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REShow: Matt Paras - Hour 3

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June 24, 2022 3:43 pm

REShow: Matt Paras - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 24, 2022 3:43 pm

Dan Schwartzman is in for Rich. Let’s talk some NFL Football, the Stanley Cup Final and Yankees Slugger Aaron Judge gets a new deal.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Good Dan, how about you? No complaints, no complaints. That's good, we don't want to hear them anyway so... That'll wrap it up for this show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

That's a fact. We don't want to hear the complaints. We don't want to hear it.

We absolutely don't want to hear the complaints. The Rich Eisen Show with guest host Dan Schwartzman. And now sitting in for Rich... Hit the drop! It's Dan Schwartzman. Oh that is right, hour three. Dan Schwartzman in for Rich Eisen. The Rich Eisen Show here on a Friday.

Want to get to the Washington commanders here. What a terrible week for them and the NFL it was but there is news in baseball. Aaron Judge and the Yankees have settled their arbitration hearing and they apparently avoided it right before it began and that was supposed to be at noon eastern time. They agree on a one-year 19 million dollar contract. He was asking for 21.

Yankees were offering 17. He doesn't just get the 19 million which is the halfway point. Also he could make an additional 250,000 by winning an MVP award. He's the favorite right now and an additional 250,000 for being World Series MVP. They have the best record in baseball so maybe he does line up for both of those. He could make 19 and a half million dollars. Not too bad as I guess you can say he wins his arbitration case without actually going to arbitration.

We'll get to Judge a bit later on. Also the NBA draft. My thoughts on that. But boy oh boy what a week for the Washington commanders. Not a good one nor the NFL. Congress of course has taken up this case about the workplace I guess alleged abuses within the front office of the commanders and man a lot of concern.

Let's head down there. Commanders be reported for the Washington Times. Matt Paris joining us and now what's the reaction in that area? The Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC area when it comes to the name Dan Snyder these days?

Well it's kind of been the same as it has been in recent years. They just can't stand the guy. Obviously this scandal has intensified that but a lot of people in the area, a lot of fans just really despise him and it's kind of a long-running joke in town that if you were to ever sell the team they would throw a parade down constitution as if they were going to the Super Bowl because it's not bad. You know what really was shocking to me looking at this testimony in this case was Roger Goodell obviously he's right he can't just remove Dan Snyder as an owner he can recommend it but the other owners have to vote and 24 have to agree to get him out before he can be let out and that's going to be tough to do they don't want to set that precedence but he kind of was wishy-washy in terms of who's running the team right? Dan Snyder's not supposed to be I believe right? His wife is supposed to be running it as part of his penalty but is he running it? I mean do we actually know if Dan Snyder has retaken the reins because Roger Goodell didn't seem to know. Right well so just to back up a little bit when the NFL first announced their decision their findings from Beth Wilkinson's investigation last summer they said that Dan Snyder would be voluntarily taking a leave of absence from the day-to-day operations of the franchise for and they classified that for several months so it technically wasn't a suspension but there's been this weird language that Roger Goodell is used saying that Snyder hasn't been around the team for a year to the best of his knowledge but that's just not everything that I've heard you know I've had someone reach out to me to directly dispute what Goodell has said that Snyder has been involved in the day-to-day that he remains involved in the big decisions and stuff like that and you know even Ron Rivera their coach has referenced talking to the Snyder's talking to Dan Snyder throughout the season I don't necessarily know if that means he's at the facility every day I think it's pretty rare when he makes an appearance but he's still involved in the major decisions of the franchise and what you would call the day-to-day you know it's amazing to me when you look at this whole situation Matt that you know you have a big market team like the Washington commanders a incredibly loyal fan base my deceased aunt and uncle were huge Washington fans the players you know look Ron Rivera is a players coach people like playing for him right you saw that in Carolina guys gravitate toward him if it wasn't for him would players just not want to play here because of Dan Snyder oh you know that that's always the the question of whether Washington could attract those situations I mean you know Washington wanted to pursue big-time quarterbacks this offseason before landing Carson Wentz I think Russell Wilson was really their guy and Wilson had a no trade clause and he didn't want to come to Washington you know he made that pretty clear so yeah I think Snyder definitely had something to do with that I don't know how much that affects the league wide reputation but they haven't landed that star caliber quarterback even though they've been aggressive for him and I think that's one of the reasons commanders beat reporter for the Washington Times Matt Parrish joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show Dan Schwartzman in for Rich on this Friday what also was interesting in this hearing was in the 29 pages released by the oversight committee they seem to indicate that the NFL kind of helped Dan Snyder maybe not in the shadow investigation but in potentially possibly covering up some stuff from the Beth Wilkinson investigation is that how you read it as well that the NFL potentially could have been culpable as well yeah so what the house committee alleges or what they found what they found in their report is that Roger Goodell there was originally an agreement between the law firm that the NFL hired and the NFL that when Beth Wilkinson's report was done she would deliver that in a written report a written report would be released and it would be compiled based on her findings but through the process Goodell said that he only wanted the findings to be delivered orally that you know Goodell claims it's to protect the confidentiality of the people involved lawmakers pushed back against that idea saying why couldn't you just redact the names like you did with the Miami Dolphins for instance other leagues have taken that route as well with confidentiality and Goodell said that that redaction doesn't always work in his line of business is there oh he said something along to those effects so yeah it's a point of contention for sure does Dan Snyder look he's an embarrassment to the NFL at this point let's not let's not mince words he's clearly an embarrassment to the NFL he does not shine a good light on a league where a lot has happened in terms of CTE and and the arrogance in issues like this is he a step closer to being out or do you think it's very hard to think of Dan Snyder actually losing control of this team or being forced to sell the way that the the McCourt's were forced to sell by major league baseball and of course uh Donald Sterling was forced to sell the Clippers by the NBA if you were a betting man Matt and I'm not saying you are is Dan Snyder potentially in danger of losing this team it honestly just define it depends on how these active investigations um what what they uncover there are four investigations right now that are going on there's one from the NFL there are two from the attorney generals or attorneys general from uh DC and Virginia and there are and there's one from Congress as well so that they uncover um you know more serious allegations or find validity in those allegations then yeah maybe the owners could take action but as of now what is known publicly um you know we've seen if 40 if the NFL didn't issue a formal suspension or take serious action after more than 40 women said they were sexually harassed while working for the team then you know it's hard to it's hard to see them taking additional action but yeah I would I don't know how realistic of a possibility it is but I'm not going to rule it out at this point just because of how how serious these allegations are they have the Dan Snyder issue of course but also Jack Del Rio being fined a hundred thousand dollars for comments he made regarding January 6th and uh BLM protests is he going to be on the sideline I mean the NFL is a minority heavy league obviously is that a point of contention within the locker room is that something that potentially could flare up in training camp I don't I I don't think so I mean what you can't say about ronder various culture and what he's built in Washington is that they they do have a lot of good soldiers so to speak they'll kind of follow his lead and they all when they spoke to the press about Del Rio's comments they all kind of had the same message they were all very disciplined in saying that look you know it's not going to be an issue guys have different political opinions we don't may not have to respect them but you know I do think there are guys that disagree with it but um I I think they'll find a way to to move past this you know Rivera did take the did uh find Del Rio um and I think Del Rio went his lesson you know he he deleted his twitter account so as long as there aren't more statements um made or anything like that I think they'll be able to move past this but yeah it was a it was a serious mark on the franchise for sure isn't it amazing last question Matt isn't it amazing that with all of this going on off the field with Dan Snyder congressional hearings Jack Del Rio $100,000 fine there's actually a product on the field that people believe can be pretty good and some of that may rely on what happens with Terry McLaurin now what's the latest with him is he expected to be there in training camp or is this going to be a prolonged issue where he wants a new contract and they haven't agreed to one yet yeah we we don't really know at this point whether he plans on showing up now the NFL has made it harder in recent years for guys to hold out they've increased uh the find but I think Washington is they've maintained a level of optimism that they can get this done they did so with Jonathan Allen last year their star defensive lineman um right before training camp they've kind of thrown around a similar timeline of when this might get done from a quorum but you know you you look around the NFL and look at how the wide receiver market has exploded this off season I think it's really complicated discussions and they reportedly remained far apart right now so you know who knows at this point but um I think Rivera has he's still pretty confident that this will get done I'm a quorum side I don't know are they confident Carson Wentz Indy was and that of course ended quickly the Eagles loved him at first that ended quickly there's also seemingly a locker room issue that may have ended his stay quickly in Indianapolis what have you seen from Carson Wentz so far and uh what are your expectations out of him yeah you know I thought you you see the upgrade over Taylor Heinecke at the very least you know he has a big arm you see those things that you understand why the coaching staff and the front office was kind of willing to take a chance on Carson Wentz and so far they've said nothing but good things I thought throughout the OTA sessions and minicamp he played relatively well now he kind of faltered down the stretch during minicamp but he was a little bit more inconsistent but you know that's not necessarily an indication we don't know what he was trying out per se and learning a new scheme but so far they've been impressed with him and as long as he can get average level of quarterback play or above average you know Washington hasn't really had that since Kurt Cousins was under center so they really like that the playmakers around him and they think he can unlock a different level of their offense wow what a team hard knock should be there let me tell you hard knock should be there with all the drama going on around that organization matt paris covers the commanders for the washington times matt appreciate it my friend have a great weekend okay thank you thank you for having me how about that what a um I don't want to say a train wreck because they're actually a decent product on the field although I'm not a Carson Wentz guy I don't know what happened there ever since he had that injury in philly uh toy that ACL you know misses super bowl Nick Foles goes and wins it for them yeah Carson Wentz the the the shine has worn off guy was supposed you know second overall pick was supposed to be that franchise quarterback was supposed to be a guy that changed the fortunes there and that wore off he goes to Indianapolis they reunite him with Frank Reich who was his OC with the Eagles statistically he played fine you watched the games though he really didn't and then seemingly there was some sort of an issue in the locker room and if you read the quotes from certain members of the front office it seems that that may have been more the contributing factor as to why Carson Wentz was let go but now he's with Washington and uh they're hoping that he kind of reverts back to what we saw in Philadelphia early in his career I'm not going to count on that though I mean I thought Indy was a perfect situation for him and that didn't work out that's a different fan base in Washington you know Washington is a volatile fan base they are a loyal crazy rabid fan base and if Carson Wentz doesn't play well or doesn't seem to be turning the fortunes of this team they're going to run him out of town like he's not going to survive like they will run him out of town it's funny how those the first two picks of that 2016 draft they're both of them and neither one of them are any good you know we learned from that that Sean McVay is legitimately an offensive genius and made Jared Goff look like a good NFL quarterback right and then when he realized I cannot do smoke and mirrors anymore and this kabuki show has to end he ships him off brings in Matt Stafford who always showed great attributes but had big faults that they never corrected in Detroit McVay takes him and what does he do makes him into a Super Bowl winning court Sean McVay is a Hall of Fame coach right yeah I would think so young guy he is a Hall of Fame coach he is an offensive genius he is what you truly call a quarterback guru you know they throw around that term so loosely oh he's a quarterback guru no when it comes to Sean McVay what he has proven to us is that he is legitimately a quarterback guru he made Jared Goff look competent and he turned Matt Stafford into what everybody thought he could be coming out of Georgia which is a superstar quarterback and almost won a Super Bowl with Jared Goff almost yeah the smoke and mirrors can only take you so far right and what is Goff in Detroit unbelievable unbelievable oh and Carson Wentz showed it early and that was it third team already for him think about it Goff's on his second team Carson Wentz is on his third team it's hard to truly find a franchise quarterback it really is Raiders have like it's rare the Raiders yeah you have the fourth best quarter you have the the fourth the fifth best quarterback in your division or fourth there's only four teams oh yeah so you're the fifth no I'm kidding Pat Mahomes is better Justin Herbert's better Russell Wilson's better I'm not sure the fourth best quarterback in the division can truly be called a franchise quarterback buddy the Raiders will be back we made the playoffs last year they did congratulations yeah I don't know about that I think four teams are making it from that division no exactly guess who's gonna be on the outside looking in your Raiders will be on the outside looking in hate to tell you no come on come on you know I'm right you know I'm right it's on you right now you know I am correct all right last night was the NBA draft two rounds of course at the Barkley Center in New York who's the winner who's the loser and which player truly ended up in that perfect situation to succeed I have all the answers for you next Dan Schwartzman on a Friday filling in for Rich Eisen right here on the Rich Eisen Show it is the Rich Eisen Show on a Friday Dan Schwartzman in for rich I'll be back uh first week of July for a couple of shows as well looking forward to that always a fun time sitting in for rich deserving few days off for him NBA draft was yesterday at the Barkley Center in Brooklyn New York and here's the funny thing about it you know when you watch the NFL draft a lot of it is the run-up to the draft right you have the combine if you're an NFL fan you follow the combine chances are you know enough about college football so you know the star players and because you've heard the name recognition over the months leading up to the draft you know the names so out of the 32 first round picks you know a bunch of these guys right you probably know at least 26 27 guys maybe 25 in the NBA draft last night the 30 picks of the first round I would venture to guess unless you are a die-hard college basketball fan you don't know half these players maybe even more than half these players you have no idea who they are do you know who Peyton Watson is Patrick Baldwin Jr Blake Wellesley Wesley David Roddy Walker Kessler Jake La Ravia Terry Eason do you know these guys Maliki Branum I mean come on right you don't it's honestly pretty insane when you're watching an NBA draft and frankly outside of a handful of players you're like who is this guy Osmani Dieng from the New Zealand Breakers who Jeremy Soken from Baylor Dyson Daniels a G leaguer again no idea no idea that's why it's so hard to think like is this guy any good because you really never watched these guys half these like look on that college football Saturday you're gonna see a lot of the top guys because let's face it a lot of the top draft picks are from the big conferences the big schools right Alabama has five six guys taken Ohio State's got four guys taken between those two schools you have almost a third of the first round so you've seen these guys play like oh yeah that guy's really good I watched him play a couple of Saturdays and I'm like oh yeah that guy's I watched him play a couple of Saturdays when it comes to college basketball you probably haven't watched these guys at all or very few of these players you watched how many games you watch Keegan Murray playing for Iowa and by the way he was the fourth overall pick yeah Paolo Bancaro you watched because he went to Duke so it's interesting when you're watching this draft and these names are popping up and you really have no idea and then you watch the Nick fans who are there it's right there for them right and they draft this kid Osmani Dieng from New Zealand you're like who the heck is this guy no one knows everybody's booing the way that they booed Kristaps Porzingis years ago and they you know he ended up being obviously a really good player for them before he talked his way out of town but it's incredible that with an 11th overall pick they draft a guy you have no idea who he is never does that happen in an NFL draft where the 11th guy taking you're like who is this guy never saw him play no clue then again of course the NBA is obviously an international global sport NFL is not but I always find that I know I've gone off on like a tangent here on this but uh I've always found that very very interesting that you don't know half the players that are being picked in a first round of the NBA draft usually maybe even more yeah no idea the only way I knew them is because I worked for Westwood One here and right we we had exclusive rights to the to the NCAA tournament right so we did all the things I remember him yeah yeah that's the only one Mark Williams I remember that name from the tournament that's right but if you didn't do that you have no idea who half these guys are I'm a sports fan I don't know half these guys I I will readily admit it and that's why when it comes to winners or losers and everybody has to be you know first with their winners and losers who who made a good pick who didn't make a good pick should Paulo Bancaro have gone number one overall to Orlando should they have taken Jabari Smith Jr which Vegas thought was the pick should they have taken shed Holmgren from Gonzaga number one did they make a mistake or not who the heck knows no one knows right now all we know is there's a consensus top three of Bancaro Holmgren and Smith that was the consensus top three you knew those guys were those guys were going one two and three the only question was in what order are they going one two and three there didn't seem to be a doubt that that was the first three picks now Orlando did a great job of smoke screens I guess because most people again I believe even Adrian Wojnarowski who is you know the god when it comes to the information I think he also believed it was going to be originally Jabari Smith wasn't the case but when it comes to winners or losers we'll know in a couple of years but I do have two winners and they're not actual teams the first winner is the University of Duke or Duke University and why because they had four guys taken in the first 26 picks they had five total players taken in this draft because Trevor Keels went in the second round to the Knicks four guys in the first round one guy in the second round and when it comes to the recruiting aspect of college basketball which is half the game right you got to bring in talented players to then try to nurture that talent to win games what a sales pitch you want to go hey kid I'm sitting on your your couch or I'm meeting with you in your high school coach's office and I'm going to give you my recruiting pitch here it is we just had four guys taken in the first round and we think you're the next guy to be that okay coach sign me up okay Mr. Shire I'll coach Shire I'll do it please I'll be there you got these guys I'll be there you got these guys to the NBA I'll be there I worked under coach Yeshefsky I helped get these oh sold I'm in it's like when Saban walks in okay I've had uh 30 first round picks in the last six years I'm making that number up but it's probably actually fairly close okay coach I know you can get me to the NFL you can nurture my skills in college for three years and I'll be out of here as a junior in a first round pick thank you very much where do I sign on uh you know my national letter of intent because kids all want to go to the next level right they want to be NBA players if you're good enough to have Duke recruiting you you know you're you're one step closer to the NBA if Alabama's recruiting you for college football you're a step closer to the NFL right and that's what these kids want they want to go play and showcase their talent for the least amount of years possible in college and then go make millions of dollars Duke yesterday proved that that's where you go because they had four guys taken in the first round Kentucky had two Kansas had two and I believe that's it in terms of schools with multiple first round picks Arizona had two right they had two guys as well pick number six and pick number 18 and I believe that's it for the teams with multiple picks and of course Duke had four so they're a winner clearly the other winner to me is Chet Holmgren Chet Holmgren from Gonzaga went to the perfect situation he's not the number one pick so he doesn't have the pressure of being that number one pick and when you're the Orlando Magic picking number one you're three for three you've actually never failed with a number one overall pick the three guys that they have picked number one in their career is Shaquille O'Neal Chris Weber and Dwight Howard okay they shipped Weber on draft night to the I forgot for Penny Hardaway I guess it was what Sacramento and Penny Hardaway was a great player so they've never flunked having the first pick in a draft and Paolo Bancaro has to now try to live up that legacy of being the fourth guy and not being a failure and being in the same class as Shaq Chris Weber and Dwight Howard all great players Chet Holmgren goes number two less pressure being the number two pick he also goes to Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City is one of the smallest if not the smallest media market in the NBA so how's that beneficial less media attention right less pressure more opportunity to succeed through failure you go to a place like New York or LA or a place like that your your window to fail is a heck of a lot smaller than it is in a place like OKC as of 2020 OKC 649 821 residents okay I think that is the smallest market not that Orlando is a big market but I believe that is the smallest market in the NBA I may be off by one or two cities but most of the other cities that have an NBA team are bigger markets actually Orlando smaller to 284,000 but in terms of the area the complete area is that just city limits city limits okay I think Orlando will claim areas around there so I'm not sure how that worked maybe it's media market size I think OKC is smaller yeah but whatever it is like what it is though but all right here's the thing like Chet Holmgren can have games right here where he's absolutely awful and he'll have time to you know learn more skill he'll have time to develop his skill more than if he was the number one pick where he went to a top market okay in OKC they can put up with him failing here and there and be more patient than anywhere else so I think that's a benefit for Chet Holmgren who's coming out as a you know as a freshman he came out after just one year he also has to put weight on he they list him at a buck 95 I've heard that he's closer to buck 85 at seven feet tall he's very skinny but he does play that he's bigger you know he's a guy who does play defense he will block shots he does challenge you and that's what I love about his game I think he is the best player in this draft he should have gone number one overall I think Orlando made a big mistake I think in terms of pure ability and pure upside Chet Holmgren's the best player in this draft you're gonna see it and I think he's gonna be a star in the NBA I think his skill set translates to today's NBA uh ridiculously well he can shoot he's like a 40 shooter from three-point land he's got an inside game he does play defense he will be an all NBA defensive player multiple times uh he will challenge you they will put him on a NBA weightlifting program a nutritional program they will add some bulk and they can tailor the bulk today to where he's not just gonna add bulk and it will hurt his mobility his you know his overall game I think it only enhances it so I think he's in a perfect position also remember the comps for Chet Holmgren one of the names that keeps coming up and it's unfair to compare these guys is Kevin Durant all right Kevin Durant's one of the greatest players in the history of basketball it's kind of hard to compare a guy to Kevin Durant but the comparison is there height Durant was skinny when he came out Giannis Antetokounmpo is another guy that he's compared to a guy who was pretty much just as skinny when he came out and needed a couple years Holmgren I think's more developed at this age because he played big time d1 college basketball at Gonzaga uh you know Antetokounmpo is playing in Greece different and Milwaukee was a perfect setting for him to kind of learn the first couple years before he emerged as a superstar caliber player and as one of the best players we've ever seen Giannis Antetokounmpo two-time NBA MVP so when you look at those types of comps you know Oklahoma City had Kevin Durant from his second year on so you think they kind of have an understanding as to how to take the skill set and maximize it so I think for Holmgren that's another reason why to me he ends up in the best possible scenario of any of the top players that came out he is set up to succeed big time here you know Bancaro's in Orlando not a big media market you don't have a thousand reporters that are going to surround him win or lose you'll have the same four or five guys so it's a little bit cozier but he's a number one pick there's added pressure being the number one pick right Jabari Smith goes to Houston that's such a train wreck right now anyway that I think the expectation is like if he fails we'll blame it on the organization not on him fair or not I think that's how people kind of view it which is hey it won't be his doing if he fails it's the fact that Houston's a train wreck right now and if Chet Holmgren had gone to Houston I'd probably say the same thing he probably is not going to succeed there because of the organization it's like going to the New York Knicks right like how many guys have gone to the New York Knicks it's a place where like young players careers go to die they just there's not any good R.J. Barrett may be kind of changing that O.B. Toppin may be changing that the way he played the last week of the season but in reality you kind of go there to die as a young player like a Kevin Knox right you want to hear the craziest thing Art the New York Knicks have not signed a first round pick to a second contract since Charlie Ward I think that's 1994 can you believe that that's unbelievable right like 19 I think it's like 1994 is the last time they like actually signed a first round pick to the next contract and it wasn't as if Charlie Ward was any good by the way you know it's not like he was a great Heisman Trophy quarterback he was you know a good point guard Florida State first round pick but it wasn't like he was a great NBA player had a lengthy career but he wasn't a great player but the Knicks have been so bad drafting that they have not drafted a guy worthy of a second contract since Charlie Ward I mean come on Stephen A calls the Knicks a disaster did you see him yesterday with Spike Lee after the Knicks pick I the strategy of what they did which is like let's accumulate more draft picks they have 11 first round and 11 second round picks in the next seven years okay whoop-dee-doo if you can't draft it doesn't matter how many picks you have but to free up cap room they gave away you know they they got rid of Kemba Walker and by doing so they had to give up Jalen Duran as the 13th Duran you know camp Jalen Duran I believe the 13th pick out of Memphis they shipped him to Detroit with Kemba Walker's contract and they're doing it to free up money to make a run at Jalen Brunson who you know Mark Cuban who owns the Dallas Mavericks where Brunson plays has pretty much said we're not gonna let him go we'll pay him if you're the Knicks and you've made these moves and you have not added any talent to this team because well you didn't draft anybody that's playing for you right you draft this Osmani Dean kid 11th overall and he ends up in OKC and then you actually get the rights to the 13th overall pick in Jalen Duran but you actually then just ship those rights to Detroit Trevor Keels is the only draft pick that's part of this team and there's no guarantee makes the roster he's a second round pick he might be playing in the G League the fact is like you're not a good team right that's why you're drafting 11th and you're putting all your eggs in the Jalen Brunson basket because you need a point guard well what if you don't get him then what that's why Stephen A. Smith is putting his head in his hands going what is going on with my team and Spike Lee shaking his head and is Jalen Brunson really that good like you want to give this guy 25 mil because he had one nice season and a great postseason run for Dallas like you know how many times have we seen a player play well for a stretch that ends up getting him a contract and then never kind of replicating that success maybe he's a guy that's now playing at a higher level and by the way the Knicks have really tried to make this as Jalen Brunson friendly as possible he just hired his his uh his father to be an assistant coach under uh Thibodeau they're trying to lay out this red carpet welcome man saying come play for us please we'll free up the money and we even have your father on staff here so if Leon Rose who was a super agent right he built CAA I believe it was if he was a super agent who's now running this team can't even get a Jalen Brunson to come over he's a useless GM literally a useless GM if he can't even get Jalen Brunson who I believe by the way Leon Rose's son has something to do with Jalen Brunson too there's so many ties there that if he doesn't land Jalen Brunson Leon Rose better just pack his office and leave if he lands him and pays him a ton and he stinks he should pack up his office and leave in that scenario as well it's that simple that's what's going on winners losers I can't tell you it's too early to say Yankees and Aaron Judge have settled arbitration the Chicago Blackhawks have themselves a new head coach I'll tell you what interesting stuff out there game number five will the Avalanche lock up the Stanley Cup tonight we wrap things up next Dan Schwartzman in for Rich Eisen it's a Friday edition of the Rich Eisen Show wrapping things up it's a Friday here the Rich Eisen Show Dan Schwartzman in for Rich news today Aaron Judge and the Yankees avoid arbitration at the last minute a hearing was scheduled for noon and they settle right before the hearing begins Yankees had offered 17 million this year he had made about 10 million dollars last year so he gets about a seven million dollar raise in the Yankee offer Judge had asked for 21 million they settle at the halfway point of 19 million dollars so he gets a nine million dollar raise not bad right I mean it's a it's a good year's work and he gets two potential bonuses he can make 250 000 by winning an MVP award an additional 250 000 for being the World Series MVP by the way two doable things for Judge he could make upwards of 19.5 million dollars this year at worst he's making 19 again not a bad year's work now now you told me you told me earlier in the first hour that the arbitrators couldn't read any articles couldn't watch anything about no no they could watch no they're just not allowed to use what he's done this year how could they not I mean you know he's MVP already yeah but they're not supposed to use it obviously it's you know a human mind is a human mind and you have to be an idiot not to realize Aaron judges on pace for over 60 home runs right now and he's clearly the league MVP he's got 27 home runs I mean what he's done is and yesterday a game-winning hit again for the Yankees they score four in the ninth off the hated Astros and you know look he continues to absolutely rake he's got five more home runs than Jordan Alvarez who's number two I mean think about having a five home run lead in the race right now that's huge you know that's a lot he's gonna have you know over 30 home runs by the all-star break by by 81 games he's gonna have over 30 home runs at his pace he's got 11 games get to 81 he's got 27 home runs the guy's been the MVP in this league he's been flat out ridiculous he's also hitting 300 so you know the one thing is that maybe you can read from this arbitration settlement and remember in April he turned 30 so Aaron judge is kind of old to be getting that first big contract like trout Bryce Harper guys like that were like 26 years old when they got that huge contract so you're like all right I'll give you 10 years because by the time you're 36 I think you can still play at a high level but if Aaron judge is looking for 10 million you know 10-year contract you're saying okay well if he's 30 now and I'm paying him till he's 40 or 41 what happens the last three or four years I mean he's gonna break down right Aaron judges had a problem staying healthy since his rookie year when he played 155 games he played 112 102 28 games of course that was COVID shortened last year 148 games and this year he's been healthy he's played you know 68 games out of the 70 but he's missed a lot of games let's not kid ourselves he's missed a ton of games so there comes a point you say to yourself okay am I gonna trust Aaron judge to stay healthy do I want to give him a 10-year contract but if you're the Yankees the ray of light is this Aaron judge could have let arbitration take its course and could have walked away with 21 you know 21 million dollar deal I mean Aaron judge last year hit 287 39 homers 98 RBIs in 148 games so in essence he hit 290 with 40 home runs and 100 ribbies that's worth 21 million dollars in today's major league baseball he had a war of 5.9 the guy absolutely raked so okay I mean do the math on it and people continue to think that Aaron judge will literally just aim for the highest dollar amount that is offered to him next offseason to determine where he's gonna play but maybe this shows you that's not the case so what I mean by that is this you know Aaron judge is in a profound position to literally have taken the torch pass from Derek Jeter the last great Yankee right when you think of the great Yankees of Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig Joe DiMaggio Mickey Mantle right Reggie Jackson to Derek Jeter you know guys like that the next in that line of greatness in the lineage is Aaron judge and that means something don't call it arrogance it's just truthful when you think about the Yankees and their history they are far and away the greatest franchise in baseball history it's not even a debate they've won so many they've lost more world series I think the next team's won world series okay no joke they're the Wayne Gretzky of baseball they're so far ahead of everybody else you know Gretzky's point total is so far ahead of number two the Yankees world series total is so far ahead of number two it's like 27 to like 10 or 9 or whatever the heck it is not even close so Aaron judge has that ability to be the next guy to be in monument park to have his number 99 retired to have at least a plaque to come back in old timer's day and be beloved by all never pay for a meal in New York but if he leaves this off season because he literally searches for the highest dollar amount and the fans perceive that the Yankees made him a fair offer and he decides to go to San Francisco or the Mets or the Red Sox whatever it might be because or the Dodgers because they offered him five million more bucks he kind of throws that all away right he kind of gives that up he gives that up he gives up you know monument park because he hasn't had the career of an Albert Pujols where after 10 dominant years you can leave St. Louis and take the money and know you're still going to get a statue outside the stadium and a plaque inside right like you know it and pools has gone back and he's a conquering hero and then look he will get that stay that statue and all that it's going to happen so regardless of the fact that he went and played for the angels and took that 240 million dollars because who wouldn't take that money but if judge left after this year with you know let's say 205 career home runs and you know 450 RBIs playing 700 games and not winning a world series well sorry you've had a nice Yankee career but it's not great you're not in that Derek Jeter Mickey Mantle Joe DiMaggio Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig echelon you're and you never will be but if you stay as a Yankee and you sign an eight or ten year contract and you have one of those careers where you literally just play for one team it adds to the greatness all right you know I'm saying like Kobe Bryant in another uniform would have looked very strange Kobe Bryant was a great player and I think part of the greatness is the fact that you only saw him play in one uniform there's something about guys who played in one uniform for 20 years right Jeter Kobe guys like that absolutely mystique it's a mystique exactly Aaron Judge has that chance to sign one big contract and look the Yankees are going to offer him 300 million dollars maybe somebody blows them out of the water and you say okay fine Steve Cohen of the Mets offered him 10 years 400 million hard to blame the Yankees for not matching that that's ridiculous money and by the way that could happen Steve Cohen could afford it easily but if the Yankees are from 300 million and the Giants off from 320 million and he takes the 320 over 10 years over 300 to stay at the Yankees he gives up that entire legacy is that legacy worth another 20 million bucks easy for me to sit here and say that because I'm not being offered 320 million compared to 300 or do I just take that 20 million bucks but there is something to be said of a guy that started as a Yankee in 2016 and potentially ends his career as a Yankee in 2032 at the age of 40 it kind of heightens the greatness adds to the legacy today not taking and fighting for every last dollar to get to the 21 million he asked for an arbitration may be assigned to the Yankees to say okay Aaron Judge isn't in this strictly for the money Aaron Judge potentially does understand what his legacy is and that will play somewhat of a role as long as the money's close for him staying with the Yankees it's a thought again I don't know what his rationale is or his thinking is but it is a thought game number five tonight Stanley Cup final this one is in Denver Colorado Avalanche leading the two-time defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning three games to one do I think it ends Colorado is the favorite minus 192 wrap it up raise the cup today and the hockey season yes I do think Colorado wins this series I think it's very hard for Tampa as great as they are with the better goalie who looks tired right now and Vasilevski to win three straight games including two on the road against a really really really talented team in the avalanche can they bring it back for a game seven yes they can do I hope they do because I want to see this series extended because I do believe we are witnessing the two best teams in the NHL right now playing for the Stanley Cup I do but if I was a betting man and I don't bet because I'm cheap my money would be on the Colorado Avalanche ending things they do not want this to go to a game six in Tampa they don't want Tampa to win a game six have that momentum of having won a game five on the road a game six at home to then go back to a game seven in Denver with them having all the momentum and Colorado just having the home crowd is potentially what will give them that advantage going to be a fun game number five tonight I do think the avalanche do end up locking things up and raising that cup fun as always I want to thank Scott Miller from Sirius XM talking baseball Alan Shipnick author of Phil and Matt Paris covers the commanders for the Washington Times for joining us I'll be back July 7th and 8th in for Rich Rich Eisen and I'm Dan Schwartzman have a great weekend appreciate you tuning in to the Rich Eisen show for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one well because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a baby face Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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