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REShow: Chris Long - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 24, 2022 3:07 pm

REShow: Chris Long - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 24, 2022 3:07 pm

Rich recaps the Buccaneers head-scratching 18-point loss to a depleted Carolina Panthers team saying he has big concerns for Tom Brady, and explains why he has even bigger concerns for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers after their Week 7 loss to the Taylor Heinicke-led Washington Commanders.

‘Greenlight Podcast’ host and 2-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long tells Rich why Brady and the Buccaneers look they’re “sleepwalking” of late, if he’s concerned for Aaron Rodgers and the still-struggling Packers’ offense, how the Jets and Giants keep on winning, what Christian McCaffrey to the 49ers and Dak Prescott’s return to the Cowboys means for the NFC playoff picture, and if the Bengals or Titans can crash the Chiefs’ and Bills’ party in the AFC.  

Rich recaps the Chiefs’ throttling of the 49ers but says Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills had better not sleep on Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is the Rich Eisen Show starts running the news that Houston Astros break out the grooves in the Bronx. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. He's got him!

Touchdown! Today's guests, two-time Super Bowl Champion Chris Long, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio, plus Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show, live in Los Angeles, California, for a big Monday program after week seven in bulk is done in the NFL. The first full week of the NBA season is coming to a close. The World Series is set.

It's the Astros against the Philadelphia Phillies. We'll talk about that, the aftermath of what we saw over the weekend, college football and more. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on the program on the Roku Channel, Channel 210, Terrestrial Radio, Sirius XM, as well as our friends on Odyssey, our podcast listeners. We say hello to you.

We also want you to call us, as I mentioned, at 844-204-RICH being the number to dial. The first one to call us will be our usual Monday guest, Chris Long, two-time Super Bowl champ, to talk about everything that went down in week number seven. Mike Florio, we haven't talked with the Pro Football Talk creator and our longtime friend from our days at Peacock. He'll be joining us at the top of hour number two. And then hour number three to set up tonight's Monday Night Football game, Matt Judon, trying to not only beat the Chicago Bears, but take Bill Belichick and the rest of that Patriots team tonight. Put Bill Belichick second on the all-time wins list, passing Papa Bear Alice going against the Bears. Will it be Mac Jones tonight? And if the Patriots win, that would mean the AFC East has every single team within it above 500.

The best team, the best division in the NFL through seven weeks. Just like we all thought. By the way, I kind of blew it, but I didn't stutter. That's how we're rolling here on the program. He's in hour number three. Hello, Chris Brockman. How are you?

Hello, Rich Eyes. You got your Mac to the Future shirt on. Yeah, I expect to see Mac tonight. Are you going to have, okay, very good. You expect to see him tonight.

Is he holding extra points? Good to see you, sir. Good to see you, sir. Mike Del Tufo is in his usual spot. And then TJ Jefferson, how are you, sir?

I'm great, Rich. And you know what? A lot of people didn't believe in the Dallas Cowboys, but you know who did? God did.

How about them Cowboys? Wow. God did. I don't know if I'd take credit for that win. It wasn't exactly sexy. Hey, look, man. I'm sorry, is this hockey? Do you get extra points for sexiness and prettiness?

I'm not going to argue that as well as my Jets just won a third in a row and Zach Wilson hasn't thrown a single touchdown pass in any of them. We're going to talk about that in an hour or two. That's an overreaction Monday?

Yes, sir. Okay, we've got that coming up. Although, to be quite honest, that's a Cooper rush game. Like, okay, don't make any mistakes. Let's just do enough on offense, play enough defense, and get out of dodge. The offense was comfortable with that style. Exactly. And so Dak coming in and playing boring football, that's exactly what you want to see.

Get his sea legs under him, get him nice and ready, and get the lather going. You got the Bears coming in next, then a bye week, and then take on a Packers team that's entirely beatable, and that's how I want to start this program. The Bays, okay? Green Bay, Tampa Bay. Both quarterback by 12s, both quarterback by guys. They're going to be sharing the bust gallery room together in Canton, Ohio one day whenever they both decide to hang them up.

Facts. And you've got two teams right now that when they played each other in week four, we had two actual goats on the set of NFL Game Day Morning with Rogers and Brady jerseys on, because it was the battle between the goats in the NFL, despite the youth clearly serving the day right now. And we all saw that last week with Allen and Mahomes playing against each other again, and we can't wait for another decade plus of that, obviously. But Green Bay won that game, and they haven't won since. Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost that game, and it wasn't looking pretty at all, and then they lost to the Chiefs, and then they barely beat Atlanta. They needed some help from Jerome Boger throwing a roughing the passer flag on Grady Jarrett, causing Atlanta to have no shot to get back on the field and try to win that game that they were coming back in. Then Brady goes to Pittsburgh, and just when we thought that it was an acro-sure thing for them in that stadium, the Steelers come out of nowhere and start playing football, and Trubisky comes off the bench and looks like Mahomes on occasion. And you're wondering what the hell's happening, but there's going to be a get-right game this week, clearly. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have no business losing by 18 to a team on an interim head coach who just 48 hours before the game traded away their best player on offense. No business losing to PJ Walker and Deontay Foreman and Chuba Hubbard, with all due respect to all of them, and I know I should have said that in advance. No business losing that football game in front of a fan base that knows the white flag has been raised, and I did say last week that this is how you tank in the NFL is remove the best opportunity for your team to win football games by trading them away.

But on game day, when it's time to toe meatball, you've got some prideful men going out there making sure that their jobs are secure, or if there is an exit visa to show everybody out there that might want to acquire them, you should take me too. And that's what happened. The Panthers hit the Bucks in the mouth after Mike Evans dropped a surefire touchdown to start the game. Just a minute into the game, 1338 left on the first quarter clock when Mike Evans dropped a football, and I heard on the radio driving home from NFL network that according to NextGenStats, it was the most wide open any receiver had been on a throw over 30 air yards in the air that was dropped.

All year long. He was 10 plus yards clear of the next defender. The ball was in the air for over 30 yards, and Mike Evans dropped it. After the game, he took full responsibility.

I mean, what else is he going to do? And said that he not only knocked the wind out of his own sails, he knew he did it to his own team. And they didn't score a touchdown the rest of the day, and they couldn't put anything together, and then the defense got run over. They got run over by Foreman and Hubbard.

The two guys that, right, the two guys who are making the most of the opportunity that they now have because McCaffrey's gone. You picked up trouble, right? I did. I was thinking about that.

I did. Buccaneers had no business losing that football game, but for me, and I was thinking about that, for me, and I know, they look pretty bad. This is the latest Brady has been under 500 in a season since 2002. He's not used to this.

He's got to be wondering what the hell did I come back for this for? And the good news for them is they're still in first in the division because Atlanta got blown out by Cincinnati. The Saints lost the first game of week seven in Arizona, and the Panthers are two and five, and they're one game ahead of the Panthers and Saints, and they've already beaten the Falcons, so they're in first place.

So they could not only make the playoffs, they could have a home playoff game. This could be this year's version of the NFC East a couple of years ago, when it was limping to who had the best under 500 record to host a playoff game. That was won by the Washington football team at the time, and Taylor Heinecke nearly bounced Brady, and Heinecke's the one who beat Aaron Rodgers yesterday, and that's the team I'm more concerned about. I'm more concerned about the Packers than I am the Bucs, and I know the Packers have more talented, if you will, players on offense, in my mind, young players who can suddenly begin to grow and make some hay than the Bucs have, and I know I'm talking about a potential future hall of famer in Evans and Godwin and Lombardi Leni, but it's Lombardi Leni and Rashad White. In Green Bay, it's Aaron Jones who makes great plays, including yesterday with a couple of touchdown grabs, and they've got Aaron Rodgers, and they've got, if he's healthy, Lazard, who had to leave the game, and they've got Dobbs, who they drafted, and Christian Watson is just hasn't been able to get the hell out there, and Tonyon, and they do have a better offensive line too, so why am I concerned, more concerned about them? Because they are three and four behind a five and one team that's already beaten them. They're going to be in the wild card mosh pit, and if they're in that wild card mosh pit in the NFC, they've already lost to the Giants, who are way the hell in front of them.

They'd be lucky to have a tie break against them. Green Bay has beaten Tampa Bay, but they're not going to be in the mosh pit with them. They're currently hoping that whichever team might come out of the NFC West that doesn't win that division will have a worse record than them. Second place, NFC West versus the Packers.

That's the way it currently looks and is shaking out right now, and the problem for Green Bay is their next game's at Buffalo in front of the whole country on a Sunday night, and they're not at all like Tampa looking efficient on offense. Some strange, strange play calls you're seeing too when the game's online. Fourth and one going for it. Rodgers throws to Romeo Dobbs. What the hell do you have AJ Dillon back there for?

Roll him downhill? They throw it to the rookie who dropped it, and they also on the Fox broadcast showed how Sammy Watkins, who's fresh back, didn't make the block so Dobbs got blown up, or he was distracted enough to drop it because Watkins was running what looked like a go route. He kept going instead of staying put to block the guy who Dobbs needed to have blocked so he could just make the catch that, by the way, Rodgers and Devante Adams used to make on this route in their sleep. And Heineke starts making plays.

Terry Mclaurin goes up top. I mean the Packers return one for a score. They did have a fumble return for a score wiped out on some weird illegal contact penalty. Those are beginning to roost a little bit more in the NFL right now. But here's Aaron Rodgers after the game.

I mean now it's time for the R.E.L.A.X. speech for sure, and instead of getting those, we're here in simplify the offense last week, need to simplify things a bit more, and he knows three and four when the Vikings are on a bye at five and one, and Minnesota's coming and Minnesota's coming off their bye week at home against Arizona before they visit Washington. They've got a trip to Buffalo of their own coming up. Those are the next three before they're home against Dallas and then have a Thanksgiving home date against New England.

He knows the Vikings are in front of them already having one beating them at home and that the division is slipping away and the wildcard mosh pit awaits. This is what he had to say. When you said now run the table a few years ago, that seemed really plausible. Did it so? Should we rerun history, Pete, and look at what you said about it?

What'd you say? Well I couldn't tell you for sure. I'd have to go back and do it, but it was at least plausible, and I'm wondering if that feels not running the table but riding the ship and getting the playoffs. Does that feel plausible right now?

Right, it does. I'm not worried about this squad. In fact, this might be the best thing for us. This week, you know, nobody's going to give us a chance. Going to Buffalo and Sunday Night Football, the chance to get exposed, shoot, might be the best thing for us.

I mean, reverse psychology right there. By the way, I will back his play right there. When he said years ago we're going to run the table, and I don't know the reporter who was talking to right there said it was plausible, I think it is 20-20 hindsight that we view that it was plausible through the current roster based on the roster that he did in fact run the table with years ago, and that's why he's kind of pushing back, but and I guess he's also pushing back because he's wondering right now, and I don't blame him because he's got to be sitting around saying I signed up for this too to stay here, and these are the guys that I'm surrounded with. Davante Adams leaving, definitely left a hole there. Let's put it that way. But yeah, he's going to Buffalo. Chance to be exposed as he says exposed.

Interesting choice of words right there as well. Well, no one's going to give them a shot. Well, that's why he's saying it is possible, but they have to run the table in order to win 13 games again as they have in each of the first three years of the Matt Lafleur era, so it sure looks like they're going to lose few, they're going to win fewer than 13 this year, and the division is slipping away, and that's why I'm concerned about them. You might sit there and look at their roster paper to paper and say Green Bay's is better than Tampa Bay's, and Rogers is younger than Brady, and they have a better out, and they have a better ability to coach their way out because Lafleur is the one tied to the quarterback.

Todd Bowles is not the one tied to the quarterback in Tampa. You could make all those cases, but they have a problem in the division, and they're going to have to go on the road as a seven-seat maybe, unless the Giants and the Cowboys completely fall apart, and I don't see that for either one of those teams right now. Even if the Giants' razor's edge of winning one possession games begins to tip in the other way, they are five and one. You know, pardon me, they're six and one. They're six and one.

I've got the Vikings record in my head. They're six and one. They're three.

Think about that. They're six and one, and the Packers are three and four. They're three and a half games in front of the Green Bay Packers right now. The Giants have Seattle, Houston, and Detroit up next. Don't sleep on Seattle, sir.

Yeah, I'm just saying. Your first place team in the NFC West, that's a sneaky great week eight game that nobody saw coming. I'll tell you what, at this point in time with Tampa having to take on Lamar and the Ravens on a short week on Thursday night, by the time the game day morning crew, all four of us, get in that booth in Allianz Arena in Munich, coming up, let me make sure I get this right, that's a week 10 game. By the time that arrives, where Tampa's taken on Seattle in week 10, Seattle may have the better record.

Well, I don't think there's any doubt about that. You know, I mean, Bucks are going to lose on Thursday against Baltimore. And then after that, after that, they've got a home date against the Rams before flying all the way to Germany to take on Seattle.

That sounds awful. But I'm more concerned about Green Bay's long-term viability because they're not going to win this division right now. Tampa can win this division with an 8-9 record. Easy.

7-10. It's possible. I'm serious. Ryan Fitzpatrick said Tampa's going to sleepwalk the 10-7. They could be 7-10 and win this division. That's entirely possible, with all due respect.

It's so disrespectful. I know. Yeah, I would say that.

Who's coming out? I mean, it's Atlanta? Atlanta?

Yeah, I think Atlanta's pretty tough. Yeah. Keep an eye on them.

Keep an eye on them. Overreaction Monday, Matt Judon in hours two and three, respectively. Mike Florio is joining us.

Top of hour number two. But let's take a break because Chris Long's going to join us next to talk about everything. We didn't even hit the Chiefs and the Niners, but we'll do that not only with Chris Long, but on the back end of the hour. Because the Chiefs, man. That's all you got to say. The Chiefs, man.

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If you're on hold stand hold. We'll take your phone calls for sure here on this program but the next call we take is our buddy back here in the usual Monday spot right here on the program, the host of the Green Light podcast, two-time Super Bowl champ Chris Long is here. How you doing Chris? I'm not bad man, how are you? Well I'm a Michigan man and I proffer to say at this point in time I'm feeling a little better than Tom Brady.

Chris Long, I'm not gonna lie. I'm a Phillies man. Ah. You know this morning especially so things are good man the Eagles undefeated now the Phillies world series Virginia stomped out Georgia Tech.

Yeah life is good, life is good. Um so all right I mean do you that was my that was my segue, damn it. Um I always mess those up. Let's get, no let's get it, let's get to it.

That was my segue. I don't know what's wrong with the the Bucks right now because it's not just it's it's Mike Evans dropping a clear touchdown pass after the game he said that he you know he was even deflated by and he knew he deflated the team by dropping something like that. Uh clearly um the defense got gashed I mean by a running core that uh I guess is taking advantage of its opportunity with McCaffrey gone. I mean the Panthers should not have won that game by 18 over Brady and the Bucks.

What what are you seeing when you're watching that Chris? It was surreal man. It was like a really tough game to watch.

Um I mean you actually feel I think even people that are Tom Brady haters would have like felt bad for Tom watching this game. It's just like how far he's fallen, how far you know the uh the Bucks have fallen. They can't stop the run which had to be something you could hang your hat on for them to be competitive. Um you know those guys in Carolina I don't know if it's the fact that everybody's planned to get traded um or if it's you know just the fact that it meant more to them and I hate cliches like that but the Bucks look like they were sleepwalking man and they're not very good.

They're not good enough to sleepwalk. You know they're not good enough to drop that pass. There's a couple games this year where quarterbacks needed you know a big reception early to get on the board you know like um that I think about where somebody had a big drop. There was Christian Watson yes in Green Bay yep they were playing Minnesota like that was one they needed especially when when when you're not rolling and you're not firing on all cylinders like this is a drop that that that absolutely killed him.

I think the game probably goes different. I don't think the Bucks are are any different as a team but they don't get B 21 3 and just crazy to see them have to kick on fourth and seven like they convert on fourth and two and then they're down two touchdowns and they instead of going on fourth and seven in the fourth quarter they kick and I'm kind of wondering if it's just to get points on the board so Tom doesn't get shut out. Like it's it's wild man like and I think Steve Wilkes and um Tucker the quarterback right um that's the name right right you know P.J. Walker P.J. Walker yeah P.J. Walker no with all due respect yes yeah basketball guy so P.J. P.J. Tucker's on your Philadelphia 76ers that's where you're going Walker P.J. Walker who's been an XFL guy he's gotten some spot starts like he's going to be able to to you know kind of put that game ball on his wall forever like he beat Tom Brady and he and he made better throws than Tom Brady you know Tom Brady was off uh and Steve Wilkes who obviously has had you know he didn't have um a lot of time to get it right in Arizona uh this isn't a situation that you feel great about inheriting you have to trade Christian McCaffrey away this week you know dudes are they locked in you have to go to LA you have to come back to Carolina and you have to host mad Tom Brady like when does mad Tom Brady get beat by the Steelers right and then the next week lay an egg like this like this is uncharted territory and I think Steve Wilkes deserves a lot of credit um because this isn't the best situation um but that team looked hungry and they're game out at first whatever that means well I mean then that's at least at least that's what that's the the silver lining for the Bucks right now at three and four is they're still in first one game in front of a Dalton quarterback Saints and a Panthers team that yeah just beat them by 18 but I don't know how many more wins they're going to be able to cobble together and you would think that the Bucks would be able to do that despite the Ravens coming in in just three days time and then you look at Aaron Rodgers and we're comparing these two for various reasons one there they both have teams that named Bay and they both wear 12 and they're both first ballot hall of famers and just three weeks ago we're talking about goat versus goat when they played each other and that's the last win that Rodgers had their way out in the division they're way behind the Vikings who just sat on their bye week we're laughing at the way the Packers crumbled after taking a big lead again I I don't see the way out for them in the division and no that's the problem that's the problem for them is that they're they've already lost to a Giants team that they may have to be battling with for a wild card spot I I don't I'm I'm I'm very concerned about the Packers compared to the Bucks right now I'm the opposite you are I don't think I don't see it like I don't see the pieces in Tampa and I don't feel a good vibe down there and the vibe's certainly not good in uh in Green Bay but um I still look at it like listen you have you have more to work with the offensive line has has been reshuffled right um Bakhtiari has had an injury Jenkins is moving around we just talked about that my brother Kyle pointed out so all the the shuffling that's going on up front and you know guys have dropped balls and Aaron honestly like Aaron can fix some of this stuff like Aaron the guys on Sunday Night Football last night I know part of is you don't want to be too critical of like great great players but you could tell Garrett and Dungy were kind of like yeah let's let's give them the business a little bit like let's show people that you know there were throws that he didn't make you know I know like what are we doing and all that but he wasn't perfect I think he'd tell you that and the whole team I mean like in the first half on first down they were awful there were a bunch of penalties um they were always behind the sticks and that's a tough field they were up 14-3 you have a chance to put that game away and instead you're you're shooting yourself in the foot on first down and you're getting dominated in time of possession I think it was 37-22 you can't convert on third down you know uh and if he's not missing the open guy sometimes like when he does have to make these throws they have to be perfect because guys don't get any separation um but I do think like there's a chance they make a move for somebody I do think the defense can play better the defense was played poorly I think defense got tired yesterday um you know there was too much leakage in the wrong game the edges weren't always great again though like just the way I wanted to talk about PJ Walker um I want to talk about Heinecke you know like these guys won those games um you know like how many weeks and I'm falling in the trap because it's like looking at car accident you just it's hard to look away it's like it's so bad we got to talk about Brady and and Rogers but you know just like Daniel Jones beat Rogers in London like I want to talk about Heinecke the balls he threw uh to McCorn at the end of that game and the routes that McCorn ran against their best player you know the second and seven the third and 11 you know down the stretch the 37 yard touchdown like Heinecke was playing big boy ball I'm not saying he's the answer or anything he might be the answer for this particular team in fact I wouldn't go back but um he just gives you a fighting chance and I thought that was a really big win for him and the commanders just looked more alive and so um good for them uh and just the saga continues for Green Bay man Chris Long here on the Rich Eisen Show Green Light podcast host so the Giants and Jets won again they're now combined 11 and 3 the Giants are just winning games by the skin of their teeth coming back either in the fourth quarter or holding on for dear life I mean they won the game on the one inch line um yesterday and then the Jets have won three in a row without a single touchdown pass thrown by their quarterback so how how much do you believe in these teams moving forward especially now the Jets might have lost their best offensive player for the rest of the year in Breeze Hall what do you what do you think about their long-term viability Chris Long yeah that was one of those things yesterday like the Jets that was a huge win you know to go on the road after you know it's a letdown situation even with with Russell Wilson out and honestly more so with Russell Wilson out because I thought maybe that offense might look a little bit better um just because of the situation they're in with that what a russ is in and the way it kind of like carries over and boils over into just the vibe of the team but I thought this would be a little bit of a trap game which is funny that the Jets are now like having to watch for trap games like y'all grew up so fast in like a month that you have trap games uh but you know Breeze Hall losing him he just broke off that really long touchdown run where you see he's got like five gears dude the guy's just incredible um another injury for a high draft pick for them and it's it's been a bummer Joe Douglas has been drafting awesome uh but whether it's back then whether it's Zach to start the year and you can see that matters because he doesn't look great you know um losing Breeze the way the quarterback's kind of playing quietly not playing that well and then you lose that big safety blanket uh that defense plays with their hair on fire they're gonna have to play really well for them to be consistently good and that's okay you're ahead of schedule right the Giants like and last week I said maybe the Jets offense had a higher ceiling but this changes things and the Giants this was a trap game for them too I mean New York trap game weekend um you know they weren't even favored and I think that there was a good reason for that the Jags play the run really well they match up in some really tough areas for the Giants the Giants went down there and in a scrappy way um they won that football game and Daniel Jones kind of got away with one on the pick in the red zone uh because they roughed him but otherwise he kind of just makes the right play now you know you know last year where he'd fumble the ball or throw a pick like that Daniel Jones is not around right now and I think Brian Davell just makes a huge huge difference and he outplayed Trevor Lawrence like it's it's funny um you know you have all these shiny toys and Jacksonville it feels like a lot of energy and action in the off season uh for Trevor but um Daniel Jones is just doing it with guys you didn't expect to have to throw to um and he's lost some of his top targets and just really impressed I'm impressed with Brian Davell man so the Eagles Chris Long sitting on their bye week watching watching the Cowboys play a game against the Lions where Dak returns and it it looked like that that's what it would have been fine if it was Cooper Rush right now Dak is back but he's getting his sea legs under him at least you're seeing that he's back the Giants barely beat Jacksonville the Packers and the Bucks are three and four which is now the same record for the 49ers that division's led by Geno Smith and the Seahawks and they've already eviscerated the Vikings in week two do you think this is now the conference to lose for Philadelphia Chris I think they're the best team in the conference but I I you know like I just want to be wary of getting two out ahead of ourselves here I mean like the Niners he almost didn't mention I and I don't blame you the three and four are really good like they're I judge a team on what they're going to be in December you know like I see where this team's going to be like I know they don't look great right now they had a quarterback change Trent's been out they've had injuries defensively this was a distracting week for the Niners like I know it's all positive they're good distractions you're getting Nick Bosa back you're getting this guy back getting Trent Williams back you're getting Chris McCaffrey like 12 hours after the trade walks out on the field for practice like there's a buzz right but like people aren't thinking about their opponent as much and I'm not saying they weren't focused I've just been on NFL teams where there's a lot going on and even if it's good sometimes the buzz in the building to be a little distracting and you know they had a chance to put that game away not away because the game's never put away with with Patrick but like Jimmy doesn't throw that pick before the half which is big if they're in good shape and you know they're up 10 points early in the game this is two weeks in a row the Niners have given up a bad turnover before the half last week nobody was really watching this game but the Falcons forced to fumble and ran it in for a touchdown and you know before the half like the middle eight like the eight minutes before before the half and the four after the half are really important and you got to take care of the football I think the Niners are really good I think the Vikings are quietly really good and I don't think they'll play as bad their game plan was bad when they played the Eagles early in the season and the Cowboys man like you've got to give them their props like not only for being this good but the way they've kind of orchestrated overcoming everything they have like the receivers start the season like James Washington you bring him in he's hurt you know you got to bring a returner in from one of these arena leagues you've got you've got you've got Cooper leaving you know a whole host of stuff going on that's distracting outside and then you lose back the defense plays well enough not only to keep them in games but to win games I thought they'd be out of it by the time Dak got back they're not and they pick a perfect landing spot for Dak because Detroit was the perfect game for Dak to come back in and as you said get his sea legs under him he made good throws you know they pushed the ball downfield more than they have all year and so it's what you want to see and I just want to shout out Micah Parsons man you know like every week it's something different and Sam Williams had the big game but Micah running down I forget who was at the pylon they're up 10-6 Detroit's going to go in and score and and that building's going to get kind of uneasy Parsons runs the guy down he runs by I think I counted him six of his teammates to knock this guy out of bounds in the very next play Jamal Williams fumbles so not only their best player but leads by example and I think like I couldn't give him a higher compliment I mean that's a huge play and right now they got guys playing like leaders so uh last one for you Chris Long um the bills and the and the Chiefs clearly at the top of the the mix in the AFC and the Titans essentially wrapped up the AFC south in week seven they swept the Colts and we you know I don't think Houston and Jacksonville are going to come hunting for them and the Bengals looked really I mean that's two games in a row for Joe Burrow where he's been MVP like which one of those two do you think has the best shot at uh crashing the the bills Chiefs party you say the the the Bengals or Titans you know I don't know man I think the bills are pretty damn good I think it just comes down to the bills and the and the Chiefs but you know like it's the playoffs and get if you get in the dance you know Derek Henry scares you Joe Burrow scares you there's things that scare you about those teams but you know I will say this about the Bengals like uh Atlanta was down yesterday a little bit right and Joe's gonna pick on a a banged up secondary so I'd like to see this happen you know a few weeks in a row before we're like yeah since he's back yeah I think they'll be back and um but I just want to see it happen and and yeah Tennessee they're hard to kill man like they're just they just don't go away you know like they're on the they're on the small tv they're on a game you're not watching some some weekends they're like you know you're kind of like what happened in the Tennessee game but they just find a way to win and they they muddy it up and that's why Vrabel's a hell of a coach um and yeah the the Colts the the peak of their their whole kind of like uh Reich Ballard era is like the Phillip Rivers era is that crazy yeah you know it's like everything you've built like the crescendo was you know sliding in the playoffs and losing the bills on a Paris Campbell drop like it's just kind of depressing if you're a Colts fan what do you think they do do they bench Matt Ryan they can't do that right I mean they got no no no no no no I don't know what they do I think you gotta take their medicine you know this is the way you've you've decided to do things is bet on veteran quarterbacks and you know on one year deals and kind of I don't know I it's it's tough I feel bad for them because there's some really good players on that team and you know those guys like Quentin Nelson who have been there through it all and that defense is pretty good but it just yeah I think we went around the league with you here man week seven in the books uh tonight on monday night football who's on the green light pod this week what do you got for me so I got Max Crosby coming on um fresh off a big win he's awesome he's how long wheels he is fun and then and then like uh we'll just we'll just kind of BS you know okay by the way I love how you said Tennessee's on the small tv what is your tv situation looking like on a on a sunday how many tv's you got what are you doing so we got like five or six here at uh green light but when I was home yesterday because I went to new york saturday night I saw that you went to one of the games yeah you're running to Ted Cruz run into him Chris you know him I okay I did I ran into Billy football if you know who Billy football is pardon my take guy but like uh yeah I that city turned me into just uh you know I wanted to suck my thumb all sunday I was just like hurting so bad so I stayed home and I had to really yeah I had I didn't have an ideal uh ticket set up or a tv setup so yankee stadium was cool I was doing a little oppo research on the Astros that's the only reason I didn't go to the Phillies game all right man I mean that Bryce Harper home run two run shot to wrap it up in the eighth inning I mean that's the stuff that kids dream of in the backyard right when they're calling their own highlights and pitching to themselves and hitting one over the hedges you know and acting like they just did in front of 50,000 screaming people what a what a home run I felt like uh that's got to be the best feeling any athletes felt in 2022 hitting that ball out that situation like you build a statue about this stuff they win the whole thing so I look forward to it thanks for the call Chris Long I uh enjoy that chat with Max Crosby what a story he's a new dad too he's a defensive player of the year candidate they they came off the bye Josh Jacobs is running the hell out of the football and the defense is balling out so we'll see what happens with the Raiders thanks for the call Chris Long okay rich talk to you green light podcast for all podcasts are acquired check it out Chris Long here on the Rich Eisen show you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone I got a my own take on which team could join the Bills Chiefs party that's coming up next right here on the Rich Eisen show Mike Florio just posted something about wondering of Nathaniel Hackett's job that's coming up top of hour two influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name Elizabeth Taylor I'm Katy Perry this is the story of the original influencer this is Elizabeth the first Elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen 844-204-rich number to dial here on the program so uh yesterday Kansas City Chiefs go into San Francisco San Francisco's got Christian McCaffrey they have a package for him it's a package yeah third down red zone packages for Christian McCaffrey you just heard Chris Long say that that even good stuff a good buzz in the building can be a distraction okay so they got a lot of moving parts and now they got him here and he's added to the mix and on a Friday and I don't think there was a distraction I think the distraction was Kansas City just being that freaking good and this is what I saw on this weekend for this game let us bury the Tyree kills not there so the Chiefs don't have a significant quick strike passing game anymore let's bury that now let's bury it because we saw yesterday mccall hardman with a couple of rushing touchdowns along with another what looked like a rushing touchdown but it was Mahomes just flipping it to him on on a quick sort of one would say uh sweep right in front of him Juju Smith-Schuster buck 24 and a score that was his best game as a chief right but the one that leaps out to me the one that leaps out to me the one that leaps out to me absolutely considerably the one that leaps out to me the most okay is third and 11. Niners come back in this game taking a two score game and making it 28 to 23 and it's third and 11 and it looks like the Niners are going to get off the field and get the ball right back and maybe take the lead and things are going to get hairy inside the field of jeans and what happens Mahomes goes up top on third and 11 to find a wide open Marquez Valdez scantling 51 yards and that's the moment right there we can bury forever that Tyreek's not there anymore and therefore the Chiefs don't have a quick strike offense anymore and they are not to be feared deep anymore and that's the end of it yes bury it T.J. Rich with all due respect to Marquez Valdez he is not Tyreek yes okay I'm not saying he's not Tyreek I'm saying there's more weaponry at the disposal of Mahomes now there are more diversified offense now and they can still beat you deep off the top ask Aaron Rodgers if he'd like MVS back right now I think the answer would be yes immediately didn't stutter quickly before you even finished your sentence 10 times out of 10 of course I'm not sitting here saying Valdez scantling is Tyreek Hill I'm saying they can still beat you deep and they can still do whatever the hell else they want down distance doesn't matter to this team man and there was Nick Bosa back there and they did have Trent Williams back and Frank Clark did go right around him to end the game for a safety that kind of wrapped it up because when the Chiefs watched the Niners get within five and then they scored again and then that was the end of it that was a wrap Chief's got it done and now I'm already hearing already hearing it's the AFC despite how deep the AFC West was right despite how Deshaun Watson's now in Cleveland and by the way two and five in the first seven without Watson they can't get him back fast enough and by the time he gets back season may be over and we're seeing an AFC East that's a lot more stout than we thought but the Bills are still ruling that race despite the Jets having as many wins as we're currently talking as the Bills and the Titans did what the Titans do which is start 0-2 and now they've won four in a row and nobody's paying attention to them because other than Derek Henry who do you have from the Titans on your fantasy team and it's a fantasy football driven world we live in I told you not to sleep on the Bengals and you better not do it now because guess who's coming the Bengals Joe Burrow has put back-to-back MVP style games together the defense okay the defense is still doing its thing certainly in the second half I know Atlanta was banged up but what you're supposed to do against banged up teams is beat the crowd out of them the Bengals are the last team to beat the Jets okay after the Jets fell to one and two they've won four in a row Bengals were the last team to beat them and guess who's coming for both the Bills and the Chiefs the Bengals are on their schedule Buffalo sees them in week 17 and Kansas City sees them in week 13 so they'll have a say they'll have a say still I'm not going to sleep on them at all Jamar Chase is beginning to get moving they still haven't even run the football very well either and still Burrow has too many guys in his lap but this team dead in the water at 0-2 right they were supposed to be finished at 0-2 and I know the Ravens got them but the Bengals still damn near won that one look out next up for the Browns is this guy in Cincinnati on a Monday night in week eight look out after that it's Carolina then a bye and then they're at Pittsburgh on a Sunday night before they go to Tennessee that'll be a fascinating game and then they after Tennessee go to Kansas City Bengals should not be overlooked just because they're in the Bengals should not be overlooked just ask the Chiefs how the Bengals tasted from December on last year didn't go down very well maybe you know I still think it's the Bills world we're paying rent but it's not a two-team race the Bills have already beaten Tennessee and Tennessee can say well we weren't that same team that we are now they haven't lost since that game in week two they've won four in a row as well but if I had to put a marker on another team that's gonna join this Chiefs Bills party I would choose the Cincinnati Bengals you're defending AFC champs and that's not just because Joe Burrows coming on this show Wednesday I would have said it otherwise Mike Florio coming up hey gents let's talk Halloween for a second what is your favorite Halloween memory nightmare before Christmas performed live at the Hollywood Bowl walking with your kids it felt so magical and after they've got their candy and they walk away so pure do you the dad inside the house is handing you a beer my dad when I get home he would have me like empty out all the candy to make sure that it's safe and it wasn't until I was about 35 that I realized what he was just eating my candy rude what's your favorite Halloween costume one year I was Matthew McConaughey's character from days to confused one year I was like I would like to be roadkill how long costume was a plastic smock and then a really scratchy plastic mask I mean you was styling if you have one of those Aquaman the plastic mask cutting into your eyes and then you get that little hole in the mouth to breathe through all night long what's your favorite Halloween candy what's your favorite candy anything Reese's Snickers bars it's all the food groups you got caramel yes candy corn I love wait really I'm one of the small percent of people who actually really enjoys candy corn it's a bad rap thank you so much everyone happy Halloween happy Halloween from the cumulus podcast network make sure to subscribe and follow us at slash cumulus podcast candy corn is terrible it's atrocious it shouldn't be allowed it's not a candy ooh happy Halloween
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