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REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 18, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 18, 2022 3:13 pm

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich says why this will be Tom Brady’s final NFL season, if Baker Mayfield will have more wins that the Browns this season, why Jimmy Garoppolo is not long for the 49ers, if the Vikings’ Justin Jefferson can surpass Davante as the NFL’s best WR and if Broncos RB Javonte Williams can be a top 5 fantasy running back this season.

Rich and the guys react to Clayton Kershaw being named the National League’s All-Star Game starter, previews the Home Run Derby and says what the NBA Slam Dunk Contest can learn from MLB’s mid-summer classic, and run through TJ’s all-time favorite New York Mets players.

TJ reveals his G.O.A.T. NBA players for the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors.

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That's 877-ASK-DELL to save up to 48% on our latest technology. I wouldn't quit you either. Earlier on the show, ESPN Senior Writer Kevin Van Valkenburg, 49ers Linebacker Fred Warner. Coming up, Steelers Running Back Najee Harris, plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. From vacation, I'm wearing a new short-sleeve shirt to show off the full tan that I've got going on here today, and I'm greatly appreciative of everybody here in this room, and also on our staff to just keep kicking ass and taking names last week with Ben Lyons, so Susie and I could have a terrific week together without our children.

But I'm still the best dad ever, and no one can take that away from me, even though Brockman attempted to, but that's okay. Najee Harris is going to join us. Can't wait to ask him the most burning question all Steelers fans want to know from him, which is, what's it going to feel like to run the ball in the AccraSure Stadium?

That's going to be great. Now, is it AccraSure or AccraSure? It's spelled S-U-R-E.

I know, but where's the accent? That's not on the website? I don't know.

What's on the website is... I always used to have like these, whenever you're at a dinner party and then you'd meet people, well, what do you do for a living? And I'm very thankful that I don't get that question very much anymore because I've been at what I do for a while. And when I do, I don't take offense to it at all. And so when I ask somebody, what do you do for a living, because I'm a middle seater. They middle seat me in dinner parties. I'm a middle seat guy. I'm middle at most dinner parties and I don't mind it.

I don't mind being in the middle at dinner parties. And so people, when you're in consulting or that sort of thing, they tell me what they do and I still don't know what they do. And then after a second attempt at it, I stop because then it becomes offensive, like really, but what do you do? I don't understand what you do. It's exactly what AccraSure is. I have no idea what they do. I have no idea what they do.

It sounds like, I shouldn't say these things, but I'll say it anyway. It sounds like the company and Michael Clayton. I have no idea. You have no idea what they do. They're Lumen and Severance. I have no idea. They're a global fintech leader.

Okay, great. They provide customers with intelligence driven financial services solutions. You know what, and with all due respect to AccraSure, I always reach out for my financial services solutions. I want the non-intelligent answer. I want the dumb ass driven financial service solution. You know what I mean?

Like that's the, you know, they use these languages, whatever. That's the problem. Steel of France wanted to know from Nanjing Harris, how's it going to feel to run the ball in AccraSure Stadium? First running back, he might get the first touch in the history of AccraSure. You were going to be the first person to ask him that question. I'm sure of it. Oh, it'll be great. I'm positive of this.

Can't wait. No one has asked him this. Oh, and then there's like, who's your quarterback going to be? Oh, that's important, I think. Maybe more important than the stadium. Can a quarterback of a team in AccraSure Stadium have little hands? Is that possible? You know what I mean?

Because you're not so sure. Accra not so sure. Double Glove too. He's a Double Glove guy. I saw our friend Cameron. By the way, everyone's named Cameron now, right?

That seems like it. Big week for Cameron. Big week for Cameron.

But Cameron Hayward said that was one of the most blown up, overblown stories of all time. Was Kenny Smith's hands. Yeah. I mean, Kenny Smith. Kenny Pickett's hands. It's still, it might be our fantasy team name.

By the way, fantasy football is around the corner too. I've got so many names. Oh, baby. We've got to get Paul Rudd handled, right? We've got to get him on our show for that. Help us choose our team name.

So it's a Monday. Najee Harris is about to join us. I missed Fred Warner, but I kind of peppered him about the questions on Trey Lance.

Did I not? Yeah. He's their quarterback, but he did say, like, if he's the guy. It's all conditional phrasing. I think Kyle is like, hey guys, conditional it. Like Belichick, you know what I mean?

Just don't give him anything. But every player in that building knows it's Trey Lance. They know it. Yeah, of course. Because you see it in their training camp.

I mean, you see it in the OTA's, in the building. He's the guy. Yeah, well, he's the guy because they have no choice. What do you mean if they have no choice?

They had no choice the minute they traded for him. And that's what I mean. He has to be the guy.

Right. My thing for 49ers fans was just like, how, why, how and why are you so confident that he's going to be great? We haven't seen him play football in two years. I'll tell you why. Because I'm one of those people. Because he's supremely talented. He's incredibly smart.

He's very humble. And that coach is going to scheme their way to success. Right.

And guess what? That was said about Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield. No they didn't. It's been said about all these guys.

Anyone taken at the top of the draft. They're smart. They're talented. They have good coaching. They're driven. They got a great resume.

And then now you've got to go do it. They said that about Sam Darnold that he's got great coaching? I must have missed that one. In college. Even in college? He had good coaching in college. I mean, you think that was... Clay Helton's going to go to the Hall of Fame for F&M World Series? Is that why Clay Helton's going to the Hall of Fame? He was DJ's number one.

All I'm saying is, it's said about everybody taken in the top five. But he hasn't played football in two years. So how do you guys know that he's going to be good? I just think he's going to be good. Team's good.

They just got to get Deebo there. But if you missed that, go to our YouTube page. slash Rich Eisen Show. That's a fair question by me. Oh, and it is a legitimate question. It is a legit question.

It's a legit question. And it is going to be part and parcel of... And Lance may not be as successful as I hope he can be. And guess what?

You know what's going to happen? He's going to start next year. Right. It's like Josh Allen. Give him time to develop and improve.

Right. But the Niners aren't that team to develop and improve. They've been the team that was looking for their quarterback, acquired Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots.

That was supposed to be the guy forevermore, their forever quarterback. And then all of a sudden, out of the blue, prior to the draft a couple of drafts ago, the 49ers trade all the way up to three. They trade all the way...

Pardon me. They trade... My bad. Yeah.

They trade all the way up to three. Right. Which is questionable. Right. Out of the blue. And it's just like, okay, who's it for? Yeah.

It's fair to criticize that move now two years out because it hasn't really resulted in anything. I'm going to, as you know, of the top stories that I've talked myself into for the 2022 season. That's usually number one.

No, it's not. Number one is the Raiders are going to win the AFC West. Ah, that's clear, number one. 844204 Rich, number to dial. It's a Monday, so let's do overreaction Monday before we get to our friend, Najee Harris, of the Acresher Steelers right here on the Rich Eisen show. Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction. Mondays. Mondays. All right, let's roll.

What do you have over there, Christopher? Hey, Rich, I'm not sure you saw this one in between all the dinners and Instagramming, but Tom Brady talked to The Hollywood Reporter or Vanity Fair, one of those tabloids out here, and said that he knows he doesn't have five years left. My overreaction is this. Regardless of what happens this year, it's it. This is Brady's final season.

I think it's his final season, too. You do? I do. How about you know what I missed is what I did see. By the way, I didn't miss this. I saw it in between my Instagramming and all the great food I had in Italy.

I'm a multitasker. As you know, I think this is Brady's final season. I think it is. As you know, it's entirely possible he wanted to do something else and be with the Miami Dolphins.

I don't know. It just seems like, you know, his plans had a wrinkle thrown in it and he was planning on having retired. As you know, he had a roast that was all set up that he's postponed till next year. I mean, you could keep pushing back roasts as long as you want until he's retired. The roast will always be there. I do believe this is his final season, but who knows if he can continue to play as well as he is, he has. I would love to see him play for forever more.

It's so much fun. But the thing that I saw as well is that our friend Joseph Buck went on, if I'm not mistaken, Levitards program, our friend Dan Levitards program, and said he's not so sure Brady's going to show up in the booth for Fox. Oh, I missed that. That it was entirely, but that he left not, he left Fox to go to ESPN. I mean, obviously they paid him very handsomely and Fox opened the door for him to do that. And the reason why he did that is he wanted to stick with his guy Aikman because he knew that Aikman was the guy that going to be there and that Brady was in the ether before he left and that it's not a sure thing. Interesting.

I felt the same way. That is because, you know, there's 375 million reasons for Brady to go to Fox. Yes, that's true.

And that maybe he just eventually doesn't want to do that. If there's anybody who could, if there's anybody who could look at a $375 million contract and say, I don't know, two salud, right? If that's the way you look at $375 million contracts, then two salud, Godfather, Don Brady. I still think the Miami thing is out there still. What else? I don't know.

What do you got over there? Hey, we talked about Baker Mayfield. We hit this last week as well, but let's, let's bring it to you. Baker is going to win more games this year than the Browns.

Uh, yeah, I'd say that's not an overreaction either. Things can work out for Baker in Carolina. There's no question about it. I mean, they, McCaffrey's just got to stay healthy. Iquano could keep him upright.

If he could keep Baker from running for his life and just standing back there and make the quick throws that Ben McAdoo's dialing up. Steaming up? Yeah.

I mean, Bobby Anderson and then the Browns. I mean, we're looking down at the time's ticking. Maybe this week we'll get times taken because if the Texans, if the Texans settle 30, uh, civil cases, uh, with, with 30 women and, and they haven't even filed all suit against the Texans and the Texans are like, who are they?

Where are they? We're ready to pay them. Right. That means something's coming down for Watson. And I think that, yeah, Baker wins more than the Browns. It's entirely possible. And the flip side is equally as possible. I don't think that's an overreaction.

I think that's, that's in the, in the, in the realm of proper reaction. You know, you mentioned fantasy football. We're going to start talking about that real soon.

Why wouldn't we? One of the guys I'm looking at is Javonte Williams out in Denver. Got Russell Wilson. We talked about the possibility of them maybe being a top five offense this year. How about Javonte has a top five fantasy running back this season.

Where did this come from? Just, uh, you know, there's a report out there that the Denver is going to get the screen game involved a little bit more this year. And he's coming off, uh, you know, kind of a pretty promising rookie year.

I don't know. I'm going to say that's an overreaction and hope this gets spread so we can go snag him. Like an NFL draft. I guess we should provide a service to our loyal listeners and viewers here on Peacock. Denver fans are hot, Rich.

You don't want to get on that side. I don't know why I still need to see it first, but I do. I need to see it first. I hope. Why do you need to see it from Denver?

Okay. Who has talented guys. When they have Russell Wilson, Super Bowl champ, but he's on a hall of fame path. He's going to Denver. They got all this great offense and you need to see it.

But Trey Lance, boom, superstar. I don't know. Maybe in Shannon, I trust a little too much. I don't know. Okay.

That's kind of weird. Is it? I mean, the way he puts it. Yeah. I like the way he puts it. After listening to both sides, I'm like, as you know, with two training camps opening today for rookies and Rochester, New York for the Bills and Henderson, Nevada for the Raiders. I am just crystallizing the things that I'm talking myself into. Could you imagine I go 100% on this?

Like I did the Warriors winning it all. Let's hope not. I mean, come on.

What else do you got over there? Jimmy G, right? We're talking about him a lot. I got to say, I don't think he's going to be on a new team for a while.

False. He's going. But when and where? I don't know.

He's going to ask for his release shortly. Isn't that what Steve Young said apparently? You know, so.

When and where? Aflorio floated the Texans last week and then Seattle's out there. I think the Texans like Davis Mills, brother. I think so, too. And by the way, if Davis Mills had come out this year, he'd have been one of the top 10 pick, I think.

Probably. But where? But where's the spot for him? I think he wants a release and I think Seattle's biding their time and that would make the NFC West even that much more delicious. That much more delicious.

That would be a spot. I'm still not. I don't know, for some reason, I'm just can't.

I can't buy the Drew Locke, Geno Smith quarterback competition. I just can't do it. Well, it's not. It doesn't pass any type of test. Smell, sniff. It doesn't. You know, sight, anything. It doesn't. What's sexy about that?

At the old VMAC up there in Renton, Washington. I just have a feeling we're going to see James G. run in there. And that's why the Niners don't want to release him either, I bet. But this dance that's going on, whatever dance there may be, and apparently, you know, word is that the Bucks were knocking on that door to stick Brady and Garoppolo together in the same quarterback room once again. I don't get that either.

With Garoppolo looking over Brady's shoulder. I don't get that either. Yeah, I don't get that either. But Don Yee said that wasn't true. You know, his agent. Because he reps Jimmy too.

Yeah, yeah. And so this is a foot. Game's a foot. Training camp's around the corner. This thing is going to get worked out fast.

Because they aren't going in a week one with Jimmy G. still on the roster. No way, man. That would surprise me. You got one more over there? I got it. I got it. Now we got Naji.

Oh, okay. Just one more. So Madden ratings are out. Devante Adams, 99 wide receiver.

So he's the best in the NFL. However, Justin Jefferson said, that'll be me soon. So how about this? Justin Jefferson is going to pass him in 2023.

I don't know. I'm going to stay consistent. I mean, I love the Moxie from J.J. Of course you do. You got to love that. J squared. I love that Moxie.

I love that Moxie. And Tyreek Hill is writing checks with his mouth more than he ever has. Big time. I know. And you can't sleep on... Digs?

Well, I mean... DK? You know, you can't sleep on any of these young receivers. Including the kid from Cincinnati. Chase? Right, Jamar Chase. Devante Smith. Devante Smith you throw in there, huh?

Okay. Good player. Heisman Trophy winner. How about Cooper Cub? Let's not forget about Cooper Cub. But Devante Adams, I'm going to just be consistent. Devante Adams and Derek Carr together again. BFFs. It's Fresno all over again, baby.

Words have never been said before. Fresno all over again, baby? Yeah.

Yeah, that's a first. Anywhere. Except Fresno.

And maybe Dilfer's house. You know? So... Yes.

I'll say that's an overreaction. Alright. Well done. Good job. Let's get to... Let's get to Najee. Alright, they cannot wait. The man who may get the first touch for the Steelers in the history of Acresher Stadium.

Najee Harris when we come back on The Rich Eisen Show. Does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day? Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48-hour sweat and odor protection.

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Clean feel all day. By the way, on the flight home from Rome, Susan and I in the eight and a half hour flight, back-to-back Godfather and Godfather part two, back-to-back. Oh, that's actually... Back-to-back. That's a good one.

That's like seven hours. Oh, dude. It took up most of the flight. It was one of those things, too. Because, you know, we're watching in separate, we would, you know, we would pause to make sure it was on the same, we were watching at the same time. It's different after you watch it after watching the offer, right? And dude, did you see, the offer got completely snubbed. I saw that. Matthew Goode, who was the, he's a British actor, played Bob Evans.

He should... And I know the people who got nominated were, no, it's not, they got snubbed, brother. Really? I thought, okay.

I don't know how that show got completely snubbed, like 0.0 full blue top speed. We were talking about that, too, with Winning Time. But Winning Time was the same way.

Okay, I'll say this. I loved Winning Time, but like... You don't think John C. should have got nominated? Maybe, but not like the offer. Like Matthew Goode was...

I haven't seen the offer that much better, I mean, that good. Matthew Goode is phenomenal. I gotta watch it. You gotta watch it. And so watching that, watching both, but that's why Susie was interested in watching both because she hadn't seen a back-to-back. She likes Godfather better than part two.

There's a lot of people like that. And I'm like, part two is just epic. It has everything. It has everything.

Part two is epic. I have a friend whose wife hasn't watched The Godfather. At all.

Any of them? No. So when I'm off on a Sunday, one of these days, we're gonna do, I'm gonna cook pasta, go to their house, and we're watching them back-to-back. She has to watch it. I'm like, you have to do it. You have to do it. You have to do it.

So I agree. Back-to-back. Back-to-back.

Back-to-back. A million percent. Glad you had a great time. I did. I did.

Rich. How many women chose you? I did.

Here's a question for you. It looked awesome. It looked awesome.

They're so good. Did you take any cooking class type things when you were over there in Italy? No.

No, no. Okay. Some people go over there and want to learn how to make pasta. I can teach. I can do that here. That's easy.

I mean, that's true. I can do that here. I'm not spending my time. You know, I'm just going to go and eat and sit. When did you get back? And sit and eat.

We got back last Thursday and then had visiting day for our kids' camps, and we just got back yesterday. Rich, let me tell you. They're great. They're phenomenal, aren't they? When they're like, oh, yeah. That'll leave a mark, bro. Oh, yeah. Oh, they'll get you quick. They'll get you quick. It goes down way too easy.

Way too easy. Oh, yeah. And I didn't mean to tell you I have a more interesting life. I was just feeling it.

Thank you. My life is pretty great. I know it is.

Yeah. It is great. My life sucks right now. And I don't mind it. You Instagram stuff all the time with just one word. You know, you've got everything going on, but I don't make fun of you.

And honestly, I hardly ever Instagram other than that. You have to defend it to me. You enjoyed yourself.

I have to defend it to you because you criticize me without being here. One time, and I'm more friends. Yeah. You know what I mean? Come on. I can't rib you.

Well, you said, again, my rakish hat. You said, how was the soup with it? I said, how was the soup? And Susie's just like, what does he mean by the soup?

That was funny. Did you Instagram out soup? And I'm like, no, I did not have soup. I'm not going to go.

It's 100 degrees. I'm not having soup. Bow bone with that soup. You knew what I meant. I knew exactly.

I explained to her. I'm like, it's a line from Caddyshack. You know, and Judge Smales had a great hat on, a nice rakish hat.

Oh, you get that with a free bowl of soup. And I'm like, look at this photograph, Susie got a smoothie just so I could take this picture. It's a great shot.

And then we did the whole, we did the whole deep thoughts that DJ did. It was awesome. It was very funny. I mean, did you see rakish hat? It's a very rakish hat. And I was buying my time for a rakish hat. Can I have that? I'll take that. No, it's my hat. I got a fine one.

I'm going to buy one now. Hold on, Mike. Go to Al. Al's on. Is Al on? Hey, Al and Alice. What's up, Al? What's going on, Al?

We're waiting for Najee Harris. What's up, Al? Very, very Hannibal Lecter-like hat. I know, I know, I know. Richard, wonderful pics.

It was great to see you two, you know, on your own little vacation. You love Italy, right? I do. I mean, and to hear it from Brockman, just a really angry, bitter guy.

Yes. His boy, his boy choked the, choked the bit. He was all about Rory, Rory, Rory, and he choked the bit.

He was so angry. It's just, it's just, it's sad. And a rough weekend for the Sox. Rory didn't choke.

Al, I see your comments on, on the pictures too, and I appreciate your support for me sharing my life with others. I'm a giver and, and I, you know, and it's funny how, how Chris is always like, well, you don't like fun. You don't like fun because I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm pointing out his Boston Red Sox, they hit a home run and they act like they're A, you know. Every other team doesn't accept the worst. That's not true.

Not true. They have other things. They put like the Angels put on a nice hat. Everyone has a thing.

They put on a nice hat. Except you guys. No fun. So, and he says. Wonderful.

I could see it now on the TV again. It's a wonderful, with the, with the, with the sea and the ocean in the background, a beautiful drink, beautiful wife with you, and Brockman's just an angry, angry, angry New Englander. I appreciate that. I appreciate that.

Thank you, Al. He's an angry New Englander and I'm wearing a hat. I saw that. I saw that too.

Somebody was treating it as a very Hannibal Lecter-like hat. Like when he's now incognito, free and clear, free and clear escaped. He's going to get you guys. Actually, you know what? I'm going to take the, uh, the villain in, uh, Indiana Jones. Oh, yes.

The guy who's looking for the guy who's looking for the, uh, are you saying I'm trying to look for the, I'm trying to get the arc for Ford Indiana. I'll accept it. I'll accept it. Cause it's a very rakish hat that he was wearing. It's a great hat. Rich, I love that.

Frederick Chilton. That's why I put you as my avatar on Twitter. Am I really? Am I your avatar? You and the hat is not my avatar. I don't approve that.

I don't know if there's anything really you could do at this point, but. I do not approve. Hey guys, Clayton Kershaw is going to start the All-Star game. Ah. And, and, uh, I know what Shane McLaughlin, Shane Mclanahan, Shane Mclanahan has been awesome this year. He has been.

He's been terrific. Yeah. Clayton Kershaw starting the All-Star game in Dodger Stadium. By the way, this is a very Mike Brito type hat. May he rest in peace. He's a longtime, uh, a Dodger scout who, uh, you always used to see him behind home plate holding up, uh, the, the, that's right.

He always wore that hat. Yeah. So, um, yes, Clayton Kershaw starting the All-Star game and, uh, Dodger Stadium is all kinds of awesome. And the place is going to go nuts certainly since what, is it going to be trout stepping in first? No, trout's out. Trout's out.

Cause he's, he's hurt. Is it going to be Otani stepping in first? Are we going to see Otani leading off for the American League against Kershaw? Yes.

Lefty, lefty. Yes. So here's the line-up. Line-ups are out. Wow.

Line-ups are out a couple minutes ago. Just want it to be known that this news broke as I was wearing my rakish hat from Italy. Correct. Okay. Correct.

Should I put it back on for the rest of this set? Please do. Yeah. Sure. While we wait for Najee Maris.

Why not? Uh, so, uh, batting order's out. American League, Otani leads off. Aaron Judge, second. Uh, Raphael Devers, third.

Oh, followed by Stanton. I mean. Byron Foxton. Wow.

Wow. Tim Anderson. I mean.

Andres Jimenez and Alejandro Kerr. I mean. Look out, Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw. Oh my God. What if he goes Pedro and strikes everybody's ass? Dude, I'll tell you this, um, I've said it before.

Somebody's going yard. The first two innings of Pedro Martinez, uh, in that 99, all-star game in Fenway Park is one of the most incredible. It was amazing. It's kind of like, uh, Cam Smith starting the back nine, uh, with five straight birdies. Yeah.

By the way, I'm not kidding. No. Like one of the most memorable. Still talking about it. With the exception being everyone in the stands wanted to see Pedro do what he did.

Yeah. Where, I don't know how many Aussies were there in, uh, at the old course yesterday wanting to see that ripped from Rory McIlroy, but, uh, who's the National League lineup? Uh, Nationally, we got Acuna, uh, leads off followed by Mookie and Manny Machado, Paul Goldschmidt, Trey Turner, uh, Wilson Contreras, and then William Contreras brothers back to back.

Oh, that's cool. Jock Peterson and Jeff McNeil. Jock Peterson, huh? Sure. Peterson.

Very popular player. How about Jock Peterson and Dodger Stadium in an all-star game? Fantastic.

I hope they juice the balls and these guys just put on a show. Tommy Pham didn't make the all-star game, did he? No.

He did not. Well, that's good. Yeah. It's gonna be fun. It's gonna be awesome. Home Run Derby tonight.

Pete Alonso is the favorite. Ah, yes. I love him.

You should, by the way, maybe if you, right now, hold on a minute before you get into this a little bit more. Top five met. Yay or nay? Ooh.

Of all time? Yes. For you. No, not yet. Oh, really? You're asking me my top five favorite or is he top five in the...

Yes. That's a tough one, man. Top five... How about this? Top five New York Metropolitan players who have given you the most joy. I mean, it's been a short career, but I put him at number five. He's gotta be on that top five list.

Like I said, Brockman will tell you, his rookie season, week two, I came in here and I started talking trash. So who is it? Who is it? Your top five New York Mets that have given you the most joy? Let me guess.

Okay. Doc Gooden. He's up there. Darryl Strawberry.

He's up there. Mike Piazza. Mike Piazza.

That home run he hit for the Mets in their first game back after 9-11 is one of the greatest moments in the history of New York sports. Yeah. Piazza, huh? Piazza.

Okay. David Wright. And then if... David Wright?

There's so many, man. I could go Howard Johnson. I'd go Mookie Wilson. Greg Jeffries never really amounted to what we thought he would, but Greg Jeffries, like the buildup from him being a minor leaguer coming up to the pros, I can remember that was incredible. Kevin McReynolds? Kevin McReynolds. Bobby Bonilla. Bobby Bowe.

How could you not love Bobby? Vince Coleman. Gary Carter. I'm naming them the worst team money can buy.

Basically, I take the whole 86 Mets team and I put them at number one. Kevin Mitchell. Period. Coming out of the dugout, out of the locker room, you know the word on the street is that he was commando. Yeah. He was already about to hop in the shower, had no clothes on.

In game six of the world. So you've never heard that before? No. Kevin Mitchell was already in the clubhouse, showered, buck naked, the whole business, and they said, you've got to get out there.

We're still playing. Wow. And he got out there to use the Seinfeld line.

The only thing between him and the rest of the world was that layer of gabardine. That's apparently the word on the street. Geez.

How about that? Yeah. Things you find out once Najee Harris doesn't call on time.

Shout out to Rusty Staub. I mean, I know he's looking for him. His person is looking for Najee. Yeah.

Well, we'll hopefully get him in another day. Jose Reyes and Gardo Alfonso? I mean, come on. Come on. No, no, no. Stop.

Stop it. They sit here and I'm asking you the top five Mets of all time to give you joy. And Dwight Gooden and Strawberry are absolutely up there.

You could throw Gary Carter or Hernandez, who I think has got us. Remember retired? Yeah. Basically the entire 86 Mets team.

I can't separate them. That whole team goes there. The love for Benny Agbiani. Oh, Benny was the man, boy. Benny Agbiani. Benny was our dude.

That was when they went through their Hawaii phase. George Foster. Cid Fernandez. El Cid. El Cid.

Carlos Beltran until he didn't swing the bat. Frank Viola? Frank Viola. Queens finest, right? The circle change maestro himself.

Circle change. Oh, yeah. Jesse Orozco.

Roger McDowell. Oh, God. Now we got to stop. Now we're just listening to this.

Now we're just listening. Frank Traveras. John Franco. John Miller.

John the old rule. Anyway, Peter Lanza, you're betting favorite for the home run derby tonight, followed by Kyle Schwarber, Juan Soto, and Ronald Lacoure. Why is Kyle Schwarber the top seed over Peter Lanza? He's got the most home runs, I think. Oh, is that how they do the seeding?

It might be just listed by number. Let me just say this about the home run derby, okay? Hey, NBA players, this is the way it's done. This is the way it's done. Could you imagine, okay, because you got the names up here.

Let's keep it up here. In terms of young players in the game, in terms of young, young major league baseball players, name me somebody who's missing from Juan Soto, Jose Ramirez, Julio Rodriguez, Ronald Acuna Jr. If I asked you, name me the top four young players in major league baseball. Tatis would be the only one. Who?

Tatis. But he's injured. But he's injured.

He would be. But just active players right now, right? You could make a list of four and that could be your four right now. Correct? Especially when you're talking about the four best.

Now you put up the rest of the list again. Corey Seeger going back to Dodger Stadium, okay? Albert Pujols saying, I'll do it. Yeah, that's awesome.

Okay? Kyle Schwarber, who as we all know is a human fire hydrant who just cranks him out. That's dingers.

And then you've got Pete Alonso saying, yeah, I've done it two years in a row. What else do I have to, you know, what else do I have to do? You know, I've already done it. You know, what else? Yeah.

I've nowhere to go but down. And he's just like, yeah, I'll do it. He takes a lot of pride in this, man. This is, could you imagine four of the top young players, old school, the Pujols would be what? LeBron would be the Pujols of the situation, right? And I say that with nothing but the greatest of respect. Well, Pujols is a hall of famer, of course. Well, no, no, but I'm just saying Pujols, you know, LeBron is definitely closer to the LeBron we know than Pujols is to that.

I just want to say this out loud so nobody thinks anything else. But that's the way you do it if you're in a slam dunk contest. With the ultimate of respect to the stars or young players or any NBA player who's doing a slam dunk contest.

And the home run derby is a much more physically demanding and potentially dangerous endeavor than it is to slam dunk a basketball, unless you're like, you know, putting actual physical impediments in front of you that you can hit and fall ass over tea kettle onto the hard wood floor. Dude, it's a physical, like I remember after the home run derby in Milwaukee was the last year I did the home run derby for ESPN, so that would be 2002. I think. I was the one where there's a tie because all the players had left, they'd gotten on their private jets that ESPN provided to go to the ESPYs. They were all gone.

2002. So they ran out of players. I don't think it was like, yeah, we can't make a rule where players can come back in. There weren't many players left on the bench. I was in the dugout because I had to go on the field and interview the star of the game for ESPN radio. The night before, home run derby, they closed the roof of Miller Field because it was a monsoon outside. And unfortunately in Bud's new stadium, the right field portion of the roof was leaking and you saw water pouring through it. But being the Midwest, the upper Midwest, beautiful part of our country in mid July, it was so hot outside and the rain wasn't cooling anything off and the roof was like putting a lid on top of a boiling pot. It was a billion degrees.

God bless, may his soul rest. Tony Gwynn was part of our home run derby coverage and the guy wore a three piece suit and a French blue button up collar with his tie and you saw the sweat on the collar stains and it was so hot in there. I interviewed Jason Giambi after he won it and I think he lost 15 pounds doing it. Because you're just cranking out and this is before you could call a time out.

Yeah, and then hydrate. I don't think there was any, there was no timing on it back then either. You just kept swinging. You kept swinging and swinging and swinging until you got all the outs. The 10 outs or whatever.

So I could not be more pleased and, you know, given the kudos, the shout out to the players that were like, yeah, I'll do it. Because I think it's going to be like 90 degrees out there in Chavez Ravine, the sun's going to be out still. Yeah, they're starting it on five o'clock, five o'clock local. I know.

And I, so put it up again. So it's going to be Schwerber versus Pujols, right? And then it's Alonso versus Acuna Jr., nice little Annalise matchup, right?

Segar versus Julio Rodriguez and Soto versus Ramirez, Juan versus Jose. Let's go. I love it.

I think it's great. These are, like who's missing? You want Otani maybe? Sure, but he's starting the game. How many guys are like, I can't do the home run derby, I'm going to pitch tomorrow. Well, it's not the starting pitcher, but you know. I think he is. No, he's not.

It's the kid from Tampa. But he's going to pitch. Yeah, it's just like, yeah, I got to pitch tomorrow night, so I can't do the home run derby folks. Yeah. And he probably wanted to.

And they were like, no. Can't have Otani get hurt while doing the home run derby. You know what I mean? So by the way, randomly he brought up Tony Gwynn. I'm just looking at stats. One year, Tony Gwynn struck out 40 times, and that was the most he ever struck out in his entire career. Tony Gwynn. And let me just tell you something on top of it, too.

Unbelievable. As great a player as he was. And he was awesome.

I think you know where I'm going with this. As great a player as he was, as incredibly talented as he was, a better person. Couldn't have been sweeter, nicer. I mean, him working that home run derby, I think it was Birmingham, and I think it could have been Piazza. I think Piazza was like a player guest. Oh, yeah. He was doing those back then. If I'm not mistaken, the 2002 home run derby. Last one I covered.

I covered a lot of them. It's a special event, and I'm thrilled to see players do it. Well done. Well done, baseball. It's going to be epic. It's going to be awesome tonight.

I mean, whoever wrangled these guys and was twisting arms, because I'm sure there was a lot of arm twisting going over the last several weeks. And I love the fact that Alonzo's like, yeah, I'll try it another time to go back to back to back. Love it.

Why not? Well, he had like three home runs in the Mets four games against the Dodgers last month, so he was getting prepared. By the way, that's a bomb to left field. Where? The Dodger Stadium. Well, but you know, the baseballs are juiced.

I know, but still. They really juice them. He said he wants to hit one of the parking lot. That'll be great. Carl Ravitch, who's calling it for the worldwide leaders, our first guest tomorrow.

We've got some great guests for tomorrow's show. We'll tell you about that. And then T.J., you I want to I want you to finish up what we you apparently were doing while I was gone.

And I don't mean carping on my Instagram account feed. There you go. I had already seen when somebody when somebody put out there that you guys are talking as your guys are talking as we saw that in the day they said that we hadn't mentioned you that day. That was a funny thing. I saw the tweet was from Monday. I was like, I didn't think it was you.

Certainly since I don't go on vacation so I don't know what to say about it since the Rich Eisen show account thought, you know, pushed back on that notion. And I knew that was you doing it. What did I write? You wrote back like that. You know, it's kind of a slight exaggeration, a slight exaggeration. I'm like the old lady in Game of Thrones.

I want you to know it was me. I know. Have the lambs stop screaming Clarice and to use the Game of Thrones phrase, if you think that this is going to prevent me from basking in the rakishness. Not today. Not today. We'll take a break here on the Rich Eisen show. You've got some GOAT NBA players you want to talk about right there. Why is Miss Universe always from Earth?

It just doesn't seem fair. Good one, TJ. 844204rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show, look, Callaway's got, we've been talking about putters, irons, and also they're, they're rogue ST drivers, right? Oh yeah.

How about Callaway, Jaws Raw? What am I talking about? Oh, I know what you're talking about. I'm talking about scoring from around the greens. Wedge. Yes. A specific wedge from Callaway.

Get out of here. The rawest form of spin possible to deliver the best performance. And when Callaway says raw, we mean they've eliminated any material between the club face and the ball, which translates to more friction, or you scull it. And add that friction to the most aggressive groove in golf. We're talking about maximum one hop and stop spin.

I'm telling you, boy, do I need that. First time ever Callaway's optimized wedge weighting using tungsten technology to give you noticeably better control and trajectory so you can tack the pen, knowing your ball's going to fly and bite exactly the way you want it to. Jaws Raw comes in four grinds, including the all new Z grind for a more forgiving shot maker's wedge, as well as 17 loft and bounce combinations for every type of condition and playing style. Jaws Raw doesn't give you better wedge performance on its own.

It gives you pure spin in its rawest form. Get yours at slash Jaws Raw. Jaws Raw. I mean, Ron Jaworski's got to have that, right? Jaws Raw. There's so many ways to go with that. When you use Jaws Raw, Mike, you need a bigger green.

We need a bigger green. Jaws was on yesterday, Mike, I thought of you, watching a little bit. So what did you do with Ben Lyons here? You were doing another goat, like we did the NFL goats.

Yes, you did. You know, we got into the basketball, so we did all basketball and we're left with one division. What division? Is it the Atlantic division? We did the Atlantic on Friday, unfortunately, because Ben's a Knicks fan.

Is it the Pacific division? I figured we'd end here at the Pacific, you know. Oh, it's sort of like, you know, going east to west. And you're coming home and I figured the sun will set on vacation. I'm a Jew, so I sometimes read right to left.

Is that a thing? I do. It's a Hebrew joke.

Well, we are talking about the NFL, I mean, the NBA, right? That's a Dolph Shays joke. Okay. Thank you. What do you got? A not Dolph Hennefeld joke.

All right. How many NBA players can you get? By the way, back in the day? Back in the day? Back in the day? I mean, now. There was a lot of them.

All right. I remember before you get in. Before you get in, I'm Ari Stoudemire, right? Back in the day, I think the Raptors, I think the Toronto Raptors have like a 50th anniversary team and the Knicks went to Toronto and they had the New York and Toronto old school players or whatever.

And honestly, it was like they could have done the Hora. Like Joel Embiid did. Joel Embiid, I was wondering if you saw that.

Joel Embiid does the Hora. I get an alert on my phone. I get an alert on my phone.

I saw it on Twitter. I was like, get it. All right. Sorry.

Go ahead. All right, so we're just going to wrap up this whole GOAT series that we've been doing. You know, we covered the NFL, did the NBA, and this is it. This is the last division. It's the Pacific Division, Chris. So we're going to go Golden State Clippers, Lakers, Suns and the Sacramento Kings. I'm going to start with the Kings.

We'll make this quick because we're pressed for time here. Oscar Robertson for the Kings. It could have been Chris Weber. It could have been, you know, Mitch Richmond, Jerry Lucas. Tiny Archibald.

But the big go. He's the guy there. And I think that's a safe assessment to say for the Sacramento Kings, he was Kansas City Royals. Is he in their record book? Yeah. That's something that we had to do with records.

And OK, go for it. So then we're going to go to Phoenix Suns again. I'm going to just speed through this base guys basically came down was Walter Davis. He was in contention, but really came down to Barkley and Steve Nash. You know, Barkley, I think, took the Suns to their greatest season when he unfortunately fell to the Bulls and Jordan in the in the finals. But you know, I went with Steve Nash back to back MVPs. The man average 11 assists a game like Nash, you know, shot 50 crises that got 50 percent from the four floor, 90 percent from the line.

I think 40 from three. Yeah. Steve Nash was that dude, man, and he was a guy I just loved watching. So big Steve Nash fan.

You know, Barkley obviously is my guy, too, but I think Nash was the right call. Let's keep going through this. We're going to go with the Clippers.

Although a candy. What's next? This was tough. I'll just make the Clippers. I'll just excuse all the Clippers, all the Clippers jokes. Kowski, everybody. Bob McAdoo, former Buffalo Brave, OK, moved to, you know, the Braves came to Lasseo, San Diego.

I'm sorry. Became the Clippers. Blake Griffin, he kind of ushered in the Lob City. He and Chris Paul and Elton Brand had a few great seasons. Danny Manning also. But Bob McAdoo, greatest player in the franchise, the Clippers.

Now we're coming up to two tough ones. I guess I'll go with the Golden State Warriors came down between Wilton, Steph Wilch Chamberlain, one of the greatest players of all time. But Steph Curry, you have to give it to Steph. He now embodies the Warriors. He's the face of the franchise.

Shout out to Rick Berry. You know, they had obviously championships before he got there. Great players. But Steph Curry right now, people are talking about top 10 of all time. So you've got to put him as the GOAT. And now we're getting to the Lakers.

Here we go. This was. Because you could have said Elgin Baylor, you could have said Jerry West. You could have said Kareem Kareem was in there. Shaq was in there. And ultimately, I think, and let me know, it's going to come between Magic and Kobe, right? The Magic and Kobe. This was tough.

I went back and forth. I went with this guy because he kind of ushered in the Lakers as we know them today. Right.

Magic. Kind of ushered in Showtime. Also Kobe. Do you believe Kobe could have been the pick, but he wasn't the best player on two of those title team, probably three of those title teams, Urban Magic Johnson, greatest Los Angeles player of all time.

I'm sure I'm going to hear about it from the younger generation. But look at the man. He put them on the map. He saved the National Basketball Association. He started the center no matter what the guy on TikTok tries to tell me, an 80 out of position Magic Johnson.

Greatest Laker of all time. Yeah. I surfed in late, but I'm sure the rest of the divisions were equally as compelling. It was a little bit easier than football. Let's put it that way.

Football is a lot tougher, I think. Who'd you put for the Knicks? The Knicks. Well, I went with Ewing, but then Ben, but I completely, Ben gave me a Clyde and I flipped it. I was like, you're right. I was wrong on that one.

Ben made a very great argument for Clyde. And unlike the people on YouTube, didn't tell me I was stupid. He just explained to me why. So I was like, cool. Why don't you listen to the YouTube people? I don't anymore.

Don't listen to the trolls. That was the big thing, Rick. Big reveal. Big reveal. Bill, last week, TJ's done reading the comments. Oh, good.

Yep. By the way, if you listen to trolls, then you wouldn't be able to wear a raker shot like that and say, thanks for taking in the Rich Isen show. I'll be back Tuesday, the rakish hat may not. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too. All time hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. And then going back before, you know, Hulk Hogan was a babyface, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan, wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Again, wherever you get your podcasts.
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