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REShow: Peter King - Hour 1 (10-4-2022)

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October 4, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: Peter King - Hour 1 (10-4-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 4, 2022 3:09 pm

Rich recaps the San Francisco 49ers’ Monday Night Football win over NFC West rival Los Angeles Rams.

NBC Sports’ NFL Insider Peter King tells Rich why the Steelers made the switch from Mitchell Trubisky to Kenny Pickett as their starting QB, why he’s shocked John Harbaugh is getting so much heat for his 4th down call in the Ravens’ Week 4 loss to the Buffalo Bills, if Colts head coach Frank Reich is on the hot seat already, explains how Jalen Hurts has turned the Eagles into Super Bowl contenders, and discusses the latest in the Tua Tagovailoa concussion controversy.

Rich and the guys react to Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin officially naming rookie Kenny Pickett the team’s starting quarterback over Mitchell Trubisky.

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What? These are not the same old New York Jets, are they? How about these New York Jets at two and two? Get out of here! Today's guests, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, from NBC Sports, Peter King, ESPN NFL analyst Robert Griffin III, plus Eagles tackle Lane Johnson. And now it's Rich Eisen. Oh yeah, what a guest list.

What a guest list. Couldn't be more excited to be here on this Tuesday edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Fresh off of a fourth week of the NFL season being put in the books.

We've got news about Dak Prescott's readiness for this upcoming week. Week five right around the corner and we welcome you to this show all three hours right here on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate, the Odyssey app, Sirius Channel 218, XM Channel 202, Channel 992 on the app. We say hello to our podcast listeners who take this show and podcast form every day from the Cumulus Podcast Network where all podcasts can be acquired and listen to it whenever they darn well please.

Our YouTube page Rich Eisen Show for all almost eight years of this show. We celebrate our eighth anniversary over the weekend I believe if I'm not mistaken. No, Thursday.

Is it Thursday? October 6th. So we've got two days from now we got a great show planned for that one. Got a great show planned for that one. It will be here. It will be here on Thursday. That's right it's the 6th it's not the 8th. 6th. Yeah thank you for being here to remind me of all that Christopher.

Chris Brockman in his usual spot, DJ Mikey D in his spot. TJ Jefferson light that candle sir. Good to see you over there TJ. So does that mean cupcakes, cake, champagne, whiskey, vodka what you bringing in? I don't know. You have the the wrong uh part of uh the family sitting in this chair for that sort of thing. If you remember after our first family family if you remember after our first show Susie came out with a bottle of champagne she's been getting us drunk for eight years basically so there's all that. You hear that Sus? We need cupcakes.

So we'll figure that all out. Celebration. That's Thursday.

How about today Rich? Patrick Mahlum is slated to call in middle of this show. He's good at football.

He is that. Lane Johnson a man who is protecting the front side of uh of Jalen Hurts for the four and oh um alone remaining undefeated team in the NFL Philadelphia Eagles. He's in the show in hour number three and uh those are the players RG3 will be joining us top of hour number two as he was in San Francisco Santa Clara last night um for Monday Night Football and joining us in about 18 minutes time is Peter King and PK will be joining us with all of his nuggets and news and information about week four and everything else going on in the National Football League including apparently a hot seat in Indianapolis. Talk about a hot game coming up in two days time. You got the two and two Denver Broncos and the one two and one Indianapolis Colts who followed up that big win over the Chiefs with a huge loss to the Tennessee Titans who are now out of that oh and two dungeon.

They're now two and two. Our poll question uh deals with that and we'll get to that in a moment but I do want to start this program with what we saw last night and my takeaway is the San Francisco 49ers are who we think they are which is a team that went to the NFC Championship game last year and can win this year's Super Bowl because they've got a championship quality defense and they've got an incredible game changer on offense and if the quarterback who is suddenly back in the position where we didn't think he would be in after they lost two of the Rams in the NFC Championship game last year because he said farewell to the media saying saying out loud we all thought that Jimmy Garoppolo was history if he plays like he did last night no mistakes and pulling the trigger and hitting his back foot and finding Deebo Samuel and Jeff Wilson is running the football and the defense is getting after it well that's that's that's how you put together a championship team this year and they have every shot to win this NFC even though there are two games behind the Eagles but if they can get after it and they can come up with points on defense and Deebo Samuel presents business decisions for you on offense and Kittle wasn't even involved very much last night and Ayuk's getting in people's grills and they're they're doing it that's how the 49ers can win the Super Bowl this year yeah they can get in Josh Allen's face yeah they can go after Jalen Hurts stopped the running game on the way to the quarterback yeah they can get Patrick Mahomes off the spot and potentially prevent him from playing a little street ball if he's not standing back there and finding one of his nine receivers half of them who you've never heard of and don't have on your fantasy team you know so that's what I'm seeing out of the 49ers and when I saw Deebo Samuel take it to the house last night I thought of the non-stop conversation we all had here on this show between the moment we heard he wanted out and being traded all the way up to the draft when I told you the Niners ain't doing it all the way through the summer when we're wondering is he going to show up to training camp all to the moment where he got pizayed appropriately I thought of all of those days we were sitting here on this set and we were taking phone calls and we were hearing people wondering if Deebo was going to come back and him Deebo strolling through some club here in town right here in Los Angeles and somebody had a sign yeah and a hide I think and a sign said you know go back to San Francisco and he's shaking he's like I'm not coming back then we're hearing how the big problem for the Niners to re-sign him is the fact that the Niners don't play football in South Carolina right we're hearing all that I thought of all those days we had conversations and we were taking calls on this program and I thought to myself this is exactly why I knew he had to get paid and the Niners were going to pay him that moment right there because Deebo not only can do that unlike anybody else in this game because he can also take tosses and run inside handoffs on you and jet sweeps and things of that nature but he can do what he did last night with a house call 57 yards out on a third down and not only can he do it but he does it consistently for the 49ers against the one team if they had to choose it on their dance card on their schedule menu every year say do it against that one and he does it against the Rams all the time even in the loss in the NFC Championship game he had a 44 yarder for the 49ers in that game against the Rams that they wound up losing and he does it at a time when they need it most in the game against the team that they need it most against in that game in the NFC Championship game the Rams had just scored the first touchdown of the game they're up seven nothing how are the Niners going to respond well Deebo will just take it right around the line of scrimmage and run through everybody else 44 yards for the score okay last night last night 7-6 ball game Rams having trouble scoring in the red zone they settle for three again but it's a one-point game let's see what happens late second quarter what happens next third and three midfield can the Rams get off the field and start maybe gaining some momentum they just made it a one-point game can get the ball back the ball back will curl route third and three Darion Kendrick of the Rams sees it jumps the route Deebo jumps higher grabs it Taylor Rapp makes a mistake can't corral him and then the race is on and business decisions are all over the map and then you see the 49ers receivers suddenly turn and they know it this is the moment this is the Deebo moment they turn and start blocking they get it all of them Kittles throwing a block Ayuk throws Jones out of the club unfortunately wasn't Jones the one who got thrown out of the club by uh was he the one thrown out of the club by Josh Allen I don't think so with somebody else but he gets thrown out of club right around the goal line and Jalen Ramsey has one last good shot to get him and all he can get is Deebo's shoe which is just like forget about that third and three looked when Jimmy G threw it uh-oh could be one of those interceptions nope touchdown Deebo Samuel that's why they paid him that's why they paid him and then this kid Talanoa Hufunga okay god bless you from USC and you know whenever anybody who plays safety out of USC has long hair that blocks the name plate you know where you're going certainly if his name's Hufunga you're going Polamalu and sure enough Polamalu mentors the kid and he's playing like him oh my goodness is he jumping routes and he's playing like him oh my goodness is he jumping routes and he's all over the place and it looks like he's just freelancing that's what it looks like but he knew he knew that if he jumped a route last night what he thought was the route and he jumps it and it was a house call and that's what wrapped it up last night because the Niners had just settled for three it just missed a field goal I mean Gold was trying to make this a two possession game Rams get it back it's still a one possession game and then pick six that's all she wrote and you can't blame Stafford if he's kind of off kilter last night because with that offensive line that was already wit worthless right without Whitworth and banged up up front and you know Nick Bose is coming at you and Fred Warner I had to look it up there was only one of them last night can that guy can that guy play football or what he is spectacular spectacular so I don't know how the Rams fix that offensive line how you get healthy and they better fix it fast because the Cowboys are coming to town Cowboys are coming down with that lion up front number 11 roaring in a tank and and and a tank they got their line in their tank Parsons and Lawrence coming that sounds that does sound like one of those cop shows you pitch in this town here in Los Angeles not a great show Parsons and Lawrence they're always speeding and so you know um I'm I'm not concerned long run for the Rams I don't know how you fix it up up front they did go through a month period including a loss to the 49ers last year if you remember they lost in Odell Beckham's first game with the Rams and you're wondering well Odell is not really fixing anything but they could really use somebody like Odell back to stretch the field because I do not know why Allen Robinson is completely invisible you know so Kopp is working and I think the run game can work last night you know against that front seven and now this kid Hufunga on the back end 49ers were just the better team last night it's just kind of that simple and I'm not saying the Rams are not making the playoffs and there's no shot for them to win it all this year because last year it did look pretty bad a nice month-long stretch or nice is the wrong adjective but it was a good long four month four game stretch for the opponents remember Adrian Peterson was scoring against the Rams for the Titans coming into their house I mean they were hitting the mouth by the physical teams and you thought that they couldn't do it and then they did I don't know if Odell can walk through that door they got to figure out Allen Robinson they can definitely turn around in this short week and beat the Cowboys at home I think but it'll be a tough road to hoe I know you're making those noises but that's still the Los Angeles Rams and the Rams house and I know the Cowboys fans are going to make it the Cowboys house best they can certainly if Del Tufo is putting his tickets on his market thanks Mike I can't go I'm working got it Mike what's more important Mike taking me to a game that's my opinion about last night I'm not throwing the Rams out with the bathwater but I do see the 49ers showing you that they can hit the same gear as they hit last year when they almost made the Super Bowl they can hit that gear where that's the proverbial team you don't want to face which team in that division would you throw out I mean obviously all four aren't going to make the playoffs so they're all two and two right now I mean is it the low hanging fruit to say Seattle I mean is it that low hanging fruit because you also have to understand that he knows the top 10 quarterback I get I know that the 49ers are also two and oh in division their two wins are in division they beat the Seattle Seahawks at home and now they've beaten the Rams at home okay the Rams are two and two but their one loss one of their losses is against the Bills and one of their wins is at home against Arizona at Arizona as a matter of fact so they've already gone on the road and won a division game so that's a feather in their cap as well the good news for Arizona is they're two-thirds of the way through DeAndre Hopkins suspension and they're 500 I wish my fantasy team was yeah right that's the good news for Arizona bad news is that they got the Philadelphia Eagles coming to town this week yeah man I can't wait for Jalen versus Kyler isn't it amazing Kyler faces Baker one week and then cover he faces his predecessor and then next he'll face his successor that doesn't happen much no it doesn't that's a fun game man and then Seattle uh now goes to New Orleans which I think so I don't know I I've if you sports talk radio put the you know put me to the to the test I would throw Seattle out just because that's the low hanging fruit the one that you least expect but they're two and two and you are what you are and what this division is is all tied up at two and two and I'm here for it as the San Francisco 49ers now matriculate their way to go visit Baker Mayfield and that is the last team I'd want to face if my ass was on the hot seat as a coach and Baker Mayfield is standing back there after having nine passes batted down almost all of them by JJ Watt last week here comes Nick Bosa and Fred Warner that game could go all hufunga in two seconds flat on Carolina 844-204 Rich number to dial what do you think Jerry Jones chiming in on Dak Prescott's availability for this week Mike Tomlin is speaking I believe in moments with Kenny Pickett we're expected to hear from him that Kenny Pickett has the gig as the Steelers now one and three head to Buffalo also on the show somebody at the temerity to ask Nick Saban if the backup should the backup play this week against Texas A&M because Bryce Young has the old AC joint sprain if there's a package already placed in for this backup if the backup plays oh goodness oh gosh so it's the trifecta of asking Nick Saban about an injury about who might be playing if somebody is injured or not and then asking Nick Saban about his preparedness oh boy hide the women and children for that one okay not the Coke bottles huh what the Coke bottle oh no that's they pay for that whoever you know has that deal with Alabama 844-204 Rich is the number to dial Patrick Mahomes is calling in Lane Johnson of the Eagles 4-0 calling in then we've got also on this program RG3 who we adore he just makes you smarter and laugh and I just really love what's what he's turning into with ESPN as one of their top-notch analysts and in-game and at the game last night but when we come back Peter King will join us is Frank Reich on the hot seat in Indianapolis and so much more to talk about with PK when we come back you have to watch the crowning of the next American League champion catch the best of the MLB postseason all month long on TBS 844-204 Rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show joining us here from NBC Sports and Pro Football Hall of Famer friend of our program on the Mercedes-Benz phone line back here it's so much going on through four weeks as always in an NFL season joining us here is Peter King how are you sir hey everything's good Rich how about you I'm great so Pickett is the starter in Pittsburgh for the Steelers and we assume for as long as Pickett can hold on to the job and give him time to succeed or not what is your estimation on what led to Tomlin's decision this past Sunday and now on this Tuesday Peter well the offense has been running in cement basically and you know you know I think Mike Tomlin looked at it and he kept wanting to give Mitchell Trubisky the benefit of the doubt but after three and a third games I think he just sort of ran out of patience the problem I think in this particular case is that we all thought because Trubisky played pretty well in the summer and because he came in and was like the perfect you know guy for this team just a very low maintenance low ego hard-working guy everybody thought okay he's guy but the same problems that he had in Chicago are surfacing now you don't fix everything that ails you because you had one year with Brian Daball and Kent Dorsey and Josh Allen you know there's some endemic problems really I think with with Mitchell Trubisky and unfortunately for him I don't think he's going to get a chance to try to fix him you know if Pickett plays well but Parcells used to say they don't sell insurance for this kind of stuff so who knows just stay tuned that's all Bill would say about quarterbacks and changing quarterbacks that's what he would say Peter he said that about a hundred things in the NFL over the years well they don't sell insurance for that kind of stuff but I do remember he did say it a couple of times about quarterback situations so I don't know you know to be rich wasn't this kind of common sense Richard Trubisky won the job but did he win it in a slam-dunk fashion worthy of having eight or ten games as a trial no he didn't and did the other guy show a lot of promise yes he did so this seems pretty logical to me and the first stop is in Buffalo and the Bills you know are three and one having won three very you know having won three very tough games I know the the one at home against Tennessee you know they they boat raced them but you know they boat raced them but you know Tennessee has certainly proven over the last couple of weeks to have turned things around and the Bills are ready to rock I would think in front of their home folks after two trying games one with a win and one with a loss what is your sense of what happened in Baltimore with the Ravens and the aftermath of Harbaugh's decision to go for it rather than kick a three conventionally in that game I am shocked that Harbaugh is getting taken to task for that decision shocked rich let me just ask you a question you want to hand the ball back to uh you want to hand the ball back to Josh Allen with uh with four minutes to go and three timeouts for Buffalo you want to hand the ball back to Josh Allen and study essentially okay you've got to make 50 yards and and you've been you've been moving the ball you know on this team so all he has to do is make 50 yards to kick the tying field goal and he's got four minutes and three timeouts to go 75 yards to win the game which I mean I would not have liked those odds if I were uh if I were John Harbaugh and think of this say you're giving the ball to uh you know to the Bills and whatever it would be the two or three yard line uh if you don't make it unless Lamar Jackson throws up a duck into the end zone it's intercepted then they get it at the 20 and I'm not really criticizing Lamar Jackson you got to take a shot in that case but I always believe that when you throw the ball into the end zone in a situation like this it shouldn't be anywhere close to a 50-50 ball because the interception is just too costly you should throw it toward either the sideline or you know the corner of the end zone to make sure that if you're a guy guy or you know it doesn't get completed because he did have a couple of guys open on that play and you know I just think and Marcus Peters lost his mind as well he was very upset about it I just think it's tough in this day and age despite you know having the knowledge and the gut also along with the um you know knowledge of of analytics to explain to your team well there was a six better percent better chance of winning you know if we went for it what would his team said what would his team have said to him if they make the field goal they hand the ball to Josh Allen four minutes and three timeouts left and Josh Allen goes down and scores a touchdown and the Bills win you don't think there would have been grumbling in that locker room uh you know at what are we doing why are we giving uh you know the toughest quarterback running receiving I don't know Rich this is one of those things that I in my opinion look I see it one way I'm sure a lot of people see it another way I'm shocked that people think it was a bad decision I just don't think it was football morning in America Peter King NFL insider Peter King podcast right here on the Rich Eisen show is the seed hot for Frank Reich two days from now uh is this a must-win game against the Broncos I don't think so I don't think so I mean you know look you know there's no question that the owner is a tempestuous guy uh I mean he's not blowing up his team uh on October 7th yeah I can't see it I just I I look I don't know I I you know Jimmy Irsay could do anything uh and I'm not suggesting that he might do something I don't think he's going to do anything all I know is that being 0-2-1 in the division halfway through your division schedule has got to just be burning uh Jimmy Irsay but I don't think he's I would be again I and I don't think it would be smart to try to do anything now look it's not Frank Reich's fault that the absolute total strength of this team uh is is the offensive line and the offensive and it's playing lousy and that his most important defensive player you know I don't think it's Frank Reich's fault that that Shaq Leonard has basically been a non- factor in the first quarter of the season and that might be out even longer so and again I'm not absolving anybody of blame I'm just saying let's look at this thing logically and figure out why they're not playing well I think the one thing that you can really put on Reich and put on Matt Ryan is the fact that Matt Ryan has not gotten them out of many holes so far this year and that is going to be something that's going to have to change uh and again five quarterbacks in five years and I can think of a logical reason why they made every decision that they made but still five quarterbacks in five years is pretty hard to overcome. Peter King here on the Rich Eisen Show is Howie Roseman wrapped up executive of the year with a 4-0 start I know we're marathoning we're not sprinting but pretty much every button he's pushed I mean AJ Brown on draft day my gosh to to give him um to Jalen Hurts and say make something of it and then to to hit the defense the way that he did and the signings that he did and you know flipping Jalen Rager right before the season the way that he did I mean every button this guy is pushed from Sirianni too a couple years ago my gosh and they have the Saints draft choice as well in their back pocket. Here's what here's how I kind of look at this Rich and I was at their game on Sunday um the defense players of the game were James Bradbury who made a diving interception when it was a six point game late in the third quarter that basically was the biggest play of the second half in the fourth quarter Hassan Renick with two turnovers on strip stacks a free agent who we got I mean those are both free agents and Howie Roseman took advantage of the Giants weakness in blowing this salary cap when Dave Gettleman was there and so they get basically James Bradbury a top 15 NFL corner for seven million dollars for one year was a great signing and then look you know Howie Roseman will tell you this that it was Doug Peterson who really wanted Jalen Hurts because they had had so many problems with injuries at the quarterback position back in 2020 and just remember two and a half years ago in Philadelphia Doug Peterson, Howie Roseman, Jeff Lurie they all thought that Carson Wentz was the quarterback of the future so they were drafting they were drafting Jalen Hurts as a great backup quarterback and a weapon to be used and all this and it was Carson Wentz's Carson Wentz blowing a great situation by his play and his attitude in 2020 so that's why Jalen Hurts really got the job that he got and he's made the most of it. Rich, what's amazing to me is we are in October in the first full season of no doubt starter Jalen Hurts and he leads the NFL in yards per attempt which despite with all the newfangled stats that people come up with that is still a great measuring stick barometer type number for quarterbacks and Jalen Hurts at 9.1 yards per attempt I mean that's Dan Spouts being marina territory. Yeah and then they got the running game to support it too I mean my gosh to complement it to maybe sometimes dominate right I mean you play action and then you got AJ Brown you got Devante Smith you got Goddard just to name three targets uh yeah they're gonna be open with some yak ability like that's the way to work it and that's it. You know what I think Rich when I look at the eagles right now and when I walked out at a lake the other day I said this is a team when you can win on a day when it's raining sideways and it's 25 mile an hour winds and it's really cold it's just an absolutely miserable day to play barbells never mind to play football and you go out you play that way play a different way than you played the first three games what what I thought was really cool and Rick sometimes after a game the story kind of writes itself but after the game I met with Jalen Hurts and we were I thought the play of the game they're down 14 nothing and Jalen Hurts uh runs it in on fourth and three fourth goal from the three and a half as a colossal uh goal line collision with Devin Lloyd the Jaguars scores and now they're back in the game and I had thought they were going to kick a field goal they've been playing terrible on offense for the first 20 minutes just get some points on the board but Sirianni chose to go for it anyway they scored a touchdown Hurts comes to the sidelines and Sirianni sees him out and he says you know why I went for it he said I went for it because I because I trusted you and you know when you're a coach's son like Jalen Hurts is you know what he calls his father coach Hurts he does and when you're a coach's son you grew up in Texas you know what it means to you when your coach says I trust you that's everything and that is how Nick Sirianni feels right now about this guy and and I I think they're in a pretty good position Peter King here on the Rich Eisen show last one for you Peter I have not gotten an answer to this question involving Tua Tonga-Wailoa and the concussion protocol and the investigation and the firing of the independent neurologist and who did it and why I need an answer to this question and maybe you can help why if the investigation into why Tua was allowed to was allowed to return to the game in week three against the Bills if that investigation was still open for the Thursday Night Football week four opener how was Tua allowed to return they they allowed him to play he was allowed to get on the field the players association didn't didn't keep him from the field the league didn't keep him from the field even though they did you know Dr. Alan Sills said he was clear and and and and checked every single day leading up to that game if they had yet to speak to the independent neurologist who allowed Tua back on the field on Sunday how was he allowed into the game at all shouldn't he be kept off the field anybody who's returned to play is under investigation shouldn't that player be sat like he is in the concussion protocol until the investigation is complete I need an answer to that question probably probably but remember remember he was allowed back in the game because he said it was my back and the now we need to find out whether it's the independent neurologist or the team physician after he passed his halftime test whether they bought that and evidently they did buy it because after the game uh you know uh the the head coach of the Dolphins Mike McDaniel talked about the back injury and said and I'd have to go back and get his quotes exactly but didn't he after the game say he was cleared he didn't have a control yeah and so did Tua and so anybody you know in a position like mine that comes on and goes lower back injury huh like it make you're now accusing the others of lying and it is possible he had just a back injury and then he wound up in the game you know on on Thursday but Peter if if the players association finds the independent neurologist um so hostile or on not understanding his role as was reported to the point where they they exercise their right to fire him and Tua is allowed to play the night before and we saw that fencing response on the field how does that happen right I mean shouldn't because he came out of Sunday and everybody bought what the two doctors said at halftime which is that he passed the test he's able to go back rich either one of those doctors could have prevented that from happening they didn't prevent it and after the game they said that it was not a concussion that and I don't know what they said but they clearly said it was not a concussion because if it was a concussion he would not have gone back in the game and he he would have started the week in concussion protocol and I get it Peter my question though is that if if that um scenario you know what wasn't fishy then there what there wouldn't have been an investigation opened so what I'm saying is that if you're if you're concerned about his return to play on a Sunday was not up to snuff and that might have missed something then why do you allow him to play before you speak to the person in the investigation to see if it was up to snuff or not on that Sunday despite the clear despite the clear tests between Monday and Wednesday you hadn't spoken to the doctor yet and then you do and he's fired and then the night before you speak to the doctor two was damn near overnight hospitalized and the whole country's horrified I that's what I'm just saying is that if there's enough question to spark an investigation then that players out until the investigation is complete period end of story and that should be yeah I don't I don't think that's a bad idea at all rich I don't I think I agree with it but I also think I also think that um that as Mike McDaniel said and again the the uh the diagnosis of this injury may in fact uh be really all wrong and erring on the side of football right not erring on the side of the player but if you have people telling you three days in a row that this guy is clear he can play then obviously the coach is going to play the guy absolutely and now in retrospect I think the I think the most logical thing to do is once you have um you know once you are shown to be as shaky as to Otago below was and you have people all over the stadium on the sidelines and up in the press box being able to analyze replays and being able to look at a guy hitting his head hard on the turf my whole problem with this is once the gross motor instability was shown that's when he should have been out of the game for good and and that is what should have made the decision not the fact that maybe he was smart enough to pass the test at halftime so there's a lot wrong with this decision but I do think that I think it's going to get better but I also think that around the country and I had about 60 of them who wrote to me this week many of whom said my kid will never play football and this is just an exclamation point on it that is what is is being lost in a way in this the fact that the NFL is going to start losing a huge number of its uh you know candidate players down the road because really good athletes are going to be kept out of football because parents don't want their brains to be scrambled Peter thank you for the time and thoughts and information and terrific conversation as always be the man appreciate the time hey thanks a lot rich have a great week right back at you at peter underscore king on twitter let's take a break when we come back here mike tomlin has spoken and he tells us why he is going with kenny pickett that's next this is the rich eisen show looking to buy a new home well navy federal credit union has loan options and resources that help their members save and make sure they get the best deal because right now navy federal will contribute one thousand dollars as a lender credit towards closing costs on your new home plus members save on their monthly payments since there's no requirement for private mortgage insurance and that's not all navy federal offers low rates and fees too so you could save even more and navy federal's experts can help you choose the best option for you so the home loan process is as smooth an experience as possible learn more at navy federal dot org navy federal credit union our members are the mission insured by ncua equal housing lender qualifying members with purchase mortgage applications may receive up to a thousand dollars towards actual closing costs apply to closing with no cash back and subject to loan program maximum contribution limits if you've applied after the 16th of september terms subject to change ask your loan officer for details it's interesting uh you know when you're you do um you know monday night football you get on you know lists for pr oh okay um for team pr and so i'm on a list for the giants now because the giants were a monday night game last week against the cowboys so for a few weeks now i've been receiving emails from a member of the giant staff and the guy's name is jacob lamata no way jake it's probably that's incredible and i just keep thinking of raging bull every single time i get an email that's hilarious goes by jacob so i don't mean to shout out anybody but it's just every time i get it i'm like oh i just got an email so even if i even if you email you win even if you look okay it's his email like raging bull at no no his email the member of the giant staff sending out emails like why have i been getting emails from jacob lamata am i gonna get it am i gonna get am i gonna get an email from the ram staff of eugene tony i mean is that what what's next joseph lewis okay keep going that's a member of the giant lion staff right if it's lamata you should have went with a sugar ray robinson i think yeah okay yeah yeah just because those two were yeah one of the best scorsese movies period end of story amazing all right um let's get to it mike tomlin speaks to the media only once during the week it's tuesday and today's tuesday and uh on sunday he benched his starter in the middle of a game and kenny pickett threw him out there and kenny got picketed a little bit picking it off and he also but he made some nice throws too man got in the end zone himself right yeah so mike tomlin all ears on whether he was going to name pickett the starter moving forward today and he named him the starter against the bills and did just that in regards to the quarterback position we made a change in game um and kenny will start this week and i just want to talk about that for a moment um we made the change obviously um mitch's performance was a component of the decision but not the only component of the decision and i just want to be really clear there oftentimes the quarterback position gets too much credit too much blame we haven't moved the ball fluidly enough to our liking um we hadn't put enough points on the board the quarterback is a component of that but but not the only component we've all got to absorb um the responsibility that comes with what we are what we haven't done particularly in that phase including myself and starting with myself and so when you make a quarterback change you you're really sensitive to that component of it because i don't want to dump the responsibility of what transpired at mitch's feet that's not fair to him he's played better than that description but we haven't and so in an effort to be better in an effort to score more points in an effort to move the ball more fluidly we decided to go to kenny and in the hopes that he would provide a spark for us there you go i like it if i can interpret that interpret that um i can interpret that what i take from all of that um is he knows trubisky might have to get back out there if pickett gets hurt in short order and i don't know pickett would really have to struggle he would have to be completely lost looking and i don't think he's going to look like that i think i think the kid has an it factor and the kids played in a lot of big games when he was at pittsburgh collegiately and i just i don't think they have a concern that he is going to look lost and he's going to get they they have to go back to trubisky just to save the season so on and so forth um i i just think to use the phrase that steve young used last week in regards to jimmy garoppolo now getting the starter's gig after everything that happened between the end of last year and then the moment trey lance got carted off that he used the phrase there was a lot of broken glass on the floor and there's broken glass on the floor you heard how trubisky took the benching when he was interviewed at his locker after the loss to the jets and he looked like to use a tomlin phrase a hostage and not a volunteer and he knows he's got a hostage right now as a backup and he might need him as a volunteer lickety split certainly in this part of the season and part of the nfl campaign where i would proffer to say anybody who looks concussed they're they're gonna be set there's a sensitivity here so um i think that's what he's saying it's not you mitch it's us it's very poor you're part of us and the us has not been as good as we can be so the one individual that i could change to make the us better faster is your position and you but it's not you it's us to use a seinfeld analogy that's my interpretation of it rg3 and patrick mahomes and you and our two that round you know that's the way i took it but trepisky wasn't there were a couple throws that picket made including one to fryer move to put him inside the five against the jets he stood in there and he took a lick from quinn and williams who by the way is balling out for my jets that is a top five pick that is panning out for new york and he took a lick and delivered it over the middle and fryer took it inside the five and that's the stuff they i don't think they saw from trepisky a lot and pickett standing in there and taking his licks and i think that's the sort of stuff that's going to show on film this week that's going to get the us to use his phrase tomlin's phrase i think the us is going to get a little fired up about that you just see him too how he pushes the ball down field george pickens had his best game yeah there you go there you go we're going to see the offense that's the pickens needed we need to see more pickens than us in the us yeah in the we but that's tomlin's way of just saying it's not you like you actually he actually performed better trepisky than the than the narrative and fortunately though if he was performing better than the narrative then why does he have to be replaced you know why didn't santiago pack a thing if he was finally leaving the island you know what i mean so you have to understand here what's at play and what's at play is you want to get a spark on the offense you don't just change the left tackle or the wide receiver the running back you push the qb button certainly if you've drafted one as high as you did in the first round after not doing that for a decade plus audible has everything you love listening to and more it's the home of storytelling there's no better place to find all the stories your imagination craves like the hottest new releases of the year audiobooks exclusive originals and popular podcasts including 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