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REShow: Malcolm Jenkins/Suzy Shuster - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 21, 2022 2:44 pm

REShow: Malcolm Jenkins/Suzy Shuster - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 21, 2022 2:44 pm

Brockman and TJ debate Rich over whether Kyler Murray has done enough on the field to earn the huge extension he got from the Arizona Cardinals.

Suzy Shuster, Rich’s wife, calls in to weigh in on his airplane etiquette and his propensity for using as much overhead space as possible with leads Rich to ask himself, “am I a travel jerk??”

2-time Super Bowl champion Malcolm Jenkins join Rich in-studio and to discuss designing his own suit for this year’s ESPY Awards, his alma mater Ohio State trademarking “The,” if Jameis Winston and Jalen Hurts can step up and take the Saints and the Eagles to the next level, and if the Saints can unseat Tom Brady and the Buccaneers atop the NFC South this season.  

Rich reacts to JJ Watt’s twitter interaction with a fan that illustrates why the Cardinals DE is man of true character.

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That's 877-ASK-DELL to save up to 48% on our latest technology. Rich Eisen. Earlier on the show, columnist Pete Thamo. Coming up, two-time Super Bowl champion safety, Malcolm Jenkins. 49ers tight end, George Kittle.

At the end of the day, they've got to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had, the same personal problems that they had. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two Rich Eisen show is on the air.

Malcolm Jenkins, recent retiree from the National Football League, is making his way to the studio. He'll be joining us in about 20 minutes time right here in person. George Kittle will be joining us in hour number three to talk about the plane conversation we had yesterday, because he was saying that somebody was putting multiple carry-ons in the bin above him in the exit row of his plane, and I said something along the lines of more power to that guy, and I had no idea what a horrible take that was. Did you know that somebody sent me this?

There is a blog site, I guess called One Mile at a Time. Somebody wrote an article, let me get his name right. Ben Schlappig, entitled Rich Eisen's Horrible Take on Airplane Etiquette. Oh. Called me a horrible, a jerk.

Selfish and a jerk. Oh no. Yeah.

That's your second big headline of the day. What do you mean? Inside joke. Oh.

My own personal situation with the NFL Network, even though there is no personal situation with the NFL Network? Indeed. Okay. Great.

Rich Eisen's horrible take on airplane etiquette. Wow. Oh yeah, I see that. Yeah, there it is. There it is. Yesterday we got a tweet, Rich, and someone said, after this plane etiquette conversation, I am no longer questioning Rich's low Uber rating.

Really? I sent that to the, yeah. I mean, look, you touch the nerve with people. You're just like, ah, get there first, and you know, all that stuff. And each man for himself. If I'm carrying on and I've got my, and I've got my.

Look, I didn't write the tweet, Rich, I'm just. And I've got my knapsack with me too. There it is. There it is. Wow. I'm good to, I'm good to everybody. Normally. All right.

I'll take the hits. I get on the plane first. By the way, I did not know.

One A always gets on first, I tried to tell you that. By the way, I also did not know that there's a phrase for the mosh pit of people gathering right outside the gate. Oh, is that a thing? I'm reading this article now.

I didn't know this either. Wait a minute. I saw this. I'm reading it. I read it too. Is this a tweet?

No, it's a whole article. It's called Gatelice. What? Gatelice. What does that mean? I guess that, you know, vermin around, you know, in the scalp of the area of the gate.

I had never heard of such a thing. It's more annoying when the people who are in like zone four are the ones crowding when no one's boarded yet. Like just get out of the way and wait. You know, you're getting on last.

And then I feel awkward cutting through people like that, but it's like I'm more than happy to follow the rules if I know everyone else is going to do that. And this writer, this writer basically said, does he not pick up after his dog because some other people don't? Does he not tip servers? I mean, my man, does he not tip servers?

Of course I do. I'm one of the most generous tippers around. By the way, my Uber rating for tippers would be five stars.

We all know my, my rating's not that great because I have, sometimes I'm in the Uber with somebody who's like poof, open the, open the window. I still can't believe you're launching Susie under the bus. You mentioned her by name. Why are you mentioning her? Oh, you're on camera.

What are those trees? By the way, she's going to sit in your chair when you're out the next week. Hey now. So we can hit on that subject later on.

I get Susie. Are you here? Are you going to be here?

Are you going to be here? What day? Next Friday.

Next Friday. Nope. Damn. Wow, there are three things, three things you can count on the death taxes and me showing up for work. I mean, I can't say my life is here.

I'll be here. I can't say that. So I've pissed, I've pissed off some, uh, some flyers. I've pissed off some fires. I'm like getting first on and then I'll, you know, I'll put my, my carry on above sometimes. Most of the time I put the knapsack under the seat. This guy's saying that most, you, you can put your knapsack under the seat in front of you in, in a, uh, an exit row. I just flew in an exit row. The other day they told me, they told me you can't do that. There's usually, there's something there. That's what I was told by the flight attendant the other day that I had to put it above. You have to put it up. All right.

I don't want any more blogs coming after you, Rich. I do have a question though. Uh, Kyler Murray gets this much money, right, for that Horatius, uh, playoff performance last year. What's the word you just used? Horatius? Did I just make that up?

You did. Absolutely. That sounds like what you would call a CSI Miami moment. You know, that's a very Horatius moment. You mean hellacious performance. Or horrendous. It was terrible. Horrendous. It's either horrendous or hellacious. I think I combined, I combined hellacious and horrendous. What's worse than hellacious or horrendous? Horacious. Uh, how much is Joe Burrow going to get?

Justin Herbert. More than everyone else. Cause that's the way it works. When you get so upset. But they've actually earned it. You get so upset with me when I'm like, does he deserve it?

The answer is yes. You don't like the idea. Does he deserve it?

When, when. He hasn't done anything to deserve it. You say deserve. Just because he's next up?

That's preposterous. Well, he is, Kyler Murray, has he shown the ability to win games in a manner that other quarterbacks don't? Uh, in September and October. Has he shown the ability to win quarterbacks in a way that other quarterbacks don't?

When the games don't really matter. These are yes or no questions. Has he shown that ability? No. Come on. When has he done it?

I love Kyler Murray. Dynamic player. Right.

December, January. No. He has not done it yet. Absolutely not. So, so you're Steve Keim. Congratulations. You're Michael Bidwell. Fantastic.

You know what? Love it. You're one of the professionals because you could have flown Juan Soto and you're playing all the way to the home run derby.

I would have done it. Okay. So congratulations. You're Michael Bidwell. You're Steve Keim.

Either one of those two. I'll take it. You tell Kyler Murray we're done. Because you have yet to win.

You have yet to win in December and January. I'm not going to tell him that he's done. I'm not going to give him the second highest average in the league. But he, it's time to do it. The agent put this out here. Well, great.

You know, you know you need to keep your guy happy. We can pay him $35 million. Why does he need to- You know at some point because that's not- Why does he need more than Deshaun Watson?

Deshaun Watson doesn't deserve that either, but like, come on. That's the way this, because to use the Godfather part two phrase, we got to use this, we got to get this as your drop from now on. It's the business you've chosen. This is a business you've chosen. But you're in charge. You have all the leverage, your management. You can decide what to pay this guy. You don't have all the leverage.

You don't have all the leverage. This guy- He's not going to sit out. By the way, thank God I still have this piece of paper.

He's not going to sit out. Okay? We could have always just reprinted it for you if you had thrown it out. This is an issue. Your employee number one has made a stance known. He has told you what he wants. You do have to keep employee number one happy in a way. You signed the checks.

Dude, this is the business you've chosen. Lamar Jackson, who I haven't been that high on in the past, but he's won playoff games and has an MVP. That guy has earned it. What has Kyler Murray done? Win football games. Show you he can win football games with his arms, with his legs. Showing you in the locker room that guys follow him. Showing you a lot that shows you you can win a Super Bowl with this guy.

That is a fact. I don't know, man. Dude, do you- The alternative- Rich, he's 22, 23, and running. He's not winning that many football games. What was Drew Brees' record in San Diego? Did Drew Brees get the biggest contract in the history of- He would have, and then he eventually did after he won a Super Bowl. He was a second round choice.

He wasn't first overall, and this also wasn't 2022. This is the way it works. And if you are in the NFL and you're an owner in the NFL and you are making the amount of money you are making off of the television contracts in the NFL and the players know it and your agent knows it and it's your time to be paid, you did cut the line.

You did cut the line. And that might be a way for you not to guarantee every dollar like the Browns did in a moment of just- Well, they screwed it up for everybody. A complete momentary lapse of reason to go do that. You have to do this if you're Arizona, and you can do it. You can afford to do it, and you did it. And now Murray is happy.

The rest of the locker room knows their quarterback is happy. You are going into the world of now Murray having to do it. This is it. This is the business we've chosen. Thank you, Hyman Roth. Cut that, man. And drop it and save it.

That's it. This is the business you've chosen. Can we use these negotiations or these tactics when we renegotiate renegotiate? No, because it's a different world.

Trust me, I would love to rip straight from the headlines that you see. I mean, everybody wants to be paid one of the highest in their profession because they feel they earn it. I didn't know if those rules applied everywhere. Not every wide receiver can tell their team, instead of franchising me, get me out of here. But Devante Adams got his exit visa.

Not everyone could do that. Not everybody in the NBA can say, I want out of here and get out of there, as Durant is still waiting for. He's not going anywhere. So that's all I'm saying is that the Cardinals have to do it. You make your bet with somebody that you feel can win you the Super Bowl and live up to the contract that the market tells you you have to give.

And if you don't like it, don't own an NFL team in 2022, because that's the business we've chosen. So Kyler Murray told Michael Bidwell he was going to go take a nap. He knew the $200 million made it to the island, and he's going to go take a nap. And when I wake up, the $230.5 million is going to either be on the table. If it is, I'll know I have a partner.

If it's not, I know I don't. Fredo brought it. Fredo brought the bag.

Now speaking of the business we've chosen, I just blame my Uber rating on my wife, and she heard it and she's calling in. What's up, Suze? You there? Are you there, Suze? You there? Yeah.

Okay. Well, first of all, would Dan and I are late to camp, that's a shocker. And Dan just said, why is he talking to the radio audience the way he talks to me when I'm in trouble with my iPad?

Oh no! Were they not listening? Were they not listening?

Were they not listening? Let me just tell you, let me tell you what it sounds like, and I'll put it in the parlance of my Uber rating. Why are you throwing me under the bus repeatedly about my Uber rating? Now it's not my fault that someone gets into an Uber and sells a cigarette smoke. I'm spending a lot of money on an Uber and that you get into one and it stinks isn't my fault. Guys, isn't that kind of what he sounds like? What do you think, guys?

Is that a good which I have an impression? First of all, if I'm getting into an Uber, it's your job not to stink, all right? So I'm sorry if I roll my eyes or say, oh, or I open the door, the window and gasp for breath. Oh my God. Oh my God. This is getting aggressive. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God, oh my God, is your mom really pissed or is this an act?

No, it's an act. The other thing is this, guys, when you fly with Rich, I am a person who doesn't need to be the first person on the plane. I don't have that anxiety, the anxiety that he has of getting on and putting his bag above is exhausting.

And then he also, the entire time coming home from camp, he was talking, he was watching golf and he was like, oh, it's a hole in one. Well, that's cute. But anyway, I think it would be very funny that you guys are spending so much time talking about the airlines because God forbid you order a tomato juice or a blueberry around him to sign some tickets. All right. All right.

Should I hang up on the call or I'm kidding? See you next Friday. See you next Friday. All right.

Have a good day at camp, Sam. Bye. Yeah. Goodbye. Bye. Yeah.

By the way, I don't like the smell of tomato juice at all. Yeah. I'm on planes. People get bloody married. All the time.

Next to me. Always. Always. Well, if it's early in the morning, it's, you know. Well, maybe it's because I'm such a jerk, according to this guy who wrote about me.

But I mean, obviously my family thinks the same way. What the hell's happened? My whole world has just been turned upside down. Peter in Texas, let's put him on the phone. What's up, Peter? Hello. Hi, guys. Hi, Rich. What's going on, Peter?

Mike, TJ. What up, kid? What's up, baby? Happy Thursday, guys. Same to you.

What's up? So, Rich, I just want you to know that I fully support your opinion of this. Get on the airplane first, you know, put your back, even if your family doesn't, I fully support you.

Thank you, Peter. You know, because I travel sometimes a lot and sometimes I got my laptop in my backpack. I can't just put that under my seat, you know, and step on that all flight. So I got to put my bag up top, you know, and just getting on the plane for this.

You just want to sit down and settle in, get relaxed. So I fully support you in all this. Thank you, sir. Also, tomato juice is trash. I don't know why that is.

It is gross. Bob, Peter in Texas, you know, we can fly together like Thelma and Louise. Even if your family doesn't support you, I support you, Rich. Thank you, Peter. Thank you so much.

Let's get his information so I can adopt him. Bloody Mary breath is disgusting. I'm with everybody I know. They're good. No, no.

They're actually good. It's disgusting. I don't like it.

Unlike others in my business, in my profession who do this for a living, I do take criticism, you know, and I do, I do become introspective about it. You know, again, I don't put, I don't like take two carry on like rollies on and put them both up. That's insane. You know what I mean? Like I don't do that. I just want to make sure everyone understands that. Technically you're not supposed to do that.

For instance. Backpack and a roller. As you know, as you know, whenever you travel with me and if we're, if we're taking a ride together into the town from the airport from which we arrive, and I don't check a bag and you do, we got to part ways. That's when I got to turn my back on you. Okay, I know, I know, I know that you're down about five, six feet jerk. Am I a travel jerk? You're coming to this realization on the air, you know, you've been talking it out for years.

We've been doing the airline travel. I mean like give me the eight ball. They would say all signs. I'm gonna stop doing that. All signs point to yes.

I think we have the eight ball somewhere. Is Rich a travel jerk? Am I a travel jerk? I like this hashtag travel jerk.

Am I a travel jerk? The magic eight ball says pretty hazy. Try again. Well then try again. Try again immediately. Try hazy, try again.

As you know, I try again right away. Am I a travel jerk? Should I say it that way?

Am I really a travel jerk? Are you going higher register? I just did. Better not tell you now. The eight ball knows we have a few hours left. The magic eight ball is easing me into it. It senses my realization. Tense moment.

Big moment for you. I like getting on first. I understand. I like getting on first so I can get the overhead bin space that I feel I have deserved. And I agree with you. Because I don't trust others to do it.

I agree with you. But it's only for one bag. And so for one, yeah, I put the one bag.

And if there is room, I'll put my second one up there. Why not just put it in front of you on your feet? Because if I don't have to, I won't. But it's not like if somebody's just like trying to jam it in there and I've got two bags up there, I would remove my second one. I mean, I would. No, I'm serious.

Like, are you trying to convince us or you're just saying I'll put it underneath. I did that on the six hour flight home from Boston the other day that Zander said I was screaming about holes in one. God bless him. It was in almost Albatross I showed him.

That's when I showed him on the peacock feed of the Open Championship. And then I just want to get on the plane first. I want to get situated. I don't want you to have a tomato juice next to me.

A V8. God, it stinks. It stinks. I'm going to put you, Rich.

I am 100 percent on that train. You know, I don't understand. I don't look at vegetables and say to myself, can I get that in a juice form, please?

No, no. Choosing's good. But it's not... With vodka and olive. Oh my goodness gracious. Sometimes it's 1030 in the morning.

What's happening? That's a great early morning drink. Yeah, it's an early morning drink. Not down with the V8. So then when I get there, if I've taken the time of just carrying on and getting on and stowing it and then carrying on and then I now need to wait a half an hour for your bag? That's a tough sell. But if we're traveling together. If we're traveling together.

You know, what's the rush? But I did. Was I a travel jerk when I told the entire crew for the Emmys, like when we're all traveling together, we're there for two days. Exactly.

Nobody really had an excuse to check a bag. You're only going to be there for about 36 hours. But here's what happened to me. And this does kind of give credence to what you're saying, Rich, on the flight home. I was with I went to the airport with Liz, you know, we got there before everybody else because Liz was in charge of the car. So, you know, we were there three hours before we were leaving.

But because of that fact, I got there so early, stopped, had a few bites, waited on the other guys. They're boarding the plane. And I waited. But by the time I got on and I did have a carry on, they were like all overhead bins are filled. You now have to check your bag. I'm telling you. Which I went, no, so I took it in anyway, like, oh, I didn't hear that and I tried to get it in.

They ended up checking the bag anyway. Now don't tell that to don't tell that to the one mile at a time blog. So what am I saying? Labeled a jerk. What I'm saying is, like, Google your name. I'm going rich as a jerk. You've got this this this link. What I'm saying is I packed for a carry on and then they took my bag.

So what happens in that case? You guys still ditching me at the airport? I mean, I did what I was supposed to do. No, I know that, you know, I'm just saying, did we did we have to? We did wait for you. No, that was on the way home. So it wasn't a big deal. I took it.

I already left you guys long gone then. For 10 days. You flew private home. So I did not stop saying that. That's absurd.

No, ridiculous. Ten days. I took a carry on. You can do it. Well, Mike, you only wear three things.

That's true. All right. Let's take a break. Malcolm.

I need to repair the shoes. Malcolm Jenkins is here. And speaking of wearing stuff, he wore his own gear. Is that from last night? Is that from the Espers last night? Yes. Did he bring samples? Oh, baby.

Malcolm Jenkins is here. Does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day? Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection.

Let me repeat that. Forty eight hours of sweat and odor protection. Use it and don't even think about it. Also, Dove Men Dry Spray contains Dove's unique one-quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin. Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray.

Goes on dry, clean feel all day. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show here in studio, our terrestrial audience will rejoin us in a matter of moments, and that's when we'll also reintroduce our guests once again after how many years did you play in the National Football League now? Thirteen.

Thirteen. Your career freshly done. Joining us here in studio, one of the best to do it, Malcolm Jenkins. Good to see you, sir. Good to see you as well. Were you here for the ESPYs? Is that what you're here for? Yeah. Yeah. In town, well, yeah.

ESPYs. See some friends. Okay.

Get some good weather. Okay. Yeah. So, how many ESPYs have you been to? Three or four.

Three or four? Yeah. Okay. You know, I kind of asked that.

My ESPY invitation has been lost in the mail 19 straight years. Oh, man. Yeah.

Nineteen straight years. Yeah. You know?

I mean, like, you could go back to the Eagles right now and say hello to people, right? You could do that, right? For sure. Okay. Yeah. I can walk. Yeah. You can walk in there.

Obviously, I know you can walk into Columbus, Ohio, and the seas part for you. Yeah. You know? I've got friends with the ESPN, but 19 straight years. There, that says a lot. That's a big statement.

Are you sure they got the updated address? Oh. I get some- How do you ask? I mean, Chris Berman, I get holiday cards from him.

Nineteen straight years. And I found a video that I put on my Instagram last night. He sent me of Stuart Scott and I doing the post-Espy show in 1999.

I have a history, too. Yeah. You know?

If I ever have, like, an event that's sort of like the Espys, you will always be invited. Oh, is that right? What, the Jenkies? Is that what it's called? Whatever it is. I'm working on the concept now. You're working on it. But you will be invited.

Oh, fantastic. So, what was it like last night? You know what? Did you have fun? I think because, you know what happens when you put a bunch of athletes together?

Everybody competes and kind of want to look cool and things like that. But this was, you know, Steph Curry obviously hosted it. It was really funny. And I thought, you know, for me, I laugh probably more than I have in a long time at the Espys.

And that might have something to do with being retired and a little bit more relaxed now. Okay. Yes. But it was a lot of powerful moments, too.

Like, a lot of tearjerkers. That's the way it always is, right? Sports, man. That is sports. Yeah. It's about life. Yeah.

You know? And I think more than ever, we're starting to see just how much sports really impacts like all of these different areas of the world in our lives. It's not just what happens on the court or on the field. And I think, you know, what is starting to happen is players and athletes are starting to really own those stories.

And they're showing up. So it was awesome. That is pretty cool. Yeah. Okay. And so, and you were, if I'm not mistaken, you designed your own suit last night?

As I always do. Damari, right? Yeah. That's your clothing company?

That's honestly, that's my, that's the only reason I go to the Esby's, is because I enjoyed designing my clothes and going to a red carpet. Football players, we don't, we don't get all the celebrating, we don't get celebrated like that. Okay.

So, you know, put that photograph up one more time, if you don't mind there. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show on Peacock and our terrestrial audience is back here once again. Malcolm Jenkins is here in studio after 13 National Football League playing careers and rings in two spots, beating Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in Super Bowls.

I do love that stat. Joining me here on the Rich Eisen Show, Malcolm Jenkins is here. And so walk me through the, you designed your suit last night. Is that a suit? Like, is that a jumpsuit? No, with a jacket? So it's actually a vest. It's actually an extended vest.

So what I tell my team at Damari is like, okay, hey, I feel relaxed. I want something flowy that can move. And so we came up with that and then they came up with the print. I was like, oh, yeah, that's a lot of print.

That's a lot of print. That is? But a lot of the silhouettes come from just my travel. A lot of it comes from like, you know, some of the silhouettes that I've seen in my travels to Ghana. But yeah, it's something that's flowy, it's a little bit different than I usually am.

I'm usually in something that's more constructed with a suit. So I wanted to change it up a little bit. Because it looks like you've got, well, there's Kay Frage. Oh, yeah.

That's top of knowledge with Kay Frage right there on the red carpet. Because it looks like it's a coat on top of a vest with like a tie pant. Is that what it is? So it's a drawstring pant. Drawstring pant. It's, you know, it's got like a wide leg.

It flows. It's a shirt. And then the jacket is actually sleeveless. So it's just an extended vest, which I took off immediately off the red carpet.

An extended vest. But those sleeves. Yeah, that's the shirt. That's the shirt. Everything is the same pattern or the same print. Damn.

That's a lot of print. Okay. It's part of the pants gold on purpose. Is that what that is? Is that a reference to our rivalry in a way right there? Is that how you're about to segue?

I was about to. Is that the segue? That's not the segue. It's not the segue. It's not the segue.

But I have to say the segue because I might get sued for copyright infringement. Did you see that? I mean. Did you see that Ohio State trademarked the word the?

That was a while ago. Come on, man. It's in the name.

Come on, man. It's in the name. So it's in the name of the University of Michigan too? It's not.

What are you talking about? It's not the University of Michigan. It's not in your official name. It's literally part of the name. It is not Ohio State.

It's literally the Ohio State University. Can you look that up, Chris? Yeah. We can fact check.

We can fact check. You just pulled up the document. I mean, just because there's a document doesn't mean it's like- The legal document doesn't matter.

The legal document. It doesn't matter. I mean, come on. I mean, you go to, it does say the Ohio State University. Okay.

Right. And what is it when you go to What does it say? What does it say? What does it say? Let's see.

It just says University of Michigan. Oh. Okay. Yeah.

Can we put like, I got a scoreboard overlay and one to do it. Well, I mean, if you want to include the latest scores, it's now tied. Hey, that's- I guess. Yeah.

I'm happy with being tied. You blew your shot. I did not. This is the one year.

This is the one year. Michigan wins and you say, that's it. I'm done with football. I saw that. You took it hard, man. I did. I'm not. I didn't watch much of Ohio State football. You took it hard. I did. That's it. I'm finished with football after Michigan beats Ohio State. It's an upsetting game.

Malcolm Jenkins here on The Rich Eisen Show. So moments ago, you said, you know, the ESPYs, you were a little more relaxed even in setting like that because of retirement. Do you feel more relaxed now that you're done?

I do. My body did a weird thing about two weeks ago. What happened? You know, I'm trying to do this thing where I spend more time just doing the things I enjoy. So chilling, reading, writing, things like that. But out of nowhere, I'm like, I'm like, I got to get focused. I had this urge to get in the gym and start working out. And so, and then I happened to talk to like Brandon Brooks and one of these guys and they were like, yeah, how you feeling now? You know, you're not going to training camp. And I said, is that what's happening? My body is ready for camp.

It's like, hey, what are you doing? We're supposed to be getting ready. And so, you know, there's a lot of those kind of transitions of just getting used to not having like that, that looming season and training camp coming.

That part is definitely be, has been, you know, more chill. What do you think it's going to feel like on week one, I guess that is September. Is that September 11th, 2022, New Orleans at Atlanta, when that blood sport rivalry goes down. Do they got Atlanta or Tampa? New Orleans at Tampa is week, the New Orleans versus Tampa is week two. Week two. Okay.

Oh, they starting at Atlanta. They're just jumping right. Jumping right in. Yes.

Jumping right. It's going to be big. I think. What about how you, how do you think you're going to feel?

How I'm going to feel? Yeah. I don't think I'm going to like miss the game like that. I do find myself watching old games though.

What do you mean? Like, so I didn't watch a lot of football growing up. I like to play in the streets. So I never really had a ton of like NFL role models. And so now I'm going back and looking at like all of these old games, what made Ed Reed great?

What made Ray Lewis great? And you just, it's, I really love the game. And so as a fan of the game, I've never had that opportunity to actually like, you know, have that vantage point.

So I'm looking forward to actually just being able to sit and evaluate a game from the seat of a fan because I love like the game. Do you have any interest in the paparazzi media, podcast, anything like that? I know you have so many endeavors of your own. Yeah. I think the biggest thing for me, I'm always hesitant to, I want to make sure that whatever I do is organic to, to me.

Of course. And so podcasts, you know, I feel like everybody's starting to do something where they own their own voice. And I'm conceptualizing some things, but I want it to be something that I feel passionate about, you know, talking about consistently, which oftentimes is a little bigger than sports. It's a little bigger than the social commentary, but yeah, I think you'll see, you'll see some of that stuff coming out.

Okay. Well, I mean, I think you'd be terrific at it, you know, I mean, you have so much to say, you have so many experiences, you have rings, you've got moments where you left from one team to another, you've got 13 years, you have an idea about what retirement is. I mean, you have, you've experienced quite a bit in the NFL world, and I'm sure you've seen the I Am Athlete podcast, the Pivot, you know, what, those are shows that I think you would either fit into or have your own version of it.

Is that something that, you know, you'd be interested in doing? I think so, but, but it's also, we don't need everybody doing the same thing, right? I think the Pivot and I Am Athlete, I think are like gold standards, all the smoke, like where athletes can come and be completely themselves when we get to peek into that locker room. But we, now we don't need every, every athlete just doing, you know, that. So I think there's some, some things to do horizontally where we spread out some of kind of those, those topics of what we talk about. And I think that's where really I'm trying to go, but, but yes, that same field where you want people, guests to be able to come in and put their hair down, reveal things that they haven't done before because they trust kind of who they're sitting and talking with.

Malcolm Jenkins here in the Rich Eisen Show. How about the business of football, like with the union or anything like that, are you, you still want to be involved in that sort of thing? No, I've done, I've done my time.

You've done, you're out. You know, yeah. Okay. But I, but it is one of those things that I'm always, you know, available, I make myself available for, to pass down those lessons because, you know, I have, from the business standpoint, you know, I've learned a lot in those 13 years coming in as a rookie, like you said, having to change teams, being, having a role from just a at large member of the union all the way to the executive committee, having to negotiate, you know, things with the league, just as a, as a group of players for things outside of football, like I've, I've had those experiences. And so, yeah, and now there's a new kind of group of leadership and so I find myself more so in an advisory role just to pass down those lessons as they, you know, take the game further than we did. Malcolm Jenkins here on the Rich Eisen Show.

If you don't mind, I will, I will ask you a paparazzi type question. What do you, what do you think about Jamis' ability to come in and win ball games? I mean, now Dennis Allen's there, no Sean Payton, you know, Michael Thomas is coming back.

I don't know what is happening with Alvin Kamara. So what do you make of the Saints' 2022 outlook? Yeah, I think a lot of it is going to be predicated on what Jamis can do. But because I think last year we were really excited about the team that we had. Like our defense is the best defense I've been a part of. We had everything in place, even with losing Drew Brees.

We knew that we had some pieces and Jamis came out playing well. I think he, he spending that time behind Drew and Sean is really understanding how to manage a game. Still, he's going to be the bombs over bat. He just loves to, you know, stretch the field. He has the arm for it, but it's about, okay, being smart about his decision making.

And we saw it before he got injured. And so hopefully now it's, you know, what does it look like when he comes back? Is he going to be that same quarterback? Is he trending in that direction?

I believe so. I think he's a phenomenal leader and I never would have said that until I got in the locker room with him. But he's somebody that I think the team gravitates around and they already have strong leaders in place. Demario Davis, Cam Jordan, now I'm putting Tyron Matthews, Landrian, you know, they've got a ton of support, veteran support to, to where all of those parts won't be on Jamis. And so he can focus on his play.

And I think in a situation like that, he'll have success. And as if you needed more Buckeyes on the team, I mean, they go get a Lave. He's really, really good. Yes.

They got a lot of weapons that, you know, and they love to draft Buckeyes. I know that. Yeah.

I know that. Did you get a sense that Sean Payton was thinking of tapping out? No. Last year? No. I don't, I don't, any good coach is not going to, you know, you're not going to show signs that your coach is getting things about quitting. That probably wouldn't, wouldn't bode well in the locker room, but yeah, I think it was a little bit surprising, but you know, you'd be in the game long enough.

It's not, not many things surprising. Right. And so, all right. And then what about your other old spot, Philadelphia and Jalen Hurts, the question about whether he can take another step forward? I do believe in him. I like him. I like him a lot. What do you think of what the Eagles are building and, and their ability to maybe overtake the Cowboys in that division?

What do you think? I think what, what the difference that you're seeing between the Cowboys and the Eagles is the Cowboys have their franchise players that they're building around. And the question is, can they win a championship with those players?

But every year they're, you know, pretty much into running. They're a competitive team and can win games with the people they have. I think with the coaching change and just some of the loss of a lot of the veterans in the Eagles locker room, the stability of that culture isn't there yet. And a lot of that is now trying to fall on the quarterback.

And that's really not, it's, it's a lot different than the, than how I described what the Saints locker room is. Where you have all of these, you know, kind of other leaders who can, who can really develop the entire team, develop a winning culture, and it's not on just the quarterback to determine if we win or lose. And that seems to be the rhetoric coming out of Philly. And so I think it's, you know, it's one of those things that he's got the talent, like he's producing it's, it's how long is that leash and how much support are y'all willing to put into it? And they've said they've been all in and he's definitely got to prove it, but it's a, it's a different situation.

It's not like he has the, the, the, like he's in a situation that, you know, where he can thrive and shine, he's got to really put it on his back and lead that team. And so it's, it'd be interesting to see they're in the tough, it's always tough in the NMCs, but it's always competitive. Every year flops is never like they have to be two years, three years out before they can compete.

Every year they'll be able to, to compete for the ESO. We'll see. Well, I know. And again, I know you, you kind of smiled before about the stat that I had mentioned. I do it every time with you is that you're the only guy to have, you know, beaten Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in Super Bowls. You did Peyton Manning, you beat him back in his day when he was with the Colts and then you took care of Brady when he was, when you were with the Eagles. So in that respect with Brady, what, from your perspective, has the Saints been able to do since he's gotten to Tampa and just absolutely, you know, crip, kryptonized him.

What is that? What are the Saints able to affect and might be able to do it again with Brady coming back one more time for Tampa? Do you think? Well, I think Malcolm is not really, it's not much to do with Tom actually. The Saints, the Saints defense, especially the secondary, was built to beat Tampa Bay. And so that rivalry and that kind of, you know, competition was there before Tom got there. And so when you look at, okay, those few years you had, um, myself matched up with Gronk, that was a good matchup. You have Lattimore or Mike Evans, it's a great matchup.

C.J. Garner Johnson's in the slot was on AB or Godwin, that's a great matchup. On the other side was Adebo or Janoris Jenkins who can match up with any third receiver. And so there's not like, Tom Brady's whole game is take advantage of matchup issues.

There are none when you, when the Saints play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And I think that that one year where we beat them twice and then they beat us in the playoffs, they won that game off of running the ball and their defense taking the ball away. And I think that to me is, is when Brady tries to win that game, throwing it, that, that plays right into the Saints hands. So that, that game, that style of play, um, Brady has to win that game with his left hand.

And I think that's what makes that, that matchup so interesting and so difficult for him because what he does best, what works every single week is not going to work against the Saints. So you're not there, Gronk's not there now. Right. They just got Kyle Rudolph, which makes you think maybe, I find that funny, like, well, the door's closed to Gronk.

I don't know about that. If Gronk calls up like around October or Brady calls Gronk around October, November and he says, yes, they might find a few reps for him. But right. So, um, and, and, and Godwin's hurt. So do you think the way things are constituted, obviously now Tyron Matthew there, the advantage is still towards the Saints when they match up in week two and whenever they do match up, because that's, that's, that might be the NFC South in a nutshell with due respect to Carolina. The fact that they have to start off with two conference opponents to start a game, those two first two weeks are going to, they're going to show up later in the year. Um, and so I think those are going to be really important games. Um, and I think a lot of it's going to come down to less about Tom Brady against the Saints defense and more so what will the Saints offense look like against the Tampa Bay defense? Because I've seen, you know, we, we've seen that the explosiveness of the Saints and we know how that has been.

Yes. We want to know if that's going to continue. Um, but that Tampa Bay defense is the wild card.

Like when they show up, they make things happen. Um, and so I think that's really the matchup that I'm looking at. I think it's going to be pretty much the same from the Saints defense and, and, and Tampa Bay's offense. That'll be a good battle. They'll make plays, but that defense is going to match up well.

It's going to be against the, the, the Saints offense and the Bucks defense who can, you know, take care of the football, create those plays and manage that game the best. It's great to see you. Yeah. It really is great to see you. Uh, don't be a stranger. Certainly, you know, I'm, if you don't mind, I'll reach out to you, just check in with you during the season. If you, if you'd like to chop it up any, any way, just let me know. I'm, I'm acting all cool and calm and collected now, but come, come, come and see me.

What, around October 10th, you'll be just like, what? If I find myself doing drills in the backyard, I'll just come here. Anytime.

Yeah. Anytime. How can people get involved in anything that you're doing?

How can they go? You know, actually this is like one or a few times I'm actually not promoting many things, but anybody can always help. Um, still doing great charity work, uh, through the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation, supporting things in four different States.

Um, so anybody wants to get involved and continue to support what we do, especially now that I'm not playing anymore. Um, the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation dot org, and yes, the is in the name, the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation dot org. And I guess you're allowed to use the, uh, with, without a payment or, we have a trademark, we have a trademark. There it is. Look at the fine print. Look at the fine print. It says Malcolm can use it anytime he wants. That's what it says there.

Uh, and the States are, let me guess, Pennsylvania, New Orleans, New Jersey and Ohio. Yep. There we go. Okay.

Very good. Don't forget what exit are you from in New Jersey? What exit? Um, well, depending on which side of town you want to go exit, well, I get off of exit 10. Exit 10 on the turnpike and on the garden state, uh, we're Parkway. What are we?

What are we? 10, 10, 10. By the way. I used to get Parkway.

You'd be down towards. I used to get on 10, 10, 10, the outer bridge. Did I used to take that at Staten alley? You get a 10, 13, 13 was the Gotham's bridge. I'm just 10 it's Perth Amboy used to go to the movies used to be, they used to be a multiplex in Perth Amboy. Right.

I got a hit 287. Yeah. I think I saw live and let die there. Oh, okay. Very good. Malcolm. Great to see him. Great to see you. The great Malcolm Jenkins. Thanks for letting me know you were in town, uh, George Kittle coming up an hour. Number three, 20 minutes after the hour book it, he said, book it. There is right there.

The man in his Damari clothes right there at the SBS last night. So much made of your LASIK surgery, Jamis, um, do you think that your eyesight had something to do with your, um, your turnover rate last year? I mean, I'll just go straight forward. I mean, that's what people are putting them together here. Yeah. I can't, I can't, I can't say I don't, I'm not making excuses, uh, I'm, I'm, but I am going to get better.

Uh, but I'm, I'm not going to make her make an excuse. I can say that the LASIK has definitely helped my vision and my accuracy. I didn't have my eyes my whole life. Uh, now I got better eyes. Well, I mean, no, so, so did you wear contacts during games?

Is that what you, you, I tried for one year, I think it was my third year and it just didn't work. Not like I don't really blink much. They were falling out.

Like they were uncomfortable. Um, I just like, I gotta get LASIK, like it's anything that can help my game to help me see more precise. Like at first I just was, I was naive to the fact because I was like, Hey, I didn't have these eyes my whole life.

You know, they just bought me this far, but after just doing the research, why would I not, you know, why would I not try to get to have the best vision that I possibly can have? So yeah, look, I'm, I'm married to, um, a woman. My wife had a LASIK surgery after wearing contacts and glasses her whole life. I remember the day after she had it, she woke up looking out the window from our bed.

She could see like trees, um, and focused through the window. I'm serious. I'm serious.

I'm not being facetious. Like it was completely eye opening to use the phrase. So do you think that you'll be able to read defenses better with having not had any contacts last year and now having LASIK surgery now, do you think you will actually be an improved quarterback because of it? Uh, I think that it, I think that it can, uh, help certain parts of my game in terms of IDing coverage and, uh, and trusting my eyes a little bit more because I would be able to see a clearer picture.

Um, quarterback has so much with getting pre-snap reads and, you know, finding your post-snap answer, but your vision and how quick you process information or how fast your eyes get to where they should go next is very important. So being able to see a clearer picture and get a fuller picture, uh, would definitely be helpful, but I got to kind of the same story as your wife, like me and my, me and my wife, we were in star book, uh, again, getting some, uh, there's some most egg white eggs. And I, and I looked out the window and I could see Matt like during the daytime, like I saw Matt's flying. I asked, I asked my wife, can you see those nets? And she's like, I can't see those nets. I was like, yeah, well, I got to see, look at you, you're spotting bugs. Now you're spotting bugs, Jamis. That's amazing. Hey, if you could spot nets now, you could definitely see where the safety is a little bit better.

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Always fun chatting with Malcolm Jenkins, been there, done that 13 years, what a career. I saw your poll question updated, Christopher. Oh yeah. I threw it out there. Let's do it.

Talking about do it. Kyler Murray and the Cardinals, uh, in the next seven seasons because he has locked in through 2028 to the Cardinals and Kyler Murray when a super bowl reached the NFC championship game or only a couple of playoff wins. Early results are in guys, 82% just couple playoff wins, 13% NFC title game, 5% win the super bowl, 5% win the super bowl. I wonder why just cause Kyler hasn't won a playoff game yet. Three years. That's it.

Three years. And they're scheduled to win the super bowl this year because they're hosting and that's the way it works now. Right? Apparently so. Did it for Tampa? Tampa did it. Rams did it. How about it never happened and then went back to back.

It happened. How about those two teams have veteran quarterbacks, right? What year do you become a veteran in your eyes? You're five, five, six, something like six years in the NFL, a franchise quarterbacks make it to year six. I'm just saying the average, this guy's now the second highest paid player in the week.

So has anyone gotten comment, uh, on, uh, on Kyler Murray's contract from the Oakland Nays, I guess that door's closed. I will say. By the way, they, I saw a good stat, $48 million is their total payroll, I believe. Is that right? Yeah.

I thought I just saw annually. He's going to be making just a few hairs less, but I just read that on Twitter. Roger Sherman from the ringer had a funny tweet.

Sources are telling me that talks between the A's and Kyler Murray are stalling and the starting to look like a deal may not get done. Are you telling me Roger Sherman and I have the same, uh, the same approach? Yeah. Well, sorry, Roger, I'll never forget that moment sitting behind you at the, uh, sweet 16. That's funny.

I'm wind up being jumpy lines. Last game. It's Michigan head coach from basketball waxed by Texas taxi out. That was so weird.

And they went to the calves for like a second. Yeah, he did. Uh, so Kyler Murray, 5% Kyler Murray, 5% 81% think he's going to win the Super Bowl. He's just went a few playoff games, playoff games in the next seven years. I mean, do you think he wins an MVP like 0.5 MVPs in the next seven years? Um, I'll just to be kind of nice.

I'll say yeah, because, but that's going to, that's going to make this deal worth it. Right. You got to go to a Super Bowl, win an MVP, one that just, I'm just throwing it out here, you know, and they don't give out half MVPs.

They don't do it. I understand. But Arizona was the last undefeated, last remaining undefeated team this year. And then they lost, then they lost to Green Bay on that short week when the Green Bay was short handed. And when I think Davante Adams was out and they still won that game, um, on, on the interception that Murray threw because AJ Green either ran the wrong route or didn't realize it was common. Didn't realize the check or whatever. At that point in time, going into that game, Kyler Murray was the, looks like he's the MVP this year conversation.

But then again, that next step is a Lulu. They got to start fast, and the problem this year is they don't have their, they're all pro receiver. Got to close fast. I mean, George Kittle's going to join us in hour number three of this program. It's 48 million.

The Okanagan, I just like, I control. While we're on this, while we're on the subject of the Arizona Cardinals, um, I just want to point out how incredible human being he is. And I, I look, I'm not here for the JJ Watt take that he does things just to appear like he cares or he does things just because, you know, it's an Instagram social media world and that's not who he really is. I've been around the guy. You don't really always know somebody clearly in this day and age, but I'll, I'll cape for him. I'll vouch for him.

He's incredible of who he is and what he's about. This happened on Twitter last night. I just want to call attention to it even though he might not really care about getting the attention or want it, but put it up there. Some young lady tweeted out, I have a pair of JJ Watt women's edition of Reebok shoes size nine, $60. I've worn them twice.

They're great shoes. I'm only selling because we're raising money for my grandpa's funeral. I also have a want women's XL Texans Jersey, $30. Anyone interested in, I'm pleased that Jennifer Simpson is her name, that she add, she used the at JJ Watt because he saw it and this is how it wound up in my timeline because I follow JJ.

He retweeted, don't sell your shoes in Jersey. We'll help with the funeral. I'm sorry for your loss. Come on, come on now life. That's what it's about. It's life stuff. That's what it's about.

Yeah, that was really cool. I mean, so you go JJ Watt, you just keep being you. I know he put, I know he pays no attention to, and I don't mean to point out the trolls that he gets when, cause we all get them when, when it's, when it's positive. I kind of feel the need for, for him that we point out like this is the real guy. This is the guy. Yeah. I was one of those guys back in the day.

I know that he's, he's having, he's long tossing with kids just because he wants to look like he's friendly to kids. Hard knocks. I'm doing the jokes machine. Like, come on bro.

Like the cabin stuff. I'm done doing that. JJ Watt's the man.

I love the guy. I mean, there's so many stories of athletes doing that. Doing that. Yes, yes, yes, yes. We focus on so much of the bad and there's so much good man and it's just another example. Good point.

Yeah. Way to go. George Kittle. Another good guy.

We'll be right back. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too. All time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before, you know, Hulk Hogan was a baby face, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen, wherever you get your podcasts.
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