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REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 3

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September 26, 2022 3:19 pm

REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 26, 2022 3:19 pm

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich says why the Buffalo Bills are still the best team in the NFL despite losing to the Miami Dolphins in Week 3, weighs in on Raiders HC Josh McDaniels’ job security after an 0-3 start, if the Bengals are back, the Chiefs’ offensive struggles in their loss to the Colts, Trevor Lawrence and the Jags’ upward momentum, the Broncos’ sputtering offense, Jalen Hurts’ MPV chances, if the NFC North can land three playoff teams, and if Tom Brady regrets his decision to unretire. 

NFL Network NFL Insider Tom Pelissero tells Rich how long the Patriots can expect to be without QB Mac Jones, updates the injury to 49ers OT Trent Williams, the Chargers LT Rashawn Slater, Justin Herbert’s health moving forward, Raiders HC Josh McDaniels postgame meeting with owner Mark Davis, and how the Week 4 Chiefs vs Buccaneers game could be impacted by Hurricane Ian. 

Rich and the guys react to NBA Media Day with fresh soundbites from the Nets’ Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Spurs HC Gregg Popovich.

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Shop the Prime Early Access Sale on October 11th and 12th at slash early access. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long. Coming up, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air, and if you're just joining us, boy, you just missed a surprise. I had no idea he was in town, let alone had an idea of just stopping by here and surprising us. But Michael Ervin just crashed the show, and, I mean, I shouldn't use that phrase, because he has showing up privileges any time he wants. You were shocked at that. I was genuinely shocked, because he texted...

Pop in. You know, I saw him on First Take, and assumed it was New York, and I texted him, just like, I know you're on the air now, but how about you call in tomorrow? Because I'd love to have him discuss tonight's game between the Giants and the Cowboys tomorrow. And he's just like, I'll be flying, how about, you know, now? And I saw I missed a call from him.

So I texted him, I'm like, how about an hour from now? Because, you know, we had everything kind of mapped out, and I didn't see his call until the end of the first hour. Had no idea that he was going to come in. Zero. But he did.

Yeah, he was back in the green room chilling for a little bit. I didn't know that. Well, that was the point for you not to know. I know. You guys, I appreciate you keeping it for me. I just was hoping like, I hope Rich doesn't go to the bathroom, man. And I'm just glad, I know they don't go back there, right? No, Rich, don't do that. Why not?

I'm a grown man. You know, and I'm glad he was here, because Michael's a very religious man. And this may be the last show I ever do, because I'm doing it on the high holidays, and I could be struck by lightning on this beautiful clear blue day. Let's hope not, though. You know?

I need to etch myself in the book of life anyway. I think you're safe, Rich. You think so? Yeah.

Okay. I'm glad that he's here. I'm glad that he was able to hang with us right after Chris Long did, and Tom Pelissaro's going to join us shortly. I will be very, and again, the cowboys and giants tonight, and I kind of just made a reference to the high holiday, Happy New Year to all of my friends out there who are Jewish. And celebrate the high holidays. Happy holidays. Thank you, sir.

Greatly appreciate that. And, you know, I was calling out the giant fans, like, don't sell your secondary ticket market. Don't sell your tickets on the secondary ticket market. Don't let the cowboys come into your house tonight. No, we're coming anyway. You are, but there's probably a lot of folks who put their tickets up for sale in the middle of the summer, because they knew that they were not going to show up for, you know, to be in synagogue tonight.

True. I'm concerned about that cowboy fan base showing up significantly this evening. Do any of those cowboy fans play quarterback? Cooper Rush, man. He's undefeated, Brockman. Mooch mentioned this on Game Day Morning yesterday. If Cooper Rush wins tonight, and by the way, as he mentioned to us on our show last week, in his first back-to-back starts since college, 2016 was the last time he started consecutive weeks.

If Cooper Rush wins tonight, he will be the first quarterback, undrafted quarterback, to win his first three career starts since the Kurt Warner 1999 Magic Carpet Ride American underdog year. You know what happened then. So what are you saying? That's what you're saying, Rich? That's what I'm saying.

Wow. That's what I'm saying. They're going to make another movie. Tony Pollard's going to turn into Marshall Faulk. That's right. Yeah. Noah Brown's going to turn into Reverend Ike.

Gallop's going to be Holt. Dennis Quaid is going to play Mike McCarthy. Still.

Yeah. He's playing Sean Payton in this movie, though, because he's just like in the background, like kind of lurking. Kevin James can reprise his role.

Good point. 844204, Rich is the number to dial on the show. Tom Pelosaro joins us in 15 minutes time with a whole bunch of injury news updates. We want to go straight to the NFL media group information tree on that one. And then it's NBA Media Day today.

Interesting. They choose a Monday after an NFL Sunday for that. I guess they're just jumping right in the fray. I followed them.

I'd wait till Wednesday, middle of the week. Nobody's talking about anything except you. The NFL is playing games on Christmas now.

I don't think I guess they're like, screw it. We'll do it. And then I got a lot talking about. The Nets are talking, Pat Bev says just down the street that Russell Westbrook, they're tight ever since he got traded. LeBron has a full head of hair. That's so weird.

It's interesting. Tomorrow Deion Sanders is our first guest, speaking of which. Coach Prime. I think he's Cody Prime as he refers to himself as Coach of the Year Prime.

I think he's returning as Comeback Player of the Year Prime because I think he is, in fact, promoting his hair restoration. So, I mean, you know, you know what question is going to naturally come up here. Why don't I do it?

That's coming tomorrow. Because that sounds like really like argumentative. It's not like, why don't you do it?

It's like, are you contemplating? No, he's going to be, why don't you do it? Yeah, I mean, I'm just saying for my part.

I'm just asking. And he's going to, he's going to rope Suzy into this somehow. Well, it's going to happen. Her vote does matter. Always does.

844, 204 Rich, number to dial here on the show. So we were going to do this last hour. But we pushed it to this hour because Michael Irvin surprised all of us. It's a Monday in the NFL season. Thus, it's an overreaction Monday. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage.

This place sucks. Overreaction Mondays. Nice. Roll tape, please.

Roll tape on an NFL film's music. Thank you. Here we go. Yes, Christopher? You know, I wasn't a believer in this team, not a believer in their quarterback. I still might not be.

I have no idea. But they won yesterday, Rich, in the game of the century. The Dolphins are the best team in the NFL. No, they lost to the best team in the NFL. I mean, they got beat by the best team in the NFL.

Yeah. The Bills are still the best team in the NFL. The Dolphins won the game. I understand that. They're 3-0. I understand that. Are they first place in the AFCs? I get it. They're atop all the power rankings this week.

Overreaction. Hmm, interesting. And check out my power rankings on Wednesday. I wouldn't say they were on top of all the power rankings this week.

Weird. Until I deliver my power rankings on Wednesday. I mean, we also do power rankings. I understand that. I'm just talking about mine. There are many power rankings, but this one is mine. No, the Bills are still the best team in the NFL.

Oh, that's weird. They're 2-1. I know. And they just lost to the team that's now above them. That's how my power rankings work, Chris. I even said that they could have reshuffled the deck in the AFC, that they can absolutely win. I totally see a complete team. I see a complete team. They're being called a complete team today. They beat a team that wasn't fully complete. In my estimation, they came up with a very impressive home win. How can you be a complete team when the kicking game kicks the ball into the ass of the person protecting you?

They were in like the half yard line. I know. I'm just having fun with it. The Dolphins are a terrific team. I'm still laying my chips on the Buffalo Bills at this moment in time. Would you like to take the Dolphins over the Bills yourself?

Long term, long run. Tune in for the Power Five tomorrow. Me and TJ on YouTube advertising show. Hey Ridge, what team have you been talking about since like April? The Raiders.

The Raiders. That's how you got to say it right now. Did you see what happened yesterday?

I did. Mark Davis and Josh McDaniel's close room meeting. We're talking about it with Tom Pelosaro in about 12 minutes.

McDaniel's is on the hot seat. I don't think so. I think that's an overreaction. How?

What do you mean how? What do you think? Is he going to get bounced in his first year after not even lasting two years in Denver? Is that what's going to happen?

He's going to coach the Patriots next year. Okay. That's a massive plan. A massive overreaction. That's a massive plan.

A massive overreaction. I just think it's Mark Davis sitting down saying what's going on and maybe are the things that you've instituted here that's totally changed everything that's been done around here. Is this the right way to go? You need to map things out for me how you see the first three weeks. If I own the Las Vegas Raiders, paying all that money to Devante Adams and giving all that to Devante Adams and saying, okay, sure. Sign Darren Waller to all that. Yeah, got it.

Sure. Oh, yeah. Sign Chandler Jones to all that.

Oh, yeah. Extend Max Crosby like that. If I was the owner of the Raiders, I'd want answers after three losses like that, too. I'm somebody who's put my whole damn predicting business on the line for this team.

You know, I know I'm not multiple hundreds of millions in the hole, but in terms of reputationally, I am. The autumn wind is still pissing me off. So that's still an overreaction. What else over there, Chris? Hey, you know who had an awesome day yesterday? Joseph Burrow. Yeah, he had almost 170 yards passing in the first quarter.

Three touchdowns, only sacked twice, beat up on the Jets. We can stop worrying about the Bengals. Yes, agreed.

Can you? I'm with you. I'm with you.

I'm even thinking about taking them Thursday night against the Dolphins. Oh, really? Oh, yeah. Wow.

Yeah, right now. Well, I mean, the Dolphins are coming off. It'll be a short week. They're the ones who, you know, were in 100 degree weather playing, as Chris Long called it, a defacto playoff game and left it all out there. And the Bengals were basically just chilling in New Jersey. You know, I'm not worried about them at all. I still think it's their division to win or lose. And I still like them not to beat the Bills. That, however, is something I don't have to talk more about until that's a week 17 game. I think you should be worried about them.

That's a January game. You're worried about them? I mean, personally, no, I'm not. But I'm saying you should be worried about them. I'm stopping worried about them. I think that is not an overreaction. I'm with you on that front.

Not worried at all. Conversely, guys, we should be kind of worried about the Chiefs after all. That's two games in a row, Patrick Mahomes.

I got it. They should have won that game. What the hell did Chris Jones say to Matt Ryan that he gets flagged for? What the hell happened? I think it's just the standing over him, too. That's a no-no this year.

No, you didn't stand over him either. Just look at the play. He gets up from Matt Ryan. The two of them talk to each other. They have the international body language of, OK, we're about to walk to our separate sides.

And that's when the flag comes out. And it's just like, what the hell did he say to him? Don't you think that needs to be put into some post-game report? Where fans need to know what exactly did he say? What magic word?

Was it one of the seven George Carlin words? At least give us that. Is John Boy on this case?

You can't see it because you can't read the lips. He will find a way, though. They still made a ton of mistakes.

Even Kelsey came out and said that he made some mistakes, too. I'm not worried about him. I'll just say that's an overreaction, also. Man, I wish I could get off my Raiders pick, but I'm not going to just yet. Not just yet. It would be OK if you did, though.

No, it wouldn't. I mean, I've been talking about him for so damn long. Stone Street is still blowing me up.

It's insane. Can't get enough. You know who I don't want to stop talking about? I don't want to stop talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence, guys, he's going to make an AFC Championship game before Justin Herbert. I'll say it.

I'll go with that. I like that one, Chris. I know that that's a hot, hot, hot one. People are ready to anoint Justin Herbert the next big guy. Justin Herbert's banged up. He's now lost one of his main protectors in Rashawn Slater for the year. I know we're just talking about this year, but yeah, OK. I kind of like Trevor Lawrence, man.

This is who we thought we were getting. I'll take that. I'll buy it.

I'll buy that. I'll say that that is not an overreaction. Because remember, Chris. I'll say that you've got to say that's in the realm of possibility in this you never know league.

Justin Herbert's 16 and 19 as a starter. Remember, Chris, I was like, is T-Law for real? For two years? I know. You were like, well, have you seen enough?

Have you seen enough in three weeks? I'm a little impressed. I won't lie. I won't lie.

How about this one, guys? We were talking about this. The last couple of years, the NFC West has been the best division of football. Coming into this season, we thought the AFC West was the best division of football.

They're not. How about this? No team from the NFC or AFC West will reach championship weekend.

That's a hot one. I'm not going to go there. I can't go there. Championship weekend? Final four.

No team in the final four from the Western division. No, no, no, no. That's over. You're over that. These divisions are average. So you're talking about. Mid, baby.

Eagles versus Packers versus Bucks or Bucks versus Eagles. Right. That's possible. Yep.

And you're talking about what? Bills versus Ravens or. Yeah, I like that one. Bills versus Jaguars. Dolphins versus.

Yeah. Dolphins. Dolphins. Ravens. Ravens. How about this one? How about this one for an AFC championship game? Go West. Bills Dolphins part three.

Let's go. Time's up for that one. Don't you think? Possible. The way the seating breaks.

Do you think the infrastructure is as well put together in the United States for a Bills-Eagles Super Bowl? What would happen? What does that mean?

The fan base, it'd be like Brayfart, the fan bases will just like, boo, Phoenix will be able to handle it. And it's the same weekend as Wigs management? Good Lord. Wigs.

Wigs management. I'll still say that's an overreaction. How about this one?

If you think that, how about this one? The NFC North is going to get three playoff teams. The NFC North. Stop it.

I'm going to call you Reed Richards on that one. I picked the Lions to win yesterday. I don't know what the hell Dan Campbell was thinking at the end of that game. How is somebody not getting in his ear and say, coach, our offense is unstoppable. Let's at least go for it on fourth floor or coach, they're out of timeouts. If we just punt it, I know we're on the 36, but even if we just punt it, if we just punt it, then Cousins has got to go the entire, you know, at least 50, 60 yards with no timeouts left in about 30 seconds left.

Like I've done the math coach. You can't kick it because if you miss it, it's even better field position than if we went for it. Just that alone, Chris, bears are two in one. Stop it.

Stop it. She's saying Dan Campbell needs one of those Broncos coaches. I'm not saying he needs it, but it just goes to show you that for new time, first time had coaches. Now he's a second year head coach, no matter how much experience he's had playing it and coaching it, that when, when things start flying, you don't think straight. There's a lot going on. We were all screaming in the NFL network screening room, like, what, what are you kicking it for? I was the one loudest because I was lone wolfing the lions on game day morning and in that room. Yeah.

I thought they were going to win too. Well, last one guys, sometimes like white man, can't jump TJ. Listen to the woman.

Yeah. Tom should have listened to Giselle and stayed retired. Stop it, stop it.

I'm just going to let, let that one alone. You think he should have just stayed retired for real? I just don't, I, I, for one, I'm very happy that he's, that he's back. I'm hoping that he is, he just, he, he just doesn't seem to have that same pep in his step, but I think, you know, it just seems like maybe in this part of the season, it's such a slog with it without his guys there on, on offense. And it's going to be a long one for the chiefs, a long one for the bucks with the chiefs coming in with their chip on their shoulder. But Hey man, if the Colts defense just showed you the blueprint right there, we'll see what the bucks can do.

Cause the bucks defense is no joke. Remember rich a couple of years ago. That's overreaction Monday. Tom seemed a little down because he thought he had an extra down. He thought he had five downs when he held up the number four and then went on a, went on a total tear. And then what happened?

You went on a tear and he won the Superbowl. Okay. Yeah. I mean, I love that. Maybe this was that moment. He was like, you know, wait a minute. I thought I had four downs and then, and then, Oh, wait, put up another three.

That's the number of rings he's got. It's Monday guys. We'll take a break. Tom Pelosaro. What is going on with all of the injuries?

What is Matt Jones's prognosis? What is going by the way, the pro bowl, everybody, it's not a pro bowl games, lots of news going on in the NFL outside of what we saw in week three as well, Tom Pelosaro, our colleague from NFL network coming up. Come join TV's Ross Matthews every Thursday on his new podcast. Hello Ross. Hi, I'm Ross Matthews.

And I am so excited to tell you about my brand new podcast. Hello Ross. You know, I just said that.

Yeah, I know. I was just saying it again to emphasize the name of my new podcast. It's hello Ross. Look, you only have like 30 seconds to tell them about the new podcast. Hello Ross. You have to tell them about the celebrity guests, the interesting people with cool stories to tell.

And it's new every Thursday. Go ahead. You never know. Who's going to pop by to say hello, Ross.

It could be an Oscar winner, the star of your favorite show. Even my dental hygienist. Really? No, she's fascinating.

Okay. Anyone else? One time I was at a dinner party and the lady across from me, it turns out she was a dominatrix. Ooh, that's going to hurt.

I've been a naughty boy. Are you going to ask? We're going to go there. For reals?

And there. For real reals? You better stretch.

I better stretch? What the hell? I'm going to cut things off limits. I'm going to ask that question. No. And that question. No.

And I'm going to get away with it. Oh boy. So it's like Mr. Rogers neighborhood, right?

Except think of it. Mr. Matthew's gayborhood. Oh, that sounds fun.

You know, that actually does sound fun. And it's on YouTube or wherever you listen. Wait, that's my line. Hello Ross, available on YouTube or wherever you listen. Okay.

Now you just repeated me. We are so over our time limit. Oh, that's a bummer. 2000, 2008, 2022, when it comes to the economy, those are some scary years. Dotcom crash, housing crash, and the rollercoaster we're on right now. Don't look at the Dell, by the way. Don't look at the Dell. Today?

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So what are you waiting for right now? NetSuite is offering a one of a kind flexible financing program. Head to slash rich radio right now, slash rich radio, slash rich radio. Joining me here on the Rich Eisen show, Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line back as always when we have asked him. So appreciative of him taking the call and deciding to make one when he's busy and his phone is blowing up as always from the NFL media group, NFL insider Tom Pelissero back here on the Rich Eisen show. How are you doing, Tom?

I'm great, Rich. This week three felt like that Sunday that always happens sometime in the first month of the season where it just feels like there is a very high volume of injuries. And so Monday morning is digging through a lot of them for me. I know and there was a ton of players who were out this weekend as well. Let's get first up foremost about the New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones who got hurt at the very last throw of the game. It's never easy when Kaleis Campbell falls on anybody and it looks like he fell right on Mac Jones's ankle.

What is his status as we speak right now? I think everybody who's seen the photos of Mac Jones leading the field knows how much pain he was in. Once that game was complete, what I and Ian Rapoport were told is that the test confirmed it is a high ankle sprain. You're talking about ligament damage in the ankle, x-rays negative, but it's going to take some time here to heal. The hope is that Mac Jones is not going to need surgery. You know, the doctor at Alabama is the foremost guy on the tightrope surgery, the Tuatunga Bailoa and other players have had, but generally players want to avoid surgery if they can. It is really hard to imagine that Mac Jones plays this week against the Packers. It is probably more likely that he's missing multiple games because of an injury that often is a four to six week deal, but every one of these high ankle sprains is a little different. Everybody's pain tolerance and their healing is a little bit different.

And so timetable still TBD is getting the second opinion, but I would not anticipate you're seeing Mac Jones out there this week and probably at least one week beyond that. Right. I mean, we're not doctors, we don't play one on TV, but we've been around injury reports and conversations about high ankle sprains for a while. If it's significant, is that, uh, are we talking ligament damage and potential? Certainly if they're looking, it's whether a second opinion for surgery is necessary that you're, you're talking about a ligament being torn or partially torn or something like that. Right.

Right. And that's what I was told is it's a pretty severe one and that's what a high ankle sprain is, is it's, it's a torn ligament, it's, it's the same thing. So yeah, it's a pretty significant type of an injury. You know, the tight rope surgery can, you know, fix it and get a guy back onto the field in, I want to say to a plate in the BCS in like less than a month when he had his, uh, several years ago.

So it can expedite the return time. But you know, like with every surgery, there's risks involved and there's, you know, certainly something to be said for just the body's natural healing power. And so we'll see. Again, what I was told is the hope is that he's not going to require surgery here, but that's why they're getting the additional opinions before deciding how much time he's going to have to miss and what his rehab timetable is going to look like. Tom Pelissaro here on The Rich Eisen Show. We talked earlier with Chris Long about the Sunday night game and he said that more than the inconsistency from Jimmy Garoppolo, what concerned him the most is the fact that Trent Williams went down and that's what changed the tenor of the game significantly. What is his status as we currently sit here as a huge Monday niner next week with the Rams and the Niners playing the first of two times? Trent Williams is also believed to have a high ankle sprain and that's what Kyle Shanahan indicated was the most likely scenario. I mean, it is, it's a painful type of an injury and Trent Williams has played through plenty of pain throughout the course of his career, but a big man with that type of an injury, it may take a little bit of time for him here. There's no replacing a Trent Williams. There's no question that he opens up a lot of different things in terms of your protections and her in terms of how you can run the football.

If you want to put a 350 pound man in motion, you have that option with Trent Williams and probably not a lot of other people. It's going to be an adjustment though at a time that if you watch the 49ers offense last night and Jimmy Garoppolo, I saw, I saw that said this after the game, they just don't look like they're in sync. He's not really in quote unquote game shape at this point, just in terms of, you know, he's done all the throwing and he's worked out on the side, but he didn't really get any time in camp and he didn't play in the preseason.

And so this is kind of his, his ramp up right now. It's not ideal to be doing that in week three, but you would expect they're going to get better if Trent Williams is out for multiple weeks here, then that's going to be another challenge they got to deal with mid flow. Hard to imagine a worse loss for the Chargers than the one that they suffered yesterday because they're already banged up going in. They decide to either acquiesce to Justin Herbert and his desire to play or not err on the side of caution. They play him anyway.

He gets banged around. You could see a couple of times where it clearly he's in pain and the team gets waxed by the Jaguars anyway, and the number of significant players to their chances of winning the division or going even deeper, the, the number of those players who got hurt yesterday, I lost track. Can you walk me through the Chargers injury report best you can tell right now, Tom Pausow?

I'll start with Rashawn Slater, who suffered what I was told is a ruptured biceps tendon. So you're talking about pro bowl, left tackle, one of the best young offensive women in the game expected to be out for the entire remainder of the 2022 season. So they plugged in a guy named store Norton, who was there starting right tackle a year ago. They may have to do some shuffling. Do they have to move Norton back to right tackle, move trade pick and they got to, they got to figure all that out.

They already were dealing without Corey Lindsley, who was their top center, one of the highest paid and best centers in the NFL. He was out Keenan Allen was out, sound like there's optimism that Allen could be back as soon as this week, they were actually hoping he was going to be back to that game yesterday, but those hamstrings are pretty tricky. Joey Bosa getting tests done today. Sounds like I know Rappaport tweeted, it sounds like there's hope that that's not going to be a major injury, but you know, again, that's one of your best players who was out and then JC Jackson who came back and played in week two off his ankle was inactive yesterday. So that's five players right there without even mentioning, Oh yeah, Justin Herbert playing with fractured rib cartilage, which is Brandon Stanley pointed this out after the game. I think people don't understand just because he played yesterday doesn't mean Herbert's out of the woods.

Stanley said it. This is an injury that's going to linger for awhile. So they're going to have to come up with a really good protection plan. Getting Keenan Allen back would certainly help the defense without JC Jackson. Joey Bosa, you saw it was not the same defensive unit, so there's no doubt they've got some challenges as they move forward here and it starts out with how are we going to protect the quarterback who you saw yesterday when he gets hit, whatever healing has happened right now, it's not completely gotten it past the point of pain.

Yeah. I mean that is what a, what a horrible day. What a terrible, horrible, no good day for the chargers that was yesterday. And so why did Herbert play?

What's your reporting on how, how, how that wound up happening yesterday? Well, first of all, they wouldn't put him out there if your franchise quarterback is at a risk of exacerbating the injury, they didn't feel like he was at a further injury risk. He was willing to play. It's a, it's a pain tolerance issue as much as anything.

It's also a functionality issue. In other words, if Herbert, when he did, as Ian reported, take a shot during the week and through, if you weren't able to throw the ball or he looked like he did at the end of the previous week's game where he's trying to scramble and can't run and then just have to dump the ball, they wouldn't put him out there. I mean, was that the best Justin Herbert was seen yesterday? No, I don't think anybody's going to argue that, but he wanted to go.

The team felt comfortable from a medical perspective. Why is he out there in the final five minutes of the game when you're down four touchdowns brands daily sense because Herbert wanted to be out there is certainly going to be people who disagree with that thinking. What you have to like if you're a chargers fan is at least you've got a quarterback who wants to play, who wants to get out there and be there for his teammates.

But again, this all boils down to you've got to make sure though he just doesn't take additional hits right now because it is causing him pain, which is affecting his play and now you've got to do it without your left tackle for it all included the rest of the season and we'll see if your center's back this week. My NFL Network colleague, NFL insider Tom Palacios here for a few more minutes on this very busy Monday of the Rich Eisen Show here on the Roku Channel and more. What happened after the Raiders fell to 0-3 yesterday in Tennessee, Tom? So it sounds like Josh McDaniel had a meeting after the game with Mark Davis and even calling it a meeting might be a strong word. I think that those of us in Richard certainly included here who have been around teams know there's different cadences after every game. Some owners like to have a long conversation right after the game. Some do it after the press conference. Some are sitting there in the front row of the press conference like Arthur Blank has for years.

Everybody does things differently. So to say that this was some massive whatever is probably a bit of a stretch. I can tell you there's no doubt there's frustration around that building right now because you're a playoff team for a year ago that is 0-3 and you made all these big moves. You went out and got Challenge Jones, you went out and got Devante Adams and right now you're not playing up to the level that the team was back in January when they were without their head coach John Gruden who had resigned and in the interim coach Rich Passaccia got them into the playoffs. And this is something I talked about way back in the spring when Josh McDaniel got hired which is it's such a unique situation when you're a new head coach taking over a team that is good and knows that it should be good and then on top of that makes all these moves. Almost every head coach 90 percent of them takes over a team that went you know won four games last year or seven games and they're rebuilding or whatever it is totally different type of a challenge for Josh McDaniel. So to let that one slip away in week two against Arizona and then to come out and play a team and six days earlier had looked terrible against the Bills and they run the ball effectively against you and play good enough defense. I would fairly say that everybody has to be frustrated but this is not you know something that there was a blow up or whatever.

Mark Davis is you know a relatively reasonable guy. Josh McDaniel is too. I would imagine there's plenty of things that they want to talk about at this point but you know to say that there was some come to Jesus meeting is a little bit of a stretch after week three. What about the chatter that this is just another situation of a longtime Belichick assistant getting his own shot and I know this is shot number two for Josh McDaniel so you could say three if you include the Colts one that he had and then and then you know reversed course that's just another instance of a Belichick assistant trying to install what works for Belichick in a new spot and it just doesn't work for the new guy because he's not Belichick. What is going on in that building best you can report to us that that that might be worsened by the 0 and 3 start.

Tom. Well that's another aspect of this that was always going to make this a challenge was because you're asking a coach to come in who inevitably based on where Josh comes from and every coach does this to a degree of wanting to exert a cultural overhaul. Well players sit back and go we won 10 games last year and went to the playoffs.

How much needs to be overhauled here. Josh McDaniel absolutely has a certain way he wants to do things and there are plenty of other New England people in that front office including the GM Dave Ziegler who are going to want to do things a certain way. That's not always a bad thing. And I think that again another hallmark of New England is they never play their best in September. You look at Bill Belichick's record in the first month of the season versus everything else.

They've done this for years. The patrons have always treated the priest the first month of the regular season more like the preseason where you experiment with different offensive line combinations something the Raiders did yesterday benching a couple of their starters. You experiment with young players you experiment with scheme.

So there's a process here that I think you have to follow. I wouldn't reduce it entirely to the New England assistant thing because at least Josh has done this before and he had his opportunity in Denver and he has said repeatedly that he's learned from those mistakes and learned to delegate. No doubt the Raiders are doing some things differently from a team that went to the playoffs last year. And you know whether it's Josh McCain or excuse me Josh Jacobs playing in the Hall of Fame game or in some of the offensive linemen who had jobs starting jobs that got taken away from him yesterday or some of the other veteran players on the team the Alex Leatherwoods who get released. You know there's a bunch of guys who were taken in that previous regime who are no longer there. That's not just based on talent or how they fit.

It's also based on culture and that's going to be an ongoing thing. And at this point when you're all in three an ongoing battle so to speak for driving down the plate going forward. Tom Pelissaro a few more minutes left with you sir. Let's wrap up with the Chiefs starting with this past Sunday and what might be going down in Tampa for the Chiefs in the Bucks next Sunday. Any idea what Chris Jones said to Matt Ryan that caused the flag to fly and keep Matt Ryan and the Colts on the field rather than the Chiefs defense coming off it. And that was a huge personal foul on sportsman like conduct penalty. Any idea Tom what happened.

We do not know yet. However rich experience tells me that there are a lot of microphones on the field and perhaps the loudest one is the one on every team center to pick up the snap count. So I would fairly tell you that the NFL will have a good idea what Chris Jones said or didn't say to get that personal foul and that may or may not be reflected in any disciplinary action in terms of a fine that ends up getting taken against him coming out of that game. That is certainly the most fired up we've seen you know an opponent in quite a while and so certainly something that you've got to monitor there. And then in terms of going forward here you've got a situation you know potentially coming up if you're talking about the game turning to the weather NFL. Yes right.

Exactly. The NFL is going to have to their monitoring right now. The NFL always has contingencies in place. They always have backup venues alternate time slots. They talk through all this not just logistically for the game but also for TV.

And we know this very well from COVID from the you know the different logistics and hoops they had to jump through to make sure all those games were played and got on TV. But they'll do the same thing here what was emphasized to me this morning is it's way too early storms change in severity they change in terms of their direction right now. It looks like it's going to hit the west coast of Florida which means that Tampa the one of the three Florida teams that has a home game this weekend would be the most impacted but I mean I talked to somebody with the dolphins earlier today they're going to be leaving for a Thursday night game in Cincinnati and they were saying well no there's nothing going on right now it should miss us but we may have to adjust here. It's just life in Florida in general and so it's absolutely going to be something to monitor as we get closer to the weekend. Like where would a backup facility might be?

I know New Orleans is in London this weekend you know I mean I'm just throwing spots out there. I mean the league has got to identify. Todd Bowles just said about 10 minutes before I rung you up that they might have to move practice in the game itself. What are you hearing on that front?

Anything you can share? Dallas is always an option and they have been in the past. Jerry Jones has been very open because they've got AT&T Stadium in addition to the Stars so they've in essence got a second world class facility that a team could move into. That was something that's come up in the past with potential COVID cases.

I would think that that would be a possibility. You know there have been games played in Detroit before that was the infamous Tuesday night game with the Vikings and the Eagles played there. I know that was another one of the ones that came up and then Grand Park where the Colts have their training camp is another facility that's come up in the past that's a possibility because they've got this massive whatever it is couple hundred acres up there and locker rooms and everything else. So there's a bunch of different places and different teams volunteer. It's actually one of the more cordial I think interactions between owners and football operations is when you've got some kind of a mass a natural disaster or a COVID situation you're dealing with that they're willing to open their doors.

There's plenty of places they could go. Again though as of now everything is on its schedule but keep an eye on that whether that game time or venue could move that's probably a decision that wouldn't be made until Thursday or Friday once the storm makes landfall. Tom thanks for the time greatly appreciate it brother. We'll chat soon. Thank you. Anytime Rich.

That's Tom Pozower right here on The Rich Eisen Show. This NFL season every Westwood one NFL broadcast streams live for free Mondays, Thursdays, Sunday nights, Thanksgiving and Christmas triple headers. The international series in every postseason game and this includes tonight the week three finale between the Cowboys and G-men from New Jersey. When we come back oh my goodness everybody's talking in the NBA today. It's media day across the association landscape wait till you hear what they're saying in Brooklyn since you know they're back together and then never left. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. What makes AutoZone America's number one battery destination?

Because they offer free battery testing and charging and reliable replacement batteries and they've always got your battery solution. Get in the zone AutoZone. NBA media day today I guess everybody all 30 association teams are having it out. Yes.

Which one do we start with first? Oh why not Brooklyn? Sure.

Why not? Just in case for those who might have forgotten hot mess just a hot mess from Kyrie Irving opting in only to have Durant opt out. We were told those were not related okay Durant opts out by saying I want to trade it's not like he could actually opt out contractually he's got four more years left on his deal and I haven't said these words and then ducked under my desk saying then why don't the Nets just say no? And they eventually did after not getting what they thought to be value for him but not before somebody leaked that the Celtics were interested and offered Jalen Brown for him just to lob that one up into Boston from Brooklyn hey we're not trading Durant but at least we'll lob that one into your locker room so all right this was Kevin Durant today on all of that with Durant being back because Durant's people and the Nets all met together here in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and put the genie back in the box.

First are you surprised you're still here? No I mean I know I'm that good that you're just not going to give me away so that's one thing I did appreciate about Sean and Joad is like yeah you're too great for us to give you away just that easy that simple so you know I get that I know who I am I'm Kevin Durant too big to fail too big to fail he does make me laugh like he's just so direct right blunt and aware and a great pickleball player oh I don't think that's true okay Kyrie Irving let's step to the mic here your thoughts on the way everything went down as well Kyrie your thoughts? Just a lot like hearing Kev want to trade request I opt in it's awkward it's very awkward I'm sitting at home like I don't know what to think of it but because there's a trust that we have within each other I just ultimately want to see him do well and be happy so if that wasn't within our organization I was gonna have to accept that move on and I knew that I could move on and get to a place where I knew Kev could be comfortable and everybody could be comfortable Sean Joe just our whole entire family and culture in which we speak on I think it needed you know some honest conversations and that's what we did this summer and that's what we had so to reflect on I hope I answered a little bit of it you know there's a big timeline a lot of days in the summer where the offseason has taken its own emotions and courses and you know thoughts on what's gonna happen so I tried to just center in on what I want to accomplish and that was just focusing on being the best teammate I can be and being on a great team and what that means to me and really embodying that action every single day and not just saying it so I don't want to get too wordy or too preachy up here but I had a lot of time to think and making the decision to come back to Brooklyn was the best one for me. I thought that was very straightforward and honest and not tinfoil hatty Alex Jonesy at all he's not I mean that's straight up it was awkward we have a trust level that I'll have to rely on yeah so I think man the Nets are just gonna be either really good and shock everybody that none of this is gonna matter because they are so damn good and on paper is gonna translate to on the court and that's your one seed in the NBA Eastern Conference with all due respect to Philadelphia with all due respect to Boston where Jason Tatum said today he learned about the Emma Yudoka suspension on Twitter and Jalen Brown says nobody's told them at all about what the suspension was about and it made him think that maybe whatever he was suspended for wasn't consensual is what was coming out of Boston today and you know Milwaukee is just sitting back saying we're all good we still got Giannis he's still great we're healthy you know we're healthy and so but when it all comes down to either the Nets are gonna be that one seed or they will be an absolute total disaster with body language issues and does the coach really have control of everything then you got pop in San Antonio man do I love this guy talk about shoot you straight talk about I mean he is what an is he in his second or third decade not much as coaching the NBA but just Adam F's to give like he's he's he's long been since living there and as we all know Dejounte Murray is now in Atlanta and we're all wondering about what type of team he's gonna coach and what the Spurs are doing right the perennial favorites as they used to be in the Western Conference you know like now we're wondering can they can they at least make a play-in game right so Greg Popovich you have the floor today talking about the Spurs upcoming season I probably shouldn't say this but I'll say it anyway what the hell nobody here should go to Vegas with the thought of betting on us to win the championship that's honesty right that we all strive for in life I mean oh man the association is back back we're what don't bet on us less than three weeks away so what size that it yeah that's right that's right that was the follow-up question from Ed O'Neill from the from the Polk High School time James K Polk High School spirit wow don't bet on us Pat Bev says he's tight now with Russell Westbrook they've been worried they're like workout buddies they're workout buddies Darwin Ham speaking just down the road LeBron just stepped down just down the road Kawhi showed up he looked good hey he's looking swole apples a day wise jacks apple a day yes man I can't wait I'm telling you man my dream from Justin Herbert you tried my dream of a clipper Sixers finals is gonna happen before the good Lord calls me home I have James Harden said he lost a hundred pounds did he really I mean he said that he's laughing what's the actual number what did I say from this chair he put it like the phone call he should make is to Tom Brady and say Tom how are you doing it and just dedicate himself and show up rocked and see how that works yes yes Sixers made moves baby I'm very happy maybe Tom should ask James for some what happened he looks unhappy he does I want Tom to be happy he's one of the people I love most in this world he lies so of course he's not gonna be too happy on the sidelines broke he broke two tablets yeah yeah you can't no breaking any no breaking no I mean I think he just sold about a hundred pairs of underwear to pay for it he'll be all right I want one of those t-shirts with his eyes I know that's exactly that's probably why he's wearing it so you would go buy it I'm into it thanks for taking in this show on Monday thanks to Chris long and Michael Irvin for coming by and surprising me tomorrow let's go Deon Sanders and the actor Ernie Hudson in studio yes that's how we're rolling back on Roku in a moment for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all-time Hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one Wow because I even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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