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REShow: Meredith Marakovits - Hour 1 (7-7-2022)

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July 7, 2022 4:07 pm

REShow: Meredith Marakovits - Hour 1 (7-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 7, 2022 4:07 pm

Dan Schwartzman fills in for Rich Eisen. Baker Mayfield trade. Carolina got the better of the deal. Meredith Marakovits of Yes Network. Covers the Yankees. Meredith cont’d and talks of Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani

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Good Dan, how about you? No complaints, no complaints. That's good, we don't want to hear them anyway so... That'll wrap it up for the show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

That's a fact. We don't want to hear the complaints. We don't want to hear it.

Absolutely don't want to hear the complaints. The Rich Eisen Show with guest host Dan Schwartzman and now sitting in for Rich... Hit the drop. It's Dan Schwartzman.

That is correct, I am back. It is great to be back in the captain's seat right here in for Rich Eisen on a Thursday. So much to get into and the irony that on Tuesday sitting down here chatting with the athletics Joe Person who of course covers the Panthers talking about the possibility of Baker Mayfield joining the Panthers from the Cleveland Browns and voila a day later maybe we're the ones that put it over the edge.

I'm kidding. Baker Mayfield pending a physical is going to be a member of the Carolina Panthers. Our buddy Art Martinez on the other side of the glass we have a loaded show for you today and let's get right going with the big trade. Now I have to be honest with you, I'd like this deal for the Carolina Panthers. They didn't give up much. They don't have to pay Baker Mayfield much. In fact you see that the Cleveland Browns were just desperate to get rid of them and to use an example of not getting value for what you have think about the fact that the Carolina Panthers have Sam Darnold on the roster right. The New York Jets cut ties with Sam Darnold after three years and for him they got themselves a second round pick and I believe a fourth round pick and the second round pick ended up being a high second round pick because Carolina stunk last year.

I believe it was the 38th pick in the draft. The Jets of course then traded up two spots to Breece Hall the running back from Iowa State. So you can say the Jets fleeced the Carolina Panthers to get Sam Darnold out of New York because he stunk and you saw it last year.

He was terrible there too. He's just not a good quarterback. Can't read a defense.

Makes poor decisions. Nice guy but just isn't an adequate NFL starting quarterback and you're seeing that and hence the Carolina Panthers realizing they needed an upgrade. Now the Cleveland Browns desperately had to get rid of field. They weren't going to pay him 18-19 million dollars which is what he was on the books to make.

Wasn't going to happen. Not when you have Deshaun Watson on a five-year 230 million dollar fully guaranteed contract although he may not play this year and probably shouldn't play this year and by the way wasn't scheduled to make a lot of money this year. It's a back-loaded contract because I think Cleveland and Deshaun Watson realized that the likelihood of him actually suiting up this year were slim to none. We're not going to get into obviously his legal troubles. Let's let that play out before we decide what to do about that but Cleveland was desperate right.

Many camps are starting shortly. You can't have Baker Mayfield who is a fiery type of personality. A guy that can really ruin a locker room if he's not in a good mood. You can't have that guy showing up knowing full well he's not going to be a part of the team either this season or next season whatever it may have been. So the Carolina Panthers waited out the Cleveland Browns and finally Cleveland at the blink and they accepted a fifth round pick that can turn into a fourth round pick in 2024 by the way not even next year. 2024 depending on playing time and Cleveland's picking up ten and a half million dollars of Baker Mayfield's salary of 18.8 million dollars next season. The Panthers are only paying 4.85 million and the rest of the money which is somewhere in the three million and change range has now been converted into incentives okay. He can make that money back which he was so desperate to get out of Cleveland he decided to give that money up. He can make it back based on team performance with incentives.

Good for Baker. You want to get out of there you're still going to make yourself 15.35 million dollars. I think you can feed the family on that. In fact if you want to live a you know a pretty good lifestyle you can actually retire on that money. You can actually retire on that money and never work again.

Just don't go buy expensive you know houses and cars. So I think the Carolina Panthers did well here. I think the Cleveland Browns did poorly here. You know you draft a guy number one overall right in what 2018 you draft a guy number one overall four years later you ship him off for a fifth round pick that at best is a fourth round pick really and Dan not only that you ship him off you're paying half his salary two-thirds of his salary two-thirds of his salary to play to play against you. I always have a problem with you know teams paying half of their salary two-thirds of their salary and then he comes back and plays against them.

It's desperation my friend. Cleveland was desperate and Baker Mayfield was desperate to get out of Cleveland. Cleveland is the black hole the graveyard of quarterbacks.

I saw a statistic that was utterly insane. It's something like Cleveland has gone through 32 starting quarterbacks in the last 20 something years okay. I mean it's insanity and Baker Mayfield's four-year run as a starting quarterback at Cleveland is like the longest run they've had since they got back from expansion in was that 1997 or 1999 I think it was drafting Tim Couch number one.

And he would have stayed he would have stayed if you wouldn't have brought in Deshaun Watson. Well now look Deshaun Watson's got a lot of problems and frankly maybe should never play in the NFL again. We'll see 26 allegations or 26 allegations. Now I don't know if you can blow them all off saying they're all lying. I highly doubt you can do that when it's 26.

One or two maybe 26 hard to do okay. A lot of red flags with Deshaun Watson. Now if Deshaun Watson was squeaky clean this is a no-brainer. Deshaun Watson is a better player than Baker Mayfield no question about he's a better player but when you're sitting there biting your fingernails to nubs if you're Cleveland hoping that Deshaun Watson isn't suspended for life from the NFL that's not a good position to be in okay because you can't take the trade back. Maybe you can void his contract but you can't ask the Houston Texans for three first round picks in return right.

Hey guys Deshaun's going to be out a long time. Can we void that trade? Can we get those picks back?

I know you used one of them but uh do you mind if we swap? Not gonna happen. Again it shows you why they're a terrible franchise right. You know it shows you why that the Cleveland Browns have really won nothing.

Unbelievable. How many playoff appearances have they had since they came back into this league in 1999? Two? I think that's the number. Two? Maybe three? I doubt it's three. I think it's two. Maybe it's one. It's pathetic.

Utterly pathetic but that's what happens when you look at an organization that can't get out of its own way and this is another example of that. You're giving away Baker Mayfield at 27 years old who just a year ago looked like he could have been something special. 26 touchdowns, eight interceptions. Not a bad season right? Cut down on those picks from 14 in his first year to 21 his second year down to eight. Not that I think Baker Mayfield is going to be an upper echelon great quarterback but can Baker Mayfield win you some games? I think he can. More than Sam Darnold and that brings up the second part of this argument okay.

Then I've heard people talking about this. Like it's amazing like it's really amazing that people really think that Sam Darnold should start over Baker Mayfield. In no universe, in no dimension should Sam Darnold start over Baker Mayfield and here's why. Baker's better. Simple enough right? Baker's a better quarterback than Sam Darnold.

That's as easy as it gets. Sam Darnold is not a good quarterback. I was a Sam Darnold fan.

I believed in him. Look I'm a New York Jet fan so obviously I hope and pray right? I hope and pray that whoever they draft turns out to be a stud. When they got Sam Darnold remember that whole thing leading up to it it was suck for Sam.

Remember that? He was gonna be that first overall pick right? Oh suck for Sam and then I remembered when the Jets pulled off that deal with the Indianapolis Colts I think it was on Valentine's Day and shipped off like you know three seconds and two firsts to move up from six to third in the draft to put themselves in position to draft a quarterback and next thing you know Baker goes first overall the Giants are on the clock and they do the unthinkable and they take a running back second overall in Saquon Barkley because you never take a running back second overall. Thank you David Gettleman and there is Sam Darnold sitting on the board and I'm thinking to myself holy moly I'm a Jet fan and we're about to get the franchise quarterback. We sucked. Not good enough to suck for Sam but apparently it worked.

Well guess what? That honeymoon ended quick and Sam Darnold after really three mediocre seasons in New York where a lot of the blame was the supporting cast and yeah by the way the Jets supporting cast was terrible and Mike McCagnan the general manager really gave him nothing to work with. I cannot fault Sam Darnold completely but there is fault there okay? Just because your receiver is not open doesn't mean you have to throw the football there okay? If he's not open don't throw the football there.

Throw it out of bounds. Darnold never understood that. So he goes to Carolina the Jets and Joe Douglas the new GM fleeces the Panthers gets a second and a fourth for Sam Darnold. He starts the season off pretty well last year by the way right? A couple of 300 yard games, a couple of touchdowns, you know played clean football, beat the Jets. Everybody thought oh my goodness the worst nightmare.

The nightmare scenario for a Jet fan. Sam Darnold is going to be awesome here in year four and we're gonna be sitting here again looking for our franchise quarterback hoping Zach Wilson's the guy. Well Sam Darnold then woke up one day and said oh my goodness I'm playing too well.

Let me look in the mirror. Oh that's right I'm a turnover machine. My name is Sam Darnold. I was a turnover machine at USC and I was a turnover machine in New York for three years.

Let's get back to that. I'm reverting back to that and sure enough Sam Darnold with 13 interceptions and four fumbles in 12 games that's the lovable Sam Darnold right? He's not good.

No more excuses. He's a backup quarterback in the NFL and by the way he will be a handsomely paid backup quarterback for the rest of his life. He's 25 years old, four years under his belt. Sam Darnold can be a backup quarterback in the NFL for another 15 years and make 150 million more dollars.

Can I have that gig? Exactly. Clipboard in hand although today it's those Microsoft tablets right? And a hat backwards. Making 10 millis season to stand on a sideline in a clean jersey hoping the starter doesn't get hurt because you don't want to go in. And sending in signals. Exactly. That's the life. Charlie Whitehurst did that in San Diego all those years and I thought man what a great tan guy. Never plays, makes good money and gets to surf every day and talk to lovely young ladies on the beach.

Gets all the girls yeah exactly. Yeah what a great life. Backup quarterback in the NFL is a great life unless you have to play. So Darnold's got a bright future ahead of him of doing nothing okay. So I'm not gonna sit here and cry for Sam Darnold who by the way he's already earned like 30 million dollars okay. He will earn close to 200 million dollars in his career for being a mediocre quarterback. Good for him.

Not gonna disparage him. But the bottom line is Baker Mayfield is a better player than Sam Darnold. What else does Darnold have to show you that he hasn't shown you in the first four years and 50 games that tells you nuh-uh that's not really Sam Darnold. The Sam Darnold I know is going to be a star quarterback in this league. Who's thinking that? And I think a lot of these quote-unquote analysts and experts who are saying no Darnold should start over Baker Mayfield. No come on I think they're just doing that for shock.

To play devil's advocate okay. Yeah. The Raiders took a chance on this one guy called Rich Gannon. I remember yeah. Okay and he he had fizzled out like a yeah and he led him to the Super Bowl.

Yeah it was a hell of a court. Didn't he win an MVP? Yes he did absolutely.

Yeah he was great. So uh what do you think? No? For Baker or for Sam Darnold? Sam Darnold.

No no no no no. Maybe if he comes to the Raiders maybe. Trust me you don't want him.

Exactly. You don't want him. He ain't no Rich Gannon. Listen take my advice I suffered three years of Sam Darnold. You don't want him. Carolina suffered a year Sam Darnold.

They don't want him. The only reason why Sam Darnold is not going to be traded or released is because they picked up that fifth year option on Sam Darnold and they owe him a fortune. Carolina's got to pay Sam Darnold like 18 million bucks this year because they picked up that option. Well you kind of have to if you're going to trade a second and a fourth round pick for a guy you got to pick up the fifth year option.

Right? Because what are you telling the fan base? We sent a premium draft pick and a decent draft pick for a guy that we don't believe in to pick up his fifth year option?

Doesn't work that way. They're stuck with Sam Darnold for a year so they'll play that game where he's in the running to be a starting quarterback. They drafted Matt Corral from Ole Miss in the third round who I like by the way. But Baker Mayfield's got to be the guy. All right. First of all if you're Baker Mayfield and you show up there and you're not the starter I mean maybe you're you know his star has fallen that much.

Which I doubt. I'm gonna say it right now Art Martinez mark my words okay. Baker Mayfield is a starting quarterback week one of Carolina Panthers. Oh it has to be. Has to be.

Because they're playing Cleveland. Are they really? Yeah. That's hilarious isn't it? That's hilarious. But no I just think he's a you go with the better player.

You don't go with the guys because you're P-R-A. September 11th. Cleveland. Thankfully it's at Carolina okay.

That's the good news for them. It's at Carolina. Imagine if it was in Cleveland and Baker Mayfield's on the field. By the way who's quarterbacking the Cleveland Browns week one?

Well that's that's another good question. They got Brisket. Brisket whatever his name is. Brisket. Brisket. Brisket.

Oh I'm hungry now. They got yeah I guess Jacoby Brisket would be quarterback one. There's no way in heck DeSean Watson's playing week one. Or if you go off go after Garoppolo he's still available. Yeah you know what I have to be honest with you like what does this mean for Garoppolo?

That's a whole nother topic. Like what happens with Garoppolo? Like he's got to be the next guy on the move right?

Like who wants him though? Like Seattle they're not Cleveland. You know San Fran's not shipping Garoppolo within the division to Seattle. I can't see that happening.

No. And they need a quarterback. But if you're Cleveland do you trade for Jimmy Garoppolo knowing that he's only a one-year rental? Well after you find out about DeSean Watson I mean when is that ruling come supposed to come down? Yeah but I mean no one expects it to be more than a year right? Like no one thinks to be like a lifetime ban or something. So if it's a year okay you have Jimmy G there for one year then what?

I don't know man. Interesting scenario. What's next now? One quarterback on the move to Carolina being Baker Mayfield. Jimmy Garoppolo is that next shoe. When does that fall and where does he go?

We'll get to that a bit later on. But Yankees winning yet again nearing 60 wins on this season. Are they really this good?

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Find out which ChromeSoft is right for you at slash ChromeSoft. We're gonna head to New York Meredith Murakhovitz. Well she's actually in Boston as the Yankees open up a four game series. Yes Network Clubhouse reporter she will join us next. Dan Schwartzman in for Rich Eisen on a Thursday right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Dan Schwartzman in for Rich Eisen the Rich Eisen Show on a Thursday. A lot to get into Major League Baseball season rolling along. We're 80 plus games in for every team. New York Yankees 59 wins the most in baseball by a whopping six games by the way. The Astros are next.

Just two other teams have 50 plus wins. The Dodgers with 52 and the Mets with 51. The Yankees in fact a 14 game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox. They open a four game set in Boston.

Kicking off tonight we head to Boston. Yes Network Yankees Clubhouse reporter Meredith Murakhovitz joining us and Meredith they have 59 wins 23 losses. They are absolutely rolling and as good as that roster really is and it wasn't good enough last year to go deep into the postseason. Are you surprised that they are this good right now? Six games better than anybody else in baseball? I mean that that's pretty good right Dan?

You know I'm just kidding. Yeah no they've been absolutely rolling. They're obviously off to a great start. I think one thing that they didn't necessarily anticipate coming into the season was the strength that their rotation is.

I think they were hopeful. I think they thought guys would produce but the way they have produced the level at which they have produced consistently has been something that has been pretty fun to watch to be honest with you. And you look at the bats in that lineup one through nine you think the offense is ultimately going to be there. But one thing that we saw last year that they really struggled with was hitting with runners in scoring position situational hitting and they relied extremely heavily on the long ball. Now when you look at the numbers the Yankees have hit a ton of home runs. I mean Aaron Judge has 30 home runs and we're not even at the all-star break yet but they've also found ways to score and manufacture runs and that's something they didn't do last season or even this season before.

Last night in particular we saw a hit and run. We saw a double steal. They're running the bases better. They're doing the little things in the margins better than they did a season ago and I believe that is the difference. You know Meredith though you mentioned the rotation and as good as it's been you know Jamison Tyone the last few starts has kind of come back down to earth. I think his ERA has risen by about a run and a half in the last five or six starts. You know Nestor Cortez righted the ship but he had about three starts in a row where he was I would say average.

Any concern in terms of that? I mean they haven't been injured really right? The rotation's been very healthy. Severino's come back very well from his injury. Garrett Cole had a rough start but he seems to have righted the ship. Jordan Montgomery is consistently you know a pretty good pitcher but you know with Tyone and with Cortez kind of an unknown right? Are you a little nervous with those two going forward? I think there are ebbs and flows throughout the course of the season and pitchers are not always going to have their best stuff. Talking to David Cohen one of our announcers who obviously did better than anyone else at times he'll tell you you go out there and probably half your starts you don't have anything and it's those starts trying to figure it out and give your team a chance to win put your team in a position to win those are the ones where you really find out where you're made what you're made of and you know you mentioned Nestor Cortez the last three prior to his last start you know it was a little bit of a struggle and he even admitted that he was wondering hey what's going on here you know what what has the league figured something out am i am i not going to be able to sustain this success and the success he had in the early part of the season i mean he was pitching to an ERA well under two um he didn't know that he was going to be able to keep that up but you did believe that he was going to find a way to keep the Yankees in the game and with that offense they don't need a lot they just need to keep it close and you get the feeling that the offense will find a way to poke through at the end of the game but uh Cortez said with everything that was going on the attention he was getting uh the idea of the all-star game maybe he was going out there trying to be a little bit too fine a little bit too perfect instead of just going out there and attacking and that's what he did his last time out he uh reded the ship as you mentioned and found success as far as Jamison Tyone is concerned uh he had mentioned to me after the game in the clubhouse i guess what two nights ago look i've got to go back to the drawing board and figure some stuff out he's getting hurt it seems like with runners on uh it's one pitch you know give up a two-run home run the game before that he gave up a pair of three-run home runs getting hurt with runners on the bases and he admitted yeah they'll say a solo home run is not going to hurt you it's limiting the damage when there are runners on base and that's something that he has not done a good job of lately he went on to say he doesn't feel as though there's any major mechanical issues that are going on right now he just needs to find a little bit of a better way to execute in those situations i don't think the yankees are overly concerned with you those guys by any stretch of the imagination at the same time would they like to see them get back on track you better believe it back on the rich eisen show dan in for rich that's right here today and tomorrow little technical issues all sorted out maybe everybody's so enamored by what the yankees are doing 59 wins on pace for like a record 118 or so wins on the season they continue to roll knocking off the pirates yesterday 16 to nothing opening opening up a four game set at fenway park against a red sox team that is 14 games behind them let's get back with our buddy yes network yankees clubhouse reporter mareth marakovits and marineth i mean the shock of how good this team is obviously kicked us all off the air but that said marineth aaron judge continues to roll 30 home runs now for him 64 rbis and here's a guy that bet on himself got offered over 200 million dollars about 30 million dollars this season last this past off season he turned it down gonna be a free agent next year what's the chatter are people starting to get a little nervous about the fact that maybe he's going to be so highly priced based on what he's doing that even the yankees with all their money may not be able to compete with some of the dollars out there for instance steve cohen or the san francisco giants who have room in their payroll to add a guy like aaron judge i think fans are nervous and fans want aaron judge here for a very long time and why wouldn't you you mentioned the production this season when this guy is healthy he is one of the best players in the league it's hard to dispute that fact and dan you look at this year in particular yes you see the home runs 30 before the break you see the production overall offensively but also what stands out to me is the way he has played center field you got a six seven guy playing center field at a very high level day in and day out the defense has been there as well so he's a very complete player and that doesn't even account to what he brings to that yankees team in the clubhouse from a leadership perspective and i think there is always concerned when a player reaches free agency look we saw what happened with freddie freeman this year freddie freeman wanted to remain a brave the brave said that they wanted freddie freeman back but at the end of the day they were not able to get a deal done and he's in los angeles right now so i i don't think it would be outside the realm of possibilities for aaron judge to wind up somewhere else i think he's more valuable in a yankees uniform and i think he wants to be in new york for a very long time but the two sides need to find a way to meet in the middle and what that number is going to be well that remains to be seen and he continues to play like that it is just going to keep on rising and rising and rising and rightfully so and he's earned himself the right to go out there and explore the free agent market and get as much money as possible and you cannot um you cannot really hold it against a player for wanting to do that and they tried to come to a deal beginning of spring training aaron thought he was worth more and he bet on himself as you mentioned and so far it's been a pretty darn good bet uh and dan i can't tell you how steinbrenner spoke the other day and said you know even if there are discussions during the season none of them will be made public but the yankees point of view they very much would like aaron judge to be here for a very long time as well but but marith they're not supposed to be discussions right because i thought that after the season began judge the whole thing was they would call off all negotiation so he can concentrate on baseball do we believe that there may be some talks going on and that's maybe why hal is saying look whatever's happening we're not going to go public with it because the fact is we're supposed to be under the impression that there are no talks going on right because judge had shut them off after he rejected that uh 213 15 or so million dollar proposal look you never know what's going on behind the scenes if there is chatter if the agent continues to talk to the yankees i would imagine there's probably some type of checking in here and there between the two sides but i think the point that both aaron and how steinbrenner wanted to make is this is not going to be a distraction this season especially with this team that they have right now this very special team to start the season they do not want that to be the headline they do not want to be answering questions about that continuously so uh you know you never know what could happen throughout the course of the season but one thing i do know it doesn't sound like we're going to hear about anything until the end of the year uh if at all being a yankee is sometimes a little different than being a member of another team like the minnesota twins the cleveland guardians whatever it might be and what i mean by that is there's a legacy right you look at the yankees babe ruth you know lou garrick played his entire career as a yankee joe damagio played his entire career mickey mantle and then you have the lineage of guys right that goes to derek jeter and aaron judge is kind of that next guy does he understand his place in terms of the historical value of being the yankees monument park he continues to play the way he does for his career he's going to have his number retired there that 99 is going to be on the wall he could potentially have himself that granite monuments and monument park which always means a bit more than again playing for another organization has he ever talked about that or indicated that that's something important to him i i think he fully understands what it would mean to be a yankee for life and i think that's part of the reason why he says he wants to stay and he wants to play in the largest market in the country and on top of that you look at the yankees they're positioning themselves on an annual basis to try to win a world series and you can't say that about every organization whether they do or not obviously we haven't seen it since 2009 they still try to make the necessary moves to put themselves in a position to compete and there are a lot of teams especially this year in particular that are just downright not competitive in the league right now so while i think he recognizes that dan i don't think he recognizes it to the sense of hey i'm going to take a very very big hometown discount i think erin judge is going to get the max value he can this free agency period because let's be honest at his age this could be the final contract for him you know it very well could be it probably will be so he needs to maximize uh maximize what he gets in this contract so i think he recognizes it whether or not that'll be enough based on the numbers kind of remains to be seen yes network yankees clubhouse reporter mareth morakovich joining us here on the rich eisen show dan schwartzman aim for rich on this thursday you're a baseball fan obviously so i want to throw this question out at you look erin judge is going to get paid by somebody in the realm of probably 35 to 40 million dollars a year okay say that's locked up this coming off season shohei otani becomes a free agent a year from then okay he's younger he'll be i think 28 years old when he actually hits free agency he's also a guy that has not allowed an earned run in his last four starts he is in the conversation not just for mvp but also sai young based on what he's done could end the season with 35 home runs and 200 strikeouts and 15 wins which maybe is good enough to beat erin judge for an mvp maybe not if judge is a 35 to 40 million dollar guy and he just plays center field and does it well and obviously he's an incredible threat with the bat meredith as a baseball fan first of all what do you think shohei otani's value is because no one seems to have an answer for that if you were a betting person what do you think the number is wow all i know dan whatever that number winds up being shohei is going to be very comfortable for the rest of his life you know he can feed the family i think the biggest question with him and it's almost like you keep waiting for the other shoe to drop like how long can this continue can he continue being that two-way player for a long period of time and you just look at it like there's no way that that's possible and there's no way he can continue to produce at this high level doing both but so far he has done it so i think that's the biggest issue how do you put a number on that not knowing if in two years he's strictly going to have to be one or the other and then when that happens and it will eventually happen you would think you would think then what does that mean then you're overpaying potentially or are you not because he's still playing at a very elite level based on what he decides to do you know whether he's a pitcher or a hitter so i i do not know what that number is i do know that number is going to be very very large if you remain healthy you know but think about this though mary if he has you know he had tommy john surgery but he could of course still dh right and he hit a bunch of home runs at some point if he can't throw 150 innings a year the guy comes in and throws 101 miles an hour maybe he's a closer right right so you limit his innings there's still value there's still value and there's still increased elevated value compared to a typical player right so yes i agree with you in that he's still probably going to based on the potential and what we've seen and what he could be um going to get a very high figure but i i do not know how you put a value on that steve cohen throwing 45 million at him you see it i could see it i really could somebody probably will i'll tell you who's not the yankees because they're going to be paying erin judge about 36 million bucks a year starting next year unbelievable a lot of money yes network yankees club ass reporter marathon marakovitz marith enjoy the next four days in boston will do and hey let me know when they uh decide to sign you to a 10-year 45 million a year deal i'll take you out to dinner how's that that sounds great all right always fun catching up with marathon marakovitz of the yes network does a great job covering the yankees as the clubhouse reporter i'll tell you man that number she's right whatever show he's gonna get he's gonna be doing well for himself he kind of you know what we talked about erin judge and art martinez i want to bring you in here real quick we talked about erin judge betting on himself right when he decided to turn down i think it was 215 or so million dollars um last off season which would have set him and his family for life obviously for a long time right he bet on himself and looks like he's gonna win we kind of forget that shohei otani also bet on himself what i mean by that is this when shohei otani left japan if he had waited i believe another year or two otani would have then become a free agent which would have led to a bidding war meaning his salary in his first year in major league baseball would have been much higher okay he could get himself 20 30 million dollars a year off the bat but when otani came to america in 2018 his first year salary was 545 thousand dollars okay second year 650 thousand dollars last year because 2020 because there's a shortened season he made a little under 260 000 in 2021 when he won the mvp award the silver slugger award he made three million bucks shohei otani this year is making five and a half million dollars so what i'm saying is if otani had just dominated japan for another year or two and then came over here with more service time he could have signed himself a massive deal off the bat instead he said no i'm ready for major league baseball fully understanding that he'd be making the league minimum i still think i don't think no i wouldn't i wouldn't i don't care who he is in what league until he does it in the mlb i wouldn't pay him now but here's the thing though when he came here every team wanted to crack at him right remember he did a tour oh sure because he has the potential potential but that's what i'm saying is he bet on himself right because if he had waited and come here there was a team that was going to give him 20 million bucks a year based on that potential right now maybe he turned out to be a bus but somebody would have you know obviously said he's throwing 100 miles an hour and he hits a baseball 450 460 feet there's enough potential at one of the jobs he does in baseball where 20 million dollars a year works he came here and he didn't earn a million dollars until his third year in the league think about that his career earnings right now in his fifth season in major league baseball is 12 million 270 thousand dollars that's insane art the fact is if he had bombed which he obviously hasn't but if he had bombed he would have really made no money in major league baseball sure he could go back to japan and make some money but if he had waited and then came here he could have made a fortune regardless of bombing or not because it's guaranteed money in baseball so showing otani bet on himself too and has lived up to it now the way that aaron judge of course had already a track record of success in major league baseball having hit 52 home runs his rookie year but the fact is aaron judge bet on himself and it looks like it was a smart bet and same for showy otani i mean otani is going to get himself a contract that is going to be utterly ridiculous he'll be 29 years old when he hits free agency he just turned 28 he will be 29 years old when he hits free agency and whatever aaron judge gets will be used as the minimum i think for what showy otani is going to ask for and why not if you're his agent that's exactly it ca sports is his agency they're going to make a nice commission off of showy otani's next contract unbelievable but that's fun to watch because that's going to be an unbelievable bidding war right that's going to be fun but here's the thing is there a tla you think there's a team that can afford both judge and you know yeah think about that i mean look the Mets can just because their owners worth 14 billion dollars right the Mets can afford it although they're overpaying Francisco Lindor and you'd pay Yankees you pay a hefty uh what is it luxury tax well a huge luxury tax they're paying Scherzer 40 some odd million right i mean the Yankees could they don't want that kind of salary but they could i don't think the Dodgers with all the money they now have tied up on that payroll no i don't think that's too much look Artie Moreno could but he's not going to right but Artie Moreno could the Giants could take one guy they'll make a run at judge he's you know from near Sacramento so they may try to sell him on coming home but i'll tell you that's hard to say i mean look if the Mets go out there and pay Aaron judge a boatload of money to pry him from the Bronx a because he's a heck of a player but two to you know kind of kick the Yankees in the groin i mean technically they could afford it as crazy as that sounds when they have to re-sign Jacob deGrom probably too he can opt out and they'll probably have to re-sign him and then Pete Alonso obviously is going to make a boatload of money in a few years so i don't i don't look Steve Cohen can have a 400 million dollar payroll i don't think he wants to do that though with the luxury taxes he'd have to pay but uh man here's the thing though if you're already Moreno right you cannot lose Shohei Ohtani to free agency like angel fans would revolt like Mike Trout was one thing and they're able to keep him with a massive contract and i think they're gonna regret that contract because with his body structure what is he built like a linebacker right i think with that body structure i don't think Mike Trout will start to get injured more and more i really believe that and in the end that's going to be a bad contract now they had no choice you have to give Mike Trout that kind of money as the best player in baseball but in the end those last couple of years or last three or four years of that deal may not work out well for Artie Moreno but Art you're in LA i mean what would the reaction be if Artie Moreno let Shohei Ohtani leave look if he throws 45 million at him and Ohtani says i want to win and goes out square nothing the angels can do right they offered him a ton of money yeah it would be a big letdown absolutely yeah i mean i mean that'd be crazy but what the angels have to do is and we've said it already they need to get some pitching they don't spend money on pitching i know absolutely that's the crazy thing they got Ohtani and that's it that's what i don't understand like why exactly are they not spending money on pitching you know people thought they'd spend money on pitching what last year and they signed Anthony Rendon last thing he does is pitch i don't understand it makes no sense how that team spends its money it makes absolutely no sense how that team spends money and i think if you are a fan of that team you're sitting there going what's the rhyme or reason like you got to bring in some pitchers right we can hit the ball but it doesn't not that they're hitting the ball well now i mean i think through their first four or five games you know the last four or five games are batting under a hundred as a team something crazy like that it's actual insanity how bad they've been and now they need a new manager right they don't have a manager they fired Joe Madden Phil Nevin is the interim manager but he gets booted out of a game and gets a massive suspension for that brawl they had a couple of weeks ago i mean that organization is an absolute mess you have the two best players in baseball on your team and you can't win a lick and Cindy guard is five and seven with a 384 ERA yeah i mean you know what though i mean they bought you know that's a one-year deal and i don't blame them for that deal i don't think he's been that good and obviously the record's not very good um but i think that made sense right you sign a guy for a year you don't pay him a crazy ton of money compared to what the market is today for a guy that has the potential he showed it in the past one healthy so i i didn't think that's a bad sign actually you know a lot of teams i think wanted Noah Syndergaard but it's like when they bring them out Matt Harvey's of the world guys like that you know i don't mean the criminal aspect to Harvey when they just brought in Matt Harvey they thought all right this guy can turn things around never did of course you know they always seem to be shopping in that uh bargain aisle hoping to get that guy rather than bringing in a guy spending a ton of money now to be fair they did offer Garrett Cole a lot of money and they did think that being in Southern Cal would help considering he's a Southern Cal kid and they thought that they would be the land landing spot for him the way that years ago remember they made a run at CC Sabathia right another kid who's from California more in the northern part but they thought that they could line up CC Sabathia and sell him on coming back to California didn't work out so they have made offers long term for big name ace pitchers and they just haven't had their money taken and i wonder if part of that is because they are the B team in Los Angeles right it's the Dodgers first and foremost regardless of if the Angels have success the Dodgers will be the back page it's like the Mets and Yankees and that's why if you're a Shohei Ohtani when you are the man you're probably the best player in baseball do you want to go play for the B team in the city the Mets want to throw a ton of money at you that's great you want to go play for the B team in New York maybe they still get plenty of publicity and it's not like you know the Mets aren't hurting for that and they have an owner that loves the team and spends money on the team so you know there's a commitment to win from the previous ownership group which didn't because they had no money after uh the the Bernie Madoff scandal so you kind of wonder but it's going to be interesting to see what happens with Judge and then of course like quarterbacks in football the next guy up is going to make more and I think in baseball Ohtani is going to look at what Judge makes and that's going to be the you know the the the floor in terms of what kind of money he will measuring stick the measuring stick right exactly whatever Judge gets pop a couple more million per year on there and maybe you get Shohei Ohtani but as I said to Meredith Morakovitz of the s network a little bit ago at some point if Ohtani is not going to be the two-way sensation that he is right now and he's not going to give you 150 innings pitched as a you know every six man you know six-day rotation guy you could still use him as a closer think about that right I mean Shohei Ohtani is going to be playing some DH playing some outfield whatever it may be he's a great athlete by the way maybe just stick him at like first base after a while if he gets old and what you end up doing is you end up having him you know come into the ninth inning from the outfielder to the DH spot and he's your closer throwing 100 miles an hour so you limit his innings to like 70 60 whatever it is a closer will throw in a year and he still maintains the value that you're going to pay him pretty ridiculous and insane if you think about the possibilities that he offers you all right Jimmy Garoppolo next man up Baker Mayfield gets traded what's going to happen with Jimmy G as the 49ers have to be looking to shop and what can they get and where could he possibly go Dan Schwartzman in for Rich Eisen on this Thursday right here on the Rich Eisen Show for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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