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REShow: Gary Payton - Hour 1 (6-3-2022)

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June 3, 2022 4:15 pm

REShow: Gary Payton - Hour 1 (6-3-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 3, 2022 4:15 pm

Rich recaps the Celtics’ stunning 4th quarter comeback to take Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Warriors and debate what Golden State must do to bounce back against Boston on Sunday.

Basketball Hall of Famer Gary Payton tells Rich why the Warriors game one flop was a “disaster,” why his son Gary Payton II should be in the court for the W’s and if his flagrant foul elbow injury was the result of a dirty play, why he’s proud of Celtics’ guard Marcus Smart for winning the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year Award, his reaction to making the NBA’s 75th anniversary team, and why he always loved competing against Michael Jordan.

Rich lists his top 5 moments from the week in sports and comments about his dismay at the late 9pm ET tip off for Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Don't make me say I told you so. This is the Rich Eisen Show live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Celtics score 40 points in the fourth quarter Boston 120 Golden State 108.

There's nothing to panic about. This isn't over by a long shot. The Rich Eisen Show today's guests Basketball Hall of Famer Gary Payton host of NBC's American Ninja Warrior Akbar Bajabiamila. Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Singletary.

Plus Jazz Forward Wancho Hernan Gomez. And now it's Rich Eisen. Oh yeah.

Oh yes. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here on NBC Sports on Peacock here on NBC Sports Radio Sirius XM. Good to see everybody uh calling into this show 844-204-rich number to dial on this terrestrial radio network coast to coast for the Rich Eisen Show. We're also available on Odyssey. We say hello to our podcast listeners listening to this show whenever they want and we also say hello to anybody who subscribes to us on YouTube. Rich Eisen Show for all your needs. Chris Brockman and DJ Mikey D is out. Jay Felly is sitting in for him today. Good to see both of you gentlemen right there. TJ Jefferson has lit the candle. What's up over there TJ Jefferson? What's up over there sir? Good to see you.

You know NBA Finals. Well here's the deal. You can buy me on purpose. Is that what happened? Let's go. No.

I did not do that. My thoughts are that if this show doesn't start as well as you like. If this show uh you think about you know two-thirds of the way in the show isn't uh looking as good or is performing as well as you think. All you got to do is just wait because you never know.

Things could change pretty darn fast. I'm gonna flex on you guys like Al Horford. The Boston Celtics looking down and out. It was at one point with three minutes and 23 seconds to go on the third quarter 80 to 67. The Golden State Warriors got an avalanche of points. You know I guess I'm mixing my metaphors from uh sports playoffs going on right now.

They won two rich four nothing. I know a blow torching of the place by Steph Curry in the first quarter of that game and the Celtics not only survived it to keep it close but took a halftime lead only to have what the Warriors have done to so many teams in these playoffs. Certainly the Mavericks felt it in the Western Conference Finals. The Memphis Grizzlies not so much as the Warriors survived them but definitely the Denver Nuggets. Definitely the Denver Nuggets felt the Warriors doing poorly until a five six minute stretch just threw something on their opponent and the Celtics survived that by putting a 40 piece on the Golden State Warriors in the first game of the NBA Finals in the fourth quarter and just it again my two cents on these Celtics over the last several weeks have been the fact that Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum on occasion will take a game over for the other if one is not performing at the A-plus superstar level and last night Jason Tatum was having an off night for him and then Jalen Brown reminded everybody in the Bay Area that he played at Cal and he just took the game over in the third quarter that's when it started when he kept things close and then in the fourth quarter did his thing and then everybody else began to join him. Horford, Marcus Smart coming off of the bench after the team performed extremely well with him on the bench.

This kid white man. He plays both ends of the floor and he can make threes and it was a blizzard of three pointers. The Celtics proved once again that they have the ability to put the pedal to the metal and start raining in threes on you. 21 of them last night just raining them in from all over the place and since when did Al Horford become Robert Horry times Giannis Tenecumpo?

When did that happen? I mean he waited his entire career for this moment and it was obvious that he was saving it all up for this moment. Al Horford made six threes last night. Certainly not near he played for the Sixers. 26 points he led the Celtics last night and the Celtics come up with a shocking game one performance. I mean Horford is saying it with his chest he's putting up the Draymond Green arm flex to the Golden State Warrior fans who were shocked ready to celebrate Steph Curry's clear super performance and his first NBA Finals MVP campaign to be successful. I mean at one point I thought it was over when Andre Iguodala's making threes and it's just like yeah it's just like okay we've got the current Warriors with their first NBA final MVP of this run putting it all together. Curry's unstoppable. Klay Thompson is making tough threes. Kavon Looney's blocking shots Looney is blocking shots and then the Celtics are like nah. We're seven and two on the road in these playoffs make that eight and two. A 40 piece in the fourth quarter last night.

It was crazy rich you know I think today is the anniversary of the game to the secret service from 93 to be taking the fight. They were giving wide open shots all over the place and then Curry didn't score a single point in the second quarter picked up his third foul picked up two more fouls to get three at the half. The Celtics take the halftime lead but then Kerr and the Warriors did their usual third quarter thing to take a 12 point lead into the fourth quarter and the Celtics start making threes one after the other. The Warriors stop making their threes and then the Celtics started playing lights out blanket defense while not missing a shot and that's how you go into game two with some considerable house money. Having taken game one first game the Warriors lost at home in these playoffs first one they've lost in that building. I think first game one they've ever lost with Steve Kerr as the head coach. That was an incredible comeback by the Celtics last night in an off night by Tatum and you know M.A. still had 13 assists. M.A. Udoka man what a coach this guy this guy has totally put his stamp on things and his stamp is tough defense and team spirit in a way that we did not see from the Celtics the first couple of months of the season something clicked in in the middle of January. Something happened to this team and they have not looked back they are an incredible cohesive unit on defense and then on offense making threes from all over the place and this coach when they were on that 17-0 run he called timeout twice twice to make sure that the Celtics were going to get a good shot because he had the timeouts to spare he had three to go with less than four minutes he had three to go he had his challenge he had it all working and and the momentum normally just like let it keep going he stopped it twice to make sure the Celtics got a good shot to make sure that their run would continue on and each time they did he set it up you know who who did that particularly well Brad Stevens did that that was one of his hallmarks this guy's got the same thing and the team believes in what the coach is selling obviously more than what Stevens was selling I mean you could see that over the last few months here incredible that was unbelievable last night the Boston Celtics take a 1-0 lead and now the question the question is is what do the Warriors do here now because this is when their vaunted experience is going to have to come into play that was the conversation coming into the finals and they showed that stat right off the top of the ESPN broadcast last night right number of playoff NBA final games combined the Warriors had over 120 on their roster and the Celtics had a combined number of zero nobody ever played in an NBA finals game prior to last night and the question in your what's what what's going to happen here like hey what what's going to happen here like hey you've got the experience and the other team however might not know what they don't know and what they don't know is to just lie down in the fourth quarter and so this is where the vaunted Warriors experience is going to have to come into play here to hold serve go to Boston and do what they've done for what did you say yesterday 24 consecutive playoff series which is win at least one game on the road they're going to have to now otherwise they lose the finals high capacity magazine so and if we can't they're going to have to do that and this is where the experience comes into play from 18 to 21. you know we were supposed to enact safe storage law and red flag laws and we believe and I do and I did going in and some liability I have to believe going out mental health crisis the best trio in this finals is curry clay and draymond of gun violence but last night the consequence of that violence it was brown rational wharfer common sense and white yeah that was it all means it all means 15 of 23 from three reinstate this all over and so like capacity dream heart green asked and went to the podium last night support and said this and the support of 21 threes and marcus smart al horford and derek white combined for 15 of them so those guys are good shooters but they combined for what 15 out of eight where's smart seven eight 15 for 23 my math right eight seven and eight eight seven and eight yeah that's 23 right yeah 15 for 23 from those guys you know so be fine so two things come out of that first thing is i guess i gotta stop talking about michigan state's lack of education compared to michigan i guess i should lay off on that um but hey odds are right odds are odds are they won't do that again but last night the odds looked pretty damn bleak for the celtics and it happened and it happened and you know what the celtics will take they will take being overlooked 100 times out of 100 right now and there's no question this coach is playing that up in that locker room and there is no doubt in my mind that horford is healing hearing this stuff and that brown is hearing this stuff and white's hearing this stuff and both williams are hearing this stuff and tatum's hearing this stuff and marcus smart is hearing this stuff because yeah white and brown and horford hit all those threes but the guy who put the dagger in from three-point range was smart that guy was making all of them when it was suddenly like six points oh god it's not well it's 12 yeah and then it got up to 15 120 105 it was 103 100 the celtics were down correct 17-0 run yeah so if the if the warriors say we just need to keep doing what we're doing and odds are they won't do that again that's a major problem for the golden state warriors because if there's anybody that has proven that you can't count on the odds this year it's this boston celtics team this boston celtics coach this boston celtics front office who the hell takes a coach and puts him upstairs who the hell has a coach who says put me upstairs who the hell has that coach go upstairs and make the moves that we see are paying off how horford just put up 26 right now as we're sitting here al horford is the front runner for nba finals mvp and he's never played in a game he had the record for most games played most years played without such an appearance and tj hit on it he went to philadelphia and did nothing got traded to okc and they basically quichened him like yo you can't play yes and then brad stevens was like yo we'll take you back take kemba come back play with us yeah and he's been incredible this whole playoffs open shots he'll take him bang defense blocked shots rebound he's spectacular and he's out there shooting threes last night like he's robert and his finger like tori holts looking at that finger on his right hand going wow you know and he's got the crooked finger and he's shooting the threes his jumper doesn't it looks ugly it looks weird i'll just say i heard the draymond green statement and i'm like okay he is a supremely confident hall of fame player who's been there and done that no doubt but i i i would beg to differ you can't sit here and say odds are they're not gonna do it because the celtics have overcome that statement every single day since the calendar year turned from 2021 advancing the protecting our mantra odds are stop us screw you in the house next week and you will not stop us there if you're going to keep saying this team's not going to do it you're going to be watching another junk boat parade if the supreme court so get it together we will for the rest of us look at that guy over there who's so damn smug circulation and come on he put his green socks on his shoes he's not even wearing pants that's how confident he is he never wears pants come on i almost brought a cigar today for the rest of us in america don't rely on odds are no here's somebody else from new england would say do your job here's the problem rich every come on every series tatum has one game where you're like you got what jason tatum got your bad day and then he gets averages 28 30 he already had that one so and they won and they won that's a pro that's a problem yes odds are he's going to be better yes and we're you and i aren't betting man but i think that we would bet on the fact that this is probably going to be the worst game he plays grant williams hardly did anything from three odds are he's going to be the guy who does it if white doesn't he basically got benched yesterday yeah come on it's it's weird being you know we're all kind of basketball historians watching al horford last night man it just i picked the warriors to win but something feels something felt weird watching that game we were watching the story that we've seen before this old grizzled veteran who'd never been there you know what they have they have the feeling of it's meant to be it's what it looks like right now and odds are he's not going to cut it with this celtics team i'm sick to my stomach rich you know better get some pepto ready like you're like you're jerry west i mean okay just in the nba finals in the season finale of winning time get that pepto ready brother i feel like i saw something last night i'll bring you guys a case next week so uh gary payton is first up you know what help is his son coming back he was dressed last night but didn't play um he accepted uh an award for community service prior to the game last night was pretty neat to see um so gary payton is going to be first up on this program glove um we're also going to be talking about this in hour three with our in-studio guest one of the stars the star along with sandler in the new netflix movie hustle in which sandler plays the 76er scout who finds a diamond in a rough player from spain played by utah jazz forward juancho ernand gomez and he was on the celtics in that two three month period where it wasn't working out and he made some comments earlier this week in advance of the movie hustle premiering tonight in a theater near you and next week on netflix saying there were a lot of egos where the hell did those egos go odds are they're not showing up again not right now so and in the middle of it hour number two uh before that uh before that actually uh mike singletary pro football hall frame is going to join us in advance of a special weekend coming up in uh in canton ohio on father's day weekend we'll go down memory lane with mike singletary and in the middle of the program an in-studio visit to in-studio yesterday pretty cool uh akbar baja biamila will join us in advance of american ninja warrior showing back up on your tv screen and on peacock um for season 14 wow nice what's more likely coming up also tj's big ass grab bag involving all-time great sports beefs yes great start we will not quit jock peterson versus tommy fam it stop won't stop because we won't stop talking about it as bill hater said yesterday on the set of barry they can't stop talking about it you can't stop talking about it you can only hope to contain the talk use the phrase of our friend that precedes us here on nbc sports on peacock we'll take a break gary payton will join us to discuss the nba finals and more when we come back on the rich eisen show 844-204 rich number to dial right here on the rich eisen show uh gary payton will be joining us shortly here on the program we're sitting in a dreaded uh zoom waiting room for him yeah you know what man here we go here we go let me get let me get my team zooming the zooming these days we over zoom zoom over no it's there forever there forever more you know it's changed television do you know how many tv shows are like yeah we could just do everything remotely we don't have to pay a dime for anything there's nothing has to look premium anymore and of course it's not do you know what daily sports show emmy nominated never uses zoom in the studio everything that would be well i mean you know but we're we're you know we're just saying we're here all right let's take some calls while we're waiting in the zoom waiting room has been done they don't give you your music you know what i mean like like a magazine they use a magazine we must actually do you know what i mean you stare and you stare at the screen you stare at the screen and you're like do they know i'm there did they know i'm there like you you record yourself and you're just staring like oddly like be able to you know you ring the doorbell again like shouldn't you be able to do that that's what my kids when they're you know when they're home and and sus is still in the you know still in the car and you know so she's got the key and the kids just keep ringing the doorbell you know and you just want to open the door and say we don't want any what do you want it's father of the year best dad ever i'm coming for you well this guy uh is no doubt a proud papa as well as again i we saw uh gary payton ii get a community service award last night and we hope to see him back on on the court in these nba finals pro basketball hall of famer here courtesy of hennessy is the great gary payton or on the mercedes-benz vans phone line i i am mandated to start this interview as uh stewart scott always used to refer to him gp are you with me how you guys doing how are you gary payton that was always stewart's line for you whenever i was doing we're sitting next to him he's doing your highlights gp are you with me that's what he was that's what he always say yeah that was my guy man i used i used to enjoy him very much you know so you know he made you know he he got that from uh frank trent frank frank kirkley i mean uh you know what's his name uh kirk franklin kirk franklin yeah so he got that from him so that was a good line to bring it up you know he was always good at making some stuff up and making it stick he always did i know that he loved your game too as did it did most of uh america so uh let's get into it gary payton what did what did you think of game one of the nba finals last night and what the celtics were able to pull off in that fourth quarter well a bad fourth quarter by the golden state warriors you know um they give them 40 points in there in that thing no defense a lot of turnovers and and uh it was disaster you know they gave up a game they gave that guy they gave up a game you know so i think they're gonna have to go in and get an adjustment of what they're gonna do golden state has been doing that all year of turning the basketball over and uh in these finals we can't turn the basketball over it's about possessions and especially if a team did what boston did they made shots they made big shots all the way down uh smart white um and even uh horford they all made big shots and then brown penetrating and doing the things he did and making shots and when you have your star and tatum struggling and the other guy step up and the other team has turned the ball over and they you know and they're not scoring you know that's just a big that's just a disaster and golden state got that in that fourth quarter and it got them along well i mean the sound bite that's kind of stuck certainly it resonated with us on this show we played it about 10 minutes ago uh in our opening segment is draymond green reading off the stat sheet of derek white and jaylen brown and al horford saying they went 15 to 23 from three and basically said odds are they're not going to do that again so we'll be fine do you agree with that um approach gary well that's a good that's well that's dream on green he's doing his thing i don't we don't know we can't predict what's going to happen in next game but what they did was that they made shots this game so if they're if they're on fire and they're making shots well they're gonna have to do something different you know but i don't know you know anything can happen in any games maybe not maybe they will but what i'm saying is is that they made them this game and and then down and down one one game to none and they're gonna have to be more conscious of what what these guys are doing because i think these guys confidence is up there now and they're gonna and they're gonna play well now go to say has to adjust to what he's gonna do uh they were in a zone go to say was in the zone which the zone wasn't a good matchup and these guys got three gotta fix the uh corporate from the corner corporate from the side white from the from the from the side white from here right from there and then all of a sudden jaylen brown takes over by uh penetrating in this zone golden state is gonna have to adjust because if you give a professional basketball player that much like they should knock down shots and i don't know what's gonna happen in the next game but if he's saying that it won't happen again and it does happen again then what you're gonna say i don't know what you're gonna say but i think they need to make adjustments that these guys are not as comfortable as they were yesterday to make that gary payton basketball hall of famer nine-time all nba player here on the rich eisen show courtesy of hennessy um you didn't wait as long as horford did to get to your first nba finals but it was definitely not right off the bat of your career uh do you think horford was just thinking about it for all this time and he finally got there and said screw it i'm just gonna let it all on the floor i mean i'm wondering what insight you might have into the mindset we saw horford uh display last night gary well it's been a long you know this is the first one and it's been a long it's been a minute for him you know uh i don't know how long it's been i i went to my first fight in my sixth year so you know i'm playing against the bulls and then went and then went uh two more times after that but he is his first and yes it might as well let it free he's taking that opera he's taking advantage of the opportunity of being there and he took away much he took very much advantage of it kind of by scoring scored what is that 26 and six or something with six threes or something like that he did yep he took advantage of that and and that's what he's supposed to do he wants to win a championship any player that goes to the nba finals should be in that in that stage if you're gonna be on the floor and your coach give you that much uh confidence and getting off here yeah hit the shots do what you gotta do and he's just taking advantage of what he has to because first of all if it took you this long to get here i don't think uh he'll get back uh like that uh soon i don't know we don't know what he's gonna do we don't know if he's gonna go back so he's gonna take advantage of it well and we also know the warriors are not at complete full strength gary payton um so what can you tell me about your your son do we do you think we see him game two anything close imminent for him well i don't know what happened to yesterday i mean that's that's on the coaching staff of an organization of boat state i don't know you suit him up and you don't play him i don't know uh you know i'm not the coach i'm not the trainer over there uh what was the thinking of that but they're not in full strength uh you know andre hadn't played in a long time i think porter played very well you know i'm saying even when he was he was out for a minute of time and he hit big threes yesterday uh i just think that you know it's hard for guys you know to just keep sitting over there and getting in a rhythm i think he i think he should be on the floor you know that's just my opinion you know but that's on the or the coaching staff of the golden state i hope he's here i hope he comes back so he can help us help his team uh try to win a championship um but like i said that's up to the golden state and so um the injury that he suffered uh with dylan brooks that earned him a suspension coach curr called it at the time breaking the code of the nba i know i'm asking a dad this question but i'll i'll ask it anyway you agree with that assessment of that foul and suspension gary well you guys seen how i played i don't i don't care about people fouling people or nothing like that and that's a basketball basketball play to me i mean he should he jumped late but i'm just saying i i think it would be a different with me if he would have pushed him out the air and then did something like that basketball in any sport is a is a is a physical contact for sport uh i think that my son just basically you know he he landed wrong you know i'm saying instead of his arm bending it stuck and that's just the way the game goes uh i think dylan brooks shouldn't have jumped as late as he didn't hit over the head but that's basketball i don't think that kid went up and jumped and said i'm about to hurt him i don't think that happened and this that's just where it goes uh it was unfortunate timing that he got hurt at that time but uh you know yeah just the way basketball goes i i don't care basketball you guys seen when we were playing in the 90s and in the 80s you know people used to fight and get up and come back and do things like that that's just what basketball is and i i don't think it was i think it was it was a basketball play gary paton here on the rich eisen show uh neat moment certainly for me to watch it gary and i'm wondering what from your perspective uh you surprising marcus smart at his facility at his practice with his teammates around him to award him to give him the defensive player of the year award uh since you were the last person at that position to win it back in 1996 i wonder what you uh how you were asked about it and you were two cents on uh behind the scenes doing that gary well what i say when we were talking about it all year i've been talking about how he chased the game of the way i did in 96 at the point guard position i was promoting for him to to win it you know it's been i was the only point guard to ever win it ever in nba history now he's the second so i mean he deserves it he changes the game he changes again a lot he's he's a guy where he makes things happen and he creates problems uh for the nba when the nba came and asked me and made it a unique thing and uh i didn't really know he was a big fan of mine until they showed me the tweet that he had the twitter the tweet that he tweeted out uh that was uh one of the things that we were more about to you know give him award and it was it was an honor for me to give it to him i mean he deserves it you know it's history to be the second point guard at that position because you guys know that really point guards are guards on win this award big man win the war a lot of big men win the war for him to come and do it and the way he did it and changed the game of what he did is is big and it was an honor for me to go out there and give him the award well it's not just the physical attributes you got to have the the what's between the temples you got to have heart obviously you got to have physical skills we got to have smarts uh and i i i i i didn't mean to actually uh say that about marcus just because i'm not turning a phrase i literally mean that he's a smart guy so well how did he pick your brain gary what was part of the conversation that maybe you two had um away from everybody about being the defensive player of the year at a position like that well you know what he he really didn't we didn't really pick the brain about about how he won the position he just was telling me about how he grew up and how he watched me and how you know he wanted to be that type of basketball player i was on the defensive end and he was like you know i've been watching you forever you changed the mold of the game of defensive on east side and i know that i could i thought that i could do that and i wanted to do that and i totally man it was all about your mindset if you have a mindset where him is that he he gives up his offense to be a defensive basketball player and that's what he does and if you see it when he when he gets steals and he gets a deflection and he does things he creates his his offense off of steals because he can get down the floor and he can create it for somebody else and and that's what a defensive player should be uh understand that's how i thought about it i thought about and forget trying to score all the time because if i get three or four steals and get three or four layups that's eight nine ten points right there uh ten point eight or ten points right there and i can score that way and i think that's what his mentality was and that's what we talked about after you know we went up and had a chat and took pictures and he was just saying that he appreciates me and you know and appreciates the things i did he was watching he watched a lot of films of me you know doing things in the way i did and it was an honor for me you know to even even talk to the young kid because you know you don't really know how many basketball players really idolize you and try to imitate your your style of basketball nowadays until they tell you you don't really understand that and it was a great time talking to him gary payton here on the rich eisen show what are you doing with hennessy uh in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of the nba and you making that team gary well you know it's one of these things where you guys understand that the the pandemic started a lot of things and and it created a lot of things a lot of havoc in this world and we as you know people especially the black the latina and the asians they started little small businesses and they put all their lives into it and all their money into these businesses and then all of a sudden the pandemic comes and then you don't make no money and things things get to a situation where you start losing your businesses and now it's struggling so hennessy and and me and the nba and 17 other nba teams we combined together and we said look we're going to try to help these businesses and we started our thing called unfinished business this year we have gave we've given 2.5 million dollars to these people to get their business back on the feet so they can get their lives back on the feet ever since 2020 you know the unfinished business program has gave out you know 7.5 million dollars and we're just trying to keep keep doing the same thing and the same thing to help these people because they're struggling if anybody understand out there man the pandemic really caused a big day in our lives and in this world and now we're just trying to get out of it and then the plus that we went and then we went under over that because of the 75th anniversary of the nba we picked 75 recipients that is going to be on uh our instagram we're going to we're going to reveal it on instagram to give them a reward for doing the things above and beyond of what they did and this is going to be 75 and we're going to reveal it on at hennessy uh us that's their that's their uh instagram and then on all my gary payton instagram and we're going to reveal that and it's going to be a big thing for these people and get them back to their lives back and i'm just proud to be a part of this 10 million dollar process that we're going to give to these people and do the things that we're doing right now so that we can get these people back to their lives and and not you know stressing out and instead they lost their life savings and we get back to where they need to be get back to good stuff gary payton fantastic um not just that but everything going on in your world congratulations on making the 75th anniversary team um and so were you um part of that whole extravaganza at the all-star game were you there i was okay yeah i was what was that line it was great to just be around the guys man and then the older guys where you see all the guys that i looked up to uh i had great conversation with kareem mardu jabbar and and jerry west you know uh them are one of my two favorites uh but my favorite all-time is george gervin who was like a father to me and uh just to be around them and and have the pleasure of being named one of the top 75 players in the world in 75 years of basketball that is just something that you just don't imagine that you will be doing you'll be a part of and that was a big it's a big deal for me to be a part of that and make that team and uh it was just a great thing and also a weekend to be around them guys and have that type of fun did you at some point during any of the mixers uh with the rest of the team go up to michael jordan with an ipad and show him highlights of you wearing him down in games four and five of the nba finals gary show him an ipad just walk up and see his reaction with an ipad no mike came in a little late he was at his uh grand prix even though he finished second with his grand prix uh what is his racing team that weekend and you know we were just hoping for him for his team to win uh uh the uh the grand prix that day you know the the the day total 500 that's where they were in okay okay so you have no issues no issues with michael after the last dance you have no issues with michael after the last dance gary at all i i you know what i don't i don't care about that that was his his production i would have been i would i would have had no respect for mike if he would have said with the things that he said you know i would have no respect for him because if i'm writing my own my own uh a movie or a script or whatever i'm gonna talk crazy to everybody you know i really don't care you know i would have been talking about everybody i wasn't scared of nobody which is true right yeah i wouldn't get nobody doing basketball so it was it was what he had man i wouldn't have no respect for him if he would have said something else you know what i'm saying so it was fun always competing against mike but i don't have nothing no beef against mike that was a long time ago in the day it doesn't matter everybody knows what went down you know what i'm saying we we everybody got eyes they seen basketball we just played and we had fun and we competed and if you remember in the last dance mike said look i have no problems with the glove so gary was one of the few people that he said i had no problems with no i i i took that to mean the different way that that he didn't have a problem with you gary uh on the court that's that's that's the way i took that that's not how i took it everybody's gonna take it in a different way but i'm just gonna say this you guys know i wasn't in fear of nobody and the way i played you know i'm saying so i to me i can guard anybody i could i can guard anybody in my day i can guard anybody in the world so it wasn't no problem with that i mean it wasn't even like that i mean whatever way he was meaning it like i said if he didn't mean it in a bad way i wouldn't have no respect well your teammates on the the the pinnacle team in the history of the nba your teammates forever on that 75th anniversary team and congratulations on that and then again uh doing some good out of the number 75 uh 7.5 million dollars in funding to help black black latinx animation erica asian american owned businesses that are uh that were struggling empowered through covet 19 and then the 75 unfinished business recipients we're going to be revealed on the hennessy social media outlets as well as yours gary payton thanks for the call let me know when you're in la i'd love to have you back in studio appreciate it yes always come on you know last night we did we had a good time so we did always take care of yourself gary payton okay you take that's the glove himself gary payton gp was in fact with me gp right here stewart always said gp are you with me yeah remember that of course like he said it was kirk franklin but yeah i i don't think michael jordan meant it the way do me a favor in this commercial break oh i've watched it many times no when was the last time you watched it well i can remember brock he laughs it's the famous meme of him laughing at the at the ipad and then it's the other famous meme that comes up with him sort of like looking like at the ipad like oh really he's saying that then he says i've never had a problem i never had a problem with the glove i mean i re-watched it like a few weeks ago watch it again i i watched it last night just to make sure i was up to speed on it because i'm a lead pipe wheeling professional and i knew i'd sneak it in on gary at the very end so let's take a break we'll come back more phone calls 844-204-rich number to dial mike singletary still to come but so is akbar baja biamila in studio back with our terrestrial radio audience let's make sure that we're all one happy family before you backtrack back here on the rich isin show 844-204-rich number to dial phone lines are lit okay you you did you watch the video and the commercial break or not i think maybe sometimes i have a way of trying to look at the positive yes you do okay and so i rewatch it and i can see your point but my man michael holly from brother from another who's obviously watching this just text me a second after we went to commercial yeah and he wrote something which i won't read he goes you know exactly how mj meant of course michael jordan wasn't accepted wasn't watching the ipad it wasn't gary paton talking about the the opportunity to beat the bulls in the mba finals he was talking about they knew they would have to wear jordan down and jordan started laughing at that and then he said they did that he said they were successful in doing that which led to the second most famous meme from that ipad watch which was him sort of going like did he really just say that because that makes me laugh then he hands the ipad back to the director and he's like i had no problem with the glove not like i have no problem like i'll accept i'll accept his opinion and i'm like oh it's all but he's cool with it this guy who created his own false narrative with poor who was that lafonso ellis back in the day the bradford smith the bradford poor the bradford smith was on the wrong end of something he didn't do like i said i maybe i was trying to get mike the benefit of the doubt but you know maybe look i stand corrected maybe i'm wrong maybe let's go to ben and mississippi here on the rich isa show eight four four two oh four rich what's up ben rich rich and cool yes how are you how you been i got bad news i'm looking come on dude let me explain it don't put that on me ricky bobby no go for it ben oh it won't happen okay again in this series okay you got jason tatum's bad game and the celtics still won rich even if steph curry is great for the remainder of this series do the golden state warriors have enough i don't believe they do and i know they have a lot of founders experience but i just think overall this is a worse of matchup for the golden state warriors against the celtics than we actually predicted and i wanted to say this because i called in a few weeks ago but i didn't get through i thought the winner of the milwaukee bucks and boston celtic series was not only going to represent the eastern conference but when you listen to the dan bongino and i also believe that 24 7 at i think this is a gentleman sweep so with that being said i just believe that as this series progress i don't know if you're going to get enough from clay i don't know if you're going to get enough from jordan pool will the celtics shoot the lights out a couple of the ball like they did last night probably not but i don't think they'll have to well ben i gotta i gotta say this i i always appreciate your opinions on this program and i appreciate you specifically saying this because i predicted the warriors to win and you've made chris brock been very uncomfortable and part of the reason why you've made him uncomfortable if there's anybody on the rich isin show set who knows about being a professional mush and how it can come from anywhere it's that guy so um this is great you've made him extremely uncomfortable chris clear your plans for sunday there's no reason to watch okay it's over it's over clear plans for clear plans for next wednesday you don't need to watch that game even though you probably want to see that beautiful nba finals script on the parquet floor of the td garden right i'm sure you want to do that but you don't have to it's over ben from mississippi has ended the finals and thank you for that ben thank you for that ben that's my man right there thank you ben i appreciate that ben from mississippi well done brockman knows the mush can come from anywhere and i know i know that breaking a a sports blackout where you're trying not to find out the score because you're recording it because it's something that you really want to see and you can't see it later until later on i know that can be ruined in any way shape or form zoom tape and as a matter of fact the 21st century you can't do it anymore as larry david says you just have an idea okay i think that's impossible it would take billions of dollars congratulations chris what are you gonna do sunday every school sunday night was it number 19 million dollars probably you're gonna take a six day off chris take sunday off we have sunday off already rich i do want to say this here i do want to say this here um that um i watched the fourth quarter yesterday sitting next to my 11 year old coop who is a celtics fan um he's a yankee celtics fan he's going to have explaining to do the rest of his life for people going what's up with that well mom loves the celtics and dad loves the yankees so okay um he's gonna it's gonna be an interesting hybrid that we're sending into the sports world um but he was so excited to watch this and all i can think of and i'll be very honest here um is how lucky we are to be living on the west coast yeah because tip off of that game was 10 after nine eastern time how many 11 year olds in massachusetts and boston in new england had to wake up and be told by their parents today what happened last night and and it's also like for all you folks out there in the east coast who are trying to be cool on on a school night and like you can stay up second half we'll see how it goes 80 to 67 i'm sending them to sleep yeah i'm sending her to sleep it's over like that was right around 11 o'clock eastern time last night where the celtics were down by 13 and i know miracles can happen one of the greatest quarters of the celtics in the last what 15 20 years it's been a while and so my fourth quarter discrepancy in nba history an 11 year old kid is no doubt in the final being sent to bed or fallen half asleep or whatever yeah i don't get it i don't get that's the best thing about the nfl with the super bowl the super bowl kicks off 20 minutes after six o'clock 15 minutes after six o'clock eastern time and i know the halftime goes for for so long but 45 minutes world series game start now first pitch in the eight o'clock eastern hour 8 30 wait nine o'clock eight o'clock at least sunday it starts at eight eastern you got a fighting chance if you're if you're parents of a celtic fan on the east coast thanks yeah we college basketball this year march madness turned into midnight madness it was midnight yep the one shining moment happened at like 20 after midnight but what do we do about this though rich what's i don't know like because i know i don't get the nine o'clock eastern tip we had a group chat it should have started so i was side watched it and then we sit in the bed for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's gotta be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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