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REShow: Darius Slay - Hour 2

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September 27, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Darius Slay - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 27, 2022 3:14 pm

Rich lists his “Top 5 NFL Teams Whose Fortunes Changed in Week 3” including the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts and Carolina Panthers.

Eagles All-Pro CB Darius Slay tells Rich how he got his “Big Play” nickname and why he embraced the challenge of shutting down opponents’ top receivers week in and week out, weighs in on Jalen Hurts impressive start to the season and the reason behind Philly’s Batman cape on the sideline, what winning a Super Bowl would mean to him, and how he became fast friends with 76ers guard James Harden. 

Rich and the guys react to the new-look James Harden who showed up to the Philadelphia 76ers’ media day looking trim and fit.

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The ball reaches speeds of 150 miles an hour. The action is intense and the danger factor is high. Six-person teams of professional athletes play the sport at the Magic City Fronton in Miami, Florida. I invite you to check out all the action Monday and Tuesday at 5 p.m. and Friday night at 7 p.m. Go to or download the free JALAI app in the App Store. This sport with its intensity and athleticism is well worth watching. Check out all the action at Matches are played similar to tennis with a player or team required to win two sets to win a match. Each set is played up to six points. It's a sport you need to check out. Monday and Tuesday at 5 p.m. Friday at 7 p.m. Our number two of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. Great chat with Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times talking about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' recent loss to the Packers and where game four for them will be played. It's in Tampa for Sunday night.

Team's bugging out for South Florida right now with Hurricane Ian bearing down on the west coast of Florida shortly. If you missed any of that, including his interesting theory on what Tom Brady needs to get some of his mojo back, check it all out on either our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen show, or check it out on our podcast, which can be downloaded every single day, all three hours on the Cumulus Podcast Network. Or if you're watching on the Roku channel, channel 210, watch the rest of this show, Daria's Big Play Slay of the Philadelphia Eagles joining us in 20 minutes time.

They're 3-0, by the way. Also on this program, Dan Orlovsky of the Worldwide Leader in Sports. He's the man of the hour with Jimmy Garoppolo apparently taking him off the hook by stepping out of bounds and creating his own safety. Taron Killam of Saturday Night Live fame from back of the day now with his own show called The Pylon on Amazon Prime every single Wednesday night in advance of the Thursday Night Football game. Very fun show. Watch the rest of the show and then we pop back on on channel 210 on the Roku channel right away. Just keeps re-airing. So our one will be right after the next two live hours.

That's the way we roll here on this program. We say hello also to our terrestrial radio affiliates, the Odyssey feed. You can stream us every day into your ear gate on the Odyssey app. There's also, by the way, Sirius XM Radio back on satellite radio.

Channel 218 on Sirius, 202 on XM, 844, 204 Rich being the number to dial. Here on the program, Chris Brockman, Mike Del Tufo in their usual spots, TJ Jefferson in his spot as well right here on the program. His Dallas Cowboys came up with a big win last night on ABC and the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

They are two and one. Tied with the Giants looking up at the 3-0 Philadelphia Eagles. It's a Jimmy Johnson drop day, no doubt about it. Michael Irvin just lit up Stephen A. Smith today. Yeah he did. I mean he's just...

He was sweating like he did something. I know, just like he did last night on his Instagram feed, which we'll play later on in this program as well. Lots to get to here on this program. So look, I keep saying on this program, I think I'll be saying it for the next couple of weeks too, at least deep into October, we're marathoning. We're not sprinting in the NFL. It's a 17-game, 18-week regular season. It's a long season. Even those 0-3 teams, including my Las Vegas Raiders, who I'm living and dying with and mostly dying with right now, even they are still in it. You got an extra regular season game. I'll refer to it as such for a while because I'm used to those, you know, 16 regular season game seasons, as is the rest of our football-loving nation. Bottom line is, we're marathoning. We're not sprinting. So to look at week three and say, that's where your fortunes change, that's where things turn, it's rare.

It's rare, but it's entirely possible. You know, difference between 0-3 and 1-2, difference between 2-1 and 1-2, difference between being 3-0 and 2-1. They are significant. Your odds of going up or down out of the playoffs or in the playoffs are significant. And I have compiled a list of the top five teams whose fortunes changed in week three. Most of them are good.

Glasser is mostly half full on this list. You're a positive guy. But one is not.

One is not. DJ Mikey D, I need NFL films music from you, please. I hit my music. Top five teams whose fortunes changed in week number three, according to my estimation. Number five is Chris Brockman's New England Patriots. I mean, this team looked great in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh coming off of that high of the week one win against Cincinnati, coming into their newly named Accra Shur Stadium against a New England team that got smoked by the Dolphins week before. And they looked great. And Mac was playing good football. And here come the Ravens. And they're going point for point with the Ravens until the roof caved in. Matt Jones started making mistakes and then his ankle caved in.

And I put them on this list here at number five because I don't know how long Matt Jones is going to go on the shelf. And you need to get your second year quarterback more reps, more time, more mature. And the fact that they're not going to have that opportunity for, what, four to six weeks? One would think at least half a year in a division where you've got the Dolphins and the Bills going at it and the Jets are about to get their second year quarterback back.

Difference between being two and one and one and two is large. And then now you don't have your quarterback for at least a month and a half. And then who knows what team they're going to have when they come back, when Mac Jones comes back. They're number five on this list. I think their fortunes changed considerably with that week three loss. Number four on this list is a team that nobody thought had a chance to win the division. Nobody thought the division would be this bad because their division was led by the one seed from last year's playoffs. And this team has a young defense that is buzzing and they have a team that is quarterbacked by one of the most generationally talented players drafted in recent memory.

At least that's the way we thought of him when he came out of Clemson. Number four on this list is the Jacksonville Jaguars. They are currently in first place in the AFC South and anybody who's overlooking them best check themselves. Will they have a winning season after being first overall on the clock two years in a row?

Is that possible? Yeah, it's definitely possible because they won in Los Angeles against the Chargers and laugh all you want. That could be the difference between making the playoffs or not as a seven seed or six seed. If you believe the Chargers are as good as advertised still despite all their injuries, they banged up the Chargers even worse.

They smoked them. And they have got good young players in Christian Kirkus saying take your criticism of my long-term lucrative contract and stick it where the sun does not shine. He's earning it.

That's the way he's playing. Number four on this list. Number three on this list, I had a choice between two teams in this division that avoided the dreaded 0-3 start and are now 1-2. But I'm choosing the team that won at home in a division game. I'm choosing the Carolina Panthers. They could have been 0-3 losing to the Saints at home.

Oh my gosh, that would have been the doldrums to say the least. And they've got an owner supposedly with an itchy trigger finger even though there were reports over the weekend. Ian Rapoport saying David Tepper is going to be patient.

That is not a word I've ever heard associated with that man since he's owned the team to be very honest with you. And Carolina needed that win. Baker Mayfield's first win with the team.

They needed that. You cannot lose division games at home to fall to 0-3. Instead they're 1-2 and they're only one game behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where they have yet to play. And the Saints are now in third place. So they're part of a three team mosh pit at 1-2.

I was going to choose the Falcons. And it was a big win for them in Seattle. I just don't know if their fortunes changed. I think Carolina could potentially make some hay here in this division. We'll see how it goes. They're a few plays away from being 3-0.

That's all I'm saying. Oh yeah they're a good team. Number two on this list. Nobody saw it coming. Chris you mentioned this team to be the surefire loser being on the wrong business end of a suicide pool. Pick. Everybody chose the Chiefs. You chose the Chiefs. All of us on NFL Game Day morning we just were in the meeting we're like there's no obvious choice for lock of the week except Kansas City and Indianapolis. We all doom doomed them. All six of us on the set.

All of us. And the Indianapolis Colts were staring into the abyss starting 0-1-1. Having lost on the road in Jacksonville shut out after tying the Texans to open the season.

They looked dead in the water with no Shaq Leonard. The Indianapolis Colts changed their fortunes. They beat the Chiefs. They're now 1-1-1. They're just a half game behind the aforementioned Jaguars. They could easily win this division. I picked them to win this division. They could have been 0-1.

I looked it up. I was wondering has a team ever been 0-1? When was the last 0-2-1 team? At one point I asked in the screening room when the Texans were tied with the Bears late I'm like has a team ever started 0-1-2? No way right? We stopped looking it up because Justin Fields and the Bears actually scored.

But I will ask that question later on. All I'm saying is the Colts changed their fortunes man. They won and they beat the Chiefs. And I know they got some help from some bizarre unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. But the only reason why that it was helpful is because the Chiefs made a lot of mistakes and the Colts were capitalizing throughout the day. They changed their fortunes.

And the number one on the list. The number one team that changed their fortunes in week number three are the Miami Dolphins. Oh yeah man if they had followed a 2-1 with a short week taking on the Cincinnati Bengals right behind it.

If they'd followed a 2-1 it would have been like hey Mike McDaniel. Hey you know great win over the Belichick Patriots that are now dead in the water with Mac Jones being out. Great win.

Good stuff. And hey kudos to you with what you did in Baltimore in that fourth quarter. But you're still not better than the Bills. And you still can't beat the Bills. You still can't get past this team. You just lost to them at home in week three. Good luck trying to go up in week 15 in you know zero degree wind chill and try and win that one.

Good luck to you. But I'll tell you what. The Miami Dolphins won that football game. They got it done.

And they are now 3-0. They're the ones that the rest of the conference is looking up to. They're the ones that the Buffalo Bills are looking up to. They're the ones that created a huge mess in the Buffalo Bills offensive coaching box.

Clean up on aisle Dorsey. Right? So the Dolphins absolutely changed their fortunes with that win. Could they have gone from 2-1 to where I think they can go?

Of course they could. But they've got this win and all that momentum. And that's my top five teams list of whose fortunes changed in week three. You know I thought about putting the Falcons on there. I thought about putting your Cowboys on there too. But I don't know if their fortunes are any different than what with the Falcons that we expect them to go to with all due respect to them. I'm sure they would love to have me eat my words. And I think the Cowboys at one and two, Cooper Rush still just getting them, keeping them around 500 would still put them in a playoff mix in an NFC that I don't think is as good as people think. Except for the East. Yeah, maybe so. And what the Bengals?

Difference between one and two and 0-3? I just still believe in them. Bengals, yeah.

So that's my list right there. They could easily be two and two if they went on Thursday. I mean home game against Miami. Miami's a little banged up. They wet it all on the field.

Yeah. You know before we throw a break, before we go throw a break and Darius Lay's going to join us, I want to say something about Ken Dorsey. The offensive coordinator was captured on camera just throwing things around like a total tantrum on camera that we had fun with. And the fact that somebody had the presence of mind after five seconds to put their hand over the camera to say, this show is over. After you know the Bills had a chance to try and set up a field goal to win it but time ran out on them and you know a frustrating long hot day in Miami boiled over.

Ken Dorsey was on Zoom yesterday, the OC of Buffalo about this subject. It was an intense game. It was a passionate game.

You know I'm up in the box. I'm watching my guys down there just give us everything they possibly have in them with effort and from start to finish playing 90 something snaps in a game. And you know it was a playoff atmosphere. A lot of credit to the Miami Dolphins and obviously we weren't on the winning end of it so it's frustrating and you know reacted that way and obviously that's something that I'm definitely going to learn from. And you know I don't ever want to want to take the passion out of the game. We're all in this on this to win football games for obviously for the Bills, for our fans and we're going to give them everything we got but it's something I'm going to learn from and learn from and and make sure you know it's a correct move forward. Let me just say something about this to Ken Dorsey. I have zero problems with his reaction.

Me too. None. None. Zero.

The only thing if you want to learn from it is take a breath, cover the camera and then trash the place. I have no problem. The way I'm interpreting this is clearly and you know I don't blame him. I don't blame him. He wants to be a head coach one day and and any owner wants the head coach to be calm, cool, collected.

You don't lose your head or anything like that and that might be the bad look for a head coach. If you're throwing a tantrum you got to be you know ride the highs and live with the lows and all that stuff but I loved it. Me too. I had no problem. He's right. It was a playoff atmosphere.

I was wondering for Ken Dorsey too being back in Miami maybe it means something a little bit too you know. So I have no problems. None.

None. Whatsoever with his reaction to him. Him saying you know I'm going to learn from it. Learn what? No I want that passion.

Like I said you want you know anybody who's looking for a head coach you want somebody who's got a flat line to live with the moments and not get caught up in whatever but. I don't trust those people. Show some emotion man. I don't have a single issue with it.

None. I've had that reaction sitting in my living room and I had nothing to do with it. Maybe he's a little embarrassed that it went viral and whatnot but like whatever. He just got probably a whole new fan base because of it. It's going to be a meme for a long time.

I legit haven't heard anybody say anything bad about it. It was just funny. No no no but I again. I get his point though. His point like I need to be I'm a coach I'm a leader or whatever. I you know I got to tell my guys be cool under pressure and I just you know pitch to fit.

You know like my roadblocks just got taken away and my time limit just hopped up on my iPad. You know what I mean like so so I understand why he might be saying that. I'm just saying Ken Dorsey you be you man and what he's doing right now with this team with this team is terrific. Yeah we're team two jiggy and we're team Ken Dorsey. Okay just imagine if you're a Bills fan right and that's happened you're mad and it cuts to him and he's just sitting there like oh okay well that's by the way I'd have been like yo what are you doing man like get angry about this.

So I mean but again it's not it's I don't want it to be seen like if another coach just you know caps his pen and I find that and it closes the book and just and we're done. It could be just like you're seething inside and I know like again you and I are uh we're we're eastern time zone sports fans or east coast. Well I mean I'm east coast you're an eastern time zone sports fan but you do you do root for a team on the east coast and the new york Mets. I just remember you know Kevin McReynolds a met where he would strike out strike out or he would not perform very well or he's not performing as well as he wanted and he never showed emotion at all and I had a problem with that. It made me feel like he didn't care. I liked Paul O'neill beating up you know Gatorade jugs with his bat you know I don't mind that.

Yeah. You know I want to see that but I'm a new yorker and I I I'm more I guess it's I'm I'm it's relatable desensitized maybe to it I don't know that might be the wrong word for it but there might be some people like wow this guy just tore up his his workspace he's throwing a tantrum he's supposed to be a leader he's supposed to tell his guys to stay cool under pressure I have no problem with it. I just wanted to say that because I heard Ken Dorsey say he's going to learn something if he's going to learn anything just take a you know have an index card you know I will send him a rich maybe you should send him a rich eyes and show card. I think that's nice. And then he could just by the way place it logo in front so it's shown to the camera cover the camera you know and then go nuts and then and then destroy the place yeah yeah then Johnny Depp the whole thing. I want to see it so don't cover it.

Okay uh 844204 rich is the number two dial big play Darius Slay joining us on the Rich Eisen Show when we come back from the three and oh Philadelphia Eagles. 2000 2008 2022 when it comes to the economy those are some scary years dot-com crash housing crash and the roller coaster we're kind of going through right now. One thing is certain it's a dangerous time to not know your numbers but over 31,000 businesses have the confidence and clarity they need because they rely on NetSuite by Oracle the number one cloud financial system. 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new every Thursday go ahead you never know who's gonna pop by to say hello Ross it could be an oscar winner the star of your favorite show even my dental hygienist really no she's fascinating okay anyone else one time I was at a dinner party and the lady across from me turns out she was a dominatrix oh that's gonna hurt I've been a naughty boy are you going to ask we're gonna go there for real and there for real reals you better stretch I better stretch what the hell on our show nothing's off limits I'm gonna ask that question no and that question no and I'm gonna get away with it oh boy so it's like mr rogers neighborhood right except think of it mr Matthews gayborhood oh that sounds fun you know that actually does sound fun and it's on youtube or wherever you listen wait that's my line hello Ross available on youtube or wherever you listen okay now you just repeated me we are so over our time limit oh that's a bummer back here on the rich eisen show 844-204 rich is the number to dial he is one of the best at his position and the game that he came up with against the minnesota vikings uh we were all talking about it one week ago at this point um because he shut down justin jefferson he is one of the best corners in the game and he's part of the 3-0 philadelphia eagles joining us on the mercedes-benz vans phone line is darius big play sleigh how are you sir I'm doing good how you doing I'm doing great how's what's going on in the world of philadelphia darius not much not much just chilling it's chilling it's like where we just chilling okay very good who was the first person to call you big play darius sleigh uh my coach uh coach uh jeff collins you know uh that's that well he was a georgia tech head coach but uh I mean he got fired like a couple days ago but uh yeah he didn't want to get my uh my uh my nickname well how did you earn it uh well I was in spring ball and I was like you know I had probably like came in came from juko came into mississippi as a junior uh came in shoe spring ball I mean I wasn't a spring ball and it had like freaking 10 picks in like a matter of like five days of practice so close it's like you just make big plays every week they say you know this like and then my name kind of rhymed with play so they say big play sleigh big play sleigh now when you came into the pros um did anybody call you that as well or you had to earn it there darius well oh I got time to I got it I had it earned a little bit you know as in getting called big play because I had to make big plays on the field but uh everybody called me sleigh for sure but then uh you know the media world got into it as the plays was being made that I was like to be called big play sleigh okay and now you're part of a 3-0 team in philadelphia um just want to jump in before we get to the bigger picture stuff just drill down to that monday night game where you were going up against justin jefferson what was your mindset going into that game darius uh it's like but uh it's uh it was like a normal game week you know uh i'm going every week it's not that you know because of who is just jefferson was you know he's a great guy but uh the whole nfl got talented guys in the league so i was going there with the same mindset as that and beat the guy in front of me more than uh he beat me so but uh for sure justin is one of the best in the game but uh like i said before like i won the best too so but this is uh this is another day at office you know and going to work so um what is your philosophy on traveling with the number one guy what's your philosophy uh well i mean i don't never mind it my coach know that uh i'm willing to do that at any time of the day any point of the week and um you know uh i love doing it because you know it gets the best out of me uh playing against some of the best guys in the world i have fun doing it so it's just a very competitive it makes me a better person and um and it makes them a better uh player too as well you know uh but the best on the best keep going against each other well what do you say to a coach is just like well scheme wise we're just going to play at our scheme and you don't travel with the number one guy how do you handle that darius i'll take it cool you know i just i believe in my coaches so whatever they need me to do i'm going to do i'm not a selfish guy so i'm a guy that's just very selfless like i just don't i don't mind doing anything the team need me to do to help us win so if that's me traveling i travel if that's me not traveling i don't travel so whatever they need me to do i'm just uh to help win but what do you prefer what do you prefer i mean of course i prefer to travel but what i prefer in the days uh it's all about the team okay so i know like this week for instance your your your point at christian kirk is that what you would is that where you would be on for this coming week i mean uh it's like but uh we ain't uh you know do our game plan all the way yet so we don't know what's going on yet so we'll just figure that out tomorrow okay look uh that's the third time you've done this in this interview so i need to know what is the definition of sleigh because i think you've used it as a verb and a noun a proper noun what what's the definition of sleigh darius definitely the sleigh there's no definition to it it's just my last name right but you said it's sleigh it sounds like you're referring to it as like you know something else other than just your last name no i'm referring it as into as in we i don't like i don't say i don't like being called dearest but i like everybody calling me oh i'm sorry so so i should just look we've just met i mean i just i want to make sure i know i know that's all silly i was like when you say dearest i'm like nah it's like rich mama name sleigh i'm gonna call him sleigh oh okay i i got it i got it i just want to make sure that i just thought you were referring to to it's like you know it's a it's a it's it's a uh a mindset no like brockman you call him brockman you don't call him chris i just call him chris sometimes like mama mentality like yeah all right sleigh so my name's sleigh so i just didn't want to i didn't want to you know be so presumptuous but i can do that is what you're saying yeah it's like okay it's like all right sleigh uh i've got so when i you know this is a radio show too so i have to do what's a professional i'm not to drag you too into my profession professional weeds here but i have to reset so people are just driving around know who i'm talking to is it all right if i reset as darius sleigh or should just reset his sleigh you tell me i mean it's cool you know you know as we do that you know as it is no it's sleigh for the most part okay like you're getting boosted as darius sleigh but when we get to talk he's just like hey hey what are you thinking about this sleigh sleigh's here on the rich isin show from the 3-0 philadelphia eagles or it's it's sleigh from the 3-0 eagles right so i'll just do okay we'll do that i love this fantastic right here on the rich isin show can you please give me an example sleigh of how jaylen hurts is leading this team can you give me one he just about just about doing everything the right way and um you know he's just a honest guy man you know you know we can't control play you know so how he carries himself makes him a leader for this team it's not how he plays his game but you know of course that dude goes along with it but he does kind of like leaders by example as in how he carries himself as a man and as a professional so can you please give me an example of that sleigh where you're like okay i will follow this man uh just about you know as he prepared for work as in when we got uh you know first in the building tightness so it's like more like it's kind of like harder like give like a strong example but you know because he got rich he got like great words of encouragement you know and uh and you know a lot of guys kind of build off encouragement so he got away to like motivate us he's a good motivator for sure and just seeing him perform the way that he does how how does that electrify your side of the ball your place on the sideline with your teammates as you are getting ready to make sure the opponent does not answer uh say that again so how does his play when he does what he does how electric he is and the rest of the offensive team how does that uh play with you sleigh where you're like okay how does that electrify you as you then get back on the field and make sure that your opponent does not answer oh great because we just know uh our goal is to get you know that offensive ball as many as possible as much as possible because we know they can score and uh and jayden doing a great job as you know managing the offense controlling the game making the checks needed made to get to get the guys in the right position so uh they keep continuing to keep doing as they doing man we go continue to keep helping them so i go on defense always to go out there try to get get them the ball as fast as they can because they can score at any time sleigh here on the rich eisen show by the way we've graphically supported it now it's just only says sleigh next to your face on the screen okay we're just trying we're just trying to go with what you're what you'd like uh i love this uh here on the rich eisen show head uh are have you seen that batman cape sleigh that's on of course okay what do you think of it i loved it uh i'm the one you know kind of came up with it as the name of the batman name but i told uh aj said man we should get a cape i said yeah but we got to get a cape put it on the sidelines okay please walk me through this so is your idea for the cape sleigh well we're both coming up with it okay hey man we should probably get a cape and bring it on the sideline and it's all school you should do it because like you know it's just something fun some of the trademarking boys can do because they have very talented group man the whole receiver corps they work hard and all that and everything so um yeah man it's smooth as you know it's taking off in the right time okay so it's only for the offense there's nothing for the d there's no cape for the defense in philly nah nah we uh they the offense we the uh we're more like uh yeah no i don't know yet i mean that's for the offense for sure though i don't know let's come up with a what is it uh thanos can we come up with like an avengers thing here what do you think you got a glove like a glove i don't know we're thinking on it we didn't really worry about us after that with that i just kind of do you know because we all we collect the group man we're kind of like we'd be chilling so it's not owned like a bigger group group like a whole group because they take an effort for the whole thing but the whole team a great effort thing but the offense man they put a lot of respect on the boys so we let the we let the offense put on the cape okay and uh what did you see on film or just know of about wince your former teammate i know that you haven't been in philly that long but that you were able to exploit this past week with the defensive performance sleigh um just try to be disguising just try to disguise our coverage the best that we can and uh to make them really have to think and uh and hold the ball for a little second but d-line get that because we got a great line out in russian now russian stuff so we try to make it easy make it hard for him to read the coverage so it can make it easy okay and just knowing his tendencies to hold on to the ball did you guys know talk about that i mean that's like yeah that's the tent that's the goal you know try to make it hold on to the ball as much as we can because like i said we got it it's brushing covers uh it's a team effort so you know we knew we had to cover good for them guys to get great rushes and they got guys like them for them you know just in case we messed up everyone they get a good rush so we don't have to cover too long so okay uh what would it mean for you to win a super bowl there in philly obviously you weren't there the last time it happened but uh i'm sure you you saw the party and you know what it would be like uh because a lot of folks are talking about your team having the opportunity now that you've been uh undefeated through the first three weeks sleigh yeah we uh i mean it always would be a blessing to win a super bowl but at this moment we not really took too much worry about you know a super bowl right now we just worry about the next one we just try to be uh to go one and oh each and every week so okay all right now it's still zero it's still oh no to us okay you know the record say three no but we really oh no it's going into this week so we're just trying to be one and oh each week last one for you sleigh is it true you gave one of the uh interceptions one of the footballs from your your uh terrific week two performance um to james harden did that happen oh yeah yeah yeah yeah you know that's one of my guys that's not like the washington basketball so you know to be able to get him the ball man was a blessing for me as well uh like i said james hard when uh you know spiritual hall of fame and one of the you know one of the greatest shooting guards ever so why not you know i got a great opportunity when'd you meet him how'd you meet him well i think that's my first time i'm meeting him because i just told him at the game you know we both you know he paid for the skills up here you know uh sixes i paid for these so we both you know important guy like i say sure in uh in the state of philly so you know why not us why not you so you saw james harden you're like here you take it that's the way it worked yeah yeah there you go man you know hey you think you're all together we're all one unit so you know they want to win a championship it's like we want to win a championship so john brandon city something special is that your first professional assist uh yes okay just wondering yes okay one of my first one okay and then harden took it to the rack no doubt he went to the line i'm sure because that's what he usually does do you see he went to the rack with the and one with the and one oh okay so just one one shot okay understood got it do you see he look he looked he looks really good he's lost his weight he's lost weight he looks really really good yeah i'm excited for him i can't wait to see what you do this year all right so the super bowl and then the larry ob that's the way it's going to go in philadelphia okay that i mean you you're hoping for but we he will continue to play one game at a time slay i hope this is the first of many times that you're on this program and i will never call you by your first name again i appreciate it thanks for the call keep balling out sir keep falling out all right there is that sleigh of the philadelphia eagles all pro corner here on the rich isin show that big play 24 sleigh on twitter yeah here call him his government name now i mean i asked him questions and i'm like and he goes it's sleigh and i honestly thought he was just using that word as a different meaning no no no he was correcting me on what i should be calling he's like you can just call me sleigh no but he said it's like yeah yeah you didn't get that the way he said it immediately because i've heard him say it before oh i've never heard him say yeah it did seem like that's why i'm like okay i'll ask you like what are the different meanings you know it's brought i thought i'd get well sleigh means you know that was just you know it's like competition sleigh means you know i've got it like it's too jiggy it's brock shady like it's like that what's my name uh richie no anybody seen richie hey hey see i don't have that i'll never have that well you're from new york you should have that was your on the block my buddy j calls me dickie eyes dickie eyes oh bro that's that's perfect no it's not that's great that's a good fellas nickname i know it's but that's that's you know when you're on the golf course and you're having a drink dickie eyes forget about it it's called sleigh sleigh it's like like i said mama named sleigh i'm gonna call him sleigh and kudos to our rich eyes and show crew for immediately taking darius off it just says like can we put that out one more time i want to see that i know you were you you grabbed your phone because be careful that's how you get suspended it's taking pictures off of television but that's ours you see that's our uh that's okay that's i will not i will not try and ding you with the social it was not the zones okay that's a big word sleigh sleigh great name by the way that's a great name it's awesome big play sleigh i mean that's great big who was the first guy because i had what do you say because i had like freaking 10 interceptions in five practices it's awesome i'm not gonna like him in two weeks but as of today he's cool with me baby that's right you know oh and that's on n and bc the next sunday night games bud oh my gosh tampa and kc cincinnati and balmer and then dallas and philadelphia those are some dynamite games including two big huge division contests all right we'll come back we'll take a break we'll take a phone call let's talk james harden yeah let's talk james and how he looks good does look good maybe he's listening to the rich isin show right why wouldn't he be good point that's next before taron kiliman studio and dan arlovski in hour three check out the latest mercedes-benz sprinter van folks because when you open up one of those babies you're opening up more than just doors you're unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing be your own boss steer your own success and blaze your own trail each and every sprinter van is built designed and equipped to let you hit the open road and take on any goal you set to help you follow your own passions reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all those big bold fun and exciting experiences right off your bucket list owning mercedes-benz sprinter van lets you live work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path they'll take you in with 16 body types your choice of a gas or a diesel engine and thousands of ways to customize a sprinter van is capable and versatile enough to help you drive your ambitions wherever you want to take them so now is the time to consider what it is that moves you most don't wait to unlock your potential inside a mercedes-benz sprinter let's go to the phone line here on the rich eisen show nick in south carolina you're joining us here on the program what's up nick hey rich i uh have a question for you but uh okay i'd like to uh say to tj uh as a long time dolphins fan man i appreciate the way you uh stand by your cowboys brother oh how about that i appreciate you you know why not we're true fans right you got to stick with them my question to you rich is uh man how is it that uh disturbing meyer even has a job anywhere you know this guy was accused of uh domestic violence allegations or sexual assault he'd be home watching the games on tv i mean what is his insight if you if you're a kicker mrs a field goal you kick the kicker i don't get it rich look i i i don't know um and thanks for the call greatly appreciate that uh i don't know how accurate he uh our caller was and listing off the the things about irvin meyer that he thinks would keep him from a job look the guy talks very well on television i mean we had him on at the draft one night um at nfl network and uh he was terrific at so i don't you know i i know fox gave him a gig and and put him back on tv i just as i said yesterday when i was talking about how the jaguars look completely different this year already just three dms in in the same stadium where an embarrassment happened last year on the field on the sideline off the field in the press conference room afterwards and they returned to the same spot and looked totally different using the same guy guy was benched last year and james robinson runs a 50-yard touchdown in just shows you about what a disaster he was as a coach and you know i just had a problem that fox puts on the kyron on the bottom of the screen allows him to smile right there as michigan fans are giving him grief you know there was seven and oh against michigan and then word is that they wouldn't any michigan students hold up signs behind you know lest we remember all the transgressions that occurred just thinking that out there but i i think if he wants to coach college again i think someone's going to hire without a doubt uh you know that's coming and then and then and then and then you'll have to and then you'll have to own everything else there's a lot always everything else there and including the everything else admittedly or a lot of wins alan dallas you're on the rich odds and show what's up albert how you been well thank god the cowboys won because i don't know if i could have taken the whining down here for all this uh for the week i mean you know richard i mean you're a wealthy man you know what it's like to be in the metroplex a little bit the news starts begins ends and starts with the dallas cowboys so but uh listen what are you what are you going to talk about how luca showed up on uh on media day looking good or you know the texas rangers playing out the string again you know i mean what else that's the lead story that's the little cowboys are the lead story over news and everything else they should be okay yeah tj how are you buddy so uh look i i said it before and i told brockman earlier i i don't you know neil neil played terrible but that doesn't mean he didn't try danny jones tried hard he's just not a good player galladay's got to go you know like i mean he just doesn't care and uh you know at the end of the day we're moving in the right direction just like you said with you know the jaguars getting a new coach we've got a new coach we've gotten a new attitude but i wanted to bring something up rich because i saw this before and and i don't think i've heard anybody talking about it and it's a story that's come up over the last couple years it affects your team too that met life stadium that turf yes i mean what is going on there that sterling shepherd we all saw it i mean would it trip over the line no he just he was just he was just jogging and slowing down uh of a jog that he wasn't anywhere near contacted you know zack wilson hurt his knee just in another non-contact i mean john harbaugh after week one the ravens uh coach was saying that the turf felt weird it's really compacted i have no idea i mean and you know disaster i hear you thanks for the call al he's not wrong yeah i mean just take a look at that today if you i mean i think most of the country saw it last night that was awful and it's it is in fact an acl injury he is done for the year and a full year rehab coming up the way first teams surrounded him when he was on that cart though you always see people showing love but right the way the cowboys guys it seemed like the entire team and the coaching staff went up and like this kid is really special it must be because it must because there but for the grace of football or the grace of god goes any of them just on that turf yeah man that's a shame eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the program i love when people take my advice i really do you know and clearly james harden has i know i'm in his head i know it sitting out here in los angeles california father three 14 11 and eight your nine year old i'm i'm sure we share something in common james and i some point honey buns i don't know uh or just needing to buckle down and eat right maybe that's what it is yeah maybe i need to i need to do the same thing you know i'm in the middle of the nfl season just did you know going from one gig to the other to the other very lucky very fortunate to have what i have but sometimes i'm just eating on the go and it just doesn't it doesn't you know don't get enough workouts in that sort of thing oh yeah um but if i was a professional athlete you know maybe i would definitely focus on that sort of stuff longevity very important after a while just your your your natural talent suddenly you're not as good you're not as available because your best ability right is your availability you hear that all the time in sports actual so with harden clearly becoming more of a shadow of his former self definitely not the thunder hardened not the rocket hardened right becoming the net hardened the sixer hardened notice i just dipped my voice the sixers hardened he is apparently taking my advice which is what i said last year i'm like i don't know if he took the down to the letter i said call tom brady call tb-12 and find out what you need to do to get ready for a season eat right get your body in shape longevity james some point just the natural ability will be not enough he showed up at the sixers media day yesterday the all thorough all nba franchise had a media day he looked good and i just went a little high register but he was asked about it here was james harden i think he just at this point he's dieting his proper rest and then it's just uh you know for me i think just strengthening my muscles gaining more muscle mass uh you know which i've always had it just this last year and a half uh really wasn't healthy enough to to to put the proper work in like i'm used to so this summer was huge for me and that aspect of making sure you know the heel runs and the weight definitely was uh real poor didn't add enough steel um on the court as well how much did you lose 100 pounds a hundred pounds i mean he didn't obviously he looks good yeah yeah well we i brought him to watch videos of him all summer he's been putting in work i love it well i guess he said it's because of the way he's felt the last two years he couldn't put in the work that he used to yeah you know his hamstring was bad i'm aware of what he's gone through but it i don't know he's never really been known for being that health not workout warrior has he but he's never been known as a gas out guy either like he's you know he's sneakily as brockman always says he's sneaky bricked up yeah so am i maybe that's another thing we have in common obviously i'm looking at the beard the beard well i mean that's like stubble but yeah this is a beard i mean it's not like a beard it's like a beard it's like a beard this is a beard i mean it's not like you know you look good rich that's all i'm looking for by the way i mean your suit jacket it's not tough is it over there just that's all i'm looking for he gives me i like the versatility because sometimes you dress like one of us and then today you're dressing professional i just decided you know i'm gonna wear a jacket today i'm gonna wear a jacket today you know you gotta switch your style up i like that yeah just come you know come with something that you're not expecting that's right like uh birkenstocks one day well you don't have to do that anymore but huh tank top and chain tank top and chain you guys man and cut off shorts you guys that's that's the wave baby that will not happen people are pointing out that this person we're talking about only has one outfit who noticed that who pat when he goes on game day he hit the last few weeks he's been wearing the exact same outfit blue blazer oh he has the money to afford top chain that's his that's his style man that's the brand we should all do that i don't think i could pull it off okay we'll just we'll just stick with love of punters as our cross section and humor and humor and love of wrestling and success i'm down right yeah i'm down still here can i share vitamins can i share a quick story with you we got 90 seconds all right real quick you know because since bret farve has put volleyball in kind of a bad light i want to share if i can just that's what he's put in a bad light well this is taking a turn no no no it's just a very good story altuna high right my niece niece number three nyla she played on our haltoona high volleyball team last monday we're playing against our rival like the team across town that we hate they're coming in undefeated and it was a memorial scholarship game for a former altuna player who sadly passed away from brain cancer so it was a big deal uh altuna is down oh two you know in volleyball you got to win three yeah they're down oh two they come back they tie it up at two games apiece and then on game point she goes up and blocks the other team shot for the game winner and all the kids come running now and they rush her on the on the course and i was like man this is just i can't even imagine what that feels like i've rushed the court for people before but i've never had it happen so i just want to give nyla and altuna high a shout out because that was such a dope moment good for you yeah and good for her and good for them didn't need the the farve setup though i don't think well i mean i mean you don't have to just say this is you know germane well because it's far as volleyball is girls taking a beating because that hasn't been taken meeting farms taking a beating and it's proper it's so it's definitely proper i'm just saying if it's important to you you have the floor yeah well there we go so that was you don't have to say all ripped straight from the headlines but it was dan orlovsky coming up in the tarrant killerman studio for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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