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REShow: Stefon Diggs - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 20, 2022 3:22 pm

REShow: Stefon Diggs - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 20, 2022 3:22 pm

Bills All-Pro WR Stefon Diggs tells guest hosts Suzy Shuster and Marshall Faulk how he’s developed a tight relationship with QB Josh Allen and how Buffalo’s “no distractions” mindset has allowed them to race out to an impressive 2-0 start, and says why Von Viller and company will have their hands full with Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill and the rest of the Miami Dolphins’ offense in their Week 3 showdown.

Suzy, Marshall and Brockman discuss if Tom Brady can lure Julian Edelman of Rob Gronkowski out of retirement as the Buccaneers’ receiving corps keeps getting thinner and thinner.

In his ‘Burning Questions’ segment Brockman previews the NFL Week 3 matchups between the Steelers vs Browns, Raiders vs Titans, and Lions vs Vikings.

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Visit to learn more about galaxy Z fold Jeff Shaffer Johnson bonuses live from the ranch. I show studio. How much better do you think you're on offense and shall die earlier on Marshall day care number two is and show the way, Susie Schuster here with the Marshall fault because let's face it, beyond its teeth into BU or shack right it's like one of you to let your your Mike you're my go to right-hand man. I'm just going to accept God.

It is a good one to put a barrel right check seven to sing.

That's how I will send opposable more picture of himself working out and shirtless like every time you post those pictures. Instagram I get to go in there does need to let for a big man for Satan look like that when you're playing was never like that for saying what everyone should be lucky if you put that this type shack in the 2006 row check what you like. The problem is already a problem not I'm looking but I'm looking dead TJ but I'm not speaking with you if you like and you can shape your like, ready to go back once is that once his Achilles' heel what you know I'm on her right now all second half of my name out there to pick you mom mom mom mom mom season to season. Once this is say this is before this went down. It's something called you up copiously style. Could you Catherine still running gun someone was an like where we were at the season. This is just not a lot going on for a game of all races: the game wasn't okay in the DB. Instead he just he just called it was like that was like do you understand that I was going to the hospital. That's how I was just like I felt I felt bad for the DB that he had the like catch a 255 pound tight in the cozy because of the quarterback to the ball and set them up, but the definitive a great job at pulling up in and not negative the violent play, but that's the game. I remember I asked Marshall and 10 Christie said, why will you so easily able to avoid the tackles is it. It hurts to get getting hit dice's eye as if you have a choice like and I guess you do when you're running back like there are certain running backs that played in an bassy contact.

I wasn't one of the. Eric Henry and your Bill like a freight train. I guess you don't care hello, I was bootleg refrigerator, but I was Stephan Diggs joins us here now on the Mercedes-Benz advance hotline hey Stephan, how do you feel about contact. That's were talking about with Marshall Faulk here. Yeah, it feels so good to get just absolutely smacked and then be at the bottom of that pound comfortable down there little right mobile like distance is useless when you play all sense to avoid contact that you want to smoke but if you have to do the only time I want to be at the bottom of the pile is in the end zone four to I can't even imagine. I can't think about it gives me such bad claustrophobia. But that's like for a whole another session that's like a therapy session. That's not for a football shelf asked Stefan thank you so much for coming. Now this I want to know him were and I think you're feeling pretty good about yourself. I would imagine right now are you to do that last night was just spectacular it you just start that it was just like you having the best time out there. I got all excited to share with Esther relationship Josh Allen and how that's developing you, click delete. The mantra last season in the way it did. You have this off-season is coming to camp and you guys are talking about show up and spoil the ring ceremony for the Rams and you guys are off to a fast start. What what what was the mantra. What was the message that coach McDermott gave to you guys on all everyday you will play caller Dorsey was detailed multiple guys have had a lot of third-down answers a lot of red zone answers for the Rams you guys at the same thing last night answering a lot of questions and put you guys in positions to win speak about what Kim is brought to the offense a lot like mine all that I know you like my we have, you like to have. Now when you but you have to think it was Von Miller brought in addition to that defense and and what they look like, I mean man the way that they got glad on law level. No call right now you will have one now long.

We are partnering with Snickers right now to bring back the snickers rookie mistake of the year program where fans can share the rookie mistakes and with the branch to submit a rookie mistake and learn more. Fans can head to mistake and follow along on social using stag snickers rookie mistake I got ASCII before we lose you.

Terry Kell is pointing out your relationship. Josh Allen went to twitter on the last night you're heading down to Florida.

What you see in their offense because they look pretty sweet to all, they make a lot of my going you know this is better is "you say all the right things. The question, what was your rookie mistake say you can't mess it can mess, Marshall you know that are going to talk about again snickers rookie mistake for all of you who want to you can head to mistake.

Follow along on social using hashtag snickers rookie mistake. Thank you so much for your time Rich was so bummed out and hasn't taken that call yeah pleasure man. I will pass on that hello great to have you on the chest appendectomy, what about the timing on our Marshall soon I do for you.

I try to put the ship appreciate you.

I know you do. I appreciate you right back you having any with your mimosa to heal with the healing phase. I gotta make sure I keep my body clean. The rookie mistake though right mistake. I Snickers some happy go so when I was doing when I was doing ABC if I had a good game and I'm not kidding I would buy a king size Snickers for the ride home from the East Coast decided East Coast game every week. If I had a good game I would just get those massive ones that was my idea of a celebration that in gin and tonic runs in the family are used to time Rich is to get mad Isis letter will Snickers over every tax maker satisfy you. What was that every I love is sitting in Chris that is rich all you literally no women in the Midwest dropped Indianapolis playing their and Indianapolis had this funny thing in time zones that they just went from Eastern to central and central Eastern bait and switch. So they know you didn't switch time zones and so bid game two hours early were from central Eastern and now you know like I thought showing up at 11 would get me there for the 1 o'clock game two hours before walking a lot and I walking on what was like strolling in and out that I'm watching and all of a sudden the groups are going out like ready to go off the warm up and I'm walking in Mike would happen all now. Did you try to play it off like I'm cool you actually panic was noted was a lie was cool.

It was like you're late getting to all before I show up an hour before all because the time change man that's messed up. Will you learn whether any ramifications around that. Did you get all you fine fine I missed the first plot and start the first down whatever yeah but just literally note that I didn't know I hear you not know. I just I'm not an on-time person, but when I was traveling with ABC. I was like I will be the first person there. I was so panicked to get that that that name. We look for my Trico to walk in the room light as I was like an hour ahead of everybody forget I was in a do it. NetSuite 2000 2008 2022 and it comes the economy.

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He's actually spending the day in Napa Valley up with a bunch of Roku people and happy to do so and you guys enough rough life go one only one office is better than dealing with my family.

This is so much better chance I have to have makeup slapped on it not been carpooling. This is a vacation from seems like the way to go to sleep in on the most concentrated be here hanging exclusively on Roku. This is how I roll.

So I mean you take rich Roku whenever you want. He's all yours. I got in here as long as I call Marshall and I hadn't come in with their site doesn't hurt when you can: a Hall of Famer Jack Cummins. Carpooling is no joke. Unless I pick my nieces and nephews up and carpal Maddalena. It can be cut you off the lights of rough. It's like they want their kids like you. Right now I'm pickup cage every day from school one night Poland park going to get sued, Coppola imitate something in our carpool line. If you look down your phone is a little bit of space that can honk and let you know whatever happened right in the you know what taken the bus. He is Everett dislike school now is just everybody takes a drop circuit off. Why lets you teach your kids about life bus survival of the fittest, but take the bus okay so you see I lost my single gone back and you never got picked up or dropped off until I got a car with. I always took the bus, you know, you sound like you still like it when I was a kid I will remain your parent. Why do you want to drop if your kid is over the age of 18 why do you want to drive your kid to school will actually like being with her that the point of sending them to school so you get the data yourself mad away by the length the ones alike to get accused once and being a helicopter parent by teacher and says that you don't even know me by the equivalent of being called the Karen which by the way, I can see Karen. I was like the bowsprit is happy writing is crappy not because of me getting into a newborn. I've been such a good girl on your cars pull it so clean. What a nice car known me for 25 years, Mike. I think of myself as a nice person and actually I am only like I pretend to have a big on the outside but get on the inside is very Aesop's fable. I can only stop smirking over there. Chris brought smirking. I think if you ask anybody who's worked with me pleasure to work with you very that are not. Yes, the list is long on my tooth out exactly to come up with a lot of assignment but to say that I met Karen and I don't like it you call the manager called manager a four letter word now to me in five letters but I can call me I can import hold regular women named Karen who just had to call Karen anymore. Nobody named Karen anymore like the proverbial light box know that now Karen's become the light box to change her name is spelled differently because you know not everyone day throughout Karen like that throughout lightbox right.

I don't know what is lightbox determined Karen can you drop your kid off of school know what restaurant I'm hearing you change it to change it. Kitty why Starbucks hi like a nonfat half One pump, but not more than one pump without milk and my name is Sarah Wright asking for it.

Jenny super generic from the block. Yes, what's a good idea know some of your a man who cares Karen thing I've ever done more than was the most Karen thing is ever done is to say I'm not a Karen Wright and oh by the way, when I looked at the U2 ratings.

They said one guy, one person said. She seems at the Karen that's all I remember nothing else PJ back to your mom's backing.

The noise ignore it tough sometimes only the comments comments and when it's far easier said than done meth and we, the comments for right you know you never cared what anybody said that social media in your day. Marshall over that of been like you been active. You think public so to say about Marshall Marshall. You know you hundred and 30 and you cut six balls for 99 once you get that hundred Lord with all this if you got no I play with arguably the nicest guy in the world so it didn't matter what I did. If I sign autographs when our client was cited for two like I get mad because I am going to lose no win-win. What Isaac Bruce read the comments on YouTube like God bless you nice is like Isaac and Kurt. I've never seen them drink, I never cause is just like a baby.

Do you know but I just never heard it like I get upset.

You know you get a little Bacardi which is hard. It was hard to get him him to be mad at someone else other than himself.

He rarely got mad at someone else.

It was just like is unbelievable. That was the meanest guy you played with the misguided.

Please just text her and I am not. I don't want to say like mean is it like that but neither is it just like I think he was just it was you didn't know New Yorkers who didn't know how to taken the late Tony Siragusa like goose was the sole goose was Eliezer so you came in as a rookie was the person that made you saying he put I see how your job like he was the guy got major. Make sure you got your welcome to the formal team even though it seems like a brotherhood. All it was me know your breakfast everyday when it was like a month long back in the day, but it just gets tiring to remember you go from being the man on your team just a guide out on a team. It's tough. Hutchinson knows that firsthand what was your song. What we have some fight song so we have sale fights all and it was bad of you to know your fight song.

It was it was bad Marshall speaking before you know we saw the sinks in the box you have a day and we know that Mike Evans and Marshall Lattimore have this history of like it's on site. Every time they see him was the defensive player like every time you got on the fill with them just want to run up his chest and down his back a little more than I only had only had two guys that I ever like really got into it with on the football field and 11 was it was because I lived in San Diego and they played and Sandy and every time we played each other Junior and I we would you say and I we would have this.

It was like this, like Diego went to see him play but the charges I played at San Diego State.

So we were like two big personalities in San Diego. So every time we were play give each other know I felt like I played college ball in the state. It was my stadium play probe on this stadium and then he brought along a total protg over the time Bobby Harrison just ever so rightly we talked the whole game. All my God also exists anything anything in it wasn't Rodney rightly so, if you didn't know Rodney rightly did everything that he did it was for him. It was how he got so rightly would tackle you and then tell your legs you know I like the title you have give you extra elbow you always do the extra and that was just not the stalking is like that. I fight so hard to get where was I had to do extra stuff you start to understand what it was with people but those two guys would order to be not that I ever really like extensively talk to Rob James that I would have words with just to just Junior and I like your over. I go to say. I'll sit down run beers have a good time is weird to me is you can just kind of like compartmentalized was all it was all in the spirit of competition.

That's why I don't understand how this thing with these two guys has gone on this for the small someone. Someone has to has to step in and sit down and explain to them how stupid this is how bad it looks for a Hope you guys are somebody's father. Would you teach your kids will you teach the young kids that idolize you cost him again and got suspended a huge game coming up the main Tampa monster yet again check all of it just it just it makes it makes no sense and on its it's it's you guys figure out what neighborhood you're from care how you grew up how tough you were. You already prove that you tough you made today and I felt like Jason anymore right. I don't playing hockey suburbs pay the debts of the suburbs anything like that like you're safe. You made it while talking about the boxes type a company called Beasley obviously coming in now in good shape when you go and he said that it's meaning if you think that him he still a great player. He was just sitting around waiting for the right roster right to join onto an obviously one time when he calls you to pick up the phone. I would imagine don't know firsthand, but I would imagine I pick up the phone up SI TB 12 calling Anson he's coming to join.

He needed the help they are telling that woman was sitting in your seat a couple weeks ago we get to see him. You think suddenly shot towards the end of the season. If I asked if I was at home and not listen to working on now.

I am looking at the injuries to the wide receivers that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have an and this is this is if he really wants to play.

It's like if he really wants to play in.

The question is the question is if Tom says and calls hey this is my last year man come play with me. When are you like okay you like short-term goal little farewell thing last year and will you do I will, I would start listen Edelman loves Tom Brady and I know Tom loves him. He had some of the best years of his life playing with Tom. I think the relationship you know it's like Tom help him by throwing him a lot of balls. I think I think Edelman help help Tom as well by being a former quarterback when you were to be made himself available for Tom and that relationship is something that Tom would welcome if she's in the proper shape and we can go out there really help the team to 10 men drunk right at me and everyone just kind of assume control for Lashley said not so good, for the Super Bowl out of it though. I know I know but last year was rough. Got big day was early on week three or four yeah Ramsey had broken ribs and Connor was never the same. Yes Lashley was rough on you for him struggle clicking about 220. Right now, so he got drunk. Looks pretty thin.

Close going in the same vein as Ed O'Neill. He wants to season a couple seasons he wants.

He got some nice hardware.

He's got good rings and he wants to go.

They enacted everything he wants to keep that face pretty drunk. The greatest time and never has nothing to prove nothing is Hall of Fame speech. I can't wait for because it could be anything that he could be up there be like thank you and walk off greatest for a minute standup routine, and I'm excited for Stephanie not like the pictures that he's recited never like serious serious.

I'm serious. I was thought it was better tight and pass catcher and run blocker needed both when using Marshall and not just us the question what you think what you think is the best had and never I don't really have like a dog in the fight. You know what I do.

The only one who really is all on the and the winning to. I think that matters before rings. I got a II always like I know I'm it always baffles me and I think drunk is I thinking he was also listening Tom tumbling a lot of people really good and we have no idea help them be good when we we have no idea Tom was good with with coats did not come play when cited regions.there was good to tighten the one side, and was the other guy was much better than him I thought he was better than drunk. She was yeah Was, well, became the animal Betty. Betty was with a lot of the stuff they got a game to game happen and I just can't take much with Tony Gonzales. I think quarterback play with the whole thing poured about 51 and I look at gonzo and what he did and how consistently did for so many years and I don't I don't think one of the quarterback that he play with were going to look at and be like Capt. I will call Dr. not matter I might have the numbers but no cotton quarterback yeah I'm just saying like this there's there's just something about and what I'm talking about schedule my block grant to his eye. He was, the one guy you knew the ball was going to always still got it always biased, but I beg to differ.

Like like like Wes Welker, Hunter ball, Hunter balls Randy Moss was there was always trying to muscle ground play together. But when the game was on the line he was going to grok in the end zone and more often than not got it. I just feel like it was little bit like a horror movie where you like you kind of don't open the door like his can of the same idea that you think yes was the most is tight and is not supposed 20 calls different over here and consequently got 82 until your point about back that was so helpful because what I love you more than anything was the trick place when suddenly a gentleman and he's got the ball and he's flinging it. He played the game so smart like I understood part of play quarterback in high school.

I understood defenses and watching him play the game. It was just like it was fun here in Tom, kind of the same way I was will pay them with Kurt like they knew I understood what they understood about what was going on and make yourself available.

It's fun.

It's fun when you when you when you have that a lot of a lot of receivers that made the trade. Hines Ward was the same way. That's why you gotta go to one third Dell play quarterback understood the little nuances about playing the position and were to be and what to do. It was just like it was is almost like another quarterback there to take a break only come back Chris Brockman's burning questions that can be As well as Ed O'Neill coming up at the top of the next hour and a lot more football talk ahead, Susie Schuster, Marshall Faulk don't go anywhere. Marshall Faulk here on the rich Eisen show which taking you rare in season day.

Often, Marshall you just said something crazy you had more receptions than half of the receivers when you're in the hotlink for your entrance.

The Hall of Fame, the second know what you said no. I was having a conversation. I was explaining how the game is Jane and I and back. Back in the day if you quarterback threw the football 20 to 25 times, losing okay and in today's and the fill your quarterback don't throw the ball 20, 25 times and so the criteria to get into the Hall of Fame.

We catch is install four receivers. It's kind of like skewed because the numbers are funny and I was like. Case in point is I have more receptions than half of it. Receivers in the Hall of Fame because of how much to buy much to gain change from running backs carry the ball to running backs, catching the ball and it all became touches and that just carries and runs okay.

Thanks for clarifying. Corso has 12 motions sections of any player in the Hall of Fame right that's right, Rice, Gonzales, Harrison Brown ITO Moss laundry report monthly large and sharpening better self perception record Chris Brockman.

You know I back in high school but my freshman year I was also I did play tight and also so during a preseason game. I had one pass route.

It was going to me and was picked off in return for a touchdown that happened not happen quarterback.

I would say the same thing is say to Cooper every time you catch that son Bonnie down every every practice and times of any draft of a Stance on and that is my favorite morning were like a block away. No question in your flamingos on my shirt.

Good burning questions. I'm willing, if three matchups this weekend guys, I'm asking a burning question for each team moving forward. Okay the first up I'm looking at Thursday night football, but sneaky good division game Steelers grounds by my question for both of these teams I will start with Pittsburgh. If Stravinsky struggled early this time would make the move to Kenny Pickett Marshall. I say no because it's a Thursday night game with two quarterbacks with do you think that if Pickett hadn't been, and everybody hadn't seen them there locally. Hadn't seen him out there slinging baby so excited to get him into the seat while you remember he started to fall. Teams with small and is not an and I don't I don't know if you got drafted taken taken and it was it was an opportunity for Pittsburgh now you know let let's say this fall the organizations out there in NFL all 32. The Pittsburgh Steelers always handle these better than anybody else get it right when they go to whatever guy and that guy for whatever reason for them and I will believe that nothing will change here now you have a solution. Maybe both teams might say let's put our number two guy and have it be a fair fight for the Browns. How do they bounce back after, giving that game away something we really never seen before, or 13 points in the last two minutes how the Browns bounce back. They looked like it to another team in a very good team. Despite what they have going on quarterback yeah that's a tough one. That's a tough one but we want to see if they have the resiliency actually say that that seem to go through with. They didn't all season make the decisions that they made you with all the stuff that they dealt with in the come out and played with it. They have I'm actually impressed that noise usually usually permeates into the locker room and it's hard to shut it out because it's not talking about actual plate on the field and it becomes a distraction and they've done a great job shut that noise out. Chris gushed out the noise always advice our next up NFC North battle going on this weekend Detroit at Minnesota Lions biking couple questions here.

Let's start with alliance first.

How good is this Jerry Goff St. Brown connection.

Are they for real leaving alliance, Marshall. I think I think St. Brown is no Jerry, I cannot count on him just yet, but what I do like is Detroit. They like to coach like this crazy body.

This man and how he goes about coaching again in his love and passion for the game this this this will be a pretty good game of Minnesota after what happened to be interesting to see how they bounce back.

Yes, that's my question for them. Who is this Minnesota team is the one we thought dominated the one or night lantern egg on the road it in prime time to good good question and this is literally what he's done for us. His whole career whatever whatever expectations beyond the limitations he brings us right back down. Don't expect too much. Literally what what I've seen from him now, and now the question.

The question is more more concerned about that I want to see Detroit know is it is okay you have a bad game to my home in the morning is like a steel that had a bad game. Oh, you have coming in, you'll be good for you. Bears will be good is that the same thing. So I think you'd like to play for a guy like Dan Campbell.

You obviously didn't in your career for me. No more, on the stage and more was had a little bit about an what he hears what you know he has his players. That's the thing like that's all you want from your coaches know he has your best interest is sometimes you don't know sometimes is all about. The organization was about job security for the coach is not about you as a player concerned about your career, your well-being last game 2012 teams of raters at Titans. One of these teams can be owing three and pretty much the chance of making the playoffs are nil. Both these teams made the playoffs last year were you looking for this game, and whoever is 013. Can they still make a playoff run. I just wonder Colby will force for advice more into going through. I got to think that's really I think Daniel Scott? But Babel strikes me as too proud to ask Bill for advice here.

Here's the thing, I think Tennessee has somewhere to go. They have somewhere to go.

They made a decision they brought weekend and they have somewhere to go, raters try to figure out who they are and they want to know their car him what you think. I think I think all is him I think he is him but the relationship with his buddy I think is taken away from just playing football defensively. I noticed like they got to play good place I think is McDaniel, which take raters to win the raters the basically go so far.

When the vision when a playoff game.

All our internation made the mistake of monetizing showing me come back after that night at the raters case until sances and with you under car. I like him a lot I think is a really good leader. I think I think he has his teammates back and I think they have his back defensively of that.

I think they got figure out going on there when he gets his light which took them all. He was really into the Devante Adams thing in which is what want what I think is like. I believe Josh McDaniels this is one of the bright minds in the fell and what happened in Denver happen without a court and now I have my wants to prove that he's ill top five quarterback in the league like that he can win MVP and car and I think Josh needs some restraints like will stink below. Let them call what he wants to call right right appear to when his own guy call what he wants to call right and there's a part of managing the game.

I hope he learns I get to learn learn how to do it just not take risk and do a lot of things that he wouldn't do if you want to have to talk right now. It's not easy to learn restraint that that is a hard social self-restraint is a hard hard hard thing to learn much more just showing me come back for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all, much of the conversation wears on a motion was number one is not even going before you know Holcombe was a baby face Holt and Andres were able to go in line for the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went. That was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcast

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