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REShow: O’Shea Jackson Jr. - Hour 2 (6-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 7, 2022 3:21 pm

REShow: O’Shea Jackson Jr. - Hour 2 (6-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 7, 2022 3:21 pm

Rich reacts to Tom Brady convincing Leonard Fournette to opt for returning to the Buccaneers instead of signing with the Patriots. 

Rich comments on the latest lawsuit against Deshaun Watson and wonders if it’s enough to re-open another criminal investigation into the embattled Browns QB.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. joins Rich in-studio to where he reveals 1) that he has an elevator in his house and 2) that he’s named his PlayStation “Lucille,” beefs with Mass-hole Chris Brockman over his hate of all things Celtics, discusses the Lakers’ outlook after hiring Darvin Ham, and discusses his upcoming role in ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ and Rich takes a tongue-in-cheek stab at guessing what kind of Star Wars character he will be playing in the Disney+ series.   

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That's 877-ASK-DELL to save up to 48% on our latest technology. Let's go Salty Tua! The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, Lakers beat writer for The Athletic, Bill Orem. Coming up, actor O'Shea Jackson, Rams General Manager Les Snead, plus actor Michael Chiklis. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. O'Shea Jackson Jr. has just walked into our facility. We're going to give him a few minutes to gather himself, and he'll be coming out here in about 15 minutes time on this program.

We'll have a nice long visit with our friend who is about to appear in the new Disney Plus show, Obi-Wan. So, that's exciting. It's a secret, what he is in this program.

It is. Yeah, so we have come up with possibilities of what he could be, and we'll bounce them off of him when he joins us here on the program. I like it, I like it. It's a smidge special, as we like to call it around here, Shawn Mitchell. He called me this morning on my drive in and was like, what do you think of this?

Rich Eisen Show production staff. Go for it. One of the best at what he does, and what he does is everything.

Go for it. So, he's come up with some ideas as to who O'Shea Jackson Jr. could be in this very highly popular, newest Star Wars TV show on Disney Plus. Michael Chiklis is joining us in hour number three.

How great was he, man, in waiting time? Is Tom Brady coming? Huh? Is his dog Tom Brady coming? Oh, TB12. Yeah.

I don't know. He knows his pug. He knows his pug. Tom Brady, TB12 is welcome here anytime. Speaking of Tom Brady, Tom Brady, he came back to the NFL. He's back. And he let it be known that he was returning to the NFL the Sunday before the new league year began.

Happened to be right in the middle of Selection Sunday's extravaganza. ESPN had to stop its Selection show, revealing the brackets to say, oh, by the way, the GOAT of all time is not retiring. He's coming back. And he did that nice and early before the tampering window, legal tampering window opened up. And three days before the new league year began, he did that to make sure anybody who's on a free agent tour, anybody who was thinking of leaving, would know, hey, you should not leave the Buccaneers because I'm coming back.

Got a good chance to win if I'm coming back. Apparently, Leonard Fournette at today's organized team activity in Tampa told a story about how he went on his free agent tour anyway. And said Tom Brady called him when he was in New England visiting with the Patriots. I remember that. Remember that?

I remember when he was visiting. The quote attributed to Tom Brady, according to Greg Allman of The Athletic, put it up on the screen there, Mike Hoskins. He reached out to him and said, what's your ass doing up there? An effective argument, apparently, because Leonard Fournette resigned with the Buccaneers.

What's your ass doing up there? Brady and Fournette have a great relationship. Brady and everybody's got a great relationship mostly. But like Fournette always makes videos with those two in the locker. He calls them old head Brady. If Fournette would have signed with the Pats, though, that would just been an embarrassment of riches at the running back position for for New England.

So I understand him. Oh, so Tom is like he knows the system there and it's it would be a detriment to his success. Yeah, I mean, I mean, just too many talented backs in that backfield. Damien Harris and Ramondre Stevenson and of course, White is still there. And then you think you're going to get the ball and all of a sudden some guy named Jonas Gray comes out. Yeah.

I don't know footballs for Leonard. I don't know. Or a much more effective way of getting your way with him is to call him up and say, what's your ass doing out there? Effective. It worked.

Latest example, people. I mean, of Brady's personality that was hidden. The post 40 Tom Brady is the best Tom Brady. He's out of all the you know what's to give. Yeah. He's doing underwear. I mean, listen, if you've got Giselle shooting you in your underwear to start promoting your underwear line and. You know, or was that a new ad for Brady's?

Well, he can't the TB12 system doesn't have Frank's and beans on it, right? I imagine that's OK. So it was an underwear. It was an underwear ad. Is that the Frank going to be what's your or that's the new Tom Brady underwear phrase? Why isn't your ass in here?

Oh, maybe he was workshopping it. Just send that to James Harden. Is that what we're telling you?

I'm telling you, James Harden should be on the TB12 system. Very good. That's the latest there. Eight four four two oh four.

Rich numbered it off. Brian in San Diego. Let's take some phone calls here before O'Shea Jackson Jr. joins us. What's up, Brian? Gentlemen, good morning.

TJ Brockman Del Tufo. How's everyone? What's going on, sir? First off, I just wanted to talk about the Deshaun Watson situation a bit, of course, from the beginning.

I've been wanting to call and talk about this a while. I'm a Texas Longhorn, so there's nobody that probably despises Baker Mayfield more than me. But, you know, if you want to moneyball the whole deal that they did and you're buying wins, it makes absolutely no sense what they did. But that's kind of beside the point.

TJ probably said it best yesterday. You know, if there's one or two instances, you know, you can possibly. Sorry. I'm just getting over a cold. Sorry.

No worries. You can possibly look at it and speculate that, you know, you can at least question it. But if there's more, you know, my point is, Rich, with you having ties to the NFL, everyone else that has ties to the NFL, what's going to be the proper punishment if say this, say 10 of them come out, the allegations come out to be true? You know, is one year enough?

Is it permanent? I know personally for me, you know, I have a family, I have kids, if a permanent ban for me is where it would be, you know, he's already getting paid. Does the NFL want to support that?

And, you know, you go back to someone like Colin Kaepernick, he's not even playing in the NFL right now, but you're going to let this situation where 24 people have allegations against him, he's one of the highest paid players and faces of your, you know, corporation. Where for you is it, where's enough? Say 10 to 20 of these.

Oh, no. I mean, well, to be honest with you, and thanks for the call, Brian, and hope you feel better, one's enough. One is enough. No, one is enough, TJ, and I know you're sitting there saying, you know, one can be questioned.

He said, she said 24 makes it, you got to be kidding me. But if one is accurate, one's enough to suspend. Now again, he did not, Deshaun Watson did not have criminal charges filed against him.

Different when it's criminal and when it's civil, got it, understand. If I'm the Browns, here's the thing that really concerns me, because, you know, this latest lawsuit comes out yesterday, the 24th, right? And I kind of paraphrased the details of it because they're disgusting, vile if true is I believe is what I said.

If this is true, just vile behavior, vile. Here's the thing that I'm concerned about if I'm the Browns, is you thought you do your due diligence or you sat down with him and he's just like, look, that behavior is in the past or a lot of what was said is not true and you do your due diligence and you find out, whatever you find out, comfortable enough to give him this money. But this one comes out yesterday, yesterday. He's supposed to appear next week at the first mandatory team activity. He's going to be in the building unless the NFL steps in and says, no, you're on the commissioner's exempt list. And that puts this in a whole different arena. And I think they should do that. My two cents on it. But here's the thing that concerns me if I'm the Browns, because you didn't see this one and neither did his attorney. Remember yesterday I said when Rusty Harden went on the radio on Friday and said some questionable at best and bizarre, disgusting opinions on the way massages can end or potentially for those in the listening audience typically end. And I said that maybe he was kind of gilding the lily a little bit here or getting us all ready in the court of public opinion for this particular lawsuit coming out. Because it certainly wasn't a happy ending for the masseuse.

Certainly since the ending resulted in her quitting her, the job, the gig, no one doing in the profession. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Deshaun's attorney put out a statement after the lawsuit became known, said they were unable to respond at the moment. Why? Quote, we are unable to respond to the new lawsuit at this time. Our legal team has not had time to investigate this new filing and had not heard her name until today.

Deshaun continues to deny he did anything inappropriate with any of the plaintiffs. Oh, is that right? Nothing inappropriate, huh? Really? I thought you said it's, does that mean it's appropriate to have those types of endings? Is that what I mean?

It's all over the map. He didn't do it. Well, he did some of it, but it was consensual.

Oh, well he did do some of it that wasn't consensual, but it's not illegal. Which one is it? And if you're the Browns, it's like his own attorney's like, well, this is new to us. Oh really? What else could possibly be new to you?

Because we'd like to know, because that's news to us too. If I'm, if I'm the Haslams, I'm like, I'm like the, the, uh, the Duke brothers. My money's in there. Turn the machines back on. Wait a minute. You told me we were all good. Now you're saying this stuff's new? I've got $180 million check in escrow for your guy. What, what?

You can't respond? That's what I'm thinking. If I'm the Browns, I have no idea if that's what they are thinking or they could be thinking, you know what? And I wouldn't be surprised because if you've ever met Deshaun Watson, you would come away thinking this guy is a superhero.

That's what you'd come away thinking. That's what I thought every single time I met him. I met him on the field. I've met him in various other social settings. I've met him in a pre broadcast meeting. We went over to London and did a Texans game, met him and I could, we left the room.

I think I might even have been said to mooch. I'm like, what a dream come true? Like this is exactly who you want with your franchise.

That's when he had like his eye was shut because he got kicked in the eye through his helmet, making a game winning score, I believe against the Raiders just a week before. Remember that superhero stuff. And if you're the Haslam's, you're like, that's the guy I would definitely want on my team. But then you read this stuff and then the attorney's like, look, we're, we're investigating it too. Really? Then you're going to sit here and wonder, you know, can the authorities turn the machines back on too?

If this is new material. I don't see how he plays this year, dude. I don't know what's going to happen. But again, as the way it's the way it is, there's an independent investigator that comes up with a decision and then it's the commissioner's decision to either up it, keep it as or do whatever needs to be done.

But I think, as you know, the commissioner and the league wanted him out of the business of the investigation because that was nothing but trouble. Let's take Chris in Los Angeles before we get OJ Jackson Jr. out here. What's up, Chris? Hey, Rich, TJ, Chris. What's up, Chris? What's going on? Sports Emmy winners in my heart.

Well, thank you. Listen, first of all, just on the heels of that. I think all the Cleveland fans should just feel free to walk away from that team as a lapsed Washington fan. I mean, your team's in Baltimore anyway, so don't feel bad about it if you have to do that. But I want to talk to you about the Raiders because I totally agree with you and it feels like you're always out on a limb with this call. But I think they're like, it seems obvious to me that they're going to win the division this year. Once they picked up Devante, I said the same thing.

My Rams were playing the AFC West this year, and that's the team I'm really scared of. I just wanted to say that, and I wanted to say, when you have Wes on, let that man know that we love him so much. I will do that.

Thank you for the call. Every part of my being, just let him know that. One last thing. Yes, sir?

One last thing. You guys did this exercise with the Cowboys schedule, I think it was, and maybe another team. I'd love to see you do that with the Rams.

I'm thinking 13 and 4 at worst. Okay, well here's the deal, Chris, I don't know what, we have a bunch of in-studio guests this week. Maybe next week.

Whatever. No, next week we'll do- We got the runway. We have the runway next week, we'll open the phone lines, you call back, you can do the win-loss game with the Rams and we'll figure it out if you're right or not. Okay? How does that sound? Let's do that. So don't lose this number, Chris. Okay? There you go.

I don't feel like I'm out on my own. There's an entire Raider Nation with me. Well, Raider Nation is loud and proud. It is loud and proud. As we know. But nationally?

What do you think? Nationally I think- You hearing anybody else talk up the Raiders like I'm talking about? Not nationally. I don't really listen to any other shows. Well, I mean, it's not just shows like this one, I'm talking about television. I'm listening to you.

I'm talking about TV, I'm talking about night, day, afternoon, drive, morning, evening, overnight. By the way, we have a new drop right there. Let that man know I love him so much.

That was amazing. Okay. See if that works.

Can we cut and see if it works or not? We can find something to do with it. It's just another... See, Mike's not into it because it's just another thing wrapped up the log.

Exactly. You're giving me another thing. It's kind of like when you get a gift from somebody- Like search in the 9,000 things. When you get a gift- I think I have it in my finger. I'm like, oh, we got it. Somebody gives you a gift and it's really nice.

It's really nice. But your thought is like, where am I going to keep this? A true knock. I got enough junk in my house.

Social media thing. I got enough junk in my house. When you say cut another drop, he's just like, we don't have room for it. Myself. How about that? The great O.J. Jackson Jr. is here. He has just shown up. Come on out, O.J.

Here we go. O.J. Jackson Jr. is here. We're going to take a break. We'll be back on this Peacock program in two minutes and then after that, three minutes with our terrestrial radio audience. The great O.J.

Jackson Jr. is here. Don't go anywhere. Does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day? Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection. Let me repeat that, 48 hours of sweat and odor protection.

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Goes on dry, clean feel all day. O.J. Jackson Jr. is here on the Rich Eisen Show on NBC Sports on Peacock. We're back here on our terrestrial radio outfit. One big happy simulcast family right here on the Rich Eisen Show is one of our favorite guests and Obi-Wan is on Disney Plus.

My kids are digging it. You will do as well Obi-Wan Kenobi, a terrific limited series that is going on right now between, I guess this is the story of Obi-Wan between Star Wars three and four, story three and story four, but movie one and I think nine if I'm not mistaken. Did I get that correct O.J. Jackson Jr.?

What is this riddle, man? I think it's between Rogue One and four? No, no, no. It's right after Revenge of the Sith.

It's right after Revenge of the Sith and before The Last Hope. That's it. There you go. Good to see you O.J. Jackson Jr. Good to see you, man. Good to see you. All right, let's get into it here.

Let's jump into it here. You think about your Lakers right now, what do you think? It's terrible. You know, I'm not exactly happy.

I'm glad that T.J. didn't make the playoffs either. That's cool. Chris, were you upset on Sunday? Hold on a second, I got to put an outfit on.

Oh my God, he's got a, you got, oh my God, he's reaching him real bad. Why did I do that? What are you doing?

He's got a Celtic's hat. What did you do? My 08 title pierced.

Oh, that one title y'all keep talking about. Beautiful. We have 17 in our town. How many in your town? Seventeen. No, no, you have 12. No, no, no, no. Seventeen. No, I think, are you including the Minneapolis one? Of course.

That's what the league does. Who am I? Yeah. What do you mean?

You count them all. Oh, look at you wearing Los Angeles' own Paul Pierce. How crazy is that? There you go, and the hat too. Nice.

Hall of Famer from Boston. By the way, do yourself a favor, open the hat so it fits your head, will you please? I've never actually worn this hat before.

The interesting thing is that hat fit his head around January 1st, and with each Celtic's win, his head grew larger, and now it doesn't fit the hat. I'm sure. Let me see.

Go ahead. Oh, God, it still doesn't fit the hat. Is that for your son? I've actually never worn this hat.

I had to find it this morning. I think it is my son's hat. Those youth hats cost less.

Youth hats cost less. That's just good math. That's good business.

I'm a businessman. That's just good math, says O'Shea Jackson Jr. Sunday seemed to be upsetting. Upsetting?

Why? We took home court advantage. I mean, okay. Didn't look like it. I mean, Warriors were up 15, they blew it, standard other Californian team not handling their business. But, you know, I'm glad that your star player is using a Laker to fuel his entire playoff run. Is that what you have to cling to?

Is your only hope as a L.A. basketball fan? Wear that purple and gold on your arm, Jason. Hold on a second. What are you referring to, for those who may not know? I'm talking about Jason Tatum, how he has to wear purple and gold on his arm in order to play well.

It's, you know, it's normal for people to love Kobe, but it's abnormal to see a Celtic Rock and Laker colors like that. You're fine with that, though, Chris, right? Hey, man, whatever gets banner 18, O'Shea. It's whatever. I didn't know about that for a long time. See this is one game. This is I know that. Tell me about it.

Tell me about it. I was talking sweep on Sunday, too. Half time. Half time. I was watching the game with him. I'm watching the game with a half time, actually, middle of the first quarter, middle of the first quarter. James Brown's going off.

Nasty. He was terrific. First quarter.

And you're sitting here thinking, OK. The fourth quarter momentum from game one really bleeds into game two. And he literally was like, we're going to sweep this.

He sent it to the room, to nobody in particular in the room. Well, then Tony Brothers got involved in the game and it was kind of all done. Oh, my gosh. The officials. I will say this. If Warriors lost game two, it was done. There's no way. Come on. It was done.

If they lost that game two, I don't think they were beaten in Boston four out of five games. They were like, that would have been bad. Where do you stand on Draymond Green? Should he have been ejected?

What do you think? Of course not. It helped the Warriors win, right? You keep him in the game, baby. I don't care what it takes, Draymond, you better get it done, man. So you're rooting for the Warriors. I'm rooting for California. OK. You know, back when I was a Kobe-loving LeBron hater, I was really into Warriors basketball during the finals.

So like the Warriors don't bother me. You're working on your seventh title. That's cute. Seventh.

I don't even know when my seventh was, but you know, it happens. So they pose no threat. Those leprechauns can't do it. Not I. I'm with you, man. That's what I said. Like New Yorker. Exactly.

Although my my my youngest son is a diehard Celtic fan, thanks to his mom and her side of the family. But yeah, I know. So but here's the thing. I kept thinking about this, about the Celtics and how Draymond came out of game one, looking at the stat sheet and saying, odds are Horford's not going to keep doing this and Brown's not going to keep doing this and White's not going to keep doing this and halftime hits. And I'm like, they better get over these odds are deal and get to the pedal of the metal.

And they finally did that. You know, I was genuine and I came here, I'm like, for the rest of this Boston hating country, we got to get this thing. You got to get the best part about these finals. To me, though, you know, shout out to Kevin Durant, executive producer of Swagger TV show I'm on.

OK, very good. Like, we can't ignore that these finals are the old KD team versus the old Kyrie. That's just hilarious to me.

And you know, both of them should have been Lakers. But it is what it is. This is what's happening. I need the Warriors to pull this out. I can't deal with Chris on Twitter for a year. It's going to be bad.

I might literally tweet you every single day. Oh, man. You, Mark Wahlberg, everybody, all of them.

They got to go. By the way, you look like the Irish, you know, you know what you look like right now. You look like an Irish Mario brother. That hat doesn't fit you. No, it doesn't fit you, Jersey. You know what? I actually, you know, when I bought that I bought this at Game 7 in 2018, the one that we lost.

Nice. Well, it fits your son. It doesn't fit you. It doesn't fit me. OK. Tough life.

All right. So now that you've avoided answering the Laker question, what's the deal? It looks like they're going to run it back. Are you fine with that? If they run it back?

I mean, I have to be. Are you fine with Russ and everyone else? You fine with that? I'm fine with it if Russ wants to be here.

You know, if he's mentally like done, it's going to be problematic the entire the entire year. I love the the Darwin Ham hire. I feel like the Lakers organization, when it came to finding a coach, we never took that risk that I saw help a lot of teams grow. I mean, look at, you know, Boston's coach, Yudoka. He's helped that team get a get a new identity is kind of like just a fresh feeling that you get.

We always look for these, quote unquote, sexy hires. And I like this. I like what he brings. I'm loving Rashid Wallace. Yeah, I think that's great. I can't wait to hear Rashid Wallace talk to Anthony Davis.

I think that's just taped. And yeah, I think it's going to bring some some toughness, you know, a little bit of fire up under us. And, you know, if we're running it back with our big three, you know, Bron, you better get him over there for some tacos, bro. You know, we need to have some some meetings. We need to have some chemistry. That was something that the twenty twenty Lakers had that I just haven't felt the last two years. You know, we need that that that bond, that brotherhood. And yeah, we're going to be all right.

I'm always going to say we're going to be I know the twenty twenty Lakers. You know what they had? They had a healthy Anthony Davis. That's what they had. And that's that's it. That's the key. So I'm wondering what you how you think that Rashid Wallace conversation is going to go if you want to act it out, O'Shea, I hope it's about some yoga the whole day.

I know it's about some stretches. I just feel that, you know, I just can't figure it out why, you know, this this happens to Anthony Davis. It's so unlucky. He's played more games than Kawhi, though. But I'm just like, you're like checking your social media and you have no idea that a dart was being thrown in that direction.

I stay ready for it. But Kawhi got more rings than Anthony Davis, you know, so he got more finals MVPs than Anthony Davis. When you start off your career with pop in the Spurs big three, Kawhi still does play in Los Angeles, right?

I don't know. I don't watch that team. Well, they're missing out on some tremendous basketball there. And I thought she was a fan. But you like the game. You know, like misery, apparently, you know, it's fine. Y'all need a Laker to win to Tyrone Lou. It's all right, though.

You just don't want it all. Come on, man. Who do you think you're talking to? Talking to O'Shea Jackson, Jr. So what is what is Katie do for Swagger?

What did you do? Oh, he's the executive producer. The entire show was kind of loosely based off his life. We're trying to you know, we're trying to get a season two with Swagger. It's a great show is more of a family show than anything. And I miss my miss my boys.

I play the coach, you know, and I'm a coach of young men and one young lady. But yes, it's it's a real the family feeling that I have with that cast. I don't think I've had in a long time. No kidding. Yeah. And it's different because, you know, I'm used to the big screen.

So when you know, this is my first go at a series being the lead of a series and you develop relationships with people when you're with them for half a year. And also in Virginia, where there's nothing to do. I'm sorry, Virginia, I'm from L.A., there's just nothing to do. Well, you brought your PlayStation with you, though. Yeah, of course. Lucille. Lucille travels.

I've never put her under the plane in my life. Lucille travels. Yeah, sure. OK. Well, and so Durant, what's your relationship with with Katie? Well, you know, Katie, like I said, him and Rich Kleinman, they work as the executive producers. They, you know, Katie is always there for any advice as far as, you know, us depicting his life.

Of course, that. And, you know, there was a situation where he had a Q&A with the cast, you know, because a lot of our our younger cast members are actual basketball players. So you get to talk to Kevin Durant, you know, that's a once in a lifetime type thing unless he calls you twice.

But then so, you know, they got to talk to Katie and we got to ask him questions. And around that time, I asked him if he knew that the Lakers won the two thousand and twenty NBA championship and which he told me, yes, he did. And then, you know, the whole Brooklyn gets James Harden thing.

And, you know, I just can't hear him either. If he wins the championship, do you know how my phone is going to blow up? Mr. Durant remembers. He remembers. So he's so well, I mean, then why would you even dare to slight because I'm a Laker. What are you talking about?

Rich? I love this. You even go at Katie Trey five that you even go with him.

You know, I know he the boss, but like, you know, wins and losses, baby. So if he shows up with a ring from Brooklyn, you're one of the people you'll reach out to. You believe? I think so. I'll ignore it. I'll leave it on read read that one.

I like that. You know, O'Shea Jackson, Jr. here on the Rich Eisen Show. I know. So you can't talk about Obi Wan Kenobi, right? You can't really talk about it or what?

What can you tell us about it? Oh, God, you're not going to have Mickey Mouse show up at my house. OK, I'll tell you that.

Maybe that's the one. Maybe Mickey's the one who pulled the plug on your electricity in your house, you know, perhaps. But Obi Wan is probably my favorite job I've ever had. Strayard Compton is up there, you know, Godzilla. That was, you know, childhood dream and everything.

But Star Wars, you know, it's a it's pretty popular brand. Right. You know, but we can't talk about who you are in the show yet.

You can't do it. I mean, you could bring me back every week. I'll be here.

By the way, I'm happy to do that. Short of that, though, we're going to take some guesses, OK? And you could tell us if we're close or we're not OK, if we're hot, cold, warm or whatever. You could just tell us because we have some ideas for you. We've come up with some ideas and we've we've actually put these graphics together to see if you'll if you'll tell us how close we are.

Here's the first suggestion. Possible O'Shea Jackson Star Wars characters. First up is a Wookiee that's not so conspicuous as a Laker fan. What do you think? Is that you right there or what? Is that potentially your character?

What's weird? Is that I want this as my background. Well, just wait.

Just wait. There's some other ones right here. You can have all of them. All right.

They have no problem. OK, you heard him. Yes, you can have all of them. So that's definitely not. There's no Laker jersey that you were wearing in Obi Wan Kenobi that we won't see on Disney Plus.

Wardrobe might have given me something that might be for my Laker fan. OK, Wookiee 24. OK, very good.

Here's another one. Maybe you're the Droid C-3PO runway model sporting Yeezy boots and a Patek Philippe watch. What do you think? Is that possible?

You don't even look terrible. What do you think? No, that's far off. That's far off. We're cold. We're cold there.

All right. Here's another one. And I guess a little nod to some 80s space balls. Your dark helmet.

You show up dark, dark right there next to Darth Vader. That's baseball's. Yeah, that's baseball's right there.

Standard. Shout out to Vader. Vader got some height, by the way. Right? Yeah, man. That episode three, I was impressed. I don't know what happens in episodes that I'm not in.

I couldn't even get my lines the day before to learn them. Are you serious? Yeah. That's how secretive it is.

They locked it down? On the day, in my dressing room, just like, okay, remember all these words I've never said before. You know these are made up, right? I've never said these words in my life.

That's how you got to get it done. These are not the scripts you're looking for. No games. No games. Far, far away.

All right. Last one. Is that your baby Yoda's younger brother, Yo.

Baby Yo. What do you think? His name is actually Keith.

Yoda's younger brother, Keith. What do you think? I mean, I'm loving the teeth. Is that close? Is that you?

That boy got them polished. Yeah, I need all these. I need that Yoda for sure.

For sure. That might be a tat. Keith. Yeah, Yoda's younger brother, Keith. Keith. Keith Yoda.

Keith? They don't have the different last names. They don't have last names.

Don't have last names? Yoda. Yoda. Yoda. Yoda. Yoda. Yoda. Yoda. Yoda.

last name is just Keith. Yeah, we don't even know what to call his species. I don't know. Yeah, right? I have no idea.

He's just Yoda and Grover. All right, so we're not even close to your character pretty much. No, but you know. We tried. We tried.

Can't blame us for trying. Not at all. But I'm more than happy to, we'll send you all of those. You can have them however you wish. For sure, I'm down. I'm happy however. All right, before I let you go, anything else you want to talk about? Rams, Aaron Donald, signing him forever.

What do you think? Aaron Donald, you know, another A.D. close to my heart. That's right. I'm really glad about that. Except this one plays.

Wow. They both got rings, Rich. They both got rings. Going all fame, I mean. I do, I really need, I need that OBJ though. I need, I need. Did you hear he crashed Sean McVay's wedding? I love it.

That's the chemistry we need. He's the wedding crasher. Bring him back.

Omedel Beckham Jr. Bring him back, running back with OBJ. I'm getting ready to film Dinner Thieves 2. Yes, finally. Yeah, yeah.

Finally. That's, they're going, they're going pretty big. We were supposed to film it earlier, but you know, Russia had other plans. So I was like, I'm not going. So now everything's kind of, we switched our locations. We're handling some things and yeah, I'm gearing up to. Where you filming that at?

Dinner Thieves 2. We're going to, we're going in Europe. This is going to be a lot of Europe.

And you know, before it was going to be some spots in Serbia and I was like, Serbia sound real Russian. And so we kind of, we kind of held back. But yeah, Dinner Thieves 2, I'm sorry it does. No, no, no, it's fine. I was just, you know, they're not going to come get me. You know, so I, I'm ready to go. Dinner Thieves 2 is coming.

We're fighting for Swagger season two. And yeah, man, I'm in a galaxy far, far away. I'm out here. You are. I'm working. Yeah.

Are you related to Lando in this movie by chance? Listen, man. Oh, listen. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm just saying. I don't need TJ telling me that all the black people in Star Wars are related. All right.

All right. It's like nine of us. Somebody got to be Ken. You know, there's not just nine random brothers. I was like, some of them got to be related. That's someone's uncle and someone's third cousin. Like, come on, we're not giving this nine separate entities out there.

Calrissian. I got it. Case solved.

Now we can move on. Wow. Oh my God. I solved it, guys.

That's that Clipper talk, bro. I keep trying to tell y'all. Mando Calrissian. You know what I'm saying?

Mando Calrissian. Understood. Or you could have, you know, I mean, you could pass for Billy Dee Williams as a younger man. Yeah, they gave that to Childish Gambino. I did audition for that part, though. Oh, yeah, like a 16-bit. Oh, yeah.

Clipper got that already. I did a film, Cocaine Bear, which is a great title. Oh, that's, Elizabeth Banks is directing that.

Yeah, yeah, I did that. I know all about that one. And we just lost, rest in peace to Ray Liotta. He's in the film. That was, I think his second to last film was Cocaine Bear.

Actually, I think they said it comes out on my birthday, February 24th, best day in America. Yeah, Elizabeth Banks directed it. It's a story about a bear that found cocaine that came out of a plane that was being smuggled, right? The plane crashed in the woods or something like that? Or the guy who's supposed to dive with our shipment doesn't make it. Right.

He kind of knocks himself out and the bear ingests all the cocaine and goes on a rampage. Yes, pretty good, it's documented. I was shot in Germany, right? They shot, you shot? I was in, they shot mine in Ireland.

Okay, in Ireland, okay. Yeah, man, that one is gonna be wild. What was it like with Ray Liotta on the set there? Oh, an excellent trash talker. Like, just, man.

Coming from you, that's a high compliment. I love, you know, anybody who could come off the hip, you know, and like, that, Ray definitely brought that energy, I loved going back and forth with him. It's terrible that I won't be able to, you know, see him at the premiere at the after party. But yeah, man, Ray Liotta, rest in peace.

Cocaine Bears coming out next year. My man, Alden Ehrenreich, who played Han Solo in Solo, we did that together, and so we were sharing the Star Wars stories. You know, I could do that now, because I'm in Obi-Wan. You know, it happens. And there's the not so inconspicuous Lakers fan Wookie.

That's the one that was closest to what he thought was actually happening. Or Yoda's younger brother. Keith. Keith. Keith Yoda.

Keith, Keith. I don't know what the hell that's all about. Hey, thanks for coming on, you are welcome anytime. Seriously. Thank you, I'm not doing nothing. Okay, great, it sounds like you're doing a lot, quite frankly.

I mean, you got some time. Okay, sounds good. Have you back anytime you want, and I hope Lucille gets through the power outage successfully.

Thank you for inviting me. And what's on the PlayStation? What was on it that went down? Oh, right about now, I'm playing Elden Ring for any gamers out there, they know that Elden Ring is the most frustrating game out right now. And of course, NBA 2K, where the Lakers are on their 27th championship. In a row. In a row. In a row. In a row. What a run. It really is a game. Unstoppable. What a run. Until next year, we'll have to restart all of it anyway.

Or today, you have to restart the whole damn thing. Take it easy, Rich. I'm sorry. All right. I didn't mean to speak that into existence, my bad. At O'Shea Jackson Jr. on Twitter, Chris Brockman follows him. I'm sorry, I meant goes back and forth.

All right. But follows him as well, at O'Shea Jackson Jr. also on Instagram, Obi-Wan Kenobi available for streaming exclusively on Disney Plus. New episodes releasing weekly on Wednesdays.

So tomorrow night, I guess after game three of the NBA finals, you can check out the latest one before. Lando Sr. Right?

Lando Sr.? Is that what you really just said? The real hard cores, they wait till midnight. Hit it. Oh, midnight.

The midnight showing. Hit it. Okay, fantastic.

And then I do hope that Swagger gets picked up for that second season. Thank you. Let's see how everything goes. To all you guys, I missed you guys. Right back at you. I'm glad I'm not just on the phone anymore. Right back at you.

And from the bottom of my heart. Go Clippers. Go Lakers. Oh, God. You knew it.

Go, and go Warriors in the meantime is what you're saying. There you go. I just hope the elevator's working when you get back to the area. Yeah, man, I don't like the stairs. You don't buy an elevator to take the stairs.

Yeah. Elevator in my crib because there's five floors. I'm not expecting you to have one inside yours. What does one buy an elevator for?

Laziness. I don't want that car, yo. O.J. Jackson Jr. here on the Rich Eyes That Show.

Michael Chiklis will be joining us shortly as well. Don't go anywhere. Back with more in a moment. Back here on the Rich Eyes That Show.

844-204-rich number to dial. Right here on the Rich Eyes That Show. We've been on the air all of this. We're coming up on our eighth anniversary, right?

Yeah, eighth coming up, man. First time we've ever mentioned, and very casually as well, by a guest of having an elevator in his house. Great.

It was really smooth how he just dropped that in there. Yeah, the reason why I'm dressed like, you know, I'm just hanging out in my backyard. By the way, I don't have a problem with him dressing the way that he dressed. I'd like people to feel like they're just hanging out. That's right, that's right.

You want that. To be comfortable, right? When he's a dark Laker fan. We don't want people in suits on here, man. That's not comfortable. Come chill. Well, unless that makes them comfortable. Unless, yeah, but most people, like NBA coaches, don't feel comfortable. Ah, that's enough.

Oh, please, stop it. But how about that casual drop-off? I'm like, yeah, my elevator. My house. That's where I keep my clothes.

Huh? I might get an elevator, five more than one floor. More than one floor? Yeah, it's like two, three floors. Elevator, do it, install it. Two floors?

Yeah. Two floors? Yeah, walk up the stairs. It's like 15 stairs. You see Michelle Pfeiffer coming down in the elevator. It was like one of my dreams as a kid. I wanted an elevator just like that. I understand what you're saying, Mike, I get it.

Little glass scenic elevator. You know, I also loved Michelle Pfeiffer and the Fabulous Baker Boys. That's why I got a grand piano.

See? It's Susie, it's our 19th wedding anniversary tonight. And I'll basically say, Susie, sing me a song on the piano. By the Fabulous Baker Boys, very underrated Michelle Pfeiffer movie. And I love Michelle Pfeiffer and Frankie and Johnny, and that's why I moved to Altoona. That's where her and Al Pacino were from. That's strange how inspirational she is.

Her and Al Pacino were from Altoona. 19th anniversary gift is bronze. Oh, bronze, okay. I'm in.

I hope you planned accordingly. For bronze? Just finish third in something. Yeah. Bronze, 19, that's a weird. Or a new set of cookware, or new cookware.

That's what it says. Cookware. 19th anniversary is. Cookware.

Bronze, bronze jewelry, or new cookware, okay. I don't know who decides these. I'm not gonna say what's in my head. I'm just not gonna say what's in my head.

Oh, please do. No, I'm not gonna do that. I don't know. Can you tell us when we're off there? Huh?

That's more Postmates wear for Susie. Oh, wow. Oh, wow.

Is this thing on? Oh. I do love her. I really hope she's not listening. You know what, she might be.

She might be. Well, Chris and I will get a text in about five seconds. Bronze.

Alright. I don't know who decides this stuff. Yeah, like, who figured that out? Copper would be mine right now if I'd been married still.

What does that mean? I mean, if I was still married, it'd be Copper. Mike, why do you work your marriage into everything?

Exactly. Because it was a disaster. And yours didn't. It didn't even last a year. Yeah, but mine is successful.

We're 19 years and going. I'm not over it. I'm still, I'm like. I love my wife. I love my life. I love my life.

I love my life. Your. I didn't.

Mine was a disaster. Right. So why do you forget it?

It's bad. I was like, why do you want to keep talking about it? I love her so much. I love her so much. You said it's a bronze? Bronze this year, yeah. I'm getting her something Deontay Wilder.

Just for today. Bronze! Bronze! Bronze!

And she'll be like, what is this? What do you mean? And I'm like, he's the bronze bomber.

He's the bronze bomber. It's, you know, 19. Well, first of all, you're kind of disrespecting a former Emmy winner in Suzy Schuster by assuming that she wouldn't know who someone in the sports world is, so. No, I'm not disrespecting her at all.

If I said anything disrespectful in this entire conversation. Well, it's the Postmates thing. I get that, yeah. I'm just saying. All right.

Yeah, who figured those out? Hope your couch is comfortable the night, Rich. This is not the way I was planning that mentioning this anniversary, but you, what anniversary did you mention? You said today's the anniversary or something like that?

No? Oh, no, I mentioned it's our eighth anniversary. Yeah, it'll be our eighth in October.

In October. What's the eighth anniversary? What do you get? What are we getting each other in October? What are we getting in October? What's the idea of like, you gotta, it's a metal, precious or not is associated with an anniversary.

Who made that up? Or it's wood, right? Isn't there like a wood anniversary or something like that?

I think that's like one or two. Eight is like pottery. Pottery?

Oh, yeah, let's see. Got a pottery bar. What, are you gonna get something ceramic for somebody for an eighth anniversary? You gotta color me mine.

You gotta do whatever you go stuff. Gotta color me mine and get you a mug. Oh, wait, a modern eighth anniversary gift, sorry, are linen and lace. Linen and lace. Linen and lace. Linen and lace. Okay. Leather and lace. Good song, Don Henley, Stevie Nicks.

Interesting. That's leather and lace. I know, I said leather and lace.

I said leather and lace. What is happening? Take the me on ever. Michael Chiklis is joining us in studio. How can we? Can't wait. In hour number three. Oh, he's gonna be. We want him to bring Tom Brady.

Oh, yeah. We need the dog. Maybe his pug needs a new underwear too. DB12 underwear.

Coming up. I mean, Tom Brady is, he's a genius. I mean, he's, you're right. After 40, he's become. I mean, we're still talking about him. Exactly, like what happened?

Also, he looked shredded in that commercial, in that video he shot. Yeah. Yeah. What else do you want me to say? I'm just saying, I don't know. He looks like he's getting younger.

But it's like insane. He's eating right. Oh, he definitely. It helps. I gotta do it. We gotta proc him. We have to do that one time. What are we gonna do? 30 days of the Brady diet.

I would love. I probably. This guy doesn't do it 30 days. He does it. It's his whole life. 365.

Yeah, I know. But let's do his 30 days. What good would that do? 30 days.

Then you go back to. Yeah, what do you got? Doing whatever. Yeah, I would. Let's say. Would you?

Hold on a second. Would you do the TB12 system for 30 days? 100% I would try it. And I probably could do it.

What do you mean you probably could do it? Because I eat really healthy. I'm just eat too much.

I could definitely do it. Portion control, Mike. Portion control. And I love avocados.

So right off the bat, I'm in right off the bat. Boom. But he carries around a gallon water jug. You don't drink enough water? I drink four of these a day.

Okay. 32 ounces. Do the math. I mean, I could totally. I'd have to double that. Do the math.

You know we can't do math, Mike. Yeah. See?

Do the math. See, he's drinking right there. I finish the spot during the show.

And then I drink another two. Is that why you get up all the time? Yeah, that's why I have to go to, yeah. Yeah? Pfft.

I mean. Mike, you can join the wait list for early access to the Brady underwear. Drops tomorrow. Wait list? No, I guarantee you don't have formal access.

Or is it a waste list? You get it? You get it? You get it? Oh, this is why Peacock loves having us.

Why would he? By the way, it's content. By the way, you know what we never did do? We never really congratulated Peacock on the fact that two years ago they decided to have a daily sports lineup and two of their shows for outstanding daily shows.

So kudos on them for making the right decision and picking the right shows. Very correct. And we never really said that to Peacock.

And so to our benefactors and partners and bosses in Connecticut, congratulations to you. Yeah. Neither of us won. But you did. I knew that was coming. But you did.

You got no money. Where's he telegraphed those passes, man? What do you mean, I'm staring down my receiver? Or I just like, I've just been around you a long time. You've been around me a long time.

I don't shine shoes no more. You telling them to get my Shawn box? You mean like when you guys watched basketball together and didn't invite us?

Yeah, I mean, that's right. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. All-time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's gotta be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before Hulk Hogan was a babyface, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome, at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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