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REShow: Tyreek Hill - Hour 2 (11-4-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 4, 2022 3:15 pm

REShow: Tyreek Hill - Hour 2 (11-4-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 4, 2022 3:15 pm

Rich reacts to the Brooklyn Nets suspending Kyrie Irving in the wake of his promoting an antisemitic film.

In his ‘What’s More Likely’ Friday staple, Rich weighs in on the Chargers, Raiders, Stafford vs Tom Brady in the Rams vs Buccaneers, Packers, Lions, Bills, Vikings, Seahawks vs Cardinals, Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa,

Dolphins All-Pro WR Tyreek Hill tells Rich how he knew from an early age that he had world-class speed, explains why it was a “no-brainer” to come to Miami to catch passes from Tua Tagovailoa, reacts to the Bradley Chubb trade, says if the Fins have a Super Bowl-caliber team, and accepts Rich’s challenge to a 40-yard dash race for RunRichRun…but only with on BIG stipulation.

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Try Dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show Show Show. Jeff Bezos looking into buying the Washington Commander with Jay-Z. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles.

The rocks in the building. You're crazy for this one Jeff. Three-quarters for ownership.

Would have to approve this sale. Yo, Goodell. Earlier on the show. Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan.

Dolphins wide receiver Tyree Kill. Coming up plus from Paramount Plus's Criminal Minds Evolution. Actor Joe Mantegna. And now it's our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Joe Mantegna is here in studio in hour number three.

My gosh, there's so much we could talk to him about. Joey Zaza, right from Godfather. He loves Rudy and thinks it's 100% accurate. What do you mean?

What do you mean? Is he a Notre Dame guy? I'm just saying Joe Mantegna. Oh, got it. No, you're good.

You're good. He plays Fat Tony in The Simpsons. Of course, David Rossi in Criminal Minds. And that's what he's doing here is he's here to promote Criminal Minds. Returning.

Criminal Minds. Should I do the every time we think that out and he pull you back in? Absolutely.

I mean, I wouldn't. I don't think he was in that scene. Was he Joey Zaza? No, I don't think so. Did he get bitten by Andy Garcia in that movie?

Isn't that what happened? Movie in so long. I think I only seen it once.

Yeah, I've watched one and two a lot recently. Right. Let's get them all.

Let's hit them all now. Dropping on Thanksgiving Day, two episodes. It re premieres. The original cast members, all of them, they're all reprising their role. Aisha Tyler, who we adore here. Adam Rodriguez, Padgett Brewster. Oh, man, look at this.

It was easy here in studio hour number three. Tyree Kill is going to join us in about 18 minutes time. The Miami Dolphins coming off of that big win in Detroit at Chicago before a home date with Cleveland and then a bye week. Sneaky good game this weekend. Miami and Chicago.

How sneaky is it? Cowboy fan? Chicago gave you a little run for your money. There was like a five minute period while you were in the barn with Ashton. Are you a little nervous? Yeah, I never really felt completely comfortable until like the fourth. Yeah.

Well, later on this hour, I'm going to give you our top, just some games that I'm looking forward to seeing in the rest of week nine. What's more likely coming up a little bit sooner in this segment right here? 844-204-RICH is the number to dial. Let's take the phone call. Jason and Phoenix, you're on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Jason? Hey there.

Thanks, guys. I had just a comment. You know, you and I, we put a pin in the conversation regarding Ben Simmons a while back, and I'd like to comment on that if I get the chance to, but before that, I just want to say something in defense of Kyrie Irving and in defense of people who follow religions with books. They have a lot of stuff in them, and we're not accountable for everything inside of it.

And I just want to say, if we're allowed to support a president who doesn't denounce the KKK or David Duke because he says he doesn't know enough about them in 2016, and we're going to allow people to support that president and separate those beliefs from the other beliefs that they agree with, I think this is the least we can do for Kyrie, is to allow him the same type of respect. Well, I mean, Jason, I mean, you really broadened the scope right there, to say the least. And, you know, in this day and age, man, where there's so much about what about this and what about that and what about this and what about that, you're doing this, what about that, you know, it'll make your head spin. And what it does, in my opinion, Jason, is it dilutes the actual conversation that needs to be had. Okay, so the conversation that needs to be had is the one that we've been having and I appreciate the call, and you could call back about Ben Simmons, certainly, since you certainly brought me to the subject matter I was going to talk about anyway here, is the what about that, what about that, what about that, and then when it all comes down to it, you don't talk about what needs to be talked about.

Well, the what about-ism takes away from the about too much. So let's talk about just this. And this is Kyrie Irving being suspended by the nets for at least five games. They said in a statement that came out middle of the day yesterday after we were done, the statement comes out from the nets that he is going to be suspended for at least five games because of his press conference yesterday. If you recall, I played a three-minute soundbite of him explaining his thought process on everything and, you know, when it all comes down to it, the one statement that he made at the end of his press conference is the one that I believe led to the suspension by the Nets to just end this for the moment, remove Kyrie from the scene, basketball lies, and also press conference-wise. Certainly after he had just spoken with the Anti-Defamation League, or he didn't even confirm that he met with the Anti-Defamation League and the ADL and the Nets and Kyrie had put out a statement earlier where Kyrie had offered $500,000 in the Nets matched to the ADL to help combat hate speech in communities that require it. So the ADL, prior to the suspension from the Nets, said, we're not taking his money.

And you might sit here and go, what does that mean? And I don't want to get too deep into it because, man, we have been deep in it all week long. But when Kyrie was asked point blank by Nick Friedel of ESPN yesterday, our third hour guest, you know, can you say, you know, unequivocally you're essentially, are you anti-Semitic? And he didn't answer yes or no.

And Nick even responded by saying to him, it's a yes or no question. And his answer was like, if you understand where I'm from or what my upbringing is, I'm paraphrasing, you'll know I'm not anti-Semitic. How can I be anti-Semitic if you know what my upbringing is? When he says that, let me just quickly explain. When he says that, he is talking about part of this documentary that says that people of color are the real Jewish people and somebody like myself is not because Caucasian Jews are the ones who enslaved him.

And I know I'm just real deep about it, is that if I push back on that, I'm now being the one to cover up the conspiracy that my Jewish people perpetrated on him. And if you're speaking to the ADL and then say, here's my money, and then go out and say that and not offer an apology, it's putting the thumb in the eye of everybody who wanted to hear the apology. And I know there's a lot of folks saying, well, why should he apologize if he feels that way?

I get it. This is why the guy was suspended. The team, the league, the ADL was expecting to hear the words, I'm sorry. And instead, he's basically saying parts of the documentary were wrong. But the one in which my true Jewishness was stolen by people who are considered the real Jews when they're not, it's just like, really, I thought we had a partner here. Kyrie apologized on his Instagram account last night.

And the Nets today, Sean Marks, the gentleman who just said that's a step forward on his return. And I can truly hope that there's a partnership in anti-Semitism and hatred. Because Kyrie has a significant voice, and I would love for him to lend it. But I don't know if he feels that I'm just in talking about this part of the maybe I'm part of the problem in his mind. And I don't know how to get to a common ground there. So I just don't want to get too deep into it anymore, which we've talked about it enough. I hope Kyrie can understand what I'm saying. And we can come to some form of a common ground, and that there is a common ground that we can find to make sure we can all, as he says, be a light for each other.

That's what I'd like. He says he's a light. I'd love to shine that light on the problem. And I'd love to shine my light on whatever problem that he thinks there is. And together, it's lit. Let me make that transition now to our usual. I mean, Jason brought up like he doesn't think he should be suspended.

I mean, how to go there. You ready for a little what's more likely right now? Let's do it. Let's do it. Let's do it. Let's go back in the toy department. What's more likely hit it.

What's more likely never say never, but never. All right. Go for it. Chris Brockman.

No, what's more likely. Let's let's let's get into it. Let's do it. Let's just have some fun.

All right. Let's get right to it. AFC West Road Team to get a win. Who's more likely Chargers or Raiders? The Chargers are back off of their by at Atlanta. Keenan Allen not playing said he had a setback on the injury that caused him problems. Yeah.

OK. No, Mike Williams banged up Raiders at Jaguar at Jaguars. I can't quit him. I mean, I'm trying to I'm trying to help you. I can't quit.

I can't quit him. Look, man, if you're going to take on a team that just came back from London, you want to talk about a short week. They also didn't. They stayed put, you know, they they did not fly back west to come back east.

They stayed in the area. They're less jet lagged than the team that's home. So well, maybe they're like Russell Wilson and they don't. I'm taking the Raiders. That is what's more likely.

The Raiders are not going to two and six. And if they do, I want a personal apology. You really suck. Literally. I want to I want a personal apology. Yeah. From who? Sorry.

All of them. I just want Darren Waller to play a game. I just want Darren.

I want to hear from Ted Hendricks. If you know what I mean? Like when I say all of them, all of them, all of them. All right.

You're a guy who will pluck it to like apologize. Yes. What else? Huge game in Tampa. I mean, absolutely. It is that this game last two Super Bowl champs. Absolutely. Huge game.

Mm hmm. What's more likely the quarterback to look like their championship self on Sunday, Matt Stafford or Tom Brady? I'm going to go Stafford. Oh, you you're picking the Rams. All I'm going to say is both teams have trouble protecting their guy, right? Yes. Which one which team is rolling Aaron Donald downhill?

The Rams. Okay. I mean, that's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. That is all I'm hanging my hat on. It is not about a talent issue.

It is not about a wants to issue. It is not about anything other than who is the most disruptive potential disruptive player on that field defensively, going against a guy, a guy behind a line that seems to be able to uh, um, unable to protect him up front. Tom Brady really is four in a row. It's happened before, hadn't it? It would be a very unhappy bucks and Tom Brady team that I encounter in Munich, Germany the next week. If that happens, go ahead, Chris. What else? Football, I think is going to be fun. I don't know.

It's a big, great sell. We're not on peacock anymore. Say we're not on peacock anymore without saying what's more likely Derek Henry runs wild in the wind or my homes throws for 303 tutty homes throws for 303 tuddies.

That is what's more likely brother. Oh yeah. Certainly since the ankle injury that Ryan Tannehill had encountered is still bothering him. Yeah. So you're going to send Malik Willis into Kansas city. What you talking about? And uh, what's Andy Reed's record coming off of buying a 20 and three? Yep.

That's what's more likely. What else, sir? Uh, what else? All right.

Let's go. Lions Packers, big divisional game there. Uh, NFC north. Okay. What's more likely two people we've actually heard of catch TD passes for the Packers or the in the wind or the lions pull off an upset.

What do you mean? We've heard because you're using Toure as the example. I'm kind of just making a joke about how they don't really have any receivers. I think the Packers win this game and the lions are still first on the clock when it's all said and done. And sure, there's guys that we've heard of, uh, is Lazard playing. Do we know that as a question? Well, it's like game time decision.

And it's not a thing. Again, I saw some positives from the green Bay Packers and that loss in Buffalo. I sure did.

I liked how they ran the football and I liked how these kids dobs and Toure made plays for Aaron Rodgers and I'm sure he felt the same way. So yeah, I'll go with that one. All right. What's more likely, uh, who's more likely a six and one team to get upset by a home dog bills or Vikings?

Hmm. Six and one team to get upset by a home dog. The bills are taking on the jets. Bills of jets. Vikings at Washington.

Yeah. I'll take Washington. I have very little, I, you know, I know that I'm giving a receipt to the guy.

I don't want to ever say that I have a receipt. You're not going to walk of the week. The jets. I'm not going to walk the week to the jets this week.

Tough guy. No, I think they had you in the standing. I think Heinecke, I think Heinecke wants to hit the Vikings with the Heinecke. By the way, is this a revenge game for Kirk cousins? How could it be?

No, how could it be when they generationally enriched him by not believing in him? You could say, how did I'm going to go take that team down? Because they did not believe in me.

Even though their disbelief in me came in the form of an insane amount of money. Thank you. Could be a crazy. I have another.

Thank you, sir. Could be a crazy game in the desert. Seahawks Cardinals.

You betcha. How about this player to continue their recent dominance? Gino.

Who's more likely? Gino. I'm going Kenneth Walker, DeAndre Hopkins.

Um, I'll go. He has been unstoppable. He has been weeks, but I, I love these kids that are balling out on the, on the defensive side of the ball for Seattle. I'm going to go with, I'm going to go with the Spartan guys.

You never heard of it. I'm going to go with Sparty. I'm going with Sparty.

Well, you learned the name of Tariq Wolin and Kobe Bryant, by the way, Kobe spelled with a C. Um, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'll go Kenneth Walker. All right.

20, two more last. Gino. Gino.

Gino. No, designer. Okay. That's not the option. It's quarterback. Right. Two more. Right. Position. Go for it to have a bigger day and a W two in Chicago or Joey B at home against the Panthers.

I'll take Joey B with a bounce back. Um, hold on a minute. Hold on a minute.

That's anointed one. Hold on a minute. I'm going to go. I'm going to go to a, I'm going to switch it up. But what's the, what's the concept of a better game? What's the, what do you, what do you got for me?

You know, better stats and they get a debbie. I'll go too. I don't know about you, but that looked like money. That's correct. Okay.

Salty to a new indie. Can't wait to bring that up with, uh, with Tyree kill shortly. What else? Oh, all right. All right.

Last one. What's more likely the Eagles go undefeated or the Phillies come back and win the world? No, the Eagles go undefeated. I don't, I'm, I'm sorry, Philly fans, but you all know what's coming your way. I think I hope I'm wrong for you.

I don't think he used to lose his both games at home. Do you, do you? Stranger things. You answer that question. No, I don't think so either. Okay. You want to answer that question?

Eagles schedule is pretty easy. No, I greet you. Okay. There you go. That's your what's more likely. What?

I don't know. Pardon me. You think the Phillies sweep. What's more likely the rest of the NFL season or the Phillies sweep the weekend?

I think it's more likely that the Phillies would sweep the weekend. Okay. Wow. TJ Jefferson, caping for Yankee fans.

Never thought I would hear that. No, I'm caping for your belief, your belief in my division. Preach.

To win the world. Even though I want Dusty Baker to get a ring. I'm just saying, I feel like this is more likely than the Eagles running the table. Okay. Can't run the table, man. Very well, sir. 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich is the number to dial here on the program.

When we come back, the number one receiver in the national football league atop the receiving yards list Tyreke Hill is next on the Rich Eisen show. Hey, when was the last time you seriously considered your dream? I mean, come on, you used to think about it all the time.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. Back here on the terrestrial radio outfit 844204, which is the number to dial here on this busy Friday. Joe Mantegna is making his way to our studio. We'll chat with him in hour number three in person. Always great to chat with one of our favorites when he stops by. So for those on the Roku channel, he's been here before.

This is the first time he'll be on the show and he's on Roku. Joining us on the Mercedes Benz van's phone line is the leading receiver in the NFL. No receiver has more receiving yards than this guy from the Miami Dolphins on the Mercedes Benz van's phone line is Tyreek Hill. Is this a cheetah on the phone line right now? Yes, sir. This is a cheetah on the phone line.

Okay. How are you? This is the leopard.

This is the leopard. Yeah. What's up, man? How you feeling? You know, I feel spry. I feel spry. I feel fast. I feel like a quick twitch, you know, right now. You feeling fast today? Every day. Here's the deal.

Uh, I, I, I wake up this way. Just like you, I feel it. You know, you got to feel it. That's the biggest thing.

A lot of people don't know. You got to wake up and you got to feel it. You got to believe it. Do you, do you feel that on a Sunday you wake up? I feel faster. Is that how you wake up on a Sunday?

I put it every day, man. It runs through my veins. Hmm. When did you know that you were faster than most? What was that first time where you're like, okay, I'm faster than that guy. Oh, wait a minute. I'm faster than everybody.

When did that first hit you Tyree kill? You know what, man? Like when I was a little kid, man, like I hear like a lot of stories of like pro athletes telling stories of them chasing rabbits and stuff. But for me, like, when like me and like me and like a group of my friends, like we used to go like to the playground and like on the way to the playground, we had to walk, you know, by certain houses with like, with like owners who had dogs, you know what I'm saying?

But the dogs were loose. Okay. You know, so they would always, they would always send me to go first, you know what I'm saying? Because like, I could easily outrun the dogs and get the dogs tired.

Come on. You know, so like that way, everybody else can have like an easy, you know, way to the playground. So that's how I knew all the fastest. Yeah. You know what I'm saying?

So, uh, if, what if, what if the dogs, what if it was, was there like a, a one dog shading over the top of another dog to help? Did you notice that when you were going down? Like did they, did they shade to your, your side of the street when you're running?

Do you notice that? My mom, look, my mom always told me when you were in front of something, you never looked behind you. You don't, you don't look back. You don't look back. You just keep going to your destination. I love that phrase.

What a phrase. So, uh, what's going on with you this year, Tyreek Hill, where you are leading the league in receiving in a new offense. How does this offense suit you, Tyreek? Uh, well, man, just for me, man, you know, just being in this league, like a long time, just understanding, you know, what, what I need to do for exactly this team and, you know, how I fit in personality wise, my skillset, and just who I am as, as a player, man, I feel like Mike meant, I feel like me and Mike, man, and to, it was, it was meant to be, you know, I feel like everything happens for a reason, you know, so God, you know, he, he put me in a position, you know, to have to make a decision to come to Miami and everything is, is working, man. So, I mean, my playing style, it suits to, you know, really well, you know, he could throw the deep ball really well, you know, he, he can throw the ball very accurately to me on the, on the intermediate short passes, you know, so coming here, man, it was a no brainer, you know, so I'm glad I made that decision and everything is paying off right now.

So shout out to God, team God, man. And, and I had, um, Andrew Hawkins, former NFL player in studio, a couple, uh, like last month, and he told a story of when he was in Cleveland and Mike McDaniel was the receiver coach and how McDaniel would tell him about a certain way to get off the line and that if he did it when, uh, at a certain time, he would not, uh, see anybody being able to cover him. Now, obviously you've got the speed already and combined with this sort of knowledge I would imagine would make you, uh, even better.

And we're seeing it right now. Do you have an example of Mike McDaniel telling you something that you didn't already know that you're using, uh, this year to play as well as you're playing Tyree Kill? Well, what I feel, what I feel like with Mike, man, um, me and Mike's relationship, what coach Mike relationship is, is great. You know, I feel like he understands, like I said, he understands who I am and he understands that like I'm like a guy. Like sometimes I get out there and like all I do is just, you know, like I just play football at the end of the day. It may not be the prettiest thing, but what I will say is he does allow me to do certain things that this offense usually doesn't allow in the, in the past, you know, so all I do is just play ball. And, you know, I think me having, you know, coach with workers, you know, who, who was a great player in this league, you know, a long time, you know, also helps me, you know, holding me accountable every day, you know, making sure that, that, um, I show up every day with, with the same mentality that I want to get better.

You know, I want, I want to try to like lead this game as one of the best receivers who's ever played this game, you know, so I think having those two guys on my head every day, even though it sucks, you know, it helps me a lot. What do you mean? Like I said, man, I'm very thankful. What do you mean? It sucks. What do you mean by that?

What do you mean? You know, cause we, because like, man, like we, we all human and we all go through it, man. Like some days you just be like, you know what? I am tired, you know, like I'm not feeling it. I'm not feeling good.

But then when I come into work, it's like, which is like 10, I see it. Like I need, I need you to be, I need that energy today. And it's like, bro, like leave me alone. Like I just want to be me, but like, I need that. Like I feel like sometimes we all need that sometimes just to keep us going.

You know what I'm saying? Cause I could be a motivation of somebody else. And you know, I need, I need, I need that leadership or I need that accountability, you know, out of West the whole me accountable. So and coach my Daniels too.

So I really appreciate it. Tyree kill here on the rich eyes and show. Let's talk about your quarterback because when Mike McDaniel said he's one of the most accurate throws he's ever seen, you chimed in saying that he was elite, if I'm not mistaken. And, um, and, and compared him to your previous quarterback in the homes, there was a lot of flat given.

So you want to pound a table for him and what you're seeing right now out of two, man. A lot of people called me crazy, man. Like a lot of people called me like a lot of names, you know, during this all season, you know, when I went, you know, um, on my podcast, it needed to be said and said, Hey, yo, this guy is definitely one of the most accurate quarterbacks I ever played with, if not the most accurate quarterback I've ever played with. And a lot of people took that, as I said, that he's the best quarterback I played with, you know what I'm saying?

Like it's two different things. You know, like what, when I look at tool, you know, the amount of things that he's been through in his career, you know, like it's not fair, you know what I'm saying? Like situations aren't fair, but for him to be able to like hold his head up, you know, continue to like want to get better, continue to, you know, want a progressive game. And in many areas that people say he's weekend, you know, shows what kind of guy he is, you know, outside of football, like he's so resilient, he's so humble, you know, and to me, man, I feel like he's, he's having an MVP type year, you know, minus the game, you know, like just imagine the games, if he would have played those three games, you know, what we could have been or what his stats would have been, but it's football, man.

Things happen for a reason, you know, so we all live when we learn. Personally, Tyree Kill, if I can give my two cents and I have from this chair on my show here, two is too humble. He needs to speak with his chest more. I love the salty too. I like him coming yesterday when somebody asked him how he's improved or what he can work on. And he's like, I think we've got the deep ball down, huh?

Right? Like, and he just looked at everybody in the crowd like, yeah, right. I got the deep ball, right? And then he goes, yeah, that's a subtle dig. And I'm like, no, don't, don't call it a subtle dig. Just say it and leave it and leave it on the table. Like, let's get more salt there.

What do you think? Hey, that's the thing about to it. If you get to really know to them that I get, I tell them all the time, man, drop your nuts sometimes. Hey, I get it. I get it. Hey, I get it, man. Like he's the face of this organization, man. And people know it, you know, so like, like he's still like, he still got to build his way up to that. And I like it, man.

I like, I love him being humble, man. Yeah. I mean, that's one way to put it up. I'm like saying a little more salt and he needs more salt in his diet. You know what I mean?

Like salty. Just say it. Just say it. I love it. Right. Got to let them things drop.

Yes. Just speak it. Speak it. I like it into existence. I love it.

So what do you think you've clearly been to the mountain top? Do you think this team's got super bowl threads in it right here? Do you think this is super old team Tyree kill? You know what that looks like?

What do you think? I mean, I mean, obviously I do, man, but you know, one thing I learned about being in this league, man, like this legal, like humble you real quick, man. So all we can do is just take it, you know, one week at a time, you know, continue to get better on the offensive side, defensive side, special teams, and as a whole team, man, and like truly, you know, find out, you know, who you are moving forward. You know, I feel like there have been several weeks, you know, where offense offensively, you know, we've been putting drives together, you know, but we haven't fully capitalized, you know, last week was last week was a starting point of, you know, who we can be, you know, but there are several things that we can fix moving forward. So I'm looking forward to, you know, going with this team, you know, becoming even more of a leader for this team. And I'm very excited, man, about the future.

And obviously, if the defense can get off the field and put you back on it, that's helpful. And you know that better than most, obviously, we couldn't help but notice when Bradley Chubb got acquired, you took to Twitter and simply popped on there. Am I reading this right? Right? Yeah. Yeah. Because like, at first I was confused.

I'm like, thanks. So we really did sign Bradley Chubb because to me, right? It seemed like Twitter knew all that.

It's like something, it seemed like Twitter knew all the information before like it actually happened. You know what I'm saying? It was like several speculations that old Bradley Chubb is going to sign. And I'm like, bro, how are we going to sign Bradley Chubb?

Like he's like Denver's best defensive player. And like this thing I know, I'm like, am I reading this right? So I'm like crazy.

So you crowdsourced it. And then what was the response to your tweet? Hey, I was fired up, man. I was fired up in my house. My mom was like, what's going on?

I'm like, bro, we just signed Bradley Chubb. She was like, I don't know who that is, but he fired up. I'm like, yeah, he liked that. He is like that.

He is. So what does that mean in the locker room? What do you think?

What do you think? Well, for the locker room, man, I feel like he's going to bring like another edge, you know, like another, you know, side to that defense, man, that they already got, you know, fierce, you know, always run into the ball, you know, just that mentality of the game, man. Like we already got some special playmakers over there. You know, like I can name them all, like I really can name all 11 of the guys because all 11 of those guys are special on that side of the ball, man. And just with, and just with the coach, you know, the way that he schemes it up, you know, Josh, he does a great job, you know, bringing, you know, different personnels, you know, putting, you know, his best prayers in certain situations to make plays, man. So looking forward, man, to that defense, man, making a lot of plays and also looking forward to Bradley Chilt throwing up that peace on the touchdown.

I bet. Tyree Kill here on the Rich Eisen Show. In the few minutes I have left, let's talk a little bit about your family foundation, the Tyree Kill family foundation.

You've got an upcoming event there in Miami on November 11th. What's this about? Well, really for me, man, it's really about, you know, just giving them back to the community. And also, man, just trying to raise awareness, man, for like mental health. Like I know a lot of people, you know, go through mental health, like I said, like those days I'll be, you know, not wanting to like practice. I'm physically going through something, man. But really, like, I'm scared to like talk about it.

So really for me, man, just, just bringing awareness to mental health, you know, trying to raise as many funds as we can, you know, trying to bring people together for a good cause, you know, for some laughs, you know, for some good pitches and, you know, do and do something great for the community of Miami, man. You're talking about gray days. You wake up, you got gray days. That's what Jay Glazer talks about. Sometimes he wakes up and he's just feeling gray. So what you're talking about, mental health.

I'll be feeling, I'll be feeling great sometime. And I do. So how can people get involved? Can they just go, how can people find out more about this? So, so if people want to get involved and people want to donate money, you know, to the Tyree Kale Family Foundation, that's all you got to do. Go to the website,, you know, or you can go to all of, all of my socials.

All of my socials are at cheetah, the fastest land animal in the world, you know, and just literally just click the link in my bio. And you know, it's simple, man. You can, like we've taken all donations from, from one penny to $100,000. So you can donate anything you want to, man. Just make sure it's from your heart, man. Because, you know, like we got to do it together. If we want to change the world, we got to do it together.

Not one man. Absolutely. for more on that. And you know what I'd love, if you don't mind, I'll reach out to you in the coming weeks. If you could be part of my run, you know, I've tweeted at you every now and then at Cheetah, you know, about somehow, some way, you and I lining up together for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. And, you know, maybe you give me what, a 20 yard head start or something like that on the 40?

And what do you think? You know, that would be awesome, man. But you know what else would be awesome if you donate, you know what I'm saying? And you show some love to my mental health program that I got going on. I would love, I would love to come out and give you a 30 yard head start.

30, 30, a 30 yard head start. Oh my gosh. This respect is real. It sure is.

It sure is. Okay. 30 yard head start. Well, definitely look for a donation from me to your family foundation. That is no question about that. And then 30 yard head start. Uh, I would love that.

I think people would dig seeing that and we could raise a lot of money for kids doing that too. So look for my, uh, look for my, uh, information on that Tyree kill, because I will accept that challenge. The leopard says I accept. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I really appreciate it, man. Thank you so much. So, so basically, should I say when I look at your note to me, when you say, I will give you a 30 yard head start, I should say, am I reading this right?

Should I do that? Yeah, that is exactly what you should be saying. Okay. Am I hearing, am I hearing that right? Can you say, can you give me a read of your tweet? I'm just wondering what, what it sounded like.

Am I reading the chart? It sounds, that's exactly how we thought it would sound. Tyree kill face all puzzle of everything.

It does. Thank you for calling in. Again, the Tyree kill family foundation has an upcoming event coming up in Miami on November 11th. Uh, really enjoy watching you ball out with Mike McDaniel, who has been on this show and tell, tell to us on more salt in his diet. Okay. That's what I would, I want more salty to, will you tell him that for me, please? I will tell two of that. I will even tell tools, girl, to piss in the cereal at the beginning. I will tell him that.

Do it, please. And you're not seeing it right now, but me and me saying goodbye, I'm throwing up the deuces to you. Okay.

We're all throwing up deuces saying goodbye. Yes, sir. Spread that awareness, man. Peace on peace. There it is right there. Tyree kill everyone at cheetah, the fastest land animal on the earth and in the NFL right here on the rich eyes and show.

You can listen to the NFL, the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to simply open Westwood one sports sponsored by auto zone. There's a lot in there, but I do believe you were correct in the, am I reading this right? It's on the eye, right? Am I reading this right?

That was it. Because I'm like, am I reading this right? And you're like, am I reading this right? Like you got the eye on the reading.

I think that's what it was. Well done. Well done all around very much. So everybody should donate. We have donated on behalf of all you guys.

Thanks. The disrespect is the disrespect is real. Let's be honest though. Uh, hold on a second. 30 yard head start. Okay. Hold on a second. 30 yard head start. Hold on a second. Meaning, meaning he starts when I hit the 30 yard line. Nah, I still win that one. I agree.

20. Now here's the, here's the, here's the, the base, if you will, the baseline is Dion Sanders. When he was in character, what was the name of that? Uh, Leon sand castle sand castle. Yep. Great, uh, promotional campaign many years ago. Yeah.

Dion was in full Leon sand castle costume with an afro, a big ass fro. And he ran with me step for step. And then right around the 25 yard line, flipped his hips and then backpedaled the rest of the way and almost beat me. Mm-hmm. Correct.

And he was in his forties when he did that, I bet. When they do the simulcam on top, like who, the biggest lead they ever give you is five yards. They do it 10 10 before I think 10 yards, but that's for someone who runs a four two. I think this guy, I think even at 20 yards, you probably win. No, we got to do it.

I don't know about that. 15, 15. I think 15 is probably the right number. 20 yards is fair, man. I, 20 yards is a lot halfway. I think you're giving me a little bit too much credit.

You know what? Go run another 40. I'm just doing simple math. I'm just doing simple math. Like if you run a six, oh, right.

He's got to run a four. Oh, to beat you. You know what I mean?

I was told there'd be no math on this test. Do you know, I'm more verbal. That's why I did this for a living.

I think 15 yards is fair. Okay. I don't, I don't do code, you know, you're not coding.

I'm not coding. Going to work for you. Definitely not.

It's quite a day in that neighborhood. Let's take a break. When we come back, are you ready to TJ to open up the, uh, the doors of the church?

I think I think we all need to go to church at this. Okay. Very good. It's time for fantasy advice.

Certainly since Jonathan Taylor has been ruled out. Yeah. I don't know.

I'm going to have to adjust on the fly for that. Okay. Very good.

Very good. That's what's coming up next. Joel Montania is in our green room and he'll be joining us in hour number three.

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Brother and we stay ready, so we don't have to get. Okay. Hit it, please.

Hit it. Rise up. The fantasy church is open. Oh, yes.

My brothers and sisters, it is good to see you today. And we're going to take you to church. I want to let you know right off the bat, though, we tell you how the devil is always trying to stop us. Well, the devil is coming in the form of bi-week again. So we've got some bi-week problems just to let you know, Browns, Cowboys, Broncos, Giants, Steelers, and 49ers, six of them all on by. That means you know, you don't get Dak and Tony Pollard and you don't get Russ and you don't get brother Saquon and steelers. You don't really got nobody and you'll get the McCaffrey. You know, you don't have to.

You used to work at a Foot Locker in Pittsburgh. I know, but there's no one fantasy wise that we're going to do. All right now, brothers and sisters, let us rise up and let me get you ready for week nine of the fantasy season.

Yes. By telling you who is not him. I said, who is not him.

I said, leave him on the pew next to you because he will not lead you down that path of glory and salvation. And that is brother T.J. Hockinson. Now, right off the bat, he just got traded. Washington does a good job against tight ends. I leave brother Hockinson on the pew for this week and then look to start him as he becomes more familiar with brother, with brother cousins and the rest of the Vikings offense and Michael Pittman Jr. We're going to sit brother Pittman. You know, he wasn't bad in his first start with his new quarterback, but the thing about this is it's New England, right? And there's something about your boy, Bill Belichick, shutting down the top targets.

And I don't like Alan Burr. You know, the pads have allowed just four touchdowns to opposing ride receivers this year. So it's hard to imagine him having a big game, maybe a three at best, but I'm going to leave brother Pittman alone. And then you got brother Devin Singletary. I'm interested to see how he and brother Heinz work together in Buffalo, but he's going to be losing touches the Heinz a little bit. Brother Cook's there too.

And that's the other thing I was going to say. Brother Cook is he's there. He's Deacon Cook. He's ready to graduate, become a brother. So I'll stay out of that lane.

I'd say leave, use him as a flex. But if you've got someone better, I'd say leave brother Singletary on the pew next to you. And now we're going to talk about the players that will lead you down the path of righteousness and glory.

You see the land of milk and honey will be yours. If you just, if you just believe, and those players are Josh Palmer, wide receiver of the charges. Let me tell you something. He must be a battle. Falcons allow the most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. Mike Williams is out and brother Palmer, he was in concussion, a little concussion situation.

He passed all protocols. Look, he's going to be Justin Herbert's number one target. I think at this point, especially if Kenan's still hurting. So, you know, let's take a, uh, I'd say go with brother Palmer.

I feel like he will lead you to salvation. Now we talked about the chiefs earlier who you can trust. I got a, I got a feeling about brother Juju this week. Juju on that beat. You know, Juju quietly averages seven targets per game. And right now I think he's a clear number one wide receiver for brother Mahomes and brother Mahomes averages 38 passes per game. He likes to put the ball in the air and their first in red zone pass attempts. Juju, you might not know this, he's number five in red zone targets.

Okay. So I'm just saying, brother Juju might lead you to glory. And then we got brother Geno, right? Now, Geno Smith's been balling a little bit. You might be like, yeah, he probably would start Geno. But remember his first game against the Cardinals, he just had 11 points.

Didn't play that well. I think this is going to be a high scoring matchup. I believe brother Geno is going to ball out. He's going to have to put some points on the board to hang with brother Kyler and brother D hop.

So I would say make Geno him and put him in your lineup. Now we do about the head of gut. This is when you listen to the word and you just go with that Holy Ghost feel. And I'm telling you, I want you to reach deep down into your gut top and start brother Tyner Taylor Heineke. We're going to start brother Heineke against the Vikings. You see, this could be his last chance of brother Wentz is healthy, right? Brother Wentz is going to have to sit on the pew.

So I believe so. But Minnesota's about 55 fantasy points over the past two games to the dolphins in the Cardinals. Heineke's averaging 20.5 points per game, guys.

So brother, brother Heineke, he might be able to work for you this week and get you to that Holy Land. And I would just want to tell you two other things, Rich, a lot of guys falling off, a lot of guys getting traded. There's a few players that I need you to pick up on your team.

If you want to win, you see, these players are going to show you the way we're going to show you the way the righteousness and enlightenment. And that is van Jefferson. Think about him. If you've got room, pick him up. Brother Isaiah, most likely to get stretched out from brother Lamar, especially with Broussard, brother Bateman out. And then we got Jaylen Warren. He's on a buy this week.

We don't know what's going on with Najee. Pick up Jaylen, stash him and also brother Dion Jackson. Now that we know that Jonathan Taylor is out, brothers and sisters, let me just tell you this. If we could all walk that path called love, oh, we can all get to that promise land. Can I get an amen?

Joe Montana is coming up in studio. Yes, Lord. Okay. I like the Isaiah likely pick. I picked him up.

Did you like that? I guess likely the score. Well, I don't know if, um, I don't know if, uh, Mark Andrews is going to go my nickel. And even if he does having him in your back pocket for Monday night, I got a flex spot that I kind of can play with.

Certainly since Dallas got her, got me 21 fantasy points last night. The only thing that was working at the poker table last night was that Dallas got really cold, cold, bad beats. Huh? Bad beats. Uh, I, I, I'm glad, I'm glad John Mantegna is here so, uh, we can go dive into the criminal minds of the poker gods.

How's that for a little bit of twist? Amen. He was not him at the table. You should have stayed on the pew brother. Is Austin Eckler hurt too? What the hell is happening?

Come off a bike. Even more reason to get brother Palmer on your team. Good Falcons this week.

Huh? Sneaky, good Falcons this week. You like the Falcons this week. You do, huh?

To pad their lead in the NFC South. I also have Mario and I got to start Mario to this week too. So you're in trouble, aren't you? Just admit it. You're in trouble. My team stinks. I got it. I have AJ Brown.

That's the only saving grace. Boy, is he amazing? Boy, is he amazing? All right. So, uh, we will take a break right here on the Roku channel, um, and Sirius XM and Odyssey. And when we come back, our number three John Mantegna is going to join us in studio.

We'll talk criminal minds, but when we come back, I'll talk about the rest of week nine and games that I'm looking forward to. It could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sadie talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But okay. So once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something you should know wherever you listen.
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