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REShow: David Boreanaz/Paul Mullin - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 11, 2022 3:15 pm

REShow: David Boreanaz/Paul Mullin - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 11, 2022 3:15 pm

In his ‘Overreaction Tuesday’ segment Rich says if the Raiders can still make the playoffs, Josh Jabobs’ “prove it” year, the Chiefs’ offense without Tyreek Hill, and how much offensive fireworks we can expect out of the Chiefs vs Bills in Week 6.

Rich ponders how much Aaron Rodgers is missing Davante Adams this season and the guys debate if the Broncos would have been better off with a Rodgers-Nathaniel Hackett pairing than with Russell Wilson.

Actor David Boreanaz joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of his Paramount+ show ‘Seal Team,’ reveals why he did likewise as Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and experimented with ayahuasca recently, reveals why he’s a believer in Nick Sirianni, Jalen Hurts and his Philadelphia Eagles, and more. 

Wrexham striker Paul Mullin tells Rich what it’s having actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as bosses as shown in the FX series ‘Welcome to Wrexham.’

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. Nothing upsets a sports fan when they see a blown call. This is the Rich Eisen Show. A flag comes out on the play. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

We've got to get it right if we can get it right. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning, ESPN host Bomani Jones, Jets running back Breece Hall. Still to come, actor David Boreanaz plus Rexham AFC striker Paul Mullen. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We're already into playoff baseball in Atlanta where the Philadelphia Phillies fresh off of their wild card win have just taken a 3-1 lead over the defending World Series champs in the first game of the National League Divisional Series.

The Phillies fan is about to come out here from our green room. His Eagles are 5-0 and his show is entering season number six. And he directed the debut episode that aired this past Sunday on Paramount Plus. Our friend David Boreanaz is going to come out here in about 18 minutes time and lots to talk about with him, a long-standing friend of this program.

Paul Mullen of Rexham AFC which is the football club that is featured in the entertaining documentary Welcome to Rexham that chronicling the ownership of this football franchise across the pond as owned by the actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhinney. He'll be calling in at the end of this hour. It's a fun show that everyone can watch on FX 10 Eastern.

The final episode of season one is tomorrow so lots to talk about there. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial as the Philadelphia Phillies have now taken a 4-1 lead in Atlanta right now on the top of the third inning. Max Freed is getting beaten up by Philadelphia.

Get him out. The Yankees are taking on the Guardians tonight. The Dodgers are in the mix against the Padres. Fun stuff. Fun stuff. The Astros and my Seattle Mariners.

844-204 Rich number to dial. Oh I'm rooting. I mean you know. Yankees just now.

You know what? I got to stop doing that. I just got to focus on the task at hand. My own team. Your own team. Your own team. Pitch by pitch. Moment by moment.

Exactly. Nick Taturo is on tomorrow's show. I need my rest tonight. He's bringing it tomorrow.

What jersey is he wearing? I've already been picturing this outfit. It'll be a judge gamer.

It'll be a judge wife. You don't think it's gonna be a throwback? No, no.

Okay. I think he's got the new stuff. I think he's gonna bust it out. He's not sleeping tonight. Knowing him it'll probably be the same jersey he wore the last time because he thought things went well the last time and he is one of the most superstitious individuals we've ever had on this program. I could see him though like like Boomer Wells like he had like bought some old Babe Ruth or DiMaggio stuff at auction and then that's what he's wearing. Could be that.

Could be that. On tomorrow's show we also have uh Jeannie Buss returning to the show to talk about her Los Angeles Lakers. She talked about wow women of wrestling last week. This week it's the Lakers. When do they tip off against the Warriors? Next week right? Isn't it coming up? Tuesday is the tip-off for the whole league. All right here we go. Let's go. Right around the corner. Love it.

The Darwin Ham era. It starts and Russ is still on the team. I mean as of that as of right now yeah it's not what do you think it's not happening on the 11th. Maybe she'll come tomorrow and announce the Russell Westbrook trade. I'll be great for us. Be great for us. Not so great for Russ.

Would be great. Although Russ's house is for sale so you know what that means. I don't know what that means anymore. The house he just bought?

The house out here is for sale. Oh and that's the one thing too. By the way by the way also I mean his agent long-standing agent split up with him. You're not breaking up with me I'm breaking up with you and the reason why is because Russ well because Russ wanted out right? Wasn't that the reasoning?

Yeah. So he thinks he should stay and be part of Darwin and what I've never heard of anything like that. So why is he still here? The money?

They can't move him. I guess so. Hey Rich. Yes. So Chris tweeted out the video from earlier of you talking about the Raiders this morning right? Eric Stonestreet just tweeted back to us and it's just a gif of him looking into his camera. And winking. No no he winked at me last night. I got it.

I got it. He just tweeted that out. I know. He was really angry last night. He was really angry last night. He was at the game right? Oh yeah of course he was at the game. I forgot he said he was going. Oh yeah.

Yeah absolutely. You know what so many crazy ass things happened last night and the overreaction Monday segment we appreciate your viewership of it. We figured let's have an overreaction Tuesday just on last night's crazy affair in Arrowhead alone so we hit it. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage.

This place sucks. Over reaction. Can we calm down? Tuesday. All right very good. So all right Chris.

Hey that's funny. We might uh you know coming off of big time Monday night games like last night. Let's do it. Let's do it.

Let's do it. Okay uh what are the Raiders are what one and four? One and four yes. That's the last place and they've seen us. Okay you know their four losses are combined 14 points. That's true. I mean they've been in every game. So technically if somebody predicted them to win the division they weren't that far off right?

Well they're not too far off. The record was what is what now? I know you are what you are. Finish your sentence. The Raiders are still going to make the play. Oh yeah baby.

Oh yeah. There's 15 games left on their schedule. No 12. There's 12 games left on their schedule. 12. Three quarters of a season. One and four is the new one and three.

New one and three. You know that's the way I'm looking at it. They didn't they didn't even have Darren Waller last night and they almost won that damn thing. Just made too many mistakes. Let's clean up the mistakes.

Let's stop shoving people on the way off the field so you're not going to be suspended. You know come on now. Here we go. Seems like he's I'm not done yet. I think the division is flowing the coop. That I believe because you know what you never know. I don't what so dude they'd have to win all 12 to go 13 and 4. Don't you think the Chiefs are going to win 12 games this year?

Probably. Right so there you have it. I think the division is gone. If they had won last night well totally different ball of wax but one and four they're not too damn far off and you take a look at their schedule.

We went over it at the top of this program. Let's do it again here. The Las Vegas Raiders off their bye week come back home against Houston. They're at New Orleans.

They should be involved in that one. They're home again. They're at Jacksonville which is never an easy one but home for Indianapolis at Denver. Come on now at Seattle home for the Chargers at the Rams. Then there's a new a game against New England in the Belichick-McDaniel's rematch at Pittsburgh on you know on a Saturday. That's the immaculate reception game and then two very difficult ones to finish it up at home.

Nine and three. I'm not ready to throw. I'm not ready to throw them out yet at all. What else Chris? Hey remember way back in the preseason where nobody was really playing except for Josh Jacobs and it was like why is he playing so much? Is he gonna get traded? He's not gonna get traded. Actually Josh Jacobs is a top five back the rest of the year.

I think so too bro. 154 yards last night. How about him arriving with bad intentions every time.

I said it two years ago. It reminded me of Zeke Elliott coming out of college. He's big. He's physical and he the last two yards he packs a wallop and he brings it. Man he's fast. He gets top speed too. He's really really good. He just gets hurt too often. Let's come back from the bye week.

No more nicks and bruises and he looks just as good as he did. Let's go. These are very measured concepts for your overreaction. Normally you go a different direction but what else you got? What do you want me to fire? Josh McDaniel's? No.

What else you got? Well you do like to fire coaches even after a bad quarter sometimes. Certainly nobody fires people more in our text chain than Chris Bronner. Somebody should be fired every single time. Every single quarter. And how many am I actually wrong about? Zero.

I wanted Hackett gone after week one. How's that take look? Pretty good.

What else you got? All right so the Chiefs have scored 44-27. Let's throw out the Colts.

41 and now 30. Yeah the offense is a hundred percent better without Tyreke. That's a tall one man. I mean how is an offense better without somebody who is so head and shoulders above 98 percent of everybody else? Right now everyone gets involved.

I'll still say that's an overreaction. They've had one guy with four touchdowns yesterday so everybody's not getting involved. He's still there. But he only had 25 yards. It's the same way as a Yankee fan I'm like how the hell do they not know at this point how to get Jose Altuve out you know? How do they not know how to pitch to Rafael Devers at this point in time? If you're a Raider fan you're like really Kelsey a fourth touchdown?

Are you really doing this? I needed Edward to layer there so that would have been nice on the fourth one. Well he scored one that got called back. Oh yeah. That happened.

So I'll say that's an overreaction. Tyreke Hill is still the cheetah. What else you got over there Chris?

Hey last one guys. The last time Chiefs and Bills played, spoiler alert, they play next week was a really good game. 76 combined points. Doesn't look like the Chiefs can really stop anyone either.

How about Chiefs-Bills next week? I'm going over 80. Oh yes. Oh man. So many guys hurt in the secondary and we know Josh Allen is unstoppable.

80. I hope for CBS's sake that that is the case. I'm concerned about the Chiefs coming off of this game and it's a short week. So and the Bills, here's one fact about the Bills that I saw yesterday that I'm going to bring to the fore here to say that this is an overreaction and here it is.

That is yes indeed a late window game on CBS and the whole country will be tuned in. Do you know the Bills at this point in time have given up a grand total of seven second half points this year? Seven. Seven.

So let's just even give the Chiefs over the average. Okay. Give them seven in the second half? No, give them and give them 14 in the second half. Okay.

I don't know. And you're being pretty good. I'll say that's an overreaction too. I'll say that's an overreaction. And scene.

Well done Chris. You know what I would have loved to have had a GoPro watching that game last night? Not a Chiefs fan or Raider fan.

I would have given anything to have a GoPro and a sneak peek watching that game in Aaron Rodgers' living room. What is that? Why?

Why is that? Every single time Devante separated from a Kansas City corner with ease I might add. Him grabbing that contested ball over two Chiefs in the end zone going up top. Him out running. Surprisingly not getting his, I mean he got his feet down but he didn't corral the ball in time enough on that crucial third down in the final series of the game.

Seeing that I'm wondering if he just reached for another cup of ayahuasca last night watching that one. I'm going to shout out Derek Carr really too quick. That touchdown pass. Stepping up in the pocket.

Stepping up, running him on the run one foot to Devante like 50 yards. Beautiful. He played really well. I audibly screamed from the couch.

You too. Like whoa. Like literally. Yeah. You know I audibly screamed. I had a couple moments like that. But just watching Devante Adams run away from people.

What do you think? Packers win in Minnesota week one? Do they beat the Giants in London? If Devante's still on the team? I'm just, I know I just made noises but Devante's that much of a problem. I mean is it.

Not much of a problem. He might be undefeated if he was still in the team? I don't know man.

I don't know. I don't want to bring up Christian Watson's week one drop again. I'm just saying. But it's like sometimes pulling teeth watching this offense. Right now as you know I believe Green Bay's offense will get better.

Of course. As the season goes along and these young kids like Romeo Dobbs and the rest get more. They're 4-1 if he doesn't leave at least.

Mature huh? They're at least 4-1. I think they are. If not 5-1. And again whatever you know Rogers is sitting there as you know he used his potential retirement as a little motivation of saying these guys yeah it'll be part of the process when they decide whether to come back or not is how developed these kids are. More likely to be undefeated if Devante Adams stays with Green Bay or Denver had gotten Rogers instead.

Great question. Or if Dak doesn't break his thumb. We're not talking about the Cowboys. That game was over before Dak broke his thumb sir. If you want to be revisionist stop. That game was well over. Did you see the Mariners come back from seven runs against the Blue Jays? It's not over until it's over. That L was hung.

That's a great question. So Adams on Green Bay or Rogers. I think I'll go with Rogers on Denver.

I kind of think so too actually. That team is not looking good. No no. They're not looking good because Ross isn't used to playing that type of offense. Rogers is. That's Rogers's guy. Right. Good point. Everybody thought they're hiring Nathaniel Hackett to prep for Rogers's departure or arrival. Yeah remember we said that.

I would go with Rogers in orange undefeated there more than Rogers in green undefeated with Devante Adams still wearing 17 there. I'll do that. That's a good one. By the way Nathaniel Hackett just announced 15 minutes ago that Russell Wilson will start here in Los Angeles for the week six finale of Monday Night Football Broncos Chargers.

Let's rise. As we all know Russ was here last Friday getting a little surgical procedure on his throwing shoulder. Some procedure.

Pardon me. I shouldn't say surgery. Some procedure. It's a procedure when it's someone else. Correct.

It's surgery when you have surgery. Yeah. Oh damn straight.

Yeah. So what you think they'd be five and oh with Aaron Rogers? That defense has been balling out sir.

They haven't been able to score. Balling out. KJ Hamler gets it on time. Do you remember when KJ Hamler was here Rich?

What at Penn State? Do you remember when he was in studio though? I asked you this like two years ago you remember. He came with Devin Funches. That's right. I remember that. I remember that. He sat in the green room and came out. Nice kid. He's still in college. I feel bad that I keep calling him out for banging his helmet on the ground.

Yeah he was a friend of the show man. I shouldn't do that. Well this week this week no Penn Staters are friends of the show. Sorry. Sorry it's Penn State week guys. That's why it's on Big Fox at noon.

All right. And by the way welcome to Big Fox at noon Penn State because Michigan's there. We'll save a seat for you. So Penn State. Oh I saw Ohio State check out on Iowa in two weeks. Check. On big noon on Fox. I got that from my Ohio State buddies. Hey. Yeah and I said you know why because Michigan's on a bye week.

Enjoy. Ohio State plays on ABC. I don't understand the alphabets you're talking about.

Don't say that. It's not a big. ABC is not a bigger network. They just have the prime time game.

The big noon kickoff game is just as big as the prime time ABC game. Don't talk smack about Fox next to this guy. Hey.

Let's take a break. David Boreanaz is coming out here. His Phillies are up 4-1.

His Eagles are 5-0. And SEAL team's in season six. It's good to be Boreanaz. David Boreanaz is here. Our terrestrial radio audience just returned here as SEAL team has returned for season six and it's the first time it's on Paramount Plus. Welcome to the streaming world sir.

Thank you. Because we are streaming right here and I love it as well. But so it's interesting so you there are different what standards and practices different from network television that you're you're allowed to go color outside the lines a little bit in the way that you weren't before? Yeah I mean obviously network television is is such a great thing to be a part of. You know you really have the challenges of not doing certain things and still telling those stories. But when you're on a streaming network you have the ability to kind of stretch the storylines a little bit better. It's not really about the fact that you can swear and say horrible words whatever but you have to earn that as well.

You can't just go in there and start you know dropping f-bombs all over the place and say I'm on a streaming network it makes sense. No but the characters and the arcs of all these characters and special operators were able to really kind of shine a light into their into their mental aspect of what happens when they're on a mission. What happens when they come back home.

How they're treated, their relationships, how they keep them, how they don't keep them, how they struggle, suicide. Lots of lots of areas that we can go deeper in and they just market it like a movie. It's great and we shoot it like a movie so it's fantastic to be a part of and we're happy where we're at.

Seal Team available on Paramount Plus starring my friend David Boreanaz back here on the Rich Eisen Show and we'll return to the subject in a second. Your Phillies are locked in a playoff game right now. I appreciate your undivided attention to this thing even though it's very difficult for a vision again that's your directing ability right there that you can actually multitask. Very well done and then the Eagles are five and all. This is amazing what's going on with your team. You know I was very hesitant with the Eagles in the beginning of the season. You know I think Sirianni's done a great job so far. What won me over with him and I really wasn't a huge fan of his because last year he was talking about daisies in the locker room and saying we have to you know.

Water and fertilize. That doesn't work in Philadelphia. I'm sorry man it really doesn't. But after the Detroit game he was high-fiving the fans in the back. Like he actually went back in the stadium he's high-fiving them says because of you guys we came back and we won this game. And I think that intensity level seeing that was that's a blue collar kind of mentality.

Sure you can show up and wear the t-shirts that say you know Harold Carmichael or Bill Bergey or what that is or love the city of Philadelphia but you really have to be that true essence of what Philadelphia is. It's so blue collar deep ingrained you you want to throw batteries at Santa Claus you know after looks in the game. But he won me over and Jalen Hurts was the same. I was not totally bought in on Jalen Hurts you know at the end of the season he progressed but I think what we're seeing here is just this fantastic consistency from him and he backs it up with his hard work and I think that paid off this past summer. Hard work and I think with him it's about an obsession.

Like obsession really is the aspect of an athlete. If you are obsessed you can just outwork anyone and he has that obsession going on right now and it's fun to see it's great to see our defense playing good. You know I'm excited for the Cowboys to come to town and get their ass whipped.

I'm excited about that. It's all right TJ it's all right. TJ calm down. It's okay TJ it's okay he's got what you got your your cowboy okay Cowboys versus everybody understood.

Yeah that's nice it's cute isn't it? It's okay you can clap back just understand that you got Jase Hayes to deal with if you. I don't want those problems. I know you don't want that. I got a Blackhawk stationed out we can rappel down take care of you in a matter of seconds.

Honestly you wouldn't even know what hit you so fast. It's almost kind of like our D line coming at you. Oh but you know David you're a guest I want to be you know I don't want to be disrespectful. It's Penn State week you can talk about Penn State's Micah Parsons.

Three and seven in their last 10 against the Cowboys and you've been out scored let me math isn't my thing but 109 to 64 in the last three games. Right living in the past right. Well that's all we have to go by. Those that do Hiyahuasca don't live in the past. What a segue that is right Matt? Let's journey down that path. All right okay we're gonna we're gonna positively visualize. So that was one of the things you dropped when you sat down and I maybe I shouldn't use that word when we're referring to Hiyahuasca you have you have uh tasted the the fruits? The journey yeah plant medicine was quite a remarkable extraordinary experience for me um I did it this past May and you know it really is a journey it's you kind of are called to it it's not something like I'm going to pick out and do maybe some do some don't I'm not here to like say you have to do plant medicine in order to understand your true self or whatnot everyone has their own thing but yeah for me it was a it was quite an extraordinary journey of doing this for five days in Costa Rica five days yes that's how long it lasts we did it every night ceremony every night which was great and then you also take classes which was a fantastic experience throughout the day you have a better understanding of what it's all about the effects of it and the people that are around you and the shamans are you know quite a a group of people I mean they really are very unique in their own way um so for me it was really understanding about being in the now you know like being present and rather than just you know festering on the past or so worried about the future um and uh it was just a great overall experience yeah I saw a lot of a lot of crazy things okay so um so when you hear Rogers talking about it yeah you totally get what he's saying totally understand it I think when you have an understanding and like say if you had done it or one of your fellow cohort workers have done it you're assuming I don't know you could be in the room and you can totally get it when you mention it you can look at that person and say I've traveled that and I know it and it's this unique kind of um communication that you have with the other person and I don't know if that's maybe the third night because the aliens visit you I do not know if it's the second night in your purging over a bucket for two and a half hours I don't know is that what happens oh yes yeah you have a mattress you have a bucket a roll of toilet paper at the end of your mattress how do you take it dude it's a it's a you know it's a ceremonial drink it's like in a it's almost kind of like like doing espresso double espresso the way I kind of look at it that's kind of tastes a little bitter okay and uh you know you clear your mind you set your manifestations and you drink the Hiyawaska cup and it's a you know it doesn't taste great but you know we're talking about medicine that's from the indigenous group of people from so many thousands of years ago the last night we did a medicine called Yahye which is 5,000 years old and they called the grandmother of medicines why is that what's your grandmother I don't know if you want to quite honestly I don't know if you want to I mean my front that maybe my grandmother played canasta I don't know if that's what happens you know with when you're on the grandmother of Yahye Yahye which was I think from midnight run Yahye we always said that to people hey hey man so so um all right so when Rogers said this week again this week when Jair Alexander said hey um don't worry about the defense but if we lose next week to the Jets then I will and he's just say hey we don't need to be talking negatives we should be positive manifestation and people are like what this is is this an offshoot of what you're talking about same concept man Michael Jordan hit the court man he manifested it he was so present in the moment which was why he was such a great athlete and basketball player you can see it in their eyes I mean athletes go and some athletes go and do this PGA golfers do this they want to line their matrix because you do see the matrix and the lines which is fantastic you really do yeah it's amazing yes yeah you do so you can adjust that a lot of NASCAR drivers do it you know big fortune 500 guys do it I mean it is quite an extraordinary experience I keep saying that because it's really hard to explain but I can understand Rogers mentality to it is like okay you lost the game so what are we gonna do as sports people we love to talk about it and show the mistakes and see all that and they learn from that and they grow from that but they're they're in the now and they'll worry about that next week it's I mean it's very Bill Belichick too right he doesn't want to talk about certain things he's very cued into what's happening presently with his team and his players down to down snap to snap yeah man and that's the way it should be I mean I mean for me it's that I mean I tapped into that and I get it I get it more being a big huge sports fans and growing up in Philadelphia you understand it even better now you know you have the ruthlessness of the audience coming at you you got the press coming after you you know after a bad game whether it's you're in the New York market or the Philadelphia market's tough and an athlete has to be you know has to be callous to that you got to run the water off the back like a duck bro and keep rolling right stay in the now do your thing and I think that Jalen Hurts has that mentality I don't want to be known as five and oh right now right I just want to get out there and continue to grow learn go through my my routes my progression and it's great to see that you know and you can see how the team is building around that you know from all the Batman talk with the defense yes right all that fantastic where that's that's bringing the team together I mean that's a true leader you know and I think that that's exciting to see and especially in a team like Philadelphia to see they love that seal team season six on paramount plus David Boreanaz here on the Rich Eisen Show and I love Jalen Hurts' story man I just love Jalen Hurts' story about what happened to him in college and how he stuck around anyway he sat there watched Tua take his job on a night yeah that they celebrated the ultimate celebration and then stuck around didn't transfer did transfer eventually got a shot went to Oklahoma gets drafted in Philadelphia people are like why are you even here with Wentz on the Wentz on the team he eventually gets in there and people are like well you only get your shot because Wentz is so untenably bad yeah you get your shot here and then he gets his shot and then he's benched in the last game of the season for something we still don't understand why yeah he does get his shot last year takes the team to the playoffs and then a lot of folks are wondering if he could still do it anyway and now he's a rock star he is a rock star in this league because it comes from the foundation right it comes from the growth and going through that progression of it and understanding it too like you have to be in that process of it and he he fully bought into it in the summer I mean you could see lots of athletes come out of the summer regardless of the sport and so you can tell either they they're in it or they're not in it yes right and you automatically can tell that you know and I think that that's what makes up a team and then to push the AJ Brown button for him he said he was on the phone with AJ Brown on that draft night because they knew each other didn't he tell a story about going against each other Alabama and Mississippi State and Ole Miss pardon me I don't keep saying Mississippi State for him and Ole Miss telling those stories about that now he's with him and he's got his another Alabama kid the kid who caught the touchdown pass from Tua in that game in Devante Smith that guy is now his teammate can't make it up I do love the run game I love Jason Kelce yeah I love him and what he is and and we had Darius Slay on the show two weeks ago my man Slay man he knows like hey listen they got they have the jam and they got the depth like their offensive line is they're just stacked I love how you referred to my man Slay because I referred to him over and over again as Darius and he says it's Slay yeah and then he would go on his answer and I just thought he was using that as just a terminology for his chi his mantra of life and I said all right I'll bite what is your definition of Slay he goes no just call me Slay it's Slay respect that because I'm like I had no idea what he was doing I said I went to the Coming to America mama named Slay I'm gonna call him Slay it was like Brian Dawkins right he became the idiot man that's right when he played the game he put the right he put that performance in you tap into that yeah I would say Jaguar spirit yeah Jaguar spirit right yeah going back that's it sure I get it man and you know it's like it's very it's very similar to what the Seals go through right their their camaraderie you know you're going into a situation yeah as a team leader you're leading a group of six maybe even more now their teams really are made up of like 35 guys we're kind of like the small spectrum of special ops but you keep that unit together you make calls you're instinctual you compartmentalize it but you have to be trained and ready you have to understand that the person next to you is more important than the you know so the name on the back of the jersey we've all heard that cliche way too many times right that's what it's about it's it's leadership and someone know how to go against the war go to the the the one person who is struggling the most on the team pick him up and make him better that's gonna make the whole team better David Boreanaz again everyone check out seal team sunday nights on paramount plus where you can get that right here on roku and um and check out the new episodes again that debut weekly exclusively on paramount plus you're not doing fantasy anymore are you no it's just it was i had two teams going at one time it was just too much man i couldn't do it anymore i got i got too confused and i found myself like rooting for other teams i didn't want to root for like the cowboys oh come on it's difficult it's gonna be great sunday night but it's week you know what come on it's week six let's talk week 9 10 that's when things really heat up but it is it though it is we're in it man i love it i love it you've had too much ayahuasca if you're like it's just week six well there's always more to go around would you do it again oh yeah for sure yeah i definitely would does it have to be done in costa rica or that's no i mean i i mean you you know look the the ceremony itself you want to be in an area that is you know kind of in that environment sure so to speak i'm not going to be doing it like downtown la like hey let's go to langers and get the 19 it's not happening man let's go to dodger stadium that dodger stadium would turn into like the the i don't know the dome of like i don't know hell or something it would be like you'd see things and be like oh man this maybe i shouldn't have done this here in the city i love it you're like listening rogers you're like nod your head you're like you know what i respect that guy man he's got it down his soul is pure he's let's just you know let's just get some wins man i dig him more because of the because of the tea because of the tea why did you want to try this like how did this come about you know in your mind to to give this a whirl yeah you know it really is just you know i've been like kind of i was kind of studying about it being on the show and a lot of guys who are old um you know seal guys or dev group guys they use a lot of these plant medicines for pts and tbi so i kind of was tapped into it and like season two and then it kind of progressed into like getting a call to do it and that's just a personal thing i mean it's to me it was it was high boil in my world and i went in and did it and uh i'm glad i did it you know because it's painful it's the most painful thing you ever do in your life wow besides that or passing a kidney stone is horrible damn you've done that i've done that give him some tea give him some tea man some tea and an eagle's jersey there you go that'll be good fantastic fly eagles fly and the phillies uh have knocked max freed out of the game so look at that one with two men on top four wow come on everything's coming up boreanas right now huh this is nice although the only down there you go for us or the is the nhl and the flyers it's okay you got the season coming up to uh check out imd boreanas on instagram david boreanas seal team on paramount plus thanks for coming on brother thank you it's always a pleasure man always same right back at you back with more in a moment oh yeah paul mullen of rexham afc coming up back here on the rich eisen show when you open up a mercedes-benz sprinter van you're opening up more than just doors you're unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing and be your own boss and steer your own success and blaze your own trail each and every sprinter van is built designed and equipped to let you hit the open road and take on any goal you set to help you follow your own passions and reawaken that spirited of adventure and check all those big bold fun and exciting experiences off your bucket list owning a mercedes-benz sprinter van lets you live work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path they're going to take you and with 16 body types your choice of a gas or diesel engine and thousands of ways to customize a sprinter van is capable and versatile enough to help drive your ambitions wherever you want to take them so now's the time to discover what it is that moves you most don't wait unlock your potential inside a mercedes-benz sprinter while we're on the subject of unlocking potential the television program welcome to rexham the final episode of season one is going to air on fx tomorrow night at 10 p.m eastern it's available to stream the very next day on hulu and of course that's something you can get on roku this program is just a delight to watch it follows the exploits if you will of rexham afc which is a football club bought by rob mcelaney of always sunny fame and ryan reynolds of deadpool and everything else fame big movies and watching these two blokes right uh navigate their way through this world is just dynamite and here to help promote the final episode is somebody who cashes checks written by these two actors because he is one of the best uh in the business at what he does the man reached the 30 goal milestone becoming the first player in nearly 20 years to do so in a single season for rexham at the end of his first campaign fighting for the title right now currently in season in the national league fifth division is none other than paul mullen the striker here on the rich eisen show from rexham afc how are you paul i'm very good rich how are you i'm doing fine um uh thanks for thanks for calling in uh what is it like to yeah what is it like to play for rob and ryan paul it's it's wonderful it's um it was obviously quite strange at first and getting used to obviously hollywood movie stars being about but um now been a pleasure to work for the the way to proceed on television shows and interviews is just how they are in real life they're just genuine people and then we love working for them and so did you have to bring them up to speed in anything use your local knowledge paul yeah i think um it didn't show in the documentary but in during the first game that they were over i think somebody got a yellow card which is a booking in our game yes and then ryan asked me if that meant the athlete the field but sadly it didn't today and it was just uh it's basically a caution to make sure next time that he carried out a similar act it was uh mean he'd have to leave the field so that was quite a funny moment to realize that he didn't he didn't understand that but i'm pretty sure now that the then the writing to it and you know every single real list well i i know what a yellow card is i'm not i'm not completely illiterate like clearly ryan reynolds is my goodness i mean so uh did uh anything uh any other moments that uh have helped capture the city that you can can let us know how these two guys have been shown up in your town have changed things around in a way paul i think since they took over the club it really and galvanized the time in town you know as it's shown in the documentary it's a working class town and people have to work really hard to earn the money and to try and have a better life and then when the obviously the owners took over it gives the place a real lift and not just around the club they've helped them build a lot more of a profile around the community and bring all the business into the community which has helped out the local funds and i think it's shown i think it was a bit of i've been the documentary when ryan was at the game although we didn't invite rob which is he wasn't rob wasn't too happy about the um it really showed what the fans and the community think of them because they've saved this club and then taking it to new heights hopefully yeah then i i guess in that regard paul for those who have followed the uh the the documentary and the program uh on fx and then again it's available for streaming on hulu it's your journey in particular uh at cambridge united you scored 32 goals in 46 games and then you moved to rexham why did you do that why did you decide to to to go to rexham yourself paul yeah it was a big surprise for a lot of people in the country when i left obviously from playing in higher leagues to drop to rexham but hopefully it was about my family first and foremost i've got a young lad who suffers with autism so it was about being close to home for him also obviously the 12 documents had died he had paid well but well me family going and within a line account i think you can take it really far so something that's exciting like everybody else and if you want to be excited it's a word and that's still the same for me now so i just i jumped at the chance to to join a project and work for future because i can't stop ever thinking about the future so i thought it a really bold as well for me to to sign for the club with the ambitions and so where where what is your plan uh for for rexham afc what what what how do you envision um and where do you envision taking this club well hopefully we have to get out of this league first and foremost and it's it's quite strange to to explain to people but although this is obviously outside of the leagues that are higher yeah this is a lot more competitive league it's it's only one team can go up by winning the league at the end of the season and if you don't do that then you go into a 17 playoff like we did last year and you have to fight it out so over one spot extra to go up so it's really hard to get out of but once we get out of this league if we do then with rob and ryan and the way they invest in the club and the community i think they can take it as high as they want you know i know they've got blind plans of trying to get the premier league which seems very far-fetched to people but it's a dream and it's why not because in 10 years time who knows where they can be it's been done before some of the clubs and they're they're still in the premier league now look at formless they play in the premier league and they went from the bottom division right the way up so it can be done and hopefully we can we can take it as far as that all right which one's funnier rob or ryan i'm going to put you on the spot which one makes you laugh more paul it was funnier yeah they're both equally as funny but in different ways okay rob's more of a dry human he's um quite upfront and then ryan's quite a bit of a goofy humor which which is basically a bit of me both of them and well i think ryan comes across a lot more joker and intact in face to face but also you see what they look they love a laugh between them you know nothing's ever too serious and although they're really true businessmen that nothing's ever too serious for them and it's good to be around them all right paul when you first heard that they were coming on board what did you think when you first heard about that paul well when i was a free agent in the summer and it was rob my honey who called me he basically told me that they were the owners of the club and i'll be honest at the time i'm not a real movie fan i had watched always sunny in philadelphia but i didn't realize that's who rob muscle and he was okay um but but yeah i didn't i'm not really a film guy and i didn't know who they were i was just more drawn by the project for the club and then obviously after that i've got to know how famous he really was and how how recognized well-wired he was and that didn't influence my decision but when they come and you're expecting a certain type of person to come you know when obviously they're so high profile and things like that but they were the complete opposite i think they really got the fact that it was a dancewear club with a lot of community aspects to it and they really brought it to that because that's them as people if they've got real great personalities well paul i appreciate you taking the time uh out in the evening where you're calling from and i look forward to following more of uh you and your your club and welcome to rexham season two has already been cleared and i look forward to seeing the final episode of of season one uh tomorrow night and i appreciate the time greatly appreciate it best of luck to you and your family thank you very much i know i know what and how the next episode ends but hopefully uh it's enjoyable watch anyway spoiler alert no problem i appreciate that thanks for calling in paul greatly appreciate it thank you thank you very much cheers that's paul mullen striker of rexham afc check out again welcome to rexham it airs on fx again on wednesday night at 10 eastern and then it streams the next day on hulu you're right over there at six one now i mean i'm fine i'm just uh looking you go home you know i'm just yeah when you go home yeah yeah i need to make a few stops on the way home sarah tiana our friday guest flowers flowers cupcakes i think cupcakes the ayahuasca yeah i'm booking a ayahuasca trip to costa rica right now it's so funny you said should we do it it's a show and i'm like could you imagine being next to this guy on ayahuasca you're all at your i think you're kind of in your own zone you're not really aware of this man you can't stay in your own zone you're gonna be talking he's gonna be talking about hey you feel this you feel that guy hey hey are you seeing things right now 15-legged centipede i'm actually very fun under the psychedelic world i remember 99 we did this a couple times in my 80s have you done plant-based medicine oh yes have you done plant-based what say what now so when you wrapped your car around a tree hey now jeez wow wow it was also 40 years ago have you done plant-based medicine that was potato-based medicine it actually was what is happening are you seeing these aliens i mean oh come on hey hey i remember back in 85 uh we were uh at the k-quarter like that oh you guys wow i love you yes mike has done plant-based medicine with rogers like that'd be fun i'm sure he would uh opt for other uh companions on his journey i don't know man i'm fun to hang out with yeah john to turn up her nif totero in studio tomorrow duh and so is our friend from the lakers genie bus ross matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello ross this week chelsea handler i'm not home enough to have a third dog my housekeeper basically is their parent i am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move i have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do i recommend two max okay here's your foot ross hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen
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