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REShow: Lamar Jackson - Hour 2 (11-3-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 3, 2022 3:21 pm

REShow: Lamar Jackson - Hour 2 (11-3-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 3, 2022 3:21 pm

Rich lists his ‘Top 5 Most Disappointing NFL Teams’ heading into Week 9 among the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Las Vegas Raiders.

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson tells Rich what his team’s mindset is after a bumpy start to the season, what the addition of All-Pro LB Roquan Smith means for Baltimore’s Super Bowl hopes, discusses his contract negotiations and being his own agent won’t hinder his next deal or his play on the field, and says why he’s not overlooking the 3-5 Saints in their Monday Night Football Week 9 matchup.

Rich reacts to Kyrie Irving’s comments to the media following his $500,000 donation to the Anti-Defamation League.

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If you make our number we'll sell the team and the number is going to be north of 5 billion. Today's guests, Raven's quarterback Lamar Jackson, ESPN NBA reporter Nick Friedel, plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisenshow.

Our number two of the Rich Eisenshow is on the air. We came on the air and talked about the Commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver issuing a statement saying the statement that the Nets and Kyrie Irving and the Anti-Defamation League jointly sent out yesterday. Not enough said it was a reckless decision for Kyrie to tweet out a link to an anti-Semitic documentary and he says that they're going to have a conversation about it next week. I was saying that it was leaving me lacking as well because Kyrie is is he not going to now talk about it because he's made a statement and that's the end of it.

The answer to that is no. He's talking about it and he talked about it today. He met with the media for six minutes.

What sounded like a shoot-around with basketballs being bounced all over the place. We're gathering all that sound here and in hour number three before Nick Friedel, the ESPN who covers the team and I'm no doubt he was in this media scrum with Kyrie, he will be joining us in hour number three to discuss all of that. Lamar Jackson is going to join this program very shortly. We haven't done something called hire register in some time where we all come up with well it's been a while. I mean we do go hire register on this show quite a bit which is where you have to go up here to say what you're saying and believe it. And we have each of us a part of me a topic that's going on in the in the sports world and we have to go hire register to believe it and we'll give you that later on in the program.

Trust me it's a lot of fun. Lamar Jackson's joining us in about 18 minutes time. We're here on the Roku channel channel 210. We love anybody who was listening to us on terrestrial radio or listening to us on Sirius XM and Odyssey or listening to us on our podcast version of the show.

We greatly appreciate it and but if you want to watch us it's very simple. You just get any Roku device. You get a Samsung smart TV.

You may already have one. Amazon fire TV and we're free on the Roku channel. There is the app that you can get on any mobile device.

The Roku channel is free on the app and then you could just go on desktop the Roku channel dot com. 844204 Rich is the number to dial on all of these fronts. It is week number nine in the NFL man. It goes fast.

Yeah. It goes fast man. We're halfway through the season.

It's amazing. We're halfway through the season. Halloween's over. We're in November. And we just had a nice debate about bills or eagles.

Right TJ Jefferson? By the way I don't know who's the better out of those two teams but if we're power ranking I'm gonna put the undefeated team first. Those two teams make the Super Bowl look out.

I've stated before Rich. Super Bowls in Arizona. Bills insane fan base.

Eagles insane fan base. Also that weekend in Arizona the waste management open. Is it the same weekend again?

It's the same weekend. If you're a golf fan you know the waste management in Phoenix is the most insane golf tournament on the schedule. Everyone's hammered.

The 16th hole is a par or the 17th hole is a par three. Everyone goes nuts. It's awesome. Phoenix is not going to be able to handle it TJ. If it's Eagles fans and Bills fans and all these insane golf fans.

What are we going to do? I mean it doesn't really matter if it's Eagles or Bills. The Super Bowl is just going to be nuts regardless. I know but those fan bases coming in into town Rich come on. And I appreciate you guys talking up that game with those fan bases. I'll be honest with you.

I've done the Arizona Super Bowls twice and the waste management is an incredible golf tournament. I just wish can we separate the two? Holy cow. Yeah it's going to be wild. By the way I mean Rich not to interrupt but you know I guess that we got coming up. His team has a highly favorable schedule the rest of this season. So the Ravens we might be putting the Bills up there and might be sleeping a little bit on the fact that the Ravens you know the schedule is pretty nice right? I get it.

I think this is a dangerous game for them coming up on Monday night. Really? I do. I do.

Interesting. And I'm not just saying that because Cam Jordan's joining us tomorrow. You like the way the Red Rifle's been slinging it? I just like the way that defense came together. Yeah defense will always keep the Saints.

I like the way that their defense just shut out the Raiders. That brings me to this list. I've got a top five list right here. We're halfway through the season.

I did this after two weeks and I figured let me just wait another month and a half to see how it all shakes out. But I have some disappointments here. The top five most disappointing teams through the first half. Are we doing two through six or no? No we're starting with five. We're starting with five.

But we could just save so much time. We're starting with five and I put this on this list because a lot of people thought they just needed to add a quarterback and they could just let's ride. And I think I said throughout the offseason I need to see it to believe it. So this doesn't surprise me but I think a lot of people are left disappointed by the three and five Denver Broncos right now. And they trade away Bradley Chubb so you got to sit here and wonder what are they thinking about moving forward the rest of this season and where do you you just don't find the Bradley Chubb's anywhere.

Just hanging around. You don't usually trade away these top-notch pass rushers in the prime of their careers. So I you know in George Payton they trust their general manager but I don't like at all the way they've played football. The coach has made some really questionable decisions. And man if Russ didn't cook in the fourth quarter of that game in London they'd be much higher than five on this list because they'd be two and six.

But you never know. That said I think there's a ton of people that thought that the Broncos would be in the hunt for their division halfway through the season and that Russ would be fine and Jerry Judy and fine and Cortland Sutton and the running game would be what it is. Instead you know the kid Javante Williams really wasn't even flashing before he blew out his knee in what seemed to be a very normal running play. Just been a lot of disappointments for this team throughout and the fact that Bradley Chubb's not there anymore I think is deflating for the fan base. Number four on this list is a team that I had winning their division and that's not going to happen because they've already been swept by the team that's leading their division. And then this team was supposed to finally have found the right veteran quarterback as they've been churning veteran quarterbacks in and out of the franchise for the last two years and they did it again this year. The Indianapolis Colts at three four and one man are they disappointing Matt Ryan's bench Sam Ellinger it's his turn now and you know he might go ahead and prove to be some viable starting quarterback in this league. I know I kind of went higher register right there they fired their offensive coordinator entering week nine Jonathan Taylor. You know if you drafted him first overall in your league and you've got a winning record and you've got a chance to actually win your fantasy league then you're doing a great job. You might be looking at three four and one in your fantasy league that you might be right in the middle of the pack for your fantasy league with a shot at the wild card but no shot at winning your division because that's what the Colts look like right now and the offensive line has been patently disappointing. Matt Ryan is benched essentially because they couldn't protect him he needed that sort of protection that's where you brought him in you knew he was one of those iron deers on the front lawn. So there are three four and one entering week nine very disappointing.

I think everybody can guess what the final three teams are on my list but they're going to be ordered in different ways. I knew they would struggle because their best wide receiver said I want out and they showed him the door even though their goat quarterback who's won back-to-back MVPs was one would think expecting him to stay because he's stuck around for an incredible contract for him. But the Green Bay Packers at three and five all those kids that they thought could grow up fast Aaron Rodgers two weeks ago is talking about let's simplify things this is once the simple stuff supposed to have been down you're supposed to have simplified this stuff already and then you start opening the playbook. The defense has been a little bit troubling over the last couple of weeks there are only three on this list because I didn't believe it or not see some positives in their loss to the Bills. They committed to the run and they ran it effectively against a very stout front seven and the kids Dobbs and Toray made plays Dobbs made a nice play in the back of the end zone beautiful play spectacular grab and that kid Toray their seventh round pick out of Nebraska made an adjustment that looked like something a veteran receiver will do because Aaron Rodgers wants him to do it that said three and five nobody thought they would be in this situation behind the six and won Vikings at this point in time. Number two on this list I thought they would go to the Super Bowl I thought they were my preseason pick to go to the Super Bowl out of the NFC and that doesn't appear to be in the cards right now and I know they looked dreadful at the Thanksgiving point of the season in the year in which they won the Super Bowl but the three and five bucks are number two on this list.

I didn't see this one coming and you know if you told me they'd be three and five I'm like I guess Godwin's not playing at all no he's playing and you'd be like I guess what Leonard Fournette's not playing oh he's playing. The offensive line getting banged up the way that it did didn't help. Brady is not playing well at all compared to what we expect from him obviously his personal life at some point one will hope that we're going to stop talking about it but right now the first half of the season is informed by a lot. The one thing that really really is disappointing about this team other than the record is the fact that they can't run it and they can't stop the run. I mean Devin White didn't talk to the media this week, turned it down.

You see Warren Sapp or Buddy 99 called him out on Instagram showing a play against the Ravens where he jogged after the ball carrier didn't even come close to the ball carrier. I mean if this is the way things are going for the Bucks talk about disappointing. And then number one on the list this team is so disappointing that their head coach apologized to the fan base after losing this past week to fall to two and five after getting shut out.

Roll it. Obviously that wasn't good enough in any way shape or form and that's my responsibility so I have to do a much better job of getting ourselves ready to go here. We're better than that we're better than that and you know I apologize to Raider Nation for for that performance and again I own that that's that's my responsibility. I own that that's my responsibility can also be attributed to my non-stop table pounding and predicting that the Raiders would win the AFC West. I was zagging when everyone was zigging and boy did I get the Ziggy from this team. I put it out there because I saw Devontae Adams hooking up with his old BFF from college when a new quarterback wide receiver combination is born these guys usually have to go somewhere warm for a long time and rep like crazy to get on the same page and figure out what a look pre-snap in one direction or the other means and what that hand signal means and all that not these guys not these guys Chandler Jones 100 sacks in his career being added to Max Crosby I like that too and I like the way that the Raiders finished last year normally that translates but they got rid of the coach who was part of that the adversity that the Raiders went through last year to make the playoffs and almost beat the Bengals in Cincinnati and that team almost won the Super Bowl I put it all together and I'm like okay I see everybody loading up in the division I'm going with the Raiders and boy was I wrong so I need a personal phone call coach McDaniels the autumn wind is my reputation and it's sunk and scene rich can I ask you a question well done Mike who was your best friend in college like your frat brother now you don't even have to say his name I just want you to think about it right I had a few of them yeah think about all that all the dirt you did in college all the the goofy I don't know what you're talking well you know getting drunk you know getting drunk college kids do now imagine you're you grow up and then he decides he's going to move into your hometown and move right next to you do you think you're gonna be able to pick up where you left off from college because one of you is probably a little further along in your mental state one guy's probably still a partier he's still kind of are you equating running routes to drinking beers is that what you're equating I'm just saying the chances of two old college friends reuniting after a decade and things picking up right where they left off seriously probably not gonna happen I've seen this movie before I appreciate you trying to make that old school type of analogy well done that does not compute here man this team should be better than two and five this team gets shut out Darren Waller is missing in action he cannot stay healthy even when he was healthy they weren't doing anything they blew a 20-point loss at home to Arizona in week two they went ahead that was a I was their home opener they had chances to win football games at Tennessee at Kansas City couldn't pull it off Denver I mean they beat Denver so how much is that a positive they're the fifth most disappointing team on my list Houston they need Houston they you know they got they got right in the get-right game and then don't score in New Orleans they loot they get shot out unreal and they're at Jacksonville this week okay hopefully Jacksonville has the Wolverine blood with no jet lag like the quarterback who just beat him Jacksonville's like no thank you to the bye coming off of London they're like we've done this before we know how it works works they go to two and six I don't know I might disown them completely because part of me is like I'm still like I still see I still see I still see the leadership possibilities I still see the prideful man I still see how good they can be and I just don't know if it's Josh McDaniels is like I'm I'm Josh McDaniels I am coming in here with all of the Bill Belichick ways of doing things I've I I remember my time in Denver so I'm different I'm 2.0 Josh McDaniels but I have every different way of doing things and every single way that the Raiders used to do things and Rich Versace was doing things that's out and you all got to learn a whole different way of doing stuff and the team falls in five of their first seven where's Versace at this year he's the Green Bay Packers special teams coach wow because as you know they needed to fix that lickety split right after getting bounced the way they got bounced by San Francisco okay 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich is the number to doubt Lamar Jackson man when we 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broncos is because they had suspended players okay so i mean i think jacksonville two and six i mean you could say the lions too i mean the lions were supposed to be different than the usual lions and they only have one win right now yeah so and then we saw the hard knocks lines and we saw how deeply they really follow their coach and how deep they are in terms of loving football and being a team but ramp rams three and four of yeah that's a definitely disappointing team they could be six on the list right there yeah but uh wouldn't you choose the Raiders number one is the most disappointing team in the nfl thousand percent i mean and you didn't have the same predictive skin in the game nope but i thought they'd be a playoff team i thought they'd be a playoff team no they could be two or five's not out of it sir come on now that ship he's thinking i don't know two and five's not out of it win 80 your last 10 win four out of every five that's all i gotta do well yeah uh raider's schedule josh jacobs is terrific i don't know how do you win just two games when you're running back is is racking up yards i mean like he's jim brown if we got it mike i don't know where their schedule i don't know where the wins are coming from jags colts stealers get that in a second i mean that that's the only really three winnable games come on man really back here on the rich eyes and show we were just chatting in the roku only segment about you know where the Raiders might get wins to even make the playoffs because you you say that they'd be disappointed for you because you think they're going to miss the playoffs at two and five toast i i don't feel good about them at all okay at all and then there's a game at jacksonville home for indianapolis at denver they should win those games they had a lot of talent at denver hell yeah they just beat denver at home they should they should go to denver and win you have to win games on the road in your division i don't know man at seattle patrons just did it chargers at rams maybe maybe they have a shocks it'll be a home game for them home for the chargers they should they should win that game too the chargers are more talented they have enough talent come on now man we haven't seen it this year devante adams had one catch last week how about he couldn't even get anything in garbage time how about the immaculate reception game that's i mean that's that's one of the winnable games in the schedule although by the way every stealer from it's going to be like the night at the museum that night in pittsburgh it will be like everyone everyone who's got a bust in canton who's alive and can travel and be at that game will be at that game with their families on the arm of the runies it's happening oh i mean that will be like honestly if franko harris if he's never been bar mitzvah he can have a bar mitzvah that night on christmas eve i know i'm mixing religions a christmas eve bar mitzvah for franko harris something he never thought he'd ever want or could have that's going to be that night so that's that'll be a tough game for the raiders i would actually look at that and say that's a tougher game than going to denver no it is come on christmas eve you're leaving your families at home yeah where are you going dad well i'm going to pittsburgh to play a game really you're not going to be here that sucks that's and if they're going to you know the stewards are not good it's going to be cold that night like i say it will be a night at the museum everyone will be there the crowd will go nuts and it's going to be freaking cold the comp the wind off the confluence i might by the way i'm thinking of being there uh i might find that other ketchup bottle and just crawling it like a ton ton from uh from star wars yes well look at you what a what a deep reference that is right there that might be the deepest star wars but like you're stunned i'm shocked that you like games like are you kidding me just saying broccoli every once in a while all right joining us on the mercedes ben's vans phone line is just one of the best it's quite simple he's one of the best and he is definitely must see tv he is the quarterback of the ultimore ravens on the mercedes ben's vans phone line in advance of the monday night game against the saints that i'll be hosting on westwood one he is the great lamar jackson how you doing lamar i am doing better for talking to you i truly mean that so that's good here let's jump right into this right now lamar how how do you see this team now compared to the very beginning of the season how have you progressed entering this week nine game against the saints i'm being honest i'm i'm seeing the same guys you know guys who want to get better um guys who you know who got a goal at the end of the season um guys who's hungry i'm still seeing the same guys you know um our record i'm improved but i'm seeing the same guys you know winning guys and so the passing game appears to be more of a focus this year the running game normally your team will run it more than than passing it and last week we saw in tampo you threw it around the first half before you really committed to the run in the second half do you feel as if the passing game is more of a focus than ever before for your team right now i i'm feeling like it's game plan if anything you know based upon the defense's game plan um since in the loops and those with defense giving us and i feel like that's what we based our game upon and then for you how are you a better quarterback now than say even in the year you were the mvp of the league lamar uh mindset uh just a lot just a lot of uh maturity um and maturity wise i mean like age you know just being in the game um knowing what the defense is gonna you know send my weight stuff like that so you're saying pre-snap neck up type material that's how you're better right now exactly exactly and how and how did we how did you get there just it just is a a natural process or walk me through your process process but studying myself studying opponents um that's about it that's about it when you say you study yourself what do you mean lamar what do you what have you studied of yourself can you give me an example um i critique myself with anything you know um i really want to see the you know like the bad things i did in the game not even necessarily me doing something bad just you know why didn't this play work you know um little things like that not like that that helped me out a lot lamar jackson baltimore raven's quarterback here uh on the rich eyes and show and then this off season non-playing season you're getting together with with your guys uh what was that about can you tell me some of the off season stuff that you've gotten to see the fruits of that labor already through the first eight weeks of the season lamar um yeah just trying to build chemistry much as much as we can before you know the season kick off and um uh what it was super bowl week i don't know if it was after the super bowl or right before uh me bait man um rishara bateman uh change for seedy was out in cali with me and we was working out there then i went for order um benjamin vector was with me snow was with me um i had some other receivers um god god from my hometown um and guys who was from uh my high school playing with me as well um just working on things like that and i feel like it helped you know you just got to keep going because the season is not over okay season is not over that's for damn sure and you got yourself a game against the saints here um and so let's let's before we get into the game with the saints let's let's jump into lamar jackson here on the rich eisen show with with your with your off season um was it difficult for you to negotiate a contract while you were getting ready for a season yourself lamar um no not really not not for me it wasn't you know because i know what i was looking for you know um uh i know you know i was gonna focus on the season you know when the time was right and that's just what it was in and is there anything you could add to just the national conversation that's still going on i'm sure you're aware of it lamar about what you were looking for what were you looking for from the ravens that you didn't hear yeah um i was just looking well basically you know i already said it was self-explanatory um that there was guys put it out there um you know what i was looking for so i don't think i need to pick it back you know that was already out there okay i left it like i said at the beginning of the season i was talking about it so i'm not going to just talk about it now okay and and um and in terms of the the here and now for you the the the concept of you representing yourself is there anything you want to say to people who criticize you for that lamar as to you why are you representing yourself and you don't have an agent that is you know a conventional agent to help you out with this i mean this is this is me and my situation you know not no one else's situation you know i don't worry about them i don't give them pain on what they should do with what they situations you know and so and just so you're i mean did you did you get dive into and and figure out like cap ramifications and things like i'm not a math guy i couldn't do it i'll tell you that right now honestly i'm more verbal that's why i do what i do right now i have people you know you know i have people in my corner you know who aren't you know helping me out with things like that if i don't see things the way they make sure if i need you know if i need a questions on certain terminology or something like that i have guys that you know back me up on that so i feel like i was pretty good and then you know lamar just you walking off the the field in tampa uh off of that big win on on thursday night you grabbed a sign from a fan that said pay the man and and you know folks see that and think that you're you're carrying with you maybe a chip on your shoulder against the team and that potentially this could be a final run for you obviously there's still franchise tags and things of that nature are you are you are you going through your business with that mindset this year lamar i'm being honest no i wasn't the sign just happened fall you know i seen it i seen the sign fall so i was just picking it up like give it to somebody was just dropping the sign i seen i just started laughing and i just signed it for a fan so so i couldn't i'm thinking nothing it could have just said go ravens and they would have they would have done the same thing is what you're saying no doubt no doubt okay and then bettin on yourself walk me through that process i've done that a couple times in my career not to to say that i also have your similar skill set i don't that's why i talk about stuff for living but um what what is your mindset on that betting on yourself yourself like that lamar i mean i feel like i know my worth you know i know what i bring to the table you know i'm cool you know i feel like i'm a fair player you know um that's about it and throughout my life you know i always better than myself you know i feel like i better myself going through you know what i went through my my rookie season or the running back stuff like that or you know whatever whatever else the nieces say so yeah just better myself through life and i feel like it's going pretty well for me i got god on my side so yeah lamar jackson here on the rich isen show okay the saints just shut out the raiders what are you seeing on on film already that uh leaps out at you that's a challenge for you on monday night sir uh that that that defense you know i'm saying we're facing a vet defense um that cam jordan those guys you know tyram matthew no addition to their defense um guys flying around to the ball you know i'm looking at a physical nfc team have you played a game in the super dome before i'm just going to throw that one out there have you played one no i haven't i haven't i heard it's pretty loud though so well yeah well you've played in loud places before but i'm just you know i'm sure you've watched games in the super dome growing up i'm sure you know you watched some big college football games while you were at louisville i don't know if there's any sort of uh meaning for you to to go into this building uh in louisiana and try and show off your craft here at all yeah you know just just gonna try to show off my craft that's all you know i never i haven't really you know had fair share of being in the stadium or anything like that okay and it's loud i mean it is loud uh what's the what's the loudest stadium you've ever played in jackson what's the loudest stadium you've ever played in what is that loudest stadium i ever played in yeah um and nfl yeah college uh nfl was you know college too give me give me college one was that that too i feel like i feel like uh clemson in houston was pretty loud in college in houston arrowhead would arrowhead would arrowhead be the in the pros what about that in kansas city what about that it's pretty loud but i wouldn't say that's the loudest uh stadium i've been at um i really don't know nfl i don't know okay the bank fans fans go crazy in nfl so it's you know it's pretty fair i see most new teams who i'm facing whom have loud loud fans so i already know the bank is definitely open when you're when you're doing their thing for them for the ravens you know the bank is open are you talking openly super bowl in your locker room lamar do you talk is is that a way that you talk and lead at all lamar jackson uh i'm uh you can say that because i at the end of the day you know that's everyone's goal i feel like if you're playing this game that's your goal and you know we we always got to throw that out there but even though we focus on the task at hand you know the next opponent and you know we're taking it a play at a time but we we know what's in the back of our mind at the end of the day you know why we playing this game you know why we love this game so much yeah you do love it i love that i just i do love watching you play lamar as does the rest of the fans and the nfl and you know and certainly they're in baltimore it's the truth it's the truth and fans in baltimore i gotta be honest with you i think they're freaking out a little bit that you're you're you're going year to year and that you and the ravens might not see eye to eye did you ever have a conversation with steve bachotti the famed conversation steve had with uh with joe flacco the guy who was there when you got drafted where you said hey look you know go in the super bowl and i'm in and tell me to put the bag on the table and i'll do that did you have a conversation with the owner of the ravens on that front at all no no i have it no i okay well do you need a bag to put on the table you want that i can give you a bag you got one of those no you know that ain't even my focus i feel like you know i did i did pretty much a lot you know for my first couple years to even gotta see all that okay just for that but okay and then before i let you go roquan smith is now a teammate um what was the general sense in the locker room when you heard uh the ravens front office had added a player of that caliber and that status to your team for the stretch run here lamar man he was he was a distance for us um you know we still got still got great linebackers don't believe you know josh pq um but you know that's a great addition you know to help those guys out um help our defense um and he's leading the league in tacos right now so that's that's tremendous i guess a little bit everything we need a lot of additions if we can shoot great players bring them on lamar jackson thank you for the time i always appreciate when you say yes when i say hey how about uh you come back on the show it means a lot to me and i look forward to seeing you on monday night football and beyond thank you lamar jackson greatly appreciate it appreciate you right back at you that's the mvp of the 2019 nfl season now the leader of the afc north entering week nine here on the rich isen show there's lamar whoa what'd you make of that that he's not thinking about the the the money a lot of people think that he he probably picked that sign out of the crowd but he said it dropped down on the ground you could see it when it happened that it just kind of fell and he kind of picked it up it was just kind of ironic of what it said i did i'll be honest i did not see the video of him picking it up and handing to the guy i just saw the shot of him smiling and signing right you know i don't know it seems like the raven everyone's like pay lamar pay lamar well the ravens are trying he's you know i don't blame him for saying the browns paid their guy this money and i don't have anything hanging over me like that guy has hanging over him and i am a special special player who has a special bond with your fan base this is the business you've chosen i've chosen a two this is what i should be paid no i don't have a fully guaranteed problem that either but that's i if that is in fact his stance can you blame him nope and you know how i feel about the owner of the ravens he's one he's one of my favorites if by the way um you know if you wanted guy who uh cares about the team and is willing to you know do pretty much whatever you could say well the why isn't the pretty much whatever paying every single dollar and every single cent i also don't blame steve buchati for saying just because the owners of the browns did it doesn't mean i have to correct yeah i respect why do i have to own the the decision of of yeah they have that guy up why do i have something stupid yeah and somewhere in between kyla murray's like okay i'll take what you give me russell wilson too yeah which who i'm sure is very happy he signed that deal oh boy you think but if omar look they can franchise in the next two years so if he's going to go down this route which is why i didn't ask him the question of do you think this is your last year there because the ravens have absolutely every card to play on that front over the next two years yeah they'll gladly pay him a one year 38 million dollar for 23 and then a one year 40 million right 24 and then figure it out you know they'll gladly do that you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on the odyssey app on via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone kirey irving has spoken and um uh we've got a very lengthy sound bite of what he i mean he spoke for six minutes we're gonna play half of it for you in one fell swoop um because i've been saying i want to know what's he's thinking what's going on in his head and we we've we're we're gonna hear it so that's coming up before nick fredell of es piano whose voice you can hear in that media scrum and then you know a little bit of fun we'll go 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and that he was going to meet with kirey next week so um it was a six minute media availability we have three sound bites for you first one uh was the first question that started the whole media scrum i believe it's it was done uh at a shoot around you can hear some basketballs in the background here it is and i'm still the one to hear the word i apologize or in your mind you said i didn't mean to cause any harm were you apologizing or not i didn't mean to cause any harm i'm not the one that made the documentary what are the specific things in the document don't believe are true and that you don't believe represent your own morals i think uh some of the criticism of the jewish faith in the community for sure some points made in there that were unfortunate unfortunate is another way to describe untrue well that was the first q&a that be honest with you was a little bit lacking right there certainly when he says he doesn't need to apologize because he didn't make the documentary he linked it on his platform let's check out the second one this i believe was the last question of the press conference where he was asked point blank if he's anti-semitic again i'm gonna repeat i don't know how the label becomes justified because you guys asked me the same questions over and over again but this is not going to turn into a spin around cycle questions upon questions told you guys how i felt i respect all walks of life and embrace all walks of life that's where i sit i think what people want to hear those yes or no on that question yes or no i cannot be anti-semitic if i know where i come from uh man i i i just hope he's not anti-semitic i guess i could still live my life if he is but he's got a platform man and that's the whole thing is the platform put this documentary in so many different inboxes in so many different places where folks might not have heard about it it but because i i i always want to be consistent and i've been saying look i i would love to have him as an advocate he met with the adl is at least it made it seem like it in his press release in his in that press release that was sent out jointly between the adl and kirey and the nets and um you know the back and forth where he was asked point blank if he met with the adl i mean that's a very um specific question to be to ask and the answer that came back um was that they made they reached out and we handled it that was the the back and forth so did he meet directly with the adl or he did not they reached out and we handled it yeah why wouldn't he just say yeah we met yeah unless they didn't meet but again i want to be consistent here because i'm like what what's he thinking like what is in his mind where he would either watch this documentary and say people should see it or he was told about it and say you should do it he's since deleted it here's a three minute portion of his press conference i'm gonna play it all go for it are you surprised that reaction some of the things that you did hurt people yeah i think i can ask a better question is just where were you when i was a kid figuring out that uh 300 million of my ancestors are buried in america where were you guys asking those same questions when i was a kid dealing with learning about the traumatic events of my familial history and what i'm proud to come from and why i'm proud to stand here and why when i repeat myself that i'm not going to stand down it has nothing to do with dismissing any other race or group of people i'm just i'm proud of my heritage and what we've been through and uh the fact that this has pinned me against the jewish community and uh i'm here answering questions or whether or not i'm sorry or not on something i didn't create and it was something i shared and i'm telling everybody i'm taking responsibility then that's where i sit so you know these same questions that you guys ask me dealing with it as as being a melanated pigmented person all around the world and dealing with racial biases against my skin color demeaning me because of my religious beliefs and i'm still sitting in the sea standing so i take my full responsibility again i'll repeat it for posting something on my instagram or twitter that may have had some unfortunate falsehoods in it but i also am a human being that's 30 years old and i've been growing up in a country that's told me that i wasn't worth anything and i came from a slave class and i come from a people that are meant to be treated the way we get treated every day so i'm not here to compare anyone's atrocities or tragic events that their families have dealt with generations of time i'm just here to continue to expose things that our world continues to put in darkness i'm a light i'm a beacon of light that's what i'm here to do you guys ask me questions about basketball i give you my expert opinion you guys ask me about other things i give you my opinion and it's met with whatever you believe the perception or the deception is you guys investigate my life every day and you justify it by serving your own purpose which i honor i would like the same respect in return figuring out just like anyone else so please keep that same energy when we're talking about anti-other things because just because i post a documentary doesn't mean i'm anti-Semitic and doesn't mean that i'm automatically standing with everyone that is believing in that so some fortunate timing that we're in but i'm glad that i could stand on the truth because i'm not afraid of these mics these cameras i used to be looking everyone in the eye and telling the truth and i'm proud of who i am any label that you put on me i'm able to dismiss because i study i know the oxford dictionary you look it up right one of the biggest mistakes i had in being a kid was not knowing european or western language until i started looking it up and understanding the definitions and why they say if you want to trick a black person put it in the book i was wondering my whole life why they said that now i'm 30 years old and i know reading is a superpower because it helps me understand where i'm going and where i come from like a tree with roots that's kirey irving's three minute long statement our three coming up on our terrestrial radio side i just want to say this um i welcome him as a partner in battling hate and people who look at you and have tropes said about you that you know are not to be true and are very hurtful to hear and it's very hurtful to have it spread let's do this together what if i sent out a link to something with a bunch of tropes that he clearly knows are not true he's fighting against as he says every day i i don't understand why it's difficult to apologize for that and the and the whole thing about may not be true true these tropes and that it's they're just not they're not true i don't understand it that part i just can't wrap my arms around i mean you just heard about how he seriously he takes so many subject matters when it involves him and his ancestry well so do i maybe there's some common ground here i'd love for there to be be and while we're on the subject matter then let's turn to amazon why the hell was that link available why is that why is that available let's talk about that too i think that's the thing a lot of people that's a question a lot of people are asking but he also can't say that he didn't make the documentary so you know hands off everybody it's his platform that put this out there and has now put it in the inbox of the commissioner and every single one of his teammates and they'll everyone in the country it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit saiti talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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