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REShow: Jay Bilas - Hour 1

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June 22, 2022 3:31 pm

REShow: Jay Bilas - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 22, 2022 3:31 pm

Rich reacts to the latest in the PGA Tour vs LIV Golf battle where the R&A who run the Open Championship saying they won’t ban golfers who have joined the upstart golf tour. 

ESPN Analyst Jay Bilas and Rich break down the top prospects in this week’s NBA Draft including Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren and Auburn’s Jabari Smith, says if there’s the next Luka Doncic or Nikola Jokic in this year’s draft, and reacts to retired Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski saying he won’t be attending Blue Devil games next season and explains why Coach K would torch Rich in a game of pickleball. 

Rich and the guys celebrate the 38th anniversary of ‘The Karate Kid’ by debating which fictional sporting event we’d like to have attended most.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. I find it very hard to see the logic behind some of the moves you have made with this fine organization. This is the Rich Eisen Show. All right, here comes the judge. Aaron Judge. The Yankees want to give him 17 million. Judge wants 21 million. Hey, Yankees, 4 million bucks.

How's got that in the ashtray? Today's guest, ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Billis. Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix, plus actor Michael Mando. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes, indeed. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show, everybody.

Three hours of fun and frolic and good times. Coming up, Jay Billis will be joining us here on this program as the NBA draft goes down tomorrow night. Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated will join us as well. So Jay's going to handle the whole business about who's going to get drafted and Chris Mannix will talk about all the intrigue that's going on behind the scenes and pick swaps and things of that nature that could play into tomorrow night's NBA draft. Lane Johnson, the Philadelphia Eagles will be joining us. And then the actor Michael Mando who plays Nacho Varga in Better Call Saul, one of our favorite shows.

He's going to be here in person. Love it. Yeah, baby. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. How are you? Rich, I'm great. Good.

Okay. Good to see you, Jay Felley. Good to see you over there. Hey, what's up, Rich? DJ Mikey D handling his, I guess, USFL duties.

Sure. I saw he was tweeting out photographs of him on a plane. Yeah, I saw that. It's like the first time he's ever been in first class. He's like, hey, look at me. Oh my God.

TJ Jefferson light the candle. What's up, sir? Yes, indeed. I mean, there's a lot up, Rich. Well, you've been doing expert work in the daily segment that we've been running. I appreciate that.

For almost a week now. The number one player in the history of every franchise in the NFL. And we break it down division by division. Which division do you have for us later today? Today, we have the AFC South. AFC South. Yes. All right. Fantastic. They're getting all the backlash from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

And you know, they always do let you know. And once again, no coaches, no coaches are involved in this. So Urban Meyer is out.

He cannot be on this list. Kicked out. Good job. Once this is over, I'm going to debut my new segment, the worst person in franchise history. Oh, okay. We'll do the opposite. I'm going to do the opposite.

Very masshole of you to do that. Very good. We'll workshop that later on.

That's YouTube only. We'll workshop that later on. Love it. Love it. Okay.

Let's start with the latest on the Live Tour. Whose money does not jiggle jiggle, it folds. It's black. It folds. It's oil rich. Their money folds. Yes. It's oil. So I guess it goes gurgle, gurgle. And folds. Interesting.

Your money pours. So the latest on all this, as we're now matriculating our way to the final major of the year after the US Open, right off the bat, I mean, as soon as the Live Tour came into being and was going through all of their well manicured and occasionally off the rails press conferences to announce everything, the US Open came out and said, yeah, they're welcome here. And I think they made that announcement before the PGA Tour suspended a single player, actually.

And the conversations that we've been having here all the time and those who consume the show here on Peacock or Sirius XM or this terrestrial radio affiliate or Odyssey or our podcast, once we're all done, we've been talking about it for darn near a month. And I said a couple of weeks ago that maybe the PGA Tour is waiting to have the rest of the majors weigh in. The Open Championship, which is set for next month in St. Andrews and the Royal and Ancient. What will they say? And then, of course, the green jackets down in Augusta.

And Alan Shipnuck, who wrote the book on Phil, from which the quote that launched this whole hoo-ha all year long involving the Live Tour and the Saudis and things of that nature. He said, don't expect the Royal and Ancient or Augusta National to come in and weigh in on this at all. They're just going to let everybody come in. They have one tournament a year. They want the best field possible.

They don't want any part of this conversation. Sure enough, the Royal and Ancient, which operates the Open Championship, has chimed in the chief executive of the RNA named Martin Slumbers, which sounds like a character from Lost in Powers. Martin Slumbers, baby. Yeah. Yeah, baby. My name is Martin Slumbers, baby.

His Berman nickname is Martin Golden Slumbers. But this is across the pond, so I'm not going to read this statement in a British accent. Why not? I can't keep it up. I can't keep this whole thing up without the accent. Here we go.

Martin Slumbers, baby. Yeah. He says, the Open is golf's original championship.

And since it was first played in 1860. Damn. That's a long time ago. There's a lot of masheys out there, right? Bangers. Yes. There's no mashers and bangers and masheys.

Bangers and masheys? I think the ball was wooden back then. Oh, gosh.

The gloves definitely were. The drinks cart was pulled by a horse. All right, let's get back on this one. I want your finest ale once I make the turn. All right, here we go. The Open is golf's original. Let's treat this with the seriousness it deserves. Of course.

Round of drinks for the bullies, five six. The Open is golf's original championship, and since it was first played in 1860, openness has been fundamental to its ethos and unique appeal. Fundamental to the ethos?

I think you know where this is going. Players who are exempt or have earned a place through qualifying for the 150th Open in accordance with the entry terms and conditions will be able to compete in the championship at St. Andrews. We are focused on staging world-class championship in July and celebrating this truly historic occasion for golf. We will invest the proceeds of the Open, as we always do, for the benefit of golf, which reflects our purpose to ensure that the sport is thriving 50 years from now. 51 years from now? Who cares?

Good job. Is that a soundbite from Martin? Doesn't that sound like an Austin Powers name?

Martin Slumber. Groovy, baby. So the royal ancients says let's come on in.

Love myself to introduce myself. So the live tour goes on. Your next tournament is next week in Oregon, right?

Correct. And maybe, just maybe, Brooks Koepka will make his debut there, because it was last week at the US Open when he was asked about all this. He's just, come on, let's not put a dark cloud over the US Open by asking a multiple champion of this event whether he's going to go take the Saudi money, which I'm going to do. By the way, he didn't say that, but he did say put a black cloud over the US Open. And then once the US Open is over, ESPN reports and a whole bunch of others confirm it's going to be Brooks Koepka on the live tour where his brother already is. And yesterday we were talking about, well, wait a minute, he's supposed to be at the Travelers Championship this week at the TPC of Cromwell, Connecticut, where I have- The old stomping ground.

I've left my mark and divots. And if you dragoon the water holes, you might find a whole bunch of my pellets from back in my day of getting on there when I was at ESPN. And Brooks tweeted out in April. He was coming, excited to return to the At Travelers Championship. See you in June. Retweeting the Travelers announcing his arrival on April 13. That's how it started.

As the kids say on social media now, how's it going? PGA Tour Communications. Brooks Koepka is a WD from the Travelers Championship and replaced in the field by Mark Hubbard.

Any relation to Glenn from back in the day? Chubble Hubbard. WD is withdrawal. It has nothing to do with maybe a 40 or, yeah, you're hearing a little creak of the door opening for the live tour. They're not greasing it with the old WD-40.

As I'm staring at a can of it right here. Chris, who is Mark Hubbard? Because I'd like to know who he is.

He might be my favorite new golfer, player on the PGA Tour. Who is Mark Hubbard? All right, guys, Mark Hubbard is a 33-year-old man from Denver, Colorado. Yes, he is. He's a man. He went to San Jose State University.

Okay. And according to his PGA Tour bio, he's got three career wins on tour. World Golf Ranking, he's the 280th ranked player in the world. He turned pro in 2012. So he's been grinding for quite some time. He has a career well round of 63. Oh. Impressive. That, by the way, would be nine strokes off the $54 million bonus on the live tour.

Yes. He's made even 100 cuts in his career and he's made about 4 million bucks in earnings. There he is on the screen. And he's got a great Twitter name, guys.

His name is Homeless Hubs. By the way, with the beard a little bit, if Koepka had a beard, right? All right.

He looks like Koepka incognito. But let's go, Mark. We're gonna start following. Yeah, by the way, he has less than 10,000 followers. Let's go.

Everyone follow at Homeless Hubs right now. He is our new favorite player. How amazing would it be if the guy who gets in the field because Koepka taps out for the big money, a guy who's grinding on the tour since 2012 wins the travelers.

That's what's up. And the first two PGA Tour stops around the U.S. Open while the live tour is conducting its business now, operational, is won by Rory McElroy at the very pinnacle of the profession and a grinder like this guy. Let's go, Mark Hubbard.

I'm rooting for you. If you need any help with course knowledge, I can look at my notes from 1999 when I was in the Celebrity Long Drive competition. Who won that? It was introduced by the local disc jockey there in Hartford, Connecticut. It's Rick Risen, much to the delight of Mike Torrico who was there. And he still calls me Rick Risen every now and then because he loved that. And Dina Menzel. There was, I mean Berman was there too.

I mean that was a big to-do there at the TPC Chroma. Rick Risen. Let's go.

Did he put Rich's name in the John Travolta name generator? Rick Bad Moon Risen. That's Reese Edgens. Reese Edgens. Let's go. Let's go.

Mark Hubbard, this would be amazing. By the way, my if you will take on the live tour yesterday saying that they're not helping. They're not growing the game of golf. What they are growing is the prize pool of the PGA Tour though. You see that?

They kicked over a rock, like a prudential rock or something. Hey, look at all this cash. And all of a sudden the prize pools are going up. And they're rumored to like basically be starting something that looks a lot like the live tour starting next year. Is that right?

Top 50 in the FedEx points. They're going to play this like eight event tournament for some big money at the end of the year. Okay. So, all right.

That's a rumor. Hey, so the rich get richer and we are, look and I'm going to shoot you straight. My take yesterday that you know this is ruining golf or it's destroying golf because you know as Kevin Clark of the Ringer came on said it's going to potentially create two AAA tours.

You know one with some big names but no real history, no history at all and no competition. Like everybody gets paid. You know you're all on a shotgun start like it's a Monday afternoon at a charity event. You know takes 19 hours to do a round for you.

It takes just three and a half, four hours for them. And then you know another tour that has fewer stars on it and that's what Kevin Clark said. And a lot of you folks didn't like that take on YouTube. I saw that. But look let's be honest man. We're all just waiting for the NFL to start right now. I know we got the Stanley Cup final singular game four coming up. That's why this story we're constantly talking about it. And plus the open championship's right around the corner and we were waiting to hear what they have to say. And Martin Slumbers who runs the Royal NA said that everybody can go play. Here's another reason to like Mark Hubbard everyone out there as we as we try to pump him up.

Let's go. Over 10,000 followers on Twitter. Yes. He putts in a unique way.

What do you mean? He uses a very tiny like mini golf putter that you would get like a Billy Baru. He uses a Billy Baru. And not only does he use this he uses something called the snail technique stroke.

It looks a lot like Larry David. He puts his his right hand at the at the bottom of the shaft way down near the head of the putter. That's how Larry putts. That's how Larry putts.

So not only does Mark Hubbard. I mean we gotta let Larry know about this. He's is he let's go. Is he chatting putting?

Is that what he's doing? Is it the putt and chat? I just got two people sending me a video of him doing this and it looks completely absurd but it's actually amazing. It's the putt and chat. It's like happy Gilmore. It's the it's the happy Gilmore kind of the chat and putt right? You chat and cut. This is the chat and putt. Chat and putt but he calls the snail technique.

Oh all right. Mark Hubbard let's go. Mark Hubbard at Homeless Hub. Two guys that uh I didn't know I appreciated more than uh more than I I I even knew.

Uh that makes no sense but that uh uh uh Mark Hubbard who's taking Brooks Koepke's spot and the Travelers and Martin Slumbers of the Royal and Ancient. He just came out and he dropped a he dropped some knowledge. Everybody from the live tour can play and uh and then he used the word ethos. You just that's that stuff that happens across the pond you know.

Yeah I wrote that time it was a fantasy name. Yeah fundamental. Fundamental to the ethos. Fundamental to the ethos.

To its ethos. Yeah although that might be uh the Who song. I'm not sure.

Fundamental that was that sounds like what Deep Purple? I don't know. Jay Billis is coming up. Who should be number one overall in the NBA draft and let's talk a little bit of tomorrow night's intrigue in the association. One week after the Warriors bounced the Celtics and lifted the Larry OB it is time to put hats on prospects and see them get drafted by teams that trade their rights within five minutes and confuse the hell out of all of us because they're still attached to that team because the new league year hasn't begun yet. I mean it's weird but it's tomorrow night and Jay Billis will talk about it. Lots of intrigue. Looks like the Philadelphia 76ers are hawking Matisse Teibel and the 23rd overall selection to everybody.

Do you and Loge had to say on the worldwide leader? Something about if you didn't get a call. He said if you have if you're a general manager in the league and you haven't been offered number 23 overall in Matisse Teibel for a player on your team by Daryl Morey, you have not powered your phone on.

I was going to say or you have no good players. I think everybody's got at least one good player that Daryl Morey would like to have on the Philadelphia 76ers. So Chris Mannix on all the latest and intrigue there. Michael Mando who plays Nacho Varga on one of our favorite shows Better Call Saul in studio hour number three and Lane Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles will talk a little bit of a ball with him.

The best players in the history of every team in the AFC South from TJ Jefferson and you at 844-204-RICH. Off and running on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844-204-RICH number to dial. He will be part of the worldwide leader's coverage of the NBA draft as he always is so expertly. One of our favorites of all time on this program. Joining us on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line from the worldwide leader in sports is none other than Jay Billis.

How are you Jay? You know Rich I prefer integral part but you introduce me however you like. You know what I haven't written it down so I could write it down. Integral part that's a very very very good duke word right there integral part. I am writing that down.

My mother prefers indispensable but I don't want to go too far. Understood you're a humble man. It's very hard to you know you stay humble when you're stunting on the ESPN jumbotron I understand that. So where are you? Are you in New York yet?

Are you there? Yeah we're in Brooklyn. Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Marriott's turning out at a beautiful skyline of six story buildings. So what are you expecting tomorrow night? You're expecting Gonzaga to give us something first?

Is it Chet Holmgren? Is that where we're going first tomorrow night? What do you think? The first thing Rich I'm expecting is is solid sort of liquid intake management on my part because this is my 20th draft and it becomes more difficult to go six hours without taking a leak than it used to be. So tomorrow is going to definitely be very much a dry day until after the draft. I don't have to exit the desk in a hurry but yeah it's going to be I think the top three are pretty solidified. I mean I still think you know there's a chance that you know I think a lot of people are expecting Jabari Smith of Auburn to go number one to Orlando. I happen to agree with that but I don't discount the possibility that Chet Holmgren of Gonzaga goes number one. That's somewhat of a coin flip to me and then the Paolo Bancaro I think is is locked in at number three to Houston and Sacramento has the fourth pick and I think Jaden Ivey of Purdue will be the fourth pick. Now whether Sacramento keeps that pick or not we'll see but but I think that's the top four and then and then really I think number what happens at number five is is what really starts the you know people questioning whether it's the right move or not. So let's take it a couple at a time right here you've you know this you just mentioned it's your 20th NBA draft and you've been watching drafts forever and a day before all that. Has there ever been a first overall pick let's just say in Chet Holmgren who then gets worked out by the his new strength and conditioning coach on the spot on the stage has that ever happened before? Well I mean it's kind of like when when Kevin Durant came out in 2007 and and we got all wrapped up in the fact that the combine he couldn't lift 185 pounds and we were like oh my god you know he can't do this and he's like they don't stop the game for a bench press contest they'll be fine and that he's turned out to be be better than fine and the same thing with Holmgren like he's got a Sean Bradley body which which doesn't sound good given that Sean Bradley rest in peace was not a great NBA player but the game's changed and and Holmgren's a different player he's not a low post a big guy he's a perimeter player that's got he's kind of a be honest in the way he plays except he shoots it way better than Giannis he's a 40 3-point shooter and he really can grab a rebound and bring the ball up with guard skills he can pass it and you know spin in the lane and finish with either hand I mean he's a he's a fantastic talent and I don't think there's gonna be a problem for that body in the league it's just my you know I've got a mental hurdle to get over it's like my old man neanderthal basketball brain kind of looks at that body go wow how's that going to hold up in the NBA and and the NBA is not a tough man contest in fact some of the some of the power forwards that used to play in the league and and were big tough players probably wouldn't be in the league right now because they're not coveted you know they might make a team but they wouldn't be starters like they were because they can't stretch the floor and shoot it and you know that the game's really changed in that regard and Holbren I think is a reflection of that kind of change he's a he's a perimeter big guy he's not a low post guy so we were while you were talking about him we were showing a couple pictures on the screen from you know Gonzaga's season while we're just on the subject matter of Gonzaga are you surprised that Drew Timmy earlier this month withdrew and said I'm going back to school for a senior year were you surprised by that not really he did the same thing last year and I don't know you know it's easy to say he enjoys college or all that he'll be the player of the year of this next year just sort of as he was right there for it this year and you know he probably looks at it his experience as being some unfinished business as far as winning the national championship they could have done it a couple years ago they had a chance last year and got knocked out before the sweet 16 which are before the elite 8 which hardly ever happens with them so you know I don't know all the reasons he came back I'm you know selfishly glad I get to watch him another year because he's a fantastic player to watch I've got Jay Billis here on the Rich Eisen show so which one who's got the biggest upside is it Holbren I mean to use the the draft parlance right here in the NBA yeah the parlance of our time he he has most the highest ceiling but Jabari Smith of Auburn is right there with them and I liken Smith to you know even though this has plastered me to say it but yeah he reminds you a little bit of Durant with what a magnificent shooter he is he shoots 42 percent for three made 79 threes on the year and you know he's one of just a few players in the last 25 years to have have scored 500 points I think it's 250 rebounds and hit over 75 threes and one of them's Kevin Durant the other was Dante Green from Syracuse and so it's been a long time since Dante Green but the fact there's only been three in the last 25 years show you you know shows you and made that that he's a super talented player he's also very good defensively like he could switch and guard multiple positions he can block shots he rebounds defensively at a high rate I think he's the real deal but I can understand like you know if if Holbren pans out to be an all-star player which I think he will then it's a question of what was you know it's not not so much was it the right decision it's was it the best decision because you can Adrian Warshanowski said this yesterday there could be two right decisions here and I think that's a fair way to put it but you know how it is like we're gonna whoever whichever player is better you're gonna look back and if if Orlando takes the the second best player first you know we're gonna look back in 10 years and just hammer their decision here even though it's a it's a coin flip. Similar to the way that we're hammering the decisions of of the Sixers and Lakers before Jason Tatum right now is that what you're talking about?

Yeah yeah yeah very much so and and look how many drafts that we had in in any sport where a player further down the line has turned out to be the better player you know and football gets four and five years to look at those guys in college basketball gets a year for the best ones and so it's a little more of a difficult task to determine you know to separate out productivity from from potential and trying to project where somebody's going to be in five years 10 years versus you know what they look like now and look I mean it's it's difficult it's not impossible but but I have a lot of respect for those decisions and how difficult they can be. Jay Billis here on the Rich Eisen show getting set to be an integral part of the ESPN draft coverage on Thursday night did I say that right? You did you did I'm a little bothered by the whole Rich Eisen show thing I mean it's so much about you and it's not really a we thing with you is it? Well I I'll bite uh what do you what do you mean Jay? Where what are you what are you saying? I mean you know I always used to rankle rankle me when when sports under anchors of which you were were an outstanding one thank you would throw to game day and say uh now let's go out the Reese and the guys like screw you how about how about Jay Billis, Seth Greenberg, Lofonso Ellis and the host yes you know they don't say that right uh very disappointing but you don't even have it's not even Rich Eisen and the guys it's just the Rich Eisen show uh look at look at me well no it's called it's called a radio reset and uh and and on top of it Jay I mean my gosh I mean talk about harboring uh two decades of resentment um oh it's longer than that I mean that was almost Tommy Pham like going and slapping Jock Peterson months after the fact you know I mean my gosh I didn't it just didn't occur it just didn't occur to me I mean you've got the silhouette of yourself I mean there's not even anybody in the background watching you run with your suit on that's true these are all facts Jay guilty as charged wait should we be on the side I just I just used his preferred adjective and setting him up you know and I appreciate it I appreciate it you're making strides but boy that Rich Eisen show thing uh long way to go long way to go Jay Billis upside there Jay Billis who's more than just a guy as uh talking about the NBA draft here on the Rich Eisen show so who is the name of the European guy that fans are not familiar with and they're pissed off that the team is going to draft tomorrow night but then they'll love him once he starts playing for the team who's that guy in this draft there aren't a ton of internationals in this draft that are going to be taken in the first round um there's a there's a big guy 611 Nicole Jovovich from uh from Serbia uh there's going to be a number of of people that call him Jokic by mistake but um really talented talented player that's very versatile and can not freeze down uh you know I mean I guess you'd say that's stereotypical of uh of what you call an international big guy now but but it's true of of players period if you can't it doesn't matter your site if you can't shoot it um you're not valued uh as highly anymore because you've got to be able to stretch the floor it's a it's a spread floor game now uh but he's probably the one that'll stand out in the first round and there may be some sort of draft and stash players in the second round there's only 58 guys getting drafted this year oddly enough there's 60 usually 60 because there are 30 NBA teams but two uh two slots late in the second round got forfeited and oh and I yeah I don't I don't know what the forfeit policy is what what that's the phrase that the that's the phrase that the NFL used uh in reference to the first rounder the Patriots forfeited in the deflate gate that's a word that's that's a word Brockman right you and all your New Englanders you have a problem with that word sure it was forfeited got it you know what I mean like that I don't know what that's about stolen I'm not all I'm not you as you know words can be uh fungible items Jay you know that right yeah I prefer vacated uh you know forfeited you know you've vacated it that's not the way to put it vacated indicates uh it was voluntarily given up yeah I don't know I don't know okay so there's 58 first or the 58 draft choice I mean that's a quicker night for you isn't forfeit isn't forfeit voluntary you know you don't forfeit by accident um that's true too by the way don't mess with words for Jay Billis he's gonna he's gonna parry and thrust the whole time don't worry about it I'm just still mad about this is a man who once put Barney on the on the stand as we know here on the Rich Eisen Show and the guys here on our program hey Jay uh you're also our Duke whisperer um so before I had let you go into your Brooklyn uh afternoon and evening John Rothstein's podcast College Hoops Today had Coach K on and this is what he had to say about attending Duke games coming up this fall. John knows I'm here I won't be able to go to any games you know uh not because he doesn't want me there or I don't want to be there but you know there's no place in Cameron where you can you know a box or something where you can just get away from the maddening crowd so that's going to be frustrating because I'd like like to be there but I also don't want to be in the way and you don't plan on going to any Duke games next year no unless I it could be on the road right if it's in a venue that has you know a box you know some place where you're look that's a distraction I don't want to be a distraction uh you know and uh and I don't need I don't need for people to see me okay you know I mean I've been singing enough and uh but I do behind the scenes want John to always know and I think he does know this in fact I know he knows this that I'm I'm there if uh he needs me at any time so what did you uh make of that Jay surprised by that not surprised no I I'd heard him say that he wasn't going to go to the games I had heard the uh the box theory that that uh you know because Duke would build a skybox tomorrow if he wanted to go to the game I just I don't think he wants to be the distraction frankly and uh and that you know when when John wouldn't retire to UCLA he sat in the stands and uh and I'm not sure that was as you know as helpful when when people you know might not be happy with the coach looking at it arguably at that time the greatest coach of all time maybe still uh and saying wait a minute can you take a few steps down to the floor um you know that's not uh you know and you know maybe maybe it's not about um yeah I don't know but I think I think the truth is rich that he's got pickleball game schedule and and because that that's what's going to happen is coach K is going to rise up the level of ranked pickleball players you know he and his wife is a doubles combo Mickey um I think I think pickleball yeah he's not a shuffleboard guy he doesn't play golf wow uh he used to play racquetball and tennis so I think the natural thing for him now is to rise up the ranks and in pickleball you have no idea into the troubled waters into which you have uh unwittingly waited originally old coach K is because he's 75 I play pickleball and enjoy it it's a hell of a workout it's great I love it and Brockman thinks it's of for people of a certain age in the fact that you just used it in the same sentence as a 70 some odd year old man 75 and also shuffleboard um that's what's next for you bud I don't I I don't know what else to say other than that's uh that's wrong well I'm sure rich you're an outstanding pickleball player never in your athleticism I've seen you run with a suit on or if you guys do it as gracefully as you do uh but um I think coach K had kicked your ass on a he's got he's got a level of competitiveness that frankly I'm not sure as competitive as you are uh you'd be able to sniff and and look I'm not sure uh maybe maybe your pickleball play uh with Susie is is all about you as well yes whether it's just your name on the pickleball court nobody else is I you know I'm hoping that when I see your your logo for the Rich Eisen show yes there'll be some other silhouettes in there going forward because you're propped up by an outstanding crew there this doesn't get I mean it gets a lot of credit from your listeners that's clearly not from the hope look Jay um this is all very slanderous um and you know plus but there's there's no there's no there's no officials there's no officials that coach K will be able to work and make afraid of him you know it'll be an even playing court you know so I don't know if he'll be able to handle any of that smoke oh he's got a direct line down to the officials locker room so that won't be a problem uh that they'll be they'll be able to intimidate them just with his just with his his former presence in the building uh yeah I don't think that'll be a problem damn I did not expect the answer to the question that I said I even had the soundbite cut and everything you know I played it for the guest I set it up I I and then um I just had no idea the broadside was uh was part of this thing Jay I also thought you were gonna say coach K Kink uh is the other one I go to the games because he's gonna be coaching oh that's that's so he's already gonna be in the building I think he's done I yeah I think he's done with all that stuff uh but but you know I like I would like to see him go to the games if he wants to but I don't know that he's able to do anything that he used to do when he was just a normal joke like I don't think he goes to the grocery store uh he he goes out to dinner but but you know it's usually a private room type thing when he goes to dinner and uh and and I I can't remember I don't think he knows any of the rules for uh you know commercial air travel anymore um you know liquids and all that stuff because I don't think he's been in a commercial airport and uh in 20 years but uh you know I know like I think he'd like to go to the games but but I I do think it would be a distraction people be looking at him trying to get his autograph and all that stuff it's kind of like when you go to games right yeah Jay is on fire today all right Jay I appreciate I see you I see you I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night with uh who's on who's on the set with you I'm really keen to know who you're on the set with tomorrow night who cares it's called the NBA draft with Jay Willis no that's right oh I mean you'll be bringing your thesaurus for Woj to tip his picks with different uh ways of saying the words uh about to select I love that that's my favorite part of the night is his twitter feed like that that's good stuff my favorite part is looking at twitter to see the drinking games that get established every time I say wingspan which is going to be a lot in this draft the amount of drunk people watching there will be faces hitting the floor before the 10th pick well what's the over under on Chet Holmgren's wingspan mentions that's got to be what we'll set that at three and a half what do you think just for general oh easily easily all right like one year uh after these drinking games were established I did not say the word wingspan the whole draft I came up with other things I would say you know great linear extent in space things like that and uh the whole draft I didn't say it one time I can't remember how long ago that was that was a that was a tremendous sort of challenge on my part huge upset all right Jay I look forward to watching you tomorrow night um hit him straight after all that and then when you're back here in LA let me know I'd love to have you up here as always in person thanks for the call looking forward to it Rich I'll be there thank god that's Jay Bellis right here on the Rich Eisen show with Chris Brockman TJ Jefferson and Jason Feller thank you and not Mike Del Tufo what an all-star appearance from oh he was uh he was feeling it Jay Bellis also just a quick correction Sean Bradley's John Bradley's still with us but he was in a terrible accident I know that let's take a break right here on the Rich Eisen show a um uh a pop culture anniversary is going to spark a conversation here right the big uh big uh anniversary for one of our favorite sports movies although some people think it's not a sports movie that's coming up next on the Rich Eisen show back here on our program the Callaway Rogue Irons there's four different types you should go check them out certainly there's one for you if you're a low to mid handicapper there's a spot for you low to mid single digit handicappers have Rogue ST Pro put that on your hand and and get even lower on your card go ahead if you are a mid to high handicapper go grab the Max OS that's the best game improvement model that Callaway is putting out there with their new Rogue ST Irons if you're somebody with a slower swing speed and you need something that is totally lightweight with wider souls and the something that's their most high forgiving iron there's the Max OS light there's the Rogue ST Max designed for the widest range of players just know that the Rogue ST Irons that come in four different offerings all use artificial intelligence on high strength 450 stilts the only irons ever to do so so no other irons perform like the new Rogue ST Irons find your Rogue ST Irons at go Rogue we just showed to our peacock audience Ralph Macchio appearing here in 2018 in advance or just as Cobra Kai was hitting YouTube for the first time sparking a spectacular run for that show and a bit of nostalgia because everybody loves Karate Kid which by the way hit a theater near you today for the first time 38 years ago 38 years ago so that got us to thinking because we've already been down this road before sure about is it a about is it a sports movie or not I mean it really is about a coming of age story it's about a fish out of water story it's about a kid who doesn't have a dad but finds a dad in somebody who who makes him more confident and makes him a terrific competitor in the field of karate used him to just clean up his house yes all of his paint the fence wax on wax off and but of course it does end in a cinema competition a sporting event yes does that make it a sports movie I say no actually it's more like a like a teen high school there's so many different ways to look at the karate kid it's great but we're going to look at it in terms of what Chris today we're at it in terms of a fictional sporting events though smith and I were talking this morning which fictional sporting event would you have most liked to attend ah so we're talking about the all valley karate championship some other ones billy chapel's perfect game from for the love of the game costner uh the how about the cons versus the guards in the original longest yard I mean where would you I mean we're not we're not thinking about where you're attending this right well how you're how you're attending this are you are you are you are you a prisoner uh no I was thinking more of the fan okay so you get to leave the penitentiary you get to go home after all right so now now now I'm interested how about the 51 Indiana high school basketball out of state championship get a seat in butler in the butler field house hickory against south bend central okay uh some other ones we're thinking about rocky versus drago how about the championship game and the mighty ducks you ever do you have a two cents on this one tj yeah you know me but mine are always there was it was there was there a sporting event in the last boy scout that I missed yeah we're yeah but I don't want to talk about that because I want to ruin the movie for you uh Rudy obviously right off the bat that is fictional you know remember the titans strong side left side just to be there with coach Boone and those kids or I don't know like maybe one of Henry Rowan Gartner starts and by the way we got to open the phone lines to this eight four four two oh four rich I've got one the two-on-two basketball tournament and white man can't jump that was the next one I was gonna say it's not a sporting event it isn't for hoopers it is I mean if that counts if that counts then I would want to be one of those people on the train that got off the train to watch a young Roy Hobbs strike out the whammer in three pitches that's not an event I would have loved to have seen Roy Hobbs strike out the whammer on three pitches max mercy behind the plate calling balls and strikes so why is that not I think that counts that's not it well it's not an event it's a sporty the event the event in the movie is that I'd want to be there for was the knights versus Pittsburgh I assume pirates uh pennant the the championship game between those two teams and Roy Hobbs breaking the the lights okay that's what I that's what I would want to attend in the stands you know not standing room only like Glenn Close you know about that's what I that's the baseball one I'd want to be at the final table at the Cincinnati kid right you want to do final table how you're not at the final table in rounders right now we're talking you want to be in KGB's lair well he's going heads up with Mike McD see but that's what like an event like the the all valley karate tournament is a big event right it's an event right that's what I'm saying like are we it's any anything to do with anything in a movie event yeah just any sporting thing in a movie like a slap game and slap shot yeah can't do miracle real thing really that's true space space but you could definitely do you you could definitely do Rudy because that wasn't real they're definitely real I mean I there's video apparently wants to hit me as you know you need to fight Rudy for charity you know what I mean you've got to disrespect me Collinsworth looking dude in the slacks right there eight four four two oh four rich number two I don't get calls on the running man in this I don't know if I'm in the crowd at the running man yeah I mean I don't know that's a very dystopic future by the way shout out to that old lady who wanted to bet Ben Richards because she was she knew her well as you know that changed the world she knew that changed the world she was a big winner I I would have how about this I would just show up just so I could get a version of the running man home game that Richard Dawson handed out and then tap out I'd want out I want in and then in one out of that world unless just long enough for the home game and to meet meet Maria Conchita Alonzo of course well that goes without saying basketball finale baseball that's a good one I don't know we should call Dan Patrick he was there for that how about Gryffindor wins the Quidditch Cup and Harry Potter oh okay nobody beat me at Quidditch you just went Quidditch poor Adam's sitting back there thinking he's gonna have an easy day but now their phone lines are literally four four two oh four rich number to dial Brockman hook and ladder and Friday night light season was you don't want to be part of that world it's a very awful future you don't be part of that you don't want to be part of that okay I would think like you'd have to really want to be there like I would want to go grab you know get one of those straw hats and sit in the stands waiting for Roy Hobbs to hit the the light stanchion back when people wore suits to baseball oh gosh yes you know me I would be Natalie clad it's too hot but in the meantime I'd want to get off that train and watch uh Roy Hobbs at the very young age I mean seriously poor poor Adam just six phone immediately four four two oh four rich Friday night lights Brockman you know many Friday night lights like Saracen to Riggins to Smash and season one the hook and ladder do you want to go to that over another I mean I know we're throwing them out Friday night lights season one is like every play was a hail mary to end the game it was great it's a great season it was a great hell of a season amazing you know how about the bourbon bowl water boy oh okay good one varsity blues shout out Daniel Kramer just what part of varsity blues would you want to attend is that was that an event the whipped cream yeah I mean it was they were at the gun club alley larder was it was front and center that okay that was that event I don't think that's an event it was not an event I want to see the return to Shep and above the rim I'll say it might have been an event after you watch the movie hey Lane Johnson coming up people for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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