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REShow: DiDi Richards/Hally Leadbetter - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 13, 2022 3:21 pm

REShow: DiDi Richards/Hally Leadbetter - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 13, 2022 3:21 pm

New York Liberty G/F DiDi Richards and guest host Ben Lyons discuss the rise in popularity of the WNBA and more.

Golf Digest’s Hally Leadbetter joins the show in-studio to discuss the Open Championship at St. Andrews, how LIV Golf will force the PGA Tour to change and adapt, says what Michelle Wie’s golf legacy will be once she retires, and reveals which celebrities can and can’t golf very well.

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Flow like water but I'm cold as ice. Where do you want to see Kevin Durant play basketball next year? I want to see him play in the west. Okay you guys clown me for coming to Golden State.

Now I'm going to go somewhere else in the west I'm going to beat Golden State. Earlier on the show NFL Network Anchor Steve Weissman from the No Laying Up Podcast. Chris Solomon coming up. New York Liberty Guard Dee Dee Richards. Plus from Golf Digest, Halle Ledbetter. And now sitting in for Rich here's Ben Lyons.

Hey the show rolls on Ben Lyons in for Rich. Appreciate you rocking out with us today. In about 20 minutes we've got Halle Ledbetter, dear friend of mine, in studio. Very excited to catch up with her.

Talk a little bit more golf and content creation. We've had a lot of influencers and digital creators on the show this week. So looking forward to catching up with my dear friend Halle. One of the most talented people working in golf.

Now I'm actually really excited to welcome in our next guest. She plays for New York Liberty. I'm a huge fan. She's a defensive force.

She's everywhere in New York City this year. Dee Dee Richards joins the show. Tough loss last night. Appreciate you joining us right now in the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. So thank you for taking some time. How you feeling Dee Dee? I feel great. I'm super excited to be on the show.

Thanks for having me. No, it's been a fun, you know, up and down season for the Liberty because just when I'm counting you guys out, you guys come back with big wins and Sabrina has a big night and you're getting back in the lineup and getting healthy. So where is the team right now in this roller coaster of a year? Right now we're in New York.

I'm kidding. Right now we're just we're just trying to buy in honestly. Buy into the new staff. Buy into younger players and just get, you know, the experience we need to continue to build on the season that we're having this year honestly. Honestly it seems like there's a real camaraderie despite some of the challenges the group has faced this year. Talk to me about just the friendships you've formed on the team.

There's some continuity with last year's roster. So just talk to me about sort of this the the culture or the culture around the women playing on the team this year. Right, I mean why would we love each other and I think it exudes out of all of us whenever you hear one of us talk about each other and the teammates but honestly me and Mick are inseparable. I think everybody knows that but even saying that it's not it's not like a divide on the team honestly.

It's just we all kind of love one another. We can all spend time with one another and I think that's what makes us go and I think that's what makes us good the way we play the way we play. You had a lot of success in college especially in the defensive end, defensive player of the year, playing down at Baylor. What do you what did you notice from a defensive point of view as the big difference in playing at the collegiate level and then playing the professional level? The biggest difference for me is that every day every game you're guarding somebody that can drop 50 like at any given time. I think that drives me insane because I hate being scored on but like I had to understand that you're going to get scored on in this league and you're not going to be able to beat yourself up about it.

So I'm learning to kind of not accept it but you know move on and try you know get them the next play basically instead of just killing myself in the game the way I've been doing. I love that you can admit that about yourself. Everybody in the room chuckled when you said you hated getting scored on. It seems obvious that most players would hate being scored on but it seems like it stings a little deeper for you. Yes because my brother it was honestly growing up my brother and my dad they when they would score on me they would not let me like live it down like as we come from the court walk into the house eating dinner and they're going to bring it up. I'm like dang shut up.

So now that's the reason why I act the way I act. Now I had a chance to see you play the other night it was a tough loss overtime loss at the Barclays but the Barclays has been a vibe this summer. It's great to see fans back in the stands. Talk to me about what it's like to play in New York in Brooklyn.

You never know what's going to be courtside at those games. Right it's super special to just be out here with the culture and the love that people have for the city and the state is kind of insane. It kind of makes you want to play a little harder for them so I'm super excited to even be out here playing in front of the fans that we have and like you said they've been really showing up lately so we're just hoping to get them to the playoffs. Well I love that because they're showing up because you guys have a real connection to them. I saw a video where you were calling season ticket holders and thanking them for coming to the games and really have a connection with the fans. Talk to me just about being an ambassador for the sport in addition to being an athlete within the sport.

I feel like WNBA players are asked to go out there and market the game in addition to going out there and playing it. I think it like you said bring it makes us connected to our fans and I love it. It's something that most sports don't have to do but we have to do it in order to you know put our faces out there and get the WU notice and if we can do if we have to do that then we're going to do it and I think that shows how much we love the game as players. We're willing to do whatever we can to get fans to watch and to show how much we love the sport that we play.

Yesterday DeeDee we had Jimmy King one of the Fab Five legends on the show yesterday and of course the Fab Five University of Michigan it's why I went to Michigan. They are known for the iconic baggy shorts. Like I got in so much trouble for rocking Fab Five shorts from my high school coaches. Now there's a movement in basketball the other direction. It's going like way up the thigh like what is happening right now? Honestly if you can't feel the air on your legs then you're you have a problem. You need to run and feel the wind whooshing in your legs the hair blowing all that. You need the wind to do all that so I don't I love that they love their baggy shorts but I am so happy that time has changed and that the shorts have changed with them. Something tells me the next generation is going to be back down to the floor like that's just the way it goes.

This is how it happens that's time it repeats itself for sure. DeeDee Richards joining the show from the New York Liberty Ben Lyons in for Rich on the Rich Eisen Show. DeeDee you have been enjoying New York City. Part of the the perks of playing for a team in New York is you get invited to cool events. You were at the Tribeca Film Festival. You've been out and about. What are some of the great things you've gotten to experience from living and playing in New York?

Definitely fashion week. That's probably my top top top accomplishment that I've now had I've been able to do. I've been able to go to it looks like the most fun thing that I've done. I met Jay-Z. I think anybody I think we're going to throw that out there all the time and you know actually what I've done in New York I met Jay-Z the owner of it and now um like you said it's just having people court side that you don't normally see at most games like you don't know you never know who's gonna come up to a game so I think those are always the best moments of being in New York. I remember there was a weekend I think it was when you met Jay and then there was maybe you were with Quavo or something and Drake took a photo with Lizzie and it was just all these dudes were taking photos flexing that they were hanging out with WNBA stars and it was a really cool moment I think for the sport and and now we're seeing the game you saw great ratings for the all-star weekend and and the sport is really taking off um just talk to me as a fan of women's basketball being a part of it at the level you are someone who grew up watching it what's it like now to see the WNBA shining? Oh it's it's humbling special all the words you can think of because like I said like you said I grew up watching it as much as I could because it wasn't on TV as much as we wanted it to be and now that people are able to access it as easily as they are now it's kind of special and it's showing that like you said our game's evolving and that people are trying to appreciate the sport a little more and I'm just hoping that I keep going in the right direction. We're looking at a photo for our radio audience listening right now of you driving to the hole against Diana Taurasi you were in the building the other night for Sue Bird's last game in New York there are so many last night you guys go up against Asia Wilson and and the Aces there's so many talented legends and icons in the sport who were you a fan of growing up as a young girl that made you want to play basketball?

Definitely Candace Parker um she was someone that I could watch that I could kind of mimic in a way I'm not as tall as her but I was a taller person who could handle the ball and didn't really have a position and when I watched her she kind of was that she had a she played post but she could bring the ball she knew a little bit of everything and on top of that you know she's beautiful so it was really easy to watch her and to kind of um idolize her honestly. Yeah I'm gonna go see her play live uh Thursday night here in Los Angeles when this guy comes to town um you guys uh have the the sparks in town for back-to-backs in August um what can we expect from this Liberty group as uh you know you head down the stretch for the second half of the season and hope to make a playoff run? Honestly just that making a playoff run winning some games um trying to get back into the playoffs talks honestly because we clearly fell and I don't know I just hope that people when people watch this they see excitement exciting basketball and that's what we're hoping to keep bringing us. It's been exciting to see Sabrina start to get really comfortable in the league you know playing in the all-star game and she had the big uh triple 30 point triple double the other night my first time getting to see her play live what have you uh noticed about her game changing over the years now she's gotten healthy and talk to me about your relationship with Sabrina? Um I just don't know that she's you know she's more comfortable she's getting healthier um and anybody healthy is a force to be reckoned with especially when you're Sabrina who can kind of do a little bit of everything whether it be pass the ball rebound or score it from the freaking logo so it's super fun watching her and getting to kind of just be taken under her wing she um she takes good care of me she talks to me throughout the game off the court on the court trying to get me to um you know fill in the pieces that I need to fill in get better I want to get better at and honestly she's teaching me how to stay healthy and stay on my recovery um journey so I really appreciate her for everything she's done for me because I've been here. That's amazing are we thinking outside the box at all with the recovery are you doing anything that's sort of unconventional to get right and get back on the court like deep meditations or acupuncture or anything different?

No she just you know coming from college being a rookie you don't really understand that you need to love your body just as much as you do off the court that you do on the court and she's good about teaching I'm the younger players that because you like you said she's going through an injury where she had to learn that early so she's good about teaching us and telling us that get in the ice bath early but rather being proactive and reactive when it comes to your body. Good stuff D.D. Richards joining the show Ben Lyons in for Rich on the Rich Eisen show uh T.J. Jefferson on the show yesterday asked Jimmy King what the the warm-up music was like for the Fab Five in the locker room during the 90s for those great Michigan teams how about for you and the Liberty who's playing DJ in the locker room and what are you guys listening to before the games to get fired up? We switch it I'm I'm on the road trip I'm the DJ on the away game and Tash is the DJ for the home games but it's normally for me if I'm playing something it's going to always be a little baby a little dirt and everybody hates if I'm playing the same rotation of the same songs but that's how I get warmed up that's how I get pumped so they have to learn to get pumped with me. That's great that's great what environment uh has been the most high octane for you on the road where have you enjoyed playing a road game in the W? Um probably all the west coast teams they bring a nice crowd it's always loud I mean clearly they don't like us but it's fun to play you know with the loud crowd and when you hit a big shot or something just hearing them all get quiet it's always you know motivating and it's exciting coming into a timeout. I like the DJ out here in LA he does a good job as a fun atmosphere at the Sparks games you were talking about um you know getting healthy and I obviously want to see you on the court but I feel like the the bench fits have become a thing for DD you rock your own merch on the bench that's amazing I've never seen you rock your own merch like you rock a sweatshirt that says your name on it like no one else is doing that talk to me about this the DD Richards merch. Honestly what better way to wear some clothes than your own self so I kept telling them put my face on every shirt that you could put on possibly and now we're here so honestly it was just about getting out some something with my stamp on it whether that be athleisure headband something so I'm happy that it was athleisure honestly because it's something I wear all the time putty sweat crop top sweat but it's always sweat so I'm happy that they found a way to kind of make it me and honestly that was just about putting my face on it it was a great moment it was a great moment but I hope I don't see it again because I want to see you out there rocking a jersey and back on the court because it's fun to watch you play live and I'll be there in August for the Sparks games thanks for taking some time appreciate it thank you thank you for having me DD Richards from the New York Liberty I love just the the just the confidence of saying if you're gonna make your own merchandise you might as well have your face on it and rock it on the bench and yeah she's uh she's doing her thing in New York man they're struggling they're having a tough season but uh it's great to have have her on the show I'm a huge fan yeah DD's fits were always kind of fire man it's gotta be wild to just be living in New York you meet Jay-Z playing defense in the W against Sue Bird just living your life it's a great it's a great gig and I'm happy uh happy she's getting healthy because that's been a big issue for her and the entire team kind of honestly all year um all right we got Ben real quick you were talking about beating uh Evan Turner one-on-one you and DD to 10 who's winning D Richards okay I was gonna say come on first of all I'm not scoring on DD Richards I'll give you the benefit you might get like a lucky one so I think they'll get you like 11-1 so like when Denzel and Ray Allen they played for real at the end of the game and you know Denzel scored a couple miracle shots right I might get my Denzel two nothing off on DD Richards and then after that I don't think I'm dribbling the ball more than like three feet honestly watching her play live the other night it reminded me of when the Bulls put Scottie Pippen on John Stockton and his wingspan was just so massive like she was doing that out there against smaller guards and then she's in the post playing against Biggs like she can play all five positions on defense so big DD Richards fan uh big fan of Hallie Ledbetter joining us in studio we are going to have a guest joining us in studio it's very exciting I got a button on my shirt here all right Ben Lyons filling in for Rich on the Rich Eisen show Hallie Ledbetter next Callaway didn't just create their longest irons ever with the new Rogue ST they made their longest irons ever perform at the highest level for every single player Rogue ST irons come in four different offerings each model using artificial intelligence AI on high strength 450 steel the only irons ever to do so 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radio audience Hallie Ledbetter joining us in studio but yeah what is that like where you just have a regular neighborhood and then you have the entire golf world descend upon this tiny little town oh it is it's wild i mean i uh got to go to st andrews to the open championship i think when i was about 12 or 13 we have a family photo and i remember watching my mom sort of tear up because tom watson was playing in his last open championship and i was like mom why are you crying this old guy's walking over a bridge like i didn't get it and then i didn't understand why it was such a big deal and now obviously i do um but the town loves it i mean i was i was watching a little documentary about st andrews in the town and even there everybody just plays golf for fun they have like a putting club and they just yeah the whole town really embraces it and obviously they have st andrews but they actually have seven courses there as well so everybody that everybody that lives in st andrews is plays golf or is a fan of golf you know what i love about you hallie is that your childhood has helped like shape your experiences now as an adult and you're able to create content around the game of golf infused with this very unique upbringing that you had uh for folks who aren't familiar your dad's probably the swing instructor uh of for an entire generation so you have these great family memories of going to st andrews as a kid and doing all these things so how does that now sort of impact what you do around the game of golf today you know what i would say i mean it's no we've been you and i've talked about this all the time golf is a um i mean to put it lightly not necessarily the most progressive game and having grown up in of you know in the golf bubble i mean i used to think the golf channel like morning drive show was like the morning news like i thought that's what everybody watched to kick off their day yeah i was like wait a second the biggest issues in the world aren't back stopping and like if you know like yeah and so i think for me being i mean people ask me how long i've worked in the um in the golf industry well i'm about to turn 30 so i'm like well 30 years i was essentially conceived into this industry and i think that it's given me a really good understanding of the ins and outs and i've made a lot of friends as i you know grew up in florida moved to new york now i live here in los angeles and i meet a lot of people that love golf but maybe don't really um understand why we do certain things or and i think so for me i'm like okay i can sort of help dismantle the um you know the game in terms of the things that maybe need to change or should change and evolve from the from the inside out but think about it when you were growing up there wasn't this whole scene of golf content creation they didn't have brands like no laying up there weren't creators like hallie ledbetter doing her thing so now you've got this whole other energy around the game of golf so how do you think golf has changed now that we have brands like maulbin and rata and all this cool stuff happening east side golf yeah i am loving just how many um celebrities and just people that aren't just your standard just white dude playing golf are taking up the game i got to play actually yesterday i played golf with michael pena who is obsessed with golf picked up the club when he was about like 25 but loves it just played at the um acc celebrity event in tahoe or tony romo won and i think it's really important for people to see people like michael pena schoolboy q um you know the the malbons that you mentioned malvin golf i think it's really important to get people that you wouldn't necessarily picture um necessarily playing golf to for them to you know sort of celebrate their love of the game i mean i don't know ben another well-known ben ben baller who's he's like a famous jeweler yeah my nickname in high school until he came around totally i get it ben but i mean i was texting with him yesterday and he's like i play six days a week just had his first hole in one i mean this guy is like just started playing like four months ago yeah yeah and he is addicted he's so mad he's so mad he's talking holy ones earlier today and he was freaking out oh my yeah i saw him in a pops event a while not too long ago i'm like you have a hole in one and i don't how many do you have i have three such a flex but i mean this is a guy that has two million followers on instagram known for creating the craziest jewelry for rappers like you know like drake and he's posting about on his instagram he's doing polls like would you rather have an ugly swing and never break 80 or have a single digit handicap and have like i have a i was just like yeah right it's super into golf culture and i can't only imagine like his followers that are following him for you know maybe what he used to be primarily posting about is now are now like hey okay golf all right that's how golf's gonna grow exactly different energy around the game and you mentioned the name ben baller did the chain that's right exactly not ben baller do your chain i'm sitting here peeping your chain on the monitor did he also did not do this you know what's funny when i met him he he was like ben baller as in ben baller did the chain i was like oh my god i was like i know i've heard you your name this is why i love how he led better is because she can come in here and sin she's playing golf in micropania she's texting ben baller right but he's like the least hollywood person i know right your instagram you're playing golf with everybody you're opening up top golf with george lopez you're doing all this cool stuff here in la who has has been sort of the best celebrity golfer who are some of the hollywood big face names that we all uh bold face names we know let's see well my first celebrity interview that i did on the golf course was mclemore and talk about someone with passion for the game i mean the guy started his own golf clothing line yeah yes uh bogey boy sorry sorry but that birdie also makes some great stuff yeah but yeah he is obsessed i will say ben this is this is um new information top secret stuff on monday i am very excited i get to do my celebrity interview series with the one and only jim nance oh hello at pebble beach hello friends yes hello i've never played pebble beach and honestly i'm very happy if these are the only three holes i ever play bring your quarters in my entire life that is so cool yeah someone who grew up in golf golf royalty you've worked in golf the highest level just to see the smile on your face and to see how excited you are to go do that i'm so excited i mean what do you ask jim nance i mean he has a replica of what 12 and august in his backyard right he's got um he's got a replica replica of seven at pebble in his backyard but what i love about jim nance because i got to hit a shot on on that little par three he blasts the master's theme song music and then commentates you as you do it it's half it's like 70 yards or something yeah yeah like a limited flag all fall and stuff but you've played some weird holes over the years jim nance's house you've been to that house in malibu yes the house of alibu is incredible that's a really weird one um we're all playing mark walberg's oh yeah no no what am i just played 18 holes yeah there's air pods did you eat a protein bar did you pray what are you doing how do you motherfucker i love that man uh halle ledbetter joining the show ben lions in for rich on the rich eisen show um everything going on in the world of golf right now is centered on this whole live tour thing and we got to talk about it because it is the the story of the moment tiger spoke yesterday at the open championship and i thought he had some really great words about the situation um what are your thoughts on live how do you think it impacts the game long term and that was a deep breath you just yeah it's a deep breath you know the live thing is interesting i i love the pj tour i do a lot of work for the pj tour um i can understand the need and want for um something different you know that being said do i think that live is the answer not necessarily um i try to put myself i mean it's really easy to say oh i would never take money from the saudis but have you ever had a 200 million dollar check like 200 million it's not noon yet here in la so the day's full of possibility yeah i always try and keep a positive hour so i mean yes from a from a moral standpoint i i don't think it's you know they're obviously not good people and they're you know the money does not come from a great place i wish that it you know that it was coming from somewhere else but i can understand the sort of temptation for these guys that are kind of over the hill if you will on the back end of their careers that are just like hey i'm not really going to be competing with the justin thomas's scotty shufflers of the world anymore let me sort of get my you know 70 80 million and sail off into the sunset like i can really understand how and i've watched the broadcast it's not it's not bad like it's pretty good it's it's it's quick i mean i originally was like shotgun start that's kind of weird and then i watched it and i was like oh this is actually nice because you're just going boom boom boom boom boom boom from one player to another um but i feel like the pj tour is in a tough spot you know they this is kind of gonna force them to to evolve and i think um which they already have sort of put in that new um new series for next year with the eight tournaments they're gonna have like insane purses almost the same amount as a live tour so if anything i think it's you know i'm not sure about the longevity of it and i think it'll be also i mean really what it comes down to is will the live golf tour be um granted official world golf ranking points because right now all official world golf ranking tournaments are four rounds and there are a lot of tournaments that are a lot smaller and have less stacked fields than live golf events but they're four rounds and there are no tournaments that are shotgun starts so live is gonna go they've put in their application i saw on twitter yesterday that they are now reviewing the application but the if if they grant them points then all those players will be allowed you know potentially can earn enough points to play in the majors but if they don't grant them points then some of those players that have not won majors yet are going to be forced to choose between going to live taking their millions of dollars or saying no i want to play in majors and i think majors are really the thing that is maybe if you're in it for the money is really the thing that's going to make you potentially stop and think hold on a second do i actually want to do this wow it's such an interesting moment in the game and the fact that it's the 150th open championship while this is all going on it has all eyes on golf holly ledbetter joining us ben lions in for rich on the rich isin show i learned um from working with the pga tour that the pga tour pga and lpga all separate right yes yeah yeah and i had a chance to go to the lpg event here in los angeles which is so much fun i i hope everybody who gets a chance to go to an lpg event in their local city gets a chance to do that talk to me about the lpga tour as we head into this not there yet but almost as post michelle we era yeah so the lpga is a really exciting time right now um nelly corda's back she was she had like a blood clot in her arm so we're so happy to see that she's uh healthy i'm actually heading to michigan tomorrow i'm going to be doing the uh final round interviews for uh cbs for the lpga team event like that yes very excited for that how you like it yeah it should be it should be fun it's the dow event in michigan so we've got um jessica nelly teaming up they call themselves team jelly so look out look out for them uh marina alex teaming up with the legend that is kari webb so yeah i think that there are a lot of um a lot of really talented uh women on the lpga and it's gonna be really interesting to see who sort of steps up but i don't think you could ever fill michelle we shoes i think she's just such an icon and such a unique incredible person but i'm hoping that we get some um get some women that sort of step up and and sort of uh i guess michelle passes the baton in terms of being the face of the lpga continuing to push the sport exactly forward um talk to me a little bit about michelle's impact on the sport obviously she is an icon she is known as one of the great players in the game i've gotten to know her a little bit through you over the last little bit but when she does walk away for good which isn't yet but when she does do that what do you think her legacy is as a golfer well you know she won the u.s women's open won five times on the lpga obviously an incredible player i think um something that as as as a friend of hers and as a a golf fan as well i think a lot of people what they don't realize about michelle because they're like retire already i don't think people realize that michelle essentially has been a professional athlete since she was 10 years old you know she's been she played in her first lpga event when she was like 12 so she has been grinding for her entire life and so her when you think about the um the stress that can put on our body you know like she has pretty bad arthritis in her wrist so she's had a she's had a baby i think she's they're looking to expand their family um she's at the point now where you know she's not in pain when she doesn't play so she wants to be able to you know enjoy her life and be able to to play golf casually and and the occasional uo swim is open i know she wants to tee it up at pebble beach next year which is going to be amazing but i think the legacy far beyond her actual um her actual play on the golf course is going to be the things that she has done to push the women's game forward i mean she has an incredible partnership with la golf uh that even and she's incredibly invested in even now she's semi-retired she's still on the lpga players board i mean the other day i was having coffee with her she's like i gotta go i got a board meeting so she's still very invested in the lpga and what her and la golf did was put out this initiative for um the player lpga players that sign with la golf they're gonna um pay for maternity leave and all of these incredible things that as a woman that plays in the lpga that's essentially an independent contractor doesn't really have access to so she has made a really big commitment even though she's stepping away from the game to continue to put her energy and actions to um to making sure that the women's game is in a good place from here on out no incredible career and i feel like just getting started in so many ways needs to work on the mario kart but he's doing big things she's doing great halle ledbetter in studio ben lions filling in for rich on the rich eisen show you've been out in la now for how long about a year about a year yeah feeling like home yes you know slowly but surely i've been here for about a year but i feel like physically only probably been here for like seven months right you're at a golf tournament every week you're somewhere different yeah here very much um but it's been it's been great gotten to meet some cool people and and and play some cool golf courses what's the la golf scene like for those watching and listening that's a great that's a great question um it's it's strong you know after i um after i go here i'm gonna go to rodondo beach so um minimal golf they make really cool i heard you were hanging out there yesterday are you there yesterday you're supposed to go today no i'm going today yeah i'm going today so there's some really cool like niche i mean we talk about the um evolution of the game and how it's just getting cooler you've got brands like minimal golf and number 33 making like cool flavored toothpicks that look like teas i don't know if you could use them as a tee actually that's something i really want to find out today um but then also you've got a place uh like metalwood studio which is a really neat golf brand that just opened a store in labrea oh yeah oh that's cool yeah and also you go in and i was talking uh to cole the owner there and he's like no this isn't a pop-up this is like legit here to stay you're gonna have a simulator in it so yeah i feel like the la golf scene is is strong and it's only getting stronger i mean i know you go to the penmar social club events i've never been to one of those but looking to get out there and and make some new friends so yeah i mean i'll sometimes i'll put on my instagram hey anybody in la golf looking to play and i'll get a ton of people that that'll reply so yeah the strangest celebrity you've ever played with in la or just weird encounter kind of chance encounter not that they were weird but just odd that you played with them oh my gosh well i have a joe pesci story that has to be told off air okay marty fish who recently played in the acc former winner he uh won me a free travel golf bag i want to say i um i got the opportunity to play bel air a couple weeks ago we had to let dennis quaid through nice um it was so bizarre um i mean he was a nice guy but it was like i mean we we saw the guy he'd played with took forever and then we've got then we got up on the next t-box and i don't know if he left it there on purpose but i had to think he did there was a ball in the t-box that said dennis quaid was here did you take it oh yeah i have it sitting on my like on my mantle of course but i was like i imagine like how cool do you have to be just to be like thanks for letting me play through i'm gonna leave this ball in the t-box for you dennis quaid inner space i played i played a round of golf um with a guy named stephen bishop who's an actor he's going to be coming in studio here on friday played david just david justice in moneyball oh and he's very good friends with jim brown the legendary football player mr brown came and joined the round and i'm really good friends with tom felton who played draco malphoy in the harry potter so introducing jim brown to tom felton on a golf course was definitely a cool moment for me neither one had any idea who the other one was and they just started telling stories about partying in london oh i love that that's what i love about golf i mean you can come from so many different walks of life like i was paired the other day with like quentin tarantino's lawyer oh yeah and it was just like yeah through through howard right yeah and i was just like you know he's picking my brain he's like what are the guys out there that are like really fun to work with i'm like in what world would i have anything in common with quentin tarantino's lawyer but we had enough to talk about for five hours and that's just like the beauty of golf how's your game right now it is pretty solid ben i um last week um didn't play a practice round i i so i have um aspirations of calling qualifying for the u.s mid-am so last week i was like you know what i'm gonna play in the southern california amateur qualifier just gonna wing it no practice round and just see where my game is at because i have not played a competitive round in six years it's interesting approach because that's what chris and i do every time we go to the golf course yeah well it's like i literally have no expectations let's see where we're at yeah yeah and i shot one under and i qualified that's very different than the experience you and i have our game is the first part of that let's wing it it's totally fine second part no practice round wing it us one under not not gonna oh that's amazing i'm i'm excited for you a good challenge way to push yourself that's very cool yeah my boyfriend caddy for me we had a blast love that yeah just show up and shut up it's all that to work um speaking of winging it we got another segment here we like to close out the show with celebrity birthdays and just uh i don't know the show kind of goes off the rail so if you want to wing it hang out for the next segment let's do it you want to do that halle ledbetter joining us in studio final segment of the day ben lions in for rich this is the rich eisen show don't go anywhere all right welcome back to the show ben lions in for rich on the rich eisen show fun show today joyful moments positive energy supportive inclusive i liked it today it's nice no dark energy around the show well it was dark when you talked about joker you are not making no no no no we gotta keep it light don't read your mentions bro so i'm gonna say do not go to twitter oh no no no we don't need to do that we don't need to do that oh we got some celebrity birthdays though to celebrate today right somebody uh somebody famous was born today i think so what do you got brockman everyone who's uh i don't know you just throw up the graphic and let's take a look i don't even have this ready ken jong dr ken harison ford that was june 13th not july 13th it's no july 13th harris and ford twitter messed up and they had june 13th and i'm like harris and ford we got uh cody bellinger cody bellinger handsome man at first base there huh cheekbones love that guy mf doom shout out rip ken jong dr kens lived an amazing life because you know he was i believe he was judd apatow's like baby like doctor right like leslie man and judd had a baby he was like their doctor right and then judd thought oh you're really good at delivering babies because you're a baby doctor you should deliver a baby in my movie and that's how he got his start knocked up incredible and now he's had like an amazing career i had no idea yeah he's the best i love i love ken uh patrick stewart yeah patrick stewart 81 wow selling the uh selling the uber eats huh professor x that loves a nicoise salad with luke skywalker like what a weird pairing for a like new age like hip star trek star star yeah they got all the stars in star trek star wars i never put that kind of on the nose yeah never put that together yeah that's why that's why we don't work in advertising chris you're in sports media you are no dom japer wow uh halle ledbetter is going to the espys ladies and gentlemen first time going to the espy awards i will see you there chris brockman now is an sb veteran who has uh partaken in the event several times what can halle expect i've never been no way what are you going for a loop yeah i'm going uh sarah's writing on it so i'm gonna go after party i'm doing the whole thing plus one oh okay you're gonna see a lot of large people in very tight clothing you're gonna see that that is for sure it's a it's very hot and and it is a sobering reminder of just how young all these athletes are like when you're around anthony edwards and he's like i just started shaving you're like wow it's amazing 20 years old it's at the adobe theater where they do the Oscars this year yeah normally they have it at la live but they've moved it to hollywood boulevard oh yeah look at that yeah okay good stuff that'll be fun who else anybody else birthday today kind of light today yeah i'm kind of going through we mentioned harrison ford you got a favorite uh hairs are you uh indiana jones or a han solo guy um i am in uh han solo out of the two i'd say okay out of those two guys the movies i love the indiana jones movies i'd like to see another one um i think they left something on the dance floor with the crystal skull but uh but yeah i interviewed harrison ford once in montana uh for the movie um uh cowboys and aliens and i had to ride a horse uh in an interview with olivia wild and i hope that tape is burned forever because i grew up in new york city so seeing me ride a horse we got a cheech marin 76 oh i feel like she's a golfer no she's marin a golfer baby yeah he's obviously the most famous caddy ever from team cup that's right um yeah interviewed him once on the uh the red carpet for cars he's a voice in cars yep spud webb cameron crow spud webb getting a shout out from uh from jimmy king yesterday on some texas stuff yeah there you go cameron crow your favorite cameron crow film no almost famous yeah that's that's a perfect that's one of my favorite movies it's a perfect movie yeah yeah how about you wear some of your favorite movies happening oh my favorite uh okay well i just saw top gun 2 you guys see automatically top automatically top movie ever i don't care i've never seen any other movies again you know i what i loved about it too it's because i was like for sure someone's gonna die that's what i thought like someone has to die that's what i thought like you know when they're going through the little river thing with the planes obviously i was like for sure no someone is not getting out and then everyone got out now the movie has been out for two months so it's on you if you haven't seen it yeah this is on you i do appreciate the uh giving away the entire movie here from alie ledbetter good to know my job as a film critic safe yeah golf content creator leave that to the pros also i heard a crazy a crazy theory about it too that it's one giant uh a maverick fever dream like death dream like the whole movie like he actually spoiler alert like dies in the beginning and then the whole thing is just his dream of what his life should have happened like oh wow interesting theory you kind of watch it differently now i have to go watch it again keanu and just like whoa yeah yeah crazy oh mach 10 no no today is also uh national delaware day national french friday no national beans and franks day so shout out to warren from there's something about mary on national uh beans and franks day every day is not a day i'm sorry some days are just wednesday every day is a winding road french friday it's harrison's ford's birthday he might be crashing a plane at penmar golf course right now and walking away from it you know halle mentioned the penmar social club which there's this little golf course on the west side of los angeles a nine hole executive and this group of guys led by garrett light the sunglass designer started the penmar social club and when you win the events you get for a month an iced out chain of a plane that looks like the one harrison ford crashed into the eighth hole which is a really prideful thing to walk around los angeles with the penmar chain over there you know also the anniversary of the release of ghost all right cool never seen it i mean i never seen it how ghost i guess you're not really finding yourself in a mood in 2022 to watch ghost you know what to do tonight i'm gonna put on ghost and watch that from start to finish this is great though i'm sure it's great you've never seen it i have never years but i'm sure it's great but i haven't you know made plans to say hey halle what are you doing tonight you want to call some friends you guys want to come over and watch ghost i'll make a roast chicken like what what we got pottery i mean make pottery you know you know i was really into pottery who i'd like to see in ghost 2 seth rogan movie would change a little bit but the guy loves ceramics he does i mean you're really missing the great turn by whoopi goldberg as oda may i mean she was great to me he was great you know whoopi only be one character in my eyes tj who's that she came and saved the nicks yes they've had in 25 years coach eddie come on frank langella rode a horse in that movie like down the stairs at msg you can't do that is that cgi'd i love how uh i love how uh mark jackson's in that film the late uh malik sealy stacy patton don't do autographs rick fox john sally friend of the show i didn't see a 30 for 30 on eddie no it might be the only one who watches it i told you the last segment was gonna go off the rails how he's like deer in headlights she's like i have a tea time i should have left i have a tea time she's thinking right now could ben baller really make me a change i'm so mad that ben baller has a hole in one what course did he tell you um oh this is a good debate it was on a par three course doesn't count or three course two in new jersey doesn't count it's like a combined no-hitter doesn't count it was 27 whole parts let's get the conviction in brockman's soul doesn't count see i i think was it 60 yards like what was it it was at 90. i i didn't ask in the distance but that's a good point i have found most people that haven't had a hole in one will say par threes don't count and then if you have had one you're like i'll give it to them i think it's so true i'm really just a hater i mean come on oh well holly i can't thank you enough for for hanging out with this crew today thank you very much for classing up the show we really appreciate it because we needed that we got uh hayley jones from stanford on the show tomorrow very excited to catch up with one of my favorite players uh who else we have on the show madeline burke i think checking in we might get a jane slater sighting on the show talk some cowboys we have tomorrow so uh yeah kevin connell he's through the hits keep coming i'm here all week folks ben lion's filling in for rich thanks for rocking out on the rich eisen show for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because i even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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