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REShow: DJ Moore/Mark Hubbard - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 29, 2022 3:11 pm

REShow: DJ Moore/Mark Hubbard - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 29, 2022 3:11 pm

Carolina Panthers WR DJ Moore tells Rich how he’s improved over his 4-year NFL career and how Panthers legend Steve Smith has mentored him over the years, weighs in on Sam Darnold’s improvement, Christian McCaffrey’s health and Carolina’s goals for the 2022 season.

Rich reflects on yet another Angels’ loss and laments that two of baseball’s best players, Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout, are toiling away on a mediocre team. 

Golfer Mark Hubbard tells Rich what life is like for player on the fringe of the PGA Tour, weighs in on golfers defecting to the LIV Golf series with a possible way to epically troll 2-time US Open champion Brooks Koepka, and reacts to his beloved Broncos adding Russell Wilson and the Avalanche winning the Stanley Cup.

Rich regales in Aaron Judge’s latest longball exploits and makes a bet with Brockman on where the soon-to-be free agent will be playing next season.

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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Daddy's hosting today kids. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

I think it's been pretty obvious the mutual decision on both sides is to move on. Baker's the one you're breaking up with me I'm breaking up with you first. Earlier on the show ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan still to come. Panthers wide receiver DJ Moore. PGA Tour golfer Mark Hubbard. Plus writer and director Ron Shelton. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great chat with Jeff Passan talking some baseball. We're going to talk a little bit more baseball in hour number three since the man who made it arguably the greatest baseball movie if not sports movie ever. Ron Shelton who wrote a book called The Church of Baseball about the making of Bull Durham. A great book about the inside stuff on making a movie.

How do you make a movie? And certainly one of the greatest movies that we still quote today. He'll be here in studio all hour number three. Mark Hubbard who is grinding it out on the PGA Tour. He joins us in advance of the John Deere. He was the one who got into last week's Travelers when Brooks Koepka tapped out to join the live tour.

So I figured let's let's get him on and talk to him from his perspective on what's going on in the world of golf. Chris Brockman, Mike Del Tufo sitting where they are. T.J. Jefferson you sitting where you are. Good to see you world. We're going to go from a T.J. to a D.J.

Do you see how I made that? And I don't mean you Mike as a disc jockey. I don't mean you in that respect. Got excited for a second there. No no.

I'm like ready to spin. I am actually referring to the man who's about to join us on the Mercedes Benz Vans phone line. If I'm not mistaken, Denniston Oliver Moore Jr. is about to join us. D.J.

Moore from the Carolina Panthers entering year five fresh off of a terrific season in Carolina here on the Mercedes Benz Vans phone line on the Rich Eyes and Show. How you doing D.J.? I'm doing well.

I appreciate you putting my whole name out there. What do you think? Is that a good thing or am I or is that something that you don't want out there? What do you think?

What do you got for me on that? Not a lot of people know my whole name so everybody's been calling me D.J. so it's nice to know that somebody knew my whole name. Who calls you by your full name? Who does that on planet earth? Anybody? Nobody at all. Okay all right.

Not even when you're in trouble. I know when you know my mom when she called me Richard I knew it was D.J. Moore. I knew I was in deep trouble when she used my full name. Nah.

No? My mom never called me Denniston. She just always said D.J. Okay very good. Well then let's call you D.J.

Why not since everybody else does that. So what is your sense of the Carolina Panthers entering year five for you in this NFL? What's your sense D.J.

of your team? I feel like we have a better system in place right now. We all understand the main goal this year is to be better than last year.

Well I want to be way better than last year because we know we didn't do too well so everybody's main goal is to just do way better than last year and just try to make the playoffs this year. What do you mean by better system? What do you mean by that?

I feel like it's a better like structure for us to go on into this year than previous years. So then what's the difference? Can you give me an example D.J.

of what the difference is? I could tell you a little something like the offense is way better than previous years so we have a lot of upgraded weapons and calls that will help us out this year. Okay and Ben McAdoo being the new OC and what's he brought to the equation there?

See he brought a bunch of new things like things that my first few years we had but then we got away from it and now it's back so just learning his terminology with things is it's very hard but I mean it's going to work in the long run. Well when he was calling plays for the Giants as the head coach there he had this huge huge card that looked like a like a diner menu card. Does he still have that? Does he still have that going for him? It's still around yeah I seen it the first day I was like who got to know all that but then we got there going with OTAs it became simpler.

Then it got a little awkward when you ordered a tuna melt off it that might have been it could have been like what do you mean by that? Okay D.J. Moore here on the Rich Eisen Show and how are you a different receiver than when you first walked off the campus at Maryland into Carolina? D.J.

Just understanding the game better my first few years the game was pretty fast for me so I had to adjust to that the speed of the game and then my later half of my young career it started to get slow so I was able to just dissect the defenses understand offenses better and just be able to do what I do when I get the ball in my hands. Well I mean you had a terrific year last year my colleague here Chris Brockman and I have a fantasy team together in a celebrity fantasy contest and you were on our team and we loved all of your production and one of my favorite moments D.J. this past year is when I got a chance to tell none other than Steve Smith that I was starting you every single week. What was that moment like for you from back in the day when if I'm not mistaken did Steve ask about your fantasy value in front of you to Cam Newton did that happen a few years ago D.J.

Moore? Yeah that happened a few years ago it was pretty awkward but a few years later it came back that he was just playing fantasy with his son so I thought it was like a real league but it was just a family league that he was playing and I wasn't too hurt about it. All the stakes weren't that high but still I mean he is he you know what I find though is that from Steve if he does that that means he likes you that's what I think I think you should have taken that as a compliment right in front of you.

Yeah at first I didn't I didn't know how to take it but then I got to know him more and understood where he was coming from with it. He's the he's one of the best I mean so are you still in contact with him is there any things that you pick up from him or he he advises you on in any way shape or form D.J.? Yeah we stay in contact mostly if I like if it's a bad game or I do something silly out there on the field he'll text me about it and we'll talk about it but other than that our relationship is good we we talk when we talk he's here in Charlotte so I know I could just hit him up and we could go talk about something if I have it on my mind. D.J. Moore Carolina Panthers wide receiver here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's just dive into it the quarterback spot. How is Sam Darnold looking to you and handling everything in year two for him there? Sam it's just like I could see a growth in him already from OTA you know everything has been hectic this offseason for him and the news wise so with all the quarterbacks moving around and the way he just handled it he was talking to everybody just everybody just was so poised and then he came in and he had to learn a new offense he just took it full head on and he's been good with Ben and Sean with the quarterbacks and I haven't seen no downward spiral for him but all upwards for him right now. Well I mean look he he came into New York with such fanfare and being drafted high and and the irony now is the quarterback that was selected in front of him is potentially sitting out there because of what's going on with Baker Mayfield in Cleveland. Has any of that chatter filtered into your locker room huddle any sort of conversation that that you've overheard or that could filter in at all into what's going on in your preparations for 2022 D.J. Moore?

No in the locker room even when it all started it might have been a few things but it just was all like let's let's just leave it to the people upstairs they get paid that money to make those decisions and whatever happens we just rock out with it and adjust from there. How does McCaffrey look like to you D.J.? He he's been taking good care of his body you know with his little previous injuries that you can't really prevent he's just being cautious and he just looked like he made that up when I first came in and he had a thousand receiving a thousand addressing so I'm looking forward to playing out there with him. Okay so what's the um the the like I said the general sense for your team with Matt Rule your coach I mean there's there just seems to be so much chatter outside of football surrounding your team right now D.J. what do you think you can achieve this year Brady coming back in Tampa for one more year as it seems and the Saints most likely going to get can't guard Mike back as we expect what's your general sense of things entering year five for you and your team D.J.? My first is to win the NFC south uh just take it full head on we had some close games within the conference so we we know we're not too far away and this is to win like win now and and think about everything else later. Okay well very good um and what do you do now what's July look like for you what's your summer before training camp what is D.J.

Moore doing what are you doing? I'm relaxing uh working out uh three days a week and just relaxing spending time with family I might take a trip or two but other than that I'm just focusing on relaxing and make sure my body's right. Where are you thinking of going? Uh I want to go to the Nickelodeon in uh in Jersey so take my daughter there.

Huh so you want to go to the studios you mean Nickelodeon you're talking about? No they got they got an amusement park and a water park up there so one day take her up there. How old's your daughter? She's two. Oh man okay so what are what are we what are we watching you're like watching are we on Disney plus or are you on you watching anything what do you got what are we watching right now? We are we are on Disney plus watching all the princesses her new thing right now is Shrek so we've been watching a lot of Shrek. Well that's good because there's a lot of you know adult humor in it that you might get have you gotten into the frozen world yet have we gotten there? Yeah I'm in the frozen world one and two. Oh okay so do you know all the lyrics to Let It Go D.J.

Moore do you know that off the top of your head? I don't know all the lyrics on the top of my head but if it's playing I do I do sing it under my breath. Okay you can't be careful because you can't get out of your head just know this what can help you and it has helped me in the times that I've been out at a football field I don't play in it but I'm I'm I do broadcast in it if you can sing that the cold doesn't bother you anyway when you're out there and it's like 20 degrees you're on the road you might be in Lambeau Field just sing that and watch you get 200 yards and three touchdowns on that day I guarantee it I guarantee I gotta remember to do that. Okay yeah just turn just turn just turn Chris can you look up the the Carolina schedule where where's where's he going that might be cold there it is on the screen um okay at Seattle week 14 could be called at Baltimore week 11 November 20th that's got a potential um you could be cold I think those are the dates you bust out the uh like you turn it into your own personal Arendelle and see how it works DJ.

I would think about doing that if it works. Okay very good well enjoy your time what's your daughter's name what's her name? Ariel. Oh wow that sounds that sounds that sounds very frozen Little Mermaid that sounds well it's Little Mermaid there a little more like Little Mermaid. Little Mermaid okay you're congrats enjoy that two-year-old love love up on her before the the football season makes daddy a little more scarce enjoy the time and uh and let's chat uh down the line and I look forward to more fantasy fun from you this year.

Thank you and I hope I bring more fun for y'all. Thank you very much you will do that that's DJ Moore of the Carolina Panthers here on The Rich Isin Show. Sam Darnold the same. Sam is one of those even-keeled guys so he doesn't show a lot of emotion you know I still think he can be a good quarterback the first three weeks of last year was the MVP of the league he was running him in he was throwing him in I still think he can do it I think he's gonna have to because I don't think I don't think Baker's walking through that door there I think he's gonna go Pacific Northwest that's right if I just feel it my bones I think it's gonna be Sam's gig there by the way if it is Sam's gig and it's and it works out what a wild scenario it would be that hold on a minute yeah what a wild scenario it would be because I'm thinking about it just in terms of where I'm from the coach that the Jets could have hired instead of Adam Gase but let walk out the door because they thought he was too green and he's a former giant head coach too I mean not head coach former former giant assistant that's hired a former giant head coach who was the guy who broke up Eli Manning's vaunted start streak so Geno Smith could get a shot yeah run out of New York on a rail by the way also the last giant head coach to coach a playoff game for the Giants he was the hc of that famous loss in Green Bay off that famous trip to Miami that left that left a punch a punched Odell Beckham wall right last head coach of any kind to wear slicked back hair it's true in the NFL but again it's Matt Ruhle hiring Ben McAdoo to turn Sam Darnold into a playoff quarterback I love it why not and somewhere Ray Handley's like saying yeah right I mean that that would be kind of wild why not that'd be kind of wild they should uh if that happens if that happens they should work in an Adam Gase bobblehead night for December bobble eyes my bad not the head just the eyes bobble okay let's take a break here on the Rich Eisen Show uh Mark Hubbard of the PGA Tour this is gonna be a fun chat is he kind of like the Crash Davis of golf right now it's before Ron Shelton joins us in hour three he's a young he looks young right I mean yeah he was born in 89 so it's not too long Mark Hubbard before taking on everybody in the deer competition coming up back here on the program we talked about the Dodgers earlier on did you see the Angels got back-to-back home runs from Mike Trout and also Shohei Ohtani part of a three solo shot inning last night and then the White Sox scored five runs in two other innings and the Angels lost again I mean I don't recall what's name another team that had the two arguably best players in the sport on it and they couldn't even be above 500 you know I understand that the Mariners didn't win at all when they had Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez on it but they also won a hundred something games that year and Edgar Martinez also I mean they had an incredibly talented team but these Angels are 500 500 500 12 games out they were doing great they were they were doing great I mean Joe Madden was back on top and then a 14-game losing streak and it's all over and now they're onto their their I guess what what do you call the manager who's taking over for the interim for 10 games for because the interim's been suspended I mean honestly the Angels have Trout and they have Ohtani and they had a terrific start of the season and a 14-game losing streak they fire their manager the interim is suspended 10 games they also have a suspended interpreter a suspended closer a suspended pitching coach you know and the White Sox who are equally as disappointing yeah White Sox you know with Tony La Russa on a hot seat because Tony chants every night right because he's intentionally walking people who were already have two strikes on him right like weird stuff like that only to have Max Muncy I think step up and Homer the next that bad I mean the Angels are just a patent disappointing once again and Trout's having a tremendous year 23 home runs he's second in home runs he leads the AL in war second in ops like he's just crushing it finally healthy he's 30 by the way not getting any younger he still has Mike Trout 38 years left right is one billion dollar contract does he ever ask for a trade do you think never I don't think so like he's from he's from Jersey so like to go back to the Eagle Eagles he would play for the Eagles if he could Chris play for the Phillies go home at the end of his crowd or no you know play for the Phillies at the end of his career he and Bryce Harper could you know Queens is closer TJ wants everybody just like a short train ride you know question is will Oh Tani take the road out of town we keep saying if Oh Tani wore pinstripes or had the Boston bee on his hat or had the Mets interlocking NY on his hat I mean see you later or he just went or he just went up the went up the the road here to Los Angeles play the Dodgers play with the Dodgers like trout still has eight plus years left 35 million he's not going anywhere mad you know and I know he's probably I'm dying he's probably dying to play in an October game of significance just like we're dying to see him in it at some point that's got to hit him right I am this good and I've never played on the biggest stage and then he lives in Southern California and and and no one on the East Coast nobody's and nobody's like nobody's coming to talk to him after every game 15 different outlets you know he looked like sick to his stomach when he had to meet with the media in New York City and talk about you know fantasy well football commissionership that was a dumb thing that he obviously had wanted no fun with it and just been done with it you know he could have come out and said Tommy Pham was ridiculous for the you know for the injured reserve stuff yeah you didn't have to treat it you have to treat it like it was you know like uh uh the insurrection honestly he treated so seriously that's a dust-up rich oh my bad yeah yeah right come on understood but I mean we'll we will see uh how this all plays out this year doesn't look good for the Angels again joining us on the rich eyes show for the first time look we we uh we had him on our radar screen last week when his name popped up for the travelers as the the guy who got in because Brooks Koepka was out and he joined the live tour and we talked about we said we are now Mark Hubbard fans we're rooting for him and I guess the PGA Tour heard about it and said you want to talk to him and we're like hell yeah yeah so he joins us right now from uh the great uh Quad City community Quad Cities community in in Illinois home of the John Deere Classic where he is in the field on this week's PGA Tour and that will be seen on CBS and Golf Channel as well uh joining us on the Rich Eisen Show on his eighth year on tour is Mark Hubbard how you doing Mark hey guys thanks for having me as well you got it man so yeah we we heard you got in last week we're like we're rooting for you we're all in yeah so yeah I was sitting on the putting green on Thursday and I started looking at my social media and it just starts blowing up with all these people saying we're from the Rich Eisen Show I'm like what is going on so I had to go into Spotify and listen there you go I appreciate the shout out of course man so uh let's let's talk about your your career um and how how did you find yourself on the on the PGA Tour how'd you get there Mark um I started up on the PGA Tour Canada played two seasons up there which was so much fun I got my now the corn ferry tour um through that through finishing third up there and then uh in 2014 finished in the top 25 on the on the corn ferry so got my PGA card to there so it all all happened kind of fast um obviously I'm a little bit of a journeyman now going back and forth but uh but you know it's been it's been a good run is that why your twitter handle is at homeless hubs mark what's that all about what does that a little bit kind of right out of college when I was playing mini twerk off uh I was in Arizona just kind of couch surfing sleeping on somebody's air mattress for wherever I wherever I landed um and they I wasn't paying rent so they just started calling me homeless I'm I'm always a little scruffy around the edges so it just kind of stuck okay and so then you just then that was available there wasn't like uh somebody was squatting on the homeless hubs on twitter huh actually I actually had my program group today was like is your nickname hobo and I was like I don't know we might have to change that oh hobo hubs that's a little tighter that's a little tighter that's a little tighter and so uh where were you when you found out that you were gonna be um in the travelers last week where were you well so the weekend before I was actually at a bachelor party in Austin expecting to have an off week uh so it was quite the turnaround um and then all of a sudden I was second alternate so I hopped on a flight late Tuesday night and I think I landed about 11 30 and I had a bunch of messages saying that brooks wd um so it was about yeah it was about 11 30 on Tuesday night so how how often do you travel or have been traveling as an alternate and then you find out that you might not even get in is that how that works yeah I mean this year so this year I've been playing out of the 126 to 150 category which is technically a conditional status so it's been a little bit of a whirlwind uh not knowing for sure um you know a lot of weeks you know for sure you're not going to get in a lot of weeks you know for sure that you will but there's been you know five or six this year that um you know depending on withdrawals and stuff I may or may not get in I think I've been actually pretty lucky I'm gonna get 21 starts this year which is awesome out of that category um a lot of that is because I played well in the fall but yeah it's been it's been kind of a weird year but at the same time it's you know taught me to just be ready when I do need to play and if anything it's taught me that maybe I've been playing too much uh for the last couple years and rather rather than play you know five weeks in a row you know medium uh medium talent wise and mental capacity wise you know maybe play one or two when I'm firing all cylinders so it's been a different year but uh good in a lot of ways so have you ever flown standby to play standby have you done that I've never done that that would be a new one luckily luckily the unit uh the pj tour has a good relationship with united usually get I'm just trying to see how extreme it really is for you yeah traveling around I mean it is you know it is different than a lot of guys you know you really just see the the top guys on tv and think about the private planes and stuff but the majority of us you know we're yeah we're traveling like crazy and fitting fitting all our stuff and our kids stuff and the you know avis renting cars and and driving from chicago here this week and it's not as glamorous as it looks I mean don't get me wrong I have a great life but definitely there's a lot more a lot more stuff like that going on than than you might know well and that's part of the reason why I also wanted to talk to you Mark Hubbard is because the conversation in the world of golf right now does surround what the pga tour offers its players certainly spotlighted by the live tour saying that that uh they have left because of uh similar um you know for for better conditions and a better work environment and and now the you know thanks for the memories pga tour where do you stand on this whole subject matter mark covered yeah you know I I struggle with with some of the guys who left saying that because like I've played 30 to 33 events for eight straight years like they're complaining about the fact that they're playing too much those guys are playing 21 22 events you know they're not they're not grinding the way that we are and and they're getting paid a bunch and so you know to act like oh I'm not getting to see my family I mean you're a professional golfer and you're only having to play 22 you're only having to work 22 weeks a year I mean I know we're you know we're grinding on off weeks too but I've found that sob story a little little far-fetched um but yeah I mean it's it's an interesting dynamic going on I think I think obviously when you're talking about 125 million it's kind of hard to compare we can't compete with you know foreign dictatorships money but there's a lot of stuff that the pga tour does amazing that I don't think those guys are thinking about I mean our our retirement is amazing the child care system is amazing my wife and daughter get to travel with me almost every week because we frankly get more help out on the road with the amazing child care system so there's a lot of things like that but the tour really does a great job um so I don't know I mean I'm I'm a little bummed worth that I'm a little nervous for the future of golf uh but at the same time I can't blame anyone for for going for 125 million that's a lot of money sure of course what about the uh the the concept that you you hear uh not just from the players who have chosen the live tour but from the live tour itself that they're growing the game of golf what do you make of that um opinion mark yeah I mean I don't see how I think you know the tour we have you know developmental tours all the way up um in terms of growing the game of golf like the amount of work we do in each community that we go into the amount of charities we impact every week um I mean just walking around the program today at the john deere the amount of kids that were out here from boys and girls club from the first tee I I don't see how that was something that we were lacking in um and I don't see how a 54 person tour um run by a foreign dictatorship is gonna is gonna impact the youth the way that we do so I I don't really see how that adds up to be honest and uh is there how much conversation in the locker room or amongst you in the the your circle of friends or tight circle that you may have in the pga tour um what how much of of this is being discussed by you guys yeah you know it's it's it's kind of everywhere right now it's being talked about all the time locker rooms everywhere I think all of us are a little bit tired of it and want to just get back to playing golf but we realized you know it's it's a unique situation um I think you know from a media standpoint sometimes we're kind of like hey like if we really want this to go away maybe we should stop talking about it you know it's kind of one of those things any any press is bad press or any press is good press even if you know we're condemning the guys that are leaving we're still talking about them so I think all of us you know miss today's when we could go just play golf but uh it is what it is and uh you know I think a lot of the changes that the tour just made are going to be good and I'm glad we're you know switching the conversation to that narrative instead well the guys who left I mean obviously last week uh brooks kepka uh opening a door for you to play in the travelers do you think there'll be more open doors for you because of the amount of guys who have left do you think that might be a benefit in that respect mark for you yeah I I you know like I said I don't know only time will tell but right now I don't I don't necessarily think this is the best thing for the game of golf right but for me selfishly it's been great I've gotten like I said at the beginning of the year out of my category I was thinking I was going to get 15 or 16 events I'm probably going to get 21 or 22 so it's it's helped me a lot in that regard right now I'm sitting on 130 30th in the fedex cup but there's probably six or seven guys ahead of me who have left for the live tour so I could be sitting at 123 for all I know um so selfishly yeah those guys leaving and and uh has helped me out a lot we were actually joking I got a new staff bag last week and it doesn't have my name on it so we were thinking about writing not brooks kepko or brooks kepko there on the front on the front of the back please do that please do that there's still time there's still this week please do that so that so that was going to be my next question is like we got you a new bag we can get you a new bag if you're going to have more starts right because I saw the bag we can't have duct tape mark covered we cannot have duct tape I mean it kind of goes with the the homeless I know I know it's on brand I'm trying to make a brand I get it no I know it's on brand I get it but at some point though let's get rid of the duct tape so you have for this week then gotten rid of the duct tape yeah local iq one of my marketing sponsors uh they hooked it up last week so okay kind of last minute so I still don't have the name but but we might go with not brooks kepko or brooks was here that might be yeah that might be a choice here that was my that would be that would be my choice no doubt about it mark hubbard and look I think fewer and fewer people will be talking about the live tour uh once and this is another benefit to you as well once uh russell wilson starts playing football for the denver broncos the football season begins you know what I mean so that's your team correct mark that's your team I mean at the end of the day I'm so on cloud nine after the abs win so I don't really care about anything but the list that's anything with golf this is probably going to be about as good as my attitude will be all year at this tournament because I'm still riding that high I bet you know I you you let me just do this right I'm kind of freaking out about it I think you were seven or eight years old when I was on sports sports center talking about joe sakic bringing bringing the lord stanley cup with patrick wada to colorado for the first time oh yeah we we had season tickets growing up I went to all the games it was great I bet so the best day riding high on the abs win um you don't you didn't ready okay ready for a great bronco season yeah okay how do you think how do you think they are going to do in all seriousness the broncos for real you know I think we're going to be really good it's tough because we're in such a good division but I mean I think you know I think our play calling is going to be a lot better I'm happy that we made that switch um and I think if russell wilson just stays within himself like we don't need him to go crazy or do anything insane we just need him to not throw kicks and run the offense I think our running game with that one two punch is gonna be great like re-signing melvin gordon I think was awesome to have that off that change of pace so uh and we made you know a lot of improvements on both sides of the line so I I'm hopeful I mean obviously I'm always hopeful but I I think this hope comes from reasonable okay and maybe you never know uh the saudis might start a new football league and ask mahomes to join and he's out of the west you know that could happen you never know yeah just trying to have a little bit of levity hey mark um what a pleasure I'm sorry if I caused your your putting uh regimen uh to get blown up because uh we mentioned you on our program no it was great I loved it yeah are they are they are they you're over ten thousand on twitter now is that what it is right now yeah okay let's keep going yeah that was our deal we were trying to get him over because he was at 9 700 and we're like let's let's go he's at ten thousand two hundred all right let's get over eleven thousand let's go come on people let's keep going let's keep it going he's got a brand new bag and he's gonna have more followers after this conversation this is gonna be great man and are they still talking about my appearance uh in the pro am at uh river highlands in 1998 when it was on sports center and I left tons of divots on the course are they still talking about that back there yeah I heard murmurs throughout the course last week during the prime yeah you're like looking down at the fairway like why is that hole so old and deep that's that was me that was I slipped on a few but my bad my apologies hey mark let's let's uh let's stay in touch man this is a pleasure um congrats on everything that's going on with you and uh your family and uh let's let's stay in touch good luck in the john deere absolutely thank you so much for having me absolutely at homeless hubs there's two b's in it so let's make sure we get this right follow him on the rich isin show thanks for coming on that's uh our friend our new friend mark hubbard we're now bffs not gonna lie I'm gonna bet mark hubbard this weekend that's fun that was awesome I got a new fan I'm very impressed he's got to put brooks was here on that back has to brooks was here on the bag I mean but that's part of the reason why I want to have him on like here's a guy who's grinding on the tour selfishly in the short term it's going to help him get some more more events but he's he's nervous how about him saying that the child care on tour is so good it's better for his wife and child to be with him on the road that just shows you that's real life stuff going on with a lot of these guys on the tour and that's uh what do you think is that the rags to riches stuff is is what the tour is about and thus the guys who went from rags to riches to more riches leaving the rags tour that the tour that made them go from rags to riches behind kind of sucks but as he pointed out like somebody calling up 125 million dollars you don't have to worry about you know your child care at home anymore no it's pjs you're traveling with nanny yeah it's that that's how your life is now because of that but you know I just wanted to lay it all out there for you in a conversation by the way I'm I see any anytime I talk about how the live tour is less than for the pga tour I don't think they're growing the game I think they literally are joining and and taking the cash and I totally understand again why you take nine figures of cash I get it or high eight figures of cash or mid eight figures of cash or low eight figures of cash or low eight figures of cash you know but again it's it's a tour created by a guy who has been grinding an axe on the pga tour for a long time and found a foreign government that has a bottomless pit of money that has its own agenda and the two of them get together and they are just poaching big names and will you watch the live tour this week you gonna seek it out in Oregon you know like I saw I saw the article I I see everything man I'm just you know I'm seeing everything these days so certainly with the kids out of town now Sergio Garcia Sergio Garcia they're they're changing the name or the avatar of their team name on the live tour and they're sending out press releases and Sergio is being quoted of like yeah we're changing the name we're gonna come up with a new brand the three other players playing with them I've never heard of but you know what I'm saying like that's just gonna be tough to get into and buy and care about do you know I mean oh man Kevin Kevin van Valkenburg yeah we talked to him the golf fighter he had a thread yesterday on twitter about golf riders should like these guys are just doing they should ask serious questions like what do you say to the longtime fireball fans who are upset that you're changing the logo and and swapping out new team members yeah yeah right and just see how to one just after one week and just see how these guys react like what this is about golf this is about your competition your world like we're trying to treat it like changing the world like do or die stuff you know I'm asking you a question about your team what do you have to say about it and just watch brooks kepka and these guys like they'll be just like get out of here with that noise you guys started this now you gotta live in it yeah just ask these guys all those serious questions yeah like you don't want to say funny you don't want us to ask you about sports washing let's let's get into like how how can you what are you gonna what do you say to the fireball fans yeah that had bought fireball t-shirts and now you're changing yeah that we're drinking fireball in honor of your team rooting for you big sergio garcia fans that followed you to the live tour and bought all that fire and fireball stuff fire what are you gonna say to them fire it would be so funny live on sunday yeah he was like brooks as a captain are you what are you personally doing to motivate the smash boys is that the team that he's on yeah he's not he's now a captain he's the captain of the smash boys so then valkenberg is like are you more of a ted lasso guy or craig t nelson oh my gosh is nepotism the right path to glory smash boys come out to play like let's be let's be serious put a c on it they're gonna put a c on his uh i have no idea and they're gonna put a c they'll put a c over his blacked out masters logo my pad i'm mixing i'm mixing up my uh major tour winners on uh don't screw up we have team major winners on the live tour all right let's take a break we're getting ready for ron sheldon everybody he may have just walked in the door in our green room really hope can't wait um so uh aaron judge hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the first today um he did he did that's 29 oh yes you is though the uh a scored three in the top of the first but uh that's what an mvp does when your tion is struggling all of a sudden i mean this is where it is right now what's uh what's today's date it's uh it's june 20 it's the way it is on june 29th team that has won 55 of its first 75 games i'm beginning to grow concerned about their fifth starter that's all right thanks rich really growing concerned about that guy that won't have to won't have to pitch in the playoffs anyway who won't go out maybe a long relief uh baby because that's judges 29 how many games have you guys played uh 70 this is their 76th game all right well i'm doing 76 game you're gonna do an on pace doing his pay john walsh the creator of sports center despised the on pace he he he would he would bristle anytime any of us on sports center talked about somebody's on pace to do anything because that means nothing absolutely nothing it takes into account no injury possibilities no scheduled off days no unscheduled off days no rain outs doesn't take into account you know the usual ups and downs of a season like so you're on pace for what that's if you continue this toward pace nobody continues toward paces that's why they're called toward paces but we're halfway through the year and he's on pace for 62 halfway through the year you keep reminding me we're not halfway through the we're not you do say close i mean this is game 76 if we were halfway through the year the the yankees would play only 152 games 162 he hasn't played every game i'm just saying he's not played every game judge is about halfway through his year and he's on a pace for 62 home runs which would set the yankees record if he breaks roger maris's record and then goes and then leaves and then leaves he's not leaving i'll take that bet for sure you'll take that bet i will take that that's what i'll do with you i'll take that bet i'll do that one with you there will not be a moment next year when aaron judge is a san francisco giant crying on first base because the yankee fans are cheering for him and he then wonders what did i do that ain't happening no he's gonna leave like you have bristol in your rear view rich rich he's leaving the bronx in his rear view no i i yeah mark chapiro's not walking through that door in the steinbrenner wing bro i will disown the yankees if they let him go no i will be so by the way it's not up to the yankees sure it is yes it absolutely yes it is they have to pay it doesn't want to play there anymore that's oh stop that's false you know you give me the red socks give me the field you you and your you know what why aren't you you think you just connected and you you're you're running around the bases why don't you go in your little cart and celebrate your little cart like you've never hit a home run in your life like the red sox do after every home run they hit i don't hate fun they've done it's just like oh verdugo just did a home run get in the cart it's like what i did with my three-year-old down the produce aisle every team does it oh it's not fun every teddy celery not the yankees they lead the league in home runs facial hair and long hair like what is wrong with they look like they're having fun with me your team lives in the 70s that's true if we were the yankees i couldn't even play for you right now yeah i i wouldn't be on this team you know what that i i don't agree with that whole business of shade and whatever you support it every day every day that's like george that's like george steinbrenner railing at the hippies the long hairs every day you know i mean it's it i support it because i love the yankees and this year has been phenomenal and aaron judge is not going anywhere the yankees will pay him all of the dollars and give him all of the years there will not be a freddie freeman issue here if he wants to stay and you're like he's out he's out he looks like a guy who loves it where he is speaking of guys who are sneaky old aaron judge i know that 30 so what give me eight years eight years what now 36 37 38 i won't age well it is not gonna age well may from our current lips to the television streaming radio god's ears we're on the air eight years from now okay and we're we're having this conversation let's put a pin in it he's hitting 201 oh god 38 million dollars okay this guy but he's still got 45 bums this guy this guy right over there that guy that's your man's that's your man's in the field i'll take it i'll take the sold what are we doing oh this is great whatever you want man double or nothing on the pickleball bat that i'm gonna be just don't buy the money and expect to get working on a he's working on a teammate rich whatever you're comfortable pride put yankee pride on it that's the best thing that's the best thing rich because if you're going to exchange funds he's not going to pay you that's another thing so you might as well just have the draft the draft if what's today's date again it's june 29th i think today was in fact it is the two-month mark of the day kenny pickett was not drafted in the top five of the draft if i'm not mistaken it was april 29th draft night in las vegas nevada april 29th because the saturday was may 1st i remember that okay yes two months it's delinquent i mean checks that you might not be able to cash if it's sent from a certain business 60 days look i'm just my lights might go off in the crib you know what i mean and he wants to bet me money and you want to be my latex salesman industries tell them fanda way i mean you wanted that by the one of the best buttons in the history of television buttons and you want to be my latex out the jerry because george falls right because he takes his shirt and his pants and he trips and jerry waits for the crowd to stop laughing because they film in front of a studio audience and he and you and it and you want to be my latex it's one of the greatest buttons in the history of sitcom but what the way in and you want to be my latex salesman oh yeah give me the field dude pete alonzo has 69 rbi it's crazy what he's doing just throwing that out there and he'll be and he'll be uh he'll be backing up first base in the all-star game but he'll be fresh off his fresh off his home run derby championship i'm gonna say it again we need to have pete alonzo in the studio in that chair all-star week someone's working on it help us let's work on it met that's your man yeah bucks bucks on top of the the availability of his players media wise here's what you should do tweet at steve cohen i've tried like what do you have tweeted at the met's owner i mean not from the rich eisen show account lately but i have in the past well you tweet from whichever account you want i'll hit the retweet say come on steve let's invite the met's owner in here that would be great let's invite him in here almost as good i don't know if he'll be here for the all-star game why wouldn't i'm gonna hire you as my latex salesman i don't think so no the line is and so and i know i want to be my latex sales i got to scrub through it and find i mean come on you got 40 seconds to scrub okay hang on you have 40 or 36 seconds to scrub you're wasting time you're wasting time you're wasting time you want to be and you want to be my latex sales you want to be my audio engineer you should you should do you should act steve cohen and say let's get let's get can you get pete alonzo here under rich eisenstein do that right now is pete on twitter of course i'm fit tweet at him let's go straight to the guy busting with the boys is going to hit you up every day maybe i'll just hit up pete alonzo every day i don't think i'm going to hire you as my latex salesman right right no that's not the one for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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