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REShow: Wyatt Russell - Hour 3 (6-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 6, 2022 3:17 pm

REShow: Wyatt Russell - Hour 3 (6-6-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 6, 2022 3:17 pm

Chris Brockman updates the latest in the NFL including news on Jimmy Garoppolo, Deebo Samuel, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, Sean McVay, LeBron and more.

Actor Wyatt Russell joins Rich in-studio to discuss his Hulu miniseries ‘Under the Banner of Heaven, recounts the time in college he tried to grow a beard to be the Big Lebowksi for Halloween and what measures he once took while playing pro hockey to impress his teammates, says why his NFL team, the Denver Broncos, would have never won a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning if not for Tim Tebow, previews the upcoming Stanley Cup conference finals games and says what Wayne Gretzky meant to the growth of ice hockey in California.

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That's 877 asked Dell to save up to 48% on our latest technology Rich Eisen shall live from the ranch. I shared a studio Angela football Mike Singletary, did you hear last year when our Rogers cordons the Bears. He told the friends I own claim on something warm shall take peacocks for help about L'Oreal rest so okay everybody out of the three of the show is live on the euro NBC Sports on Peacock NBC Sports audio Sirius XM channel 85 for those of you listening on the rich Eisen show terrestrial radio network coast.

We say hello to all of you on our vast podcast system. We would love to have you had that subscribe button wherever podcasts are acquired. Please do that on the cumulus podcast network is where our podcast is distributed also in world podcast required as well. Eisen show for anything that you may have missed Mike Florio, our number two Stephen a Smith called and as he was getting on a plane to Boston, Massachusetts.

The NBA finals. All nodded at one game apiece game number three is set for Boston on Wednesday night. So two days off extra travel dates at 22111 so were to go back and forth between time zones and coasts because Boston is on the East Coast and San Francisco is on the West Coast and the rest of the country, including Altoona, Pennsylvania is in between that that's always a lot to TJ Jefferson here on the program Chris Brockman and Michael to follow his spot mixing geography with sports and entertainment.

The actor, Wyatt Russell, the affect showroom under the banner of heavens can come out here shortly. He played hockey try to play some hockey professionally. Yeah that's right about that a little bit when he called and the last time for the terrific sure the falcon in the winter soldier he's coming out here in just a few short minutes right now so great were to do that hockey to use our thinking about the New York ring is some hockey tonight, let's try the Rangers are scaring the lightning right now lightning bounce back with one game to one that got correct. But you know to go to seven games. If it goes seven games game seven is slated for Madison Square Garden on the same night the Justin Bieber is slated to have a concert so doling a double double booked Eastern conference finals is arranged always plan a meeting that double booked beaver if you like. They between. Like show how maybe beaver can just do a couple songs from a Zamboni hilarious so we got a route that serves to go.

The felt just to make during an adult. I'm not much more about the great thing with Sears despite not going on. I don't have a 10 closeout game tonight in Edmonton on the answer just as a favorite with so that's the nuts are part of our conversation level required Russell and let's talk now number three so much going on the world of sports. It's time for Chris Brockman is a Christian very busy today really didn't overreact Monday.

That was top-notch. We actually even recycle the what's more likely question from last week, we asked of Mike Florio. Well, I mean you know it's his prerogative to answer it. However he wishes you, I'm forced to give you one of the author. I make when you when and where.

That's the construct.

That's the box on, put in for what's more likely you asked last Friday.

What's more likely to attend my lows at 33 total touchdowns in his career so far. Injury marred and also didn't start week one of his rookie season. He's at 33 of those you asked Willie at what's more likely he has 30 combined total touchdowns out for the 2022 season or he struggles, and Brent Tom Brady is the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins in 2023 Mike Florio said well it's Hidalgo either Brady or Lamar Jackson while like okay phone which he was in fact doing time we so that was good. If you missed any that again. Check out our Twitter feed at rich Eisen showing that, of course, Eisen show are all YouTube page. Please at the subscribe button be part of the now 422,000 subscribers and growing Chris rock was news update right here in their chosen show. Although the report of the days news from the world of sports and entertainment someone is not a journalist on my definition of the word is for you little known fact that I typing on that typewriter typewriter in that video exactly what Tom Brokaw said is 100 may present sausage making update for the third time today the 49ers of excuse.

Jimmy grappled of Jimmy G. Of course, rehabbing shoulder surgery away from the facility as the Niners explore trade options that will continue. Now I don't need him around there.

One of any number on their ministry lances job me have a machine even hang out there it's tray lances job tray lances taken every first-team's not want any Jimmy grappled there right now what I'm enjoying. Jerry could be there for support team support right unless they have no intention of having Jimmy grappled on this team so there excusing him from just hanging out getting to come and hang out you can. They just on your left is to be the reason the subway it's tray lances get okay that is the writing on the wall.

That is what everybody within the walls of San Francisco 49ers front office.

They believe telling you this is what's happening because again it if they had, and if it was possible for him and need to be there to get ready for the season just in case Lance isn't ready is not the conversation we heard from other observers. Lance may not be ready.

So Jimmy crumpled could be there if he is not traded, it be good to have in the right. I mean it would be absolutely understandable to having the right guys hurt he's rehabbing. They basically told we know you have to come for reason it's lances get folks know about people showing up what minicamp starts tomorrow. They moved it up there when I moved the mandatory minicamp to tomorrow to the nine, you know the look like the buzz not expect to be in the field for practices, but it is up in the air for show up at all is fine. Please get a hold of her did show up to the Warriors game last night and Kyle Shanahan are both in the building. Do you think they ran into each other in order to better leverage on better seats would be awkward.

What better seats, but what shoulder and I can't find that out.

People just tweet now they're both at the game. Sure, it's five guys he's complacent 49ers who be there to pay him on what's going on who will take or how Shanahan was right behind the warriors and also Viggo stable letting better straight mom was resting his Fiona. Here's a question.

A side note, all Mike. Box. What's more, shoulder.

See, I swing right.

Yeah, now you have been on the floor. I reflect Mike's a sweet guy.

Well, someone who's recently on the wood AA AA hook this up. I'd say man being on the floors nice sweet get more people in the suite, you can kinda move around his heart is her card I not that I can do none okay so I kind of feel like you know you're up and swing TVs become Rome Yucatn. We can hold it by doing God's excellent coverage is something personal waiter what else are the athletic supporting that Cooper cop and he wants a new deal is going to attend minicamp despite ongoing contract talks Cooper cop will be there as expected and Donald okay very good signs that point in the right alright so what made it so McVeigh got married before mandatory men. Yeah, America married, so I guess is it's of voluntary honeymoon. Now people hunting was on their own people.

Later honeymoon immediately after you we we got married Saturday night's eyewear brunch in Iraq EST London anymore about that gradually right schedule.

The schedule now you don't leave the next day, married, and then you've got mandatory six mandatory marriage matters. Voluntary manager will remain with mannequins involved in. It's not voluntary that's scheduled for Chandra Miller great coverage of the Cooper dumpster to Ron today is another one for you broadside you again here was on the shell. As you can imagine.Scholz is important part of that number one ranked offense and scoring from last I gotta say my man is frustrated at the stalled long-term contract negotiations buddy Tom Posada saying today that Schultz informed the team not going to attend the rest of voluntary OTA's ears out his situation is there is less there is less time is a sign he signed his kind is designed and our franchise entered what he want a long-term deal to keep him in Dallas after this season yet until July 25*July 15. As you all know franchise tag through the rural applied when the player does not have a problem with it or slapped if they do.

Apparently this franchise tag is been slapped on to slack. I'm telling you. Number three on the items that I talk myself into is the Cowboys of taken a step back you forgetting that we also have Blake German. We have two tight ends on his right lens, I forgot about simplex canola first-team reps who had 70 catches and stands last year, so you're not concerned about the civil not the time as a sign of not not what we have we have two tight ends so damn back together give me another position. Yeah, I'd be worried about it. I'm not stressing about wide receiver your best wide receivers on the Cleveland Browns are best wide receiver. The other restaurant receivers the of the another best wide receivers hurt toward the two events that we lamb to the three best that we had are still on the team more touchdowns this year. Jamar Chase exceedingly wet where is he coming to play for more touchdowns as Jefferson received the lamp again this year. Stefon things are ceasing about Amari Cooper shall take CD level for Moses like pineapple pizza to a falafel like bees to know even what we talking about my question why you have been talking Dallas receivers the now every other receiver in the league against exactly consider your saying that the Cowboys haven't taken a step back and that she plans to take a step phone that wasn't how the conversation like that wasn't what we were talking about, but sure okay and the Broncos and have a new owner Rob Walton. Barring another outrageous.

Yet it can be afforded the rich keep getting affordable.

He looked at outside the walls get a HELOC to close at market. Mike and I looked at Rob Walton worth 58.8 you can afford to break off some problem can have Broncos break him up some proper like Rich Eisen's rap and hip-hop like it's been going on since the 90s. I mean, you see the little bit of a break for some sounds like that's what's up buddy my class and then repairing that all four bidders for the Broncos I would assume that what you have spoken to Peyton Manning to gauge his interest in joining their ownership group is a minority partner or advisor and sees having an auction of his own. Seems like it is a big auction is the big big big Jake and then a mini auction ending in Omaha. Auction can Peyton still do Manning cast a minority owner of a team and auction Omaha home auction Walmart. Yes, you can begin your leg what happens when the Broncos get a Monday night game to take the day off.

I don't take to get just in the objective that day do you sit there and watch the Manning cast thinking okay got an agenda. Seriously, it's just that he's talking about slapping Jeff Saturday only estimate is now in a minute. I don't know if I really believe what he's saying as he does on a piece the Broncos which we would understand questions that I'm just giving you what the people, and socially. Then you could clap back.

Thank you. You give me permit I'm giving you permission to clap on a bronze been pretty active tweaking turn out there in the NBA playoffs playing basketball at this yesterday and then jumping on someone's podcast soon.

Maybe my all coal would you be interested in the Lebron Jeff broadcast below podcast podcast podcast on James broadcast the broadcast.

See I like to read between his IRS consultant Ron I understand you have your own people rocket let us handle it slowly visibility and announce the broadcast little bra cattle broadcast. I said, the podcast person upon James Jean Wright, Papa, James, and that's it okay to be strive for greatness podcast. That's benefit slogan dies. It's clearly going to be called a kid from Akron.

We also will.

I wouldn't be bad by not just we just know it won't drop on Tuesdays that tacos so so does look like maybe my own. Maybe my own secret surrender that lists if someone doesn't bring me on the podcast so to start my own so rich Eisen hoops basketball podcast we blow had withdrawn, take a look. Lebron would immediately just another thing the mind at it.he's working on the second billion now you look upon James on the podcast.

What is it I may go strive for greatness, but you didn't like yours get from Akron just been told that the announcement is coming. Jim Gray is home. Nothing terrible is our greatest good. Lebron will announce which podcasting is either a zone or somebody else's podcast and it's going to be announced in 58 he is going to announce which one it's going. That's we got was 100,000 like I'm a take my talents to the rich Eisen show basketball podcast. It's honestly whatever he wants to do. He probably saw what Conan just sold his podcast company for right Simmons, like all these guys broken obviously and eyes. As expected, Quint Snyder's planning to step down will really go to the touch after you take some time. Is it who said that it was at when more student mentioning of the daily yeah may make a take a will, one year off recharge and he feels and according to Welch that time for new voice they haven't quite been able to get over the hump. There, that's, that's a pretty good plumb position right there. Don't turn through too many coaches there did not owe and Darvin Hamm is hired an assistant coach for the shams machine. Wallace is going to be on the Lakers bench ball don't lie. We talked about that with Stephen any earlier on the program so check that one out. I only is going to meet with Michael Jordan this week to talk about the Hornets coach Mike and Tony Lingle Mello would shine. Like Naomi D'Antoni.

I know I kinda like is that sharp ham thing we like all these old recycled regurgitated. Let's get some new younger coaches and there may be different point of views kind in the day. I don't know, you never know you can catch the Tory lightning, but the Mike Keenan memorandum 19 Sean McRae just that's the one that's the best lightning of all I was to take a break right here on the rich Eisen show Wyatt Russell is here in studio. Can't wait to chat with him. He's been on the phone before but we get to shake his hand and chat with them face-to-face. We come back to your antiperspirant keep you dry all plus gear dry spray goes on instantly drive for a cleaner fuel and offers 48 hours sweat and order protection repeat that 48 hours of sweat.

In order protection.

Use it and don't even think about it dry spray contains doves unique one quarter moisturizing cream. It helps protect your skin trite dub men plus gear dry spray goes on dry cleaning field all day why Russell here on the rich are essential under the banner of heaven, and this affects show that's now available for streaming on Hulu Andrew Garfield and you in the program, Sam Worthington as well. Daisy Edgar Jones, I see that the billboards all over the stone fork.

So when you say that you're glad it's over.

You really you had to go anywhere for this role is like. It's just a Andrew ever is awesome like admit Andrew Garfield as incredible as an actor as he is.

He's also that great person doesn't like is just the best, Sam same thing.

Great guy. Great to work with Daisy Dave that made it like fun. You know me okay going after I'd had to do so. This divider did come home from work and just like forget about the day hopefully trounced hockey or bitter football or filming this past winter and just like forget about it now, and that made it a lot easier, but it was that I was there was had to do some stuff in the a certain way that just like that leaves a bad taste as ever. Sports is what totally just, and the date you know likes to reset it for me that so that helps. Yeah, okay, here's an yeah now that's on now available for streaming on Hulu right here, starting right now all episodes of under the banner of heaven want Russell here in the rich Eisen show so you're a longtime hockey player correct you you tried it.

So is this the playoff beard that you got working right now is just my my attempt at making my wife annoyed and then her being like is a very Lebowski type look you got going on right here Savior as he said it, you know like underrated estimates because I got that going by now. I I'd I'd I was that I was the big Lebowski for hollowing in college one of course, and everybody felt like a big Lebowski. The data at some point in college and I'd like a white Russian in a robe and I did the whole thing and it was a Evans like it. I was made the joke that looked more like Jeff Bridges. I like my dad and so real. Jeff Brandon ask you look about you right now like I'm the type to complement the thank you you're welcome. III could never really grew. Because I was 18. Yes, seven, 17, 18, the captain of my hockey team and one of the Leaders and I had a baby face like no one would know respect me. I thought is like a micro beard I going to truly try grow beards I went I grew beard. I put just for men and at color brown and then went out and then shave the rest those located beards not really remain building a handlebar mustache and say shaving is a horrible handlebar mustache was a peach fuzz handlebar with no meant just for men but it like kinda worked.

Yeah, I was like I don't know. I was just maybe, it's totally psychosomatic and completely born from insecurity. But then I never I never did, never beards. It was like the people you know, income wise, but why you go Jeff M is for you know people my age and all my cousins and you couldn't see it gets even beard finally is one one year when out on on when I was on SportsCenter back in the late 90s. They didn't want their anchors to wear facial hair. I really yeah I went on vacation and I didn't shave so I I came back and I shaved it into a goatee, but my problem was, why is Mike mustache and the beard wouldn't connect so I had to drive to draw yeah oh wow you did and I for and I got back to my desk after the SportsCenter and I got a few voicemails from fans and people I know say like why did you want here with ass all was the end of my goatee. I wanted done facial hair.

They got out the sliding totally against and what what you were goalie is going. So when you need to facial hair. When the mask on my own team my own team my own sweat within the locker room and yelling your plane Junior hockey you play in 1521. Okay, depending on who's like reaching out so like when you write that 17 1617-year-old to 21 age gap is a really big age gap. Okay there is 21-year-olds are men near the 17 a boy see had to be able to you know like find some sort of edge to be able to get the respective your teammates are younger guys. I was a stupid thing to do, but it did seem to help me.

We had a great season and a second Canada work while someone was more realistic of for hockey you with the just for men beard within your locker room or your dad is her Brooks what was more realistic. Yes my dad is her Brooks work more than more than we might as her Brooks is really interesting think is they want that a lot of the film to Vancouver.

When I was plane Junior hockey there so they would come this sometimes after games in Abbotsford Rita game and they would.

They were shooting there after we play scissors. The crew was there and whatever in an watch our games. Some of the players. One of the players. Martin left to go be like a extra in an the movie for Russian or something like that.

Selecting like in a Swedish cylinder for the failings of the other teams set and they wanted me to go to be on the goal is to help out with. You couldn't do it unless you quit the team, so as like there's no way that happen, but the director Gavin and my goalie coach Paul and my dad all you know you did a really great job of basically saying if you don't. If you haven't played college hockey. This that don't come out. The trial like the other played college hockey don't don't don't transfer your time driving moving okay so they started at a point which I think every movie should start with scores very, but specifically hockey if you can't play.

Don't your document. I never had that great of an actor you are nor are not meant to make it so all those players in the movie could play their real really good hockey players all the most part think everyone and so the realistic aspect you feel in that movie is because they're all hockey players all them Wert they all played either professional hockey or Division I college hockey and and so realistic realism that movies like very high. My dad is special sport athlete Gavin would come to our practices and games and you know they really understood the score like it wasn't just people trying to make a movie because they thought it was fun and: Disney it was like they really really got it right. Well, I mean that the movies spectacular about, so haunted, so Wyatt Russell is between the pipes in this barn, yet in Canada is buying an actual Abby hockey hockey game yet professional hockey going on Junior hockey again okay so Wyatt rustles in between the pipes in this barn and a junior hockey game and after which Kurt Russell would get on that same ICF as her Brooks to shoot the movie miracle yes that didn't happen every night, no signs yeah yeah and fun word and what is right. I mean, I know you know that was part of him during the movie. I think this thing. I was playing a lot of hot houseplant was living in Vancouver playing hockey and so that when they said will do the movie.

I do want to do this movie was to be done in Vancouver and that was part of it was cool and so she actually training. He couldn't skate very well.

We just need to ski like a coaching us as you would come out while we were practicing on Saturdays at grade with the reformed UPF goalie coachable the goalies device like 7 AM on Saturday just goalie practice this and he would come out and ski around and like you know we kind of life you like night, would you make a tight turn. We can make a tight turn. Just a quick little type term you make it look like it's nothing and out and and feed somebody a parklike know nonchalantly so he was working on stuff like that while we were. I was actually practicing like my real that's amazing that much fun as he was very involved in the hockey as a as a use with sports mentally acute play professional baseball. A family pet probe all night, another that he played for the Angels and Padres. My dad's family.

Lastly, my cousin Matt frankly played for the for the Cubs and the Mets in the short amount of course and that her cousin is my cousin greatest in the world night my you know Mike, my cousin Franz. He has as like NCAA soccer records like my aunt Jill was the first thing when the first women are asked to raise IndyCar you know they both have like IndyCar they have them racing world championships and stuff in my leg base for selling everyone's force and had success and ends in athletics so I was supposed to be a baseball player. I much much much much more genetically inclined to play baseball and hockey is didn't like hockey quite baseball quite as much wasn't it didn't fit my personality quite as much is pocketed, so I went that direction and had a lot of success in an bill. Now maybe, maybe totally. I am still so my best friends in the world want to play hockey in keeping touch with love you guys and got really cool thing is able to do my first I was like this is gonna suck on my conditioning to destroy it wasn't that I can tell bit was playing All-Star game. Kim and I were goalie partners in years Alabama Huntsville and United seen in a while and I've been following his career. It's so awesome to have unbelievably great screws bent and asked me to come do this like celebrity goalie thing against Trevor Siegrist. I'm the goalie that the member of Devon Energy asthma disease risk way with one hand at the at the All-Star game where you might like viral yeah yeah it was an insane name. It's unbelievable what like I can do the project and so I got like I'm a guy and that Isaac celebrity goalie so I got to go do that in the same like the Washington Gen. to his guest, or even see him blown up right now. But even even so much that it be in the in the day before in the three hours before.

If they had they had a couple guys try to figure out what easy to do in a house he and his like you gotta let me score like NHL All-Star hockey 14 years ago, wearing all of Bill Ransford's gear is called Bill and I was like any gear.

Can you lend me dear save against Memorial Doran for your testing that is fantastic when it Russell here on the rich artichokes so you set down in your you were remitted in the green room here in us talk about the Broncos how so did you grow up here in LA on the team right Broncos were making these, we grew up in between here and in Colorado. Okay so when when you were in Colorado was I was out on yeah 99, so they are out time is 12. You know I was like a Broncos team enough so when he championships Terrel Davis and Yahoo! Mail are awesome only when it was time and just like you know that housekeeper like awful desolate Christ the horrible title Peyton Manning arrives. This is my big hot take that everyone always laughed for Wyatt Russell hot.

Take everybody you know this is a ready source is not named WITHOUT Tim Tebo. The Broncos do not have a winning team the next season. They don't have it. Okay, guys, and here's what here's what here's why would wholeheartedly believe after playing sports for a long time if you don't have a magic factor person on your team somebody with a magic factor all the gray all the great players have a magic factor about who they are as a human being right all of them. Tim Tebo literally only had magic factor you have anything else but to his will to win. What is really contagious obviously and I know that feeling of someone who you. You might be laughing at locker room and he liked same like, but were winning and he's going to will us to win, and that energy no matter how may be annoying sometimes it is. It's the positivity of it is infectious. They're going you know they were there like one and for whatever with Kyle Orton and sorry else was there.


Who else you know they could've brought any mediocre quarterback in there they would in the same exact literally down to no other option. No other action going to Tim Tebo based on everything that happened and I have been why Russell in that stadium when Tebo was starting and playing and he was terrible fairly quarters. It was against the Jets on a Thursday night football game.

Terrible terrible against the Jets like it looked like the ball was floating 5 feet over the head of the merriest Thomas may he rest in peace, and lettering, as if Tebo threw the ball with his feet right I and six minutes to go in the game.

Tim Tebo time hand to football gods as absolutely real. I sought my own with my own two eyes. However, I need you to now make the connective tissue here the turn so that makes this a hot take that without him there would've been no championship so because you make the playoffs that year which I think is attributed to the energy that Tim Tebo know about you as a football organization and team feel like any win a playoff game as of his pursuers there one in the first and the first loan with a frown over the new overtime rules where if you score a touchdown next on and then there was once not been done yes correct. So I nerves so well is Isaac. It's unbelievable. So eat when you get that as a player you feel like we can really win we one with that guy just and but you need somebody who's gonna bring the energy of that guy as a human being, but also be able to deliver because vessel was because now Peyton Manning had come walking to the locker room that wasn't one and 15 yes they want to playoff game like 10 and he is taking over team that had some sense of what winning was like and how, what, how to shift energy and like how to follow somebody's leader to do is let he's a leader and he does his own way.

So if you decide like Tyler and by no fence collar and the collar world amazing athletes and quarterbacks you have to say that you denigrate the I know I know right away.

I always save any athlete, professional athlete and like everybody like me a schmo like me talks about like special athletes are often unbelievable between the parts I felt the I felt would feel like to win championships and you will and and have to fight three things on small scales, but it's all relative and certain and and if you're aware of what what's going on than you can translate all other aspects of your life right and yet the Kyle Orton's and Jay Cutler's and all those people of the world are unbelievable incredible athletes that ever wish wish they want to be. But in order to be great in the NHL. You want economy David or Peyton Manning or Russell will center is that you have to be able to be something special in that category is a different thing.

We love to talk about it in and it's here because it's fun talk. Now I gotta tell you, yeah, I could poke a hole or two in your theory. I like. I would love your kind enough to steer.

Now I find Elway watched all of that right and I think Elway was thrilled. He was on the sideline when the marriage Thomas ran 75 yards for that touchdown right and he couldn't believe that they were done now right to go to New England and get their asses handed but deep down that entire time.

He knew Tebo was nonsustainable and that but Manning might not have gone to Denver.

Had he not fall that they were ready to take another step right and the fact that the next step was a divisional playoff game to win definitely might've made it more attractive to the right man and so and so what I'd say to you, and in following this line of questioning is with another quarterback that was like Kyle Orton or Jay Cutler or pick up a quarterback of that time that was like speaker Mayfield's kind of in that category right now. Like any get over the hump in these unbelievably so athletic like, wouldn't he have gotten them to that place, or did you need like Tim Tebo Tebo time like shirts and things and bringing the rising crime to. It was incredible.

It was incredible. So I guess the last thing for you, then, is what's more believable as a football miracle.

Tebo time your mom and Wildcats football miracle is a football miracle by A good movie is headed in the hundred million maybe on Bob Woody Harrelson is in it. Wesley Snipes is an excellent team, I would say that honest Tim Tebo like you know you were miracle well respected among the gravity hockey player. I time to happen tonight does admit you want to get the runner okay with the way about tonight.

I want some insight. Oh my God. Oh really. Do you want deep do you want to give your insight or do you want to or do we hold off on that because we don't want to. I guess reward his next your your deviant behavior clearly what you say CORRECT under the Banner of Heaven affects is under the banner of having it available on Hulu right now, it's time to say goodbye Junior hockey that now actor wives here on the rich eyes and show were documented terrestrial radio often are you sinners are going to break I was gonna send you on another rest your day and you're like leaving some of the hockey 12 hi Nelson Ellie got the wrong way to do it. Chris you actually get to give gambling on tonight's Wellington Oilers avalanche is unlikely that have just sweep through this whole plan out the right. So I'm thinking the Oilers get one tonight and if they get one tonight, McDavid has to score yes. Something about a little parlay action Oilers to win with the McDavid goal. I think it's actually good that I bet that because it because I think the Connor, McDavid, McDavid, is what is to hockey now what Wayne Gretzky was talking back then. If you're a hockey fan. I know it's it's on believable. What and I never really seen a place for Edmonton and you don't really watched you don't get like a lot of hockey games are and so this playoffs for the first time really washing a lot has been like seeing the best players in the world throw this personal. There also is now down to like the best players in the NHL best teams he can make the entire ice have no idea what they're going to do next. Like no clue he can shift directions the same speed is going forward laterally. He can do things that nobody else can do in terms everybody else.

And like bantam occupier and and I would bet that this dude does not want to go down and I like he's he's like he's like he's a savant is a savant person like he's going to he's going to do everything he can to make this the abscess, it will. The only other player whose is as incredible to me as Nathan McCann begins the player. If your kidney. They play hockey eradicated as a coach. Watch Nathan McCann and doing like deep play hockey like Nathan McCann you Kayla Connor McDavid is a binocular, McDavid said to alien is like that you is an alien from outer space, but Nathan McCann in he can do things like that like that picture right there just like the way that he is is his forward momentum. The way he's squared of the ice when he's like his vision is unbelievable is is great. Everything about anything can I like Dave. Do everything you can to play a net he's he's my favorite occupier so you know it's so much fun to watch the series because this one in particular Rangers and and campus fund to Tammuz. The best coaching the NHL. John Cooper now is the difference between a great coach and a good coach. You can truly they have a plan and they go execute the plan and the owner of the planet is not just like the boys who hoist the cup Colorado there unbelievable theorists act in McKinnon is as driven as a Connor. David is been season yet that last year was like a men's league for six or nine seasons or whatever and I got nothing to show for. So when you have so I'm just trying to do the age thing here so when you are in Denver you are spending time between Colorado and and I don't really hockey and in Denver will just say no but if you are now.

Yeah, that's the Patrick law you never have found never kings Fran's kings had hockey I kings I played your King is like everything I Kings was really right there like rate rate and that you could throw a baseball and have my where I practice like most my life.

Okay, so Jean did you know Gretzky digit digit half yeah we we we I met him when we were younger. I and I also would like used to go on the ice in the middle of the you know that Arena had some Hollywood privileges back in the day they know it was more. It was more junior kings aspect you going. I like plan between the periods and on equity would be very good to see the games like all I can and I was really fun.

The kings used to practice at where I started playing with his Culver City ranks no longer, but like they had the worst facilities in professional sports was like it was the worst you could stand on the boards and just sit like this stand there like this for the Zamboni door was yeah and just you just glide down to the you wouldn't have. It was all sloping angle like was the worst facility so we got to meet some of the players. That way, and it was really fun and you know Gretzky interesting thing Gretzky always think Gretzky came hockey exploded. Gretzky came hockey explodes. People realize how expensive hockey is a Southern California land is super expensive. If the travel everywhere to play hockey, cooling and ice rink is very expensive. Hockey is expensive here.

Every realize how great street hockey and roller hockey was that link and an ice hockey didn't move very much, it didn't actually explode that way until later on when medicine the kings players and we had some great coaching while the Russian people who had Frank family here in the wall fell all those Russian coaches and the people from the Eastern Bloc. They came over defected and they became coaches for these kids in California and now California is in as I would call a hockey hotbed. Yes, there's a lot of players here from California and the plan NHL and a good amount to go play college hockey or professional hockey because we had amazing coaching during that time, like around 2098 nine 2000 was a combination of Gretzky and Emilio West End as I think of clutter and I can't throughout combined for the entirety of Southern California right hockey boom yes you know I can't Wear for Emily and I just wanted you know That's my that's my hockey contribution.

That's my contribution good to have you here, sir, thanks for everything under the Banner of Heaven available now for streaming on Hulu.

Make sure the kids are in bed when you're start screaming that great to see you welcome here anytime soon is awesome. Thank you got you got it absolutely why Russell here on the rich eyes and show that'll wrap it up for this program. We will see you tomorrow O'Shea Jackson Junior and Michael checklist will be in the chair while currently on an ottoman right like I get back here on the rich eyes of John Peacock to wrap things up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments. It's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all-time high the phone as much of Ms. Natalie in a conversation where is Andre free of all was that Andre was number one is not even going back before you know Holcombe was a baby face Holt and Andres were able to go in headline that the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went. That was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts

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