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REShow: Jeff Passan - Hour 2 (10-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 5, 2022 3:07 pm

REShow: Jeff Passan - Hour 2 (10-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 5, 2022 3:07 pm

ESPN MLB Insider Jeff Passan and Rich discuss what happens to Aaron Judges’ 62nd home run ball, debate if his American League HR record should be considered the MLB record in the face of Barry Bond’s PED suspicions, predicts his World Series winner, and says to brace yourself for a “crazy” baseball offseason that could see the Angels trade Shohei Ohtani 

Rich gets roped into a game of ‘Start-Bench-Cut’ where he has to rank his devotion to the Yankees, Jets and University of Michigan, and reveals his top ten Power Rankings heading into NFL Week 5.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. Is he able to grip the football now? No, not well enough to play. I'm not saying Dak loses his dick.

I'm saying what is the rush? Earlier on the show, from CBS's East New York, actor Jimmy Smits. Still to come, ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan, comedian and actor Mo Ammar. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air live from Los Angeles, California. We just said goodbye to Jimmy Smits and poor went out for us because we missed him already and he's been only gone 10 minutes. What a delightful interview. What a delightful human. He didn't even want to talk about himself. And that's the point of being interviewed in these shows, right? Is to talk about yourself.

Kind of why you come on these, right? Right. Certainly when you're talking celebrity true or false and you know, yeah, okay, so yeah, I was at Gregory Peck's house and I just watched him do karaoke with Quincy Jones and Sidney Poitier. Good job picking up on who Q was. I was racking my brain. He said Quincy at the beginning.

Oh, he did? No, he said just Q. Oh, maybe it's just because I knew. When you're talking about old Hollywood and you're saying Q and you're talking music.

I think Del Tufo and I both just instantly know. Today's James Bond day, so I was thinking about Q from James Bond. Yes, very good. Is today James Bond day? It was trending. Is that because it's 1007 today?

Is that what it is? Yeah, today's the fifth. Maybe Bond day is Friday. Today's the fifth? Today's the fifth, Rich. I plead the fifth.

Rich, I get Jimmy Smith. So sometimes, you know, you want to tell stories and then someone else is dropping people's names and you're kind of like, I don't necessarily want to say. I don't know. Does that mean I don't have a problem dropping names? You never. No, I mean, I've known you a long time now. You've never.

I mean, Ashton's name has been on the floor over there so many times. I can't even pick it up. But the fact is you're throwing it. There's a difference.

I don't drop it. That's exactly it. Guilty as charged, sir. Guilty as charged. Exactly. Guilty as charged.

And then it's like, oh, man. All right, let's get to it, because this guy was in the building last night when Aaron Judge went yard for his 62nd time this year and the ball landed up in the hands of a vice president of a hedge fund. Is that is that the most 21st century story you've ever heard or what? On the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line, one of our favorites, the MLB insider of insiders of the worldwide leader in sports, none other than Jeff Passan back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing, Jeff? Not as good as that guy. Right. I mean, is that is that the most 21st century story that the baseball winds up in the hands of a vice president of a hedge fund sitting out there in left field?

I mean, wild. I was out there last night trying to find him, trying to find the ball. You know, he went to security. I was standing outside the door and it turns out it was in front of a completely empty room. I was standing there for like 45 minutes.

Pretty pathetic. And then when I when I realized that nobody was in the room, I went over to the area and the security guy was being a hardo because what are ballpark security guys if not complete hardos and wasn't let me go down to the front row where it was caught. So I was just waiting up in the concourse, like creepishly looking down to see if anybody in the first couple rows was going to come up to grab a beer or something. And I see this father and his sons walking up. And, you know, I just wanted to know, like, was it a clean catch? Did you see it? And the guy says to me, yeah, it was clean. And I thought I had it.

And sometimes the sometimes the journalism gods smile on you, Rich. And it was the guy who was right next to the guy who bought it. This guy was a left hander. So he's coming in from the left side of on his right hand. The other guy who caught it is a right hander. And he's coming in from the right side with the glove on his left hand.

And their gloves, if you if you go into the prude of the video, their gloves met. And this guy was talking with said he was he he thought like he played outfield in college. So he knows what it he knows what it feels like to catch a baseball. And he felt like he had something in his glove.

And then he looked into it and there was nothing there. And it crushed him because the other guy was wearing a Rangers hat. He was an enormous Yankees fan. And he talked to the 13 year old son. If if we catch the ball like we know we're in these seats, we know we're in the right vicinity.

If we catch the ball, what are we going to do? And his son had gone back and forth on it. He was given up the VIP, you know, he was given up the decision to a son to a 13 year old. And the kid said, if we can get into the clubhouse and get to meet Aaron Judge, we will give him the ball back. And Aaron Judge was that close to getting his 60 second home run ball.

And instead, it's probably going to end up at Knox. Well, I mean, a judge said after the game, hey, it's the fan souvenir, you know, I'd love to have it. But you know, the the it is a souvenir for a fan. And that's it. You know, I'm I'm sort of have two minds on this.

I, I understand how capitalism works. And if you find a million dollar lottery ticket on the ground, then that is fortune smiling on you. And anytime anybody comes into possession of something that's worth a lot, good for him or her.

On the other end, I was talking with someone with the Yankees last night. And he's like, you know, this ball represents all of the hard work and achievement that Aaron Judge has had in 2022. And it would just be really nice for him to have it.

And thankfully, Aaron Judge is going to be signing a $300 million contract this off season. So I guess he can buy it if he wants. Well, how about this, Jeff? I don't know.

I mean, you're you are one of the things that makes you so unique is you're part historian and part reporter. So has anybody ever exchanged a an historic home run ball for the right to manage the player's portfolio? How about that? Right. So that's actually a really good trade, Rich.

I like that idea. What about that? I mean, Judge is about to hit it.

And part of the reason why he's about to hit it is everything and then all the toiling of the 62 home run season. That's it. So Judge gives him is just one retirement account.

Just one. That's it. Not all of that.

That being said, is it ever a good idea to start off a financial arrangement with somebody? You're asking somebody who lives in Los Angeles, half the people I know have a marriage like that. What are you talking about, Jeff? Come on. Good Lord. I'm that's that you just described half of the town we're living in. You know. All right. It's me and my Midwestern. What are you?

You're such an idealist. So let's get to the the the moment itself, because to me, it was just it was awesome. But I'm a Yankee fan. And and so it was me and my kids jumping around in a living room. That was it for me. It was it was awesome. You know, and I'm wondering, you know, what you make of the whole to do over a 60 second home run.

I kind of saw your Twitter feed. We'll get to that in a second. But what what what what does this home run mean to you? Jeff, to me, it was a cap around one of the great all time offensive seasons we can get into where this stands in history.

But I think there are different perspectives with which we can look at history. And for me, history is this very unique sliver of time that we're in right now, where the average fastball is 94 miles an hour and you regularly see 100 breaking balls that have been developed in pitching labs are moving with with speed and spin like we've never seen before. The you know, the offensive environment in baseball is down a quarter run a game this year. And Aaron Judge literally and figuratively powers over the rest of baseball. He he is so good right now.

He has been so locked in this season. And just for just from the perspective of we like comparing history and baseball more than any other sport and this number 61 regardless of Barry Bonds being the all time undisputed home run king both single season as well as for a career. I don't think Barry Bonds presence diminishes what 62 means. I think 62 can be a special number and Barry Bonds can be a record holder and that two things can exist at once.

Well, the way I started the show, Jeff, and I'll just tell it to you here since you know, you're there in the state of Texas doing your own thing is when any announcer is saying American League record to me, you could just insert the word clean. That's the difference. That's right. Yes, that's what I believe. That's what I believe, Jeff. Absolutely.

Rich, do you like the problem? The problem with trying to bifurcate this record is that it opens up a Pandora's box that you just don't want to open. You just don't want to because what is history if not filled with ugliness, ugliness with which we have to reckon?

Yes, but ugliness nevertheless, the idea that there are two different types of sport. If you're going to do this, Rich, then let's talk about the clean championships for the New York Yankees, right? This is the Pandora's box you're opening now by saying that it's the clean record. In 2009, the New York Yankees had four either penalized or accused performance enhancing drive users on their championship roster. In 2000, it was 10. In 1999, it was six. In 1998, it was three. In 1996, it was two. Does that mean that the last clean New York Yankees championship was 1978 and do we have to partition these things off?

No, because that's a team record, Jeff. You can't have one without the other. The implication is that there are clean boarding events, clean players, clean whatever you want to have it, and there are dirty. And this is a very black and white line that you're drawing in a subject that is imbued with gray.

We just can't separate these things and be intellectually honest about it. And that's my problem with what Roger Maris Jr. said about the clean record. Let's acknowledge that Barry Bonds used performance enhancing drugs that helped him.

I'm totally on board with saying that. And I believe that it colors the record that he set, right? But it doesn't invalidate it.

It doesn't erase it. You can't do that history. History has all sorts of nasty, awful things that happen in it. Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs a record at the time without black players in the league.

Like you want to talk about like history that is sorted and screwed up. It's the fact that we as America were so broken as a country back in the 1920s and back in 1927 that we couldn't accept people into this league because of their skin color. And if you want to talk about performance enhancing drugs Rich, Babe Ruth's performance enhancing drugs was fastballs that came in at 85 miles an hour. No and I hear you. I get it.

I understand it. I'm just also telling you there is a large section of the baseball loving nation of which we're both part that one thousand percent in terms of an individual achievement a single player doing one single thing hitting home runs over a wall in a single season. One guy had a trapezoidal head when he came into the league he did not and another guy has looked exactly the way he's looked since he came into the league and that guy just hit 62 home runs and when somebody's saying it's a new American League record yes that is true there is a national league record that is the all-time record but that's also you can insert the word clean but that is that is the communication that has been happening. Can you though can you and I asked this well we back in that sure go ahead I asked this looking back at 1998 when Patricia Maris Roger Maris's widow was on the road with Mark McGuire and celebrating everything he was doing and getting caught up and this is not to imply I believe Aaron Judge is clean. I believe that Aaron Judge does not use performance-enhancing drugs but the the defendiveness with which people say stuff like this I also believe that for an answer thought these junior would never ever use performance-enhancing drugs and well uh he's out right now because of them and so I think it's a hubristic thing to sit there and say that this is clean when we don't know nothing about it I know I hear you and when by the way the different gradients of clean uh are come down is as much to what the FDA does and does not approve as anything and I'm sorry but I don't want the federal drug administration to be the arbiter of my sporting records I just don't want that I sit here and I look at what Barry Bonds did and I wish that he I wish that he hadn't because I believe that with all of his his tools and all of his skills he could have beaten 62 without or 61 without using PEDs but I I think it's also problematic when we start throwing out this idea of clean because it it's ahistorical um the the what the record book says is that Barry Bonds is the all-time single season home run record with 73 what reality tells us rich is that 73 balls flew over the fence off of Barry Bonds's bat in 2001 and and to do anything other than say that is is essentially an assault on the record itself and I just don't think that the record should be subject to that. Jeff Passan here on the Rich Eisen show all right before I let you go everything is set right everything's set we're all ready to roll correct sure um and um the the playoff matchups on Friday Saturday Sunday four games a day potentially it's gonna be awesome how about that and it's amazing that the Mets win a hundred games for just the fourth time in their history much of their fan base thinks it's they collapsed you know yeah it's kind of crazy well I'll tell you they collapsed over the weekend like yeah Mike Vicaro my my good friend in the New York Post put it well when he said um it's possible for the Mets not to have collapsed but to have choked and they you know over the weekend you go out there with DeGrom Scherzer and Bassett your three starters for a playoff series and you can't win a single game um that is the power of the Atlanta Braves and why I'm picking them to be back-to-back champions because uh the the Mets didn't um didn't collapse the Braves just surpassed them okay all right uh who comes out of the American League is it Houston in your estimation Houston yeah I think I think the difference between Houston and all the other teams in the American League far exceeds that uh between Atlanta and Los Angeles and New York the you know the the best teams in baseball this year in the National League I don't know Jeff I mean if the Astros were ready then Verlander would have struck out nine in a row he stopped at eight and that caused his concern for me Jeff what a bomb what a bomb I'm seriously didn't you not really want to try to strike out nine in a row oh my god I mean and Altuve and Bregman honestly he's Verlander's a ridiculous story 39 years old coming off Donny John surgery and he's going to win the already signed a 30 million dollar one-year deal um which is wild to avoid arbitration I've never heard anything like that um judge and and and so what what what is the off-season conversation going to be because you know you'll you'll hear all sorts of stuff about Otani's on the market still and what's going on with the Angels and obviously Judge is a free agent what what you know do you leave that for me if you don't mind I mean I would say those are the two dominant storylines of the off-season let's not forget Jacob deGrom is going to be a free agent Trey Turner is going to be a free agent and Carlos Correa and Dansby Swanson and I mean it's going to be a crazy winter but um you know I I never discount the possibility that one owner completely blows up pre-agency and says I want Aaron Judge on my team and I'm going to do whatever it takes to get him here I have a tough time being judged being anywhere but in pinstripes you can't let him go if you're the Yankees he's the heart of the team and so I think he will be there Otani boy if you're an Angels team that has struggled for relevance since 2015 that still has not gotten Mike Trout a single playoff win and you have the opportunity to on the fly rebuild your franchise by trading Shohei Otani who has one year of club control before he hits free agency you have to really explore that in earnest at the same time you'd be the team that traded the most talented player in the history of the game and that's the sort of legacy no one wants a great way to sum it up as always Jeff uh truly appreciate it look for more of my calls and texts in the middle of the night um throughout the postseason to have you back on here love our chats thanks for the time brother I look forward to not responding to them rich fantastic at Jeff passing at least we're honest at least we're straight up with one another right here on the Rich Eisen show and as I told Matthew Stafford last week um the most LA thing you you hear from people is let's hang out and they don't mean it so I appreciate the honesty absolutely straight up honesty like you said he's a midwest guy he's a midwest guy he kept it very real yeah he's just like can you imagine a relationship starts based on something financial okay yes what what really what what's my area code 310 what what's your uh zip code 902 that's not my zip code that's not my that's not my zip code um jimmy smith's here in studio um that was great and coming up mole amor in studio hour number three right here on the program when we come back oh my highly anticipated oh baby offed criticized very much so by youtube people we do have a drive to drop not just youtube people in studio yeah yeah mostly in studio yeah we want to see it rich power rankings i got the power power rankings like snap i got the power 2000 2008 2022 when it comes to the economy those are some scary years dot com crash housing crash and the roller coaster we're kind of going through right now one thing is certain it's a dangerous time to not know your numbers but over 31,000 businesses have the confidence and clarity they need because they rely on net suite by oracle the number one cloud financial system net suite gives you visibility and control of your financials 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app available 24-hour roadside assistance and more and choosing to switch to geico becomes an easy choice switch today and see all the ways you could save with great rates and discounts it's easy simply go to to get a rate quote or contact your local agent and get started seeing how much you could save 844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the program my grandpa had 11 kids about 29 grandkids everyone will tell you i was his favorite so this twitter question of like ranking michigan yankees jets you gotta be kidding me why it's fun because they're all different it's all different we want we're a list show now rich one of them one of them we're officially a list show i understand that and i'm about to give my power rankings you just made the list no no no no and one of them one of them they all are different okay like yankees's first love okay oh whoa no no no no no no yankees's first love and i i've i've loved that team longer than any other team in my entire life the jets came along a little bit later than that and is is part of my portfolio of the you know unrequited love that has been unfulfilled for five decades like again i i texted um eric stone street the other night when patrick mahomes who was dynamite on this program yesterday yes and i i i tried to use a part of our question time with him i'll just put us in the shoes of what is it like to come up with that play where you're pirouetting you're houdini-ing and then you see somebody in the end zone and you decide i'll just flip it with my right hand like i'm taking a free throw and he gives it that that whole you know he he did his best to tell us what instinctively he's thinking as well as outside of the realm of instinctively try to explain something that can't be explained pretty much i tried i tried to do it but the reason why i bring that up is i texted stone street after that play and i'm like what it must what does it feel like to have that guy play for your team like you're i cannot imagine the joy a chief's fan must have after 50 years of waiting for him he's now there he's now arrived he is officially as good as advertised and too good to be true i'm like i'm waiting for that to happen to the jets can that possibly be zack wilson you know like i'm waiting for those moments to come and so that's that part of my fandom you know the yankees gave me a ton of championships early and i'm i'm i'm kind of waiting for some more right now and then michigan is middle of my life never thought i could ever root for a team like that after certainly not in the new york area and it's my collegiate team so they they fill different buckets different passion buckets to use the the dan patrick show phrase you know so which one is it i'm not going there it's just from his answer i'm gonna say it sounds like the yankees your first love is something that you never get i gotta think that i would if i would bet i bet yankees rich no you say that and did you not sit here when michigan beat ohio state in the immense joy i mean the yankees as as great as they are and as much as they mean to me i have not shown up in an auditorium filled with bostonians and just spoke with my chest like i did in ohio and been so damn proud of myself no no no it's different a little recency bias there but it's also different passions different you know it's all different the same way it's different being a boy dad and a girl dad it's just different it's still the same immense amount of love it's still the same level of love and i'm not going to choose how dare you more importantly guys jonathan taylor has been rolled out tomorrow how is that more important than this combo we're having does that mean we should hop on top of the trade that michael fabiano offered us here's great here's the jonathan taylor handcuffed nahim heinz and derek carr and you will flip you you flip us back here's nahim heinz but i want joe burrow back like okay no but he's also giving his derek carr who's got nothing but upside one would think after a dreadful now he's trying to tug at your i love the raider string yeah well that's not gonna work we're not doing it but jonathan taylor is out for tomorrow night huh tomorrow night out yeah just announced wow also rich you said the chiefs have waited 50 years yeah i mean look they did have len dawson they did have joe montana they had a few guys dawson was the chiefs joe namath okay yeah the guy who won the super bowl right when the super bowl was created and then you waited and yes i had mark sanchez and you could say well they had joe montana i had mark sent mark sanchez did what montana did which was take my team to the afc championship actually sanchez took the jets to more afc championship games than montana took the chiefs but we're still never gonna correlate well so i'm just yeah the chiefs and the jets were quite similar before mahomes came along yeah man yeah what do you mean uh what we don't know what what did the chiefs do for 50 years what did the chiefs do she's had way better players before but then the jets how many how many games did tony gonzalez win in kansas city right dick vermeil was there after he won a super bowl but how many champ how many champions how many how many long playoff runs did they go on the jets had more long playoff runs in the chiefs in many years take a look at it i'm going to yeah also chris i guess the fact that you say that she's a better player jets had way more playoff wins than the kansas city chiefs for a long time a long time so but we're similar we were similar and then mahomes comes along and it all changes all of it yeah that's true she's had a 15-year drought but from 86 to 97 yeah they made the playoffs eight times how many playoff wins did they have again how many playoff wins do they have the jets had way more than that the jets had more than that with me on the set of nfl network the jets came into san diego and beat drew breeze one year in the playoffs i remember that because they had a camera on me when it looked like the jets were about to blow it with some stupid ass roughing the passer penalty and they were like taking a shot at me to watch me go berserk on the set marty schottenheimer era was way more successful than any jets era ever how many playoff wins did they have dude i mean i'm talking about enjoyment of the team and how long and and how how far did you go so 13-win seasons aren't enjoyable they were oh regular season yeah but in terms of how far like playoff victory droughts afc championship game trout droughts you know the jets got closer more often than the chiefs facts facts come on man come on man these are facts we're gonna and that you forget it because the jets are the jets and the playoff you know and at some point the football gods decided to say kansas city you are diehard fans kansas city you love your team kansas city you have come up short so many times despite having so many great future hall of fame players and now coaches with vermeil right and schottenheimer might get in one day too maybe we have decided to end the misery and you will now have patrick mahomes for 15 20 years and change the entire trajectory you've already forgotten the 50 years of the kansas city chiefs thanks to his first five years in the league six you know who this conversation is really hurting bears fans why is that because they should have had patrick mahomes for the next 15 to 20 years and he didn't take him hey man i remember sitting i remember sitting in the draft that night and the eagle and the chiefs traded up and we're like it's it's the sean watson we were sitting there on the set i looked right at at mayock sitting in philadelphia yeah we all thought we're like yep it's the sean watson andy reid's gonna get to sean watson perfect for him yeah perfect for his system and he goes and gets mahomes we're like what you traded up for mahomes the guy with the farve comp the guy with the the rocket arm that guy good choice uh yeah worked out but like i said if i'm a bear's fan i miss both of those guys andy did you see that that that stat that reid is now three quarterbacks of one he's won 50 games with alex smith being the other one wow mahomes is putting reid in the hall of fame mahomes is putting himself in the hall of fame mahomes is putting kelsey in the hall of fame and obviously they're all terrific in their own rights and they could have gotten in themselves as well but if if we get stuck with alex smith is he gonna is he going to the hall of fame maybe maybe is kelsey going to hall of fame maybe first ballot are they are are they all now first battle hall of famers absolutely my home's not yet oh please no no um i never plays again i guess that's the old phrase here i guess that's the old saw i guess i don't know some guys have gotten in the hall of fame for just six years too tarell davis gale sayers uh quarterback hey man mahomes is a different cat well kurt only really had about four good years mahomes is a different cat you know so yeah boy that boy that that twitter thing got me off and running here oh it got me off on a jag about you know talking about how they these three teams all have you know fill different types of fandom you know because i'm waiting for that mahomes moment for the jets i've had the moments for the yankees and i'm waiting for it to happen again and judge going on that run has been a great nostalgia trip for me and michigan last year man that was great and michigan looks loaded for bear again this year and i cannot wait for november and i can i am going to keep writing these checks everybody keeps thinking it was just a one-off last year and i can't wait to see it i can't wait to see it this year and i'd love to get there undefeated it would be great i know you standing my way in two weeks sir with penn state but enjoy watching it on the on the big fox game because that's what fox does fox just wants michigan because we're all there now it'll be four straight weeks by that point oh yeah because everybody everybody wants to see michigan indiana this week right the whole country they're giving the people what they want everybody right clearly because fox chooses that game to send clatt and and uh gus and gus and clatter there hang it around michigan as albert pointed out ohio state often plays on abc so big fox is getting the second game oh is that right i would think so all right oh okay whoa i don't know about that by the way rich to clarify something we said earlier in the week i don't know about that penn state actually look it up i haven't seen them on abc uh very much penn state actually has the largest uh alumni network that'll be great okay before you said it was michigan at least at least at least my me going on with my sport start bent you're you're i have a start bench cut with my teams you've got to start a bench a cut see two other leagues you've got a g minor you've got where are you in your feelings right now suddenly where are you like in your feelings now suddenly you're taking this real personally i didn't ask the question now suddenly we're gonna have to add a pennant of metropolis 92 now because tj likes your team man easy dog is on abc this weekend oh really who are they playing michigan state oh that's that's a very good game that'll be great that'll be great i did michigan state though oh michigan state is going to lose oh they're gonna oh they're gonna what what is that line where mo where mo green does not have a plaque or a signpost it does it start with a two it's got to start with it does by the way i have a question about it's got to start with a two and there's got to be another digit after it 27 i was about to say it's got to be larger than four the other digit after i mean you're spread is not as big well it's because it's michigan and michigan in in in recent history has had issues you know what's the word fort covering your spreads 22 got it real quick what what part of the godfather does the that mo green part because i've watched it's got part two two and i'm saying like where where michael goes and he asks who ordered the hit on frank pantangeli uh-huh to mo green and mo green tells him this you know uh basically implying that mo did that that uh no yes yes of hyman roth yes yes hyman roth in miami who ordered the hit on frank pantangeli and and hyman picks up on the the uh implication that it was him who ordered the hit by the way spoiler alert true and and hyman roth flips it and says um you know i ran guns and and uh alcohol with your father you know and somebody that you know along with mo green and he created a place called las vegas where there's no plaque or a signpost of his name and he died he was impetuous this is the business we've chosen and that's how soliloquy ends where he tells him you know you don't ask who gave the order that part because this is the business we've chosen all right now we're up to speed i like it here ended the lesson picasso uh no jonathan taylor tomorrow and no jonathan taylor tomorrow and if we can for the tj um uh graphic that we have of the pennants of all of his teams behind him if we can now add the pennant of g league ignite that would be great as well we'll talk about that coming up in hour number three you can add me to that too we need we need the pennant of g league ignite and metropolitan 92 i mean it all makes french league nobody's ever heard of until this freak showed up last night in las vegas seven feet five inches tall and i'm not talking about somebody in the blue man group victor i got i'm not even gonna try to pronounce his last name victor waka waka waka no we're gonna talk about that now when we come back my power rank i will not be made and to turn another another segment more back on the rich eyes and show when you open a mercedes-benz sprinter van you're opening up more than just doors you are unlocking the potential to do your own thing be your own boss steer your own success and blaze your own trail your unlocking potential is what i'm saying each and every sprinter van is built designed and equipped to let you hit that open road take on any goal you set to help follow your own passions reawaken that spirit of adventure check all those big bold fun and exciting experiences right off your bucket list because when you own a mercedes ben sprinter van it lets you live work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path they're going to take you 16 body types your choice of a gas or diesel engine and thousands of ways to customize that's how you know a sprinter van is capable and versatile enough to help drive your ambitions wherever you want to take them so now's the time to discover what it is that moves you most don't wait unlock your potential inside a mercedes-benz sprinter it's a wonderful it's a wednesday it's the nfl season so it's time for my power rankings wait wait i do not like the slander of my power rankings from within this house so what is that it no it is not it i've got more to come i have not liked the slander because you do your power rankings the way you want them and i do them the way that i want them to the point where i have a new drop oh that will be associated with my power rankings forever more that i believe exhibits my passion and zeal for telling you guys to back off i'm just saying it sucks don't it it's time for my power rankings with my new drop rankings yep perfect perfect for his list thank you cool perfect cool all right are you ready brockman here we go this is great number 10 on my power rankings entering week number five number 10 down three spots i'm not even gonna tell you are you doing that down three spots yeah down three spots the tampa bay buccaneers are number 10 on this list i cannot get tv12 off the top 10 despite their 500 record and the way that they have looked over the last two games offensively i am concerned about the way that the defense looked against the kansas city chiefs but maybe by the end of the season we're going to find out that's the way more defenses look against the chiefs than not that's why the bucks are number 10 number nine on my list stays right where they had them and you were like why are you going to have them there why would you have them there why would you have them on this list rich when they're one and two well they're now two and two they've dug out of that oh and two hole the cincinnati bangles are still number nine on my list no change that's what the nc stands for no change why don't they move up because there are some other teams that i think are still better than them okay just because you win doesn't mean you have to move up kind of that's the point it's just because the team is lost and they're above a team that's just one doesn't mean that they're should be below them to how ap wrinkles excuse me this is my power rankings there are many like them but this one is mine you can have it i'm excited for you number eight on this list are the los angeles rams down three spots i'm not giving up on this team yeah you shouldn't i am not giving up on this team this team is way too talented at way too many spots and for some reason they are off on offense i don't know if stafford's arm is still bothering him i don't know what's going on with alan robinson i don't understand that's the problem too i i still believe less need and this team they're going to get it right on the roster they're going to get it right coaching i am not ready to abandon them they're still one of the top 10 teams in this league that you don't want to see on your schedule this sunday true and number seven new to the list hey debut debut about time i know this is going debut at number you just made the list how about them cowboys i see how you did that playing this sunday see it this sunday and they're above the rams going into this game i think they should win this game the way that the rams are playing right now and the cowboys have got the quarterback that's not making a mistake and cd lamb is starting to score touchdowns and cooper rush is feeling more comfortable and they're actually using tony pollard in the way that i think they should be using them and i like the way that they're play calling and i like that defense oh my gosh do i like that defense so the cowboys are number seven on my power rankings rich number six up one spot up one spot of the green bay packers they're still not top five yet but i'm taking a look at this team and i see the makings of what this offense can look like with these fast young kids that are going to be brought up to speed and they once they are up to figurative speed and with their literal speed look out i see the packers in the second half of this season with an offense that is going to be really good right now they're going through some growing pains and not bad to have growing pains at three and one i'll tell you that one three in a row since losing their opener to the vikings and i like the packers at number one top five up five spots on my list one two three four five san francisco 49ers are now a top five team in the nfl they showed this week that they've got the super bowl stuff if they can put it all together and garoppolo doesn't turn it over and the defense is doing what they're doing and this kid hifunga giving them a presence on a back end like that with fred warner and that defensive line with nick bosa in front omg and kiddel hasn't even started yet but debo's doing his thing and ayuk is you know grabbing jaylen ramsey's helmet and mike mcglinchey is trolling jaylen ramsey point now debo samuel just running 55 yards through him they got that attitude and they just did that to the rams without trent williams we're talking about how the rams the offensive line is banged up arguably the best left tackle in the game is out and the 49ers looked like that against the rams they're number five on my list down two spots number four on the list of miami dolphins down two spots they're still the top five team i thought what they did in cincinnati against the number nine team on my list damn near pulled it off i think teddy h2o is going to be just fine while tua is out and uh i'm concerned about the jets this week um maybe they pull it off against the dolphins don't know but to me they're still a top five team as long as tyreek and waddle and mike mcdaniel are all cooking with some form of gas and that defense doing what they're doing number three on the list up one spot can't city chiefs i'm still not ready to make them the number one team on my on my list i'm still not ready to do it i'm not ready to do it you know still not ready to do it and then number two on my list up one spot are the undefeated philadelphia eagles they're number two on my list and i still am keeping the buffalo bills i am not ready to take them off number one on my power rankings just yet and i'm going to give you a little bit of something to front load what you're about to hear soon okay the philadelphia eagles are so damn good they're so damn good and people didn't expect them to be so damn good how good are they they're about to enter the realm of the yeah but who have they played part of their year oh yeah they're about to enter the yeah but who have they played part of their year and i'm about to use a little bit of that by pointing out the bills are three and one they came and watched a banner race and owned the night in los angeles they went home and told the tennessee titans you're not only losing here you're gonna be licking your wounds and going home and wondering you know what hit you and the titans have to their credit won two in a row after that they were out so many name players in miami it was a hundred degrees at defacto playoff game and they almost won that if they only had 10 extra seconds they would have and they go into baltimore and take the ravens best hit and come out with a win there they played three of their first four on the road and they're three and one they still have 90 of their home schedule coming and they're three and one i'm not ready to take the bills out of that top spot just because the eagles are undefeated they're terrific and they may have the player that wins the mvp instead of josh allen if they keep doing what they're doing but i'm still keeping the bills top my power rankings eagles two chiefs three dolphins four niners five there you go good list oh really okay yeah all right all right good list no i register how about this good list thank you very much because the cowboys are finally on it well that's lovely very good 844-204 rich is the number to dial when we come back on this program oh we're a name i've never mentioned victor when banyana yes holy french batman he's he's next all right how many wins does jaylen hurts have to get to win mvp 13 that that low huh 13 and four is no slouch they have a really easy schedule i i honestly don't know they're coming with i'm telling you well arizona is not uh any slouch either they're not they're not that good do you see collar is on pace to throw over 700 passes this year yeah crazy and so there's something going on between him and cliff i don't think there's anything going on between him and cliff and if there is they better get through it because both of them are signed very long term there and cliff needs to get through it because collar is not the one that's going to be sent away obviously the eagles have to play you know at dallas but you know they're home for green bay and they're home for tennessee those are kind of their only tough games philadelphia's at arizona and then they got the sunday nighter at home for dallas before there's a buy home for pittsburgh at houston monday night against the commanders at indianapolis who knows what they'll look like at that point in time there's a sunday nighter against green bay of thanksgiving weekend then they're home for tennessee at the giants at chicago at dallas new orleans and the giants at home i'm telling you at some point the concept about the eagles would be the yeah but who have they really played that's common but it hurts just a little bit of it just for you right there i think 13 wins 13 14 15 wins and jaylen hurts but like i told you a couple weeks ago what was it uh uh there's a new emerging rock star in this league and it's jaylen hurts yeah that was that was just week two isn't the point to win the games i'm just telling you i have the power guys i call you snap ross matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello ross this week chelsea handler i'm not home enough to have a third dog my housekeeper basically is their parent i am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exists it's a good move i have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do i recommend two max okay here's your foot ross hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen
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