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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1

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June 17, 2022 3:08 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 17, 2022 3:08 pm

Rich recaps the Warriors knocking off the Celtics for the NBA championship with a not-so-humble “I TOLD YOU SO” gloat about his pre-season predictions, and says why Golden State’s hall of fame trio of Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson is “the new gold standard” for modern NBA dynasties.

The MMQB’s Albert Breer and Rich discuss the possible holdups to a Lamar Jackson long-term contract extension with the Baltimore Ravens, the likelihood that Baker Mayfield ends up on the Seattle Seahawks or Carolina Panthers, and says what we can expect next regarding a possible suspension for Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson and why the NFL could take a cue from the 2-year suspension MLB handed down to Trevor Bauer. 

Rich lists his top 5 moments from a momentous week in sports including the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final, US Open, Yankees and more.

Rich reacts to the criticism being thrown at Celtics F Jayson Tatum and says why the young Boston “doesn’t deserve it.”

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Upgrade today by calling 877-ASK-DELL, that's 877-ASK-DELL, to save up to 48% on our latest technology. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Steph Curry wins tonight, that would give him as many rings as Jamal Wilkes.

Curry, left wing three, walked into it, perfect! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Let the celebration begin. Beginning of the season, nobody thought we'd be here.

I think this is the one that they can point to that banner and be most proud of. The Rich Eisen Show, today's guests. Basketball Hall of Famer, Tracy McGrady. Former Late Late Show host, Craig Kilbourne.

Plus your phone calls, TJ's big-ass grab bag, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. All right, everybody, it is time for a fun three-hour edition of the Rich Eisen Show here on NBC Sports on Peacock. Here on NBC Sports Audio, Sirius XM85, this terrestrial radio outfit smart enough to have the Rich Eisen Show. And also, our friends on Odyssey, and especially, hello to those listening to us on our podcast version of this show. Whenever you darn well please, wherever you acquire your podcasts, where all podcasts can be acquired. Certainly through the Cumulus Podcast Network. And we love our YouTube subscribers.

We're closing in on 430,000 of those. Please be one of them. If you miss anything today, you can go right there and check it all out. Good to see you over there, Christopher Brockman. Do you need a hug today, sir? I'll take one if you're giving them out. I do, sir. I do give them out. I'll take one.

Kind of like Olaf, I'm all into warm hugs. Love it, me too. Good to see you over there, Jay Felley. How are you, sir?

Hey, what's up, Rich? TJ Jefferson has lit the candle right here on this program. Boy, do we have a lot. Happy Friday.

Happy Friday to you. We have a lot to get to here on this program. Christopher, our resident asshole, a diehard Celtic fan, just like my youngest son, my wife, and her side of the family. To all the Celtics fans out there, I say to you, what an incredible season that came to a close last night on your home floor against the once again world champion Golden State Warriors. Just an incredible season. Nobody saw coming when they were 500 at the turn of the calendar year, and they wound up two wins shy of winning it all. And so to you, Chris Brockman, and to all Celtics fans, I say what an incredible season, and the future is no doubt bright.

And I can't wait to see where things go from there after the Warriors beat the Celtics last night in game six. That is the high class way I am starting this program, and also empathetic way I am starting this program. And I must say to you, Christopher, that is not difficult for me to do. As you know, I'm a high road, high class guy, and I am filled with empathy. And humble. Very.

I mean, that's why Deion Sanders nicknamed me humble host. However, I am sitting in a chair like this one on a show like this one, and I say this with is the most respect I can do or conjure for you and loved ones that I have in my in my in my circle of life about the Celtics. But I put my ear off. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is this is this is something that that outs I would have led with this right off the bat if it wasn't for you and my youngest son and my wife and her side of the family. Shout to the shoes. But I am in a seat like this one. Yes, you are.

On a show in a deep end of the sports talk pool from 12 to three Eastern Time traversing in the waters of longtime listeners, first time callers and shows with split screens and bottom line topic bars and people on the right side of the screen going, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And people unless I'm something like that. That's a nice. And of course, I boil it all down to just that jabber sound. And as you know, I adore people who are in traffic in those television.

Yeah, we generally like. Right, exactly. But I just want to say that as a host of a show like this one, there are few days where I can sit here and say the magic words. The magic four words.

Can I guess it? Can I buy a vowel? You already know what it is. Can I buy a vowel? I told you three so.

Oh, it would have been my first vowel. I told you so. I told you so.

October 19th is when I told you so. I sat in this chair and I said the Golden State Warriors were going to win the NBA championship this year. I'll leave out the fact that I wildly missed on the MVP and coach of the year. Wildly missed who was coming out of the Eastern Conference.

I said it was the Nets, but I only say that as just because. I'm a humble man. I told you so. So when Steph, I know you're feeling great about yourself, you should. When Steph says nobody saw it coming, I'm raising my hand saying, Steph, I told you so. And I understand that they said nobody saw it coming because Klay Thompson.

Who knew when he was coming back, they hoped he was coming back. James Wiseman, the first overall selection of the draft, that first overall selection that they earned in that dreadful bubble year of 15 and 50. When Klay was out. When Klay was out and Steph had a broken hand, they didn't even make it to the bubble.

They just said go, you go to Disney World, we're just going to hang at home and bunker down here. Wiseman didn't even play this year. Jordan Poole, who is he? Just a fresh-faced kid from the University of Michigan.

Who is he? I saw it. Saw it coming. Felt it in my bones. So, yes, I am making the Warriors championship about me.

This is the Rich Eisen Show. Damn straight it is. Yeah, now then. Yeah, I mean, it is annoying. It's my right in this world. It's my right in this world in which we traffic every day to say stuff like that. Honestly. OK. You know, Rich, a few months ago, I called you a basketball guy and you got upset, but you've won fantasy.

Why would I get upset about that? You predicted the NBA champion from day one. I have many lanes in which I stay. That is true. You're not just stick to football, Eisen. Now then. These Golden State Warriors aren't going anywhere either. OK, unfortunately, Steph is the finest wine we have seen in quite some time, aging superbly well and playing at the top of his game. And he now has the mantle with four trophies on it. He has the mantle on which he can now place his first NBA most valuable player award. He has damn near every scoring record you could think of from the three point arc and whatever you might not have, he's going to have. He has one of the most incredibly earth shattering. Styles of play we have seen on a hard court and certainly from somebody of his size. And on top of it.

Chris, I think you said it before the show. This says it all. As far as I'm concerned, in terms of legacy and in terms of how he's viewed. He found it even tough to root against him on occasion.

Yeah, I mean, it stunk. I love Steph. I love Steph play.

You know, I was a three point shooter when I was in high school and college. And like, I appreciate his game. I love his game and having to root against this guy. And like every time he shoots, you're hoping he misses because he's playing against your favorite team.

It sucks. It was just like it was awful to watch these games and be like, man, I hope Steph Curry sucks tonight. Like, oh, one of the most likable clay to superstars of all time. And I know you say that just doesn't count when you're talking about all time greats. But when you're being compared potentially to Magic Johnson, I think it does. He's won the MVP for the regular season twice, two scoring titles, eight times he's appeared on the All-NBA team. Eight times he's been an All-Star. And those numbers are going to hit double digits.

They're going to. He's not going to stop. He's not retiring. His four NBA titles are now as many as LeBron and you're seeing his got more than Larry Bird. And I mean, there are some significant names who he is now on par with and above.

And the reason why they're not going anywhere as well. Is because you also have to think now that he does even have this. Part of his resume filled and everyone now talking about him, rightfully so, in the conversation of one of the all time greats. That's only going to boost his confidence. And you could sit here and say, does he really need more confidence? You know, Mr. Put people to sleep and tap in his ring finger like he's Aaron Donald and Joe Burrow and what have you.

Yeah, you do in this game. In all professional sports. And also, he's not the only one with these many championships on his team.

They have an incredible. Hall of Fame trio that we will be talking about is one of the great trios of all time. Draymond Green last night, twelve, twelve and eight, almost a triple double. He is on the Mount Rushmore of guys that you hate unless he's on your team in the history of sports. If you want to put up a Mount Rushmore, I don't know who the other three guys are, but Draymond Green is on the Mount Rushmore. He's on the Mount Rushmore of love him because he's on my team and everybody else hates him. And if he comes on your team, you'll suddenly love him, too.

Facts. Clay Thompson, how do you not love this guy to what he has been through ACL blown out in that twenty nineteen finals loss that ended the run of Durant there. And then he blows out his Achilles coming back from that ACL. That three and he's going to be better this fall. Every speak to anybody from Rex Chapman, who is on this show, anybody who knows the NBA, he's going to be better in the fall.

This was the time to get him. How many times did he rise in fire and sometimes the ball hit the front of the rim? OK. His legs aren't completely under him. His defense isn't as good as it will be this fall.

When Wiseman will be back, we're assuming will come. Andrew Wiggins now has a ring. And he's going to have that incredible amount of confidence. And he's twenty seven and his defense is superb. And he is a perfect complement for what they're doing.

He knows the system inside and out now and excels at it. And now he's got that part of his resume of no championship, no big game play. That's filled. Done.

Check that box. Jordan Paul, I didn't mention his name. How much better can he get? Gary Payton, the second Otto Porter. They have Jason Kaminga and Moses Moody just chillin.

Moody and Loonie. They've got a general manager who puts it all together and Bob Meyer. They have Steve Kerr, who now has nine rings.

Nine rings, four as coach, five as player. He's not going anywhere. Nope. And you could sit here and say, well, at some point you have to pay all these guys.

How are you going to fit it all in? Do you know how far over the cap the Warriors were this year? $50 million. They've got two dudes last night, Joe Lakob, who had, I guess, Tony Robbins ready to give minutes.

Did you see that? Sitting next to the bench. At one point, I'm like, who's that dude? That's so big, tall dude with big teeth. Who's the new assistant coach for the wall? That's Tony Robbins. Joe Lakob and Peter Goober Google him as to how much money he might have.

Let me do that. OK. Warren Beatty played him in shampoo. Look it up.

No, that's him. That's how long. Yes. Oh, yes.

OK. They don't care. I mean, the only the only people in sports right now who might just like burn the money to win for themselves and not care about the profit margin might be the Saudis.

I know that's an awful comparison, but I'm just saying they don't care. They're going to go over the cap. They're going to burn money in luxury tax because they know they'll make it back on on the Chase Center, on.

Their gear on. Being now a team with more championships, and I understand three of them were from previous leagues and decades, they got seven. That's more than the bulls. They're becoming you know what they are. They're kind of like the Patriots of the of the NBA. Many years down and out.

Nobody paying attention to them. Now, after this incredible run, Curry's like the Brady of this run. You put it all together and they have now there's a new gold standard in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors. Four championships in the last eight years, six finals appearances in the last eight years and one last thing, too. We keep saying twenty seven consecutive series. They have won at least one road game. Twenty seven of them, right?

I looked it up because I'm a lead pipe wielding professional and I like having information, making you smarter while also patting myself on the back, telling us you're right. Twelve times in this run where they've won at least one road game in a playoff series, twenty seven straight times, right? Twelve times in the twenty seven. Two wins on the road in the series. Two of them.

Two. It started in the first round of the twenty fifteen playoffs. They also had it in the second round of the twenty fifteen playoffs in the twenty fifteen finals. They won two road games in the first round of the twenty seventeen playoffs, the second round of the twenty seventeen playoffs and the Western Conference finals of the twenty seventeen playoffs. They had two road wins in the twenty eighteen version of the Western Conference finals and the twenty eighteen finals. They did it in the first round in 2019 in the Western Conference Finals of 2019 in the finals of 2019. And then they did it in these finals. Two on the road.

They go into your building and steal your lunch money and rip your heart out. So, congrats to the Golden State Warriors. My Warriors. I told you so.

Man. Rich, I found our predictions from back in October 20th. You had the Warriors beating the Nets in the finals.

I was wrong on every other fact. Yeah, you had Luca MVP. He was top. I had Steve Nash Coach of the Year. Yeah, he had Steve Nash Coach of the Year and he had Jalen Suggs. TJ, you had the Bucks beating the Lakers.

I think that was just an emotional like reaction. Yeah, that's alright. Odd you're not giving us yours. I had the Nets beating the Suns. Listen, everybody. We have got a great show for you. Tracy McGrady is gonna be here in hour number two to talk about the NBA Finals. That's a great kid. Craig Kilbourne will be here all hour three to talk about the NBA Finals. We also have a great start bench cut. Five questions for him as well.

Two different games to play with. Go down memory lane with my Sports Center for my old Sports Center compadre. He's got a new podcast I guess it's cooking up. There's lots to talk about with Craigers with Lord Kilby with Killer when he joins us in studio for all hour three.

I wouldn't miss that if I were you. But when we come back let's talk some NFL with Albert Breer from Sports Illustrated. Lamar Jackson, hey man, I think he wants his contract. He wants his deal. He says they're talking about it. He didn't guarantee he would be there at the start of training camp. He refuted that he hasn't signed yet because he feels he's not deserving of it because he hasn't won a Super Bowl yet. I mean there's so many questions and is Baker Mayfield gonna be on the move to Carolina or what because we heard Matt Rule say what he said yesterday that Sam Donald would be the quarterback if there was a game today.

Meaning between now and the game we actually play anything can happen. Jerry Jones has spoken about Sean Payton. Oh gosh this is great. Why? Because he was asked.

Yeah because he had no comment Rich. Let's take a break on this I told you so Friday. Oh come on. Yes. Lots of fun. I wouldn't move if I were you.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844-204-rich number to dial. Before we get to Albert Breer here I want to like a correction if you will. Remember yesterday when we were playing sound bites from Lamar Jackson's first press conference of the year I believe since since all this business of he doesn't want a contract what's going on with a contract and him you know the sound bites that we played I said you know I I wish somebody had asked him about what Steve Beshati the owner of the Ravens said at the owners meeting that he thinks the reason why Lamar hasn't signed or doesn't want to sign right now or isn't accepting their offer to enrich him generationally with a nine-figure deal that it's because he doesn't feel he's worthy yet because he also has not won a Super Bowl yet and I said I wish somebody to ask Lamar Jackson that.

They in fact did. Here is that sound bite along with a couple other relevant questions right after that in his near 10-minute press conference that went down in Baltimore on Thursday. Lamar when Steve Beshati met with the owners meetings he said he thought that you didn't think you were worthy of such a contract until you won a Super Bowl. Do you feel you're worthy of a contract? Oh yeah I think so.

I still want my Super Bowl though but I think I'm worthy for it. Yes sir I do. Lamar you said you had conversations about the contract did those conversations happen within the last three days or four days since you've been here in Owings Mills? Did you meet with Eric?

Yeah since I've been to O&M we done had conversations yeah yeah. How much is the Sean Watson contract affected your thoughts about your future and what would be an acceptable contract for you? Nothing at all you know I'm a man of my own I don't worry about what those guys get. I like him. That last sound bite just sums it all up I'm a man of my own yeah you are because there's no frame of reference as I mentioned about this none and that might be the best news of all for the Ravens is that he's he's not using Deshaun Watson's contract as any frame of reference because that's a that's a monster contract that's fully guaranteed and he Watson never won MVP of the of the league and he Watson has as many playoff career wins as Lamar and he Watson has currently 24 more civil lawsuits filed against him than Lamar currently has and Lamar is gonna have to play him twice a year and damn straight if I'm Lamar I'm saying that's my floor. Maybe he is though we have no idea none but he says he is worthy of the contract and they're talking about it question is who's talking is it Lamar just saying yeah let's put something on a piece of paper or is it his mom who's calling him are they conferencing in mom I'm so like that sounds like a facetious comment but apparently that's that's who's negotiating for him there's I've been at this for 20 years I don't I don't know how to peg it and he also didn't guarantee that he'd be at training camp but he did say he feels he'll be a raven for life one big huge fat schwug emoji joining us here on the Rich Eisen show from Sports Illustrated his mmqb is great must read every single week our friends Albert Breer on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line how you doing Albert I'm good I'm good what was that about being a Twitter troll I caught the very I don't know that was so long ago like three minutes ago so let's just jump right into it I just mentioned how Lamar Jackson is one big huge shrug emoji we have no frame of reference from any previous quarterbacks with his skill set with his with his resume so young right now and I understand there have been first contract Super Bowl winning quarterbacks before but not not not meaning as much maybe running passing as as Lamar does for his franchise right now so what what gives right cuz my homes even might be comparing you could compare him to my homes but my homes won a Super Bowl and my homes didn't say you know talk to my family to deal with me I have no idea how to call what's this is all about do you yeah I don't think very many people do rich and I think that's really intentional you know I I this is a very different negotiation and you know I think if you talk to Ravens people who are involved in this what you'd find is the circle is very very small and this is being treated very delicately and the main reason why is like you said there's no agent shepherding the process and generally you know if you get to a conventional negotiation with the player there's a process of feeling out and feelings might get hurt you know like one side comes in too high the other side comes in too low and you know there might be a period of a few weeks where things aren't great there may be some stuff that gets out publicly none of that's gonna happen here and if it does it's a really bad sign the Ravens are sort of I think their understanding of their player is really really good and you know the way they've approached this is trust is the most important thing to Lamar and so we're gonna let him drive the process we're not going to treat this like a normal negotiation and you know we're gonna work together to find a solution here now I don't know what Lamar wants I don't know if he's pushing for a Deshaun Watson type of fully guaranteed deal but the reason why there's so much I say uncertainty out there and why this all seems so vague is because I think everybody involved intends it to be and you know they want to keep this process pretty private so it wouldn't surprise me whenever this gets done if it absolutely comes out of nowhere so um at least we know they're talking now for sure and at least we know he he doesn't agree that with the notion and I kind of bought into it because Steve Bishotti would know of him saying that he thinks Lamar hasn't signed yet because he feels he's not worthy and wants to win a Super Bowl first but he basically said no I feel I'm worthy so what but he's not using Watson's contract as a frame of reference at all he said because he's his own man yeah what where does this go I mean what's your best guess from what you know yes is my best guess is that there's a real effort to get something done before training camp he is yeah I think up until now I don't know there's really been like this great sense of urgency because once he played last year and once he actually started the season last year you know I I think you start looking towards the year after and then you know well where's the risk for the player the risk for the player really starts in training camp right when he's going out there and he's in drills that are being run faster even if he's not a quarterback taking on contact that's when the real risk sort of begins and so you know I think once they decided that they were going to play out his fourth year which I mean by the way remember like his draft classmate Josh Allen got his contract last year I think this really sort of became is up to Lamar when you know we want to do this during this offseason and I would say this if this was intentional if waiting was intentional by Lamar it's a really good business decision look at like how many quarterbacks are making 40 before this year before this offseason and look how many are making over 40 now that number rich has gone from three to seven Matthew Stafford's in that club now dairy cars in that club now to Shawn Watson's in that club now you know it's just it's it's I mean I think we've seen across the board this goes for receivers to pass rushers like waiting has you know that those guys who are still out there you're DK Metcalfe you're carrying the floor and that receiver obviously Omar Jackson's here Kyle Murray's a quarterback those guys are in a really good position to ask for more now because the market has almost completely changed at those positions over the last six months Albert Breer here on the Rich Eisen show Matt rules comments on Sam Darnold yesterday certainly caught our ear or a couple days ago saying that Sam's the quarterback if they had a game today but admitted is one way to put it allowed that that there's an upgrade at every position that any coach or team would would endeavor if necessary and he included the quarterback position and we had a little bit of a role play here where I had Chris Brockman play Andy Reid and and TJ play Mike McCarthy and I asked them the question if they if they needed an upgrade at their quarterback or would would would endeavor that and I think you get my point so what is going on with Darnold and is Baker Mayfield on their radar screen still here mid-june yeah he is and I would tell you that if like there was a good deal out there for Baker Mayfield for the Panthers he might already be a Panther you know I think if they were in a position where they only had to pay him four or five million dollars then I did a decent chance that the Baker Mayfield would be in Carolina now and Cleveland would have a draft pick for him on the flip side Cleveland's been willing to take on a fair amount of Baker salary like nine ten million dollars so like some people out there think that Cleveland's holding on to Baker is Deshaun insurance they wouldn't be offering to take on hail a pretty significant portion of the guy's salary if they were looking to hold him until there's more clarity than the Deshaun Watson case so do I think there's a solution to be found here where the Panthers can could go get Baker Mayfield and throw him into a competition with Sam Donald Matt Corral I certainly think that that solution is out there I just think the Panthers for the Panthers to do it I think it's going to have to be a bargain you know and you know but by the way like I think that the similar type of thing might apply to the Seahawks depending on where they're at coming out of their offseason program which you know Smith and Drew Locke I tend to think like reading the tea leaves is probably not great news that Drew Locke hasn't passed you know Smith I think we know what you expect is now and that Drew Locke isn't like clearly taking the first step in training camp so I think that's another one to watch and you know obviously now with some of the more some more uncertainty in the Deshaun situation you do wonder if Cleveland maybe regroups off after the offseason program and ways the pluses and minuses to maybe try to get Baker back in the fold I'm not gonna say I'm not saying they're going to do that but you know it would seem to me that you know if they're now forecasting maybe a season-long suspension for Watson it might be something worth exploring so the reason why the Carolina didn't agree to the discounted Baker Mayfield rate is because why because they're half of Mayfield getting it at half of the fifth year option price is still stew too steep because they already have a quarterback on the fifth year option price Donald is that element of it like I like in again like I don't know how close they were on traffic compensation or anything like that right you know I do think like I do think that there's you know like if we felt like I guess like if you feel like you're getting a deal then go ahead and do the deal you know what I mean like and it's worth taking the extra swing you know I also think there was value for Carolina though in getting a full offseason program you know with a look at Sam Darnold and Ben McAdoo's office McAdoo's articulated to people in that building that he thinks he can work with Sam and then also getting a clear look at Matt Corral you know who you know has them off field questions and everything else but talented and maybe should have gone a little higher than he went there in the third round and so you know I think for both Carolina and Seattle there was an element of wanting to get a walk good long look at the guys that are already in your building and both teams were able to do that over the last nine weeks lo and behold here we are and you know we're in the back half of June now and Baker Mayfield still out there and Jimmy Garoppolo still out there so it's going to be interesting to see where this goes over the next few weeks because now where teams are rich is like with the offseason program done every team has a chance to sort of reassess based on the nine weeks of data that the offseason program gave them and certainly that includes you know the amount of information that if both those teams were able to gather on their quarterbacks over the last nine weeks Albert Breer here on the rich eyes and show so where does everything stand with the Shawn Watson right now best you can tell Albert yeah I I think you know like the league my feelings been that July sort of been the target all along and you know it because I think you and I have talked about this before there's the discovery that's the pre-trial discovery deadline at the end of this month that the league would feel and the investigators sue Sue Robinson the former US District Court judge who is who's running the investigation is going to give the initial finding yeah I think they feel a little bit more comfortable once they get past that pre-trial discovery deadline because I mean it's not going to be complete I don't think it's ever going to be complete when you know be this year because it looks like the lawsuits are going to carry into 2023 but at least then you feel comfortable that you have I would say a good percentage of the information that's going to come out so I felt all on they'd let that deadline pass and at some point in July we get a decision I think the question now becomes what's happened over the last week and a half does that make you skittish enough or you're like oh god what else is gonna happen is something really significant gonna happen in August or September you know that's why my feeling is they're still gonna whatever the punishment is the sanctions are they're probably gonna leave things pretty open-ended and saying the Commissioner reserves the right the Commissioner reserves the right to alter the punishment in some way if new information becomes available I still don't think that they want to use the commissioners exemplars but it remains a lever out there that Roger could pull if he really does feel uncomfortable and he wants to put the Shawna paid leave you know and then I think certainly the idea of giving him a full year suspension I I think this is something that's probably been discussed in the league office by now I mean the NFL could then couch it as well you know we sat the shot for the Shawna de facto year off last year and now you know we're gonna suspend him for a year so you know you add up the time away from the game and it's equivalent to what MLB did to Trevor Bauer well I mean it's not just and it's interesting you mentioned the Trevor Bauer name there because but I it's not just the court of public opinion it's the extra and soon to be more civil cases coming it's not just that also it's also DeShawn Watson's inability to explain himself in a coherent manner or a convincing matter in in the court of public opinion it just keeps mounting and his also desire as he says to clear his name and how long that will take right that this is this is something that is an open-ended question not just for the rest of this calendar year but could go into next calendar year as well and one story that didn't get much run or soundbite that didn't get much run this week that I'd like to ask you about was Nick Casario the GM of the Texans being asked if the trade could be voided and he essentially gave the the answer of no backsies to use the the phrase that I think that many people are familiar with in the world are the Browns having escrow buyers remorse at all on this I haven't heard thanks for bringing me back you know I honestly I don't think like I haven't sensed any yet the possible it happens yeah but that's why I think it's so important and we did we may never get the answer to this right like but that's why I think how honest and forthright to Sean has been with the NFL and how honest and forthright to Sean has been with the Browns is so incredibly relevant here it could I mean the way these contracts are written they could void guarantees in his contract you know I don't think that there's any possibility you just traded back the trade gets voided you get sent back to Texans because I mean I think it was pretty clear there was a lot going on here you know and like it's not like the Browns went into this blindly this is all of a sudden coming out of nowhere they knew the risk like this isn't as a fact that more information come out we all do that back in March you know so I don't think there's any chance that the trade gets voided especially since the Texas have already used one of those draft picks but could the guarantee you get voided I mean based on what I know about NFL contract language if the Sean wasn't forthright you know with the Browns about you know what could be coming about what was out there about what happened in any of these cases well then that exists and then on the league level if he wasn't forthright with the league history tells us that the NFL comes down harder on guys who are not completely truthful with them and the reason why is because the NFL lacks subpoena power so if they want their investigations have teeth they have to create deterrence for people lying or misleading them you know and so I think this thing for Deshaun personally gets considerably messier if he wasn't completely forthright and honest with the NFL and the Browns and maybe the Browns won't come down on him because he's a guy down everything else but I certainly think the NFL will and maybe points of death well Albert you're the man have a great Father's Day weekend and I hope you you get whatever joy from the weekend that you deserve and let's chat let's chat in July let's let's absolutely absolutely happy Father's Day to you and everybody on the show all right rich thanks brother greatly appreciate that's Albert Breer everybody right here on the Rich Eisen show okay eight four four two oh four rich number two dial we'll take your phone calls when we come back here on the Rich Eisen show before Tracy McGrady joins us in studio back here on the Rich Eisen show Callaway Rogue irons folks Callaway Rogue irons there's definitely a version of the Callaway Rogue irons for you there's four different types of offerings of the only irons out there that uses artificial intelligence on high strength 450 steel if you need some something for your slow swing speed there's the most forgiving high launch iron the max OS light if you are a low to mid single-digit handicapper there's the rogue st pro that gives you that hollow body construction in a sleek compact players shape if you need something to help you improve your game the best game improvement model is the max OS that's for the mid to high handicappers one that's designed for the widest range of players is the rogue st max that's a game improvement shaping an incredible combination of speed forgiveness and all-around performance type of stick no other irons perform like the new rogue st irons find your rogue st irons at Callaway slash go rogue our friend Jeff in Detroit first in first up it has been too long Jeffrey how are you sir I am wonderful uncle rich first of all I would just like to say thank you my cousin hooked me up earlier in the week I got a chance to talk to John Sally I've had Snoop Dogg questions you hook your peoples up man you make me a part of the show and I cannot thank you enough I miss you how's everything been going anything happen my goodness two things that I wanted to bring up yesterday the one thing that I can say about Boston fans you guys have a future superstar on your hands in Jason Tatum no doubt he's already a superstar Jeff he was first team all your a huh don't don't get on Jeff keep going keep going Jeff listen he listen I think he's definitely in my opinion he's there he just needs to be polished just a tad bit but everybody on the floor made their way to that young man to console him to kick it with him and in the NBA that's very rare when you find so many people gravitate towards him to see him before they start celebrating so I thought that was really really dope just be petty for a second you know what I'm saying just turn into petty Murphy I can do this with my boys has anyone more affected by the Golden State Warriors victory then Kevin Durant because I think about it you almost beat these guys then you join them get a ring and now they come back do be what was considered I guess the impossible but nobody really you know other than you and several but you know you yourself and Dan Patrick nobody saw this coming and here they are champions and it's remarkable it really is Kevin Durant needs another ring so we could talk about them like we do Jeff thanks for the call greatly appreciated right here on the program it's Jeff and Detroit let me just say something let me just say something about Jason Tatum here because he is getting beat up considerably today and you know and and mark Tatum as you know gave the trophy out last night because Adam Silver's in the COVID protocols when when mark turned the trophy over that gave him 99 fewer turnovers than Jason Tatum has in these postseason and that's what people are saying about Tatum okay and and he had a rough finals but let me let me cape for him a little bit even though I just had my little bit of a wordplay fun right there just because you know you got on our friend Jeff and Detroit Chris and he's trying to talk up our guy Jason Tatum is 24 years old as you pointed out Christopher first-team all NBA reason he is dynamite anybody who roots for an NBA team it would be a dream come true if you have this kid playing for you his head is screwed on strike he is not going to be doing anything stupid he is terrific he is young and also he played his ass off and it's amazing that his actual ass is still attached to his body 3714 minutes he played this season he played 983 minutes in the playoffs Kyrie Irving played 1091 minutes all year the only other player to have more than 950 minutes in a single playoff season this decade is LeBron James no wonder he was dragging in the last couple of games in this series he he had the whole weight of the world on his shoulders and I'll tell you what what was that what what series was that where he he grabbed his shoulder ran off it was a game three against Miami right against Miami that was after we thought Marcus smart was out for the rest of the playoffs because the way he turned his ankle he came back and then Tatum looked like honestly he was holding his shoulder running in the locker room I thought he's running off to dr. James Andrews I thought he broke his collarbone I thought he separated his shoulder there's definitely something up with this guy and he is so incredible and he is so terrific and he is just going through the growing pains and by the way give me these growing pains take it two games away from winning it all he and Jalen Brown have incredible talent they also have an incredible knack for turning the basketball over I mean was 22 of them last night so all I'll say is rip on Tatum at your own peril how many guys in their careers did you hear when they were younger that they're less than they're not I mean this is this is this is an NBA story as old as the hills here where and certainly in this 24-7 365 non-stop sports talk conversation long time listener first time caller debate shows world where he's getting killed all over the place today and that's too bad and he doesn't deserve it definitely this team was incredible this year it came out of nowhere and none of it happens without Jason Tatum none of it or none of it happens without your sixers going and trading with the Celtics years ago I just want to say once again congrats to the Celtics what an incredible year and just back off Jason Tatum will you please the guy played a million minutes and his team almost won the whole damn thing against the dynastic Warriors team Tracy McGrady our two we're gonna find out there was something wrong with his shoulder I think we'll find that out like you said rich the tale as old as time every great superstar who eventually wins a title tragic Johnson remember tragic Johnson that may hey Mike's never gonna win he's just a ball like LeBron K take to take a team of bums he's never gonna win a title he's not aggressive enough to like it all right he's gonna be a bust his ankles he's never gonna be able to have a long career because of his weak ankles like every great superstar has to go through this they made it to the finals they were up to one they almost they almost did it hold it off they were halfway home there were the youngest teams in the NBA I know they have a rookie head coach you know who's gonna get better for them too who's I mean Robert Williams is so he can he can he can stand at the top of the key and he could he could distribute he distributes he blocks shots he he's alley he's alley open he was frustrating as it is as a fan he's so good you know looking at the future the future is so bright this is a team if it sticks together for the next five six seven years they're gonna be among the top of the East contenders every single year so let's just you know be be sad he's getting bombed he's getting really you know and then let's just you know move on and realize how great we do have it so why don't you get on Jeff like that I just wanted I just wanted the facts he is there he already is a super I know that but he was he's he's talking about those I think he was well don't take it out on Jeff I mean because I think what he's what he was alluding to is kind of what we've hit in the last five minutes which is Tatum's getting beat up today wasn't aggressive enough turned it over too much point didn't take the team and put it on his shoulders when their backs were against the wall you know which is all confusing because two months you're hearing that a lot today Jason Tatum was better than Kevin Durant now these exact same people who put him on that pedestal and that's human nature better than LeBron and Larry Bird was better than Durant now Tatum sucks it's like you can't no you don't beat those teams that Tatum and the Celtics beat to get here and suck he had a bad few games in the series you made the finals that's it they were halfway home there were two wins away from a duck I still appreciate you guys put me into this car that's all right so you want you want to feel better they're halfway home they were halfway home in the finals just like the Yankees are right now for the world series for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all-time Hogan opponents macho men's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one Wow because I even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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