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REShow: Tom Pelissero/Grant Hill - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 10, 2022 3:26 pm

REShow: Tom Pelissero/Grant Hill - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 10, 2022 3:26 pm

NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero how the Rams are able to keep giving huge contract to the likes of Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp in the face of NFL salary cap restrictions, if Deshaun Watson could be put on the NFL’s Commissioner’s Exempt List in the wake of the civil lawsuits against him, and why it might be in Baker Mayfield’s best interests to play one more season with the Browns instead of forcing a trade to a less-talented team like the Carolina Panthers.

Basketball Hall of Famer Grant Hill tells Rich how close he came to signing with Michigan out of high school before opting for Duke, the motivation for his new autobiography ‘Game,’ why being part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks was a plan that germinated back in college, that whoever wins Game 4 between the Celtics and Warriors will go on to win the NBA Finals, says why LeBron James’ chances to win another title are rapidly shrinking, says why he enjoyed exchanging trash talk with Michael Jordan, and shares his favorite stories of Bill Raftery and making his classic ‘This Is SportsCenter’ ad with Dan Patrick. 

In his weekly ‘Big-Ass Grab Bag’ TJ list his top 5 TV characters among Magnum P.I., Venus Flytrap from ‘WKRP in Cincinnati,’ Crockett and Tubbs from ‘Miami Vice,’ Sam Malone from ‘Cheers,’ and The Fonze from ‘Happy Days.’

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Use it and don't even think about it. Also government dry spray contains doves unique one quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin trite dub men plus care draws break goes on dry cleaning field all day. Is that rich eyes and shower area never shows studio is where the end of this hour.

I'm not now, then I turn the schedule and play the win loss gave the judge that which I think shall be 17 Barry L. Miller the greatest hours in the history of the show.

Henry Winkler stopped and told amazing happy days and amazing stories from Barry the darker night shift terrific celebrity true false if you missed it I wasn't sure where will all be on there and already instructed one of the best in the business who handles our digital component of this program as well as so much you see on the screen on NBC Sports on Peacock, especially that that's terrific celebrity true false and reproduce from majority to remove the beeps from from electric Henry Winkler just dropped the F bomb here and I'm proud to say that was on the rich doesn't show is in reference to jump the shark all my gosh, so there's that high Winkler strapped just to teach us to jump behind and we also left out the part of him talking about acting coach trying to sell his art.

The people without you. So I wasn't sure. Great job Smithson Hoskins and Jordan Cheryl in our entire team you're on the rich eyes and show them what's stuff on the screen for you on NBC Sports on Peacock resale or terrestrial radio audience in our terrestrial SR Sirius XM audience on channel 85 as well and those listening on Odyssey grant helps you to join us in the middle of this hour.

He's got a new book there is in my hand.

It's called game and autobiography so he's called game when he's got game on me like I do like the books with titles that you can read into and Sopranos can join us again for the NBA finals tonight.

Lots to talk about with the basketball Hall of Fame are our number three. Another legend from way back in the day all the way to this day, the legendary comedian Tom Friesen's can be on this program. These can be here in our number three joining us right now the Mercedes-Benz transfer limits uncle a bit of football, with the organized team activities. Mandatory style happening this week.

Next week, as well as stars, the gamer appearing in front of microphones for the first time in a long time so there's lots to talk about with my colleague from the NFL media group Tom Pallas Auerbach, you're the rich eyes enjoy doing.

Tom greatly on the guy under approach it's really hard. Well also.

Tom, you have some similar funds in your gut that you got it working. I don't know if you're rotten motorcycle leather jacket. One of those my white report make a flight trying that off so Tom, let's let let's then figuratively stay in your let's let's jump right into it here? I get from so many people I attempted to ask of less need and I'm not going to ask it to you because I and I know you know you know cross tees and dotted eyes and things of that nature on contract.

How are the rams able to do what they are doing by paying significantly and enriching with with market value contracts. In other cases, above market value contracts for their stars and keep it all under the Top fundamentals of the salary cap every dollar you spend it happen eventually. It is always a 1 to 1 ratio is a matter of how you how for that money and there are certainly mechanisms and always have been to push your cash dollars. Now into future Dollars.

In other words, very simple way to explain it.

If you give somebody a $20 million signing bonus that doesn't count 20 million on this year's Backgrounds over a five-year contract for 44440 able to help those in the future years, so it always possible to spend more cash than the Space that you have at any given moment, but there is no set Spain as Magic again because those dollars you spend are going to come back eventually, we seen it with teams like the thing to people talk about well they just rolled and rolled in this season on their Their accountant per breeze for 11 1/2 million accounting to Ron Armstead 12.8 million that the couple pretty good players that you could be able to find but you can't because you devoted those cash dollars.

Years ago and now the players no longer in your team so the Council now in terms of the ram.

I do find it entertaining the people are shocked that they could find a way to retain the offenses and defenses players of the year free, and those work in a contract that they just conceptualized in the past week here. Go back to March. They trained away Robert Woods to gain Space they did not opt to their offer one more time for Von Miller he leaves for Buffalo. That's also driven by your P if there were no salary cap Odell Beckham Junior would probably already have assigned to the ramp. Just the other day when they recycled they cut the guy when the interception those are all Related decisions. We are trying to do always in the NFL is balance what your I will accomplish now what you're trying to accomplish in the future, which is why you going to the details on the Cooper cup contract. They didn't even lower salaries. Much of the credit because his neck for 8 million that they wanted to keep open cup and Aaron Donald Numbers this year relatively flat because that's how they had it budgeted. They got a window right now, the coming off the Super Bowl when they're going to do what it takes to be able to retain their core players, but they did let some other guys walked out of the building.

The only way that you get yourself out of that cycle of restructuring contract with Dollars in the future. At some point is to not spend the teams that have mountains of castmate year after year employee to spend money that they have it they had to take out the phone with teams do when there is a position as a tenant by the saints for years course of the way they did and that's why the rams are approaching their Decisions and their contract didn't go anywhere right now but when I asked this question of less need the other dates on the day after he gave Donald the contract he gave him again and at this almost 20 years of the NFL and I remember a contract given to somebody that doesn't add years just adds dollars but again he's a unicorn than the day before Asked When He Was on This so I Asked Him That He Mentioned the Player, Greg Gaines, Who Is 1/4 Round Pick in 2019 and How Significant a Contribution He Gives the Team.

He Said like That's the Types of Guys That We Draft We Don't. After All the Pics That's How We Do That so We Got Those Guys and so We Can Pay the Other Guys but He Kept on Mentioning over and over Again the Window We Have Doing It in the Window That We Have Asked Him about the Window That He Has.

And of Course, Is Not to Mention on the Air. Well, It's Now the Credit Card Bills Coming Due This Year.

You Might Know That Went What Is the Window You Think the Rams Have Based on the Way That They Are Correctly and Appropriately and Smartly Building a Team to Win and Keep Winning Right Now. They'll Extended Regulated Aaron Donald Contract Detail.

It Sure Looks like It Today. Okay Aaron, Please Give Us Two More Years. That's What We Need. That's How They Seem to Be Approaches within a Two-Year Window Again the Window, Then Slam Shut Right If You Don't Have Aaron Donald Anymore, but You Still Got Really Good Players and Cooper Cup. We Seen Quarterback Play for a Long Long Time and You Wonder If Matthew Stafford Continues to Improve As You Get over the Course Last Season and Played His Best I down the Stretch and into the Playoffs.

She May Decide That He's Going to Keep Playing Their Sonic They Parted Is to There Is No Salary For Coaches so Openly You Can End up Getting Paid More Money Than Probably Any Coach in NFL History with the Exception of Possibly Bill Belichick Is Matter How Long You Keep That Entire Group Together Something Sexy about the Rams Right Now to Where You Do at Times Get Players to Maybe Take a Little Bit Less Out Of the Body Wag Provided and Offered Elsewhere Young but He Lands There. Her Recent Alan Robinson Had Another Strong Offer You or Teams Involved into Choosing the Rams to Give Esau an Opportunity to Go There and Produce and Make More Money for Himself in the Big Picture That's Only Part of the Product of Winning, but in Terms of Their Window Together Going Forward over the Next Couple of Years Here, but Again, to Go Back to the Way That the Instructor the Cup and the Donald Feels They Are Striking That Balance between Now and in the Future with Regard to the Graphics. Everybody Always Says the Reason That A Lot Of PMs Are Reluctant to Trade Away, Particularly the First Round Picks Their High Pics If You Give That's Your Young Cost Control Workforce When You Opt to Do What the Rams Have Done in Trade Those Pics Away to Get a Deal in Ramsey or Get a Matthew Stafford Remember That's Also Dollars You're Not Spending on Those Rookies That Maybe You Can Take with a Our First Round Pick This Year, It Would've Been Not That Far off the Money Were Pam Bobby Wegner Bobby Wegner Right Now and Let Somebody Else Gulp with Clerical Work. Try to Go When Our Shippable Sarah My College so Networking Is on the Group You're on the Rituals and so Let's Turn the Page. Next Week Brown's Mandatory Camp so DeShawn Wants and Will of Course Be Theories He's Been Bestowed Record-Setting Enriching Contract, but Now There's 24 Civil Lawsuits against Him and the New York Times Report Could Not Have Been Any Uglier in Terms of What Is past Behavior Has Been and so the Question Is, Is What Is the Latest on the League Maneuvering to Potentially Keep Him off the Field in Time for Next Week Is That a Possibility. What You Hearing Right Now. Tom Ridge Way to Work Really Investigated to All Their Research, Their Interview Evidence Gathering to the Extent and Course They Don't Believe That That Subpoena Power to Not Work and Then Turn over That Information. In the past Would've Interrupted. Now, Now under the 2020 CD8 Which Really Has Not Applied in a Case like This Article 46 Bestowed the Power of Personal Conduct. If the Plan upon a Jointly Appointed Arbitrator and Not on Route to Be Dealt to the Initial Disciplinary Decisions Now You Will Turn over That Information. Again, Just from a Process Perspective for All Cases to an Arbitrator Who Would Make a Disciplinary Decision Barring Some Type of Settlement That Potentially Could Be Reached in Advance. That Is, but That's of the Season That's for the Season Time I'm Talking about This a Commissioners Example Is That That Is Been Used on Players before Matters like the One That You Discussing Have Been Right Anything Solid Right Way, You Can Apply the Example, If One Is If You Have a Felony Charge or a Crime of Violence That You Are Charged with in This Case John What That Not Been Criminally Charged. The Second Version Is Evidence Leads the Commissioner to Believe That Such an Act or Such a Violation of the Personal Conduct Policy May Have Occurred. So It Would Be Unwise Lease for Me to Speculate on What, If Any, Evidence the League Has Collected That by Push Them to Use the Commissioners Example Is on Sean Watson. Let's Remember That They Did Not Use It. Last Year, by Whatever Speculation Occurred. That Was the Houston Texans Decision to Wait It out and to They Hoped It Actually Came through the Criminal Case Is Resolved.

Nebula Get Maximum Compensation. You Still Have the 24 Civil Cases That Are Persisting Here in the past When You Look at All the Players Who Have Been Placed on the Commissioners Example Is Whether That Adrian Peterson Greg Hardy Josh Brown Ruben Foster Younger Baker Quinn Dunbar Cody Latimer. They All Be in Charge.

The Only Exception in a Higher Profile. Jumped out at Me Was Cream Crime Course Was on Video That Was Widely Circulated, Punching and Kicking a Woman Was Made at a Fairly Again to Go to the Second Criteria Fairly Obvious Violation of Personal Conduct Policy May Have Occurred. There Is Not a Precedent for Using the Simplest with Civil Matters but Is Also Not a Precedent for Your Highest Profile Players Being Accused by 24 Different Women in Civil Lawsuits Plus Additional Women in the Criminal Cases That Did Not Ultimately Yield a Charge As Well As Other Women Who Spoke at Various EL If There's No Precedent for Any of This, and That's One of the Difficult Pieces of This When It Comes to an Exemplification Ornamental Disciplinary Decision. We've Not Seen You Know Anything Close to Spring up the Trevor Bauer Comparison a Major-League Baseball There's Never Been a Two-Year That Type of Personal Conduct Suspension, but Again This Is a a Rare Case and Because the Arbitrator Not Commissioner Is Now under the CBA Responsible for Making That Initial Disciplinary Decision That Your People I've Talked to Were Very Familiar with the Inner Workings of These Processes Say There Is an Element of the Unknown Exactly Where That Person Is Going to Land in Terms of Discipline, If Any, for John Locke Baker Makes Him a Lesson for You before I Let You Go. Baker Makes It Is Been the Only Excuse for Next Week Makes Complete Sense. But Again I Don't Understand Why He Still on the Roster. Is He Still There As Watson Suspension Insurance. Could That Be Possible. I Don't Think There's Any Way to Put the Mayfield Genie Back in the Bottle. In Cleveland, but I'm Not in the Front Office with Any Thoughts or or Have a Window into Their Thinking.

I Wonder If You Do What You Have for Me on That. I Would Say until the Day That Baker Mayfield Is Not a Member of the Ground.

Any Scenario Is Possible Baker Mayfield Has Made It Abundantly Clear to the Ground since before Even They Had Made the Trade Order Sean Watson That He Does Not Want to Be in Cleveland.

He Felt like He Was Misled for At Least by Members of the Organization with Regard to His Future. He Did Not Intend to Play There Again and If the Browns Are Thinking about This Realistically, I Would Barely Tell You That They Probably Are Not under Any Illusions about Easy It Would Be to Mend That Fence.

Now You Got the Point That the John Wants to Work Suspended for a Season or More.

There Is a Case to Be Made, At Least from an Intellectual Standpoint That Baker Mayfield Best Chance to Revive His Career and Is Earning Power Play One Year with the Cleveland Browns As Opposed to One Year with the Carolina Panthers or the Seattle Seahawks or Whatever Team, Especially to Go to Be Difficult to Put a Doubt That They Got a Couple of Really Good Running Back. For Mari Cooper on the Got Playmakers on the Defense Side of the Ball 13 Minutes Really Built to Win, but Those Are. I Would Say at This Point, Still Longshot at the Possibilities. It Should. There's so Many Moving Pieces Write out Equipment Sean Watson Situation and the Baker Mayfield Situation. I Was Rich out. The Units Are Not Big into Making Predictions I'm Predicting Right Now.

I Would Certainly Not If They Baker Mayfield Is Still on the Roster, Started Trading Again As Long As He Is Still on the Roster Which He Is As of This Moment on June 10 Just Can't Rule Anything out. Tom Greatly Appreciated. Let's Connect during the Summer Is Not before the End of This Month on Ontological Questions You It's Time to Lucero at Campos Are on Twitter, He Must Fall Must Follow. Bartholomew Should As Well.

Let's Take a Break Sooner Remotely on Time for Our Next Guest Grant Held: Talk about His New Autobiography Called Game and the Basketball Hall Of Fame on Tonight's Game for Him What He Thinks Is Going on through the First Three Games between the Warriors and Celtics When We Come Back Your Franchise and Show Terrestrial Radio Network, along with Peacock Sirius XM 85 in the Odyssey Program Back Here on the Show Basketball Hall Of Famer and Hall Of Fame Individual and Part Owner of the Atlanta Hawks As Well Get a Good Piece of the Major Franchise in the and the Association Which Helped Him Get into the Hall Of Fame, along with His Incredible Career Duke and I Love His Broadcasting along with Manson, the Great Bill Raftery Well on the Turner Family Networks and CBS for College Basketball Game and Autobiography Were All Books Are Sold. Grant Hill Back Here on the Rich.

I Wasn't Sure I Don't Grant Written Doing Well Baker Have Me Think of Those Kind Words.

True, These Are All Facts. These Are All Facts I Would've Given Them.

You Know, Just so You Could Ask Me to Give You a Testimonial on the Back of Your Book, but You Got Are You Doing up the Flowchart to Be Very Honest with You, the People That You Got Here on the Back Magic Coach K.

Adam Silver, I Got It. I Totally Got No Update. My Next Game.

My Next Book More Game Get a Blurb from from You. Are You Sure You Sure Because You Know I Can You Get It from a Michigan Die. Grant Is a Positive Capacity We Can All "You Know Africa Okay but Could You Have a Problem with Michigan As Much As Michigan Is a Problem with Duke) You Know about Michigan Men Talk about in the Book the Five Schools That There Will My List of the Stone Figured Thing and Actually Made a Visit to University Of Michigan the Week the Weekend after They Won the Final so You Met with Steve Fisher Who Was or in Your Initial. I Guess Your Initial Contact with Bill Frieder Pretty Much Was It Was Another Gentleman Who Was Recruited Me, but They Wanted the Guy with the Tick Box Grant. But I Went up There We Can after I Was a Junior in High School Just and I Was When I Made My Visit to Do Later That Year Again Beginning My Senior Year of the Following Weekend I Was Supposed to Go to Michigan and That Was the Weekend That Michigan Played Notre Dame and Rocketed a Smile Coming out Party and so My Dad You Don't Want to Be to Wait One More Week before I Made a Decision to Go Would Be on the Sideline with Bo at the Michigan Game and Pick a Broken Heart but I Know I'm Ready to Commit to Do Right Now so You Know Who Was on the 50 Yard Line in the Press Box Covering That Game Is His First Day on the Michigan Football Be for the School Newspaper, the Michigan Daily, That Would Be Me on That Day Grant A While.

Yes Sir, We Were Both Old Is Basically What I'm Saying but You Are Edging Much More Gracefully Than I Am. Congrats on This Book. Why Do It Grant What What Would Lead You to Put a Halt between Two Covers for You Requested Written Title for Me It Really with the Hall Of Fame Drive It Back in 2018. Delete up to That Moment You Know You're Naturally Going to Be Reflective and You Look Back You Look in the Rearview Mirror and Saluted Take in the Totality of Your Career and and so You Know I Think That Ultimately Led to Know, Right or Coldly Good Idea. Okay, Let's Go Forward with This and Let's Do It and until That List If You Will and You Know a Really Interesting Really Exciting Exercise of Going through in, Going Back Looking at Your Life. Looking at It from a Different Lens Strand Live in Certain Moments and Recall Certain Things Certainly Would Quite like the Process Okay. Grant Hill Basketball St. Mary's Book Damon Autobiography Here on the Rich Eisen Show so Was Getting a Piece of an NBA Team Always the Goal When You Were Going through Your Plank. Workers Were Already Hearing Lebron Talk about Maybe Getting a Team in Vegas Once It's All Said and Done, and He Certainly Is Building the Capital for Such a Thing Right Now to Say the Least, Was Always a Goal for You While You're Planning Grant You Know My Dad Tried to Fully Back in the Mid 80s with the Group Try to Buy the Patriot Went through It with the Washington Bullet. Now the Wizard and Then in the Late 90s When One Browns Moved to Baltimore Mechanical Raven, the NFL Awarded a Franchise so He Had a Group That He Was a Part of the Tribe When That Court They Lost out. I Failed at Today That I Got the Idea of Ownership.

You Know, with At Least the Idea Was Planted He Was Planted without the College and the Possibility and so When I Got to Detroit. Yet II Got a Big Contracting and I Looked at Mr. David Great Man Was Owner of Mannesmann Pays Me the Contract. All in and so He and I Became and They Really Learned A Lot from Him Pick His Brain Tried to Understand Why He Was Successful and Had a Really Good Friendship with Him. But Even Then I Was Thinking Okay One Day I Want All of Michael P and Thankfully the Opportunity Presented Itself. Two Years after I Retired, I Retired in 2013 and Then the Hawks Came up for Sale and Talk about in the Book so That the Process and Engaging with Tony Ressler and What That Was like That, Even Going Back to the Cook I Was a Part of You Know Tony and I along with Another Gentleman Tried Pithily about Equipment in 2014 so Get a Little Bit into That and What That Process Would like You Now Crazy and Wild and Exciting It All Was Plated Soundbites and for Young the Others Actually Tree on the Other Day Grant about His Response to Hearing the F Word from Nick Sans Turn the Playoffs and How He Likes to Shut Him up. Not, I Assume You Heard What Clay Thompson Had to Say about the Celtics Fans and Was Brought up to Him. It's Not like He Had an Agenda When He Got out There for His Postgame Press Conference after Game Three, and What What You Are like on the Road and Hearing and Hearing It from the Crowd. Grant Your Two Cents on That Subject That's out There in the NBA Finals Conversation Right Now. You Know, There Bears a Code of Conduct That Is Expected and Required and When I Played in the 90s You Know Kraut That Whatever Player and Click the Crowded Part to Blame It. You Know the Time You Think I'm Not Very Proud of but Nothing Now with Quick Technology and Cell Phone and Everybody Being Watched Weekly Affect and Demand That the Players You Know Not Reacted with Bob Third Way in or Find a Pill When They Do I Think You Could Go You Can Get All of That When You Start Going over the Board. I Think That You Know What We We Should Hold Ourselves a Fan to the Same Standard That We Demand Complaint so You Don't Get the Other Day. It's Hard to Start a Pill Hold the Entire Building Accountable, but It Is What It Is a Good Thing You the Bottom Line Is That the Fans Don't Win the Game Players and Complete Would Be Due on the Court and Acquire the Too Busy and Too Worried about That.

Then Know What. So You Gotta Get It out Go out Focus and Concentrate on Trying to Get a Job. What Are Your Thoughts Part Again for What You Seem to the First Games of This NBA Finals and I Think It's Can Play out That I Don't Know about Really.

I Think Golden State Is Shown That They Can Bounce Back Date They Have the Institutional Knowledge of a Law around the Benefits Absolutely Were on the Road. They Lost by 50 Point and Still Came Back in Now Only One the Next Game I Think One.

So That You Know Clay Quite Well. I Shot Well, That's Been Really Good Are They Have To Get off to a Better Start Times Boston Has Struggled at Home throughout the Playoffs but Boston.

It Looked Really Good to Quit Home in Game Three. I Don't Know When but I Will Say This, Whoever Wins Game for the Women. Really. So You Land Not Much on the Line on Sunday Night.

Yeah, I Think Golden State Where They Tied up. I Think They Go Back and Get All the Way in Game Five and There There an Open Vision, and I Think You'll Conversely If Boston Went up 31 Date Done Well on the Road throughout the Playoffs. They Closed out. You Know Some Games on the Road. Release at the Must Win Games on the Road, Playoffs, and so I Think They'll Have You Know Three Games to Win One and so I Think This Is a Big Game. I Think I Think Will Ever Win Game for Gotta Fold to Put It out There They Were When Came Forward. Grant Hill Basketball Same or Facebook Game and Autobiography Will Talk a Little Bit More about That before We Send Them on His Front Teeth Right Here on the Rich Eyes and Show What He Thinks Going through Lebron's Mind Right Now with the Roster Currently the Way It Is Driving Him for the Piston and Now His New Head Coach and Lebron Turning 38 This December What He Thinks Going through That the Goats Mind Right Now. I Think You Have a Difficult Moment and Not Play and We Know He Hasn't Been in That Situation Maybe Only Two Other Times I Think about His Career Were Not in the Post. I Think the First Year That I Think Back in April 2019. The Liquid Did Make Playoffs It on My School That the Last Time Anthony Greatly When It Won the Championship and so I Think First about Getting That Rat Letting His Body. He Allows Good to Clear You Get Older.

I Think That'll Really Charge Him up. You Know It Will Be Ready to Go Intact.

I Think Overall Health Is Good Be Important You Know We Haven't Seen the Best of Anthony Davis Really Sent the Bubble and I Didn't Think He Was Great Last Year but What Lasted We Limped to the Postseason Them. In This Class He Was Invited All so the Extra Rest You Really Help His Preparation and I Think That Making A Few Roster Changes. Maybe Other Shooters They Can Have around Those Guys That Complement Them, but I like Darvin Hamby with an Assistant Coach with the with the Hawks Will Be Having an Implantable Coach but You Know You Mark Credible, No Nonsense and I Think God Respect to Because He Plays so I'm Excited to See I Know I Know Lebron Is Right Now You Know Super Motivated and This Is the End Is near. You Know so This Could Be His Last Opportunity to Really Go Forward Contended an Attempt to Try to Get That Fifth Grade so It Should Be an Exciting Fee That the Lebron Is Doing Everything Possible to Get Himself Prepared for Him. Hopefully, a Title I Grant Hill Looking through the Index of Your New Autobiography Game Okay and It's Time for Storytime and I Just Seen Some of the Names Here.

One of Them Is*Back, Roger. Your Dad Calvin Played for the Cowboys Your Firm and It Is True. Start Back Was One Suggested to Your Dad to Name You Grant Right If I'm Not Mistaken He He Is Taking Credit for That. That Is a That Is a True Story Right. Okay.

All Right. I Was Baby Boy Built for Three Days.

Clearly Girl and Me to Say I Would Not a Girl so You Know My Dad Know the Excitement of Everything You Take a Minute to Make a Decision and so the Dog Back Suggested Grant Which Is My Paternal Grandmother's Maiden Name and It Sounds Better Than Baby Boy I Might've Been Able to Market Beads on a Different Career. No Question about That. So What Your Think What Your First Football Memory Grant We Got, You Know, I Remember My Dad Left the Cowboys and Went to the World Football League Back in the 70s That Was Probably out Probably around Three League Folded Paint Players Too Much, but I Remember like Being in That Arena in the Stadium and Watching the Game and Watching Really Everything, but Began Might've Been like Two or Three Years Old, but When I Really Started the, like Take It All. That Was When He Came with Who the Redskin after Leaving Hawaii and You Know for Five Years of Age. That Was When You Know Going to the Practice Facility and of Joe Five-Man and Charlie Taylor God like That. I Was Kind of Grown up in the Lockable Is Always around Those Guys.

You Don't Go to the Locker Room after Game Taken in the Spectacle of the NFL Back at That Time so I Don't Remember the Dallas Year, but Only a Little Bit Why A Lot in Washington Course Cleveland, Where He Finished His Career, Another Name, Jordan, Michael, What Your Favorite Story Involving Him Grant Jordan, Michael Somebody from the Index. I Read from Left to Right Had A Lot Of before I Got to the MBA. I Think Really My First Time Really Beating Michael Jordan Was When He Was Playing on the Drinking and I Was on the, Selecting, and the First Day We Played.

I Was Matched up against and in Oncology Duty and I'm Stranded on the Ball about about One and and so That Was That Was a Memorable Experience Can We Be and We College Players Beat the Olympic Team in the First Day of Scrimmaging. Another Came Back and Beat Us the Next Two or 3 Day Polygraph Ct., but to be around Michael hang out with.

It was really nice, generous, all about sin. It was just a memorable experience in the lot of funds reach out to you after certain time and indoor regular-season finale and final four game that you might've called Grant that he did he reach out to you in respect so you can reach out and follow him in Cleveland at the MBA 75 and they were coming often in the back in the hallway, came up to me and to we had just beat them Carolina blue about, and you go about maybe a couple maybe a week before. Yes, so I will talk in all types of trench and we didn't say outlay all man like go you know you I'm given a cool menu like man you were talking tragically when you know when we were good and that we were going back and forth in the hallway so that that rivalry although there is a credible respect of mutual respect, we weakly got me like talk trash since only advice I would try to avoid Michael in the coming days if not months if not years after the last several games between two of your schools grant yeah you know me, I met with that was the whole game was one thing last home game okay but it'll the final four like that. Would you know for them like that. I don't think I'll never, ever be able to lift that your professionalism was fantastic. Grant done it yet so big-time.

I've known Hubert have known Hubert for you to one of us were in college and I was happy in all seriousness college basketball is at its best in my opinion with Duke and North Carolina a really good and when you replace a legend like what were you always concerned Hubert having had getting the final tip should game almost coming close to winning it in all Carolina going to be relevant for quite some time now were trying to be the same as coach Kaylee John Cyrus committed and but I'm hopeful that'll happen and I love the rivalry and I love more will repeat that which I tend to do next year but I guess one last one for the remaining time I would you grant Hill from your Index.

Raftery, Bill Jimmy might give your best one not give your best wrath story, please.

You don't want must welcome them open doors around left goals are something along those 11. I don't. I can't believe it. You know, one that he could hang out and partake like you done today if you like me the next day, youthful energy and I'm Dragon and you don't have to. They girl will have a great line will get not going to practice at 8 AM and around like your 12 hours of sleep and like he did and literally like you just go and go and go and you drink with him and you're like you like, you know, it was almost empty and you think of you for thinking of as I think that much constantly constantly reloading a sordid click hopeful and sober. He gave much and I just have to rest up for 11 months to get ready you be an answer to respect you guys are you guys are all your guys are all great together. I got one last one for you, Patrick, Dan, when I got to SportsCenter. One of the best SportsCenter commercials that it already been on the air was you in the lobby. When I first walked into the lobby of ESPN as a young 26-year-old get on like this the place were grant him play the piano and what was what, what's the back story behind this one back toward I finished my first year in the MBA and I remember my agents were saying, look, you know you want to go to Bristol to take this commercial and like I was a part of the very first batch of ESPN commercial which you know are legendary. You been in on the job was aware of and it owes like when they wrath commercial like it'd make anything like that, you will commercial Mike I guess you don't validate any athlete or any individual that has to do it you will you noted in your audit. You know there's good creative for funny and will be all splattered all over the network for you know for quite some time. I turned it down like it did make anything and so literally. I was there with Dan Patrick and Craig Kilborn and I might've been like we might've invited might've been five-minute record.

I came in I have much earlier.

We sat down and I've even played anything.

They just acted like a plate right and and we did it we tape it maybe two times and that was it and I was back to Hartford and flew out and literally it was like I might've been on campus for all of 15 minutes know it's it's great is your Dan was down, dad show menu played like Dino charge of that time. He just kinda got in a little bit more Again and put some money in your jar throwing just so funny and later clap clap clap my gosh, I'm a tweet that I just found it.

It's brilliant hey Grant, thanks for your time.

Congrats in the book, let's do it again and certainly since being oddly styled like an index mention the next time you have a book. So let's let's create some memories. The two of us over the next Allport look for Michael Grant. Thanks again congrats in the book and you be well they got any time.

Grant Hill game and autobiography world books are so high we come back right here on the rich eyes and show TJ's big ass Grab Bag, including a little reference to our first, our guests, the great Henry Winkler don't go anywhere back with that in a moment. All right, let's get to it. There is a heart out at the end of the maternal teacher Jefferson to do this because he's just as cool as the list is about to do Annie's as cool as the other side of the pillow. Jefferson's top of big ass Grab Bag teacher Jefferson go for it. I kaboom guess you stepped in the room like we always do at this time. Phyllis the great Henry Winkler in our limits and still are Phyllis and Homer had a completely different idea for this top five, but I switched it on rule 1210. As I dug in the big ass Grab Bag in honor of Henry Winkler and I decided to pull out TJ's top five coolest characters not what you guys and how impossible this is right. There are so many cool cats on television. It's really hard to narrow down the five but I did my best and here we go, number five this guy lives in the 200 acre estate in the guesthouse in Hawaii.

He's got an able mustache drives a Ferrari, he gets all the checks any soft cases to Magnum PI Thomas Magnum right is just going around Hawaii. All the girls love them is good-looking and again the mustache in a Ferrari exam. So just imagine what he was going and I meet is the poster that was stymied was the 80s and that is Magnum, so a person can get away with number for Michael to phone you probably stated working in radios when the right yes okay so you work in radio. You got a great nickname and you dress will fly. That puts you on my list and this guidance will go to Cincinnati K RP Venus client and I would always do like my radio voice trying to be like being is like being run at the cold doing this thing that Brockman hates but once I said I had every guy live in Miami without the others right to own cars. I got it craft it into one on this list because that was mistranslated these guys out to Michael Thomas cars times Johnson right might get in Miami's soundtrack you, don't number okay to go to Delta's number two right.

This guy was magical.

As a former athlete and what's his athletic career kinda went siding decided he was going to head to a new location which would keep him around people and what makes everybody knew his name whenever he was at his place of business back to dance in the same guy got it just tears was the spot when it sashayed to the time you know like you would like that sachet will be about the Collinsworth slide down the remember how good Sam was a baseball. I'm pretty sure he was pretty good right ankle and got a game at the home of the Velasquez last night was 91, number one user tried to put some type of drama or suspense in it.

No drama, no suspense.

He was right. A black leather jacket, turn on the jukebox simply by punching it, thinking Pescadero in the back arrow. He had the most famous thumbs-up sign up and anger Winkler on scones really was just in the building. This was the coolest MF time with me watching the reruns of happy days of the funds wasn't the man and that is TJ's top 512. It's a high bar to clear but that I think it is clear thank you think well done sir, appreciate, and if we missed one.

Countless people deftly let me know so they will see even you Brockman could next be upset with Crockett and Tubbs attack and I couldn't know at times recently comedian coming up yet. I normally hate when he does well at the top five. I was well done Adam just immediately texted is no Zach Morris will present Melrose Smith, either by looking at this point seems I get you guys know I make a big list and I chop them down. The cytokines eliminated all the high school in younger guys like Zach Morris Theo Huxtable there on the list plus a 10 year ban also applies to the big ass Grab Bag slot moonlighting is imagine we did wait 10 years, but will submit back. That's why the anatomy is a little reading. This was like, I mean Hawkeye Pierce for mass. The one guy almost had number five, but I left Magnum was Capt. James T. Kirk, by the way, was always my favorite Kilborn lesions whenever he used William Shatner's lien from the ruckus only 10 all these people running. I just had fives five is perfect. I cannot fly trap was an outstanding so as a family just I am alone I want to be a radio because Jake is that show even more when I watch that because you also thought Lonnie Anderson was working the front office and I joined the fever and units but I know I was doing too well written and I want to hear it majority fevers another one he could in the top 10 in the top five list of so many cool characters minutes it was hard was hard Bailey by the way was underrated cast member of the W camping since that's what to say that Jan Smith of their time. Just buy the stuff with Dr. Johnny, fevers, and like it to say that but I didn't want to do the two again so I left Crockett and Tubbs shut out the fever Crockett ratio came as a MacGyver and nothing was on the last 10 Iver found rock for Jim Rockwell all time.

I also had an antenna antenna for Vegas Vegas 15 year likes it does list the cut that tearing Lancaster. PEP was on the Internet list I could, can we almost got well done, great, great for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments.

It's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all, the opponent sponsor Ms. Natalie and the conversation wears on a mouse and Andre was number one is not even going back before you know Holcombe was a baby face Holt and Andres were able to go in headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went. That was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts

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