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REShow: Chris Long - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 17, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Chris Long - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 17, 2022 3:12 pm

Rich recaps the Buffalo Bills’ big Week 6 win over their AFC nemesis Kansas City Chiefs led by otherworldly QB Josh Allen, and comments on Jalen Hurts’ leading the Eagles to victory over the Cowboys and says why Dallas has a lot to hang their hat on despite the loss. 

Two-Time Super Bowl champion Chris Long tells Rich why Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills are the team to beat, his takeaways from the Philadelphia Eagles’ Sunday Night Football win over NFC East rival Dallas Cowboys, why Tom Brady is not the problem with the struggling Tampa Bay Buccaneers, why the 5-1 Minnesota Vikings are more legit than the 5-1 New York Giants, and more.

Rich reacts to CBS Sports’ Ian Eagle coming through with a promise he made on last week’s show.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Rich Eisen Show, today's guests. Bronco's quarterback, Russell Wilson. NFL Network analyst, Steve Mariucci. Plus, two-time Super Bowl Champion, Chris Long. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, indeed. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. After one of the greatest sports weekends we have seen in 2022 from college and professional football and major league baseball playoffs, and the excitement from beginning to end from the minute we went off the air on Friday to this very moment, and they were getting set for a big-time AFC West Week 6 finale on Monday Night Football between the Chargers and the Broncos, just up the road in SoFi Stadium. And joining us later on in this program is indeed the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson.

I'll be sitting in the Westwood One host chair for the pregame and halftime tonight between the Chargers and the Broncos. And it is just going to be a fun three hours today right here on the Roku channel and The Rich Eisen Show Terrestrial Radio affiliate. We say hello to all of you and those listening also on Sirius XM, Sirius Channel 218 XM 202. The app number is 992 if you're listening to us digitally there. We're also heard on the Odyssey app, the YouTube stream, slash Rich Eisen Show, everything that's been going down on this show for eight plus years. And also, if you miss portions of today's program, you can go to our YouTube page or sit tight right here on the Roku channel 210 because we re-air throughout the entire day.

Steve Mariucci is making his way to the studio. My NFL game day morning compadre will be here at the top of hour number two. Chris Long in his usual Monday spot will be joining us momentarily. Overreaction Monday and more. Christopher Brockman, how are you over there, sir?

Rich, I'm great. This feels like one of those days where we could do six hours. There's so much happened over the weekend.

Absolutely. Major League Baseball playoffs, big game tonight. You guys and so I'm ready to roll.

Let's do it. Yeah, we're gonna have a new World Series champion as the Phillies made the NLCS and then the Padres bounced the 111-win Dodgers. Crazy. And they'll be playing for the right to take on either the Astros or the Yankees or the Guardians and that's a game five that goes down tonight in the Yankees and the Guardians series after Josh Naylor rocked people people to sleep and then Garrett Cole earned his pinstripes last night with easily his best big-time performance as a Yankee to date and we'll discuss that on the program. Your Syracuse Orange took care of business. They're still undefeated. We're ranked 14th. My Michigan Wolverines are sitting there after dismantling Penn State which is something that I find, what's the word for it, delicious. And good to see you DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. I got caught up. I got caught up.

Because there is so much to review and talk about. Like the candle, TJ Jefferson, how are you, sir? I mean the candle's lit. It smells like strawberry pound cake so we got that going for us which is nice. By the way, you might have to douse that before Mooch comes in here because he might think that that's actually real food rich. Yeah, be careful.

Don't feed the animals. And congrats on the big win on Saturday. I tell you this much, your two running backs, they're good. They're good and their post game interview was great. I like those two.

I do like those two. You're talking about some great running performances throughout the entire weekend that we saw and all of college football. Tennessee beat Alabama and then took the goal posts all the way down to the river and threw it in the van down by the river. That was amazing.

They threw it in the water. And then. And then and then. So lots to talk about.

So let me just jump into it right here. I cannot imagine how over the moon Buffalo Bills fans must be right now because in the last several years since he's been in the league, Patrick Mahomes has been held up and rightfully so as the dream come true that can drop in any team's lap and change their fortunes of decades of mediocrity. Despite bursts of excitement and optimism, but for a 50 year period, the Kansas City Chiefs went from winning a Super Bowl early on in their careers and then trying to just damn win one playoff game, right?

Despite having some successes. And Mahomes was held up as that guy and the jewel who wins a Super Bowl and a Super Bowl MVP and then a league MVP and where, you know, when will we see another? And every other team looking at that who had years and years and years of waiting and hoping, not getting that quarterback, despite the years of waiting and hoping. And it sure looked like the Buffalo Bills were going to be one of them.

And they got on the night of the draft in 2018 supposedly the third best quarterback with the Browns taking Baker Mayfield first and then the Jets taking Sam Donald second and then sitting right there for the Bills to take. It was Josh Allen and even that night it was just like, okay, big kid, big strong arm, not accurate. Nobody really saw him play colleges there in Wyoming, right? Nobody saw him play.

50 percent completion percentage, right? What's he doing there? If he was so damn good and out of high school, why would he be going there playing his football there?

Now he's the king of the world. He is. There's no question. There's no doubt. He is the paragon of who you're hoping for now.

We look up paragon real quick. He is the personification of who you're looking for. He is the standard of you are hoping on your football hope chest to get your Josh Allen. The guy who can beat you with his arm, beat you with his legs, beat you with his heart. And what he now has, what he now has, and he had it before and even if they lost yesterday, and the Chiefs had a chance to win this football game as we all know, but what he has now, and we saw it yesterday in this game twice, is the air of invincibility and inevitability.

Where you know it doesn't matter down distance. You know he's got the ability to come get you. You know. And in the case of yesterday, at the end of each half, he went and did it.

Went and did it. And the Chiefs defense came out balling. Man is that Nick Bolton good or what?

And that's the guy I choose to point out. I know that they've got guys up front like Chris Jones and Frank Clark, but that kid is really good at the linebacker spot. Really good. And they didn't even have a touchdown. And they're down 7-3. And there's a minute and change to go into half and he's standing in his own end zone. And normally you'd be like, okay, just don't turn it over. Don't make a mistake. Don't make it worse. Don't give the ball back to Mahomes in good field position.

He's going to come get you because that's what he does. And they just go 96 yards. Like it was nothing. 96 yards.

Just like cool. 96 yards in seven plays. And a buck 13 right before the half. Now Harrison Butker kicked a 62 yarder because the Chiefs then went ahead and did to the Bills what they did to the Bills at the end of the game in the regulation last year's playoffs. Which is take this minuscule amount of seconds and go and score. And that's what Mahomes does to you.

And that's what normally messes with your head too. Certainly if you're an Arrowhead and you've had your last two seasons end in Arrowhead. And sure enough Mahomes takes the lead again on this Bills team. And then the Bills down 20 to 17. Allen puts together a 12 play 76 yard touchdown drive in which you're thinking to yourself, because this is the normal standard way that football fans think. Because they don't usually have a quarterback as generationally brilliant as Josh Allen. And an offense suited with playmakers around him. And an offensive line that can protect him.

Even though sometimes he doesn't care about protecting himself. But I mean he normally you would think, okay just go kick a field goal. You'll tie the game.

We can have another overtime right? But suddenly they keep moving the ball down the field. And moving the ball down the field. And you're thinking, oh my god are they going to score a touchdown? And then he leaps over Justin Reed. How many cheats can this man hurdle?

Answer two. One last year. In a loss by the way in a regular season. And then one this year.

Okay. Hey touchdown. And then the Bills defense. Taron Johnson makes a play because Leslie Frazier's defense is pretty damn freaking good too. Even though they finally, finally gave up more than seven points in the second half. They'd only given up seven points in the second half all the way through to this game. And you knew Mahomes was going to score on them. And they made a defensive play and made a winner out of the Bills.

24-20 is your final. Juju Smith-Shuster with his best game as a chief. And Kelcey did his usual thing. Didn't get in the end zone.

Von Miller. Von Miller came up with a huge sack of Mahomes that led to that game-winning drive I told you about. Put it in the end zone.

That's what you do. You put it in the end zone on the Chiefs when you have to. And this time they came up with a defensive stop to end the game. And now the Bills have that calling card in their back pocket. Chiefs are still the best team in the AFC West.

There is no doubt about that in my mind. And can absolutely go into Buffalo in January and win that football game as we all know. But it helps for the Bills to do that in Arrowhead yesterday in week six.

And what this does is does give Josh Allen that leg up on an MVP chat. So I'm not going to sit here and eviscerate the Chiefs because that's what you do to a team that loses in the NFL. And you lionize the team that wins certainly in a regular season game that has this much at stake. And I have spent the last several minutes lionizing the Bills.

But I've done it since day one when we started playing football this year. And what the Bills have done is went into Los Angeles on a night that they raised a banner and handed out those satellites they call rings and win that game and punking the Rams. And I know the Rams are just three and three now and needed to really pull victory out of the jaws of defeat against an interim head coach yesterday in Carolina.

But on the night of banners being raised and rings being handed out, you don't know that. So the Bills did what they had to do there. They destroyed the Tennessee Titans on a Monday night too. Put Malik Willis in the game in the third quarter of that one. They went into Miami and despite being so banged up on the back end, damn near won the football game anyway.

Last time Miami's won by the way was that game. They went into Baltimore. They got some help yeah on a terrible roughing the passer penalty which turned out to be a canary and quite the coal mine. But the Bills still came out with the win there against Baltimore before destroying Pittsburgh which somehow bounced back against Tom Brady yesterday. And then doing what they did against Kansas City. They sit on a bye. They've got Green Bay at home. You just saw what the Jets did to Green Bay. And how about this game now having some importance? Week nine at the Jets.

That'll be another time where somebody's trying to come at the King. We'll see what the Bills do on that one. And I profit to say that they will play a heck of a football game because that's what they do.

They don't show up and fold. There's no holes here. What a win. Now I do want to touch on the Sunday night game a little bit here. The Eagles are clearly the class of the NFC through six weeks.

Something I didn't think I would be saying. I definitely thought that they would beat the Cowboys in this game going into the season because TJ I picked the Eagles to win the division and you can't win a division without winning all your home games in division or it becomes that much tougher. I certainly didn't see Cooper Rush being the quarterback coming into this game on a four-game win streak I might add. And what the Philadelphia Eagles did is kind of what they normally do which is play a heck of a second quarter to really put you down and out and then struggle to maintain that lead before hanging on.

And that's what the Eagles did yesterday. They picked off Cooper Rush three times and Jalen Hurts had a nice night with AJ Brown. Miles Sanders got in the end zone just like Brown as well. The running game was stout and when Lane Johnson went out with a concussion that's when Micah Parsons became unleashed and the Cowboys put together quite a run down 20-3 and made it a 20-17 ball game but when you are a championship quality team trying to stay undefeated as the lone remaining undefeated team in the NFL you put together a drive like Jalen Hurts and the Eagles did. 13 plays, 75 yards, seven and a half minutes that put this thing in the oven.

Fully baked and out came an undefeated cake because the Eagles the Eagles wound up picking off Cooper Rush right after it and that wrapped it up 26-17. And the Eagles I just sit here and I watch them and you know I love Jalen Hurts and I love the fact that they're so diverse in their offense. That play that they ran twice to AJ Brown one for a touchdown one for a first down where they kind of move him in motion from right to left and then he comes back from left to right and Hurts is rolling out with him and it's a two-man game. You either come get Jalen Hurts and leave AJ Brown open or you go cover AJ Brown and Jalen Hurts can come run past you and Micah Parsons was that guy in the middle. Put the best defensive player in my mind in the NFL in a bind twice and it worked out one for a touchdown one for a first down. It really is fascinating to watch this offense but I am wondering what does happen if somebody douses the run game on him and that'll be some of the questions that I will get answered. We'll all get answered but for the moment the Eagles are the best team in the NFC and I will tell you this in the same way that I will not and did not say criticize the Chiefs for losing that game. TJ Jefferson you and the Dallas Cowboys fan base that was as good a loss as you could have expected last night. I'm telling you what that was that was as good a loss and I you can't win them all you can't win them all no and you certainly can't win them all on the road in division you already got a win over the Giants who are now a game in front of you because they had a monster finish to their game against the Ravens turning Lamar Jackson over twice in his last two possessions to come out with the win. Hey fell down early Cooper Rush had his carriage turned back into a pumpkin yeah and they still made a damn close game out of it put a huge scare in Philadelphia and didn't come up with the win but they can hang their head on a nice second half very much and this is now the perfect time for saying this is exactly where Dak will take this team they won't fall down one would think 20 to 3 in the first place but if they do he adds a certain element to this team and a dynamic that Cooper Rush doesn't have that next gear Dak's shown that he has it's his team and he's going to come back and they can say when they face each other on Christmas hey we almost beat you in your house with Cooper Rush and here comes Dak taking on the Lions and the Bears oh my because I'm assuming he's coming back he had a really nice workout before the game all eyes on him he threw it well he got through it well then there's a bye week and then they're at Green Bay and it's kind of like after you saw what the Jets did in Lambeau Field why can't Micah Parsons and the rest of them come and do that to Aaron Rodgers too two very winnable games coming up I mean absolutely right and and and and and and and the quarterback controversy that never really was is over this was the perfect transition and now you can say to Cooper Rush attaboy you say thank you bro thank you because we have we are two games above 500 handed it back to Dak when we were one game under 500 when you handed it to Dak from Dak to uh when we you took it from Dak and all's good there are two and a half games behind Philadelphia but there is a lot of football to be played you'll see them again and let's see what goes down problem is the Eagles and the Giants schedule over the next month is really winnable games for both of them but same thing for you yeah I mean we can't worry about them we just got to win our game I you know I'm sitting here thinking the Cowboys that's is you could have that's that's how you drive if they could have drawn it up that way they would have and then obviously they would want it over one but yeah I mean I hear that the Eagles rushed so well yesterday they only rushed for two more yards than the Cowboys I mean the Cowboys ran the ball well yesterday themselves so let's take a break Chris Long's gonna join us to uh hit on all these subjects including Tom Brady losing in Pittsburgh and airing it out on his offensive line and I wonder what he thinks of that and everything else from week number five we come back the green light podcast host and two-time Super Bowl champ in his usual Monday spot does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day dove men plus care dry spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection let me repeat that 48 hours of sweat and odor protection use it and don't even think about it also dove men dry spray contains doves unique one quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin try dove men plus care dry spray goes on 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in one place right now net suite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to net suite dot com slash rich radio right now net suite dot com slash rich radio net suite dot com slash rich radio joining us here and as usual monday spots so much to talk about my good news certainly after this weekend the green light podcast hosts get it where all podcasts are acquired one of our favorites on the mercedes-benz vans phone line once again two-time super bowl champ chris long how you doing chris i'm good man how are you great what a weekend i mean what an incredible weekend of sports and uh let's just dive right into it what do you think of when you watch josh allen play football chris honestly um we were just talking about it i i don't know if there's a guy and maybe it was a guy on the other sideline that i trust as much as uh josh allen getting the ball needing uh you know a touchdown at the end of a football game by the way great drive to finish out and then great drive to finish the game i mean on the road guys at arrowhead are getting jumps that are crazy there's dudes in the backfield before the ball snaps so it's so loud like i was at that playoff game last year uh that 100 point playoff game um and and it was just electric you can't appreciate it watching tv and for josh to do that um and for me uh watching that game not really having a doubt in my mind that he's going to go get six it's just the guy's incredible because a lot of times in situations like that when you have four downs you have to get conversions people get bogged down because the pass rush collapses the pocket collapses they lose sight everybody's covered and josh he's got that option to extend every play and not just to throw to tuck it and run for 40 yards and it's like cam newton like on steroids man i i've just i've never seen anything like it it's a lot of fun to watch and that game's awesome too i got a hot take for you i'm way more into a 24 20 game than i am like 47 41. huh uh that was fun for me watching those two teams have to figure it out offensively a little bit every possession is more important yeah i agree rather than just a shootout where it looks like you know two eight-year-olds hopped up on a bag of skittles playing a video game you know like i i i agree with you you know like this game and i thought it was neat as well that this rematch of that shootout began with two red zone turnovers one by each quarterback one fumble one interception and that there was a struggle it was just 10 points being scored in the first half of that game till we saw a little bit of what we saw last year which was the last two minutes having uh quite a bit of action within it and i'll be honest here's another hot take for you uh and this is the way i kind of opened the show here maybe the team that could best beat the bills isn't in the nfc it was a team that they played yesterday maybe that's it and would you agree with that so maybe so i mean the eagles um are real good and it was like we got to see the best of the afc and then we got to roll right into the the best of the nfc with the eagles um and i'm i'm just i'm really impressed with with buffalo's defense that that for me is they can play a whole different brand of football i mean they've always had a pretty good defense but it seems like this year is really coming together and bon miller who obviously forces a field goal um then he then he shacks him to get him off the field and then you know the last possession flushes mahomes out and you you know the rest with the pick i mean like adding that piece um is huge matt malano is legitimately one of the i mean he's got to be the most fun off ball linebacker in the league to watch right now um he just makes difficult plays look so routine you know whether it's a tackle in the flat or you know coverage um he's just all over the field you know up at bc they got a conveyor belt of these just football machines you know you went from kikui to this dude they're i so fun man um he's a great player and that defense is really fun first level second level third level the safeties um really good team no doubt about it and chris long here on the rich isin show and and watching the eagles come up with that huge fourth quarter drive to quelch the cowboys comeback and then make that pick of cooper rush to end the game if not the cooper rush quarterback controversy conversation that's been going on for about a month it it was incredibly impressive and they are the best team in the nfc no question about it but it just led me to think what happens if they do face a team that they can't run the ball on what's going to happen then do you have any concerns on that front chris long no i mean i don't know who that team would be i mean there's some tough teams out there up front and everything but the eagles can give you so many looks and look at the way they came into the game last night game plan for parsons which you know has been kind of a big deal has been made about it but a lot of the first half keeping him off balance and sometimes a player who and i don't think there's a i can kind of one hand the players that i've seen uh since i came in the league and have been retired defensively that had instincts like michael parsons like his instincts are so great he's so good reacting he's obviously a brilliant player and that defense is probably more complicated than we know but when you make any great player have to stop his feet widen his base to start a play and stand in space and think about it a qb pole or aj brown coming across the formation um as they they did early with him and he probably should have blown aj brown up because that's what we're kind of coach to do on those you know a little shallow crosses across the formation um you know they they are uh they're giving you a lot of looks defender and not to mention you have guys that can at least survive against michael parsons and i believe the best left right tackle in the game uh maybe the best tackle in the game right now uh with trent williams out uh is lane johnson so they got my lot of back last night you lost lane the second half with concussion things are a little hairy for him uh but i think hurt sanders gain well running the ball on that one drive like even their run game is in one dimensional so they do a lot uh and and for a defense to react to everything they can throw at you it's kind of scary and jaylen hurts man he just he's got it i mean like he just has this it factor i trust him you know i think he's he's a brilliant cat um and i think he says and does all the right things and he just seems like the ultimate team guy so this is a team that's playing with a lot of resolve a lot of juice i don't know where their big challenge is going to be coming up i mean you know inevitably things get complacent there's a bad matchup but they're going to be favoring every game and that christmas showdown for the you know against the cowboys is going to be crazy and if you're the cowboys honestly you got a second half to hang your hat on no doubt they're going to be talking about hey we we played better in that second half we got things under control um we're going to get back back it's the perfect segue right cooper rush not you know not being able to to have enough to beat the team that you have to beat because you don't have to beat the rams you don't have to beat you know any of these other teams that they've been playing the last four or five weeks you have to beat the eagles and uh they've got lions uh at home they got the bears at home and then they got a bye week so the cowboys have a chance to really round in the form in the second half of the season they got to feel good about that second match up i mean there were things on tape there that they can definitely uh hang their hat on chris long here on the rich eyes and showing his usual monday spot so let's let's talk about the rest of the nfc because you just mentioned how the eagles know they don't have to beat the rams in order to get where they want to go and you could throw both bay teams in there now green bay getting spanked by the jets and then tampa losing a game in pittsburgh that one would think they they they should have easily won now obviously that's it's easy to say that from your couch as i or from this desk but my question for you about that tampa loss in pittsburgh involves brady one would and your former teammate of his and the one thing that you could never question about tom brady one of the many there's many things is is him being a beloved teammate and watching him bark at his offensive line yesterday chris i couldn't help but think is there at all in your thought process anybody on that team any of those offensive linemen that would look back at him and say you went to bob craft's wedding you weren't at the walkthrough and you're going to come at me i mean is that possible that could creep into any thoughts of any of his teammates i'm sure it could creep into somebody's thoughts because people have like really weak thoughts when they're not playing well right but like i i'm not caping for brady like i probably wouldn't have gone there like but i'm not tom brady there's different rules for different people on a friday night you know like um he's the goat and like if i'm tom or if i'm defending tom i probably say well like good luck you know you know running running out there with a different quarterback under center i mean like this is who you got he's the goat there's a lot of issues with this team and tom brady's not the issue okay like i think if you look at tampa they got whooped up front inside yesterday they got whooped when they got in the red zone um cam hayward was a beast ogunjobi was a beast um they were they were dominated in in certain short yardage situations and they don't have people to throw the ball to man like and and i said this before the season there's a thin line between having an embarrassment of riches on paper for the bucks you know they're trying to roll out they got julia jones they have mike evans they have you know gauge they have some tight ends you know like they brought in cow rudolph so on paper like there's activity like don't confuse activity with with progress because in free agency what they did is they added some pieces that like julia hasn't been healthy you could have seen that coming right um gauge is not the guy you want to be throwing to two out of three times when you got to have in the red zone right you miss gronk um the interior offensive line was not supposed to be this banged up this is a roster that if it were at full strength they'd be better off but i don't know if they have the horses to keep up this year i just don't and uh their defense is going to keep them in it and tom's going to keep them in it i think the look back at this this game and it'll be a blip on the radar um and they'll be in the playoffs but they just don't have that top gear that they've had in the past and um you can relate it to tom not being at camp you can relate to tom going to robert kraft's surprise wedding which i think is a cool move okay come to my party surprise him getting married don't make a big deal about it uh but i think the problem is with the way this roster is constructed this year you know the standard that they're trying to meet it's going to be hard to meet it with the way this roster is constructed and and and i got to tip my cap to mitch trubisky yesterday he comes in the game picky gets drilled uh trubisky got the third and 15 converts he gives the team a lot of confidence there right off the bat he converted like a third and 13 he had a third and then 10 plus with three minutes to go to clay pool he had you know a third and 11 that he picked up basically with his wheels late in that game to ice it mitch trubisky uh for a guy who's kind of been you know his approval rating hasn't always been real high and people want to pick it it had to feel good for him to come in and secure that way well that's why i wanted to ask you about brady um chris because i had that notion that i posited to you moments ago placed into my twitter timeline by multiple people yesterday and that's the one thing that would genuinely concern me is if suddenly tampa anybody anybody on that team looks at tom as they're starting to lose and there's that winning deodorant is not being sprayed enough and atlanta's now got the same record as them even though they beat atlanta just last week um i'm i'm wondering if any of those doubts could possibly creep into that locker room sure i mean like yeah in some corner of the locker room maybe there's somebody that's like and maybe it's more maybe i'm i'm out of touch on this thing but i i used to think like this like does tom brady give me a better chance to win than if he wasn't here tom brady gives me a better chance to win than if he wasn't here tom brady could be any number of places right now he could be on the mass singer he could be in like in santorini greece he could be you know uh he could be do any he could be hosting he could be replacing blake shelton on that show so they listen to people sing like i don't know what it is i don't watch tv this is the voice it's the voice chris it's called the voice it's okay yeah but like the voice he could be doing anything bro he could be in movies and he's deciding to play football now he missed a bit of camp uh his personal life is his personal life obviously there was a lot going on there more than we knew um but this is a friday night thing your owner gets married you know and i bet you he knew he was getting married i bet you if anybody knew that robert crabbe was getting married on friday night an hour flight away or you know like whatever it was in a pj i don't think this is the end of the world i think what what what sucks for the bucks is they're not very good offensively and for tom brady you know in the red zone they don't know who to throw the ball to so uh it's that simple for me i mean like if people start coming out on that team and saying hey we don't like our quarterback say okay well petition for blaine gabbard then because like once they lock the doors in an nfl season like the the gates are closed like you you're you got who you got and you got to be pretty glad you got this guy the throws he made yesterday they were up and down but one of the throws he made was incredible that ball to that tight end he put it onto blaine's left ear in the middle of the field it was one of the most incredible throws i saw all weekend ironically the rogers throw to lazar was amazing yes and these are two guys who really you know struggled like with consistency offensively and they're still making these top end throws man so i think for those two guys it's about what's going on with the offense it's not them you know and i'm not caping for these guys uh it's the offense chris long here on the rich eyes and show few minutes left with the green light podcast hosts get green light the green light podcast where all podcasts can be acquired the sports talk radio portion of our conversation has arrived sir the five and one team you believe in more the giants the vikings who is it the vikings uh the vikings are pretty darn good man um they're having fun you got kirk cousins on the on the plane like you're putting uh he's got he's got multiple chains on yeah um he's one of the guys now bro like he's he's he's no longer a qb he's a football player and like that's a serious rite of passage uh for kirk cousins because i feel like the books always been on him is like people always want more his public approval rating has never matched his production and uh you wondered like do his teammates love him like is he magnetic and you know like winning cures everything like whatever concerns you have about kirk cousins um that head coach is doing a good job uh they're doing a nice job on defense sedaria smith had 10 pressures yesterday that guy that's never good i think i read that he's costing green bay like three times more than he's costing minnesota this year so they're a good football team man they really are and then last one for you chris chris um my favorite moment of the weekend okay i mean there's so many different uh snapshots you see in an nfl weekend but it had to have been i'm sure you saw it perfect the rookie brendan schuler of the patriots getting a muffed punt and taking the football and walking it up to belicheck and and i say this respectfully sort of like you know a dog bringing uh you know uh a kill a killed rat which that right a bird right to to it's to his or her owner my dog doesn't bring rats you live in where like uh new york right i'm from new york i'm from new york city yeah you're thinking rats i'm like i know okay where i live there's no i was gonna go gift like his little stuff to a little stuffy but just seeing just seeing uh the rookie present the ball he had just acquired on special teams to belicheck and having the assistant try to head him off at the pass but not get him there in time no no we don't do that no no no no but like what did you think of that moment man what did you think of that i thought it was bill like i was talking about this on the pot like he's so charged up he's like the world's biggest jim brown fan so like when he goes to cleveland yeah he wants to play well and like obviously as my co's pointed out there was also some cleveland history with him i don't think he hates cleveland he hates the jets um i think it's more about like he wants to show out when he goes there literally he used to stop the he stopped the bus for one year i was there we went to cleveland we stopped he was just like stop the bus we got out and took like a class picture with the jim brown statue is that right is that right my man my man loves he loves like i ranked him earlier his favorite three things the naval academy jim brown and lacrosse and i think lacrosse might be because of jim brown so this is a big big deal for bill and he did stop i got a confirmation from devin accordi they stopped the statue again so this is a big deal for bill my favorite thing of the weekend was brandon graham uh hitting cooper rush and ensuring that the millions of people with eagles tickets i mean i'll get their money so uh late sunday night and i was one of them uh that was he was a great teammate to be on the field he continues to be a great teammate so i love bg man who's on the pod this week for you what do you got for me shoot man we're living one day at a time this week aren't we do we have anybody cowboy read are we oh michael irvin so i can't wait to quote about all right and our our friend your friend you're better friends with mike but i i love that dude man he's awesome he is great he's not one of the best he is he he was at my wedding my wife had known him before i i did uh she invited him after running into him in the streets of new york city two days before the wedding he said he would be there he showed up in an electric blue tuxedo sat on her side of the aisle all my friends were like what the hell is michael irvin doing at your wedding he also spoke at my daughter's baby naming you got you had a baby name we did have a baby naming um and he spoke there and spoke so brilliantly about fatherhood and family off the top of his head he is truly one of my favorite people on planet earth and you know just uh what stories you just never know rich when you meet these hall of famers and like just really special people who could just walk right past you step over you on the side of the street like he's the best he's he's just so down to earth and so cool it out when i was a young kid before i was a panthers fan because the panthers had an ex when we moved to virginia when i was a young kid we moved to virginia i became a panthers fan i was a big cowboys fan from like years one to 11 12. all right and michael irvin was one of my favorite players and so that always made a big impact on me as an adult how cool and down to earth that guy was the the few times i've run into him yeah he'll be on the show this week i love that dude you're gonna love it you're gonna love him and uh you know he's fired up i think he thinks he's getting dak back this week so do i and it's the lions and the bears and then the bi and then green bay which is a beatable team it appears right now so i think the cowboys are in fine shape thanks for the time talk about your jets go jets man well you know what i figured i was going to talk about it later in the show i need to keep hitting it but they they that was one of the most satisfying wins i have witnessed as a jet fan in a long time that was a big ass rite of passage and then sauce putting the cheese head on um was was the type of flex that the jets normally don't um don't do uh because they don't really have the standing in which to do it and you don't think they're going to do that in new england the great thing about sauce doing that is they don't have to see that team again unless you see them in the super bowl that's true it's an insider tip if you're gonna if you're gonna hot dog a team you do it when they're not in your division you don't have to see them in like november so but yeah what a weekend man look at us jets eagles michigan and virginia on a buy so perfect perfect weekend all right well said sir well said thanks for the time as always chris you're the best appreciate it thanks rich everybody check out green light podcast with chris long and michael irvin this week right here on the rich eisen show let's take a break when we come back um so much i mean i i don't even know what we can hit you know you know what we'll do we're gonna pay off something that happened last week on this program oh yeah you hear it first here and then you hear it on your television on sundays that's coming up next before moots joins us influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katie perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen all right so we're back here on the rich eisen show right here on our terrestrial radio network back on the rich eisen show you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on the odyssey app on westwood one via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by auto zone sorry that's just there's only one way i can i can say that is that the auto auto zone um well what you should do russell wilson's an hour three he's playing tonight i'll be that's right i'll be doing the westwood one um studio coverage pre-game and half how are you gonna navigate that with the big game fives tonight um i will be a professional okay i will be a professional at some point as i throw to kevin harland i'm like that was definitely not a strike you know i mean i'm firing is bad in the postseason i'll be focused i'm a professional i'm a professional and uh by the way do you miss us when you do these every monday of course i miss you all the time you want us to chime in i mean i can come over here i miss all the time i don't know where he lives but i can't i'm a lead pipe wielding professional and i respect others in our business who are and can uh take requests when they appear on this program and then deliver not everyone delivers when they do that that is a iron eagle was on this show on wednesday and we knew he was calling the ravens versus the giants and the big storyline here wink martindale former dc in baltimore is now the dc in new york and we all know you know you remember wink martindale the uh game show host i mean i asked ion of a favor well it makes sense that wink martindale is bringing the heat because he did that all the time as the host of tic-tac-toe right iron you know remember that remember they're in that dragon whenever they would find the dragon those unsuspecting players of tic-tac-toe if if i can work in various game show hosting over the course of this broadcast who who would you most want to hear which which game show host will tickle your fans wow you know there's nobody named can you look up brockman the roster there's nobody named jim perry on there right there's no jack uh what uh bill cullen is there a bill is there a cullen is there a cullen right i'm trying to go down i'm trying to go on it doesn't even matter i don't even need a name that connects yeah i mean just apropos of nothing just start dropping names when you see wink martindale it'd be fantastic i'll laugh i don't know i don't know if cbs will i'll do it for an audience of an audience of wine i appreciate that all right so uh sure enough end a game fumble wink martindale's defense causes a game-ending fumble of lamar jackson to put it on the floor and recover game over here's iron eagles call jackson loses the ball pop free the ball still rolling around the giants jump on it tip it oh with the strip big blue with a big play and for wink martindale the former defensive coordinator of the baltimore ravens tic tac doe for this giant steam i grabbed my phone and i texted that man here's the exchange i texted him i feel like we have a special bond he wrote back we do and then an hour and a half later a wink martindale game show headshot i wrote him back that he completes me oh my god did it take him that long to find that he ruminated on it he might have been busy he ruminated probably yeah i think the game was still happening actually in 41 minutes later came the wink martindale photograph legend i agree iron eagle is a legend he's a legend yes he is steve naguchi in studio when we come back here on the rich eisen show god i love iron eagle he did it the best he did it and he's perfect oh yeah noah did the amazing the uh falcons shocking of win over the 49ers to enjoy that yeah yeah we were watching that one why he enjoyed you enjoyed that for two reasons one you're you love syracuse orange collars i do and two you love coming on this program and saying kyle shanahan's seat should be hot i do i do love you love that that's one of your favorite five very things to do in a football like if you had a top five area if i had a top five list of the five things you love to talk about on the program on during an nfl season is that kyle shanann isn't all that it deserves to be very hot it deserves i don't know what the hell happened there man except the falcons are um sneaky good sneaky good they can come get you a sneaky playoff team falcons are three and three they are tied for the lead well i mean they lost to a due to tampa so they have they're in second place technically in the in the nfc south but they are three and three and the 49 i mean that's one of those where this is just a weird division the saints should have won yesterday too you know joey burr had a day joey burrow showing up to the super dome and jamar chases gamer is a way to describe the fact that he's not losing on that day that was the real game jersey it had dirt on it and everything that was his indication like okay uh we're not losing today that was a bold that's as bold as it gets for joe burrow and then he had a heck of a day 300 yards and he ran one in through through a couple including the chase mooch coming up ross matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello ross this week chelsea handler i'm not home enough to have a third dog my house keeper basically is their parent i am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move i have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do i recommend two max okay here's your foot ross hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen
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