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REShow: Hour 1 (10-3-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 3, 2022 3:06 pm

REShow: Hour 1 (10-3-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 3, 2022 3:06 pm

Rich recaps the Patrick Mahomes and the Kansasy City Chiefs’ impressive offensive display against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers #1-ranked scoring defense to the tune of 41 points on Sunday Night Football and says why he still thinks Tom Brady and company will still win the NFC South.

Rich weighs in on Ravens HC John Harbaugh’s controversial decision to go for a touchdown instead of a gimme field goal late in their Week 4 loss to the Buffalo Bills, and comments on the Steelers’ QB controversy after head coach Mike Tomlin replaced Mitchell Trubisky with rookie Kenny Pickett in Pittsburgh’s loss to the Jets, and puffs his chest over Zach Wilson’s return and the Jets improving to 2-2 on the season.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
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You don't bottle it. Unleash the it. This is the Rich Eisen Show. It'll be a throw from Barrios to Zach Wilson for the touchdown. He missed it.

Unfortunately and we lost the game. Today's guests, two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Oh yeah, baby. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Live from Los Angeles, California. We are here on the Roku Channel. Channel 210 everybody for those scoring at home. And we are on every single day between 12 and 3 Eastern.

And then we re-air once we're done. You cannot avoid us. And the same goes for listening to us live on the Terrestrial Radio Network built and helped by Westwood One. I'll be sitting by the way in the Westwood One Studios tonight for Monday night. Football between the Rams and the Niners.

Pre and halftime for that one. We say hello to our Terrestrial Radio Network. Those listening on the Odyssey app. Channel 218 on Sirius. Channel 202 on XM. Channel 992 for those who are trying to find us on the Sirius XM app or digitally. We say hello as well to those listening to us on our podcast whenever they darn well please. It's your right in this podcast listening world. It's the Cumulus Podcast Network that puts our show out all three hours every single day. Our YouTube page also requires a follow as well. slash Rich Eisen Show for all of that. We say hello to Chris Brockman. How are you? Hey Rich. Good to see you. I'm great. What's up, man? DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts back in his post.

And then riding high on a three-game winning streak is my friend TJ Jefferson. Show your whiteboard, sir. I'm not even looking in direction. I'm sure you've already got the candle lit. Hey, they didn't believe in this, but you know what, Rich?

Who's they? God did. It's another Jimmy Johnson drop day for Dallas Cowboy.

God did. And Rush, we trust. There we go. There we go. And Chris, we're on to Los Angeles.

That's right. You're coming out here. I'm sure TJ will speak about it throughout the week. You'll still be watching the show from your apartment. If somebody gives me a good seat, maybe I'll just tell Ashton to get, take you to the game. That might be my only hope.

I'm going to have to use that card. Lots to talk about on this three-hour show and lots to talk about throughout this week. There's so many different ways to start this program. We could start with the double lundoink. We could do that. You like that one?

Double lundoink? That game ended up being bananas. We could talk about the Packers almost getting zappied. We could talk about, wait a minute.

I think this could be a fantasy team name, Chris. Poop cart in Detroit. Oh, geez.

Oh, geez. We had a poop cart in Detroit. Or you could do it for fantasy moniker purposes, Detroit poop cart. That's better.

We know what the avatar is. Detroit poop cart or Motor City poop cart. We're workshopping. My Raiders are on the board. Problem with that last one. Problem with me celebrating my choice for the AFC West champion of the 2022 season finally being on the board is then the Kansas City Chiefs played in Tampa last night.

Oh, my God. He good. Did the Chiefs show up last night? Did the Chiefs show up last night?

Rhetorical question. Yes, they did. They showed up in the spot where they lost the Super Bowl to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Patrick Mahomes running around for dear life on a terrible toe that required surgery subsequently on that night caused the Chiefs to go back to the drawing board on their offensive line. And a few observations from last night's game. I looked it up. I looked it up.

When you play the Chiefs and you decide to put your offense out there first and get the ball first, you should not fumble the opening kickoff and give the ball to the Chiefs right on the twenty one yard line. That's good advice. I looked it up. That's good. I looked it up just in case my instincts were awry.

Arias Consulting stays working. Don't do it. Future opponents of the Chiefs avoid at all costs. Here's what you don't because two plays later, Travis Kelce is doing whatever he's doing in the end zone.

He's doing that dance. And then that just got the ball rolling. If you allow the Chiefs to get their figurative offensive ball rolling, problems.

Problems. And we haven't seen this offense since week one in Arizona where they put up forty four. And the next two weeks in which they split their games, losing last week in Indianapolis.

How'd that happen? And then the previous week, Kansas City taking on the Chargers at home. And that was a Thursday nighter in which we all know Herbert fractured his rib cartilage. But that was a tough row to hoe.

Lots of tough sledding in the first half of that game. And the narrative is they miss number 10. Well, number 10 is now worn by seventh round rookie Isaiah Pacheco, who last night was part of a running attack in which the Chiefs racked up a hundred eighty nine yards on thirty seven carries. And that's in addition to Mahomes finding nine different receivers. Nine.

Three of them for touchdowns. Jodie Fortson scored last night, everybody. Jodie Foster? No, Jodie Fortson. No relation to Danny?

Might be. Sky Moore a couple catches. McColl Hartman just had one catch for four yards. Clyde Edwards a layer had one catch. Could add a second one for a touchdown. That's the only way the Bucks defense got off the field in the first half last night was when on a fourth and one a wide open Clyde Edwards a layer had one go off of his hands and his helmet. That's what the Chiefs did to the Bucks. Just absolutely bull rushed him. Bull rushed him with an actual rushing attack and then bull rushed him with a whole bunch of plays, offensive plays.

How about that rushing touchdown by Noah Gray last night where Mahomes is play acting. Eric Stonestreet said he taught them how to ad lib, right? That Stonestreet's taking credit for this? That Stonestreet tweeted out last night after Mahomes was pointing in a direction like he's directing traffic and everybody looks at 15 directing traffic on the one yard line and Noah Gray just went under center. Oh sneak.

That's some free form crazy stuff that they're thinking of. That's that's a red zone play folks. How do you defend that?

You can't. You can't defend this team when Mahomes is street balling and he's also operating this offense like a maestro and you can't stop Noah Gray and Jody Fortson from double teaming you. That's the problem the Chiefs present still after all this time and defensively. Defensively they're getting after that that kid Sneed. Can he play football or what? And George Karlofftas who they drafted and of course Chris Jones when he's not saying magic words that I would kill to still know what he said in Indianapolis it caused him to get fined. They fined him for it.

I'd still be alive. But Lageria Sneed and everybody else different levels of this defense man. Problem. They have presented a major issue for everybody when they're playing like this and they played like that last night and the offensive line they gotta love. I mean talk about just returning to the scene of their utter disappointment in that Super Bowl that night where they got out pointed in the first half by Brady Fine and Gronk all those times and Mahomes was running for his life and we even you know we talked about it with Brett Veatch their general manager within a couple weeks later he's just like yeah I looked at that the team that night and I'm like we gotta redo our offensive line and they did and they blew open damn near 200 yards of holes against the number one rushing defense and this is a specialty pardon me of Mahomes is to beat the number one scoring defense in the NFL. He's now six and one against the number one scoring defense in his career in the NFL putting up 30 points per game and passing for 322 yards.

That's a good stat. The Bucks allowed on average coming into this game nine points per game and he destroyed them. I mean that play again that he flipped it to Clyde Edwards-Hilaire in the end zone after running to his right and creating space and creating time and then honestly it looked like he was shooting free throw right there which by the way he practiced before the game NBC showed that. That was ridiculous.

Rich he's out there just playing street ball. Now this is the street ball that that dumbass unnamed coordinator said that that's all he does but clearly that's not all he does. He also can't defend it. You know what he also does he also barks at Travis Kelce for getting in the way of a pass in this game what is already basically decided. Yeah that was weird. And Kelce is just like yeah you could even see the the international body language of yeah my bad.

My bad. You know what's interesting Rich Mahomes has 11 touchdowns on the year. You know how many wide receivers have caught?

Two. Well he said he's just it's a different player every game it's a different player every game and he warned that of fantasy players for who are going to take chiefs this year but obviously you know he and Kelce it's tough to watch this and not think they're going in the hall of fame together. Yeah. Those two guys that's what I thought when Kelce when he's barking at Kelce and they you know and he tapped him on the helmet and Kelce kind of had like a my bad hang dog look after having an incredible night. I'm like these two guys are going to they're going to can they're going to be in a bus. Kelce will be there a little before him. No doubt. Mahomes has got like 20, 20 years. I'm sure certainly in this day and age.

Blair Buswell already has the clay molding. And then one last thing apropos of nothing on the Chiefs certainly as you know NBC has the players on camera announcing their names in schools. Love that. Just go ahead and look next time when the Chiefs offensive line pops up do they lead the league in offensive lines that look like offensive linemen? All of them?

Like all five of them you're like yeah that's if you just had them stand in front of you in life you go you play offensive line right you're an offensive lineman right just take a look at him. I got a sports talk question for you too about this game. Okay. Do you feel after watching last night do you feel better about the Chiefs or worse about the Bucks?

I think the Bucks are fine. You do? No I'm gonna I understand I accept the question. Okay. For two reasons.

One it's sports talk radio. Yeah. And then number two I see what you're driving at and I will go with I feel better about the Chiefs because that's still TB12 and man that dime he dropped on on Mike Evans hitting in the back pylon right. I mean I'm not concerned that Brady is defrayed.

I'm not looking at this game and thinking to myself that's an old man out there growing old in front of us. Which is what we're as you know we're all waiting for that other shoe to drop and this defense you could just this is a bury the tape tie game for that defense and at some point you know everybody's gonna stay healthy for Brady I would think. I do believe he misses Gronk. I do believe that that he's got to make that call.

I do believe that call will come from within his house very short in very short order. Cole Beasley's not the answer. I mean I don't know who else can DM him it's it ain't gonna be Antonio Brown.

No. You know who's who's who put the D in Dubai apparently and so you know I don't believe there's gonna be anybody who can walk through that door other than Gronk to help out the current situation and they need one of those running backs not named for net to take the carries like they need a Pacheco. They need a guy who can do what Isaiah Pacheco did.

White fumbled the opening kickoff but he ended up having a nice second half. Well the problem for for the Bucks on Ronald Jones is he's on the Chiefs practice squad. He can't even suit up for him.

I forgot my bad on that one. He can't even suit up for him for Kansas City because they have so many damn others. I almost did an overreaction about the Bucks but you know I'm kind of holding off a little bit but I feel a little bit worse about them than I do about the Chiefs. I'm still not there because I believe in Brady and I take a look at that division I think they're gonna get some nice wins in that division despite Atlanta suddenly coming coming up over the last couple of weeks.

I still think that Tampa wins that division and I think that they're gonna get a home playoff game. I'm concerned about their ability to get there by week but it is just four weeks in here. I'm concerned that they don't have their tie break against Green Bay. We'll see what happens when they take on the Rams later on this fall. I am concerned about the long term my choice of them as the Super Bowl choice out of the NFC but there's still a lot of marathoning to go but the Chiefs now have twice in the first four weeks put up a 40 burger and they take on the Bills in two weeks and just to bring it all full circle their next game is against the Raiders. So the Raiders better clean up a lot of the mistakes that they still made yesterday. Red zone mistakes.

I mean they left the door open for the Broncos in many ways yesterday and the Chiefs now that's next for them in Arrowhead on Monday night at a wrap-up week five but Kansas City has shown its mettle to say the least and last night was incredibly impressive and their relentlessness on offense still there. Chris Long our friend from the Green Light podcast two-time Super Bowl champ perfect guy to join us once again in his usual Monday spot certainly with the Doug Peterson reunion yesterday in Philadelphia where the Eagles in the rain came back from two scores down to keep things undefeated for them. Also Albert Breer will join us on this program to answer some important questions involving quarterbacks. Is Baker Mayfield about to lose his gig in Carolina? Did Mitchell Trubisky lose his gig yesterday? Also by the way over the weekend the Players Association fired the independent neurologist who looked at Tua eight days ago.

Nothing to see here. And I've got a couple of cents on that subject matter and Breer will also chime in on that it's over reaction Monday. I've got also the top five surprises of this season through four weeks. I know Cooper Rush is on that list.

844-204-rich is the number to dial right here on the program. Don't you dare move. He's not on the list by the way. Dang it. I expected that out of Cooper Rush. Did you? Yes certainly when Jerry invited the quarterback controversy that's now arrived and the Metroplex I knew that's gonna happen in a million percent. 844-204-rich number to dial as well.

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844-204-rich is the number to dial. We'll take some phone calls in a short amount of time. Don't you worry. So many other games to get to. Bills and Ravens. You knew that was going to be the old Donny Brook Ravens. Really took it to the Bills early on and just when you thought maybe the Bills would have a hangover from the previous week where they played a defacto playoff game.

100 degree weather or the 100% humidity in Miami right. They put their foot down and came back and won that football game. Now then there's lots of between those lines I just said.

Don't you think? Lots between those lines. Which is the way the Bills came back and had a chance to win it. The Ravens man. Fourth and goal. Fourth and short.

Right on the doorstep. They could have Justin Tucker. He's pretty good.

He's a gimme from like 50. So a gimme from you know inside the red zone. That's three points. Yep.

Yeah. Problem is is if you get the three points are you going to stop Buffalo from even getting into the spot to kick a field goal? Now you're forcing overtime on a defense that you've got to sit down and wonder do they have it?

Because the Bills started getting some momentum and perhaps what happened against the Dolphins is in the back of John Harbaugh's head screaming at him. And maybe after that fourth quarter against the Dolphins last time they were in the bank two weeks before it's just like he walked out of there. We're not going to do that again. If I'm going to leave it up I'm going to leave it in Lamar's hands. That's who I'm going to leave it in. If I have a chance to leave it in Lamar's hands and feet I'm going to leave it in that spot.

He's our MVP. And they dialed up a plate. By the way with an easy gimme touchdown. Problem is is Lamar is after the game when he was at what did you see on that play and he didn't see I think it was Bateman wide open in the end zone.

And he said he saw a huge defender with their arms his arms up right at him and he didn't see it. And problem is is he threw it in the end zone. Jordan Poirier picks it off. So even if that's part of the equation for going for it you don't make it the Bills are right on the on the shadow of their own goal line. So maybe you get it back you play defense because the Bills are under duress then you can have Justin Tuckman in the end zone and then you can have Justin Tucker kick the game winner. You get the chance to just wind the clock down and then Tucker kicks the game winner. Problem is is there was an interception. Problem is there was an interception and that's the worst result. No points and also the field position.

You don't get no no goal line shadow. Bills marched down the field with the help of one of the worst pass roughing the passer calls of the year if not the worst to date. I don't know what Jerome Boger was looking at and we can place that aside for the moment other than the fact that I think this stuff should be reviewable. And the league office has everybody in that Art McNally center and they could see that that wasn't the proper call. Just getting the guy's ear and just say pick the flag up Jerome but I don't believe that's legal yet.

The competition committee should make that a legal situation. So that was an extra help and of course you know the Bills win the football game and now everybody turns to the head coach and John Harbaugh afterwards and say what were you thinking? Well I felt like he gave us the best chance to win the game because seven the worst that happens is if they go down the field and score and I think we'll get them stopped but if they go down the field and score a touchdown the worst thing that can happen is that you're in overtime. But you kick a field goal there now it's not a three down game anymore it's a four down game you're putting them out there you're putting your defense at a disadvantage because they've got four downs to convert all the way down the field and a chance to again score seven and then you lose the game on a touchdown. So then the worst thing the other thing you think you're gonna get the ball at the two yard line so I'm very confident our defense defense's ability to stop them down there with the ball in the two yard line so we got them backed up if we don't get it didn't turn out that way unfortunately and we lost the game so hindsight you can take the points but if you look at it analytically I understand why we did it. So my only response to that would be it's still if you kick the field goal it's still a four down offensive situation I would think you know the Bills are going to go for it I mean I guess they would have maybe punted on their side of the field and played a little bit of defense but I don't think the clock was in their favor at that point in time anyway that it's still a four down situation most likely for them to get into field goal range. Look I totally understand that he's got a defense that he doesn't probably want to play overtime with and you got Lamar right on the doorstep and you got a play call that worked except he got rushed and then he threw it in the end zone that got intercepted but it's also a very tough situation for him and I you know look he's been there forever I could I wish I had had a GoPro if there was a GoPro on you know Steve Basciotti in front of the program in his suite sitting up there with his buddies watching this game as they went for it and then they lost I'm sure it wasn't a pleasant moment but you know Harbaugh that's what you know to Basciotti's credit Harbaugh has the latitude to make a call like that and not worry about his gig where other coaches might have the seat turned up hotter but Marcus Peters was livid the cornerback needed to be held back by a defensive assistant I assume it was throwing his helmet after the game Harbaugh said we're cool or at least I think we are is what he said and he loves Peters fire and what's whatnot but that's the problem is you've now looked at your defense and the defense could easily take from this you don't believe in us because it's much easier to do the Harbaugh chant of who's got it better than us nobody than who does math better than us nobody because that's the analytics it's just like hey we had a 69 chance of winning if we went with the field goal and a 75 chance of winning if we went for the touchdown and that's a six percent chance of winning I'm gonna go with the six percent chance if it got an MVP on the one yard line that's tough to go when it's just like okay you kick the three play defense and you win the football game problem is that you haven't been able to play defense in the fourth quarter twice now at home or have a better play call like why is Lamar the play call works the play call worked the guy was wide open in the end zone it's just that he threw a pick well because he got rushed right away if they blocked a little better up front or I don't think the play call was the issue the issue was if he had thrown it out of the back of the end zone it would have still been better for them than to give the ball on the 20 right what is it the 20 yeah the 20 or 25 look man they're two and two and that's how about this in the AFC north Bengals once upon a time oh and two now two and two Ravens now two and two Browns lose in Atlanta they're two and two Bengals are out of the basement they're out of jail that 0-2 start was supposed to be the killer now Sunday night the Bengals go to Baltimore and it's now Joe Burrow against the team we put 500 up last December this division is wide open playoffs start today Bengals in Ravens out no ridiculous just saying let's talk Steelers a little bit here Steelers because uh Kenny Pickett time it appears oh yeah baby it's Kenny Pickett time he comes in a game the uh Steelers are spinning their wheels they fell down by 10 Pickett comes in the game he throws a pick but at least he's he's going vertical threw in a double coverage at least he's going vertical and um problem is is Pickett still lost and Mitchell Trubisky is removed from a team that's just one and two spinning their wheels at home and this is a coach who was saying for a week like the offense is fine I'm not even thinking about this tamped all the questions about whether Mitchell Trubisky was on shaky ground tamped him right down and how about this Mike Tomlin pushes the Kenny Pickett button in the middle of game four at home in acupuncture and Pickett threw the ball well and did provide somewhat of a spark the team went up by 10 should have closed it but didn't now now leads to Mike Tomlin being asked what was that all about what went into the decision to put Kenny in this thought we needed a spark man we didn't do much um in the first half uh not enough offensively and you know thought he could provide a spark for us you know I'm not going to talk extended as we sit here we did what we needed to do to put ourselves in position to win this game and um we'll do it again um but I like to just keep it where we are in terms of what transpired here today we'll deal with next week next week and obviously it's now next week by the way at Buffalo at Buffalo for Pittsburgh now Pittsburgh did win there um last year in week one one of those wins that one of those losses for the Bills that are right around Thanksgiving we were like that's you know sometimes the teams that have Super Bowl aspirations and look Super Bowl worthy have losses early in the season that you revisit right around Thanksgiving saying how the hell did that happen well that was that that was one of them for the Bills last year now we just talked about a John Harbaugh's decision to go for it that backfired on him he's tenured and fine nobody more tenured and fine than Mike Tomlin obviously in Pittsburgh the issue is for Pittsburgh with Tomlin is we're going to see if he cheats the quarterback position differently what do I mean by that well Miami's current defensive player of the year candidate Melvin Ingram once got sent away because the team as Tomlin said wants volunteers not hostages after the game Mitchell Trubisky sure looked like a hostage in the Pittsburgh locker room roll tape performance related or he was looking for a spark you have to ask him that's what he said he was looking for a spark looking for a spark there you go looking for a spark there you go and he looked livid honestly he looked like one of those people who was on a video like get me out of here yikes blink twice if you want out that certainly doesn't look like a volunteer to me that looks like a hostage and he's going in a buffalo where as you know he was the backup last couple years might mean something for him to start that game and prove his worthiness and Tomlin might push that button maybe he will Deontay Johnson after the game said obviously it's a rebuilding year is what he said obviously that's what he said that's what the guy who they just paid at receiver just said obviously it's a rebuilding year and they're going to move forward with Kenny so how do you go back to Mitch I don't think you're gonna I think it's the picket show and I think his first career start is at Buffalo let's go baby and then after that let's see how he does against TB12 with Tom Brady playing what we assume will be his last appearance in Pittsburgh before he's got to go point for point with Tua in front of the whole country on a Sunday night and then Jalen Hurts and the currently undefeated Eagles come to town and there's a bot and there's a bot so that's a heck of a row to hoe for Kenny Pickett that's your current Pittsburgh Steelers scenario at one and three if he has small hands he's better have a big heart wow seriously this is the conversation that's all we've heard about Pickett now it's his time now then if you are a Steeler fan saying what the hell is Tomlin thinking putting him in the middle of that game what's he doing let me help you back off coach why there's a Jetson town and the New York Jets for the last several years have been expert at few things but one of the things at which the Jets were expert was allowing a team in the AFC North to insert their rookie quarterback in the middle of a game and not only thrive but earned a starting job right from then and there let's not forget how Baker Mayfield was born in Cleveland on a Thursday night Hugh Jackson didn't want to put Baker Mayfield and he wanted to stick with Tarod Taylor because Hugh Jackson is Hugh Jackson and Baker Mayfield comes in the middle of that game against the Jets and he looked like Bernie Kosar on steroids because it's the Jets. Jets had only won once in my lifetime I have a 53 year old man with a lot of itch going on. Jets had won only once in my lifetime in Pittsburgh that's it they won for 11 in that town so of course you're gonna put Pickett in there it's like a freaking homecoming game Zach Wilson he's coming off the operating table it's his first start who cares that he's Philly specialing his way into Pittsburgh in the end zone and doing a very nice gritty spinning a ball Braxton Berrios is throwing touchdown passes doing the gritty don't and and and Tama didn't take that cheese he's like we're putting Pickett in this game but guess what we found out these are not the same old New York Jets are they how about you Zach Wilson going 10 for 12 in the fourth quarter doing that dance doing his Joe Flacco impersonation in Cleveland there's no Alf on the field no Alf there's Zach Wilson overcoming two picks just what I'm thinking oh god here it goes and even the the football gods getting ready to kick me in the nuts again with Breeze Hall with 16 seconds left fumbling right on the end zone but somehow some way the review process came out with Breeze Hall creasing the end zone he reversed it get out of here how about these New York Jets at two and two Breeze Hall scoring touchdowns how about them in third place yes yes yes yes they went two and two against the AFC North I guess it's only fitting since three teams in the AFC North have the same record so meh they're two and two now here comes two up we assume since he's watching MacGruber on the flight home from last weekend here comes the Dolphins maybe it's Teddy H2O Teddy two gloves former jet one of his many stops Teddy might be playing for a while I hope so all I'm saying is that's what I was talking about last week I needed to see it again wasn't pretty wasn't pretty and Tomlin did his best for his team did his best for his team and the Jets showing well we're not just the team that you insert your rookie quarterback in and everything works well anymore uh-huh and I love it Mika Fitzpatrick grumbling after the game about losing to a team that's not better than you hey there's a scoreboard you know in that spot but no ketchup bottles anymore I was certainly aqua sure there were more points on the jet side when it all ended huh guy wins one road game oh yeah baby two two road games two two fourth quarter comebacks where do these come from I don't understand it does not compute fourth quarter comebacks fourth quarter comebacks jets down by up by 10 then down by 10 and still win it doesn't happen oh the other team decides to insert their rookie quarterback middle of the game and it doesn't work what say what they're the team that's left grumbling what I don't understand that I just after that result walked up to my dog and make sure she didn't meow I was gonna go to a petting zoo to see if pigs were flying oh baby let's go let's go we're grittying and Matt Jones is looking up understandings he didn't play that doesn't matter I'm flowing buddy I'm flowing right now my quarterback's coming off of the operating table from up the PCH from here he's spinning footballs and green not a big deal but he's a big deal the PCH from here he's spinning footballs and green not a bad grid either not a bad one wasn't bad better than max oh baby love it I'll take some phone calls next I can't wait to speak to people I couldn't believe the Jets won that game and the Steelers the ones grumbling and they wanted Pittsburgh for only the second time in the Super Bowl era okay now let's take on Tyreek Hill hey Tyreek you don't want a piece of New York huh want to go down to South Florida well come on up here I'm writing some serious checks I get it come on let me have the moment these are temporary checks I know those regular you gotta write your uh your account number in the bottom number in the bottom okay wow eight four four two oh four rich number to dial we'll take your phone calls Chris Long's gonna join us in hour number two back with more in a moment there's a whole school for those who are just uh joining us here on a terrestrial radio out for Chris Brockman coming from my best dad ever sign he's uh solo Sarah's in Vegas she's in Vegas she's back today okay but uh but you were solo this morning by yourself yeah he's uh he's two and a half two and a half okay he was not into getting dressed today you gotta chase him around you gotta run around big fight big fight about fight big fight about not gonna fight he's like kicking and screaming I gotta pick him up they gotta force them careful the whole to do your father of the year yeah so you made uh almond butter and make lunch with almond butter jelly now very important two pieces of bread one piece of bread one piece of bread cut in half cut in half do you do peanut butter on both sides and the jelly in the middle no no peanut butter well the butter on one side and the jam on the other side oh yeah what they help you out here yeah what are you guys talking about almond butter on one side yeah almond butter on the other side jelly on one side but that's disproportionate now you're 66 percent butter and only 33 percent jam yeah I think it depends on how much of the excuse me I'm an expert at this trust me when was the last time you made one of these um exactly it's been a while it's been a while 2015 you don't forget how to make one of those dude I do drop off every Wednesday and I had to do it today Chris I got locked in Chris you've been away you've been a long time I don't I don't shine shoes no more my kids have grown up yeah I know they're all growing stuff but every now and then I'll do it excuse me uh the man you look at today grew up on peanut butter and jelly in my Hong Kong phooey lunchbox number one super guy big time to the point where I was 18 peanut butter I'm a PBJ I'm mad like well this you know how it says made in America something made made with PBJ this guy right here same what's his lunch box oh it's just a cold come on get out of here it's totally generic it's like it's really thin it's not like we had it we didn't have you know we had the boxes back in the day yes it's not like that anymore tin like made of metal metal yeah Rambo yeah mom sent it out I think my Hong Kong phooey lunchbox was made of the black box from airplanes like you could drop that thing you could drop that thing in fourth grade science and it was locked in there yeah kids are soft now it's not like that now it's not like that anymore is that really plastic on the kids yeah you should do it yourself get a little lightning mcqueen action who I'm gonna make it come on we did watch cars you know who lightning mcqueen is that from cars oh my god we watch cars three this morning this NFL season every westwood one NFL broadcast streams live for free mondays thursday sunday nights thanksgiving and christmas triple headers the international series in every postseason game and I'll be on westwood one's halftime and pregame coverage tonight of ram's 49ers a great game to finish that one up um now normally when I see somebody calling in from Lebanon after I talk about the Steelers it's Pennsylvania but Hugh is calling in from Beirut it seems is that true Hugh are you calling in from the middle east right now on the Roku channel actually actually technically it's not true I am 20 miles north of Beirut in a village called Harissa just like the spice if you google it there's a really cool statue that the Italians donated okay up in the mountains overlooking the med it's it's kind of awesome okay so um what what's what's getting your goat in Lebanon sir call us what do you got uh well I mean I've been here a year so the regular power outages and the lack of infrastructure and the kleptocracy of our government I guess you get it's funny what you get used to I'm I'm just you know kind of uh about to jump off a bridge a little bit about the ravens so uh uh I don't mean to laugh but geopolitics and and and analytics have just come together to to earn us this phone call so what like what like what's on your it's just four games in man I mean seriously you know oh god I know it's just it just feels like the 2018 season before they put Jackson in that there's just doesn't feel like there's a whole lot of accountability on the coaches and and kind of throughout I know we're coming off the injuries I know I'm just you know I'm just caught up in it you know but we could be 4-0 if we didn't have these epic collapses in the fourth quarter I mean ravens teams ravens defenses that can't finish out with a multi-touchdown lead I mean what is that I mean that's that's that's not ravens defense well I know that I know that Ray Lewis is not walking through that door nor is Ed Reed but um I would just counsel you to say this the the lack of accountability that you refer to is actually a smart organizational uh dynamic where the owner gives the coach the latitude to make decisions that are risky or not and the play call worked if not for a pass rusher in Lamar's face and you know I guess Lamar should have thrown it through the back of the end zone um and that would at least have given them the field position battle and they lost both they lost the battle and then the war um so I'll just no and I'm with you no I am I am I've waved the banner of the organizational uh solvency uh and I love I love being a raven fan for a lot of reasons and that's one of the great one of the best one of the best reasons to be a raven fan is because of the organization I've just got to ask you this question if you don't mind uh because I'm up at the end of the hour um you can have as many as you want right I'm just wondering um Hugh I'm just gonna crowdsource how do you take in this show from Lebanon how do you take us in so um and I'm hoping I'm not outing myself for the powers that be but this phone call uh that I've been on hold is the first time I've heard you guys live in a year okay because for whatever reason Lebanon does not participate in maybe some international like the piracy and licensing agreements or something so nobody trusts an IP address come from Lebanon even a VPN doesn't work very well okay so I'm I'm listening to you the next day on Spotify uh things like that but somehow the wormhole exists and my game pass works on my computer not on my television not on my phone only on my laptop and you know I'm at the you know going back to going back to the the perfect game that your kid called I'm trying not to call the no-hitter here okay very good thank you for the best thanks keep keep keep listening keep taking energy thanks for the call you you're in you're in so basically you're in Lebanon and you're wondering if your internet is gonna hold amazing that was awesome and it holds just long enough pretty here Chris Myers's call of DK Metcalf going out on a poop cart that's him that's 21st century technology for you that's 21st century there I'm up here he's up here on there he's going down there and going in there DK dropping a deuce what a deuce we'll have to hit this a little bit more if you will wow they reported that I was like what do we do baby the crystal clear phone call I know amazing incredible that is just amazing 844-204-rich is the number to dial Chris long when we come back here on the Rich Eisen show how you doing over there TJ oh man well I'm a little I mean I'm a little sad but you know what are you sad about well baseball didn't quite go well Dak's never gonna play again wait well wait a minute that I'm not worried about TJ's world TJ's world word association love it because we only have a minute and a half left word association cowboys one um Metz still alive that's well I can't play the Padres maybe alive what does that mean you know we are that's good enough oh we are oh my goodness gracious one of your basketball teams two weeks Michigan Penn State baby Syracuse yeah how about that 22 baby right so the first time since Dino called in we looked if NC State could have held on and upset Clemson we could have had game day in two weeks but I don't think I think Syracuse is one of the only few spots that doesn't have gamed anymore because Kansas is getting it thanks to Jalen Daniels right yeah and let one of our glue guys last year is Kansas undefeated we have a bye week next week but on the 10th we could have uh the next week we could have had NC State at home could have had game day but we're ranked we're back I've just been told hold on a minute talking Syracuse football is causing Roku to have second thoughts I'm sure they have wait a minute lots of Syracuse executives no we're everywhere Brockman's like Georgia who yeah almost lost to Mizzou get that out of my house Ross Matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello Ross this week Chelsea Handler I'm not home enough to have a third dog my housekeeper basically is their parent I am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move I have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do I recommend two max okay here's your foot Ross hello Ross available on YouTube or wherever you listen
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