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REShow: Lexie Brown/Stephen Bishop - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 15, 2022 3:25 pm

REShow: Lexie Brown/Stephen Bishop - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 15, 2022 3:25 pm

Los Angeles Sparks guard Lexie Brown and guest host Ben Lyons discuss her move to L.A. this season, the sisterhood of the WNBA, Brittney Griner’s situation in Russia and more. 

Actor Stephen Bishop joins Ben in-studio and reveals that he was actually close friends with former MLB slugger David Justice before portraying him in ‘Moneyball’ alongside Brad Pitt, how he became golf buddies with Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown, and the on-set advice The Rock gave him that changed his career. 

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Is this the button that plays The Rich Eisen Show with guest host Ben Lyons. It's very intense being at Yankee Stadium. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

You hear somebody in the back green shirt and the only way to appease the mob was to take off your shirt. The Rich Eisen Show earlier on the show from Sirius XM NBA radio Frank Isola host of the Buster Show. Buster sure still to come Los Angeles Sparks guard Lexi Brown plus actor Stephen Bishop and now here's Ben Lyons. All right the show rolls on our number three.

We've had a big show so far and it just keeps getting bigger. I'm very excited to welcome in our next guest. TJ and I had the chance to watch her play live last night down at the crypto. She's really settled in with her new role with the Los Angeles Sparks. Very excited to bring on Lexi Brown to the show today.

Ben Lyons filling in for Rich on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you Lexi? Tough loss last night. How you feeling? I'm good.

I mean how are you? This has been kind of an interesting season for us but you know the Chicago Sky is like that's a that's a good team right there and I think they're looking to repeat for sure. Now yeah you know you played with Chicago and you played in a couple teams now in the W and now having you know Los Angeles be your home you said it's been an up and down season.

Have you felt settled? Have you felt like this is where you're meant to be and what's it like now calling Los Angeles home? Yeah I mean I love LA. My dad used to live out here when he worked with the Clippers for a few years so I'm really familiar with LA.

I always love coming out here to visit him and stay with him and stuff. Settled in I think would be a good way to describe how I feel right now but like I said the season has been extremely up and down at least for me personally but I think a lot of us are you know trying to figure it out. A lot of us have completely new roles and a new team with a new system, new teammates and a new city so I think everyone is doing the best that they can and I think that I think we're going to put it together.

You know we still have a lot of games left to play. You shoot the three at a really high clip, 44%. What do you do to work on your shot? Do you have any secrets to shooting that I can steal for my you know 40 and over pickup league? I think it's really just about repetition and confidence is everything. I've always been an elite shooter. I tell people all the time I always tell people that I thought I was one of the best shooters in the league but my confidence wasn't there, my mental wasn't there and I think that's one of the biggest things about being a shooter is you know you keep shooting you whether you make your first shot or you miss your first shot you keep shooting and that's something that I personally struggled with you know throughout my career but this year is the first season where I feel like I've been able to you know shoot through some slumps or you know not start the game off great but you know finish it up you know shooting at a high clip so I think repetition is key.

Locking in and good rotation on your basketball. You know you pulled one from last night I looked over at T.J. I go wow she's confident it was deep yeah you know what fun I'm talking about right that was from deep but that's the sign of a great shooter.

Yeah I make those normally but you know last night was one of those games where the ball didn't go in for me but like I said credit to Chicago they made it really difficult for us to score last night. It's got to be a thrill to go up and compete against Candace Parker. She struggled last night as well but the fact that you get to go and compete against one of the all-time greats how does that make you feel as a player? It's really cool I mean she's not really someone I ever really match up with I think the more fun thing was being her teammate last season just seeing how she works and how she thinks through the game is something that a lot of people don't see so that doesn't allow them to appreciate you know what she's brought to this league and what she brings to this league still but I think for me my favorite matchup is always going to be DT because she's someone I grew up watching play and she's someone the last two games he played Phoenix she's been my defensive assignment at 10 and 11 years old I never thought that in what 10 years later 15 years later I would be having to die in the Tarascias my defensive assignment so it's like moments like that where I could do sit back and like and then like really have to like remember where I am where I came from that this has always been my goal and no matter for winning games losing games I'm here it's a blessing and I always just got to keep working. Lexi Brown joining the show Los Angeles Sparks guard and 2021 WNBA champion yeah you mentioned you're teammates with Candace you're competing against her last night you grew up watching Diana and then you go and compete against her when the Sparks take on the Mercury talk to me a little bit about the sisterhood of the WNBA and the friendships that you've been able to form from the game of basketball that I would imagine will stay with you the rest of your life. Yeah like I mean we just mentioned Phoenix Mercury my best friend Diamond De Shields plays with them right now we won a championship together in Chicago last summer um just the places that this this sport has taken all of us the people that we've been able to run into and develop relationships with have been so special and amazing but um it's a small window of opportunity you kind of just have to take advantage of all of the connections that you can make whether it's on the court or off the court um you know not everybody has a 20-year career like some of the the hall of famers that we're seeing still playing today so I'm just really excited to be a part of it I'm really grateful like I said it's always a blessing I'm just taking every advantage I can but I'm just really happy to just finally be out on the court playing and being able to show my abilities and my hard work being shown as well. I would imagine Lexi it's a challenge at the Sparks games to keep a straight face sometimes because your DJ's hilarious. Oh yeah he's great I love him I feel like we have one of the best like in-game environments out of the entire league um but yeah especially when I'm on the bench I'm cracking up and even some of my friends that be in the stands they be screaming like crazy it's very hard to act like I don't hear them sometimes so last night I had to show them some love and they lost their minds but um that's just one of the fun parts of being you know Spark is that that atmosphere the fun um you know it's just something that that's expected when you're out in LA. Oh it's a vibe at the Sparks games I mean everybody loves to dance and the DJ's hilarious I mean Candace is getting into it with the ref last night and he starts playing like boxing music you know it's just amazing. Lexi Brown joining the show Ben Lyons in for Rich on the Rich Eisen show you know I actually got a chance to see you play this winter out in Las Vegas you were part of the first season of Athletes Unlimited and that's right an upstart new professional league that is uh is incredible and it's a you know it's available in a number of sports but you are part of the inaugural basketball season for those who aren't familiar with Athletes Unlimited can you describe what it is and your experience and the choice you made to want to stay at home instead of having to go overseas in the off season. Yeah well so Athletes Unlimited basically is a league that's player led and player ran so um there's a committee in place of of basketball players that um select the players that are included in the league make all the decisions decided the rules the refs the leaderboard stuff like pretty much anything that you can think of logistically and on and off the court was was made by this this committee of players so you get to the league it's five weeks the first week is just scrimmages and practices um but the best most amazing part about uh this league is that there's no coaches so we basically coach ourselves and um there's a scoring system basically every aspect of the game you can think of you get points added or deducted from your overall score you get uh team team points for winning quarters you get team points for winning entire games um and then the top four players at the end of the week become captains and every week there's a draft so out of the pool of the 44 of us that were there you were on a different team every week um through a draft and yeah and you just go out there you hoop and you play for each other because you know your individual stats matter but they don't matter the most um and it was just a really fun and amazing environment it's probably one of the healthiest environments i've been in since i've been since i played basketball as a kid like it was just very organic it was very there's a lot of love um a lot of support and you know everybody had an opportunity to share their story and and use the youth athletes unlimited platform that you know show things that were important to them and things that they cared about as well as you know showing what they could do on the court as well i love seeing you be a part of that and it was really cool to come out to vegas this winter and i look forward to it again next year and it's a it's a real um it's a real opportunity for a lot of uh women to continue to get better some women who aren't in the league use athletes unlimited to springboard into the w and then big stars like yourself and a number of women in the w are playing in that as well and you know when when we talk about britney griner and what she's going through in russia part of me you know gets really upset because here she is one of the great american athletes and going overseas in order to earn a living well now that athletes unlimited is starting to come to the into the fold they're going to be more opportunities to earn more money here in the united states for for women like yourself which i think is a great thing um what are your thoughts on what's happening with britney griner right now and how has it impacted you as a player in the wmba yeah absolutely that entire situation is is super unfortunate it's really sad you know my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family and friends and team you know every day i think i don't know if there's a way to even describe or um sympathize with someone like that because like that is i've know i cannot even spasm that situation for a person or someone that like her loved ones like how they're feeling and stuff you know lately we've been seeing more pictures of her and stuff like that which has made me feel a little bit more at ease but you know no one's gonna be okay and so she's back in the in the united states um but to go back to your point about the overseas yeah like we make i mean we make a decent amount of money playing in this league it's a blessing you know our season's only four months long but for the those other eight months you know a lot of players go over there because the money um you want to utilize you know who you are and what your talent and your capabilities as much as you can as long as you can so that's one for me personally i just couldn't stand not playing basketball for eight months out of the year like i've never had to do that before i've always you know been in in summer school working out and then our season in college is you know really long so you know just thinking about that and you know keeping your body ready and your mental ready you know sitting down for eight months and then you know showing up to a super competitive training camp you know that's just not something that what made sense to me i know myself as a player and as a person that i needed to keep playing so that's one of my main reasons why i decided to go overseas but with the addition of athletes unlimited you know the money right now is not comparable to overseas money for a lot of players so you're not maybe going to see some mega mega stars and athletes unlimited just yet um but for me and a lot of other players you know that are in this like middle tier of the league like there's off-court opportunities that we were able to leverage that we wouldn't have been able to leverage when we were in europe you know in in a village in turkey or a village in hungary because no one knows where we are what we're doing so you know i think a lot of us use that opportunity to stay home make a little money stay in shape build relationships but also build our platforms off the court and i think that's something that athletes unlimited promoted so well is yeah you aren't as you're a basketball player but you're so much more than that and here's the platform we have all the content created creation that you need anything y'all want y'all can have it and they promoted the crap out of all of us and it was you know it was really refreshing you know being in the w where i feel like they don't do a good job of promoting all of the players i think they promote a handful and i think it's amazing for them they earned it they deserved it but it's possible you know to promote you know a wide amount of players and to see athlete athletes unlimited do that seamlessly in its first season was really exciting and i cannot wait to go play again next year great stuff lexi appreciate the perspective ben lions filling in for rich on the rich isin show lexi brown from the los angeles sparks and a player in athletes unlimited joining the show right now let's get back to your time with the sparks tj and i were at the game last night and we were talking about the aguma case sisters and how great it is to see them both healthy out there competing at a high level what did chanay and neka bring to the group and what's it like being their teammate this year having competed against them for so long yeah i think they just bring a lot of leadership and energy i was actually teammates with chanay my rookie year in connecticut um kind of when she first was starting her little espn her espn thing she was injured in connecticut so being able to see her prosper in that aspect when i was there when she first was starting has been really cool to see um mecca is just like this calming presence and this chaotic world i don't want to call our team chaotic but we've had a lot of moving pieces and moving parts in the last few weeks and that she's always been so solid um keeps all of us ten toes not ever too high not ever too low um i've always been a huge fan of neck i've always respected her um as a player as the president of our players association and you know to see her struggle a little bit the last few years dealing with injuries and just being overwhelmed with our bubble season and the cba just to see her be able to settle back in back to her real her true self has been really cool and i'm really happy to be a part of that and been able to help her get back to this mvp caliber caliber player that she is lexi a phrase that's often thrown around in team sports championship experience they've been there before you are part of a championship team this guy went on a great run last fall now you switch uh coast and you come out here to los angeles how do you when you say that oh lexi brown brings that championship experience what is it that you're bringing what does that mean i think one of the biggest things i've always understood since day one set up in the league is just understanding your role and just being really great at it because everybody's role is really important and it's always and it sometimes is ever-changing and i feel like i'm one of the players in this league whose role has been changed more times than anybody else from not playing to being first off the bench to starting to not playing again and now this season i've kind of done a mix of all of those things in the first half of our season but one thing that i've been preaching to this team is last season even though i didn't really play a ton like the role of being on the bench the role of being in practice the role of bringing energy is so crucial to a team that wants to win a championship and we finished last season in sixth place we finished at 16 and 16 so our regular season last year was not a success by any means but we stuck together we grinded it out we supported each other in practice we pushed each other in practice and it's the little things that make a championship team win a championship you know i think a lot of people last year knew that the sky was capable of winning a championship but the season you don't either there's injuries there's you know delays in flight there's weird games like not everything's going to go perfect but it's how you roll with those punches that determine whether you can really be a true contender and i think that that perspective is something that i bring to this team on top of all the things that i learned from playing with players like courtney vander sleuth alley quickly calia copper and being coached by coach wade who now has a euro league championship i think and the wba championship like there's not a lot of coaches out there that have that so just learning from him and bringing that over here has been something that i've been able to do and i really feel like a true vet now which is really cool because i feel like i've just been waiting my turn to be able to speak up and then lead some of my teammates well i was going to say wherever you go uh your role is going to stay the same just shoot the basketball lexi like you can shoot it just shoot the ball i'm looking forward to uh watching you play out in brooklyn the sparks have two games august 2nd and august 3rd out at the barclays i will be at both thank you so much for taking some time look forward to watching you play the back half of the season of course thank you so much lexi brown joining the show los angeles sparks has really lived a full basketball life the idea that you start you come off the bench he's played for connecticut minnesota chicago the sparks that's just in the w played in maryland and duke in college so she's kind of had a basketball journey and now finds herself going up against kennis parker last night at the crypto with tj and ben in the audience dancing at the timeouts every time out of the sparks game who wants to dance i will say this though the the in between action of the sparks they got it dialed in man it is so people obviously there wasn't a full house right it wasn't as many people as you wanted there but everyone was there wanted to be there man and everyone there was having a great time and like i said especially the entertainment aspect people were really into everything the dj was doing the dance troupes it was just it was a cool fun experience it the only downside was of course like i said candace parker did not score she didn't score she didn't play well sparks got waxed by 20 but we uh stood up for free t-shirts so we had a fun time yeah uh steven bishop joining the show he's going to be hanging out right here on the couch in studio you know him from money ball of course he's a great golfer dear friend steven bishop joining the show in studio ben lions in for rich on the rich eisen show ben lions in for rich this is the rich eisen show when i met bennett miller on my first audition he you know they asked me about my uh baseball background and i told them you know i played in college i played professionally uh but more importantly i know david and i know him well so there's nobody on earth more prepared to play this role than me unless you get david which clearly you're not going to do or else i wouldn't be here so the second audition bennett says have you told david you're up for the role i said i'm not telling him anything until i book it and so after the fourth audition i finally booked it and got to tell david and then you know the rest is history and thank god he liked what i did and uh we're still close we play golf all the time and you know dave is you know dave if you're watching love you man thank you for everything in life i love it they always say in hollywood it's the person who plays the role who's destined to play the role like you get the the right actor for the right role it's the way it should be and you that's there's no one else on earth who should have played david justice in that movie besides you when you're doing scenes with brad pitt in that movie it's a big moment for you right in your career huge the day before the night before a little nervous to do anything a little different and what do you learn from a day like that as an actor um well leading up to that i had been fortunate to work with some oscar winners already at you know jamie fox billy bob thornton you know and some some very high-end actors so i was prepared in that regard but it was brad and brad was kind of like my my acting uh guy that i wanted to emulate his career so you know i i was nervous fortunately i was in my comfort zone though i was on a baseball field and i was in a baseball uniform with a bat in my hands and so if there was any way that i was going to be okay with it it was going to be in that context and and you know fortunately brad was such a great guy we did the the cage scene and we're uh i'm hitting i'm hitting we do the scene it's just me brad and the director for rehearsal and director bennett says cut on rehearsal and walks away and brad looks at me looks me up and down and goes you got some skills don't you and he walked away and left me in the cage alone with nobody to with that hanging i'm like did anybody see that no no oh no is that dreaming he's real you know real and and you know he continued to give me a lot of praise and he was very generous and brad's a great guy so no it's been amazing to see your career after them because i feel like then all of a sudden big directors start calling you start getting on tv shows in a consistent way and doors started to open and then i cross passes you on like a golf course in the dominican republic i'm like all right this guy's doing great he's at the david ortiz challenge or you know the game of golf has now really paired nicely with your hollywood career and i feel like you're playing with a lot of actors you host your own charity tournaments like you do a lot with the game of golf so how does hollywood and golf mix in your world well i mean there's so many actors and entertainers that play golf and i have been playing since i was you know 14 years old my dad was a golfer taught me how to play and so when i wasn't playing baseball i was playing golf um and you know i playing in the tournament like the david ortiz tournament and and and other celebrity tournaments i i i really enjoyed it and i liked the fact that i would you know that they were doing it for for charity and for really good causes so i decided to try one of my own and take the best elements of all of the tournaments that i played in and put them into one tournament and and make it my own and um i've been you know i was fortunate to have some of the the greatest athletes and entertainers come out to my tournament barry bonds played in my tournament uh sugar ray leonard played in my tournament dennis haisbert uh just so many names uh biren scott uh jermaine die ben lions one of these names is not like the others one of these names just doesn't belong here um but it's you know there's there's a huge uh actor contingent that plays golf so it's it's really cool to be able to bond with some of these guys uh or you know over a four-hour period of a game of golf i play with stan verrett from sports center every week we play wednesday morning every week without failing that's one of us is out of town so it's it's it's amazing to be able to combine the two and and just continue to play a sport that i love and have the competitive things still there stephen bishop joining us in studio ben lions in for rich on the rich eisen show there's something i i love in my life it's worlds colliding it's when different people from different parts of your life come together or people who might not know of each other they get a chance to meet each other i i reference a round of golf you and i had the privilege of playing often i brought my friend tom felton who played draco malfoy in the harry potter series you brought your friend jim brown is the greatest football player of all time and i don't think jim or tom knew who the other one was right and i think you and i were sort of sitting in the back of the t-box watching them tell stories about going out and partying in london and just cracking up because neither one knows who the other one is or what they do at all what does tom know about american football and what does jim brown know about slitherin house you know like it was it was a really weird that was your real day your relationship with jim brown because you just are so casual that yeah jim's gonna come today like wait what jim brown's coming today yeah you know i met jim at the driving range over at wits it and uh you know i happen to be hitting in the stall next to him and and you know jim's a great guy and he's he's a really cerebral guy i'm very very you know intelligent and worldly and you know we started talking about golf and he just asked me hey you want to come out and play at my course and i was like absolutely i mean just the the thrill of playing golf with jim brown was one thing but then we became really close friends we would play and then we would have lunch or breakfast after because he likes to play early uh and we would just sit there and talk for hours and he would tell me stories about the 60s and 70s and things like that and like some of the experiences and some of the people that he met not athletes but politicians and and uh you know worldly people and i just learned so much from jim and we we forged such a tight relationship that one day i was gonna be in san francisco for the super bowl just to be at the super bowl and i was i think hosting a party or something and his his beautiful wife monique called me and asked me if i would mc his birthday party because they're the mc that they had fell out somehow and i was like i had just gotten off the plane and had no plans to do it and she called right when i was on my way to my buddy's house who i stay with and i was like absolutely and it was just such an honor to be even considered for that kind of thing for such an icon and then to be able to do it was fantastic and jim you know he he's been uh a really big influence on my activism and and some of the things that i do use my platform for just seeing how he's done things in his life and his career has has inspired me to do some of the things that i do you know in addition to your work on the big screen we've seen you pop up on tv shows either in a guest spot or in a consistent role i feel like being mary jane was a role and a show and being with gabby just kind of changed things for you or provided some consistency at a time when as an actor you know you're always looking for the next job but being a part of that show what do you think that did in your career and you look back on it well that was my first job as a series regular and that's a huge step for any actor being a guest star and a co-star you working your way up to having your own show and being a a regular uh so that was hugely instrumental in my my uh development as an actor having to be there regularly and learn uh learn lines and scenes overnight instead of you know a week and a half before where i could fully prepare for it no i had to learn how to i really had to expand my chops and working with gabrielle she's such a professional i mean this woman is always so prepared and and was so on point with everything that she did and she was already a big star so i it made me up my game and you know coming from a sports background i was all already kind of regimented but this was something where it's like okay there is no room for for error here because not because she said that but because i didn't want to hold her back or embarrass myself in front of her so it really made me uh learn how to prepare the night before show up never flub a line and and you know i like i said it was huge in my development that's the bill belicheck approach do your job come to work do your job know your lines don't bump into the furniture and let's go home and you know that's the end of the day and we can all go live our lives right i think that's something that we can learn whether it's for hollywood actors or for athletes or whatever it is you do do your job come to work be prepared and keep it moving and when you do it like that people start to trust you and they start to like working with you because you you know acting days can be long if if people are taking 10 15 takes to get a scene in we could be there for 15 16 hours it's like it's like a you know afternoon tea time at ranch house it's gonna be like six hours right and so you know i was able to fortunately uh like i said bring my a-game and you know make days shorter for her and you know it just was it was a great experience see i could never be a series regular on a show with gabby union because i would just want to hang out with d wade the whole time just like drink wine and just hang out with them on instagram wearing like just the most ridiculous product outfits it's funny i never met him um he never was on set when she's smart she's smart she's like oh steve's a huge sports fan dwayne stay home but it's funny my sister ashley married scott merit the guy who played center at marquette when dwayne was there oh look at that that's all of the the whole marquette team including the coach was at the wedding but d wade wasn't able to make it he was in china doing a shoe thing or something like that so steve novak doing the funky chicken that sounds like a great time that sounds like a great time um we got the open championship going on and the fact that you're here on the couch chatting with me about your career really means a lot it means how much you love tj because i know you'd be glued to watching the golf trust me i was watching the golf getting ready to come here i was um who are your golfers who are the guys you root for who do you have an emotional connection to when you watch the the open championship uh well obviously tiger woods um you know he was so huge for the game and today he you know he's clearly not going to make the cut so he's walking up 18 him weeping up the fairway weeping and the entire gallery is just going crazy standing ovation um you know it's you know tiger has been so instrumental for so many people getting into the game of golf and really embracing people that wouldn't have you know otherwise without seeing somebody that looked like them excelling at the sport um so he is obviously my number one favorite golfer of all time and then i've got other people like you know ricky fowler is a friend of mine who i met at a golf tournament like i met you um uh dustin johnson is a guy that i like uh kala morikawa is somebody that i see jay's favorite player tj actually helped him learn how to play golf isn't that right years ago in glendale bishop i'm sure i shared the story with you kala morikawa yeah no he he calls him don't don't buy into this please okay yeah because i have never known tj to pick up a golf club oh hey wait a second i could be wrong you you don't remember me and charon hitting the links all the time like no i remember me and charon hitting the links all the time but i don't remember you being there but um yeah no uh you know there's there's some guys you know tommy fleetwood is a guy that i like watching uh there the game is expanding so much and and you know there's so many guys uh give a shout to josh matt's a guy who's a young pro that i play with on a regular basis who holds the course record at my club with 59 uh he's going to be somebody i think that's going to make the uh make the tour i feel like every golf course here in los angeles there's some type of rumor like dustin johnson hit a drive over those trees or he cut it around even yesterday we were on the tee at rustic and you're like i heard dustin shot 40 here or something ridiculous yeah i think he holds the course record at rustic right yeah yeah i hear that like two south at mountain gate like dustin's hit it on the like on the green from the tee like stuff like that right right who's the greatest player you've ever played with wow uh probably steve pate uh because i think he may be the only tour professional that i've actually played a full round with uh we played a match play round uh where you know it was just me and him we had a three a third guy but he pulled out so he said hey you want to play match play for you know whatever money we might have joined stakes yeah and i actually got to play a match play round with this pga professional and he doesn't play my course that much i play it all the time so we go into nine it's all square and i'm like holy moly and you know i sink uh you know a 25-footer for par you know and he sinks the 15-footer for birdie to win the the front and then you know just pulls away from me on the back but that was a that was a great experience there's always times that us as failed athletes right when you're like let me push it let me see how far i can go and i remember against a guy that this is his sport i'm playing in a charity game once ryan holland he goes you want to see what it's like to get posted up by an nba center i'm like yeah sure and then next thing you know i'm like out on figure row yeah he's picking you up off the ground yeah but you know yeah but you know um yeah i think that's the guy i mean ricky you know ricky's been you know he's been there but i actually haven't gotten a chance to play around with him so but there's been some really good golfers that i have played royce clayton is a fantastic golfer like i said josh mattes byron scott i just played with him last week he's a really good golfer um the pro athletes who then find golf and you know after their professional career whatever sport they were playing uh they approach it with that same intensity scotty pippen is another he's a member at my club we he used to play with stan and i we had a man this was the greatest foursome stan verrett david justice scottie pippen and myself for one summer we played every wednesday morning with that group and it was amazing the competitive juices that these guys still have david from you know his huge major league career scotty obviously is scotty i mean we would go at it and we would there there was you know golf is a gentleman's sport but when you get guys that are this competitive on the they're still etiquette but they're grinding i mean it's it's a hundred degrees out and there's guys out there grinding over putts walking around reading them from both sides and you know and it's just it's it's so much fun and to be a month you know amongst that kind of caliber of athlete and see them bring their uh major league or or nba intensity and and and mentality to the to the golf course is just so much fun to watch if you're a director out there for film or television and stephen says yes to your project that means he really loves your project because that means he's going to be away from the golf course that's the challenge i would imagine at this stage in the career right because as we wrap up here what do you have next you have a bunch of stuff coming out i see on imdb but i know you actually really like doing it because it means you had to be away from playing golf yeah away from playing golf away from my kids um you know i just actually got back from shooting run the world which is the show that i'm a series regular on now uh and i was gone for two months and came back with no putting stroke i've i've been leaving everything short since i got back from new york i don't know what happened but that's uh terminal list is out right now with chris pratt um uh did a movie called hail mary which is coming i love to see you in hattaburg getting back together dave justice in hattaburg right chris played scott in the movie shout to chris pratt he executive produced that and you know threw me the alley-oop on that gave me you know gave me an opportunity to come in and and i you know was fortunate enough to book that role uh and then another one called tier one with demetrius ship jr the guy who played tupac in the tupac movie um and you know trying to produce some things of my own and uh you know do some entrepreneurial things got a coffee brand you know got a vodka line you know just trying to trying to make everything happen so casual tj huh just a coffee line a vodka line i'm a scratch golfer i'm on tv shows you know just doing my things i like to see the bishop i love it hey can i right right now can i give a shout to my daughter charlie she's sick you know it's nothing terrible but she has been kept from school so i just want charlie daddy loves you i'm thinking about you get well soon baby okay sending love to charlie appreciate everybody watching listening steven bishop hanging out here in studio we've got celebrity birthdays when we come back final segment of the week you want to hang out for a little bit yeah back to the golf course all right steven's gonna hang out for a little bit ben lions in studio final segment of the week coming up next let's talk the state of the nick shall we all right welcome back to the show on a friday ben lions in for rich on the rich isin show hanging out with my buddy steven bishop in studio got some celebrity birthdays but you were recently at the dodger game you said yeah you know i uh one of the guys i play with is jerry harrison and he does the pre-game uh show him nomar and hartung do the pre-game show for the dodgers and they had me on to promote terminalist and this this and that i you guys have the greatest job second to like being a big league ball player yes story my career is my last day doing this show so yeah exactly this is a great job for rich when he'll be back on monday yeah absolutely but to get to sit around and talk about sports and and just you know current events and and just things that you really are into and and and be able to make a living doing that is such a blessing and it's so it just looks like it's so much fun you know my dad was a sportscaster when i was young so i've i've had an affinity for this this environment for a very very long time you guys having a good time doing this confirm does not suck yeah confirm i've had jobs that have sucked and this is not i worked overnight at target before so this is much better yeah you know that's one of the reasons i wanted to give a shout out to my daughter uh is because when i was a little kid my dad did that for me from the the sports desk you know what i mean so it's kind of like full circle and she'll have that forever man yeah very cool very cool hopefully i can get a copy of that yeah yeah i'll do that click the link around here somewhere maybe get del tufo to do something on friday you guys have vcr i wish we had some unopening vhs we're gonna be looking for those um hey ben let me ask bishop real quick man i think your first big movie you did the rundown and you started with the rock what was it like what was he like back in those days when his career really was starting to to really take off he was a great guy you know it was funny that scene that you're talking about where uh he comes to take my right at the very beginning of the rundown if you've never seen it bishop has a ring and he comes to take my super bowl ring and i you know throw drinks in his face uh and then he proceeds to wipe the floor with me but while we were shooting that the first two or three takes of the drink throwing in the face i missed i it was the rock i i threw it over his shoulder you know what i mean like one hit him in the shoulder one went over his shoulder we cut he leans in he says listen man i really appreciate the respect but i i really need you to humiliate me in this scene and gave me full license to really get into that character and make it happen oh okay let's hey let's roll it the next take bow right in the face the next bow right in the face so he was so cool and you know he was already a huge star from wrestling but in the acting this was his first major you know role i believe and um you know i actually auditioned peter berg brought me into the trailer to audition for this role instead of to a you know a auditioning casting studio or whatever and i'm read i'm reading i'm reading i said okay pete i'm ready he looks outside okay he's ready and in walks the rock so now i'm auditioning opposite him in a small trailer trailer yeah and after the audition was pete calls me he says listen first of all you were the best actor second of all you were the only guy that came into that trailer and didn't crumble when the rock walked in so this is why you're getting this part and so that from that was my first big job that was my first major studio movie and the first of six projects with peter you know so pete berg thank you again for everything you've done for me in my career without you my career would not have blossomed so i will never forget you for that thank you brother so amazing you're watching film cj right and it's one scene in a movie can change somebody's life and career and trajectory and you're watching the movie and it's just another scene in the movie but you don't realize behind the scenes there's a guy whose life has just been changed after the rock you know beats the crap out of him and berg came onto the show pete berg was here a few years ago and i was in the back talking to him i brought up your name and he just lit up man and he was very complimentary of you so awesome you guys do have that cameron crow eric stoltz thing where you kind of just he puts you on a lot of his stuff and i think that's super dope yeah no he you know that was the day also that i learned that i do not need to be doing my own stunts and uh when i do do them which i forced them to let me do in moneyball when i do when i do do them i need to take advantage of the pads that they offered me because when i was getting when i was doing that scene where he was hitting me with the turntable and i had to flop face first on the wood floor at that nightclub yeah the first three takes i was like i don't need knee pads and elbow pads and then i come up with floor burns i'm like hey can i get those pads you know it was it was a learning experience for an actor's uh career to you know the crap kicked out of him by the rock yeah to get things going a lot of people still still recognize me from that guy from the rundown how you doing i uh chris we got some celebrity birthdays here as we close out the week yeah we do hold on i was not uh i wasn't ready i don't know i was looking up damian lillard turning 32 we were just talking about uh beverly hills cop 2 yes your name's virgin nelson oh that's right virgin nelson force whitaker 61 cop 2 force grittaker did a lot of coverage on the last king of scotland i remember that was one of the first big oscar movies i did a lot of interviews for he's terrific force whitaker what a great career great actor great great actor it's been a fun week bishop i love having you here to close out the week you know rich was kind enough to to put up the bat signal to let me come in here and do this and i can't thank him and this incredible staff enough i mean the fact you know tj you know i you know how i feel about tj you know how you feel about tj tj is the greatest thank you so much dude for all the support this week how you feeling feeling good for your cowboys this year feeling good about the weekends life in general you know like we just talked with bishop you know i've had a lot of jobs in my life and when i got to la you know i ran the gamut from you know being a talent agent to an assistant to producer but like getting to come here and just basically talk sports and movies with you know your friends every day this is the greatest job i've ever had man and it this week was awesome i appreciate all the support you've been amazing the way that the job has grown for you tj though is phenomenal i mean when i now when i when i tune in and i see you sitting over there with your corner and you've got you know you've got segments and you've got all these things going on like i said at the beginning of this man it's just so it's been such a pleasure to watch and knowing you the way i know you it couldn't happen to a better person and you know me for years like you said we've gone on trips where we've stayed out of town for weeks together would you tell these youtube people i'm not that bad because you know enough with it no no no tj is a great guy and he's he's a he's a great travel guy too he's a great travel companion stop reading the comments yeah yeah see stay out the mentions knows i thrive on chaos so if you want to talk trash i'm very good at it so i'd like to give it back to him a little bit yeah one of my favorites though was when you i think your bike got stolen and you just let them have oh ben was here then remember when my bike got stolen and i went to benny harness and they got my order wrong that was a bad day for bad day that's a bad day let everybody know i was watching his stories like oh my god no way no oh come on and the order's wrong you know i'm talking to my phone like i think i even called you after like bro are you okay that was that was rough for that's what he gets for getting benny hana to go but that's another topic for another conversation another day uh del tufo thank you for everything didn't get the invite out to the boat maybe next time yeah sorry yeah sorry yeah yeah chris you're the best appreciate it man thank you so much for a fun week of making me smarter on the radio and television he's 49 today who's that brian austin green oh i love me some david silver are you kidding oh my gosh so i love beverly hills 902 no favorite show ever i cover the red carpet release of the dvd season one came out kind of late i asked uh you know andrea why she's the first one there you know even that she's living in a van nyse had to take the bus from her grandma's house she's looking at me like that's not who i am as a person but uh david silver didn't believe me he didn't believe that i was like such a hardcore die-hard 90210 fan two months before i'd done a set visit on transformers this is when he was with megan fox megan fox was at the event she's like oh no no that guy's crazy david like he's a real 90210 fan i'm even calling him david it's brian austin green his name is brian i got the stamp of approval from my 9-0 fandom from megan fox which then allowed me to interview david silver whose mother you know kind of went off the rails father was a sex addict dentist oh that's the character sorry oh okay you know brian brian's actually a great guy man i don't know him i've interviewed david silver a bunch of times when i was first in hollywood i i moved out here and lived with a woman girlfriend at the time and we split up and you know i hey you take the apartment i i'll figure it out brian actually let me stay at his house for like two months while i got back on my feet wow he's a very instrumental part of my success here brian is like a brother look at your career brian austin green jim brown you got the rock david justice there are all these people in your life it's incredible serendipity man and tj jefferson there it is i love it um thank you all so much for listening watching it's been a wonderful week for me i really appreciated rich travel safely thank you so much we look forward to watching you and listening to you on monday right here on the rich eisen show go nicks for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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