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REShow: Ralph Macchio - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 25, 2022 3:15 pm

REShow: Ralph Macchio - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 25, 2022 3:15 pm

Rich and the guys make their predictions on which teams will go on to capture the 7th playoff spot in the NFC and AFC playoffs roll around.

Ralph Macchio and Rich discuss his new Karate Kid-inspired book ‘Waxing On,’ reflects on making ‘The Outsiders’ with Francis Ford Coppola, shares a hilarious story about ‘My Cousin Vinny’ co-star Joe Pesci, and explains why ‘Cobra Kai’ resonates with audiences of all ages. 

Rich weighs in on the controversial postgame exchange between Buccaneers WR Mike Evans and a referee that was initially mistaken as a request for an autograph.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is the Rich Eisen Show. From the New England Patriots, he is Matthew Judon. What is your take on this Chicago Bears offense? They have one of the top running games in the league. And then they also have a quarterback that has learned that keeper fields for the touchdown.

No, I don't see that. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, NBC Sports Patriots insider Tom Curran, Colts writer for the athletic Zach Kiefer.

Coming up from Cobra Kai and author of the new book, Waxing On, Ralph Macchio. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great conversations about the two quarterback. I mean, you call them controversies in New England. I mean, you got a guy in Bill Belichick who puts velvet ropes around so-called controversies that's that would normally break up another team or disrupt another team's locker room.

He just takes the oxygen straight out of everything. Tom Curran was on an hour number one and basically said, it's probably going to be Mack Jones on Sunday against the Jets. And he'll be Mack for the rest of the year. And we'll see what you have in Zappy sometime next summer.

Okay. Last night was just so wild that it was like Mack's back. You had your Mack to the Future shirt on. Yeah, I was back and he's out there and he's running for first downs and he's looking pretty good. And then he throws an interception. Then all of a sudden Zappy's coming in. And cause you heard all the people in the stands screaming for Zappy like he's Brady.

For real. I mean, seriously, like Mack Jones last year never happened. And Twitter's blowing up because the first two possessions are touchdowns. Patriots have the lead and you're thinking Mack's never taking another snap for New England.

And then the rest of it really felt like honestly, like this is a tan. You're like, it's the Mack Jones era is over. Had no idea at the time that this was part of the plan, except for the fact that, you know, Schefter's retweeting his pregame tweets saying that you look for both tonight. And it was part of the plan to have both in the game. Although if they were playing both, the fact that you insert Zappy the minute Mack Jones throws an interception makes it look like this is for performance.

Right. And then as Zappy's beginning to perform very well, and then the tide starts to turn, you're even seeing, I saw a few tweets saying that maybe Zappy could be traded by New England to some team that wants, needs a quarterback. Man, friends were texting me like, they were like, maybe the Panthers will take Mack Jones. And I'm just like, we're trading Mack Jones now. He went from savior to expendable in the span of like a quarter and a half. That was nuts last night. We talked about it with Tom Carne.

And then it wiped completely off the map. The story about what the Colts are doing at quarterback, Matt Ryan out, Sam Ellinger in, Nick Foles elevated to number two at the position. Zach Kiefer of the athletic who covers the Colts and has for almost a decade is saying, he said Matt Ryan's not going to take another snap as quarterback in Indianapolis. If everyone else stays healthy over, he won't take another snap there. Wow.

NFL stands for not for long. Big time. Ralph Macchio is going to join us in about 17 minutes time.

Yes, sir. He's going to be joining us to talk about his book waxing on the Karate kid and me talking about getting the role and playing the role. Now 40 years later, crazy.

On the hit series Cobra Kai. And I asked him, and this is part of a zoom I did after the show yesterday. You got to stay tuned for the Joe Pesci story. I'm like, give me your favorite Joe Pesci story. And he told it and it's great. You know, obviously from my cousin Vinnie talked a little outsiders. We've had see Thomas Howell and Rob Lowe on the show, talked about it there. And we now have another member of that cast. One of my favorite movies.

So he tells some good stories about that too. So stay tuned for it. You have no choice. You're sitting right here. Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.

Thank you very much. Uh, 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial. We, we were continuing, uh, our, our world of, um, having bears fans who call in loving the team or concerned about their team, scream the word Eber flutes at the top of their lungs. Seriously bears fans, please call right now.

8 4 4 2 0 4 rich. Let's go. Got some time for your phone call.

Adam is a bears fan. You're going to talk to him in the back. There you go. Just call up and say Eber flutes and hang up on him. If that's what you'd like. That would be a code word.

Eber flute prints Eber Eber flutes in a can. You didn't expect that one. Exactly. A little snort.

I was thinking like instead of Fidelio, they pass. Yes. Yes.

Is that similar to the house? Let's take Griffin in Houston, Texas. Let's take phone call. What's up, Griffin?

Griff. Reach. I did. It's nice to hear from you. I'm sorry. I couldn't help but call you reach Isaac.

I always find that story. I got that nickname in the best ball fantasy draft. I took Josh Allen third or fourth because it would be another 12 picks till I was picking it. I wanted to get him.

I mean, it was probably 15 picks and it was two hours per pick. It was probably going to be another actual calendar day till I had a shot to get him. I got him. How am I looking now?

Thank you, Griffin. What's on your mind? I will say I'm not having the greatest football life right now. One, I'm a youth football coach and we're 0 and 7. We got our last thing coming up for Saturday.

So we're trying to get our first win. Are the kids having fun, Griffin? Are the kids having fun? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, Rich.

I've always wanted to be a football coach and building relationships with these sixth graders. It's been absolutely awesome. That's it. Amazing.

Good for you. They'd never take that for granted. However, as a Brown fan of 20 years, I believe this to say that there's been teams who have had terrible starts. Colton 2018, 1 and 5.

Clearing Irish last year, 2 and 4. My question to you is, do you think despite being 2 and 5 on a four game region streak with a 2020 coach of the year having to fancy, could they still turn it around? That's my question for you. Of course, they could turn it around. The true question is, will they turn it around? And I don't think they will. I think that they're, you know, they might finish strong and that might be what the season's all about.

And thanks for the call there, Griffin. I mean, that's might be what the season's all about is when Watson returns for them in week number. Let me get this right. It'll be week 14.

Okay. Because they're going to have this game against Cincinnati and then four more before he returns because they have a buy. So they, yeah, they're going to have to, or he returns in week 14 at week 13 at Houston, right? That's when he returns.

Yeah. Week 14. It's week 13 for them at Houston. So once he returns there, their last six games finishing strong, so they feel good for next year. That may be what, what this is about because I have a feeling Joe Burrow is going to go in the battle of Ohio and show them what's, what, what time it is.

What time is it? Joe Burrow, by the way, our first guest on tomorrow's program, and then Cleveland goes on a buy. Then they're at Miami and at Buffalo before hosting Tom Brady.

And then that's when Watson returns. They might be what? Three and eight without Watson entirely possible. They're two and nine. Even if they're, even if they're four and seven, you know, can they make that run for that seven seat? I kind of doubt it, which brings me, how about that for a segue?

I wasn't even expecting that. We were talking before the show. We were talking, Jim. We were talking about how seven weeks in, what could we do to talk about the NFL? And we're like, okay, seven weeks in, which team do you think is going to wind up as the seventh seat at the end of the season? Because we're already seeing in the NFC East two teams that have records that would be leading other divisions, not in first place, because that's where the lone remaining undefeated team entering week eight through seven weeks resides. So that means barring a complete collapse, two spots are going to be taken in the playoffs by a second and third place team in one division. Can things change?

Of course. I'm just talking about right now, after seven weeks, and then you look in the AFC, it's kind of wide open. When you look at the team in the best position for the wildcard are my jets and they've won four in a row, the last three in which Zach Wilson hasn't thrown a single touchdown pass.

So you got to wonder how sustainable that is. Certainly since they have now lost Breece Hall and they've lost Elijah Vera Tucker. So they lost their, by the way, best running back and best offensive lineman, just like that. They did pick up James Robinson and I love that aggressive maneuver by Joe Douglas.

They went ahead, boom, right away. Don't wait. Don't wait for the trade deadline to hit next Tuesday. Get him now, get him up to speed and throw him at Belichick, whose defense just gave up 243 rush yards. Go for it. It's about how sustainable is it for the Jets.

I need NFL films, music, Mike Del Tufo. Through seven weeks, Chris Brockman, I need a seven seed from you and it is seven seed from you in the AFC and the NFC and we have an actual drop for this sort of thing. Yeah. We haven't done this segment in a while. Let's crystal ball it. Hey, you know, I tell you, I don't have a crystal ball.

I have no idea. That's a great job. That was Mike Zimmer, right?

By the way, great, great music too. We have a crystal ball. Let's go.

The only one in the NFL. We have it here. I think we can even go on Amazon and order one. I'm going to get one. Thank you, Mike.

Are you on the, on the crystal ball front then I'm on the crystal ball. You should go to HR. Yes. And, uh, and then, you know, um, accounts receivable. Yes. Bring the receipt and, uh, and you'll be able to get, you'll get reimbursed.

Definitely not accounts receivable because Brockman doesn't, didn't pay him. I'll take care of the head of HR. You're first.

I need you first. Seven seed for the AFC seven seed in the NFC. You go.

All right. I'll start in the NFC rich. I actually think there's not going to be a lot of shakeup. So the Rams are your current seven seed, but I think they're out, uh, all six teams above them. I think make the playoffs.

I like San Francisco to leap up, but when the division, so my seven seater are going to be the Seattle Seahawks. Dude, you think Carl Shanahan should get the can? Like you think his you don't believe in him and you think he's going to win the division. I think in spite of him, they're going to win the division.

Okay. And so the Seahawks wind up too much talent and San Francisco's really banged up on D right now. So I think when they eventually get healthy, they're going to end up overtaking makes the playoffs. So Pete's going to end up making the playoffs, I think.

Okay. They're not going to ask Gino to win games, but Kenneth Walker is the real deal. So I think he's going to be okay. Now in the AFC, I think there's going to be a lot of shakeup here. Cincinnati's currently out, but I do think they win the North, but Baltimore is also good. So I think they're good enough to be a wildcard. Looking at the schedules of the remaining teams, I don't think the jet success is sustainable. And I don't think the chargers, your current seven seed is sustainable either. They have a really tough schedule. I think Miami stays in their playoff team, but I'm going to stick to my guns. I actually like the move Indianapolis is making going to Sam. I think he can unlock that offense in ways that Matt Ryan couldn't.

And I think they sneak in. I'm going Colts seven. Look at you.

Okay. So you're seven seed. You believe when it's all said and done, making the call after week seven Seahawks NFC Colts AFC.

That's what I'm saying. TJ, you're up now. You're on the clock. You know, just looking at this man, this was kind of hard to come up with, but I'm looking at the team right now. And it's currently three and four and it's not looking good, but they've got a guy at the helm who I've just seen work magic and do wonders year after year and time after time. And personally, I'm not ready to read him his last rights yet. So I figured they're going to get five, at least five more wins this year, maybe six.

I'm going to go with the green Bay Packers. So you're taking Aaron Rogers as the seven seed in the NFC when it's all said and done. I kind of, how can we, how can we write this guy off, man?

No matter how bad they're looking right now. And no matter, I mean, look, Brockman and I could probably at least have two, three catches. Now I received record, but I can't write this dude off.

I've seen him do too much. I got you. Okay.

What else you got? Um, and now in the AFC again, this was tough, but you know what? There was a team that this show was really high on. Oh, let me just say someone in particular on this show was really high on the entire pre-season. It's not going that well for them right now, but I'm looking at the team.

There's talent there. I think they're going to get you turned around. I'm going to go with the red. Okay. And I don't even know why I just, I just got to, sometimes, you know, head or gut, I got to reach down to your gut and go with what your guts in it, put a pin in it.

TJ put a pin in it. I'll tell you why. Uh, here are my seven seeds. Uh, I, I'm sticking with the Rams, your current seven seed.

Really? I still can't quit this team. I will not quit this team. And I believe something's going to happen in the next week.

I don't have any insight. Lesney doesn't just sit on his hands when he has an opportunity to try and win something. And I think deep down, they still feel like they can win something. And they were in on McCaffrey offer. Uh, they, they're in on McCaffrey. And I think that they're not going to sleep on what they can do over the next week. And they may even lose to the 49ers this week. And I still believe in this team. They stare to defending champs.

There's still some right stuff that's there on every level. They just got to get healthier upfront and stop having offensive lineman cart it off, man. And I do, I am genuinely concerned about the Packers, um, and their ability to get that seven seed. And then in the AFC, you stole my thunder TJ, but that is just fine because the autumn wind is indeed a pirate. Okay. And because they are two and four right now, I'm still seeing the stuff that I thought resided in them to cause me to choose them to win the division. I am that ship is now sailed. Okay. That pirate ship is now completely sailed that, that I, I, I don't know how many mea culpas to my buddy stone street in Kansas city fans.

I can make our that's done. They're not catching Kansas city. But what I'm saying, I didn't even see Josh Jacobs turning into Emmet Smith in front of, in front of my eyes. I didn't see that one. No, I didn't see him turning into Zeke of, of, of prime Zeke. That's where you rate him off. He has been dynamite and we haven't even seen Darren Waller yet.

I assume he still plays football in the manner that caused him to be generationally paid. And I, I, I believe it. I believe in this team. I don't know why they're sending Jonathan Hankins to the Cowboys. They got defensive tackles that they could just give away.

Thank you. I don't know what the hell that's all about. Not terribly pleased to hear that, but they must have their own reason. They must know that you personally know, I mean, it definitely does affect an ability to, to make a playoff run from two and four, which they currently are. So yeah, that's the way I'm looking at it. And my jets, all they got to do is go 500 pal for the rest of the way, just go five and five. And that's a 10 win season. And that should be enough to make these playoffs schedule. And I don't believe in the chargers. I need to see a little bit more out of them. I have a tough schedule.

So those are my seven seeds. Good stuff, gents. I like it. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on Westwood one via Westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports. If it's the NFL, it's on Westwood one. If you're on hold, stay on hold.

We'll take your calls before the end of the show, but, uh, sit back and enjoy the conversation you're about to hear with the great Ralph Macchio, some great pop culture conversation with the man who brought us all of the great times from movies to TV in the Karate Kid and now a book. What's the fastest ball sport in the world? Not baseball, not tennis. It is in fact, the sport of highlight spelled J. A. I.

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So what are you waiting for? Right now NetSuite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program. Head to netsuite dot com slash rich radio right now netsuite dot com slash rich radio netsuite dot com slash rich radio. This man's been on the show before but in studio he's in New York right now on where he resides. He's the pride of Huntington, New York. Ralph Macchio the great Ralph Macchio from back in the day with Karate Kid and now in the day with Cobra Kai. He's out with a new book and I chatted with him on Zoom. Back here on the Rich Eisen show is a gentleman who appeared in our studio a few years ago and right now he is back here with a book version of the movie and the TV show that has been just terrific to remember with the movie and then relive and watch with the television show Cobra Kai.

The book called Waxing On the Karate Kid and Me is available now wherever you get your books. Ralph Macchio here on the Rich Eisen show. How you doing Ralph?

I'm great Rich thanks for having me man thanks. We got the book right and why the book? Let's get to the let's get that right off the bat. Well it was you know I felt I had a unique story I'm sure everyone starts this off with to say well I felt I had a unique story but I really have something with you know I've been asked for a couple of years now even before Cobra Kai hit would you ever write about the making of that film that has been so inspirational and impactful for decades and you know became part of pop culture and sort of a celebratory look back at the film in pop culture my life and all that and when you know Cobra Kai hit and now um and then the pandemic hit now I had okay what am I going to do we were now you know we're on lockdown I started to write down chapter titles and I started to write down little paragraphs of the journey and walking in these shoes and and sort of what I've gained from it through my life and what the experiences have been and they sort of behind the scenes never been told stories of the making of how you catch a fly with chopsticks or the casting of Arnold from Happy Days Now the great Pat Morita is Mr. Miyagi I mean how those things came to fruition because when I tell those stories over a cup of coffee or a dinner everyone just leans in and I knew I had that I had an interest but what what really kicked it uh to another level is having the relevance so it's nostalgia and contemporary relevance at the same time and that's quite unique and and so it's kind of only a story I can tell what it's been like walking in those shoes the ups the downs the highs the lows but ultimately the embrace at the end of it of this gift that has kept on giving why do you think the Karate Kid is so popular Ralph um because it it it's a combination of things in my view why it works and has stood the test of time as a piece of storytelling is it it works on a human level the themes are still relatable um mentorship bullying uh you know fatherless teen single parenting moving to a new town fish out of water overcoming obstacles good over evil you could check down a bunch of boxes and that and storytelling those are good human relatable stories just uh themes um the pop culture of it all what the internet has done what what get them a body bag means what sweep the leg why I hear that at every sporting event or you know get them a you know or you know you know the wax on of it all I mean uh just the the Mr. Miyagi magic of it that secret sauce of that character which really is the Karate Kid Mr. Miyagi is what separates it from just another you know an 80s overcoming obstacle kid teen movie that's that adds another dimension so I mean it's all those pieces I think why it has stood the test of time and then of course is the kick legal or not you know then it becomes something else we know it's not legal Ralph I mean we know that kick is not a legal kick right right right whatever whatever it takes to continue the discussion for decades on end is what it is I think I think you know it's fun you know it's great I so what how did it come across your desk your agent your world back in the day the script for you um I was yeah I just come off the film The Outsiders which was a big big grape for me in a great role um in a Francis Ford, Francis Ford Coppola movie with a couple of actors that might have worked since um and uh I'm sitting in as I write it in the book I'm sitting in this faux leather black beanbag chair with shag carpeting in my room and the phone rings loud a typical you know dial phone that I still had I might have been pushed button by then that's that's all behind the time I pick it up and they said there's a script uh called The Karate Kid being made by the guy who made Rocky the first thing I said was Karate Kid is this an after-school special a cartoon what is what kind of title is that uh clearly one that I would be carrying for the rest of my life that I didn't know at the time and um they were sending a script to read uh for I didn't know if it was the director or the casting director at that point and um they don't then I'm on the train from from Long Island to on the Long Island railroad heading to New York City to meet with John Avelson who directed uh Rocky of of all movies and and uh or my first reading with him is actually you could see it on YouTube he posted it years later um and it's really kind of remarkable to see Daniel LaRusso was Daniel LaRusso from from Jump Street and when did Pat Morita get hooked up he was there was more resistance there was certainly resistance to him because of the um I think Jerry Weintraub the late great producers and larger than life producer Jerry Weintraub was like I remember him he was like Catskill's comic there's no way he's gonna be in this picture you know they were looking at Tashiro Mafune or you know these uh three Akira Kawasawa you know seventh samurai actors because Miyagi had humor written into the role but it he also had great dramatic depth so you wouldn't and it's amazing because there is nobody else but Pat Morita I mean and it was John Avelson and his uh casting director that pushed for that and forced everyone to to see Pat's tape and uh and then it was about putting us in a room together and it was it was instant ease of chemistry I don't know how to that's how I describe it it really I call I call Pat and his soulful magic uh that's what it was when I worked with him it sounds corny and all that other stuff but it was just easy and natural you know well written certainly um but there was just something a little little magic dust there and it's still you know when I see those scenes they still have that you know Ralph Macchio here on the Rich Eisen show his new book Waxing on the Karate Kid and me is available now wherever you get your books I want to rewind or part of this conversation about the outsiders what in the world was that like I mean Francis Ford Coppola um I've spoken about this with C Thomas Howell and also with Rob Lowe on my show and he said that it you know it was like a fraternity in college it was like your college years together uh in a way uh what about your recollection of being on that set yeah I mean it was listen it was the movie everyone wanted to be in or every young actor wanted to be in um and for me I read the book in seventh grade so I you know it was beyond dream come true time and and obviously Coppola having seen the godfather at that point and knowing what that was it was like you know I'm in I'm at Yankee Stadium if you will you know this is not an out-of-town tryout you know it really felt like you know the big time right um and there was a competitiveness with all the guys you know one one better looking and more athletic than the next but I was written you know the character I played was kind of the runt of the litter and the lost puppy dog kind of uh a great character Johnny Cade he gets to say stay gold pony boy which is you know when you think of some of the the iconic lines from Karate Kid or even my cousin Vinnie another one that has a couple of those it's really amazing I've got had a few of those films that have had those great great cinematic lines of dialogue but working was in Tulsa, Oklahoma which I just stopped in on the book tour and I was actually sitting with S.E. Hinton in front of 1200 people who came to buy the back waxing on book and just had a nice conversation three days ago um so I still did like a kindred spirit with with all those guys and um and Francis as well there's just it's where it started for so much and so many of us you know it was a um everybody was very um um focused and obviously with Francis at the helm you wanted to please you want you positioned yourself you know these are the young actors the stallions waiting to you know when they load those horses in before the you know they they start the the uh preakness or the Kentucky Derby that's kind of how it was on the first day of shooting you know um I took it very seriously if anything I almost took it too seriously at first because I was putting so much weight in this you know this role that I was sure I was going to win an Oscar for just like you know you have all these these dreams going forward um but it's really one that I am proud to have on the resume that goes without saying is it true you got kicked out of a hotel because you guys trashed something in the well those yeah listen I'm sure this is Rob's story or Tommy's story I was always the guy I write this in the book I was the guy I think they was trying to get a t-shirt made for me that said do not disturb uh because I would always have the do not disturb I have my boom box plain blessing springsteen or cheap trick uh and and that's what I was doing I was just you know that was my thing um and uh like I said I alluded to that I took it a little too seriously at first so I was I was the guy that was like just focused on the work but we we had some uh fun at the Tulsa excelsior it's now the double tree it will never be the same but here's here's one little story I will give you I was back in Tulsa a couple years back because I always like returning there because it's really that's where it all kind of began you know and and uh and I went to the double tree hotel uh which was the Tulsa excelsior because that's sixth floor it was like me Dylan Cruz Rob Lowe Amelia I mean one floor could you imagine you know all basic like double bed kind of hotel rooms and I went I got out the elevator and my room the door was open and the cleaning person was cleaning the room and I I walked in there just for a second and it was it was like I mean I didn't recognize they changed the room but yet it felt like I've been there before is really interesting that's an exclusive you're the first person I told that story too but it was like it was quite emotional nostalgic in a way so I seem I seem to find ways of taking the nostalgia and making it contemporary so yes you've done you've done a great job of that there's no question about that uh and before we return to the book and obviously Cobra Kai what's your favorite Joe Pesci story what do you got for me give me one do you got I got a good Joe Pesci story for you okay I mean I got it I got a couple of them but my favorite one is uh my favorite one is my wife and I are driving back it is the first day of shooting on my cousin Vinny no no they were having a little uh uh you know celebration party the night before we started shooting and we were in Georgia and we're running running a little bit late um so I was driving back and they were we were in this area Monticello Georgia there was deer all over the place and the sun was starting to set and I'm driving and I'm behind schedule I'm driving a turn and I wind up hitting a deer and my wife is hysterical right because it you know it's traumatic you hit it hit the deer what's gonna end the deer disappeared down this embankment I didn't know what happened she's like she just cried like this and I'm trying to calm her down and we pull up to our condo and that was renting there for the film and Joe comes out Pesci comes out he goes what's the matter what's the matter you know he wants to know what's wrong and he's my wife's like we hit a deer and he and I was like Joe I tried to stop and he said don't worry about it happens to everybody you know he was really nurturing and wonderful and he gave my wife a hug he gave me a hug he said I'm gonna go up to the thing meaning the party and I said I will be up there in a minute don't worry about it he gets in his car takes off it was on a cul-de-sac he goes around the cul-de-sac with the car and he just hits the brakes like and you just see the red lights and then he reverses the wheels backs up opens the window and goes deer killer yeah and deer killer and he takes back off and goes up the thing so there's my there's my great Pesci story one of many I know I took a long time to get to it no it's fantastic that's fantastic he just he just set us up and he's he's a spectacular actor and my god my cousin Vinny is one that it's the late for dinner movie man if it's on you're gonna be late for dinner yeah I call that a remote drop you know you gotta drop the remote no matter where you're picking it up and you know this sounds like a very LA thing I'm about to say is but I I joined a golf club out here and it's Pesci's to eat there all the time and I brought my kids one time and they were like starstruck and I thought to myself wait a minute did my wife show them raging bull or good fellows without letting me know maybe home alone that's what it was and they were like it's the guy from home alone and he goes up to kids who are like that at the club and he leans into him and he says I didn't break into your house yet and he's great that's one of the greatest things what a it's amazing man so Cobra Kai the success of that as well because as you pointed out the fact that we're talking contemporary as well um what what do you think makes it work this time around about contemporizing it do you think Ralph because you and uh Billy Zapka are you know terrifically matched to this day you know and it's so much fun to watch we had martin kov on the show just a few weeks ago to promote the latest season and by the way him telling sliced alone stories yeah I roll it just I'm I'm wondering what you think the as you referred to its special sauces for that yeah I think um uh credit goes to these three writers um who created the show John Hurwitz uh Hayden Slussberg and Josh Heald they are karate kid superfans they know every piece every nook cranny and fabric from the original films and they they never lose sight of the themes like I mentioned earlier that that sustained uh that and yet they've created um a heightened world a karate soap opera if you will that has elements of a superhero story but yet but yet is grounded in still those same same themes and they they have added layers of backstory to characters listen karate kid is very black and white good over evil daniel san miyagi good crease johnny lawrence bad right cobra kai your allegiance can change episode to episode but even though the intentions are good with almost every character they're they're falling forward skinning their knees slipping um you you you there's a little bit of good a little bit of bad in everyone and I think the secret sauce is taking not losing sight of the the if there's a word called belovedness or what we love about these characters and then enhancing that and um and adding other layers and colors to it and they do a beautiful job of that and then there then the og folks coming back whether it's elizabeth shoe or tamlin tamita ug okamoto or randy heller who played my mom they you know she comes back from the original film the fans just love it because they're and they're all knocking it out of the park no question and um season five just released in september all available on netflix started off on youtube and now it's a netflix staple cobra kai so I apologize if I wrap up this interview by asking the same question I asked you years ago when you were on the set but it escapes me if I did do you consider the karate kid a sports movie ralph I do I write I write to that in the uh in in the in the book and the waxing on book because I mean yes so if you look at it uh is rocky a sports movie or is rocky a love story um is karate kid a father and son story or is it a sports movie is Hoosiers a sports movie yeah is is feel the dreams a sports movie I would say so I don't know so here here's my thing karate karate is not necessarily as popular as baseball football you know even hockey for that matter if you say you take a movie like miracle um is slapshot a sports movie I guess so you know so I think there's an you know um I'll say one thing and this is exactly what I wrote in in the book or a piece of this there there are a few characters that I know of certainly personally that don't light up a crowd at a baseball game or a hockey game as if you show the crane kick and you cut to me sitting there you know my pretzel in my hand it is a it is a roar of like the hometown hero so in that respect there's so so many times uh very few sporting events I could go to when I don't start hearing you're the best around or the glory of love and see them teeing up that guy with the handheld camera that uh it's usually met with a big roar so uh which is really uh you know rewarding flattering and uh lends itself to me saying it must be a sports movie uh the new book again waxing on the karate kid and me by ralph machio is available now wherever you get your books and again seasons one through five all streamable on netflix uh right now and then of course the karate kid showed it to my kids multiple times they know it it's great to watch with your family as well um I look forward to the musical right that's next the musical that's next that's what you're saying yeah I suppose the next year Robert Mark Haman who wrote the original film uh it's you know it just it's unbelievable it keeps on rocking it's unbelievable so congrats on that in advance and we'll have you back on for that too ralph that's great man thanks thanks for the support on the book and always great to see you man right back at you that's ralph machio right here on the rich isen show when we come back we'll empty the phone banks what a great fun conversation how about how about joe passion right there that sounds about right no it'll be okay it'll be fine it'll be fine the killer empty the phone banks and mike evans and the officials normally that's pass interference type stuff but not this time around influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katie perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen when you open a mercedes ben sprinter van you're opening up more than just doors you're unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing and be your own boss and steer your own success and blaze your own trail each and every sprinter van is built design and equipped to let you hit the open road and take on any goal you set and to help you follow your own passions and reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all those big bolt fun and exciting experiences right off your bucket list owning a mercedes ben sprinter van lets you live work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path they'll take you 16 body types you can have a choice of gas or diesel engines there's thousands of ways to customize a sprinter van that's capable and versatile enough to help you drive your ambitions wherever you want to take them so now is the time to discover what it is that moves you most don't wait unlock your potential inside a mercedes ben's sprinter we didn't talk about this yesterday because we were more focused on the actual football mike and mike evans dropping that ball that started the um the slide yesterday on sunday of the the bucks in carolina but the video of mike evans coming off the field in carolina and being met in the tunnel by uh an official coming up to him with a piece of paper and a pen and watching mike evans write something down on that piece of paper made everyone think that the official was asking evans for his autograph well it wasn't an autograph apparently he was asking for it was a phone number for a golf lesson to give his this number to a buddy of his to give mike evans a golf lesson yeah they went to the same college text saying m and mike evans is apparently getting into golf and this guy was gonna offer up a local pro to help teach mike the game well the the league sent out a statement saying wasn't an autograph that that that the official asked for while saying that this is not going to be uh i mean he's been reprimanded but jeff lambirth was the uh official and two on another official trip sutter both have been reminded of the importance of avoiding the appearance of impropriety while interacting with players coaches and club staff on game day including during the pre-game and post-game time periods i'll say but it was up to mike evans to talk about it i mean this is a statement and mike evans getting set for thursday night football was available to the media today and said this golf there you go and i i feel for the official um being you know having his propriety called into question but it's his fault the number of zooms i sit through i apologize to my colleagues at the human resources at the nfl but we we are we like they will take me off the air if i do not go through the zoom process and videos that i have to see and make sure i understand about what's expected of an nfl employee i and you know and and some of them they they give you a quiz and the and you can't believe you're being asked the most basic questions if they have a zoom for officials is it okay for you to hand a piece of paper and a pen to a player and and get a phone number in the tunnel after a game what do you think the answer to that question is of course not i'm sorry i get upset because you know again i take it very personal about doing my job and making sure that everybody wants to watch this sport and know everything's on the up and up and i again i feel for this official jeff lamborth hey jeff people are going to think that you're on the take for this sort of thing it's that simple and and you know i i i i know he might be a nice guy but it's just what a what a waste of energy this is i don't think he's it seems like it's really hurting your soul man i don't think you should allow it to the crush you it's it's it's it's it's it's very upsetting that we all have a role to play in a public in a public forum to make sure that nobody thinks that you know mike evans next time this guy can he call another game for the bucks this year no chance no chance what if he's on a play and mike evans does it you know gets interfered with you know or or um or he's not interfered with and he catches a ball what next yeah mike just told you what happened that's not enough to end it i hope so okay i get upset also think about the times this has happened and there wasn't anyone i'm sure i'm sure it probably happens i'm just glad i'm glad there's an innocent explanation rich could you use it for me one time for me actually there's a better way to do it there's a better jeremy in west virginia what's on this show what's up jeremy make rick smile a long time what's going on my wife was earlier michigan 95 to 98 fantastic we love you guys great time to be there national championship what do you got on your mind jeremy fingers crossed i was just calling in to yell out ebert flu okay very good you feel better you feel better is that okay no i mean do you feel you i'm asking you do you feel better about it now i feel okay i'm a die hard eagles fan so i'm just rooting for everything i thought you were a bears fan anything against bready all right do you want to scream out do you want to scream out syriani very good my boy go nick oh gosh thanks for the call jeremy go nicks he's an eagle fan who's rooting for the nicks screaming eager for flus i know we're up against it but bailey zappy just told wei that he did not know he was going in in the game in the fourth drive so unclear what the plan was what are we doing oh boy good to know you know what doesn't matter doesn't matter it doesn't matter patricio doesn't hit the same how about judge judge i might be screaming that during the free agency period joe burrow on tomorrow's show joe burrows we'll see you then ross matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello ross this week chelsea handler i'm not home enough to have a third dog my house keeper basically is their parent i am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move i have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do i recommend two max okay is your foot ross hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen
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