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REShow: Les Snead/Michael Chiklis - Hour 3 (6-7-2022)

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June 7, 2022 3:44 pm

REShow: Les Snead/Michael Chiklis - Hour 3 (6-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 7, 2022 3:44 pm

Rams GM Les Snead and Rich discuss Aaron Donald’s new contract and how L.A. seems to have endless room under the salary cap, paying Cooper Kupp and how long the Rams’ championship window will stay open, and what happened when Odell Beckham Jr. crashed Sean McVay’s recent wedding. 

Michael Chiklis joins Rich in-studio and reveals how much he’s enjoying portraying Celtics’ legend Red Auerbach in HBO’s ‘Winning Time,’ discusses Boston’s return to the NBA Finals and his hatred of the Magic Johnson-era Lakers, reveals that Tom Brady jilted him once he left the Patriots for the Buccaneers and engages in some Red Sox-Yankees verbal volleyball with fellow Boston fan Chris Brockman against pinstripes fans Rich and Del Tufo.

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That's 877-ASK-DELL to save up to 48% on our latest technology. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. The man of the hour in L.A. Les Snead slated to call in shortly right here, the General Manager of the Los Angeles Rams.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on the program. Michael Chiklis is here, man. One of our favorite guests is here from one of our favorite shows, Winning Time.

The man who plays Red R back on that show. Fantastic. I mean, what a stroke of genius casting, right? Genius. Genius. Big Boston honk. And when you do him up, it actually looks like Red.

It does look like Red. Let's rock and roll. I know. It was awesome. He was great. Fantastic. The scenes with him and John C. Reilly together were just stupendous. You're not a killer.

They were absolutely fantastic. So, some news just broke in our number three top hour. Tiger Woods is not going to compete in the U.S. Open. I think if you watched him play in the PGA and saw him kind of limbering around and really struggling, and the fact that he had to withdraw up to round three, I think you could see this coming. He really wants to play in the Open Championship, which is at St. Andrews, and I think skipping the U.S. Open might help him do that. Right.

Okay. Major bummer, obviously. It's in Boston next week, but hopefully he'll be back soon.

Yeah, I mean, it was obvious that something was amiss at the PGA Championship, for sure. So, that's some news breaking right there. And the story of the day yesterday here in Los Angeles was, in fact, the signing to a new contract of one of the best players the NFL's ever seen on the defensive side of the ball, and certainly the best defensive player in the game today.

When he said he was at peace, what did I tell you? Told you Les is going to get this thing done. We'll figure it out. Because if the picks can be F'd, so can the cap. That's my two cents. I'm not a math guy.

I'm not a capologist. But joining us on the Mercedes-Benz phone line is the General Manager of the Los Angeles Rams, Les Snead. How you doing, Les? I'm good. How about you, Rich?

I'm good. So, was more Aaron Donald on the McVeigh Wedding Registry? Did you get that instead of a gravy boat for the McVeighs, Les?

You know, you look at the registry and like, okay, what's Sean really going to do with this type of spoon or this fork to stick in the pot roast? So, let's do Aaron Donald instead. Wise choice, Les. I think that's a win-win.

We call that a win-win for everybody. So, how long has this been in the making, Les, this contract? I mean, this has been in the making since probably the moment after the Super Bowl, and that I know AD has been discussing whether if he ever won his first, would he retire, would he not? So, we've obviously been in communication with Aaron, with Todd France, athletes first, probably a couple days after the Super Bowl up until yesterday.

Okay. And so, when he mentioned on a podcast recently on Brandon Marshall's show that he would be at peace with his career, was that a message in your direction? Were things going a little sideways or anything like that at the time? You know, I think at that point in time, right, the momentum of the negotiations were in a very good spot.

I think it was probably the timing of the podcast. Maybe they asked a big picture question on retirement, and I think AD probably laid out, you know, probably his reasons for thinking about it, which really with Aaron, and I'll say this, he's obviously one of the best defensive players to play the game, things like that, but I do think Aaron's one of those players when he really wants to take a look inside and figure out if he can still be the best defensive player. I think he did that soul searching and figured out and thought that he still could be, and that's why he decided to come back and play. And in terms of coming back and playing, the contract appears to be the same number of years left that he had anyway, it's just a highly enhanced, monetarily, contract. Do you, what's the general sense that you have for that third year where he'll have a decision to either walk away or make 30 million bucks, which way he might even be leaning less? You know, I think, again, we'll take it one step at a time, year by year, and I think that's a reasonable number to, let's call it, to start and to have this contract, and then at that point, after each year, we'll sit down and discuss, hey, you know, what's best, what's Aaron? And at this point, it's in Aaron's hand, right, of how long he wants to continue playing. But I do think, big picture, Aaron does think that right now in this situation, our situation at Los Angeles Round is based on the core that we have.

You know, we all have the vision of kind of making the most of the window we're in presently. Les Knee, General Manager of the Rams here on the Rich Eisen Show, you just mentioned the window that you have presently right now and how it works not just at the timing for Donald, but maybe for you with the team. I guess I'll ask the general question that fans are wondering. How do you have room under the cap for all the signings that you have, including Donald, Les?

How does this work? You know what? The neat thing is the cap, you know, the cap is, we get to love the cap. I think it helps the NFL, right? It helps everyone in the NFL be competitive.

There is ways to be creative, to get under and things like that. So I think our philosophy right now is in the situation we're in, in our window, right, Aaron Donald, very, very important. So there's no better money to spend on the defensive player or any player other than him.

And at that point, there are sacrifices that we do have to make in other places. And I know you had mentioned it earlier, right, the F the picks and things like that. When we do someone like Aaron, there is that moment where we have to do a really good of drafting a player like Greg Gaines, who maybe no one on your radio show or even in your studio knows who he is, right? Homegrown in LA, played at Washington, think we drafted him in the fourth round, but he's been starting beside Aaron, you know, starting last year and will start this year. So we have to do our part in making sure we draft and develop those type of players and they come in and contribute.

So you're able to fit it under the cap under the window that you currently have. Is Cooper Cupp next, Les, for you? Yeah, Cooper Cupp, you know, he is next on the list. Okay.

Are you? Nailed that for sure. And so when do you think that something like that gets done next? Our intention is to come to, as you said earlier, a win-win, right? We'd love to do it before camp. We'd love to do it sooner than possible. But in these types of situations, right, when there's an element of a player under contract, we feel like he deserves a raise.

We want to get an extension. But with that, there's a lot of variables. There's objective variables. There's speculative variables.

So sometimes it takes a little more time. It's not a microwavable situation to be creative and come up with a win-win for both Cooper and clubs so that Cooper can be rewarded, clubs can continue being successful in the moment and in the long term. So then what is the window? What do you got? What's your idea of a window? And I know that's a dicey question to ask a general manager, but I'm going to ask it anyway. You mentioned a couple times a window.

It's a very dicey question. I can say this. We're a very boring organization. We're kind of main thing to main thing, one step at a time, really one game at a time, one phase at a time. So that's one thing. So right now we're going to focus on finishing up our mini camp. Then we'll focus on training camp. Get ready to face a very, very tough opponent in the Buffalo Bills and we'll keep it that way.

But I can tell you there's this, from a bigger conceptual window is I do think as long as we have a quarterback like Matthew Stafford and contributors like Aaron, contributors like Cooper Cuff right in their prime playing their best football, we definitely have a chance to be in the mix every year. And is there still, is there money left for say like Odell if Odell wants to come back and you know obviously Sean's been on the show saying he'd like him back. If I'm not mistaken he crashed Sean's wedding this weekend if I'm not mistaken. You know there's only one person who could crash that wedding but boy Odell did it in a very, very you know Odell OBJ like way right.

He just has the personality, the swag to pull that off and it was cool. It was really cool to see because Odell, it was a really, really good time together with him. I think we all felt that you know the situation for him and him helping us, it was just a neat time to grow and bond and him coming back and seeing some of his players. But yes we definitely talked with OBJ.

I know his situation like based on the injury and how much he can, can't play are going to affect. I would call it this year's contract maybe this year one of a contract but we've always had a plan, a vision that if Odell would like to be back we definitely welcome him home. So again I guess and not to get too deep in the weeds Aaron Donald hasn't taken up all the money is what you're saying in short order right? He hasn't taken up all the money but I did tell Aaron yesterday that he's starting to get paid a little more like The Rock than he is a football player.

I know he's you know he's fine with Kanye and I call it that's his NIL group you know and he's got some vision so he's getting close to The Rock money so. But you know what we're definitely Aaron's a big part of it and a big part of the vision of hey not just being himself but also right. Aaron did make some sacrifices in this contract even though he is well paid as I said a minute ago getting paid a little more closer to The Rock. But he did make some sacrifices to right allow us to do our part in building a team that can continue continue. Well I mean you've reset a market at the position or you could say Donald did it and you just paid him accordingly right? And then you've got Cup who you say is going to be paid or at least the plan is to make that happen despite the variables that you mentioned. Does it cross your mind at all Lesnead that the team that you beat in the NFC championship game that also happens to reside in your division has to pay their top defensive lineman and wide receiver as well and you could set a market in a way that might cause an issue for them? Does that ever cross your mind Lesnead?

You know deep in the bowels you know we're definitely competitive and you know like we'd like to we'd like to bruise the enemy as much as possible but I think in those situations right we're really focused on Aaron we're really focused internally on us and if we do this with Aaron right what's you know what's the second third and fourth and fifth level domino effects from that contract and how do we work around it and I'm sure I'm sure the Niners are doing the same themselves they're focusing on themselves trying to build the best Niners team as possible so that right when we do battle twice a year it's still one of those hey it's one of those 15 round heavyweight fights for sure. All right well so before I let you go well how did Odell crash the wedding? You said he did it in Odell fashion. What happened at the McVeigh Nutshells? Well technically here's what I guess crashing the wedding means you showed up with an added invite now I can tell you that as just a guest right of the wedding who didn't necessarily have to crash it and probably wouldn't have the swag to crash it. Yes. You know all of a sudden it's like Odell it was a great wedding really really cool I call it the core in the setting was unbelievable but what made this one probably unique is I mean there's there's a lot of head coaches right at this wedding that had once worked with Sean or Sean worked for there's a lot of football people and then there's also friends and family right from from past and things like that but from this let's call it this football kind of game all of a sudden you know there's Odell he shows up and he's right in the mix and it's like it's like oh why not why not so you didn't really know yes crash the wedding it was just hey cool to see Odell there cool to give him a hug I know I know you know Karen my wife the last time we had seen Odell right he was expecting he was he was probably on the bus ride to the parade and that that parade was bittersweet for him based on the injury of course you know a couple of days before so he was not in the he was not a you know in the highest of high spots but to see Karen and OBJ connected and check out baby pictures and things like that it feels like it's phenomenal it was supposed to be there the cake looked great too did you have a piece of the trophy or a piece of the Rams logo or is it was it just the cake was the trophy and the Rams logo was just the plate that it was on the wedding cake I actually think there was two desserts going I didn't eat any of the dessert I tried to watch the guy but I can't tell you when I saw the pictures of the cake yes I probably would have been tempted you know I had to I thought I had to at least you know try that it looks like there's chocolate inside that's what it looked like it looked chocolate inside when McVeigh took a bite of it it was one of those where that's what I said it was there's a chance that the McVeighs maybe wasted a little money on a lot of food and cake because the neat thing is everyone there was having a blast because it was a little bit of like this football reunion and then it was it was the Miami of Ohio reunion it was the Merritt High School reunion it was Veronica's friends so there was these different right gangs of reunions going on and everyone was having a blast so I do think there was some money spent on some really really nice food that didn't get eaten well I got to tell you what at least you know there was no cap clearly on the the catering so he handled that Sean did inform us because boy did there was some flowers at this wedding I mean there was some flowers and Sean did say I'll never tell you how much we paid for it he went over the cap maybe that's why he needs to keep it at himself hey man congrats on getting Aaron Donald done he must be a happy guy he must be a very very happy guy and I'm sure that that's something that you want resonating in the locker room too is that you do what you do here you get paid that's it I think that's neat you know yeah if you I mean and I mentioned that to him yesterday Rich I mean I mean from Pitt to where he's from now but there would be we would never be surprised that this that he became this type of player if everyone was able to observe and I call this his boring lifestyle of the 300 and let's call it 50 days in between those games how much he basically dedicates hours in the day to getting better at his trade and it's a pace that not many people could keep so he definitely earned it along the way same to you Les say hi to Cara let's connect soon enjoy the next couple days of of of camp and and then the summer before when is the ring ceremony when's that when you got that you know what I definitely I haven't been given an invite yet but I think you're on the list in later July but I'm not sure there's a hard date yet well I'm gonna crash that like OBJ okay that'll be great you know that's a good one to crash maybe that maybe you know maybe there'll be a leftover piece of jewelry you know I'm looking for cake that's all I'll just take some cake that's it I'll just do that take care of yourself Les you be well thanks for calling thanks for having me you know anytime come on let's need here on the Rich Eyes show told you he was gonna take care of it there's the church bells going out the door let's take a break Michael checklist baby we'll find out is he did he bring his dog or did he know do we do we know we don't we don't know all right he'll either be dogless or he'll be here either way we love him Michael checklist when we come back does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day dove men plus care dry spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection let me repeat that 48 hours of sweat and odor protection use it and don't even think about it also dove men dry spray contains doves unique one quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin try dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry clean feel all day Michael checklist here our terrestrial radio audience just returned and we just show saw a clip of winning time and you know I know there's a lot of question about the history and what's real and what's not right but what is real was just the experience of watching this show and watching it be acted the way that it was shot the way that it was and again the scenes with you and John C Riley you as as right our back him a lot more coming because as you know the rivalry gets thicker and thicker right question about it sets that scene right there really sets the pick for the rivalry between the ownership you know between the people in charge and that it went from the top down it was a real true rivalry not just between the players it was everybody you know so when you dressed as our back for the first time okay where where they picked out whatever you know horse blanket if you will 80s late 70s sport coat yeah and they put the our back hair on you and you had the stove you lit what did you think of when you looked in the mirror for the first time like look at that right there yeah right out of here I think that certain characters that you play you know certain characters you approach from the inside out these are active terms but in some you go from the outside in and in this case it was definitely the outside in because as soon as like you say once I got that wardrobe and the stogie and the hair and then the Brooklyn next thing you know there is you know that really was exciting and again I grew up in Boston and my father used to scream about him he loved we're now you know red stopped coaching I believe it was in 66 and I was a kid I was three years old but he was always he was ever present especially when he was the president of the team he was just around he was always there and you you couldn't miss him look at him you know in a crowd you couldn't miss that guy and you say 70s costuming that's I didn't know anybody who dressed like that even then you know what I mean he was unique even then with those he was just gaudy and audacious and can you imagine in this day and age someone lighting up a stogie with three minutes left in the game it would go everywhere it would go absolutely everywhere like what's he thinks how dare you how dare what right what are the fence you know and then you hear all the stories you know about the windows being glued shut he turned off exactly imagine first take the next day oh did red Auerbach show up his opponents lighting a cigar three minutes ago yeah right yeah really as an actor this is just I'm just a red meat man and you chewed it up you chewed everything in the scene with the scenes with you and John C Reilly together like a lot of fantastic actors in the role of two pop culture iconic individuals that you would never think would be portrayed on a TV show right and then again the scene where one of the first scenes you mentioned Chase's restaurant here in Los Angeles where bus is whining and dining red Auerbach thinking that you could be the same type of mark as everybody else in his life where you know women and that sort of allure of LA lifestyle would be able you'd be reeled in as red Auerbach and no like you're the adult who just wants to win and rip his heart out and you essentially telling him that I watched that scene three times it was fantastic just really great again like you know everything starts on the page right yeah and I have to say Max Bornstein he's a tremendous writer really really talented and you don't get dialogue like this you know that so that well again when I read that scene I just went oh okay you know I get to I get to do this and on top of it Jonah Hill directed the episode is that right that's right that episode yeah which was hilarious in and of itself how so what do you mean I mean it's just the just just the directions that he gave me all right now just just terrify him right now in this take just absolutely thank you come over whisper in my ear and just like so John C. Raleigh doesn't hear yeah so he doesn't hear just absolutely terrorize him now like okay Jonah gosh well you did I mean you did we had you know it's just a fun process and really really talented folks and from everybody everybody the DP everybody is really really good yeah and and um you know celtics are up next in this story um no I'm not talking about now but back in the day they're up next in the story they win next if I'm not mistaken we after we just watched the Lakers win and magic is the MVP the celtics are up next because magic gets hurt and then Riley comes in and I can't wait for the scene when when Adrian Brody finally slicks his hair back and becomes Pat Riley in the Armani suits you know this is all coming right yeah and so when just one last question on this when do you start shooting when does this happen when do we get more of this showed you know shooting my understanding is late August early September back at it we're back at it yeah yeah and we got to come to set one dude what he's doing fine crash of the set and we come down and shoot a little behind the scenes and we hold it and I think HBO's got their own BTS thing but we can try we can see the tech core and I'll see what I mean all right let's see so here we go so you're gonna be we don't ask for it so you're getting the cigars back you're getting the whole thing back and well you know I have to say I'm a little concerned about the cigars because I did quit smoking cigars 20 years ago oh are they real cigars 22 years ago were they real cigars no no they have a they have a a tobacco wrapper but it's it's a cacophony of crap inside it it tastes like the bottom of a shoe it's just not okay I don't know what they put in it I don't even want to know it's horrible but they make me smoke and they on top of it they have me huffing that sucker too I mean in John C. Riley smoking cigarettes you can even hear it burning like you could hear these cigarettes burning in some of these scenes no bueno at all no and you know I love the way they shoot it though in like five different formats yes really give you a sense of the period and the feel of it I love everything about the way they're making this show and where I can see where it's going and Max has told me some things about what well you guys are gonna love I can't swear no it's incredible it really is we have enjoyed it and again we know that you know certain LA Lakers in this town aren't very happy with their portrayals and things of that nature but it is incredibly entertaining I've enjoyed every single minute of it when you come on the screen just knowing you and knowing how much you love the Celtics and like you are made to do this what a stroke what a stroke and then on top of it now we're we're in the finals yeah on top of that well I mean the interesting thing is like you weren't talking about Michael checklist here on the Rich Eisen show winning time on HBO and HBO Max that you know you've got to love the fact again because I know you are who you are and your role in the show and who you are in real life the fact that the Lakers are not winning but the Celtics like we've been busting I say I'm like Max how the how the Lakers doing and he's like oh because they're Laker fans yeah he's a huge Laker fan and the Celtics army I mean again just this is a really good squad man they have chemistry you know this we've talked about this so many teams you look at them on paper and they should be able to win it all and it's really the thing to me that defines the greatest of teams because there's like always six or eight teams that could do it right but it's the one that that where the chemistry between the players is just electric you know like those knucklehead 2004 Red Sox they just there was they had it going on in the dugout you know what I mean it was and when you see that kind of camaraderie you know interesting game the other day it was almost as if they were happy to take the first game yes and you know to me because no one had a good game you know and they're a deep team and no one none of their guys everybody sort of it was almost like they collectively took the second half off they just sort of backed off of it didn't that feel that way well I mean Stephen A. Smith was even saying afterwards that that was an unfortunate error on their part because you let the Warriors back in you could put your stamp I mean I don't disagree with that you know greed is good to use the Gordon Gekko phrase and that is in sports that you if you can if you can be greedy go ahead and be greedy and come up with that win but you know again it the fact that they took game one which they weren't very good and historically this playoffs but they do well on the road that was huge there's no question about it and to say this but the Heat did that to us too right and in similar fashion so yeah I just am a big believer in it you don't take your foot off the neck of a champion you just you got to finish him short and you know you know I mean and your Brady Patriots showed that over and over and over again so but but what's so great about being a sports fan it when when you believe in your team and you have that pride in your team but part of you knows the team's not going to be very good coming into the season or you you're hoping for something good to happen and then the team doesn't perform very well in the beginning and just catches fire and shows a camaraderie and a chemistry and a heart yeah that that's where you love your team and this Celtics team is exactly that I mean we've seen like Cardinals teams and baseball come on strong in the second half of a season or we've seen the Cubs do that too it's other teams that do that but the cell this this has got to be just one of the more I really enjoy to the to the chemistry them catching fire that's someone and I think my instinct is it's it's smart and big out there are playing a big role in the locker room right now you know is the veteran he's salty he's been around and I think he's got some things to say but smart seems to he he seems to be really super passionate he's really gotten it I really think the evolution of smart as a player and a leader you've really seen it this year I think he really needed a guy like email to come in and kind of bring that out of them yeah I've been awesome he's been tremendous I think he's been amazing really uh but I'm just talking about the locker room chemistry and you know I mean he's been great on the court there's no question about it but that's that x-factor that I'm talking about a guy who seems to extract the best out of the bad guys around him I listen I'm not in the locker room so I don't know who's who's who but that's just my instinct in terms of who's doing what any plans to go to any of these games I'm hoping to go to game six but now there's a bunch of work stuff that that has come up and I'm not going to complain about any of that of course but if let's just say it's game six let's just say you do get to go and you do get to go to that arena and there's three minutes to go do you take out a cigar you know I'm gonna have a stogie right here you know I am you know I'm doing you know do you do you take a sick do I fire it up though yeah it's probably against code in that town I don't know if we're up 20 you have to you know what what's the what's the point total they're not gonna kick you out you don't think so no they're not gonna kick you out you could say don't you know who I am I'm red hour there's a statue of me in Daniel hall like they're not gonna kick you out go in character that is right go in character no that's not happening I'll be knocked from here to return you know come on let's face it so you know it would be awesome though actually you should go in full hour back that's why he's saying you wouldn't be mocked mercilessly I don't think you'd be yeah no no I can't do that you can't do that he's awesome as it is I'm pushing the line on Twitter you know goofing on it you know but I mean I'm having fun with that of course it is amazing I mean just think about life is amazing because you know you've had so many great successes in your career Michael but the fact that you play our back on a hit show just as the Celtics catch fire and make the NBA Finals and potentially my wife said this I mean like you could not you couldn't have made this like as if you didn't have enough yachts to water ski behind with your Patriots and the Red Sox winning four times and breaking the curse I mean this is just wish I made all their money I mean this is what a what a run yeah it's been incredible obviously I mean my daughters were saying like you know tell me about Renard Bach and you know what I'm like honey they burned his name on the park a floor and that's how you said you know I mean it's a statue sitting on a bench with a foot long cigar and you know Boston County they burned his name on the park what more do you need to know that's it my poor kids they lived in Los Angeles and I forbade them from being Lakers fans I was think that's I said there's no one in my house that's gonna say the words go Lakers in earnest ever it's just not happening knocking it's fine right like sarcastic I remember I when I met Magic Johnson we were doing a tie-in for the NBA and with the Fantastic Four it was the Fantastic Four versus Magic and he walked into the gym where we were shooting this you know this commercial for three days and I went you mother and I just swore out I did and he burst out laughing he went that's right you're a Celtics guy and we laughed and he was a gentleman and couldn't have been more gracious and amazing and then he started to regale me with all these incredible stories about he and Bird you know I kind of look at those guys as the the quintessential sort of old warriors that you know they've survived all the wars and now they have no one else to relate to but each other you know the the gladiators sure you know and that's the way it felt listening to him and I went into my trailer at the end of the three days and there were five signed basketballs on my desk in my trailer and no one asked I didn't ask him to do that it was really really love yeah he went in he signed a bunch of basketballs and left him on my in my trailer which you know was lovely too so I mean he's a class act and it was incredible and was funny to be able to swear at him and I said to him magic people think that my voice is scratchy because I smoked or something it's from screaming at you yeah you know what I mean it's from literal and screaming to me to be heard at my dinner table growing understood you know because Greeks you know we're loud but and I I told him the nicknames for all the Lakers from that time that we had like worthless you know it's it's I do love that spike and again that that does play in in winning time one of my favorite lines of the season was from the scene and I've mentioned this a couple of times in the show so for our listening and viewing audience I apologize for repeating it where John C Riley is Jerry Buss is talking to Jerry West they're having this character this conversation about which coach is he going to stick with which guy is he going to go back you know to McKinney or is he going to stick with West head and and Riley and he asks Jerry West for help then Jerry's like I don't want any part of this conversation because you're going to stick me with what you know if I'm wrong I'm just going to stick with me and all that and he tells him you know bus like I'm asking everybody I'm even asking my priest in West line is like oh don't ask him he's probably Celtic fan that made me laugh out loud like I was on a plane watching it coming back from New York and I laughed out loud because that's exactly you cursing at Magic Johnson and reminding him about all the nicknames from back in the day and that sort of sports spite is another thing that we love about well this guy Max Bornstein what a great writer the dialogue is just crackled she leaps off the page and again you know as an actor you that's what you're always looking for is great storytelling and insightful and you know that we look for truths in stories right you know it's not about you know like people always have this sort of misnomer of oh you're a great actor you must be a great liar it's it's not true it's not true you're looking for the truth in whatever story you're telling and people can discern what's true and what's **** it that's okay I'm so sorry no it's all right you're comfortable and we appreciate that and you're not you're telling you tell you're telling your story I like it it's all good well you know it's all good I try to keep it clean actually do you have a few more minutes to stick around I didn't okay very good because when we come back I want to talk about Tom Brady and I want to ask you how your dog's doing because I miss your dog very much okay okay very good Michael checklist is here on the Rich Eisen show also I want to talk about the Red Sox oh that's coming up next right on the Rich Eisen show on the here and now he just showed a video from five years ago man Michael of Michael checklist being here with his pug TB 12 Tom Brady Patriot yeah how's your dog now how's Tom Brady Tom Brady the pug is awesome yeah yeah I'm a little jilted with regard to the real Tom oh yeah when when the the head fake retirement happened and I understand why yeah I think he took that as an opportunity to circle the wagons all of a sudden Tom's phone went out and I am no longer on that phone list oh I've been jilted like feel like a 14 year old he tightened he tightened the tighten the ride and I'm not in a circle it's so we gotta get we gotta I still love you Tommy we gotta we gotta rectify breaking news there no good that's no one knows that oh my gosh well now we we gotta we have to rectify that that's that's so good he's gonna be calling games for 10 years once he's done playing you heard about that right 10 with the way he does things 45 he'll be 90 years old looking good you know what I don't know what he's doing still three to four Super Bowls clear of any other human being that's ever played the game crazy at that's at that way he could win another one I know he could win another well that's why it's part of the reason why he's coming back I mean I think it's entirely possible he can ripped well it's absurd to see that video of his underwear and all that sort of I tried to too much Tom TMT too much time too much time all right so do we do we not talk about the Red Sox at all like Bruno or like it's been like this for months what are you talking about what are you talking about what are you talking about for months what do you mean this guy comes in every day how many games up are we check today that was so passive aggressive you know look they would be socks of one five on a row which is amazing 500 Yankees have won six in a row so they haven't gained a single game in that five game win streak that's twelve in the loss I hate this this is why it's June 7th June 7th two or three injuries were down excuse me no no no keep talking it's okay it's it's it's it's something that I'm reveling in every single day I'm speaking it into existence manifesting join me in manifesting Mike understands the nature of baseball you're manifesting you got three more wins to go in the NBA finals you're manifesting you're manifesting right now that's the Celtics are manifesting every day since January baseball season is closer to the beginning than the end no it's kind of over it's over there's no doubt but that this Red Sox team is unlike they give underperforming a new meaning that's correct which is fair there's no question and I'm sure there are cover story thought he was still playing spring training he joined it was good to have him join the league yeah we're not at the trade deadline are you okay I'm telling you this is Mike I mean granted it's terrifying for any pitcher to stand in front of that lineup you know I mean that Yankee lineup is so you're saying I'm lighting the cigar before halftime is that what you're saying right now I think half time hasn't happened yet you're in the second quarter and you look firing up I don't think that red would have done that red would not have fired up Mike Orbach says no rich stop Mike Orbach by the way law and order no not his name ran a Brooklyn kid he's a Brooklyn I know you've got the you've got the accent man yeah I heard that I love that for bet the rage are they gonna be doing they may ask you something Richie how you doing I'm going tonight you want to go down to Anaheim Mike are you going yeah you're going tonight Thursday okay I was thinking Thursday actually um the Pavetta on Thursdays he's been on fire yeah okay enjoy that enjoy that good luck the Angels have lost how many in a row they lost 12 in a row oh my god but honestly in all honesty though you can't not look at the Yankees as the team to beat but I'm gonna throw a curveball at you right okay I've been saying since the beginning of the season really as in our division the team to look at is the Toronto Blue Jays yeah yes than the they they've got deep pitching for the first time and god knows when yes and they've got some the chemistry in that dugout like I talked about and these guys love each other yeah and man they can hit mash man they can they sure can hit hit to last night absolutely this kid Vlady is a terrifying batter and he reminds me of Manny yes yes he's got that goofiness too he spreads it I hear you in the Yankees beat them three or four in April before sweeping them two or three in May they swept them they swept him in May as well so yeah that's great am I am I keeping you awake no I'm not no no I'm just I'm just saying you're just saying all right but say something you know what no you're not saying anything what you're doing is you're talking around stuff so if you're gonna talk about it what I'm saying is there's a canyon that's that heroes go in and and I've got a whole bunch of confetti and it's time to throw it it's time to throw it you've got a duck you've got a duck boat you might be in a duck boat by next week you could be in a duck boat by next week we could be basketball but see I'm not listen I'm terrified right now because we took our foot off their necks and they these yeah Golden State Warriors can shoot man and they're really really heavily skilled and I don't know I would have put my foot on the gas after that 50-50 wasn't it 50-50 exactly it was it was 52-50 yeah it's right all right it was right there no question even third quarter it got down to six I know I know I don't know it reminds me and I hate to even make these analogies but wasn't it 2011 when the Bruins the Toronto Maple Leafs took their foot off of the Boston Bruins neck and we scored five goals in the last five minutes of the third period I remember that when you have when you're playing a champion you don't let them up you have to finish them no it sounds like it by the way it was that was that a line from winning time right there no that's just me that's a good one perfect man that's 2004 Yankees right there they should have finished and yeah yeah you have to finish the opponent you can't disrespect them and go into into a defensive posture you know you have to keep you have to finish them well it's really cute that you guys are discussing baseball and you're never mentioning the best team in the league right now that's all right what's happening over here what's happening it's the New York Mets that's what's happening right now we're sitting out of time that'll wrap it up for this show we will see you on Wednesday in a moment for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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