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REShow: Hour 3

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June 13, 2022 3:30 pm

REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 13, 2022 3:30 pm

In an all-NBA version of Overreaction Monday guest host John Salley says if Steph Curry will be NBA Finals MVP win or lose, if the NBA of the 90’s is better than today’s NBA, if Zion Williams will end up on the Knicks, if LeBron’s championship is closed for good, and if Giannis is the best player in the world

Salley reflects on the what-could-have-been life of Len Bias and reveals that the promising young star’s tragic death kept him from ever trying cocaine

Salley explains to Brockman and TJ how he landed role in the ‘Bad Boys’ movies with Martin Lawrence. 

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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He is so good and he he's so powerful to be around. With guest host John Spider Sally. They came up with the phrase jump the shark because of that episode. Every time they mentioned it we were number one for five years after that.

What did I care? That there was a phrase. That's true.

That's true. Earlier on the show, hall of famer Isaiah Thomas, 12-year NBA veteran Frank Bricowski. Still to come. Your phone calls, latest news and more. And now sitting in for Rich, it's John Spider Sally.

Yes it is. Welcome back. So today Chris, what do we have? We have overreaction Monday. Oh yeah so we're going to do overreaction Monday here in a second as we get ready for the third hour. If you want to talk to John give us a call 844-204-rich.

You guys know the number by now. All right so John since you're here normally we try to make these kind of a reaction to the whatever is going on over the weekend. Kind of look ahead to some outrageous football topics kind of based on the news of the day. But since you're here four-time NBA champion we're going to do an all NBA edition of overreaction Monday. So here's what we do. I just say something crazy and then you say if it's an overreaction or it's you know kind of spot on and whether you agree with it or not. Got it.

And then we just kind of have a debate after that. All right let's go. Hit it. All right first up we got a pivotal game five tonight in San Francisco NBA finals game five Boston and Golden State.

I don't think it matters. The Warriors are winning the NBA championship. Oh overreaction. Overreaction. That's not gonna happen. Explain yourself.

I don't think the Warriors I think they had it and they had it for a long time but I think when you got a team with nothing to lose and all that young talent and they literally got a great coach. You know their coach did not panic. He's so good he's dating my friend Nia Long. They're married. Well like they're dating. This is joking. So the fact that that Nia says this is my man you got to be a tough dude. Got to be a tough and then think about it they were losing you know game one you thought they were going to get run through next thing you know they're up by 16 never having a problem.

I said dating that's so funny. I don't believe it. I don't think they're going to win.

I really I want it. I want everybody to get what they want but I just don't think this is their year. If so if Boston wins does this close the door on the Warriors championship? No no no because what they're going to do is they'll retool. They're still going to be the toughest out of the West. I know but I think I think it was great to see what Memphis had. They're missing some things and I think I'm a huge Dallas fan so I like anything Mark Cuban does.

I'm a Mark Cuban fan so I'm glad that he puts it in the position and you know just watching the Lakers making moves and with their coach but still having you know in a squad situations I still think all they got to do is retool. Getting to this point is a really really really hard thing. It's really hard to get to the finals man. I'm telling you winning is even harder but that's obvious. I'm stating obvious now because you know 82 games man you only have to win 63 to get to be number one so it's tough. All right win or lose win or lose the championship Steph Curry finals MVP.

Yes. It would only be the second ever to be on the losing side. Let me go back.

All right let me check myself. Well they did it with Jerry and you got to figure out he lost nine championships in a row before they decided let's give him something. He keeps showing up and doing well.

Yeah he's doing it. I'm going to say MVP is the most valuable player to their team so whoever wins a championship I don't really think. Okay so you're not down with the MVP being on a losing squad. No they talk about the nbc of the of the of the series. I get the idea. I mean he is having a great great finals.

He is having a great fight. I get the idea but if he was so valuable they would have won the championship. That's that's how I feel it um but then you know there was some people say man I'm a bad man on a bad team so I'm gonna go with uh no I I would it be a good gesture but no if you don't win the championship you don't get the MVP. All right how about this one this is kind of right up your alley it goes back to what Isaiah Thomas talked about earlier uh and Gary Payton's been saying it a lot uh in recent days 90s NBA better than today. Is Gary Payton right?

Uh I'm gonna say yes. I'm gonna say yes because I played in that era but the the buildup and excitement I've never seen guys and we had a lot of high high jumpers and guys who can get off the ground. I job Mariah is amazing to me I haven't seen that and I think the players are way more athletic. I think they all watching Michael Jordan and and and the like um Grant Hill Grant Hill and and Vince Carter that you know even later I think most of most of the kids who ever went out and they start to emulate an athlete or their favorite player they all took on the Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James like LeBron James when people are talking about it um LeBron James is by far one of the greatest basketball players to ever play basketball period no one and anybody that doesn't feel that and they want to say what they want to say about him one of the greatest basketball players to ever play this game he is magic he is Dr. J he is um he is uh Michael Jordan uh and what I mean is he sees the court he gets everybody greatest in the world so I think these players are way more athletic than we were. I'm gonna put it that way so my answer is no answer TJC I'm with the Green Party I'm not Republican I'm not a Democrat I'm in the Green Party um okay. All right speaking of uh players who are super crazy athletic Zion Williamson is going to end up on the Knicks at some point.

Is this what? I'm just saying do you think this is I'm just saying he's not going to be on the Pelicans for that much longer. This is the problem um he's been great and he's been this big since he was in eighth grade that that's that's partly where the whole problem is he's there's there was there's no step up he's been here so and he's been great here and that's that's the biggest problem it hasn't had somebody to Charles Barkley had Moses Malone and Moses Malone um made Charles Barkley lose weight and get his body in shape and become the Charles Barkley we know if not what Charles said he was going to eat himself out of the league um Zion doesn't have that and on top of Zion not having that most of the people believe that the western diet is healthy and if that's all you know because it's the easy way for him to get in shape to stop eating the stuff he's eating right right whatever you've been eating stop eating that but then they go what am I going to eat this is this is our food and that's the problem um he's not going to end up on the Knicks too much money and too much ridicule. In case he stinks or can't lose the weight he's not going to stink though we talked about this he's average 20 he 26 a game I mean the guy can put it in the basket he can he can but if he doesn't lose weight he's going to hurt his limbs and somebody needs to explain it that way putting way too much pressure on your over all these years putting too much pressure on your ankle and your knee joints yeah that's that's how I would I wouldn't talk about losing weight I would talk about strengthening um certain areas and bringing down muscle mass see it's another way of saying it right overreaction he ends up on the Knicks at some point overreaction because the Pels are going to sign him to a five-year extension he's going to take that he can immediately demand a trade well you can demand but that that doesn't play well and if the if if they gave you the extension and you just demanded that was a waste of their time in negotiation so there's no reason to do that and a team look the the team the Celtics to show you how powerful things are the Celtics traded their coach named Doc Rivers to the Clippers so you there's a whole bunch of things that can be done uh if you want you don't have to go through through the whole negotiation to do something that's out of this way everything everything is negotiable all right next up uh so Chris that's hopping on the pj and heading up to the game that's tonight that's that's negotiable that's still that's still in play let me call my boy uh kevin yo man you got the g5 what's up let's go plenty of seats good seats still available nine thirty four thousand dollars to sit on the front row tonight uh really that's all all that's all thirty four thousand that's all that's all no big deal e40 got tickets right that's called e40 sit on one of his legs uh Lebron James you've heard of him right yeah he all right he's not gonna win another ring it's over his championship window is closed who wrote that i did oh i was wondering why it sounds so delusional uh you really think he's gonna win again let me tell you something with who this is what's gonna happen so let me just tell you how this world is gonna set up tom brady won seven championships he's the greatest he's the goat you got the goat on i tell you i'm everything boston i'm a huge tom brady fan and they they were thinking the same thing about tom brady and i think just him having four championships is not enough i think he will win at least two more championships where um they're gonna re they're gonna retool this team who is gonna reach this is an nba 2k it is have you seen the way these games look i mean just coming out as soon as i saw the game the game one i grabbed from my controller i was like oh my god i can i'm in charge um i really think that they're gonna that he's going to figure it out i don't think he's gonna move again i don't think it's getting out of here i think this is going to be the place just think about it the trophy is going to go back to the east coast with boston i hope so they're going to retool the lakers boston's going to get better and then next season back lakers winning time yeah next next season is going to be the lakers versus the celtics i don't know about that okay i know you don't so i want everybody to make sure that you know that june 13 2022 i said it so when it happens right here you can just say it wasn't deja vu it's not the matrix i know what i know what i know what i know so you're saying next year is going to be celtics lakers yes next year celtic like in the finals of the national basketball association yeah huh 2023 and 2020 2023 2023 hey what do you think about this i threw this out uh did i mention this on our podcast oh i don't know what you're about to say you know what you know what i'm about to say so if if if the warriors win the warriors win the next two games steph i won't say that but go ahead steph is still out of this world of 40 plus each game he's run away finals mvp i was telling these guys get ready because somebody on some show is going to try to say that steph curry has now passed will brawn james on the all-time list that's going to happen let me tell you the the best thing i like about wardell he saw that when they when the reporter said wardell he went you know what um don't call me by my don't call me by my government my government name um i tell you this they are pushing him and he's not that person he's not a person he's such a he you what you see is what you get he's always respectful great guy great upbringing um doesn't really look for all those different alkylades this they're just putting them in a position like forcing him to be you know the man to get up the top and i remember when growing up in new york we play a game called on the snow called king of the hill and i i always use this as a reference in my life no one stays on top of that hill very long because as you're pushing somebody down that way somebody's kicking your legs from under it and we all laughing as you hit your head on the ice and slide down it's only a little bit of blood you know we all have concussions but that that's that's what it is a king of the hill game is a very dangerous game it's a hard game to play too especially when you're so exposed um everybody thinks they have rights to you there's more cameras everywhere uh i know you're thinking what's that have to do with it he's not going to win those next two games because the celtics are going to win in the finals and everyone's got this list and they keep putting people on this list and where that list comes from and makes no sense to me yeah that was a big discussion that started too like his staff earned his way is is he now in the top 10 all time that's what i mean like they keep making this list they leave out tiny archibald they leave out uh they leave out michael ray richardson they leave out uh michael ray richardson if i so all your kids out there that have your computer in front of you if they do just punch his name in sugar that's that's literally what it was one of the greatest gods ever they leave out um clive fraser they leave out earl the pearl monroe black jesus and that's because they can't market it but there has been there have been some amazing athletes in this league and to keep putting this list together is crazy and to base it only upon whatever stats you can't do that you just can't to me you can't but you know who's in i i would tell you this somebody would say to me if we were going to pick up game who would you pick but nard king was always my first pick right bk always my first pick and everybody said why i said have you ever seen him miss no he doesn't miss so i would i would always go with bk at one time and then they and i remember i didn't pick michael jordan because they asked me for my top five not my contemporary but at that time he's my contemporaries i didn't pick him and they were like how could you leave him out and i don't i i think that's what they don't i i think michael jordan is has taken the lead since 1984 and transformed it definitely definitely but i'm still a dr j fan so that's it i just don't understand the list all right let's play a list game yanis is the best player in the world right now um overreaction or not is the best player in the world right now watching the game like we're watching it uh i think he's intense though uh the deal is that he's so wiry and he can shoot it but i still feel kevin durant is is the best player in the mba i i do i he and kyrie i can't wait till next year i hope they really realize this is the best thing to happen for the net is that they didn't go far they can sit back and figure it out retool what they need to do i think that's the best thing and then i know i know i feel it i feel tj already saying it i don't ever and i'm friends with sam cassell and doc and i want philly to be great to be great i just don't think that ever i don't i don't think it's gonna be back i don't think it's i love doc and i love those guys and i'm probably getting myself in trouble with my friends but it's hard man it's hard to have a big man that dominant now um uh and i'll be it's hard because the game has changed it's changed um i feel sorry for them um i feel sorry for uh for them but shouldn't be asked for a trade yes he should get out of philadelphia and go to dallas no no room in dallas you don't think him and luka could work together no luka has the ball um if the game was 100 minutes luka has the ball in his hand 98. all right so that's another thing you you have to put if you want to win a championship build it around um what you need this guy's a scorer and this guy's a scorer and this kid at 24 minutes can give you this and this guy is a dog and you make sure you got that dog there and this kid is a rebounder and that cat is a defensive specialist all five of them can hit foul shots that's how you win a championship going in and getting stars and throwing the ball up and saying you guys make it work there's a team called the los andres lakers to prove that's not the way to do it well also with the Sixers harden came there was 24 games left in the season i kind of knew it wasn't going to be enough time to get that working right yeah it is because you think his job was to take the round thing and put it in the round thing it's it i know it sounds crazy when they make these changes and they feel they have to gel no they don't they have to they get paid to play all they have to do is play it can't be that simple though and when it's not that simple is why you go home if you if you don't make it simple when you forget that this is a simple game and that you should play it for fun when you do it that way you win and you play better when you don't and you start putting everything together as if you're einstein and and and relativity and you're making sure this e equals this equals that that's when the mistake happens right the x and o's you ever see those coaches they go hey we're going to throw this out let's just go out there and ball once you say hey go have fun and and you have fun you win it happens every time the celtics in game one were having fun they were down 15 and they looked and and everybody was you know the whole looks and all the antics every guy does and at the end of the game in the cigar bar because everybody was a warrior fan and you know they hate me anyway so i'm like and i was like hey i kind of called it before i got here and thank you for holding my seat um those guys are playing because you're not going to embarrass yourself they playing for fun and when you play fun you win that's that that's that i got my point we're going to break right here on the rich eigen show i'm john sally see in a second the rich eigen show john sally i am sitting in for this has been so much fun and that's a great interview i love bill walton he's amazing yeah bill walton i used to do autograph sessions uh together or you know he when when when he talks about his wife being the cfo and the ceo i'm telling you he shows us some places man and i realized his check was at least 10 000 more than me and i was like man i got four championships they yeah but you ain't you're not him so shut up great great interview at that time so uh ladies and gentlemen we're right back here this was this is a lot of fun being on the show we only have a little bit of time left too it goes fast it does go fast when he said that it goes fast yeah man so i was going to call my boy kevin and i've been texting i'm saying did you fly back to miami yet so just explain everybody my friend kevin has two jets two g6000s and then four uh leer 45s that he uses uh that company that you know helps you um um uh merger vac emergency evacuation or they go to hospital like a medevac a medevac is what i wanted to say thank you very much brother for helping me with my a bonnet um and and he has four of those my smartest one of the smartest guys in the world of miami uh knowing that this is a is a gig um but now that the pandemic is over and people are spending more money um i got back into the private jet business so when you said that i was like huh is the jet still here can we make a quick run up to san francisco i mean it's a quick it's a quick flight quick it's like 70 minutes brockman and i won't take up much much space i know you guys will share a bag of peanuts i know the whole i don't know the whole thing i would share a bag of peanuts and half a fanta i don't even need water oh we'll see what it is um okay so tonight ladies and gentlemen everybody paying attention um i think there's gonna be people that calling in and anybody else calling just in case one guy on the line actually if you want to do it let's do it right now let's go to doug in north carolina what's up doug hey how are you john it's a pleasure to talk to you but i have in front of me i'm hoping we'll join a cause a social cause with me i have in front of me bill ambier's numbers next to ben wallace's numbers i'm a piston fan love both of these guys ben wallace is in the hall but if you look lambier has twice as many points almost twice as many assists and they're basically tied and rebound are you willing to say your your former partner deserves to be in the hall of fame i think it's well deserved 100 bill ambier should be in the hall of fame and nate smith there's no way you know why because when you say his name it it makes it makes you think of something it makes you it shakes you it invokes a reaction it does whether good or bad yeah and he should definitely be in the hall of fame the guy is brilliant he is a he's a thinker he's a thinking he's a thinking man and like he said if you're gonna go with stats he made sure the numbers were there and he happened to be on the all-star team the year marvin gay uh 1984 sang the national anthem right here that's that's good enough for me he he was able to sit there and he wasn't upset and he taught me how to become he made me a republican for a little while yeah tj yeah he sat me down you had money back yeah he got me man he got me he got me with the why are you a democrat i was like i don't know i'm a black guy he's like that's not a good enough reason and he literally is a thinking man and i'm no longer republican just for everybody out there you said you were green earlier yeah i'm with the green party uh and you know we're on nbc so i'm not gonna if you don't get the joke and then you don't get the joke but yeah i'm with the green with the green party i like all the green i'm with you on that yes i'm with you on that uh so i like all the green and it's a trip too because when i went to get my driver's license did i tell that story i went to get my driver's license and you had to get the real a real id the real id yeah yeah so my my driver's license expired the day i was on this show is why you guys had to have a driver yeah may 16th yeah i had to be driven and then the next day on that wednesday i went to get the real id and um they said what political party and i they asked that they yeah they give you a list and if you say none you're not allowed to vote so i said are you kidding me yeah yeah if you say i don't want to choose a party then you're not allowed to vote i know welcome to america land of the free to get your butt beat up so i uh so i joined the green party i joined the green party and all i know is nader that's the only person i know about it so i'm gonna get into it 30 years ago that's how i got out of the joy that's i i'm getting out of it because we're still on nbc and i'm trying to get a job here um but yeah i'm in the green party um a caller didn't stay on the line but he we were talking hall of fame with bill ambier and wondered if chauncey billups deserves to be in the hall of fame i think chauncey uh another another another good friend and literally the right place right time and shows up and great person um and that hall of fame thing man i deserve to be in the hall of fame crickets crickets crickets all right listen i told my cousin that because you should get in the hall of fame i'm in the hall of fame i'm already there there's pictures of me all over that joint going to third stall downstairs bathroom you'll see written right on what you call it i should be in the hall of fame john sally so i'm written i i chauncey billups give me the numbers uh let's see stand by yeah you gotta give me the numbers on that because that's how they putting you in the hall of fame right they putting you in the hall of fame according to this uh stats well he's got a great uh he's got a great nickname mr big shot yeah but it's the big i mean played a long time let's see he got traded a couple of times so it's 15 16 years yeah uh 15 points per game five assists three rebounds i don't know seven time all-star yeah and he started off very humble uh humble beginnings right he was in uh played in europe also dumbass rick patino traded him after 50 games uh yeah you call my boy dumb uh patino you gotta understand too it wasn't patino or was it the general manager that made this uh rick was in charge of personnel yeah he was buying balls yeah so yeah boston is a hard thing too man you remember people get inside your they get inside your head um danny angel did a great job because it seemed like he was part of that mentality but it's hard when you have the greatest team in all of sports um and you're trying to keep it at that level it's it's a hard thing to do yeah the celtics have a hard hard way to go about it i'm just thinking about that that statement about um philadelphia too yeah i'm just thinking about i'm not wrong but uh i'm looking at i'm not wrong only one person can win that's the problem only one can win and i gotta go with what i've gone through and let me tell you i i uh being a celtic fan growing up how did that happen because you're from new york because they win and my brother ron always made sure i was pro black and not anti-white and and that's a lot to say to a black kid born in the 60s because we had so many reasons to be angry and upset and my brother was ron was so about understand who you are but don't be hateful and i i got it great great advice and then when i started paying attention to who we wanted to call us heroes bill russell would have to be one and that means that the celtics made him play a coach so that means the celtics were the first team to have a black coach and they were winning so i thought that that was a cool thing and the nicks always lost and everybody was a nick fan in new york uh to a fault so i decided to go with the greatest team wearing white and green and i loved everything about it i loved i loved the uniform being so simple uh and then in the 80s when larry got there i was i'm a i'm a magic johnson fan but i'm a huge library fan i love the way larry legend played and and then i thought i was going to be a celtic they had me come there three times but they made a good choice they chose lenny bias they made it there was a better choice god rest his soul but um i thought i was going to be in that green and white i really did i would have killed it too but my number would have been 16 because number 22 was gone i already know it look at that anyway i'm just watching watching highlights i'm sitting here reminiscing people like did he just zone out no i didn't zone out yet i didn't zone out yet but that was a good feeling and the best trash talker of all time right larry bird larry bird the best backup trash talker because he says it and he means it and tell you this this is how you told the story last time we were here and then sean kemp there's that famous story going around yeah uh this week i saw on social media about uh you're the guy you're the guy that broke all my brother's records cool i got something for you to do i think larry put 40 and 10 on him or something is that what he did oh man let me tell you larry people don't realize too he's 610 he's 610 he can shoot it he knew how to get to the basket and uh uh there's no stopping them have you ever met anybody said they locked up larry bird i got i shut him down he didn't get his average there's not a person on the planet that could that's that's another thing that i know isaiah and older players realize there's certain guys that when they got in the game you knew they were going to get their numbers and they weren't going to shoot poorly they're not going to take 27 shots and and uh what is it now 32 shots and hit 11 of them and then hey at least i got 20 something no you took 30 000 shots only time i remember being embarrassed thinking that was crazy when i watched michael jordan shoot 32 times a game i thought that was amazing to take 32 shots now that's not a problem it's not a problem at all spider you put you brought up a name and like you know considering ourselves like basketball historians right is len bias yeah and i know you got to play against him a lot in college for people out there that don't realize how dope lenn biases what was it like being on the court with this guy big strong could jump yeah so i have um there's a podcast right now which one of the um it's i think is a curious life of uh no um i forgot the total name of the len bias stories but you can hear it and it's kind of narrated i did part of the narration and then we go into the story but len bias was um there's a picture of him and michael jordan at five star basketball camp and you see how skinny michael is and and how tall lenny is like because like yeah and lenny is six nine and played like michael and i know it sounds crazy but even everybody would tell you played like michael meaning every time he got the ball you knew he was going to score and he was he was he was the beast he was literally going to save the celtics so when he got drafted there you know i was jealous and mad i wasn't jealous i was you know mad that i had to still sit there you know i'm saying i'm like uh i didn't have a good visit at any of these other schools other teams what's gonna happen but but thinking about it it would have been a great great great kind i don't know how way it would have played though i know it sounds crazy because larry would have had to give up minutes and michael wouldn't have michael was already going back and forth between he and um cornbread on minutes well lenny probably would have started off coming off the bench right yeah but for who because it was robert parrish right no he wasn't a center no no way six nine he was a small forward and this is this is the crazy thing the celtics they placed seven people that's it but i've also heard larry bird say that he was happy because he knew getting len bias was going to extend his career yeah because he would have given up probably bill walton wouldn't have been a sixth man then right but bill one didn't play a lot that that that series he didn't matter of fact um larry was upset with him uh what did larry say if they mailed him his check he wouldn't get it because he wouldn't he's too lazy to get up and go get to check yeah uh yeah i find lens just to be one of my all-time what-ifs and yeah it's he changed all of sports len bias changed all the sports as we know it he changed the world the cal america as we know it and why that happened is when len bias dies in 1986 um from a supposed over cocaine overdose um first time ever snorting cocaine kids and it was 100% pure and his heart turned to shreds so stay away from drugs yeah period i mean i i know this is going to sound after school specialist to you but like i was i think 12 11 12 when he died and to this day i mean obviously you shouldn't do cocaine anyway but that was being and living in hollywood for 20 years finding myself in different situations that was something that was never ever ever on the table for me because i always looked at len bias when i was a kid as superman and if that could kill superman then i don't want everyone have anything to do with that so do you remember what i said so certain things in my brain so how how i work is i laugh and it's stopped me from crying from crying it's a defense mechanism we've spoken about that so you remember in uh uh hollywood shuffle and he said don't ever talk about drugs unless you have some yeah don't say coke around the man don't say coke around the man unless you got something yeah no don't say drugs around the man don't say don't say free base neither unless you got something so i when just to think about that with lenny and why i said he changed the world uh tip agor jumped on top of it the war on drugs took off oh yeah and they had now some look to what happened yeah and so he changed the hip hop world because the parental advisory stickers came not long after that he changed everything in his in his death and um while we were doing this podcast i realized um as i didn't even read the book yet because i was a contributor to it but all these different reporters who talked about lenny how he got to the point and i know we sat outside the best my best len bias story and for those who don't know len bias uh played for the university of maryland um all american the number two pick in the 1986 draft i just made it easier for you guys to have google may have been one except the Sixers already had barkley i think so that's why they did and plus they traded the pick they got brad dardy brad dardy went number one to um cleveland to cleveland but six had to pick they traded for roy hinson yeah cleveland gets high jumping roy hinson yeah don't hate him roy don't hate him i can't it's a long i did this last week john a long list of horrible front office decisions i don't know i don't know if they because roy hinson was really good guy good guy good jumper if you if you look at something it's when you look at players i'm telling you can look at a lot of players and you can look at them on paper i heard this yesterday uh as i was watching tick tock there's a there's a lot of guys with a lot of talent that been outplayed by guys with less talent and more desire so you on paper you can look and see what that is but in there's some there's some dogs out there smart is a dog when when if you were to look and say i'm going to put this i watch him play and i go what what is how tall is he six five or something not even six four probably six four six four three a dog he is a dog everybody that plays against him knows it too they're like he's no joke but does he going to get all the light that you know a step for or clay will get no but if you talk to people who play it keep him on the squad and think about trading other people that's how important that is but i did this with lim bias and and i want everybody to to i don't even know where to tell you to go listen to it but check out the story the guy changed my life i've never done cocaine i've never i've never done cocaine never wondered what it was like to do cocaine i'm still not interested in what it's like um he he changed my life and everybody else's so that's a good thing about land so if there's two people on the planet that he kept you and i from ever doing it that's what i'm saying that was definitely my reason there we go we're going to break after that sentimental situation right here on the rich eyes and shout out to lim by let's go land boy welcome back the rich eizen show i'm john sally filling in for my friend yes you were and uh this has been great we only we don't we don't have a lot of time we only have a few minutes left and i want to get this in how do you end up in bad boys too john sally i ended up in bad boys one so i was in bad boys one and two just thought i'd drop that on you you know apologies for leaving you out of one you're more memorable too questionable questionable um what happened is i'm friends with will smith and and martin lawrence and they were shooting in miami right now yeah i you know i would love to get i would i i i i text them all the time and i send him wonderful things like old hip-hop videos i find online and things like that and i was with martin though see i'm martin was yeah martin was upset with me because i just met his new fiance and the first thing i said when i saw i said oh she's fine he said i know i said you got a prenup and he was pissed oh you said in front of her exactly what he said now i don't understand i don't understand what the problem is i'm talking about her i didn't understand that that was a bad thing i wanted her to know i'm thinking out and looking out for my boy like his right there yeah let me shake up the eight ball so i'm walking up the stairs to go to set and he's like man you don't do that in front of my girl man that's you don't disrespect myself i'm not disrespectful i don't know her i know you i want her to know that i'm thinking this this is how i'm thinking he's pissed he said so you don't do it like that man i was embarrassed and made her feel some kind of way i said i'll apologize and i get on set and i hear this guy yelling and screaming i go who's that he goes young director don't worry i go he's just gonna yell and scream people like that and i didn't see him i just heard it and then i listened closely and he's saying something else i said who's that over there he goes who the hell he pulled the curtain back it was michael bay but michael bay had directed my nike commercial and i remember him being that yelling you know getting him not me and he was like what are you doing here and i said i'm with martin what are you doing he said my first movie and he goes hey he's funny we got to get him in the movie and martin said you're the director and he said he said he said sal you sag i said yeah i'm not a sack i didn't know what sad was i don't yeah i'm sagging my jeans my jeans i didn't pull them up gave up meat so yeah i'm not sagging no man i just got these put in so i i literally that's how it is he said we're gonna call you and put you in the movie and then he said i found a role it's really small role but you get to speak and i said okay he said you're gonna play a computer nerd and i started laughing and he started laughing but when i got there michael bay was making things up he was walking he said you got the lines this is where it's going to be we had no real lines except a couple so we're filling them in and he's walking he goes uh cut his sleeves and he said put handcuffs on him and i'm thinking what what are you doing he goes oh put these glasses on just like that and i go man thick glasses i how am i gonna be able to see out of it he goes it doesn't make a difference but they see reverse and he goes and i'm gonna reveal you which is gonna make it really fun so i didn't know what that meant either and what he did is when i said it and i stand up fast he just then my pov and the camera that's the way he was he's a great director um he knew how that he tells the story with the camera lens and i thought it was good i got a hundred and i think it was a hundred and forty seven dollars for that role or seven hundred and forty seven dollars and because i hadn't paid my sag dues i didn't know there was dues um they took that all that money so but i in the next time going around they go hey we're doing bad boys too and we're gonna bring you back and they go how much did we pay you the first time i said twenty thousand jerry buck harmon said we paid him twenty thousand for that lesson yeah twenty thousand that's what i remember yeah jerry twenty thousand cash so we'll see how that money yeah we'll check and see what that was but that's how i got in bed but i always wanted to be an actor everybody else wants to do whatever i always want to be an actor one of my one of my favorite things would be so we're going off of radio right now that was fun yeah this is great thanks man thank you guys for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's gotta be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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