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REShow: Michael Vick- Hour 2

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June 14, 2022 3:23 pm

REShow: Michael Vick- Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 14, 2022 3:23 pm

Rich reflects on the circuitous route Andrew Wiggins took from heralded #1 overall draft pick to disappointing afterthought to NBA Finals hero for the Golden State Warriors, and weighs in on the Cowboys’ running game saying Tony Pollard deserves to be a bigger presence in the offense in the face of a diminishing Ezekiel Elliott. 

FOX Sports NFL Analyst and former Pro Bowl QB Michael Vick tells Rich why he thinks it’s a good thing for the Cowboys to implement more running plays for QB Dak Prescott, says what advice he has for Lamar Jackson as he seeks an long term deal from the Ravens, weighs in on Tyreek Hill claiming Tua Tagovailoa is a more accurate passer than Patrick Mahomes, and says he would have stayed at Virginia Tech longer if NIL were in place when he was in college. 

Rich weighs in on Tyreek’s comments comparing Tua to Mahomes explaining why he has concerns about the new Dolphins’ star WR. 

Rich and the guys react to a local weatherman in Mississippi expertly trolling the Dallas Cowboys during a live TV segment. 

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Get the word out. Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

I've been shot a basketball like maybe like April 5th. Can't wait to hear Rasheed Wallace talk to Anthony Davis. I think that should just get taped. Earlier on the show, author Alan Shipnot still to come. Box Sports NFL analyst Michael Vick. ESPN NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy.

Plus your phone calls and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Michael Vick going to join us in about 20 minutes time to just talk about everything going on in his world as well as the world of the National Football League. Deshaun Watson just finished up taking questions from reporters.

About 10 minutes worth. He took from reporters in Berea, Ohio where he is conducting mandatory mini camp for the Browns. And I assume next time we hear from him will be training camp.

Unless he's suspended by the NFL. Between now and then we're gonna get his sound bites prepared for you and play him back. And then Jeff Van Gundy will join us at the top of our number three.

Chris Brockman and Jason Feller are in their positions as DJ Mikey D's on the shelf for a bit. Good to see you guys. And then also TJ Jefferson sitting in his chair right where he is in our number two of this program.

Which you know what I'd like to begin our number two. We talked about the NBA Finals to kick off this program and why not. What a game game five turned out to be.

Warriors up three games to two. And I couldn't help but sit there last night watching that game unfold and think of Kevin Durant. Why am I thinking of Kevin Durant?

Yes why are you? Because Christopher it was in 2019 he decided to no longer stay with the Golden State Warriors and strike out on his own despite having a surgically repaired achilles heel. And also another team won him. And he wanted to go and start his own deal over in Brooklyn.

Kyrie Irving. And the Nets were willing to pay him and pay him while he rehabbed. Assuming he would come back and still be the Kevin Durant that we all had come to know and love. And NBA Final MVPs back to back right. And him doing what he did and being an NBA Final MVP decided to do a sign and trade.

And that sign and trade was significant. Because the Nets sent two Golden State three players headlined by D'Angelo Russell. You remember when they did that and we're like what are they gonna do with D'Angelo Russell?

Right yeah. He's gonna he's gonna be that fourth wheel like D'Angelo okay so it's gonna be it's gonna be um uh Stefan whenever Clay is healthy and Draymond that's what we're gonna get that's what we're gonna do. And the fourth wheel will be D'Angelo Russell and a lot of people thought remember they were just getting him so they could flip him.

Right. And the Warriors initially said no we're we're we got him to keep him. Yeah he can play with us. 33 games later he was gone. He was gone sent to Minnesota in exchange for a player and a pick. And the player turned out to be Andrew Wiggins. First overall selection of the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2014 NBA draft and he really just never blossomed into that game-changing franchise altering culture changing player that they hoped he could be out of Kansas. And they shipped him to Golden State and remember he got to Golden State just like okay what are they gonna do with him? What's he gonna be? And the player by the way turned out to be Jason Kaminga.

Not bad. The uh draft choice that they got. He's nice. And there's even some people who are spending some time saying put him in instead of Draymond because Draymond was somewhat of a liability in July. I mean Kerr's bold and he'll make a lot of moves but putting you know inserting Kaminga for your future hall of fame player would have been something but I digress. Durant decides to leave.

He agrees to a sign and trade that brings a player that eventually gets traded for Andrew Wiggins who now last night he was that fourth wheel for the Golden State Warriors. As a matter of fact he was more than just the fourth wheel. Now that Klay is back with Draymond, Klay and Steph he was in the driver's seat. He was their best player last night.

He was awesome. Andrew Wiggins was their best player last night and when Steph was going off for 40 he had a career high playoff in regular season 16 rebounds. He's come up with 29 rebounds nine rebounds in games four and five combined.

43 points 19 rebounds. Andrew Wiggins he's hitting the boards and you know what he's playing lights out defense too. The last made three that Jason Tatum had in game five with Wiggins as his main defender came with 10 minutes to go in the third quarter and Tatum had a terrific third but when it came down to it Wiggins was playing defense and going on the other end.

I mean he's causing Tatum to have tough trips down the floor offensively and then providing the points and boards on the other end where Golden State got zero threes from Steph for the first time in 233 games. That Andrew Wiggins that guy is now the fourth wheel. You can't say in the same way as Kevin Durant because Durant was you know final MVP and it still will be Curry. It still will be Curry. I know I know I know I know Curry but Curry had 16 and eight last night. It's like it's not like Curry didn't jack he just was jacking up threes and they somehow weren't falling but Wiggins is just absolutely stupendous. Look if the writers can find a way to give Iguodala MVP. Interesting you mentioned Iguodala because in order for the Warriors to be able to make that sign and trade for Durant happen they had to ship Iguodala out to the Memphis Grizzlies. They got him back in free agency but for cat purposes they got to tell their initial of this run NBA Finals MVP Vaya Condeos. Man that's the way you move things around and that's the way you take your lowest moment of Kevin Durant saying I'm out of here and turning that straw into potentially Larry O.B. Gold. They're one game away thanks to Andrew Wiggins and if the Wiggins of games four and five shows up in game six this thing's a wrap we got a parade down.

What is that? I don't know where they would go it's their first year playing in San Francisco. Mission where they go down I don't know waterfront I guess. Take the parade right by the full house house. They could.

Mrs. Doubtfire. Everywhere you look. So there you go you're gonna have a parade in San Francisco if Wiggins keeps doing that. He has been nothing short of remarkable. Yeah he's played good. Like you said Rich he's kind of really you know we see the offensive numbers at 13 rebounds but the defense that he's played in the second half last night was it was good man.

It's tough to watch as a Boston fan. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show. So what did Mike McCarthy have to say about the Dallas Cowboys offense?

Christopher you were saying something along those lines earlier on the program. Clarence Hill covers a team down in Dallas. He said that Mike McCarthy he said the Cowboys will put more quarterback runs and quarterback movement plays in this year after being limited doing so previously with Dak Prescott coming off of the fractured ankle.

Dak is quicker more comfortable and moving better in the offseason compared to last year. Love it. All right here we go. Dude can I just give two words here that can solve all the problems. Uh oh. Sure I guess.

And not put your quarterback in potentially harm's way so somebody gets rolled up like you know some ankle sink out some ankle rolls on him. I think I know what you're going to say already. Two words.

Can I try it? I have two words what are your two words? I know he knows what my two words are. Troy Pollard. Tony. Oh I'm sorry yeah Tony Pollard. Tony Pollard. Let's stop messing around.

Let's stop messing around. Why can't we get Zeke going to start the game okay? Let's get Zeke going to start the game and then give Zeke a little bit of a respite and get Pollard in there. Or get Pollard in there when Zeke's in there. I like that idea.

That guy Pollard should be touching the ball 15 times a game and if he doesn't touch it 15 times a game there is some penalty of some sort. No suit for you. I don't know what it is. Your garnish.

Can't say a wage. Maybe you can. Got to do something where this guy touches it 15 times a game it's time. I'm not mad at that. No but I understand it's a third will because that means Zeke's not the guy anymore or Zeke might be upset. Let Pollard take weeks one through 14 and you want to get Zeke ready because then Zeke's the guy that can go into somebody else's building when it's snowing out and hit you in the mouth and start doing this whole thing. Keep him fresh for December and January.

Let Pollard go hit those home run balls. Remember when Jerome Bettis turned into a goal line back near the end? I think Zeke has much more left in the tank than Buss did at that point. But who won the Super Bowl that year?

Buss's final year. He did. Yeah. Isn't that the whole point of this thing? That's the goal. You've got a guy that could take the mileage and the hits off of your top running back and you can have Pollard hit people in the mouth, creep, match up problems with him. Well they got to catch Pollard. Let's go Matt. Let's go.

Let's go with him. But you know, I guess more running plays from the quarterback keeps, I mean it makes it 11 on 11. I don't know what that means.

I don't like it. Well it means that you have to, that Dak could be a weapon using his legs in a way that other teams, it gives you another wrinkle. But you don't need that to win.

Lamar, that's not Lamar. You don't need it to win. His arm and brain are good enough.

Yeah it is. To win games. And keep him upright, keep him protected. What are you gonna, you're gonna let, you're gonna call like run plays for him? Well you gotta keep the playbook open.

Huh? You never know what the situation might call. Let's just call for the situation of him handing it to Tony Pollard, wheel routing it to Tony Pollard, bubble screening it to Tony Pollard. Get Tony over the middle. Get Tony, get the ball to him.

I would assume they're not saying Dak is gonna run the ball 10 times again. Let's go. Counter play to Tony Pollard. Tenderize with Zeke in one quarters one and four and Tony Pollard in between.

Let's get some home run balls. Let's get some pressure. You want to take pressure off of Dak? How about one throw that goes two yards but winds up going 70?

Two air yards equals 70. Yeah Patrick Mahomes is the king of that. And go trade for DK Metcalf while you're at it. What if they have to give up Tony Pollard?

Great question. Would you do that Tony Pollard and a pick for DK Metcalf? Who says no? No.

Ask Rich because this is his. Tony Pollard and a pick. I don't think Seattle would would like that.

I don't think they're fans of the Seahawks. They drafted a running back and they have Chris Carson. I get it but I think Chris Carson. I don't know if Chris Carson's gonna walk through that door in the way that you hope.

His neck is. Kenneth Walker the third as you know is a uh was it the fourth? Third.

Third? I mean actually it was Kenny Walker the fifth against Michigan. Kenny Walker the 200. It was too much Kenny Walker. I literally saw five Kenny Walkers that day. I wonder if they're Michigan. I also saw the should have been first overall pick in the draft creating a sack force fumble for a touchdown that got called off the board because big 10 officials suck.

That was that day but I digress. Would I do Pollard and a pick for DK Metcalf? I would have to swallow hard if I'm Dallas then. Pollard and like a fourth round.

I don't know if I don't know but I don't know if Seattle would do that too. Pollard is so good. Hang on to Pollard.

Figure out another way to get DK Metcalf. What about Zeke and a pick? Zeke who's not going anywhere. Contract age no way and he's still incredibly valuable. Yeah. But he's not the same guy that was drafted out of Ohio State. It's a fact. Pollard's a free agent after this.

Oh boy. Then let him go. Then let him cut him loose with the playbook. Let him fly and see how can I mean he's playing with light pockets this year. Absolutely feed him like crazy. Making less than a million bucks.

Please. That's why you don't trade him. Him and a pick I don't even know if that you'd do that if you're Dallas.

Because he's that valuable. He takes reps away from Zeke yes but it also keeps Zeke fresh. Figure out a way to get those two guys mixed together.

Yeah I mean. Just keep the pressure off of Dak and for the love of god don't run Dak man. Don't run him.

Let's take a break here. Michael Vick. I can't wait to ask him about all that.

And then Deshaun Watson has spoken. We will hit that in hour number three after we speak to Jeff Van Gundy right here on the Rich Eisen Show. 844-204-rich is the number to dial for you to chat with. Back with Michael Vick in a moment.

Back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844-204-rich being the number to dial. Michael Vick will be joining us shortly on the program. So I don't know what's worse in terms of being a sports fan and it's a big huge game for your team.

Huge game for your team. Like say game five of an NBA Finals and your significant other is inviting friends over to the house that you've never met before. Never met never met. So you had to be sociable? Uh yeah yeah.

I was I was doing my best yeah. During game five of the NBA Finals and Sarah knows you're not social you're not a sociable human being when it comes to that sort of stuff. I would say during that situation you know I don't want to be.

I want to be locked in right because it's a big game and I'm financially committed as well. And so you know I just uh it just you know wasn't great. And then when I was so bad and like you know they were having a great time and she's like are you mad? I'm like no I'm not mad. She's like are you mad at me? I'm like no I'm not mad at you.

I'm just mad at what's happening on my television in San Francisco. You had to be sociable in front of strangers. I'd love to get just like a straight up report on what people thought of Sarah's baby daddy. Baby daddy. Yeah it was yeah nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you. Jalen Brown just turned it over on back-to-back possessions for the 19th time these playoffs. Just so frustrating.

Yeah man so frustrating. Did you did you flop on one of the exchanges with your with your uh with Sarah's friends? I did the Jordan pull like Tony brothers. Tony brothers? You pulled a little Tony brothers? That was so bad.

I tripped over my own feet and fell and then I there was a foul call. Well Jeff Van Gundy's gonna join us in hour number three and you know how much he loves floppers being rewarded. He loves it. It's his favorite thing.

What a joke. That's coming up in hour number three of this program. 844-204-RICH number to dial. But joining us right now on the Rich Eisen Show on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line is a friend of ours.

Not just because of his of his terrific help with the run Rich run every single year as he did this year as well at the Rose Bowl from Fox Sports. But now he's joined the levels sports group as a partner and head of athlete development Michael Vick expanding his brand back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing Michael? I'm doing great Rich. How you doing? I'm doing fantastic. Before we get to what's going on in your life let's talk about some of these NFL headlines going on right now.

I'm keen to get your two cents on this subject. You might not be aware but Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said what Chris? That there's going to be more runs in the game plan for Dak Prescott now that he's feeling sprying healthy. Is that correct? Yeah absolutely.

More quarterback runs and quarterback movement plays this season. What do you think of that Michael? What do you think of that? I think that's awesome. Okay.

You can go back here look at a lot of my clips from last year on FS1. If we were ever talking about the Dallas Cowboys I've always been an advocate for Dak just pulling it down running more just using his his mobility and being more of a dual threat I think it'll help the Cowboys in so many ways. Take a lot of pressure off him and his game as well.

Well the pressure I think they should be you know or I guess the pressure valve that they should turn is Tony Pollard. But I think that that's kind of a third rail subject matter because then you're asking what about Zeke? I think there's enough possessions and I think there's enough footballs to go around for both of them.

Michael? Yeah well I think at this point in time you know Dak has been the quarterback for the last five years. Zeke has been there for four or five years and you got all these new guys coming in and all these moving parts and good players but you know it's like the Golden State Warriors right now. It's all about winning no matter no matter how it gets done.

Right. Just go out and find a way to win the game and I think that's and I think that's what it's coming down to for the Dallas Cowboys and yes Tony Pollard is a lightning rod and I love the one-two punch but find different ways to use them and use them you know sometimes as a decoy to free up other guys and we you know when Pollard's in the game he's probably going to get the ball nine times out of ten so I just think it's up to them to you know just revamp the offense and yeah yes use Dak's mobility to kind of gauge everything else. Well I guess it feels it's good news that he feels you know healthy and spry enough to do it. I'm just concerned about putting him out there. Quarterback movement plays I'm all for but actual Colin plays like he's Lamar to have him run or Josh Allen I'm not into that idea at all you know. Yeah there's a such thing as a reverse psychology too Rich like he could be saying that just to you know make the first four teams that they face during the season be a little leery of what Dak might be trying to do or what they you might see it a little bit in preseason you might see some in game one but you know it's a great strategy and definitely good gamesmanship by by the coaches right now. All that said I gotta I gotta have you choose an NFC team to make the Super Bowl this year which one is it right now? Man that's a tough question there early June Rich but you know I will talk about you know some of the contenders I definitely think Tom's coming back for a reason and I think what they're doing right now in terms of you know just management management leadership uh it's something going on over there that um between Tom and Byron and I think it's going to be special Aaron returning to Green Bay you know he lost to Vontae Adams you know it gets Sammy walking so we'll see how that unfolds and you're going to see the Rams got Aaron Donald signed back I think that's a plus and then the San Francisco 49ers I like them with Jimmy at the helm and and I like the guys that's that's being put in place and you know as long as they get the ball in the hands of Deebo's family I think they'll be all right so those are four competitive teams that I think will be definitely uh playing in the finals at the NFC in the Super Bowl. Michael Vickier on the Rich Eisen show so what advice would you give to Lamar Jackson right now he showed up to mandatory mini camp but uh the Ravens are trying to pay him apparently and he's not um signing on the dotted line obviously he's incredibly talented but um but he's going into a year where he's got his best pass catcher as his tight end or at least his most decorated one is his tight end and this is potentially a money year for him what advice would you give him Michael Vick you know or do you hopefully I you know me talking to Lamar soon and uh you know I know Lamar he's a smart man he's a professional and he has a team around him that's guiding him and giving him the the right advice so I think for Lamar it's all about focusing on the field nothing's going to happen um if you don't perform and you know I think Lamar I think Lamar might be putting himself in a situation where he's betting on himself or he might want to start the talks and come training camp he might be super focused right now so I think we just let Lamar do Lamar and be himself and not put pressure um on himself to take any amount of money or you know get you know trying to put himself in a position where you take less money take more money focus on winning and that takes care of everything and all the sports so um I can't I'm anxious to see what happens but I'm also anxious to see him bounce back from from last year and what do you make of Tyreek Hill's statement that um that two is more accurate than than Mahomes what would you make about that one that's so funny to me it's so funny now I know two is an accurate quarterback and I take nothing away from him but it's a lot that needs to be proven on the field and I don't think you know Tyreek played with with Patrick and he's obviously caught some passes from Tor so you know what he's saying you know what he's dealing with it might be a softer ball it might be something he might like about um what Tor's doing but what Tyreek can't get misconstrued is the fact that Patrick know how to throw people open and sometimes receivers might not understand why we might offset the ball or put it in a certain spot until you go back and watch the film and it's been a lot of passes that I felt like Patrick put in a great spot that only Tyreek can get to because he's not the biggest guy he's obviously athletic and he can jump but don't question your quarterback's accuracy when he's throwing you open and um you know I I if he go talk to Tor about what throwing you open really means or you know if he had that conversation with Patrick or if you hear this conversation I'm having now he knows what throwing them open mean and even just watching the highlights yesterday as it was circulating throughout talk shows I just seen that a lot and a lot of those instances he was throwing them open to putting the ball where only Tyreek could get it you know that's accuracy too so and it helps our complete completion percentage so you know Tyreek is in a good situation right now you know definitely great financial situation I think that right now it's just best for him to enjoy being in Miami and try to make that team better you know he got got a new offensive you know new head coach who you look at what they did in San Francisco with Debo and that's probably what he's going to be doing with with Tyreek so he'll touch the ball more but hey man you know just be proud of what he accomplished in Kansas City.

Well I mean should I be concerned Michael, Michael Vickier Rich has a show you tell me should I be concerned hearing you know and by the way heck of a splash of a first podcast for Tyreek Hill should I should I be concerned to hear that he's texting Drew Rosenhaus about his situation which he he kept in house I mean this did not become public last year but now that he's gone and somewhere else that he's texting after a huge game one but game two wasn't filled on the stat sheet and he didn't get a lot of targets complaining should I be concerned that if he's doing that in Kansas City with Mahomes and Reed and everything else that he's in a new spot that he's paid with a quarterback who I think the world of but there's you know Mahomes is a unicorn should I be concerned about that if Tyreek was having complaints about that in Kansas City and now here he is a paid full-pocketed guy in Miami with a new system new quarterback. Well it just seems to me that Tyreek just wants the ball in his hands and obviously you look at the way Andy used them he handed it off to him out the backfield he swung it to him out the backfield and I think he just want to touch it in any way he can and sometimes when you're a fierce competitor and you know the guys across from you really can't hold you or can't stop you you know it can turn into frustration and I've seen a lot of receivers go through that um because they just want to touch the ball and they know exactly what they can do but you got to remember you got other guys there's running routes and trying to get open and you know just you know you know busting is to get to be successful in their own right so you know ball distribution is the real thing and uh as you get older you need to definitely monitor how much you touch the ball because longevity becomes a key and uh you know Tyreek is not getting any younger he's getting older so you know just be careful what you wish for and just watch your workload. One last one for you on this uh are you like Tua as well throw it left-handed but do everything else right-handed is that is that you too? I'm the exact I'm the exact opposite the only thing I do with my right hand is right everything else in life I do with my left hand okay left-handed all sports left-handed anything I'm grabbing with my left yeah so that's kind of that's kind of weird that's different. So pencil or pen though you're grabbing with your right so uh so how how many reps will it take do you think for Tyreek to get used to a ball being thrown with a quarterback a left-handed quarterback that is significant I mean there's no question about that.

It won't take long about a week and uh one of the left-handers it's a beautiful uh pass when it comes out. Tua's ball is very soft it's not like mine and and I was I was throwing it and it had a lot of velocity behind it so it would take Deshaun and you know anybody I would work with Antonio Brown or anybody let's take those guys like maybe a week to get adjusted but they all you know they complained about it early you know it was just different to them and but when you throw a softer ball like Tua throws uh it's a lot easier to catch. Michael Vick here on the Rich Eisen Show tell me about your new gig with levels sports group what's going on with you Michael? Yeah well it's a great partnership uh to be a part of levels it just after doing extensive research and what they do and what they provide us what I've been doing for a long time with kids who come up through my camps over the years and uh through our camp series um you know in you know in 2016-17 um and these kids are growing up now and a lot of them are you know taking the next level and they reaching out to me and speaking advice and then you know I met some guys some of the guys over at levels and you know we was able to like merge it all together to make it make sense for the future so you know just trying to you know help young kids and whatever way we can especially going into college you know maximize the opportunities to make money manage it um still stay hungry still stay focused and uh keep their eyes on the prize so you know it's life-changing opportunities but you know a lot of things you know take precedent you know the financial literacy part of it the mental wellness part of it um the mentorship aspect of it and then also the nil the business side of it so uh just trying to build something that you know in the future it can it can be used correctly and we can you know so you change a lot of kids lives and help a lot of kids you know grow for all the right reasons. Well getting to know the nil world a little bit better now perhaps with with the level sports group Michael how much do you think you could have made at Virginia Tech if there was a name image and likeness back in the day Michael? Yeah well I definitely think it would have been some dynamic numbers that could have you know definitely been enough to like I said definitely been enough to um keep me around in school you know I wasn't the guy who wanted to leave early but because of circumstances in my life I was felt like I was forced to leave early but I wanted to enjoy that college experience I felt like I was just growing to my own growing into a man and then just didn't want to make life super serious but you know sometimes as a young man you got to make you know adult decisions and that was a decision I made at the time but I would have boomed in the nil space and I know uh you know it would have been done the right way so man you know great thing about it is now these kids get an opportunity to not have that pressure on themselves thank you you know now we get to pay it forward. Yeah I mean it seems to be that that it's going to change it's already changing and it will change forever the the landscape of college sports I mean the we're you're already seeing like some coaches can't handle it they can't grasp it and it's just an opportunity for you know everybody to be proactive and understand what's out there you know who they're dealing with with the kids and you know why they want to try to specifically make them a part of their program and their brand and I think you know you just look at it from that standpoint and uh of course it's gonna make it tougher but it was already tough recruiting it's just it's tough as it is so you know now you know some of these programs get to even the playing field and uh you know there's nothing wrong with that it just evens out the competition amongst college football. I love that I used the word it was it would have been a dynamic number right it's dynamic it's very dynamic dynamic that's that's seven letters probably like the figures it would have been yeah like yeah no doubt like north of a million north of a million yeah I couldn't settle for no less than that I imagine so I mean you're Michael Vick so uh you always pay it forward with me with the Saint Jude now you're doing so with the Vick family dream fund congratulations on launching your new foundation what what what are you focusing on with the dream fund Michael focus on the youth focus on the youth and under underprivileged underserved communities and and uh want to you know continue to pay it forward to them we know that's the next generation you know I did a lot of work with the boys and girls club and just um renovations and want to do that and community centers that's kind of my thing all across the world and uh also you know just in the prison reform space helping out formerly incarcerated citizens to better their life and you know giving them an opportunity so you know dibbling dabbling in a lot of those projects and trying to see what's out there what makes sense for for the big family dream fund brand and if anybody wants to donate you go to check out what we're doing all the information and become a part of what we're trying to do in trying to do in time to make changes in the community all across the world so super excited about that probably my greatest accomplishment well me and my family's greatest accomplishment to this day my wife's excited about it kids be on the floor with you just making an impact and I can remember underserved communities all across the U.S. for years to come do you ever sit around and uh pause and reflect on what your life is now compared to what it was Michael yeah I do a lot and the thing is which has been a lot of people there to you know help me along the way whether they they gave me advice or you know they was always using something at some form of example and they was always trying to take that advice use it correctly for the most part and and uh you know I just reflect back on it so you know I I got four beautiful kids who you know also look up to me as well and I try to be an example for them and everybody else Michael thanks for the time you be well always let me know what's going on in your world and if you're out here in L.A. have you here in studio much much appreciated thank you thank you as always Michael Vick everybody check out the Vick family dream fund congratulations to him on his new gig with level sports his interesting words for Tyreek Hill there right I hope it works out for him in Miami but and I appreciate him talking up his kind of quarterback too yeah I really do that that yeah what else what else are you gonna do I get it but I'm just just I just took it as a little bit of a warning sign when I heard Tyreek Hill say with his first podcast guest Drew Rosenhaus remember I texted you that week two after week one I had a great week one is that when you guys were watching a game together um no at that time oh no that's a different time gotcha it's a different time you are more than happy to come over and hang with his child and my children anytime you want Uncle TJ could come to the house anytime you want it's all good man so clearly not I mean that was two weeks ago yeah I mean just make sure arms loose because Cooper's gonna want to play home run derby you will you will be worn out I just know you're a bachelor who likes to stay by himself sometimes and you're more than welcome to come over anytime you know me though I love the kids okay very good great what are you doing later you want to just watch mine for the whole evening look I came over to your crib and unfortunately I came at nap time so I didn't get to see him that all right this is veered in a different direction I was going down the the road of Tyreek Hill did that concern you at all reading about that that he's going from one week to the next and he's texting his agent like what's going on here and I want my money and what are they are they are they going to start to ice me out here I mean weird I don't know he's now been paid down in Miami what if what if Tua isn't the guy well then Tyreek just needs to stay loose because Tom Brady's coming in 2023 and it'll all be good okay but remember Tyreek's also the guy who can take a five-yard slant and take it 75 to the crib and and they got waddle and they it should be it should be all set up to succeed I should be all set up to succeed and I know this is not fair but I'll say it anyway and I know it upsets the Tuanon crowd and the Miami crowd be careful and you know I I love salty too and I'm very I'm not I'm not I'm not I'd like to a lot and I'm rooting for him right again you're a member of Tuanon I don't know if I'm a member of Tuanon you were early on the the Tua train though for sure absolutely I'm on the Tua train we met him at Super Bowl great kid you know obviously by the way maybe the greatest autograph that I've ever seen you love Tua signatures his signatures I haven't seen it I haven't seen it I don't know about you but that looked like money that guy salty to uh connects good job Jay and they and they start they start scoring 24 30 30 points a game right like they've got an offense that's going to be quick and fast and a quarter and a coach who can scheme it right they got a cool coach like they're a fun team and a running game that can complement it right but if if I just and I know this is totally a generalization but I'm gonna say it anyway because I thought it's totally because no because I said no because I thought it and I must say it when I read Tyree Kill's comments about his texting to his agent and I text my agent I'm complaining to him all the time too and Jerry knows that and you guys know that as well you watch me pace around here in the morning it's constantly complaining we're always like is something wrong but I'm Jewish and Tyreek is not so um so no but if that's the way he feels about Mahomes and the offense that made him who he was or helped make him give him the opportunity to make himself into who he is how does that sound that's less um denigrating or it sounds less denigrating because I'm not intending to denigrate that said if he feels that way about Mahomes and Reed how is he going to feel about this new situation when it doesn't invariably go very well when when Belicheck might pull his Jedi mind trees you know his dark side mind tricks on uh on Tua yeah I don't know and he's been paid now now he's been paid so he he I think he will feel more uh entitled and again I know that that's a word that sounds infusing and and could be denigrating as well but you gotta remember this team did win eight of their last nine to go rich who Miami did yeah so you finish strong right you carry that over into the next season no and uh that's and and they fired their coach that launched a thousand lawsuits and changed potentially the trajectory of Tom Brady's retirement plan and Sean Payton's coaching oh my goodness gracious did it ever what a team nobody really talks about dolphins all that much but here we come I wish they were doing hard knocks yeah I hear you lines will be pretty damn good though too I think it'll be entertaining because Campbell and all them but like man just seeing what's going on down there and the personality okay when we come back we're going to check in on the weather in the gulf south it's figuratively uh and literally uh viral that's when we come back right here on the rich eisen show jeff van gundy top of the third hour back here on the rich eisen show calloway rogue irons been talking about this for weeks cannot wait for you to try the new set of rogue st irons they come in four different offerings each model using artificial intelligence on high strength 450 still it's the only irons ever to do so the rogue st max is the most popular iron of the bunch and the reason why is because it's designed for the widest range of players because of its refined improvement shaping an incredible combination of speed forgiveness and all-around performance if you're low to mid single digit handicapper that's not me but rogue st pro is going to give you that hollow body construction sleek compact player shape that you love calloway's best game improvement model is the max os the max os light is the most forgiving high launch iron with wider soles increased lofts lightweight package that's for players with slower swing speeds look no other irons perform like the new rogue st irons find your rogue st irons at go rogue that's slash go rogue on all of that so um lots going on here uh on on our program that we just mentioned um but this came into your twitter feed first chris and then you texted it to everybody yeah this is the weatherman or he's a fill-in weatherman he's occasionally a sports guy as well pardon me for not knowing off the top of my head i'm trying to read what his uh bio is on his twitter feed um k t o k uh it's w t o k t v uh what's that in mississippi is that where that is meridian mississippi okay uh this is ethan bird delivering us the the weather um so i guess he's combining the there's no traffic with this weather but he's combining spite and weather together and weather together check it out well now we look at our 10-day forecast it's looking a little bit like those dallas cowboys is peeking in the 90s oh wow tj your thoughts on the weather in mississippi it's pretty hot it's pretty hot isn't it i hope it snows right now in mississippi you don't have to give him the crickets that he asked you for he's on tv down there he's peeking in the teens is what he's doing right whatever like i mean i want to know who he's peeking in the 20s rich i need to know who ethan's team is before i respond because i think he's from on his bio is he from colorado is that where he is could be bronco fan well if he's a broncos fan and he's i was looking up meridian he's they beat the cowboys last i believe the broncos do make the vip so oh that's right they make the vip they've got championships and he had a great too he's like this is why you don't let the sports guy do weather that's right yeah it was awesome very very funny you should do that i just didn't find it funny to be honest it's fine i mean the the weather in case people didn't see this uh for the radio audience it was high 90s it was all 95 94 peaking in the 90s peaked in the 90s much like the dallas cowboys pretty good all right we had i mean the 90s were great i've often said the 90s were the best decade of all time so it would make sense that we were the best team of the best decade of all time so sure we'll accept we'll take how long ago that was a long time it don't matter i mean time ago rich yeah there wasn't even you know any uh climate problems back then i'm sure there were by the way that dude ethan probably wasn't even born yet he did look young he did look like a young dude i just appreciate that i mean these people in mississippi you're probably sitting down there in the it's very hot very very hot you're just you know like yeah i know what the weather is i know what it is it's hot outside you still need to tell me how hot it is and i know it's going to be hot today and it's going to be hot the rest of the week i know what the i don't even i don't need to watch the weather to know what the 10-day forecast is going to be all i got to do is just stick my neck out the window and then all of a sudden that little dart right in the direction of the cowboys fans well done ethan i like it big big fan forget it you already have two big fans well you have two haters even three who's the third jay fella he don't care he counts he don't care about ethan if it upsets you i'm happy about it oh okay good to know good to know you have to understand tj it's not raider fan how many times has tj in the last couple of months taking shots at jay fella to say he liked it better when he didn't talk yeah yeah but think about the think about what it took for me to get to the point where i would tell him that not much i mean i didn't say a whole lot yeah exactly but what you said was you know rich because we when fella first started you know del tuva was out he he really was a little nervous he wasn't sure if you were comfortable with him yes and i'd be the one hyping him up like nah man if you got something to say rich is cool with it just say it now look be yourself now look and then the first thing he does is he takes a shot at the dude who was trying to hype him up so that's why he peaked too it felt good he peaked as well apparently all right let's really uh let's really rile things up shall we just really rile things up more than you just did no no yeah yeah do we have the baseball standings currently okay do we have that let's take a look at something somebody in this one division that particularly interests me it just particularly interests me okay uh the american league let's just take a look at them let's take a look at them there's a team that's won 44 of their first 60 ball games that's pretty good i'd say right yes yes yes everybody on the screen won their games yes uh their last time's out too red sox just went eight and two on that west gamer right isn't that what they did west coast road trip yeah yeah that's nice hey you had a and they're above 500 they go for four games over 500 tonight that would be the high water mark of their season if i'm not mistaken got off to a slow start yes they did yes they did and uh we're on the radio right so i can repeat everything i said to you pre-show well you were very angry with me i mean he was butthurt you're very angry with me it's not butthurt uh it sounds just put him up one more time put it one more time i just want to see you know so there's a team that's got 40 that's won 73 of their ball games i'll round down um and and then the red sox are 12 and a half out despite playing their best baseball of the year a dozen games out i'm not gonna match it seems like a lot that is that's 13 in the loss june 14 it gets later every time doesn't it i mean because it started off it was just like you know you know let's do it for you too may the first still june let's do this for you oh please let's do this for you too let's take a look at the national league east let's take a look at that team the metropolis ah city so nice they named it twice new york new york 64 we'll round up 65 percent of their baseball games they have won i love it that's another 40 win team right there the braves have won an insane amount of games in order they won their what they're laughing 11 in a row but they lost ozzy albies apparently for a significant amount of time broke his foot coming out fractured his left foot do you know the last time he'll be out but the phillies look what happened they got rid of the binder they're above 500 now but uh look at the metropolitans you know the last time the metropolitans had 40 wins in this time of no what year well i mean it was a long time ago what year was it was 1986 but something good happened that are you gonna give me are we finally gonna make a bet here i knew you you guys why do you make a bet i get the feel handle this let me just handle this please i don't understand why you need to feel yourself to inject yourself into a baseball conversation yeah you mean the team that's won more recently baseball conversation that's all we're doing that was old like the 90s for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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