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REShow: LeSean McCoy/Jeanie Buss & David McLane - Hour 2 (10-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 7, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: LeSean McCoy/Jeanie Buss & David McLane - Hour 2 (10-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 7, 2022 3:14 pm

FOX Sports’ LeSean McCoy tells Rich why he thinks Russell Wilson and the Broncos offense will get it all sorted out sooner or later, why the Eagles are the scariest team in the NFL, that the Cowboys should stick with Cooper Rush at QB even when Dak Prescott returns from his thumb injury, says the Golden State Warriors will be able to mend fences in the locker room after Draymond Green punched out Jordan Poole during a practice, and emphatically states why Bill Belichick owes all of his success to Tom Brady. 

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss and G.L.O.W. founder David McLane join Rich in-studio to discuss their new venture WOW – Women Of Wrestling.

Rich reveals the top 5 NFL storylines he’ll be paying close attention to next month including the 49ers, Dolphins, Eagles and more.

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Run happy. Two time Super Bowl champion, LaShawn McCoy. Plus, owner and CEO of WOW Women of Wrestling, Jeannie Buss and David McClain. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. We've got a lot of Friday fun coming up. What's more likely about what's coming up on this weekend? By the way, the Alabama-Texas A&M game that we've been talking about ever since Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban went at it during the summer. That's this weekend. Major League Baseball playoffs has begun.

We come on the air. Our number two here on Roku, along with on the Roku channel, along with the rest of our listening audience with a scoreless game in Cleveland between the Guardians and the Tampa Bay Rays. Shane Bieber is got a no hitter through four, no hits through four scoreless.

You know, I'll be honest with you. I I had totally forgotten baseball playoffs began today, you know, because the Yankees are sitting at home. Oh, you know, you and Mets fans know it starts today. You know, I mean, start on a Friday.

No, that's the way I'm starting on this Friday. Yeah, you know, it's going to go on the NHL. The NHL season begins in the Czech Republic an hour from now.

Don't forget the sharks and predators with the Czechs. Hey, Rich, Heimblom said re-signing Zander and Rafael Devers is a priority. Fantastic.

Well, you can ask Mookie Betts about it here in Los Angeles. I hate you. Hey, look, I'm just I'm just firing away on all cylinders. You know, let's do that. Let's do that.

Russell Wilson taking it on the chin today like Jordan Poole. Wow. That's how we're rolling today.

You woke up and chose violence today. I did not. You and Draymond.

I did not. Thank you so much, Amari Cooper. Jeannie Buss and David McLean, the owner of the Lakers and the founder of Wow Women of Wrestling are here. We're going to we're going to we're going to take a little bit of a U-turn from everything else that we were talking here with the owner of the Lakers and the the founder of Wow Women of Wrestling. They're here in person looking forward. But right now, let's turn the phone line.

Somebody who I haven't spoken to in a minute. one of my favorites covering in this league when he was a player of the decade back in the teens. And then, of course, you know, he's a two time Super Bowl champ.

Yeah, he is six time Pro Bowler with a lot to say right here on the Rich Eisen Show on the Mercedes Benz Van's phone line. LaShawn, Shady, McCoy, how you doing? LaShawn, how are you doing, man? I see you're fired up today. Whoa. I'm just cutting on dimes. How about you?

Wow. I'm good. I'm good. I'm happy to be on the show, man. Thanks for having me back on. What did you think of last night's performance?

LaShawn? I was I was bored. I was definitely bored, but I mean, hey, everybody's so tough on Russ right now. You know, it takes a little time.

He's not cooking yet, but I think he will eventually. Well, what do you see? I mean, you're you're a West Coast offense guy.

Clearly, LaShawn, we're all those years with Reed, Andy Reed. What are you seeing from this offense that is not cooking in the manner that obviously everyone expected? What do you? Yeah, they just don't look efficient, man. Like, oh, even some of the gimmies, man, that the quick out, you know, a lot of the easy concept routes, they're not really converting them. You know, a lot of drop balls, but then a lot of misreads from Russ. So I think it's a matter of like gelling together new first time head coach, you know, rushing in a new environment, new place.

I think it takes a little bit of time. It looks like they want to be a running, running king, run the ball. But then you have this, you know, one hundred and eight dollar quarterback, you got to throw it.

So I guess it's trying to find a medium. Well, I mean, two hundred, two hundred forty five million. You cut them, you cut them one hundred forty five million off. And that's that's the number that you're going to constantly hear in this day and age when somebody switches teams and doesn't perform well and the team that traded you is actually performing better. You know, the pressure is on and Nathaniel Hackett as well. So what what why do you think there is such anti Russ feeling on this day?

LaShawn, what do you owe that? Do you think I think I think people hate on Russ. Let's just keep it real. I think people hate on Russ.

I guess some of the way he may act seems corny to some people. Right. That's one of it. And the other thing is, you know, you pay a guy that much money. You want to see results. You want to see, you know, going forward on four for one and convert, you know, winning games down the stretch.

So I see that's why people try so hard on, you know, but I truly think it takes time. Like they gave him this money to win. But if he didn't win the first year, they're not going to get rid of him. I think that money in that contract is based on these next three, four years. We need a championship, right? We need a competitive team.

I think I think he could deliver that in due time. So what how do you think it's playing in the locker room? KJ Hamler thrown his helmet down.

He's got thirty seven career catches. And I'd never seen a receiver in Seattle do that once with Russ. I mean, I didn't see every snap with Russ in Seattle, but it just seems that maybe we even within his own walls, things aren't working out. Yeah, well, you could tell everybody's frustrated.

I've been there. I mean, we have a big expectation. You know, I remember one year we were supposed to be the dream team and we weren't, you know, and everybody was pissed off. So I could see him being a younger player, being, you know, pretty angry, getting getting Russ would think that things would change when it's not looking good. So everybody's part is frustrated. I'm sure Russ is frustrated. He probably doesn't show it the same way, you know, but I think a lot of the players are probably just angry of the situation was going on and how they're playing. Fox Sports speak co-host, two time Super Bowl champ, two time All-Pro running back with Sean McCoy here on the Rich Eisen Show.

What are you seeing that's working in Philadelphia on the opposite? Let's talk about my boy. Yes.

Oh, yes, sir. I got to go with Jalen Hurts. Jalen Hurts is really the guy that's pushing that engine, has the keys to that car. When you look at that team, honestly, not because I'm being biased, not because I'm the all time leader in Russia there, just being honest. We have the best team. I'm talking about management, head coach, um, collectively, no defense in the back still up front. Like we have it all. And I think that's what you need from a team. You might not have the best quarterback when I have the number one of the season, but we have enough collective together that we're the real deal.

And this is a scary team. I love Jalen Hurts and I love what he's turning into. I mean, he's a rock star.

I think he's a rock star. Definitely. Yeah.

Right now, LaShawn. And and you know what it's like in Philadelphia, how how how that type of performance can will will be lifted up. But what do you think is happening in Tampa?

Another spot that you you you won a championship in. What do you think is going on with TB 12 and this offense? They're two and two right now going into week five. A big game in Atlanta. Both teams are two and two.

I just feel like everybody's like panicking, right? I guess it was Tom Brady spent a lot of things off, you know, like in the off season, he missed 11 days of camp and everybody bring that up. And the team's not win. But it's Tom Brady. Let's relax.

I think the biggest issue is this getting healthy, right? He played with Mike Evans, just got back from suspension, Julio Jones and Chris Darwin. They've been they've been away. He just got them back.

So the defense is doing very, very well, you know, and I think as a team, if you had to worry about the offense with Tom as a quarterback, that's like a good thing because eventually we know he'll pick it up and get going. LaShawn McCoy here on the Rich Eyes of Joe. You know, you know, you're part of the paparazzi now, aren't you, LaShawn?

You're like flow a little bit, a little bit. No, no, no, no. You're full on, right?

You're fine. You're talking about more than just football, right? LaShawn, am I correct?

Yes. OK, let me let me put you to the test then right here. What do you what do you think of Draymond throwing that right hand at Jordan Poole? What do you think of that one?

First of all, it was a beautiful connection. I got it. I got to add that in. But that's your first take. That's your it was another show on Fox. But OK, let's keep going.

What else? But this is the thing, man, like seriously, like brothers fight, right? Brothers fight.

We don't we don't piss. We push teammates fight. The Sean Jackson was probably one of my favorite teammates.

He's one of my best friends to this day. We fought. Right. And that's what brothers do. The only thing I'm upset about is that it leaked out like that should be in-house. That should never get out. If there's so many stories that people don't know about, I'm sure the guys fought teammates, friends, best friends, coaches, you name it.

Like you you're asking gladiators to go on there and compete and fight at the high level. There's going to be some disagreements and that happens. So I don't think that it got out. It makes me like a terrible person where they probably had an argument and it after maybe a couple of days and it led to a punch. But they'll they'll be fine. Like, come on. It happens. But I mean, OK, let me bite on this one a little bit. So you and you and Deshaun Jackson actually hit fits the cuffs.

When you saw that what Draymond hit Jordan Poole, one of you got one of you hit the other one like that. No, no, no. We never got to the blows. OK. If I could have led there, you know what I'm saying?

But we never it never got that far. More like pushing and arguing. But that happens like I guess a different scenario.

We might have to blows, but I love that guy, you know. So you think him apologize, Draymond apologizing to the team and everybody knowing what he means to the team, that they can literally put that in a box and go win another championship. You think that's possible? I think they can.

I just wish that if it didn't go public with the video, I think it's a lot, lot easier to do that. I remember when when Steph Curry was hurt. Right in the playoffs and and during pool was going off.

Right. They asked Draymond about the, you know, pool, et cetera. And this is when Steph Curry would come off the bench. He said, listen, pool has to play because pool is a dog. He's a beast. And we know Draymond loves Steph Curry. He said that eventually Steph would, you know, emerge back to the player. He's healthy, but we got to get to Durham pool on the court. So that lets you know that he got a lot of love for Durham pool.

They had a difference, you know, and that happens in football and basketball and sports. The Sean McCoy here on the Rich Eisen show. All right. So who's the team in the in the AFC that you know that you you like? Who do you think is going to take it out of the AFC from here? Yes, sir. You know what? I'm going to go with the with the bills.

Right. I think the bills are super dope. They're coached very, very well. I was over there with Sean McDermott and I played with Josh Allen. So I love the bills, although the teams are looking good.

They don't look the same. Scary, explosive offense. We're used to seeing what type of deal. But that shows you how great Andy Reid is. He's still getting it done with a superstar quarterback and the play call. The play call. And he has been doing lately has been amazing. So those are like my two picks.

Nobody else you don't see. What do you think of what's going on with Baltimore? Obviously, the fourth quarter issues that they've had against the Dolphins and the and the bills aside. You know, this is a team that we could be talking about, like the Eagles. There's a lot to put aside, obviously, but you know. Yeah, I love the ratings.

I think action Jackson was amazing, right? I think that they have a chance to be a Super Bowl team, you know, a contender. It's like, you know, three, four teams that could potentially win a championship.

I think an East Division and they're one of them. I just think that they got to learn how to finish a little better, which will happen. It's only with week four, week five, so they can get that thing taken care of.

But they're a pretty good team. OK. What about the Cowboys and Cooper Rush? What do you think? What do you think? The right time to reinsert Dacus into that equation.

Listen, you might not like this because most people don't. And I guess I'm an Eagle guy, but. Cooper Rush is quarterback one.

Yeah, I'm a second. Listen, the same thing happened to Dak before, right? Where he took over for Romo could potentially be the same thing that happened to him. I think the money's a little different, so that might save him.

But this picture is. Cooper Rush goes to Los Angeles. They beat the Rams, right? Yes. Let's say they lose the Eagles because that's probably what's going to happen.

Oh, boy. With Dak, you know, it's not a guarantee that he to beat the Eagles and the Rams. So I was like, when do you think it's a good time to put him in?

Because then when you put him in America's favorite team and this dude doesn't play well, he has the same performance he had. Yes, the Bucks, 100 yards, 130 yards, no touchdowns. Interception putting only three points up.

They lose that game. Dallas said, well, hey, man, Cooper Rush in. One thing about being on the media side now and working for Fox to speak. I look at all the quotes from all the players on the team and the opposing teams. That's like a Tom Brady thing I learned from him. And all his teammates talk highly about Cooper Rush. They're confident with them.

They're comfortable with them. I look at the opposing teams. He's going pretty well as a backup. He plays well against the blitz, et cetera, has great ball placements. He makes good checks. So I'm like, dang, I think he's good because my eyeballs work. I played for a couple of years, did pretty good. I'm reading the quotes from the opposing team and his team.

It's a tricky situation because now you put Dak in there and he doesn't play well, then what? Only you would know that, I guess, huh? LaShawn McCoy, are you telling me out of all that, by the way, I appreciated the insight there, Brady's got a clipping service like he hears everything that's said about him and it's placed in his locker or something like that.

What are you talking about? I just I've learned I picked that up from him. You know, he likes it. I guess he's like sometimes, right? It's like it's a competitive advantage.

He's always trying to get back. Yeah. Oh, well, if this is if the secondary keeps saying, you know, this week we're going to a great job of trying to contain Mike Evans, you know, bump around Mike Evans, stuff like that.

Well, dang, if three of them said it, they're probably going to do that. So small stuff like that. He's always getting a competitive advantage. That's why he's the greatest of all time. You know, he probably got that from Belichick to begin with.

Probably, you know, that sounds like the two of them together with a nice little clip in service. Maybe that's it. I mean, it might be once one's a winner. Once God, it was one of them. So, oh, come on, you know, that was Sean McCoy. That's right. That's the truth.

Wow. So Belichick wouldn't be Belichick without Brady. You don't think so? Absolutely not. You're telling me you think Bill Belichick will be the same without Tom Brady? Look at it. See, I think he's a good coach, but he's not.

He's not the world leader like everybody makes him to be. Give it to Tom Brady. He almost, he almost beat the Packers with Bailey Zappi.

Sean, I mean, and got went to the playoffs, got blown up by 30 points by the bills. Right. When you when you watch it, the the the the Patriots, you're not scared of the Patriots no more. Tom's gone. Listen, I'll say this.

Yeah. If Tom Brady was there, right. And you put I don't know, I'm starting some coaches. You put a guy like Mike Tomlin there.

I think they win more than five championships. You put a guy like Rex Ryan in there. Oh, well, what a freak show on the court. Now, come on now. Come on. Come on. This is my thing. Like, come on. I've seen I've witnessed. I would.

OK, I'll give you a better example. When I was with the bills. Yeah, I've already cut Jamie Collins. And maybe the guy was like, how the hell they cut this dude? Like this dude was the best player on the defense. Right.

I guess he didn't want to find a concert. They want to find you do stuff like that when you got Brady. Right. Soon Brady leaves. Now you paying out that you paying a lot of money to to get the defensive player. I've never seen this place so much money on defense. And they're they're OK teams. They're OK teams around Tom Brady.

Matter of fact, they even give you better numbers without Tom Brady. Coach Bellacheck's a five hundred coach. That's what he is.

That's what the numbers say. I mean, you got LaShawn, I've been around the guy. Have you been around Bill? How many times have you been around Bill? Like I've been around Bill. I've been around him. What about him? I mean, he's I mean, he's next level. I mean, look, I know you could say that without Brady, he might not he might not have won as many games or championships. You could say that about what could you say about, you know, Shula, without Greasy, could you say that about anybody that's had a quarterback who is generationally brilliant?

I don't know, man. But Tom is different than anybody we're talking about. I understand. And I love Brady just as much as the next guy. But when you went Rex Ryan, that's where you lost me.

I got to be very honest with you as a diehard Jet fan. You lost me on that one. Do you think do you think that come on the patients with everyone in the championship? How about that's a better question. Well, I mean, the patients for another 20 years, would they want a championship? Yes. If you gave them 20 years, I would say yes to that. You would say no, obviously. I guess in a playoff game.

How does this work on Fox Sports one? Do we just agree to disagree? And that's it?

Or because, again, we just disengage. I love about Fox. Yes.

They let me be who I am and like confide people. Oh, you can't say that about Bill. And I'm like, well, I'm always says the numbers. The number said he's five hundred.

But he's not somebody about this. Sean McCoy, Sean McCoy, look for my number when we call again. I got I got in studio. Guess I got to get to. But I greatly appreciate your time on this busy Friday, sir. Thanks for the call. All right.

Always love right back at you at cut on dime. Twenty five. The Sean McCoy right here on the Rich Hyzen show. Yeah, I had at Rex Ryan. Yeah, he lost me there.

Yeah. Eight four four two or four rich number to dial here on the program. I've got the top five story lines I'm interested in for the next four weeks. We've already got a ton of narrative through four weeks. I've got five for four. And then you've got an hour three.

What's more likely? More likely TJ Jefferson from his pulpit will give us some fantasy advice. But when we come back, we're going to take a break from the football world. This is great stuff. Jeannie Buss is here from just down the road. The Lakers have their offices just down the road. David McClain, who created Wow Women of Wrestling, they're here together.

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NetSuite dot com slash rich pod. Welcome back to the Rich Hyzen show. Joining me, I got a couple of guests right here from just down the road where she is the owner and controlling owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers. Now also owner of Wow! Women of Wrestling and the executive producer of the broadcast, along with the founder and CEO of Wow!

Women of Wrestling, David McClain right here on the Rich Hyzen show. Good to see you, Jeannie and David. How are you guys doing? Fantastic. Thanks for having us. Of course.

Yes, absolutely. Let's just jump right into this here, because the Wow! Women of Wrestling franchise returned in 2022 with a partnership with Paramount Global Content Distribution.

How did you get involved in all of this, Jeannie Buss? You know, I've been around sports almost 40 years. And I knew that, you know, people would ask me, you know, how I'm investing in women's sports. And I really you know, what's happening in women's sports right now is it's really finally blossoming. And there are so many great female athletes because of Title nine.

And, you know, unless you're going into the WNBA or a professional golfer, there's not a lot of places for all these great athletes to have a platform to show, you know, their years of dedication, of, you know, playing field hockey or volleyball at a collegiate level. And, you know, we train them and it's just an opportunity for them to show off their talent, earn some money. And, you know, hopefully we'll find the next, you know, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, you know, give them an opportunity to shine like they do.

And then go from there after all of that, as obviously there's been a lot of go from there for Dwayne since that. So, David, you've been on the ground floor, though, of. Yes. Right. Going back to Glow.

Oh, yeah. I grew up in wrestling and then I was fortunate enough to think women needed a stage back in the 80s. And I founded Glow Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

And that had a great run of four years in syndication. And then Jeannie and I actually met when we were doing roller hockey back in the early 90s and have been friends since. And Jeannie came to one of the WOW wrestling matches right over at the Great Western Forum. And she said, I'll only be there for five minutes, David, only five. And then I'm leaving. I'll let her tell you why. And so at one in the morning, when I'm walking down through the Forum locker rooms, I see Jeannie still there with some of the wrestlers.

And she ran out to say, how do I get involved in this? This is great. You've really created something. And these girls are like real life female superheroes. And that became the tagline for branding the talent as WOW superheroes. Yeah.

And they're real life superheroes. So you're branding when you're not even trying to brand it. Exactly. It's like let me jump in here, because I thought when he he said women's wrestling, I thought it was mud wrestling or jello wrestling. And it would be something like stripes, like you're talking about the movie Stripes, something very sleazy. And so I was like, oh, gosh, I, you know, I used every excuse. But once I saw it, because I was a kid that collected comic books.

And so, you know, I would be the one that would tie a towel around my neck and pretend to be Supergirl. And that's what these girls get to do. It's character driven, larger than life, you know, good versus evil. But it's about female empowerment. And it's about women fighting their own battles against each other instead of running to a man to save them. And, you know, maybe their opinions might be misguided, but they're willing to stand up for what they believe in and they're passionate about it. And I think that's an important message for young women to hear.

And something unique, Rich, is when we did, you know, glow when we started. Yes, not that athletic. And athleticism through Title nine now, I've really seen the transformation over years of what female athletes have become. And the performers in WOW that are our superheroes now are so athletic. And Jeannie knew something else. Not only did she accidentally brand the superheroes, she knew immediately. She said, David, you're going to start to see as you develop your own talent, women that come directly from sports from college that want to get into this. And I said, really?

She said, oh, yes, because they don't have they have a limited space, a limited footprint where to go. And sure enough, today in WOW, Women of Wrestling, which any of your viewers can check their local listings and see in all of their markets across the country, there are Division one performers in WOW. Everything from Division one, divers, weightlifters, softball, the tennis team, et cetera.

And they come from college and gotten back into sports through wrestling. It's very interesting. And Jeannie saw that way before I ever thought it would happen. And when was this night at the forum? When was this? That was way back. I mean, you said Western forum.

Yes, exactly. We started it went into syndication in the 2000s. Then we took a break.

And Jeannie thought around 2015, I was working with ESPN for several years. She says, David, we've got a reboot. WOW, Women of Wrestling. The time is right. So we started it.

It aired on a cable station for a while. Then covid hit and we were fortunate enough to pick up our global distribution footprint now, which is the largest in the history of wrestling through a partnership with Paramount. And it's it's groundbreaking. I bet, as you noted earlier, I've been in wrestling a long time.

Yes. And we never had the footprint to always continue the storylines to continue the building up of who the stars are. And now Paramount has provided us that footprint. So in every market in the United States for the first glow, wasn't on except in one hundred and plus markets. And everyone knows the brand women's wrestling is on in every market in the US, and it's now on globally.

Wow. Women of Wrestling can be caught in weekend syndication, which is that's old school right there. Like they went old school because wrestling migrated to cable.

And, you know, the brains to be said, hold it. There's a great opportunity to go old school Saturday morning, Saturday afternoons, late night weekend. And what was very interesting is it's very rare in syndication today. It's original programming.

Fifty two weeks out of the year, original programming. So it's it's groundbreaking on many levels. And we appeal to families, you know, men and women. And, you know, I'm a business person. And wrestling has is has been a lucrative business and has lasted many, many decades through many different platforms. And so I wanted something that would be lasting. I've been asked to invest in a lot of other women's sports, but I couldn't see where it could sustain itself.

I want something that that, you know, will be, you know, will be around even after. I'm not Jeannie Buss and David McClain here on the Rich Eyes and Show, the owner and also executive producer, founder and CEO, respectively, of Wow Women of Wrestling. David, what does it mean to have Jeannie involved? Oh, everything, because in my, you know, glow and my steps to get women's wrestling scene, I never had the right partner or anyone. And I don't mean partner just in terms of financial support, vision support. Jeannie lends so much in terms of vision, as I noted, from branding to seeing the vision of women coming from college sports to wrestling. It means everything.

I don't mean, by the way, to have you talked about like you're not sitting in between us right now, I apologize for that. But anyone I tell everyone and anyone, really, Jeannie, by adding her voice to women's wrestling, gave it the platform that it now has. It wouldn't be here without her. Well, I think in order for women's sports to really become successful, it takes people like me to invest their own money. This isn't Laker money. This is my money.

And, you know, to really invest and give women opportunities that, you know, that are few and far between in the sports industry. Did did glow ever show up in the forum back in the day? No, no. It was based in Las Vegas.

And then, of course, a lot of new generation of fans know what glow is because of the Netflix scripted series that, you know, may or may not have been completely accurate. No, it wasn't totally accurate. Rich, I did not have a little machine bringing me drugs in my suite at the Riveter. You did not.

I need to take a note of that. You did not have that happen. OK. All right.

My vice was the ice cream, Katie's, 12 o'clock. Yeah, but you can't make a TV show out of that. I know. Come on. Tell them about some of the great characters we have, like the Beast.

Oh, yes. Anyone watching Wow's got she's a specimen, the beast, a natural athlete. We've got Candy Crush, Foxy Fierce. Her sisters be joining us in this in the season coming up. The athletic performances of the Tonga Twins, the Carlson Twins. We have three sets of twins in Wow. And I'll mention the Carlson Twins. They were Division one basketball players and they were in Nebraska. So from their education and schooling, they went into occupational therapy and started their own business.

Their dad is their CFO and manages the money and they have offices in Florida. And so here are two women that came from college, Division one basketball, starting their own profession, and they just wanted to get back into sports. And they found a wrestling school down in Florida and went and joined it. And they were hooked like that. And I saw them through social media and called them up and said, Hey, I see you guys are into professional wrestling, your professionals in business. Would you want to join the Wow Women of Wrestling? They flew out here, left their business to their dad to run for a while. And they got in a hotel and they went into the Wow trainings school for over four months and perfected their wrestling.

And, um, that's the type of athletes we have now. And we have a mother and daughter. Oh yes. Holly Swagg and her mother. Please tell me they are going to be wrestling on Mother's Day. Right. Oh yeah.

I don't know if that falls on Saturday. I don't mean to take the branding wheel here for a second, Jeannie, but I mean, that's got to be, you got to have that. Big Rig Betty. They're truck drivers. They're from Kentucky or no, Tennessee. They're from Tennessee.

Excuse me. They live in Kentucky. And they really are. She's really a truck driver in real life.

And I love that. Big Rig Betty and Holly Swagg. And of course there's Americana, who is a single mother.

And, um, I got, I got to interrupt you there on Americana. She lives in San Diego. She tried out for WWE years ago on their Tough Enough and she found out she was pregnant and she had her son and has been raising them as a single mom.

The son's now six. And so she came up for the wild tryouts and they're held here in LA. And we've got a brand new training center. We're opening up here on off the 405 at HHLA, um, in about a month or so. And she would drive every day, Rich, from San Diego up to LA, the Valley, the Valley.

I don't even know they're from down here. No, she would train two to three hours a day to become a wrestler. And she's in wow.

Women are wrestling now. So I love stories like that. I mean, that's, that's, that's the good stuff. I mean, that's the underpinnings of what you guys obviously trying to build. You're trying to build narratives.

You're trying to build stars. You're trying to build audience. You're trying to build recognition and I'm thrilled that you're, you know, stopping by here that I can be part of that. So what Jeannie Buss is your vision of like, what is the ultimate success that you view here that you want this to know? Just an ongoing, um, a place for, for women athletes to, to show after the years of dedication and competing and whatever sport that here's a place where you can perform in front of your friends and family and maybe, you know, you know, take that next step in and become a media star, like Dwayne, the rock Johnson. And obviously everybody's got, I'm sure Tik TOK pages and everybody's settled up with, with Instagram pages and things like that. It's starting, you know, no pun intended.

It's Jeannie and David, not just David, Jeannie and David versus Goliath. There's so many sports out there. There's so many stations. Everyone's got to find their niche. We offer an alternative to the existing wrestling programs that are out there today. Um, we've got something for the moms that no other program has in their daughters because we're 24 seven. Our DNA is women 24 seven, and there's no other wrestling program with that, but literally, um, we're starting this thing really because we're doing homegrown talent. There's new characters. It's just starting and we hope people check their local listings and tune into it. And obviously women arrest and at wow superheroes on social media as well.

You can find classic episodes of wow on CW seed and Pluto TV platforms. So we do have several performers in while that are from different countries. And where are the locations that you're, you're, you're having all the events are taped here in Los Angeles, downtown LA. All right, so people are in town, they can, where can they go to check this thing out or, or get tickets or anything? Well, we finished, I'm letting the cat out of her bag a little. The events for season one, most of them have all been taped.

And season two will be coming up shortly in the new year. Just check out the website and we, you know, we, we love to have a studio audience. Okay. You want people there and get going. And one last thing, if there are people who are watching this saying, I can do that, I want to do that. I want to get involved. I want to be the next mother daughter team or what have you. Oh, yes.

Please just go to w o w There'll be a place there to hit and, and communicate with us. Okay. We will get it. It'll be brought to us. And, um, we are doing tryouts this fall here in LA. And, um, our last ones we were going to do were postponed. They were going to be in Miami and COVID hit us and we couldn't, um, do that, but the next ones will be here in LA. And we encourage that.

How many people tried out the last time? Oh, over 800 submissions, Rich, over 800 submissions. Let's put a zero on the end of that. Wow. That's our, that, that, Hey, wow.

That's right. I am mandated to ask you what your dad would think of this. What would your dad think of this? He would be so proud of me because, you know, he, I grew up doing roller hockey, tennis, volleyball, indoor soccer, whatever could, you know, event that we could come up with. And so he would be proud that I'm, I'm using my background in creating, uh, events and giving women opportunities because he empowered me. And I can't tell you how much that means when, when your father tells you and believes in you, um, what that can do for a young lady.

So that that's always my advice to girl dads. Well, I'm one of them. I'm one of them, you know, I'm, I'm, and I'm, I'm going to, I'll, I'll show her this and I'll check it out and everybody should check this out. Again, a new season of wow premiered in September.

Check your local listings, uh, currently airing in weekend syndication and you can find classic episodes of wow women of wrestling on CWC and Pluto TV platforms at wowsuperheroes and if you want to get in on the act yourself. Yeah. I mean, although, I mean, I just heard the words titanium suitcase, you know, you know, you know, I don't hear that thrown about too often. Don't trust the lawyers. Don't trust the lawyers. I've heard that one too. Uh, David McClain, thank you so much. Jeanie Buss.

Thanks again. Really appreciate that right here on the Rich Eisen show. Yeah. 2000, 2008, 2020 when it comes to the economy, these are some scary years. Whatever we're going through right now, whatever you want to call it.

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What are you waiting for right now? Go to net suite, which is offering a one of a kind flexible financing program. Go to net slash rich radio right now. Net slash rich radio.

That's net slash rich radio. Let's return to the world of the national football league. Why don't we? Week five already one game in the books, but let's forget about that game.

Yeah, please. God, please forget about it. Uh, we are at the quarter post point of this playing season meaning four weeks worth of narratives, a whole month of narratives in the narrative generating regime known as the national football league have been built. I have sat down and come up with the five most burning questions I have for the next four weeks that I want answered over the next month. And that's my top five list for this Friday edition of the rich eyes and show, go for it. Mike is out. So we've got Jay Felley hitting the button for the NFL films music. Here we go. Number five on this list. Simple question. Are the 49ers again turning into the proverbial team you don't want to face or not?

Okay. The stinkorama that we saw last night on Thursday night football made a lot of people forget about the stinkorama we saw involving the 49ers on that same field a couple of Sunday nights ago, as did by the way, the way that we saw the Rams and the 49ers finish off week four with the Niners finishing off the Rams. Like they have done many times before in the regular season, last year's NFC championship game, a different result. Bottom line is the 49ers went into last year's post season as the proverbial team you don't want to face. That's the team we saw on Monday night.

To finish up the first quarter of the season. Are we going to see more of that 49ers next four games at Carolina lookout, even Steve Smith senior set look out yesterday at Atlanta. Let's check out those back-to-back games, visiting the NFC South going all the way across the country and then home for the Kansas city chiefs before they rematch the Rams in so far.

That's a fascinating next month. Let's see the answer to that question. That's number five, the top four, number four on the list of burning questions and storylines for the next four weeks, which AFC playoff team from last year is going to separate. Will the chiefs separate from the rest of the AFC West shore looks like they could if they beat the Raiders to start things off. What about the bills?

The bills are three and one. They've played three of their first four on the road, very rough games, and they've won again three of their first four. Can the Bengals separate from the rest of the pack in the AFC North? They play the Ravens on Sunday night.

They could start there. And then of course there's Tennessee. Tennessee's two and two, just like Jacksonville, and now two, two and one, Indianapolis, which one of those four teams will separate over the next month?

One assumes that one will. I'm curious to see how the AFC picture plays out over the next month. Number three, number three storyline for the next four weeks. I'm eager to see play out. What happens when defenses catch up to Mike McDaniel?

What happened? Because that's what happens in the NFL. Rod Woodson once told me this when I asked him, when I asked him all those years ago about a Miami offense called the Wildcat that worked very well against the Patriots and that worked very well against a bunch of teams.

Ronnie Brown made a Pro Bowl, for crying out loud. I asked Rod Woodson in that offseason, how's somebody going to stop the Wildcat? He laughed at me.

And I'm like, why? The Wildcat is, you know, easy to figure out. He goes, yeah, but no organism on the planet is more adaptive. No organism on the planet adapts better than an NFL defense. He goes, give defensive coordinators enough time. They're going to figure it out. Somebody is going to try and figure out Mike McDaniel. And the question is, does it happen over the next four weeks or not at all?

I'm curious to get the answer to that one. Number two on this list. If the season ended today, you know what would get MVP votes? Saquon Barkley.

Yeah, that's right. Saquon Barkley would get MVP votes. Can over the next month, one of my storylines, number two on this list of top five storylines for the next four weeks. Does Saquon have the legs for an MVP run? Because if the Giants go three and one and emerge six and two and they're in the mix for an NFC East championship and at the top of the NFC and Saquon still doing this and is leading the league and rushing halfway through. We're not going to give MVP talk to that quarterback, that's for sure. Who's playing, by the way, this weekend?

That's what it looks like. Saquon in London. Can he keep running through?

Can he run through the Packers defense the way that he ran through that tough Giants defense in their only loss of the first quarter of the season? That's number two. And the top storyline for me over the next four weeks in a narrative generating machine of the NFL that's already generated a ton of narratives over the first four weeks. Number one is how long can the Eagles stay atop the NFC?

That's it. Because right now we're focused on this team and they're undefeated. They're the last undefeated team in this league.

And Jalen Hurts is a rock star in this league. And how long can they stay atop the NFC if the Niners are doing what they're doing? And can the Bucks start putting things together? The Packers are three and one. The Cowboys with Cooper rush. The Giants are three and one. How long can they stay atop the NFC and stay undefeated? The next four weeks will tell a lot about that. They've got a game at Arizona this week.

That's a fascinating one. And then home for Dallas on a Sunday night before there's a bye. And then Pittsburgh before they have a Thursday night or at Houston. That's their next four. That's the narrative number one for me over the next four weeks of this NFL campaign.

You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. Hour number three is for you at 844-2-0 for Rich and for us with TJ's fantasy advice and what's more likely and more. We're still on the Roku channel 210 for those scoring at home. Those are good I like those.

Shout out Roku Joe. I did have one if we did this yesterday. Will Gino continue to cook better than Russ? That was number five and I swapped that out after last night. Because I didn't want it to seem like I'm piling on here.

I get it because we were originally going to do this yesterday. Yes and so but I'm glad I did because I think this is more of a germane nationally germane question that needs to be answered by for more people over the next four weeks is can the Niners are the Niners that team the proverbial team to be just like they were last year in the last half of the season building up before they one and done the the Cowboys and then the Packers. And then almost derailed the Rams Super Bowl party.

Can Deebo keep doing his thing? Can Jimmy G play mistake free football? Can this defense stay healthy enough to look as damn good as they did? And they got two games against the NFC South that you think they could clean up right there. They're four and two before they welcome in the Chiefs. Hey now and then go visit the Rams. Let's see because if they go sweep this next quarter let's say they go six and two and they sweep the Rams and have that tiebreaker in their back pocket for the next half for the final half of the season that's huge and then Niners and and Chiefs as we all know a Super Bowl rematch that the uh Niners can prove to everybody we can win it this year good stuff man can't wait for the next month to play out we come back again our number three it's just for us as we get you ready for a huge sports weekend Ross Matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello Ross this week Chelsea Handler I'm not home enough to have a third dog my housekeeper basically is their parent I am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move I have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do I recommend two max okay here's your foot Ross hello Ross available on YouTube or wherever you listen
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