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REShow: Jerry Bruckheimer - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 26, 2022 3:16 pm

REShow: Jerry Bruckheimer - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 26, 2022 3:16 pm

Rich and the guys react to the latest Bill Belichick Press Conference Moment that features an all-time back-and-forth with the New England media about starting Mac Jones or Bailey Zappe against the Jets in Week 8. 

Legendary film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer joins Rich in-studio where he reveals how he convinced Tom Cruise to be in the original ‘Top Gun’ and why ‘Top Gun: Maverick” was such a smash hit, how Sylvester Stallone almost starred in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ instead of Eddie Murphy, reveals how he became a part-owner of the NHL’s Seattle Kraken, and much more.

Rich’s wife, Suzy Shuster, calls in to call out her husband for slacking on his domestic duties at home.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Was Mack Jones healthy enough to play the entire game last night?

That didn't happen, so that's another hypothetical question. Live from The Rich Eisen Show's studio in Los Angeles. New England fans.

He'll turned on this kid. The Rich Eisen Show. When Zappy comes in and leads two touchdown drives. Earlier on the show, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. Still to come. Legendary film producer Jerry Bruckheimer. And now it's Rich Eisen. Oh yes, can't wait for this hour number three to start.

Thank god, miss it has. It's sort of odd for me to start a show an hour saying I can't wait for it to start and that's the way I started. That's how excited we are to have Jerry Bruckheimer, the legendary TV and film producer here in studio. He's also the co-owner of currently the tied for third place team in the Pacific Division of the National Hockey League, the Seattle Kraken.

What's Kraken? Yeah. We've been excited about him coming in for weeks. Well, I mean, look, with all due respect to Joe Burrow and Kurt Warner, having been our previous guest this show, they didn't produce Armageddon. I mean, oh, seriously.

Let me just read to you our conundrum of having to pick and choose what to ask him about. Here's the list of his notable films as a producer. American Gigolo. How about Them Apples?

I'm looking you down to a phone, not just because you're an American Gigolo, but you're of that age. Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop 2, Days of Thunder, Crimson Tide, Bad Boys, Dangerous Minds, The Rock, Con Air, Armageddon, Enemy of the State, Gone in 60 Seconds, Remember the Titans, Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure, Glory Road, Gone Baby, Gone, and Top Gun Maverick, most recently, right? By the way, CSI, the CSI series, he's a producer on the CSI series.

So essentially, every good movie that's ever been made. Correct. He's a producer of The Amazing Race. Why not? Of course. Unbelievable.

Yeah, let's go. Fire Country is his new show on CBS. When he pitches to CBS, does he have to?

Probably not. Or does he hold up four fingers, like an intentional walk, like he gets first base? Is that what it is? They just say, what is it, Jerry? Half hour, and they just give him a time slot. What's really on your mind, Jerry? He has to bring his resume, he's got to lay his resume out and go, yeah, this is my first one.

Who are you thinking about for the lead? But really, what have you done for us? Mikey, you know, one of my favorite things, you remember when Beverly Hills Cup came out and Eddie Murphy had the Mumford? Oh, the Mumford. So I had one of those jackets. You remember how that, well, the t-shirt, it was like the biggest thing in the world. And so I remember making my mom get me one of these. I couldn't even see the movie at that point. I was like nine or something. So I never couldn't even see it, but I knew I wanted this Mumford shirt. And then later I found out, maybe we could ask, that Mumford is where Jerry graduated from high school. That's it.

The number of Easter eggs that must be within this man's TV and filmography. At any rate, he's going to come out here in about 10 minutes or so to start this whole process. And we'll fanboy for quite a bit.

Yep. Talk some hockey. Let's do that hockey. We'll talk some hockey. We'll do that hockey right here on the Rich Eisen Show, the Seattle Kraken. I've got an idea for him too.

I've actually said this to him before, offline, as they say. Have they say a hockey? Let's do that hockey. We'll talk about that later. Shout out to Jason Feller, man, by the way. There we go. Yeah, he's covering. Yes, Jason is doing well. He's back surgery. He's got back surgery. Very good.

Back surgery yesterday. Okay. I'm good. Glad to hear that. Thanks for giving me that update. Appreciate it.

No problem. And so before Jerry comes out, I think we should introduce him if he's watching back there or not. Just one of our best produced pieces that we do here on the show. This is as good as it gets, as far as I'm concerned. This year at least, at the very least, our new segment, Bill Belichick press conference moment, which is today's Bill Belichick press conference moment.

And believe it or not, has to do with his, wait for it, quarterback situation. No way. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, you're lying.

I don't believe you. Yes. Update. Matt Jones's interception did not, according to ESPN, hit the wire of their sky cam.

Sure. They said the sky cam was 15 feet above the field as is required. They followed all NFL protocols. It definitely hit a wire. Do we need to have the, do we have, are you the independent, uh, sky camologist that we're going to have to do an investigation with you and then get you fired for the job?

The Warren commission just came out with a new report. Yeah. Well, it didn't hit JFK. Oh, this guy never hit him. Bad guy.

Suddenly Gillette is the grassy knoll. How about that? Maybe he just made a bad throw and it was a bad pick. And to the cable.

But anyway, that interception, as we know, was not the reason why Bailey zappy came in. That was part of a plan that we still don't quite understand. So at this point in time, as you know, Bill's turned a page. That's what he does. He turns pages. He's maybe the greatest page turner in the history of turning pages in sports. And so the pages turned its jets week. And, uh, I think Chris Long even referred to it this week is that, uh, you know, he, he, he likes the Browns organization despite, you know, they fired him back in the day, uh, when they moved to Baltimore. Um, he still has respect for them. He said that he stops in front of the Jim Brown statue.

And then, uh, Matt, you don't even confirmed. He did that when they went to Cleveland two weeks ago. And Chris Long, the reason why I bring it up is he's got, you know, the Browns, his feelings for the Browns, not even remotely close to the way he feels about the jets. So it's jets. We say, and we need to know, we need to know now on Wednesday. Who's starting?

Who is the start? We gotta know. We gotta know. And you know, that would lead to today's Bill Belichick press conference moment. Let's go. Today's Bill Belichick press conference moment. We prefer to win. You know, have you named a certain quarterback for the Sunday yet?

I know. We'll see how it goes here today. You plan on how to get quarterback rotation again. We'll see how it goes today. Is that something that would be said or not? Look, we're not doing anything here.

We haven't practiced. We're going to go out and we're going to see how it goes today. All right.

What would you decide? It will see how it goes today. But what do you have to see today? We'll see how it goes today.

Bill, do you know what you want to do on Sunday or will they be competing, the quarterback competing this week for that job? Yeah, I never said that. I said we'll see how it goes today.

So would today be the deciding factor or? I didn't say that. I said we'll just see how it goes. When you say we'll see how it goes, are you referring to my ankle?

I'm referring to the whole two. I'll see how it goes. All right. Will you tell us tomorrow? Oh, my God. Will you tell us tomorrow?

Who was this? As we all know, the sun, because he went day by day, he went God spell a couple of weeks ago. I thought that was the pinnacle. The sun will come out tomorrow.

That's your bottom dollar. That tomorrow. There'll be sun. I was frustrated watching that. Oh, my gosh. You know, and again, because you got Jerry Bruckheimer's coming out here, that was so like you couldn't have produced that any better, that in between the awkward silence, you hear the camera clicks go off like kind of like kind of like crickets when you're out camping and sleeping and trying to get to sleep at night and the crickets are filling the void. They were so quick with those.

I'm convinced that whole thing was written. Can we do that again? Let's see. I've got to get this one more time. I love it. This is really good. This is really good because let's count how many follow ups there are.

Okay. About five to one. This is, this is a tenacious performance. We needed more.

This is a tenacious performance by the Patriots media. Everybody. I got it. I got it.

I got to tip the cap here. Abby. Because, because we've, you know, it's, it was very impressive because he's saying, we'll see what happens today. They want to know what it is needs to be seen today in order for there to be a decision made today. And then when it was obvious it wasn't today, then it finished up.

But what about tomorrow? Well done. I mean, this is great. And I just need to hear his response because we were too busy laughing about it. I do need to hear, I did not hear his response because we appropriately were laughing our asses off.

All right. One more time. Today's Bill Belichick press conference moment worthy of a second. Look, please. Today's Bill Belichick press conference moment.

I prefer to win. Here we go. Have you named a certain quarterback for this? I know. We'll say it goes here today.

Do you plan on how to get quarterback rotation again? We'll see how it goes today. It's a crickets, right?

Is that something that would be? We're not, look, we're not doing anything here. We haven't practiced. We're going to go out and we're going to see how it goes today. I'm trying to cut it off.

What would you decide? It will see how it goes today. But what do you have to see today? We'll see how it goes today.

Bill, do you know what you want to do on Sunday or will they be competing, the quarterback competing this week for that? Yeah, I never said that. I said we'll see how it goes today.

So would today be the deciding factor? I didn't say that. I said we'll just see how it goes.

When you say we'll see how it goes, are you referring to Matt's ankle? It's a good follow-up. I'm referring to the whole to all see how it goes. All right. Will you tell us tomorrow?

Maybe. Even Bill appreciates the eighth follow-up question of like, I also just like Bill, Bill getting annoyed at people asking questions about the situation Bill himself created. I mean, why do you want to look at it like that, Chris?

Do you know what I'd like to do here? I'd like to play this out to the nth degree. Okay. Let me please play this out to the nth degree, even though this may, this may lead to a little bit of friction between me and my friend across the aisle. Let me put my mic on mute. Do you want him gone or not?

Do you want him gone or not? Because you have been around the edges on this for quite some time because I would counsel you as your advocate here. You're impersonal Paul Heyman.

I would counsel you and I know New Englanders like yourself don't like being told what to do. You're not the boss of me. I know this chafes. I already seen the look you've given me. I'm describing it to the radio audience.

Not great. I would counsel you to understand that you do not want this man gone. I understand. And like ultimately I do not want him gone. However, good choice. However, yes, it is as the years have gone by now, post Tom it's year three growing increasingly frustrated with this type of thing that he's day in and day out.

Like why are we still doing it this way? The it by the end, by the way, over your right shoulder perfectly placed is none other than a bell check your right shoulder. He's over your right shoulder sort of staring you down.

You're the right. But so yes, sir, like in the it being him making decisions that he doesn't explain to the media or his locker room, it seems like you got to tell zappy that you're getting in the game for real. You're going to tell the rookie, I guess.

I don't know if that hold on. It was part of the plan to play both. And then the person who's part of this plan didn't know what the plan was. What about what about the fact that he didn't know the plan was for him to play in Green Bay and he damn near won that game. And maybe that's what Bill wants to see.

That's what backups do. But Bill specifically said that the plan coming into Monday was to play both guys. And one of the guys who supposedly to your plan is going to play didn't know he was going to play.

So it wasn't a plan. I will just counsel you again to and I understand the frustration of you wondering what was that and what was that and why was that. And you don't have any answers and you know, you're not going to get any answers and you're supposed to just sit back and trust the process because of the man who's been processing for so many years.

And the fact that Brady's not there anymore lends you to distrust the process more than ever. I get it. I understand it.

All I'm saying to you is the alternative. You don't want it. And you know, you don't want it.

And deep down, you know, you don't want it because a game like the one in Cleveland with Bailey's happy where they just punked him and ran rings around him. We still knows more than everybody else. He does. But damn straight.

He does. Damn straight. I also distrust the process, but for different. No, I know you're Philadelphia. No, no, I get it. Yeah, it's just, you know, frustrating. But I can understand why you're frustrated.

Pretty frustrated. You know, watch us beat the Jets. I mean, who knows? Yeah, I hear.

You know what I mean? But you shouldn't. Shouldn't what? Beat the Jets this week.

Why are they the favorite? Okay. Because of exactly what we're talking about. We haven't made one. We're not going to do it. We're not going to do it.

I'm removing all negative thoughts. The Jets are going to do what they're supposed to do this weekend. And it's going to come on the heels of Michigan beating the tar out of Michigan State. And I can't wait to see it. And I'm going to say it with my chest starting from here all the way to Saturday. I'm going to write checks that I will absolutely present to all of the Michigan State fans out there in the fan base and the Spartans and say, please do me a favor and put them on my desk on Monday and say that I've bounced my check. Well, we're looking way ahead.

Did you see who's coming in studio on Monday? I know. I personally booked. Oh, there you go. Okay.

And I personally did that and not because of what I'm saying. We'll talk about it. We'll talk about that from Monday. Are people still writing checks? I think it's more like cash happen or something. Whatever it is. Whatever checks. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

844204 Rich is the number to dial on the program. Let's take a break. When we come back, yes, down a pop culture wormhole with one of the greatest TV and movie producers of all time.

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It's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. There is a woman who went the distance, who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life. Her name Elizabeth Taylor.

I'm Katy Perry. This is the story of the original influencer. This is Elizabeth the first Elizabeth, the first, the podcast, wherever you listen. And we're back here on the Rich Eisen show, terrestrial radio Roku, Sirius XM Odyssey, and so much more. And for our terrestrial radio audience, we just showed a clip of Miles Teller and Glenn Powell, two stars of Top Gun Maverick, one of my favorite movies of this entire year.

And I'm not just saying that because of who's sitting here now on the Rich Eisen show, the producer of that film and so many other great television and movies that that we've been talking about for decades. Jerry Bruckheimer here on the Rich Eisen show. Good to see you, Jerry. Great to be here, Rich.

Thanks for having me. And I'm not just saying that about Top Gun Maverick because you're sitting here, but my wife and I went and saw it and we were walking on air after that movie because it was exactly what we had hoped it would be. That it really, I mean, just from the very beginning, from the Jerry Bruckheimer lightning strike before anything starts to hearing Kenny Loggins. Danger Zone.

Danger Zone. And then the heat coming off the tarmac and then Tom Cruise on a motorcycle. Like you hit pretty much every button I wanted hit in the first 10 seconds of that movie. What did you make of Top Gun Maverick, Jerry? It was such a joy to make it and to be back with Tom Cruise. I'm really fortunate that I made three movies with him because he's such a force in a very good way. He demands excellence. He's an amazing actor.

He's a better producer than I'll ever be. And he cares about what he does. He's like the Tom Brady of our business because he really, really works so hard. He's there early in the morning. He's there late at night. He works on weekends. He takes care of himself like an athlete. He watches his diet. He works out.

He gets to bed early. He's one of those people that really you want to admire because of his dedication to his craft. And he loves making movies. And when you look at Top Gun, his performance is so subtle and so good. You know, sometimes you don't see it because he's so natural and so real. You know, he's not in a drunk scene where, you know, he's an actor so great because he plays a drunk so well. Tom just does everything perfect and it comes off as natural.

And that's exactly what you want. I thought you went through the Brady analogy because Tom Cruise never ages too. They're very similar. It could be in something like that as well.

So back in the day for the original Top Gun, he needed convincing though to do the role, correct? Well, there's two stories. There's Tom's story and then there's my story. Okay. Kind of conflict. It's been 35 years, so 36 years.

Sure. What happened is we gave him a script. We worked on the script with him and we couldn't get him to commit to the movie. So I called the Navy and I said, we have this actor.

We'd like to get him in this movie. And they arranged for me to have him fly with the Blue Angels. So we went down and he went down to Miramar, California. Mm-hmm. He drove down there in his motorcycle, of course, and he's got this long flowing hair. He just finished another picture when he showed the length there. And this is back in the 85.

It was much different than it is today. Sure. And so the pilots look at him and say, oh, here comes a hippie. Let's give him a ride. So they spun him and flipped him and thought that he'd come out of there dizzy and out of his mind. Got out and he said, that was fantastic. He ran to a pay phone because there were no cell phones. And he called me up and said, I'm in.

I'm in. I'm doing the movie. But now his story is he was always doing the movie. He was just torturing us.

But I don't know what the truth is. So your plan kind of worked in a way that you got him to do it. So he's he literally is that much of a daredevil where he you just want to get the adrenaline rush going and he was in. I don't know if you've seen the cuts from or the clips from Mission Impossible. Oh, my God. He's not on a wing. I mean, I mean, he's crazy. It's not what he does.

Do you ever tell him that you shouldn't do it or you can't do it or have that conversation with him? What he does is it's it's like a step process with him. Every stunt that he does is so well rehearsed. He starts in a very elementary manner and then he works himself up to the final stunt.

Nothing he does. It was out is without care, calculation and surrounding himself with great people. And so putting together Top Gun Maverick, what was what did you have a concern? I mean, that you were touching sort of hallowed ground here and that you were basically creating something new when the original had already.

I mean, it's it's at a certain status now that you were kind of potentially messing with that that concern you at all. Yes, absolutely. And the concern, Tom, it's a it's a signature movie for him.

It really skyrocketed his career. Right. So when Joe Kaczynski, who's the director of the movie, and I flew to Paris, Joe had an idea on how we're going to do the movie, which is exactly what we did.

Mm hmm. And we pitched. He pitched Tom the story and he had a lookbook where he had photographs and that he put together what he wanted the movie to look like. And Tom said, this is really good.

I like it. But here, Joe, you got to promise me one thing. If we do this, it has to be real. We have to get everybody up in the Jets. And the first movie, we put the actors up in Jets, and we couldn't use a frame of it. They all threw up.

It was a mess. I think there's one shot of Tom in the movie and in the real plane. So this time, Tom and Joe designed this program where for three months we had our actors in first a prop plane, then an aerobatic prop, then a jet and an F-18. So they went through this process of dealing with the G forces. So when they actually had to act, they could handle the G forces. But it wasn't quite that easy because what happens is the actors have to rehearse on the ground with the director and with Tom in a makeshift cockpit. And they have to get in the plane. They have to do their own makeup up there. They have to turn the camera on. They have to figure out where the sun is because they shouldn't say their lines because it has to match to the exterior.

So it was a lot of work. And we'd send them up there, and they'd be up there for two hours. And we couldn't see what they were doing, could hear them. They come down.

Tom and Joe look at the footage. And they said, let's do it again. So they went right back up again. And by the way, when they get down on the ground, they're soaking wet. I mean, they're getting pounded around there with those G forces.

It is so hard and so compromising. And be able to work and to act and be as brilliant as these kids are, it's phenomenal. Well, it was just amazing. It really was. I honestly felt like I was put back in a time warp back in 1985. And I was back, you know, a young kid again watching this movie.

It was just amazing. And a sign of a good movie or great movie is when people are talking about it and word of mouth is going strong. And that happened with Top Gun Maverick. And then that there's also crazy ass conspiracy theories. Have you heard the one involving your film? Have you heard about this one? That when Tom Cruise in the very beginning of it, you know, goes up and destroys the spoiler alert, it's just at the beginning, destroys the plane, that he actually dies in it.

And the rest of it is a dream sequence after he's passed away. It's not true, but it's an interesting theory. That is out there, right, Chris? It's definitely out there just because it's all neatly how, you know, he, you know, him and Goose, him and Goose's son have a great relationship and it kind of ties up all the, well, at the end of the movie, but I'm saying that the whole idea is it's just a, you know, fan theory. So that is not true.

You can debunk that right now. Yes. But if it sells tickets, we'll go with it. There we go. Ladies and gentlemen, Jared Bruckheimer. Very good.

So Beverly Hills Cop, I want to discuss this film with you as well. Is A True Sliced Alone was originally cast in the role of Axel Foley. That's true.

That's true. What happened there? What happened was we went, we developed the script and we took it to Eddie Murphy. That was our first show. We didn't take it to him.

We said to Paramount, we would like Eddie Murphy to be in the movie. This was after 48 hours, right? Right.

After 48 hours. Okay. Right. And Paramount said, well, we think Stallone. And the reason they thought Stallone is they had a pay and pay commitment, pay or and play commitment, which means they had, he was in another movie. The movie didn't go and they had to pay him.

Yes. And they didn't have a movie for him. So this was going to be the movie. So Sly being the great, he's a great writer, by the way. Sure. People don't understand him.

I mean, he would go back into the 70s. He took the script and rewrote it and added a lot more action. So we get the script. It's a good script. And we give it to Paramount production and they do a budget. And the budget movie doubled the cost.

And so Paramount says, all right, we can't afford to make this. You go tell Sly to cut it back. And I said, he's the biggest star in the world.

I'm not going to tell him to cut it back. It's your job. So they said, well, what are you going to do? I said, we told you we wanted Eddie Murphy. If you can't afford it with Sly, let's do it with Eddie Murphy. And he said, OK, go get Eddie Murphy. So we fly to New Jersey and we sit with Eddie. We pitch him the story. Now you have to understand, Eddie, he is when you see him on screen, he's vibrant and funny. But when you pitch him a story, he stares at you and he listens. He's an actor that actually listens.

Yes. And so we had no idea if he liked it or not. Fortunately, at the end, he smiled and laughed.

He said, let's go do it. But you never know if you can get hook and actor. And so we hooked him. Now, the conventional wisdom at the time was no African-American actor by himself had grossed more than 20 million dollars. So we had to make sure the budget fit within their numbers. Unbeknownst to anybody who was in Hollywood at that time, not only did it gross more than 20 million dollars, it was the highest grossing R rated movie until the Hangover. Two hundred and thirty five million dollars to message, which is unbelievable. So it shows you you have talent.

Doesn't matter their skin color, doesn't matter anything. If the movie's great, you got a great actor. That's what it's all about. How much was it ad-libbed? How much of that stuff got ad-libbed in that film? He had we gave him the parameters of the scene. There were certain plot points he had to hit. And beyond that, he was on his own. So he just went and and rifted. And he's guys brilliant.

He's absolutely brilliant. Yeah. The banana in the tailpipe, though, that was in that was in the script. That was in there. Okay. And the buffet being wrecked at the Harrow Club. Yeah.

I mean, I could I could literally do this for another 15 hours with you on that front. And so the t-shirt that he wore the Mumford high that that's your high school. That's my high school back in Michigan, back in Detroit, back in Detroit. Yeah.

So that was there was a lot of personal stuff for you, I imagine, in that film. Yeah. I'm a Lions fan. I'm a Tigers fan. I'm a suffering Lions fan.

Yes. And I guess a suffering Tigers fan. But I love the Red Wings and they had some good runs. But the Lions, I feel so bad for the Lions.

Our fans are just hammered for I don't know how many years. Well, technically now, Jerry Bruckheimer, you can kind of swing to the Seahawks right now, right? I mean, you're you're in the Seattle sports scene as an owner. Well, I have the Rams and the Seahawks. Got the Rams.

That's pretty good shape. You're Mr. Los Angeles guy right here right now. And I do want to talk about the Seattle cracking with you for for a bit too. But your favorite sports movie, forget about the ones that you've done. Which one do you think?

I guess Hoosiers. I'm with you. Yeah, it was a great movie. That's it. Right? Yeah. That is number one for me. Yeah.

Hoosiers is it for me? Yeah. Why is it that it for you? It's emotional. And going back to Top Gun, people talk about the flying.

They talk about everything. But it's the emotion. It's the interaction of those characters. Right. Tom with Val Kilmer and Tom with Miles Teller. Those scenes are precious.

Yes. And and so also with Jennifer Connelly. So that's what propelled the movie to be the huge success that's been around the world. What's really interesting is it's a pretty American movie. It's about our military.

Not really, but they're the backdrop. Our foreign grosses outgrowth domestic grosses. So in other words, this movie captured audiences around the world with a strong dollar. So when you look at the number, it would be 30 percent more because the dollar is so down everywhere else in the world without Russia and China. So a third of the world, this movie didn't didn't wasn't released.

And the grosses are just almost a billion five. Let me talk to you about that Val Kilmer scene as well from Top Gun Maverick. What were the sensitivities around getting that done and putting it in there because of his real life malady? Well, that was something that that Tom and Val worked out with the director. It's something that Tom initiated, Val initiated. They worked, which is so great when you work with actors. You have a script and they get together and say we're going to do it a different way. We're going to do this this way. And Chris McCrory, who is a writer and producer on the show, would come in and rewrite things on the spot. And he's brilliant at doing that. So there was a conversation that Tom did have with Val Kilmer to say, can you do it?

Do you want to do it? I mean, was that an original script? I know I've asked you five questions in a row. I'm not sure it was an original script, but I know that they worked that out together. The four of them really worked it out. I mean, when that scene was over, you know, I looked at my wife and she looked at me like, whoa, that was real. You know, that was a real life moment right there. I've got Jerry Bruckheimer here on The Rich Eisen Show. Let me talk about Remember the Titans with you because that is a beautiful sports movie.

It really is. And getting Denzel Washington involved and the sensitivities around that subject matter as well. And what was your reason for taking on that film for yourself? It's a story. It's about people that should be remembered. That's it.

That's about it. That's about stories about this, this coach and this team. And that's why you wanted to take on with that. Remember the Titans is part of your world.

No question about that, as well as Glory Road. We had the great actor who plays Don Haskins, Josh Lucas here, telling me about how Don Haskins was on the set for that sort of thing as well. Yeah. I mean, it's hard to make a movie about people that are alive and tell their story.

And that's the most difficult. And then you've got the Seattle Kraken, it's a fascinating development right here, the NHL. Actually, I would like to play a tape for you. And you tell me about this acting because Jerry Bruckheimer is not only a guy who brought so many great movies to the silver screen, but also CSI to the smaller screen. And when we, Jerry, were going to the Super Bowl in Miami, our show open was a no brainer for us that we played it over and over and over again, where I got in the role of Horatio Kane. And I want you to see if this is as legit. Here we go.

This is it. This is me in the role of Horatio Kane, if you will, channeling my inner Caruso as only I could for the Rich Austin show. What do we have here, Frank? It's a messy one, Rich.

Probably one of the worst we've ever seen. The Vince Lombardi trophy was last seen on that yacht. Yeah, let's go and miss him. I want to find that trophy, Frank.

Because when I play, I play to win. No Lombardi trophy, no ballgame. What do you think, Jerry? Really well done. Thank you, sir. Really well done. Thank you. I'm giving myself a round of applause, if you don't mind.

As you should. We're just finishing another sports movie, which is really interesting. It's called Young Woman in the Sea. It's for Disney Plus.

Hopefully we'll get it in theaters also. Okay. It's with Daisy Ridley. I've heard of her. She plays the star of The Girl from Star Wars. Yes. And it's about the first woman that swam the English Channel in 1926.

Her name is Trudy Eberle. Okay. The story is that back in, I think, 1919, there was a ferry that went down in Long Island. 3,200 women and children drowned.

Biggest disaster until 9-11. Yes. And the mother, German immigrant family, says, my girls are going to learn how to swim. The father says, no, it's uncouth. I don't want to.

That's not going to happen. She persists. She has her kids take swimming lessons. The one girl gets the measles and is partially deaf. Okay.

And the water would really be a problem. Yes. But she excels so much that she goes to the Olympics. She set a bunch of world records, not at the Olympics, because they wouldn't let them train. They wouldn't let the women train. So she gets over there and they won't feed them properly.

They didn't let them train. And so she came in, I think, like third and a relay. So she was supposed to set all kinds of world records.

It didn't happen. She came home. She was very depressed. She finds a coach to train her to do the English Channel. And he had tried it 21 times and failed.

Yeah. She goes out to swim it. And about the seventh mile, he sees she's going to make it and decides that's not good for his career. So he poisons her tea.

He puts something in her tea. Damn. True story.

It's all true. And she doesn't finish. She gets sick and doesn't finish. She goes back and hires another train. She's so determined. She hires another trainer. And not only does she swim the English Channel, she beats the men's record by two hours. Name is Trudy Everly. Nobody's ever heard of her. She had the biggest parade down Fifth Avenue for an athlete ever.

When you see the black and white footage, you won't believe it. I've never heard of this story. It's a fantastic. Again, stories about people that should be remembered.

Yes. Black Hawk Down. Another movie. Those 18 men that died.

They'll always be remembered now. Gee. And that's going to be on Disney Plus. Disney Plus. Just like National Treasure Edge of Histories coming to Disney Plus December 14th.

That's right. Okay. Fire Country on CBS that starts airing Fridays at non-Eastern. New episodes airing Fridays at non-Eastern on CBS. Okay. And then the newest Beverly Hills Cop movie in production now for Netflix. You see, I don't sleep.

You don't. And you're going to win a Stanley cup, right? You're going to bring a cup to Seattle.

Well, that's, that's another issue. We got to talk about that. Going to bring a cup.

I mean, that's going to be eventually what a scene that is up there right now for the Seattle crack. Just beat the Sabers five one last night. We're sold out. It's fantastic. Why'd you do that? Why'd you want to be part of that? I'm a builder and I like to create things, build things. That's what movies are. You start with an ID, you get a screenwriter, you, you make it happen. I love hockey and I wanted to, to be a part of it.

Yeah. So a friend of mine, Harry, Harry Sloan, who's a financial wizard said, well, let's get a hockey team. So the ducks were for sale. It didn't work out because Samuel Welling owned the arena and the land around it. It wasn't going to be a good deal. We couldn't outbid them. And somebody came to us for Pittsburgh.

They were for sale. And then they drafted Crosby and they said, we're not for sale anymore. So we, it makes sense. We decided Vegas would be a great place. So we go to Gary Bettman, we make a deal with Gary for Vegas and then O8 hit when the markets crashed and so we couldn't get an arena built. Then Tim Lewickia, who's an amazing builder himself.

He, he, he's just one of those. Yeah, folks in LA certainly don't have for the Kings for all those years. And he was in Seattle for, not in Seattle, he was in Toronto.

That's right. And so he, he came to us and said, I have an idea how to take the key arena, keep the roof, because it's historically protected, and then dig underneath and build a whole new arena. And we said, great. David Bonderman, who's the lead investor, fantastic man, loves sports.

He said, let's go do it. So he raised some money. We got the arena built and Gary, very fortunately for us, gave us a franchise. We, we paid for it, but you gave us a franchise and the people that David has brought in, the Lewicki brothers, Tim and Todd, Todd runs it. He's, what a great manager. What a man who embraced the community. He hires people, what a gentleman he is. And then he hired Ron Francis, who, as you know, is a great general manager.

Sure. And what happened, you know, they expected us to be Vegas. We're going to be right out of the box. We're going to have a team that competes for the Stanley Cup. It didn't happen because the general managers got so smart. We, the NHL protected eight players plus a goalie for each team. So the ninth player, if they had a really good ninth player, he got traded. So they got draft picks.

So there wasn't a lot. They're as good as it was for Vegas. And they were offered bad contracts.

Ron didn't want to take bad contracts. So he put together a very good competitive team. Unfortunately, the goaltending didn't hold up as well as we wanted to. So we got a great draft pick.

Manny Benieres is fantastic. While in Michigan, Wolverine said you went, you went, you chose wisely. And we got right. Now is another fourth, fourth pick, but he was really supposed to go the first pick. So we're building the team through the draft, which is the way Colorado did it. You know, what four or five years ago, they had 40 some points. I mean, we had 60.

So they're doing it the right way. We would just have to have our fans be patient. It's going to happen. And I know that this might be out of the bailiwick here, but do you think the success of this team and that arena might lead to an NBA team going there? We sure hope so. Would you be part of that? Would you want that?

If they allow me, who knows? Right. Right.

Interesting. Because I mean, I know Seattle fans are just nuts for that sort of idea. They're the greatest sports fans out there. They really are.

And that's why I was so excited when Tim came to us about about Seattle. They're really, really terrific. And they love that they love hockey. They love basketball. They're great football fans.

They love all their sports. Well, and so, you know, before I let you go, I'm going to take one more run at this. I did mention this to you the first time we met a couple of years ago. I suggested you name your team.

This you went cracking, which is great. But, you know, you've got a mascot named Bowie and I understand it's Seattle. And but that that mascot should be nicknamed grunge, sir. The Seattle, Seattle grunge like you're in Seattle.

That looks like a grunge. I know it's a troll. I get it. I'm trying.

Let me help you produce is what I'm saying. If I may. Look, look, I wasn't part of this. This is for the kids and they got it.

They showed a bunch of kids that different mascots and the kids picked this one. OK, it's working. So it's all good. So I'm now telling kids no.

OK, that's what I thought. That's what I do for a living at home as the best dad ever. Jerry Bruckheimer, thank you for coming in.

I would love to have you back any time you want. We barely scratch the surface in the popcorn. Yeah, there's there's so much good stuff that that we've been involved in and such a thrill to entertain audiences. And whether it's a movie that I make or a hockey game, it's so great when you see people come together, cheer, laugh, cry. Movies do that to you.

Sports does that to you. It's great. No question about it. And again, Top Gun Maverick is amazing. Good luck to you in the award season.

You deserve all the awards you want for that, sir. Fire Country on CBS Fridays at 9 Eastern Time. I look forward to that newest Beverly Hills Cop movie on Netflix and the national treasure edge of history. The series is coming to Disney Plus in December.

My kids and I will we will be locked in on that. Fire Country is the highest new rated show. I mean, you know, what was the last time a network said no to you?

They'd say it all the time. What's their problem? What the hell is the matter with this industry? Check out again Fire Country on CBS Fridays at 9 Eastern Time. At Bruckheimer, JB on Twitter. Thank you for coming in here, sir. Thanks for having me.

Anytime. My gosh, let's do this again. Jerry Bruckheimer is here.

We'll wrap up the show in a second. Back here on the program, NetSuite wants you to know your numbers, because if you don't know your numbers, your business is not at its best. Believe me, over 31,000 businesses have the confidence and clarity they need because they rely on NetSuite by Oracle, the number one cloud financial system that gives you visibility and control over your financials, inventory, HR planning, and budgeting so you can manage risk, get reliable forecasts, and improve margins.

What are you waiting for? Right now, NetSuite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program. Head to slash Rich Radio right now. slash Rich Radio. slash Rich Radio. One last guest to get to. Great show with Joe Burrow and Kurt Warner and Jerry Bruckheimer just left. Susie Schuster wants to chime in on something. What's up, Susie? What's going on? Hey, you guys. Hey, Susie. What's going on?

Hey, Liv and Chris, T.J., Mike, I want to know if any of you were free. Maybe, Adam, I don't know if you guys could come over this weekend and finish putting together the basketball hoop that Rich started putting together a week ago. It's two weeks, actually. It's two weeks.

We have a half-built basketball hoop in the backyard for our baller fourth grader. Oh, geez. I'll buy you a pizza if you can come and finish putting it together. Rich, what happened? Explain. Well, by the way, it was like a two-person job that I was doing mostly by myself.

Thelma was helping and a bunch of, you know, at one point I had Cooper try and help. It ain't easy. Oh, there you go. Somebody bought something that required an insane amount of... Didn't tell you? No, no, no.

It required an insane amount of assembly where others could just be, you know, purchased and put together. So I did it, and things have happened. I've got things going on. I'm getting ready to go to Germany. I've got stuff going on.

Yeah, I'm a 53-year-old without an ish going on. You're going to Germany in two weeks. That's true. And you've had two weeks to build this area?

Yes, I have. Well, because last Saturday, you had to watch the Michigan... Oh, wait a minute, no. No, no, no.

Saturday. So I would have been able to do that. So what I'm saying was, and Stuart Scott used to say, so what I'm saying was. What happened? Here's the interesting thing is I truly had plans today to do it, to finish it. Now you're not, just like with me, not changing my team name now because she brought it up. You don't want to do it. No, just so you understand.

T.J., pigheadedness gets you nowhere. That's true. I forgot.

Different situations. I'll be home to do it. That'd be great.

Let me know if I have to do that too, okay? We're going to see you again, Suze. Wow.

You're seeing me with champagne and orange juice in a couple of weeks. There you have it. There you have it. Thanks, Suze. I'll see you soon, hon. Bye, Suze. All right. Bye, guys.

See you soon. Ladies and gentlemen. The Bruckheimer of our household.

Suze Schuster. Yeah, it's been sitting in the backyard for a bit. It's one of those things where... They're not easy. No, it's a full-size hoop? No, they're not easy to do.

They'll break your back. It's a full... Yeah. So what I need to do is build the base and then connect it to the huge ass thing that would require somebody to have to pick it up, hold it while I screw it. Oh, so it's got one of those base ones.

So you're not pouring water or cement in a base, correct? No, there's a lot going on. I understand that.

A lot going on. And then as soon as I build it, they won't use it. That's another thing.

So it's going to sit there until you move. Cool. No, Taylor will. Taylor Curry, bro. She had eight of her teams, 19 points. Yeah, 19. They put up 19. They put up 19. Wow.

We got to get some WNBA people in there for Taylor, Rich. She started pointing to the ring finger like Clay did last night. Hey, gents, let's talk Halloween for a second. What is your favorite Halloween memory?

One time I saw a nightmare before Christmas performed live at the Hollywood Bowl. Walking with your kids. It felt so magical. And after they've got their candy and they walk away.

So pure. The dad inside the house is handing you a beer. My dad, when I get home, he would have me empty out all the candy to make sure that it's safe. And it wasn't until I was about 35 that I realized what he was just eating my candy.

Rude. What's your favorite Halloween costume? One year I was Matthew McConaughey's character from Days to Confused. One year I was like, I would like to be roadkill. The Halloween costume was a plastic smock and then a really scratchy plastic mask.

I mean, you would style it if you had one of those Aquaman, the plastic mask cutting into your eyes. And then you get that little hole in the mouth to breathe through all night long. What's your favorite Halloween candy? What's your favorite candy?

Who that rhymes? Anything Reese's Snickers bars. It's all the food groups. It's a meal. You've got caramel.

Yes. Candy corn. I love it. Me too. Wait, really? I'm one of the small percent of people who actually really enjoys candy corn.

Gets a bad rap. Thank you so much, everyone. Happy Halloween. Happy Halloween from the Cumulus podcast network.

Make sure to subscribe and follow us at slash Cumulus podcast. Candy corn is terrible. It's atrocious. It shouldn't be allowed. It's not a candy. Happy Halloween.
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