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REShow: Glen Powell - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 15, 2022 3:21 pm

REShow: Glen Powell - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 15, 2022 3:21 pm

Rich recaps his trip to Munich, Germany to call play-by-play for the Buccaneers vs Seahawks describing the scene as a city-wide party. 

Actor Glen Powell joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new film ‘Devotion,’ why he can’t wait to see Arch Manning play for his Texas Longhorns, and talks ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ Tom Cruise secret worldwide cake operation, career advice from Denzel Washington, pet monkies and more in a round of ‘Celebrity True or False.’

Rich weighs in on the Buccaneers’ Week 10 win over the Seahawks and says why he’s optimistic Tom Brady can lead Tampa Bay back to the playoffs again.

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Yes, this is smearing. Singing John Denver as one. This is awesome.

This is literally hot. Listen to this. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long. Three-time Academy Award nominee Sylvester Stallone.

Still to come from the new film Devotion, actor Glenn Powell. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes, hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air here on the Roku channel. Free on all Roku devices and Samsung Smart TVs and Amazon Fire TV and on the Roku app. The Roku channel is free there. And if you missed any of the first two hours with Chris Long or with Sylvester Stallone, we re-air right away as soon as it's ours over on channel 210 on the Roku channel. And we're also on an on-demand version of this program.

Also, the Rich Eisen Show collection, it's called. I kind of dig that name. I'm going to be honest with you.

They didn't come up with it. I appreciate it. Yeah, yeah, man. And there's a whole new sports world available on Roku, and we're thrilled to be planting a flag for that. We also say hello to our Sirius XM audience, Rich Eisen Show, Terrestrial Radio Network, Coast to Coast. We also say hello to those listening on Odyssey and our podcast. We always appreciate those who listen to us on demand as well. We're live. We're on demand.

It's all great. And we're on social media at Rich Eisen Show on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram. We're official, Rich. We're official. Yeah, we got the blue checkmark and we're official. And like a Rick Robinson with $8.

Nobody put it over $8. And also, we're thrilled to be on YouTube as well. slash Rich Eisen Show. I'm a fortunate guy, man. By the way, Glenn Powell is going to be joining us in studio, his new movie Devotion.

He's going to join us in about 18 minutes time. I am a lucky guy. I'm very fortunate to do what I do for a living, to sit here on the show with you guys and to have you folks listening to us and watching us every single day and interacting with us. And I'm so lucky to do what I do for NFL Network.

And this past week was just a fresh reminder of it. My trip to Munich and calling the first ever regular season game for the NFL in Germany in Allianz Arena, home to Bayern Munich football. And being in that town all week long and visiting the Seahawks and their practice at the Bayern Munich team practice facility in one part of town and then visiting with the Buccaneers in another part of town for the academy that Bayern Munich has set up, which is a beautiful facility in itself. It's for the kids who are good at their version of football, at the football. And maybe they play for Bayern Munich one day.

It's unbelievable. And being in that town and meeting so many folks from Germany and around the world that came in for that game is a top five experience for me with the NFL Network. I'm telling you, I met Buccaneer fans from Angola and Seahawks fans from Sweden and met somebody who came into the game from Afghanistan, someone who came from the game from Spain, from all over Europe, from Africa, because this is as close as the NFL has come in Germany. And there's no doubt in my mind the NFL is going to go back because not only was it in Munich is a much smaller city than London. And it transformed the town in London, absorbed it like there are parts of London where you had no idea there was an NFL game in town. Pretty much everywhere you went in Munich, there was a billboard of Tom Brady.

There was one of Levante David. I mean, it was everywhere because it's a Bucs home game. There were more Bucs than Seahawks on billboards. Seahawk fans came out of the woodwork. They were everywhere.

It sounded like they had a majority. I mean, I walked down the street with Mooch on Thursday. He wanted to get a little fresh air and I'm like, I'll walk with you. Because I walked the gardens of Munich by myself on Thursday morning and it was just a great head clear, just amazing. And walking with Mooch, somebody stopped him and wanted a photograph with him. And he's a diehard Falcon fan from Germany because he started watching YouTube videos when the Falcons weren't very good.

Saw them and wanted to join a team that he wouldn't be accused of being a bandwagon jumper. That's cool. I did an Instagram live of me walking on a Saturday. I had a couple hours to kill. I'm like, I'm just going to go walking to the beer gardens. I'm just going to go there.

And I Instagram live me walking around like I was a kid, you know, and I just ran into so many fans. I ran into two guys from Sweden who stopped me. And one of the guys from Sweden says to me, you know, I watch you on Sundays.

Get out of here. His fan, his friend had no idea what game day morning was. He explained him. That's the guy right there. It's my buddy.

He said to me that he watches game day morning and explained to his friend that it's a show about football that, you know, talks about the games and then they pick the games and put on a hat and go. Is what he said. In German, right? No, in English. He's from Sweden. Oh, God.

Yes. And I'd explain to his friend what a lone wolf was and, you know, all of that. And they were drinking what's called Glühwein.

I had no idea. It was like this hot wine. So I, you know, I'm like, let me go. I'll go get one.

Like, where do I get one? They pointed to some spot and I went in the middle of this whole area and I went online and I said, because I'm on Instagram live, I Instagram live the whole thing. I said, you know, out loud, I'm like, how do you say three Glühwein, please? And somebody wrote Glühweinbitte.

So I saw it on the screen and I said it and I ordered it and I brought my new friends from Sweden. He's this Glühwein at which point some guy walks up to me in a buccaneers jacket, full on buccaneers jacket and says to me, I swear to God in the middle of Munich. He says to me, aren't you Susie Schuster's husband? No. Really? And I'm like, why?

Yes. And he said he takes in our show every day the day after. And he said he reached out to you, Chris, to say if he could, you know, hit town for the game and wanted to hang out. He hit me up on Instagram and asked me if you were doing any meetups while you were in town.

I'm like, I don't really know what the schedule is. Just I'm sure he'll be out. Just see if you can find him. And so that's the way, that's the way, see if you can find him. That's the way we ran into each other. That's amazing.

Yeah. He sent me the photo that you had taken. And so, but for him to, I mean, he had me at a low when you say that to me in Munich. He's obviously a fan of the show. And then there was a Jet fan and a Patriot fan. And there, you know, the Jet fan had a, you know, a Germany Jet fan, like some German Jet fan club. And it's unreal. They're such NFL fans in Germany. Unbelievable. And then the game itself.

I'm getting goosebumps just saying it. It had a Super Bowl like feel to it. It did. By that I mean, neutral field. I know it was painted Buccaneers red, but there were fans, Seahawks fans were there. And there were fans of every team there. It was neutral field. It was eventized. It was huge. Like there was a hold to do build up for the week, just like a Super Bowl.

Then you get to the stadium and there's entertainment before the game. It was some guy in some like white mask looking with with, you know, glasses that wrap around glasses. It was like something that you would think like sprockets. I'm not going to lie. Now it's going to be done. And I just thought to myself, how cool would it be? How cool would it be if at the end of this. Performance, he takes off the mask and it's Gronk. It would have been unbelievable.

All right. And so there was pregame entertainment build up all week. Neutral site and Tom Brady's playing in the game. That's Super Bowl.

That's all you need. That's a big national anthem. Both national anthems played and it was unbelievable. And the German fans and everyone in that stadium was into every snap. And then we're we're the games had a little bit of everything, a lot of punts to start.

Then Brady touchdowns Julio Brady to Julio Jones is the first touchdown in the history of regular season football in Germany. Leonard Fournette, who had a passport problem similar to what I believe Peter Schrager of Good Morning Football had as well. Did you know that you can't travel if your passports within 90 days of expiration? I did not know that. That's what it was.

Neither did either one of them. Wow. And Fournette told me when I saw him on the field because I went up to him and said, thanks for calling in the show.

And so I hit up Bavarian Lenny and he told me that the passport arrived four hours before he got on the plane. That's crazy. And he scored a touchdown and the Seahawks then come back.

A bunch of turnovers, including a Lombardi Lenny, Bavarian Lenny interception targeting Tom Brady, who slips and gets called for tripping. On one of the most wild plays you will see, because they were shredding them on that drive. They were. They didn't have to do it.

They didn't have to do it, but they did it. And it was going to be a 21-3 game at that point. Unbelievable.

Unbelievable. But then the Seahawks then go down and have a red zone turner of their own. And then the fourth quarter hits. Geno Smith scores one touchdown. They pick off Brady, who hadn't thrown an interception in 399 attempts.

He was four attempts without an interception away from breaking Aaron Rodgers's record for most without an interception. Seahawks then get on a fourth and one. They throw it twice, including the second one for a touchdown. Marquise Goodwin made an incredible catch. And sure enough, though, the Bucs ice it. On a run from Rashad White. After the two minute warning. That was filled the entire time with the entire crowd. Singing John Denver.

Country Road, take me home. And I had no idea the Germans would know this or internationally that they knew every I've never heard this. So we're coming back from break. And I'm thinking to myself, I hope they're still going because I want people to hear this. And, you know, Mark Todeman, our fantastic producer, gets in my ear, goes, we need a promo to say the postgame shows coming up next. And I'm like, OK, but I don't think I'm going to say that.

I just need to be quiet and let people hear this. We come back and I do say like postgame shows next. And I'm like, they're singing John Denver here like it was karaoke.

Yeah. And sure enough, it not only kept going through the commercial break, Brady snapped the ball, handed off to Rashad White, who went over 100 yards while they're still singing the song. And the game's over. And they started playing Sweet Caroline and Don't Stop Believing. And nobody left. And they sang in unison all 70,000 of them for that, too. It was a party. I will never forget it. And you know who won't either?

A guy who's been there and done that. And another first. Tom Brady is the first quarterback to win a regular season game in Germany and had this to say. Yeah, that was one of the great football experiences I've ever had. So it says a lot for 23 years in the league and for a regular season game. And I think the fan turnout was incredible. It felt like very electric from the time we took the field. So the end of the game with them singing Sweet Caroline and Country Row, that was that was pretty epic.

So I think everyone who was a part of that experience got to got to have some pretty, pretty amazing memory for their life. So thank you for hosting us. We appreciate it.

Thank you. Unbelievable. And just so you think, oh, he won the games. Of course, he feels that way. Here's the coach.

You lost it. This is what Pete Carroll had to say. I've never seen a crowd like this. I've never been in a stadium where a crowd was so much in unison and connected like they were.

There have been loud stadiums and really louder maybe even, but never where everybody would. I don't know how they do that. I don't know how they all sing exactly the same like that. But it was it was really a spectacle. It's Pete. It's true.

Honestly, it is unbelievable. Oh, what a spot. What a place.

What a week. I hear, you know, I guess they might be going back to Frankfurt next year. Well, the bar set, man. The Wunderbar is set high, you know, and and oh, my goodness, I'm hearing Spain and France maybe next. I mean, count me in to call those games, too. The NFL, when I was when we when I was first starting the whole idea of the NFL, the whole idea of the NFL in Los Angeles was not even possible.

It so fit in Germany, it fit. Now, the idea of having it there on a regular basis, a million percent, having a team there. I don't know, man. I mean, it that's tough. The jet lag and the travel.

I don't know, I don't know how that team could go west and play a game. Oh, gosh. I can't even imagine. I mean, nine hour time. I can't even imagine. Yes, it was a nine hour. They went the Seahawks nine time zones. It's a nice place to visit.

But yeah, I don't know how that on a regular basis. But in terms of sending a game there every year, a million percent. There shouldn't be a year when the NFL doesn't play in Germany from now on. Well, two.

Why not? I mean, unbelievable. That's cool.

I honestly, if I'm right, if I'm raving, there's a reason why I'm raving. I'll never forget it. And it was awesome. The Glue Vine flowed.

It did. Unreal. So eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let us take a break. Glenn Powell is here. He's got a new movie called Devotion. Last time we saw him, it was Miami for the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and the Niners. He was promoting years in advance Top Gun Maverick.

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Shop now at snacks dot com. Glenn Powell is here. Our terrestrial radio audience just returned. We're talking about the movie Devotion. We just saw an amazing clip of this film.

It's starting in theaters next Wednesday, November 23rd. And exactly you were an executive producer on the film. And so you were on a fishing trip and the book came to your attention.

Yeah, one of my buddies recommended it to me. So I got the book for the fishing trip and all of my family was reading the same book. So we just talked about it over the fishing trip and ended up while I was shooting a movie in New York. I ended up driving to Concord, Massachusetts, sitting down with Tom Hudner, who I play in the movie. Sitting down with his whole family and asking for their blessing to tell the story.

And they gave me it and had to make a promise to them and the Brown family that I'd tell it right. And here we are five years later and it's finally coming out on Thanksgiving. No kidding.

By the way, Concord, Massachusetts, as if that place doesn't have any history. I know, the most patriotic. This movie is just reeking with American everything. So I assume you're happy with the way that this turned out then. It's such a pressure. I mean, you've got you had a responsibility here, not just to the families, but you just talked about what it means to your family as well.

Absolutely. Well, that's the other thing is that not only, you know, you get one shot to tell these guys story. So you make that commitment to the family. And I'd never done a movie in that I felt that pressure before. Like it was a lot of pressure when you make a promise to do something and do it right.

You just hope you can kind of follow through on it. And yeah, I'm just so proud of this movie. This movie is just so, you know, it's an intimate story of friendship and what it is to be a wingman and what it is to be an ally. But it's just told against the backdrop of this epic war, you know, a war that no one really knows that much about. So it's just there's this really this movie's for everybody. But I think families are really going to respond to it on Thanksgiving. Well, I mean, you're you're outstanding at movies for everybody. You know, I'm not just talking about obviously Top Gun Maverick, Hidden Figures was a beautiful movie.

And you want to talk about an important story to tell that also involved race and also involved something of significance in American history. That's enough. My kids love that movie. And it's another one that you could sit down with your family as well. That's the thing is that you look at a movie like that and I realize that movies can really change people's lives.

Right. When you no one knew who Katherine Johnson was. She was part of one of the biggest moments in American history in terms of getting John Glenn into orbit. And no one knew her name after that movie.

She's on buildings. Her name's known around the world, especially around NASA. It kicked off an entire generation of young women, especially African-American women in STEM. And so devotion, Jesse L. Brown, no one knows his name.

First African-American naval aviator. And after this movie, I really feel like his name should be on everyone's lips. And I think that's a really cool thing. That's awesome. Yeah, that's great.

And I hope this conversation does a small part in that devotion. Available again exclusively in theaters next week on Wednesday, November 23rd. It's based on a best selling book of the same name.

Glenn Powell is here in studio. And so do you like doing movies that involve flight and you wear a uniform? I mean, is that something that you just I just like wearing a flight suit, man. Yeah, I you know, it's really funny because I actually optioned this like five years ago and then Top Gun came about. And then I shot Devotion right after Top Gun. So it's really crazy to have two naval aviation movies coming out the same year.

It looks suspicious, you know, but at the same time, like I they're both so different and they complement each other in great ways. But we actually have the same aerial photographer, the same aerial cinematographer on Top Gun is on this one. But we're just doing it with totally different planes. Of course. Yeah. So I mean, these planes that we are flying in this movie, the corsairs and the bear cast, the amount that we have in the air flying this close to each other.

It hasn't happened since the Korean War. So we're pulling planes from all around the world in order to kind of make this visual aerial spectacle really feel real. Is it true? Are you an actual pilot as well? Do you have a pilot license? Yeah, I got my pilot license. OK, so I've been flying around quite a bit.

Not these guys that you see in the movie. These are these these planes are very old. I mean, like 70 year old planes.

I prefer to fly something a little newer. Did you take a crack at flying one of these planes at all or no? Yeah, we flew in the. Yeah, because I know you're shooting in the planes. I'm just wondering, did you personally take a crack at flying?

Not alone. OK, I'm not flying any of these things by myself. There's always a pilot up there because these things are also like this helicopter. I fly in the movie so old they needed a part from the Smithsonian to fly. OK, now. So it's like you're talking about like I want to be up in that plane by myself.

It's not like a library book where you have to borrow it and bring it back when you're going to the Smithsonian. But is that literally what? What? That's above my pay grade.

I have no idea what that part did. But you're an executive producer. Good point. Good point.

I should know the answer to that. But that but it really is crazy. When I got on the ground, every pilot that's flying these old warbirds was like, wow, that was the most dangerous thing we did in this movie. And they're like, I was like, what do you mean?

They're like, that is the oldest helicopter in the world. And you were in it, you know, doing some dynamic stuff. Now, I don't understand, like, hey, we had to go to the boneyard to get a part or something. But you had to go to an actual museum, a museum. So somebody goes to Washington, D.C. and say, where's that exhibit?

Well, it's on the set of Devotion. Totally. Yeah, totally. I like it. Fantastic.

Glenn Powell here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right. I've got a few items from your career we like to play with our celebrity guests called Celebrity True or False. Great. So you have to say what's true and what's not true that we learn from the Internet.

And we have some great, terrific production value to go along with it. Please hit it. Celebrity True or False. You can't handle the truth. There you go.

Very good. First up, Glenn Powell, True or False. Denzel Washington convinced you to move to L.A. when you were 17. Is that a true story? True story. All right.

Walk me through that. I did a movie that Denzel directed called The Great Debaters, and we had a great time together, really got along with him. We went down to debate camp, rehearsed with him. And then when I actually shot the movie, my entire role in that movie, I did it in one take and he's like, that's how it's done. And then we just ended up grabbing dinner right before the premiere. And he's like, you should give this a shot. Like he's like, I had such a wonderful existence. I love my family.

I love Austin, Texas. I didn't want to I'd seen so many of my buddies move out to L.A. and just they come back with their tail between their legs. They have no personality anymore.

They hate themselves. Whatever dark thing happened in L.A., they were like, I'm not doing that. So I was really hesitant to give it a shot. But Denzel was the one that said, like, hey, you're tough enough and you can do this. So you're saying you're 17 and was it your first movie and Denzel Washington is directing it? It wasn't my first movie, but it was it was definitely early on in my career. And yet Denzel, Denzel was directing it pretty well.

What was that like? I mean, he's just the coolest. Denzel is exactly who you want him to be.

He's just he's the best. But yeah, to get to get pushed out of the nest by Denzel is like you kind of have to listen to that. Yeah, you have to.

That's not a bad guy to follow. Yeah. Next one.

He was our guest in the second hour. So this kind of fits. Sylvester Stallone once gave you bodybuilding advice. Is that true? Yes.

What was that? When I was shooting. Oh, yeah, look at that.

Yeah, we were shooting this movie Expendables three in in Bulgaria. And I was like, you know, you're trying to be ripped, you know, for Expendables. You don't want to be like the scrawny guy on set.

Yeah. But I'm like, you know, working out like crazy and Sly's like, you're wasting your time. And I'm like, what do you mean?

You're wasting your time, you know. But he was he was literally told me, he goes, you know, focus. He goes, stop, stop doing all the abs and all the stuff. He's like, focus on the forearms and the traps. It's the only thing people will see on camera. The cinema muscles.

Do you think we should follow that through? I think I'm going to fix my workout today. There you go, man. Just forearms and traps.

Forearms and traps. Again, so you got you got like career geography advice from Denzel and then bodybuilding advice from Sly Stallone. I'm hitting all the stops. Damn straight you are. Yeah. OK, true or false, you originally auditioned for the role of Rooster, Goose's son in Top Gun Maverick. That's true.

That is true. Yeah. So what happened? Well, I auditioned for Rooster, felt great about it, but got a call.

I remember it was a July 3rd, 2007 or 2018 that I didn't wasn't going to be Rooster. And I am a very patriotic guy. I was wearing literally an American flag tank top and aviators when I got that call and immediately was in the fetal position.

Worst July 4th ever. But I got to say, I got a call from Cruz a few days later and he was like, hey, I still want you to do the movie. And I was kind of on the fence. And so he's he and Jerry Bruckheimer said, come sit down with me and let's talk it out. So I sat down with Tom in Jerry's office and we talked about what kind of career I wanted and why I kind of didn't want to do the movie now that I didn't get that role. And and Tom was like, what kind of career do you want? I go, you man, I'm trying to be you. It's like Tom Brady sitting down. What sort of quarterback do you want to be?

I want to be the greatest of all time. And he goes, do you know how I do that? I go, yeah, you choose great roles.

He goes, no, I choose great movies and I make the roles great. And it kind of just changed my perspective on it where even if you're if you're a great player on a great team. Yeah.

Right. It's better than being a star player on a losing team. You know, it's better to be, you know, on a championship team. And that was one of the things that Tom really changed my perspective on all that, where even being a small part of the Top Gun ride has changed my life forever.

So I'm really glad I listened to him. Well, part of my pitch would also be your name's hangman. I mean, like that's got to be you got to get in that one.

Right. I mean, you got they had you at your call sign right there. It was so crazy. We pitched a lot of call signs.

I know you're a Jets guy. But we were pitching a lot of different call signs. And one of the one of the call signs that was on that list trying to figure out because originally was Slayer Slayer Slayer. OK. And in the in the initial meeting with the Navy, they're like, here's the difference between Navy call sign and an Air Force call sign. Navy call signs are fun.

You know, they're like, you know, toots and cookie and blah, blah, blah. Navy call signs are like laser spine ripper slayer. And I was like, well, I can't be like an Air Force call sign in a Navy movie. Yes. So I was like, all right, we got to figure out this call sign thing. So we went through a bunch of them. But one of them was sauce. Yeah. One of those call signs was sauce.

That's that would be my my call. So that's your call sign. Sauce. Well, that is your call sign.

Right. Del Tufo. Because, you know, you're you're a big bolognese guy.

You know, sauce. So how did you just land on hangman? Just hangman hangman. I met this aviator, this guy who, you know, every every when you talk to a naval aviator, they there's a story. They tell you of how they got their call sign.

And then there's the real story. This guy, they call him hangman. He's like, oh, you know, I don't know why they call him hangman.

Well, I was like, OK, whatever. And he was giving me a BS answer. And then I found out from his buddies why they called him hangman. He they found out a story when he was at a middle school dance.

And he was he was worried that he was going to get excited while dancing with a girl. So he took his shoelace and he tied his thing around his leg and it and it got stuck. He cinched himself in and his buddy had to cut him out. So that's why they called him hangman. They called him noose. And I took that and they called him noose. And I was like, that's too close to goose.

So we made a hangman back. Greatest story ever. Wow.

Honestly, I don't know how they could be a better story than that. Pretty good. Wow. Fantastic. I've got a couple more for your Glenn Powell.

Next one. You are now on Tom Cruise's special list and get a Christmas cake from him every Christmas. And it's delivered by private jet. Is that a true story or not? I don't know how it gets there.

It always gets there. OK. Tom, I know that Tom has an operation, a cake operation around the world. This is not it's not the cakes are not getting flown for one location. I know that he has this is this is what I've been told. Yes. I don't know this for sure. It's not super confirmed. This is the legend.

This is the legend. Tom Cruise's Christmas because I asked this because I was like, it's like Santa. It's like asking Santa. Like, how does it get around one night? It doesn't make sense. So I I asked the question and apparently he finds the best bakeries in different big like like London, New York.

Sure. Chicago, L.A., you know, wherever it is. And he will find the best bakeries. Give them the recipe, the recipe, the recipe to the to the cake.

I think and he will ship them out from there. I don't know if it's by private jet, but I do know that there's a large cake operation going on probably as we speak. I'm told it's a this because this is either true or false, a coconut bund cake with chunks of white chocolate.

That's true. I want that. It's a damn good cake. He calls these bakeries and says, I don't want your best chocolate, the coconut bund cake. I want you to make.

No, he's he's got his thing. He's got the I'm telling you, it's the best cake. I actually throw a party at my house whenever the cruise cake, since we shot the movie. I literally win win win when the cake comes in. My friends are like, hit me up like, hey, is the cruise cake area? So I'll literally have the cruise cake. I'll throw like a party and everybody can have a slice of the cake. Just one.

He just sends one. Just one cake. Yeah, I don't I don't think I'm sure if Tom Cruise is making you.

Don't get what you don't ask for. I just love it. Your friends are like, is the cruise cake here? Yeah, the cruise cake. Yeah, it's legendary.

I mean, really is that good. Fantastic. Last one.

True or false. Glenn Powell, you have a pet capuchin monkey named Charlie. My aunt, honey, has a capuchin monkey named Charlie.

Not you. No, I do not personally, you know, have I did not adopt Charlie myself, my family. But Charlie is part of the family. Charlie's been our family for probably 12 years now. And is like a little brother. You know, probably the closest relationship I have in my life. OK, so I'm glad that we have these true or false segments to make sure.

So there is a capuchin monkey named Charlie. Yes. He is part of your family.

Yes. But he is not yours. He's not mine.

No, no. Again, he's when there's a ranch in Texas, we all go to the ranch in Texas. It's a very wild place. But Charlie has his own set up, his own bedroom, watches cartoons. He, you know, wears a diaper, can climb in trees.

He's a he's a he's a he's a good hang. So in Charlie's your your your aunts. Yeah. So he's your cousin. Yeah. Yes. Charlie's my cousin. That's a good family tree thing. Yeah.

Charlie's my cousin. OK. Good thing we checked that out. Yeah.

Check that out. OK. So if you had to, if you had a a pet, would you name him Arch? I was you were a big Longhorn fan. Are you ready? Are you ready for your program?

Archosants. Are you ready for your program to be bestowed with a Manning? Are you ready for this?

I am so excited. I got to say I was at that TCU game. I was on the sidelines.

I know Arch was also there. And, you know, I'm just like looking over. I'm just trying to instill confidence. Like, hey, man, whenever you get here, we're going to be good. Did you approach him or you just.

No, I didn't say I didn't say anything. I'm I'm I will say that the best thing about having a Manning come to your school is that it really does change. It's already changed our recruiting. You know, it's like when you have all like all these top receivers and they know a Manning is going to be thrown, it's like it's the best. So, yeah, I'm really I'm feeling optimistic. I mean, I'm optimistic guy.

I've been feeling optimistic about the Longhorns for a long time, but I really do feel like, you know, Sark is the right guy. And I feel like, you know, with a Manning at the you know, with a Manning at the at the head, I think we're going to be great. You know, someone else is very optimistic is the man behind you, T.J. Jefferson, who believes that he will be a billionaire because you bought every Arch Manning card.

Right. You're already in the Arch Manning card. I've already got Arch Manning cards, high school cards.

I'm ready to buy a boat in a few years. He's out. Me and Brockman have already sized him up for his Hall of Fame jacket.

We have got Blair Buswell already made his bust. Like we're all in on Arch. And so. Wow.

I'm I mean, I hope your stock pays off. That's that's. Yeah, I would I would I would love that. I'm ready for the Longhorns to get back to a to a a really competitive program is really fun.

I think they're already there, don't you think? I mean, they gave Alabama a run for their money when everybody thought that was a blow out. That was amazing. Yeah. I mean, that's the thing is when it's really interesting. It's the it's the the Longhorn mentality is they come ready for real bouts. Right. When, you know, Bama, they have a great underdog mentality. And you saw them turn it on on Bama. And it was so fun to watch.

It's just you can't let them get complacent, you know? And I really feel like if they can keep that ferocity, I honestly think, you know, I remember when it was McCoy and Shipley and that sort of era. We were getting back to the championships, you know, and freakin the Vince Young era. I mean, it was just such a special time to be a Longhorn. So that Rose Bowl.

Oh, my God. Doesn't get any better. Still one of the greatest college football games of all time. I know that. And one of the in the greatest college football stadium on the planet. Yeah.

Rose Bowl. Yeah. What a night that that was. That was incredible. Oh, my goodness gracious. Yeah. Keith Jackson with the car. I just went Vince runs.

Yeah. Where were you? Where are you? I was actually on UT campus watching that game. I remember that was a night I was I was in high school at the time. I remember I think I was a sophomore. I remember dancing, you know, on top of cars, like in the bed of a truck, looking up at the UT the UT tower all lit up.

It was like everybody was out there going nuts. Yeah. But I've been a Longhorn fan like my whole life. So it's just as good as it gets. Of course.

This is before Denzel told you to move to Hollywood. You were on the cake list. Yeah. The Cruz cake list.

That's a good fantasy. Cruz cake list. Write it down. Yeah. When things are said on the show, we write it down for potential fantasy team name use. Actually, Cruz cake list is a great fantasy name. That's right. So the quite the avatar would have to be Cruz, not the cake. Right.

Don't you think? Yeah. You'd have to have I'm sure there's some picture of Cruz eating a cake. I've never seen it, but I'm sure we could we could find it. OK. Oh, yeah.

And outsiders. Cruz ate a cake when he played. I believe he played Steve. So there's a shot. That's a very specific. That's great. That is probably the last time he ate cake. I'm very impressed.

That's funny. He gives out cakes and probably doesn't eat it. No, that was like my thought is like the guy is like one of the most, you know, impressive specimens. Like you like you just know there's no fluff in terms of what he eats. And so I can't imagine he's taking out that cake because it's really damn good.

But he lets all the rest of us get fat. I love it. Devotion is again in theaters next week, Wednesday, November twenty third. And it's based on the best selling book by the same name. Before we go, I forgot what my my my my name is.

I guess we did this when Jon Hamm was here. Right. To promote Top Gun Maverick with my call. My call name, Hot Shot. There I photograph this. It belies the nickname right there. But I was hot shot right there. Also a Longhorn.

Jon Hamm. Oh, is he really a Longhorn? Yeah, I didn't know that. I didn't know that. Yeah. OK. Fantastic. By the way, guys, I just looked this up. Yes. Just randomly this headline. Tom Cruise had to eat chocolate cake for three days straight while shooting The Outsiders quote.

I was vomiting. There you go. So that's a good thing.

Might be the last time he did eat the cake. Thank you for coming on. Appreciate it. I really appreciate it.

Absolutely. Anytime. Anytime at Glenn Powell on Twitter and Instagram again.

Devotion is available exclusively in theaters next week on Wednesday, November twenty third. Everybody check that out. We're we're back to wrap this show up with the one last thought I had about Tom Brady. Getting to speak with him. The the Tom Cruise of football.

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Audible dot com. So doing the game. When you when you broadcast a game, when you do the play by play or you do the analysis, the idea is to meet with both teams. If you can go to practice, you go to practice.

That was a that's a John Madden thing. Go to practice, watch and practice and pick up whatever you can pick up. You interview the coaches, presumably the quarterbacks. And so we saw Seattle first and they arrived from the plane and were hopping around practice. They they immediately got on the field before they started practicing. They got in a big, huge, large circle, jumping up and down. I think Sarah Walsh took a video of it and said Seahawks one jet lag, nothing. So she tweeted out and it was true. And it was just like watching that practice.

It was they were all one unit and they were all just pulsing with energy. And you spoke to them afterwards, too. I spoke to we spoke to Pete Carroll and Kenneth Walker and Gino Smith and Ryan Neil, who is, laugh out loud, hilarious.

I can't wait to have him on here. And I did tell Kenneth Walker that Michigan State refused to allow us to give him an NIL deal and told him that he needs to call Michigan State's SID and coach and ask for a thousand dollars. Did he just laugh? He kind of didn't know how to take it. Oh, and I'm like, I'm being serious.

Your school is the only school that did not allow us to give an NIL deal to someone. I told him that. I don't know if that's why I only had 10 yards rushing.

But he needed to know. And that's the whole thing, too, is that, you know, that I saw that from the Seahawks and I'm like, they are wired there in a four game win streak. And the Bucks were a lot more low key. And then speaking to Brady, I mean, you could sense like he he was not backing down on anything that he said, you know, in his podcast about the energy, the effort level was embarrassing on game day. It's not to interrupt, but like when you get Tom Brady, is it just like you guys all in one room? We were in a conference room in the Bucks hotel and it was Tom, you know, Bucks rep.

Yes. And all of us doing the game and the producer and Sarah Walsh. She was the Bucks sideline reporter. And I think Andy Gregg of the NFL Network was in the room, too. And we're just sitting there talking. And Brady was talking. He said, everything is below the line right now. Effort and Kurt was like, so what are you seeing? Like, that's not working. And he kind of gave Kurt a look like.

Aren't you watching the film? And and he was straight up honest, saying how, you know, they there he believed he believed in the guys that that room, that that the way that the game ended the week before was definitely something that could be built on. Yeah. And all that they were saying, like the Seahawks were bouncing off the walls and everybody from the Bucks was like, all we got to do is win this game, get to the bye week with five and five, and then we'll see what we can do.

And I thought to myself, business trip, man, no doubt. And Brady, again, he struck me as somebody fully engaged. Whatever you want to say about what he was distracted, disinterested with the words that we've heard.

Dispassionate, whatever. Yes, really. And and I saw a fully engaged guy who, by the way, had come off seven straight games with 40 or more attempts first time in his career.

And he looked like he was 22. I'm serious. Just seeing him in person was just because we were saying he looks gone.

You know what? Not in person. Not in person. No.

No. And he was chill, but he was straight up honest. Like, this is not the way we can play and this is not the way, you know, we want this to go. And he's not used to it. He wasn't used to like talking, you know, having a running back, constantly run into the linebacker because there's a missed block, missed assignment, this sort of thing.

Totally not used to it. To the point where I asked him, I'm like, because like, where do you go from here? And I'm like, is Gronk done? And he said he was.

Gronk's not walking through that door. Hasn't talked to him? I didn't ask him that. I asked him if he's spoken to Odell. And he said, you know, not lately.

Oh, thank you. Was his answer. But in terms of Gronk walking through that door, that ain't happening. Yeah.

No. Don't need Odell if Julio is playing like that. Well, that's the issue, too, is, you know, Julio could play like that now, but then next week he's not healthy, whatever. But the team that I saw on that field in Munich. OK, like, again, it was just one game and we hadn't seen anything like that in a while. That's the team that can win a lot and win and beat pretty much anybody, which is running downhill Rashad White, a revelation.

If he can run like that. I mean, he threw Quandre Diggs out of the club. That was even my call. And if you watch the call back, you know, it's on Twitter or whatever.

There's this long pause. I thought some of the guys would be chiming in as we're reviewing going to break because it was a commercial break after he stiff armed him. The thing I was going to say and I kind of felt bad. I'm like, he threw Diggs out of the club and I'm. I just said what was in my mind.

It was a wow moment. I was going to say that, you know, he can he can declare Diggs his soul at customs. But I thought that was a little step too far piling on.

So but I did I did say that he could declare that at customs. So I kind of left Diggs out of it, even though I'm kind of throwing his name out here now. But I mean, Rashad White can run like that and it's still Brady looks really good.

And and they were saying Godwin's finally getting back to himself. Evans is Evans. They just need that tight end, like Gronk, that red zone threat that Gronk was not only that running the ball to he's a hall.

He's a first of all, Hall of Famer for a reason. And they're not going to get on. That's the guy that they're hoping on him or braid his back. Right.

Just got back. But I don't know, honestly, that I think Otten's the one that that they're looking at that could maybe. Sustained for the rest of the year because Brake got hurt and, you know, I mean, at a neck and then a concussion, he's finally back. And Kyle Rudolph, even though he was there and looked great, he could have been nicer. He was inactive.

I don't know. But defensively, you know, Devin White was dealing with, I guess, the passing of his dad. Yeah. And he was playing. He was just he was firing off.

And Vida Veya, seeing him in person, one of the most massive individuals I've seen. And we asked him how much he weighed. He said 360. And I thought to myself, that's an NFL 360 right there. Boom. I mean, seriously. So, hey, Bucks fans, you know, and Brady came out of the game energized.

Energized. They're going to go on there by week and we'll see what happens from here on out. But that team I saw in Munich is a team that can.

Maybe go to Arizona. Yeah, they will. Yeah. Maybe against the Giants. Or the Cowboys. They'll take their chances there. But that'll wrap it up for this show. We'll talk about Wednesday on Roku in a second. OK, so once you get it, what do you do with it in our culture? Everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something you should know wherever you listen.
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