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REShow: Stephen A. Smith - Hour 1 (6-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 6, 2022 3:16 pm

REShow: Stephen A. Smith - Hour 1 (6-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 6, 2022 3:16 pm

Rich recaps the Warriors Game 2 rout of the Celtics and says how Draymond Green stirring up the pot put Golden State back in the win column.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith tells Rich why Draymond Green the refs were right to hold off on giving Draymond Green a 2nd technical foul in Game 2 vs the Celts that would have been resulted in an ejection for the Warriors forward, why he’s predicting Golden State will beat Boston in 7 games, says why he likes the Lakers’ hiring of Darvin Ham to be their new head coach, and explains why he’d rather buy stock in the Brooklyn Nets than the Philadelphia 76ers despite some serious reservations about Kyrie Irving. 

Rich and the guys debate whether or not Draymond Green deserved a 2nd technical foul and an ejection for his Game 2 antics vs the Celtics. 

Rich reacts to the latest lawsuit against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson and questions just how much due diligence the Cleveland front office did before trading for the controversial QB and handing him a record-setting contract.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Pro football hall of famer Mike Singletary. Did you hear last year when Aaron Rodgers scored against the Bears he told the fans I own you? I think if someone would have said that while we were playing I would have thought something wrong with this person. Today's guests host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk Mike Florio host of ESPN's First Take Stephen A. Smith plus actor Wyatt Russell and now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. I start this program on Peacock doing a reverse Caruso. I'm taking off my glasses to say hello. Welcome to this program here in Los Angeles California.

844-204 Rich number to dial. We say hello to the NBC Sports on Peacock audience. The NBC Sports audio audience Sirius XM85. Our terrestrial radio audience Coast to Coast. We say hello to those listening on Odyssey and then later on on our podcast.

We just say hello to everybody because that's how outgoing we are as a group. Good to see you over there Christopher Brockman. DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts.

His back is in his chair and he swears he's here all week. So try the veal. Try the veal. Tip your waitress. Tip your wait staff. TJ Jefferson's lighting the candle. Good to see you over there TJ Jefferson. Morning Rich. You know today's the anniversary of the Iverson step over game.

Oh is that right? Oh man what a beautiful night in Los Angeles that was. Over Tai Lu and interestingly enough there is some Los Angeles basketball coaching news to get to that we will on this program. First up on this show Stephen A. Smith is calling in as he's I believe going to the airport like the rest of everybody who's covering the NBA for the worldwide leader in sports and ABC for game three that's going to be later on this week in Boston as the NBA Finals moves from one spot to another. Also on this program Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Lots going on with the Sean Watson's attorney I'll tell you that. And we kind of I was going to say touched upon it back on Friday but I literally just said that.

You can't say that with me here. So man the Broncos might be sold by the end of the day or the Seahawks for sale. What's going on with Russell Wilson's contract?

Why is that suddenly a conversation? There is so much to discuss in the world of the NFL with OTAs mandatory OTAs coming up one after another including Green Bay's this week. Mike Florio will join us and the actor Wyatt Russell will join us. The last time he was on he was promoting the Falcon and the Winter Soldier now he's on the show called Under the Banner of Heaven with Andrew Garfield. He is on this program coming up in hour number three in studio a huge in studio week for us. Tomorrow we've got O'Shea Jackson Jr. and Michael Chiklis and later on in the week we've got Henry Winkler. There's so much fun over the next five days for us to have on this show and it's not just because Mike Del Tufo swears he's going to be here for every single one of those days. So that's how we've set the table.

We've set the table everybody. So the NBA Finals is now tied at one game apiece. Looked like we were going to have another tight one until the third quarter happened and once again the third quarter went the Golden State Warriors way. This one however was such a blow out in the third quarter and the fourth quarter there was no Celtics three-point to Palooza and the Warriors win this one 107-88 and it really wasn't that close. The Warriors did get a better performance from Jordan Poole who went splash from half court. That was a huge shot even though we kind of carried the ball before shooting it. Jordan Poole with 17 points off the bench.

Kavon Looney had a nice game as well. Steph Curry almost with a 30 piece last night. Klay Thompson added his points and Gary Payton II made his appearance and Andre Iguodala didn't even dress.

So that looks to be potentially the way the Warriors are going to play this thing from here on out. Their first NBA Finals MVP from this stretch didn't even dress last night. Gary Payton II did dress for this one for a second straight time. This time however he actually played and looked the role of giving a nice burst to this team on both ends of the floor even though Jason Tatum had a heck of a first half a much better game too and Derek White was doing his thing. We did not see the huge three-point outburst from Al Horford. We didn't see it. We did see it from Jalen Brown in the first quarter last night but the second half it was all Warriors and we're tied at one game apiece and Stephen A. Smith who's going to join us shortly I think accurately made it an assessment that it looked like the Celtics already had their one and they were kind of settling in the second half last night.

There was a touch of contentment. You didn't see the same hunger in the second half last night. That may be something that you can't ascribe to the Celtics but you just thought last night that they had a shot in the second half to just lay down the law lay the wood to this team and take a 2-0 lead back to Boston and that is kind of the NBA Finals champion mentality that you would see from teams that are dominant and maybe just maybe though that these two teams are very well matched and it's going to be a close series all the way to the end. That's another way that you can assess it and Draymond Green had the sound bite of the night after game one where he looked at the stat sheet and he saw 15 of 23 three-point shooting from Horford, White and Brown and he basically intimated that odds are that's not going to happen again and I've said the odds are philosophy going against the Celtics is a poor philosophy to have because the Celtics have taken your odds are and stuffed it where the sun don't shine on every single opponent that they've faced pretty much since the calendar turn from 2021 to 2022 and maybe just maybe this team in Golden State needs to take these three-point shots and shooting ability of this team far more seriously or it's just Draymond Green only knowing one speed and that's the speed of getting in people's faces and getting in people's kitchens and grills and just seeing him matched up with Marcus Smart last night on occasion you know I turned to you Chris by the way Chris and we I watched the game with Chris yesterday figured you were at Dodger Stadium once again for the Mets T.J. Jefferson that's quite okay I know that but anyway so I turned to Chris and I'm like these two guys when they're matched up together it's the matchup of the two guys who know how to get it done while blaming it on the other person that they're covering more than anybody else and hiding it and hiding it they they pretty much know how to get it done and blame it on the other guy and make it look to the referees that it's the other guy's fault and then Draymond should have got ejected last night lied on top like laid his laid his feet on top of Jalen Brown and he already had a technical he already had a technical and the officials had to go in there and as Van Gundy pointed out this is normally a double technical certainly if you're pulling on the shorts of the opponent who's getting up and having an issue with you resting your feet on top of them for a split second and a double technical would have knocked green out of the game that's too bad I mean they got to do it they didn't and so green last night doubled down and so he only knows how to do it again he doubles and triples and quadruples down one speed uh he he's he's got a one speed uh he he doubled down on his comment after game one of like these guys can't keep it up so I think we'll be fine this is what he had to say I think it was definitely an attitude adjustment um you know like I said we we didn't play with enough force the entire 48 minutes we had spurts where we played with the right amount of force in game one but overall against a team like that you can't let your foot off the gas pedal all they need to see is one shot go in and it can start a domino effect and so uh we knew like I said last uh last game they are who we thought they were and so we knew we had to keep our foot on the gas pedal and not let up and we did that and we're able to come out with the win so draymond went to another green denny they are who we thought they were except they didn't let the celtics off the hook this time they are who we thought they were money green going denny green and man I I just know celtics fans are going to hear that sound bite for the next 48 hours played on what all ei and all those stations non-stop they're just going to be really intense in game number three when the warriors get on the floor and we'll have to see them win another game on the road for 25th consecutive playoff series if they don't the celtics will win the series it's just that simple and draymond green is the table wired the question is will he be able to hit the point and the warriors made their points last night and pool made his points last night but I think that draymond green has written some checks that he knows that the I think the officials are ready to cash now that we're going to be spending the next 48 hours thinking he hearing conversations he should have been ejected and he's like the celtics are who we thought they were who are they but a team that's running out of gas a team that can't keep up the shooting it doesn't seem like a compliment defensive intensity I don't I don't know what that comment really means but all I know is it's really set up this nba finals that's now a best of five with the celtics having home court advantage and the celtics will take that would sign for it although our next guest as we take a break points out that they played like it last night and they didn't take advantage of the opportunity to take the first two in san francisco let's take a break when we come back none other than stephen a smith from espn and the nba on abc that's coming up next all right so we're back here on nbc sports on peacock and we're back here in the rich eyes and show terrestrial radio outfit he is one of my favorite people on the planet not just to watch but just to chat with um he's on the mercedes-benz van's phone line making his way east or about to for game three that's going to be on wednesday night on abc between the celtics and the warriors it's now best of five in the nba finals the great stephen a smith here on the rich eyes and show are you doing stephen a what's going on good morning how are you i'm great appreciate you giving us some time as you're you're making your way to uh to the flight east um you're two cents on game two well the first two games go forward well i think that the golden state warriors could have easily been up 2-0 in this series they've had some big time moments particularly in the third quarter of each game uh unfortunately they fell apart in game one uh was up 15 and ended up being down 15 tremendous turnaround by the boston celtics game two that did not happen they recognize that their backs are against the wall uh boston celtics you can't go down oh two to the boston celtics and expect to win a series against them because they're not going to lose four or five games that has lost back-to-back games in the postseason yet and so when you look at it from that perspective there was an elevated level of urgency draymond green played like that antagonizing folks the way that he did and being as ferocious on defense as he's ever been uh step covery did his thing jordan pool came off the bench and helped um and ultimately for some inexplicable reason the boston celtics can't seem to get their act together the third quarter and it came back to haunt them this series is tied 1-1 well i mean just in and of itself steven a uh draymond resting his legs atop jaylen brown and then kind of tugging on his shorts is not an ejectionable offense but uh it might be worthy of a double technical as van gundy pointed out during the broadcast which would have with one t already on the docket for draymond ejected him from the game do you think the officials should have done that last night i don't think they should have done that i don't think they should have done something that would have led to him being ejected i i i'm not only resistant to it i abhor this thought process that we're supposed to avoid and ignore the actual moment that we're in this is not a regular season game this is the nba finals and you want the game decided by the players on the court and the coaches in the coaching box you don't want the play the play decided by officials now granted you understand that draymond had already received a technical earlier in the game and if you want to make the case that he's a bit too demonstrative and too bombastic when it comes to getting in the face of an official i even understand that but a play like that doesn't warrant an ejection and if you know that it would let lend itself towards him being ejected from an nba final that absolutely disgusts me that 20 000 people pack an arena and millions upon millions of people are watching it on television and we just want to ignore that because that play customarily would warrant a technical foul and we're just going to ignore the fact that it would lead to an injection in an nba final game i think it's utterly ridiculous that people have that kind of attitude they want to act like all things are equal in every moment in the same when you damn well know better well i mean but how many times you know if you did it a third time then you know what i mean like at some point though there has to be some sort of repercussion don't you think steven and i think there has to be well that says rich hison rich hison and i love each other dearly we both you know you love your wife and i love her dearly as a friend of mine for 20 plus years but i'm sure this isn't the first time normally be the last that we respectfully disagree the reality of the situation is that with that particular play i don't care if it happened 20 times it doesn't warrant to me an ejection if you gave me the same scenario with the same exact play that took place i'm more receptive to a referee saying all right i've had enough because you're constantly screaming in my face rubbing your body up against mine and imploring me to see things the way that you see it and you won't stop to me that warrants more of an ejection than the actual play against feeling brown what do you think money green meant at the end of uh at the end of his press conference last night that the celtics are who we thought they were he pulled a money green pulled a denny green last night steven a what do you think what do you think he meant by that i don't know how wide that is i don't know that why that is because let me tell you something right now jason tatum is the star of this league he hasn't played like one as of yet but he is uh jaylen brown is a star as well this brother can play some basketball and their defense is real it's not sink it's not phony it's a legit elite defense in the national basketball association so if he said that about a team that simply tried to outscore the golden state warriors and didn't take defensive prowess into account i get where he's coming from but boston has locked down capability and when you consider the way they have clay thompson struggling that with the exception of jordan pool getting off in the third quarter they've held him in check and they certainly haven't allowed draymond green to be some offensive juggernaut i think it's kind of dangerous for him to say that but he is a three-time champion this is his sixth appearance in an nba final if anybody has earned the right to display such a bravado it's him steven a smith few minutes left with him before he hops a flight uh to boston for game three that'll be on wednesday night on abc uh and he and will bond and jaylen rose and greenie and magic johnson that was a terrific ad uh you can check him out every single uh pre-game and mid mid game at halftime and afterwards right here on the rich isin show so um how do you see the next five games playing out best of five boston's got home court advantage do you think they can pull this off steven a i think we come back to golden state next week for game five with the series side two two i think a best of five uh will intensify to a best of three i have the golden state warriors winning this series in seven games uh but i did say it was a pick them series to to begin with because i happen to firmly believe that the boston Celtics are an elite team because of their defensive prowess and if golden state doesn't doesn't get exact in the order uh they could lose the series clay toms to shoot four of 19 that's unacceptable that's not going to cut it that's not going to get it done and i think that we all know that and so it's one of those situations where i look at boston i respect them for being a legitimate bonafide threat that they are but i still firmly believe that the golden state warriors should be the team that gets it done because of their championship experience and because of mr stef curry who i think will capture his first nba finals nbt honors when all of this is said and done okay so uh how how do you just take the other side of that uh see the celtics pulling it off how do you how do you see that being possible i say if they if they continue to neutralize clay thompson and jordan they can win this series the role players are going to be pivotal i get all of that but in the end it comes down to clay thompson and jordan pool and how much assistance they're going to give to a steph curry because at some point in time just like boston was able to neutralize steph curry in game one where he comes out he dropped six threes and scores 21 points in the first corner and then it's held to 13 points for the rest of the game just like they figured him out over those last three quarters they could potentially do that again and if that happens clay thompson and jordan pool are going to have to step up and if they don't boston can take these guys stephen a smith a couple more minutes left with him here on the rich eisen show uh i have not spoken to you since the lakers made a move in the direction of darvin ham um the report this morning from sham sharonia um saying that it looks like rashid wallace might join him on his coaching staff um what do you think of the hiring of ham for the lakers and what do you think they need to do from this moment forward with lebron and the rest of the roster steven i love that because what you're doing you're having a coach first of all from a physical perspective don't even think about pushing darvin ham around not because they're professionals but don't even think about that not happening because that's not going to happen they're not going to push him around this guy i mean he's a massive individual uh he's earned the right to get this opportunity i'm happy for him i was a bit apprehensive about it only from the standpoint that he's a first-time head coach and considering all the news that is percolated out of the los angeles lakers as an organization and how you have folks interfering with what the coach actually wants to do you certainly thought that they would hire a stronger mind that wouldn't allow that kind of stuff to happen but they swear that's not going to happen in the future uh that anybody who thought that way about them is not going to have a reason to think about that moving forward and as a result they feel the way that they feel fair enough i think adding a guy like rashid wallace to the coaching staff considering what i know he knows about the game of basketball combined with how his personality is how much respect he garners from the contemporary player and how he can get in their face if necessary along with retaining phil handy who doesn't get enough credit for his player developmental skills along with his basketball acumen i think their staff is going to be pretty strong and i think that that's going to help them overcome a lot of the maladies from last season so i don't really have a problem uh with their coaching staff i have an issue with their roster anthony davis you don't know how healthy he's going to be russell westwood doesn't appear to be the ideal fit for them and as a result they need to make some moves whether they'll be able to remain to be seen because you don't have people wanting russell westwood even though he's approaching the last year of his deal at 47 million per you don't have people that are too keen on grabbing him that could all change in a matter of months and we know that but it really comes down to me lebron james and anthony davis how healthy are they if those two guys are healthy they can get you to the postseason and then last one there you take it from there last one for you steven a you you could take the nets or the sixers as a team to to be uh the eastern conference favorites next year those are the only two which one would you take steven easily brooklyn easily brooklyn um from a talent perspective from an ability because you got kevin durant who i believe is the greatest play in the world went completely healthy um we all know that kyrie irvin is a showstopper um and ben simmons is an elite defensive player uh the season before last he was my vote for defense because i have a vote he was my vote for defensive play in the year um i say all of that to say obviously ben simmons and kyrie irvin are anything but reliable uh ben simmons is a complete different case what altogether we don't even know if he's gonna play again to be quite honest with you uh we don't know what his mental health situation is like and in the case of kyrie irvin this guy's a showstopping box office he's worth 50 million a year as far as i'm concerned in today's nba economy but i would never ever give him more than a one year at a time deal he cannot be trusted to show up to work i i said this before publicly and out there against rich eisen my hand to the heaven to my heavenly father i swear this to you yes when ukraine got bombed by russia i actually thought that kyrie irvin is going to use that as an excuse to skip work that's who he is he's done it before remember this is the same guy that skipped work because he was traumatized by the riots at the u.s capital when everybody else in america had to show up to work kyrie irvin took time off this guy's a professional that's skipping work he finds reasons not to show up to work it's not that he doesn't want to put in the work he just wants to show up when he wants to show up it practices at 10 a.m he wants to show up at 12 noon if the game is at 7 30 damn it why can't it be at 5 30 if a game is on a thursday damn it why can't it be on a friday that's who he is he's not gonna that's who he is and so for me the only thing that you can trust about him is that he'll care enough about his money to show up to earn it if you know it's guaranteed he might throw a monkey wrench in that but from a talent perspective no question brooklyn is head and shoulders above philly and i would trust kyrie's talent and ben simmons talent more than james harden's talent at this stage in his career because of that hamstring injury he's never fully gotten over and plus agent attrition steven a safe travels really appreciate the time always as you know i cherish it no problem buddy be safe i love watching you and uh the rest of this uh this series and beyond thanks for the time appreciate it all right all right my brother we'll talk to him the one and only steven a smith here on the rich isin show as he gets ready to head off he'll take the nets even with the way he feels about kyrie over your 76ers well personal fillings don't matter on the court like you don't matter if you don't like them you put the man on the basketball court he's one of the best in the game but it's not a personal feeling thing if it was a personal feeling thing you said he'd take the nets even with the way he feels about kyrie well it doesn't matter like kyrie on the basketball court but his point is that kyrie is not reliable to get on the basketball court and that's even with that he still would take the nets over the sixers that's foolish is that what you would you would term it yeah you know talking just i gave you a laundry list of reasons why it was personal he and duran duran had beef with steven a recently and he's calling him the best player yeah i was shocked by that i also loved the way he kind of threw in there that he had a personal when he comes defensive player of the year i have a vote he slid that in there really nice well you should guys watch this he watches a ton of basketball yeah i don't know if kyrie is going to go one year do you think kyra would just go one year with the nets i don't think that's a feasibility no i'm looking to see what he's getting paid and harden it let's just say like i said harden just needs to go on the jh system well he should call it the jh system isn't working i didn't yeah we need a new jh system it worked for a while i'm saying it man i'm calling tom brady if i'm like darrell mori give me tom brady's number tom can i hook you up with james harden and then you call james harden and say james i just just one year just give it to me okay give me one year of you on this system one year of treating your body like a temple he shows up like 205 shredded yeah what if he did that then the Sixers will win the championship they might because he just basically said i will take kyrie irving and his unreliability yeah i would take him over harden because he hasn't gotten over a hamstring injury in forever and all he's got to do is get over that hamstring injury and become a little bit more than the playmaker that he is right now by the way i've never heard playmaker is a backhanded compliment term in my entire life only for someone who's 33 again also the hamstring injury he hasn't been able to get over like obviously hamstring injuries must hamstring injuries must be really tough to recover from and i'll tell you this i do even though we i do agree with his assessment that this is the nba finals and you need to call it differently i that's the way i always feel you know how the nfl is the king of doesn't matter what game it is doesn't matter what time it is doesn't matter at all we're calling the foul we're throwing the flag i mean that's a prayer i said all the time but you see the referees eat their whistle in the last couple minutes of an of a of an nfl game yeah although you know bangles fans will be like wait a minute did you not see the end of the super bowl this year when we got called for holding and it was a completely reversal of the way the game was called of that entire game of course the rams fans would be well did you see jaylen ramsey have his head nearly turned around like it was the exorcist um in the beginning of the second half and that wasn't called i i i just needed to push back on him certainly just for you chris you know and you self the celtics fans were like you know if you keep on letting somebody do what they want and it is normally any time of the year a technical foul and somebody's already gotten the t that doesn't mean that they have to do something completely egregious in order to get that second technical yeah i guess if he had laid his instead of laying his feet on him if he had kicked him in the nether region that would have been it yeah because that's what's happened before to him in an nba finals then what is trying to pull his pants down like what are we doing summer camp well i think you can chalk it up to him trying to pull himself up more than him trying to pull don't make excuses for this guy oh i'm not making excuses but i'm just saying why would he try to pull his pants down i don't believe because that's what he does he's a petulant child on the basketball court and the refs let him get away with it like who cares if he's already had to tee him up beforehand it's the sum while he's screaming at grant williams like it's the sum of the parts here it's the sum of all the actions so if four or five things happen throughout the course of the game yes you should be ejected i don't care if the one that tipped the scale was wasn't as bad as one two three or four like at what point is enough of i guess the second technical in an nba finals game needs to have a different standard than the first and that's something that i'm sure the nba would deny is actually i understand the first is always like hey here's your warning shot okay don't do it again but he doesn't care draymond green has shown throughout his entire career those things don't matter he cost his team a world championship because he couldn't help himself and he has since corrected that i think he's a he's a lot more i think wise about his shenanigans these days than he was as he's not as good a younger player anymore so he has to resort to this type of stuff i don't know about that assessment well i mean it's kind of obvious no one is as good at 33 as they are at 23 like so yeah so he has to resort to intimidation getting his the fans and his teammates jacked up by doing this type of behavior that in any other game gets you booted he might physically be different but he's a much better player in terms of his mental acuity and how that's all he has left well i mean that's a that's a great way to keep yourself on the path to the hall of fame yeah that's true and i think he's more now i think he's more well aware of his of his of his arms and his legs and what he's doing with them look i'm the call that i'm more pissed about is jaylen brown's second foul went on every single yeah i know we we thought doesn't touch him if it and and again that's if i'm gonna this kind of plays in and that's what we're talking about three-point play and it gets out of the game right after he had scored nine in a row and so in the same way that we're saying officials should just call it as they see it and remove the stakes from the process in other words the exact opposite of what steve hayes smith just said as he respectfully disagreed with me that i think coaches should challenge calls use their challenge in the first quarter if it's something that is just as important as it is in the fourth you know sometimes a baseball manager will bring in a reliever in the fifth or sixth inning of a playoff game because this is the moment to douse the flames because you never know the seventh eighth and ninth innings of course could be uh have the same level of importance if not more important because it's later in the game and you're that much closer to winning i'm always in the mindset in a playoff game bring the guy in now because you could put the fire out now and have no fires the rest of the game that's your fire you don't just let it you know involve the house more because you know what later on we're gonna have more of a brigade we'll need the brigade later on i i i thought you know emi yudoka should have used this challenge on that in the first quarter when your your star player's got a second foul to be picked up and he's hot and he's hot yeah and the replay showed he didn't come any contact any contact zero you use the challenge there he's got one foul and off you go and it's not a big play i mean the first quarter was the celtics quarter to maybe kind of win it and then as it as you as you saw there was no third or fourth quarter need for that challenge nope well the nba finals people when we come back let's turn our uh our eyes on the football world i've been making this statement over and over again that the las vegas raiders are going to win the afc west this year and uh just like everybody in las vegas you know when you when you push your chips in to the center of the table you got to double and triple and quadruple down to just protect your bet i'm putting the odds behind the pass line when we come back you'll see what i mean when we talk about the afc west and that deep end of that pool back here on the rich outside show eight four four two oh four rich number to dial um mike florio is going to join us top of the next hour the uh as expected 24th 24th 2-4 24th civil lawsuit has been filed against dishawn watson and this one the um tells a story that i can't mention on this program it's disgusting it's disgusting what is he's being accused of is so vile and disgusting that i cannot mention it here and if it's true the league must act and it's got to act considerably i i honestly there's nothing there's no there's nothing that can um remove this story from my brain now and um like i said i i the only thing i can tell our our listeners is to go seek it out this i don't even i don't even know how to describe it in a way uh for for a radio audience that might have uh children in its uh out there earmuffs the uh accuser is saying that watson had her uh went went to her house for the massage and uh eventually wound up being fully uh naked and now i guess know why rusty harden the his attorney was talking about happy endings the other day and they're not necessarily being illegal maybe he saw this one coming he saw the document or anything like that all i know is that the um massage therapist didn't expect it didn't want it and uh wasn't happy for her and she quit the profession and called a friend apparently right afterwards so this could be corroborated i mean the browns did not do their due again i know it's a he said she said thing if this is true the browns clearly did not do their due diligence and i i don't once again know that this guy i i met him right after the draft i've i've he couldn't have been more nice couldn't have been more polite couldn't have been more everything that you'd want in your child everyone you'd want in your child's friend anybody that you'd want in a face of your business that's who deshawn watson was as bright-eyed and as on the straight and narrow as you'd want anybody that you'd be giving all this money into i i don't i i don't know that person reading this document vile is the only way to describe it if if true and i don't know the way out of this and if it's true then he should be on the commissioner's exempt list five minutes ago immediately and i i i don't know the way out of this thing but it's not criminal he's not getting any criminal charges it's all civil and there's now 24 of them 24 lawsuits mike florio joining us at the top of the next hour eight four four two oh four rich numbered at all kevin stefanski just uh was speaking it looks like he's at a golf tournament or something like that um i'm seeing this from the terrific nfl network news desk um there's a mandatory mini camp next week he has a browns golf tournament today and he's just we're trying to be respectful of the process is what he said about the 24th lawsuit coming he also mentioned that he wouldn't comment on mayfield showing up baker mayfield showing up for mandatory minicamp next week if he's going to be excused or if he's expected the um niners announced that they're excusing jimmy garoppolo from their mandatory news items like come on dude you that's an hour three don't worry about it don't worry about it i mean i do love it if people are going to be watching all three hours of the rich the browns really messed up i'm sorry it's just not like kind of hitting me you just alienated the guy that you drafted number one what four years ago five years ago and and you gave all this money to a dude who we want to really believe in and believe but like one or two you can overlook 24 like my god i can't even sit here and try to come up with a way to defend this dude anymore man it's just and they gave him 180 million 230 i'm just talking about the escrow like that whole thing is weird i've never heard that before and 230 they gave him 230 million guaranteed dollars i i think and and as andrew brandt points out they they gave him a contract where if he is suspended it only it only comes out of his one of one million of the 46 million so they basically made him monetarily foolproof to uh a suspension right a year-long suspension he loses a million only a million of the 46 million that's it wow so they basically said to him hey what we got your back if you've done this and to the point where the the league needs to suspend you feels compelled to suspend you so you get to still keep your money and then once that's all over you'll be our quarterback no there's got to be part of the fan base that will never overlook any of this ever again doesn't matter how many touchdowns he scores well then again that that does kind of cure things honestly it's just fans throwing touchdowns and and you you know you might sit here and say why is this accuser coming forward now after all this time and apparently it was that real sports piece that aired the night that we were at the sports semis she saw it and she's like i gotta speak out i haven't seen the report but just you know just going by the way you described it and just in my head i can't i can't describe it i can't describe it all i know is i read it during the commercial break after hanging up from steven a smith and whatever and it's disgusting it's vile it's just like behavior like that is is sick venal uh i mean again and and i'm sure you were innocent until proven guilty and it's not you know he's all the chargers have been you know would never filed criminally against him but civil these civil lawsuits this is somebody's saying that he she accepted his business i i and i know folks are saying like that and and i'll just say this too i i've never have you ever and i know folks are saying like that and and i'll just say this too i i've never have you ever gone and gotten a massage and then you went to the masseuse's house no you know like that's weird nope weird normally the the masseuse or masseur comes to your spot or you go somewhere where it's a professional a whole thing is just so weird and wild especially with a professional athlete letting you know like that that's your profession to be to that's always being to be to have your to have your body taken care of and you're gonna put it in the care of 24 different people yeah that's always been your thing from day one like one you find like i i like i every professional athlete i know finds the one person that knows their body and they go to that person and that's their person for as long as that person's willing to have you or you have a person in each city that you go to so you have that you know but you specifically that's it there's like a person you know like you know like i've got a right hip issue i got this and that's you know and the story that this masseuse tells is similar to the ones that other ones and his lawyer went on the radio last week and said the most disgusting thing to like basically like how many guys out there in your listening audience have had a happy ending and massage and it's not illegal like what are you talking about like now so you now you're saying that this stuff did happen or you're saying this stuff did happen and it's normal and it's not illegal i i thought this was all untrue and none of nothing ever happened oh well some of it's conceptual but consensual but the other ones aren't at all sexual because he never did it just like which ones did he do and which ones didn't he do and and this is the starting quarterback of the cleveland browns in week one i i i don't know how that's possible and then if he is suspended you know that that you know then it's just okay we're all just good we're all good and let's go play football uh and that's what the browns are counting on the browns are counting on that he he serves it out and we'll just forget about the 2022 season at some point will you tell that to all the all the teammates and baker well and again baker's supposed to be the one to get them off the hook that's right that's that's why they still have him here that this guy who has this lawsuit filed against him and a a lawyer who's saying what he is now saying publicly that guy got all the guaranteed dollars from the team that um that wants him back under the circumstances to save the season save the season baker we made this decision with deshaun watson we upset you you're upset at us but let's put bygones uh let's have bygones bygones you guys got to take us out of this uh problem please get out of here with that noise literally last thing i want to be talking about in the sports world is this story literally last thing well apparently that's what the masseuse had to do is take a shower according to her lawsuit geez and so awful guys and ladies out there and kids out there last thing i want to be talking about but kind of have to don't we wow mike florio on this and more coming up where do you go after that uh you know what i mean we could talk about some good browns news then rich what do you got well you know my buddy nathan zagora who's called into the show before yes he recently got named um lead radio color analyst for the browns football games i did not know that he and jarrod cherry uh jarrod cherry second over sideline reporter he's replacing doug deacon in the browns giving your friend a little shout out yeah well remember when he called in he uh he put me over pretty well so i just needed to return that favor but yeah proud of him man he's a guy we used to do a fantasy football show together a decade ago with ashton with that yes with ashton okay and uh nate would fly himself from cleveland to la every wednesday to do this show with ashton and i on ustream if you remember ustream and now he's worked his way into this position worked his way in this position calling and so proud of him man that's just you know another good guy kind of making it and he's going to be breaking down a lot of the film of jacobi brissette that's what he's going to be doing yeah and he'll kind of do like there's mccaffee thing there's no way the league just lets this thing stand and says okay you're out there week one not a shot on this green earth can't happen how do you refute this when your lawyer just said what he said on the radio the other day this is wild man this is wild how do you say didn't happen when his lawyer is basically saying i'm not just it's just totally hypothetical but but who out there in your audience hasn't come on right it's not like it's illegal even if it does happen and i'm not saying my client was doing this and by the way let's just say this just in the court of public opinion and by the way i don't think anyone here is saying that it is illegal we're just saying for a high profile actually though it can be it can be but for a high profile athlete it's just very weird for you to exhibit this type of behavior when don't i don't know the people have all types of quirks but i mean last thing i want to be talking about and and and in terms of the guy who i thought never in a million years never in a million years if you had told me this sort of behavior would be a legend of an nfl player i'd say please tell me it's not true and then you tell me this is the guy that guy the michael jordan and cleats yeah get out of here mike florio pro football talk your phone call is 844-204-rich overreaction monday i don't think that's part of it coming up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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