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REShow: Dan Orlovsky/Taran Killam - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 27, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Dan Orlovsky/Taran Killam - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 27, 2022 3:14 pm

ESPN NFL Analyst Dan Orlovsky tells Rich how great it felt to have Jimmy Garropolo join him in the “I Once Stepped Out of the Back of the Endzone for a Safety” club, says why the Philadelphia Eagles are legitimate Super Bowl contenders, explains how new Head Coach Mike McDaniel has made the Dolphins’ offense much more dynamic and adaptable, why the Bills are still the best team in the NFL despite their Week 3 loss, posits that Raiders QB Derek Carr might be freezing out Davante Adams, and more. 

Actor/comedian Taran Killam joins Rich in-studio to discuss his Amazon Prime Video NFL show “The Pile On,’ why he’s he’ll go from unsufferable Rams fan to obnoxiously insufferable Rams fan if they beat the 49ers on Monday Night Football, and much more! 

Rich reflects on the fact that the only unbeaten NFL teams heading into Week 4 are Tua Tagovailoa’s Miami Dolphins and Jalen Hurts’ Philadelphia Eagles whose fates have been inexorably intertwined since their days with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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Ray Charles and Cheryl rushed from the rich yelling what message do you have Dallas Cowboys friend earlier on Michelle cornerback file show you which is bottle always be on every device on Samsung smart is on Amazon smart TVs. The Roku app is gentle on it for free and the Roku so you could take in the show every single day on desktop on the Internet on any laptop for free. That's the key word were thrilled to be here on Odyssey were thrilled to be here on Sirius XM radio series channel 218 XM 02 or three will be on the rich central terrestrial radio network referral that would put this all together on a podcast on the cumulus podcast network you can listen whenever you will please at your right and then also show once it's over. After this third hour it starts rearing on the Roku channel channel 210.

There's no excuses here in our number three telling children formally assigned. I live now. The show NFL pylon that airs weekly throughout the FLC's nonprime video in advance of Thursday night football game Miami and Cincinnati beef Sunday night football game.

We talked quite a bit about it and one of the things we talked about was our front of a program general loss get a shot up from electrical almost mirror on the spot when Jimmy Galapagos stepped out of the end zone and craters on safety and when that moment happened. I thought to myself, and while she's give a shout out. I thought you know that Jeff of Leonardo DiCaprio from Once upon a time and Holly screen I see that I recognize that, don't I thought I thought he was yet to be Rick Dalton wherever sure enough I'm thinking that in incomes this week NEVER been happier freedom like William Lalas okay we met out, so all the rich central booking crew knows that this man is what I call in any time just doesn't matter anytime he's free and willing to come on will have.

And sure enough, today's a day perfectly timed on the Mercedes-Benz vans phone line from the worldwide leader in sports, the great general loss better after that I better after checking literally. Second, from the moment to meet back here so Rico auto door interlock doing that though it was Larry that it was it was a quick memory moment for him so I know I mean that's to Rico doing to Rico, thanks so where were you were we watch this thing and how quickly to grab your phone to send the 20 years so I'm getting outside the applicant covered kind of fireplace television area outside all day watching game that night I was watching Sunday night football but also watching Kate and my kids that confront people that they were inside watching. I think like new jungle cruise or whatever else I jump off because my wife by the bucket but the movie on my say what you got Right now why great Galapagos stepped out of the end zone are not alone anymore and she can run out what you held up her cell phone a videotape to the rate that refiners like oh my gosh it was incredible, not part of the piece.

I was excited not alone anymore, although I mean that Jimmy grapple Stefan out.

Dan was actually to his and the teams benefit because he threw a pick six that saved four points. What happened with your throat that wanted to know was a result of your of your plan.

You know you know everything about me way longer than Jimmy.

David realized that he was not packing everything the ball and I got many people, you know what man marked way.

You know, because this exact fumbling to recover the cost down so that I look like one. I'm not that smart. Your idiot for thinking dinner last year on the rich Isa chart let's get let's get to the football which team is operating the best right now beautifully where you want to taper watching on film, and it's just like this dear. You're just nodding your head. The entire time going over baby which was good and I'm not to pry by the waiter doing actively.

I am a little bit surprised by the way to doing it authentically. The whale put it rigid. There were there 2021 g authentically noted rams were so good last year out of empty. No back back Blocking because one the quarterback was really good about you and you just couldn't match up against them, and only came to Cooper came to hate being when it came to the addition of Odell then just like that some guy right now. John heard that empty 14 to 16, 200 yard if you keep yard 98 out of empty and the kind of the leave the hard part when they get into empty and you gotta be big enough Job enough, strong enough and fast enough yet to be big enough to go to the coverage a one-on-one strong enough or skilled enough cover one-on-one, strong enough to cover It one-on-one and are we fast enough to cover quite walking one-on-one nonblocking can and can't play them in man much what I just said many Vitamins only really because you won't get to the quarterback.

You know it so they are doing such a good job of building your offense around that formation grouping jailing. I got so much better throwing the ball downfield back. Couldn't this year that go buddy.

The body literally perfect, but defense of the man there defective line right now in and out of that, defective unit, electric rear event management dominant bring out a defense of my dominant football not splinting but so you think the Eagles are viable for long-term yet a real real way going to the year your OXY. I picked them to win the division. But the real life. A healthy, yet they can go with anyone and Miami Dolphins Dan Orlowski what are you seeing from them. We had Andrew Hawkins in studio last week and he told a story about Mike McDaniel being his position coach back in Cleveland in 2013 teaching techniques about how to get off the line and how it was run.

It was counterintuitive to what defenses are to do and it worked like a charm.

Every single time and I'm wondering what you're seeing on film. That's a similar story from attack so number one like very game plan don't see a lot of from last game in the next game and keep me very much of what the defense argument that would block them. Everything is about family bought them. I give you what Buffalo again Miami this past weekend. This I would tell you with my mechanic locked the front door.

I don't care who's playing cornet no shot with 18 time. Nine out of the 18 time they had seven men production going though it would take her from pouring the Beta you want to lose it again because players like Von Miller dominate the game so brilliant by that number two is constantly changing what he gave you pretty Postop and constant I put you communicate.

And not only you communicate the communication that comes from you on the defense. Darkly everybody right so I don't I would say that man up at the people like Mike doing it. I don't need everybody to drop me wrong anyone got now as long as long as long I went.

So is there a really good job changing that picture that the code not been ball coming out of hand quickly. Certainly did defective is allowing the jailing and are reported about that. What about immigrant they are allowed to be back that goes back to cutting with and talk about the releases now thought about the chat hall.

I choose the one because the ball closet with the most important thing difficult. One thing one thing, what would it be like them.

Everything you want in the way that they conduct flippantly used their motion and allow you got all these wonderful Doing an incredible job easier on the rich doesn't show. I mean we just talked about the Dolphins and then obviously the Eagles those of the two remaining undefeated teams and you know I just can't shake the feeling here that it still doesn't matter to the bills world and were all just paying rent and that you saw midweek to buttery gray call that you guys had that Monday night game what what can you tell of you counseling me to get off of that opinion. Laura and all NFL okay going back to Miami. Briefly, the public, not before that happens not happen again. The document your fork down not happen again in the field-goal won't happen again. Their playing without war started on defense and to start is often a lack sometime Monday morning while you're gone. I love it The plan while really good, and three now and they are absolutely a contender in anything but we can't we have a contextual contextualizing effect like we were talking about Green Bay at the required one thing that all you got deployment of their number one number two number three number four Martin Hubert got golf course they were going to play that well so no Buffalo unit number authentically know Kendrick you going to play cards done to really good thing. One they want to let me have the peace of mind to run the football though if they need to they can and if they can impact will have on the passing game in the number two moving Stephan around different places that are keeping him stationary him from a different option. No lacking really candidly thought mine did a great job thing here comes AutoCorrect early in the first half and then they gave you all out customer look for a block and that was really good.

By my handle, not unbuckle his goodbye Miami about the defense of the man. But listen, having that secondary speed up the way that they were last week and played in my favor.

I don't anticipate that secondary could be at unhealthy when it matters the most. Every word that city roads and some little looksee today will see what happens there. Dan Orlowski from the worldwide leader in sports and its allies college football so much more few more minutes left with him here on the rich doesn't show intent. You know your your career so taken off like a rocket ship and your terrific at what you do and I could see one of the things that you like to do is make people smarter and then put out what you believe on screen and then so be it. But I think you also agree with what I'm saying is I'm similar in that respect. I also want to be right. My God I hate being wrong and I had the writers winning this division their own free and it's gnawing at me.

It's it's it's really troubling to me. So I ask you a general question, what is wrong with the writers yeah yeah so I think. I agree.

I hate being wrong about being right.

I just I'm okay with being wrong. Don't that make you feel like right like if I'm okay.

Being wrong going to be right brain and try to find a way what's going all the writers and were actually doing this on live today. No week one. It seem like the conscious effort to get 17.the ball so your ball of a couple times like the reason they moved that ballgame important step you through those were not so I put them near their favorite unending on the road in your handling Arizona and again falls apart and you start they really stop featuring the little bit in that second half of that game and in the past become of the most shocking one for me and again I don't I don't ever say anything that I don't believe I don't ever touch the controversy. I literally try to do my job.

Watching this past weekend. It looks like your car perfectly. Not looking at the body out that with the hate that there are five examples of where in the way I'm going to stated that if we get to know. I think I don't have reputation in the resume. Can you authentically call in the defense of political defense that and you sit there and they will play that I have the real concept. My left think that people that I know I got the real concept in my life is really good person that you think I don't care who the people are. It's just the defense of structure. The no longer provoke my right next to the pilot think it's the worst possible cover five times that weekend.

He's looking to the side of the worst possible concept versus the defense into Fonte's actually in the best possible sides and won't look they're looking I don't know.

I don't know and I don't know if that's a thing but I know a guy as much about their card. Marty dear cards you can feel relatively as well as your car and I watch him operate deeply all day long and you can fit anything with then you know you getting caught.

If I do I run the place for billion times the high schools around the plate there to get topics anyway so it it literally takes tells me you're consciously in your mind thing. I can't forfeit the divine thing that you're going so far out of your way.

Cannot look at what's translucent to sense skill works closely waiting to play with each other for since college and its notes on the happening what are moments when your your thing out of all have to go there you even if it was me at wideout I got about everything that the person to be open. Given the defense of structure. Note talking about that one thing, it's purposeful that you're not looking to make it look that way you know though it's very odd and very that's really appreciated the semi-best.

Everybody there digit did you get a text from Compton as I saw that on twitter. I did what he said it was correspondent Dr. MN after my lawmaker Nashville mother but and then when he mentioned that we don't have a motor doesn't run that they don't have a motor doesn't mean it's not favorite why I don't like when people say all that got all bald guys, I think, therefore you don't have their mean you're getting the cat looks like I'm in a have to take him on a walk, I say tomato, I think I'm in a have to take will on another walk. Just so you're aware it's got nothing to do with a safety concern all it's got to do with a branding concern. You can't brand a bus with their branding and without a motor and plus they schlep that thing all the way to Nebraska, and Wisconsin. Just keep going, will come to Los Angeles and I did attempt to come out to national this summer didn't work date didn't work for them. How does that sound I'm giving you an exclusive Dan yeah is that you are going.

I will make it work right. You find a way to find a way you go out of your way to to appeal to the person that you're drafting their time.

I would be on your side on that one. Thank you Dan Orlowski greatly appreciated me to be on show year. So I'm not even my gosh.

Best to your family man. You got a lot going on in the Sunday dads out watching football in the backyard jungle cruise is going on inside you got a lot happening. Got a lot happening and not a quiet house. One I'm very glad to be a part of part of man's looking that you deserve it. Let's do this more often. Always look for Michael Danner always but right I got you, Dan Orlowski, everybody follow him on Twitter, you should as well. He sounded like he was free. More free melody has his freedom were not alone bed. That's what he told his wife and no I'm not alone anymore lonely man stepped out of bounds in front of the entire National Football League world doing demos is as it should have one more piece to be role like they're knocking to not show Dan. That's their show Dan engine me that so if that's right, you're off the hook just a part of the common patient. More recent recent there but what's more memorable.

Next, though I will never forget Texas A&M losing that election say something about I don't even remember again but the Michigan thing. I'll never forget you will all it was great. All those kids sporting in Boone since second grade. The previous one having kids run around drinking like the crazy. What about the care when it first happened, one of you know they don't care what you out the run and I would be drinking wine and one box that's not your Steve, I am not by my name is not Bartels and Elaine James Merrill.

Please let's take a break Taryn Kellum were favorites as he diehard grandson was how to conjoin TVs Ross Matthews every Thursday on his new podcast hello Ross Ross Matthews and I am so excited to tell you about my brand-new podcast and I do my just fine.

I was just thinking into emphasizing the name of my new pine cat hello you only have like 30 seconds to tell them about the new podcast hello Ross to tell about the celebrity ghastly interesting people stories to tell and it's new every Thursday going by to say hello Ross could be an Oscar winner to start your favorite show my dental hygienist really anyone else. One time I was at a dinner party and the lady across from he turned to the dominatrix going to hurt. I do not even knowing are you going to where you go there and there really is you better stretch better stretch things off limits? No question know to get away with it.

Mr. Rogers neighborhood except I think Mr. Matthews neighborhood #actually does sound fun and it's on YouTube where ever you listen that's my line hello Ross, available on YouTube or wherever you listen now you just repeated me. We are so over time limit number. Taryn Kellum is here. We just saw a great clip of NFL pylon that airs weekly weekly on Wednesdays throughout the NFL season on prime video in the clip of Jerry O'Connell you go back and forth very funny. It's so fun to have a place for fan, I'm Justino I'm in diamond diehard Rams fan and I be doing this anywhere me know you have to do is check my Instagram for the last six years or whatever just me screaming my head off. And now, fortunately, prime video part of Thursday night football is just pay me to do the same so cool cool and I also because I been around notice. Despite the background and the plants and whatever cover-up that looks eerily like the corner of stage wanted to assure we might be five we might be high scoring might be fine.

I see you as it's amazing that guys it's greatly here in the newsroom. Yeah, your your words were down the door down the hall. Stage one Sunday morning for the Christmas party and go outside there's so foster I'm I'm home is where exactly was houses.

I believe Rams you are now legally obligated asked me to write this down as world champion ring Los Angeles tender before doing good were still in time line and we looked we look the cleanest, with the tightest this last game so playing Arizona met usually everything Arizona and I got the Aaron Rodgers mentality you'd say we don't. We own you like that pretty much from McVay pretty much owns that 11 and while yeah it's it's a rough it's a rough stat card.

If we win if we win Monday night. I then I will truly be obnoxious, because we'll play another division rival for I think a month or something like that were already top of the division. If we beat the Niners on Monday night football steer clear of me because Is as you know, being the Rams friend diehard Rams, and that you are. That is the ultimate conundrum in the same way the Rams have owners with the exception with the exception of the NFC championship game, the Niners usually have had the McVay number if you'll allow me to let my inner theater geek got out its 12th night, you know what I mean where Olivia but we're pining we we're pining to be the Niners but Cardinals are pining to be the Rams are now Shakespearean route to somebody said that because my go to for all the executive was like what night is already first performance guys.

February 2, 1602 17th century reference we've had in the history of the rich are usually fairly practically on the cusp of the smile and you tell me if I'm gone, I'm trying to get all demos in the 17th century in your demo. 17th century Shakespearean. They know how to find prime that you got a great separated by a shipwreck at the big great Buccaneers can they should rise Iran hello Suzanne Santillan here in the rich doesn't show his love. Let's let's let's linger on the Rams little bit overseas district always. I love the fact that Cooper cup. Now it's already it's you don't even need to say like what you really need to say like what his history is right. He is legitimately personally I like you and I know Stefon Diggs is number one in terms of yards yes yeah and then on the most talented team, it's just but I want Diggs is in a defending world champion who people know they're going to go to at least 35% of the time.

This deal catches it every time. Super Bowl MVP who had a Triple Crown here.


Like Calvin Johnson and Jerry Rice. You know I like we have something you're called higher register on the show that you have to go higher register to believe your opinion Cooper cup used to be I register like yeah not me more time in every home game I'm in every home game and I am very, very good seats not so humble right and it's shocking me all careful this you thinking of writing is better than no wonder you 129 and right next why we not get to put the geek in seeking work works for you and I know I just I just a Rams fan and it's turned into work for me which is likely it will offer me a job just doing my passion is. Anyway, it's absurd pylon on prime videos Wednesday night as you know that there's an affable game to perk up this keeps catching it just keeps catching it's insane and it looked like the play that he ran one in on this past week is the same play. This is his first sweep that rental and other financial worth downplaying right up immediately right as he was to run it while you get that yard in that situation correctly ran this one. Why is, essentially, we have got different directions. That's interesting alone was run from his left was right. This was run from his rights was left alone up just flipped. I just rented it into his first running touchdown on the tickets.

That's his first running play touchdown is doing it all. He is setting new records. Yes he's yeah he's fantastic and thinking is because what were a little banged up and that's like if I'm nervous about anything. Just a little, you know, the injuries have not been fun. Poor poor Logan I got to help announcer Stephen Jackson, the drastic for Logan Bresson and you know but but again he backs Cooper cup this similar injury ACL that he had came back from like the bionic man like Cooper cup back from an ACL injury stronger, better, faster, we have the technology of tantalum here on the rich doesn't show okay so NFL pylon every Wednesday on prime video and advanced Thursday night football game. You have good wood jokes lined up for this we got when I got this right is my go to guy you know the coaches I let you all in all my am all in on him and he is he so funny yet we got there is you know there's there's a quote that I saw in some of the tape is that Vegas is angry and were happy about it and I'm like, that's a great line is a great line he sees I'm all I and and dolphins are my dad's team. So it's exciting to see good things for them.

And I mean it makes speaking of Thursday night prime football this this game.real interesting real faceted Joe cool against an undefeated team. This is exciting well it's also two verses borrow like on Saturday night, three years ago exactly right.

You know Ryan, I'm on almost 4 it's pretty huge gamblers career is been seen through the prism of him not being successful is borrow or valence coming in right leg and so that's pretty huge game there.

I love it here for Alabama cuties right once and for his his patriot Matt Jones. Now he's yeah yeah sorry about that.

Ankle sprains not perhaps not interesting in the Tiana Brockman household if there is how to set a record in the way while for the first time in your relationship with Sarah S that you that that a record just about how it yes yes unable to finish the sentence maybe well was the falcon Super Bowl was at 2016. Now the first year we never noticing that the patriots were you with Sarah back in 2016. Yeah yeah is just starting. Okay, not official. Maybe I do know some try talking to much okay okay this is the 28th of three relationships yeah yeah relationships that are still pending and that was like a line very yeah yeah you for sarcastic or not, when Brian Hoyer is a multiple times on Twitter yesterday so deftly can be better. So who is the most fertile comedic slaughter in the NFL work where you like it did, like yes like let's go here was a brand spanking new show were were finding our audience was on our own structure were fine in our own voice but it was very heartening. This only two episodes have aired week two was a significant jump up and we could tell this because we we ruffled the tail feathers of Jets fans see the very toxic unhealthy explosion of engagement on Twitter wonderful video a Jets fan losing his minds over their win over the huge comeback and and so we are we are poking fun make in life and in a very admirable way.

The Jets nation came to his defense, which I love seeing was fantastically nice but it was also great validation for me because like there are people who are aware of this means you know there's there's everything out there. There's your ability to get everything out on social media and then digitally and obviously I'd heard of it, yes. But, terribly little self-awareness, I mean the used to be the St. Louis Rams. I mean, Paul's arrogant leave the Jeff Fisher high school off-highway, now my hair for the fire fissure chance early in the Coliseum and he was lunging through his pockets, and my views on a street corner, looking for his challenge before throwing it on me that OII think there is any creative mandate, and hopefully Sarah's really this is well-liked if anybody should be the butt of the joke. First it's the Fairweather Los Angeles and locked into his favorite team of all time six years ago and are already world champs and in the greatest sports facility in the world, undeniably, and whose house is it's a Rams house with three women in it. Now it's ocular like Candyman or blackberry you have to commit a way this to finish the trifecta. So we have. We were were kind of doing a comedy bit the Bella check ashore trust company let's read C is Mike Hoskins was not expecting this so we did with its it's sort of like a Letterman ask type approach with you.

You'll see there's a musical opening and ending and check in between progress on artist's favorite new patriot quarterback Brian Hoyer said to get the start and end families happy your Western hour talking back on.

Let's go you want to see somehow more time after you said Hoyer. I wish that both of you and I have leaned back after that size from Chris as I was so big that there was a really sappy time against hackers defense. It just took care of business against Brady and Eric Belichick was asked about lawyers readiness and will actually Hoyer's abilities and then examines readiness of Brian Hoyer experience in the office and how would you describe feeling sappy progress since the time he was drafted to where we are now is brilliant, really have anything to prove to you I wasn't supposed to get fans excited yeah yeah get ready for Hoyer handoffs people you it will be a big deal if there wasn't kind of divorce going on. I'm giving you all but the separation of Brady and Bella check in on a mean and then one went on to the to the newer better life in the end all due respect, Gillette Stadium is struggling a bit right now but later sold respected you to get well when you all do respect anybody's least on this program you free reign to go much deeper than frontloaded it, respected, and you could really just like it's not doing so well. He's July. Coaching is terrible to humans and you'll never be jabbing the other affect boy got great tchotchkes on your desk over my gosh pylon on Wednesdays throughout the season on prime video which is shot on stage V of NFL network across the street from Sophia Stadium which is whose house rooms as part of the cells in the soldier. Belichick is best part of like a child like Nick Sabin's podium taps the phone when he got 20s, I like visiting his dad's work. I would like the old Giuliani clip of his kids.

I they did on Saturday. I live all that's righteous Farley, the greatest ever call my God, we heard my my my wife, Susie Schuster was sitting in this child come in here the more I know she hates that I was alive last week at this time. I believe right now sitting in your chair is the cohost as I was elsewhere and I don't feel so funny about that O'Neill called to the show and told a classic Chris Farley story. While that was at your ego just I will if you get the picture readies the payoff on my conscience.

Okay, so that O'Neill told the story that he was at a Super Bowl party at John Lovett's house in Los Angeles and Chris Farley was eating so much of the buffet. Lovett and loving soul like what you say something and allow the imitation and he said that Farley's response was to find a piece of Italian bread and put every condiment that was on the on it and then take Lovett's beloved kitten and put it in the bread and Lovett saw that story and then posted this photograph. That's all my guys that's ever fast for the best that we just showed our girls, Tommy boy, 13, and an almost 8 excellent and it holds up and they connected and they love like like that's that's I'm right here is a timeless ease time. Great the 17th-century demo only thing every century can agree on is Farley currently were harmed in the making is like paying kilometer of the rich genital pylon again Wednesdays throughout the season on prime video comeback were just down the street you could choose to think I'm down here done, 105 like your name will be speed it was gone.

I to miss out on the end of the pilot sure to get there. I got parking to and how it's like music over Dracula and will let me keep a bad picture. You gotta earn your spot until them on Twitter at Tarzana New Orleans right Tarzan knows. He knows his military and its Tarzan knows the that's the Instagram world make sense of Tarzan Tarzan is around and see if they go pylon Wednesdays throughout the season on prime video back with more in a moment when you become a Navy Federal credit union member. Life just gets better. One big thing that that's better. In particular, is buying a car. She maybe federal screener fully loaded car buying experience where you can finance by protect and enjoy your auto purchase, all from 1 Convenient Pl. right auto rates, auto loan rates to the preapproval is good for 90 days. Imagine

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