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REShow: Aaron Jones - Hour 3 (6-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 9, 2022 5:14 pm

REShow: Aaron Jones - Hour 3 (6-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 9, 2022 5:14 pm

Rich and the guys react to Tom Brady speaking today on if there was a rift between him and Bruce Arians that led to the Buccaneers coach’s surprising retirement which leads Rich and Brockman to debate which teams would shove aside their current QB for one year of Brady as their starter. 

Packers RB Aaron Jones tells Rich what it’s like to have Aaron Rodgers in-camp and paid, how Green Bay will deal with the loss of Davante Adams, stepping into a leadership role in the Packers’ locker room, and if Green Bay can finally run their regular season success deep into the playoffs next season.

 Rich outs Brockman for never having seen the classic Patrick Swayze-Demi Moore film ‘Ghost,’ while TJ admits that he’s never seen ‘Top Gun.’

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That's 877-ASK-DELL to save up to 48% on our latest technology. So, let's stir it up a little bit here. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Where could DK go?

I've got a team to do it. From the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I am talking about the Dallas Cowboy.

Dallas has taken a step back, and Philadelphia with the aforementioned AJ Brown could zoom right past him. Earlier on the show, 12 year NBA veteran, Rex Chapman, co-host of ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, Michael Wilbon. Coming up, Jets defensive end Jermaine Johnson, Packers running back Aaron Jones. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

Great show so far, if I dare say so myself. Here on Peacock Sirius XM Channel 85, we've chatted with Rex Chapman and Michael Wilbon about NBA Finals Game 3 that went down last night. We've chopped it up with both of those gents. We are also getting set to talk to Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers. I just spoke to my favorite New York Jet, Jermaine Johnson II.

Very excited, very very excited. Here on this program, Chris Brockman and DJ Mikey D is in Deez Nuts over there. Good to see you Mike. Good to see you. And TJ Jefferson, good to see you sir.

Good to see you. Very pleased that we're having such a great show. Even though Mike Del Tufo is in such a bad mood to start.

I'm actually still upset about this. Because the guy who checks us in, we'll call him out. I'm sorry, I'm going to call him out. Mike Del Tufo is just a sweet hearted guy. Very sensitive guy.

He's from the east coast, he's got vim and vigor. He's got some bile. Don't cross him. Don't cross him.

Don't cross him. But he's also very sweet hearted. He's a very sweet guy.

He's got a warm center. He's a people person. You're a people person. You like talking to people.

Honestly. I'm like a ring ding. If you're sitting next to Mike Del Tufo. If you ever get to sit next to Mike Del Tufo on a plane, just be prepared for a few things.

One, your life story and his life story will be exchanged. I'm actually big into music now on planes. All I'm saying is if you sit next to him on a plane, also if you don't want to have that conversation, get your ear pods going, this whole thing. But when Mike checks us in to make sure that our audio partners hear us, there's certain people that don't say hello back. They got stuff to do, Mike, and sometimes you take it personally. I do. And you like saying, hey, how are you?

It's Mike Del Tufo from The Rich Eisen Show. How are you? And then you like having just a chitchat, very nice. I like bonding with some people on the other end. And some people are very gruff on the other end. Yeah, they might have other stuff to do. And you take it personally.

Rich, I do it all the time for games when I got to do the check-in to make sure everything's working. You say, hi. They're always nice back, you know, the guys.

It's like sometimes I get one of those guys, it's like, what are you? Just say hello. Just be nice. Sometimes you just want to say hello. Be nice. Just be nice. It's nice to be nice to the nice. Because I'm a nice guy. Which is, by the way, a line that Frank Burns said in MASH.

It's something that I will never forget as a child. It's nice to be nice to the nice. No, I did call a little late, so he might have been busy. Oh, okay. Or he could have been, you said he was a different guy. Maybe he's stressed. It's a different guy. He's not comfortable. It's a different guy. But don't worry, that guy is not hearing this right now, because he's being rude to somebody else, checking somebody in.

Rich. Is that wrong to say? No. I'm just glad you fought through it, and we're fighting through it. Okay, I feel better now. I'm a little better now. Very good.

Thank you. So we also talked about the new live golf tournament and league that's going on, or the Saudi Golf League, as the very upset PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan referred to it in a letter to all the PGA Tour players to let them know. Do you think when he would type that out this morning, or maybe he had it typed out a few days ago? I don't think he's had a word processor himself, Chris.

All right, well then if he's speaking it to one of his assistants. You think when he said Saudi Golf League, he goes, got him. Got him. Got him. Got him. Got him. Got him. Got him. Got him.

Got him. Again, that's their only play right here is, you know, they're taking their money from a country that is looking to sports wash its image. 100%. And players, there's enough players who are like, did you see how many zeros that is? I'll never make that much money on the tour, and I'll make it just to say yes to play one round of golf.

I imagine, though, they have to... It's probably for all eight. It's probably, what, for all eight tournaments? Of this season. Well, it's probably multi-season. Like, you've got to get more than just that. I mean, if you're resigning from the PGA Tour, I think you're in it for the... Plus, as you know, they'll come find you.

They'll come find you if you don't do it. So that's what's going on in that world. In the NFL world. In the NFL world, Tom Brady spoke today.

Yes. I don't know how many press conferences Tom has held since announcing he's come back, right? There wasn't any press conference to announce his return. There was a press conference that Bruce Arians held to announce his retirement from being a coach in his transition to senior football advisor of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a press conference at which Tom Brady was present. He did that round table kind of at the match. He did, but I don't think Ernie asked him about Bruce Arians being a guy that he would only come back to the Buccaneers if Arians was no longer the head coach.

I don't think Ernie was asking him that at that post-match. Hey, what about the whole idea that you came back, but the condition, one of the conditions was Arians would be gone. And then there's the whole thing that, you know, when you retired, the intention was for you to own part of the Miami Dolphins. And then after a while, sit there and go, you know what, I'll play for the Miami Dolphins and figure out the compensation with the Buccaneers later on. Those two things were asked of Tom Brady today.

So let's take them one at a time. This was a question placed to Brady if there was a rift between him and Arians. Now I have already been on record on this show saying I didn't buy any of that. I did not buy that Brady's like, you know what, I'm going to go over, I'm going to watch Ronaldo play, okay, and I'm going to go, you know, tell the Glazer, the Glazers, I'm only coming back if I am, you know, basically going to be a Man U season ticket holder, but I'm only coming back if Arians is gone. And we found out subsequently from Jason Light, the Glazers weren't even at the Man U match that Brady was at. And I thought to myself, like, what sort of sociopath would he have to be to demand that and then sit there in front of Arians who would have to know that Brady was the one who forced him out after his damn near half century career. And Brady sitting there smiling, giving testament to him.

I never bought that. Did his gears grind with Arians sometimes? Of course, I'm sure it did. Your gears grind with Brockman sometimes. Sometimes mine grind with you when I don't think you have my best interest in mine and you wear that smile with that very nice, very nice demeanor of yours. And you, you cut deep anyway. I don't mean to. This is what Brady had to say about Arians and him having a supposed rift.

Zero whatsoever. Yeah. He and I have a great relationship. And I think that's, you know, part of why I chose here was because of Bruce. He and I have been as an incredible communication and you know, I have great respect for him and he knows how I feel about him. That's the most important thing. And I know how he feels about me. So there you go.

I'm sure you're all sitting there saying, didn't Brady tell LeBron that 90% of the time he's not telling the truth in press conferences, but listen to his answer about whether he had contact with the dolphins. I mean, it's again, I had a lot of conversations with a lot of people as I've had for the last three or four years in my career about, you know, different opportunities when I'm done playing football. So, you know, I kind of made a decision of what I'd like to do and I'll be, I'll get to be in the game of football. And I think for me, the most important thing is where I'm at now and you know what I hope to do for this team. That's, that's been my commitment to, you know, this, this team and organization. It's been so much fun for me to come here two years ago. It's been almost two and a half years now and it's been an incredible part of my football journey and it's not over and we still got a lot to accomplish. So I got a long life ahead and you know, there's a lot of fun things to do ahead. I'm looking forward to what's ahead in football, but at the same time, you know, none of us are promised much beyond what we have now.

And this is the current moment and I'm really excited about going out there to try to compete and win a championship. Didn't say no either. Said no.

Come on. Dolphins? What are you out of your mind? I talked to a lot of people. He 100% talked to the Dolphins.

Talked to a lot of people. Well, guess what? He talked to Fox and he's going to get an insane amount of money from them and he'll be great at that job. Look, he is, I look at him and I watch him as he's talking. I'm like, I cannot believe he's still doing this.

It's insane. And not a single soul sits here as he does look as chiseled as he is at 25. Like he's in better shape now than he was at 25. He's better shape at 45 than 25. He looks so much better now.

Better shape at 45 than 35. He's better shape now than he was two minutes ago and I don't even know where he is. I just cannot believe it and nobody out there thinks for a split second he's out of his mind for doing this. The Bucks are overreaching to have him do it or think that he has no chance to win it. How many times, just think about how we were talking about Ben Roethlisberger going into last year, Breeze in his final time with the Saints. This one, it's just like, Tom, why are you stopping playing at age 44, age 45?

Why are you doing that? Tom Brady has top five MVP odds at 45 years old. Who is better? Allen's better? Allen? Mahomes? Mahomes? Dak? Herbert? Bill Burrow?

Burrow. And then Brady and Rodgers have the same, they're fifth. So Dak is six. Where's Dak? Dak is way down, 25 to one. Who's in between the 12s and Dak? In between the 12s and Dak, Russell Wilson, Jalen Hurts. Jalen Hurts is better. Hold on. Wait a minute.

Really? No, it's not better, it's better odds. Better odds? Better odds, yeah. Than Dak Prescott, doing the MVP. What place is this?

Russell Wilson. Where do you see these odds? This is offshore.

What's my comparison? Offshore? Offshore, like Mars? Yeah, what do they know about offshore? Fantasyland.

They're not offshore. I mean, there are people who, you know how high I am on the Eagles, I think that they've passed the Cowboys. That's why the Cowboys should be knocking on those Seahawks door getting DK Metcalf. So Brady and Rodgers are tied for fifth, 14 to one. Russell Wilson and Jalen Hurts tied for seventh, 18 to one. Stafford eight, 20 to one. With Derek Carr, also 20 to one. And then 10th, Dak Prescott, 25 to one.

Jalen Hurts has better MVP odds than Matthew Stafford? Yes. Oh, there goes your argument then, huh? I got it. Thought you had an argument, now you realize you don't. Oh, I have an argument.

I have an argument with this list. I mean, Deshaun Watson's still on here. Where's Micah Parsons on this list? Oh, God.

For MVP? Oh, gosh. Yeah. Oh, my goodness. Leave the list alone. Oh, goodness.

The list is bizarre. It's only going to be a quarterback win anyway. Hey. Amen.

Deebo's on this list. Tom Brady. Do you think he had a problem with Arians? That I'm not coming back unless Arians is gone? And let's get a nice two-week buffer between now and when Arians is going to make his announcement so I don't have my fingerprints on it?

I would say he did not have a problem. I say he made the announcement for a reason when he made his announcement because he needed to make sure it was before free agency. And Bruce Arians was the head coach at the time. And it's entirely possible Arians could have basically still been the coach. What if Brady said, I'm coming back only if he's gone and Arians is like, I'm going rogue. I'm not going anywhere.

What happened? Then Tom would be on a different team right now. I don't know about that.

I don't know about that. Do you think San Francisco would rather have Tom Brady or Trey Lance right now? What's with the Trey Lance hate over there, man? That's your baby. By the way.

What is with the Trey? Not hate. Total not hate.

Total not hate. We haven't seen him play football in two years, so nobody knows if he's any good, so everyone being just automatically anointing him like he's going to be great. The Niners are going back to the playoffs and we have a chance at the Super Bowl.

You have no idea. But Chris, this is fantasy football talk you keep on doing with this with Brady. What do you mean?

What do I mean? With Brady? Yes, with him. When I said to you, would you take Tom's like that TV commercial where Brady's calling people around to tell about his crypto business and there's some, you know, New England hunk on the other end of the line saying, you know, what are you coming back? We wouldn't take you back even if you were coming back. And he goes, Yeah, you would.

And he goes, Yeah, you're right. I would. And I asked you as a New England fan, as a New England fan, would you take Tom Brady back this year in 2022?

And you said, absolutely. And then you try to flip it on me saying, would you take Tom Brady on the Jets? And I said, no, because this isn't fantasy football. The Jets made all of this move towards it's still a top five player. When Tom Brady is 50 and out of the league, we're assuming he will be. Zach Wilson will be in year five and year six, and he better be ready to win Super Bowls or already have one in the case that because the Jets had him progress.

You cannot stunt in five years of your guy. The Niners would not do that if you had taken him out for Tom Brady for a year, he'd be the same guy. That's not true. He's 22 years old.

He'd be the same guy. That is not true. You can't follow up Matt Jones's first year by going back to the past because Brady has made himself available to you and you're willing to go one year, one more year with Tommy. I live in reality. Yes, you can. I'm living in reality and saying you cannot stop the entire process that you've put into place.

You can't do it. If Tom Brady wants to do anything, it's like Ghostbusters. When someone asks if you're a God, you say yes.

So when God says, I want to come play for you, you say yes. Let's do this. We have the real estate here before Aaron Jones joins us. Arizona, if Brady says I want to go there, do they tell Kyler Murray you're out or you need to sit or you need to go somewhere else, they're going to trade them away? Of course not. How much are they getting Tom for? Dude, you get it. Forget it. It's not for one year. You're getting them for one year.

Rich. You're not doing that. Every team except like five would do it. Atlanta would do it. Atlanta would do it.

I'm talking about in terms of a quarterback that's right here right now in terms of Baltimore would have to think about it because if Lamar is not committing to them, Buffalo, no way. That's what I mean. Carolina would do it. Yeah, absolutely. Chicago. Would Chicago do that?

Yep. Chicago's not ready to win right now. If you have Tom Brady, you're a Super Bowl contender. Not the Chicago Bears the way that they're currently constituted. Every team. Every team. No way.

No. Cincinnati wouldn't do it. Joe Burrow's their guy.

Cleveland. Oh, they'll do anything to get out of their situation right now. They would take Brockley. They would not be a Super Bowl contender. Dallas wouldn't do it. If Cleveland had Tom Brady, yes they would be.

No, they would not. Are you crazy? Are you crazy? No. TJ, I'll have to stop you there. It's the Cleveland Browns. No disrespect. No, wait a minute.

Let's go through this list here. Arizona would not do it. Atlanta would. Because in the reality of the world about you'd have to displace your quarterback. You'd have to deal with all of that with your locker room.

You'd have to deal with all of that in making sure that the quarterback would just be a backup all of a sudden like Matt Jones would have to be. Okay. So this is the reality. Yeah. That's why I say it's fantasy world.

You're just swapping one for the other and then you'll just continue on like nothing ever happened. Dallas. Would Dallas do that?

And Dak? Stop it. I need an answer. I don't want to do this again. Would Dallas? Would you do it? No.

Correct. Denver wouldn't do it. No way. But then again, Tom Brady would do it.

That's the Super Bowl. Detroit would do it in a heartbeat. Yeah, for sure.

Heartbeat. Yeah, of course. Green Bay? No.

I mean, they got a guy who actually wins playoff games and Tom Brady. Would Houston do it? Yeah, of course. Of course. Yeah. Indianapolis would do it yesterday. Of course.

I know them. Jacksonville wouldn't do it. Yes, they would.

No, they wouldn't. Come on. And tell Trevor Lawrence you're sitting for a year? Yeah. We got a new head coach here.

Just waiting. We got a new head coach here. The guy who kicked his kicker and you needed to go up to last year and say, where's our top running back? Did you take him out of the game? That guy's not there anymore, but we're going to keep you waiting for another year because Doug Peterson is going to win this. One year for Tom Brady? Yeah. Cool. You know what, Trevor?

You're going to have a 15-year career. Just hold on a second. Mahomes wouldn't do it. They wouldn't do it with Kansas City. They won't do it with the Chargers.

Wouldn't do it with the Rams. Vegas. Vegas. Would Vegas do it? That would be bold.

I don't think so. I mean, they were rumored to try to get him anyway. But McDaniel's back with Brady. If Brady's somehow, I mean, I think they would do it. Miami would. Of course. Ask to answer. He's going to be the owner soon.

Ask to answer. Minnesota would do it in a heartbeat. New England? I say no. You say yes.

Yeah. Everyone would take Tom back. New Orleans would do it in a heartbeat. The Giants would do it in a heartbeat. I say the Jets wouldn't do it. I wouldn't want it. No. You're too scarred.

That's why. Philadelphia would do it? Yeah. But that team? Pittsburgh would do it. Seattle would say yes, please. San Francisco, no way. No way. If San Francisco has Tom Brady, they're a Super Bowl team.

No. And then they tell Trey Lance and all those picks that we just gave up, forget it. If you win a Super Bowl, it doesn't matter. Forget it. It doesn't matter.

Yes, it does. Because now you've got five, 10 more years, what are you going to do now with this kid that's now sitting around? You start Trey Lance afterwards. It's just one year. It's just one year.

Man. Tennessee would do it. Washington would do it.

I mean, they begged for that to happen. Well, it would be a dust up if he came. It would be a major dust up. You're right, Chris. It would be a major dust up.

Yeah, it would be a major dust up. You're crazy. I'm just thinking about duck boats right now, guys. I mean, come on.

Oh my God. Well, Brady, Brady wouldn't bring a duck boat to New England right now, not with that roster. That's why he left, Chris.

Not the same team. And that's why you're building back up. You're building it back up with Mac Jones, you can tell Mac Jones. Great rookie year.

Great rookie year. Sorry. We got to go back to the future with Tommy. Come on, man.

Look, guys. Look, when you get Tom Brady, suddenly other people are like, oh, I want to go to there. Like Liz Lemon. Liz Lemon. Tom Brady's the Liz Lemon of the National Football League.

When Tom Brady shows up, I want to go to there. The 30 Rock reference. That's interesting.

Okay. That was one big fat food for thought segment that's never going to happen in reality. Welcome to Sports Talk Radio. You guys are just doing this for clickbait. On June 8th? On June 8th? There's no clickbait.

It's just I thought that was an interesting endeavor. Somebody said that on YouTube yesterday. It was like... About what? It's June 9th.

It's about... June 9th. Oh, by the way, I'm trying to turn back the clock to before the Yankee lost last night. Hey, the Sox actually picked up a game.

Yeah, they did. You're almost within 10. The Mets got stomped last night. All right. Let's take a break. Aaron Jones, the Green Bay Packers, will join us here on this program. Don't go anywhere.

We'll find out what's going on in Green Bay's OTAs when we return. Does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day? Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours of sweat and odor protection. Let me repeat that, 48 hours of sweat and odor protection.

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Goes on dry, clean feel all day. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844, 204 Rich, number to dial here on the program. We love this guy, man. He's been in studio. He's been all over him ever since he started doing wheel routes and beating people coming out of the backfield. Now he's one of the top two-way threats in the league.

And he's a Green Bay Packer going through mandatory minicamp in the great state of Wisconsin. Joining us in the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line is Rich Eisen Show favorite Aaron Jones. How you doing, Aaron? I'm doing great. And you? I'm doing great.

I'm doing better for talking to you. What's mandatory minicamp looking like from your perspective? What do you got? It's fun getting out there, being able to compete, do a little bit of 11-on-11 for the first time with all your guys. And you could just see how happy guys are to be out there competing and have everybody back in the building. How'd your quarterback look? How's he looking? He looked great.

He never recovered. Went 12 on the field. You know he was making that putt too, right, in Vegas? You knew that he was draining that putt, right? Oh, yeah. I knew it. He told me golf is all mental and he got that on lock, so I knew he was going to hit that.

You know, it's kind of crazy. I've interviewed you multiple times here on the program and I greatly appreciate it when you join the show. This is the first time in the last couple of years that I haven't had to ask you questions about your quarterback and his desire to be there and whether he's going to be there.

I mean, I honestly don't even know what to ask you now, Aaron. He's here. He's going to be here.

That's what he said. He's going to retire there. I mean, what a difference two years makes pretty much, huh? Isn't that incredible? Yes, sir.

And a huge difference. He's our leader. I mean, I feel like that's the only way for him, the right way for him to go out is as a Packer after being here for so long.

So whenever it's his time, we'll send him off the right way. Well, and then the idea that is being thrown out there in my world is that he's under an incredible amount of pressure, that his window is closing, and that the last two years, despite having the one seed going to the playoffs not winding up in the Super Bowl, just only mounts the pressure on him. What are your thoughts on that subject matter, Aaron Jones? I feel like there's no pressure on him.

Just go out and continue to do the things that we've done the past three years. And when you get in those big situations, guys around him, we have to step up and help him out. And so when it comes to doing the stuff that you've done the last few years, Aaron Jones, obviously, there is one person who is in fact missing and is not coming back anytime soon, if at all, is Devante Adams. And the question is about the Packers offense and what it will look like and how potent it can be.

What insight can you give anyone, me, fans, on that subject matter, Aaron Jones? Definitely miss Devante, you know, he's our guy. But we've had games where we had to play without Devante from 2019 to 2021. We played a couple of games without him and we've also played games without what you would call our number one and number two receivers.

And we found ways to win those games, pretty much all of them. So we have the weapons that we need in this locker room and we'll be ready when the time comes. And as I said, we have every guy that's capable and looking to make the most of the opportunity. The new guys or rookies that are coming in, who's impressed?

Who should I be looking out for, Aaron? I like Romeo Dobbs. I mean, I like all three of our receivers that we've drafted.

They've all made flashes in practice. So I mean, I'm more on the offensive side of the ball and I'm closer to the skill player so they'll kind of try to get in their heads, help them out as much as I can. So you're kind of like the OG now? In a way, and that's crazy. Right? I mean, again, because you're so you're now a guy who can help tell the new guys the way it's done.

And I know you said crazy. How are you, you know, feeling about that, Aaron Jones? I like being an OG, but at the same time, like I sit in the room and I feel like I'm just as young as like some of the rookies who came in. But in reality, I'm not. But it's pretty cool to see, like, I really didn't have an OG when I came in or an older guy.

So to be that guy, just give them everything that I have, help them, help them build their game and help us at the end of the day. So I'm enjoying it. You know, I've had a lot more guys come up to me, talk to me about not just football, but life. And I wasn't getting those conversations before.

So that's when I can kind of tell I was to turn into the OG. What do you mean by life? Walk me through that, Aaron. What conversations do you mean by that? Just things like off the field, whether it be being a dad or what it's like to be a dad, taxes, just things off the field, how you're managing your football from your home life as well.

So just so many things, not just not just football. OK, so taxes, hire somebody, right? That's the that's the that's the advice you give somebody.

Just hire somebody to do with that. What about parenting? How about how how old are you? How many kids do you have?

Aaron? I have one and he's two years old. Two years old. You are in the thick of it. The thick of it.

Party training. OK. All that stuff. Right. So what's his name or her name?

What's her? His name is Aaron. He's a junior.

He's an Aaron Jones junior. OK. Yes, sir.

All right. And what are you what's he watching these days? What do we got on him? A little Paw Patrol? What do we got?

A little Paw Patrol, a little Go Dog Go, Cocomelon, of course, cars, loves cars. And then he wants to just watch going, just go on YouTube like that at football, that at football. I'll just cut on some YouTube and watch a couple of different people's highlights.

Who is he? What do you want? What are you watching? What is your kid watching on YouTube?

What do you have? All right. He definitely has to watch my highlight. It's understand.

That's dad. OK. And then I'll put on like the Packers highlight. And then I might show him like I think I showed him Devonte's highlight, Russell Douglas and Devonte Campbell's highlights. So show him a little bit of everything.

And so he could play both sides of the ball. I like it, man. And then cars. I mean, how many times have you seen that? A hundred, two hundred. I mean, that is.

I've seen it a lot. Cars and Cars 2. Both of them. Cars 2. But I'm enjoying it.

I'm enjoying every moment of it. Cars 3, much better than Cars 2. Cars is obviously the gold standard.

That is the absolute gold standard. Life is a highway, as you know. Life is a highway. All night long, man. And that's that. Brockman, you.

Yeah, Aaron, I'm in the same boat. My son's also, too. The new big thing is Daniel Tiger. Daniel Tiger. I'm going to have to show him that. Where does that come on?

Daniel Tiger, I believe, is PBS, but you can find it on YouTube as well. OK. There you go. See, we're just trying to make it better.

Thank you. Yeah, of course. You're making life easier for him. We're trying to do that.

We're absolutely trying to do that. So how's AJ Dillon? Are his legs still as big as my waist? I know you've never seen my waist, but you can just assume.

What do you got for me on that? I think they got a little bit bigger. Come on. That can't be true.

Really? My mom's seen them for the first time today, and she's like, oh, my gosh, AJ, I hear people talk about your legs, but this is my first time seeing them in a short person. I guess every day is leg day for AJ Dillon. Is it fair to say that the run game's going to be relied upon more, certainly even early on in the season, because of how new the parts might be at the receiver position, or what? I know Sammy Watkins is an old hand, but he is new to your world. What can you say about that, Aaron?

I'm not sure. I mean, I think so, and whenever me or AJ's number is called, we'll be ready. We like that opportunity.

If we get to touch the ball more, we look forward to that and being able to help our team in any way we can. And so how the season ended, how often do you think about that, Aaron Jones? All the time. All the time.

Hmm. What do you mean all the time? You're sick about it, just ready to get back on the field and play like that's the last memory I have of actually playing football for myself. So just kind of wipe that nasty taste out of my mouth and get back to work. We've got some unfinished business. We've gotten to where we want to get to and fell a little bit, stumbled, but it's how you respond from those things to show who you really are.

Right. And then when you look around the league, do you feel that you guys can, in fact, improve upon it? I know you as a professional player believe it in your core, but to do what you've done year in and year out, 13 wins, three straight years, is very difficult to do. And just the sense of doing it again without the ultimate result previously coming in is a challenge.

I'm wondering how you're approaching that, Aaron. I mean, I think we could do it again. Definitely just stay true to ourselves, continue to stack to success every day. And I mean, stick together as a team and execute.

I feel like those are the biggest things, and I feel like that's what has helped us get in those positions to just execute, and now we've just got to execute a little bit more when it's time to. Aaron, I know your time crunched that you snuck this one in in the middle of meetings and OTAs and things of that nature. I greatly appreciate it. Say hi to my Michigan man, Rashawn Gary. He'll love that. Please do that. I mean, we've got to stick together.

Certainly since he's now surrounded by Georgia Bulldogs, you know, so that's a problem for us Michigan people from last year. But we've got to stick together is basically what I'm saying. So you have to say my best. Will you please? Yes, sir. I got you. I will. Okay. Have a great meeting.

Have a great rest of OTAs and look for my call throughout the summer. Thanks to Tom Aaron Jones. Yes, sir. Thank you. That's Aaron. Yeah. Right back at you. That's Aaron Jones, running back and father of Aaron Junior right here on The Rich Eisen Show.

Here you go. So he's watching Cars just like you, Chris. Or did he say he didn't? Did he say he hasn't seen Cars yet? Of course he's seen Cars 3.

He's only seen one and two. Cars 3 is great. Cars 3. Well, I mean, certainly in comparison to Cars 2.

Right. Cars 2. I couldn't have been more down on Cars 2.

When we took our kids to the theater to see Cars 2, and it started with a car going straight off of some oil derrick into the water and then going four tires up, and my child looks at me and goes, Daddy, is the car dead? I honestly wanted to drive to Burbank, go straight in and ask for Bob Iger's office. And I understand he's a very powerful man. Just ask him, what's your malfunction? That's Michael. That's Michael. Michael Caine.

What are you and the Pixar people thinking? That's Michael Caine. No, I know Michael Caine was in it.

It's wonderful. That's his character. My child cares who Michael Caine is. He's a spy, and he was like... You're missing the point.

You're missing the point. When Mater was outfitted with weaponry, it's just like, what are we doing? And he could change into different cars.

Oh, my God. You know, I don't hate cars. Like since when did Cars turn into Transformers?

That's what I was... But then Cars 3 was wonderful. Cars 3 is great. Cruise Ramirez.

A nice warm heart. So it seems like they understood where they erred in 2 and then made it better for 3? They definitely did it better. Or you just wanted the sequel to just be...

They all can't be Top Gun Maverick. No. No, no. Have you seen it yet? No. Not yet? I may have, but... No, no. It's okay. You're just backtracking that you agreed with something. What do you mean? What do you mean you may have? You didn't.

How do you have it? I got a copy of it to see it watching. Hold on a second.

I haven't watched it yet. Hold on a second. Hold on a minute.

No, it's okay. He agreed on something. I called him out.

I got a copy of it that I can watch at my house. Oh. Oh.

That's all I'll say. I don't know if that's... Does that... Have you seen it or not?

No, I have not watched it. Okay. I said I have it. Then say no.

It is truly... But I want to go to the theater. You could make the case that Top Gun Maverick is one of the best sequels of all time. For any movie. It's that good. It's exactly what you want.

If you're a Top Gun fan, it gives you absolutely what you want. I have not gone. Okay.

I heard you haven't... What's the movie that we talked about earlier on? All right. Let's take a break.

I need more real estate because there was a movie that Chris admitted he hadn't seen yet prior to the show. Like literally three minutes before we were on the air. Oh, yeah. What was that? All right. Let's take a break. We're going to suss this thing out.

844-204-RICH number to dial. Don't go anywhere. I'll tell you about some great guests on Friday show too. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show.

I miss those days. Hey. By the way, I watched the peacock game with the Yankees and the Tigers last week. Terrific broadcast. Absolutely.

Love it. Jason Benetti is terrific with the play-by-play. Yeah. It was a good announcer from each team's broadcast team, each squad's broadcast team to the booth.

It was John Flaherty for the Yankees and Jack Morris for the Tigers. It was a terrific broadcast. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And the start time is terrific as well.

11 a.m. Eastern time. Oh, it is perfect. It is great. It is perfect. It's nice and early.

And so this Sunday at 11 a.m. Eastern time on Peacock is the Cleveland Guardians hosting the Oakland A's. Oh, is that the music too? Yeah. We have music. Okay. Here we go. I like it. I like it. Baseball's cool.

Sunday lead off on Peacock. And scene. Look, we all have blind spots when it comes to our movie viewing, right? Blind spots.

Yes. We all do. And then it always happens with friends, you think you know them and you don't. And they tell you they haven't seen a movie like, say, Ghost. You've never seen Ghost, Chris? What do you mean?

What are you making that face like now? What are you talking about? All right. Were you too cool for Ghost? Dude.

Nope. But I was nine when Ghost came out. Okay.

Well, 1990. All right. Other things on the brain when I was that age.

My mom hadn't been born when Wizard of Oz came out, and yet I enjoy that movie. Thank you for the what about-ism, T.J. Thank you, T.J. All I'm saying is- I wasn't born in- The movie what about-ism. Okay. Okay.

Wasn't on my radar screen. And now as I'm older, it seems like a depressing movie, right? I don't need to be depressed when I watch the movies. I don't know. It's not that depressing.

It's depressing. By the way- It is in the beginning. By the way, that's what won Whoopi her Oscar. No. Whoopi is insanely amazing.

Okay. She won an Oscar for it. It's truly like- Is she good in the movie?

It's phenomenal. Excuse me. She won an Oscar.

What are you talking about? Well, people who have Oscars didn't really deserve that. Like give me one. Give me one. Give me one. Who?

Who? I mean, we can go down the list. Well, that's what he's asking. He doesn't have a list. He's just saying. He's just throwing it out there. We'll look it up.

That's what about-ism right there. You're a Patrick Swayze guy. You're a Roadhouse guy, right? I like Roadhouse.

I like Point Break. You like Dirty Dancing? Sure.

Not in general? I'm talking about the film. Sure. Okay.

All right. Have you seen Dirty Dancing? A top five Patrick Swayze movie? Ghost. Is he dead in the movie? Spoiler alert.

Wow. Ghost. He's not dead at the beginning.

But he's no longer- Correct. And the bad guy is the President of the United States from Scandal. If I'm not mistaken, it's Tony Goldwyn is the bad guy, if I'm not mistaken. By the way, the thing- Spoiler alert.

Spoiler alert. I don't like short hair. I don't like short hair. I don't like short hair anymore.

You know what? You're way too picky. I mean, he is. He is. Honestly.

You're a choosing beggar over there. Guess what? I'm not watching Ghost. The things that take the people away still scare me. Ghost is amazing.

Excuse me. Ghost is amazing. Has there ever been- Amazing? In movie history- It really is, Chris. Has there ever been in movie history a more- Is Ghost- Excuse me.

I'm talking. You're the one that hasn't seen Ghost. Has there ever been in cinema?

Okay. Film. Film. Film. Has there ever been a more moving use of pottery ever? Oh, definitely not.

No one knew what pottery was until Ghost. Ask yourselves for this movie? It's part of it. Yeah. It's part of it.

All right. Is Ghost amazing on- Dude. What is it? It's without question- It's without question- Us and the brand of this show by putting that out there.

It's without question- As a poll question on Twitter. The greatest use of the righteous brothers in the history of anything. It's been one of the greatest years of Academy Award best films that year. Don't look. Okay. There was a robbery that year.

Then how are we going to know who's in it? Was it Goodfellas? Yeah. Goodfellas. Well, I mean- Goodfellas lost- Dances of the Wolves. Dances of the Wolves won these things.

What's this going to happen? Ghost, though. Godfather. Goodfellas.

I mean, think of that year as insane. Awakenings. Every one of those movies could have been best- Awakenings is a good movie.

Molly. Have you seen that? Awakenings? What? Robin Williams? Robert De Niro?

Okay. What's that movie about? What are you talking about? Is it about Awakenings? What is it about?

I have no idea what Awakenings- Robert De Niro plays a man who is afflicted with- Is it based on a true story? Yes. He's afflicted with a- Is it autism? Is it what it is? I know.

The disease is basically- I don't know what it is. You go into like- And Robin Williams- I'm doing a very poor job of explaining- Again, sounds depressing. Robin plays- It is. But it's uplifting. But it's uplifting. It's surprising. Yeah, it actually is. Rich, you can't tell Awakenings.

Not helping the case. You can't tell Awakenings. But he plays a doctor who finds the cure for something, and Robert De Niro, whose loved ones think he's lost forever, he's awakened. All right. Well, that's cool.

I mean, Randy Newman did the music. You'd be better off watching Ghost. Ghost is just- I can't.

I can't see you. I'm not gonna watch any of this. See, he's such a asshole. Like you can't- Watch any of this. You can say, all right, I'll watch the movie, but you're like wearing it as a badge of honor that you've never seen.

Here's my theory. I will not watch this movie. I didn't want to watch Shawshank for years.

I watched it and went, oh my God, this movie was spectacular. By the way, Chris, you not seeing Ghost doesn't even come close to touching the fact that Del Tufo didn't see Shawshank forever. That's preposterous. That's insane.

That's preposterous. I mean, I know that. When did you finally break that run? A couple years ago.

A couple years ago. Oh, that's crazy. That's the same thing. I didn't want to watch it. I didn't want to watch it. So instead of watching Shawshank for the 250th time, maybe you make some room for Ghost.

Probably not. It's a phenomenal movie. I don't like those movies. What's your movie that you haven't seen that would kind of shock us?

Well, just right off the bat, like I've seen this movie, but I don't really, I have nothing to like really remember. Top Gun. I have no basis of reference to Top Gun other than the very obvious things that everyone knows.

He did not have the need for speed. So you are not going to see Top Gun Maverick then? No, I'm hearing nothing but great stuff about it. So are you going to watch the original Top Gun before seeing this one? Before I kind of feel like I need to re-watch the original. You must. I only ask because it's like... And I have no idea why I've never really got into Top Gun.

Like a bunch of my friends every year would go as a character for Halloween and I know like... This entire time you've been Top Gun deprived? Yeah. I mean, yeah. What's happening? My world is kind of shaking. Well, Rich, you're Goonies.

I thought I knew you guys. You're Goonies. I didn't see Goonies for a long time. That's correct. Sandlot, too. Sandlot, too. Sandlot, too. Sandlot, too. Sandlot, too. Sandlot was one that I kind of... No, no, no. I rectified them both. Yes.

I've rectified them both. I mean, Citizen Kane, Chris, doesn't have to watch. Don't talk to him about this. If it's old or it's black and white, it can't be great or... Come on. Citizen Kane, literally in its own right, is an incredible movie and then you think about when it was made. And how. Come on.

I agree with you there, Chris. Casablanca. You never seen Casablanca?

Dude, why do you make this look like I'm crazy for even asking you? I've only seen portions of Casablanca. He's not a cinephile. What do you mean, portions? Like, I've watched it in pieces.

What do you sit down and... I've never watched a full movie. What do you mean, you watch it in pieces? I've never watched it in its... What, the phone rang? No, I just never... You put it down before the Nazis arrived? It's one of those movies that I just never watched fully.

So, I mean, it's terrible, but I admit it. Who puts... Who puts... It's like switches to channel on Casablanca. 80 years old. What does it matter? It doesn't matter.

I mean, I get Brockman's theory behind this. It doesn't matter. I don't give a damn.

What, like... Is that Casablanca? Dick Vitale's 80 years old. I think it's his birthday today. He's a treasure. You're gonna sit there and go, it's not worth listening to Dick Vitale? How dare you?

Yeah, baby. Can we FaceTime Dick Vitale or not? We could. We could. I don't know if he'll answer. Good Lord.

We do this every time we talk about old movies. Yeah, because you could always have a... There's always a spot. Tomorrow's show... Oh, my goodness. Yeah, buddy. Our third hour guest, Tom Dreesen, will be here. We belong to the same golf club, and he's like, I'd like to come on your show.

And I'm like, okay. We'll be like your 19 millionth panel interview appearance. The comedian, he will be here. Grant Hill to talk about game four of the NBA Finals. Prior to that, he'll join us. And first up, from Barry, one of the greatest of all time, a GOAT indeed, Henry Winkler will be in the studio.

He's on Friday's show, don't you dare miss him. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. All time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before Hulk Hogan was a babyface, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome, at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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