us down.

That's how that all started. And so anything that promotes that is very dangerous. And it's the same thing with Kanye West, not only that, but what he said about George Floyd's, you know, the reason George Floyd died, which was proven in court not to be true. When you have these kind of platforms, there is a responsibility that comes with them. Anything that you put on there is seen as a promotion. A retweet is an endorsement.

Posting it for millions of people to see is an endorsement. And so we have to collectively be able to not just stand together, but also I think make people in these positions aware of the damage you can do very, very easily. And that we also see through the responsibility avoidance that we see through the flimsy excuses. I mean, again, that Kanye says that because Adidas rightfully cancelled their relationship, he now feels like he knows what having a boot on his neck is or farve saying that, you know, I didn't know this was all going on when I'm texting people. I hope it's not coming. It's going to come. Could it? Could this come out?

Like, could the media find it? And even with Aaron Rodgers and some of the misinformation that he gladly shared, it's like when you are in that position, the responsibility is different. That same position can bring you millions, bring you adulation, the same position you have to treat very carefully. I've even had to learn this myself. Okay, that that matters.

And you have to be vigilant about and intentional about the messages you're sending. Jamel Hill uphill a memoir. Go get it. We're all books are sold. Jamel Hill is unbothered.

New episodes drop on Mondays. Yes. And it's out one out right now since what do you know? Dwayne Wade. Dwayne Wade is my guest this week on Jamel Hill is a bother available only on Spotify. Oddly enough, Gabrielle Union is on the back of your book saying how you should buy it. Yes.

Follow their advice. Okay. Fantastic. Soledad O'Brien as well. Tamron Hall.

And so much more. Thanks for coming on, coming in at Jamel Hill. And I barely even brought up the final score. Next time, you know, why don't you have me? I don't know. Unlike the day after Independence Day or something. Something where neither of our teams are playing. Okay.

March Madness or something like that. Right. Exactly. Never know.

Well, I mean, we'll see that that kid number zero. What Keon Johnson, is that his name? Yeah.

He plays for his O2. Man. Yeah. Oh, Keon Coleman. Keon Coleman. Pardon me.

Yeah. He is good. You know, he reminded me. I'm glad that you didn't keep throwing to him. Reminded me of how Braylon Edwards did Michigan State.

And that triple overtime. Oh my God. It was like embarrassing. My wife did the sideline reporting for that. And I thought I would never see her again because they rushed the field. Look at that.

I'm like, but thankfully she did. And everything's great. At Jamel Hill on Twitter and Instagram, go get uphill where all books are sold.

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