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REShow: Adam Scott - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 27, 2022 3:24 pm

REShow: Adam Scott - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 27, 2022 3:24 pm

TJ lists his G.O.A.T. players in franchise history for the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Actor Adam Scott joins Rich in-studio to discuss his acclaimed new Apple TV+ series ‘Severance,’ says what it’s like working with acting legend Christopher Walken, and plays a round of ‘Celebrity True or False’ where he reveals how much of ‘Step Brothers’ was improvised, how much of Dead Head he is, what happened that time he was mistaken for Masters champion golfer Adam Scott and more.

Rich and the guys debate which sports memories they’d like to erase from their minds, and weigh in on the sky-high expectations for 5-star Texas Longhorns QB commit, Arch Manning who’s the nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning and the grandson of Archie Manning.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. You would not last very long playing pickleball. I'll be you. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Terrific, let's do it. I do not want Mike as a partner. Let's do it.

He's better than me, I can't do anything. Honestly, you choose who you want, I'll choose who I want, let's go. And then you will come on the air and recount your ass kicking. Earlier on the show, Yes Network Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay. Raven safety Kyle Hamilton still to come. From the Apple Plus Drama Severance, actor Adam Scott. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

Great chat with Kyle Hamilton, rookie of the Baltimore Ravens in hour number two. Michael Kay joined us in hour number one to talk about everything going on with the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving, who according to the New York Daily News has been given permission to seek a sign and trade. And there are six teams that Kyrie says or his people have said or Kyrie hasn't said I guess, but report reports have identified Kyrie's targets being both Los Angeles basketball teams, the Knicks, the Heat, Philadelphia and Dallas. And Adrian Wojnarowski basically saying there's one team that is interested in the idea of signing and trading Kyrie Irving.

It's the Los Angeles Lakers, but they are not interested in the packages that the Nets can offer or they are not interested or the Nets are not interested in what the Lakers can offer as well. May not be a match. May not be a match. Just keep Kyrie Irving away from Luca, just away. We need Luca locked, loaded, MVP, finals run. Keep that Kyrie stink away from him. Well, I bet you Luca might have a different opinion. It may have.

I don't know. It just seems to me that the number of times this would now be the second time right now that an organization has tired of Kyrie Irving and feels that his immense talents do not outweigh anything else and the everything else and there's a lot of everything else with him. But the players in the league appear to be ready to accept him, it seems. Yeah, because he's really, really, really good at basketball. But it struck me very interesting and Lillard obviously plays a point guard position, so he doesn't need Kyrie there, but I just found it interesting that the player that Lillard photoshopped into a photograph with him to try and speak or tweet or IG into existence, it was Durant he chose. Why would that surprise you? Because Durant's not available right now.

Yeah, but it's called a wish list technically. Durant, what I'm saying is this is interesting to me because he is taking this the step further and so is the rest of the league. Like the rest of the league isn't saying, well, how do we get, how do we got to get Kyrie?

No. Rest of the league is like somebody take Kyrie off of there, so it causes Durant to be so pissed that he says he wants out. Of course, it's the end of the league, he wants out. Of course, it's the NBA, so anybody who says they want out of his stature, it's like free agency.

I actually really want this for Dame. He was the guy who was like, he's got to leave Portland, got to go to somewhere else. PJ still wants him on the Sixers. Is he going to go to LA and team up with LeBron?

No, no, no. Let's have Kevin Durant go where he should have been originally. Yeah, that's why they're not getting him, Chris. Portland. He was in Seattle originally. He should have been the number one pick in 07.

Right. They took Greg Oden instead. So you had your chance Portland and you lost it, so now. Yeah, because you still want Dame on the Sixers.

Well, I've kind of given up on that because I wanted it more than Dame did apparently. That ain't happening. He's not walking through that door.

No. You know who's walking through this door here in a manner of moments is Adam Scott. Adam Scott will be here. He's in a great new comedy called Severance Brothers.

I'm sorry. It's not a comedy and it's called Severance, which is a highly popular show on Apple TV, man. It is definitely not a comedy.

You can basically watch the first three minutes and notice exactly that. Ben Stiller is the director. Again, not a comedy. It's fantastic. He is great in it. Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette, John Turturro, Christopher Walken has a role in this show as well. I tell you, and I cannot wait. Who is the one who said that Walken made up stories about his birthday or somebody has a birthday? Wasn't there somebody told a great story about Christopher Walken recently on this program that he was totally just jerking the chain? Just says things.

Yeah. So Adam Scott will be here. Today I'm an alligator. And we've got a great celebrity, true or false, for him all set up. Adam Scott, you just spent some time with him at the Big Slick in Kansas City. On this weekend. So Adam Scott is going to be joining us here on this program in studio in about 15 minutes time. Can't wait to talk to him about Severance and so much more. Okay, TJ Jefferson, are you ready, sir?

Like my friend Puff Daddy once told me, Rich. Yes. TJ, you stay ready and you ain't got to get ready. Okay. So there you have it.

That would be an affirmative. He's ready. We've done this six times now. Six times. There's only two left. We've been having a lot of fun going through every NFL division. This has been fun.

One by one and choosing only one. I know again, this is Mount Rushmore season. We were all just trying to pass the time with fewer and fewer live sports for our viewing pleasure every night. But just one, not for one, the best player in the history of every franchise in the NFL division by division. The division you have chosen today is the AFC North. Okay. So TJ, the floor is yours.

Well, I got to preface this, guys. You know, a few days ago I split up the Houston Oilers and the Tennessee Titans. I guess you did both of those franchises, their GOAT player.

And then someone on YouTube was like, well, I want to see if he does the same thing with the Browns and the Ravens. Cause those are different. No, they are separate. They literally are separate in this division. No one in the new Browns franchise has a GOAT player.

So unfortunately there won't be one from them. All right. Well, there's only one GOAT in the NFL period, one can argue. And he was a Cleveland Brown. Exactly.

Okay. And now that you brought it up, we'll kick it off with them for the Cleveland Browns. I mean, lots of great players will get to them. Jim Brown, this is the end of the story for the Cincinnati Bengals. Again, a nice franchise, but there's one dude and that's Anthony Munoz. And he was a bad man for the Baltimore Ravens.

Again, so many players, rich to choose from. I went with Ray Anthony Lewis and for the Pittsburgh Steelers, like this one, I had to get right. Cause I want to go home at some point, you know, rich history, but they didn't call him nice Joe Green. They didn't call him.

Okay. Joe Green or average Joe Green or okay. He was mean Joe Green. And, uh, you know, I feel like his stats, this is the right answer.

His body of work. This is the right, this is the right Pittsburgh. So it's Franco Harris, Terry Bradshaw, and you know, and people sometimes get mad that we don't mention him.

I'm glad you're doing that. Rich, uh, Lambert, Jack lamb, Paula Malou, Bradshaw, Swan Ward, Ben, Ben, the bus Stallworth, Franco, Rod Woodson. There's so many issues from, but this is talking about mean Joe Green is the answer.

Right. When Chuck Knoll back in 1969 made his first pick, he selected a D tackle from North Texas state, Joe Green. And he went on to play 13 seasons as we know, 10 time pro bowl, four time old pro, two time defensive player of the year, four super bowls, rookie of the year, Hall of Fame, rookie of the year, hall of fame, me and Joe Green.

And maybe one of the most iconic commercials of all course. Um, he was the guy catch Jim Brown, you know, the Browns, you know, we could have went auto Graham, Joe Thomas, Ozzie Newsome, uh, Paul Warfield, Clay Matthews. I mean, you could give him all your due, but it's Jim Brown. The only one that the human being that, that, that causes Jerry Rice to not be the, um, undisputed goat is Jim Brown. And of course with the Bengals, by the way, all you're going to do is just be around any running backs who are around Jim Brown. Yeah.

They all flock to him. It's Mr. Brown. I mean, it's Mr. Brown.

Exactly. It's Marshall refers to his autograph on his desk right there in front of him. And the Bengals, the other options, you know, Boomer, Ken Riley, Ocho Cinco, but it was Munoz. That was not, I think that's the one, you know, arguably years. It might be Joe Burr by the way. Yeah.

I agree. Joey burrow has the opportunity to build that in there for sure. But Munoz, you know, people when they list the greatest old lineman of all time, he's on the very short list of who's the greatest 11 pro balls. Speaking of Marshall Falk, one of my favorite Marshall Falk stories of all time is he told a story Rams versus the Arizona Cardinals or could have been the Phoenix Cardinals back in the day. Who knows?

Right. Um, and I think, who was it? It was somebody that was on their team. A running back name escapes me. Who was barking at the Rams bench all day long. Like just barking, given a lip to the Rams bench and Marshall's leading the charge of the Rams.

Basically, who the hell is this guy? So he had an incredible run and barked at the entire Arizona Cardinals or Cardinals bench, went right down the row, just given all sorts of lip right back at him. And he noticed as he was going through, one of the guys who he was given lip to just given it all was Cardinals coach at the time, one of the assistants Mean Joe Green. And he realized that as he was going through the entire line of barking back at Arizona's bench and he said he doubled back and looked at Mean Joe and goes, I didn't mean you, Mr. Green. My apologies, Mr. Green. Bump you, bump you, bump you.

You're cool. And the other story is the NFL 100 all-time team show. One of the guys in studio was Mean Joe Green because he's on the team and he was one of the guys when we did the defensive line that we had in studio to be physically there. And we didn't kind of walk through prior to the segment, I'll ask this and Collinsworth say, I'll ask that.

And Belichick, I'll ask that. Because we're just kind of going off the seat of our pants and just asking questions of the guys. And it wasn't like, what are you going to do so I don't cover the same ground? We didn't have that sort of coordination for various reasons.

It was a long day. And also Belichick was new to this thing and everybody just wanted to let him go and ask whatever he wanted to ask of anybody at any time. So sure enough, I was going to start first with Mean Joe Green. But Bill, for one of the only times in the history of that show, I guess history we did a few episodes while we shot that show, he said, I want to go first. He said, I got a question for him.

I'm like, okay, what is it? And I thought it would be anything about the steel curtain defense, Chuck Knoll, just run down the list of what a historian of the game like Belichick could ask of Mean Joe Green. And the question he asked of him was about that TV commercial. The Coke commercial.

And you could have knocked me over with a feather. What was the question? Do you remember? He said, you know, how many times did it take you to do that? And he said that he had about what, 14 Coca-Cola's just, and he had to drink them down all one after another. He got like basically sick, just slamming, slamming one soda after another, after another. And Belichick with his big grin on his face.

And I just thought that is so awesome. Like he went pop culture. Because he probably knew everything. I don't know. I mean, who knows, man? Bill probably knew everything about Mean Joe Green.

I don't know. I mean, if I had to choose one other than him, how do you not go, two other guys, how do you not go Bradshaw? He was the quarterback of four championships. We kind of forget him. He's always been forgotten by the Montana years.

And then, you know, we talk about the Manning-Brady years and now Brady. Nobody ever talks about Terry like that. Because we all know Terry is the guy on TV or the guy who's been in movies and stuff like that. But Terry had a hose too, man.

He could throw it. You think it's because the Steelers were so talented, Rich? Well, and it's also that they're known for their defense. And known for running the ball.

Terry, if you look at Terry's numbers, you know, very average, 52% completion, only two more touchdowns and interceptions. There's a bottom line to that though. Four rings. Right. And one other piece of pushback.

I'm very partial to Mel Blunt. They changed the rules for him. They changed the rules because he was such a major physical presence. He still is. He still, I mean, when you see him at the hall of fame with his cowboy hat, you think he could still give you a few snaps.

I'm serious. A lot of guys his age, they kind of have the noticeable limp and things. Mel Blunt stands tall with a hat. First time I ever saw him at a hall of fame. And you keep looking up. Bruce Smith is the other guy that you keep looking up and he still, he keeps going.

Like longer, more than you think he would when you're in person. And Jonathan Ogden, who is the only other Raven you could throw into the conversation with Ray Lewis, who was drafted in the same year, right? He was the first pick before Ray. Ogden was the first draft choice in the history of the Baltimore Ravens.

But Mel Blunt, when I first met him and I saw him, I'm like, my first thought was no wonder they had to change the rules. Like this guy at that height and that wingspan and that brain was sitting back there in that era. Where the rules didn't protect the offense. We're in that era?

Yeah. And I'm glad you mentioned Ogden. We didn't get a chance to do the Ravens. Of course, Ed Reed, Jonathan Ogden, Helotti, Nagata, Jamal Lewis, T. Suggs, T. Sizzle. It really came down to Ray, Ed, and Jonathan Ogden. It's Ray. I mean, you can't, I don't even think Ed would argue about Ray.

Ed Reed is going to, when you go and look at this though, there are going to be a lot of comments that say Ed Reed should have been the guy. The greatest Raven of all time. Come on now. I mean, no, no, no, no. I mean, Ray, Ray still looms today. I mean, he still is the personification of that defense back in the day that they still wear as a mantra for the franchise.

Ogden is the only guy that I think could be involved just for a split second in the conversation. And I say that with love and affection for Ed, but Ed already knows that. I mean, Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed was at the U after Ray.

I mean, he knows the drill. Well, you know, I think back to, and Chris, you probably know, this was a clip of Brady and Belichick game planning. And they are just praising Ed Reed. Like dude at the hall at the NFL 100 all time team show. There was only one player that came through that Belichick invited to be with him in his Bellistrator segment. Because he had a special tape just for him on him. And it was Ed Reed.

If Bill could have got the chance to coach Ed, you know, not in a pride, but oh my gosh, they could have got Ed on the page. Question about it. All right, we'll take a break. Adam Scott is here.

This is going to be a blast. I don't know how he has made it here. He must be as hungover as Chris Brock from the big slick.

That's coming up next. Adam Scott here on the Rich Eisen show. Severance again, season one has been available for streaming and it has been renewed for season two. And it is a line for all the Emmy talk and rightfully so. You know, it's interesting that you mentioned science fiction. There's also kind of like an old school 70s, 60s, 70s type feel to it. There there are some times where I feel watching it. There's there's kind of a and this is a as a big inaudible I can give to Ben Stiller who directed six of the nine episodes. It's like a Kubrick type feel to it. Yeah, it's shot that way. There is a Clockwork Orange type sort of feel to it. Parallax view. Adam, you just mentioned a very rare mention on this. Great movie.

Parallax view. Chris is another one of those movies you have to see. You definitely haven't seen it. Warren Beatty 70. I forget what year it was, but it is.

72. Way ahead of the conspiracy mania that's captured our world these days. But there's a Clockwork Orange type feel to it where a science has messed with your emotions, you know, and trying to create a different brain for the way to control your thoughts and your emotions. I thought like there was a very Clockwork Orange type feel to this show. Yeah, I think, you know, it's also kind of, you know, looking at technology a bit and the sorts of things that at first sound kind of great and sound like they would simplify and help us as people.

But then as you really kind of dig in, you start to wonder if the side that truly has the advantage and will truly benefit from something like this. Is it really us or is it one of these larger companies that's sort of holding the strings? Interesting, man. And it is right that it's on Apple TV because it does look like it's shot with a background of an Apple box, like you're in an Apple store, like a Genius bar. Kind of, you know, Lumen Industries is the Genius bar. It's very clean.

Like I said, like it really does have like a space odyssey feel to it. And the hallways. Where's the shot?

Like what's the set? Yeah, we shot it in the Bronx on a brand new stage that they built up there. Because there's no building in the Bronx like that, right?

No. No, they built all of those hallways just for us. And they were literally, there were so many of them that in order to get to the office set, the room with the green carpet and all of that, you had to walk through these fake hallways that they built, but they were constantly moving them around depending on what we were shooting. So no joke, like 75% of the time, I would get lost just trying to get to the set and would have to just yell out that I'm here and I don't know where I am, but you need to come find me because I'm going to be late if you don't. And so someone would have to come find me and escort me to the set because it's all, all the hallways are white, but you would come to a dead end and it started feeling like, you know, a dystopian nightmare. Yeah, so they were kind of messing with you to get into the mindset of your role. Did you at any point stroll and find Christopher Walken lost in the hallways as well, Adam?

Did that happen for you? I never did because Christopher Walken is far smarter and has a better sense of direction than me, so I don't think he would ever get lost anywhere. What was that like? Is that the first time you ever worked with Christopher Walken? Yeah, and I, you know, Christopher Walken is one of the great actors we've ever had. He's someone that I've been, he and John Taturin and Patricia Arquette, all three of them are people I have been fantasizing what it would be like to work with them my entire career.

These are, you know, three of the very best that we have, and so getting to actually, you know, work with them and go to work with them every day was unbelievable. Yeah, and I'm wondering too, like Chris, we could not have what, like a Lumen Industries type setup because we have to remember the sports that we're watching at home to come in here. Like we could not have a, there could be not, there can't be a show like this with severance. No, but you could sever yourself for like traffic on the way to work if you don't want to remember that. I'd like to sever myself from all Boston sports. That would be good, right? Like, I mean, like all Boston sports, I'd like to sever myself from the Larry Bird years, you know, I'd like to do that. Do you really though? Then you would miss all the magic stuff.

That was so fun. No, I understand. No, but just the Larry Bird sections of that.

Isn't there the science to do that? Sure. I mean, as long as we're going in this direction. Absolutely. If I could just sever the Jordan years of the Knicks out, I would sever that, you know?

Whoa. Yeah, I would do that. I'm out, you know, I'm pinpointing the things I'd like to sever. All of their gear could just be severed from me.

That's totally fine. So if you severed out the Jordan years, then watching The Last Dance would, it would really blow your mind. I'd be fascinated by the Rodman parts. Oh yeah, I'm sure. You know, like who's this guy? Who is this?

Is he from planet earth? Yeah. What is up with that? You know, I don't know if I could do that.

It would be tough. We've had John Turturro's brother Nick in here. Oh yeah. And I can't believe they're from the same family. Yeah, I worked with Nick too. I worked with him on NYPD Blue, like back in the 90s when I did a guest spot. He was great. He was so cool. Yeah, and he's a diehard Yankee fan.

Like he's totally insane. Sure. So you know what? You have, actually, that means you've worked with two people in one of the greatest Saturday Night Live skits of all time, which is the Cowbell skit, right? With Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken. Did you pick his brain about his career? Any downtime on the set where you're talking to Walken about anything that he's done?

Or that just doesn't happen? I wouldn't do that. I'm in far too much awe of him to walk up and talk shop. Yeah, he's Christopher Walken. I don't feel like I'm in a place where I'm- Dude, you're in severance, dude. You're in the show with him. Yeah, I know. But he's, I still am just, no, I never did, no matter how much I wanted to. I would walk up to him right away, and I know this is maybe not professional, and bring up the watch soliloquy from Pulp Fiction.

I know. That's the one I would- Well, I had this monologue that I had to deliver in front of him, and I couldn't shake thinking about the watch monologue from Pulp Fiction. Are you serious? Maybe the best monologue ever on film, it's just so beautifully delivered and just riveting, and he's just talking about a watch stuck up someone's butt. Yes. So I had this monologue I had to deliver in front of, and it was a scene where there's so many people in it. It was going to take us all 14 hours that day to shoot this one scene, which meant I had to deliver this monologue to him for 14 hours, and I felt like I didn't have it.

I didn't understand why it wasn't working, but I knew it sounded like garbage. So I asked if I could get my shot last, because they go person by person, right? Okay. So at the very end of those 14 hours, I'm finally delivering the one that you'll actually see in the show of me saying it, because I needed that whole day of rehearsing it for myself. So I'm doing it all day. I'm like, this sucks.

This sucks. Christopher Walken's watching me, and Totoro's there too. But then finally, by the time we get to it, get to my shot, I finally feel like something clicked. I figured it out, and I finally delivered it and thought, okay, maybe that made sense. Maybe that wasn't terrible, but I'm sure Walken still thinks I suck. But then at the end of the day, I was talking to someone, and he was walking by behind me, and as he walked by, he just grabbed my elbow and just gave it a squeeze and a little bit of a shake before he walked off.

Before he walked off, and that meant the world to me. That's amazing. Whether that meant not bad or not, it meant that's how I took it, and it meant the world. It also could have meant I got to get this watch out of my ass.

I've been sitting here for 14 straight hours. It could have been that. But that is amazing, Adam. That is... I love stories like that.

It's a Christopher Walken. So Adam Scott here on The Rich Eisen Show. Okay, we have a segment here called Celebrity True or False, where we have called some stories from your history or things that have been written about you. We'll see what is true or what is not.

We've got some great production value to kick it all off. Go ahead and hit it, please. Celebrity True or False.

You can't handle the truth. There you go. There you go. That's it.

How do you guys do that? Magic of editing. Yeah, magic. You say television, I say editing.

You have a crack staff. It's Chris. Chris must have something to do with that because that was flawless.

He had nothing to do with that. No, I don't think so. By the way, Chris went a little crazy this past week. Yeah, we actually are going to hit that. I believe we have something specifically in store for that at the very end. Sort of an O. Henry-like twist at the very end of Celebrity True or False.

With Adam Scott, first one up. True or False, you were a dead head as a teenager. I was. I went through a Grateful Dead phase as a teenager, like a pretty intense one. I went to see many, many dead shows.

What do you think? What's the grand total number? Probably seven or eight, but all in a matter of like 18 months. And then I was kind of out of that phase. But I still love Grateful Dead. Did you have tickets or were you one of those asking for a miracle? No, I would have a lot of those.

I know that. Have you been to dead shows? Guess what, one of the first serious girlfriends of my life was a dead fan. I've been to about 15 dead shows. 15? I think since that stage, I've probably hit about 15 because I've gone a few times over the years. Did you?

It's pretty fun, right? Yeah, the drums in space stuff where they would play drums for like a half an hour was not in my bag. Like, when is this going to end? Where's the chorus?

Where's the hook? They would just play just drums for like, but yeah, Ship of Fools is my number one dead song. I love just, you know, I got into them because Touch of Grey was like a top 10 hit. That's when they really exploded again.

Yes, commercially, yes. I still love that song. So you didn't need, and by the way, there are people who go to the dead, because there's a famous line, I need a miracle every day. They hold up a finger or two fingers, I need a miracle. They're hoping that somebody gives them tickets. Oh, so you did not do that. No, because I was still a teenager. So I would like get a ride with my parents and get dropped off out front. So we made sure I had my ticket and my, you know, money for a hot dog and all that stuff. Were you the only person dropped off on a dead concert like that? My dad drove me and a couple of my buddies. Where are you going?

To Laguna Seca and dropped us off out front and driving up, you know, in traffic. People were like, acid? You want some acid?

You want to join? And I'm like, dad, just right here is fine. That's right. Yeah, I walk from here.

He's like, what is this? Oh, man. All right, next up. True or false, Adam Scott, you were initially intimidated on the set of Step Brothers because you'd never done improv before.

Is that true or false? Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I was a novice to comedy, really. I mean, you know, I grew up, you know, a voracious fan of Monty Python, SNL, and all that stuff. But as far as like in practice, I had been doing mostly like dramatic stuff.

And so I got Step Brothers as a fluke because someone had the role and fell out at the last minute and they had to cast it. Who was that? Do we know? I don't know. I don't know if I have liberty to say.

I don't know if they've ever said it publicly. Well, I think, you know, I mean, it was a scheduling thing. It wasn't anything, you know, like weird. So I was freaked out and had to kind of figure it out as we went. I equate it to learning how to throw the javelin at the Olympics.

When did you get feral? The stadium of people and all the cameras. Yeah, because you're doing it with John and Will and Mary Steenburgen, Richard Jenkins, and Katherine Hahn. Oh, that's right. And I was just like, okay. And as far as improv goes, I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

But I feel like at the end of those four months, I had started to figure it out. So how much of that was improv? A lot. A lot of the movie is improvised. A huge amount. You would do like a scripted take and then just screw around. And it was like, oh my goodness.

And it changed the way I kind of thought about work from there on out. It's just about throwing it all against the wall and seeing what sticks. And who cares if something doesn't work? We won't use it. We'll just throw it all, just do everything and screw around and then take the bits that work and cobble it together into an awesome movie. And I just had never really, and I think that period of time when Judd and Adam McKay and those guys kind of came along and started making the movies in this kind of really loose different way, it really changed filmed comedy for the better, I think. Do you remember your favorite ad libbed line from it, Adam Scott? Can you say it on the show?

I mean, the abs, I haven't eaten a carb since 2004 or something. That was ad libbed. I mean, there are a lot. I mean, those guys, Will and John are like- Genius, right?

Genius. Well, I mean, so Kathryn Hahn's moment where she's coming on to John C. Riley, that was all ad libbed where she was just saying one awful, nasty, sexually charged thing after another. In the script, she does that, but I'm sure all the incredible things she was saying, I'm sure a lot of them were Kathryn because she is one of the great improvisers. Yeah. Next one in that film, Step Brothers, true or false, Adam Scott, the family singing scene, you were actually lip syncing to an actor who was singing right outside the car window. Is that true?

That's right. I can't sing, but everyone else in the car is singing live and I was the only one lip syncing and the guy singing was right in front of me and I was locking eyes with him. So we would stay in sync and he was standing there with a microphone just and we were who I'm looking at the whole time.

But everyone else was on pitch and incredible and I just couldn't, I wish I could sing. And was it you who swerved the car or was that a stunt actor who swerved the car? That was a stunt actor, unfortunately. Okay, very good. I mean, we were in green screen the whole time.

Safety first. That is so funny, man. Oh my gosh. Next one, true or false, Adam Scott, Mayfair Games developed a playable version of Ben Wyatt's game, Cones of Dunsher, but it was never marketed because it was too complex from Parks and Rec. Is that true story?

I would imagine. I mean, I think that the rules of that game were so insane and purposely so. But somebody tried to- Somebody tried to kind of, you know how when Trump would just say something and then his administration would be like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, and try and shape policy around the stupid thing he said? It was kind of like they set all these confusing rules for comedy's sake, and they tried to develop a game around those insane rules. And I thought it was going to come out, but it just never, never did for whatever reason. Probably because it was too complicated. But I just find that so funny that they tried to actually make it work and then they just said screw it. They just gave up.

They just gave up. How much fun was it to do Parks and Rec for you? It was the best. It was the best. I really miss it and I miss all the fun. I miss all those people.

It was so fun. Adam Scott, last one for you here. Every April, you get lots of good luck at the Masters tweets because people think you're the actual golfer, Adam Scott. That's right. That's right.

You do? Yeah. Oh yeah.

And my very first celebrity perk ever was before I was a kind of known person at all. And I checked into a hotel and they thought I was the golfer and they brought me into this room and offered me all these cool, you know, put me on the list for all the clubs in town and offered me all this, put me in this incredible suite and all this stuff because they thought I was... Because you thought you were the Masters champion. The Masters champion, yes. Yeah.

Did you, have you ever tried to get a round of golf out of something like that? Yeah. And I'm terrible at it. Okay. Terrible, terrible.

So it doesn't really work for you? I would not be able to pose as Adam Scott the golfer. Let's see if Adam Scott the golfer could pose as you. I doubt that as well. Maybe so. Oh, do we have... I think we need one more. There we go. All right, we'll get one more. All right, there's the yet more production value. We got one more. Do you have this one?

You can do it, Rich. Put it up on the screen there, Hoskins, because I don't have it written down. True or false, you got schooled in cornhole at the big slick by one of the guys on the screen there, one of the Potash brothers.

Is that true or false? Why would this information make it to air? I don't understand.

How does anyone know about this? Chris, do you know... Do you have the answer to that question? I don't know which of the twins, because I can't tell them apart.

Me either. They wear the same glasses. Me and one of them were partners against Adam and David Cook. Uh-huh, at the big slick.

That's right. What time of the evening was this? It was like 2.30 in the morning. You're playing cornhole at 2.30 in the morning?

Indoors, in a hotel suite. They had a full... And David Cook... Man, I thought I was... I take things way too seriously. David Cook was very into it. He might have had his own bags. Really? David Cook was really, really good. He was awesome at it. And one of those guys... We can't even give the right Potash brother some credit? It was either Adeev or Ezra. I don't know which one.

I think it may have been Ezra. But he was like, I've never even played. Oh, that's the worst. Yeah. And then he just started sinking them. Like, swoosh after swoosh. Nothing but hole?

Nothing but hole. It was annoying. Adam just looked at him and goes like, what the F dude? Did you get upset with him? Yeah, of course I did. David and I were in the zone and really making... And then once he started scoring without an issue, my game just went downhill because I could not recover. Did you play in the softball game? Yeah.

How'd you do? I got one pop fly foul. No, it wasn't foul. It was just a pop fly right in the pitcher caught it.

Okay. It was a quick game. It seemed quicker than usual. It was also very disorganized, I think. Yeah, Dustin Colquitt, former chief, he was pitching.

Kevin Rahm was also the pitcher. Okay. Mad Men. Yeah. Very fun. It was super fun. I mean, it was a blast. Take me up three and a half million dollars for Children's.

Mercy Children's. I was. I shared right field with Sheryl Crow, which was really fun.

What do you mean? We were both in right field together. I think it's called right fielders.

Where do you go? Oh, there were four people covering right field. There are four right fielders, which is my old position.

And where you go if you just want to sort of hide for the game. James Vanderbeek had this elaborate pregame stretching routine. Okay. He was very, very into it. And take me out to the ball game during the actual seventh inning stretch went down. Okay, very good. Did it end with Jean Lamont at the end? Okay, very good.

I'm glad that everything is still doing very well with the big slick. I hope you're there next year. I would too. I'm dropping kids off at camp, man.

That's not a metaphor for anything. Literally drop them off at camp. That's exactly what I did. Is it the same weekend every year? Used to have it Father's Day weekend, which was a little bit dicey. So I think they changed it and it would have been my birthday weekend. It would have been perfect to celebrate my birthday there. Nothing makes me happier than making a charity event about me, even for a split moment. So getting happy birthday sung to you when we're trying to focus on something else. Yes, I would have gotten on a plane just for that.

It sounds like you. Thank you, Adam. I appreciate that. I appreciate that. And I heard you were very generous.

You have a severance package you gave out. So that was very nice of you to do that. Yeah, it's going to be really, really fun. It's great. So season two is when do you start shooting that? We start shooting soonish.

And then, you know, I'm not sure when it would actually come on, but we're getting going on it. Fantastic. It is so good.

Thanks, man. You are great in it, Adam. And the cast is amazing. And it is just it's visually striking. It's thought provoking.

It's frightening. Not going to lie. And and I love all of it. So congratulations on that. Thank you. Best to you and the misses and the kids. Likewise.

You got it. Our kids used to go to school together. Number of times that I was at a school event and I would cling to this man like a rock in the middle of the ocean, crashing, but they still hang out, which is the thing. Even though they're not at the same school anymore, they still they do that. They do that.

They do indeed. Adam Scott, everybody should check out Severance on Apple TV. Apple TV Plus season twos coming up.

Same thing with this commercial break. Back in a moment to wrap up this Monday show. Back here in the Rich Ozzens show, talking about what sports moments you would exercise out of your memory, like Severance. Can I do life moments?

Go for your ex-wife. Oh, yeah. But that's but you are who you are, though, Mike. That is because of that experience to me.

And I totally disagree. I did not need her to get to where I am. What if Liza Minnelli severed you from her memory? Oh, no.

Would that be a problem? I bet if anybody ever severed you from their memories, you would not be able to handle that. You don't take you don't take the guy who grew up with you checking in with Westwood one very well. That is honestly, you don't take honestly busy. He could be having a bad day.

He takes personally. They aren't personal friends or friendly guys for the last few weeks. Last week, it was all friendly. I was Jay was no problem.

Jay's had no problem checking out. I told you the friendly guys back. You would not be able to handle it if somebody wanted to excise you out. I've had people excise me out. OK, I've had it. Yeah, I mean, we all have. Let's be honest. I mean, there was a place I worked at for a minute that excised me out for a couple of years. OK, I'm back.

They don't. They like me again. OK. Hey, guys, a place across the thoroughfare tried to, you know, X me out more than one occasion. And like the roach, I'm still here. Like the roach, like a roach, like the roach, the roach, the roach from apocalypse. OK, all right.

You don't know that. Let's go to Lonnie in Los Angeles. What's up, Lonnie?

Lonnie in Los Angeles. What's going on? I'm going to do a few of these, but I'm going to start with this one.

Things that make you go, hmm. I have a vote for Archie Manning as the greatest quarterback in NFL history. That is. He has the most powerful DNA. No one else can produce quarterbacks like him. And I have a I have a prediction for you.

Arch Manning will be the greatest of all of them. Oh, my goodness. I'm here for Lonnie. Say it with your chest. Say it with your chest. OK, boy, this kid.

Thank you for the call, Lonnie. Does this kid have all these eyes? I hope he has like the Eli in him. I bet he does.

I hope Archie is the greatest of all time. I bet I bet his head is so screwed on right. Oh, yeah. And that he's just going to get a lot. There are times that I look at Coop, my my my my youngest boy, and I like marvel at how, you know, when he played Little League this year, everything was just like that. And he just floats ice in his veins.

You know, he just floats. And I sometimes look at that. I'm like, I wish I had some of that in me. It's going to be compared to, you know, like I and just so everyone's aware, because I am the best dad ever.

I have that sort of feeling about all three of my kids and the special things that they bring to the equation that I'm like, wish that I had. And then, of course, Susie takes credit for. It kind of makes sense, though, right? No, no, it's OK. It's all right, guys.

Guys, it's all right. But I'm I'm just hoping he's got like that sort of Eli Payton. In terms of the football field, just.

Straight flat line and internally. Boiling. I don't think that's patent rich. No, because I mean, there's many clips of Peyton yelling like Jeff Saturday, tell him to shut up. So I'm sure Eli was doing that, too. But Peyton was like, Eli, Eli was real flat. So then maybe he's got some of his older uncles fire and some of his younger uncles sort of.

Ice in the veins and not letting anything bother him because he's going to go in. I mean, to choose of all schools for him to choose. Texas, I mean, Ole Miss would have obviously had the Manning stuff, right? Yeah, yeah. But it was between Georgia and LSU. But to choose Texas where the fan base is just starving for the one moment they can say it's changed, it's turned, we're going to win back.

It is back. Burnt orange man horns up the whole business. All right, all right, all right.

Here we go. You know, Bevo isn't the main attraction that everyone's talking about as much, and I know I'm oversimplifying it something other than the I'm just saying, man, like, Texas is back. I mean, this kid is going to have so many hopes and desires placed in him. You know, and our caller just pointed it out, you know, he's going to go. He's going to go, I mean, he's the big man on campus, and he's not even on campus. Natty Heisman.

That's what you said before. He needs a number one pick. If he doesn't get a national championship or a Heisman, it's a failure, which is what you said in overreaction Monday. And I'm like, well, then Uncle Peyton was a failure then, too, huh? At Tennessee.

No, he was not. Stop it. Come on now. Number one pick, 2026, lock it in.

I mean, it's all. So I hope again, he just he's just like that, just flat line, just start tanking now for Arch Manning. Is it too early to tank? What would we call it? Ascension for Arch.

It's got to be negative. He's got to be something for Arch, right? Yeah. Aim for Arch.

Huh? Archery. Aim for Arch. Aiming for Arch. Aim for Arch. It's not Chris. Chris and I last week talked about Arch might be the first kid to turn down an NIL deal.

Like, you know, the uncles and the dad, we like we don't need that type of distraction. Arch is fine. 104 dad told us he could have got 10 million.

How much is Arch Manning going to get? Yeah, that's true. I'm just joking. Yeah, I just popped in synonym for suck. But unfortunately, it's like draw, drink, gulp. Like that's the oh, so yeah, you got to. Parch for Arch says, I don't know.

That's not very good. I mean, that'll wrap it up for this show. Big finish. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. All-time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before, you know, Hulk Hogan was a babyface, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome, Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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