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REShow: Tony Hale - Hour 3 (11-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 1, 2022 3:08 pm

REShow: Tony Hale - Hour 3 (11-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 1, 2022 3:08 pm

Rich and the guys react to the Brooklyn Nets parting ways with Steve Nash then bringing in suspended Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka to replace him.

Emmy Award-winning actor Tony Hale joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of his Disney+ show ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ and reveals some great secrets about ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Veep,’ and ‘The Sopranos’ in a round of ‘Celebrity True or False.’ 

Rich and the guys react to the Denver Broncos sending edge rusher Bradley Chubb to the Miami Dolphins. 

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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You're not in Utah anymore. And whatever's going on in his skull, it's just that when his first read is covered, he's lost. The Rich Eisen Show. The one to McCordie, throw the ball out of bounds, man. Earlier on the show, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, Patriots safety, Jabril Peppers.

Still to come. Emmy award-winning actor Tony Hale. And now it's Rich Eisen.

All right, everybody. Hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. If you missed any of our first two hours, Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, Jabril Peppers of the New England Patriots, guess what? We're going to re-air right as soon as this third hour is over on the Roku channel, channel 210, where you can also see our show on demand through The Rich Eisen Show collection. We chop up our show, not just into special video segments, but also the entirety of our program is available whenever you want to watch it again on the Roku channel, Roku channel 210. And the Roku channel is free on all Roku devices and Samsung smart TVs and Amazon Fire TV.

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You can listen to us terrestrial radio. There's YouTube. There's at Rich Eisen Show on Twitter.

My goodness, we're unavoidable. Tony Hale is going to be in our studio in just about 20 minutes time. I adore this man.

I love everything that he does. Veep Arrested Development. And this show, season two, the mysterious Benedict Society on Disney Plus, the entire family watched season one. Can't wait to start unfolding season two, which has already hit your streaming screens on Disney Plus. Two episode premiere last Wednesday. New episodes coming every single Wednesday on Disney Plus, excited to chat. We got a good celebrity true or false for Tony Hale. Can't wait.

This will be great. Meanwhile, we woke up to the news that the Indianapolis Colts fired their offensive coordinator, Marcus Brady, just one game into the Sam Ellinger administration after benching Matt Ryan. Yesterday, we went off the air and Roquan Smith gets traded from the Ravens, uh, from the bears to the Ravens. And now, um, the bears seemingly in sell-off mode acquire Chase Claypool from the Pittsburgh Steelers for a second round pick next year. There's still some disputes around the air at the top of hour number three, whether it's their own pick or the one they got for Roquan Smith, the second rounder from the Ravens. And that's after the, um, Lions and Vikings make a trade in division for TJ Hockinson.

Their top tight end in Detroit is now a Minnesota Viking because they put Irv Smith on IR. He might be out for the rest of the regular season. And a simple question, uh, on a day like today, and it's not even over the trade deadline is two hours from now, as we're currently speaking, I think Stefan Digg said it best in March. Hell going on. The hell going on. This is a nice little hell going on day because on top of it, the Brooklyn Nets and Steve Nash part ways. So it's trade deadline day in the NFL and the Nets say, hold my beer. And Steve Nash says, I'm Canadian.

I'll do that. The decision was mutual between the two sides, according to Woj and you're like, okay, yeah, somebody getting fired. It's mutual. Well, have you seen what's going on in Brooklyn?

He is Canadian. That's the fact. I snuck that one in on you. I snuck that one in on you, huh?

So I mean, have you seen what's going on in Brooklyn? They won last night, actually. They, they, they beat the Indianapolis, uh, Pacers, right? They, the Indiana Pacers last night.

Yeah. They finally got a win. They, and they lost to them a couple of nights ago and they get this one in the books and they win this one. Even though Kyrie is, and Kyrie is laser focused. He's balling out. A whole bunch of folks sitting in the front row was saying fight antisemitism, t-shirts, you know, with those t-shirts on is what reads on their t-shirts.

You know, some of you may know, I had, uh, something to say on that subject matter yesterday. Kevin Durant's balling out, but Chicago tonight. So we said that going into the season after Kyrie ops in and then Durant within 24 hours ops out.

And they say that nothing had that both of those things are mutually exclusive. Then we find out not only does Durant want out, but if he wants, if he does stay, because Joe side, the, the owner is like, you know, and Sean Marks, the general manager is like, Hey, look, we're, we're, we're happy to accommodate you. If we get something of value back for you and you're kind of, uh, the best on the planet had you got four more years of contractual control left.

We're not going to get equal value for you, but feel free. Let's see how it goes. And of course nothing happens. And so apparently he would come back if Nash is gone. That was the storyline this summer until we found out there was some sort of Yalta like meeting here in Los Angeles amongst everybody involved from Durant's side of things in the net side of things. And they're like, yeah, let's just all be friends. We'll run it back.

We even had our friend, the drop from Bobby Conavale, our long time friend, as the, this was what we said would be the slogan for the 2022, 2023 Brooklyn nets. Yeah, sure. Why not? That's it. Yeah, sure.

Why not? You know, I opted out, but I'll opt back in and, you know, I wanted the coach gone, but he says he's staying and we're like, uh, the nets are like, yeah, we'll trade you if we get equal value for it, but we didn't. So let's all stick around and do it. And everybody came out of that meeting saying we're all on the same page. Let's go.

And they start one and five or one and four. Right. And then they, uh, they win last night and now Nash is gone. So yeah, mutual parting the ways. I think he's like, I, this is nuts.

Get me the hell out of here. Yeah. And I imagine they'll have to pay him off.

Yeah. Oh, and as if this doesn't get even any crazier because the owner of the nets felt compelled to say what Kyrie's promotion of a movie in a book on his Twitter account. And as we know, he has a major problem with that being called a promotion. The owner of the nets felt compelled to call out Kyrie Irving on the spot on Twitter.

And that's part of all of this, even though they went, they can win basketball games, I guess, with everything being a backdrop and Durant said it's not a distraction. So I guess that would mean that you'd have to look at the coach and say, good job, but keep all that out of your locker room, huh? But there's clearly a lot of this iceberg. We're not seeing as if this isn't nuts enough.

Yeah. The rumors are hot that the coach, that the nets are looking to hire full-time is the coach that the Celtics had all the way to the finals last year, and then suspended for the year because of who knows what we still don't know. You Doka is emerging as a strong front runner, according to Shams Charanier for the nets head coaching spot. The sides have begun discussions and the nets are in the midst of their search process.

Continuing to do due diligence. Woj says they, the Celtics would be willing to let him go for another job in division. And they're like, you take them. You know what? You took Kyrie from us, kind of worked for us.

Take them all when we don't want them anymore. Smudge that. And I guess whatever went down with you, Doka and the Celtics, the nets are willing to countenance. And I have no idea what that was. Wow. Yeah, sure. Why not? It still fits, I guess. Yeah, sure.

Why not? Jacques Vaughn, the great Kansas Jayhawk from back in that day, he's the interim coach. And by the way, a rock shot of some of the most talented players in the sport on planet earth who aren't playing in France at present, right? On his team, the talents in that locker room, one would think if they could put it together. So honestly, I don't know what's going on there. I have, I have no insight personally to what's going on in that locker room. I don't know who does. I don't know who does.

I don't know if anybody does outside of that organization. They are keeping things kind of tight there. And, but the coach is gone. He almost had a hundred wins in three years there.

Not even full complete seasons either, but get out. And he's like, I guess happy to leave and we'll see what happens with Jacques Vaughn. And could the coach of last year's Eastern Conference champions, who was surprisingly suspended for the year on the outset of the season, out of nowhere, even though the Celtics said they had been investigating whatever was going on behind the scenes there for weeks, if not months, that that guy suspended at the outset of the season, just three weeks into the season could wind up on the sidelines of the Brooklyn nets. Like right away.

Yeah. How does that work? Would a suspension carry over to another team? No, that's a team suspending the league didn't suspend him. The Celtics suspended him for something we still don't know. So what they were like, basically the entire time, trust me, I think they would trade him. They would trade them.

Yeah. And I don't know, probably for not much because clearly the Celtics were willing to not have him for the year, but whatever they felt compelled to suspend him for the year, the nets will obviously know and willingly hire them. So whatever did go on behind the scenes there, the nets are adding that onto the pile of things that they are telling their fans. They're willing to countenance while also calling out. I don't know, man. The hell going on is right. That's a Mount Rushmore tweet of all tweet. The hell going on. Digs did that the day that Tyree kill said I want out and then was accommodated within two hours by Kansas city back on March 23rd.

March was so much fun. Well, that was the, but again, with Brooklyn nets, I mean, if they get you Doka, what will that press conference be? So what happened in Boston? Can't say, well, if you can't say, did you at least know what happened in Boston? Yeah, I know what's been happening in Boston, but it was bad enough for the Celtics to spend the guy for the year, but you're ready.

You're ready to hire him just right away. Yeah, that's the case. Well, why is that? Well, we can't talk about it. Is that what the press conference is going to be? Do you know what they should do? If that's the press, if that happens, that's the press conference. They should have the Kyrie next question thing on a loop and just sit there wordlessly in front of microphones and just hit that button. Next question.

Nick for Dale sitting in the front row to not let up and not relent. Wow. So that's what's up. Wow. Okay.

Here's a tweet from Josina Anderson. As of 8 AM this morning, I'm told, quote, it was looking like green Bay was going to offer the best deal for Claypool for a league source. And the bears swooped in, bears swooped in. If the bears not only acquire Claypool, but throw a major stink bomb into the direction up the toll road.

Okay. Up the toll road into green Bay because they traded the 43rd overall pick. Apparently it was their own pick. It was their own pick.

And that pick currently is one slot better, one singular slot better than green Bay's second round pick. If this is in fact, what has happened where Gouda Kunst is on the phone with the Steelers saying we're, we're, we, we want them and here's what we're going to give them. Here's what we're going to give you. And they, they call back and tell Brian now we're, we're, we're going to send him somewhere else. Where he sent him. Oh, Chicago.

Oh, man. I may have to call up our friend Matt, Pat, and see if we can, uh, simulcast his chat with Rogers. If that's actually the case, there you go. 30 seconds ago, the nets plan to hire Yime Udoka as their new head coach. Dude, Boston granted the nets permission to speak with Yudoka and will allow him to leave freely. Get out.

So no compensation, dude. What is going on? They are like, please go. We don't want you to coach here anymore. We don't want you around here. Please go in division and be the guy that our direct major competitors feel is the best fit for two of the best players on planet earth and Ben Simmons and everyone else there. They feel like he's the special secret ingredient.

You can go with no compensation. And now the Brooklyn nets in the press conference, it will go just like this. How did you come about feeling confident to hire this man when the Celtics felt this way about this man, about a subject matter that they consider so serious and his violation so serious that he's now allowed to be your coach after being the Eastern conference champion coach? How are you feeling so confident in hiring him? Well, we've talked about it and, you know, and we feel comfortable.

We feel comfortable. And then the answer will be, well, what do you know what he did? Yeah. Well, the Celtics said it was so bad that there he's now your coach and you got him with no compensation. You just let him go. What do you have to say about that? Well, we can't talk about it. We're turning the page and then you Doka, he'll be made available.

Can you talk about it? No, ongoing investigation and whatever it is, it was so bad. The Celtics let him go.

And the, Hey, Joe, sigh. I'm just saying this too. No matter what you said about Kyrie Irving's tweet that apparently has now been deleted, linking his four plus million followers to a book and a film filled with antisemitic tropes. And you saying you don't represent that the fact that Kyrie still playing for you after his last press conference performance, many folks out there still feel you can countenance antisemitism. You had a bunch of fans paying customers sitting in the front row of your building last night in Brooklyn, New York, wearing a shirt saying fight antisemitism. People already feel you're willing to put up with that for the sake of winning basketball games.

And you're now going to own whatever MA you Doka did too. And you could sit here and say, he said this, he said that, but you're direct competitors. Wasn't one the conference last year are willing to hand them to you. Must've been something that you're willing to now countenance as well.

Except as well. Man. Okay. But once you get past all of that, the press conference, the fact of the matter is the, the Brooklyn Nets just highly upgraded their coaching situation. And now they want to just talk about the basketball world.

I mean, sure you can. Eventually it's going to come down to that and it's going to be this team just got themselves a very good basketball coach. Okay.

I'm just saying, eventually that's what it's going to come down to. Like like the Steelers just traded for Will Jackson third. What is going on?

Why are these teams at stink acquiring assets? The hell going on is right. All right. Let's take a break and enjoy the company and the stylings and the loveliness of our next guest. Mr. Tony Hale, as he's known on Twitter and Instagram, I love the show that he's currently in the mysterious Benedict society and cannot wait to chat with him when we come back. Audible has everything you love listening to and more. It's the home of storytelling. There's no better place to find all the stories your imagination craves. Like the hottest new releases of the year, audio books, exclusive originals and popular podcasts, including the rich eyes and show they're all on audible. Whatever you're in the mood for. Audible has an incredible selection of audio entertainment for you to choose from.

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Simply go to to get a rate quote or contact your local agent and get started seeing how much you could save. Mr. Tony Hale is here on the Rich Eisenshaw terrestrial radio audience just returned. We just saw a clip of the mysterious Benedict Society season two new episodes Wednesday night on Disney Plus. And again, congrats on this show. My children and I and my wife, we watch it together. We love it.

That's so nice. I love it too. And I love, I mean, thank you for watching. It's such a beautiful show. The people that are working on it, just the artistry around it, like the hair makeup, production design, but it's also in addition to being such a great adventure, the messaging, I just get really excited about it, especially this season, the complicated brother.

Yes. He has reinvented himself as a self-help guru selling happiness. And just the, and then Benedict represents kind of, you know, he's kind of a mess, but it's cool because you really see the difference between artificial happiness and authentic happiness. And like to me, I think that's a message we all need to hear.

I love it, man. And again, season one is when, you know, I watched it last year, they're, they're based on the bestselling book series by Trent and Lee Stewart. And my kids knew about it and like, let's watch it. And I'm, I'm like, I'm, I'm into, because I love you. And that's seriously, and, and we're going to hang out soon.

That's apparently, and that's not a Los Angeles thing. This is the truth. And so, and also, you know, my kids were like, let's check it out. And I sat down and I watched it. And I'll be honest, the first episode, I'm like, what sort of mushrooms are they on over here?

Like, we take a lot of money. It's written, but it's just a fascinating look to it and a fascinating, you know, writing to it. And then it all together, it really is, there's nothing like it on television. Yeah. And I really, the writer is, I just love Trenton so much. And I appreciate, I mean, I like the super, the superhero shows and all the magic, and that's really fun. Yeah. But these kids' superpowers are their creativity, their intellect, and their empathy. And that's what they bring to the table. And it's just like, I think that's, every, everybody has that, you know, everybody can have that.

That's not like you got to go to some magic place and get like a superpower or whatever, you know? Right. And then congratulations on the Children's and Family Emmy Awards, the Outstanding Young Teen Series. Yeah. We got 11 noms. Isn't that nice? Noms guys.

That's LA speaking. I love that. We got some noms.

Noms. So which other Disney stars are you going to go crush on the red carpet? Like who else do we have in the category? I don't know, actually.

I need to look at the list. I just heard about it coming on over here. Oh, really? It just literally happened. This is breaking news, guys. Wow.

Yeah. Sort of like what's going on with the Brooklyn Nets and everything else going on in the world. NFL World.

NFL trade deadline. And now, you know, and our guest who shows up here. Anytime you start talking about sports, I disassociate. That's okay. I don't know what's happening. Here's what it is. I'll explain to you.

It's called the Rich Eisen Show Bump. Okay. We're going to take credit for it. Okay. Forget about the whole hard work stuff. Okay. Forget about what I just said about how terrific you're in this show and how all the writing is and all the... Oh, I have to forget about that. Or discount it. Don't forget it. Okay.

That's what I'm saying. Discount it. Okay. But congratulations on that too, man.

Thank you. I love coming here because I love seeing all the trinkets. You guys have a lot of trinkets on your desk. What jumps out at you? Oh, well, let me get my glasses on because I saw it up close. We got... But there's a bald-headed doll right there.

Actually, tell them about this. So this is a stone cold Steve Austin. Are you familiar with him? Sure. Yeah. He's a professional wrestler.

That is a piggy bank that my mom sent me like 20 years ago when I was in college. Great. And I since got him to autograph the head. You got stone colds to autograph the head.

Autograph his own head. Wasn't there something like stone colds 316 or... 316, yes. Austin 316.

Austin 316. Says I just whooped your ass. Yeah. Oh, it does. Yeah.

Because it's a take-off on a bite like John 316. Yes. That's it.

Okay. So you got it. That's how he came up with it.

Except this one smashes beers. Yeah. Oh, okay. That's involved in that too. Well, that's scriptural.

And what's the gold situation right here? That is a fake World Cup trophy. Oh, I'm sorry. Or is that the real thing, Mike? Did you get the juice near the real thing from Fox before we did that? I got one.

Snagged it. I don't see any Buster Bluth or Gary Walsh or... Well, that's because you haven't brought it to us. Come on. I don't see a Benedict twin or anything like that.

Again, these are everything that you see there was brought to us by... Well, no, I shouldn't say that. The cellular telephone that Mike has from 1980, might be blocking you right there. The rest of the equipment might be blocking you. I don't see the cellular telephone. Go ahead and hold it up, Mike. It's right there over your... Right there. That's it. Oh, wow.

Right there. Tell them who autographed that. This was autographed by Michael Douglas?

Michael Douglas. Oh, that's cool. This was my actual phone. That is not the one that... No, that's not his. But did you get a wake-up call from somebody like Gordon Gekko on that?

I got wake-up calls on this bad boy as a production assistant. There you go. Tony, are you familiar with that 70s show? Yes. Okay, so this TV was actually the Foreman's TV in their basement that they... Oh, that's cool. I jacked that on the last day that they shot.

It was just like a ride and people just were driving. So, yeah. I love that. There you go. Thank you. Tony Hale loves our set dressing right here.

I like your trinkets. Somebody asked me recently if I brought anything from Arrested Development, asked if I brought the hook, and I said no. No. Where is the hook? Because it was too hot on my hand. It was so hot and I was like...

So what do you have from your career? I brought the... I grabbed Gary's bag. So you have the satchel? Yes, yes, yes.

It's an actual real deal hook? I grabbed the bag. Huh. Yeah.

The Leviathan. Okay, and that's it from your entire career? That was it. And then I think... Oh, I grabbed some office things from Benedict. Okay. I'm like a blanket and stuff.

And some of them I might have asked and then some of them I don't... Did you five-finger discount it? Come to the Disney executives approaching me after I leave here. I have some aspects of your career, Tony Hale, that I'd like to know if we're true or false.

We have a game that we play... Oh, I love games. Called Celebrity True or False. Sure. And it comes with some... And I'm a massive celebrity, so that works. Well, you've been in a lot of great stuff and you are very famous, Tony Hale. Okay, let's just jump right into it.

We have great production value that comes along with it. Here, head over. Oh, this one's dangerous. Celebrity True or False.

You can't handle the truth. There you go. There you go. All right, first up, Celebrity True or False with Tony Hale. First up, you are occasionally recognized as the star of the famous Volkswagen commercial featuring your dancing to the song, Mr. Roboto.

Is that true or false? I'm currently recognized for it. Or you're often recognized as it. No, I'm not. Okay. But you were... That's false.

See, all three things, we can only give true. You're great. That's false. You're false. Nobody comes up to you. I'm often... No, I'm never recognized for that. Ever. Fantastic. Can you... What if you just listed all my credits and I just go, nope, never recognized.

By the way, it would be a first, but that would be outstanding. We don't mind being wrong. This is from the internet. We're not claiming these to be true or false.

This is why... That's exactly. It's not like what's... Hi, I'm showing some skin today, guys. I apologize. You look great, man.

I do love the shoes and the socks and they all went together. I went a little Pippi Longstocking today. So, do you know the song, Mr. Roboto, to this day? To this day, can you...

But also, fun fact is between... I can't stop staring at myself. Is that narcissism? Maybe. It was a choice between that and Rock Me Amadeus. And they chose Mr. Roboto.

It was both? Did you do the commercial as both and then they just... Edit Room made last decision? But in my audition, I remember auditioning with Rock Me Amadeus and I guess they saw that and they were like, scratch. They said, we're doing Mr. Roboto.

So, okay. And another fun fact, Phil Morrison directed that commercial and he directed a movie called Junebug. I've heard of that fantastic film and I've seen it. But this shows your range that you're able to audition for Rock Me Amadeus. They switch you up to Mr. Roboto and you still nailed it. They just see me and go, he's crazy.

He's crazy. But you're not often recognized for that at all. No, I would say never. That's false. Next one, to celebrate true or false, Tony L. True or false?

You fought through nerves shooting an episode of The Sopranos. That's true. Yes, yes, yes. Okay. I thought... Oh, look at you.

My gosh. That's you. What are you doing in this episode of The Sopranos? Just admiring my young skin.

Okay, so I played Uncle Junior's nurse giving him chemo during his cancer treatments. And when I get nervous, my hands manifest. My hands shake. That's how my nerves manifest. By the way, not shaking today because I'm fully relaxed.

Look at you. But when I got on set, my hands were shaking so violently that I was paranoid because can you imagine a nurse coming up to you shaking, giving you chemo treatments? Terrifying. And by the grace of God, they just calmed down. And right before I did my take. Was it Dominique Kianese that made you nervous or what was it?

I think it was just the whole idea. I had just done commercials. I had done very little TV and it was The Sopranos. I was like, this was the height of it.

Of course. And that and Sex and the City were like these shows in New York to get. And I just got this little roll and I was like, Tony, don't screw it up. And my hands were just like...

I when I did plays, I would have to put weights in the cups because my hands would shake from cups. Yeah. No kidding. I'm a broken vessel. That is my next true or false. So your true or false?

You're a broken vessel. So disaster. Let me just cross that one off.

Tony, you went from the Sopranos right to Sex and the City right after. Yeah. So you did. Despite the shaking hands, you still got a call? Oh, I started. Derek Storms, I get that shaking hand guy. I was a photographer's assistant and my name was Tiger.

I'm Sex and the City. That's true. And I was thrilled to be on it. Can confirm. Can confirm. That confirm, yeah. Tiger. I'll see you around.

Which, by the way, tracks. Fantastic. Tony Hale, celebrity true or false?

Next one. While shooting Arrested Development, you often went home inadvertently still in character as Buster Booth. Is that true or false? Yes, that is true because there's a my wife. I was Buster was always in a state of defense and very sensitive. And he was a live wire of emotion and I would come home. And if my wife would say something like, you know, did you do this? I'd be like, no, I didn't. Like I've got it. I was still reacting as Buster.

I was like, why is it like? Like very hypersensitive. And she was like, we've got to leave Buster at work.

I can't be married to that. Certainly when you got in a fetal position on the floor. Exactly. And then I started dressing in pastels and I got really no. But it was taking your family to the banana stand. It's really weird. The whole thing is weird.

I know, but it was yeah, so I definitely took it home and then stopped. And so who was the who was the one that cracked everyone up the most? Well, the one who cracked me up the most was Will Arnett, who played Job. I mean, I mean, by the way, that just cracks me up even hearing that. And the fact that I think he I think somebody has I think somebody called him God, but he was always like, it's Job. But you take obviously Will Arnett is so funny, but that that mixed with the resonance of his voice. He just has that deep just sound. It was so, so funny to me and just he was so mean to Buster. And it was just oh, it was just a joy. And David Cross too. Oh my gosh. David Cross when he would show up as Blue Man and he thought well, the best one of the best jokes was that he joined the Blue Man group because he thought it was a support group for depressed men.

Which is like if there's not a better joke. And then and then he was like Mrs. Featherbottom because it was like a take off of his doubt fire. And David Cross poor thing. He was in blue paint all the time and he was having to take showers before he went home and then went. I mean, he just went through it, but he was he was great.

We had Henry Winkler in this chair for the summer and he I was kicking myself. Obviously, you know, I could ask him about a million things in his career. I forgot to ask him about Arrested Development. I you know what he is. He has always been an example to me when I first moved to LA.

You know, I didn't know I had that impression like, oh, am I going to does everybody become a douchebag in this business and get jaded and just like whatever my wrong narrative in my head. And I met Henry and he is just the kindest. And I mean, he's been in it for decades and he's still so gracious and kind and giving.

And it's like I was like, oh, it's possible. When he was here and he was talking about how, you know, his his his German speaking dad, you know, or Austrian, whatever, told him that he should tell Gary Marshall, you should water ski. And that's why he wound up on water skis jumping the shark. And then the jump the shark thing came to be. And he told that whole story. And then he he wow, he worked blue. He said, but we were on the year five years. Number one show after all that jump of the shark.

So F him and he said the actual word. And I'm like, oh, my God, it came out of nowhere. It was like the ultimate curveball. Oh, I love it. I love when he jumped the shark and arrested. Well, that show never did that, sir. No, but he did. Do you remember? Did he really? There was a scene. He was making a joke from what he did then. Yeah, there was a shark laying on the deck and he jumped over it. I never saw that character did. Yeah, there was only I guess 500 episodes of the show. So I guess I must have missed that one.

Last one for you. True or false, the writers on Veep wanted you guys to improvise scenes before shooting the scripts that were finalized. We would, yeah, we would meet for like two weeks. There's Julia.

She's the best. We would meet for two weeks and it was improvising, but it was more of like they wrote the scripts and they just wanted to see if they gelled. Like if stuff was working and they just weren't very precious of the word.

So if we came up with stuff, they would be open to putting it in and bits. And so much fun stuff came out of that. So when you just saw Julia Louis-Dreyfus, what was your, you got a good story?

I just love, I love her, A, but also she, both of us would break so much. And one of my favorite stories is I one time couldn't stop laughing. And she says, Tony, you know, you're not watching the show.

You're in the show. And I was like, yeah, but it's a funny show. And many times I would start laughing. And since I whispered her ear so much, I would just laugh right into her ear. And she's like, okay, you gotta, you gotta like settle down, man.

But when you're that close to someone like her and she's doing all that subtlety, it's like, it's impossible not to laugh. I miss the show. Oh, I do too. I do too. But whoever saw the finale, there's this, we did kind of a flash forward way ahead and there's this huge gap of time in between. And I'm like, I would, I would do anything to go back and have Dave Mandel write whatever happened in that gap of time.

Because I think we all would love to be together again. Right. A movie? That would be. Oh, a movie. Sure.

Any, anything to do with those guys would be great. All right. Yeah. And you'd be all in on that, right? Oh, I'd be totally all in. Whose idea was it for you to jump on the stage at the award show?

That was Julius. She called me that day and she said, um, if I win, I want you to come and carry my purse. And of course in my head, I'm thinking you are going to win.

So terrifying. And then she, um, she just pulled me up there and we had come up with a little bit. And then we had the idea of me whispering to thank her family. And I just love your body language there.

I mean, you're so in your character. I just worshiped her. And also people have always said, Oh, was it hard to hear the abuse from Selena to you? But Gary just heard poetry. Like he never, he never, he would, she would never say mean things to him in his mind. So he never even heard it.

I don't think. Well, I mean, just, I mean, I wish I could, you know, ask you your favorite curse word from the show, but we are on many other. I will say Jonah Ryan got the worst. He, who played Timothy Simons. Like I think he was, um, he was, one time somebody said to him, you just have an odd shape. He's like, well, how do you not?

That hurts, man. And then the thing is, sometimes people would make it up. And I remember Reed Scott who played Dan. He comes out of nowhere. It's not even scripted to me. He goes, Hey, cow eyes. And I'm like, wait a minute. Like this. What are you talking about, man?

This is not scripted. And of course, for the next two weeks, I'm looking in the mirror. Like, are they cow eyes?

Do I have cow eyes? Oh my gosh. Well, again, uh, congrats on the news. You just received that you're nominated for 11 children and family Emmy awards as the outstanding young teen series.

I can, uh, with the young teen, uh, in my household and two about to be. Oh yeah. I can tell you they want you to win. I got a chance to know you didn't. They ran into you and they're like, we ran into, you know, Mr. Benedict.

That was really cool, man. And again, you know, Jamie Tars is also a family friend. So, and she passed away and she's the, you know, the executive producer of the show. And unfortunately never got a chance to meet her. She was just a dynamic person. And so another reason why we love watching this show is her spirit. Definitely is in the show. It is. I can tell you that for sure.

At Mr. Tony Hale on Twitter and Instagram. The two episode premiere, uh, is already sitting on Disney plus. So check that out and you can get Disney plus right here on Roku.

I know that because I loaded it onto my Roku just a few weeks ago. So check out this show every single Wednesday. Thank you for coming on. Thank you for having me. I love being here. I appreciate that. You and I, I think you meant that because your hands weren't shaking. My hands weren't shaking.

I'm fully relaxed. Fantastic. Tony Hale here on the Rich Eisen show. Again, check out this awesome show, the mysterious Benedict society.

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Unlock your potential inside a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Another trade to talk about. What the hell's going on out here? Well, the Denver Broncos just played their final game with Bradley Chubb on their team. They've just traded them to the Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins adding a premier pass rusher to their mix. And they flipped a first round pick to Denver to do it.

So what does this mean? Miami no longer has a first round pick in 2023. It's not their own that they traded because they, you love this word, Chris, forfeited that. They forfeited it in the punishment for tampering with Tom Brady. Tom Brady's been involved in two forfeited first round picks now. Deflate gate in this one. And, you know, an interesting thing is that Brady could have had really nothing directly involved in both of them. Didn't tell somebody to purposely deflate footballs.

Well, should I go in that direction? Questionable if that ever happened, but keep going. At any rate, Miami forfeited their pick. And the pick that they just sent is the one they got from the 49ers in the Trey Lance trade. So the final pick of the trailer, first round pick of the Trey Lance deal belongs to Denver, which didn't have a first round pick of their own because they flipped it to Seattle for Russell Wilson. Unreal.

So there you have it. Chase Edmonds is in the package too, right? Chase Edmonds. Yeah, he's going to Denver as well.

So it's the Raheem Mostert show there. I guess Miles Gaskin is now going to take those snaps. Yeah. And Chase Edmonds goes to Denver, where I guess he'll be the next one to sit there and watch Mike Boone take his reps.

I don't know. Mike Boone's out for a little bit. I know that.

Yeah, I know. He's out. And so it'll be Latavius Murray and Melvin Gordon and Chase Edmonds in Denver. Bradley Chubb in a fifth round pick in 2025, a fourth round pick in 2024. And next year's first round pick that they had from San Francisco, that pick I believe will get appreciably worse. But there you have it.

All right. So here, this is from Albert Breer just now. So the Dolphins gave up three first rounders or got three first rounders, excuse me, from the 49ers for Trey Lance.

They traded all three of them for Jalen Waddle, Tyreek Hill, and Bradley Chubb. Not bad. Got to tell you. Not bad.

Not bad at all. You got the two potentially best receivers as a tandem in the NFL right now. And a 26 year old pass rusher. And if they just believed in two or to begin with, they would have not had a forfeited pick. Would they?

Right. They just stuck with the tanking for two a plan. They'd still have the 24th overall pick as it currently stands in the NFL draft next year. Wouldn't be forfeited, but that's for another day.

Not a bad way to go about your business. And again, and this is the era of F them picks. Do you think you'd have been able to get Tyreek Hill with that first round pick or anybody similar to that talent at the level that he's currently coming in? You'd have been much less expensive, I understand, but ask me now how Tennessee feels about trading away A.J. Brown for a rookie who has the same height, weight, and speed who's still sitting on IR with the turf toe injury and trailing Berks. How that would look A.J. Brown on the Tennessee Titans right now.

So I don't mind it, man. You trade in first round pick for Bradley Chubb. He's going to go rush the passer right here, right now. You go in your locker room and you say, we think we can win this division and this conference and this Super Bowl because who the hell is going to stop us? And if we put your quarterback on his back, we give you, we give that defense 24 31 a game. Look out and Denver sitting at three and five gets a first round pick back. If they thought Bradley Chubb wasn't going to stick around, they don't want to pay him any money. Then there's that Denver's on its by didn't need them this week. Anyway, Miami gets him.

Tyree kill. Am I reading this right? That's a new one.

That's a great clip and save. Am I reading this right? Yes, you are cheetah. Say that again. You have to flip your mind. Step digs, tremendous tweeters, tremendous wide receivers. There they go. Stephon digs with the hell going on. By the way, in response to Tyree kill getting traded and now on trade deadline day, Bradley Chubb comes.

Am I reading this right? Fantastic. That's a new one for us to keep on cycling through. Just like the hell going on. I mean, you know, I hate Twitter, but on this occasion like this, I do find it very good. Yeah. But how did you see that though, TJ, since you can't. I didn't just now.

I just saw the screen. Am I reading this right? You are.

You are. So you got a team in Chicago that trades away a top notch pass rusher and one of the best middle linebackers in the sport and then turns around using a second round choice. They got from the best linebacker in the sport being traded away to Baltimore. Take that and actually use it in a trade to get a wide receiver. Now for a team that you think they're giving up on for this year because they gave away Robert Quinn and gave away Rowan Quattin Smith and Chase Claypool is a bear. But the best part about that in the same way that the San Francisco 49ers not only got Christian McCaffrey, but kept him from the Rams. They get Chase Claypool in Chicago and keep him from Green Bay and send that right into cheesehead nation.

Say, Oh, you think your team needs wide receivers and Aaron Rodgers thinks he needs more wide receiver help. Well, we got the guy you wanted and you got, uh, what's the word for it? Bupkis. We got buckets. You got buckets for the moment.

We'll come back on the air tomorrow. And maybe there'll be a trade where we're wondering, am I reading this right? It could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sadie talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But okay. So once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it, something you should know wherever you listen.
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