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The Rich Eisen Show Basketball Podcast #27. Celtics- Warriors Game 5, BigDaws as fake Klay, Finals predictions

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 15, 2022 7:26 pm

The Rich Eisen Show Basketball Podcast #27. Celtics- Warriors Game 5, BigDaws as fake Klay, Finals predictions

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 15, 2022 7:26 pm

The RIch Eisen Show's Chris Brockman, TJ Jefferson, and Adam Chudwin break down the latest from the NBA.

00:00- Brockman down on the Celtics

11:45- Is Steph MVP win or lose?/ Wiggins steps up

18:30- Klay impersonator BigDaws banned from the Chase Center

29:00- Which player/celeb could the guys impersonate

34:00- Game 6 predictions

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Hey, what's up, everybody? Rich Eisen Show Basketball Podcast. We are here on a Wednesday, June 15th on the eve of Game 6 of the NBA Finals in Boston.

The Golden State Warriors lead three games to two after pulling it out Monday night. I'm with the fellas. Adam, TJ, what's up, guys? What's going on? Yo, what it do, baby? You know, I've calmed down.

It's been two days. You were a little heated. You were a little heated. Since Game 5, I've calmed myself down a little bit, and I'm just kind of ready for this season to be over.

I was thinking about this just a minute ago. Would you rather just not make the playoffs at all than be this close just to watch your team give it away? Like what scenario would you rather be in? As a player or a fan? I guess as just a fan. Like, I mean, fans probably take this stuff way more harder than the players. Unless you're Jerry West. It just seems like the fans are just, you know, kind of live and die game to game and stuff more than than, you know, than actual members of the team or members of the organization.

And I was just thinking about this a second ago. Like, would I have rather had been, you know, would I rather be a pelican? That pelican is not even a good example, like a magic fan to just not even have a chance? Or would I rather feel like this, like so close? I can see which way it's going, just knowing that it feels like Boston has given away the title. But Brockman, this season is unexpected for your team.

You didn't even expect to be here. So this is a win either way. There's nothing about this that should upset you because your team was in purgatory at the mid at the mid season mark. So, you know, but but then Adam, you got to flip it like this. They got it back on track to the point where look at who they beat to get to this point.

So now you kind of have to if I'm just playing devil's advocate. If you're a Celtic fan, you delete that first half of the season and you look at what you've accomplished in this last third of the season and go, yeah, why shouldn't we be here? Yeah, they've been the best team in the NBA since, I don't know, late January. And they beat, you know, a team that everyone thought was going to win the title.

I guess when the season started, a lot of us picked it. Well, you beat two teams that everyone thought was good. Yeah, I mean, well, I just I was just talking about Brooklyn in terms of the betting favorite really all year with Kyrie and Kevin Durant and Steve Nash and everybody.

And then. But our thing all year was like, look, Milwaukee. Yeah, right.

Right. We were kind of high on the Bucks all year on this show. You know, we love Giannis. And so to get through that in seven games and then a team that went to the finals last year, Miami. And now to be so close, have the advantage. You got home court. And, you know, like I said, game four, it felt like they just gave away at home.

And then even in game five, you know, they had a lead for a second. But I don't know. I feel like you're giving up too fast, Brockman. I do feel that way. I feel that I'm kind of I just. You know, the frustrations that kind of plagued the team in the beginning half of the season or have kind of been coming out the last two games. And so, yes, in a weird way, it does feel like I'm kind of giving up as a fan, even though, you know, I'll still watch and root and I still think they can do it.

Obviously, they have it inside of them. I don't know. Just the end of that game the other night, I got really frustrated. I didn't watch the end of it.

I shut it off with about four minutes to go. And I didn't even know what the final score was until yesterday morning. I don't know. I'm just I guess I'm kind of in the dumps. I guess I need talked out of it. Yeah.

You have to think of it like this. You have game six at home. The crowd is going to be crazy. It's there's going to be a lot of momentum for the team just to get. You just have to think of it as one game. You get game six at home game. Anything happens. Yeah.

So you just have to think of it like that. I absolutely think the Warriors are still going to win the series, but you just never know. You think they're going to win game six? No, I think it's I think the Warriors are going to win in game seven. I think the Celtics are going to win this this next game. I mean, I just like I obviously have no confidence. So what gives you the confidence to think that they're going to come out with a win?

I mean, we had Doris Burke on the show earlier today, and she said the same thing. I just I don't know. I just I just don't see it right now. Something's wrong with Jason Tatum. Like, he's got to be injured. Like, there's really no other explanation for how poorly he's playing when we really saw him take the leap this year and make it in the playoffs to TJ did it against Brooklyn. He had that amazing game, a series against Milwaukee. And then ever since game three against Miami, where he kind of hurt his shoulder, it's just like it just seems something is off.

Something's definitely off. But again, you know, Tatum did have twenty seven and ten last game. I think the biggest problem with the Celtics and this was called by I forget what what analysts said.

This had to be, I think, after game two. Turnovers are one thing, right? You're going to have turnovers.

Yeah, it was windy. You're going to have turnovers. But there are turnovers and then there are bad turnovers. The Celtics seem to lead the NBA and bad turnovers like you guys had eighteen turnovers last game.

I think the let me just double check. Yeah. What is that six? You lost by ten points. They also missed ten free throw missed. That was that was my next point. So the fact of the matter is, Chris, you know, we talked about the our otherworldly. Game that Steph had in four, right? And I said to you, it took a performance of a lifetime of the ages of something that's being written down in the NBA history books by Steph Curry to get the Warriors, the win in that game. And my thought was, how many more of those does Steph have? Probably.

I don't know. They have a game like that. Like, it's probably not going to happen again. So I was like, I'd like your chances because unless someone else steps up really big for the Warriors in the Celtics should win. What happened was you guys? Horrible turnovers and Andrew Wiggins stuff. That was terrible.

That's for 29 that, you know, I didn't want to rub this in because I've kind of been there. But the fact of the matter is, if you're going to tell me that you have a game at NBA Championship game and your defense is so good and his luck is so weird that Steph Steph Curry. OK, not Seth Curry, not Chef Curry, not Mark Curry, not Craig Curry, who went to Altoona.

He was really good in the 80s. Not Eddie Curry, not Eddie Curry, you know, not Katina Curry, who was my cousin, and she did ball in Altoona for our girls team. But Steph Curry, if you're going to tell me that Steph Curry is not going to make a three point shot the entire game, and I'm going to tell you, you had better whatever it takes, whatever you got to do. You better win that game. There were nine of 40 from three of the Warriors. Just brutal. Yeah.

And if it's brutal, you had that's a game you cannot lose, right? Because how many times is Steph going to go a whole game and not hit a three? Well, 200 wasn't 233, something like that. So it was bad. But then again, as I told you, wouldn't go say made the trade for Wiggins. I was like this guy. No matter what you think he didn't accomplish for the T wolves, this is still the number one pick in his class. This guy can still play basketball. This still guy's still big and strong and athletic, and he doesn't have to be number one on the call sheet.

So and I think that's what happened. It's perfect and stepped up. He's a perfect fit for that team.

Like I've said before, I've always seen him as the Harrison Barnes, but an upgraded version of this current Golden State team. Like I said, he doesn't have to be number one on the call sheet. That's well, perfect for them.

That's terrifying for somebody else that's got to play. But for them, like with Minnesota, maybe he just wasn't meant to be a number one guy. That's just not his role. But as a number three or four guy, he's he's one of the best three or three or four guys there are for that. So that was a great pick up for Golden State.

But what I want to talk about is really the key. I think in the last game, a couple of keys, one of them was Jalen Brown. He was terrible.

I'm looking at status. He was five for 18 and he had five turnovers. And so the turnovers have been an issue with with Jalen Brown, all playoffs.

He kind of got it together. I think in the earlier games of the finals, but if he plays even decent in the last game, they probably win that game. So the fact that Jalen Brown, who had who we talked about last week at this point, we said he was the MVP of the finals.

Remember that last last week at this time when they were up to one and look how much things have changed in a week. So he needs to have a big bounce back game, score 25 or 30 points for Boston to win game six. Also, he needs to get off to a hot start.

The games in this entire playoffs where Boston has really played well, gotten off to a nice, comfortable lead and kind of, I guess a cruise to victory. But, you know, one kind of convincingly, he had a great start. He had a great first quarter. He had a great first half. And then that allowed Tatum and Smart and Horford and everyone else to kind of play a little more freely.

But yeah, yeah, I totally agree with you. We were talking about him for finals MVP, you know, heading into I think we were heading into game three a week ago. Again, we all kind of thought Boston was going to win and they did.

And yeah, I just it's just super frustrating. You know, Priton Pitchert has had a decent playoff run. He only played five minutes. Grant Williams played 16 minutes. He was nothing.

He was minus 18. Like, yeah, Williams, Horford, Derek White did nothing. Derek White had 20, played 21 minutes, 0 for 4.

Like, where was the Derek White that we've seen over the last couple of weeks? Making shots, getting to the basket, getting to the foul line, playing good D. And I think that really contributed to. But that's why I have a feeling that the home court advantage being on that on that home crowd with that home crowd, that that'll help the role players. Yeah, Pritchard in the whites. I mean, those guys have to step up because we've seen Peyton Pritchard hit numerous threes throughout this entire playoffs he has making. And maybe not this final series, but throughout the playoffs, this guy stepped up. White has stepped up in this series.

Those are you hit the nail on the head, Adam. Those are the type of guys who can will and I was about to say should, but no can will and better thrive at home because if they don't, because those guys are kind of like your keys. Right. You know what you're going to get out of Tatum, Smart, Brown, Horford. You need one of those guys, those bench guys to step up and have one of those legendary Boston games where, you know, Jerry Seasting all of a sudden hits for 20 out of, you know, because Larry Bird shots aren't falling or, you know, my man, Leon Poe, you know, getting busy when Garnett has an off game, you're going to need someone like a Pritchard or a White. And I don't mean just have like a decent game. I'm talking you're going to need like a four, five, three pointer, big 18 points to blow the roof off the place type performance. And I don't see why it couldn't happen. We've seen each of them do it in this playoffs.

So, yeah, I mean, it's possible. I guess the great thing is, is like there's literally no tomorrow for Boston, like it's lose and it's seasons over and you're going to watch a team celebrate on your home court and another trophy, a fourth championship, probably an MVP for Steph Curry. We talked about this on the big show, too.

I wonder what you guys think about this. Do you think win or lose? Steph Curry is the finals MVP? No, no, you can't. My yeah, my personal belief is you cannot win the finals MVP if your team does not win the series.

Yeah. If LeBron didn't win and what was that, 16 or 15, 15, 15, I wouldn't eat a dollar one. But LeBron LeBron averaged 38 and like nine and seven. LeBron was stupid. And if he's not winning, then no, you should probably be able to hoist the trophy.

In order to receive every kind of be kind of weird. I'm just wondering. So like if Boston does come back, who is finals MVP right now for them? Is it Tatum? I think it comes down to these next two years. Yeah, I can't say right now. Yeah, that would be that balance of power would be shifted depending upon you winning these two games.

And then who stands out? Remember? I mean, no game one. Al Horford was series MVP. It wasn't Brown. It was, you know, Al Horford.

And then Al really hasn't, you know, but we didn't expect we knew that he's kind of like kind of used it all up. Yeah, that was a bonus beginning. It was kind of a bonus. It was like, you know, shoot your load. He did. It got you the big win.

And that was necessary for you. Interesting how it seems like each game has come down to one specific quarter. It's usually the third and it's usually bad for you in the third. Yeah, and the thing is, except in game five, the third quarter was the good Celtics quarter. They were down 12 and then suddenly they were up four and then went silent in the fourth quarter. And that's kind of what happened in game four. They had a real bad last four minutes of the fourth quarter in game two, the Golden State win. The third quarter was huge for Golden State. Poole hit another big half court shot.

That was that was a momentum changer right there. That was just, you know, I thought it, Jalen, I was like, why did you shoot the ball so early? Because there's still, I think, five seconds up when he shot that there was five, six seconds up on the game clock. There were three on the shot clock.

So I'm like, he could have like taken his time a little bit. But that gave Golden State the time Wiggins got the ball through a perfect pass to pull when he hit that three. But that changed momentum because you were killing it. Yeah. That quarter. And then they and then they immediately opened the fourth quarter on a 7 0 run. So suddenly you take the end.

That's a 10 point swing after Boston and kind of stolen momentum and think maybe they could steal the whole game. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know.

I just I'm curious. Do you think it's going to go back to Golden State? Do you think we can game 70? Well, I think if everything happens, you know what we just talked about, if these bench players step up and do that Boston Celtic thing that we've seen throughout the years of Celtic championship teams.

And yeah, they should, especially again. I mean, well, the problem is you're not going to have another game where Steph doesn't hit a three. So that game was there for the taken.

And that was the game that you pray about. Like, please, Lord, let me get a game where Steph's off in. Unfortunately, Andrew Wiggins was not part of the prayer and did not get the memo for him to stand back.

Surprised that the Wiggins step up here the last couple of games. Yeah, personally, I am. I'm not I've I've always thought he was a talented player, but he it was it's just a perception to me. He seems a little mentally weak.

I don't know what it was. And obviously, I've I've been wrong about that because he's been incredible these last two games. But to me, he just seemed like a player that that would fold when when it mattered. And he's proven to be the opposite, which is obviously a huge surprise for pleasant surprise for the Warrior fans. So I feel like that was probably like just some weird like perception of this kid because, you know, you have your vocal guys like Draymond, right?

And that guy is always, you know, going to be in the forefront of your mind. But Wiggins doesn't talk. He's not a loud guy.

He's not a boisterous guy. He bodies people and, you know, might me mug him, but he'll run back down the court. And again, the other thing about Wiggins is it doesn't surprise me because, again, he's not. The top guy on the marquee. So if you have a guy who's got that much talent but doesn't have to be your star.

That's dangerous, man. That's because how do you match up with that if you're another team? It's really hard to also think about the narrative coming into this year about Wiggins was he was unvaccinated. Yeah. And that's kind of what we were all focused on because of the Kyrie Irving situation. So a couple other players out there who were so, you know, kind of vocal about not but then he did get vaccinated. So he did.

And so, you know, it kind of shifted. And then all of a sudden he's an all star starter because, you know, fan votes count a lot. And then he's really he's really stepped up. I mean, what did we say? Twenty nine rebounds in the last two games.

That part, guys, I'm sorry to interrupt you, Chris. Obviously, when you said, were you surprised about Wiggins? And I said, no, I think that part was he was out there like he was Moses Malone last game. I think I believe that I that I saw a clip where before game five, his his all time career high of rebounds in a game was was, I believe, 11.

He's had it the last two games. Yeah. And so. And oh, yeah, it was I was listening to Draymond's podcast and he was saying that that Draymond after that game five Draymond and Steph kind of clowned him in the locker room because of the fact that he's never had more than 11 rebounds in his career. And he's a six eight guy with forty five inch vertical, it looks like. So they kind of clowned him for that. But also congratulated him on the fact that the two games to have his high career rebounding games were games five and six of the games, four and five of the finals made twenty nine rebounds these last two games.

That's that's massive. So when he stepped up, we had his dad on last week on the big show and wondered why it wasn't good enough playing time. I mean, Gary Payton Jr. Garvey in the second excuse me, 15 points in game five and twenty six minutes, knocked down six of eight shots.

And he was a plus three steals also. Yeah. I mean, that's something you can't you know, you can't really duplicate that if you're getting that type of production. It's going to be tough for you to win. I mean, Golden State at thirty one bench points, you know, and that's what the Celtics need to have happen. I need those guys to stand up, step up. Well, I mean, I'm like, I'm going to cross my fingers and say my prayers and eat my vitamins and drink my milk like Hulk Hogan and really hope that we can get. That's macho man.

I know, but I hope that we can get a game seven. Are you really like explaining wrestling to me? Just saying you did a macho man and I was talking about, but Hogan and macho man are usually like the mega powers, brother. They're always linked together.

They let a woman bring them apart that much like most men. Miss Elizabeth, where do we want to go from here? I mean, I think we covered game five. We covered what's going to happen. Do we want to talk about this in St. Clay video? I got a big dog, the clay impersonator. Adam, you set this up because I kind of just saw the story of we've heard about the clay guy. We've seen, we've seen some clips from him in the last couple of years. We fold security driving into the old arena.

Now they have the new chase center and it seems like he got them again. Oh yeah. And then gets banned, but that's not really the full story. Well, yeah. So, so the guy's name is, is his YouTube name is build up big dogs, TV, and he has a huge YouTube following.

It's like over 8 million subscribers. So he's pretty famous in his own right. Right. And so, but he looks like clay Thompson. He looks like clay Thompson. He's apparently six foot five. So he's got the same height as clay Thompson and he snuck into Oracle arena maybe three or four years ago and was able to drive into the, into the garage. And he sits behind the bench and all this stuff where full uniform kind of become a, a folk hero in the, in the Bay area. He gets recognized not only for his YouTube channel, but just the fact that, that he's the, the fake clay guy, right.

He's kind of become a meme up there. Right. And so the other day, the fake clay, first of all, he, he, he gets, he gets the barber to come to his hotel. Like kind of do it up. He needs the goatee lined up.

Yeah. And then he goes to the next day, he, he goes to the arena. The best part is you guys have to watch this video. If you haven't seen it, he goes into the, uh, into the cab and the guy, I don't know where he's from.

He's a foreigner though, but he thinks it's clear. And I wrote it down. He goes, uh, he goes, oh, you're the guy who shoots, who gets three points.

Oh my God, I like you. And then, and so he took a picture and then, and then clay gave him an autograph and it just looks like a fourth grader. So I just said clay, the most generic clay. And yeah, he goes to the arena and he doesn't specifically say, I don't want to spoil everything, but he doesn't specifically say that he's clay Thompson when he goes in there. So everyone just assume all the security and the on hand, they just assume that it's him.

Cause it looks like him. And he's a big guy. Like if we walked in there, obviously we're six feet tall. We're short. Yeah. So they'd be like, who the hell are you?

What are you doing here? He, he looks like him and he's six foot five. The thing that made would have made me question it as a security guard though, is the fact that the fake clay was wearing his full uniform walking into the arena. I don't see any players ever wearing a fake or their full uniform going into the arena. They're usually wearing a suit or something, but he just happened to wear the whole, a whole uniform, headband included. They didn't, they didn't think anything of it.

The whole thing. That's why I find this whole thing like so ridiculous. Like how are people? I mean, I know people are people this dumb, like the dudes walking around in a uniform, bro. I couldn't even like, I couldn't cause I've seen, I've seen these videos before over the years and it's happened hundreds of times and I just was like, I can't because I just, how are you so stupid? Well, it's not only the security, but it's, it's the people, it's the fans that were out on the streets. You'll see later. He's just walking around the city and people think clay is just casually walking around the street hours before game five.

It's full uniform. Just asking for autographs. It's so absurd how, how people can be tricked in this world. We don't realize how dumb some people in, I also think what I really love is just the bit of this guy, big does signing, like autographing stuff for people and doing it in elementary school block letters. Like, and then people look at it, they're like, yeah, like they didn't really, the real clay Thompson has this terrible signature of just, of just block letters that might as well be in crayon.

Also, if you've, have you watched any playoff game this year? Clay Thompson has an Afro. It's like an Afro. This dude don't got an Afro man. He's got the hood over. He's wearing the hood the whole time. But the fact that he's just walking around in his game shoes. He has no change of shoes. He just wears his game shoes on the street.

It's really, really funny. And the fact that I don't even do that. Okay. I got shoes that I will only wear to the show that I will only put on once I'm sitting here.

I don't want them to touch the ground. This guy's walking around in his game shoes. I can't buy it.

I just can't buy it. It's also so funny to me how serious the Warriors take this. Like they're not having fun with it and embracing this guy. Like they should really, they should really take this guy into their community and kind of like VIP him.

Really? You want him to be a kind of a mascot for your team and they're in here banning him for life from the arena? You guys have heard about the Chicago Cubs billy goat curse, right?

Yeah, it was the whole curse of the Cubs as they banned a guy who brought his coat into Wrigley Field. There could potentially be if this wants us to be, this could be a big Dawes Golden State Warriors curse. This is my only hope for the Celtics winning in seven right now. A big Dawes curse. But like he paid 10 grand for some like really ridiculous seats behind the bench that now they're not refunding because they're trying to claim it was a season ticket transfer. This whole thing is just a bad look for the Warriors.

Yes, Adam, I am totally on board now with this being a curse and a hex on the franchise here for the rest of the finals. But there's no goat? What they gonna ban? Headbands?

Like what's gonna be the symbol? Headbands, chin strap beards, like all of it. By the way, this guy really don't even look that much like Klay Thompson. I think he looks like him. I think he looks enough. He looks enough like him. Enough to fool, you know, kind of just security who are just like, look, let's call it. He looks enough like him to fool people that go all you look alike. Like that's the, you know, let's just calm. You can't say it. I'm gonna say it.

That's who he looks enough like. But still, I also loved how they interviewed Big Dawes afterwards and they asked him if it was worth it to be banned for life. And he goes, I was an NBA player for 15 minutes. Absolutely.

It was worth it. He literally strolls onto the court and is just like warming up. You see in the video, he just shoots baskets for 15 minutes on the court. That's my problem. Now, I had a similar situation happen to me. And what year was this problem? 18, 19 in Dallas?

Oh, yeah, this is at 18 at the NFL Draft. Now, we did our show from just dying to tell this story in front of a microphone. Well, we tell we do our show from a suite and AT&T Stadium. It was amazing. We did three shows. There are two shows there. I forget.

I forget two or three. So after the one day, you know, me being the Cowboy fan, when I tell you that I went through every inch of AT&T Stadium, like I'm talking, I went to the very last row, the very top of the stadium. I was down through the bowels. I mean, I'm digging in the guts of AT&T Stadium. The only place I didn't go in was the Cowboys locker room because it was locked. So I after it was like a two and a half hours, Adam, that I did.

You tried. I went everywhere just wherever I could walk. So the next day is the draft. Draft happens. We have credentials, but our credentials are only good for, I guess, Area A. Brockman Del Tufo and I decide we're just going to walk because we walked this route the day before. We just kept walking.

Nobody stopped us. We ended up on the field where they're doing the draft. Eventually, we basically could have touched the stadium, the stage. Oh, by the way, I was by the stage because I jumped into every fan base while their pick was getting announced and I was Instagram living it. I was interviewing fans.

I got up to pick 10 and then I got thrown out. A lady who gave us our badges saw me and came over to me and was like, what are you doing here? Called security on me and had me removed. And I wasn't doing anything.

But to me, it's like houses like I didn't do anything. I just walked. Nobody stopped us.

Nobody checked our badges. We just literally walked down and got right here. Like, you know, it's amazing what you can get away with if you just look like you belong and have confidence. Just act like you're supposed to be there. And which worked for us for about 45 minutes. Yeah, we were great. We were drinking beers. We were next to one of the big, gigantic jib cameras like the NFL Network stage. We were literally right underneath rich.

I mean, I was like texting rich during the Sam Darnold pick. We were just right there. And we literally like went and had to make eye contact and got us kicked out.

Yeah. The lady was just like and then security came over and make I think security had seen us. They say we're like, yeah, your credentials. And they didn't want to throw me out.

But this lady just kept me mugging me. So they're like and the guy called like three other guards over and they all were like, oh, sorry, man. And then the Cowboys took Leighton Vander Esch and TJ was so pissed.

I did lose my mind because instead of who instead of who did you want to tell? I thought Calvin Ridley was Calvin Ridley. That's right. Who's not playing next year. Do the Warriors fire their security guards for this or no?

All of those. So if the if anybody from the Warriors front office or executives or head of head of team personnel security, if they actually watch the video. And you can even watch the raw footage. This guy should definitely sue the Warriors. They cannot ban him for life. Yeah, that's a little it's all of their faults.

They should. They didn't ask him once to see ID. No, they didn't even ask, what are you doing here?

What is your name? Because then if he would have lied and said, Clay Thompson, then he then. Yes, they could get him for impersonating what player. Yeah. Yeah.

A white employee. But he doesn't say anything. They just let him go. And he goes, you even see it on the video.

He goes, what the hell? Like what? Yeah, man. You know, we made it come to the conclusion. Free big dogs.

Yeah. Three big, three big dogs. I hope the security doesn't get fired either because she was a nice lady. I don't want anybody to get fired. I don't want anybody to get fired. But I want big dogs to like have the bandwidth.

Three big dogs. If you have to ban them, ban for the rest of the playoffs, fine. But like, we can't go to game seven. A lifetime ban? Oh, man, that's that's that's pretty rough considering no one got hurt. You know, it wasn't like a security rap bitch.

And the lady who ran and tried to superglue herself on the court didn't even get a lifetime ban from the T-wolves. And big dogs. Now, I wasn't mad at him because you can see my voice.

Now you're mad. I'm thinking about it. I'm thinking about I could be big dogs because you think I wouldn't jump on the court if I was allowed to.

Come on, free big dogs, man. To my next question, boys. If you could impersonate any player, who do you guys most likely resemble? Who do you most resemble that you could sneak on to a playing surface and pretend to be that person? Because I, I had two growing up. Who were you two? So in high school, I looked like Trent Dilfer because I had this I had this huge goatee in college. I had this huge goatee and it was right around when the Ravens made the Super Bowl when he was quarterback.

And so I got a lot of do for her. I'm not Dilfer 65. I'm not spoiler alert, not 65. I'm barely six feet tall. So and then Matt Hasselbeck, I also used to get that I looked like Matt Hasselbeck when I was I could see that I was clean shaven. I mean, look, it's really just shout out bald white guys. I mean, I've never really thought I've looked too much like an athlete, but for years I've gotten. But this was before I shaved my head before. Before I shaved my head for years, I got that I looked like the kid from the Goldbergs. Oh, Barry. Yeah, Barry. I go to the Comedy Store sometimes and people would actually think it was it was Barry.

I never thought about that till because I love the Goldbergs. I could kind of see you being like, and your hair was curly, too. Yeah. So I don't know about an athlete. I'm trying to think. I've also gotten that when I was when I was younger, I got Andre Agassi when he had the shaved head and the goat a little bit.

And then an actor. When I moved out here, I lost I lost a bunch. I lost like 20 pounds. And someone thought I was skinny. Will Sasso. Will Sasso could never get that skinny because I like I did this.

I did my friend's play once. And they're like, you got Will Sasso to do your play. And I'm like, I'm not Will Sasso, but thank you. I never really like thought I looked like anybody. But I remember back in high school, you're big enough to get confused for like a lineman. It's that's happened. But I remember back in, like, junior high, I used to wear goggles.

My boy was still in my glasses when I played basketball. Remember Rex specs? Yeah, of course.

Chris Grant. John Sally wore Rex back. Well, OK, so Rex specs. But these were Rex specs. These were like little neoprene things that you put at the edge of your glasses and they'd hold them in place.

So they weren't quite Rex specs, but they were like little things that would hold your glasses like a strap. Yeah. So my buddy Dougie Pepper, who I told you guys, he is now the head ball coach at Altoona High. He's always called me James Worthy. And he used to always say I had like a James Worthy look where I would just kind of look like, I don't know. James Worthy kind of has like puppy dog eyes, I guess the best way to describe not puppy dog. That seems weird. But like I looked like James Worthy back in the day and I would always do this look. I give my friends this look with the glasses on.

They're like, oh, it's worthy. So. But yeah, I was like 13 at that point. So, yeah, I mean, not like as an adult, not as an adult.

I don't know. There ain't very many like 63, 260 pound basketball players, you know, so I probably have to go more to the football side. But yeah, basketball, it's tough, man. I guess any brother with dreadlocks I could probably pull off. Who had the who had dreads back in the day in the NBA? Just Brian Grant. Brian Grant. It's like the first. He was kind of the first one. Yeah.

Who could you go now? Maybe Time Lord, maybe. But he's 610. So Montrezl Harrow. Montrezl is also like 610. Montrezl also has a little trouble with the pokey. Yeah. Now, you know, I, you know, forget big dogs, free Montrezl. That's the other thing.

It's hard to say, man, because if you put here's a funny story. I used to work security way back when I was still in college for Three Rivers Stadium. Right. When the Pirates were there. There's a player. I swear I may have told this. There's a player named Alex Cole.

He used to play outfield for the Pirates. So basically at security, what we would do is after the game was over, we'd wait for the players to come out. We'd walk them from the locker room through the parking lot to their cars, to the buses. Then we'd go back in and we get our stuff and we leave. So one day I come out, I've got a bag on. I got a toothpick in for whatever reason. I got a hat pulled down that was like a cowboy's hat or something. And I come walking out and I hear these kids saying something, but I don't know what they're saying. And my buddy Sean grabs me around the shoulder. He's like, no kids, no kids.

Mr. Cole's not signing autographs today. And I remember this kid was like, hey, and he put out like a card and a pen to me. And I thought he was being funny. I was like, nah, I just waved him off. And I was like, what was that about? They were like, they thought you were Alex Cole.

I was like, oh, man. They think Alex Cole was the biggest jerk in the world. I thought this kid was trying to be a goofball to me. So I was like, whatever. I'm trying to Google Alex Cole real quick. By the way, me and Alex Cole don't look alike.

But for whatever reason, these kids thought that by the way, great point by Smitch at home right now. If James Harden keeps eating like he does, he might look like, OK, that's true. Yeah. Yeah. James Harden's got to put on a few extra pounds. You got the beard, though.

The beard looks good. Well, all right. Let's let's finish this up, guys. Do we get game seven or not?

Adam Chudwin. I believe we do. I think game seven will happen on Sunday. Celtics get the role players back to where they were before. Derek White has 15 or 20 points.

Pritchard has a couple of big threes and Grant Williams finally. Wakes up and has a couple of big shots. So. So, yeah. So. So I do believe that there will be a game seven. T.J., I'm going to say say something wild just out there.

And if it comes to fruition and I look smart and if not, no one's going to remember anyway. Two words for you. Peyton Pritchard for three pointers. Next game, he's going to be the star.

I'm just calling it right. Chris, if if if there's a game seven, do you go? Sunday, Sunday, Father's Day, I would say. Yeah, but Cage, let me explain something. Cage doesn't know what day of the week it is.

He doesn't know it's Father's Day. So here's what we do. We call up John Salley, get the P.J. going.

Go to the game. That's a Father's Day treat. Sarah did ask me, hey, do you want to do anything special for Father's Day? And I was like, I don't think so. So do I just say, yeah, you can get me tickets to game seven. Yeah, no big deal.

Yeah. Me and John. Me, John Salley are heading up to San Francisco.

Me, John Salley. Oh, man. Can I just look? It's not even worth it, is it? It's always worth it.

It's always worth a trip up to San Francisco. Especially because it's a Sunday. Oh, my gosh. All right, people. Next time, next week. What do you think?

What am I supposed to say? Just give your honest opinion. I there's only one right answer right here. Yeah. I mean, I think I don't I don't think they're going to win. I think the Warriors are going to win the title. That was not the answer I thought.

All right. I'm just snakebit from the last two games. I'm just so befuddled about how dumb they've been playing. So, you know, maybe maybe they get it together.

Maybe the crowd kind of wills them to. You know, maybe maybe Tatum has a 40 point game, you know, something like that. Reminisce of that epic Paul Pierce, LeBron James game seven battle from back in the day. And, you know, maybe Jalen Brown does it.

Something crazy happens. And Pritchard has four threes and Derek White has three. And, you know, they you know, they can win and force a game seven. But I'm just kind of in the dump still. So I need to be convinced. I need to see it, you know, kind of like we've been talking about the Broncos.

I need to see it. But I'm hoping I'm hoping I got to get the pride. Got to get the pride. OK, so we see you next week. We will know who the NBA champion is and we will start to turn the page on the season.

We'll look back at some of our favorite moments and we'll talk about the NBA draft coming up. And we can also talk about hustle and explain how the six. Hustle have have ruined.

Here's the deal. People watch Hustle on Netflix with Adam Sandler between now and next week. So you guys can follow along with the talking about because I don't know about you guys, but I love that movie. It was awesome. I had such a great time.

It's such worth fun. It's worth a two hour watch just for the cameos and the NBA and the basketball action. If you love hoop, you're going to love hustle. So we'll talk about that next week as well.

NBA draft, some hustle. We'll turn the we'll get ready to turn the page on this season. Which has been awesome. This has been a such a great NBA season. No doubt.

And it's coming down to the final two games. Fingers crossed. All right. We'll see you next week. Adam T.J. Peace out. Later. Peace.
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