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REShow: Karl Ravech - Hour 1

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July 19, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Karl Ravech - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 19, 2022 3:12 pm

Rich recaps the “awesome” spectacle of the MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby that saw Albert Pujols staving off father time, Julio Rodriguez’ impressive rookie debut, and Juan Soto’s thrilling win at Dodger Stadium, and speculates on how much longer the young lefty slugger will remain on the Washington Nationals and debates possible landing spots including the Baltimore Orioles and New York Mets.

ESPN’s Karl Ravech and Rich recap the MLB Home Run Derby including Albert Pujols’ memorable night, discuss why Juan Soto and the Nationals are likely to part ways and how much of a haul Washington could get for the young slugger, if the Yankees could be in the mix for Soto, and share their favorite memories of doing SportsCenter with Stuart Scott and Craig Kilborn. 

Terzo in Iowa calls in with a ridiculous bet proposal where he predicts the 49ers will go 13-4 this season. 

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. But we start this program today. This is the Rich Eisen Show with two words. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. The Rich Eisen Show. Clayton Kershaw starting the all-star game.

I'm just so excited I get to do it here at Dodger Stadium. Today's guests ESPN baseball host Carl Ravitch, Sidney and Taylor Scott, actor Justin Hartley, plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is can confirm sources say and now you can all see on Peacock it is me. Welcome to the Rich Eisen Show here in Los Angeles, California. Home of the major league baseball all-star game tonight in Chavez Ravine, California.

Los Angeles, California. Dodger Stadium where it will be one billion degrees tonight. And at any rate good stuff. Good stuff last night in the home run derby. We're going to talk about it today with the man who called it last night and the worldwide leader in sports Carl Ravitch will be on this program. My longtime friend from back in the day and boy back in the day is the phrase that pays today because today would have been, I hate saying those words, Stuart Scott's 57th birthday today and in his honor two of his most prideful and joyful people on planet earth. His daughters Sidney and Taylor Scott will join me here in studio. We're gonna have some ice cream in his honor and just stroll down memory lane that's going to be an hour number two a special day to say the least no doubt and we'd love to have you part of it at 844-204-rich number to dial here on this program. Justin Hartley from that hilarious show This Is Us on NBC.

I'm sorry it's the exact opposite. He's coming in here once again we haven't we haven't seen him in a long time. This Is Us as you know is all wrapped up and done. He's got a new drink that he wants to tell us all about. He's got some spirits. So this is a very spirited day here on this program.

He will join us in our number three in studio. Good to see you over there Christopher Brockman. How are you? Hey man what's happening?

DJ Mikey Deeds and Deez Nuts. Good to see you over there. By the way I'm getting that out of the way before Stuart's daughters come in here today. Thank you Rich.

Clean up your workspaces. We got to put our best foot forward. TJ Jefferson you've already lit the candle. Good to see you over there sir. I mean having his daughters in today this is this is going to be really special today man and I know for like a month you've been working on making this happen so this is going to be exciting. I'm glad that you feel that way because I feel the same way too.

I haven't seen his beautiful daughters since they were babies literally. So it'll be great to have them here in studio and that again it'll be an hour number two. It'll be very special and we hope you do tune in here on this day where yet more NFL training camps for rookies open up. College football is beginning to ramp up as well. It's the SEC media day. Greg Sankey the SEC commissioner spoke yesterday. Nick Saban speaking of Deez Nuts is speaking right now and so he's joining he's joining the fray. We'll see Jimbo Fisher and then in between them will be Slice Bread.

So that's a little bloggers reference for those out there who may recall. So we'll keep an eye on all of that college football starting up. It's like so soon like it's right around the corner. Seems like it's six weeks away. It's right around the corner. Awesome. Right around the corner.

So like I said we're keeping an eye on all of this. 844204 Rich Nub to Dial. We say hello to our Peacock viewers. We say hello to our NBC Sports Sirius XM Channel 85 NBC Sports audio listeners. The Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network coast to coast 49 affiliates strong.

We're coming close to the the big 5-0. And Odyssey app listeners and our slash Rich Eisen Show subscribers catch up on anything that you miss and we say a special hello to our podcast listeners getting this show on our podcast network Cumulus Podcast Network where all podcasts are available. What's up podcast people? What's up podcast people? So what a fun home run derby last night right?

I mean I thoroughly enjoyed it. I offer my kudos to those players who said you know what it's gonna be 100 million degrees and I'm gonna put on my uniform and I'm gonna go try and yank some baseballs out of Dodger Stadium and if you're Pete Alonso you're gonna start you know I guess lifting weights in between at bats. Did you see some of that last night? There he was in his full met uniform and he's like squat he's squatting he's swinging and squatting and it was just a great mix of young and old I mean you've got Albert Pujols there last night kind of like it was kind of like his daughter's wedding and everybody's kind of going in and asking him for favors in the middle of the wedding you know that's what it was kind of like the only thing that was missing was him you know petting a cat while talking to the the undertaker looking for revenge you know I mean he was the godfather is essentially what I'm saying last night and I just loved how when he was done with his at bat everybody came out and surrounded him and gave him some love and the only I'm getting goosebumps talking about this that it just it reminded me and it's obviously different but this is what it reminded me of when Ted Williams threw out the ceremonial first pitch of the 1999 all-star game in Fenway Park the night of the all-century team being introduced Kevin Costner emceeing I was hosting the ESPN radio coverage standing behind Carlton Fisk who was receiving the first pitch from Ted Williams and I was standing there with a microphone with goosebumps on my arms and and as soon as Ted Williams was done throwing that first pitch every single human being that was introduced from the all-century all-time team and the current all-stars that were all lined up there in a constant you know a constellation of a diamond around Ted Williams they just converged on Ted and I remember the public address announcer in Fenway Park essentially saying after two minutes you know can we clear the field gotta play the game and and that's what last night's moment with Albert Pujols kind of reminded me of where everyone knows this could be the last time that he's at an all-star event with a uniform on you never know with him and you know young and old around Albert Pujols former teammates and then a knight gets dominated by two of the young stars of the game with all due respect to the polar bear who got bounced he gets bounced by Julio Rodriguez of your Seattle Mariners and he's raking and Juan Soto is raking and the two of them meet in the final and it was awesome Julio Rodriguez of the Seattle Mariners okay 14 straight wins the Mariners have and then this kid shows up and he bombs 32 out and I'm thinking to myself look I know youth serves and I know kids don't know what they don't know but you know poor Corey Seager his dad's throwing to him and Corey Seager's hitting some out and and I think he hit like four of his first five out five of his first six out and it wasn't as you're watching it you're thinking he's not going fast enough he's not gonna have it like his dad needs to pick up the pace and it's it's like a leisurely nice moment between father and son that's great and they made a big deal about the bat he was using he was using this really heavy and big bat you could see him choke up on it so you could get some more pop but he's not moving fast enough but his dad was just like hey we're in the backyard we're playing catch it's it's it's kind of like you know and I'm not there yet but I think you know dads of college age kids when they show up to college and they start trying to go beer for beer with their kids and their friends and it's just like you you can't you're not gonna be able to keep pace I mean you think you got it still and right you know and all of a sudden you're just like bed spinning and the other kids are throwing them back that's what it felt like to me he's like you're not you're good you still got it you're terrific yeah but you're going against the kid here and Rodriguez finishes second and by the way his uh his prize money for finishing second was 750 000 or 50 000 more than the minimum he's currently making this year he made more money last night in hitting 81 home runs in his three at bats than he did then he hasn't he will all year made sense well he wanted to participate that's it right exactly to supplement that income and then Juan Soto gets a million dollars for winning or in other words complete chump change of whatever's coming this young man's way 439 less than what he turned down I mean reportedly chump change like literally couch cushion money for Juan Soto he made last night I mean just by the way 53 home it's very very economical that's all he needed yeah yeah he went second a bunch of times I understand that where you just yeah you're just over you don't have to go first and just keep cranking them out and setting a number that no one's gonna reach but now it's Juan Soto time everybody yeah that's fun now it is Juan Soto time and now you know tonight's game we'll play and we'll have a nice night and Clayton Kershaw on the mound to throw the first pitch of the game and it's not ceremonial everyone's you know kind of thought that Clayton Kershaw every year he's like on a year-to-year plan and and how much longer is he going to be he is a legitimate starting pitcher of an all-star game legit it's a you know obviously you're going to give the nod if the tie goes to Kershaw when the game's in Los Angeles but this is a legit start and it's pretty neat he's going to get the first pitch the first pitch thrown in this all-star game tonight is thrown by Clayton Kershaw love it great but once all the dust settles it's going to be about Juan Soto and where he is he winding up and I don't know what's going on whatever all-star break people may be having I cannot imagine general managers are taking any time off right now like there are people working phones or they are working internally they are zooming they're doing they're doing whatever they're doing right now to figure out what package can they put together for this kid and it's going to be rich I mean basically look at your farm system take a look at your top two prospects if not top three and say via con Dios all the plans that we had for you yeah we're going to work you in later this year we're going to work you in in 2023 well we're looking down the road in 2024 we think you'll be ready by then if you beat it our expectations that'll be great no you know what we won't pay that guy in 2023 because we've got this kid coming up or you know what that 2024 free agent moment we we don't need that because we've got the kid all those planes flush them down the toilet every last one of them name it name a team name a team with a ton of money name a team with you know I don't know I mean you you got to sit here and think if you're a major league baseball owner even if you're sitting on your nest egg you know the Orioles have a a big opportunity here even with this kid I'm serious well the Orioles have a lot of good prospects but they don't spend money you know they haven't spent money like that's I'm sure real fans are sitting there going yeah right rich nice try well why not why not they have five of the top 100 prospects why not that gets it done even if you don't spend money you've got to sit here and think kids 23 even Yankee fans I know some Yankee fans and you keep saying it just try to troll me judges 30 and you want to pay judge all that money or do you want to pay all that money plus a little bit more a little something there when you peek a little bit for somebody's 23 yep he's 23 and he's incredible and he is amazing and he is somebody that I don't know does he not want to play in Washington DC he says he does do you have that soundbite if you don't mind Mike Hoskins he says he does he says I want to stay when he turned down 400 million over 15 years is that what it is before 40 let's not okay okay for 15 years yeah this is what Juan Soto had to say about the situation being abandoned national since day one why I should want to change been here my whole life and my career I just I just feel great where I'm at and whatever the decision they make I just gonna get comfortable in couple days but at the end of the day like I say I don't control any of that I'm just here to play baseball and play as hard as I can I mean I don't know I haven't I haven't told anybody to tell me how that changed what was the mindset but definitely it's like you say they a couple weeks ago they were saying they will never train me and now they all these things he came out it feels really uncomfortable you don't know what to trust but at the end of the day it's out of my hands what decision they make oh my goodness gracious oh my I know I feel it from the right side of this room feel it from over there feel it from feel it from over there a few years ago a few years ago that man over there was a met fan of the Rich Eisen show we wouldn't even I wouldn't even look in your direction now Will Pons what do you really yeah you're gonna spend buddy what are we what are we gonna bring Bernie Madoff back from the dead and get your money back give it a Juan Soto is that what you're gonna do what you're gonna do but now don't call me Bobby Axelrod who owns the Mets this is real trying to tell you I told you that months ago do they have the prospects for it all right so I'm looking at the top 100 right the Mets have the number two overall prospect the catcher Francisco Alvarez they have number 20 number 52 number 87 all four of those guys gone and then what other current player would you be willing to part with two or three guys maybe to get Juan Soto because this is what's going to take you're going to have to decimate would you give up all of your farm system plans yeah yeah Chris will give up Jacob the grom for I don't think they'd even want him honestly every met fan should say yes if it's the grom and prospects for Soto yes a thousand times why would the why would the guys can't stay healthy but why exactly why would the why would the Nationals take somebody who's having trouble staying healthy yeah I mean that's the whole thing because he's trying to put me in he's trying to put me on I don't know look I tried to tell you guys two or three months ago this was going to happen I don't know I feel like it there's a good chance that he ends up if it's not this year the next one Soto sweepstakes has begun did you see Sterling Marte last night he was like his personal hype man all night of course Martin didn't let him like four feet it was like they had were electronically linked together and he couldn't stray from well Marte look great in Washington DC oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I don't know man you have no idea whoa easy what's it gonna take we're trying to win a championship because again you know what then the Phillies the Phillies will be knocking on the door everybody is if the Yankees are knocking on the door and you know they have to even the Phillies I don't think have the prospect everybody's gonna knock on the door Yankees have got a knock on a door and that that if the Yankees knock on a door the Red Sox are knocking on a door everybody's knocking on the door everybody's got a kick of time yeah like literally every baseball team has got to make this call like Durant you have to at least the Yankees have check five of the top 72 prospects yeah but do they have the money I just gave myself a good laugh hey how you've got the money you've got it it's somewhere we know it go over the luxury tax who cares who cares let's just put it this way the the the name of my next fantasy team will not be don't trade for Soto it's open you had success with that name though sure doors open who's gonna walk through it Carl Ravitch will walk through it next on this Rich Eisen show he called the home run derby last night we will talk to him about this Soto subject the home run derby tonight's all-star game which I'm rooting to finally finish in a tie because if it finishes tied after nine there's a home run derby again what a great idea great idea we'll discuss that a little bit more on this program but Carl Ravitch and on what would have been the 57th birthday of our longtime friend and colleague Stuart Scott so there will be lots to discuss with Carl when we come back here on this edition oh the Rich Eisen show back here on the Rich Eisen show 844-204 Rich number dial on the terrestrial radio network along with Peacock and Sirius XM channel 85 and the Odyssey app and our podcast and so much more I haven't spoken to this man in in way too long and I go back in the day with him so there's so much to discuss with a man who is the voice of Sunday night baseball on ESPN and called the home run derby and will be part of the ESPN coverage in advance of tonight's major league baseball all-star game here in Los Angeles California my friend Carl Ravitch on the Mercedes-Benz fans phone line how you doing Ravi how you been I'm good Richard how are you doing good to speak with you again it has been a little bit it has it has been a minute as they as they say uh what was that like in person last night seeing that calling it last night so it was different um I would say having done this for a long time now and having been through the you know the Bryce Harpers and the Todd Frazier's um it was a little different in the fact that Julio Rodriguez dominated the event he was the only guy that got on those rolls where you kind of see seven eight nine in a row nobody else did that Pujols was a great story but he was a great story because he's a legend uh it wasn't as if he went out there and lit the world on fire Schwarber and Alonso didn't have good nights the energy was was unique it's it's you know and you can speak to this better than anybody but there was there was a different energy than what we have seen in other ballparks um so I thought it was you know look it's always a great event Rodriguez shined last night Soto's got all these distractions around him and he was able to focus but I would say relatively speaking it was probably a little flatter than other derbies we've seen and through no fault of anybody's but that's you're you're kind of beholden to the to the participants and last night after Rodriguez and Seager you know hit what 55 homers between them in the first round you're like this is going to be the most amazing home run derby we've ever seen and literally you were at the top of the roller coaster after those two guys hit and it kind of steadily went down after that that's that was my impression being there before we get to the serve the youth of the evening and then obviously Juan Soto's future immediate and long term uh let's talk about the OG in uh in pool holes what a what a moment last night I was saying that you know obviously there's only one Ted Williams uh but when Ted Williams threw out that ceremonial first pitch prior to the 99 all-star game in Fenway Park and the all-time team along with the current all-stars all converged on him that's that's what it kind of felt like to see you you know everyone surrounding pool holes last night after his first AB uh uh that was amazing what a moment that was Carl that was cool and when we were sitting right there obviously we're right off the third baseline on the field uh and it started with the significant players I mean they were the ones that kind of started a trickle effect and I'm not mistaken we we went to commercial we came back and everybody had gotten up and gone to them on both sides yeah I certainly went back to Fenway Park in 99 and Ted Williams the golf cart Tony Gwynn and discussing with the all-stars do you do you smell you know the smoke comes off your back when you foul the ball off etc etc it absolutely had that feel and the other side of it was to his credit you know pool holes was willing to embrace it he wasn't he wasn't sort of brushing it off like everybody go sit down he he he enjoyed the moment and we we've been at ESPN throughout his career you were certainly there for a great part of it uh the machine you know has been reduced a little bit in his in his age but he's one of the greatest right-handed heroes that we've ever seen and will ever see um and to see the the reverence that people like Manny Machado etc who've been pretty vocal about the lack of attention that he thinks Pujols is getting in his final year and Miguel Cabrera that was one of those moments and and that was one of the moments when you watched the home run derby last night that you'll remember was how everybody you know treated Albert Pujols and I assume tonight they may both get similar treatment but it was really unique and it and it was unscripted there was no choreography behind it they realized we should go and surround this guy and salute him and you saw Soto was the one bowing down to him more than anyone else Carl Ravitch sunday night baseball voice and longtime voice of baseball and also sports center right here on the Rich Eisen show on the night of the all-star game uh Juan Soto getting a million dollars for winning um and that's chump change it's interesting that Rodriguez made more money last night than he's going to make in his minimum here contract this year but what is the deal with Soto why why why are he in Washington seemingly on the verge of parting ways here Carl well I think it's multifaceted I think that there's I think it was a sincere offer um I think that the sale of the nationals is a big deal I think any prospective owner coming in would like to make sure that that stuff is taken care of um look you can look at it from both sides he's he's obviously one of the great young players in the game he's uniquely talented with his ability to to recognize strikes and balls he can elevate the baseball but baseball and we know this from years is not an individual sport uh at some point you you can't allow your franchise to have such a percentage of the salary be spent on one guy and look he just given where we are economically he's going to get four or five hundred million dollars over whatever length of time this contract goes but Mike Trout hasn't been in the playoffs let alone threaten the world series and he is the unquestioned best baseball player on the planet if Soto's a notch down from him well how much money do we commit to one player and who are we going to be able to surround them with and we're going to get you know what what the Marlins got when they let Miguel Cabrera go years ago and a couple of really good pitchers and major league ready players well do are we better off and those are legitimate questions um it was odd I mean I don't know what you saw yesterday but Soto's sitting there answering questions and literally kind of lurking over as his left shoulder is Scott Boris kind of filtering the questions hearing what people are asking making sure that Soto is is not going to misspeak um that that was that was an interesting look yesterday so I you know I look I see both sides of it um he's still got a year and two years left you know so uh it's unique uh and it's unique to baseball that one guy who's two years out of free agency is is turning down 440 million dollars over 15 years and for the next two weeks he's the biggest story in baseball and it's not close so what do you think it'll take we were just uh we opened the show by saying uh anybody who's been you know planning for the future as every general manager does in baseball can take a look at their what top two three prospects and say Valle con Dios right I mean wouldn't that be it or what what do you think it would take at least to get him yeah I like the comp is is Cabrera um I think that was two two two really good players and they took on the contract of Dontrell Willis at the same time um it's a hard one to say because I don't think and I'm not trying to I'm not trying to be you know avoiding the question here um and I'm not even sure why it got to a place where two years removed from free agency this this is even a conversation we're really going to expedite a deal for Juan Soto and it appears according to people that that I know Buster only has spoken with even I casually kind of getting the room's feel said no he's going like this is happening in the next two weeks has to do as much with who's going to own the team um as as the present yeah I think two or three major league ready players now um Mike Rizzo is really good at his job he doesn't lose trades but this is a hard one to judge and it will take three or four or five years to judge whether they did really well or or they got fleeced um but yeah two three really major league ready players with a couple of prospects and if you start to ask well who's who's in position to do that the Padres the St. Louis Cardinals I think the bonds experience in San Francisco brings them into the picture I think look Julio Rodriguez and where the Mariners are now and where they're going is another possibility and if I'm Steve Cohen or if I'm the richest owner in baseball I'm certainly going to buy my guys Sandy Alderson and saying look let's say money isn't a factor for me it ain't how much are we gonna how much is it going to cost us to get involved in this one Soto thing and look Sandy may say we're not doing that but DeGrom is coming up for a new contract maybe you pivot and you say to Soto and the Nationals we have these players and they get a lot of players and we got an owner not that this part would be public but I got an owner who's willing to spend 500 million dollars on this guy so let's let's make it happen the challenge is this is not in your world this is not a sign and trade thing you know that's the that's the biggest challenge it's not like them not like the Nationals can say well Steve what are you willing to pay well we'll give them seven for 500 million dollars okay well we'll sign them to that and then we'll make a deal that's not going to happen but if I'm calling I'm certainly going to my my guys and saying let's take money out of the equation which no one ever says but he has the ability to do it let's see what we can we can work on Carl Ravitch you're on the Rich Eisen Show what if you're Brian Cashman right you got a team that is on fire you know obviously July they've slipped a bit but still the lead is is insurmountable in the division you got the Astros sitting there right behind you though and easily your best shot to win a World Series since 09 do you and I know this is nuts but do you upset the apple cart for for Juan Soto do you really do that or do you just go and target the needs that you have get that starting pitcher that I think they definitely need um and an extra bat but is Juan Soto the extra bat I mean you know what I mean like I I don't know do you do you really well that's why I think look we grew up in the George Steinbrenner era of course we grew up with it this was this is a Yankee wheelhouse move no doubt when George Steinbrenner owns it like all of a sudden that's the team on top if Soto's free the Yankees are going to be in on this I personally don't think they do that look they got their own 500 million dollar guy that they're trying to nail down yeah but he's sturdy Carl he's sturdy you know what I mean like uh about it there's no doubt about it and look we all know Yankee stadium and a left-handed hitter there's there's a lot of things there's a lot of things to like about that but I would fall back on one guy doesn't doesn't doesn't do it for me what the Yankees do have Rich is they have all but they have a whole bunch of prospects I mean one thing Cashman's done in the last few years is load up on prospects including a shortstop there Volpe who's terrific and they got a lot of a lot of good players when it comes to baseball having having watched this stuff there's two things that that kind of upset my apple cart every time we get around the draft and trade deadline you hear organizations saying we're not trading our prospects which I never understood because you were the ones that mined the prospects you found them we just finished a draft there's a lot of prospects you can find more I never quite got the team saying well we can't give up like he's untouchable are you kidding me it's baseball there's seven more of those guys we didn't know Juan Soto 10 years ago we had barely known Julio Rodriguez two years ago how are we doing now one's you know the best player in the game and one dominated the home run derby so prospects don't scare me to move uh with regards to a player like Soto um and then the other one is is the financial component of it you know you you you have money all these teams all these teams could afford a Juan Soto if they if they made that decision that the idea that we can't spend or we don't have the money to do that you do um and there are different different market sizes but that's a choice you can make the Colorado Rockies just signed Chris Bryant to a massive deal after not giving Nolan Aronado money where did that money right these teams have it so um but I don't I don't see the Yankees as a realistic player but it's it's a two-year deal I mean you you can trade five prospects and you have them for two years and you run out of here you could certainly do that I don't see that Carl Ravitch here on the Rich Eisen show um hey Carl before I let you go tonight uh for tonight's uh game um it's uh would have been Stewart's 57th birthday today and I've got his daughters uh Taylor and Sidney in studio uh in hour number two we're gonna have some ice cream and share some memories and talk talk about his uh memorial fund um that's an association with Jimmy V. By the way, Stu and I used to stand on the same soccer sidelines uh when our kids were playing is that right tell what was that like what was that like was what was how is how is Stewart is a soccer dad how is he he was good like I mean like like uh he was not like Trey Wingo who you know very well uh was one of those guys when uh Chappie was playing uh football or or other sports he would run up and down the sidelines still was still it was more reserved uh he kind of he watched he watched with great pride uh he loved the athleticism of the girls but he was less he was less animated than others on the sideline there was there was not a lot of booyah uh for every kick or every group because at that age you know when there are six players on each side uh and there's 12 around the soccer ball there's not a lot of booyah going on so it wasn't like the SportsCenter commercial where he's uh he's he's uh rejecting the uh the kids coming at the rack on him right where he's yelling at them he didn't do that one of that there wasn't a lot of ones he and Kenny Maine were trying to motivate somebody to say no you don't do it that way I need some energy out of you we didn't get a lot of that what's your memory of doing the shows with Stu uh Carl back in the day well I'll be honest with you the memory of doing the shows with a lot of those guys was there was a there was a slight level of awe in in watching you know Olgerman and Patrick and Stu because you're kind of you're kind of looking at individuals you know this everybody is an individual so everybody's doing their own thing right uh there's great tag team stuff going on but there's a lot of individual he was a unique actor and there's there's no doubt about that he was such a wonderful actor it's like almost watching a play from from literally two feet away like oh my gosh look at what this guy's doing look at how he does the highlights I loved watching him he bent over the desk as you know he'd hold up the shot sheet yes he'd have one eye on the shot sheet they have one eye watching the video uh and he was terrific I was watching him do that too and the things that I would watch him do Carl was he would when he would receive this shot sheet again it's for the for those who may not know you get a you get paperwork um and and it's kind of like a line by line they give you um basically to let you know what the situation is and what the the result is and like hey it's two men on and and it's a three-run homer and things like that is he would get the shot sheet in the commercial break Carl and then he would know where he could use his catchphrases and he would write them down on the shot sheet and he would and and I just remembered he would always spell out booyah he'd spell out booyah was b-o-o-y-o-w that's how he would spell it booyah that's how he would spell it on his shot sheets and he would nail it he would nail it every time every single time and you're right he would bend over because you know he had he had poor eyesight as well right you know and so and he would always need the lights up but it was a party man every time every single time whenever he did it you know so um he would have been 57 today oh and I had killer in studio just a couple weeks ago I had uh Kilborn here as well that's great laugh yep yep he would feel good just remember yeah bruins uh bruins lightning yeah you ever remember that uncle who used to kind of ask you to come behind the shed to tie the skates let's go to the let's go to the highlights that was the lead in the bruins lightning that was the leading oh you go god yeah so we all had that neighborhood and the family that had that rink and remember when you walk down the street with your skates hung over your shoulder and the hockey stick and then that guy would say hey come on over here and let me put your skates on there were two obsessions too there was there was the randomness look he knows this steve anderson we're going we're pulling the curtain back go for it anderson was in charge of sports at that point um after about two weeks i walked into steve anderson's office and i said i'm sorry i i don't get any of this i can't do this none of this is making sense he's he's got this spud web obsession there's a there's a poo richardson thing going on here i'm used to working with people who seem to take this this thing this sport thing a little more seriously and to his to his wonderful credit steve anderson said carl i hear you be patient and in about a month uh i was the straight man to his comedic act and it was it really worked really really well it sure did man because that was a foreign language he was speaking it's still just so you're aware he still has a minnesota timbrels fixation in case you're wondering uh and then on occasion uh he would glance at the screen and uh worry that the pants color that he was wearing was not being uh accurately portrayed by the color on the screen uh he's concerned about that it's concerned that the pants was coming across the two gold and he would sit in his cubicle and he would talk to himself and the mirror was his best friend he's a beautiful person oh man i mean oh i'm sorry for digressing no no this is great a great time in our lives when it was when uh the sports center was was such a such an appointment viewing show and and you and he and stu and keith and dan were all were all major faces and parts of that amazing yeah stewart again would have been 57 today i just figured i'd go to stroll down memory lane with you uh great to listen to you i really enjoy the you and the rest of the crew on sunday nights um and i look forward to the second half of the season let's do this again as we get closer to the playoffs carl thanks for the time let's do it thanks rich great to be on with you buddy right back at you enjoy tonight's all-star game carl ravitch i just mentioned killborn's name and he starts giggling there are so many more stories carl wait to tell baby oh baby also just say i don't get it he's got a spud web fixation i don't get it yeah spud web fixation poo thing going on come behind my shed let me tie your skates for you i'll take a break that's literally was his hockey leaders because he didn't he didn't really care much about hockey i got espn at the time as it is now once again it was the was the home of nhl uh rich nhl broadcast tonight tonight i know bill pito billy bill billy pito used to post it which is weird he's from minnesota just didn't care all right phone calls when we come back our number two of the program taylor and sydney scott stu's daughters will be here and that'll be a great memory lane stroll then as well back here on our rich eisen show live feed here on peacock joined with our terrestrial radio outfit and everyone else rogue st driver please try these out i'm i i can personally attest that they make you feel more confident on t and they are absolutely the best drivers that calloway's ever put in my hand the rogue sc drivers speed tuned to be calloway's fastest most stable driver ever engineered with a new tungsten speed cartridge gives you more speed on off-center hits provides more forgiveness thanks to high moi that's the science of it but i'll tell you again you just stand over the ball in the tee box and you think like i can just i can just hit this a ton and it's it makes it makes me feel more consistent and then there's the science behind it again it's it's great the science is it's just about confidence though like you have this in your hand you're like i'm in the fairway and it's gonna be right down the middle and it's all gonna be good from here i try the max i haven't tried the uh rogue st diamond triple diamond ls because that's what the tour players love and i'm not one of them i just say the saudis haven't reached out to me hey now okay uh calloway's thought through every aspect of speed so all you've got to do is go rogue find your rogue sc driver one for you there's definitely one for your game go to slash go rogue 844-204-rich number to dial uh nick saben has spoken um and uh we're gonna be seeking out those sound bites for you uh let's go uh to our friend terzo and i'll all rise what's up terzo how are you yo what's up rich happy to have you back man missed you last week but sounds like you're having a lot of fun thank you very much greatly appreciate it what's going on your man man what's your mind man what's going on hey so i love the interview with fred warner last uh yesterday that was great um i got a little bit of a prediction uh for the 49ers win-loss total um i was gonna run that past you and then also maybe try and make a fun little wager with you if i'm able if i'm able to hit the over maybe you send me out that second best uh attorney oh cup that you got from better call so yesterday that made me that was cracking me up yesterday okay uh as you know terza being a national football league employee i frown upon everything that you just said um so but i'll bite me taking one photo you know just just just for the just for the just just for the sake though of what what do you have in mind what do you what are you trying to uh rope me into that could uh void my contract what's going on so uh so uh my thought would be go over the 49ers win loss i think 13 and four oh my god all right i need nfl films music i need nfl films music from you mike del tufo from uh you mike hoskins i need the san francisco 49ers schedule uh there it is on the screen terzo i will walk you through it unless you've got it in front of you do you have it in front of you i got i got it in front of me as well week one i guess so uh all right let me open up to the appropriate page hold on let me open the appropriate page here in my booklet this will be this will be in the book now for the rest of the season terzo here we go i i'm in for it terzo from iowa counselor you have the floor let's go week one at chicago they beat chicago that's a win uh home point i'll walk you through it home for seattle week two beat seattle at the denver broncos week three beat denver get a little revenge on russell that's three and oh home for the rams as you know the niners have had the rams number in the regular season lately what do you have for me so so i waffled on this one but i think they take the l that's an l they're three and one at carolina week five beat carolina that's four and one at the falcons week six beat atlanta home for the kansas city chiefs week seven lose lose to k uh lose the kc okay at the rams now at the ram how about that the niners and the rams are done before before week wow nine okay that's a christmas what do you got for me at the rams they beat they beat the rams on the road okay so they split in each other's house interesting all right so then they hit the buy at six and two week 10 what do you got for me terzo what do you got we got the charge home for the chargers home for the chargers you beat them okay home for the well they're in mexico city against the cardinals week 11 what do you got we went we went against the cardinals uh home for the saints week 12 karen murray's hurt home from okay interesting piece of information that's breaking news all right we gotta go fast here home for the saints week 12 beat them home for the dolphins week 13 beat miami home for tom brady week 14 lose to tom brady at the seahawks on a thursday night short game quick trip what do you got home for the washington commanders on the saturday on the christmas eve what do you got win new year's day at the raiders lots of the raiders and then home for the cardinals to finish things up we sweep the cardinals that's 13 and four wolf thank you terzo that's now in the book i'm not going to bet you a damn thing thank you thank you thank you things more important than uh wagering with terzo 13. oh my gosh rams are gonna go 14 now i expect him to get uh obliterated here trey lance i believe in trey lance you do rich san francisco terzo and iowa 13 and four my lost game that's gonna be the first win-loss game we got from uh one of our fans i admire the gumption i mean taylor and sydney scott stu's daughters coming up in studio all right are you interested what the desert thinks yeah yeah sure the desert thinks that well let me let me guess what the desert thinks the desert thing win total for the 49ers according to the desert and and and last updated today okay i will say i will say they've got because they give it in like half increments right it's not what they do uh i will say it's nine and a half well done rich eisen 9.5 there you go for the desert the crazy thing would be is if it was jimmy garoppolo would it be like 10 10 and a half no it'd be the same nine and a half nine and a half be the same this is the team that almost made the super bowl last year couple plays only won 10 games last year tray lance they only won 10 games gonna be a problem for defenses he is big he is strong and all he's got to do is know his playbook be confident see it and rip it and then all this mesh point stuff no one's gonna know who's got it and he's gonna then just jam it down people's throats the red zone offense is gonna be vastly improved the confidence and but yeah we have 10 years of russell wilson you're like i don't know oh i gotta see it he's gonna see it new spot new coach new teammates that's why that's why that's why also there's a guy who's never been a starter and hasn't played in two years i got it i know it sounds weird it's crazy i know it sounds weird i have talked myself i have boxed myself in there is no way out it is totally i am i honestly i am i am kevin costner and sean young you rolled into one right now it's an old school pop culture reference there's no way out honestly that's that's i box myself in how many teams win 13 games this year do you think three two yeah two or three i know and he's chosen the niners is gonna be one of them i i don't i don't i don't know about that because there's going to be the downs for lance right there will be there's going to be a weird over under here's another over under for you over under two and a half number of times the national media will wring their hands about trey lance this year oh well way over i mean you're taking the way over it's going to be a hot topic all year one bad game should they let jimmy g go they'll be like what a two-game losing streak is it too late to bring jimmy g back false that's nutty i'll take the under i'm taking the under i'm all the way in get ready and there's no way out rhymes with drip payless i am all the way in nice good one for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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