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REShow: Frank Grillo - Hour 3 (11-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 2, 2022 3:21 pm

REShow: Frank Grillo - Hour 3 (11-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 2, 2022 3:21 pm

Rich reveals his brand new NFL Top Ten Power Rankings.

Actor Frank Grillo joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new movie ‘Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend’ and reveals what it’s been like not eating any carbs for the last 20 years.

Rich and the guys weigh in on Kevin Durant’s reaction to hearing the news of Steve Nash’s firing, and break down the latest Bill Belichick press conference when asked about the Patriots and the NFL Trade Deadline.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Try Dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. And now back to 2-2-2-2-2-2-2. The Rich Eisen Show. Now, right now. Grace Harper. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I have anointing oils for a new elite quarterback. The Rich Eisen Show. I'm putting him up there. I'm making him elite. I see you too.

I see you too, yeah. Earlier on the show. Net studio analyst Frank Isolla. Host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk. Mike Florio.

Comedian and actor Mo Ammer. Coming up, actor Frank Grillo. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Wild first two hours. Frank Isolla joining us to talk about so much going on with the Brooklyn Nets. Kyrie Irving still not talking to the media after having quite the set to with said media a couple of days ago.

The Nets have an interim head coach now. And Jacques Vaughn is Emei Yudoka coming. Everything that Frank Isolla, who covers the team for Yes and the Yes Network. If you missed it, guess what?

We're rearing right as soon as this third hour is over. There's also all of our social media accounts at Rich Eisen Show. There's also the Rich Eisen Show collection page right here on the Roku channel. So you can watch us on demand or you could just watch us again on the Roku channel channel 210 when we're rearing over and over and over again. We greatly appreciate our partnership with the Roku channel. There's also our podcast version of the show so you can listen on demand. Go where all podcasts are required. Thank you to the Cumulus Podcast Network for putting us out there all three hours every single day.

Please hit us with a subscribe. We also had now number two of the very funny comedian Mo Ammer diehard Astros fan told a dynamite story about De Niro. A little bit, by the way, the Ralph Macchio story that he told in last week's show about Joe Pesci. That's on our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen show that that video is still on fire. It was posted over the on Friday.

Here it is on Wednesday and people still can't get it. We've had some great stories. Any stories about Pesci and De Niro. We're all in on that. Great chat with Mike Florio about the story that led the show that Washington commanders are apparently on the block.

Maybe we'll see how much of the piece of the team they're putting out there. You guys want to put a bid in? You know, Forbes was the first to report it and then the Washington commanders confirmed it in a statement that the folks at Bank of America Securities are going to do. They've hired them to just look into various transactions. And like I said, it would be interesting if they put out this statement, they come out and when there's a statement two weeks later, the Snyder's got the interest free checking account they were looking for. Oh, we had personal banking. What did you think we meant?

I don't think that's going to happen. And then of course, of course, you guys focus in on the fact that the statement in the corner. I'm going on and on about it seriously with a little bit of myself and TJ Jefferson. Sorry. You're the child here on this set. The grown ass man who's focusing on the fact that they were referred to by B of A and you read it to say Bofa securities.

Had I read it beforehand, I probably wasn't the last, but Bofa. You're the only one who takes this wild story, this twist and turn, this Henry like twist in the saga of the Washington commanders and make a deez nuts joke out of it. It brings me joy to see my nemesis and football go through this.

That's true. He don't like that. It brings me joy to see my old roommate spider have to deal with all this. He's listening right now too. I thought you said you was okay.

He's not okay now with all this, not spider. So yeah, I do find that maybe that's not professional, but we're not the professional. That's you. How many good fellas references can we make today? We've made in each hour the same one about the drinks are on the house.

How about this for a turn? Oh, there's another good daughter of Paul, who was in good fellas is in the film that Frank Grillo is here to help promote and talk about Lamborghini, the man behind the legend. He plays Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Gabriel Byrne plays a Ferrari. So Frank Grillo is here. We don't need Kevin Bacon for six degrees.

We just need me to just find the degrees. Right in house baby. Six degrees of Frank Grillo.

Can't wait to play that with Frank when he comes out here in about 16 minutes time. Let's see who's been hanging on for quite some time here on the program. Let's go to our friend Lonnie in Los Angeles. Because the last time we spoke to Lonnie, you were all excited about your bears. You were screaming either because they just beat the Patriots. Now you're, now you've got a problem. What's going on? After the Cowboys game, I just came back down to earth. I'm understandable. No, you're upset. Lonnie, the bears are in a great spot.

I'm being very honest with you. I think the kid at quarterback shows that he really is talented and can really take some hits in this league and is growing. I think he's shown that. I also think that the, the general manager, Ryan Pols, yes, while removing two terrific defensive players and sending a signal to fans like you here in Los Angeles, that the bears are not all in on 2022, but they've got now eight draft choices next year and 120 million in cap room.

Chase Claypool is really good in you. And you, you threw, you lob that bomb into the locker room in green Bay. I like it, Lonnie.

Yeah. I just want to be Aaron Rodgers, man. I want to be Aaron Rodgers while he plays with a package. I don't care if he plays anybody else.

I just want to be Aaron Rodgers. Please God, please. Well, let's see. Hold on. That game is, let's see. It's week 13, week 13, and we're entering week nine.

So you got a month more to pray. Okay. And thanks for helping me. You're my doctor field, man. How so? Thanks for helping me emotionally through so many things.

And my Rams lost too. I can't, this ain't good, man. It's okay. Just like I said, scream Eber Flus and you feel better every single time. Thanks bro. You got it. That's Lonnie from Los Angeles. Eber Flus. There you go.

Well, I thought that was, no, that was a lot. Lonnie, Lonnie, as you know, for those who might be new to the show and, and also, uh, in any way, shape, or form here on the Roku channel, Lonnie here in Los Angeles has for years called into this show and it's been like a straight shooter. He, he usually wants to talk about, um, the serious issues in sports and society and how sports plays into it and can fix it or, or tears it down. Like he's really, uh, one of our more, uh, clear eyed, full-hearted callers. And over the last month, he's calling in about his bears and showing a passion. And so one Eber Flus from him is I think all we're ever going to get.

You're probably right. We got it the last time and it's now our, it's now a great drop. It's not a great job on our program. I don't know if Lonnie's terribly happy about that. I mean, what was that him on that drop? No, that was him on that drop. Wasn't it? No, that's Ashton. That was that's Ashton. That was Christian.

But Lonnie did do Eber Flus last night. But I think I just kind of led him to maybe do it there again. And that's what I thought. You hit that so quick.

I thought it was him. That was nice work though. Del two folks. Are you guys ready for power rankings? I mean, yeah, me and Brahma did power ranking last night. So you guys do it every week. You do five, you do five, you do five.

That's the only time you get it. That's not true. You do five and they're on our YouTube page and people can consume them there. And I'm not going to denigrate your work in the way that you do mine. Here's the thing. The reason the denigration started was you. We were just giving it back to you. Me in particular. Because Rich, every time I would do a top five, you would interrupt and you would mock me and then you'd make it hard for me to get through it. So I was just trying to give you a little bit back just to see. Is that really an accurate portrayal of his top five?

Chris. Yeah. Come on, bro. You would interrupt. I would interrupt to move things along on occasion though.

But in doing so, it slowed him down. Yeah. So my leadership skills are not as what I think they are, but you're saying. Well, well, the timing on the segment was always tough because we were usually at the end of the show.

And so we're trying to go fast. And then I didn't set them up for success. Is that what you're saying? I didn't want to say it. I got through it. You did. You know, I think you're better for it.

I definitely have fantasy segments are tighter. They're, they're, they're entertaining now, you know, so, but you know, like I said, I just did it for a few weeks just to get back at you a little bit. I'm going to let you go.

That's not true. You don't like my power. Okay. Very good.

I don't know what that drop is. I don't know. I can't understand. It's not good. It's not good. Brother Jefferson might need that. Well, we're all headed some sort of transition here.

That one stinks. We're going to stay quiet. Quiet. You go. Are we ready to promise that Chris? Here we go. Hit it.

Let's go. Let's go through eight weeks entering week nine. I got two new teams or two teams back on the list and it starts at number 10, back on the list. And I'm not just saying this because he's slated to be our guest on tomorrow's show.

I'm not saying that because he's not on hold, but he might see the video on the list. It's because they lead the AFC North Ravens back on the list. Ravens back on the list. I think that's, and we have a photograph of Roquan Smith. Yes. He's wearing number 18.

He is wearing number 18 58 to 18. Guess what? Roquan Smith has been added. They are now one and a half games clear of the next team on the standings right below them. The Bengals were off the list. I can't, I can't keep them on the list after I saw that on Monday. Now the Ravens are back on it. They're 10th on this list and they're leading the AFC North and they are taking on new Orleans next week. And that is a big Monday night game. Cameron Jordan, uh, was going to be chasing around Lamar Jackson.

We'll be on, uh, I believe Friday show. That's the way we're rolling here. And they have a very favorable, favorable schedule, rich.

So Baltimore's at new Orleans and then they got to buy. I like them. They're number 10 on my list. Number nine down four spots, down four spots. The New York football giants, they're still there. There's six and two. I get that.

There's six and two. We got a photograph of Saquon who still is running as well as we've seen him run since he came off the campus at Penn state. Love what I'm seeing out of him. And this Giants team finally couldn't just flip a switch in the third quarter and start doing things that they were having trouble doing in the first half. And then their opponent started making mistakes. And that was their formula for winning game. Seattle just put the pedal to the metal. And that's why there are now up two spots. The Seattle Seahawks are eight on my power rankings.

Listen, I know I'm ranking them higher than most people, but guess what? This is Geno Smith's time. This is Geno Smith's time and their offense is beginning to click.

We're seeing lock it. And we're seeing DK Metcalf catch touchdowns like the Russ days, like the good old Russ cooking days and Kenneth Walker's doing it too. Kenneth Walker, the Seattle Seahawks are up two spots and they are eighth on this list of my power rankings through week number eight. They are your leaders in the NFC West.

Okay. Number seven on this list up a spot and a fresh off of renewing for all of us to see their ownership of the Houston Texans. The Tennessee Titans are sitting right there and we're going to see tonight. I mean, this on Sunday night, we're going to see on Sunday night, um, if they're worthy of going up another spot and being seventh on my power rankings list. Cause they're taking on a team that's sitting in the top five. Uh, the Tennessee Titans boy, I would love to see it a little bit more out of the wide receiver position. AJ Brown being in Philadelphia is still one of those week to week things.

We're just like, what the hell is that all about? How would this team look if they just decided to pay AJ Brown and figure everything else out down the road, but they're seventh on my power rankings list. Number six, back on the list.

And I know they're above the team that they're looking up at in the standings, but I'm putting the San Francisco 49ers back on the list at six. Okay. You just made the list back on it. They're back on it. Oh yeah. I'm serious. And they showed you why not. I said it the other day.

I'll repeat it. Christian McCaffrey scored three different ways. Kittle scored. I scored cause McCaffrey threw one to him. Jimmy Garoppolo threw a touchdown pass to Christian McCaffrey.

You made an acrobatic grab that you think that's worthy of a pro-ball receiver. Kittle caught one in the back of the end zone. They looked like that and Deebo didn't even suit up. And the defense put the bang thing on the Rams in the second half. They swept the Rams.

They swept out for the best they could do. Immediately the memory of losing that game in that building to the Rams last year for the right to go play the Super Bowl in that building. And the 49ers are on a buy and you're going to get back even healthier. Man, do I love them the way that they look right now.

Number five on the list. Cracking the top five for the first time of the Minnesota Vikings. I like what they have been doing in the last few weeks. They have kind of shut me up ever since I'm like, let's see what you can do after they got spanked in week two Monday night or that Monday night double header in Philadelphia. They have won every single game since then. And this is a fascinating game for Minnesota coming up at Washington. You know, this is the proverbial game they should win, I guess. Then they're at Buffalo week 10. And we'll see what's what. My top four on my power rankings list.

Stay like a before. Like the rent in the Godfather part two. Cowboys four, Chiefs three, Eagles two, Bills one. That's my power rankings. Bengals, Jets out, Ravens, Niners back in. There you have it. Thoughts, comments? I didn't hear much.

You were complaining about the Niners because you got a Shanahan. Just a little too high. He's got this. He sprays the Shanna Haderade around. I don't know. I think there's something happening with those two at some point.

The Shaderade. You can have them ten. You can have them ten.

Why? They don't look like the 10th best team in the NFL. They look like the best team in the NFL.

And the reason why I'm not putting them there is because they're four and four. And I think the Bills, Eagles, Chiefs, and maybe, maybe the Cowboys are better. I think the Niners, they look like that going to Minnesota, going to Dallas. They're winning those football games, man, but they're too inconsistent for me to put them in my top five. And the Vikings have won five in a row. You got to give them your, got to give them the credit where it's due.

Yeah. I don't even know what I'm talking about because I had an overreaction Monday that we didn't even get to that was once fully healthy. The Niners are the best threat to knock off the Eagles in the NFC. I mean, also speaking of McCaffrey, we just got to give some props. David Patton, when we were talking about the throw for a touchdown, run for a touchdown pass, we forgot to mention, and this is on Brockman because this was his guy. He actually did it too. So it was LT, Walter Payton, McCaffrey, and there's like 10 guys who have done it. I'm just talking. Well, Patton was, was his name.

We just left. Well, again, he's the only one though to do it with at least 30 yards rushing in the same game. And he's got, he had 94 yards rushing on, on Sunday. That's a problem. He's good at football. He is that. That is a problem.

8 4 4 2 0 4. Rich, never to doubt. Still to come here on this program. A great, uh, Bill Belichick press conference moment of the day. Can't wait for that. Oh, we didn't even play the Kevin Durant sound bite of how he learned that his coach got fired.

No, I know. We haven't done that. So we'll get to all that. But first we take a break and come back. Frank Grillo will be here. And when, when I hear Grillo is playing Lamborghini in a movie.

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You can sign up right now at Back here on the terrestrial radio outfit, we just saw a clip of Lamborghini, the man behind the legends in select theaters on demand and digital on November 18th. And Frank Grillo is here on the Rich Eisen show, the man who plays Lamborghini in this film.

And for those who are maybe listening on the radio right now, Frank has completely let himself go. I don't know what's happening. The first thing I said was like, geez, completely a lot. I was in Italy. I ate every, I, I haven't eaten pasta in 20 years. I ate out of here. I swear to God, I eat pasta every day. Sometimes twice a day. I drank aperol spritzes from the time I woke up to the time I fell down at night.

And I lost six pounds. Excuse me. I swear to God, Frank and I have a lot in common.

I might not think that just by judging a book. Okay. But I, when I go to Italy, and I've been multiple times, my wife speaks fluent Italian and she's loved the country before I even thought I would ever love the country myself.

Right. We go there all the time. And we're so fortunate to go there. It's, it's otherworldly.

It's incredible. But I eat just like you and I lose weight also to the point where I have earned the nickname of the maintainer. I'm really, really, I do not gain weight there. I, you know, it's natural.

I think that's what it is. I just think it's not processed the way we process food here. And people aren't uptight. You know, it's funny. I went through, I went through customs at Rome and everybody's like, I get back to the United States and it was like I was a criminal. They treat you like a criminal.

I'm like, and this is like indicative of what the difference is between Italy or Europe and the United States. And people are angry and people, you know, they're, that's why they don't look good. Also, there's also not, there's no snacking. Like it's not like, you know, what am I going to have? Like, you know, you don't, you don't sneak in a snack at like three or four in the afternoon. They're not, they're not thinking about it.

Like people, especially in LA, everyone's obsessed with everything they're putting in their body. But if I also went to Italy, Frank, and I didn't know you, let's just say I didn't know you, I didn't know your work. I haven't seen your movies and your TV shows. You weren't on the Rich Eisens show for damn near the last eight years. By the way, this is an impossibility.

How are we even going to talk about it? Just like if I assume that and I'm walking around what Leonardo da Vinci airport and you stroll through, I would think you're Italian. I think you're from there. They probably think that too. They think it.

Maybe that's why they're nice to you. I think, wait a minute, that might be racist. No, it's not. It is not.

It isn't everything. Careful. I didn't say it. I think we heard a little bit.

We're going to get your Lamborghini keys taken away. But anyway, I would think that are you fluent in Italian? I make believe I am. When I was little Italian, I know I speak with conviction.

Yes. I understand a lot more than I can say. I'm the same way.

If I'm there for a minute, it starts to come back. But when my immigrant grandparents and father came here, you had to stop speaking Italian, which is the stupidest thing ever. Let me not teach you another language. It's a beautiful language, man. It is.

I do love going there. You play Ferruccio Lamborghini in this movie. What did you learn about the character getting ready for this role? I learned how you can't be a great husband and a great father and be that guy, which is kind of what the movie's about. Was it worth it? I'm like, yeah, it was worth it.

I became a Lamborghini. Was I the best husband? No. Was he the best father? Sorry.

Couldn't be there all the time for the cricket game or whatever you're playing in Italy. I think that's kind of that thing about guys who are super successful, that there are sacrifices that have to be made in order for you to become this thing, this icon. Right. Have you ever driven a Lamborghini?

Oh, yeah. I drove a couple of them. I drove that Countach.

There's a Countach, a blue Countach. I was in a couple of Lamborghinis that are worth like $28 million, so they wouldn't let me drive them. Would you even want to drive something? No.

You know it's worth $28 million? No, I don't need that aggravation. Because these days, if you get in a car and there's no camera to show you how you're backing up, you feel lost. And by the way, I'm not a big guy, and still you're like this in the car. You can't move. It's not very comfortable. And there's nothing in those cars.

They're basic, as the basic can be. Is there a seat belt? They got a seat belt even? A little bit. A little tiny seat belt. Some rubber pants. Yeah, it's tiny little.

This is before Ralph Nader. But it's funny because like my friends who are not very bright, any of them, they call me, they call me while I'm in Italy and go, hey bro, did you get a Lamborghini? I mean, I went for free. They go, yeah, did they give you a Lamborghini?

I'm like, what is it? A Ford Fiesta? It's a $400,000 car? No, they're not giving me a Lamborghini? Am I George Clooney?

I don't know if they give it to him. I know. Stupid. Damn. Okay.

They're all dummies, all of you. So you got it, but they wouldn't let you drive one. Did you drive one? I drove the Countach and that was really all. I wasn't interested because I'm not a great driver.

Could you spend a lot of time in the city? Is that why you're doing it? Yeah, I'm just, I don't pay attention. You know, I text when I drive.

My kids yell at me all the time. Your other is not supposed to do that, right? Yeah, I know, I know. I do it anyway. I'm not supposed to do it. You're a daredevil.

Perfect guy to play Lamborghini. The man behind the legend. Okay, fantastic. You know, I wanted to bring one thing up, if I may. Whatever happened to that photo of you and the dog?

Chris, it's the one below the, uh, it's over there. Okay, okay. I hope you can get rid of it. I didn't get rid of it.

It was such a sweet. It is. It is.

Everyone who might, because again, we're on a new partner here, so people might be new to this program. Right. Um, your first appearance on this program, what year was it?

Like 2014, 2015, like as soon as it started. So hold up that photograph. There it is.

It's me on a pitch. Hudson, my dog, rest in peace. Um, he passed away about three years ago. I'm sorry. And, and, and you just couldn't get enough of this photo. No, I, it still haunts me.

I don't know. I told the ladies in the back. I said, I said, you know what?

There was a photo here and he looked, I can't, there it is. I'm in a great white shirt. I'm in, I'm in, I'm in your gate. It's your gate. It's your gate. It's an unfortunate snapshot.

Like my arms are definitely not, it's not great. It's not James Bond running, you know, no, it's not. It's not. You give me so much. Like the first time ever came on. I don't know.

I can't believe you had me back. Yeah. Now you were here promoting kingdom, which was a major program around these parts. Yeah.

Right. And in general, like that show has gotten like a totally new life. And then it went to Netflix and people thought that that was original and everybody went crazy all over the world. Isn't that amazing?

It's phenomenal. Cause of my agent, Charlie Jennings. Yeah.

During COVID called Netflix and Ted Sarandos and said, this show is available and you should put it on. And he did. And boom.

And that's my agent. I mean, cause Tucker too, Jonathan Tucker was in that show and you're like you, the two of you guys, like all the scenes together. Yeah.

He was amazing. Do you go to any UFC fights every now and then? I do occasionally. I try, I don't like to be around people. That's understandable.

I'm really not kidding. Okay. I get invited to all kinds of things.

Okay. And you're like, and I don't go. I say I'm going to go.

Oh, that's the LA thing. I'll see you there. Yeah.

I'll see you there. I know. I got to get better with it. Do you ghost too? Do you like, so it's like, like we're, we're having the Frank at a party. Like you just leave. Yeah. I never stay very long at anything. I'm not, I just, I'm just, I don't know.

As I get older, right. I just like to be alone. Okay.

And with my kids, I like to hang out with my sons. Okay. How old are your kids? 25. Okay.

Just directed his first movie. Okay. Uh, 18 and 15. Okay. So then it makes no sense to even ask you if you didn't need trick or treating because those days are over. Did I? Oh yeah.

Yeah. And where I come from in the Bronx, you waited for the other kids to trick or treat. And then you ran behind them and stole their game. It was awesome. And they saved a lot of shoe leather to let them do the great work. Frank jumped, you jumped, jumped anybody. No, no, no. I just ran past them really fast and grabbed the can.

I grabbed, I just salted them a little bit. By the way, we've now made that reference in all three hours of this program today, believe it or not. It's been made. So drinks are on the house.

Three times a day. This is one of the greatest lines of our time. Oh God. What a movie. It is.

Goodfellas is unbreakable. It's like a remote drop movie. It is.

If you see it, you've got, oh, well, I guess that's the next two hours of my life. I actually, I actually, cause the plane rides are Rome was ridiculous. Yes.

I watched it on the plane. I actually pressed the button and you did. Yeah. Yeah. I'm sure you did.

Well, uh, Susie and I, uh, my wife, before we went to, uh, on the way back from, before we went to Italy this past summer, we watched the offer. Yeah. I don't know if you watched that. Yeah.

It's phenomenal about the making of the Godfather. Yeah. So on the way back, we watched Godfather one and two. Yeah. And still had like two hours to spare.

I know it's a, that's what I did on the plane. And then, and then I also watched the movie with Tom Hanks demons and something which takes place in Rome. Oh yeah.

Cause I missed it so much. I'm like, ah, there's Rome. Yeah. So you will, you're willing to watch, uh, why am I blanking on that? That's the author. Uh, yeah. Dan Brown. Dan Brown. Yeah.

The Dan Brown books. Yeah. Okay. Why is he in trouble? No, no, everyone's in trouble. So I don't know if you're not supposed to watch things. I don't know. What do you say? You know what? You're, you're good, man. Lamborghini, the man behind the legend in select theaters on demand and digital November 18th.

You were like, you're in a joke. Like I'll ask Frank, the last time he had a car, he just came back. Mr. Pasta himself right here. Mr.

Pasta and pizza. 20 years it's been. Yeah. 20 years.

20 years. What are your cheat meals? Like what do you do for those? I don't, there's no cheating because I don't, you know, like, you know, the rock will post his like gigantic waffle stack or whatever. Listen, I know the rock.

Well, I don't think you ever see any of that stuff eaten. You think you think it's just showing off that he's cheating and he's not cheating. He wants to seem a little bit relatable. Wow. Wow. Look at that man. He is the freakiest freak ever.

His, his, his genetics are absolutely, he's got to have one of the best freaky, and he's a big dude. Um, I don't, I've never seen him eat any of those pancakes. So you, you didn't eat a pancake pizza in the scene in billions. You didn't eat that.

I made them get paleo pizza. I did it on kingdom. I was such a pain in my maintenance. Now I know I was like, good Lord Frank. I didn't want to be in front of my gate runner. I didn't want to be there. I didn't want to be there. I wanted to, you know, I, I don't know.

So what did you, what did you, you made him get what? Get me paleo pizza. If you want me to eat pizza, which is gluten-free pizza? No, it's, it's made with like almond crust.

Rich is done. Get your almond crust pizza out of here. I'm consistent. Come on. Come on. They got it for me.

And you know what? It sucked. I found it feeding the other people in New York. Not only did they get me a pizza, they got the chef to come to the set because it doesn't really stay very long.

So they had to make it. Oh my God. This is amazing. No, I didn't want to be on the show. I was supposed to do like two episodes. I got bamboozled into like seven guys are great. They're all beautiful.

And they were, you know, but I had to go back and forth from New York. Listen to me. I got it. No, shut your mouth.

It's all good, Frank. Everybody check out Lamborghini, the man behind the legend. Please check it out because it's, I need this.

I don't know. By the way, I'm on the Lamborghini site right now. There's no price. It literally says call for price.

Yeah. By the way, if you want a Lamborghini now, it's like a hundred and $50,000 above sticker just to start the conversation. And then you got to wait. You got to wait. You're waiting for 13 miles a gallon on the highway.

Who cares? You know what? I just did buy real quickly.

I have, I'm having a 67 Bronco redone with a coyote Mustang 5.0 engine and it gets like four miles. Yeah. My friends are buying Teslas by the dozen and I'm buying regular gasoline.

Yeah. And then you're a conundrum man. And then you're demanding almond crust pizza.

Where is my latte? Make it in front of the middle from the way I run. Come on. Come on. You want to be there. This was my idea.

That song from the red chariots of fire. Yeah, exactly. There it is. We've come full circle. Vangelis also liked his pizza with almond crust. This guy on Instagram, check out Lamborghini, the man behind the legend and select theories on demand in digital November 18th.

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Navy Federal Credit Union our members are the mission. So this soundbite caught our ears and eyes. Kevin Durant being asked at a press conference after last night's next loss when he first learned of Steve Nash being fired. Now this is important news one would think because Durant was the one to whom many reports ascribed the demand that Nash and Sean Marks the general manager be gone for him to stay and we all know they stuck around after Durant lined up sticking around because the Nets said they tried to trade him but didn't get anything close to equal value for him as one would think. What would be even equal value for Kevin Durant? I can't even imagine with four years left on a contract but at any rate so there was that whole to do here in Los Angeles where everybody the owners and the general manager and Nash and I think what Rich Kliman who's been on this program before and Durant they all got together and decided we're going to make it work best we can. So if Nash is gone and Sean Marks said the players didn't know and they were not asked for any input on this and Durant is the one who's been saying I want this guy gone and now the guy's gone maybe Durant did really have something to say to it and Sean Marks did not tell you anything straight up. So let's hear what Durant had to say and now here is Durant's alibi on this front and it's a damn good one I think.

When did you find out about Steve how were you informed? About 115 I woke up from my nap and turned to the right and seen ESPN. And what were your I mean initial reaction I mean everybody knows what's what went on this summer but what was your first thought when you saw that? All shocked I mean you're always shocked when a move like this happens but it's normal in the NBA you know so it's about getting ready for the game tonight so it's a quick turnaround always in the league you know especially during the season you know you got practice games coming up so you can't think too much about it but you know it was on the mind for a little bit today. Man I missed the nap days because you were the king of the net man I was saying you're not a father with little kids without saying yeah exactly you're not a father with little kids. I missed the nap man nap. But that honestly I heard that and I'm like because I know people are trying to sleuth did he have anything to do with it did he have did he know about it do not whatever 115 pm naps I mean I gotta be I'll shoot everybody straight I always do here what I love to have Durant's jump shot yeah what I love to have Durant's like metabolism absolutely what I love to have by the way bank account absolutely I've never been more jealous of Kevin Durant 115 pm eastern naps are you kidding me well you probably have a shoot around in the morning a workout place of video games and then nap before they had a game last night. I've never been more jealous of Kevin Durant oh yeah yeah I heard that yesterday I'm like oh my god I'll sometimes I'll sometimes get I'll sometimes get those five minute power naps it's 10 minute 10 minute where I'm out like I'm legit out and then all of a sudden I wake up and I think I didn't sleep did I I think I might have gone out for a minute like that's it but like to nap like what is that what does that mean mm-hmm middle of 115 I can tell you it's pretty cool yeah I was just gonna say I wasn't a big nap person I used to always get on Brockman about why are you napping all the time I was lately I've been doing it you loved it before cage I was one or two hours every day one or two hours every day come on every day you wake up groggy you wake up groggy like where am I like sometimes are just like sometimes it's the worst actually because then my sleep pattern gets but I was also going to bed at like midnight back then I mean I'm lucky if I make nine o'clock that's true man is that weird that that was my takeaway with everything going on with the nets and the things that I've been talking about with the nets and Kyrie like my takeaway from that is like I'm so jealous what is a 150 that was my second takeaway my first was like it doesn't seem too broken up about yeah I see yeah I saw your tweet about that so look he didn't want I mean he's not too broken up about it that's correct yeah I mean he's kind of been off the record on the record about it uh-huh big time that's why I wonder what the what is he thinking about well whatever it is it's not twisting him up so much that he can't take his nap by the way he also he also bowled out last night he's amazing he's unbelievable he's been awesome he is so terrific he's unreal yeah but I mean and it's again like if I had a problem with my workplace where I thought I couldn't do my job as well as possible or HR no I wouldn't be able to nap I'll tell you that I wouldn't be able to just like take takes it takes and I would be spending my waking hours trying to get this thing the hell improved but the nap is part of your job good lord I wish I'm so jealous every one of these NBA guys have to they all pretty much nap during the day so yeah I mean when you play at night you gotta ramp up at eight o'clock at night yeah man you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on via westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to open westwood one sports if it's the NFL it's on westwood one okay you know when uh Mike when Mike Hoskins our coordinating producer gets in my ear and says we've got a bill bella check press conference moment I I get I get giddy I'm not gonna lie I'm very excited I don't know what it is I don't know what he says all I know is he was asked if the Patriots were close on making any trades and it's it's a legit question but if he answers it truthfully like yeah we were close like oh what position oh wait a minute you were thinking of is that where you think there's a weakness is that where is that what your opponent should think you know he's not gonna tell you a damn thing oh yeah we were so close we were gonna offer a two and a five for that guy and flip this other guy exactly but you gotta ask the questions yeah and that's today's bill bella check press conference moment today's bill bella check press conference moment we prefer to win bill you mentioned last week that Elliot and man would handle most of the business around the trade deadline what do they convey to you around that time or afterward but how close you came to you yeah that's all and we're done trade deadline's over so moving on colts where you close what do you know nothing happened so what's going on I don't even know what close means does that mean one part negotiation doesn't matter like a round with a draft pick or a player are they extending negotiations conversations that were going on for months and nothing to happen other conversations have gone on for six to ten minutes and the trade gets done um I don't know what that means all right I'll send the sponsor in the back being no bull I thought was pretty funny can we run that back I missed that no I didn't notice that I was a little hot change in the back there a workout company I didn't notice that there's no bull yeah that's right it's pretty funny pretty funny I was looking at a zoo the whole time is it noble is it like a I don't know like that's a workout company no all right is that the new england version of no-boo like I don't know hey go down the no-boo his facial expressions are what it's just like what does that mean by close it's your definition of close like what's your definition of close he's right takes months months we've had conversations you're going for months and nothing happens then you go you know then you talk for six ten minutes and the trade happens what do you mean by close what do you uh what's your definition of close great I mean they are amazing he's great it's he's the best yeah he can stay oh yeah the jets and he makes the jets quarterback look like an absolute complete novice and a team that is on a four game winning streak look like they've never won a game yeah that's what happens and you're like oh he doesn't know what he's doing with bailey zappi and medic jones get him out of here hold on he won't describe what his process is and he's giving me no information get him out of here what's bill doing with his quarter with his quarterback and his coordinators get him out of here I don't like the coordinators I'm not alone there what's he doing it's a big moment for mac come on man man the minute he's no longer the coach at new england is when you will really be welcomed to the rest of everybody's world I said it to you when brady left welcome to the rest of us who replaced ryan day he's a great coach bring that ohio state offensive let's start that rumor now let's start it now we started we started in three weeks from now three weeks didn't that's a bill show that's hasn't bob crapp and then rkk showing up in a horseshoe every now and then because they're friendly with urban mire but yeah is that what it was yeah I can't say that it was they're not tight with the days I don't know their relationship to the days counting the days day by day x bros conference question bill when you said day by day does that mean you would like ryan to be your successor when you're done here let's tell the recruiting class the incoming recruiting class at ohio state all about it right now can we get some of their no I mean you know they'll make a big they'll make a big to do one would think or try to yeah that's a guy that I think a lot of people would be uh eager to pay a lot of money to to come to the nfl no doubt no doubt so there's that you asked I answered did I see Sean Payton Raiders rumors already really fantastic I saw that somewhere it's too late for me I've got my apology yet personally haven't gotten it yet nope but maybe I'll get it after tomorrow's top five list of most disappointing teams through the first eight weeks of the nfl season I mean you should just do numbers two through six then because we already know number one how do you know don't don't put words in my mouth for me it's my list number one it has to be number one they let you down they made you look bad they were a floundering pirate are you guys making up pros on the spot we did not play in this it just kind of happened I mean you're making up pros on the one actually quite lyrical what you guys just did to use a to use a poker to use a poker saying you put all your chips in and then I don't know what happens is when you put all your chips in and you get melted you get you got you got they felted you yeah they felted me I still got a chip in a chair though they're still alive they're not technically eliminated still got a chip in the chair but they got to be number one thanks to the two francs the mic and emo thanks to um my guests today we'll be back on roku to wrap up the show Lamar Jackson is on tomorrow's program pay the man it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting Ramit Sadie talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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