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REShow: Henry Winkler - Hour 1

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June 10, 2022 3:25 pm

REShow: Henry Winkler - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 10, 2022 3:25 pm

Rich reacts to Greg Norman and the LIV Tour’s big misstep right out of the gate when they removed golf journalist Alan Shipnuck from Phil Mickelson’s press conference at the organization’s first ever event. 

Actor Henry Winkler joins Rich in-studio to discuss the motivation for his heel-turned-nice guy acting coach Gene Cousineau in HBO’s ‘Barry,’ reveals that he really, really, REALLY wants to meet Patrick Mahomes and even offers to serve him a homemade meal for the Chiefs QB, and in a round of ‘Celebrity True or False’ reveals how he missed out on making a lot of money on the ‘Rocky’ franchise, that he only rode his ‘Happy Days’ motorcycle once (and crashed it), how the ‘Jump the Shark’ episode came about, and why he took the role of Chuck in ‘Night Shift’ instead of the Bill Blazejowski role that went to Michael Keaton.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. And now this is The Rich Eisen Show live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Thank goodness we're at the end of this hour that I'm not now going to turn to the schedule and play the win-loss game for the Jets. The Rich Eisen Show because it'd be 17 and over. Today's guests from the HBO drama Barry, Emmy award-winning actor Henry Winkler, NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero, Basketball Hall of Famer Grant Hill plus legendary comedian Tom Treason. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes siree, welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. We could not be more fired up.

Henry Winkler is here today for crying out loud and he's gonna be first up. I mean we're just gonna get right to it here today on this program. Good to see you over there Christopher Brockman and it's game four of the NBA finals tonight. Your Celtics could take a three games to one lead on the Warriors.

Don't let it happen. DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts here on the 15th anniversary of the day that another New Jersey boss went into the diner right 15 years ago is when Tony Soprano went out to eat onion rings Mike. Over there TJ Jefferson light the candle. It's lit and could I just offer a PSA to everybody listening. Okay we'll get to we'll get to your car accident. You just you cannot no no you cannot for karma reasons alone cannot start a three-hour program talking about a car accident because this show is anything but well that's where my energy is right now.

Negative thoughts are gone. Henry Winkler's about to come out. I know and I might have to have him walk on my back like George Jefferson did to Mr. Bentley. I mean that was sort of a similar era of sitcoms when he first got started. He's now a star of the hit show Barry. We had Bill Hader on last week. We had Stephen Root in studio the other day.

Barry's gonna conclude on Sunday night. This is gonna be phenomenal conversation coming up and it's kind of funny because in hour three we have somebody who has been a panel interviewee a talk show guest for decades. He's been on the Tonight Show different versions of that. Letterman the legendary comedian Tom Dreesen's on this program so I guess this is what I need to do. I need to just have this microphone on the desk too.

Like the old Carson microphone as well on the desk because this is like a this would be a legendary Johnny Carson lineup from 1978. You know I feel like I feel like the way I used to draft my fantasy leagues back in 2020. You know and it was great for a 2014 NFL season right but it still works out and today's show is going to be great. You were correct sir.

I mean just yes I couldn't be more excited. Grant Hill is on this program as well. Tom Pelissaro to talk about what's going on in the world of the NFL because we needed somebody to come on and explain what in the hell.

How are the Rams able to pull this off? So he's going to be yeah the hell going on with the Rams cap. And Devante Adams spoke yesterday about why he's in Vegas and how high he talked quite a bit with Aaron Rodgers about his future and Rodgers's future in Green Bay. It's just so much to talk about so you know lots of subject matters to hit on this program as we're again we're getting ready for NBA Finals game four tonight. So also because again Henry Winkler's first up literally here and we couldn't be more excited about it. But I want to kind of get something off my chest because this happened at the very end of yesterday's program.

This happened as soon as we went off the air yesterday. It involves the the live golf tour or as Jay Monahan the PGA Tour Commissioner calls it the Saudi Golf League. And so round two is going on it's going on it's going on it's going on and the golf is interesting because of the names in it and the money is insane and this is the problem that the PGA Tour is is having and going to have and gonna have for a long time is you have a an insanely monied and funded sports venture that is starting up to compete with yours and the people who have put the money up are not a corporation although they're very business-minded and they're all about business and they don't care if they're gonna lose money. The Saudis are like here's a gajillion dollars go get as many star players who are willing to take our money as possible and there's more that came from we don't care if we lose it because the whole idea is to make you forget everything that we've done in the past so you can come and do business with us and we're that's what the concept of sports washing is called. And again the names are incredible and you cannot deny the money because the Canadian Open that's going on right now on the PGA Tour for instance whoever wins it this Sunday whoever gets through 72 holes successfully to lead the pack will get 1.5 66 million dollars whoever wins the live golf tour and negotiates the golf course in just 54 holes because it's just 54 holes three days and out and it's four hours on the course it's not some long ass day you get four million dollars so you'd have to probably go if to get four million bucks you need to win the next three PGA Tour tournaments in a row to get in a major to get that right right now or you could just get four million on the spot no and that's that's separate from the fee you accepted to just play on this tour correct and everybody all 48 players get money so if you finish dead last DFL on the Canadian Open you get nothing because you're getting cut you're you're done you're you're you get nothing thanks for coming you might get an appearance fee you might get whatever uh scratch on the side fence is covered who knows your flight if you finish DFL you get a hundred and twenty thousand dollars yep and a hundred and twenty thousand dollars to get a hundred twenty thousand dollars uh you need to make the cut and finish at least 19th in canada i could go on and on and on about how monetarily it's a no brainer no brainer i can't imagine how much money these players who said yes to the live golf tour aka saudi golf league are making and again as i said yesterday for those who think that these guys are less than for taking it you have every right to think that my gosh but would you somebody reached out to you and said we're gonna we're gonna give you more money than you ever thought you could ever make and you know you've been humping it at your job and you know right now you will make more money on the spot than you would combine for the rest of your career and then you could still make do your career and make that much more money so that's what these players have said yes to but the only thing that they have to live with is the man in the mirror because you know who you're taking the money from and the live golf tour knows that too and so ever since phil mickelson made his comments that were reported prior to the book coming out of author alan shipnuck talking about who the saudis are and what they've done and how this is a leverage play against the pga tour anyway and phil had the backlash saying hey what are you talking about leverage plays and things of that nature what are you doing about that i mean we're talking about life here we're talking about a journalist murdered here we're talking about a regime who does x y and z here and phil had a huge backlash the point where he gets suspended and goes away and to alan shipnuck's credit he's not like every single political reporter out there who's got a book on the previous presidential administration who has information that could have been useful in real time and they wait until their book comes out shipnuck put it out there months before the book comes out because it was very timely with the live golf tour being formed so it was been a very well manicured pr campaign this week unrolling the entire tour so the one thing that you would think of saying okay that the live tour should not do while we're trying to take everybody's minds off of who's bankrolling this league and tour i mean at the top of the list it should be not physically threatening journalists and tamping down their right to do their job and talk about what's going on there right i mean that's kind of the one thing you don't want to call attention to is uh potentially harming a journalist right and tamping down on the rights of free speech and free journalism so when alan shipnuck tweets out that he shows up to phil mickelson's post-match press conference and as he says a couple of necklace security dudes just physically removed me from phil mickelson's press conference saying they were acting on orders from their boss whom they refused to name and he mentions greg norman the initials of the head of the government in saudi arabia al capone never a dull moment up in here we kind of talked about that going out the door and i even pointed out like you know the last thing you should be doing and talking about is uh you know threatening a journalist and kicking him out preventing him from doing his job so then shipnuck tweets out him telling this texting it to greg norman and norman's responses did not hear thanks for letting me know and then shipnuck has a photograph that got sent to him of one of those aforementioned necklace dudes talking to him and it's true he doesn't really have a neck and who's right behind ship not watching the whole thing go down but greg norman that's amazing and it's greg norman with the look of staring a hole through him very unpleased he's like staring at the whole thing and it's like hey greg just smirk own up to it man own up to it how can you believe he doesn't even tell shipnuck it's messed up yeah i did it let's talk right exactly hey man yeah i knew about it let's talk or i knew about it tough he won't even he won't even own up to it to the guy i was right behind you greg could you be more weak unbelievably the guy who has been most straightforward about this it's been phil it was phil he said the quiet part out loud yeah he you know obviously paid a price for it but not the ultimate price in the fact that he can't ply his craft for the live tour and get a 200 million dollar appearance fee and now be the ambassador of it for it can you imagine greg norman can't even be straight up with this guy with this guy who's got the receipts i don't know if they've had a conversation since then i'm imagining they haven't because shipnuck made that photograph the banner of his twitter feed i'm on his page right now there it is the look on norman's face and it's just like what an a-hole it's just the only way to put it it's just i'm sorry to be just so low common denominator but it's like greg come on you're literally water skiing behind yachts you've got this whole thing set up you have successfully launched this tour you have one thousand percent shot across the pga tour bow you change the golf world is changing like i said yesterday it's like the nil deal the pga tour has been caught flat-footed just like the ncaa and the athletic directors and the coaches about the nils coming down the pike and they have no plan for it and it doesn't look and it doesn't look like the pga tour has much of one either greg just oh no i mean can we just be honest about what this is can they just be honest about what it is the whole the whole what a rollout that you have manicured and well and and and and and completely set up on the pr front so let's just let's just uh let's just threaten a journalist and then not own up to it or make a journalist feel threatened and not on up to it what a mess it's ridiculous i don't even care who wins well some guy's name i don't know is leading and guys alan did say this in the tweet for what it's worth i'll say this about liv the food is a plus plus i'm sure so there's that million pounds to local charities i mean they're trying they're trying to do all of that right no i know and then and then this happens come on what just shows you who they really are right there all right let's take a break and get a much more happy days if you will you like it yeah well done henry wanklin's here this is going to be awesome don't go anywhere and i just want to say the two kids in that scene yes uh one of their first jobs they were adorable to be with in that scene oh my god and uh you're listening to if you're just joining us on a terrestrial radio audience the voice of the great henry winkler does that mean i have to change my voice no you do not okay fine you you just be who you are because we will we will take you as as you are thank you um so when can i just say that i'm wearing a a jean kusenau-esque kind of jacket for the tv audience but i wanted the radio audience to know that we have many uh masters here that we're serving so i appreciate you addressing all of them i know this does look like a very jean kusenau outfit that you have right do i get to keep this cup one million percent the rich eisen show mug is yours to keep it has rich eisen running on it yes in a silhouette he looks like james bond i appreciate that and in blue it says rich eisen thank you so much pleasure henry winkler um here on the rich eisen show making sure i like to bring it alive for the radio water how am i doing raise your hands and you see everything it's good thank you we're hearing it henry winkler here on the program yeah so when did barry first get placed in front of you as an idea so i was with my wife we were in an estate planning yes meeting because when you have children they all want something and uh and so we were driving down ventura boulevard in the valley here in la i got a call bill hater bill hater oh my god i watched him on saturday night live yes okay um hbo hbo i've never worked for them now they want you you're on a small short list i thought yes i am small i am short but it is dustin hoffman on that list because if he is i'm not going to get it because he's a a movie star yes they said no i said i'll go in and then i auditioned twice and waited very very very long time and then finally bill called and said i'd like you to do this part that was in 2016 wow 2022 this sunday hbo 10 o'clock eastern time yes the finale one of the most dramatic scenes i've ever done in my career this sunday this sunday 10 o'clock hbo did i say barry yes you did okay yes you did because and and it's it's kind of difficult to describe to people who were unfamiliar with it as you might have been patrick mahomes i have you have you yes i have met pat he's one of my heroes oh oh is that right that's true oh i i i i root for that team even though i've never lived there yes i think he is just phenomenal to watch apropos nothing i was going to talk about the season finale of barry yes and you were talking about the season finale and i was hoping patrick was in it now can let me ask you another question yes um that man on the rams uh is his name donald aaron donald aaron donald yes did he make a deal he did he did he did congratulations no he was going to go home right he was indeed going to go eight years yes that's all i know he was going to go home and say he was at peace with his career yeah and then the rams said we are going to give you a new contract right you do not have to play any much longer other than what we were going to do you were going to have three more years left on your contract we will keep it at three years but instead give you 40 more million dollars holy mackerel okay i'd like to play football please and that's how you don't go home yes that's how you stay no no i understand i've met so many men who have you know what the question i ask of football players what is that okay here it is yes how do you get up once you are hit by either one or more of those gigantic human beings flying through the air how do you as a short jew i would be i would be knocked into and impressed into the grass yes there would be my nose would be in the grass yes how do they get up uh i guess just 40 million just 40 million dollars but also uh very few of them and i've been with the league for about 20 years now as the nfl very few of them are short jews in their own life is what i'm saying do you mean there's not a rosenstein on the i have or gilden stern or like i haven't seen any of them henry i mean there have been hello here he comes number 42 moses schwartz is running up the field look at that he lost the ball but you have played a football coach in your career have you not adam sandler asked me to be in the water boy yes one of my favorite um experiences in my career there you are with bobby boucher now let me tell you this man is a genius he doesn't dress well uh and but he is he's unbelievable yes he we were pointing at a screen for the radio audience of adam sandler look at you look at you painting word pictures for the radio audience henry you're a you're a lead pipe wielding professional but he is uh in charge of every detail yes of a production that he does and how it must have been a blast doing the water boy right yeah i you he knows exactly what he wants but every great person that i've worked with bill hater uh uh alec burg gary marshall were so clear about what they wanted that in that structure comes freedom for the actor i'm so glad henry winkler here on the rich isin show you mentioned the radio yes uh i'm so glad that you you mentioned gary marshall because um my mentor well i i am a die-hard odd couple fan yeah from back in the day um also just him in in what he what he the the shows that he was a part of yes even his acting in um in albert brooks's uh movie lost in america as as the is the casino chief who albert brooks is asking for his money back from what when did you first meet gary marshall was i met him in the audition for the funds and uh he he was there now i did not know at that moment his reputation but i'm telling you that uh he taught me everything that i know about the decorum of being a professional being on the set being an executive producer uh he was amazing i i miss him all the time i imagine so i mean it just and he is funny as they they can funny serious uh you know this is the the the the scale i called him down to the set i said gary i don't know how to do this scene he tilted his head 55 solutions fell off the top of it now my problem is to pick one because they were all great and one of the greatest directors of all time right well right because he had such love not only for the process but also for the people that he was working with crew uh and the actors so now we're doing happy days i get my call the first one to go to little rock arkansas uh in order to make a personal appearance i'm getting a thousand dollars to fly friday night show up saturday morning sign for a crowd uh for the newspaper i've forgotten the name of little rock arkansas okay gary is saying uh the names of the guest stars i went up to gary and i said please you have to hurry up because i have to get a plane he nodded i waited he put the microphone down he came only time in 11 years that i worked with him professionally grabbed me by my shirt put me against the wall and said the guest cast has every right to be introduced like you do don't ever interrupt me again oh i said gary i'm sitting in this chair now i am not saying a word you call me if you need me i'm here with my water in my rich eisen cup honestly that happened the a gorilla jumped out of this gentle soul he took no gump from anybody there was a decorum and that was your rule who are you being as gene kusino uh barry i am being every acting teacher i've had about 14 okay from college through graduate school uh i am being a a really famous teacher here in la you know now you're an actor you're trying so hard to take a class you're a barista uh and that's your job and you're waiting for your break you make no money so you've got rent car travel food acting class so this acting teacher asked his students to buy his original art they had no money and he wanted them to buy his art that isn't it and thus gene kusino and all of a sudden g you know i didn't know i i was playing an acting teacher i've i taught actually five classes in my life they were master classes sure first one at northwestern i saw there was a certificate on the wall of northwestern in your office yes okay uh and the then three at emerson college one at uh down at south by southwest in austin texas if okay for your viewing audience and your listening audience a great restaurant in austin remember this i'm telling you l-o-r-o loro you will not be sorry okay um and then oh and one one couple i have information about it it's incredible it's great yeah and and and i and also i did one for vulture the uh the internet said sure i taught a class and put them all together and out came gene and thus uh an emmy award uh winning character and i'm very grateful yeah it's incredible barry again i did win an emmy for a voice uh a daytime emmy for directing and one for an animated voice but put them all three together and i've got a nighttime there you go uh again season three finale sunday 10 p.m eastern on hbo and hbo max uh it's called barry henry winkler here on the rich eisen show we have a segment called celebrity true or false thank you god bless you henry winkler uh play it we have we have great we have great production value just for you hit it please hit it hit it celebrity true or false you can't handle the truth there you go that's our production value right okay okay no no for the for the the radio audience there was a mediocre kind of um cartoon yes uh with a uh director's chair and some canisters of film that's right and then and then the drop of uh jack nicholson jack nicholson is one of my idols did you ever have you ever acted with him i've never acted with him i want to get to the point where i might be like him as an actor let's start with first i always think of jack nicholson yes his soul and his character are so intertwined you can't even put a piece of paper in between true oh my goodness he is brilliant that is true yeah first up henry winkler i'd like to act with uh um bob dinero i figure if i put it out there yeah it might happen it's called speaking is listening uh absolutely we we have uh we have ways to make that robert i'd like to act with you well one thing's for sure is you're definitely going to meet patrick mahomes off this interview that's for sure before he was before you were a successful actor director and producer selfie it's yours true or false were you an you're an extra on a game show in new york city receiving ten dollars for the role that is true which what's what is this you know what i've completely forgotten because uh it came and went but i was uh on the show uh and i got a check for ten dollars what show was it um let's say that it was called are you telling the truth that is not the name i just made that up okay but you you you received that was one of the that was your first oh i thought i was on my way i'm not kidding it was thrilling and you got a ten dollar check out yes but i'm 76 and i have completely forgotten everything about my past well maybe we could we can we can jog some memories here uh you mentioned your audition earlier for the fonz uh true or false you were channeling sylvester stallone your lords of flat bush co-star when you auditioned for the fonz that's true or false oh partially okay uh sly who is so funny and a brilliant writer uh came to hollywood and his car broke down and he had just moved here and so he called me and i picked up his wife his first wife sasha their bullmastiff dog that had so much drool i needed a snorkel to get in the back seat uh when i dropped them off and sly all his goods yes and i took him to their apartment in hollywood you know like on el camino and then uh he gave me a script and i took the script to abc and i said look it's a friend of mine um and uh i'd like to uh produce this and they bought it and then they said to me but here we have to replace the writer i went back to sly i said here's the good news we sold it the bad news is they want to replace the right he's in me don't let him do that to me i said okay i went back to abc i said i know i know i know you don't do this but i need that script back and here's all the money they said we don't do that i said i know i i know but i need that script back and here's the money i got the script gave it to sly a year and a half later rocky came out that was the script that was the script come on honest to god not a penny did i see wow no but you know i the the thing is that he is brilliant i couldn't have he was so distraught i couldn't let somebody else rewrite the script but that was so rocky was originally going to be a tv movie is that what you're saying originally that's i sold it to abc geez but he is so good and he is he's so um uh powerful yeah to be around that when i in the beginning when i did the fonts i would think what would sly do and that's what and then it came out that's how you brought that to the role what a story next up henry winkler true or false you never actually rode the motorcycle on never no that's not true 17 seconds for however long it took me yes to go up that hill in total terror i rode the bike now on the soundstage soundstage 5 on paramount lot yes i had to go five feet and i and i'm so dyslexic that i didn't know the gear from the the thing where you turn it and then you with your foot you boom it and then the and you change the gear i put it into gear and i must have raced it and i shot forward i nearly killed the director of photography he jumped out of his chair in time the bike went down we slid under the sound truck they came racing to make sure the bike was fine because it was rented then they went for the actor and it was brand new so i wasn't yet the fawns of the fawns i was just henry playing the fawns so how was the so oh and the bike here's a great piece of information right the bike was rented to the company to paramount yes by bud akins it was the same bike that steve mcqueen used to jump the fence in the great escape okay so the bike that steve mcqueen used in the great escape was the bike that you as the fawn i eventually used yesterday they gave me a harley but being short i i never touched the ground yes and all i did was sit on the bike so i would fall over most of the time and um then they got me this uh triumph and oh my god this is already the greatest edition of celebrity true or false ever and we're halfway through here's another story please i steve mcqueen is and was my action hero sure why not i'm walking down the street in beverly hills rodeo drive he is walking toward me i'm walking um toward him and all we did was nod we nodded and to this day all these years later yes i am so crazy that i didn't say i need to take a picture with you i'm not kidding i there he was that's it and we nodded well at least you have the nod yeah right uh next up you are an accomplished water skiing enthusiast you once worked as a water skiing instructor yes i am when the happy days riders found out they wrote it into the script and that's how jump the shark was born my father a very short german jew um said to me tell galley marshall you water ski i said i'm not telling him my water tell him you water ski so he told me enough times i went to gary i said i'm just going to say this my father wants you to know i'm a water skier and i was a counselor in camp as a water skiing counselor all of a sudden i'm water skiing we rip the the lining out of the jacket and i did all of the water skiing except the jump they wouldn't let me do a stunt you know because if you get hurt then sure that now i pull up on the beach i let go of the rope i pull up on the beach i step out of the skis and i go hey look at that and i'm smiling if you watch the scene half of that smile is the fonz going hey i did it and the other half is henry going oh i can't believe you did it true and you you are aware of the phrase jump the shark i am it's meaning within the pop culture i am a young man john john heim yeah he's a michigan guy he and a michigan guy in his dorm room yeah with his roommate don't know his name they came up with the phrase jump the shark because of that episode yes and i've i met him years later now this is america he comes up with a phrase there's a book there's a there's a game he's on the radio on the howard stern network that's true now people say how did you feel well you know that that this phrase jump the shark every time they mentioned it and it was in the newspaper they had a picture of me water skiing at that time i had great legs so i didn't care for one minute we were number one for five years after that what did i care that there was a phrase that's true that's true oh my god um and it all it's all because your father made you tell gary marshall yeah when i went to the carter white house yeah he said to me you you have to take cake you're going to see the president you take some cake i said i don't think i need to take cake dad very important go to babka that's the name of the store and you brought the case well i didn't i left it in the car i've got two more for you henry i'm listening uh true or false you turned down the lead role of danny zuko and greece which went to john travolta yes that is so true why'd you do well because i thought you know i had done the fonz and i thought i was going to beat type casting sure i thought i'm not going to do that because then i'm just reinforcing that kind of character now i went home and had a ginger ale john travolta went home and bought a plane wow okay so that was a mistake that was a mistake all right there you go the other thing is i can't sing i want to sing sure i wish i could sing yeah if there is such a thing as reincarnation i'm coming back as the boss springsteen sure okay or brandy carlisle i'm going to see brandy carlisle uh pretty soon no fantastic i'm so excited fantastic yeah uh last one for you uh true or false you were offered your choice of lead roles in the i love this movie night shift you chose chuck because you wanted to play richie cunningham for once the same reason i thought that uh billy blaze the other character was very flamboyant i thought the fonz was flamboyant i would play chuck uh ron howard directed it was his first film for a major feature no kidding it was for warner brothers he said you can play either role i said okay so i'm gonna play uh chuck i'm gonna play richie and then we auditioned everybody in town and michael keaton was the last guy on the list no kidding he came in within 30 seconds ron looked at me i looked back at him and michael keaton was nothing short of brilliant so you knew as soon as oh my gosh as soon as he opened his mouth and what a fun movie that is you know what it was written by lol gans and babalu mandel two guys who ran happy days for seven years right um and they they are just unbelievable comedy writers they are now i think that they are the greatest doctors doctors meaning that if a script isn't working you send it to these two guys they get um uh uh enough money to buy a mansion in order to rewrite it uh it's just um a pleasure to have you here on this show uh henry winkler did we ever talk about barry yes we did okay i mean we're 10 o'clock 10 o'clock hbo sunday night we talked about your character i was gonna go a little bit further into the script you said you wanted to meet patrick mahomes i was just taking your lead from that i really do you know because i we we we love the show barry we cannot get enough of the program it is dark it is very dark it is so dark i bought a miner's cap so that i could see where the hell i was going but this sunday it is in i just saw it last night i just saw the so i could talk about it i just saw the episode it was jaw-dropping you said one of the most moving dramatic scenes you've ever been a part of you know and that i that's not even hyperbole i am willing to stand by that and hater came on the show with robert wisdom the actor robert wisdom who plays the father okay of my love right and we we saw in the in episode seven when he was uh talking to you he zoomed zeroed in on the the beads of sweat on your forehead so he kind of already knows that something's up with you so i can't wait to see what episode eight has to unfold wow it is great and we and bill hater said season four is already picked up so that's great he's writing it i spoke to him last night and uh he told me that they're in the they're deep in the in writing of season four can't wait and how lucky am i you know henry your career is uh one of our favorites honestly when we told everybody in our lives that you were coming in they all were like how lucky are you so we feel the same way uh with you being here really i am one grateful dude yeah right back at you and uh you know next time here's next time next time you come on yes we'll make sure mahomes is on the phone we'll do that truly you like him that much i i think that his ability is such a cut above he is so passionate in the way he plays yes he is so improvisorial in the way he plays he is so sure i i i just think it is uh instinctually great actually okay well he now knows that and we will make sure that we'll make this happen yeah it would be my listen um yes patrick hi he does how are you so can i just say no if patrick is listening i'd like that you know i i we make a great chicken stuff with ricotta and stitch yes with an unbelievable reduction it can be yours uh if you're here well the chiefs come play the chargers right the chief chargers we'll make this happen those guys are good too yeah i mean they they're they're good quarterbacks yeah they are they are not mahomes that is correct no and then p carroll is my favorite coach from the usc he let me come into the locker room i heard him talk to the guys in in on halftime during the rehearsal it was great henry winkler check out barry season three finale this sunday 10 eastern tom on hbo and hbo max at h winkler for the number four reel on twitter you know what can i just say about twitter sure i need uh uh just a few more um twitterers in order to get to a million i can't buy you know twitter people you don't buy it no so you jumped the shark if you did that it's true and i want to stay on this side so i have 922 000 followers yes i'm so dyslexic i don't know how many more i need for a million you figure it out 78 000 thank you you're welcome we do the math for you here on the rich isin show and the mug's yours to keep i'm and so are the members and so are the members and the water in it and the world you may you may consume it however you wish okay that's henry winkler here on the rich eyes what a pleasure back here on the rich isin show terrestrial radio network we're we're we we it's hard to love henry winkler anymore than we thought we loved him right exactly now we do even more having met him in person delightful i have we we don't have too many guests here for a half an hour no no but honestly we just scratched the surface of the stories that he can tell and then we also got a glimpse of how compelling and funny he is and how nice he is and how giving he is and how he loves talking about this stuff and his love of it makes us feel so special that he's sharing it and we got a glimpse of it when we talked to bill hater last week of him saying stopping in the middle of shooting a scene on a stage on the paramount lot for barry right isn't that what he said the paramount was uh in season two they were shooting this super dramatic scene at the that's in the finale and then henry just stops and goes oh this is where we shot happy days and then they all stopped what and they took he took the entire crew cast and crew of barry on a little tour of this is where that happened that's where this happened this is where that happened and we just got a full-on glimpse of that incredible and he's wearing like a jacket that jean kusner character wears i know it might actually be straight from from wardrobe i would say very likely how funny is that by the way i mean he he sold the script of rocky to abc and they wanted to get rid of stallone and he backed stallone's play got the script back and that turned that that's rocky i can't believe he got it back like and then he said and i totally knew i i didn't know the answer to the question but i knew what the answer was most likely going to be as to why he turned down the role in greece it's just you don't want to be typecast and early on in your career you do lords of flatbush then you do fonz now you're going to do greece is that the only thing you can do it's a totally understandable concern for a young emerging emerging actor to do um and his line is that you know i went home and had a ginger ale travolta went home and bought a plane oh my god i mean i was done i was that could be one of my favorite lines that's ever been uttered on this program and patrick mahomes sir we are going to hook you up with the fonts we're gonna hook you up with the funds and uh not just because we want to do anything for henry winkler right i would do anything but that chicken with ricotta dish and a reduction that he says is waiting for mahomes when he comes here to los angeles it would be our honor to make sure he goes over to the winkler house and gets that pre-game meal versus the chargers here in town i want that that sounds amazing right now yeah just sounds dynamite uh by the way tom dreeson long time legendary comedian who has been on the tonight shows plural and letterman and is you know used to open up for sinatra i think that's an hour three with grant hill and tom pelissaro we'll talk nfl when we come back how amazing was that bill hader remember told us a story i think henry just really likes giving people food because remember bill was like oh he brought a pie to set and we're like yeah we have all this craft services well my wife made it and everyone could just have a little bite it's so delicious well it comes from his dad who told him to bring a cake to president carter you got to bring a cake to president carter and how did you bring the cake i left it in the car being the son of a uh of two very jewish people uh i totally get the whole thing of okay dad i got it i'll tell gary marshall i water ski all right just like fine leave me alone yeah i get it yeah and that led to him water skiing in a show four happy days which led to jump the shark and how about him dropping an f-bomb here yeah when he's like first of all people think it's a bad thing for me that the term jump the shark is in reference to once a certain thing happens in a series a television series that is out of character for the show and then the show goes downhill after that's when something jumped the shark something was great now it's not so great that's the phrase jump the shark that's where i came from and his answer is like so people ask me you know how do you feel about it well every single time it's mentioned there's a shot of me water skiing and i had great legs at the time and we were number one five years after that anyway so f them oh my god hit them with the high like what the hell what the hell just happened in this show studio i mean okay we don't usually do we don't usually do that was epic let's talk about the thing we just did over and over again call us and tell us how epic we are you know like but that was epic it was it was pretty epic we were talking about it is that immediately in the top five of our all-time interviews it's gotta be tj are in studio guests like it feels like i mean it's got it this way it's very rare for us to have a guest right where every person and there's not a lot of us that work here lined up to take a picture and that yes that's true we just did that we should should we post every all of our yeah we didn't do a group did we we did not do i didn't want you guys in my you guys in my picture with the fawns four cabs that's even more that's what it was we didn't take a group following oh my god you're right we just all wanted our own so you walk over and you're like get the hell out of here oh my gosh come back henry for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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