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REShow: Drew Brees - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 29, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Drew Brees - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 29, 2022 3:13 pm

Yankees fan Rich reacts to Aaron Judge’s 61st home run this season and debates if the Pinstripe’s slugger should be regarded as the true HR king instead of Barry Bonds if he reaches 62.

Future Hall of Fame QB Drew Brees tells Rich how much he’s enjoying retirement and playing fantasy football against his sons, why he had a big issue with Saints DB Marshon Lattimore getting ejected from the Buccaneers game after his scuffle with Tampa Bay WR Mike Evans, weighs in on New Orleans’ offensive struggles to start the season, and offers his advice on QB’s like Tua Tagovailoa and Baker Mayfield who are out to prove their doubters wrong. 

Rich previews the big Thursday Night Football showdown between the Miami Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa and the Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Please frontload you with what turns into a story and we have all shared a studio so to control I'm giving. He is getting the ball back from Josh doing now and now Sir Janice the one thing phone show we have in store for everybody here on this Thursday kickoff to week four of the NFL season is awesome. If you love quarterbacks and who doesn't. The next three hours, or for you. Good to see everybody here on the Roku channel 210 and also this recharge and show terrestrial radio network. Thanks for listening to us on Odyssey serious XM series channel 218 we say hello to those listening on XM on channel 202 and then our podcast listeners. Yeah, all three hours of the show can be downloaded at your convenience and heard at your convenience to the cumulus podcast network were all podcasts are required to is a favorite that RSS feed button to follow us there.

Get the follow on our YouTube stream and show all eight years, soon to be all 48 years of the show sitting right there, including some select clips from this show that you may miss and then we rerun the Roku channel every single every single day assumes were done here the first hour that were put in on tape right now live on the Roku channel hits and isn't really on tape. I'm an old man to a far richer than ever.have a conversation with us today. Drew breezes on this program. He's can be first Hall of Famer when his time is ready for that joined the same bust room is our first guest in the second hour. Steve Young was on this program because his episode of NFO icons on epics comes up this Saturday and Steve is going to help us promote that I narrate that show. You should watch it is awesome. Matthew Stafford he's got a shot to make the Hall of Fame if he keeps winning and he's the defending Super Bowl champion quarterback get ready for a Monday night game against the 49ers and he's on this program and our number two about that drew breeze Steve Young Matthew Stafford that's our rolling before Josh Duhamel comes in the studio and makes arc to shut it very difficult for the host. If you're starting a franchise. Which of the three quarterbacks would you look at you now.

Sorry I just thought about going off the sports talk radio, now put that on her Twitter feed throw that out there put that on the twitter feed Coliseum is basically basically we say thank you to these gentlemen for making time for the show by marsh mashing them together for sports talk radio father on her Twitter feed.

That's right, that's 20% can handle it. They got thick-skinned to have busts one of them is a bust was going to win the other. The other one is in that direction. He said in that direction and as I mentioned, Josh Duhamel is in studio our number three in advance of the debut last night that appeared on Disney plus of the second season of the Mighty Ducks game changers. I'm in that show you are yes five episode arc window pop up. You know, last night was up. So I don't I don't know that all thought. He's got a keeps gotta watch a lot. You never know I might be there to say there's rich and hardly read the residual game that we play like seven years I'll me to two dollars $2.03 deceived by the Christopher J. Mikey D is in these dots get to see user like candle TJ Jefferson like Kendall how are you sir how are you today snap in that thing. All right. Okay, I never ask you, how are you today Rick did not on fantastic. You know why because I had a great family sports viewing moment.

It's so great it's so amazing to share a sports moment.

That means so much to you with your family and that happened to me last night because I have been locked in every Aaron judge at that that I've been home for and around the television set forward, sometimes watching it on my phone on runways and things like that as I'm away from home and try to shared look, I know I'm known as a football guy having been with NFL network.

For this, my 20th season, but I've always been a baseball guy before that my first love baseball love it.

Yankees means so much to me. It's sometimes unnerving and grew up Yankee fan I get misty when I see the Reggie Jackson Thurman Munson moments last night Gary Cole past Ron did refer most strikeouts in a season by New York Yankees picture that's my guy, Ron Guidry, one of my guys Mattingly today is on this date. His six grand slam of the 1987 season, setting a record for most grand slams in the season I saw the my twitter feed this morning. I got misty, I turned to Vermeulen. I think of the lesson being a kid growing up and in seeing Aaron judge. It's a Homo number 61 last night 61 years after Roger Maris hit 61 himself. It was amazing.

I will never forget it.

It means so much to me. III again fortunate to be able to talk so much sports with you on the show been around for a while and NIII remove emotion from a lot of of my sports viewing and sports reporting for reason because you that's what we call professionalism. But this just means so much to me and who Aaron judge is, and appears to be is somebody that I want my kids to to follow and grow up and be that guy who hit 61 home runs in a season and is all about his team. At the same time and seems to do everything right in the hands they the homerun baseball was mom and and and pets on himself.

That's the other thing that sold the two most impressive things about this to me outside of the obvious gaudy number 61 is twofold.

The manner in which he conducted himself over the last week after hitting 60 and not getting too many great pitches to hit.

I know Chris you Sandy should have been a little bit more aggressive.

From time to time and no he didn't get out of his game. And all he was walking a lot. He was getting base hits and he was just thinking even keel. He didn't really get upset very much at all. Even though he knew every single was being shown across the country being broken into other broadcasts on ESPN and MLB network and the Marist families around in his families around just waiting and he never got out of his game spit on sliders diving out of his own just not going forward and just saying you know I'm what got me 60 home runs. Look at me 61 and II need to win games and I was so impressed by that and of course the fact that he bet on himself in a city where you tell their everybody's favorite baseball team outside of the Mets obviously but you tell a lot of people's favorite baseball team hate I'm outside with the on button on my cell phone number turned down generationally, enriching money that wouldn't generationally enrich every other person who roots for me in the steam, better myself and not normally that eats the town up the town eat you up and you'll struggle a no go through some struggles and studies at MVP season.

I will look back on this and despite show a Otani's immense talent unicorn talent there. There was a three week stretch during the season where he might win the Triple Crown or we thought he might not be the MVP.

That's laughable, laughable the broker time last night. Gary Cole was perfect through five and then gave up three runs in the sixth Thai game tester steps up in the seventh-inning in its 61st homerun to run shot than the Blue Jays were feeling great about themselves they needed to win last night to clinch a playoff spot. They fell apart Betsy so valuably just he wrecks the game for the opponent incredible and I say to Aaron judge, who I've never met would love we've invited on the show multiple times thank you thank can't wait to see 62 is going to go home to do it and I hope I and and I hope the Yankees take note and what they should do is take a look at to use the George M.

Starbird of the third phrase look at every family in the seats filled out to watch a team. It's already clinched pretty much everything.

You can clinch, which is the division, and a first-round bother knocking to catch the Astros for top seed in the American League.

One would think watch the turnstiles move in every Fanning. The seat is filled to watch Aaron judge take that extra revenue that the Yankees would never have gotten in a three-game set against the Orioles after everything's been clenched place it aside and give it all Aaron judge when you ask for. Now that let's get to what Roger Marist Junior had to say after the game. This is been a subject matter that dear Christopher TJ, Mike, we are bandied about phrase the other never before used it with him yesterday.

We have, we had this conversation about is Aaron judge now at 61, is he tied with the all time a single season homerun came ON Sosa McGuire and Barry Bonds each had more than 61 when we talk about. We know or talk about so Roger Marist Junior was asked the question a hot button subject about whether McGuire, Sosa and Bonds should have like his daddy and*next to their homerun total not because of the number of games in which his father done it, but rather because we all suspect, and in some cases got confirmed steroids were play is Roger Amy's aliveness not just for me other means a lot for a lot of people know that he's clean Yankees. He plays again the right way and I think gives people a chance to look at somebody who you should be cleared for hitting 62 home runs and not just as a guy who did it in the American League is no being the actual single-season homerun channel plumbing. That's really who is 62 and I think that's what is happening. Think baseball is a look at the records and I think baseball should do something baseball's never to do something I will break that news to Roger Marist Junior base will never do something in Walker's baseball didn't do it when they should have.

This is a very emotional subject for me because I was in the SportsCenter seat during this time of McGuire and Sosa and it was incredible. I'd love to doing SportsCenter on nights that McGuire and Sosa were home running against each other in that magical season of 1998 was amazing.

I met Mark McGuire and became really good friends with them and love him loved him and still love him despite him lying to me in a sitdown interview when he retired that he never did anything wrong and I know Bonds is never been caught with anything but why is judge 20 home runs clear of the next guy here. Why have we not seen this wire 50 homerun seasons where, when, suddenly 60 homerun seasons became normal because those guys did it in the time when baseball wasn't clean his baseball clean. Now I'm I sure hope so. I sure hope so. It does appear that they are much more stringent and trying to look for this than ever before. But I'm hearing and on seeing on twitter and people saying he will leave it up to baseball to tear down other guys greatness and achievements while celebrating another person's okay. Don't blame me for thinking that Bonds was on something and knowing McGuire was on something and that Sosa was on something.

Don't blame me for that. Blame Bud Seelig was in the Hall of Fame and blame Donald fear of the players Association because those guys were in charge when this was happening when Brady Anderson was hitting 50 home runs in a season. Okay, they were in charge did nothing, zero and we were all watching it and I was part of it. Guilty as charged going on here at night and line icing. These events and talking about how unprecedented it was and how beautiful it was about a way McGuire's home on Chase was beautiful with his note with the Marist family there and is an and his son and his is his wife. We wasn't married to anymore and it was just a nice model of how families can come together even though if there apart. It was beautiful and I loved being in the front row of that and it save the sport would be on a did did chicks dig the long ball was a commercial and and yes, but at the time if they had done what's being done now. We assume we wouldn't be having this conversation and these conversations are to go on for a long time. There is no answer baseball socket to come out and say there's now an asterisk next to all those things you know why because that they were to take a look at the guys in the Hall of Fame was a commissioner at the time to do that and it kills me because I love the sport so much but is a conversation and by the way, don't blame Marist's son for saying this, he was asked a direct question is are these.

These are like is out there pounding the table and every single spot that he possibly can be emotional for him to that he was there watching McGuire and then hearing few years later that it was tainted. You know, so blame him when two guys. The guys were in charge of the time the players Association and the sport you and if you want blame me because I was part of the paparazzi that was putting it all out there. I mean, go ahead. It really pains me is a painful subject for me really is is I love the sport so damn much and and I believe Aaron judge is in fact one homerun away from being the all time single-season homerun king and there are tons of people were in the Bay Area who feel exact opposite love bonds.

It was incredible what Bonds did and Bonds is an all-time great meeting.

He was an incredible baseball player is amazing when he was real thing with the Pirates, is one of the all-time greats, but I believe even though it was never caught that he was definitely on something.

I refuse to testify.

Holy Redland jail and and and I'm I know.

And if if it's ever proven that I'm wrong I will be the first to say something about but that's the way I feel. You may feel separate differently and that's great. Fine.

You can believe it, so it's unfortunate that this thing is going to forever be a split decision in many people's minds don't blame me for that when the guys who did it and blame the guys were in charge 844204 which is the number on the opening segment is exactly what was baseball's conundrum is just, you know, all-time generational arguments that have now include unit synthetics with a different areas and also just the beautiful moments incredible by Karen judge and 61 last night 844204 which number doll on the subject and so much more on this program I my top five missing pieces of the NFL campaign.

Five teams missing pieces for the first three weeks and it looks like it might linger for a while.

For some of these include like assistant offensive coaches stated dating.

I don't want to give anything away.

RSA don't give anything away.but top five missing pieces of the of the of the 2022 NFL season so far by members of the staff know what they're doing offense so far. Please, these are not teams that should've been in your top 10 yesterday. I know you guys are probably my my car, I can go pound sand. It's my power ranking was you got your own. You got your own. I got my we can keep revisiting this on file with the other thick-skinned. We got forecasts Joshua Mellon studio is a handsome man so I will I were one of my most looming shirts that the good look for a friend of mine asked she could come to the studio's UK oh I saw that Mueller would say that it was okay. Steve Young and Matthew Stafford now to only come back please will join us all ask him if the Saints are missing Sean Payton and so much more. Drew breeze future Hall of Famer we come back audible has everything you love listening to, and more.

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There the of the present sponsor so I I know about the Lowe's home team at our next guest is is part of, but I'll let him explain everything about it because he's a lead pipe will be professional. That regard is also future Hall of Famer. Our friend on the Mercedes-Benz transfer on my back here on the rich eyes ensure Drew breeze later withdrew and graded lead pipe building your lead pipe wielding professional you you are you yes that is correct, that is correct. I like opening up for that title but I like or I could just say a lead pipe pickle ball rocket wielding professional I can. Yes, get to that second how are you doing what's going on in your world drew on a great coaching life.

Big game on Friday. Basketball over the weekend. You know, living the dream as husband and father keep them busy during the day.

Things didn't get you all think I could do get ready for the professional pickle ball tour and you do you miss it on Sunday mornings.

Drew, you missed the game you I I met I do it a minute and then the butterfly get ready for game and not run out of following those moments that happened during the course of the game. Evan flow to some of the motions but like I is so much fun right now all my your my three boys age 1311 10 and they're all playing fantasy football right lowly so we got our team work.

You know there's a lot of trash talk on Sunday. The point totals go up, go down the go down there and find it to have this experience with them that now do you have more sympathy and empathy for those who might ever come up to you and said you are my first-round draft choice and you have yet only eight point week. I have cited negative. I totally get it because I get my kids put into helping their rosters each week and liked her studying the injury report knowing that I start this diary shouldn't I you know they're starting to like evaluate the defense they're going up again match all you you know how you think play out all the guided will be like God would caution the game. I see how people get it once also a great way for you to stay in touch with locked-in and watching as much football as you know you can. And so when you're watching Mike Evans and Marchand Lattimore go out. It would were you thinking that you're watching that from your couch, Drew breeze we think about that one of the better. The only way going at it now to highly competitive guys do.

I don't I don't know Mike Evans all that well. I had to be of global. He looks like the type of guy that you absolutely want to play with play for. He seemed like unbelievable PMA and often PMA and a guy on the best receivers in the league. You know that highly productive. I think what I like that moment in the game that was a turning point in the game. Unfortunately, in a negative way. Thank you Marchand Lattimore get kicked out again why why did Lattimore get together again.

There is a lot of trash talk, but Lattimore is one who got blindsided either one who got it from a guy running 50 yards across the field in the belly of the first time that happened over time that happened over the last 12 years. So tell me why landlord get kicked out again is that that's the bank already got one BP another down there. Talk to dB as a result Tom Brady on the side of aggressive growth. All that that that came to work in the favor of the book that have Johnny, did you see I Evans went to the essence of what you know you only do that he's going to Tom Brady) that was kind of his defense and I guess that the question should know what you think when you celebrating up to Lattimore you seen that before.

Imagine my Drew trash Dr. have to go back to Dr. everybody getting kicked out. Good emotions run high again.if you really need you right is a meaningful game and I think there was first ration on the part of the author to be perfectly frank think the kicker is 8/4 in a row might pay what look to score a kicker, but and I think that was a moment in the game where I know I think about who score below 3.7 half that point one the last year.

Drew obviously you not being there and and and then the musical chairs a quarterback to injury was very difficult for the saints to know get through and now Sean Payton is gone. What you see what he seemed to do, they miss Sean on offense from whatever you're watching about the saints Drew your estimation, they're not the ball you little mistake that are occurring on one drive to become dry killers like when you really want to break down performance of an offense. You only get 10 to 12. The game on often so you know you really want to be scoring on half of those. Your letter touch are billable and if you're able to do that you don't break it out with a score half touchdown Field goal on 12.

You going for your scoring anywhere from 2430 right when you allot again, especially with the defense that you have on the other side of all the top 503.

Those drives are being killed because you got a stupid appellee or something happened with this mutation. All this on your long situation sure you don't convert and I have to, you know, continuing to drive you both are bold or detrimental. You scenarios so I think it's just a matter of really just cleaning up your faith that are dry killers. Your opportunities are limited to breeze Pro football Hall of Famer to be right here on the rich eyes and show courtesy of low sexual get to in a second one last football question for you. Drew is I think of you all the time. Whenever I hear quarterback in the spot for for five years three, four years nobody's like well it's not working out that Annette guys never gonna work out right. I mean, you are the ultimate in many ways, the personification of go to another spot hook up with the spot and maybe a coach in the system and an air town or city and you can be a first Hall of Famer. So what advice you have for see someone like Mayfield in Carolina or tonight to a great example right using your three in liberty thought forget him. Look at him now right so what advice do you have for those guys. Drew breeze and inexact when it comes to you quarterback evaluation. Here point you know there's there's so many different systems and there's only different scenarios that you can find her so that can send you one direction or the other. You continue the direction of getting beat up, and losing confidence in everyone looking out and you you just kinda developing this perception around you that you are you labeled as a career backup and and that's all you are right you get a second chance or get the right situation with the right coaching right for whatever might be in all large right and then the perception of you at this you know, one of the elite quarterbacks in the league, I think, again, the date or certain character traits that you're looking for in a quarterback. You need mental toughness.

You need mental fortitude unity work at the leadership ability. You need your disability, you can overcome adversity to have a level employees.

So there's the character trait that if you happy it's only a matter it's only a matter of time before the other stuff aligns and then your your on this path to success. So I'll I feel like this this opportunity for Baker Mayfield in Carolina.

Great. I think you needed a change of scenery.

So we'll see how that plays out.

That could be that could be really good to that's an interesting one for you what this guy in college and it was like the sky with your perfect every every game. Right now he's playing on a team that had talent all around and bright, but playing very competitively in the SEC, so I think. To me it seemed like he had all the traits both physical and mental right-of-way, and that that would actually translate to the FLN. I know there were struggles early on but to me, man. It's still early in the game for a guy like that right and even played out the map. He's played outstanding and look.

Sometimes the best thing that could happen to you as a player if you get knocked down you. You experience a failure. Especially if you're a guy who's always had thick stuff in your life or always been the man of I think that that is a necessity you reaching your full potential and you have to get knocked down. Then you have to face adversity in whatever form that is you you guy get knocked around a little bit and have to really dig deep and challenge yourself you think about it tonight and think about a drink tonight against Borough and it was you know those guys face each other in college borrow was only in and Herbert held up his look how great these are fresh out of box. These guys into his big Xena hasn't been that great.

Now he's the one we know to be really confident that gratification. Lee and Aaron society that we live in right so if you'll get it done right away like me.

People are very quick to judge. Unfortunately, but that's why you have little to no fortitude and you don't have to discipline is organization to block out noise and say men were committed were committed this guy and work and give him everything he can to see it hard to do so to do, but I think I think that big organizations I waited to do that let you go through and it's okay in the morning and the presenting sponsor is low so I know all about the Lowe's home team. We also see some video of you conducting the great works of the community to the Lowe's home team is set up for so I will set you up to give you the floor on those who may not know what the Lowe's home team is and what you're doing with close Drew, one of the last two years. Lowe's had committed $100 million of the next five years to home improvement prior to improvement projects and community I'm joining alongside critical players Like Michael Parsons, Justin Herbert, Josie and others to spearhead the effort and in our in our community and our city and back down to New Orleans last week of working with organization in the lower ninth Ward call helping to build a multiuse facility used as a food pantry gathering place their housing think debater for the businesses and charities really cool project and I love working with organizations and companies like close debate that undergoing dollars over five years in the community Lowe' team for more information on the pickle ball God to man by the lad play once a week and I sometimes get made fun for certainly my my guys here, a man of a certain age you're younger than me through. It's a hell of a workout is a hell of a sport I love it and you know I'm saying let's look so pickle really needs a table counted toward Larry.I got one in the backyard. You know, get the maximum we know the same people we know the same people your plane lands.

I know those guys to you know that the crew but still it is not right. But still, it just added kitchen. That's all I'm saying to stay on the kitchen Drew I got I got my head on a swivel. I can see that stuff I can see it. I like it. Take care yourself Drew best your family. Be well. I asked Drew please check it out again.

Lowe' team right here in the rich doesn't show fun stuff which reprise kind of lens. The conversation about two and what's coming on the line with him tonight. It's fascinating to me.

I can't get enough of that kid is you know and when we come back we'll discuss that and salty.

Russ, I know that was possible. Salty Russell Wilson in Steve Jang and Matthew Stafford hour to others you 844204, which is well here the retries and should do joint TVs Ross Matthews every Thursday on his new podcast hello Ross Ross Matthews and I am so excited to tell you about my brand-new podcast and I do.

I just said I know I was using it again to emphasize the name of my new pine cat hello look, you only had like 30 seconds to tell them about the new podcast hello Russ get to tell about the celebrity gas. The interesting people with cool stories to tell and it's new every Thursday going by to say hello or it could be an Oscar winner to start your favorite show my dental hygienist really anyone else. One time I was a dinner party and the lady across from he turned to the dominatrix going to hurt. I did not even are you going to ask you where you go there for real and there really is stretch better stretch things off limits? No and glanced at know to get away with it. Mr. Rogers neighborhood except think Mr. Matthews gave her head and sign actually does sound fun and it's on YouTube where ever you listen that's my line hello Ross, available on YouTube or wherever you listen now you just repeated me. We are so over time limit that the bummer when you open up a Mercedes-Benz printer in your opening up more than just doors your market potential folks the potential to do your own thing up your own boss and steer on success and place your own trail because each and every Sprint event is built is unequipped to let you hit the open road and take on any goal you set to help you follow your passions reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all those big bold font and exciting experiences run off your bucket list only Mercedes-Benz printer and let you live, work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path or to take you in with 16 body types. Your choice of a gas or diesel engine in thousands of ways to customize a spreader bandage capable and versatile enough to help you drive your ambitions, whatever you want to take up so now's the time to discover what it is that moves you most don't wait on market potential inside a Mercedes-Benz sprinter yeah baby so tonight's game Thursday night football trine video game primary, then you're like okay Dolphins Bengals coming in the season on the seas and it's like okay now I need skin to be like the old CBS Saturday game right right borrow versus two just like the old SEC matchup member that was a big deal when they faced each other. LSU versus Alabama and it was like okay the first overall selection against the kid that you know Scana rising up a lot of charts of a lot of scouts saying he could be pretty damn good. Me and it felt it was the first overall pick in question at the time it was but it was still a member I was like pop in a mock draft in your like Jonesboro that was Joe Barro putting Joel Barlow number one putting on in that 2018 national championship game.

When tour came off the bench and abilities like how to pronounce this kid's name. He lies Jill and hurts being benched just down 13 nothing and he looks off the safety. Pop it into the font placement sands in the end zone to win it and in overtime that was like Dolphins yet Dolphins and hello they were taking for two on the spot so there was like Dolphins in the first overall selection and to always give me their gun wasn't there.apparently Bart wound up in their guy that they apparently started pounding on the door of the Bengal same school there. Can we talk to that will say yes to our overtures for the first overall selection. The answer was #and they chose Barro and there's borrow in Cincinnati while two is on the bench behind Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Interestingly enough, will be on the prime videocassette tonight in Cincinnati and borrows that one is getting all the look at this kid did Ms. borrow handed to them by the Chargers. I believe in that opening game and Barro got beaten and battered and still kept going and kept on ticking and the Chargers won that game and then went home and started to Rod Taylor in their home opener against the Chiefs and he took a shot to the ribs that didn't land) incomes just it comes out of the box and it was like a kid it was you starting almost beat the Chiefs and Patrick Holmes and eventually Anthony Lynn let go that route market start. This kid unproven over my veteran Toronto just because he had the wrong long punctured by the way, all punctured lungs. It's the wrong but starts doing his thing and eventually the Dolphins turned to two in the middle the season was like why are they doing that amazing it's Barro blows his knee out just like what a shame would be great to see Herbert oh my God. No one expected him until he gets a start like why not why.

And Fitzpatrick was even wondering why much of the team was probably wondering why why would you want Fitzpatrick was laying around. Eventually, on occasion, despite one incredible. By the way game.

Look it up between two and Kyla Murray is a fun game to watch to and, marionette, first year the tool was doing his thing.

Eventually couple times Brian Florez turned appeared and said don't forget he's lost and Fitzpatrick would turn things around. There was a wonder what's up with two and then Barro comes back from a knee injury right and two against the start and Herbert is now Herbert's as we currently call him Herbert. He's Justin get the first name treatment. Barro comes back from a knee injury like Celie's existence Cincinnati Anglesey we can do until it gets out there and doesn't look all that great. Doesn't look all that great at one point the middle of October last year.

Get this Stephen Ross asked for permission to talk to DeShawn Watson in the middle of everything that was going on with him all of that really happened everything. Let's kick the tires to see if DeShawn wants to be acquired, and if it's safe for us to do it.

I passed on up and take to up your still our guy. Barro then goes on to the Super Bowl. Herbert goes on the probable and then to comes back to Miami because DeShawn Watson is not going there and Barro gets all the offense of line protection and one of the many sit here saying he's going to do it again this year because seas Barro and Herbert MVP chatter was around him around fantasy draft season and all were seniors talk about to his ball fluttering in the air as it lands entirely kills Hans because he has to slow up to batch it during practices and Tyree talking him up like he's my Holmes and Myrick Daniel face time and I'm on the PJ on the way to his new gig saying you're my guy talk about the most accurate always ever seen throne were like I gay and the only three no quarterback in the American football conference with Joe Barro unless you're still here to tell nobody know versus Joe Barro again fire up the Brad Nestler machine three fingers where things go far Lundquist out there. Capt. Riordan.

Let's go see it's Alan Kirk and Kirk Hersey will have tons of stories about these two, one would think to take that stage tonight and can say here now just an Herbert in his fractured rib cartilage wanted to. How's he doing.

I could send Joe Barta 13 in his conference title defense Sally I know the Eli Apple Tyree kill matchup will be of some people's focus, but I can't wait to see what to look like specially since his lower back is apparently an issue and he says he's gone and it looks like he's got to know you had that look like money: the wolf and she kind of said that that's what happens when your back hurts and Holly will talking about her figure skating configures and so you your back, I didn't think he had his head that hard but brother. All I know is, it looks like to is going to answer the bell okay and I'm glad the old respected Teddy Bridgewater to a versus Barro. I just laid out for you to his entire journey to this very moment tonight and again as we mentioned yesterday, unbelievably, only other three no quarterback in this league is guy replace the mat national champ should not in Atlanta. 4+ years ago almost 5 years ago did you learn to love it love it, can't make it up.

And then there's borrow the end and the bangles to start off I went to, and in this five day span can get the 500 at the corner post point of the season just hit the reset button and off they go in the Dolphins can then fall to three and one now, the bangles win tonight. I feel it feel it be neat because the bangles were in New Jersey having a huge lead after the first quarter they come to put their feet up on the condo still on the table. After that they did seem to be threatened by the flock a lead Jets offense, the defense was getting slashed up while the Dolphins were playing a de facto playoff game in hundred degree heat. Now they're the ones who have to hop on a plane and practice apparently in Cincinnati's college bearcat stadium where somebody is snaking their plays on onto Twitter's Creek.

I mean talk about ridiculous and really that's BS right there by the Dolphins and once again I go on the road on the short week and that is not easy after that game can obviously be a letdown. Only Mike McDaniel has his is essential in his second road game as a head coach in the NFL is first one went swimmingly. Certainly the fourth quarter in Baltimore. So here comes another AFC North opponent that is quite stout, with its own MVP quarterback bought two orders and have a history with lumbar he's got what this could be seen tonight. Love the backdrop to tonight's game plan for this gate, Steve Young and Matthew Stafford view our two I know is going to get to salty Ross, but I just got just got caught up in it strikes at tables yeah I don't think people really talking enough about how massive a game. I think it's big and I think it's one of those potential wildcard if necessary to have primary bills, I break you big time could be the difference between having to go to the jungle in January were Miami could be difference between that could be AFC championship game preview to don't laugh your current one seed in the AFC against the 13 C sued ridiculous is that if you are that's almost similar it's not it's not almost as it is similar to it because your 3/17 through the season correct correct okay so what what else what's the 3/17 mark of baseball nano NHL or NBA three glare at his sword be like what late November early December were not good at math here with you the whatever, whatever, one quarter of the season is right about my 1717.6% of the air out of the gay-rights at times 82 after 14 game okay after 14 games near getting me the update on the eighth and final playoff spot rates in both NBA and NHL that is being sat like the first center in Miami. They started the season nine and eight. So that's pretty 14 games in the NBA season.

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