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REShow: Andrew Brandt - Hour 3

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May 31, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: Andrew Brandt - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 31, 2022 3:09 pm

The MMQB’s Andrew Brandt joins Rich in-studio to discuss the possibility of Rams DT Aaron Donald retiring, why the Cardinals seem to be dragging their feet on a Kyler Murray extension, why he’s still stunned by the guaranteed contract the Browns gave Deshaun Watson and why Baker Mayfield won’t be starting for Cleveland if Watson gets suspended, how NIL has turned college football recruiting into “the wild, wild west,” and why he doesn’t expect a team to sign Colin Kaepernick or the NFL for force Daniel Snyder to sell the Commanders. 

Rich recaps the hilarious fantasy football dustup between Reds OF Tommy Pham and Giants OF Joc Pederson that resulted in Pham slapping Peterson and getting a 3-game suspension and Rich listing his top ten fantasy football team names generated by the whole kerfuffle. 

Rich reacts to the anniversary of the release of ‘Fletch’ and reveals what happened to him over the weekend that made him feel VERY old.

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Jimmy the three off the front of the rim. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. With all due respect to Heat Trance, Celtics Warriors would be a much more enjoyable and competitive finals. The Rich Eisen Show. What's not likable about the Celtics?

Get over this hump. It's special. Earlier on the show Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Chris Mannix, Warriors Radio Analyst Tom Tolbert. Coming up, columnist for the MMQB Andrew Brint. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

844204 Rich to have a conversation here on this program. We've already dove quite deep into the NBA Finals matchup. The Celtics and the Warriors Tom Tolbert who calls Warriors games in San Francisco and the Bay Area was just on an hour number two. Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated an hour number one.

If you missed any of it go to our YouTube page Rich Eisen Show. Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo are in their spots over there. Brockman's already got a nice cup of tea for hour number three.

That rhymes. DJ Mikey Dees and Deez Nuts is in his spot and TJ Jefferson has lit the candle over two hours ago. If you missed anything again our YouTube page Rich Eisen Show and then there is also our podcast as well. We've already had somebody here from Sports Illustrated now part two. Man who writes all about business in the MMQB in Sports Illustrated. The Executive Director of the Morad Center at Villanova and his business of sports podcast is must listen to material. Andrew Brint back here in person. Good to see you Andrew. Always great to be with you and come out to LA see my son always enjoy coming in. Terrific good to have you here. So we just had a conversation and many people across the talk landscape today catching wind of what Aaron Donald told our friend Brandon Marshall on his I Am Athlete podcast that he's at peace with things but it's not about money however there needs to be a business aspect that's comfortable for him and his family.

How do you think Les Snead handles that information? You know what I always say when someone says it's not about money translation it's all about money. You just talked about two contradictory parts of that statement on the podcast. Yes.

It's not about money but I gotta take care of my family I got it my business. Correct he said that all in one sound bite as well. It's interesting because nothing's been done there so that raises an eyebrow for me because this is a contract that has needed adjustment and the Rams have done that with Matthew Stafford with a couple others and they're always sort of borrowing from the future on the cap so they could actually reduce his cap by raising a bonus and spreading it out as you do with cap proration over future years. So they haven't done it yet that's a question for me why haven't they done it yet do I think they will it seems like it seems like they've taken care of as you mentioned Matthew Stafford they brought in Alan Robinson they brought in Bobby Wagner why not take care of Donald. The fact it hasn't been done you know you could always chalk it up to we're getting to it we've been doing the other things but that sort of makes me wonder why hasn't that been done has that been resistance from the Donald camp we want to wait we may retire we don't know what's going on or is the team hesitant for some reason to get it done because this doesn't seem like it's a problem if they wanted to get it done you just add money you figure it out you get the new market whatever the market has changed since Aaron did his contract a few years ago I don't understand it. Well could it be that they're working on cup first or how does that work I mean you can walk and chew gum right you can go renegotiate two contracts at the same time I mean what how what is the mechanism and also I know I'm not supposed to ask multiple questions in one when one bite at the apple here but I will is does June 1st have anything to do with it? Well June 1st is again to to clarify for your listeners that's when you can release a player and have the cap impact shifted to 2023. Correct. You're pushing out the pain which the Rams do with a lot of things they do they sort of credit card spend push it out in the future worry about that later yeah it could be could be maybe they've got someone they're going to release it doesn't come to mind who they would push off the roster that's making a lot of money right now but that could come into it and I think you bring up the other thing which we have to address Cup is not someone that seems like he's going to make a deal he's going to show rumbles of discontent he's going to hold out stay away but the fact is the biggest story of this offseason to me Rich is not Russell Wilson and the quarterbacks it is the transformation of the wide receiver market absolute transformation where the top market was 18 to 20 million a year now it's 23 to 25 a year for Devante for Tyree kill for AJ Brown all these receivers changing the marketplace you go back to Cup who is just way under that number so here's another issue for the Rams to have to deal with and this is not just because they're Super Bowl champion that that hangover is always there but they've got to address Cup if he makes a deal of it great but even if they don't you can't have a guy making 10 million under market to players like Hill and Adams and Brown so they've got to get that done and they've got to get Donald figured out but this one I found more curious because we know the market we know they can do this they know they've done it with other players and he's talking about retirement but he's saying it's business let's watch and see what happens Andrew Brant here on the Rich Eisen show and while we're wondering potentially why you know why Donald is hitting June wondering about maybe a contract more commensurate with his abilities that he's out he's an amazing that he's outperformed you know arguably a six-year 135 million dollars to a year yeah I mean so why why hasn't something been done yet with Kyler Murray in Arizona like what what were what were those tea leaves because we had Steve Keim on and he's like we're not trading him and we'll take care of him we'll get to it we're going to get to it but here we are and and and it like what what what's the weight about there you remember the start of the off season there was a missive from his agent Eric Burkhardt I have it on my desk because I've never seen anything so there it is so yeah yeah here and it was all good it's a stationary is the reason why I have it here it's very very very and the font and everything else and I said on Twitter that time the translation is show me the money and I would have guessed if putting myself in my old agent shoes my reaction doing something like that would be we approach them they said we'll wait they said no we're not doing anything maybe they said not this year maybe they said not right now we'll get into the summer whatever the reason but here's the deal rich after three years according to the CBA you can extend players you have to wait so Kyler Murray played three years as a starter now he was the number one pick so he's making six seven eight million a year but that's six seven eight million a year while counterparts at his level who are veterans are making 25 to 30 a year so the Cardinals have benefited immensely got an extraordinary value for three years it's the best value in football having a rookie contract quarterback the best value in football by far the Cowboys got it with Dak Prescott the Seahawks got it with Russell Wilson the Chargers are getting with Justin Herbert but after that three years you gotta make a decision and the Browns last year said to Baker Mayfield no we're gonna wait and it was fortuitous for them I don't know what's going on with Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals are saying I think they're saying we're gonna wait we've got this year we've got option year next year big number but still an option year and we got potential franchise tags you think they're really gonna roll the dice that Murray will not hold out or make a big stink of it that they're like there's no way he's gonna let Colt McCoy take the first snap of the season you really you really think that they're gonna run that risk the other part of the CBA is increased sanctions and penalties for any kind of holdout so I don't think he's gonna be as compliant as say Baker Mayfield was with the Browns a year ago he may make a stink but again I look at this kind of like the way of Donald why hasn't it been done that's right yeah what are we doing there and if Keim says he's not going anywhere of course he's not going anywhere they're not gonna trade him but are they gonna make him play on that number I mean I think that's the question are the Ravens gonna make Lamar Jackson play on that number or is there something more going on without an agent and he hasn't wanted to do a deal because again here's the problem with paying quarterbacks there doesn't seem to be a middle ground right now there's a rookie level and then there's 30 35 million a year right so what do you do and I say this as a former executive if you have someone that's clearly not in the Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Russell Wilson category and you don't have a rookie deal what do you do like Ryan Tannehill is going to be a cap casualty in a year no question because they paid him that level there was no middle right so you're either paying a guy 8 million a year on a rookie deal or you're paying them 30 million a year and there doesn't seem to be anyone sort of taking the middle tier and if frankly if I'm an agent I don't take the middle tier either Andrew Brandt here on the Rich Eisen show business of sports podcast and so much more so what is what's your best guess of what's happening with the Browns and Mayfield currently right now with Mayfield or all the other stuff well you can't you can't you can't parse them out right I mean one they're all together yeah because the sense is is that it until the league finds out how many games they're assuming Watson's going to miss they're not going to cough up Mayfield under the idea that Mayfield could be forced to play and have no better choice than to be a fill-in for as long as Watson is suspended only to seed the ground back to Watson I I don't I don't know how you know Mayfield is gonna handle that I think it should be um something he says no to personally um or or the market they're waiting for someone to get hurt in training camp like this thing is going to go into August as we're sitting here right now heading into June yeah rich I haven't talked to you since the Watson deal and I just have to say it again it still suns me to this day you know I have followed this business for 30 years I have been looking for that white whale that's going to get that fully guaranteed five six year deal never thought it would be this player in part due to his own misconduct think about that in part due to his own misconduct he created the perfect storm has a five-year fully guaranteed 230 million dollar contract 46 a year more than any other quarterback and protection against suspension so suspension only forfeits salary not bonus so he's making 46 million this year 45 of it is bonus not subject to suspension a million of it is salary subject suspension so say he's suspended eight games half the season out of 46 million he'll lose half a million dollars he'll make 45.5 the Browns sold their soul for this player now they've all the PR has been terrible you know you know what they want to say what they want to say is hey never in a million years will a quarterback like this be on the market we did it we went and got him PR is terrible sure but by September when he's throwing touchdowns or next September it'll go away I know that's what they're thinking but they they did something for this player that no one's ever done for any player contractually and it's just amazing it happened with this guy okay Baker is due 18 million this is going to have to be an NBA trade in other words NBA trades are about cap and expiring and money and shifting so they're going to have to move him with a another asset or pay some of the 18 million in other words you do a bonus say for 10 million dollars and then you move them for an 8 million salary that's the only way I see this happening if there are any suitors I mean we've maybe Carolina maybe Seattle I don't know if they're even interested so what do you do if they're not then you do a Deshaun Watson Houston situation you say Baker you just do your thing and we'll pay you shut up and and don't play shut up and go away he's not going to be the guy when when Watson suspended that's Jacoby percent yeah so it's a no-win situation for Baker or the Browns but he'll get paid now he'll get that 18 million it's just a question of how and where Andrew Brent here on the Rich Eisen Show and one of the many items that you're discussing at school in Villanova and on your pod and in your columns is the name image and likeness I don't even know what the phrase to use Wild West that just burst into the most ugly spectacle around with Nick Saban essentially saying Texas A&M bought their top recruiting class and jump Jimbo Fisher firing back and you know the commissioner of the SEC in Greg Sankey saying everybody hush up yeah let's go back to our corners and figure out you know our own thing or what we can do what what what can be done like what do you think can be done in order to reign in whatever needs to be reined in and then make it uniform enough that we don't see this public spectacle and I was I was in this chair a year ago the Supreme Court just happened yes where they scolded the NCAA for any kind of restrictions then after two years of planning to regulate NIL name image likeness the NCAA threw up their hands they threw up their hands they said we're scared of antitrust we're scared of lawyers we're out and it's like whoa they just left it for the schools the conferences the state laws to enforce and no one's enforcing it so it's become truly the Wild West where these collectives have formed collectives are donor-based pools of money to basically get players on campus whether from high school or from transfer portal that is exactly what I was not supposed to be inducement money to get them on campus it's become that it's become programs like horns for heart in Texas where every scholarship offensive lineman gets fifty thousand dollars to do what who knows show up for birthday parties who knows and it's become this weapon to recruit now Sabin calls him out right everyone in the the murmuring about the Texas A&M recruiting class he called it out the murmuring about Jackson State getting that big time recruit he called it out the murmuring about the Miami guy that basically owns Miami Athletics called him out so they all clapped back and Jimbo Fisher clapped back hard as you saw but then I saw who he was speaking to Sabin and I said oh the people who could put money in the Alabama Birmingham business leaders who he was basically saying hey guys step it up that's what I was your that was my take because we just lost now he was the number two recruiting class but he's like hey we can't lose out to Texas A&M we got to get our guys I don't know how you regulate it everyone's waiting for Congress Congress as you know is a bit busy right now there are a lot of bills floating around Congress state laws they're not doing anything Alabama had a law they repealed it because they were behind other states that didn't have laws who's gonna really enforce this Jean Smith the AD at Ohio State has said we are going to come after someone so maybe some school that didn't dot their i's and cross their t's and they can make an example of them but I don't know I don't know here's the answer Andrew and I've what I've said I said it after the Super League got formed and lasted less than the amount of time Belichick was the head coach and of the Jets you know back in last summer as well with the Super League in Europe is that cut the only space in in American sports that that could have the same thing and the same idea is college athletics college football Greg Sankey can get in a room and call up Jean Smith or or you know obviously Jean Smith isn't the commissioner of the Big Ten but he is the athletic director of the Ohio State and just get together with everybody and say let's get 40 50 schools together these are our rules and you do it just as the NCAA you know Mark Emmert who's just an empty suit anyway he's leaving right do it now the NCAA under the college football playoff umbrella because they get to decide their own college football playoff that's the money that's the big money pot do do that come up with your own name image and likeness rules and and enforce them yourself and see if and and see who sues the you know and what the supreme then see who sues and and see what the supreme court has to say about it you know like that's literally or and then you play a couple seasons under it as it moves up the court system and the rest of the country loves it and who's gonna who's gonna repeal that football care you know what I'm saying like everyone already loves it what are you gonna repeal it so like that that that to me is the way this thing is heading I think the NCAA has value for 90 percent of college athletics I'm at Villanova we have 24 sports yes one makes money hoops hoops of course but that's college sports the 90 percent of college sports needs kind of the basic nca regulation for big-time college football and big-time college basketball I agree with you there's going to be something else okay not nca something else that monitors regulates but the thing I mentioned and maybe people are listening worry about this but there's going to be a professional aspect to it and the whole idea between behind emmert and the mca has been to separate professional and amateur sports but I don't know how you can do that anymore so you have to unionize and everything yes exactly so now we're talking about salary caps and now now you know saben can't spend what he's spending it used to be facilities that it would track these kids right now it's nil what's your nil I'm hearing all these stories where kids are staying in the training going they're going to go to transfer portal unless they can get 250 unless they can get half a million and if not transfer portal so the kids and saben said this on that speech he said it's it's like free agency without a cap it's like free agency without a cap in college sports so we're at a true inflection point in college sports and your idea is a good one it's going to professionalize they're going to be unionization there's going to be a salary cap there's going to be employee status where players are going to have to worry about taxes they're going to worry about insurance all those kind of things will come into play somebody's going to get a hold of this i think that that's the way this is headed i mean it's it's already gone i mean unless you're going to continue to have this construct of amateurism with all this money flowing in in a way and so say saben won't be around i don't think when this thing goes down but you're already seeing it's not the same world anymore and these donors if i'm if i'm a coach i'm like worried to death because some donor bought this kid for say 250 grand and the kid doesn't you know the kid is benched or the kid doesn't get the play time he wants right he's just going to go to the donor and the donor go to the coach and the coach will tell the donor too bad buddy garrity i'm still the coach around here and we'll see if a coach gets fired over this sort of thing well like that's maybe the way this thing can head i don't know the money always talks we'll see what else do i need to know what's going on in your world before i send you back into your los angeles uh tuesday sir well i i've also been talking quickly about capernick the tryout i think okay was great mick lombardi was with the 49ers years ago and now he's with the raiders make some sense but don't get excited about a capernick signing he's been out as everyone knows five years and i just don't think teams want to deal with stuff drama potentially around backup players i just don't think he's going to be on a ready list but don't get excited about that and i don't think my friends and family in dc should not get too excited about daniel snyder being ousted counting the votes as washington owner because you know he's got allies he's got friends all these things that go around the team have been around for years and he has survived are they going to move them deep into virginia i know that's like every single washington fan that i know of is just like i'm not going down there no and in my yeah i'm from there i know where that is it's like whoa and people are saying the raven stadium is closer than that to the downtown dc but money talks if he's got the deal out there and now he's got virginia maryland and dc bidding for his loyalties maybe he makes the deal down there which would add to the negativity around him uh good to see you andrew brandt thanks for coming in thanks for letting me know that you're that you're around everybody check out this man's podcast read his material sports illustrated um thanks for coming here let's do this again rich that's andrew brandt right here on the rich as a show when we come back the uh the the story of the weekend um two guys fighting over fantasy football and major league baseball that's coming up next back here on our terrestrial radio outfit all one big happy family so this is not only the greatest greatest sports story of the memorial day weekend of 2022 but um this is now i know there was a super bowl win here in los angeles and i and i know that there has been a specific significant sports um headline machine that's been happening in the nfl in march and so much but this might be my favorite sports story of all of 2022 to date and this could be the clubhouse leader deep into the football season and this is a baseball story that didn't even happen during a game word filtered out that jock peterson of the san francisco giants got slapped by tommy fam of the cincinnati reds will smith style in batting practice tommy fam got suspended three games for hitting jock peterson why why would he get so angry with a player during batting practice well we learned it had to do with a fantasy football league the two of them were in last year so not only does that have to do with fantasy football it's a grudge that's been held for months and then just jock peterson explaining it in just like jeff spicoli fashion is maybe made it even better here was jock peterson after getting slapped by tommy fam we were in a fantasy fantasy league together uh i put somebody a player on the injured reserve when they were listed as out and um added another player uh and then um there was a text message in the group saying that i was cheating because i was stashing players on my bench and then uh i don't know i looked up the rules and sent a screenshot of the rules how it says that when a player is ruled out you're allowed to put out you're allowed to put them on the ir and uh that's all i was doing and then uh it just so happened that he had a player uh jeff wilson who was out and he had him on the ir and i said you literally have the same thing on your team on your bench and then i guess he was in two leagues and in one of them he was on the ir and one of them he wasn't so maybe that was a confusion but on the espn league we were in it was listed as out so it's like it feels very similar to what i did uh and that was basically that all of it there's not much more to it not much more to it he said and so we've we've all been there we've been every last one of us have been there you're not playing by the rules you picked this person up you should have picked that person up and every single time everybody's like i don't care about your fantasy league all right so this is the first instance in which we can all care about somebody's fantasy league because it caused one baseball player to slap another months later and as we're going back and forth about jeff wilson of the 49ers i wonder what his texts were like all weekend long he got a call from us by the way we wanted to get him on but he's at ota he's working busy he's working to make sure he's not on somebody's ir this year there was more to it tommy fam spoke and said it's not about the accusation of cheating or what have you it was about a meme that peterson sent in the text group again we've all been here fantasy league text group ragging on the padres who he was on at the time and there as you remember last year it didn't go very well for the padres and so now the next day everybody goes up to peterson who changes his demeanor from jeff spicoli to like bazooka joe with the hat on his hair is something i mean in full splendor asking him well was it about a mean you sent ragging on the padres because tommy fam said that's what it was that really pissed him off because they didn't know each other well enough for that q peterson day two it was like three weightlifters lifting and um it's the meme that's who it was because they were a really good team so it was kind of making fun of how they were uh not playing well to make the playoffs with a very talented team so uh i mean i was teammates with some of them and uh yeah it was supposed to be light-hearted and i understand everyone takes jokes differently so like i said i apologize for that and looking to move past this and show up tomorrow with no distractions and try to help this team win the ball game so you ain't suspenders what is that it might be his backpack yeah i just like the dyed blonde mustache that he's got going on it's it's just incredible that this is about a fantasy football dispute and it caused one man to slap another man and it really was about a a gif that he sent him and again there two of them are weightlifting the pod raiser or the guy had a medicine ball and it fell on his head and knocked him down and tommy fam is like that's not cool man and i'm gonna be steaming about it for five months and when i see you next i'm gonna slap you like it's the oscars so clearly tommy fam does not have a sense of humor about this sort of stuff and even though we don't know each other and i run the risk of seeing him once again and i'm like oh my god i don't want to see him once again there's only one way for this show to respond and that is the top 10 nfl fantasy team names involving tommy fam and i need i need the the music attaboy mike here we go number 10 top 10 nfl fantasy team names that tommy fam has to employ on the screen family feud hey hey and we have the avatar on the screen steve harvey tommy fam it's time to play the feud family feud it's number 10 on the list number nine on the list here we go he's gonna go to the pro football hall of fam look at the sign we even changed it hall of fam right on the wall that's great by the way hey everybody else can use these two feel free pro football hall of fam is a great fantasy teammate number eight this is great it involves a little college football brian kelly's family the avatar is of him on the field on the court there at lsu and we've included his whole family including tommy fam here he is addressing the new friends and family he's standing next to del tufo in the shorts all right number seven top 10 nfl fantasy team names this is an easy one star wars team fan phantom menace instead of a bat he's got a red lightsaber there it is fan phantom menace all right number six on the list right here here we go now this is a great one playing on the the family again devante adams family devante adams family and there's devante and tommy fam with the rest of the family no fam is lurch and devante is gomez adams very well done that's a great okay here we go here we go this one's from you you gave this one tj i like this one hey i do not like green eggs and fam a little dr seuss oh there's jock i do not like them say my hair there's jock peterson i will not eat them in the box offering up green eggs and fam eat them in the batter okay there we go number four this is a good one to fam too furious okay i like the avatar there as well our jordan and uh and sean and uh and hoskins are working very well here all right top three here we go top three nfl fantasy team names or fantasy team names number three silence of the fams there he is wow here's tommy fam behind the uh the mask there huh very good silence of the fams right there now you're going to the top two top two this is good i don't know what the avatar is for this one but wham bam thank you fam they're all very good oh man he's part of the rat pack very good wham bam thank you fam very good amy davis loving his he does love it you slap jock sammy loves it then number one the top nfl fantasy team name for tommy fam this is an easy one fam goes the dynamite hey there it is there you're on local tv avatar fam goes the dynamite hopefully we don't get slapped you know what this is too good we've got leftovers left for other fantasy leagues too other top five let's do it top five oh you got that mic you got it we need one more we got to have one more one more list top five right here here's the top five other sports fantasy team names here we go number five all right we'll get one more the nba it's fam-tastic number four jock stock and two smoking gifs number three jock fams volume one i like that volume one important like that one volume one jock fams uh number two for baseball fam yankees those fam yankees and this is be great for your for your nba fantasy teaming fam adebayo that's the only way to handle this that was the first one that came to my mind when you said that ebo we're missing some i know this is a lot but it's still good many yeah this is a real thing that really happened i want to know like what was tommy fam going to do to jock peterson like before will smith slapped chris rock i don't know i don't know if that's any inspiration but could you imagine five months over this stuff maybe longer jeff wilson it by the way if you're out if you have the out designation you could put that person on the injured list every single time it's like that in every way so what's the problem i don't know unless you don't have ir spots like oh my god in which case you do have to drop fam goes the dynamite might have to be my fan that might have to be our fantasy team names well that's not how that works rich it's not how fam goes the dynamite somehow you get your fantasy that's not how we do it i have a list right now chris like wait what i've been writing for nothing you know what that's for tommy to use although i don't know would you let him into your fantasy league next i would probably say no yeah it's just like tommy tommy we kind of bust each other's stones here you know like that's what happens judging by our group chat in my league uh no because we talk bad about people's wives and moms and kids but you know them though that's what tommy's the jockey i don't know you well enough for you to make fun of my team that's just so weird while jock and looks like he's like the giants and the dodgers each have 19 million wins and the padres don't and he sends that jiff out and he's like i don't find that funny i'm gonna find you and i'm gonna come hit you i'm gonna slap this all right hold on so i'm looking at the list some of the list names i have written down does fam work for any of these and i do have one yes baker phantom zone can now become the baker phantom zone very good i like that the the phantom menace is not is a good one it's true i don't know if it's the most ridiculous sports story ever but it is it's a discussion up there it's definitely on the list three games suspension you can find 100k too i think yeah i don't know how much of a sense of humor he's gonna have but i think those are great fantasy teams or fantasy fantasy brian kelly's thank family family is a really good that is a good one uh okay let's take a break here on the rich isin show i'll tell you about a moment i had several moments i had over the weekend um that uh caused me to uh reflect on my uh my uh my my age oh that i think uh you'll enjoy chris when we come back just chris or all y'all back here on our terrestrial radio outfit with everybody else uh on the show um on this day on this day on this day let me get this straight um i think it's 37 years ago oh my goodness on this day 37 years ago um it it was the uh debut of fletch wow yep wow that's awesome fletch john cok toson here's an interesting story huh here's an here's an interesting story about it was on this day in 1985 so how many years ago was that no i don't even 37 years ago um fletch fletch was released gregory mcdonald the author of fletch had casting approval over the film you know the two people who were being cast that he rejected as fletch as fletch before he agreed to chevy chase bill murray no mick jagger what and burt reynolds oh burt reynolds might have been funny and then it was it was chevy chase nah there's no way burt reynolds would have been i mean it's all ball bearings it's all ball bearings nowadays fencer valve 1985 put it on the underhills bill put it on the underhills and john ham was in the six eight with the afro john ham was in the sequel of uh of top gun he was here to promote that um said that he's he's going to reboot fletch yeah they're redoing it right and do it you know the more serious version of it like more like the books so um the thing is i've never read the book just getting old man just getting older and older and speaking of uh jagger and what a dragon is getting old um thank you uh so this weekend no fewer than three things happen and i'm wondering what's which is the one that would make you feel the oldest all right i'm gonna put this on a pole just get ready i don't know i i don't know if these are it'll be difficult to fit them in all right so first one's first one's first um i threw my back out playing pickleball what sounds okay and i know i'm walking into this where you said that pickleball's for a man of a certain age you shouldn't even admit this i'm being very honest i share my life here my life is an open book pretty much here i mean i threw my back out playing pickleball what what sounds more depressingly old than that i'm not gonna slag on you i'm sure wait a minute very painful hang on a minute but i'm i'm walking up right but gingerly now i get it okay a lot of stretching a lot of stretching uh my my israeli friend duran walked on my back well then you're over oh yeah you should feel great then uh it's it's still it's still it's still rough okay it's a little israeli man who walks on their back okay number two number two number two texted the wrong person because i didn't have my glasses oh you told me this yeah did you do a bill bellow check which is what well texting brian flores oh no it was oh no no no it's it's fine it's fine it wasn't anything bad you were no it's just like me it was it was you know no it was me susie and uh a parent of one of taylor's friends who was getting a whole bunch of stuff about you know the inner workings of who's picking up who you know like that sort of stuff but it's just like at one point susie responds when susie responded like oh sorry you know and i'm like i'm like what is she apologizing for and then i realized it was i got the wrong i didn't have my glasses on there okay then this is the one that this is the one that hit me uh this one that hit me the hardest i think because again uh you know it was a uh bat mitzvah of a dear friend um a dear friend's um daughter this weekend i'm there the whole family's there and it was great and you know um and i saw a bunch of zanders and it's zander's age uh group of friends saw a bunch of these guys uh friends of his who hadn't seen in a while in a couple of years because of the pandemic and everything like that and used to be we would talk you know football whatever i went up to him like hey how you doing and they're like you know kind of like get away old man kind of like you know the dad like a dad like why is the dad you know like i'm hanging out i'm i'm here with my peers in my age group and it's a social situation and how are you misterizing stuff like that i kind of got the vibe of like stay away yeah now that could be an mp right my problem be just in your head could be it could be it could be just that it could have just been like the third blow of of throwing my back out playing pickleball and texting the wrong person because then i have my glasses on and i'm like what the hell is happening are you did because of the texting thing did you make your font bigger on the phone no i haven't done that then what's waiting for that's that's that's giving up i was gonna say that's the last that's sweatpants for him yeah wow sweatpants like you've given up like that's the seinfeld yeah wearing sweatpants yeah yeah so instead i just sat there and i uh put out a twitter poll based on disco you did i did what were the because they played they played uh um you know get down boogie oogie oogie and so i put out a twitter right oh at the yeah yeah yeah so i said like you know finish this sentence boogie and then oogie oogie oogie or wonderland and that was a that was a twitter poll well i passed the time and i got a lot of people uh on reggae woman there was a lot of stevie wonder fans out there there's a lot of boogies and then i felt younger when a couple people said uh uh woogie bugle boy of company b i'm like okay boogie nights what is boogie wonderland you never heard that song it's boogie wonderland is it's if i'm not mistaken it's that's the song county shock so what so let's dance yeah that's the name of the song by the way people are going to start singing this the rest of the day oh you do that until you just can't boogie no more we know that it's taste of honey hey you know what michael jackson once said though what well don't blame it on the sunshine yeah don't blame it on the moonlight don't blame it on the good times blame it on the boogie so that's how you would have finished the sentence that's so there's that guys i am play hands up there i was electric at a bar mitzvah where no kids wanted to talk to the old man chomping on motrin because i threw my back out playing pickleball and left my glasses in the wrong spot texting the wrong people that's literally what i did this weekend pickleball courts are down why are you laughing why are you laughing did you think of me immediately there i am like limping out of there and i'm like damn it it's brockman it's it is a man of a certain age i'm by the way you take a look at videos of pickleball and you'll see very oh let me tell you what very young people crushing it so since that video we talked about that was the last week so i got a lot of responses from people about how michael phelps is into it and the tournaments and the leagues i was like okay i'm just saying when you're walking down by the beach did you send me somebody texted me a story of somebody who's living next door to a pickleball court and they're having a big problem with it because it's non-stop noise of that because you can i mean well it's a the pat i mean a wiffle ball on a paddle makes a loud noise they're taking tennis courts out and putting pickleball dudes can i tell you yeah can i tell you revolution all over the place so i'm just swapping out one sport where i throw my back out for another which one do you like better tennis or pickleball i enjoy i enjoy pickleball a lot but it's there's a lot of reaching and there's a lot of stabbing and it's a lot of you know twisting and all that yeah all right it sounds worse which one is the worst throwing the back out playing pickleball not being able to see let's text the wrong person i think for the ego it's like hey old man why are you talking to me yeah yeah that would probably get me yeah a little couple of those guys it's like yeah nice to see again mr eisen great to see because i i felt and i've told christ before hang out i feel like sports when we were young make gave us a wrong impression of what old is like you know back in our days guys would turn 30 and be like oh they're at the end of their career they're old then you get that age realize that's not yeah they're being now just try and play pickleball and text the right person upright pickleball sunday for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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